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Nerium Oleander and Foxgloves

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We all are Monster for we make decision to hurt others for the things we no longer understand and call it parasitism and honor when truly it is fear and prejudice.


Naruto P.O.V


October Tenth was Upon Naruto, and he already knew what that meant for him, You could see a little blond boy running trying to find a hiding spot before the sun disappear from the sky and the moon would take its place. And if you were truly looking, you would see a few ninja and villager looking or following, so they would know where to hunt and search for the boy. While everyone got to celebrate and enjoy the festivals' attraction, Naruto fear and loath his birthday as it was one of the worst day of his life besides every day the beaten and verbal abuse would become even worse for him and the ANBU only stopped when it looked like was close to death unless Hound or Cat was there but Hound told him he would be away for the week and Cat was temporarily assigned to something for today no one was happy, so Naruto was looking for a spot to hide out for today only it seems like he wouldn’t have time when he stumbled into someone next thing he knew he was being dragged into an ally and bottle hit him over his head and he knew only darkness his though was at least I won’t be awake for the pain.


He awoke in a sewer or at least it looked like one, He would know as he was tossed in one and the smell would be overwhelming for one with a sensitive nose. He started to walk around, finding it even more odd when he wasn’t in pain and this place was clean except for cracks on the wall, soon arriving to what appear to be Gates held shut by a paper. Looking at it more closely, Naruto could read it as a Seal of some sort. “ Finally….. You my Jailer have visited me…. Hmmm Earlier than i though but not surprising… ” Two Giant red eyes open and soon Naruto was looking at a Giant fox with nine tails waving behind them lazily.  Jumping in surprise and blue eyes widened, he looked upon “Kyuubi no Kitsune…… B-but the fourth k-killed you.” He mumbles before thinking back on it, he swore at one point his shadow was of a fox and the names the villager would yell at him and his birthday he started to connect them together “Y-you were sealed in me weren’t you? Against your will too?” Naruto frown he wasn’t the fox, but even he knew you shouldn’t judge  someone if the fox did attack then he had a reason but even so he was being punished.


The Kyuubi stared at this child, just a kit so innocent but shown the dark side of the world even at birth, it truly disgusted the Ancient fox kits were supposed to be loved and cherish and protected not hunted tormented by adult with the intention of hurt and torture. He sparks his Chakra changing forms soon a Man of 6’9 with flowing blood-red hair stood with nine tails waving behind him in a black and gold kimono stood Naruto notices a black band around his neck and wrist. “ Yes I was, and you could say it was against my will.”  He moved closer to the Gates “But while it was against my will I do not regret it Kit, Come Closer right now I am healing you and keeping you from passing on, and we might not see each other for a while and there is much to tell you.” Naruto moved closer, soon slipping behind the bars, moving to Kurama. This was the first adult who spoke to him in kindness and didn’t have the look of hatred and grief clouding his scent. 


Kurama dropped to into a half lotus position and little Naruto mimic his pose across from him, “What do you mean Kyuubi-sama?” Naruto's question once the fox words register in his mind, “Right now kit we are in your mind scape what you see and feel reflects in here. I am using my chakra to keep you alive and healing you notice how you never get sick or when you get injured it goes away after an hour or so? That is my doing, when I say we not see each other if your Hokage finds out you met me, he will tighten the seal or block you from meeting me again for some time. Naruto there are things others wish to hide from you and by the Gods they are doing their damnest I knew your parent Kit, and they wouldn’t have wanted this for you, so I will help you as much as I can. But before we get into that I need you to trust me before your mother and father passed on, your mother place a seal on you, I need you to push Chakra on your lower back.” Naruto listen and more and more his eyes widen before understanding crossed his face and soon the look of the pure determination and hunger for knowledge and hope settle on his face.

Shikamaru P.O.V


Shikamaru was sitting in his Room  by his vanity using his Great Grandmother brush he truly loved this old hairbrush it was the land of Uzushiogakure he remembered his grandmother telling him his great-grandmother had it custom-made, and he noticed the design and art how it always made his hair soft and never broke or chip and with each stroke his hair always seem to grow a little longer. His Great-grandmother had given him this as a gift on his last birthday when she noticed how he was fascinated by it before she passed away she would sit on her patio and brush his hair telling him stories of her youth and travel, but she would also tell him warnings in her stories at first he didn’t understand but after her passing and watching the others of their clan and some other Shinobi he thinks he understands what she met, sighing softly he sits the brush down before tying his hair up as he waited for his mother to finish getting ready and hopefully his father to come home to spend time with him. 


Shikamaru wonder if his Great Grandmother knew more than she let on and was trying to past her wisdom and knowledge on to him, shaking his head he poked his head in his parent's room and seeing his mother still getting ready spoke “Okaa-chan I will wait for you and Tou-san in the library if that is okay?” Seeing the warmth in his mom eyes and her nod he moved out and walked to the clan library or he would if he didn’t feel the shadows gently tug him, it was another secret his granny kept for him and made him swear never to tell unless he truly trusted them the shadows would speak to him and guide him he felt safe in the dark.


They guided him into his father personal library to the very back, where he found an old scroll aged from time. It was sitting on a black pillow casing, it seems to be calling him and to pick it up and read it. Curious, he grabbed it and tucked it into his sleeve before leaving to hide in his little spot of the clan library. Once there he studies the appearance to see how to open the Scroll realizing he needed to use blood he bites the pad of his thump with his canine and smears it over the seal the scroll pops open, and he begins to read and truly learns the secrets of his clan and what his beloved Great Grandmother was trying to teach him. 


Soon an hour passed of him reading when he heard his mother called him from the entrance of the library. Hiding the scroll in his obi, making sure it was tight and snug, so it wouldn’t fall, he ran to his mother. Seeing his father walk to the house tired but with haunted eyes before his mother tugged him to follow her. He soon joined Choji and Ino for the festival slipping loose from his mother and the others he saw something strange a group of adult leaving an ally, at first you would think nothing of it except their words struck him odd. “Finally, hopefully the Demon dies.” Curious Shikamaru walks into the ally when he sees a boy laying on the ground bloody and barely moving shock Shikamaru runs and checks on him “H-hey are you awake?” Checking his pulse to see it barely there and thready at best. He runs out searching for his mother, spotting her a noting she is too far to reach let alone wanting to leave the boy alone when he felt it


Something that made his shadows shiver and his body tingle a swirl of red chakra and the boy's body begin to heal itself, it was if the blood seep back into itself and the injures disappear as if they were never there to begin with. Shikamaru slowly walked back to the boy in a daze and in awe of what he witnessed. He looked around, noting the boy should probably be moved trying to find a spot not in plain sight or to dirty, he moved some things around and drags him to rest against the wall. Nodding to himself, he finds an empty crate and sits on it to keep guard as he tries to understand why a group of adults would do that, and it disgusts him they would call anyone a devil when they should be called that.


Pulling the scroll out and keeping an ear out for anyone looking for the boy or his mother he studied more and more and soon the more secrets he learned of his clan the more questions he began to have. What filled like thirty minutes, he heard a soft groan, looking over his shoulder to see the Blond eyes flutter open and a small grimaced. Hopping down, he moved over to check on him, “Are you okay? I found you pretty banged up by those adults.” and that is how he met Naruto and learns about Danzo in the same night. Coming home and hiding in his room after his mother finds him and drags him away from Naruto, he hears his parents fight and a name rang out Danzo. When he tries to find out what that name means, he would meet Naruto in secret. 

Sakura P.O.V


Sakura always knew she was different from the other children from the village, that her parents didn’t truly love each other nor did they want her. She didn’t cry when she was hurt that her interest in the human body and wanting to learn medicine wasn’t normal. How she didn’t feel how others did. She tried she really did she would observe other and mimic emotions and action picking and choosing what worked best in hopes that if she acted that maybe she would be normal enough for her parents and others would like her. That she would be good enough to be loved. It worked enough for a time before she faded back to the background, that's when she learned of secrets she wasn’t supposed to know how people hurt others that parents hide their children from a blond because he is a demon but no one tells you why unless you truly listen learning secrets that you aren’t supposed to know and people don’t suspect a child to be there. 


How people abuse their right because Sakura watched and watched and watched and realize that the supposed demon is just a child that wants to be loved and hurts and cries and is normal, so Sakura told her self that if no one else will help him then she will because if she is a freak, and he is hated then they can be a family too. Stealing, she realizes, is just as easy when no one is looking and no one thinks a plain child like her could do it. She already learned where the demon lives and would leave him gifts and notes and sometime food for him. She would protect him if no one else would too, and she watched as he would smile and look around, and soon he left gifts in return making her happy even when he finally caught her. Soon, she started to hide in his apartment with him. He taught her how to feel, to smile and hide even better, survive and finally how to be Human. 


She wanted to cry because they were children and soon learning even more secrets her hatred for the village and people that should protect them grew every whisper and look and message she could find she would whisper to her big brother, then one day her brother came back different and soon others joined them, and they whisper to each other anything they learned or heard they trained together and soon Sakura taught them how to wear a mask and how to perfect it what they would rather act like if they want you to be dumb to play it, if they think you are weak use it, if they think you should be an avenger with trauma this is how you should it and be a weak or fangirl. Each day they grow and grow they know soon they may not be able to be together like this, but for now they are a family, and she won’t let anyone take this from them.


Sasuke P.O.V


Something wasn’t quite right for the past week with his big brother Itachi and his best friend Shisui they would come late or have little argument or hidden conversation. Their eyes keeping track of certain people of their clan and sometimes their father. Then Itachi started to teach him even more, especially when Sasuke showed him his Sharigan for the first time. It wasn’t just Itachi he noted though that was acting strange his Father and Mother did as well, his father coming home more and more angry ranting about the Hyuuga, then the hokage and council of the village as well. Calling them Monster and savagest and paranoid basters that spit on the face of the founder's dreams.


His mother would come home red eye and shaking with anger, when she would take him out of the clan compound as they shop or to the park they would see a blond boy and his mother would stop and look at him with longing, when he would ask her what that was about she would smile sadly and tell him that boy was a friend child, but she wasn’t able to raise them for who she was. When he asked Itachi about it, he would look away, tell him that sometime people fear what they don’t understand.


So if asked Sasuke would say he knew something wasn’t right and when he came home he knew it was wrong, especially when Shisui stopped coming home and disappear the clan was never quite ever there was always some noise and when he heard nothing he knew running home when he started to see and smell the blood opening his parents' door to see his parent murder by his brother and the tears on his face. Sasuke knew his brother had to be forced but all he could get out was a barely a whisper, but his brother heard him nonetheless “Itachi…… Why?” Itachi looked at him with a emotionless face even with the tears falling, “I wanted to test my powers foolish little brother,” Itachi spoke in a cold voice before walking to him and pushed him against the wall trapping him with no escape. “If you want to kill me, despise me, hate me, and live a lonesome life.”  It was the last thing before Itachi placed him under a genjutsu. 


He knew when he awoke that they must have though Itachi trapped him in an illusion of that night to repeat, but his brother just trapped him in happiness of being with his friends and seeing a blond boy. He knew his older brother was trying to tell him something and as soon as he was released back he would find that boy after he searched his home for anything that could help him understand what truly happen that night.


Hinata P.O.V


Hinata knew her hatred and desire for her Clan wasn’t appropriate for a child her age especially when she dreams of killing her clan’s elder and her own father but if only people truly knew what went on behind these walls if they saw her own family abuse and torture their own people brand them like animal as a child because they weren’t boring in one branch, or they were born first. She wanted to scream why won’t anyone say anything then when she found out her mama her sweet mama was pregnant then grew weak and sick the further along she was that something wasn’t right. She tried to find out how she could help when she found a book about poison and the symptom matched her mama when the horror of her clan struck her that would rather kill her mama and unborn sibling then allow the dirtiness of bearing a second child again from the Main branch. 


The day her mama passed and little sister born, her heart burn with fury when she heard a whisper from the elders talk about her mother and then picking between her and sister on who should get the mark. It got even worse when she was nearly kidnapped and her gentle uncle was forced to sacrifice himself for her father she found Neji and told him her dream and wishes to free them making a vow as she held little Hanabi. 


She meet Sasuke first then the others who open her eyes to even more corrupt and truths of the village, to even more monsters and found family. She introduced Hanabi and Neji to them. They showed them family and love. They trained together, laughed together, cried and mourn for those they lost and miss, and bleed together. Marking moments as they grew, building a bond that is stronger than anything anyone has ever shared. Vowing to fix this corrupted and dark world from the very roots or died trying and soon Konoha will realize the people is what makes this village, just like the Hyuuga’s should know that when their people will bite back if given time.

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Tell me why do you cry dear? I cry for those who lost the fight, the fight for life and silently went into the night.

Six months since the truth was discovered by Shikamaru or partial half the truth. Shikamaru learned that those in the beginning of his clan that they had hidden most or partial pieces of the truth, scattered it in other scrolls and hidden coded message added upon by those who saw behind the facade like those before them. He is also learning about what it means to be marked by Darkness, sighing softly as he feels an on coming headache coming from this train of though that still runs him in circles. Lifting himself out of bed, he decided to forgo taking a shower, as he has already taken one last night. Getting a dress and brushing his hair before throwing it in a ponytail creeping slowly down the stairs to the kitchen seeing his mother making breakfast he eyed her before sitting down making noise spooking her before laughing when she saw her son sitting there with a bored “Okaa-chan can I go over Choji’s or to the park to go cloud watching? I will be home before dinner?” He looked up at her, hoping she would trust him by himself, he knew if she didn’t he wouldn’t be able to sneak over to meet Naruto. 


He stilled himself as she thought about it, Shikamaru may be young but a responsible boy already and hardly ever asked for anything. “Okay Shika-chan you can go out but be back before it gets to dark.” She smiled at his happiness before placing a simple breakfast for him and joined him. “Thank you Okaa-chan.” He mumbles before eating not fast but damn near close enough for him, he was planning to meet Naruto and the others at his apartment while Hinata and him were in the same boat on escaping their clan or guard to meet and how hard it was they still would let the others know somehow. Hinata would tap a codded message with her index fingers together or send Neji if she could or couldn’t meet. Shikamaru used different color hair ties if he could or couldn’t, he hoped soon he would learn another way of getting information to the group, for now at their level this would do, but as they got older it wouldn’t last. 


Finishing breakfast he got up and washed his bowel and went to the front door slipping his shoes on and left. He breathe to relax his mind and body before walking out of his clan compound. He at first walked as if he was going to the park, while spreading a little chakra into the darkness to see where the others were. Naruto was home, Sasuke was making his way to the meeting, Sakura was as well and Hinata he could faintly tell was still at her home. Grimacing at that, but he knew she would let them know somehow if she couldn’t show. Sneaking his way to the red-light district was not hard per-say but not as easy if you were recognizable, he slipped his hair tie out letting his shoulder blade length hair fall down, he took his little jacket off and turned it inside out to hide his clan symbol. For now this would have to do, he kept to the back ally and less populated area, trying to make himself seem small and a street kid sneaking around. Soon he was there across from Naruto Apartment. Trying to sense for anyone nearby that could be watching before darting in and hurrying to the apartment. 

