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Plight of thee abandoned

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The sound of shouting voices and running feet had been going on for awhile now much to Tommy’s displeasure.

Honestly what was going on?

Tommy grimaced when for the fourteenth time today he heard the sound of pounding footsteps scurrying past his study, once again breaking his concentration from his paperwork.

Finally becoming fed up with it all Tommy turned towards Tubbo. “I would like to know whatever it is that’s had the servants running around in a panic for the last three hours.”

“Of course Your Highness,” Tubbo reply’s leaving the room swiftly after having said this.

Hopefully with Tubbo handling whatever was going on he would be able to get his paperwork finished. Unfortunately he got very little work done seeing as the noise had not stopped.


Deciding when Tubbo didn’t come back after thirty minutes that he should probably check out whatever was going on Tommy set down the paper’s he had been working on and got up from behind his desk. He headed out of his study and started walking down the hall finding the quietness unsettling after all the noise that he had originally heard out here, after walking for awhile he came to the Red Room hearing a unusual amount of noise from the room usually reserved for special guest he decided to check it out. He debated knocking for a moment before finally deciding that it would be pointless to do so, considering how loud it was they probably wouldn’t even hear it.

When he walked in the sight that greeted him was confusing to say the least a group of servants surrounded a skinny boy with dual-toned skin who was trying to hide by pressing himself into the Emperors chest whilst the royal physician seemed to be looking the boy over.

Seeing as no one had noticed his arrival Tommy cleared his throat to let them know he was there so as not to startle them. Many of the servants turned around to see him standing there and the Emperor having heard the noise as well turned his head in Tommy’s direction. “Theseus I’m glad you’re here this is Ranboo he will be staying with us for a little bit.” The Emperor says gesturing to the boy who is still clinging to him.

“Of course Your Majesty I’ll have the servants prepare a room for him.”

“No need I’ve already told them to prepare your old room in the west wing for Ranboo,” Says the Emperor.

The west wing had always been regarded as the ruling family’s area, no one else had ever been allowed to stay they’re no matter their rank and yet the Emperor acted so casually about giving his old room to a commoner. “Perhaps Ranboo would be more comfortable in another part of the palace,” Tommy tried to reason.
But it seemed the Emperor was not going to listen to reason. “The arrangement has already been made besides you haven’t used that room in years,” he replied cooly.

Tommy bit his tongue knowing better than to push the subject when the Emperor used that tone of voice. “I apologize Your Majesty I meant no insult.”

Deciding for the time being it might be best to switch topics, he asked the Emperor if he had seen Tubbo around at all.

“I sent Tubbo to go prepare the room in the west wing for Ranboo, I’ll be sure to send him back to you when he’s done.”

“Very well if you would excuse me Your Majesty,” Tommy gave the Emperor a short bow before turning on his heel and leaving the room.

Tommy only got a few steps away from the room before he was stopped by a voice calling out to him

“Theseus, wait!”

He turned to look at the person who had called out to him, just his luck it was Wilbur.
His emotions were already running high from finding out the Emperor was letting a commoner take his old room in the royal wing. He wasn’t sure if he could control his anger for much longer if he was forced to hold a conversation with Wilbur, perhaps it was petty to hold a grudge against Wilbur for running away from the responsibility’s of being the crown prince and then showing up years later like nothing happened, but Tommy thinks he deserved to be a little petty about it.

“Wilbur,” he finally responds acknowledging the other’s presence.

“I see you just come out of the Red Room, I suppose you’ve met fathers special guest.” Wilbur said with a small smirk.

“I have.”

“Tell me what did you think of Ranboo?”

“Since I have just met him there is not much for me to base an opinion upon.”

Tommy turned to leave believing that this would be the end of the conversation.

But he was wrong.

Wilbur grabbed his arm stopping him from leaving. “And where are you off to in such a hurry,” he asked.

A quiet sigh escaped Tommy. “If you must know I was headed back to my study to finish up some preparation’s for this year’s celebration and a little bit of leftover paperwork.”

“I’ll walk you back to your study then”

“I see no nee-“

“-Nonsense it would be my pleasure,”Wilbur said easily cutting off my objection.

“Besides I’ve been meaning to ask how have Fundy’s studies been going?”

“They’ve been going well he’s shown quite the affinity towards the piano in his music lessons,” Tommy replied.

Wilbur gave a noncommittal hum making Tommy clasps his hands together to keep from trying to strangle him. His dislike of Wilbur had only been growing since he had returned to the palace and the way he treated his son had started to grate on Tommy’s nerves, perhaps because the treatment was reminisce of the way he had always treated Tommy. Still he tried to be civil for the sake of the royal family’s appearance after all they couldn’t have anyone figuring out that things weren’t all fine within the royal family. The Emperor had told him many times that they had to set a example for their people and to not show weakness to their allies and enemies alike.

Tommy’s train of thought was interrupted by Wilbur loudly clearing his throat, and as Tommy looked around he realized they were now standing in front of his study.

“I believe this is where I take my leave have a good day Theseus,” said Wilbur before turning and heading back the way we had come from.


Fuck what is that racket Tommy thinks pushing his hair out of his face and looking up from the paperwork scattered across his desk

When yet another series of knocks is heard he scowls.

