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My friend? Oh...he's a god

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See, the truth is, Sapnap never truly believed in gods. Of any sort. I mean, come on, some overpowered being that created something so massive in the universe (or the universe itself) or controlled some part of the universe, or the world, sounded like actual bullshit. 


But then again, Sapnap never thought he’d be on his knees, hands tied behind his back, face bleeding, muscles sore, hearing some bitch in a priest outfit whispering some words in some sort of foreign language. 


“We send this blessing to our Vanir gods,” The priest spoke in English, wiping something on Sapnap’s face. He winced, struggling against his binds, but something behind him stopped him from moving. “We leave him here and wait for our blessing.” 


Once the priest was finished with some weird bullshit around Sapnap, they left him alone in the church, was it? It looked like one. An ancient one. He tried standing, but he found himself stuck to the ground. Sapnap looked around as suddenly every door in the place opened harshly, and thick winds filled his face. The fuck was going on? 


He closed his eyes, hearing footsteps coming closer. He kept his eyes closed; if he was gonna die, he wasn’t gonna bother to see how. The last thing he needed to see was some ugly dude with a knife in his hands to plunge into Sapnap’s eye. 


“Oh you poor thing,” A voice, deep and scratchy, said. Sapnap opened his eyes but refused to look up. The thing in front of him had legs, a good sign, but they were fucking massive. Like…one leg was the size of Sapnap’s two. And it was tall, he noticed. 


“You may look, I won’t hurt you,” the voice said, and Sapnap almost didn’t trust it. Until his binds were released and he was free to stand. Once he did, he looked straight up at the thing. Its face was covered in a mask. A smiling mask. He was at least 9 or 10 feet tall, but then again, Sapnap was never good at telling heights just by looking at another person. 


“Who…what the hell are you? “Sapnap asked, taking a step back. 


“I am what you would call…a god,” The mask muttered.


Sapnap would’ve called bullshit if this thing didn’t appear out of thin fucking air and release him without even touching him. “I’m dead,” Sapnap finalized. “Because there ain’t no way in hell that’s the truth. I’m dead; the priest killed me for that fucking harvest bullshit. I’ve died.” 


“…I assure you…he didn’t,” the mask said. “You’re very much alive, young human.” 


“Well…then I’m hallucinating because ain’t no fuckin way,” Sapnap denied, taking another step back. 


“You seem to be in good health, other than that bruise and your bleeding lip and eyebrow. Would shifting much form help convince you that you’re alive?” Mask offered, and Sapnap’s eyebrows pressed together as it did so without Sapnap even prompting it. 


Dark green fog covered him, and from what Sapnap could see, he shrunk quite a bit. When the smoke cleared, he was much shorter, around 6 foot or something, blond hair, mask still on his face, but butt-ass naked. 


“OKAY!” Sapnap yelled, taking his jacket off. “This! Over your junk! Now!” He said, closing his eyes and tossing it at him. 


“The penis?” It asked, the voice also different, but Sapnap didn’t focus on that. Had he’d been looking, he would’ve seen the god look down at itself. 


“YES! THE PENIS!” Sapnap was exasperated. 


“I’m covered,” The god said, and Sapnap reopened his eyes. Okay, so it was actually covered. 


“This has to be a fuckin dream,” he mumbled, and the god tilted its head. “Alright… what’s your name?” Sapnap asked, crossing his arms. 


“I… haven’t had a name in a very long time…so whatever you’d like to call me!” It chirped. 


“And… you’re a male?” Sapnap asked, purely guessing because of the fact that he just saw a dick, and this god didn’t seem to present femininely. 


“I mean, I could form into a woman if you’d like! I figured a male figure would’ve been more comfortable for you,” He said, and the smoke started to come back. 


“No! No, it’s fine! Stay a man, please! “Sapnap said quickly. He sighed, looking the god up and down. “What’s…with the mask?” He asked. 


“Oh it’s just a part of my power,” He responded, reaching up to take it off. Underneath it, the face was one of the most beautiful fucking things Sapnap had ever seen. The greenest, and he mean greenest , fucking eyes you’ve ever seen. His jawline and cheekbones were sharp but not too strong. Freckles were placed perfectly everywhere, like they were hand-drawn to perfection. Fucker looked like a god. 


“It helps me control my power, you could say,” He hummed with a warm smile. 


“Alright,” Sapnap mumbled. “Where did you come from?” He asked. 


“Oh, I can’t say,” The God said, “unfortunately, that’s unavailable to humans.” 


“Well…can you go back?” Sapnap asked. The god tilted his head confused. 


“No, I cannot. I was summoned here…and I was linked to you! I cannot leave until our business is finished,” he said as if Sapnap should’ve already known. 


“What business?” Sapnap asked. The other shrugged. 


“That’s up to you,” He said, “All I know is, you haven’t released me yet, so I cannot go. Besides… I’d quite like to know you more. It’s been a while since I’ve spoken to anyone,” he said, sounding quite a bit sad, honestly. 


Sapnap sighed, looking the, still very naked, god up and down. 


“Fine, since I’m stuck with a ‘god’ …might as well…figure it out. Can’t you just summon clothes for yourself?” He asked. 


“Material items are nothing I can produce out of thin air, no. At least, not without the proper items,” He said. 


“How-fucking-inconvenient,” Sapnap grumbled. “Alright…follow me.”




Sapnap found his way back to his car after walking for what felt like twenty miles. It had been trapped on the outskirts of town, and since it was the middle of the night, they snuck through quickly. When they reached Sapnap’s abandoned car, he checked the doors, relieved to find it was opened, but worried now that he could’ve been robbed. 


He wasn’t, much to his surprise. 


“Put these on,” He said, handing the god some clothes from his bag. He had been traveling, but right now, he just wanted to go home. 


The god did, thankfully he seemed to know how, and Sapnap was a bit shocked to see they fit, but Sap did tend to wear things on the larger side. 


“Okay…now I need a name to call you,” Sapnap said, and the god tilted his head with a small smile. “God…this has to be a dream,” He mumbled, running a hand through his hair. 


“You keep saying that,” The god said, “‘dream’...why not just call me that if you’re so adamant on calling saying that I am one?” He suggested. 


Sapnap looked him up and down before sighing. “Fine. Dream it is then,” Sapnap mumbled, kneeling down near his tires and getting his spare key. “Fuckin dumbasses,” he muttered, getting into the driver’s seat and starting his car. 


They really did nothing to stop him from escaping, guess they thought he’d actually die or something. Sapnap looked back at the god, “C’mon,” He said, and Dream tilted his head confused. Sapnap sighed, “How long has it been since you’ve been on earth?” he asked. 


“I left when Christ was born,” Dream smiled, and Sapanp groaned. 


“Okay,” He huffed, getting out of the card. He led Dream to the passenger door, “Put your hand here, pull, the door opens,” Sapnap said, “Sit in the seat,” He said, and Dream did just that. “Put your hand there,” he said, and Dream followed the instruction. “Close the door, lightly, I swear to any other gods if you break my door-” 


Dream gently pulled on it, and it latched shut. Sapnap sighed in thanks before getting back into the driver’s seat. He put the car in drive, and he started down the road away from that god-forsaken town. 

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“How…does it work?” Dream asked, and Sapnap glanced at him. 


“How does what work?” He asked, confused at what the god met. 


“This… thing that we’re in, what is it? How does it work?” He clarified. 


“It’s a car… and,” Sapnap thought for a moment, “It’s a complex vehicle that runs on electricity and gas, I don’t fucking know…I just use it,” He mumbled. 


“Well, human, it’s a very interesting piece of machinery,” Dream hummed. 


“Human?” Sapnap mumbled to himself, “Just…call me Sapnap, okay? No more…human, it’s weird.” 


“Oh, alright…Sapnap,” he said, and he nodded. 


“What…kind of god are you?” Sapnap asked, and Dream smiled. 


“I’m a helping god,” He said, perking up. “I don’t belong to a special element or things, like Hades or Zeus. You summon me when you need help, and we’re linked until that help has been fulfilled.” 


“So…what you’re saying is, I’m stuck with you?” Sapnap asked, and Dream nodded. “Oh, my roommate is gonna hate that,” He mumbled, and Dream raised an eyebrow. 


“Roommate?” Dream asked. 


“Yeah…someone who lives with me…in my house,” Sapnap said, glancing at him, “Guess technically it’s a housemate.” 


“Oh! So she’s your lover then? If she lives with you? Or is she family?” 


“Oh- hold on,” Sapnap stopped him from talking, “One, he not she. Two, none of the above, he’s an old friend who needed a place to live.” 


“Oh,” Dream said, tilting his head. “Interesting, is he kind?” 


“Sure,” Sapnap mumbled, looking around the road as he saw familiar road signs. “I should call him,” he muttered before remembering, “I don’t have my phone…great,” he groaned, leaning back in his seat. 


“Phone?” Dream questioned. 


“How are you okay with some things but confused about others?” Sapnap asked. “You haven’t once asked me what we’re driving on or what those signs mean…how far is your knowledge of…this time period?” 


“I used to hear other gods talking about the earth in the new century before I was put away. I heard all sorts of things, though. They never really made sense. Some things I’ve been able to put together, like this is a car…and a car drives on the road! So I can determine that the thing beneath us is a road. But things like phones? I’ve never heard of that one before.” 


“I’ll…show you when we get home. It’s a box you can hold in your hand and do all sorts of things on,” Sapnap mumbled, wondering just how far Dream’s head was filled with knowledge. “Do you know what a dog is?” he asked. 




When they reached the house, Dream was amazed at it. “It’s huge…and looks sturdy!” He hummed, getting out of the car after following Sapnap’s movements on how to do it. He gently closed the door with a proud smile, and Sapnap nodded at him before motioning for him to follow. 


Sapnap walked inside, and low and behold, his roommate sat on the couch with the tub of ice cream, watching what Sapnap assumed was Netflix. 


Their dogs greeted them, and Dream immediately took a step back. “What is that?” Dream asked, and Sapnap laughed at him. 


“The dogs I was talking about, c’mon, they’re harmless,” Sapnap said, pulling him inside. The bigger one, a big black Great Dane, was Arthur. Cash, the little fluffy one, started sniffing at his feet, and Dream tried moving away from it, almost scared it was gonna bite him. 


“You’re home early,” The man on the couch said, “Who’s your friend?” He asked. 


“Um… yeah about that,” Sapnap said, whistling for the dogs to go outside. They ran out, and Sapnap’s roommate sat up. “Remember that town I called about… like a couple of hours ago? How they gave me weird vibes?” 


“Mhm, with their dead trees and wasteland shit,” He said. 


“Yeah, so apparently, funny thing, that town gives off human sacrifices to gods for massive harvests or some shit, and they tried giving me over,” Sapnap said, and his roommate pressed his eyebrows together. 


“Are you drunk again?” He asked. 


“No, George, I’m not drunk again. Really fuckin wish I was. Ask him; he’s the god that showed up instead of…whatever they were summoning.” 


The roommate, George, from what Dream had gathered, looked at Dream. “You’re a god?” He said, not believing this bullshit for a second, and Dream nodded slowly. “Sure, and I modeled the Mona Lisa, Sap-” 


“Show him the poof magic stuff,” Sapnap said, looking at Dream, “Turn into a girl, or your natural form, or something. Show him I’m not as crazy as I sound and feel, please.” 


“The clothes are gonna rip….” Dream said sheepishly, and Sapnap shrugged. 

“I’ve got plenty; just do it,” he said. 


And with that, the room filled with green smog. 


George coughed and fanned his hand to get it away from him as he looked up, now completely staring in fear as Dream was almost full-sized again. He had to kneel because he didn’t fit in the room standing. Okay, so maybe he was a bit bigger than 10 feet. 


“What the fuck!” George said, standing and dropping the ice cream, in favor of running behind Sapnap. 


“I told you! I’m not drunk!” Sapnap said, looking at Dream; the mask was on his face again. Where was it before? He thought Dream had dropped it back in the town. “Okay…change back. You’re much less threatening in the other form, please.” 


Dream did just that, and immediately, Sapnap grabbed the throw blanket as he was butt-naked again. He tossed the blanket at him, and Dream caught it, “Cover,” Sapnap said, and Dream listened. 


“George…sit with him while I get him clothes,” Sapnap said. 


“Are you fucking crazy?” George asked, grabbing his arm to stop him from moving. 


“Oh my god, he’s harmless. Literally, just sit there,” Sapnap said, pushing him off and running upstairs. George slowly picked up the ice cream tub he dropped before sitting down. Dream avoided eye contact with George, almost scared to scare him. 


“Where’d the mask come from?” George said, his voice wavering, but the silence was killing him. 


“It just… appears when I go full form,” Dream responded, reaching up to take it off again. “A magic thing, I guess,” He said. 


“So…gods are real,” George mumbled, and Dream nodded, glancing at him. “And you’re one of them,” He continued, and Dream nodded again. “Why’d you save Sap? Don’t you have better things to do?” 


“I didn’t…technically save him. If they were calling for a feastful harvest, they summoned the wrong god. I’m now linked to him…until he releases me,” Dream explained. 


“Great…” George sighed, “Well…Dream,” he mumbled, and Dream raised an eyebrow, “I’m George, Sapnap’s roommate.” 


Dream smiled at him, which honestly relaxed George significantly, “Nice to meet you,” Dream said, and then their attentions were caught when Sapnap came down the stairs. 


“You, follow me,” Sapnap said, pointing at Dream, who nodded and moved to follow him. George avoided watching him, mainly because Dream was only covering his front and not exactly his ass. 


“Put these on, and no more shifting, even though I told you to, okay?” Sapnap said, and Dream nodded, accepting the clothes. “Just…my god… or well... Is that offensive?” he asked, and Dream shook his head. 


“Never has been to me, though it might change from god to god,” Dream said, and Sapnap nodded. 


“Alright…well… get dressed in here,” Sapnap said, and Dream nodded, giving Sapnap the blanket. Sapnap gave him an awkward smile before leaving the room, tossing the blanket into the laundry room as he passed. 


“A fucking god?” George aggressively whispered, and Sapnap shrugged at him. 


“I don’t fucking know! Better than being dead, I guess,” He mumbled, running a hand through his hair. 


“Are you alright? Like genuinely…getting attacked like that and almost killed has got to be traumatic,” George said, speaking softer, and Sapnap nodded with a sigh. 


“I’m fine,” He mumbled, glancing back at the bathroom, “He hasn’t been on this…realm? Earth? Whatever, since Christ, apparently,” He whispered. 


“Jesus is real?” George asked, and Sapnap shrugged. 


“Apparently!” Sapnap mumbled, “Look, I don’t know why he’s linked to me, I don’t know why the hell any of this is happening, but it’s freakin’ me out worse than that fuckin priest did,” He mumbled, sitting down.


“He seems…like a normal person,” George mumbled, and Sapnap sighed. 


“He’s clueless on some things,” Sapnap mumbled. 


“He’ll be clueless on practically everything if he hasn’t been on earth for 2022 years,” George mumbled. “Doesn’t look like he knows anything about…here if he reacted that way to dogs.” 


“He said he knew some things due to overhearing things, but not much, so let’s see how much he actually knows,” Sapnap sighed, looking up as Dream walked out of the bathroom. 


“They’re big…” Dream said sheepishly, holding up the pants; they were hanging around his waist just a bit. 


“Gotta tie them,” Sapnap said, motioning for him to step over. Dream listened, standing in front of Sapnap. 


Sapnap lifted the shirt just a bit to reach the strings of the sweatpants. He tied them in a bow, ensuring they were tight enough to stay on his hips. He tugged at them as to double-check. 


“You’re good,” Sapnap said, and Dream took a step back. George shot Sapnap a cheeky grin, and Sapnap was already flipping him off. “Do you eat?” Sapnap asked, and Dream glanced at him. 


“Me?” Dream asked, and Sapnap slowly nodded. “I haven’t eaten in… centuries,” Dream hummed. 


“But…you can eat?” Sapnap asked, and Dream nodded. 


“Human sacrifices?” George asked, and Dream’s eyebrows pressed together in slight horror. 


“No- I’m not that type of god-” 


“He was messing with you,” Sapnap said, kicking George gently. “Not the time, seriously,” He said, and George shrugged with a chuckle. “It was a joke. Sit down… I’m gonna…go make food.” 


“You’re still hurt… shouldn’t you be resting?” Dream asked as he slowly sat down, and Sapnap brushed it off. 


“I’ll put some ice on it. I’ll be fine,” Sapnap said. 


“Where…are you gonna get the ice?” Dream asked, and Sapnap tilted his head. 


“Do you know what a fridge is?” Dream asked, and Dream shook his head. 


“Okay… come to the kitchen with me,” He said, standing, but Dream still looked confused. “Follow me,” Sapnap sighed, and Dream relaxed and stood up again, moving to follow Sapnap through the house. 




Run. Run. Run. 


Dogs barking filled his ears as he ran through the forest. Unfortunately, he’s pretty outta shape at the moment; having bad vices does that to a guy. Even adrenaline didn’t keep him going, and he collapsed for air and was immediately mauled. He cried out as he was bitten, luckily, they were shooed away before they could do any severe damage, but he wasn’t free as someone knocked him out. 


The next thing he knew, he woke up tied up with a bag over his head, the more he struggled, the worse it hurt his body, and something hit him. 


Sapnap gasped awake, breathing heavily as he was covered in the darkness of his room. Darkness, it was dark. He couldn’t see. Was he actually home, or was that the dream, and he was back on his knees, he didn’t feel like he was kneeling, but he also couldn’t feel anything. Other than the fact that he started hyperventilating. In the darkness, he saw the faces of the priest and the dogs attacking them. He heard that foreign language summoning something for his death.


He was gonna die. This was it. He was dead. Coming home was the dream. He didn’t want to die. He wanted to live. He wanted to see his dogs again. To see George again. He couldn’t die like this. 


“Sapnap?” A gentle voice said as the big, harsh, brass light was turned in, and Sapnap yelled at the harshness, covering his face. He couldn’t tell what that was, but it immediately became dark again. He didn’t like this, where was he? What was going on? 


Suddenly a gentler light was on, one he recognized as his bedside lamp. He felt a hand on his back; that was real, very clearly real. He opened his eyes and turned to where he thought the hand was coming from. He was met with a freckled blond…wait, Dream? 


“Dream?” He croaked, his voice uneven as he tried to regain control of his breathing. Dream shushed him lightly before brushing his hand over Sapnap’s face, immediately calming the other male to a regular breathing pattern. 


“Holy shit…” Sapnap whispered, taking a deep breath. “How did you… you’re a god, right…” He reminded himself. “Why are you still awake? Better question, do you even sleep?” 