Once in the building, Shikamaru relaxed a little as he went up the flight of stairs trying to ignore the words written across the walls. Once he finally arrived at the door he knocked hearing some movements and the door open a crack the most beautiful crystal like blue eye stared at him before opening the door the rest of the way as Naruto beaming smile greeted him, a part of Shikamaru felt like squinting feeling like he is staring in the sun. “Shika you arrived finally. Sakura and Sasuke are already here.” He nodded and stepped in, he completely relaxed as he stepped in and made his way to the couch, sitting down around the others. “Okay, what are we doing today besides training of course? Did anyone get anymore information or update on when we will be joining the Academy?” It was already talked about, but they wanted to try and join the academy at the same time, so they could still be around each other and plan for the future they were still unsure of.


“I asked the old man, and he agreed to put me in the academy on my next birthday,” Naruto sat leaning against Shikamaru legs, without a though to it Shikamaru started to run his fingers through Naruto hair noting how soft it was. Naruto froze before relaxing into the gentle touch it wasn’t the first time anyone in their group touched him in kindness, but it was the first for Shikamaru, usually Naruto would have to initiate anything or hint at something. Naruto thought to himself that maybe he liked Shikamaru touch the best. Sakura frown a bit, “My parents hasn’t been home in a week, but I am sure I can get one of them to sign off on it when they do decide to come home. They will probably another way to get rid of me.” She closed her eyes and lean against Shikamaru as if asking for silent support, which Shikamaru didn’t mind resting his head against hers. Sasuke growled a little at the comment, wishing to set his little sister parents on fire. “Sakura we are going to find a way to get you away from them, I can probably convince the council to let me join the academy around Hinata time, she wanted me to let you guys know her father will get her in around my birthday or if late her own birthday in December if anything popped up and she will be here closer to noon as she has training right now.”


Shikamaru frowned at that they all knew that meant that she will be bruised and injured from fighting her own father who never held back. “I hope we have enough in the first aid kit after mine and sasuke training in our clan clan art, Troublesome, I will be added in the academy with Ino and Choji so i will be there. We just need to fix our schedule to Academy, training and training on our own along with studying. We also need to rotate each day and make the weekend ours. Furthermore, we need to keep up the appearance that we don’t know each other so no one starts to question us. We should also look for allies and other outcast to join us, and only tell them the truth when they can be proven that they are trustworthy.”


Everyone agreed that they need to work on the schedule and draw it up before moving as Sakura went to check the first ad, Sasuke got up to grab some things he brought from the Uchiha clan to study over and show the others. Naruto moved to grab some scrolls he wanted to study that talked about the sealing art. Shikamaru moved over next to Naruto and was reading the scroll he kept with him, that open him to the truth and taught him about the Darkness he now control. He soon rested his head on Naruto shoulder feeling the warmth that Naruto emitted and the listening to the sound of others moving or rustling of scrolls and paper coaxed him to a light doze.


He woke to see himself in a bed and the noised that woke him was Hinata soft greeting carrying from the living to the bedroom. Looking around, he realized that he was in Naruto room, the walls had paint chips flexing off with words poorly covered up with paint that didn’t quite hide what they said. A plant barely hanging onto life next to a broken window and an old broken wardrobe holding itself together by a prayer. Shikamaru heart clinched, but he didn’t pity Naruto, knowing the other he would be annoyed and pissed off if they pity him. Moving off the bed and remaking it. He walked back to the others, still rubbing the last bit of sleep out of his eyes. “ Okaeri Nata-chan,” He mumbles out, not truly thinking of his words, just making his way to the couch. He didn’t notice the others stopping what they were doing to look at him, while they although of each other as a family and friends, none of them openly admitted besides Naruto and Sakura calling each other siblings. Shikamaru literally just welcome Hinata as if this was all of their home and shorten her name in a friendly way showing how he felt At that moment where the peace and safety and comfort around their group loosen his tongue.


Hinata smiled softly before moving over to Sakura who was waiting for her with the first aid kit and updated her along the way. Finish getting bandage up she moved over to Shika and lift his legs up and sat down letting his legs rest on her lap as the others moved over to them. “I think we should train our taijutsu first then and then work on our chakra. What does Kyu-sensei think about that?” They looked at Naruto, waiting for his answer, “He agrees, but he also wants to go over chakra theory and chakra control as well.” They nodded packing and hiding their things in the loose floor board under the couch, mumbling needing to find a way to hide thing better or carry less on them. Once all done they hid out in small number and then in separate direction that would lead them to their second spot hidden in a base of a hollowed out space of a tree where a plastic bags were a change of clothes that they all could train in. They would rotate them and replace them with clean one, but otherwise they stayed in there. Each one of them grabbed a set and went behind respected trees to change before meeting back in the center and started to run thru their kata Sasuke teaching Sakura one that he found and helped her thru them. Once they finished they paired up with one another to while Hinata sat off to the side and watched, noting any mistake and what need to worked on.


Shikamaru could feel how stiff and restrictive the movement of the Kata was for him, It just didn’t feel right for him. He frown he knew this was his problem but when he watched everyone in his clan it seem like it was right but for him it made him feel wrong like he was moving through mud. He glanced at the others and watch how sasuke move gracefully as he fought Naruto who dodged as if they were dancing. It would be him and Sakura next, He would have to find a fighting style that fit him soon or he would hinder himself in the long run. When it was Sakura and his turn they bowed toward each other before getting in their fighting stance, he eyed sakura waiting for her to make the first move as soon as he saw her adjust herself as if to lanch cocking her left arm back to throw a punch he moved sticking to defense waiting for a open in be tween her blow, as soon as he saw one he took it moving in close slipped between her arms stuck a leg between hers to trip her and pinned her arms to the ground. He winched while he tried to dodge some of her blows some still landed.  

They all rested for a fifteen-minute break before Shikamaru with Sakura and Hinata went over  chakra theory (Kurama would interrupt via Naruto to correct anything that the books didn’t cover.) and basic chakra control training. All five of them tried to walk up a tree, Sakura was the first one to at least make it to the middle before slipping as her reserves were the smallest Hinata and Shikamaru could go longer before getting somewhat tired and Sasuke and Naruto struggle but only because their chakra pool were large then the other three. They kept at it for the next two weeks until they got it down and worked to build the other three chakra reserves. 


During the time, Hinata mention that Neji made a friend name Rock Lee who seemed to be a Taijutsu prodigy, but that couldn’t use Chakra. They were all interested as Neji would help when he could, but that the Clan kept a watch on him more so because he was a prodigy of their clan technique. “We could have each one of us watch him for the week and make a dissension to add him to our group if we all agree that he fits?” Sakura suggested, Naruto frown “It wouldn’t hurt Naruto, think of it as another per of eyes and ears Rock Lee could help us.” Shikamaru spoke up when it look like Naruto might shut down the ideal. Hinata shot him a thankful look, and Sakura nodded her head. It would have been annoying otherwise if Shikamaru didn’t speak up.


Naruto glanced at Shikamaru before looking at Sasuke who also nodded at Naruto, sighing softly as Naruto gave his agreement. “Fine, but we wait on including him on anything important until we know what he thinks of the village and the people.” Nodding, they figure that Sasuke should take Monday Hinata Tuesday Sakura Wednesday Naruto Thursday and Shikamaru Friday. Friday was perfect, as he would spend it hanging out with Choji, and it wouldn’t seem weird if Choji and Shikamaru were walking around the village. Hinata gave the information that Neji had gathered about the boy location and hang out, and that he seemed to think of Neji as a rival. 


They all observed Lee for the week, each one of them making their own observation of him as they watched over him seeing how ninja’s from their village made fun of him and the children tormented him, telling him that he couldn’t possibly be a ninja as he couldn’t even access his chakra. It annoyed them and sometime down right made their blood boil. It was stupid as sometime the most deadly thing didn’t even require them to use their chakra, yes it helped, but if you were cut off from chakra by an enemy the only thing you had left was your weapons and body to fight. Chakra wasn’t everything in a ninja life yes it made their job and work easy, but you have to train everything in your skill or become lazy and complacent and those are the type that never make it or dies on their first mission.


Meeting up on Saturday was a bit hard on him but Shikamaru manage to escape using a excused about meeting with some other kids to play around, Making it to Naruto’s was even worse than everyone and their mom wanted to be out, “What is it a holiday or something can’t these people stay in their house and mind their damn business?” mumbling to himself but finally arriving and knocked to be let in. Slipping in when he heard Naruto unlock the door, sweeping his gaze around as he always does to check to see if anything new has been done to his blond friend. Hinata will be bringing over Rock Lee with Neji to introduce him to the group and learn his opinion on this accursed world. 


Hinata arrived shortly before her cousin and his friend/rival, then Sakura and finally Sasuke. “Lee, these are some of my friends, I think you will get along with them.” Naruto waves, Sakura smiled, Hinata nodded her head, Shikamaru gave a lazy yo and Sasuke just looked at him bored. “Yosh I am Lee Rock, it is a pleasure to meet you all!” Lee announced making Shikamaru winch with how loud he was. While Naruto may be loud and when Sakura got furious she could be loud, but usually for his shake they would tamper it down for his shake as he got a bit anxious from the noise. Naruto and Sasuke subtly asked Lee about his thoughts and opinion of the villager and such to get a gage on his emotions and feelings. 


As the weeks passed, and they were all still learning about Rock Lee, they included him in their training and would try to help him overcome the handicap of not being able to use Chakra while Neji would try to help his friend with the studying aspect, they began to see Lee change how he would stare angrily at some ninja and glare at some other children. One day they came to see Lee already training, how his hands and feet were bruised and bloody as he pounded away at one of the trees, tears streaming down his face as he worked harder and harder till he had to stop. Sakura silently drifted over to him, “Lee-kun can I bandage your hands, and we have to look at your leg and feet.” He barely nodded just looking up at the sky from where he fell, everyone sat around him, “You don’t have to tell us, but we will be here to listen if you want.” Shikamaru spoke up in a comforting voice.

Lee stayed quiet for a bit before finally speaking as Sakura finish wrapping both hands. “D-do you think it's wrong to feel such anger and resentment to the people who doubt you and belittle your dream just because you are different from them. I-i know I can’t do some things you guys can, but I can achieve just as much if I train just as hard. But every day I hear them whisper and mock me and I get angry….” Shikamaru frown before patting Lee head, glancing at Naruto before he spoke up, “ People are nothing but a medium of the general process of carrying out life. Love and hate are two sides of the same coin, those people choose to hate or hurt you because you represent resilience, something they can neither understand nor truly break. Reality is an ugly truth and when you truly wake up to it, you can start to see the cracks in the foundation and how people are sheep following the example set by those around them.” Shikamaru paused, taking a breath before continuing “But us, we take care of our own and will one day show the truth Lee but if you know the truth you can never talk about it or tell. Not yet, we aren’t strong enough.” Lee looked at them, seeing for the first time how each of them was a different broken piece that seem to fit with the others, how at time they seemed so grown up and others children working hard. He realized, like him, they too were out cast judge and hurt. He thought about his time with them and how they tried to include and add him in to things they were doing, how Neji brought him to them, so he wouldn’t be alone. He may not fully understand, but he is sure he will, and decided to put his trust in them. “You guys can tell me when you think I am ready, but I will try to help you as much as I can.” He swore to them and himself to never let them down again.

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Talking about peace, whilst spilling blood, it's something that only humans can do


Finally, it came time for them to join the Academy and for some reason it felt like a pit in Shikamaru stomach maybe it was the fact that even if they were here together that they still couldn’t even interact with one another, or maybe it was the fact that for the next four years of their lives being stuck in a room with a bunch of idiots that were quick to judge and hurt anyone given the chance. The teachers were no better, sabotaging students that question them and trying to fail others. When Shikamaru actually did his work and knew he gotten the correct answer and Sasuke even put a few incorrect answers when Shika as stating he wanted to test something he was proven right Sasuke even putting wrong answer got perfect marks on the paperwork while Shika when he argued with the teacher got barely passing.


Sakura was the one in the middle of their first year to come up with the ideal of them wearing a persona at school since it really didn’t matter for them as they can self study and go over anything they didn’t understand with each other to fix it. It would also help them truly convince people and gather intel if no one knew they were looking, Shikamaru backed it with Sasuke saying it was a good thing. That is where Naruto became the class clown, Hinata the shy timid girl that has a crush on Naruto, Sakura the bookworm that was a fangirl for Sasuke, Sasuke the emo avenger hellbent on revenge and Shikamaru the lazy genius. While they dislike the act it did get some eyes off them that they started to gather. If not fully, Naruto tactfully prank them to fully remove any unwanted eyes with the trick of focus on this problem. They truly started to hate the academy as it held things they already cover with most of the things with Kurama and the things they weren't even useful to a life of a ninja time of ‘Peace’ made them to soft and lazy. 


They had made more progress with their own training and gathering information Lee mentioning some orphans going missing Neji mentions hearing some clans children being classified dead and Sasuke found some of his father scrolls and journal mention some things as that to give a base. Shikamaru started to piece it together and told them it sounded like someone was either using them as a personal army or for more nefarious porous. They grew older and stronger before they knew it they had to find a way to hide how they were healthier and stronger, and they couldn’t use Henge as it would draw attention on why a bounce of pre-teens were using them. Naruto ended finding a solution after searching through scrolls and notes he made of his parent's memories to have a seal that was low maintenance that they could turn off and on at will that gave strong illusion and henge that no one would be able to detected on them. Each one of them picked a spot that they could hide, and it helped that it would grow with them.


By Shikamaru, third year in the academy, he knew he was in Love with Naruto and that Naruto was his Light to the Darkness that he carried in his soul. Though as much as he admired Naruto made it seem like he will never need a partner, and he knew he should accept it and stop dreaming when Naruto would see him as an equal and focus on helping Naruto achieve his dream and goals. He will just have to get stronger and better to protect Naruto and who ever he loves and seal his own heart away. Even when it breaks a little more, looking at him and knowing he will never be the one to have said heart.


Shino had been observing the little group, noticing how while at school they act like they don’t know each other and different from whom they really are. He has been observing them for a Year now and knew their secret meeting and did his own research. He didn’t tell his father anything or anyone because he was curious. Now that he heard and seen some of the things he decided he would join them, after all he knew what it was like to be hurt by words of those around him and avoided because of what he carried in his own body. He waited in the trees for them to meet for their training before making his presence known. Shikamaru appear first getting his clothes from the hollow part of the tree and stepped around his tree to change, before sitting at the base closing his eyes, Sakura next, she too changed but behind a different one, Hinata and Sasuke appear together and change as well before Naruto who was already in training clothes. Taking this as his chance, he's jumping down with unusual confidence. “Shino what are you doing here?” Sakura asked reacting the fastest, slipping in a fighting stance as Shikamaru used his shadows to connect. “I have been watching you all for a year, I am here to join your group. I know already the secret you all carry, and the truth somewhat. I have kept my silence and even if I don’t join I would've kept it, but I wish to help either way.” They stayed silent as if communicating with each other before coming to an agreement, Shikamaru released him and Sakura relaxed, Naruto smirked at him “Welcome to the group Shino and prepare yourself for hell’s training, we have no need for the weak in our group.” and like that another misfit joined their group.


