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Blank Paper

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Yoongi had turned 10, blowing out the candles on his cake, smiling widely at his father who clapped. Yoongi’s hair had grown out now, his hair tied back in a low ponytail. "Try the cake Yoongi. I tried to make it myself this year." Yoongi picked up the fork, taking a piece of fruit from the top before actually getting a bite of the cake. "Good?" Yoongi nodded, taking another, "Really good." "I got you something too. I know how you're still into retro game systems.." He watched his father stand and walk over to the closet, coming back over with a birthday themed bag. "What is it?"

Yoongi asked softly, his cheeks puffed up with all the cake he was eating, his dad casting a slight glance at the cake with worry. "Find out. It's called a present after all." He tugged the bag close to him, taking out the tissue paper before his eyes widened. "A Nintendo PlayStation?!" "It cost an arm and a leg. Managed to get some games for it as well but not a lot of them." Yoongi could only cram more cake in his mouth before wiggling to the television to disconnect the various cords and reconnect them to the new gaming system he acquired.

"This is so cool!" Yoongi shouted excitedly, looking back at his father, the male giving him a soft smile before patting the pillow beside him.  "Let's finish the cake and you can play some games."


≿————- ❈ ————-≾

Eun kept them shoved down, the thoughts coming but he managed to shove them down but they always came back but never lingered like this. Yoongi was still so soft and adorable- No! Eun couldn't think like this. Not on his babyboy's birthday. "PaPa, do you think she would be happy if she stayed?" Eun blinked, looking down at Yoongi, his son only playing the Nintendo game-boy while he ate the fruit from the top of the cake. He hadn't thought about her ever since she left him with Yoongi. He hummed slightly, taking a bite of the cake, "I'm not sure Yoongi. Everyone is different." "What was she like?"

"She was just like you. She liked retro things. Fashion, accessories.. Her favorite thing were headbands; actually, I may have a few she left behind." Eun stood up, too captivated by his own thoughts, wondering if Yoongi would look like her with a headband on. Eun sighed as he slid open the doors to their shared room, opening the closet before he grabbed a box and pulled it down. He only opened it, shifting through various pictures of his childhood and such, blinking as he pulled out a headband, shifting through for a few more before he sat the ones he had found to the side.

He went back to the front room, sitting down on the floor besides his son, “Pause the game for me Yoongi.” Yoongi only moved to sit up, pausing the game system before looking up at Eun. Eun only smiled, taking one of the headbands and sliding it on Yoongi, “I don’t personally remember much of your mother. We weren’t together for a long time, just two birds in love for a short time. Maybe three months at the most.” “Grandma used to say I look like her.” “I wouldn’t doubt it.” “Did you love her?” Eun only took in a deep breath, thinking to himself for a moment before he nodded softly. “I loved her enough to have you in my life.”

≿————- ❈ ————-≾

Yoongi was digging in the fridge, frowning as there were no more strawberries, grabbing some blueberries to stick in his cereal instead. It was late at night and Yoongi had been up playing his game but now he was watching a movie after he had gotten bored after a bit. He poured milk in his bowl before adding the blueberries and put the milk back in the fridge. Yoongi made his way to the front room, settling himself on the floor.

His father had apparently gone to sleep some time ago, leaving Yoongi to his own accord as long as the male didn’t try to burn the house down like he almost did a few months ago. He sniffled, eating his food silently as he watched the movie, the volume low so he didn’t wake his dad up, but still turned up for him to hear in the quiet house. Yoongi was too intrigued with the movie, not even noticing his father walking in behind him.

He let out a sharp noise of surprise, seeing his father’s hand shove the table out the same time he was pushed to the ground. He was confused, seeing the milk spill onto the floor, letting out a small grunt of pain as he forcefully turned on his back.

Yoongi was stunned as his father had slapped him when he tried to back away, grabbing his thin wrist in one hand, the other tugging his night shorts off his hips along with his underwear. “P-PaPa, wh-what are-” Yoongi was cut off with his father kissing him, Yoongi starting to feel sick as a knot started to form in his stomach.

≿————- ❈ ————-≾

Eun only slammed his lips against his son’s lips, too drunk, too much in denial that he was raping his son once again, his hands sliding under the shirt and rubbing his son’s chest, letting out a small groan when his son had flinched when his fingertips brushed over one of his nipples. He only shoved the shirt up, latching his mouth one of them, the other only being tugged and pinched before he switched. Eun only pushed the guilt away, his thoughts convincing him that he and Yoongi would be okay, that Yoongi would learn to love it.

He pulled away slightly, pressing kisses to Yoongi’s face, his son only crying as he tugged his own loose shorts off. He pressed kisses against Yoongi's lips, giving empty apologies as he lined his cock with his son’s entrance, pushing in in one fluid motion, swallowing back a moan. Eun was fucking gone as he laid over his son, grabbing at the boy’s throat as he pushed his cock in to the hilt. The warm wetness around his cock was so nice, squishing deliciously against his hard cock, practically sucking him inside from how much Yoongi was clenching his smooth cunt. The poor boy was whimpering and crying, but he just took it with little breathless moans, unsure of what was even happening.

