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A Walk in the Park

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Danny sighed. Heavily. "I can't believe you talked me into this…" he muttered. Standing next to his boyfriend, he looked up the steep path with what could only be described as a pout. However, the sun had just started to rise and it was way too early to be up and about—let alone run up a mountain.

"Hill, Danny. It's just a hill," he heard Steve's voice in his head.

"We could be in bed right now, you know," Danny groaned and glanced at his boyfriend, who was tying his running shoes. "and I could be doing that thing with my tongue you like so much…"

Steve chuckled and winked at Danny. "We can do that after this."

"Yeah, that's a no. I'm not going to suck you when you're all sweaty and gross."

That was a lie. He would. He definitely would. Just the thought of Steve's naked body, muscles rippling under his skin and torso shiny with sweat, made his running shorts feel tighter.

Obviously, because Steve was a perceptive piece of shit, he noticed. With a laugh, he gave Danny a quick kiss. "Let's make a deal. If we make it up this hill without stopping, I'm doing that thing with my mouth that you like so much. How does that sound?"

Danny bit his lip. He really like that thing.

"Okay, fine," he agreed. "But I'm only doing this once. Don't ever ask me to join you on your runs at the asscrack of dawn again. I still don't know what possessed me to agree to this in the first place…"

Laughing, Steve gave him a nudge. "Deal." Then he started to jog. "Come on, Danno!"

"I hate him. I hate him so much," Danny muttered under his breath, before he started running as well and fell into step next to his partner.


The first twenty minutes went by quick and—not that he would ever admit it to anyone—Danny actually found himself enjoying the fresh morning air and warm rays of sunshine. It was peaceful. Nice, even.

Another fifteen minutes later and the top of the hill was already in sight. Deciding to make it a bit more interesting, they agreed to a race. While Steve had a seemingly endless supply of endurance and was overall more athletic, Danny was extremely fast for short bursts of time.

"Winner gets to drive the Camaro for a month," Steve grinned cheekily and then dashed ahead.

"You do that anyway!" Danny yelled. With a huff, he sped up as well and chased after his boyfriend. And while the view of Steve's ass was pretty great, he really wanted to win. Gritting his teeth, he pushed his legs to go even faster.

For the first half of the distance, Steve was in the lead. When they went around a slight bend, however, he slowed down a little. Danny grinned to himself. Pumping his arms, he passed his boyfriend. Without looking back, he sprinted the last hundred yards.

As soon as he reached the top of the trail, he threw up his arms and cheered. "Take that, babe! Didn't think I could beat you, did you?" he laughed, completely out of breath but utterly happy. To be honest, he didn't think he'd win against his navy SEAL boyfriend. But here he was! Never underestimate the determination of detective from New Jersey.

The smile on Danny's face faltered when he realized that Steve still hadn't reached the hill's peak. He'd been right behind him, hadn't he?

Frowning, he looked back down the trail. He was about to call out, when he spotted his boyfriend. Bent over at the waist, Steve stood in the midst of the path. An uneasy feeling settled in the pit of Danny's stomach and he quickly jogged back to his partner's side.

"Babe, what's wrong?" he asked, instantly worried when he saw the unnatural pallor of Steve's face. He grimaced when he noticed a puddle of vomit between his boyfriend's feet.

Steve took a shuddering breath. "I'm fine."

Unable to stop his eyes from rolling, Danny snorted, "You're clearly not fine."

"It's nothing," Steve rasped. "Just the smoothie from earlier."

The explanation did nothing to ease Danny's worries. Steve always had a protein smoothie before his workouts and not once had it bothered him. In fact, Danny recalled him saying that running on an empty stomach made him feel lightheaded.

Steve groaned and started to lower himself to the ground. "I need to sit down for a minute."

Alarm bells started going off in Danny's head. Crouching down between his boyfriend's knees, he picked up his wrist and pinched it between his fingers. Steve's pulse was erratic and a way too fast. Not good signs.

"Babe, you need to tell me what's going on," Danny urged him. He cupped Steve's face and looked into his eyes. "I need to know."

Steve winced. If it was due to physical or mental discomfort, Danny didn't know. "My stomach," he admitted. "It's cramping like crazy…"

"Where?" Danny asked, already reaching out. His hand inevitably went to Steve's lower right side. His best friend's appendix had burst in high school and Danny would never forget how scary that was.