They all started to notice how whenever Mitsuki would assist any class that he would watch Naruto and sabotage Naruto by trying to show him the wrong stance in the Academy taijutsu to giving him different work than what the others would get for homework. All while pretending to be nice to Naruto, pretend to care and worry about him. Naruto didn’t believe any of the poison lies the man spoke but went along with it for the sake of keeping up the lie and appearance of a boy who wanted to be acknowledged. Shikamaru made his concern known that he didn’t want Naruto to be truly alone with him, and that the look in his eyes made his skin crawl. Naruto conceded and all of them took rotating shifts hiding from them but close enough to intervene if Naruto signal for them. Shikamaru couldn’t wait for the time as Mitsuki made a mistake and Shikamaru would be able to get rid of him, or he no longer served a purpose for them. He huffed watching from the shadows watching Naruto sit there with Mitsuki talking and playing a fool, basking in the attention Mitsuki gave him. Biting his lips to the point it bleeds, Naruto twitched from where he was sitting, smelling the scent of Shikamaru blood in the air. Shikamaru sighing licking the blood up to sooth the injury, reminding to have Sakura heal it later. 


Going back to watch, Shikamaru watched with a frown as he watched Naruto, how the sun seemed to etch itself into him as he sunk lower into the sky, making his eyes sparkle like jewels but show the loneliness and anger in them. Shikamaru just wanted to go to him and hug him and tell him that he isn’t alone anymore, that they are here with him, and they wouldn’t leave him like everyone else. That they love him for him and don’t hate him for the burden he bares and that they could shoulder some of his pain, but he doubted Naruto wanted his touch like that or his words.


Naruto had asked him to stay back when the others had left, Hinata and Sasuke walking together while Sakura was talking to Shino about something or another. It was nice seeing the others already forming their own little peace. Shaking his head to clear the train of though before he made himself hurt with a flame of hope. “Shika is there something wrong? You have been distant and been more aggressive in training, plus you smell of sadness some days and hurt others?” Naruto asked, moving closer to the shorter male, Shikamaru felt surprised but kept a blank mask, “Nothing, just something I realized personally.” He went to move before realizing that Naruto had him subtly pinned to the wall. “Shikamaru if it is causing you pain then it is my responsibility, you are my priority.” Shikamaru cursed softly, looking away from Naruto, knowing if he saw those soulful eyes he would crack and shatter. “Naruto please…” feeling rough hands move his face to look at Naruto and the final piece of his fragile heart shatter, “I am in love with you, and it hurts… it hurts because you won’t even see it or acknowledge it Naru…. I have been for a long time and finally acknowledge it this year and I see how you look at others and I wonder when I will see you with someone when will my heart break completely, and I become hollow. I know we are doing something dangerous, hell even treason, and we could die and maybe just maybe if we get caught I can die with this secret because I don’t want you to be burden with my feelings on top of everything else!”


Shikamaru feeling embarrassed and ashamed and his desire to escape and run felt by the darkness of the shadows wrap around him bringing him in their cool embrace. His last sight was Naruto shock expression before he realize that Shikamaru was gone, falling from the shadow of his ceiling and landing in his bed. Shikamaru pulled his knees to his chest and started to cry, feeling like he ruined everything. This is to much for him, and he just want to sink away in the dark to let it consume him, but he couldn’t, his friends need him. He felt so exhausted just for this moment he can let himself be weak and will glue himself back in the morning, for now he can cry himself to sleep in the safety of the dark and the moon peaking in his room.


Morning came to early for Shikamaru and the headache from crying himself to sleep on top of using so much chakra to travel using the darkness when he never had been able to before. His stomach rolled with each movement he made to get himself ready for school he really didn’t want to go, and maybe he was being childish, but he really didn’t care and convinced his mom that he was sick, letting him stay home and thankful it would be the weekend tomorrow, even if he knew that it would piss Naruto off by avoiding him and the others would be worried about him. Shikamaru figured he could be selfish even if the doubts and fear would be there, but he needed time to lick his wounds and find a way to piece himself together. He closed the blinds and locked his door before sitting in a meditation he let himself fall into the darkness of his mind there in a void stood another him but at the same time it wasn’t like him, he was older and paler and where there should be eyes was the abyss, the other him smiled showing much to sharp teeth, and he noted marking all over the visible skin as well. “You finally visited me, tiny kurayami.” Shikamaru nodded slowly, standing before the Darkness that used his body as a host to their world, a game board appear before them. “Sit tiny kurayami, you probably have many questions, and you may ask them as we play a game.” Narrowing his eyes, he sits before him, preparing himself mentally for a very intense game of shogi. 


Shikamaru waited for the other to make the first move before moving his piece, “What should I call you?” He frown trying to see where the other next move be, “I have been called many things but for you tiny kurayami Mei is fine.” It amused him that the first question would be a name, but he shouldn’t be after all his tiny Kurayami was interesting the first in so long to be chosen by the darkness since the beginning while he may not be worship like he used to his tiny kurayami never demanded anything of him and paid him respect while being wary of him. He watched over the boy and would guide him to what he could be even though he was mortal Mei would make him a little godling if his kurayami asked it after all to them, they were already their child, and it was dreadfully boring. “How was i able to travel through the darkness?” Huffing softly but taking Shikamaru piece, “You were in distress and the shadows and dark answer your plea to flee taking you to a safe spot, you can control it and travel anywhere in the world, but you must be careful you pushed to much chakra then needed and nearly drain you if I didn’t intervene. You are also ready for the training to control your power.” Shikamaru glanced at him in confusion, “What do you mean training, I am already learning the clan technique to control the shadows?” Mei laughed shaking his head, “Shadows are a form of darkness but not what you have, if you don’t learn how to control it, it will consume you. You were touched by darkness, your very essence is draped around it. If you don’t control it, it will control YOU .” 


Shikamaru for the next Three day having skipped school Monday learned to keep his emotions under control and move with the Darkness slightly easier with Mei to help him. He knew that he would have to train with Mei more but for now he could face the other changes his body would go through as Mei mention that hosting him and accepting the darkness that his body would go through a change but wouldn’t mention what it was, but that would be painful.


Come Tuesday he was ready for school, having to convince his mom that he was fine and that he was well enough to go to school, and sorry for skipping Monday that the nauseous really is gone. Fishing he squared his shoulder and walked into school nodding at Shino and Sakura, Passing Sasuke who watched him out of the corner of his eye and passed Hinata who gently brush his hand over her shoulder as to show he was fine. Though, who eyes he felt more than saw was Naruto baring down on him, and he knew he was in trouble if the feeling of the other chakra was telling him anything. He just needed to make it through the school day, sitting next to his friend Choji, “Shika-chan are you sure you should be here? Auntie said you still weren’t feeling to good.” Smiling reassuringly, though in the back of his mind, he was embarrassed at the use of the nickname. Ino draped herself on him to while she was maybe annoying, but she was secretly a mother hen, “Yeah Dad and Mom were worried too are you sure you should be back you're still burning up.” He groan softly “I’m fine you two I promise if it becomes to much I will go home, probably might need someone to help.” He sigh knowing the others heard him from his two childhood friends Ino ruffled his hair before moving over to fight with Sakura over sitting next to Sasuke, glad as he felt Naruto surge up in anger with her touching him. 


Laying his head down wanting to moan at the feeling of the cold desk against his skin, Iruka-sensei finally showed up and got the rest of class settle and started the lesson, Iruka kept an eye on Shikamaru even letting rest on his desk seeing how flushed his face was. Soon it was Taijutsu practice and Iruke made Shikamaru sit it out and trying to keep the match even he was asking who wanted to sit it out Choji went to volunteer when Shino beat him. “I will sit out, why because I am not the best at Taijutsu.” Iruka nodded and Shino moved over, sitting there quietly before breaking it.


“Naruto is not happy with your absent Sakura and Sasuke had to keep him from sneaking over to the point that for the last four nights Sakura stayed over to make sure he didn’t slip out and Sasuke and Hinata had to keep an eye on your clan compound and I also may have had some bugs in the Nara forest to make sure he didn’t try that way.” Shikamaru didn’t show a reaction on the outside, just closed his eyes and tilted his head back, He knew Naruto would be possibly angry and pissed but not to that point. His mind thought of Naruto shock face and the silence before Shikamaru vanished in the darkness. Maybe he shouldn’t be to surprised, ‘Tiny Kurayami calm your mind, you are trying to call the darkness.’ Shikamaru snapped out of it, noticing how he is almost sinking in the shade of the tree and Shino having to move as well. “Sorry, I will deal with him later.”

Chapter Text

We live in a world were we can stay ignorant or wake up and fight for a chance for true freedom and let our imagination run wild


Soon school let out, and he told a half lie to his childhood friends smoothly, feeling a pang of guilt but reminded himself it was for their safety that he needed to stop to pick up makeup work and medicine. He did need to pick get his makeup work, but he knew Sakura would more than likely have some medicine, turning back to go into the school, passing the others he enter the class. “Ah Shikamaru I thought you would already were gone, can I help you?” Iruka asked with some concern “Sorry sensei I nearly forgot if you had the work I need to make up for?” Shikamaru asked, Iruka nodded a little slowly, eyeing his student, “My mom would nag me if I didn’t ask for it. I know I missed at least two days worth, and I really don’t want to deal with her.” Shikamaru answer the unspoken question, making Iruka laugh silently, he was still concern but nearly as much. Getting the paperwork Shikamaru left heading to the gate, pausing when he felt Naruto on the other side he could leave using the shadows, but he knew he couldn’t keep avoiding Naruto it would only end in misery and drag their friends into it even more, and he already told Shino he would deal with Naruto.


Swallowing his panic and trying to ignore his thundering heart, he walked out calmly, he walked around until he slipped into an alley way heading to Naruto home, feeling said person follow him. Making it into the building, he waited for Naruto by the door. Leaning against the door as he waited he wonder how this could go, he was absently thought of just escaping, before he could think to much of it he felt a hand on him and the door opening. His eyes flew open, and he saw Naruto looking at him pissed, then a seal was placed on him and his feelings to his chakra and senses to the shadow dolled. ‘Mei! Mei are you still there?’ He moved back dancing out of Naruto grabbed, he looked at the seal and noted that he wouldn’t be able to break it on his own. “You aren’t escaping me again, Shika- chan , We are talking.” Naruto spoke advancing towards him, ‘I am still here tiny Kurayami, I can break the seal and get you out of here, but I advise listening to him. I sense no danger or threat from him.’ Shikamaru gave a mental thanks before glaring at Naruto a little “Okay, but you are taking this off after Naru I get being angry, but I needed time, and I am still sick.” He stayed out of Naruto reach even with Naruto advanced on him, he knew it pissed the blond off, and maybe he was still being petty, but it was Shikamaru way of saying even if he sealed his chakra he could still escape.


Naruto growled before lunging and finally pinning Shikamaru to the wall looking down at the other's face, seeing Shikamaru wide eyes framed by long curled lashes, plump lips parted and flushed cheeks, Hair coming loose and falling to frame his face. Naruto gripped his chin, “You are Mine, since the day we met you were mine. Your heart, mind, body and soul belongs to me Shikamaru just as you own mine. I figured you always knew it, but it was a mistake that I won’t let happen again.” He leans down kissing Shikamaru lip and felt the other relaxed and timidly return the kiss leaning into him so sweetly. Pulling back slowly he narrowed his eyes, “But if you ever try to run away from Shika I won’t just temporarily seal your Chakra and just know I will always find you and get you back, you belong only at my side.” Shikamaru blushed softly at the dark threat and knew Naruto would find a way to find him. “I am yours Naruto, I won’t run again, but if you try to leave me too I will find you and surround you in eternal darkness.” Shikamaru threaten back before kissing Naruto in distraction. “We should stop, or you’ll get sick too.” He mumbles, resting his head on Naruto chest, feeling a little light-headed, “I won’t believe me Kyuubi-sensei wouldn’t let me.” Shikamaru hummed interested but otherwise stayed right there in Naruto arms resting against him. “The others would be here soon, rest for now my Shika.” Shikamaru didn’t need to be told twice and soon drifted, feeling his body get picked up and carried somewhere.


He woke to a cool rag on his forehead and feeling marginally better his fever must have finally broke dearing his nap, he saw some spare clothes set out for him and moved to get up he could hear the others in the living room, so he took the clothes noting that his wear a bit sweaty, and he felt a bit disgusting. Walking into Naruto’s bathroom, he started the shower and set the clothes on the sink before stripping and climbing into the tub. Grabbing the body wash, saw saw and snorted noting Hinata must have bought it as it smelt light with a hint of fruit and scrubbed himself down and washed his hair as well before turning the water off. Grabbing an orange towel, he wrapped it around himself. Before making his way to the sink, he grimaced, seeing how pale he has gotten and how tired he looked. Looking away, he worked on drying himself off and slipping the shirt, briefs and sweats on. Blushing softly knowing these were Naruto’s as how baggy they fit him the shirt stopped mid-thigh on him


He stepped out of the Bathroom and walked to join the others, “Shikamaru you look a lot better!” Hinata spoke up, looking at him as he moved over to her. “Yeah, I feel a bit better thank you guys, and sorry for worrying you all.” Sasuke hummed before sitting next to him, brushing their shoulder together, “It's fine, but next time let us know you're sick, it was driving us crazy trying to figure out what was going on and only getting tidbits from Ino and Choji.” Sakura nodded and eyed him, with a medical ninjutsu book open across her lap and Shino sitting next to her. “Naruto went to get something to eat from Ichiraku for all of us. He will be back, are you both okay now?” He winched a little, realizing the others must have known something happen between them but nodded. “Yeah, we made up, don’t worry, no more fighting between us for now.” Just as he finished his statement, Naruto walked in carrying a large amount of food, “Old man Teuchi gave me a discount for how much I got.” He smiled and eyes darken in possessive nature upon noticing Shikamaru in his clothes as the other moved to help Naruto carry in the food. “Honestly, he should just you a lifetime pass for how much you eat there. If it wasn’t for us, I doubt you would know what other food is.” Shikamaru joked at the other, not noticing Naruto pleased smile as he starts to serve everyone food. Sasuke laughed softly as Shino shocked his head, both having witness, but neither said anything. 


“What are we gathered for anyway, Naruto?” Sakura finally asked as they all started to eat, it wasn’t uncommon for them to gather but usually to spend time with one another, like when they connected the other apartment to Naruto and sealed it off so no one would notice the apartment and hidden the entrance except all of them were keyed, so they could see it and enter without an actual key. The only other way was for them to enter except for Shikamaru was thru the false wall thru Naruto old Apartment. “I think it is time for all of us to get summons, I made six blank summoning scrolls, it will reverse summon us to animals that closely represent us.” Naruto looked at everyone placing his food down, “We will more than likely need to take a test for each summon, so we will have to do it on the upcoming break and do it. We need to come up with a excuse for those of you can’t go missing for too long. Just encase we do have to do a task.” Shikamaru tilted his head and pouts as he thinks on it. “We could do it with a couple of first and who ever comes back, the next person can go next. That way, not all of us goes missing. Sakura and Shino, Hinata and Sasuke, and finally You and I go last.” Shikamaru looked at Naruto through his lashes and gave a smile smile. “If you are okay with that, it would save us the most trouble.”