“I don’t need to, no, and I couldn’t remember how to,” Dream explained, and Sapnap pressed his eyebrows together. “Are you alright? You started screaming. Was something attacking you? I didn’t hear anything sneak in-” 


“No- no, I’m fine… just…just a nightmare,” he explained and calmed Dream down a bit. “Hear someone come in? You could hear that?” Sapnap asked. 


“My hearing goes as far as six miles, so yes,” Dream said, and Sapnap sighed. 


“So…you probably heard me and George’s conversations?” Sapnap asked, and Dream shrugged. 


“I tend not to focus on things that it’s clear I shouldn’t be hearing. So while yes, I heard it, just like I can hear your dogs breathing, George’s soft mumbling in his sleep, and your next-door neighbors having sex, I can choose not to pay attention and block it out.” 


“Really didn’t need to know about the neighbors,” Sapnap mumbled, but he smiled either way. Which got Dream to smile. 


“My apologies,” Dream said, and Sapnap shrugged. “Would…you like to talk about the nightmare?” 


“Just me being chased through the forest, the sacrifice thing. I’m fine,” Sapnap whispered, and Dream gave him a sympathetic look. “What time is it?” He groaned. 


“Almost four in the morning,” Dream answered without even looking away from Sapnap. 


“Too early to be awake,” He mumbled, and Dream chuckled a bit as Sapnap laid back down. 


“Are you sure you don’t want some tea to help you relax? Sometimes tenseness can cause nightmares,” Dream offered, and Sapnap groaned. 


“I’m fine…” he said, and Dream nodded, standing. “Actually…” Sapnap said, causing Dream to pause, “Can…can you stay? Sometimes being alone brings them back,” He said softly. Dream sat back down with a gentle gaze. Dream leaned against the headboard as Sapnap pulled the blanket up to his chin. 


Soon, Sapnap’s breathing calmed, and he was sleeping again. Dream gently placed a hand in his hair. When Sapnap’s breathing picked up again, or when he became restless, Dream helped calm him with some light magic. 


He heard George get up and walk around; by now, it was like six am, but Dream didn’t focus on that, and he pretended not to feel George’s gaze through the crack in the door. 

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It took a week for Sapnap to become properly used to Dream around the house. The god appeared everywhere. Outside that bathroom after Sapnap took a shower, in the kitchen messing with the water dispenser, in Sapnap’s room with the dogs (sitting on the floor for some reason). 


Today, he still jumped upon seeing Dream in the living room when he woke up in the morning. But the god was curled up on the couch, Cash on his chest, and he was silently reading a book. 


“You…know how to read?” Sapnap asked, and Dream glanced up at him. 


“Good Morning, Sapnap. You’re awake earlier than usual,” Dream smiled, before looking back at the book, “The language is different than when I was last here, but I’m able to understand it based on the way you’re talking as well.” 


“The way I’m talking?” Sapnap asked. 


“Well, the language is different,” Dream explained, sitting up and setting Cash aside on the couch. “But, I figured the language was different so I mimicked and adapted accordingly when we first met,” Dream smiled, and Sapnap slowly nodded. 


“You’re a strange man, Dream,” Sapnap mumbled, “Sorry…god. Keep forgetting about that.” Dream smiled at him, and Sapnap stared at him for a moment. “Why…why’d you choose to look like that?” 


“Like what?” Dream asked. 


“Like…some playboy model,” Sapnap mumbled. “The perfect jawline, perfect eyebrows, perfect everything. Like…but why that?” 


“I…modeled my human form after you, in a way,” Dream smiled. 


“Huh?” Sapnap said, looking down at himself. “I look nothing like that.” 


“Well no,” Dream sighed, “But…what your mind modeled.” 


“You…read my mind?” Sapnap asked. 


“I took a peek when I first appeared. I wanted to know your mentality, or whether or not you’d be comfortable with a male or female vessel, then I based what said vessel should look like,” Dream explained, “I haven’t looked in your mind since, since that’s not my job as a god,” He promised. 


“So…what you’re modeled after my ‘dream man’ or something?” Sapnap asked. 


“You…did agree to call me Dream…so,” Dream said, and Sapnap rolled his eyes. 


“That…was not the intention when you offered that,” Sapnap mumbled, walking into the kitchen, and Dream chuckled, looking down at the book. 


“George went to work, by the way,” Dream called as he heard the ice maker start and fill a cup. Sapnap hummed, coming back out with a cup of water. “Do you work?” Dream asked. 


“I did,” Sapnap hummed, “Till I quit. Gotta find a new job now,” He grumbled. 


“Oh,” Dream hummed, pressing his eyebrows together. He didn’t completely understand, but he trusted Sapnap enough not to question. “Should we do something today?” Dream asked. 


“Like what?” Sapnap asked, sounding tired. 


“I’m…not sure…” Dream sighed, “But, you’ve been trapped in the house for a week…and I don’t think that’s healthy.” 


“You’re worried about my health?” Sapnap scoffed, taking a sip of his water. Dream nodded, and Sapnap eyed him for a moment before sighing. “Fine. Need groceries anyway,” He mumbled, standing. 


He looked Dream up and down, “And we need better clothes do you,” He mumbled. “Come with me,” he said, motioning for Dream to follow him up the stairs, Dream did just that. 




Dream was mostly quiet as he followed Sapnap around the store, occasionally reading a box, completely confused at what any of it meant. Sapnap just told him to trust him and put it back in the cart. Dream didn’t argue. 


Then they got to clothing. Sapnap knew a base of Dream’s sizes, so it was more about the style Dream liked, which didn’t seem limited, so Sapnap just got him a bunch of clothing in his own style, and Dream seemed happy with that. 


By the time they were done, it was around 4 pm, so they packed everything in the car, and stopped to get sushi because Sapnap didn’t want to cook. 


“Sushi?” Dream asked, and Sapnap glanced at him as they drove back home. 


“Yeah,” Sapnap said, before remembering again, “Right…clueless god,” He mumbled. “It’s basically raw fish, vegetables and sometimes other stuff rolled up in seaweed and rice,” He explained. “It’s actually really good, and if you don’t like it, I’ll eat it,” Sapnap promised. 


They reached home, Sapnap noted that George was already back from work, and went inside. 


“George! Groceries!” Sapnap called, setting their dinner on the table while Dream carried in bags from the trunk. “Just put it on the table,” Sapnap mumbled, before following George outside to help. Eventually, they brought everything in. George sat down to eat while Sapnap and Dream put everything away, mainly so Sapnap could reteach where everything goes. 


“Sap, where are his clothes gonna go? He…stays on the couch because we don’t have an extra room,” George mumbled. 


“In my room,” Sapnap said, glancing at him. “He’s in there most of the time anyway, plus I’m not picky about my space like you are.” 


“You just like cuddling with him,” George scoffed out the tease, and Sapnap flipped him off but didn’t deny it. George hummed in interest. 


Eventually, Dream and Sapnap sat down to eat. Sapnap started a movie and Dream tried a piece of sushi, it wasn’t as bad as he originally thought, though he shouldn’t be surprised about it. Either way, he finished his portion. Dream watched the movie in interest. He’d been taught about movie a day after he’d “moved in” but they still amazed him. 


“What…are they doing?” Dream asked, when the two main characters kissed. 


Sapnap almost forgot they hadn’t watched romance with Dream yet. “Kissing, Dream. What? Did they not kiss 2022 years ago?” Sapnap asked, and Dream hummed. 


“I don’t remember,” Dream said simply, tilting his head. “Seems kind of…invading. And gross,” He mumbled, and Sapnap chuckled. 


“It’s neither when both are consenting people,” Sapnap mumbled, and George hummed in agreement. “Some people like it, others don’t. Just how it is.” 


“Do you like it?” Dream asked, and Sapnap almost choked on his sushi. George grinned a bit, knowingly. 


“Sure, it’s fine,” Sapnap coughed, taking a sip of his soda. 


“Oh Sapnap loves kisses,” George teased, getting a whack out of Sapnap. “What? I’m not wrong.” 


“Shut it,” Sapnap warned, and George rolled his eyes with a smirk. 


Dream pressed his eyebrows together, but he brushed it off. Must’ve been a roommate thing, and they fell into silence again to finish the movie.


Later that night, Dream sat in Sapnap’s room to sit with the dogs, on the floor of course, head laying on Arthur while petting Cash. When the door opened and Sapnap walked in, Dream looked up. 


“You know, you don’t have to sit on the floor,” Sapnap mumbled, he was dressed, something he’d learned to do in the bathroom since Dream’s moving in. “I have a perfectly good bed.” 


“The dogs aren’t allowed on the bed,” Dream mumbled, and Sapnap chuckled. 


“That’s only a rule in George’s room,” Sapnap promised, sitting down. Dream sat up, and the younger whistled. Both Arthur and Cash hopped up on the bed after that, and Dream smiled, allowing Sapnap to help him up onto it as well. “You’ve got something on your mind,” Sapnap hummed. 


“What? Oh…no, not really,” Dream hummed, though he still looked dazed and distracted. “Though…I am still thinking about the kissing thing,” He mumbled. 


“It’s just a stupid thing people do to show attraction,” Sapnap mumbled, “Or love… depends on the type of kiss and who’s giving it.” 


“There are…different types?” Dream asked, and Sapnap sighed with a nod. 


“Do I…really have to talk to you about this? Can't you just look it up?” Sapnap asked, and Dream looked at his hands with a shrug. He remembered when Sapnap got his new phone, Dream was welcome to use it to search things he didn’t understand that Sapnap didn’t want to explain, but that made him feel dumber. 


“Tell you what,” Sapnap said. “Look it up first, if you have any other questions, come ask me, I’ll see if I can explain them better than the internet can.” 


Sapnap handed over his phone, and Dream took it, opening it with his thumb. “Okay,” Dream mumbled, and Sapnap gave him a small smile. “Can I take Arthur tonight?” Dream smiled, and Sapnap shared it. 


“If you must,” Sapnap mumbled, and Dream smiled happily, calling for Arthur as he stood, the Great Dane happily hopped off the bed and followed Dream out, and Dream said his goodnights before closing Sapnap’s door. 


Sapnap sighed as he laid back on the bed, staring at the door. 


That god was gonna be the death of him.

Chapter Text

When Sapnap woke up, the first thing he heard was steps. To be more specific, pacing. He groaned, getting up and petting Cash before going down stairs. It was definitely Dream pacing, while reading Sapnap’s phone, Arthur slightly following him, and just spinning around. 


“You okay?” Sapnap asked from the stairs, leaning against the wall. Dream didn’t seem surprised he was there. 


“I’m confused…and I don’t know why I’m confused. I’m confused on why I’m confused,” Dream rambled, scrolling down a page on Sapnap’s phone. “Why is kissing so confusing?” 


Sapnap chuckled and sighed, maybe having him use google wasn’t the best idea. “It’s really not,” Sapnap reassured, stepping down the rest of the way and walking to him. “You just put your lips together. That’s really it,” Sapnap hummed. 


“But then there’s stuff with…with your tongue? That sounds gross, and then someone mentioned teeth and I was even more grossed out. There’s like biting- I don’t…I don’t understand. Oh…I accidentally clicked a link and it took me to a weird website…they were having sex but…exaggerated-“ 


“Porn, you clicked a link to porn. It’s fine, porns everywhere,” Sapnap mumbled. “How do you know what sex is but not kissing? It’s like…they go together.” 


“Well sex is just natural reproduction,” Dream mumbled, “A large amount of species have sex, so it was a given. Kissing? That just seems weird.” 


“Do you want to try it?” Sapnap asked, completely forgetting about his morals for a second. 


Dream finally froze and stared at him. “Try…it?” Dream asked, and Sapnap nodded. “You can do that?” He asked, and Sapnap snorted. 


“Okay, how about this. Go up to my room, let me wake up more, and I’ll show you what kissing actually is. Probably should’ve done it last night and saved you some internet trauma, but George would’ve made fun of me for weeks. Is he here, by the way?” Sapnap asked. 


“No…he went to work,” Dream answered, and Sapnap nodded. 


“You-“ Sapnap chuckled, “Just trust me, and go upstairs,” He said, and the smile on his face relaxed Dream enough to follow the request. 


Arthur came up with him, and after about another ten minutes of Dream reading online about kissing, Sapnap came in. He looked more awake, which was good, and his hair was flattened down. Dream liked it when his hair was a fluffy mess. But he kept the thought to himself. 


“Are you still reading about it?” Sapnap chuckled, closing the door and sitting in front of him. 


“Why is something supposedly so simple…so confusing?“ Dream asked, and Sapnap chuckled, taking the phone. 


“Because human beings like to make everything difficult,” Sapnap mumbled. “Now, first, we’ve got to make sure we’re on the same page, okay?” 


Dream nodded, paying complete attention to Sapnap now. 


“I’m gonna kiss you, okay? But don’t think you have to sit there and take it, if you get uncomfortable you can pull away. But I want to explain a couple different things,” Sapnap said, and Dream nodded. “Sometimes, hands move,” Sapnap added. “It’s okay if yours do, but stay away from my dick, and we’ll be fine.” 


“Of course,” Dream mumbled, and Sapnap nodded. 


“Just follow my lead, okay? It’s okay not to understand,” Sapnap promised, and Dream nodded as Sapnap grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him in. “Small one,” Sapnap whispered, before their lips met. 


Sapnap wasn’t kidding about a small one. As quickly as it started, it ended, but it was enough to make Dream head spin. Sapnap said something else, but Dream didn’t have a second to process before Sapnap’s lips were on his own again and Dream's eyes fluttered shut. Sapnap was pressing harder this time, and his lips moved to do that. Dream took a moment, but he mimicked it, and felt a grin on Sapnap’s lips when he did. 


Sapnap pulled away again, “Good, just mimic me,” he encouraged, and Dream nodded before Sapnap leaned in again. Without noticing, Dream’s hands were on Sapnap’s thigh as Sap moved to straddle him(Sapnap told himself it was for a better angle), and then Dream realized where the biting came in. 


Sapnap took his teeth between his lips before pulling back again, chuckling and not giving Dream time to process that before he was kissing him again. He sucked the lip into his mouth again, and naturally Dream’s mouth fell open, which seemed to be what Sapnap wanted as he left the lip alone and touched Dream’s tongue with his own. 


It was hesitant, and Sapnap gave Dream a chance to pull away. When the god didn’t, Sapnap got a little bolder. He played with Dream for a moment, letting the taste of something sweet and godlike fill his mouth before pulling back properly. Despite not needing oxygen, Dream was clearly breathing heavy, and his eyes were lidded. 


“Understand a bit more?” Sapnap asked, and Dream nodded. “See, it’s really simple,” He whispered, resisting the urge to lean back in and kiss those spit slick lips again. 


“I…I think something happened,” Dream whispered, and Sapnap raised an eyebrow as Dream looked down. Sapnap followed his gaze and oh- Dream got hard off of that. But he…also seemed confused by it. 


“Please tell me you know how human sex actually works,” Sapnap mumbled, and Dream shrugged a bit. 


“I know males have to reach climax in females to inseminate and conceive,” Dream mumbled, and Sapnap snorted at the wording. 


“Okay, but do you know how males reach said climax?” Sapnap asked, hands trailing down Dream’s chest, and Dream looked up at him. 


“Intercorse…or sex,” He mumbled, as if confused why Sapnap was asking. 


“Right, but what happens before that? What tells the male body that it’s ready to have sex?” Sapnap asked, and Dream didn’t look like he could answer that one. “This happens,” Sapnap said, tapping Dream’s cock gently. “You’re hard, Dream. You’ve got an erection, if you want to use technical terms. You became aroused and your body is reacting. Of course, there are other reasons why someone gets hard, but right now, this is your reason.”


“How…do I get rid of it?” Dream asked. 


“Few different ways,” Sapnap hummed, “You could wait it out, one of the least fun ways to do it. You could get off, which is basically you playing with yourself until you ‘climax’, or try a cold shower, they help me,” Sapnap listed, and Dream seemed confused at the second option. “Tsk,” he hummed. “Poor thing, you probably don’t even know how to touch yourself, do you?” Sapnap asked, and Dream shook his head. 


“Sapnap!” George’s voice rang through the house, and Sapnap groaned as the front door closed, his head pushed against Dream’s shoulder as he exhaled. 


“I’ll talk to you more about it later,” Sapnap promised, “For now, go see if the cold shower works,” He mumbled, and Dream snapped out of his gaze and nodded. “Use mine so George doesn’t bitch at you,” Sapnap mumbled, getting off of Dream and allowing him to move into the bathroom. 


Sapnap walked downstairs, “Fuckin- what?” Sapnap asked, standing on the last few steps again. 


“Where’s Dream?” George exhaled, and Sapnap pointed upstairs when the shower turned on. “Alright, whatever. Boss basically told me to go home, no clue if I’m fired or not, but if I am. We need to figure out this job situation, cause rent is due soon,” George sighed. 


“I’ve got an interview tomorrow,” Sapnap nodded, and George exhaled a bit in relief. 


“Should…should we make Dream get a job?” George asked, and Sapnap shook his head. 


“Not at this point, hell no,” Sapnap said. “He doesn’t even know what kissing is, George.” 


“But he is living with us,” George mumbled. 


“So?” Sapnap asked, “He costs less than the dogs, George. He doesn’t eat much, he hardly sleeps, this is the first shower he’s ever taken.” 


George nodded, “Fair enough,” he said, before looking at Sapnap closely. “Your lips are pink,” He mumbled, and Sapnap pressed his eyebrows together. 


“No they're not,” Sapnap denied. 


George stared at him before he started laughing. “You kissed him, didn’t you?” George asked, and Sapnap bit the inside of his cheek. “Mmm, so what’s the real reason he’s taking a shower? Cause he hasn’t seemed to need one. He doesn’t sweat or smell so…” 


“Okay! Fine…he was confused so I showed him what it was,” Sapnap snapped. “Then he got hard from it,” He tacked on. 


“He got- oh that poor man,” George whispered, a smile on his lips. “I cock blocked, didn’t I?” He asked, and Sapnap rolled his eyes. “Oh I am soooo sorry. Didn’t know you wanted to get it on with the god living in our house.” 


“You’re an idiot, and I hate you,” Sapnap mumbled, walking into the kitchen. “And he can hear you, by the way,” Sapnap reminded. George snorted as the shower head turned off. 


“Does he know?” George asked, and Sapnap raised an eyebrow. “That we’ve-“ 


“No! He doesn’t know! Why would he?!” Sapnap mumbled, getting a cup down and filling it from the fridge. 