However, Steve batted the probing fingers away. "It's not appendicitis," he grumbled. "Just gimme a minute. I'll be fine."

Every fiber in Danny's body wanted to say no, but he knew better than to argue with Steve McGarrett. The man was too stubborn for his own good.

Reluctantly, he took a seat next to his partner. He listened to the deep and even breaths Steve took and, not for the first time, wished they hadn't left their water bottles behind in the truck.

Danny filled the silence by talking about Grace and Charlie. Grace had called him from college the day before and Charlie was currently on a trip to Disneyland with Rachel. He was rambling on about the leaking faucet in Grace's dorm room, when Steve suddenly gripped his arm. "Danny… Something's wrong."

Looking over, Danny's heart sank. Cold sweat had gathered at Steve's hairline and his complexion, if possible, was even more ashen than before. He had his phone out and dialed 911 before Steve could say anything else.

Thankfully, despite the trail being surrounded by dense vegetation, Danny was able to get a signal. The fact that this wasn't the first time he was stuck on a mountain and waiting for a medevac made the entire situation even worse.

What felt like hours later, but was probably only a couple of minutes, a chopper appeared above them. There wasn't enough room for it to actually land, which is why a medic had to lower himself to the ground with a harness.

Everything after that happened faster than Danny could keep up with. Before he knew what was happening, they reached Tripler Army Medical Center and Steve was wheeled out of sight. After that, Danny's adrenaline crashed and he sank into one of the chairs that lined the wall. Running his fingers through his hair, he settled in to wait.


Almost two hours passed before a doctor approached him. Scrambling to his feet, he looked at the man. "How is he, doc? Is he alright?"

The elderly doctor smiled. Danny didn't even care that he couldn't remember his name anymore. "He's doing well, considering."

"Considering?" Danny repeated, not liking that part. "What's wrong with him?"

"Why don't we go see him. Commander McGarrett has just gotten settled in his room."

Danny followed the doctor down the long hallway. He stopped in front of the last door on the right and knocked before entering. As soon as Danny laid eyes on Steve—awake and less pale—a huge weight lifted off his chest. "Babe," he sighed. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm okay," Steve said with a tired smile.

Danny reached for his hand—mindful of the IV in the back of Steve's hand—and gave it a tight squeeze. "You keep saying that," he muttered.

"I really am okay, Danno," his boyfriend assured him. "All I need is some rest."

Looking up, Danny glanced at the doctor. "You're more than welcome to correct him, doc. He's not exactly known for putting himself and his health first."

It was Steve's turn to roll his eyes now, but he didn't say anything. Probably because he knew that what Danny was saying was the truth.

"He's telling the truth, Detective," the doctor smiled. "All Commander McGarrett needs is rest and some time off. If he does that for the next couple of months, he's going to be just fine."

Danny still wasn’t fully convinced, but he didn't have a choice but to believe the doctor. "Do we know what caused the pain?"

"Yeah, uhm, Danny. About that…" Steve started, sounding nervous, and causing the crushing weight on Danny's chest to return. "When they did the ultrasound, something showed up. A lump."

Danny felt dizzy. "A lump? What kind of lump? A tumor?"

"No! Not like that!" Steve backtracked and squeezed his hand. "More like… like a fetus."

Danny blinked. "A fetus? You mean… a baby?"

"Uhm, yeah. I guess… I guess that's what you could call it…"

A baby. "You're pregnant? He's pregnant?!" Danny asked, first Steve and then the doctor.

"Indeed," the doctor confirmed. "Approximately ten weeks along."

"Turns out the kid doesn't like running. It's definitely yours," Steve added. He smiled sheepishly and Danny didn't know if he wanted to strangle or kiss him.

They'd talked about growing their family, but more in a daydreaming kind of way. Neither one of them expected it to happen quite this fast. But, despite that, Danny felt happy, excited and ready!

"I can't believe it," he grinned. "We're having a baby."

Steve smiled, although still a bit uncertain. "This is crazy, isn't it?"

Laughing, Danny pressed a quick kiss to his boyfriend's temple. "Our lives are always crazy, babe," he snorted. "But this, this is great. It's the good kind of crazy."

Steve bit his lip and looked down at his stomach. "Are we even ready for this?"

Danny smiled and put his hand on his boyfriend's belly. "As ready as we'll ever be."

Steve nodded and put his hand on top of Danny's. "We got this, right?"

"We do," Danny agreed and they both grinned.