Naruto eyed him before leaning back, crossing his arms, “I can see reason behind that, Sasuke.” Naruto turned to face Sasuke, “You are in charge when Shika and I go to the summon world. We are going last so Shikamaru can finish recovering Shino and Sakura, you go on Friday night that way you have three days.” Everyone in agreement, they continue eating before splinting off into their own little world while still being close with the others. Shikamaru gather all the dirty dishes and placing them into the sink to washed. He cleaned up, never one to leave a mess over at the others. He felt Naruto behind him, watching as he moved around the kitchen. “Yes?” He looked over his shoulder at him, “You look good in my clothes,” Shika let a little huff rolling his eyes at him. “Well, thank you for the complement, but I hope you know once i am done I will be switching back.” Shikamaru hummed and figured maybe he can also take some two shirts as nightwear, but Naruto didn’t need to know that.


And Just like he said he finished and remembering he glanced at Naruto and his inner wrist as if reminding him to take the seal off. Naruto moved and pumped his chakra into it, breaking the temporary seal he had placed on Shikamaru, once it was off Shikamaru moved to Naruto bathroom to get his clothes to switch, glancing into the living room he slipped into Naruto room and grabs two more shirts plus the one he wore. He walked back to the living and waves at everyone and flashed Naruto the three shirt he is taking, seeing the raised eyebrow from Naruto, “Bye, see you guys at school.” He closed his eyes and with Mei help he calmly walked into the shadow, disappearing, hearing the others surprise. 


He appeared in his room and quickly stripped out of his clothes and into a bathrobe hanging in his room. He hides Naruto’s Shirt in his night stand, he walked down to his family kitchen for something to drink. Pausing, seeing his mom and dad sitting in the living room, “Shikamaru where have you been? Your father and I were worried!” Shikamaru looked down and sigh softly “Sorry I was hanging out with a friend, I forgot time and snuck back in but mom I hadn’t seen them in like four days.” He looked away with a pout before glancing at them in what he hoped was a pitiful look. Yoshino looked at her Husband Shikaku who frown but nodded, “Okay, but you need to tell us who are hanging out with and when you will be home.” He nods, “I will let Shino know, his bugs can find perfect for us to can or nap without all the noise. It is a little unsettling with the hosting of bugs, but at the same time it is kind of cool.” He spoke watching his mom relax and smile hesitantly, “Well it is good of you to be friends with others and i am sure Shino is a good boy, but please don’t try collecting bugs in the house.” He nods before moving into the kitchen to get something to drink and heading back into his room. 


Stripping and slipping in Naruto shirt, he curled up in bed, sighing softly, tossing and turning trying to get comfortable and not getting anywhere with it. An ideal appears in his mind, getting up he locked his door and window before closing the curtain, he made his room as dark as he can concentrating he shadow walk to Naruto seeing his boyfriend bed is empty he crawled in it and slipped under the cover and relaxed, He was close to drifting when he heard Naruto come in and pause, smiling he turn around in the bed, opening his eyes. “I hope you don’t mind, I couldn’t get comfy over there.” Naruto laughed softly before crawling under the cover and wrapped an arm over Shikamaru waist and pulled him closer. Shikamaru snuggled closer, tucking his head under Naruto and relaxed, finding it easier now to drift off to sleep.


The weekend came and for Shino and Sakura to do their part on getting their parts. They gathered carrying a small bag of clothes and first aid kit and some nonperishable food, “Okay try to finish the test in two days if possible we don’t know how their time there runs compare to ours but try to do it fast we are counting on you two.” Both nodded, determined to come back with their summon contract.




She appeared in a tree and right before her was a Giant Owl that was staring at her in interest, with the most beautiful gold eyes she has ever seen. Its feather look like it was made from fresh snow or the moon light, “I was beginning to think we would never get a summoner, it has been such a long time since we had one.” A Masculine voice spoke behind her, making her turn to see another Giant owl that was black as night and had ruby color eyes. “I would like to sign your contract. I will do any trial or test needed to be your summoner.”


Sakura was determined for any fight or labor task, “Hmm, I see your eyes hold such fire, such loyalty.” The black owl closed its eyes, “You must avoid both of us for as long as you can, we will give you 15 minute head start.” With that, Sakura started her adventure of running and soon hiding in as many spots as she can. Getting mud in her hair to make it less noticeable, hiding in small spot and ripping the skirt of her dress to wrap her hands when they got cut up from loose rocks she was climbing she made it through one night and really feel the pressure when she had to dodge two talons trying to grab her, she started to run in zigzag forms, she bit back a cry when she fell feeling her ankle throb but got up and run before jumping into a river just as a talon try to grab her quickly swimming across she pulled herself up and out of the river and started to run again seeing how closer and clump together the trees where she had an advantage spotting one with a hollow base that was small enough for her to climb in and rest and cover that it would hard to spot her. By the second day Sakura was tired, hungry and cold from the water. Knowing it was a risk, she was sneaking back to where she first landed to grab her bag of food, just as she was a few feet away was when she heard them and just before she could dodge she was grabbed losing. 


Accepting she lost and feeling like she disappointed her family, she waited for them to send her back. “Ah child, why do you seem to be let down? Surely you remember I said for you to avoid us as long as you can, and you lasted two days, you will be a perfect summoner,” Looking up Sakura smiled before going over to sign their scroll and reading old names that used to be a summoner of the owls. She felt relief being sent back with successes.




Shino landed in a hornet on a web in the lair of the spiders of all kind, watching him and clicking their tusk communicating before the mother of all spiders moved to see him, “How interesting we never had someone want to be our summoner. Oh! My, you even have critters all over you and inside you.” Shino was sure she would smile if she could, “Aren’t you a delight, mmm We will accept you if you can withstand our venom it will be a painful process but if you are to be ours then you surely you can handle it after all your body is a house those little house pet version of us.” With that, Shino spent two days fighting the urge to scream to the point he bit his cheek, thrash around and made his palm and thighs bleed, as each venom was slowly introduced into his system before the queen very own unique venom was introduced. 


He fought all the others but hers was the worse as it made him feel like his blood was boiling, his muscles and at one point that he thought his bones would break, and he was sweating and and his eyes rolled back, but he kept up using his chakra to help him through it. He glared at her and struggle to breath, “My friends have gone through worse, so hand over the scroll and let me sign.” She laughed, lifting her two front leg as if to mimic humans throwing their hands up in humor. “You are truly perfect even in pain, you're demanding yes, yes, truly like a spider defiant even in the face of death. We shall accept you, and you will grow immune to our venom.” She rolls the scroll over to him while a young spider brought him a herbal tea that will help him with all the venom running through his body and ease the pain drinking it with a grimace he quickly sign the scroll before looking at her. “I hope to work with you soon and learn all I can.” He spoke in a rough voice before she sent him back.


When both Shino and  Sakura came back, they realized only an hour had passed, but for them two days had passed. Exhausted, hungry and feeling dirty they borrowed Naruto bathroom taking turn using it and ate the food Hinata made before falling asleep on the couch after letting everyone know they succeed in getting their contract. Naruto amused at their state before looking at the others, “Well, I can guess what it will be like for the rest of us.” Shikamaru shakes his head at his boyfriend action. Before packing to leave for the day, “I have to go home early today, I will send you all a message if something comes. Be safe, something is on the wind right now.” Nodding at the others, he brushed his hand against Naruto as a way to hug him goodbye. 


Shikamaru arrived home to find his dad waiting for him, his heart slowed down, and he felt dread pool in his stomach. “Shikamaru meet me in my office.” Nodding he followed his father ‘Mei do you know what it could be about?’ Shika asked his mentor, ‘No ideal but be careful tiny Kurayami, I think you will be playing a dangerous game.’ refocusing himself as he step through his father office. “Shikamaru you have been acting a bit different and been hiding it what is truly going on with you my son?” Shikamaru looked down at his feet before looking up, “Dad I love you and I love mom,” He took a breath trying to think how he can get out of this without revealing to much. “I know I have a duty to the clan. I know I am supposed to move up the rank and marry a girl, but I don’t want a girl, dad…. I like boys…. I know you and mom had dreams for me bu-” Shikamaru was in shock, feeling his dad arms around him. “Shikamaru you don’t have to change I will always love you, I will talk to your mom she is a bit of old fashion, but I can get her to come around if you thought for a second that I would kick you out or abandon you then you're wrong. I am sorry for not being there enough to tell you, but Shikamaru, always remember I love you more than anything.”


Shikamaru wanted to cry, and maybe he did in his father arm, but that was between them, He wished he could tell his father everything the truth the reason and who he is dating just tell him, but he couldn't now not till they could gather enough evidence and proof and strength. So he let himself hide in his father arms, for now he could pretend to still be their son who was normal and not leading a double life. What Shikamaru didn’t notice was that his father had a look in his eyes that spoke volume that he didn’t fully believe what his son said, Shikamaru will have to be more careful.


The Next weekend came and Shikamaru sent a notice to tell them that he was staying with his family for a bit to keep eyes and ears off of them but will be able to leave hopefully for Naruto and him to do their summons, and to also keep him updated. He sent a letter to Naruto through his shadows to keep an eye out for anyone following him and that he doesn’t know what caught what caught anyone attention, but that they may have to space everyone apart for a week or two until they got rid of their attention fully. Naruto wasn’t fully happy with his little shadow being locked up but kept his displeasure from the others and focus on getting the next batch done with their summons. Sasuke and Hinata were ready to go, they grabbed the empty scrolls and did the hand sign, disappearing in a poof of smoke. While they were gone, Naruto told the others two about the situation. This will be a long few days, he can already tell.




Sasuke landed in a crouch in front of the alpha pair, Sharigan blazing in all its glory. Slowly standing up, he eyed the pair as they eyed him, they started to circle him, and he tried to keep them both in his line of sight. “You smell of pack and death for one so young. Come tell us your story, and then we will decide if you are worthy of us.” Sasuke nodding began his start from what he could remember in his earlier life, to his brother supposed betrayal and theories, to searching and meeting Naruto and through him the others and preparing for the future of what they have plan and working to, how even though they have separate goals they all work together. 


The Alpha pair listen and judge his words equally, “You have been through an unfair hardship and lost but still found a new pack to join and new stability. Most would have fallen under their grief and anger, but instead you listen to your instinct in while doing so you forged your own path and destiny. Yes Uchiha Sasuke you are a wolf not bowing to those lesser than yourself but found a true kin in your pack. We will have you sign with us, but first you join us in a hunt! You are only allowed to use your own wits and skill to hunt, surely you can hunt and kill with your own body.”


With that statement he saw all the other wolves coming out of the tree line and shadow showing while he has only seen the Alpha pair that they all were watching and listening and if he had fought the pair he would've been overwhelmed by the others. He followed him them to a cave where he could leave his pack, before joining the pack back at the base of the cave. With a howl in the silence of the surround forest, telling all the prey to run for the hunt was on.




Hinata caught herself on a tree branch, swinging her self onto it, and watched the lioness that was watching her from the ground below. “Clever little cub, but are you sure I won’t come up there?” Hinata froze before quickly jumping to another branch just as another pounced at her, “There is never just one,” Remembering her and Shikamaru talking about animal behavior how most travel in packs and some did travel as a nomad. “Smart little cub, You wish to become our summoner, is that why you are here?” She tilted her head as Hinata jump down in front of her, not close enough for her to attack but close enough to hear her. Hinata bowed to her while still keeping alert for anymore on coming attacks. “Yes, I wish to become your summoner and learn from you as well.” Hinata looked her in the eyes blazing with uncontrollable fire and rage, “I need to free my family and all those that wish to use us and brand us a slave for powers!”


Intrigued and liking her fire, the Lioness moves closer, “That is very ambitious for such a little cub, how will you achieve such a tall task for one so young. Why not let the adults handle it.” Hinata snorted and glared, “Because the adults are the one who do it, My father and the elders poison my mother in hopes of killing my baby sister, They abused my brother and branded the other one, they send us to war that they started, anyone who speaks up goes missing and anyone with talent is targets. My other sister is constant abandon and sign up by her own parents in hopes that she won’t make it back.” Memories of all her family, the people she consider her family flash in her mind how they try to survive in a world that would rather they didn’t. How they have to fight each day to get stronger, How sometimes they break down. How none of them had an easy childhood and burden with the knowledge that never will. They never consider themselves one to begin with. How they depended on one another, how each one of them had a role but their goals in mind and wish to achieve them through Naruto. 


“You understand why we can’t trust the adults of our world, they don’t see as children and don’t care about the consequences of their action that reflect back on us. No, to achieve it, we have to use our own hand and keep running and fighting for a chance to get there on our own.” The lioness tail quit waving instead laying still as Hinata words register in her mind, “Very well You may sign our contract after you accomplish a task, There is a flower at the top of the mountain you must get it and feed your chakra into it, but be warned there are some summons not of my clan of course that will fight you. You must not stop feeding chakra until you get back to me. It will be hard and tiring, but I am sure you can handle it.”


With that Hinata started her journey to the Mountain that was behind the Lioness, fighting and dodging the other summons, losing her jacket. Covered in cuts and bruises but returning to the Lioness with a a beautiful blue lotus flower, she noticed Hinata palms were bloody from cuts, but the girl accomplished it. Taking the flower into her mouth, she moved it to a sick little cub, feeding it to the little one. “Sign the contract little cub, but remember you may face hardship with your goal, but they're or those you will save and remember you as a hero.” Hinata hesitated before nodding, signing the contract before getting sent back home.


Sasuke return in two hours and Hinata on the third hour, both tired and dirty with marks on their skin from their trail, but both carried a proud sort of feeling that they succeeded with their task. Washing up and eating, Sasuke laid on the couch to recover on sleep while Hinata changed, before laying on the other side of the couch. Knowing they were gone only a few hours but for them, they were gone two and three days respectfully. Sakura laid a cover over them and Shino nodded before leaving to send a message to Shikamaru.


Two weeks passed that Naruto and Shikamaru both had to push back on getting their summons to try and keep the attention off of them, Shikamaru when he could escape to see them also had to stay trapped in his clan compound. The only time he could spend with Naruto was when his parents were deep asleep, and he would appear in Naruto bed. Since Shikamaru couldn’t train with them as he used to, for the time being he would train with Mei to have a grater control over him as he felt some change going on in his body. While the Seal Naruto place on them would hide it, but Shikamaru like turning off in his room or at Naruto’s with the others. Finally, the attention eased up on the third week and Shikamaru was able to escape to the others to do the summoning contracts. With a nod and a call of, “Sasuke is in charge while we are gone.” they vanished in a poof of smoke.




Naruto should have expected to land in front of a Kitsune clan, sitting across from his was the clan head of the kitsune a woman with nine white tells looking at him in curiosity. “You smell like a kitsune but aren’t one, how odd.” Naruto snorted, tilting his head to the side, making some of his hair fall in font of his eyes. “Not really, given the fact I have the Kyuubi no kitsune inside me.” The woman heart stopped before beating fast. “You have my husband sealed in you. Kurama is there.” Tears filled her eyes before falling, “No wonder you landed here… You will sign the contract, but I want a deal that my husband will be free one day.” Naruto froze before slipping, his face in a blank state. “Kurama-sensei is like family to me, and I had already made a vow to free him. I will free him with or without your deal, but if it gives you peace then yes I accept your terms, But only if I am allowed to see him. He has taken care of me since I was kit, even if he says I am still one.”  He finished his speech and signing his name on the contract


She smirked, “Since it seems like my Husband has adopted you, then it is my job to also take care of you. Welcome to the Kitsune clan.” He looked at her shocked breaking his mask, “Also next time you visit bring your little mate.” She finished as she sent him back to his world, her heart at peace knowing her husband was still alive as two teen coming in her chambers with red and white hair.