“I dunno! He seems to be your fuckin puppy dog shadow, figured you would’ve let something slip,” George hummed. 


“Oh- what that me and my roommate- Dream!” Sapnap mumbled, as Dream appeared with wet hair, a large hoodie, and some sweatpants. “Shower help?” He asked, and Dream nodded. 


“I’m…gonna take the dogs out,” Dream mumbled, and Sapnap nodded. George side eyed Sapnap with a grin. 


“You embarrassed him,” George teased when the door shut. 


I did nothing wrong,” Sapnap mumbled. “I was simply being a good roommate.” 


“Yeah, like when you got on your knees and sucked my dick?” George asked and Sapnap hit him with a towel, “on more than one occasion,” He added. 


“Shut the hell up! We were drunk!” Sapnap hissed. 


“Yeah, the first time,” George chuckled, trapping Sapnap against the counter. “Then you keep coming back for more, you’ve got an addiction, Sap.” 


“He can still hear us-“ Sapnap whispered but George shushed him. 


“He doesn’t give a damn,” George whispered, pulling Sapnap in to kiss him. Sapnap whined against his lips, and George chuckled. “Knew you liked kissing.” 


“George,” Sapnap whispered, and George chuckled. 


“Think you need your fix, huh?” George whispered, before falling to his knees. 




When Dream returned, George and Sapnap were on the couch. Sapnap was curled up and George looked immensely pleased with himself. Sapnap’s hair looked like it couldn’t be tamed, his eyes were watery, and his lips were red and swollen, and George didn’t look much better. 


“Have a good walk?” George asked, and Dream nodded. 


“Yeah…” He mumbled and Sapnap looked up at him. 


“What’s wrong?” Sapnap asked. 


“Nothing…just…” Dream mumbled, “Some guy stopped me, tried talking to me…” Dream mumbled, leaning down to unclipped the dogs. 


“What happened?” Sapnap asked, and Dream rubbed his hands together. 


“I panicked…and I…I think I hurt him,” Dream whispered, George and Sapnap stood up. “I- I didn’t mean to. He tried grabbing me, he kicked Arthur, I just pushed him off…but…but I’m strong…ya know?” 


“Hey, hey,” Sapnap said, having Dream sit down. “It’s okay, breathe. Is that exactly what happened?” 


Dream nodded, “At first it was fine, he was just talking about Arthur and Cash,” He whispered. “Then he started touching me, I didn’t like it. I tried stepping away, and said I needed to go home.” 


“How far away were you?” Sapnap asked. 


“I…I think, I remember seeing…I don’t know…it had, like, posters with people posing with… I think it said something about…a marvel thing…” Dream mumbled. 


“The movie theater,” Sapnap nodded, “Wait…that’s all the way downtown, why’d you go that far?” Sapnap said. 


“It was loud…” Dream whispered. “Everything was so loud…” 


“Us? Sapnap asked, “You heard us? We were too loud?” 


“What? Dream asked, glancing at them confused, “Oh, no I hardly heard that, actually,” He mumbled. “It was just the neighbor in general. It’s like every other house was screaming at each other, animals were fighting…it was…too much. I thought the further I’d walk the more things would calm down…” 


“You got overwhelmed,” Sapnap finalized, and Dream nodded, not seeming to understand but trusting his words. “Are you still overwhelmed? Is it still loud?” 


Dream nodded, holding his head. “Everyone’s still screaming, my head's starting to hurt…why is it so much?” 


“George, get me my headphones,” Sapnap said, and George nodded, running upstairs. “Okay, we’re gonna try something, alright?” 


Dream nodded, holding his hands over his ears now. He looked like he was in genuine pain, and it hurt Sapnap’s heart. George returned quickly, handing Sapnap the headphones. Sapnap connected them to his phone before putting it over Dream’s ears. 


“I’ll keep it on low; but tell me if this helps,” Sapnap said, turning on some wordless music from YouTube. After a second, Dream visibly relaxed. “Better?” He asked, and Dream nodded.


“It’s overpowering the yelling,” Dream whispered, still being able to hear Sapnap clearly. “What are these?” 


“Headphones, they play audio from my phone, directly to these, keeping the audio private to you,” Sapnap explained. “Just focus on the music. Okay? It’ll be okay.” 


Dream nodded, and curled up in his seat, putting his face in his knees. Sapnap and George stood, glancing at each other in worry. 


That night, Sapnap had Dream stay in his room. Dream kept the headphones on, curled up and Sapnap held him in his chest, breathing deeply and allowing Dream to focus on him and the music. 

Chapter Text

Dream wore the headphones often, not always, but at night it was common to see them on his ears as he curled up on the couch. Sapnap got the job, so that left George and Dream alone during the day. George stayed in his room, or went out saying he’d be back later, probably looking for another job. 


That left Dream alone until five. Usually he’d just clean the house, take care of the dogs, and read. He didn’t leave the house anymore, (and if he did, just to walk the dogs, he stayed on the block) almost as if he was afraid to go out. 


Another week passed, and Sapnap came home to a clean house, again, with Dream on the couch, eyes closed curled up with the laptop on his lap, headphones connected. 


“Dream?” Sapnap asked, but gained no response. Sapnap pressed his eyebrows together as he set his keys down. He stepped over Arthur, in front of Dream. He tapped Dream's shoulder gently. 


Dream jolted, which in turn caused Sapnap to jump. Dream’s eyes snapped open. He looked up at Sapnap with tired eyes. Something Sapnap hadn’t seen before. 


“Hey, sorry,” Sapnap mumbled as Dream pulled the headphones off. “You finally figured out how to sleep?” He asked. 


“Did I?” Dream mumbled, rubbing his eyes, sitting up more and closing the laptop. 


“Seems like it,” Sapnap said, sitting on the coffee table. “Here, got you a phone.” 


“Why?” Dream whispered, taking the box. “The…laptop was fine.” 


“It’s big and bulky, and with this. We can call you and you can call us from wherever,” Sapnap said, “Here, I’ll help you,” He offered, helping Dream open the box. 


When George got home, Dream was leaned against Sapnap who was still helping setting the phone up. Dream glanced up at George with a smile, and the other smiled back. 


“Got dinner,” George said, and Sapnap perked up. “Chinese,” George added and Sapnap nodded approvingly as George set the bag down. 


“Got a job yet?” Sapnap asked, handing Dream the phone to mess around with. 


“Interview tomorrow,” George responded, taking his coat and stuff off, greeting Arthur with a smile and picking up Cash happily. “I see you got him a phone.” 


“Yeah, for the music and in case he needs to contact one of us,” Sapnap nodded. “Also, I think he figured out how to sleep.” 


“Did you?” George asked, and Dream shrugged. 


“I sat down after cleaning at noon…and then Sapnap was home,” Dream explained. “I don’t remember anything in between that, so I assume so,” he hummed.


“Interesting,” George hummed, and Sapnap nodded, helping Dream set up another thing. George sat down on the floor in front of them, leaning against the coffee table, something Dream noticed he liked doing, and grabbing the food. 


Sapnap accepted his, noticing he had a bit extra, he assumed he was gonna share with Dream just so the god could taste test some things. He would be right in that conclusion. 


“Here, try this,” Sapnap said, offering a piece of orange chicken to Dream on his fork. Dream ate it, and made an interesting face. “Don’t like it?” Sapnap asked, and Dream shrugged. 


“It’s interesting,” Dream decided and Sapnap chuckled, nodding and taking a bite himself. 


“Try this,” George offered him a wrap of some sorts, “It’s an egg roll.” 


Dream ate half of it in one bite, before humming and eating the rest of it. Sapnap chuckled and shook his head. 


“How come, if you eat, you don’t need the bathroom like the rest of us?” Sapnap randomly asked, and Dream hummed. 


“Because I don’t separate the waste from the other stuff in food,” Dream explained. “Your body takes what it needs and expels what it doesn’t. Mine doesn’t do that, because it doesn’t need to.” 


“Then…where does it go?” George asked, and Dream shrugged. 


“I’m a god, I’m magic,” Dream responded. “Most gods can’t even taste food, though, so I’m a lucky one,” He mumbled, wincing as one of the neighbors screamed at the top of their lungs, even the other two heard it. 


“She okay?” George asked. 


“Her and her boyfriend are fighting, no one’s been hit,” Dream answered, and they both glanced at him, “But she’s seriously overreacting. He got her something wrong for dinner.” 


“Ah, it’s that couple,” Sapnap hummed with a nod. “Yeah she’s toxic as hell, he won’t leave her though.” 


Dream winced again, and Sapnap offered him the headphones, “No- the door slammed and something broke. I think she’s leaving,” Dream explained, denying the headphones. 


His theory was proved correct when a car started up. George sighed, and Sapnap shrugged as he took a bite of his food. Dream was basically a gossip machine, not that they used him for that since he got overwhelmed easily. 


“Everything else calm?” Sapnap asked, and Dream nodded. 


“Well… yeah,” Dream nodded again, and Sapnap snorted. 


“The right neighbors are at it again, huh?” Sapnap asked, and Dream nodded. 


“I put the headphones on because of it,” Dream explained, and George winced. 


“On and off since noon? Damn,” He mumbled and Sapnap snorted. “It must suck to hear that far. Especially if you’re unable to turn it off.” 


“It’s useful sometimes,” Dream said. “Like making sure no one gets hurt, or if the dogs need to be let in, or for hearing you guys get home. But, everything else is just a lot in my head,” Dream nodded. “When you two are home, I’m able to put my focus on something else, which in turn distracts me. Like with the music, or when Sapnap’s doing something on his phone and doesn’t hear us the first few times we ask for him,” Dream explained. 


“But when we’re gone, it’s harder to have a distraction?” George asked, and Dream nodded. 


“I’ve noticed that I can only sit through movies with you two around, since I don’t understand everything…” Dream mumbled, pulling his knees up to his chest. 


“You know you can leave the house, right?” George asked, and Dream shook his head. 


“I don’t understand a lot out there, and I can’t…get my head to process information and I can’t ask other gods for help,” Dream said. 


“You could call us,” Sapnap said, tapping the new phone. 


“Not if you two are working,” Dream mumbled, shaking his head. “Plus…what if I hurt someone again?” 


“That’s wasn’t your fault,” Sapnap said, “He was trying to hurt you, you were just protecting yourself.” 


“I’m going to get in trouble for that,” Dream whispered. “Gods aren’t allowed to harm humans, especially not directly. No matter what.” 


“You were being threatened,” Sapnap tried reasoning, Dream shrugged. 


“Doesn’t matter, I’m a god,” Dream said, looking at him. “A friend of mine, we called her Drista. She was basically family, like a sister, last I heard of her, she defended herself like I did. I haven’t seen her since. It’s been over… a century or two.” 


“Gods can die?” Sapnap asked. 


“We can be made mortal by the overhead power, something humans don’t know or process. We call it father,” Dream explained. “Father can make us basic humans and then take our lives if we break the rules. Each god has a set of expectations and rules. Drista broke hers.” 


“So…what’s gonna happen to you? You broke the rules,” George asked, sitting up as Dream shrugged. 


“I haven’t…felt anything. Either father doesn’t know, or does and hasn’t gotten to me yet,” Dream explained. 


“Why didn’t you tell us this?” Sapnap asked. 


“Because nothings happened yet,” Dream said, “And mother very well could. Least not in the time you know me. I could be moved on or back home by the time he gets to what I did.” 


“But you didn’t…you didn’t kill him. You just pushed him away,” George said. 


“I don’t know that,” Dream said, “I ran before I could check if I pushed too hard. I know he hit the wall behind him, but I grabbed the dogs and ran.” 


“There’s a chance he could’ve hit his head,” George mumbled, and Dream nodded. “Alright, how long…are you meant to be here?” 


“Until Sapnap releases me,” Dream shrugged. 


“What does that mean, ‘until I release you?’ In fact, how does any of this work? We’ve never properly talked about it I don’t think,” Sapnap said. Dream cleared his throat. 


“The priest who summoned me linked us together,” Dream started, and Sapnap nodded. “He said a spell wrong, how he did that; I’m not sure he appeared to have been doing the harvest spell for a while.” Dream brushed it off and cleared his throat. “I’m a helping god, which means I’m meant to be linked to humans who are struggling and shortening their time and want to be saved. Usually these people believe in a god, or understand that a high power exist and they go seeking for it.” 


“When we’re linked, I present as a human so no one can know I’m a god…I also broke that rule when we told George,” Dream mumbled, and George made an apologetic face. “So no one else can know. Anyway, usually these humans who need the help are addicts of some sort, they’re depressed and on the verge of suicide, or sometimes…this happens. A god is assigned by someone else or is accidentally summoned.” 


“I’m…not an addict or depressed,” Sapnap mumbled, and George hummed a bit under his breath. “I’m not,” Sapnap said, glancing at him. 


“You’ve got a bit of a drinking problem, Sap,” George said, “but you haven’t touched a damn drink since Dream got here. In fact I’ve seen you drink more water than the entire time I’ve known you.” 


“It’s obviously not a problem if I stopped so damn quick,” Sapnap grumbled. 


“Actually, us gods help block those urges,” Dream said, looking at him. “Most addicts call for us, we block their urges and slowly take away that magic as time goes on until they unconsciously realize they don’t have that want or need anymore.” 


“So why the hell isn’t something more being done?” Sapnap asked, “If you can just block urges? Why are so many humans still suffering?” 


“Because some of them have had that fate since they were born,” Dream said, “I don’t get to choose who I help, Sapnap. Trust me, I want the world to be fixed too, but I’m one of the weaker gods, I have no say in anything.” 


“So…you’ve just been blocking my urges?” Sapnap asked, “Without my noticing? You knew why you were here?” 


“Actually, I’ve hardly had to do anything,” Dream explained. “If you did have a problem, it was a small one leading up to a bigger one. I didn’t even notice either until a couple of days ago,” Dream said. 


“Couple of days ago?” Sapnap asked. 


“There’s beer in the fridge, has been since I got here,” Dream said, “You picked one up the other day and inspected it before putting it back and getting water.” 


Sapnap pressed his eyebrows together in remembrance. 


“For a while I couldn’t figure out why I was linked, but if I couldn’t even notice my power blocking it…then there's probably another reason I’m here, and that was just kind of a side thing,” Dream shrugged. 


“And you don’t know that?” Sapnap asked. 


“The human tells us what’s wrong,” Dream said, “And you haven’t told me anything. I guess my power just reacted when I arrived, but,” Dream shrugged again. “I don’t know.” 


“Is there a possibility you could’ve been summoned for something else?” George asked. 


“I don’t know,” Dream mumbled. “I haven’t left my…place since the last time I was on earth, I haven’t been allowed.” 


“Why?” Sapnap asked, and Dream shrugged. 


“I’ve only been on earth twice, now and then,” Dream said. “The human I was helping before…” Dream cleared his throat. “It was a different time, clearly. So, either way, I’m here, I don’t know why, and I can’t go until you…let me go.” 


“And how do I do that?” Sapnap asked, and Dream shrugged. 


“I can’t tell you that,” Dream said. “That’s up to the human.” 


“This is weird,” Sapnap mumbled, taking a bite of his noodles. “So basically, you’re here for unknown reasons, you’ve healed my urges for drinking, and you can’t leave until I figure out how to send you back?” Sapnap asked, 


“I haven’t healed you, people can relapse when their gods leave,” Dream explained. “We just help the process. But yea, basically.” 


“Like I asked, there could be another reason you’re here,” George added. 


“That’s also a theory,” Dream agreed. 


“Wonderful,” Sapnap grumbled sarcastically, standing to walk into the kitchen. 


“Do you…not want me here?” Dream asked, and Sapnap glanced back at him. 


“That’s not…yes, we want you here, Dream,” Sapnap sighed, “It’s just really confusing, and humans don’t like confusing,” Sapnap mumbled, and Dream nodded, curling up tighter into the ball. 


George glanced back at Sapnap, who glanced at Dream and sighed again. “I’m gonna go take a shower,” He mumbled. 


“You’re still eating-“


“I’ll finish after,” Sapnap cut Dream off, before going upstairs, the door closing sternly behind him. 


Dream glanced at George, who gave him a sympathetic look before Dream grabbed the headphones and slipped them on, filling his ears with music. 




“Did you have to do that?” George asked as Sapnap pulled up to the store, the dogs had run out of food and they needed to make a run last minute. 


“Do what?” Sapnap asked. 


“Make him feel like you don’t actually want him. He doesn’t know any better than you do,” George said, turning the car off and looking at Sapnap. “You made him feel bad.” 


“Well I didn’t ask for him,” Sapnap mumbled. 


“And he clearly didn’t ask for you either,” George snapped back. “He doesn’t deserve your shit, Sap. He doesn’t understand anything, he has no answers for us. He is trying to fit in.” 


“First you want to fuck him now you want him gone, can you make up yo ur damn mind-“ 


“I don’t want him gone!” Sapnap snapped, looking at George. “Okay…I don’t… but I also don’t want to be linked to some…some fucking metaphysical being. That feels…invasive.” 


“It’s not like he’s done anything to invade our privacy. He stays out of our things, he hasn’t peeked into your head again, he gets overwhelmed by the neighbors! He’s basically a golden retriever,” George said, before sighing. “Look, I understand that you’re uncomfortable with the linking, and the fact that he might know more about you than he’s leading on. But, he doesn’t deserve to feel unwelcome in a house he won’t even leave. He’s terrified of the time period, he’s terrified of earth. Don’t make him terrified of us too,” George said, before getting out of the car and walking inside the store. 


Sapnap sighed, leaning back in the seat and waiting for George to come back out. 


Once they got home, Dream was curled up with the headphones again. Sapnap called his name, getting no response. Sapnap and George shared a glance, and George sighed as he set the dog food down in the kitchen. 


“Think he’s asleep?” George asked, and Sapnap sighed when Dream didn’t move again. 


“Seems like it,” Sapnap mumbled, glancing at George. “What’re we gonna do?” 


“We’re gonna treat him like a normal person,” George said, “And teach him things he doesn’t know. He deserves that much.” 


Sapnap sighed, crossing his arms. 


“And if it becomes something more, then it does,” George added after a moment, before turning to go up the stairs. 


“What’s that supposed to mean?” Sapnap asked, looking back at him. 


George just gave him a knowing look, glancing between him and Dream before walking the rest of the way up the stairs and going into his room. 

Chapter Text

“Whaddaya mean, she’s coming over?” Sapnap asked, following George down the stairs. Dream glanced up from his phone. He was currently researching gravity since it was mentioned in a show they were watching, or letting Dream catch up on. 


“I mean what I said. My mom is coming over,” George said, looking just as stressed. 