Moving towards the door he opens it only to be faced with a empty hallway when he does so.

He frowned confused as he closed the door if the knocking wasn’t coming from outside his door were was it coming from. As if to answer his question he heard the knocking once again.

The window he realized.

Going over to the window he threw it open and as soon as he did this a pale golden bird flew into his study.

He walked over to the bird speaking softly so as not to startle it.

“Hello there aren’t you a pretty bird, what are you doing here?” With each word Tommy spoke he had been slowly making his way towards the bird.

As if the bird understood him it held out its leg where a piece of paper was tied to.

Tommy takes the note off carfully under the birds watchful gaze.

As he is opening it the bird flies up onto his shoulder.

I am a guest who will

Be arriving for the

First Day of Spring celebrations.

And I write this while drunk.

A snort escapes Tommy before he can stop it.

“Your master has quite the sense of humor doesn’t he,” Tommy said to the bird on his shoulder.

At Tommy’s words the bird seemed to give a amused tilt of its head.

“What do you think should I write back?”

As if to answer Tommy’s question the bird flew over to a stack of paper and returned to him with a blank sheet.

“Very well then,” He replied, quickly grabbing his quill and starting to write.

Your bird has found it’s way safely to me.

I would be relieved to hear if it return’s

Safely to you for that would mean it is

Cleverer then it’s drunk master.

After tying the note to the birds leg he runs his fingers over its feathers before walking towards the window.

The bird gives his fingers an affectionate nip before flying off.

And for the first time in a long while Tommy finds himself genuinely smiling.



The next morning is eventful to say the least.

The Foreign Minister had decided that it was a good day to go on about every aspect of the Empire’s mines and since it would be impolite to interrupt Tommy was forced to listen to this for two hours. He spent the better part of the morning after that helping decorate and sending out the last of the invitations. Then he had to break up a fight between the committee of merchants, and from there he listened as the market stall owners complained about having to lower their prices.

All in all a very eventful day.

At the moment Tommy was working on revising some tax forms when Tubbo suddenly burst into his office.

“You need to take a break.”

Tommy decided that the best way to deal with Tubbo’s demand was simply to not acknowledge it. “Well hello to you to Tubbo and how has your day been mine’s been pretty shitty as I’m sure you can tell” Tommy said with snark.”

“Theseus you are going to run your self ragged if you don’t take a break,” Tubbo said pleadingly.

“I’m fine.”

“Your not, please just a short break it doesn’t even need to be that long.”

“Very well,” Tommy conceded grudgingly.

Tubbo gave him a bright smile. “Great what do you want to do.”

“It’s been awhile since I’ve been in the palace gardens.”

“Alright let’s go see them then.”

Though Tommy would never admit it he was grateful for Tubbo having dragged him away from his work.

Tubbo kept up a one man commentary as they walked through the halls of the palace. Until they were in the gardens then he suddenly fell quiet.

“Is something the matter,” Tommy inquired wondering why Tubbo had suddenly stopped talking.

Before Tubbo had a chance to respond someone let out a shout from in front of them.

“Hello who are you?”

In front of Tommy kneeling in a patch of allium’s was the peasant boy Ranboo behind him were at least five servants. As Ranboo stood up Tommy could see the remains of crushed allium’s from where the boy had been kneeling.

Instead of answering Ranboo’s question he snapped at him. “What do you think you are doing in my garden.”

“Your garden?” He said sounding confused.

“Yes my garden.”

At that instant one of the servants who had been hovering behind Ranboo leaned in and whispered something in his ear.

“Oh you’re Theseus, Phil’s youngest son.”

Everyone in the garden froze at those words. No one called the Emperor by his given name not even his son’s.

“It’s Your Imperial Highness to you,” Tommy said glaring at him.

“I’m sor-“

“-It does not matter if you are sorry you should learn to watch your tongue,” Tommy said effectively cutting Ranboo off.

“I will do better next time Your Highness,” Ranboo said softly.

“There will not be a next time, I will be speaking to the Emperor about finding different accommodations for you.

At these words tears started to slowly fall down Ranboo’s face.

Tommy felt guilty when he saw the boys tears he had perhaps been a bit to harsh.

“What is the meaning of this!” Exclaimed the Emperor as he hurried to Ranboo’s side.

He gathered Ranboo into his arms then turned to glare at Tommy. “What did you say to him.”

“I simply expressed that perhaps it would be better for Ranboo to seek accommodations elsewhere,” Tommy replied.

“He is my guest why would you suggest such a thing.”

“Be that as it may surely we do not need to personally house him.”

The Emperor’s face darkened at these words. “Apologize,” He said coldly.


“Apologize to Ranboo now.”

Tommy felt humiliated at being told to apologize nonetheless he did so knowing he did not have a choice. “I apologize Ranboo perhaps my words were a bit harsh.”

“A bit,” the Emperor said scowling.

“It’s alright I forgive you,” Ranboo said giving Tommy a watery smile.

“If I may be excused Your Majesty,” Tommy asked politely not wishing to stick around after having been humiliated in front of the servants.

“You may, but Theseus I expect you to join us for lunch today.”

Tommy gave a short nod before turning on his heels and leaving.