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a lie among the stars is a comfortable lie.

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It's been a few hours since they went to bed, and for some reason Hikari can't sleep. She’s been tossing and turning every few minutes accompanied with the growl of her stomach. She skipped out on dinner due to wanting to practice more, and now here she is. Junna had only recently noticed Hikari being awake, she was too engrossed in what she was doing to notice, maybe let alone care.

“Kagura-san?” she whispered gently as she went over to their bed. Hikari was slightly surprised, yet she found comfort in the gentleness of Junna’s voice. Squatting down, Junna faced Hikari, proceeding to ask “Can't sleep? Is anything wrong?”

Hikari sat up to reply “Nothing really… Though…” She scratches her neck before continuing “I may be a little bit hungry..” Junna blinks slowly, looking as if she was reevaluating something. She blinks once more and replies “It's going to be 4 soon anyways. Want to go out for some food? We’ll bring the others back breakfast once we’re done.”

Hikari was surely surprised by the offer, but decided to accept it. “Alright then Hoshimi-san. Shall we split the bill?” Junna scoffs, “Thinking about money already, are we? Very well then. We’ll split it.” Hikari chuckles, “There's no way I would have agreed to only one of us paying anyway.” Could that be taken as considerate, Junna thinks, though both of them should be more concerned of keeping their voice down, the others were still sleeping after all.


It was breezy outside and pretty relaxing, though it was barely dawn some 24 hour coffee shops were already open so they decided to settle down at one. Drinking their coffee, eating and watching the stars slowly disappear, Hikari realized this was much like a date, or at least one of her ideal ones. She snorted out of nowhere, then bursted out into laughter. Following with “Hoshimi-san, did you unintentionally ask me out on a date?” she laughs once more after.

Junna was astounded by what she just heard, immediately replying “Think of my invitation what you will. If you’d like this to be a date, it could be one.” slightly blushing at the thought of a 3am coffee date Junna chuckles, “And besides, this is how simple a date is to you? I would have thought you would prefer something more extravagant.”

“Hey, I didn't say I wanted it to be a date, though, it would be pleasant if this was one. My standards aren't too high after all.” Junna grimaces at the girl in front of her, and proceeds to reply “So we have come to an agreement?”

Hikari laughs, “Yes, we do.” a slight blush can be noticed from Junna, she never expected that getting food at 3am with one of her classmates would result in a date.

They stayed silent for a while, though the silence was comforting for the both of them. It felt fulfilling.

Junna finally decided to break the ice, saying “A lie among the stars is a comfortable lie.”


Hikari slowly says “Jose Rizal.” Then proceeds to take a sip of her coffee, “Philippine literature? I never knew you were interested in that.” Junna looks over at Hikari in a shock

“I was sure you wouldn't know that one!” Junna exclaims. Hikari sighs “Well you’re clearly wrong. I had looked into his works due to a book in the Academy’s library referencing one of his quotes. Better luck next time Hoshi-...” She chuckles “...Junna.”

Junna blushes, saying “Well, I'll get you next time, Hikari.”