“Dude, your mom hates me,” Sapnap whispered aggressively. 


Dude , I’m aware of that,” George said back, “It doesn’t help that I’ve said I’ve had a girlfriend for the past three months,” George tacked on, and Sapnap groaned. “So, all around? We’re fucked.” 


“She's gonna make a scene. She always makes a scene!” Sapnap said, they were standing in the kitchen now. Dream just turned back to his phone, he didn’t seem needed in the conversation. “And with Dream here- wait,” Sapnap said, and Dream looked up at his name. 


“Wait? Wait for what?” George asked, as Sapnap glanced back at Dream. 


“You…you can shift into a woman, right?” Sapnap asked, and Dream slowly nodded. 


“Perfect, Dream can play your girlfriend,” Sapnap said, looking back at Sapnap. 


“You’re insane, you’ve lost your mind,” George rolled his eyes. 


“You’ve got a better idea? Dude if she hears you’ve been lying she’ll be pissed and then somehow pin the blame on me-“ 


“I’m not gonna make Dream be my pretend girlfriend! I don’t even think he knows what that means!” George cut him off. 


“So we’ll help him along the way,” Sapnap reasoned. 


“If you guys needs help…I’m happy to provide it,” Dream pipped in, and Sapnap gave George a knowing look.


“Seriously, George. For once can we try to make your moms visit a bit better than a shitshow? Especially something that has an easy cover up,” Sapnap said, and George sighed. 


“We’ve got no feminine clothing or products or anything like that here,” George whispered, “They’re gonna know somethings wrong.” 


“Why’re they lookin that hard anyway?” Sapnap said in retaliation. “We’ll lock our bedroom doors so your brothers don’t go snoopin’ around. They don’t need to know about whether or not Dream gets a period, they shouldn’t give so much of a damn.” 


“Okay but what about Dream’s outfit?” George asked. 


“Make him wear some of your clothes,” Sapnap responded. “He’ll have that girlfriend look of “oh I’m always stealing my man’s clothing because it’s comfy and smells like him” or whatever it is. Or I can run out and get him an outfit before she gets here, either way, c’mon.” 


“Fine, fine,” George agreed. “She’s getting here at five, we’ve got six hours to prepare,” George told Sapnap, and he nodded. 


Sapnap turned back to Dream, who was looking back at his phone again. “Dream,” Sapnap said, sitting next to him, “still up to help us?” He asked, and Dream perked up with a nod. “If you shift the clothes aren’t gonna rip, right?” 


“No, I’m not getting bigger,” Dream said simply, before that green smog filled the room. Sapnap held his breath and closed his eyes, and when he reopened them, he could see Dream was very right about that. 


In fact, Dream only got shorter. 


Big changes were obvious. Her hair was long, like significantly long, and her hair seemed much more blond. It also looked really healthy and soft, like in her male form. She was shorter, at least 5’7 now. Her face was rounder, her nose like a button, her left eye was microscopically lower than her right, but Sapnap found it cute that Dream added imperfections. Her lips were fuller, and they fell into a natural pout. 


The clothes on her hadn’t changed, but what’s underneath clearly had. The clothes were big, and they hid Dream’s breast well, just a small raise even told Sapnap they were there. Sapnap stopped his eyes before they travelled anywhere worse. 


George whistled a small bit catching both of their attentions, “Great. He’s hot as both a man and a woman,” George chuckled. “And way too out of my league,” He muttered under his breath. 


Sapnap chuckled, before glancing back at Dream. “Maybe we should get…him? Can we still call you him?” Sapnap asked, and Dream shrugged. 


“I don’t care either way,” She said, even her voice was significantly different. It was just as smooth and had that tone to it that screamed ‘Dream’ but something so…just feminine about it. 


“Just…for now, whatever slips out slips out,” Sapnap mumbled, and Dream shrugged in agreement. “Either way, we should go into town. Get you some…better fitting clothes.” 


“Into…town?” Dream asked, and Sapnap nodded.


“Don’t worry, we’ll come with you. It’ll be like when you and I went shopping the first time, promise,” Sapnap said, and Dream nodded. 


Sapnap and George glanced at each other again, and George rubbed his temple, sighing gently. This was gonna be the death of him. 




At the store, Dream stayed next to the two pretty closely. She was pretty involved with the new outfit, opting for a cute green top and some blue jeans, (she got to try them on and made sure they fit) but the next thing they were stumped with were bras. 


“Okay, well none of us know shit about bras or sizing,” Sapnap grumbled, looking at George. 


“So ask someone?” George suggested. 


“Oh, yeah because someone who looks to be in there 20s doesn’t know they’re own bra fitting at least seems really unlikely, George,” Sapnap whispered as a helper stepped up to them. 


“Can I help you three?” She asked, and Dream glanced at the two who turned a slight shade of pink. 


“I’m seeming to have a hard time remembering my sizing, I just got out of the hospital on a head injury and I needed more clothes, and I can’t seem to find any of my older bras to help. My boyfriend and his friend are just trying to help,” Dream said quickly, catching the other two off guard, but they went along with the story.


“Oh, of course. Here, let’s get you fitted over here,” she said, pulling Dream aside. 


After that experience, she helped Dream with panties as well, then they were free to go. They paid for everything and quickly just left the store, wanting the safety of their car before George and Sapnap bursted out into laughter. 


“Where did that lie come from?” Sapnap asked, looking back at Dream, who was sitting in the backseat. 


“A tv show… she woke up and knew literally nothing, I thought I could get away with an excuse like that…” Dream mumbled, and Sapnap nodded with a grin on his face. 


“Can’t believe we got away with that,” George whispered, shaking his head. 


“I mean…how was she really gonna check, to be fair?” Sapnap asked, and George nodded. “It was smart, Dream. You did good,” He said, and Dream smiled in the backseat. 


Sapnap couldn’t contain giggles as he started the car and made their way home. 


Back at the house, they sent Dream upstairs to change. Of course, they forget it’s Dream they’re talking about, and Sapnap was called up eventually. 


Sapnap opened the door, only to cover his face with it. “Dream! Your chest-“ 


“I don’t know how to put it on,” Dream cut him off, and Sapnap peeked up, seeing her messing with the bra. Of course she didn’t. “The lady told me…but I don’t understand.” 


“Dream…I do not have the proper equipment-“ Sapnap mumbled, and Dream looked up at him doe eyed. Sapnap sighed, moving to sit behind her. 


“Hand me the bra,” he mumbled, and she did. Sapnap got it placed in the right area, got her arms through it, and clipped it easily, and then he sighed. “Alright, I’m gonna…to fill the actual cup so it’s being wore and supportive like it’s meant to be…I need to readjust your…your boobs,” Sapnap mumbled. 


“Okay,” Dream said easily, “You can show me!” 


“Yeah,” Sapnap mumbled, before holding the bra in place and hesitantly adjusting her chest to fit the bra properly. “Alright, done. Now…finish getting dressed… please,” He mumbled, and Dream nodded as Sapnap moved out of there as fast as possible. 


George raised an eyebrow as Sapnap came downstairs with a red face. “Bra help?” George teased. 


“I hate you,” Sapnap mumbled and George laughed.

Chapter Text

“George!” A high-pitched voice called as George opened the door. A woman walked in, and Dream looked up from her phone as she did. She looked like George, or well, George looked like her. The same nose and facial structure. “Oh, my son, it’s good to see you,” She hummed, “I brought your brothers as well, your sister couldn’t make it.” 


Two twin boys walked inside, and immediately Sapnap groaned, looking at Dream, “You locked the bedroom doors, right?” He asked, and Dream nodded. 


“I’ll keep my ears open to make sure they don’t try getting in,” Dream promised, and Sapnap nodded as George’s mother turned to him. 


“I see you’re still living here,” She greeted, and Sapnap hummed. 


“Considering it was my house first, and I pay most of the bills, yeah, I’m still living here,” Sapnap said bitterly, and George hummed. 


“Mom, you keep talking about how you’ve wanted to meet my girlfriend,” George said, and Dream smiled and waved. 


“Oh! You must be Destiny!” She said, sitting in between Dream and Sapnap. Both of them moved away from her, Sapnap in disgust and Dream just purely uncomfortable. 


“Um…hi, yes,” Dream said, shaking her hand and moving some hair behind her ear, glancing at George, who just nodded, before looking at Sapnap and aggressively shrugging. “It’s nice to meet you, Ma’am.” 


“Oh it’s lovely to meet you, too,” She chuckled, “Oh, you are just a pretty little thing, way too far out of my son’s league. Tell me, why choose him?” She teased. 


“Mom, please, give her some space,” George cut in, grabbing Dream’s hand and pulling her up. Dream willingly went, pulling herself into George due to how…just, uncomfortable she was with George’s mom. Sapnap noticed, as did George, and both felt regret for pulling Dream into this. “She doesn’t like to be hounded, give her space,” George said, letting Dream sit in the reclining chair.


“Oh fine, but we’re gonna have a nice chat at dinner,” His mother hummed, and George rolled his eyes but nodded. 


“Of course, mother,” He mumbled, sitting down where Dream once sat, next to her. His brothers all sat on the floor, the eldest twin kept staring at Dream. 


“Oi, Josh,” Sapnap said, catching the oldest's attention, “Just because you’re staring doesn’t mean she’s gonna give you the time of day, advert your gaze to someone else.”

Josh’s face flushed in embarrassment, and he looked at his hands. Dream shot him an appreciation glanced and Sapnap nodded at him. 


“Oh you can’t blame the boy, she’s gorgeous,” George’s mother said, and Sapnap scoffed. 


“She deserves respect. I think you, of all people, would understand that. She’s not a shiny toy for him to stare at,” George cut in, and his mother looked at him. 


“Oh be nice to your brother,” She scolded, gently patting his knee. “You know he struggles with love.” 


“Not my problem, never has been,” George mumbled, readjusting so she couldn’t touch him again. By readjusting, we mean he got up and moved to sit in front of Dream on the floor. Dream started absentmindedly running a hand through George’s hair, right at the base of his hairline on his neck, which helped calm him. 


They all fell into a conversation about life, Sapnap staying mostly quiet and texting Dream things to say and how to respond to help her with the family. Eventually, Sapnap stood to start dinner, and George glanced up at him with an apologetic smile. Sapnap returned it weakly. 


From there, everything was mostly smooth. Dream got Cash to sit in her lap, and Arthur stayed with Sapnap. Dream glanced at his phone as he got another message. 


Come in here, but give George a small (a short lips for forehead) kiss first. 


Dream hummed, putting Cash on the ground and doing as said, pecking George’s head before escaping into the kitchen, George just smiled up at her before turning back to his mother’s conversation, she didn’t seem to care that Dream had left mid-sentence. 


“Are you okay?” Dream asked, seeing Sapnap stir the vegetables in the pan for dinner. 


“Are you? I could see you getting overwhelmed,” Sapnap said gently, leaning against the counter. 


“I’m okay, it’s a bit more than I was expecting,” Dream admitted, rubbing her arm. “And his brothers keep looking at me weirdly, but it’s okay! I’m helping!” 


“You are, but you shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable. I’m sorry his brothers are being weird. George and I won’t let them do anything,” Sapnap promised. 


“Well…of course not, what could they do?” Dream asked, and Sapnap sighed, shaking his head. 


“Don’t worry about it. For now, just stay with George or I, okay?” Sapnap said, and Dream nodded. 


“Do you need help with anything?” Dream asked, and Sapnap shook his head. 


“I’ve got it, just go sit with George. It’ll be done soon,” Sapnap promised, and Dream nodded, before leaving the kitchen and going to sit down. 


“Are you alright? You were in there for quite a while,” George’s mother said. 


“Oh, I was just seeing if he needed help,” Dream said sweetly, sitting back down and adjusting her long hair. George looked up at her with worried eyes, but Dream just smiled reassuringly at him. 


“Destiny, where’s the bathroom?” Josh asked, and George cleared his throat. 


“I’ll show you,” George said. 


“Oh, I’d hate to interrupt your conversation with mom, I’m sure she’s fully capable of showing me,” Josh said, and Dream cleared his throat, standing. 


“It’s fine,” Dream leaned down and whispered before standing properly. Dream motioned for Josh to walk up the stairs, and she followed him up. She walked him down the hallway. 


“Third door,” She said, pointing at it. Josh tried the first one, Sapnap’s room. Locked. 


“Why’s this one locked?” Josh asked. 


“Sapnap’s room, he doesn’t like people in there. The third door,” Dream said. Josh tried the second, George’s room. Locked.  “I said third door. I know you have the brain size of a pea, but please, it’s not that hard.” 


“What’d you say to me?” Josh asked, crowding her against a wall. Dream swallowed thickly. 


“You really wanna try something with everyone downstairs? We’re right about the kitchen. If I even stomp too hard, Sapnap comes running up, and you have nowhere to hide. If you need the bathroom, it’s the third door, if not, let’s go back downstairs with no issues.” Dream said quietly, and Josh breathed hotly in her face, he smelled of tobacco and beer and it made Dream’s stomach turn. 


Josh grunted, and shoved her aside as he moved to walk into the bathroom. Dream booked it downstairs after that. She kneeled down next to George, “He tried getting into the rooms,” she whispered.


“I’ll go up there and make sure he doesn’t do anything, go into the kitchen and stay with Sapnap,” George said quietly, knowing Dream could hear him either way. Dream smiled at George’s mother.


“Would you like a drink?” She offered, so she had an excuse to leave. 


“Wine will be lovely if you have it, if not, water will do,” His mother said. 


“Beer,” The younger twin, Cody, said. “I know you have it, with that drunk in your kitchen. Get one for Josh too.” 


“Actually, Cody, he hasn’t had a drop in weeks. More than what you can say, excuse me,” George said, before going up the stairs as Dream made her way into the kitchen. 


“What happened? I heard your footsteps run down the stairs fast,” Sapnap said, turning to her immediately. 


“Josh grabbed me,” Dream whispered, she started to tremble, “He was trying to get into your rooms, why does he want to go in there? What’s in there?” 


“Nothing, he’s just nosy and will do anything to steal and piss me off,” Sapnap explained, “Did he hurt you?” Sapnap asked. 


“No, just trapped me against the wall. I said we were right above you and you would’ve noticed if something was wrong, so he let me go,” Dream explained, “I’m okay, George went up there to make sure he didn’t do anything. He told me to come in here until he came back down-” 


“Density! Where’s the beer?” Cody called. 


“But I decided to take a drink order as an excuse,” Dream finished, opening the fridge. “Do we even have wine here?” Dream asked, and Sapnap shook his head. 


“Um, both me and George hate the shit,” Sapnap mumbled, opening a cupboard. Ding ding. “But, we keep one for guests who occasionally come over,” Sapnap mumbled, pulling it down along with a glass. 


“Interesting way to store it,” Dream mumbled, looking as confused as ever, 


“I’ll explain it later, hurry and give it to them, then say I need your help in here,” Sapnap said, and Dream nodded. 


Dream returned after just a minute with a sigh, putting a hand over her ears. 


“Neighborhood’s loud?” Sapnap asked, and Dream nodded. 


“Yeah, but with alcohol in their system now, their minds are opening which means their thoughts are feeding into my brain,” Dream mumbled, rubbing his temples. “It’s not intentional, humans usually have very protected heads and thought processes. But with things like alcohol or drugs, that barrier comes down…” 


“Glad you tell me that before I drank in front of you,” Sapnap mumbled, and Dream hummed. 


“I’d be able to block yours and George’s out easier, since I’m linked to you I’d just use more of the phasing magic I use to keep me out of your head now. I’m not connected with them at all, I can’t protect my head as a result,” Dream mumbled, “It’s one of the reasons I’m so overwhelmed because along with the yelling, I get thoughts of everyone too and it’s hard to tell the difference.” 


“We left your headphones upstairs,” Sapnap whispered, and Dream shook her head. 


“I’ll be okay until they leave,” Dream reassured, “Just part of being a god, I guess,” She mumbled. “I should just be used to it.”


“Isn’t this your second time here?” Sapnap asked, turning to the meat he was cooking. 


“Technically, yes,” Dream responded, nodding. 


“You’re inexperienced, it’s not your fault,” Sapnap reassured, looking back at him. “Sounds like George and his brother are back, help me get the food on plates and we can get the damn night over with.” 




“Bye, mom!” George called, before shutting the door and groaning, as he pressed his forehead against the door. “I am so sorry,” George said, and Dream shrugged it off with a smile. 


“It was fine when dinner came out,” Dream said, fiddling with her hair. “Though, their thought processes are strange.” 


“You were reading their minds?” George asked. 


“With the alcohol in their systems, they were unconsciously opening their minds and screaming out their thoughts. I couldn’t control what I heard,” Dream explained, rubbing her forehead. 


“I’m gonna get your headphones,” Sapnap said, grabbing the key to their rooms from the side table. 


Dream didn’t fight him this time, and Sapnap ran upstairs as George sat down next to Dream. George smiled at her, she returned it weakly. 


“Thank you for helpin’ me out, I promise you’ll never have to do it again,” George said, and Dream chuckled. 


“It was no problem, George, seriously. She’s not that bad,” Dream said, as Sapnap came back down, handing Dream her headphones. 


“Lying never works, Dream,” Sapnap teased, as Dream put her headphones in. Dream chuckled, looking up at him as the music started to play. 


She’s not, though the twins need some work,” Dream said and George snorted, leaning against her, and Dream welcomed him into a small cuddle. 

Chapter Text

Sapnap woke up in the middle of the night to a noise. Of course, he wasn’t too worried, he’s got a god in the house. So he almost rolled back over. Until he remembered that god wasn’t allowed to defend itself against humans. He was sure he was overreacting, but he got up anyway. Luckily, he didn’t have to look far, because Dream was in the bathroom, still in her female form, looking at herself. She was shirtless, her black bra clear in the dim light of the bathroom, wearing some sweatpants.  


“Dream,” Sapnap mumbled, and she turned her head to look at him with a small smile. 


“Sorry, I dropped the…” She paused holding up the tube. 


“Toothpaste,” Sapnap filled, and Dream nodded. She knew that, her mind just seemed to have blanked for a moment. “Is something wrong?” He asked. 


“No, not really,” Dream said, looking at herself again. “I was just debating on whether to say a female or not,” He said, tilting his head. 


“Do you want to?” Sapnap asked. 


“I’m used to it,” Dream said, looking back at him. “When I first came to earth that long time ago, I was in female form for my first and last human,” She explained, “But… you seem more awkward about it,” She mumbled. 


“Awkward? What do you mean awkward?” Sapnap asked. 