Shikamaru landed in a jungle facing a fearsome female Jaguar instead of showing his fear he bared his teeth back at her, she looked amused but didn’t back down from a challenge and honestly this would be fun. Soon they were dancing around one another to land hits and dodge attack. They would continue to do this for a day and a half, as they would need time to think of a battle plan and lick their wounds. Shikamaru didn’t back down once even when corner smirking at her, once she stepped into the dark, he quickly connected to her. “Sorry, but I have a troublesome blond who would be annoyed if I came back even more injured and without a without a summon. Plus, I need to protect my pack and everything I cherish.” Moving towards her, he release the control over the shadows while still staying in the dark. “I win, do you deem me more than worthy of being one of your summoners and cub?” He eyed here deadly form, she chuffed before nodding her head. “Very worthy, especially since you fought with ferocity, truly one of us indeed.” He signed the contract and rubbed her head and smile softly “See you Hime.” hearing the chuffed again as she butted her head against him “You too cub.” Before he was sent back.


Coming back in an hour and half and feeling mildly tired and sure, which was probably from the adrenaline pumping thru his veins, he found Naruto and made a beeline to him and plop himself in his lap before it could wear off. ‘Fuck it, everyone either already suspect it or figure it out, and I am sore and hungry.’ Snuggling into his boyfriend warmth. Naruto looked amused but continued to talk with everyone as if nothing happen, Hinata and Sakura giggled, Shino raised an eyebrow before muttering “Finally.”, and Sasuke smirked. When Shikamaru finally worked up from his napping, He brought to everyone attention of the Genin exam and the need to plan for it.


While they agreed for Shino, Sakura, Hinata, and Sasuke to pass in either high marks or mid to high marks, they couldn’t agree how Shikamaru to pass with low marks or medium to low one. Then the conversation moved onto Naruto, which caused an argument if Naruto should [ass or see what it was with Mitsuki wanted. While they could gamble and learn something with Mitsuki and more than likely Naruto could become a genin if they play it right once they learn, it was still to much of a risk. It continues even when one of them got food for all of them, and by the time everyone broke apart to go home none of them could come to an agreement.

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You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.


Shikamaru woke to morning light and his mom calling him for breakfast. It's been Six years and ten months since that day that he met Naruto and the others, six years and ten months of training in secret and training with his dad, hiding secrets and planning. They knew they had to be careful and find anyone they could trust and start rumors to cover their tracks. Slipping out of his bed carefully he goes to shower and stopping at the mirror he may not have bulked up like Naruto and Sasuke keeping a slim but athletic build since it fit his summons style of fighting. He and Hinata are more of the flexible fighters, using their summons style of fighting of pouncing and sometime running them into the ground. Moving on, he quickly washed his hair and body before getting out and drying off before getting dress and sitting at his vanity and brushing his hair before tying it up in his signature ponytail it has grown longer these past couple year, and he was debating on having Hinata cut it or let it grow out. Sighing softly, he moved away and figures he will decide on it later, before joining his parents he places his lazy mask on  placing a bored expression and locking his true emotions behind his meditation, he was still disgusted with his mom for not letting truly help Naruto that night, but a small child like part of him understood for her fear of Danzo and the public. He still loved his dad but everyday he looked more defeated and tired than the day before and with Shikamaru sneaking into his office to see if he can find anything or ease dropping into his father conversation with his friends or mom he can understand why. Shikamaru ate the food, but he couldn’t really taste it when he realized that today would be their Graduating Exam and they still haven’t agreed to if Naruto should pass it or fail wanting to groan but biting back by the skin of his teeth he finished his food and washed it before telling his parents that Choji and him wanted to get there early before the loud fangirls and others do, so they can find a seat when in reality he was going to see his other friends to see if they have a plan or not. 


Slipping out he left and started to take random turns in case anyone was following him before stepping into the shadow feeling it wrap around him and he appeared in Naruto apartment feeling the wards wash over him. Naruto appeared in front of him in a towel his tooth brush dangling from his moth with a raised eyebrow, Shikamaru could feel his face turning red “Please put on some fucking clothes you nudist!” Naruto snorted before waving his hand as if to say, ’Do whatever you want.’ Shikamaru knowing this place like the back of his hand and able to walk around blind and believe him he could literally walk this place blindfolded started on making Naruto something to eat once done with that he sat on the counter in front of the one little spot the sunlight hit warming it, he had claimed this counter spot for so long that no one used it. “You are early Shika,” feeling a brush of lips against his cheek as a silent thank you before Naruto started to eat. “Well yes it had dawn on me that none of us voted if you should fail or pass. I still say you should pass more than likely Mitsuki has nothing of value even with Kurama-sensei negative emotion sensory still doesn’t help us, and it is a gamble if what he does will get a round about way of passing to become a ninja. It's too high of a risk betting on luck.” Seeing Naruto finish the last of his food his food he hoped down and grabbed the plate and bringing them to the sink to wash it as Naruto though about what he said and more than likely talking about it with Kurama. Finish with that little task he moved back to his spot and feeling a little lazy and knowing it annoyed his boyfriend at time. He summon the shadow to force Naruto to walk over to him slotting him between his legs and releasing his control on his partner shadow he wrapped himself in a koala position (Wrapping his legs around Naruto waist and arms around his shoulders.) Naruto let out a annoyed huff but otherwise let it go wrapping his own arms around him, “I get what you mean but we still need the others to decide, they will be here shortly.” He hummed in acknowledgment but was content to rest in this spot feeling a drowsy from warmth of the sun and Naruto own body heat. It still annoyed him when Naruto used the genjutsu seal that made him look short and slightly malnourished when in all honesty Naruto was healthy, fit, and Tall for their age group. “Okay but I still put vote pass the damn test you troublesome blond.” moving his head to press a quick kiss to cut Naruto off before going back to tucking his head back in Naruto neck.


Soon the others showed up Hinata and Sakura through the door and Sasuke through the false wall that connected to the other apartment, “Ototo the Other apartment looks worse for wear did the Villager break in again?” Naruto leaned back, making Shikamaru grumble but release Naruto, who squeezed his hip. “Mmm, probably I have sleeping here for the last few nights, was there anything broken that needs replacement?” Sasuke just sigh not surprised or angry, just disappointed with this place. “Nothing of any real importance or real value.” Sakura and Hinata had moved into the kitchen with them Sakura drinking OJ and getting Hinata her Cranberry Sliding their personal cups to them was Sasuke who already grabbed his own for the Coffee machine to that already started brewing. “Sakura, please stop drinking from the container, what if someone wanted that?” Sasuke complained it was their usual running gag, Sakura right on time flipped him off. “My OJ, I can drink it how I want.” before sitting down. “Okay, you two calm down, We need to decide on if Naruto should pass or fail. Both Choices have pro and Cons with them, If he pass we can start our next phase after we pass the jonin test to be a team, but the con is how can we explain Naruto knowing the Shadow clone? If we pick fail, we have to hope to hell that Naruto can still become a ninja and pass thru whatever trail that nut job has and doesn’t get punish for whatever crime it is.”


Everyone sat there in silence listening to Shikamaru, “I say he should pass we can use the excuse that Naruto must have snuck and watched a Jonin or ANBU use that jutsu and copied it,” Hinata spoke Sakura hummed at that it was a slightly believable lie that couldn’t really be dined “That could work but what should we do with Mitsuki?” He wasn’t really important to them or their work, but he could become a threat and most of all he was one of the people that tried to sabotage Naruto education. He would've succeeded if they hadn’t had their eyes open to reality, and close with each other none of this would have happened but even so they study and learned what they could get their hands on. “We could go with that, it would hard press to prove him wrong or right as that would require having to have him watched, which is already impossible.” Sasuke finish before sipping the last bit of coffee as Shino appear. “Sorry for being late, Father was asking me of my opinion of future team members.” They nodded understanding that some things happen, “It is fine we are talking about Naruto and the exam. It seems so far we are agreeing on is that if Naruto does pass that after the clone portion to make a excuse saying Naruto had seen either the Jonin or ANBU training using that. Either way it should be enough but we have to agree and figure out Mitsuki. Who all here agree to passing” All of them raised their hand, “We can figure out Maybe Sasuke can place him under a Sharingan genjutsu or Hinata poison. We can figure out later right now we should go to school and get ready for phase two.” 


Nodding they all got ready for school and left one by one, arriving a little after each other blending in and playing the parts of kids when really they were monsters ready to take on the world and feast. Shikamaru cracked an eye from where he was resting his head on his arms, Iruka soon walked into the room yelling at them to get settle, thankfully before any more of a fight broke out between who would sit with sasuke. Yawning when he sat up to do his paper exam asking basic question, Shikamaru was already bored and if he didn’t have any better control of himself he would of started to draw on his test. Thankfully, the hour past and they did their Taijutsu. Shikamaru grimaced seeing Hinata and Sakura pretend to be weak having saw those two demolish a training post, and honestly he wouldn’t want to be anyone facing their wrath. Sasuke and Naruto played up their parts, but still hid their skills enough not to be question. Shino and Shikamaru barely passing it, just with enough to not be dead last. Genjutsu dispelling was easy, the only one who would struggle would of been him and Sakura, but having sasuke cast genjutsu on you and using his Sharingan helped enough for them to be able to tell. Finally, the last part of the exam came henge, substitute and clone. Shino went first from their group and came back with a headband, same for Sakura, Hinata, Shikamaru and Sasuke. They all head their breath when it was Naruto turn. After fifteen minutes, Naruto finally appear, their hearts drop when they saw him walk in with his head down before he lift it and the light glinted off his headband that he was wearing. Iruka came in smiling, while Mitsuki look like he bit into a nasty lemon.


Shikamaru wanted to purr in happiness seeing that look, he felt excited wanting to finally get rid of that man. His dislike was a burning passion that could only be rival by a selected few people, but for now he could start making some of that list short. Iruka gave his speech of how proud of them he was and to come back in a week for their team placement before releasing them for the day. Shikamaru watched Mitsuki for a bit before heading out with Choji. It was freeing knowing he wouldn’t have to becoming to the academy. Now they just need to figure out what they needed to do to become actual Genins and new training rotation schedule, He walked home and showed his mom his headband, knowing she would want to celebrate with the others he sighed not wanting to be around them but forced himself because it would draw more attention to himself then needed. He headed to his room to at least change and send a letter via the shadows to Naruto and promise to see him sometime tonight. He wanted to be happy he really did but they would be separated and force to relie on others to watch their back and while he knew logically that he could trust Choji and Ino to cover him but what about the others, He already guessed that Shino and Hinata would be on a team together but what about Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto who would watch theirs. 


The party was in full swing and Shikamaru for once was grateful that Ino was keeping all the attention to herself, basking in it. Shikamaru at times was envious of her and Choji innocence, but he wouldn’t trade anything he had for the friends (Family) he has for a chance to be a innocent. No, he is grateful for all they accomplish together for the people they are turning out to be, He wasn’t to surprise when his father making his way to him and sitting down. “Shikamaru you aren’t socializing with the others?” Shikamaru continue watching everyone laugh and Ino bragging about how she did better than all the other girls, He wonder how she would feel if she knew how far behind she is compared to Sakura and Hinata. If she knew that all she dreamed about getting with Sasuke, she wouldn’t, or how her so call rival for him wasn’t even interested in him like that. He smirked a little, “No, I rather let Ino and Choji handle it, it's troublesome anyway.” That got a snort out of his father, but he knew his old man has been watching him a lot more lately, especially looking at him in a calculated way. 


“Oi, Tou-sama can we play when we get home, I have a new strategy I want to try. This time I will win.” Shikamaru hoped this would be enough to lure his father attention onto a new matter and would try to focus on what strategy Shikamaru could of made. It halfway worked but still Shikaku eyes were drifting to his son. Watching how he seemed relaxed but was alert, how he seemed to track everyone with his eyes. Shikaku was going to say something again, but a jonin appear for him to head to the hokage toward something was stolen. As soon as Shikaku disappear, no one really noticed Shikamaru slipping away and disappearing in the Shadow, He appeared in his room and makes a clone out of his own shadow and nods letting it change and crawl into bed. Shikamaru slipped on loose but fitting black Shinobi pants, a tight black shirt, and a black jacket, he pulled his hair down. He made a mask of complete darkness and slip it on. Before shadow traveling to Naruto’s, he appeared in Naruto bedroom, before walking out once he noticed the blond wasn’t there. 


Each one of them was dressed in all black, but it was the mask that caught his eyes, Hinata wore lion mask, Sakura a blank masked, Shino half white half gold mask, Sasuke a wolf, and Naruto wore a mask a fox no mouth with an ovals design on it (Menma mask) and another thing was they change their hair color to muted ordinary color. Naruto must have put a seal on the mask to do that because he didn’t smell any dye or sense a henge. Nodding at the others, he moved next to Naruto side and looked at everyone. “My father got pulled away, something was stolen. We can track them from a distant but not to close we don’t know who is the group that can spot us, I will cover us in the shadows and try to get close enough to them.” They nodded each one grab hands with each other performing a perfect circle. ‘Mei can you help me a little I i haven’t traveled yet with such a large group.’ he heard Mei laugh in his head before a addition chakra enter his system and he will the darkness to take them to where he felt his father was only at a distant far enough for them to hear but not be seen. Add a layer of darkness to hide them more from view, just encase. He looked at the others to see them shake a little from his version of travel. 


They watched as Mitsuki went into a speech about how this village would rather let a monster like Naruto become one of their own, so he would betray them then trust a demon and he was sure his master would reward him handsomely for bringing him the scroll of forbidden work, curious on who his master was they waited for anything, but soon it broke into a fight. Realizing that nothing of importance would happen, Shikamaru nodded at Hinata who pulled out her senbou and threw them in a precise manner hitting Mitsuki in the neck, watching him fall and start to foam at the mouth as tears of blood falling from his mouth. The other ninja started looking around, but it would be no use as they were already back at Naruto place thanks to Shikamaru. “While it would of been interesting to learn who his master was, it was nothing of importance. We can at least assume logically that he would have had Naruto steal the scroll.” Shino spoke up taking his mask off and place his sunglasses on, Sakura nodded as well taking her own off, her hair return to its pink with no hint that it was a dull brown. “Yeah, and it could of brought not only attention to Naruto, but get him in serious trouble.” Hinata blue hair nodded from her spot, “Yes, good call Shika nii-san thankfully the poison I used is new and won’t trace back to us most likely they will think the so call master had someone keep a eye on him and if he seem like he was about to say something then dispose of him.” Sasuke nodded his agreement and Naruto hummed most likely in deep though. “I wish we could of found him sooner I am interested in what that scroll contains. For now everyone is dismiss, Shikamaru stay I need to talk to you about something.” Shikamaru nodded and everyone quickly heads out looking at Shikamaru curiously, but honestly he didn’t even know.


