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Edward Colston's Slave Diaries

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My name is Edward Colston and I'm rumoured to have the biggest cock in Bristol. I am also the most famous slave trader England has ever produced. Though slavery is illegal in England, I ignore the law. Nobody stands in my way. I'm rich and charismatic enough to bribe any magistrate or soldier who starts investigating my business affairs. Besides, I'm recruiting slaves of a different kind. I make a lot of money from my particular plantation. Thus, this allows me to fund various ventures back in England - alms houses for the poor, schools, hospitals. I'm actually a very charitable man. I just happen to have insatiable sexual urges and fetishes. Oh there are people out there who hate me, think I'm a wicked man, and they wish for me to burn in Hell. They're just envious. There are many other slave traders throughout England. I just happen to be the best of the lot. And I'll make damn sure I'm remembered, centuries after my death. I don't care if I'm hated. I'd rather be hated than forgotten.

Bristol is a vile and lawless city, riddled with corruption, disease and filth. Its streets are plagued with cutpurses, rapists, vandals, harlots and beggars. Every alley stinks of piss, shit and vomit. I have serious competition from the Arab and Barbary slavers, who are terrorizing England's south coast, and along the Bristol Channel. Their nightly raids strike terror into the inhabitants of these coastal towns. Thousands of people have already been kidnapped and sold to slave markets in North Africa and other parts of the Ottoman Empire. A group of Barbary pirates, led by a rogue Dutchman, have already captured the small island of Lundy.

Diary entry 2nd January, in the Year of our Lord, 1680

Bristol harbour was crowded with ships large and small. Merchant vessels, waiting to sail to the West Indies to load up with rum, tobacco and sugar. Small fishing luggers preparing to head out into the channel to obtain the daily catch.
I walked up the gangplank of my ship The Dolphin. I was smoking a long pipe. In my newest peruke and finery, I stood tall and somewhat defiant – the very embodiment of arrogance.
Lined up on the deck were a group of shackled young women. Most were black Africans, with the odd Arab and Indian. In the middle, and sticking out like a sore thumb, was a lone white girl.

"Do these new slaves understand English?" I muttered to one of the crewmen.

"Yes. Some more than others."

"What's that pale one doing here?"

"Oh, Mr Colston sir - you did request as many suitable females as possible be, recruited. You didn't specify their colour."
"You're a lying rat," I replied. "You know very well my preference is for Negroes and Blackamoors. They're much better workers..." I paused and grinned. "In every way." I tapped the ash out of my pipe. "But...whatever. Let us see if she has redeeming qualities. I only accept the *very* best slaves for my type of plantation."

"Name?" I snapped, encircling the white woman like a wolf cornering a lamb.

"S-Sarah, sir."

"Master! You'll call me Master. You're local, I can tell." I replied.

"Yes, Master. I'm Bristol born and bred."

"Your age?"


"Are you a virgin?"

"Um...yes Master." Sarah trembled, cheeks burning.

I laughed. "I think not. I've never met a pure Bristol lass yet. Whores, the lot of you. No matter, I shall soon find out for myself. I prefer those I employ to be "fresh," as it were."
Sarah watched the growing bulge in my silk breeches.

"Let me see how soft you are." I smiled. My right hand went to her hair. I grabbed her and pulled her close against my body, tearing open her ragged dress. Nice tits on her. I held her tightly as I leaned in, my lip sliding down her neck to her milky breasts, where I opened my mouth and sucked hard on her nipples. I still held her tight, one hand around her back holding her hair while the other kept a tight grip on her wrist.
Sarah glanced down at my tented breeches and then at the other captives.

"Not here...please!"

I leaned back, looking over this bruised but still beautiful face for a moment. I took a few deep breaths and then my eyes narrowed.

"Why not here? You'd better get used to watching and being watched."

I unbuttoned my breeches and pulled them down. My impressive, eleven inch cock, thick and erect, was pressed to her face. I heard some of the other women utter gasps of both horror and amazement, which only served to arouse me further.
Sarah was momentarily stunned by my massive prick. She claimed she'd never been up close and personal with a man's member before. I ensured she had no choice but to respond, opening her mouth and taking my shaft deep into her throat. She looked up at me, her eyes pleading, as I grabbed her head and slammed her back and forth, fucking her face hard.

"Harder!" I demanded. "Please your Master!"

Sarah began to suck me harder, her tongue sliding over and around my cock as her head as was pushed and pulled back and forth. "Fuck," I groaned. Sarah soon tasted precum. I slammed my mighty rod in deep with each thrust as the pleasure grew, a pleasure that was more than simply a forced blow job, it was the pleasure that came from using a sex slave.
Sarah felt my pearly-white seed spurt into her mouth as I pressed her close. She concentrated on breathing through her nose, on swallowing and not gagging, as my dick was pressed deep in her throat. She swallowed my cum, which was pleasing to see. At last, I pushed her back and down on the deck.

"Not bad." I removed my cock, clicked my fingers and a crewman approached, wielding a branding iron.
"I'll take this one along," I said, fastening up my breeches. "Needs a lot of training, but perhaps she has potential. I've never taken one of my own as a slave, but a bit of variety might not be such a bad thing. I'll break her in some more, later in the voyage."
Sarah gritted her teeth and whimpered as she was branded with the symbol of a dolphin on her upper left arm. All my property are marked with dolphins, which appear on my coat of arms.

"Look your last upon Bristol," I told the assembled slaves, once they'd all been branded. Now we set sail for Bermuda, and it is there where your training will really begin. For you are privileged to have been selected to serve me, Edward Colston!"

As the The Dolphin began its long voyage, I was really looking forward to getting to know my new recruits more, especially my little pale-faced Bristolian. Whom had proved herself quite skilled at sucking cock.