“Well…I know the men are meant to be attracted to women, of course, there’s nothing wrong with being attracted to another man, that sin talk is really a myth made by humans, but…I don’t know. You acted all funny when I shifted. And you became bright red in the face when I asked for help with the bra…” Dream explained. 


“Right…because I…” Sapnap stammered.


“Are you not attracted to me?” Dream asked, and Sapnap exhaled softly. 


“I have to still be sleeping,” He mumbled, “Dream, it’s got nothing to do with attraction, it's more of a respect thing…”


“That doesn’t answer my question…” Dream said softly. 


“Do you want me to be?” Sapnap asked, “Am I even allowed to be? I mean…you’re a god…” 


“It’s not uncommon,” Dream said, looking at him. “Least not from what I’ve heard.” Dream reached out and touched Sapnap’s shoulder. “So are you?” 


“Yes…yes I’m attracted to you,” Sapnap admitted softly, and Dream smiled at him. 


“In this form? Or my other one?” She asked, leaving no space between them. Sapnap inhaled sharply. 


“Both, it’s honestly both,” Sapnap admitted again, and Dream smiled. 


“Show me how to kiss again,” Dream whispered, and Sapnap dove down. Dream whimpered lightly as Sapnap claimed her lips, immediately it was hot and opened mouthed. Sapnap pressed up against her, trapping her against the counter. Their tongues danced while Sapnap’s hands explored her body. Gentle fingertips danced on her body, feeling the smooth skin underneath, the pudge of her stomach moved as her body flexed. 


Sapnap started kissing down her neck, moving her up to sit on the counter. Dream whined as her head fell back, her stomach rolled forward a bit, trying to get Sapnap to do something more. Sapnap provided, going down further, past her bra, kneeling down to the floor. 


“Can I take these off?” Sapnap asked, and Dream nodded, lifting her hips so Sapnap could remove them. Once they were off and to the side in the bathroom, leaving her in matching panties to her bra, Sapnap kissed up her thighs, biting and marking the smooth, milky skin underneath, making her jump and gasp. Whether or not she completely understood the reasoning for this, she wasn’t gonna tell him to stop, she liked it too much. 


“Sap-” She whined, head falling back as Sapnap inched closer. 


“Dream, do you trust me?” Sapnap said, looking up at her as she nodded. “Gonna make you feel good, babe, okay? You can tell me to stop at any time.” 


“O-okay,” Dream breathed, and her body jolted when something warm breathed on her folds through her panties, and then she felt something press against the fabric. She gasped out, covering her mouth as Sapnap moved the cloth aside, letting her properly feel his tongue. 


Her head fell back as her body trembled, this had never happened to her before. She unconsciously grabbed his hair, and pushed herself more against his mouth, moaning into her hand as Sapnap took his time playing with her, feeling her clit against his tongue, making her squeal, whine, and moan. God, she sounded so pretty, it only made Sapnap crave more of her. Slowly, he slipped a finger past her folds and pushed it in, only getting another squealing moan, her legs falling open more as Sapnap rocked his finger back and forth. Her wetness filled his tongue and taste buds and he licked it up happily, getting to taste all of her. 


He’d no clue how long he was down there, opening and tasting and doing anything he could to make her moan, but at one point he removed himself, just to kiss her and make her taste what he was. She rocked her hips against the three fingers that were now in her and jumped when Sapnap started moving them faster. 


“I wanna fuck you,” Sapnap whispered, completely forgetting that she might not even know what that means. 


“Please,” She responded anyway, rocking against him one more, head falling back. “Please, please, please,” She repeated, gasping out gentle moans. 


Sapnap wasted no time removing his fingers, getting a whine out of her. He let his sweats fall down to his ankles and lucky for them, they were in the bathroom, and there can always be lube found in the bathroom right? Bingo. 


Sapnap poured a generous amount, making sure to slick up himself and Dream, before lining up and slowly pushing in. She grabbed onto him tightly, burying her face into his neck as she sobbed out. Every inch by delicious inch, Sapnap could feel her throbbing against him. He didn’t push in all the way, not wanting to hurt her, and she relaxed after a little while of Sapnap just holding her. 


That’s when the fun really started. 


Not even her own hand and Sapnap’s shoulder could silence her, she sobbed and moaned and screamed against the skin blocking her mouth, but it wasn’t enough as Sapnap fucked in and out of her. Her nails trailed down his back, leaving marks of her as she did. Her hips rocked with Sapnap’s trying to take more of him, but Sapnap was in clear control. Sapnap pulled her bra straps down, not bothering to unclip it and just sucking her nipple into his mouth either way, and her head fell back with a moan of his name. The lights flickered above them as Sapnap sped up, neither noticed. 


Dream was trying to make words, but nothing proper came from her mouth as her legs came in on each other and her back arched, the lights completely going out as she sobbed, but Sapnap just worked more, completely forgetting about the lights. He was close, and Dream made no move to get him to stop as her body jolted and she sobbed. 


Close. Close . Close


Sapnap jolted awake, feeling his boxers sticky, himself drenched in sweat, breathing heavily. He looked around. He was in the living room. He must’ve fallen asleep. He glanced at whoever was next to him, George was gently snoring, sprawled out on the couch as well. Could not’ve been comfortable. 


Sapnap looked up to see Dream, now in male form, staring at him. His face was very clearly embarrassed, but his headphones were in and his face was lit up by his phone. Sapnap’s eyes widened when Dream snapped his gaze back over to his phone. 


Had he’d been talking in his sleep, was he groaning? Did Dream accidentally peek in to make sure Sapnap wasn’t having a nightmare? Can he even do that? What the hell did Dream know? 


Sapnap dwelled on these for a second before standing. “I’m going to bed,” He whispered, and Dream glanced at him. Sapnap didn’t miss the way his eyes flashed down to his dick before back up to his face. 


“Okay…goodnight,” Dream whispered, before going right back to his phone.

Chapter Text

“What happened?” George asked in Sapnaps room one night as Dream slept on the couch downstairs. “You’ve been…avoiding Dream.” 


“No I haven’t. I can’t… I literally can’t avoid him! He never leaves the house!” Sapnap mumbled slightly aggressively. 


“You’ve been hiding behind me then, because you get off work before I do, however, you’re not coming home before I do, you’re hiding in your room, or you make me sit between you and him. What the hell happened?” George asked, “We were fine before Mom got here!” 


“I know!” Sapnap groaned, leaning back against the headboard. “I just…we fell asleep on the couch, that night, right?” Sapnap asked, and George nodded. 


“Well I did, you went to your room,” George reminded. 


“No I did too, I just woke up in the middle of the night,” Sapnap mumbled, rubbing his eyes. “I…I had a… a dream about Dream ,” Sapnap mumbled, almost laughing at the irony in the name. 


George looked him up and down before realizing, “No…no you didn’t,” George whispered, and Sapnap nodded. “And he knows?” George asked. 


“I think?” Sapnap mumbled, “When I woke up he was staring at me…red as all hell with eyes wide-fucking-open. So I assume I said his name or something in my sleep…” 


“Or maybe he peeked in,” George offered, and Sapnap shrugged. 


“A possibility, but I don’t know if I believe it,” Sapnap said, “He’s been really careful to stay out of my head this entire time, why change that now?” 


“Maybe…maybe he doesn’t actually know?” George suggested, “Maybe the link made him feel something that was connected to you, and he knows that part, but he doesn’t understand what exactly he was feeling. Because you even said, he hardly knows anything like sex, other than like the actual point of it.” 


“Well he knows that we’ve done something,” Sapnap mumbled, “So he knows people have sex to just… have sex, because we can’t procreate.” 


“Maybe he knows that, but still doesn’t understand it. Either way, there's a chance it’s the links fault, and not so much yours or his,” George offered. “Either way, can you get your head out of your ass and do something about it, because I’m sick of this bullshit.” 


“What the hell do you want me to do? Say, ‘Hey, I had a dirty dream about railing you on the counter in the bathroom and I’m pretty sure you had an idea or at least a feeling, still cool?’” Sapnap asked, and George shrugged. “You’re an idiot,” Sapnap mumbled. 


“Well what do you want from me ?” George asked, “I’m not the one who he’s caught dreaming about him!” 


“I know!” Sapnap whined, putting his face in his hands. 


“Do you even want to have sex with him? Or have I been teasing you for nothing this entire time?” 


“Take one good look at him, in either form, and you tell me!” Sapnap grumbled. “I’m an easy man, you know that.” 


“And you think fucking him against the counter would be the best way to go? Damn, given the chance you really just want to hit and quit, huh?” George mumbled. 


“Ugh,” Sapnap groaned, laying back on the bed. “No, I don’t even want to be that fast with him, even if I had the chance. He doesn’t understand it, I wouldn’t just push him into the waves like that…he’d get overwhelmed,” Sapnap mumbled. 


“So…try the kissing thing again, or something like it,” George offered. “He got turned on by that, teach him from there.” 


“I was going to before some cockblock roommate came in and ruined my plans,” Sapnap grumbled. “I could’ve been saved from this entire thing! If you hadn’t gotten fired because of your attitude!” 


“I take no responsibility, you could’ve told him to wait and told me to get lost, cause you were makin’ a move. I would’ve gone to the store or something and waited for a text,” George said, and Sapnap groaned again. 


Sapnap didn’t respond to that, and he thought for a moment. “You need to talk to Josh, though,” He mumbled, flipping the topic. 


“I know he tried getting into the rooms-” 


“No he pinned Dream against a wall,” Sapnap said, “When they went upstairs? He tried getting him to leave our rooms alone, and Josh trapped him against the wall for it. I swear to god, if that turns into something-” 


“It won't,” George promised. “Why didn’t he tell me that?” 


“Didn’t want to talk shit about your family, probably,” Sapnap sighed, putting his hand in his own hair, gripping it gently. “He played a good girlfriend though, could’ve fooled me if I didn’t know better.” 


“Think he was reading my body language better than he’s ever done before,” George hummed in agreement, “Fooled me for a second there, I won’t lie. With the gentle touches and the soft words… then I realized you must’ve been feeding him information or something.”


“I told him what to say, and occasionally when to kiss your forehead, everything else was all him,” Sapnap hummed, staring at his ceiling. “We should take him out…” 


“Take him out?” George asked. 


“Yeah…just so he can see the city, get him used to it. Maybe the movies? A restaurant… the bowling alley?” Sapnap offered. 


“He’d get overwhelmed so quickly,” George muttered. 


“So he can wear the headphones, or give him your wireless earbuds, and we’ll give him a beanie so he can hide the earbuds in case anyone thinks he’s being a dick,” Sapnap suggested. “C’mon, he cannot stay trapped in this house in fear. And I’m starting to lose my mind being stuck in here too. I know he’s scared, but that’s why we need to give him a little push out of his comfort zone.” 


George sighed, “Fine, tomorrow is Saturday, so we’ll have a fun day,” George agreed, and Sapnap smiled. “But if he gets too overwhelmed or starts having a panic attack or something, we’re coming home.” 


“Of course,” Sapnap agreed, and George sighed, laying next to him. “Oooh, do I get to cuddle with Gogy tonight?” Sapnap teased, and George kicked him. 


“I’m too tired to move to my own room,” George decided, though he didn’t shove Sapnap off when Sap wrapped an arm around him. “He’s gonna think we’re a couple. If he doesn’t already.”

“He thought a roommate was a partner or family member, so you’re probably not wrong,” Sap hummed, “Plus he most definitely knows about what we’ve done…which doesn’t help.” 


“Maybe that’s why he’s not mentioned anything about it,” George suggested tiredly, and Sapnap hummed with a shrug. Neither of them said anything more as a calm silence drifted over them, and they both fell asleep. 


Dream woke up around that time, hearing scratching at a door, he glanced up. He saw Arthur wanting to be let out, and he made a gentle nose as he got up to let him out, and waited at the door. He listened for Sapnap and George, they were gently breathing in Sapnap’s room, and he smiled as he leaned against the doorframe, petting Arthur as they went back inside. Dream walked up the stairs and peeked into Sapnap’s room, he saw the two curled up in each other and smiled, before walking back down the stairs and curling up with Arthur and Cash on the couch.

Chapter Text

Sapnap woke up to the smell of food. Which was weird since George was still very clearly next to him, and hated cooking. Sapnap thought it was all in his head for a moment, before he remembered there was a third person in the house. Sapnap pushed himself away from George, careful not to wake him however, and left the room silently, leaning down and petting Cash before picking him up. 


He stepped into the kitchen, yawning gently as he noticed Dream standing at the stove, a plate of made pancakes, another plate with eggs, and the last one with cooked sausage links.  


“Morning Sapnap,” Dream said, turning to face him with a smile. “You guys weren’t awake at the usual time for saturdays, so I figured I’d make breakfast for you in case you were too tired to,” Dream smiled. 


“You…know how to cook?” Sapnap asked, and Dream shook his head. 


“Well…not with the modern stuff, but I realized the youtube website had more on it than music…and there was a woman in the phone who helped me,” Dream smiled. “It was kind of like watching a movie, like she’s one one of those actors you’ve talked about.” 


“Ah, you watched a youtube video,” Sapnap said, and Dream nodded. “Yeah I forgot to show you about that, but then again, I’ve only seen you use your phone for music. Yeah youtube is full of stuff, from entertainment to music to educational stuff,” Sapnap hummed, grabbing a sausage link. He popped it in his mouth and hummed. 


“Damn..that’s actually really good,” He mumbled, gaze completely turning to the meat. “I forgot we even had sausage…” 


“You bought it a while ago…you hadn’t used it so I figured it would’ve been okay,” Dream said sheepishly, and Sapnap nodded. 


“Yeah, really anything in the fridge is free gain, if I’m making something special with it I make it the same day,” Sapnap mumbled, grabbing himself a clear plate to get himself some food. “George is still sleepin, and knowin him, he’ll keep sleepin unless one of us goes to wake him.” 


“I can go wake him,” Dream said, and Sapnap chuckled. 


“You have fun,” Sapnap grumbled, and Dream smiled before leaving the kitchen and going up the stairs into Sapnap’s room. 


Dream creaked the door open, seeing George curled up on the bed, a pillow tucked under his arm. Dream smiled, George looked peaceful, it was sweet. Dream sat on the edge of the bed, and for a moment, he just stared. It was interesting, watching human’s sleep. It wasn’t something Dream did often, opting to respect George and Sapnap’s privacy in their own rooms. The only time Dream was able to properly watch them would be when they two fell asleep on the couch. 


Which had been a weird moment when Sapnap mumbled his name while also grinding against the couch underneath him, and Dream got a shot of something that felt overwhelming good through him. But, before that, it’d been nice to see the two in such a peaceful moment. 


Dream gently put a hand on George’s shoulder, and George’s skin warmed as the other woke up slowly. “Good morning!” Dream smiled as George groggily got up. “Breakfast is done, Sapnap is already down there.” 


“Okay,” George groaned, voice deepened with sleep, but he sat up anyway, slightly confused. He sat there for a moment, had Dream woken him up with a simple touch? Usually he has to fight Sapnap to sleep a couple extra minutes. But now? Now he was perfectly fine with getting up. 


George yawned as he followed Dream downstairs and into the kitchen. Sap glanced at them with a raised eyebrow. 


“That quick, wow,” Sapnap said, “You like him more or somethin’?” Sapnap teased. 


“No, it was just…really easy to get up today,” George yawned, getting a plate for his own food. 


Sapnap looked Dream up and down, “You used that god power, didn’t cha?” Sapnap asked, and Dream shrugged. “I’ve noticed you don’t use that a lot.” 


“I’ve got nothing to use it on,” Dream responded, “Except for the occasional nightmare, but that side of my power isn’t really needed.” 


“What else can you do?” George asked, and Dream shrugged. 


“Restart power, some telekinesis, with the proper material I can make things out of its basic parts,” Dream listed. “Block substance urges, block nightmares, prevent panic attacks, wake people up from really any kind of sleep, like normal sleeping or coma’s. Um,” Dream hummed, leaning against the wall. “I’m strong, obviously, much stronger than an average human. Though while in a human vessel, I’m physically more fragile, meaning I can get injuries that’ll bleed. But that doesn’t mean I feel it…” 


“Wait, so someone could stab you, and you wouldn’t feel it?” Sapnap asked. 


“Depends on where I’m stabbed,” Dream shrugged. “Shoulders or arms? No. Hips or legs? Eh, no. Anywhere in my stomach? Maybe a little. Chest/heart area? Yeah I’d feel that. My head? Yea.” 


“Damn,” George hummed, taking a bite of the pancakes. “But would it kill you? I’m guessing not since you’re a god…” 


“No, it may stun me for a bit, depending on where I’m stabbed,” Dream shrugged. “I haven’t been stabbed in a while, though, so I’m not completely sure.” 


“You say that like you have been- wait you were stabbed?!” Sapnap said, looking at him. “When?” 


“My first time on earth, of course, being attacked was different back then. It was less of what you would call a stabbing and more of jabbing with a spear repeatedly,” Dream shrugged, grabbing a sausage link and taking a bite of it.


Sapnap just stared at him for a moment, and Dream pressed his eyebrows together, “What?” Dream asked


“Nothing you just…you confuse me sometimes,” Sapnap mumbled. “You’re just so…so calm about the fact that you were attacked with a spear .” 


“It happened…centuries ago,” Dream said,  “Why hold something about it now? The man who did it is long dead, what can I do to be angry about it?” 


“I dunno…I just know I’d be..not so calm about the fact that someone stabbed me,” Sapnap murmured, and George chuckled, shaking his head. 


“Completely off topic, Dream, you wanna come see a movie with us?” George asked, and Sapnap perked up. “You’ll be with us the entire time, I promise, and you can wear my wireless earbuds if you get overwhelmed with noise. But we wanna get you out of the house.” 


“The movies?” Dream asked, “Can’t we just…watch them here? Why is there another place to see movies?” 


“The theater, with the marvel stuff you saw when you went downtown. It’s to promote new movies and show them on a big screen before they get put on apps and websites. It's just a money grab, but it’s fun to do. Generally it’s really quiet in a movie theater other than the actual movie playing,” Sapnap explained. 


“Is it…safe for me to go back there?” Dream asked, and Sapnap nodded. 


“We’ll be with you, no one will come up to you when all three of us are together. Most people don’t mess with others in groups of two or three. You’ll be safe. I promise,” Sapnap said and George nodded in agreement. 


“And after the movies, we could get some lunch, and maybe we could teach you how to do something called bowling. Which is basically throwing big heavy balls as pin to knock as many as you can down,” George explained, and Dream nodded as he listened. 


“Okay,” Dream agreed, and Sapnap smiled. 