Shikamaru followed Naruto to the kitchen and hopped up in his spot just like this morning, and Naruto made home between his leg. “Tell me who do you think in our group will be team together.” Shikamaru closed his eyes and tilted it as he ran through his though. “If they follow the pattern, Hinata and Shino will be together with Kiba as a tracking team. I will be in the Cho-Shika-Ino and if I am correct in guessing then You, Sakura and Sasuke will be teamed but that's just me hoping…” Naruto frown as he study Shikamaru, slowly he cups his face, “I don’t like having none of us watching you, but I do have a gift for you. I know you can send letters and message to me via the shadows but i made you a journal it has a seal, so only you can open it but another seal that sends a message to all of us or one of us and once read the message disappear so you won’t run out of paper. It's a way for you to stay in contact with us especially after your last house arrest.” Shikamaru smiled at him, “Thank you, Naruto, I appreciate it and it will help. But your gift will have to wait after team placement.” Leaning up he place a kiss against his cheek. “We should get some sleep, I have a clone at home right now covering me. Either you can sneak with me into my bedroom or I can sleep here but I need to make sure my cover is not blown right now my dad is focusing on me and I know he won’t at first think of me but… I really don’t like him focusing.”


He whisper softly looking away, Naruto frown before sighing softly. “I will probably go with you, but we have to be careful about this. I don’t like that Shikamaru we have to throw him off you and fast.” Shikamaru nodded before moving down, he helped pack an overnight bag for Naruto and touched the dark wall, closing his eyes to see what was going on at home. Seeing no one near his room and in it, he shadow travels to it with Naruto in tow. He disspells his clone and leads Naruto to the Shower bringing him a towel to dry himself off it and quickly change while in his room alone before making sure the door was locked and the window was closed, lock and the blinds closed as well. He moved his vanity chair in front of the door and place a rubix cube on the chair close to the edge that if the chair is just tilted a little would knock it off just in case. Soon Naruto comes of the bathroom in just sweats and makes his way to Shikamaru and for tonight. He would let his mind rest and could pretend he was a innocent kid, sleeping next to his boyfriend and just graduated the academy. Just for tonight he could pretend that it is okay, that everything is fine.

Chapter Text

Waking up to warmth and safety made Shikamaru smile, turning in Naruto arms before snuggling back in the hold closing his eyes till he heard the knock on his door making him frown and grumble before lifting his head to call to the person more than likely his mom that he is awake. “Naru you have to wake up,” Naruto just grumbles tighten his hold on Shikamaru making him fall back into the other's chest and sighs softly trying to think of a way to wake Naruto up. He pokes his side and tries to wiggle out of the hold, finally waking Naruto up, who didn’t look to happy to be up but moves with Shikamaru to gather his things before Shikamaru sent him off thru his closet.


Shikamaru fixes his room and quickly showers before sitting at his vanity after unlocking his door and dressing to brush his hair just in time for his mom to knock and poke her head in to see what was taking him so long. He made himself look sleepy and that was why he was taking him so long. “Shika-chan breakfast is ready, try to hurry before it cools down to much dear. You don’t want to be late for team placement.” Grumbling a yeah before he finish brushing his hair and pull it up in its signature style, he made his way downstairs into the dinning room to eat, he was a little surprised to see his father there but didn’t say anything, he tied his headband on his left arm. Sitting down he yawns before starting to eat mumbling that he could be napping making his mom laugh before scolding him to just eat and then go so he could nap later, his dad snorted but silently agreed with his son that it was a perfect day to nap as if sensing her husband though she gave him a scary smile, “Shikaku love don’t forget the stuff you promise to work on when you got the day off.” He shivers and smiles while sweating, agreeing that he remember and would work on it right after he ate. Snorting at his father fear of his mother while he may complain about her nagging him as part of his mask, he knew he was safe when it came to her wrath mainly cause his father was the usual culprit for it. 


Once he was done and gave his mom a kiss on the cheek and nodded at his father, he started out the door and plan how they can get Shikaku off his tail or at least misdirect his attention. They could go silent for a few weeks, but they really couldn’t afford to, not when they started to hear more whispers now and something seems to be picking up. During his walk, he could feel someone watching him, he can tell they had to either be jonin or anbu but to figure out who they were he couldn’t say he had almost all of them figured out but he knew a good portion and right now he couldn’t say. Not wanting to alert them to his skills and knowing that he knew he was being watched he slowed down seeing Sakura coming around the corner he went down and fix his shoe, at least that what it appears to be to the person watching what he couldn’t see was him tapping and Sakura subtle nod at him as it looked like she was moving her hair over her shoulder.


Shikamaru then got up and continue his walk to school, no more pausing or slowing down as he knew Sakura would pass on that he was being followed by an unknown. She must have succeeded in informing the others because within 30 minutes all of them slowly appeared and place themselves strategically in a formation that wouldn’t seem to out of the ordinary to anyone looking but would protect Shikamaru and help them in retreat. He chanced a glance at Naruto and by the looks of his eyes he wasn’t to happy about this. He casually looked around and saw that all of them wasn’t happy and some of them looked worried but were hiding it. 


He then laid his head down and closed his eyes, entering in his mindscape to see Mei. Opening his eyes to see Mei who looked even more different yet he could see an older version of himself. He moved to sit down in front of him in front of the board game. “What do you think should be done about the tail?” He moved a piece on the board, “We can always drive them insane tiny Kurayami.” Mei smiled showing too many teeth, Shikamaru though about it. “Wouldn’t the Yamanaka be able to still get in their head?” He asked, it was an option and an interesting one, “If they want to be driven mad or get lost in someone head and never find their way back to their body. They should know that if they want to call themselves mind walkers.” He snorted taking Shikamaru piece who frown before taking one of Mei piece, “We also need to get attention off of me as well this won’t do good for any of our plans if I being watched and tracked.” Mei hummed in agreement, “You can always plant thoughts by making it seem like you heard something about someone who is in your way or suggest something you saw that was suspicious, but that would also bring attention to you. I doubt you want an accident on your father.” Shikamaru frown it was true he didn’t want that but at the same time he wasn’t sure what else he could do.


“Not unless I can avoid it but if it comes down to it Mei you can do it.” He sighs, he knows it sounds harsh, He does love his father but he was also standing in the way of the dream his family and friends have and sometimes pieces needed to be sacrifice for the wins. Mei smirked darkly at him holding a piece up, “Gladly tiny kurayami, Your fox is getting agitated and teacher is about to enter do tell him to calm down I can feel him all the way in your soul.” Shikamaru nodded amused at the complaint “You can always visit Kurama-sensei.” Mei looked at him lazily before smirking, “Mmm that fox might try to kill me,” He laughed softly before grinning “I think I will, it would be fun.” Waving his hand at Shikamaru sending him to the waking world making him yawn and stretch just as Iruka-sensei walked in and yelled at them to sit down and shut up. Shikamaru and the others were ignoring Iruka speech and the first Six group, “Team Seven Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, Uchiha Sasuke your Jonin Sensei is Hatake Kakashi” Sakura pretended to be excited about being with Sasuke and made fun of Ino while Naruto pretended to be upset about being teamed with Sasuke and Sasuke just ignored them, it was probably because they have the copycat ninja as their Sensei.


Iruka yelled at those two before calming down once the room was quiet, “Team Eight Inuzuka Kiba, Hyuuga Hinata, Aburame Shino your Jonin Sensei is Yuhi Kurenai” Shikamaru could feel the others relaxed before it clicked that Shikamaru had none of them to protect his back. Shikamaru looked bored before laying his head on his arm, “Team Nine is still in rotation, Team Ten is Akimichi Choji, Yamanaka Ino, Nara Shikamaru your Jonin Sensei is Sarutobi Asuma.” That picked his interest wondering why he has the Third Hokage son as his sensei, looking over at Naruto he sighed as they took a break for lunch. Ino and Choji asked him if he wanted to get something to eat he declined mumbling that he was still full and just wanted to take a nap. They nodded not really surprised by this and walked off to get something Hinata and Shino was forced to go with Kiba to get something to eat, he wanted to snort because if Kiba wasn’t careful either will get poison by those two or Sasuke will rip him apart if he kept trying to touch Hinata.


Soon it was just Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and him, He got up mumbling about going to nap on the roof. Walking out and heading to the stairs for the roof he felt Naruto not to far behind along with the tail. He headed to the darkest part of the shadow and bends the darkness to block him and conceal his chakra making it seem like he vanish. Naruto must have made it look like he was going to the bathroom sensing his tail, He felt them try to look for him and checking the area even near his spot but glanced over him. It was his new sensei who was watching him by the jonin vest, he watch the man shot his hand into the spot he is sitting in but misses him and touch the wall making the man frown. “Huh Maybe the kid must have gone off with those two or he is good at hiding.” Sighing he walks off before shunshin away he spread his senses and didn’t feel him. Look for Naruto in his sense told him he was alone and leaning against the entrance of the door. He brushes his chakra against his letting him know it was safe to come.


The door opens and Naruto heads to his spot, knowing where Shikamaru would hide. He opens the darkness for Naruto to come in before closing it back up. “It's my new sensei I have a feeling he couldn’t find me, now I am kind of sad I wanted to try a new method I have oh well I guess I can wait.” Naruto looked at him before shaking his head and pulls Shikamaru into his lap and holds him, “Want to make a bet on how long Kiba will live until either Shino, Hinata or Sasuke snaps and do him in?” He smirks, “It will be a race I would say Sakura might surprise us but I feel like she might do Ino in if she keeps bothering her brother.” Naruto smirks “Your on I say till the Chunin exam and it would Shino he is silent but I bet he is a pent-up ball of rage.” Shikamaru hums thinking about it, “I say Sasuke because he keeps messing with Hinata and flirting with her even when she rejects him.” Naruto pulls Shikamaru hair down and runs his finger through it.


“I wished I could of slept next to you longer,” He mumbles before hiding his face in the back of Shikamaru neck, “I know soon we won’t have to keep doing this Naru we will be free.” Naruto sighs but nods making Shikamaru lace their fingers together. “Naruto do you know Kakashi?” He nods his head, “I think we should try to get him to join us, it would do good to have someone with higher access than us on our side and he might not more people to join our cause. Plus he might have known Hound nii-chan.” Naruto nodded he found out through sasuke that Itachi was Cat and Hound was Itachi captain. “We can try, at the very least.” Shikamaru whisper softly rubbing his thumb over Naruto’s knuckles before leaning back onto his chest getting comfortable. “You know I am not happy that none of his is teamed with you,” Shikamaru hummed softly “I told you it would more than likely happen, there is nothing we can do about it for now.”


Naruto sighs, “That is true but none of us has to like it especially me if something happens to you because of them I will make sure they never live to make that mistake twice.” Shikamaru laughed, “I think you would be fighting the others over who gets it first because.” He looked over his shoulder at him, Naruto smirked “No because you are mine I get to fight for your honor first.” Shikamaru raised a brow, “We are Ninja pretty much paid killers, the attack dogs of our village do we even have honor at this point?” He loved getting Naruto wound him about this, “Yes you have honor, your morals maybe a little or a lot skewed but so is the rest of us. I mean I was raised by the Kyuubi no Kitsune, Sakura is probably the definition of an Sociopath, Sasuke came home to a dead clan and stays in the house where his family died, Hinata plots the death of her father and elders with Neji and little sister, Lee is probably Bipolar or another Sociopath in the making, My beautiful Dark angel, you are just naturally a genius who fell in love with the demon signing your life away with mine.” Shikamaru rolled his eyes but smiles turning to kiss Naruto. “Don’t need to make mine sound like those young adult novels fox.”


Naruto smiles at him with mirth in his eyes, “Why Shika I didn’t know you read them to know what that sounds like.” Shikamaru blushes before hitting him, “I do not read them Ino blabbers about them so damn much I could tell you the top ten books.” He looks away feeling his face burning from the comment, “Sure Shika that is it.” Naruto made sure his voice convey how much he didn’t believe him before tugging Shikamaru up, “Come on Lunch is almost over,” Shikamaru did not want to get up but he did anyway as he stood he turns and kiss Naruto one more time before bending the darkness to let them out and made their way back to the classroom Shikamaru sat back in his spot and rested his head on the table.


Shikamaru was glade that Naruto was able to keep track of the time because not even fifteen minutes later the class filled back up and not even 10 minutes later Shikamaru new sensei called his group out with Hinata and Shino sensei right next to him. Shikamaru followed his teammates out and headed to the BBQ restaurant getting a table, “Okay let's do some introduction name, likes, dislikes, hobbies, and dreams. I will go first, Sarutobi Asuma, I like trying to figure out puzzles and seeing new places on my travel, my dislikes getting delayed and those who don’t try to do better rather letting themselves fail then put the effort it takes, my hobbies are playing Shogi and trying new strategy out in the game, My dream is to marry the woman of my dream and have two kids before retiring and opening a dojo.” He finished before pointing at Choji to go.


Choji started to talk in between his bites of his chip disgusting Ino who moved away from him, “My name is Akimichi Choji, My likes are trying out new flavor of chips and eating all you can eat buffets, My dislike are those who call me fat and mistreats others for something they can’t help, my hobbies is trying new food my dad makes and cooking myself, My dream is to be as great of a ninja as my dad is.” Asuma nods before pointing at Ino to go next “The name is Yamanaka Ino, My likes are shopping and keeping up to date with the latest gossip, My dislike is Forehead girl!” She growled Shikamaru sighs rubbing his ear, when inside he was annoyed at her, “My hobby is helping out at my family flower shop and gardening at home, and my dream is to marry Sasuke-kun!” Asuma looked like he died inside realizing he had a fan girl he hoped he could break that habit of hers.


Finally, it was Shikamaru turn sighing softly “What a drag my name is Nara Shikamaru, I like cloud watching and taking naps” More like he liked hanging out with his friends and trying out new training styles, “I dislike getting woke up and having to deal with simple problems that be fix,” He hated the corrupted in their village and the fact they're wiping out history, how the people in power are either looking away from the problem playing blind or they are the problem, how they're taking kids or how more and more Shinobi are being claimed dead, how some mission is sabotage and intel is messed up for what they need more information. “My hobbies are playing Shogi with my dad, reading and training in my clan art,” More like Mei beats him in the ground and makes him work harder to control his powers, play Shogi with Mei and reading the things Mei gets him to understand himself. “My dream is to get to a certain rank retired and work in my clans' medicine shop and marry someone who isn’t to ugly nor to pretty and have one kid.” Marry his mate and adopt a few kids after they get rid of the disease in this village and try to save it or go with plan B.


Asuma nodded and rest his hand on the table looking at all three of them, “We are going to do the real Genin test tomorrow, there is a sixty-six percent failure rate. So be prepared bring everything you require and if you need to pray to any god you believe that you three can make it because one of you might get sent back or all three of you fail. Show me what you three got.” Ino and Choji looked in shock while Shikamaru did, but his eyes had a calculating look making Asuma believe that he was coming up with plans and trying to decode what he meant, Really Shikamaru was asking Mei if he prayed to him would it work since he was in Shikamaru and if he could give him a blessing. Shikamaru already figured out that this was to see how well their teamwork was and if they could work together and he had a plan already once they were done discussing tomorrow and Ino trying to wiggle out what it was that they were doing and food came Shikamaru was ready to try and get out of there by jumping out the window.


