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Miya vs. Kojiro

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It’s just Miya and Kojiro at the moment.

Kojiro wonders if the situation would be any different if it was Kaoru instead of him. He kinda wishes it was him who took Reki to the doctor instead of his husband. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

You see, Miya has an interesting set of traits.

He has Kaoru’s stubbornness and Kojiro’s inability to wear clothes correctly or at all.

That’s how Kojiro finds himself battling with his three year old son over putting on some freaking pants.


It starts like this.

Reki has been sick for the past few days and the couple decides he needs to visit the doctor. Kaoru makes the appointment and gives his husband a sickeningly sweet smile.

“I’ll take Reki to his appointment in the morning which means you get to get Miya ready for his day.” the pink haired smirked.

Don’t get Kojiro wrong he loves the toddler with all his heart, it’s just that…..

Miya is scary.

Kojiro is not even embarrassed by the fact that he’s a grown man scared of a toddler. Especially now that Miya is going through an “I hate pants” phase. The reason being is not because they make him feel uncomfortable, it’s because cats don’t wear pants.

The problem is that, he’s absolutely right. He’s knows he’s right. Why else would he fight so hard?

That’s how Kojiro finds himself at a standoff with one three year old Miya.

“C’mon Shorty, I promise it’s not that bad! See daddy has on pants… today” the green haired man said sheepishly.

Miya just stares into his soul and gives a quiet “no” and goes back to whatever he was doing.

Well asking nicely didn’t work, so Kojiro supposes he’s just gonna have to force some pants on his child. It should be easy right? Just snatch the kid up, gently force those chubby little legs into pants, and try to keep him from scratching Kojiro’s face off.

The flaw in this plan is that Miya is already a step ahead.

By the time Kojiro is done planning, Miya is nowhere to be found.

That’s not good.

Kojiro looks all over the living room, but can’t seem to locate the kid at all.

There’s a brief second before Kojiro feels tiny fingernails claw at his back.


Kaoru knew exactly what he was doing by leaving his husband with their youngest.

Miya has been antagonizing Kojiro since he was able to stand and Kaoru thinks it’s the funniest thing ever. Like who would imagine such a large man would be terrified of a baby? Hilarious, if you ask Kaoru, but also he just likes to give his husband a hard time. Always have, always will.

Also, according to his mothers, Kaoru was a menace to society as a child and he feels proud that this absolute headassery was passed down to one of his children.

Kaoru and Reki left at eight this morning and it is currently nine-thirty. That should have been enough time for Kojiro to rethink his life choices.

He can’t wait to walk into this shit show.


The first thing Kaoru does upon his arrival was take a picture.

It looks a tornado blew through the living room. There are toys everywhere. The couch is in the middle of the living room and everything that sitting on shelves have found a new home on the floor. To make things even better, Kojiro is lying in the middle of it all. There are visible nail indents on his face and he’s just staring off into the distance.

After instructing Reki to go back to bed and taking a few more pictures, Kaoru decides to actually be a somewhat decent husband and go check on his lover.

When he walks over and their eyes meet, Kaoru completely loses it. The laughter comes from deep down and goes on forever.

Eventually his laughter dies down enough to actually talk to Kojiro.

“So…….. How was your morning? Looks like you both had a wonderful time.” Kaoru snickers

Kojiro just glares at him.

“I gave birth to a gremlin. Why did you pass down gremlin genes?” The green haired man whined.

“Better than gorilla genes. Where is he anyway?”

Kojiro points to the corner that Miya fell asleep in. He looks so peaceful. Almost like he didn’t take ten years from his dad’s life.

Kaoru walks over to pick up the toddler. He looks over to his husband and tells him he’ll take care of it and takes off to Miya’s room.

Five minutes later, Kaoru returns with Miya.

Kaoru got pants on Miya.

In five minutes.

At this point, Kojiro is in shock. He just fought for his life and yet his husband made it look so easy. He knows it’s because Kaoru is a little shit too.

“You wanna talk about it?” Kaoru asks

No Kojiro doesn’t wanna talk about it.


“You’re getting a vasectomy, the Sakurayashiki bloodline ends here.”

“That’s fair.”