“Okay,” Sapnap repeated, “We’ll finish breakfast, I’ll shower, y’all can do what you want during then, we’ll get ready and we’ll go,” Sapnap said. 


George nodded, taking another bite of his food, “This is really good,” He mumbled with a mouthful of pancake and egg. 


“Yeah, Dream made it,” Sapnap said, finishing his plate and rinsing it before putting it in the dishwasher. George looked up at Dream with a surprised look. 


“You should cook more often,” George hummed, and Dream smiled. 


“The…youtube was very helpful,” Dream hummed, looking down at his phone. 


“You…did this first try, from following a youtube video?” George asked as Sapnap walked passed them to go shower, and Dream nodded. “Watch more cooking videos, I want to see how good you actually are…also you should watch Gordon Ramsey,” George started to babble on, and Dream smiled as he listened. 




Sapnap laughed as he led the two out of the theater, they were talking about the action movies they saw, and while Dream didn’t understand much of it, he still seemed to enjoy them. They'd watched three in a row, all part of different franchises. They were happily chatting as they walked down the street to find a place for lunch, however, Dream paused when they passed a certain alleyway, and he noticed something dark staining one of the walls. Sapnap stepped over to him. 


“You pushed him here?” Sapnap asked, and Dream nodded. “Well, clearly he didn’t die, due to the spot here and there was nothing in the news about it. And he didn’t go to the cops I’m assuming because again, there was nothing heard about it. So the worst you probably did was give him a small head injury. It’s okay,” Sapnap reassured. 


“Are you sure?” Dream asked, and Sapnap nodded. 


“C’mon, we watched a lot of movies and sat still for too long,” Sapnap chuckled, “Lets go get some lunch and go do some bowling, then we’ll get some dinner.” 


“Isn’t that a lot of money?” Dream asked. He understood the concept of spending by now, having been out with Sapnap and George shopping a couple of times before, and having them explain it while watching movies. 


“Trust me, it’s fine. We’ve got groceries for the month and we’ve paid all the bills, we’ve got some extra spending money,” Sapnap reassured, and Dream nodded before they both walked back over to George, who was on the phone. But, he hung up immediately when he saw the other two walking over. 


“Everything okay?” George asked. 


“Could ask you the same thing,” Sapnap said, and George just shrugged and mouthed ‘mom’ and Sapnap nodded. “Yeah, he just froze up at the spot where the incident happened, we’re okay.” 


George gave Dream a sympathetic look, but Dream just smiled at him with a small shrug before they started walking again, Sapnap going back on his tangent about the heroes in the movies they’d seen. 


They found a small cafe-like sitting place to get some sandwiches for lunch. At one point, Dream as slipped the wireless buds into his ears, and Sapnap adjusted the beanie over them. 


“Since people don’t know you, most will assume you’re being rude if you have headphones in while sitting with people,” Sapnap explained. 


“Am I being rude?” Dream asked, now slightly concerned. 


“No, no,” George said, placing a hand atop of Dream to calm him. “We know the hearing for miles gets overwhelming for you, plus, even with them in, you can still hear us perfectly fine, we know that.” 


Dream relaxed and nodded. 


“What’re you listening to?” Sapnap asked, peaking at Dream’s phone. 


“Some fantasy music,” Dream said, showing him, “I don’t know, the picture looked cool, and the music is nice, it reminds me of the medieval period.” 

“You remember that?” George asked, “I thought you weren’t on earth for it.” 


“I wasn’t, but back then, I had permission to view earth from my place, so I was able to watch and listen and see humans back then,” Dream explained, adjusting the sleeves on his arm, getting weirdly invested at picking off a piece of lint. Sapnap eventually got it for him. 


They ate while talking about different things in their past. They finally told Dream how they met, how George was from the UK but moved after he graduated with his family, and then shortly after moved in with Sapnap. Dream explained a small bit about his ‘place’ and what it entailed. He explained it was kind of like a sleep state, or dreamstate as Sapnap liked to tease, place between the realms of life and death. George caught Dream fidgeting with strings more than once, and he chuckled a bit at the sight of it, seeing Dream entranced with the strings of his own hoodie.


After lunch, they walked to the bowling alley, and Dream looked around in confused amazement. Which was the cutest, and funniest, thing to both of his human companions. They got an alley and sat down on the couches in front of it. Sapnap ordered them all drinks, opting not to get beers even though they walked to town and not drove(mainly it was for Dream’s sake). George and Sapnap played one game to show Dream how to do it. 


“So, like you said, you’re strong, so you cannot, and I mean cannot, use all your strength, because you will break this entire building,” Sapnap said, having Dream stand. “But hold this,” He said, and Dream was almost shocked at how heavy it was, Sapnap chuckled. “Control your strength, estimate with how heavy this is, how much you’ll need to send the ball rolling to the pins. Without denting anything.” 


Dream looked at the ball, thinking for a moment as Sapnap stepped back, he rolled it nicely, thankfully nothing got wrecked like Sapnap feared it would, he’s seen too many movies, and Dream actually knocked about down half the pins, looking back at the other two with a wide smile. George smiled back and actually gave him a couple claps of encouragement.


“Nice job,” Sapnap complimented, “Now, as you saw with us, you get one more go to try and get a spare, which means knocking the rest of them down.” 


Dream nodded, and when his ball rolled back up, he did in fact, make a spare. 


Bowling went easy like that, Dream got the hang of it, and actually did pretty well, he won the second round, and got three strikes during it, while Sapnap and George won the other ones. Dream kept the earbuds in during this, since it was extremely loud in the alley and people were day drinking and it could’ve been overwhelming if Dream wasn’t so hyper focused on Sapnap and George. 


Watching as Sapnap’s arms flexed as he rolled the ball, seeing George throw gracefully, watching both of them was fun, seeing them laugh and celebrate if one got a strike or a spare, laughing at George’s annoyed whines when he missed all the pins and got gutters. Seeing Sapnap tease him about how bad he was, and then lose that game to George getting a strike and seeing George flip him off in victory. It was fun for Dream. It was great getting to celebrate with both of them.


It felt human. 


They got Chinese food for dinner, finding a quiet park to eat at as the sun set, yellow and orange streetlights filled its place as they sat down at a park table. Dream and Sapnap sat next to each other, which made it easier for Dream to steal his sesame seed chicken. Which in turn got his rice stolen. 


Dream removed the earbuds, handing them back to George who chuckled. 


“They lasted all day?” He asked, and Dream nodded. “Damn, got an extra power that keeps headphones lasting?” 


“Are they…not supposed to?” 


“So, how was it? You’re first day properly out of the house?” George asked, and Dream hummed with a smile. 


“Good…really good,” Dream said. “I mean…the movies and the food and the games and…the fun…I’ve never experienced it.” 


“You’ve…never had fun?” Sapnap asked, and Dream shook his head. 


“Not like that, anyway,” He laughed weakly. “I’ve always been trapped in one place. My first time on earth, in my place…you’ve…shown me…” Dream kept pausing and trying to think of words. “Kindness…and compassion. Everything is just so new.” 


“They weren’t kind to you before? You’re like…the sweetest…” George mumbled, and Dream chuckled. 


“It’s a different time, George,” He said gently. “Back before who you call Christ was born, the Roman Empire controlled…almost everything. My last human was a part of this empire. He wanted more power, more money…and he asked me to provide it. Back then…I had to do it. I was like…like that blue guy from that cartoon with the…Arabian-“


“The genie,” George supplied and Dream nodded. 


“Yeah, something like that,” Dream mumbled. “He wanted me in a female body, so that’s what I did. And from there…I was, at that time, like his wife. Or that’s the role I played to keep my cover while I gave him everything.” 


“I thought you were meant to keep people from substance abuse and stuff,” Sapnap asked. 


“I am, but my proper job is helping people and getting them what helps them. Money and power helped him, so that's what I did, while he…used me for other things as well, luckily Gods can’t sexually reproduce…” Dream said, rubbing his forehead. George and Sapnap made a face Dream could only describe as anger. “It’s hard to properly remember since I’ve come back, when I left earth the first time, my memory was tampered with. It’s why I can’t remember basic human things…” 


“Knowing how cars and phones and movies work aren’t basic human things,” Sapnap mumbled. 


“No I mean…most basic facts about sexual reproduction, how long the human body can withstand certain temperatures, how long they can go without eating or drinking, things like that,” Dream explained. “Certain ways the human body functions…things like that are just…gone from my memory.” 


“What could’ve caused that?” Sapnap asked. 


“Father…the highest power,” Dream said. “But it also just could’ve been the centuries I spent away from humans, time blends and your mind fades and then suddenly you’re thrown into a new time with nothing guiding you… but I mean…I like it here.” 


George smiled at him, and Dream returned it as he picked his nails, a habit he’d picked up at one point, not one he did often though. Sapnap smiled, leaning against Dream gently and Dream gently pressed back feeling George’s knee rub against his gently. Yeah, he did really like it here.

Chapter Text

Every Saturday, now, they would have fun days. Days where the three of them would just hang out in town together. They’d see a movie, get lunch, find something to do whether it be an arcade, bowling, go kart track, a theme park even. They got Dream used to the outside world, little by little. 


They usually stayed out until after sunset, sometimes back at the park, sometimes on the pier or a dock watching the sunset as Dream talked about the consolidations. Stargazing wasn’t something Sapnap thought he’d be doing, but he found himself loving it as his head was ok Dream’s chest, George’s arm around him from behind as they laid on a small uprise of a hill, looking at the sky.


“Do trees talk?” George randomly asked as the wind brushed through them and the leaves rustled. “Not literally just…sometimes when the wind blows it feels like they’re talking.” 


“Everything talks,” Dream hummed, and Sapnap looked up at him. It’s all different, of course. Different languages, different sounds, different things. But everything communicates.” 


“Even non-living things?” Sapnap asked, “Like rocks? Or sand? Which I guess is the same thing-“ 


“All of it,” Dream hummed. “Rocks have a cycle of life as well. However, it takes thousands of years to be completed and restarted. Rocks have different ways of communicating.” 


Dream smiled as he looked down at Sapnap, and then at George. George looked at him adoringly. And Dream felt his body warm under their gaze. He wondered if this is what love felt like. But, that question was soon answered for him. 


“Do gods…know what love is?” George asked, and Sapnap glanced up at George. 


“We…know the idea of love. What it feels like to care deeply about a certain thing or certain person or persons,” Dream said. “But human love is different from what we god's call love. We understand the idea behind it, but actually feeling it, that’s not something most gods have gone through.”


“Can they?” Sapnap asked, looking back at Dream. 


Dream nodded, “Some do. There’ve been stories of gods choosing their human, their mortality, over their godly lives just to experience life with the person, or people, they’ve grown to love.” 


“You have to choose?” George asked, and Dream shook his head. 


“There’s no rule for choosing your immortality over your love. But most gods know that living a million lifetimes without the one they’ve connected with on more than a friendly level is one of the most painful things. We’re not allowed to talk to humans who’ve passed on. So they choose to be human, to live as a human, and die as one so they can feel what it’s like to live to the fullest. They have children, they grow old, and they die.” 


“Thought you said gods can’t reproduce,” Sapnap mumbled. 


“We can’t, with our immortality and godly…essence I guess if that’s what you want to call it. But if I were to be in human form, and choose to stay that way while human, I could potentially have kids,” Dream shrugged. “There are more children out in the world descendants of gods than you realize. In fact, you might even have some in your bloodline, though it may be faint and far.” 


“So, you can feel love,” Sapnap whispered, and Dream nodded. 


“I can, I just wouldn’t know how to identify it,” Dream mumbled. “I mean…I have an idea, I know a deep wanting of protection over you both, to shield you from the darknesses I know are out there. Wanting to learn from you both and understand things I know I’m missing. I’d choose you both over everything if I was forced to…” 


“You’ve hardly known us for three months,” George mumbled. 


“Time is more of an illusion to a god who knew nothing about it because they were living in a place where it didn’t exist,” Dream chuckled, Sapnap couldn’t help but smile. 


“Could…someone potentially fall in love with two people?” George asked, and Dream smiled at him. 


“That’s not up to us gods,” Dream hummed, “That’s completely up to your feelings, your heart if you will. If your love can grace two people, than it can and that’s perfectly natural. Of course, morally, there’s issues when it comes to having a partner and loving someone else, but that’s really only if the partners are unaware.” 


“But if everyone’s aware?” Sapnap asked. 


“Then there’s no issues,” Dream shrugged. “But you do know humanity, and how some people love to watch others suffer.” 


“All too familiar,” George chuckled, and Dream nodded with a small hum. 


Sapnap nuzzled himself closer into Dream’s chest. He inhaled slowly, taking in the deep scent of Dream. Dream smelt of nature. Something sweet mixed with something powerful and outworldly. Sapnap noticed Dream’s scent never wavered or changed, from the night Dream stayed in Sapnap’s room with him due to nightmares or Sapnap’s hard times with insomnia. It was familiar. It felt safe. 


Sapnap thought for a moment before looking back up at Dream, and he felt George lean down against his ear. George muttered something, but Sapnap didn’t process it as both he and Dream leaned in and their lips caught in a kiss. Dream kissed shyly, small, unsure of himself, while Sapnap was willingly to lead and show. 


Sapnap felt George’s lips against his neck, leaving gentle love kisses that broke Sapnap’s skin out in goosebumps. Sapnap pulled away from Dream after a moment, and George removed his lips from Sapnap’s lips and took Sapnap's place on Dream’s lips as Sapnap pushed his face into Dream’s neck, kissing gently like George did before. Dream inhaled deeply just before George pulled away, he was blushing, which was cute. Watching a god get flustered, now that was an ego boost. 


“Let’s go home,” George mumbled into Sapnap’s neck. “We can show Dream…proper love back there.” 


Sapnap chuckled, and Dream hummed in interest as George was the first one up, then Sapnap, and then the two of them pulled Dream up. Sapnap couldn’t help but tug Dream down for one more small kiss, and chuckled as George wrapped his arms around him, mumbling in his ear and making all three of them laugh and giggle as Sapnap pulled away. 


“C’mon,” George encouraged, pulling Sapnap by the hips and taking Dream’s hand with a smile as they slowly started on their walk back home.

Chapter Text

Sapnap giggled as the three of them stumbled into the house. George wrapped around him as he pulled Dream into the house. As George held him from behind, Sapnap leaned up and kissed Dream again. Dream leaned into it. Sapnap giggled lightly again as George pulled them to the couch. 


Sapnap turned to push Dream onto the couch, and Dream fell easily, their lips disconnecting. Dream exhaled shakily looking up at the two of them. Sapnap smiled at him, before turning to kiss George. 


At one point or another, Sapnap landed on the couch next to Dream with George on his lap, Sapnap’s lips on George’s neck, George kissing Dream gently. 


“Good?” George whispered, pulling back from Dream, who nodded. “You’ll tell us if you’re not?” George asked, and Dream nodded again. 


“George,” Sapnap whispered, and George turned to face him. Sapnap smirked at him, before glancing at Dream knowingly. George hummed, before removing himself off of Sapnap, and Dream gladly allowed George to climb onto him. 


“Ooh,” George hummed, gently running his hands down Dream’s chest. “Sap’s luckless he got to touch you first,” George hummed, and Sapnap chuckled, leaning over. “Can we take this off?” George asked, tugging at his hoodie. 


“Yeah,” Dream whispered, letting the other pull the hoodie over his head. He tossed it aside. George leaned down and kissed him once more, pushing his hips down against Dream, which caused a breathy sound to come from the god. 


“Do you want this?” George asked, pulling back to give them a small distance. Dream nodded, and George tsked. “Need words, Dream. We can love you so, so good, baby. But I know this isn’t something you’re used to…” 


“Show me,” Dream whispered, looking between the two. “Show me, please. ‘Wanna know, wanna feel…” Dream breathed shakily. 


“Shh,” George shushed, “We’ll treat you good, baby. Don’t you worry. Just promise you’ll speak up if it gets too much?” 


“Promise…” Dream whined, “please- please..” 


“No need to beg, babe,” Sapnap promised, leaning in and kissing Dream again.


 George’s lips attached to his neck as he continued to grind down. Dream made more noises, and Sapnap swallowed them as the kisses they shared became more open, wet sounds of their spit meetings filled the space of Dream’s breathy sounds. 


George, at one point, slid off Dream's lap onto the floor and fiddled with Dream’s belt, getting it loosened and getting to his button and zipper. Sapnap pulled back for nothing but air and Dream turned to look at George as Sapnap went straight to his neck. Dream’s head fell back against the couch as George gripped his hardened cock on the fabric of his underwear, he was already trembling lightly, and Sapnap smiled when he noticed. 


“Lift your hips,” George said softly, and Dream pushed himself with his back and arms to move his hips up, letting George free him from his pants and boxers. Dream’s cock stood proudly against Dream’s black shirt. 


And damn if he wasn’t big. 


Since he was a god, neither George nor Sapnap knew what to expect, but that thing was big. Not like horse cock sized or something like that. Like it was still a normal human dick. But he was thick, veiny, and long. Perfect amount of everything. The perfect cock if you will.


George whispered a gentle “fuck” under his breath, grabbing him by the base and getting Dream to jump gently. Sapnap chuckled, nibbling against Dream’s neck and collarbone. George started gently moving his hand against Dream’s length, getting the god to whimper lightly. This was not something he’d felt before. Then again, this was the first time his male form had been touched. 


George took his right hand and wrapped it below his left, jerking him with both. Gently, he spat a little over the head, using that as something to slick him up, just so it was more satisfying. Dream’s hand gripped into Sapnap’s thigh, and Sapnap chuckled, moving Dream’s head to kiss him once more. 


After what felt like hours of George taking his time with his hands, he finally leaned down and started kissing Dream’s cock. Gentle ones, very gentle, very sweet, but they still made Dream inhale sharply through his nose, despite not needing to breathe. 


Then George wrapped his mouth around the head, and Dream disconnected his lips from Sapnap’s to release a sharp whine, and Sapnap giggled lightly, kissing Dream’s cheek. It got better when George slowly started bobbing his head. Sapnap looked down at George, wrapping his own hand in the other hair. 


“George’s really good with his mouth,” Sapnap whispered to Dream, and the god was starting to notice that. 


He didn’t understand how or why it felt this good. His body was reacting in ways he didn’t recognize. But he trusted these two, they’d never hurt him. And this felt too good to be bad. The lights flickered, but Dream forced himself to stay as calm as he could. 


“You?“ Sapnap hummed at the slight flicker that George didn’t even seem to notice, and Dream nodded. “Gonna burn the lights out?” Sapnap whispered against his ears. 


“Try not to…” Dream whispered, moaning softly as his head pushed back against the couch as George took him halfway. 