A few more hours and finally they were leaving, Shikamaru headed home feeling more drain and ready to fall asleep standing he forgot how draining everything could be when not with his family, dodging his mother questions and noting his dad wasn’t home. Going straight to his bed after locking his door, checking his window and making sure the blinds were closed and fell asleep feeling to tired to do anything else. He slept all night not hearing his mom knocked on the door, or his dad unlocking it and looking in only to see his son laying on top of his bed still dress snoring deeply with a little drool. Shaking his head and closing the door. He woke up as soon as it was morning sleepily shuffle to his bathroom and undress did a quick shower before getting dressed. He sits at his vanity and brushed his hair like usual before pulling it in a ponytail, ties his headband on his arm, He checks his weapons, making sure they were good, grabbing extra ninja wire and paper bombs.


He meets up with Ino and Choji at her family shower shop, Shikamaru lets Ino take the lead and guide them to the meeting spot on a training ground with a large tree and a small stream nearby, Asuma appear ten minutes later smirking, “Your test is to capture me and get this scroll off me you have till the afternoon. Good luck, your test starts now!” Asuma darts off, “Okay I have a plan Ino, Choji I need you to distract him I will set some traps, I will give you the signal when I show up I will make it look like I am trying to trap him follow the direction I am trying to lead him to and the trap he will fall into will give us more than enough to trap him in my shadow, Choji just in case he break hold, be ready to grab him. Ino try to hurry and control his body and throw us the scroll.” They nodded and ran off after Asuma, Shikamaru went to work thankful Naruto taught them how to lay down traps. He made pits with sharp sticks, covered them up, almost all the trees covered in bombs in random places ninja wire laid tied like a spiderweb, covered in paralysis poison, and a trip wire to set off weapons to shoot out. 


Hopefully this will be enough to capture him, following the noise Shikamaru took a chance to make it look like he was trying to Capture Asuma when really he was guiding him in the area he laid down the traps, Ino and Choji coming through helping to guide. Asuma almost fell for the pit only to get stuck on the wires and ended up cutting himself and cutting himself loose not noticing the smirk on the Shikamaru face when he saw the cut, just as he landed Shikamaru caught him in his shadow, “Ino now!” He wasn’t to worry even if he did break free that poison would kick in a few minutes Asuma wouldn’t be able to move. Ino rushed grabbing the scroll only for Asuma to break free, “I wouldn’t do that Sensei you cut yourself. “Asuma paused Ino continued back to them with the scroll “What does the cute have to do Shikamaru?” He smirked, “I laced those wires with Paralysis poison just in case you broke free and Choji couldn’t grab you fast enough, here you go.” He tossed the antidote, “So do we pass?” Asuma quickly took already starting to feel the effect of the poison, “Yes you pass, it was a good plan to distract me while you set the trap then have all three of you guided me without me catching on and having a back-up plan encase something failed.” 


Shikamaru let a breath of relief, “I will see you here tomorrow to start on training and taking on missions.” He nods turning to leave he was going to Naruto’s, Ino was bragging that of course they passed because she was there, Choji was just eating and ignoring her like usual. Once they broke off Shikamaru walked into an alley and waited till he couldn’t feel anyone let the Darkness take him and appeared in Naruto room. He relaxed feeling the wards wash over him making him feel safe and comforted, he heads tot eh kitchen and decided to make something for dinner and then bake a cake while he was at. It's been a while since he did anything like this, letting himself get lost in the rhythm of cooking and setting the table and then baking a two tier cake and making homemade frosting and and frosting the cake and writing congratulation on passing. Before he knew everyone was there and watching him work on the cake, “Can we eat the cake first?” Sakura asked eyeing the cake with a hunger, He gives her a look. “I made dinner you eat that first then you can have slice, go clean yourselves up first though I do not even wanna know what is in your hair Nata, or why you are wet Naru.” He points to the bathroom kicking them out of the kitchen. He washes his hand before going to the table one by one they all came out and thanked him for cooking, he felt complete as if he can breathe again surrounded by them, Lee and Neji showed up and had some food as Shikamaru made more than what he though and soon the cake was being eaten and Shikamaru made sure to cut a large piece of for Hanabi. 


By the time they finish and everyone was tired Shino just suggest they all just sleep here, “Yeah I will just send a clone home and say I was hiding at your place Shino.” He nods, Shikamaru made the clone and sent it into the shadow close by his home. Shikamaru groans and head to the shower while everyone rearrange the living grabbing pillows and blanket to make a huge nest for them to all sleep in. Shikamaru quickly washes and steals Naruto shirt and shorts. Getting dressed he finds a spot with everyone already laying down and in variation of falling asleep. Curled up beside Naruto with Hinata on at his back and Sakura using his legs as pillow. He could hear Sasuke quiet breath, a soft buzz from Shino, Lee mumbling in his sleep, and Neji reading in the dim light. Shikamaru could finally fall asleep surround by his family.

Chapter Text

Shikamaru regrets his life decision, ready to throw himself out the window to end all or drown himself in the bath. It all started when they woke up, Shikamaru started on the breakfast. Everyone gather around on the floor when Naruto asked how they should bring Kakashi into their group, Sasuke still grumpy and the coffee was taking a while to brew that is Shikamaru excuse for what came out of his mouth next. “Why not have Shika make some cookies and tempt him to our side with those.” Shikamaru eyebrow twitch, he looked over to Naruto to put a stop only to see his boyfriend considering it. Hinata look thoughtful “I mean it could work, I would join anyone if they made Shika famous Cinnamon rolls, I don’t know what he does but they are so delicious. Maybe his mom taught him?” Shikamaru shudder, he cared for his mother, but her cooking skills were that of someone who burnt water. He learned from his grandmother on how to cook and bake memorizing and improving certain things it was relaxing. Focusing back and listening to everyone he was ready to hit them over the head. He made sasuke coffee and handing it to him, “Get rid of that stupid ideal right now there is no way that would work on anyone, Do you think some secret group out there invites people by using candy and dessert to get people to join?” 


Sasuke just gave him a smirk before sipping his coffee Shikamaru could tell today was going to be hell, Hinata not wanting to deal with the drama asked what was up with lee wearing that hideous green outfit. “Our super psycho teacher gave it to Lee, Lee being to nice and I think traumatized accepted it. I just set mine on fire, that thing burnt my eyes. If you see a man in a Green jumpsuit, orange leg warms and a jonin vest don’t look him in the eyes or teeth.” Sasuke looked intrigued by the comment as was everyone. “Oh he doesn’t have doujutsu you will just invite him in to talk about the spring time of youth and his teeth are freaky shiny.” Lee nodded, “Also I don’t know how he does it but if he starts yelling Lee’s name run it's an unbreakable genjutsu and you will be traumatized.” Lee rubbed Neji back, smiling awkwardly as Neji starts mumbling about beast, sunset and beach.


Everyone awkwardly left him to be with Lee who was used to this ever since Gai became their sensei, Sakura not sure what else to do asked Hinata and Shino about their teammate and sensei as Shikamaru went back to cooking. Shino not one bit happy about Kiba who kept calling him bug boy and would flirt with Hinata always touching her casually just pissed him off especially when he let Akamaru pee everywhere. Their teacher didn’t help matters either by excusing Kiba touch saying training but when pointed out about out of training saying she will handle it but nothing happen “I say we get rid of him anyone would be better than him, we can make it look like an accident or a mission gone wrong.” Hinata nodded, “Yes he fell off the cliff or I didn’t see the kunai or he ran off and must have got bit or poison by something.” She was pissed off and the fact their teacher who tried to act like her big sister never once reported the situation of her home life or stopped a person like Kiba was pissing her off because if he treated her like this then what would he do when he got older.


Sakura went to get something to drink during all of this and realized she didn’t have any and must have forgotten, annoyed sat back down next to Shino who causally wrapped his arm around her noticing his blossom was mad, “Maybe you two should sacrifice him to a god, we can have never ending juice or something else out of it. He could be useful then?” Hinata and Shino though about it maybe he could be useful they lean in and started whispering about it, Sasuke was still pitching his ideal to Naruto, Lee still comforting Neji and Shikamaru was ready to give up on life and abort himself especially when Mei started to talk to him about Sakura ideal saying there was another god named Jason who appreciated sacrifice besides himself of course. 


Breakfast served and ready to fall asleep again because the headache was coming on strong from the chaos of this morning everyone ate and got ready to join and meet their teams. Naruto feeling merciful used some of Kurama chakra to lessen it for him before giving him a kiss and a apology “You know you liked it you giant ass,” He mumbled but still accepted it they all headed out and split ways. Feeling like he might snap if Ino spoke a word in his direction when he got there he jumped into the tree and leaned back against it before she arrived and went into his mind scrape, Normally when he visited they play games but this time Shikamaru wanted to train to get his pent-up aggression out and right now Mei would give it to him. 


They fought using the darkness and Shikamaru stopped when he realized the more he used it the markings that are on Mei were appearing on him. Staring at his on the bands on his wrist symbols on the back of his hands. Mei noticing that Shikamaru wasn’t paying any attention to him walked over, “Mei why are these here?” He showed him, Mei tilted his head his playful smirk was gone. “Ah, that is interesting indeed. I must meditate and go through my knowledge to but I would be careful for now on using the power I grant you. I have a theory but need to confirm it first.” He waved his hand over Shikamaru he shiver feeling a cool sensation on him. “Right now I cast something over you that the mortals won’t see but beings that aren’t mortal can see Shikamaru be careful.” Shikamaru nodded knowing Mei was being serious when he used his real name, whatever it is Mei must be worried.


Shikamaru woke up when he heard Asuma arrive, Ino complaining that Shikamaru wasn’t hear only to scream when he jumped down. Rubbing his ear he glared at her, if Mei didn’t cast the glamour over him, they would of seen his eyes flicker, but since he did they never noticed what did startle them was the ground started to rumble around them. Shikamaru quickly calmed down which stop the rumble, “What was that?” Choji asked looking around with Ino. Asuma frown before speaking, “Maybe someone was training and it we felt the effect.” Shikamaru looked at him like he wasn’t sure to believe him or not, “But wouldn’t we be able to hear or see something that would prove that unless Tsunade came back to hit the ground with her strength?” 


Asuma just gave him a look which Shikamaru raised his hand in surrender, realizing his childhood friend's worried look after he poked a hole in their teacher guess, “Whatever maybe someone messed up their jutsu and caused a backlash or it was a minor earth quick.” Mei knew it was actually Shikamaru, he needed to find out if his theory is true and fast before he tapped more into Mai power. Sitting down on his throne he closed his eyes and started in his search in his own minds' library while Shikamaru found out about the wonder of D-rank mission or as some would call them glorify chores, he would cross paths between Team seven and Team Eight as they worked. Kakashi he realized seemed to be watching his genin even he wasn’t especially Naruto the most, he stared at him longer as he scanned over his body before looking back at his face only to see Kakashi staring at him, Shikamaru wanted to test something he causally crossed his arm and tapped the spot he knew the anbu got marked before mouthing Hound.


Kakashi was no longer relaxed but someone not watching wouldn’t notice and his eye harden while looking before he could do anything to Shikamaru Asuma called him over they were heading back to get another mission as they finish. Just as Shikamaru cross the halfway point, Kakashi gripped his shoulder tightly and called out to Asuma, said man looked at his senpai curious on what he wanted. “Mah Asuma we should have our cute little Genin train together. Give them a break from D-rank mission.” Shikamaru didn’t flinch with how tight of a grip Kakashi had he knew it would leave a bruise, what bother him was he didn’t sense him move or the danger. Asuma though about it and honestly he was even bored with the missions. “Of course Kakashi that sounds good plus, we can see who has the best teamwork and it would help the kids.” Shikamaru wasn’t just going to continue being squeezed by the silver mutt for much longer, he stomped on the other's foot surprising him. He didn’t care how much trouble he would get, “Tsk I will show Naruto and the other two our training ground sensei if you want to get my pay for me then.” His sensei stared at him for a while longer before nodding leading a complaining Ino who wanted to show her precious Sasuke the training ground. He moved over to Naruto and the others relaxing but still reaching up to his head mumbling softly to Naruto that his head is hurting and not feeling to good. Sasuke and Sakura glanced at each other with concern. Kakashi watched them from the back and wondering what they were up too, they didn’t realized it but the put Shikamaru in the middle of a protective formation as if covering him.


Shikamaru lead them to the training ground with a large tree as he jumped up into taking his jacket off he used it to cover himself and head groaning softly, He closed his eyes to drift off to sleep hoping that would help he doesn’t know what is going on with him, this couldn’t have been from this morning something is going on with him physically all he could do was Mei found out what it is and hopefully soon. Maybe he thought as he drifted off he can see if Sakura or Hinata had something to help him with this pain. Naruto and them sat at the base, all staring at Kakashi questioning the man for wanting to train with Team 10. What even bother them more was the way he had moved and grabbed Shikamaru. Whatever Shika did or found set him off, they were going to have to keep him distracted and watch over their boy genius or Naruto might go nine tails on them for hurting his mate.


Kakashi was trying to figure out how to approach this kid, how did he find out he was in anbu? That he was hound? And how could he possibly know about hound? It didn’t make sense and it wasn’t helping that his cute little students for once wanted to bug him, instead of fighting amongst themselves or ignoring each other until something happen or required them to work with each other. Just as he was about to say fuck it Asuma and his other two finally came back, Choji and Ino looked around for Shikamaru worried about him since he has never hit another unless they were training. Shikamaru came down fixing his jacket, looking a bit flushed yet a tint of green on his cheeks, he had a light sweat and seem to sway where he landed. 


Choosing to ignore this he moved confidently over to his team, ‘Mei…. Mei I need your help, your strength…’ Mei hearing him even in his meditation state sent some healing to help sooth him. He was close to finding it but it seems for now he can only, sooth Shikamaru for now until he finds the answer. Feeling slightly better and accepted it for now he turns back around to face Team Seven and their sensei, his family and home with their teacher versus his old childhood friends and a stranger how odd to see his future fight his past all while he feels like his body was changing in every aspect he swore he can feel his bones trying to shift or that his teethes feel like they were about to fall out and possibly grow, he feels likes his nails were growing and that his eyes were dilating and he could hear farther and it was overwhelming him, but Mei had sooth the feeling and possible dull the pain and his stomach was in turmoil. He looked Naruto in the eyes knowing his love could smell the sickness on him and pain because he could now feel the pain in his shoulder where he was gripped. 


Asuma not seeing anything walked over to Kakashi asking how he would like for the training to go only hand to hand or ninjutsu included. Kakashi not really focusing on Asuma chose the latter and Asuma not going to question since he knew it would help his group walked back to the center. “Everything is allowed, the only rules are first blood drawn loses, no killing or permeant disfigurement and any grudges brought into this from outside of work will be punished.” Asuma said this looking at Ino specifically who got upset but bit her tongue knowing it was true. She just glared at him then Sakura as if this was her fault which was Asuma point. He looked at them to see if they understood before starting the fight and jumps back to Kakashi side. “Guys let's move back we need to form a plan and think about this.” Shikamaru spoke softly and tilting his head so neither of the other team could read his lips, Ino pissed about Asuma comment earlier and the fact she didn’t get to show Sasuke their training ground snapped at him, “What you didn’t think of one while we were gone, You lazy Moron good for nothing!.” Choji stopped looking at her in shock, Shikamaru for a second felt hurt and guilt before rage filled him making the ground start shaking and crumbling under Ino specifically as the surrounding forest start to darken and the wind around Shikamaru was picking up, Ino started to clutch at her throat scratching as if to pry something off as her mouth feel open in a scream but no noise could be heard. 