Eun pushed in and out slowly, looking down to watch his cock plunge slowly into the wet lips of his son's cunt, hugging his cock. He groaned, tightly wrapping his hands with more strength around the ten-year-old’s throat, forcing the boy to raise his head as he choked him gently. His sadistic self was unleashed right now and he knew he was fucked up at this moment, but it was too good to stop now. He flipped the boy over with more desperation, pushing him down by his throat as his son only tried to fight him off, slapping the boy across the face roughly. “Good boy… you’re a good boy for PaPa, yeah …”

Eun fucked into his son slowly, wanting the boy to feel his cock juicily pushing into his cunt. he cursed on a moan, flexing his arms at how tightly he was holding the boy’s throat with his large hands. Yoongi just laid there looking up at his dad with glossy, beautiful pure eyes. He looked so angelic and innocent with his lightly nibbled lips and his little black hair spreading out behind him. His little hands laid limp beside his head as he closed his eyes tightly with parted lips, turning his head to the side to take his cock because that’s all he could do. All Eun would allow him to do in the tight grip he had on him. Eun never taught his son to lay still and quiet whenever he put his cock inside of his tight cunt, too drunk to even prep his son like he did 5 years ago.

Yoongi let out a small cry as Eun pushed his cock in and out of him faster now, holding him down by the throat as the hands tightened, cutting off his breath for a moment. Yoongi’s voice came out roughly as he tried to breathe, his hands, trying to pry his father’s hands from his throat. Eun loosened his hands, leaning to the side to hold the boy's waist as he sat back and watched his cock push in and out. “fuck… are you doing alright, love? PaPa’s sorry if he scared you…” The little boy sobbed as his father sped up, shoving his cock in and out of him quickly. He whined loudly at the overwhelming sensation and he couldn’t even respond. He cried out, Eun covering his mouth, too late in the night to have him crying out. his body shoved against the mat with each harsh shove, and the hands returning and tightening around his throat to hold him down. Eun leaned closer to him as he fucked hard and fast into his little cunt, undoubtedly knowing that Yoongi would be too sore to move around.

He was no doubt slamming right along the poor boy’s g-spot, drilling in and out with his hands holding his throat so tightly. God, he was so fucked up for enjoying choking his own son while fucking the life out of him. He groaned, “ fuck , fuck —,” he pushed down tighter on the little boys throat as he leaned down to bite his sweet, soft and supple neck, lapping over it and sucking little hickeys sloppily.  His cock pulsed inside the little boy's cunt, deliciously stimulating him with each thrust that had him feeling closer to the edge with each second, unable to stop, the thoughts only coming louder with each timed thrust. Yoongi squealed as he was forcefully picked up and turned around again, hips yanked up on his knees with his ass in the air as his head was slammed down to the ground. He cried out as his father slammed into him again, fucking him roughly. Eun pushed the boy down harder, grabbing his hair and yanking it back forcefully.

“Tell PaPa how much you love him — fuck … tell— tell daddy how much — oh , fuck , how much it feels good,” he grunted, slapping the boy across the face before bringing his head even closer to his own. The poor boy was bent so harshly, back curved in a tight arch. The boy cried out at the slap, “Y-Yoogi loves P-PaPa!” he whimpered. he felt the hand slap across his face again, striking pain throughout his cheek before he was pushed down forcefully, forcing his tears to not even be able to come out, too scared at what was going to happen if he even let one slip. With each thrust, the boy was wheezing slightly at being fucked so hard and held so tightly around his throat when the hands returned. Eun slammed his hips forward, dragging his hand down after another groan, holding onto the boy's neck to choke him with one hand while reaching under his hips to rub at his little clit again. God, he loved the dominance, knowing his son was all submissive and squealing underneath him and he could do anything to his precious body. “PaPa lov — mh —” Eun was suddenly cut off, his cock suddenly spurted out cum deep in his son’s cunt.

His orgasm crashed over him so suddenly that he didn’t even see it coming, there was not even much of a buildup, it just fucking came hardcore and fast leaving his sentence cut off before he could even say he loved his son’s cunt. He groaned, circling his hips to milk his cock in the tight little cunt, massaging the cum out of him, squeezing it to the last drop. He violently flicked his fingers at the underage boy's clit, groaning while keeping his cock deep inside of him. Yoongi squealed as his clit was stimulated for a long time, pinched and flicked, before he felt his father pulling out of him and slamming him back to the ground and flip him on his back, his spine aching with pain. He fell flat with a cry before he watched his father forcefully spread his legs up high by the ankles, grabbing at his thighs as his tongue darted out to eat his cunt out. Oh — Yoongi whimpered at the painful stimulation, his eyes rolling back. He felt so good but he didn’t want to! It was wrong but he didn’t know what to do! Yoongi was so scared that he might actually pee on his father’s face, trying to move away.

After the man hastily flicked his tongue on the little cherry tip of his clit, swiping it here and there, pulling and biting on it between his rough lips, Yoongi let loose. He spasmed, legs flexing as he whined around his thumb. Eun just watched in bliss, fucking loving the sight of his baby losing his mind in front of him. He tongued the little clit harder, flicking his tongue faster to have the little boy screaming from how hard his orgasm was. He pulled away, roughly shoving two fingers inside of his son, his fingertips pressing against the boy’s g-spot, simply astounded when his son had started to squirt, their legs simply twitching from the stimulation.

Eun could only breathe heavily as he pulled his hand away, looking up at his son, pulling the boy’s limp body to his, kissing their cheek softly before pressing a kiss to their lips. He hugged Yoongi close, breathing out as the movie's credits had started to roll, moving them to lay down on the couch. Eun only pulled the throw blanket over them, closing his eyes as he fell asleep, knowing deep inside, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself anymore.