Sapnap chuckled, using his hands to rub against Dream’s chest, pinching one of his nipples gently and getting a small jolt with a gentle whine. “They can be replaced,” Sapnap hummed. 


George pulled himself off, smacking his lips gently as he kissed Dream’s hip, lifting his skirt to kiss his tummy, up just below his chest, then Sapnap’s mouth while slowly moving his hand against Dream’s cock. 


“I’ll work with him, gonna prep?” George asked, and Sapnap smiled a little drunkenly. 


“Aweh, you letting me ride him,” Sapnap mumbled and George chuckled. 


“Watch him, Dream,” George whispered as Sapnap slowly started stripping, and Dream’s eyes glued to Sapnap’s body as George went back to worship his cock, but not enough to make him cum. Was it edging? Not quite, George never really let him get to that point. 


Dream was captivated anyway, watching Sapnap finger himself open, whining gently from his own fingers, slick with his own spit, gently jerking his own cock to full hardness. Just for a little extra stretch, he used as much as his four figures could with the weird angle, and Dream had the overwhelming urge to touch


He’d get to in a bit. 


Quicker than he thought. Because the two humans were becoming impatient apparently, as George used his own spit to slick Dream up completely, again, and help maneuver Sapnap to sit on his lap. George took what was once Sapnap’s spot. 


“Hand here,” George said, raising Dream’s hand to Sapnap’s hips, Dream squeezed the gentle, soft flesh beneath his hands, and Sapnap chuckled as George helped him position. 


Slowly, Sapnap started going down, and both of them moaned out. George grinned, hand lacing in Dream’s hair to keep his head upright, watching as Sapnap took every inch, slowly but surely. Sapnap’s hands gripped Dream’s hand and shoulder, one on each. When he was finally seated, he took a second, and George pressed against Sapnap’s tummy gently, making a noise of contentment. 


“You’ve got a bulge,” George commented, and Sapnap let out a breathy chuckle. 


“He’s fuckin huge,” Sapnap breathed, and George nodded in agreement. Slowly, Sapnap started grinding down, feeling Dream slowly move inside of him caused him to whine, dropping his head. 


George slipped off Dream’s shirt, tossing it aside, leaving himself the only one fully clothed, which would change in a bit. Slowly, Sapnap started going faster, causing both of them to moan just a bit louder. Sapnap’s hands moved to grip the couch behind Dream, using that as leverage to bounce. Sapnap whined out a curse as George smacked him on the ass, kept his hand pressed against the squishy flesh and squeezed. 


“Fuck his cock, c’mon,” George slowly said. “Show him, babe. Show him how much you love him.” 


Sapnap sobbed gently as he found himself going faster, pushing deeper. Or maybe it was Dream thrusting up without thinking about it. Either way, Sapnap was feeling him in all the right places, and while his thighs started to burn, he did not give a shit. The burn was good. It added to the sting when George spanked him again. 


Dream was not any better than Sapnap. His head was spinning and swimming with thoughts unclear. All he could hear was George and Sapnap, all he could feel was their skin, their bodies, against his. They were the only things in the universe. Sapnap’s high moans mixed with gentle words of praising and love and need while George praises them both with dirty, dirty words that made Dream’s head spin even more. 


His hands never moved from Sapnap’s hips, but they did squeeze him tightly, not even to hurt, but enough to leave marks for tomorrow. A reminder. George pulled Dream’s head in to kiss him once more, and all at once, Dream felt overwhelmed in a way he’s never felt. 


Other times when he got overwhelmed he wanted it to stop. To go away. To be left alone. 


Not this time. 


This time he craved for more. He wanted them to take it. To overwhelm him. To show and prove to him how they felt. Actions spoke louder than words, right? What better actions than this. 


Dream felt something deep within himself, in his gut. A coil of something about to snap. George seemed to understand, with the way Dream’s body flexed and jerked, and he smiled against Dream’s lips. 


“Gonna cum, baby?” George asked, and Dream whined. “Get to that orgasm. I know you can feel it. Chase it. Fuck him, make him feel it.” 


Dream did, which only got happy moans from Sapnap as Dream started fucking his hips up with more purpose. Drool fell from Sapnap’s lips, and he tried using his hand to muffle and wipe it, but his eyes only rolled back and he inhaled and moaned harshly, hand dropping back to grip Dream’s arm. 


“Fuck-fuckfuckfuckfuck,” Sapnap repeated, body bending down over Dream’s as the god figured out a good way to use him. Sapnap sobbed, one of his hands gripped for George, and George grabbed him gently, letting him squeeze. 


Dream came with a deep groan, still fuckin his hips into Sapnap, filling him partly before his hips pulled down too far and he slipped out, finishing on mostly Sapnap’s ass, some spilling down the side of his own cock. 


Sapnap exhaled shakily, laying there for a moment as George rubbed his hand and Dream pressed his head back, both of them breathing like they’d just run a mile. 


It took a second, but eventually, Sapnap was sitting against the couch again, cock leaking from an angry red tip, and George was stripping. Dream watched them both with a heavy gaze. George used spit again, slicking up Sapnap but careful of his sensitivity. 


“Not gonna prep?” Sapnap whispered, voice slightly broken. 


“You know I love the burn,” George chuckled, before pushing himself down with a soft whine. He very much did. He hated and loved it. It took him a while to get seated, because of the lack of prep, but he got there. 


Dream touched George’s thigh, squeezing gently and suddenly, George’s pain lessened. George smiled at Dream, who returned it lazily as George started riding like Sapnap did. George held Dream’s hand, the back of it, while his other hand held the couch, Sapnap held his waist, and leaned up to kiss him. George accepted, uncontrollably moaning into it. 


At one point, Sapnap’s hand covered George’s that covered Dream. The three of them holding each other as one. Dream moved himself closer, pressing gentle kisses to Sapnap’s skin, on his shoulder, arm, leaning in to kiss his neck. Mimicking was a beautiful thing, and Sapnap is so glad Dream’s a fast learner. 


“Fuck,” George whined, “So good-holy shit- Sap-Sapn-fuck-“ 


Dream noticed George was more vocal, or at least louder about it. He asked for what he wanted, while Sapnap just led and tried to show. Both were good, Dream decided. 


With his free hand, Dream went back and forth touching both of them. He couldn’t get enough. They were beautiful. Natural. Human. Two souls enjoying each other and mixing into one. Proper love. Being able to find and give pleasure equally, but having it mean so much more at heart, at meaning. Of course, people could say it’s just sex. 


But the way Sapnap squeezed their hands, encouraged George, helped him by moving his own hips. The way George pressed their foreheads together as he grinded down, before moving and pulling Dream into a kiss, before pulling back and kissing Sapnap. That was more than just some casual thing. Maybe it didn’t start off like that, but that’s where they are now. Dream could see the love on their faces. 


With the way Sapnap jerked George through his climax, and George sobbed into his shoulder, free hand gently scratching down Sapnap’s arm, sure to leave welts and marks later since Sapnap refused to let Dream heal it. With the way George pushed himself into over-stim getting Sapnap to cum, squeezing their still held hands again as his head leaned back, George whining as he was filled. 


The way the three of them sat with each other, breathing each other in, taking a moment to relax, breath, feel their muscles again. 


The way Sapnap took care of the two of them in the bath. Helping George clean out even if it wasn’t a pleasant experience with George’s sensitivity, or helping Dream understand aftercare and why it’s important, even after something considered ‘vanilla’ (Sapnap explained that later). How George returned the favor for Sapnap, and Dream joined in as George washed Sapnap’s hair, Dream took care of his back. 


The way the three of them huddled up in Sapnap’s room after their clean up, holding each other, hands gently rubbing clothed skin in a soothing motion. Dream between them both, despite being the tallest, he was curled into both their chests. He felt George kiss his head, then kiss Sapnap. 


Dream slept easy that night. He understood love just a bit more now. 

Chapter Text

A week of them completely engulfed with each other passed, while George and Sapnap were off work, they spent their time helping Dream understand some things done just out of love. Like randomly holding each other, or helping with laundry, or showering together without it getting sexual. George and Sapnap explored each other as well, instead of how their hook-ups had ended before, this time, they weren’t just silly little get-togethers to get off, something blossomed from that, and they had to get used to that. 


Of course, everything good had to have a bump in it, because why would anyone give them a break? 


Yeah, George was starting to wonder when a car pulled into the driveway. 


“The twins,” Dream said immediately, and George groaned. “I’m going upstairs to shift,” Dream said, and Sapnap nodded, tossing him the room keys so he could lock it up. Dream caught them and booked it up the stairs as two car doors opened and shut. 


The twins came in before knocking, which was annoying, but both George and Sapnap glared at them, completely unsurprised. 


“What’re you two doing here?” George asked, and they both did the creepy twin telepathy thing where they did the same thing at the same time. That being a smile and head tilt. 


“We came to visit our brother,” Josh said, and George suppressed a groan. “Where’s the pretty one?” He hummed, and George was already glaring again as Dream came down, now in her female form, wearing George’s shirt and Sapnap’s sweats. 


“Josh! Cody! To what do we owe the pleasure?” She asked, picking Cash up and sitting down next to George, who wrapped an arm around her shoulder and reached over to pet Cash. 


“Oh, we were just in the neighborhood, thought we’d stop by,” Josh said. “And how's the woman too good for my brother doing?” he hummed, and Dream smiled kindly, but Sapnap could see the annoyance in her face. 


“I’m doing well,” Dream hummed. “You’re still as…charming as ever,” She hummed, annoyance slipping into her tone but she masked it easily by clearing her throat and turning to George. “Water?” She asked sweetly, and George nodded. 


“And get the rest of us beers!” Cody called as she stood. 


“Not gonna happen with you two driving,” Dream hummed as she walked into the kitchen, and Sapnap snorted lightly in amusement. Cody scoffed, though, completely unhappy with being told no, and glanced at Josh. 


Josh hummed, before slipping into the kitchen, George watching him, but not exactly stopping him. If Dream needed them, he and Sapnap were right there to help. Cody started talking about mom, and that’s when Sapnap found himself staring into his phone, more involved in that, leaving George out to dry. 


In the kitchen, Dream kept space between her and Josh, getting George and Sapnap’s water. “If you want something other than water, we have soda and juice, but I’m not letting you drink and drive,” she hummed. She couldn’t really care less about their habits on the road, she just didn’t want to hear their thoughts again. 


But Josh had other ideas. 


Particularly ones that involved trapping her against a counter. Again.


Dream grunted as her back pressed against the harsh counter. Damn the fact that their kitchen was closed off from the living room, out of view. Josh covered her mouth, and Dream had the urge to bite, but she couldn’t. She’s already hurt one human, she can’t hurt another. 


“I’ve been thinkin’ about our encounter,” Josh said, something darkening in his voice and Dream tried wiggling away from him again, he held her still. “Ah ah ah, stay with me, baby. C’mon, I can show you what a real man is, unlike my brother out there.” 


He released her mouth and pushed his hand down to her throat, holding his hand there and squeezing, a little too hard since she now couldn’t breath air in, not that she really needed it being a god, but it was too restrictive. She tried wiggling again, he squeezed tighter as his face went down to her neck, inhaling her scent. 


“Stop-” Dream wheezed, her hands grabbing at his arms, trying to maybe scratch and get him away without seriously hurting him. 


“Shut up,” He growled in her ear, and she coughed weakly, not loud enough to have Sapnap or George hear, now that Dream noticed the tv was on. She grunted, slamming her hand against the counter to create a loud bang and scare him off of her. 


She coughed as he released her and backed up. Dream’s hands reached up to her throat as Sapnap walked in quickly, “Out,” Sapnap demanded, and Josh opened his mouth to speak. “Are you deaf? Get the fuck out of my kitchen,” Sapnap snapped at him again, and quickly, the male left as Sapnap pulled Dream into his arms. 


“What happened?” Sapnap asked, moving Dream’s hands, seeing the red marks now forming around her neck. “Dammit,” He growled, and Dream grabbed his hand before he could go make a scene. 


“I’m fine,” She insisted, to which Sapnap scoffed at, “Sap. Please. Let’s just get through this.” 


“Why’re you letting him do this?” Sapnap whispered. “You can fight him-” 


“No I can’t and you know I can’t.” 


“Fuck what they say, protect yourself,” Sapnap urged. 


“It means nothing if they kill me as punishment, Sapnap,” Dream said in a more hushed tone, knowing Josh was right by the wall, trying to listen. Dream covered Sapnap’s mouth before he spoke. “Stop. Just, wait until they leave. Okay? It’s fine.” 


With that, Dream walked out of the kitchen, grabbing the glass of water for George in the process. 


“Took an awfully long time for some water,” Cody hummed. 


Dream just hummed in response, putting her face on George's shoulder as he slipped a hand on her thigh, looking up at Sapnap with concern, and Sapnap just shook his head, motioning to Josh. 


“I think we all know why it was taking so long,” Josh hummed, and George rolled his eyes in annoyance. “Think you need to keep an eye on your roommate, Georgie. He’s getting handsy with her.” 


“Says the one with scratches on his arm, that were definitely not there when you got here,” George snapped, and Josh glanced down at his arm, seeing the red marks. “Maybe I need to keep an eye on you.” 


“Are you suggesting I tried something?” Josh scoffed. 


“Two times in a row, have you been left alone with her and then suddenly she goes quiet and hides. Not a coincidence,” Sapnap hummed, crossing his arms and leaning against the wall. “Care to explain why she was holding her neck when I walked into the kitchen, or the marks on her neck.” 


“We were just having fun,” Josh decided, and Sapnap hummed, nodding slowly. 


“Right, well, lovely to see you both, but you need to leave. Now,” Sapnap decided. 


“We just got here,” Cody scoffed, and Sapnap shrugged. 


“I don’t care. I don’t want you here anyway, but you assaulted her, and I won’t let that go. Get the fuck out of my house,” Sapnap’s tone left no room for argument, but Josh found a way to wiggle it in there anyway. 


“And if we don’t?” He asked. 


“Then I’m calling the police,” Sapnap smirked, “She’s got marks on her neck, and who do you think the cops are really gonna believe?” 


“Well maybe you should ask your whore exactly why those marks are there,” Josh spat, and George stood to shove him back as he took a step closer to Sapnap. 


“Josh, just leave ,” George urged, “Don’t start this. Not now. You’ve got no reason to be here-” 


“Shut it,” Josh snapped at him, slightly spitting in George’s face. “Something’s going on here. I’ve been keepin an eye on you all since Mom left town.”

“Excuse me?” Sapnap mumbled, and he and Dream shared a glance of slight fear. 


“You claim that she’s your girlfriend, but she hasn’t been around since we left,” Josh scoffed, “And then suddenly she shows up again? What happened to the man you two are always with? Tall blonde dude.” 


“What we do is none of your business,” Sapnap snapped, “Get the hell out of my house, and leave us alone. I’m so fucking serious, Josh.” 


“Or what?” Josh asked, moving to step closer again, threateningly. George grabbed him again, trying to get him to stop, which resulted him getting hit square in the face. 


“George!” Dream jumped, catching him before he fell to the ground, Sapnap moved to help him stablize. Josh, however, had different plans for Sapnap, throwing him harshly against the wall. 


“Josh! C’mon man, this is unnecessary!” Cody spoke up, standing as George sat down. Dream looked over at Sapnap, who was staring directly up at Josh. 


“Gonna do something? Do it. Give me more to show to the cops,” Sapnap taunted, “I’ll lock your ass up so quick-” 


A jab to the gut with his knee got Sapnap to cough and groaned, Dream flinched. Cody moved to try and get his twin off of him, to no avail, getting shoving into the coffee table instead.   


“You know, you’ve always pissed me off,” Josh whispered, taking Sapnap’s wrist in a tight hold, twisting it just short of the verge of hurting. Sapnap winced, glancing over at Dream, who was kneeling over Cody, looked scared to do anything and Cody seemed passed out on the floor.


“Then leave me the fuck alone,” Sapnap spat, “We don’t want you here.” 


Sapnap cried out as Josh twisted his hand, breaking his wrist, and shoving his harder against the wall. “Too bad, I didn’t ask what you wanted,” Josh spat.


“Sapnap-” George moved to try and free him, only to get knocked into Dream, who grunted and hit her head on the coffee table. Everything went fuzzy for a moment, her ears started ringing. Sapnap shouts of pain cut through, and for a moment, Dream forgot about the rules. 


“Enough!” She screamed, causing everything around her to move in slow motion. A wave of power shot from her vessel, rippling through everything, lightbulbs shattered, glass cups broke, window’s trembled, and Josh was shoved from Sapnap to the stairs. He hit his head, groaning and just on the verge of consciousness, as his head waved and wobbled around like a bobble head for a moment. 


But, he was still fully conscious, and once he regained his senses, he stared at Dream with an expression of fear, confusion, and anger. Sapnap dropped to the ground, and George stayed with Cody, helping as the twin regained consciousness, while Dream focused on Sapnap’s bruised and broken body. 


“What the fuck-” Josh whispered, and Dream snapped his gaze over to Josh, eyes seeming to glow green, and Josh’s eyes swirlled with color to match. 


“Get out. Take your brother, get him to a doctor from the hit you caused, and leave us alone ,” Dream mumbled, ignoring how Sapnap and George were staring at her, pure confusion on their faces. Josh blinked, the green faded from his eyes, and he stumbled to stand, pulling Cody up to stand, and dragging him out of the house without another word. 


“What the fuck was that?” Sapnap whispered, voice slightly broken. 


“Give me your hand,” Dream demaned, gently grabbing for it. 




“I said give me your hand! I don’t wanna hurt you, dammit!” Dream snapped, eyes flashing bright green momentarily before she blinked again, causing them to go back to their usual, dullish color, which made Sapnap jump.


“You can’t heal people-” Sapnap mumbled, and Dream shushed him, holding his wrist with a gentle hold. The pain started to subside, and Sapnap took a breath of relief as his entire body started to fade of pain. 


“I can’t heal, but I can prevent sharp pains. You need to go to a hospital, now,” Dream mumbled, “George, help me.” 


George scrambled over, helping Dream lift Sapnap, despite her godly strength, she seemed as weak as a human. Arthur acted like a protective dog, walking them out of the house and to the car. They got Sapnap in the passenger side, and Dream materialized the keys and handed them to George. 


“You coming?” George asked, and Dream exhaled. 


“Get him to the hospital, I’ll find you again,” Dream promised, moving to take a step back.


“Dream, you’re weak-” George insisted, taking her hand, but she pulled it back. 


“Hosptial, now,” Dream insisted, “I swear, I’ll be there in a bit.” 




“Please,” Dream cut him off, “Just- go!” 


George stared at her for a second, but got into the drivers side and started on his way to the hospital, while Dream grabbed onto Arthur’s collar to keep him still, whistling for him to come back inside. 

Chapter Text

George sighed as a doctor shined a light in his eye and checked the bruising on his head. He didn’t have anything serious like Sapnap, but he supposedly had a concussion and harsh bruising. Doctors asked what happened, and George just said family trouble, and they left him alone after hooking him up to an IV to make sure he kept fluid’s in his system. 


Eventually, Sapnap walked into his room, and George turned his attention to him. “He still hasn’t come yet?” Sapnap asked, and George shook his head. Sapnap had a cast on his wrist, and a couple bandaids on his face, but other than that he seemed okay. Sapnap sat next to him. 


“I’m worried,” George admitted, glancing at him, “he seemed so panicked. And he looked exhusted .” 


“What was that power wave he sent out? I literally felt power shoving me against the wall…and his eyes,” Sapnap almost shuttered. 


“That might be why he’s so panicked,” George mumbled, “technically, he hurt Josh. And you know how panicked he was about hurting people, even on accident.” 


“But…but he said he’d meet us here, meaning he’s coming back, right?” Sapnap asked, and George just…blankly stared at the floor for a moment. “George…” 


“Sapnap I really don’t know,” George finally looked back at him. “I don’t know what’s going on in his head, I don’t know what happened, I don’t know- “ 


“I broke the rules,” Dream voice filled the air, and they both snapped their heads to look behind them. Dream was in his male vessel again, back against the wall, weak and terrified. 


“Dream,” Sapnap whispered, standing, but Dream just shook his head. “Dream, it’s okay-“ 


“I’m sorry, guys,” Dream whispered, “But…Father is calling. My time here is done.” 


“No, Dream,” Sapnap stepped over and grabbed Dream’s arm. “You can’t go! I-I haven’t- I haven’t let you go yet!” 


Dream place a hand gently on the casted wrist, refusing to look Sapnap in the eyes, “Father has more power,” he whispered, “I could’ve killed Josh-“ 


“But you didn’t-“ 


“I messed with his mind,” Dream whispered, “I didn’t even know I could do that. I practically mind controlled him…” 


“But you- you didn’t know ! Surely whoever this-this Father fuck is can understand that you can’t control something you didn’t even know you could do! C’mon, Dream-“ 


“My realm doesn’t work like your world does,” Dream said softly, releasing Sapnap’s broken wrist and touching his cheek gently, wiping away a tear that escaped. “You may not even remember I was here.” 


“That’s not fair,” George whispered, he hadn’t gotten up from the bed yet. “Who knows what Josh would’ve done if you hadn’t stepped in-“ 


“Guys, it’s not my choice.” Dream sounded desperate, just for them to understand. “I don’t like it either. But I don’t get to decide.” 


“So, what? That’s it? We’re never gonna see you again?” Sapnap asked, but he didn’t get an answer, Dream just glanced at him, his eyes swirled with that bright green again, and then he was gone. 


Sapnap stumbled backwards, exhaling heavily as he sat down on the bed again. George took his good hand, leaning his head against Sapnap’s shoulder. 


“I don’t get it,” Sapnap whispered. “I just don’t…get it.” 




“Father-please,” Dream whispered, kneeling in front of what could only be described as a bright orb of light. “I didn’t mean to-“ 


“Silence,” a voice, deep and mythical, and Dream immediately stopped talking. “You know the rules, and you’ve broken them, Child.” 


Dream’s eyes shut, flashes of Sapnap crying and George out of the floor crossed his mind but he quickly pushed them down. 


“I let you go back to earth, I gave you a second chance. I thought you were ready, Child! You hurt a man! You hurt two humans!” 


“I was threatened-“ 


Silence!” The voice boomed, and Dream visibly recoiled. Moments of silence, and Dream’s hands clenched into fists. “Do you even know why you were there? Answer me this one question.” 


“I was never told, no,” Dream whispered. “Sapnap said it was an accident.” 


“If it were an accident, you would’ve been sent back. Why were you there, Child.” 


“I don’t know, ” Dream whispered, trying his hardest not to tremble.


“Then you have no reason to be a helping God. Go back to your place. You’re never leaving it again.” 


Dream stiffened, “No-no father please, please don’t do this-“ 


Back to your place.” 


Dream released a sobbed scream as his power forced him back to where he came from without his consent or control, and again, he was trapped in a realm where time did not exist, stuck in a sleepful, sleepless place.

Chapter Text

“Sapnap, there’s nothing we can do!” George yelled, following Sapnap inside their house. They both stopped when they realized it was clean. Spotless. No traces of the fight, the dogs resting on the couch, the once broken table now fixed and standing. 


Sapnap’s face twisted up, turning to face George, “I…” He stopped, leaning against a wall, forcing his head harshly against the wall with a thud, ignoring the sharp pain that filled his head. “He was finally getting comfortable. We were learning …” 


Sapnap’s voice was broken, and he slid down to the floor. George joined him, taking his good hand and leaning against Sapnap’s shoulder. Sapnap just squeezed his hand softly, tears streaming down his cheeks, but he was dead silent. 


After gods know how long, George stood, holding Sapnap’s hand to help him up, “C’mon. Let’s get sushi,” George whispered, and Sapnap stared up at him, but stood either way. Sushi was Dream’s favorite after all. 




See the truth is, Sapnap never truly believed in gods. Of any sort. I mean c’mon, some overpowered being that created something so massive in the universe (or the universe itself) or control some part of the universe, or the world, sounded like actual bullshit. 


But, views can change in such a sort time. Sapnap found himself on his bed, one hand cupped over the other pressed against his chin, sitting crisscross on his bed as George took a shower. Praying. He was hoping something would listen to him. 


It dawned on him how little Sapnap knew about Dream. Dream wasn’t even his real name, he didn’t even have a name. A helper god was as vague as the word god was, he literally had no identifying things about Dream that any other god would recognize. 


Well, he had one. 


“He knew a god named Drista, they were like family,” Sapnap mumbled, pressing his forehead against his hands, “Please I just…I want him back. I want him home.” 


When it seemed like he got nothing in response, he laid down, clutching what once was Dream’s favorite hoodie, and he sobbed into it until he passed out. He didn’t even hear George sneak in, or curl up next to him. 


Sometime during the night, the house seemed to tremble. It felt like an earthquack, and Sapnap woke up to it immediately. He inhaled sharply, seeing light peeking through the bottom of their bedroom door. Detangling himself from George, he stood, slipping on Dream’s hoodie, and squeezed George’s shoulder gently before moving to go down stairs. 


Arthur stood defensively at the stairs, meaning to protect his owners at any costs, while Cash was spinning around in circles. A light stayed floating in the living room, and Sapnap stared at it in total disbelief, and slight awe. The globe faded, and a silhouette of a person was left behind. 


A woman stood where the light was, short, and she looked like a teenager. Blond, and oddly close to what Dream resembled in his female vessel. 


“Who…are you?” Sapnap asked, and she smiled. 


“Drista,” She smirked. Sapnap’s eyes widened, and she sat down, looking around the house. “Nice place, cute dogs,” She complimented. 


“Thanks…” Sapnap mumbled, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. “You…you knew Dream, right?” he asked. 


“Is that what you’ve called him? Yes, I do know him. He’s like a brother,” Drista smiled, “I heard your prayer, at least thats what I think it was. Dear Dreamie got in trouble, huh?” 


Sapnap sat down, and thats when she noticed the cast on his wrist, “He did that?” She asked, and Sapnap looked down at it, eyes widening for a split second. 


“No! No of course not!” He insisted, “My boy-my roommate’s brother, Josh, kept fucking with us and we got into a fight. Dream was just protecting me…” 


“Didn’t realize roommates shared a bed,” She smirked, and Sapnap flushed slightly. She giggled, but nodded in understanding, “So…Father got to him, then, huh?” She asked, and Sapnap nodded. 


“Your best chance to get him back is to talk to Father, which no human has ever done before,” She said, and Sapnap glanced at her. “No human dare try, they choose their life over their heart. But, I can send you to Father, if you so wish to try.” 


“What’re the setbacks?” Sapnap asked. 


“Oh father could, and there’s a high chance he might kill you. You’re not even supposed to know about his exstience, Dream slipped up there. But, showing your loyalty to your love may just give him enough humanity to let you convice him to give Dream back. Honestly, it’s never been done, so what’ll happen is up in the air, which is why no one ever takes the offer.” 


“I’ll do it,” Sapnap agreed, and Drista raised her eyebrows, genuinely surprised. “I’ll take the chance.” 


“Are you sure?” She asked, “Might I remind you this may cost you your life.”


“I know,” Sapnap agreed, “And I’m ready for that risk.” 




“Sap,” George whispered, he’d been woken up to be told the plan, and it was clear he was not on board with it. 


“I have to try,” Sapnap insisted. 


“On something you’re not even sure about? How do we even know she is who she says she is! No offense,” he mumbled and she shrugged, completely unbothered.


“We could get Dream back,” Sapnap whispered. 


“Or I could lose you both,” George responded, and suddenly the fear of leaving George all along struck him. 


George originally moved in with Sapnap because he couldn’t be on his own. Financially or mentally, he’d been under a shitton of stress, and with this new family drama it would definitely get worse. Sapnap sighed, now completely unsure. 


“If it‘ll make you feel better. I’ll stand by and watch, and I’ll try to pull Sapnap out before Father gets a chance, that is if he even tries,” Drista offered. 


“What’re the chances that that’s even successful?” George asked.


Drista shrugged, “It’s never been done before, but I can still try.” 


“So reassuring,” George mumbled, crossing his arms. Sapnap sighed, putting his good hand on George’s bicep to help relax him. 


“I’m sure I’ll be okay. If anything I’ll just have to come back without him…” Sapnap tried to reassure. 


“And what if you don’t come back at all? What am I meant to do?” George asked, sounding almost desperate. “We’ve already lost Dream I-I can't lose you too.” 


“But shouldn’t I try?” Sapnap asked, “If there’s a chance to save Dream, to bring him home, even if he’s mortal…he’d still be here with us.” 


George stared at him for a second, before sighing and reluctantly agreeing. Sapnap kissed him gently, and George couldn’t help but feel like it was goodbye, so he held on a little longer to burn it into his memory…just in case.


“We ready?” Drista asked, and Sapnap nodded. “Alright, lay on the couch. Your body won’t be transported, but your mind and soul will be. You’ll this your body’s there, it’s not, don’t let the realm fool you.” 


“Good to know,” Sapnap mumbled, laying on the couch. 


George stood near the armchair, watching Sapnap with his arms crossed again, a perpetual look of worry on his face. Drista tried to give him a reassuring smile, before pressing her head against Sapnap’s. 


A light filled the room, and George winced as he covered his eyes. When he reopened them, Drista was gone, and Sapnap appeared to be asleep. George exhaled shakily, sitting down next to the couch, taking Sapnap's warm hand into his own, and leaning his head against the body’s shoulder. 


George wasn’t a religious man, but tonight, he prayed.

Chapter Text

Sapnap gasped as he opened his eyes to a void of white. He felt like he was floating, and anywhere he looked, he saw nothing but pure white. He couldn’t even tell if he was looking around anywhere. He tried calling out, but his voice wouldn’t work. He was confused, and slightly scared. Something cold washed over him, but he couldn’t shiver. He didn’t even know if he had a body. 


Then, he felt like he was dropping. Something within him felt similar to when you drop on a ride, that heavy gut feeling as you rush down with gravity, and he braced to hit something. He never did. Instead, he stayed falling, or what he thought was falling, as a voice spoke. 


“You…are not meant to be here,” A deep, terrifying voice said. “Who are you?” 


“Sapnap, my name is Sapnap,” His voice came from a place he didn’t know, he didn’t even try to speak, it felt like he couldn’t control himself. “I just want to talk about Dream, please.” 


Suddenly, the white turned into something of a gray color. He finally landed on something, and he looked around, able to see himself again. It was like he was pushed back into his own body, which he had to remind himself wasn’t even here. He looked around some more, before seeing a blazing ball of light, as bright as the sun, but Sapnap’s eyes didn’t burn. He wasn’t really there, after all. 


“Who’s Dream?” The voice asked. 


“The god assigned to me,” Sapnap responded, having more control over his voice. “I was…linked to me a while ago, in a barn, a priest said the wrong incantiaion or something and the god, who we called Dream, was sent. It apparently had no name…” 


“Ah, the one who hurt sacred life,” The voice said, and Sapnap exhaled softly. “That god as been locked away, permanently. How’d you find me?” 


“A god named Drista? Please, I understand you god have rules but-” 


“Exactly, we have rules to protect the humans, to protect your world. Right now, these rules are being broken,” The voice cut him off, loud and booming, but Sapnap hardly flinched. “Your ‘Dream’ broke those rules, it endangered human life!” 


“He didn’t want to hurt anyone!” Sapnap insisted, “He hadn’t been on earth since, like, the middle ages. Things have changed there, things are significantly different, and he get’s sent to basically a new world and he’s expected to understand everything? That’s not fair. He got no training period, his first week there he got assaulted!” 


“He should’ve just ran.” 


“He was trying to take care of my animals as well, he was protecting something important to me, because he was linked to me, while also trying to defend himself against something he didn’t enjoy . On earth, where I’m from, you’re allowed to protect yourself before anything else, as long as you don’t intend to kill them. Dream didn’t kill anyone,” Sapnap’s rant was boarderlining despreate, “Please…give him another chance.” 


“You have no reason to be linked to him,” The voice, Father, spoke. “I checked over you after I banished Dream back to his place. There was no need for a connection. Your drinking was fine, manageable, your life was fine. Why do you want him back so bad?” 


“If you read into me, then you know why,” Sapnap whispered, and slowly, the orb of blazing light took form of a man, no but the silhouette stayed burning bright, nothing could be made out but the form of a person. 


“Say it,” Father commanded, “Tell me why you’re the first human to beg me for a god back. And maybe I won’t kill you.” 


Sapnap paused, exhaling softly, “We love him,” He admitted. 


There was a slience, and it drove Sapnap insane, “Please, he didn’t want to hurt anyone. He’s-” 


“I know,” Father cut him off. “Who you call Dream, he’s one of the youngest gods here. You’re right, he’s new, to both the human world and the gods world. I’ve kept him locked away, but it’s because he’s one of the most powerful gods. He’s more than a helping god, but I’ve been trying to restrict his power…”


Sapnap pressed his eyebrows together, “So…what? We were never linked?” 


“You were, but not by that spell,” Father said, “I needed to show him what the human world was like. I needed a human to guide him, to help him feel human emotions, to help him understand how mortals feel before I brought him here, it’s to help gods understand how to deal with humans. But rules are rules, Sapnap my child. I cannot let him go without punishment for what he’s done. Even if the first one was in self defense-” 


“Do you know why he sent out that sudden wave of power?” Sapnap asked, “You…can see the intention of god when they harm a human, right? You’re the Father, the most powerful…” 


“I can, if I actively look into it. But gods abuse their power constantly. Drista did, she killed a human because she was stronger, and didn’t appreciate what was happening in her time period,” Father admitted. 


“Okay, but that’s a generalization,” Sapnap argued, “I’m sure not every god uses their powers against humans to prove their strength. Humans are even supposed to know someone has a godly link, right? Dream wasn’t trying to show off, he was protecting me. George, my boyfriend, his brother was attacking us. He broke my wrist, he would’ve tried doing worse if Dream didn’t step in. He wasn’t actively trying to hurt Josh, if anything the worst Josh has is a bruise on his back…” 


The god fell silent, “And the mind control Dream used on Josh?” He questioned, and Sapnap scoffed. 


“Dream told us he didn’t even know he could do that,” Sapnap spoke softly, “But, you said he’s more powerful than a normal ‘helping’ god, right? So he surely has powers he’s not sure exists, or he doesn’t know how to control. Keeping him locked up won’t help him control that, it’s just a waste of power that could help rebuild earth. Isn’t helping gods just another form of control anyway, even if that control is good and helps people surivive when it comes to drugs or alcohol…isn’t that the point? To control?” 


Father seemed to stare at him for a while, and Sapnap felt his anxiety raising. “All I’m asking for…is to give him another chance. Let Dream stay with us…he’s good. I know he is.” Sapnap pleaded. 


The god sighed, “Dream has broken many rules. Hurting humans, revealing I exist, telling others he’s a god… but I understand mistakes are made, and not even these gods are perfect. You will have your answer in three days. If you try to return, you won’t be going back to Earth. Consider this a mercy.” 


Sapnap didn’t get to respond. 




George jumped as Sapnap jolted awake, back in his true body, gasping lightly. George stared for a second, before engulfing Sapnap in a hug without saying a word, releasing a shaky breath of relief. Sapnap wrapped his arms around George instantly, inhaling softly, stuffing his nose in George’s shoulder. 


“M’right here,” Sapnap promised, and George just nodded against him, pulling his head back enough to press a kiss to his lips. Sapnap returned it easily. 


“What happened,” George asked. Pulling away slowly, but keeping his face level with Sapnap’s. 


“I think…I think we’re gonna get him back,” Sapnap whispered, and George’s eyes widened slightly. 


Sapnap explained what’s happened. He kept getting side tracked, but George just let him talk as he got back on track eventually, by the end of his story, George was a little bit more hopeful. 


“We have three days until we know his answers,” Sapnap mumbled, taking George’s hand. Sapnap pressed his forehead against George’s, who closed his eyes for a split second. 


“Was Drista even there?” George asked. And Sapnap shook his head. 


“Not that I know of, or saw,” Sapnap mumbled, “but she could’ve been hidden from my view. So, I’m not sure.” 


George nodded against him, and Sapnap smiled slightly, leaning up to kiss him softly. George returned it, pulling himself into Sapnap’s lap. Sapnap held him around his waist, squeezing softly. 


Sapnap fell backwards onto the back of the couch, George inhaled sharply as their kiss deepened, his hands pressing against Sapnap’s face before they fell to his chest. They parted momentarily, and George’s eyes were glazed as they looked at Sapnap.


“I called you my boyfriend… to the Father God…” Sapnap admitted, and George’s lips quirked up into a small smile. “I-I know we haven’t actually talked about it, it kinda just slipped out-“ 


“I think it’s long overdue,” George whispered, calming Sapnap’s nerves. “And hopefully, if he blesses us with Dream again, we’ll have our third boyfriend.” 


Sapnap smiled, and George returned it once against before leaning down to kiss Sapnap once more, just indulging himself with the man who could’ve been gone forever just barely an hour ago.