Everyone stared in Shock as Shikamaru just stared at Ino tilting his head as if curious watching her as his powers continued before Naruto jumped over and hit Shikamaru in the back of his neck, yelling at Sasuke and Sakura who worked knocking the other two and Sasuke quickly casting  Sharingan Genjutsu on Asuma to make him forget and then looked at Kakashi cursing as he saw the Sharingan in the other eye, this was not going to be a fun fight.

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Naruto was clutching Shikamaru form close to himself as he moved back placing him under the tree before jumping in with Sakura and Sasuke this wasn’t going to be easy, Kakashi watched them this was becoming more and more interesting. Deciding he wanted to know more especially since his little brother was protecting the Nara and the three of them looked ready for a fight that he highly doubted they would win. “I don’t know what is going on but for now I will be silent but you three and the Nara are going to tell me what the hell that was and what you are hiding.” Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura looked at each other making silent gesture While They made decision on the matter as a group all of them usually either followed Naruto or Shikamaru orders and if either one was down then it was Sasuke but even though earlier Sasuke made a joke about this matter they were going to have to trust an adult for the first time in their lives this could make or break them. Coming to a grim realization they nodded before Naruto turn back to Kakashi his eyes hard and looked at him the over lapping image in Kakashi mind seeing his Minato nii-san and Kushina nee-chan staring right back at him through their son. “We can but we need to get him back in the hide-out and make these two forget what they saw and an excuse to Asuma sensei.” Kakashi nodded, “I can help with that if Sasuke would be so kind. Though for Asuma I would imply and suggest to him that Ino is not a good fit for the team and should be reassigned it is usually not a good sign for some but I do have a person who could break her out of this phase because if this was a mission she could of gotten others hurt.”


Nodding, Kakashi showed Sasuke what to perform it was a mind manipulation jutsu it alters other memory of the event how the person wanted it to go. The downside of this technique was that drain the user of considerable chakra and puts a strain on the mind. You had to be extremely careful or you could alter someone's very personality. But since they were only altering the training they didn’t have much to change and it was perfect because no one would be able to tell what happen to them even if Yamanaka looked he wouldn’t see as it was permanently changing the memory and Kakashi was very good with this jutsu as he created it himself. Once they finished, Naruto made a clone and had it take Shikamaru, Kakashi did his part waking Asuma and made sure Choji and Ino were awake as he gave his fellow Jonin a disappointed look with his single eye shown, “Asuma Did you pass them because of tradition or some other reason?” Asuma looked at Kakashi confused for a moment before standing at attention ready to argue till Kakashi raised his hand. “I ask because one you clearly missed your student being sick and slightly out of it. I was testing you by asking for the training while I did want my team to train with yours thinking they could learn how to observe a team from generation I didn’t expect the famous Cho-Shika-Ino teamwork to fall so miserably but also for you to tell that your student wasn’t feeling good I was holding him and could feel the heat coming off him and his scent alone spoke of sickness. Then your other student who is clearly misguided in her Notion of what it is to be a Ninja yells at your other distracting them if this was mission everyone would of died, she would of gotten her teammate killed. If it wasn’t for the quickness of my team to stop their attack or guide it they would of been seriously attack. Her jealously, lack of making plans or listening to others will get someone hurt. I suggest you reassign her to another team. Someone who can get her out of this phase otherwise you will end up doing more harm than good and Asuma don’t take it personally.” Asuma stayed silent and even Choji and Ino were shocked till Ino heard about reassigning comment ready to argue and fight till Choji hit her arm gently and shook his head, “Ino you have no one to blame but yourself y-you nearly got Shikamaru hurt and hurt him more than you think… I know we all haven’t been as close as we use to but you took it to far. I am telling my dad about this and you will be lucky if Shikamaru or Asuma sensei doesn’t tell his dad and Yours. You need to grow up and get over yourself.” Choji finished before walking to their sensei leaving Ino by herself, “Sensei it might not count for much but I think Kakashi sensei is right while it might be tradition and we do work well with each other but I just don’t think this will work if we can’t even see when one of our own is hurt or if someone is to hothead to listen.” Choji looked down balling his fist, “I think it is best if replace our teammate for the safety of them and ourselves.” Asuma looked at Choji and looked around for Shikamaru, “We took him to get better I think for now Asuma you have a decision to make before seeing him. I will pass you the information when you want it. For now take some time and think on it.” Asuma nodded and turn back to his remaining team and dismissed them feeling disappointed in himself and not catching on.


Kakashi and the rest of team seven watched them before Kakashi turns to his genin with a raised brow, Naruto sigh softly they escape one disaster just to jump into another, He frowns thinking of Shikamaru that wasn’t normal his partner never done something like that, He started to lead them being careful to make it look like they weren’t going together. He was going to have Sakura and Hinata treat Shikamaru, Hinata will be able to see his paths moving and if something irregular was happening to him while Sakura still learning was their main healer and able to treat anything they caught and with her working with Hinata had more than enough experience with treating poison.Once they arrived at Naruto home they enter his old apartment making Kakashi fist clench seeing the vandalism in it but none of them stop heading into the bedroom where Naruto place his hand on a wall in his closet and a seal glowed before a door appeared and they moved into the other apartment where Kakashi sure there wasn’t but a part of him said there used to be another one. Ignoring that for now Kakashi followed them into a much larger and spacious apartment they move to the living room that seemed to have been rearranged for a sleepover if the blankets and pillows said anything. 


Naruto sits on the floor across from Kakashi while Sasuke stood on his left side, “Nee-chan go check on Shika see what you can about what is messing with him and try and treat what you can but don’t over work yourself get me if you need to, When Nata and Shin gets here see if they can help you. I don’t know if the other two will show.” She nodded and headed to the back clear worry etched on her face. Kakashi watched this and was amazed at the leadership role took and how serious he was, he also noted if Sasuke realized what the left side meant but given how he was eyeing Kakashi he knew. He also noted how there were more members of this group there was and how the academy and even the jonin were played if this was how they really acted from the little he could see. “Kakashi sensei we already talked about adding you in our group. One as you could help us in our goals but also something personal for us two right here. This wasn’t how we planned on getting you alone, but things happen out of our control.” Naruto paused as if listening to something before nodding. 


“As you can tell how we act out in the public is different then how we act behind close doors that is because all of us learned how to survive in this harsh and cruel village, I doubt the world is any better, but this village has fallen from what the founders wanted.” Kakashi raised his eyebrow, “I doubt they would have wanted a child to be beaten, starved, and nearly assassinated for something out of their control, Or from some of the things we have gathered a massacre of a plan by orders now whose order we can’t tell, or a clan that allows slavery and pit sisters against the other and allowing his own wife to be poison to force a miscarriage or having his brother take the fall, I could go on about all of us but tell me Sensei isn’t it also strange how more and more children are going missing when you look at it? How some genin or chunin or any prodigy or anyone really with talents or unique abilities are going missing or deem dead but if you look it almost always the same commander and maybe two or three of the same coroner to sign off. Was not easy breaking in and making sure no one realized that anyone was looking.” Kakashi leans back getting interested but pissed “Just like how Sakumo death was signed off by them but we dug and someone edited noticing the angle and deepness while seriously and kill him but that he could of been saved and should of been able to get to a hospital or help if the poison-” Before he could finish Kakashi was on his feet and rage building as he listen he stopped when he realized Sasuke had a tanto in his hand with electricity bouncing off it and Naruto didn’t look impress nor phased by his reaction almost like he expected it or though of him as a threat meaning besides Sasuke there was something else there that protects Naruto.


If only he knew Naruto had one of Hinata fast acting poison kunai in his pouch just encase, “We made a copy of them the original coroner died before signing off on it and mystery mind you didn’t know a twenty-five year old in good health could die of a heart attack but we found his written report buried deep in the files, Seem like either your dad found something out or he was getting to close to something or someone he should of left alone.” Naruto looked at him, “We are finding the truth of this village and want to rip the corruption out of the roots of Konoha some might say what we plan to do is treason others would call us Hero but too many things in this village is being ignored, the truth hidden by lies and we may be children but we see it, Shikamaru knows more than any of us as he decodes the secrets he is finding and whatever it is gives him nightmare at times. Sasuke check on Sakura she found something that scared her.” Sasuke paused hesitating to leave Naruto but nods heading back there whatever scared Sakura was taken serious as most things didn’t phase her.


Kakashi eyed them before thinking back to his childhood, he did think it was odd some things that were happening and nothing being done about it, How his dad would be angry and was protective of him never letting him walk alone having either him or his summons all times with Kakashi how even Gai own dad would do the same, How his father acted and had a slight scent of poison, grass and tea on his scent as if he was around someone who had that scent how he would talk to Kakashi to stay… to stay away from war hawks. Always surround himself with others and follow his instinct and he knew his father deep down did not commit seppuku as his father told him he wasn’t dishonor because he saved his team and that those who he called pack didn’t blame him even if the whole village did as those who knew the truth knew the war was coming it was just a matter of time. Why were these memories coming from and the faint flash of man and bandage before disappearing He knew someone he knew more what's wrong. “Ah looks like whatever was put on you and breaking. Good you see I have seals around this place that breaks any seals placed on anyone, Genjutsu and Sharingan genjutsu thanks to Sasuke and they have to speak the truth That's why we walked through that door instead of any other way, it alerted me that you have a lot you must have found out things, you probably noticed yourself subconsciously that you were acting different and others did too but you probably passed it off as grief or such. They tried to change you and control you even more but are Hatake’s wolves? Wolves can not be tamed or control sensei.”


Kakashi head started to pound as memories started to come back to him flashing across his eyes as he remember things soon his eyes rolled back as if a dam broke and like one it rushed flooding his mind with his memories that were hidden from him. Naruto caught Kakashi before he fell and laid him down, He felt sorry knowing how much his parents loved this man and that's when he felt the familiar chakra from the man who usually kept it hidden oozed out Naruto looked down “Hound…” If he is hound Naruto would rip whoever took hound from him his big brother, but also Hound was hurt just like them, is this what Shikamaru found out? Speaking of him Naruto walked to his room to see Sakura hands glowing green as she barked orders at Sasuke to keep the other pinned. Naruto was to shock in what was happening to Shikamaru as they arch and flop around as a belt was placed between his mouth. 


In Shikamaru mind he was looking at Mei as he was struggling to gain back control over the power influx, “W-what is going on? Mei what is happening to me?” Mei had a grim expression, “You have been touched by darkness your very soul has been Shikamaru and since you have been hosting me a god even if I have free rein to leave your body was never meant to hold my powers it was dying.” Mei moved back, “So I made a choice to save you one that I have never done before usually I would let people die as I never cared but you, my Tiny Kurayami are different.” Shikamaru was confused by Mei words he was dying? But he felt fine yes he would get sick or exhausted and at times had a hard time making body heat but it usually went away after a few days…. It clicked he was dying but he never notice “I see you noticed the patterns either I would heal you or others would treat you, I hope you can forgive me Kurayami I gave you my blood and made you My son. You are the son of an ancient god long forgotten a nightmare for these deities now who think they are powerful. Your body is going through the change accepting my blood, you aren’t feeling pain because I am blocking it, but your friends are probably freaking out. You will have free rein of my powers but be warned if you use more than you can handle you will go berserk from the madness of it.” Mei Smile became feral, “You will see the end and beginning of time hear the voices of the those long forgotten and who has yet to be born. Do not fret I will show you how to dim their cries and call.” Shikamaru was feeling overwhelmed he was just surprised adopted and pretty much told he was a god or demigod if he could faint in his own mind he would.


His friends were not fairing any better as they struggle to contain him as if feeling his Chakra build and build before the Darkness lashed out and formed a cocoon around Shikamaru as if holding him at bay as he goes through the changes. Sakura scans the cocoon, “It seems to be helping him and at the same time handle the Chakra spreading it around it, I would need Hinata or Neji to check out if I am correct. The only way he is coming out is whatever is going on with him is done.” She pulls back looking at the others who nodded they really didn’t like this not knowing if Shikamaru is alright or not being able to help him. Sighing and waving the two to help him, “If you have enough energy check Kakashi.” She nodded and went out to check on their sensei, Looking at the clock to see that Shino and Hinata should be coming home soon. “Sasuke can you make everyone something to eat, This is not going to being to fun to explain and I don’t know how we can hide this especially with Shikamaru one of us is going to have to make an excuse and Kakashi sensei is out I don’t know if he will be able to help with how many things were placed on him, from what the seals told me they have been on him since he was or about Five years old. All of them have similar and some different Chakra signature.” Sasuke looked disgusted by that comment, “I swear the more we find, the more I question if this Village is worth or even possible to save. Honestly I say we just burn it to the ground and restart but I doubt it would change even after we do that.” Naruto hummed in agreement to do that to a child was pretty much Mind rape of a minor and could do psychological damage and repeated performance of it was guaranteed to fuck his mind up or just a weapon barely passing as a person that would be loyal to a place that has taken everything from him.


Sasuke got to work on making food, while he could cook he typically stuck to simple and easy meals. Deciding on making noodle eggplant miso soup and pickled vegetables with some tea, Naruto sat at the table hands clasped in front of himself as he thought of everything going on. Kakashi was down and Shikamaru was in a cocoon he could tell this was going to be a hard day and they still needed to find a way for them to hide Shikamaru from not going home last night and with him being sick and now unable to make a clone. While they could make a clone and have it Henge into Shikamaru but if an adult really looked at it or release enough chakra it would be game over. Plus it wouldn’t help with Kakashi a dangerous man being missing either it could look negatively on him as if he knew more and with his sound of mind unknown it was all in the air how this day turning into utter chaos could go. Anything could happen at this point he wouldn't even be surprised anymore.


Hinata and Shino came in and looked around seeing an adult passed out on the couch with Sakura treating him before stopping to write something down in her notepad, Sasuke cooking and Naruto looking angry, tired and slightly worn down. Shikamaru was nowhere in sight which didn’t set any bells off, well the only ones going off was there was a grown man on the couched but they trusted their leader and friends to not put them in a dangerous if he was here there was a good reason. “Any good news, Where is Shika still with his teammates?” Hinata asked walking over to Sasuke to help him while Shino went to Sakura to assist her if possible. “Well Kakashi when or if he wakes up will most likely join us he had Seals and mindfucked since he was five.” Naruto answers as Sakura was lead over to the table by the ever calm Shino, “Shika he is in a cocoon whatever aliment he has I have never read about and I doubt we would find anything about it. I can’t even give a estimation to how long he will be like that maybe if Nata looks at it maybe but even then it will all be guess work.” Sakura finish her speech and thanks Shino who got her something to drink, everyone was silent and wonder what was going on and what could they do to fix this mess they were in.

Chapter Text

Shikamaru was slowly coming to accept the adoption but was curious on what is going on, “Mei or do I call you father now? Maybe dad or papa?” It felt normal to call Mei that now that he thought about it Mei did in a sense raise him unaware he may have been till recently but still Mei was there when his own father was busy or watching him as if he knew something was up. “Feel what ever it is you feel comfortable calling me Tiny Kurayami it matters little to me. Right now I have your body in a cocoon of darkness, so others won’t feel the wave of your powers and to help heal you faster. Like I said right now I am blocking you from feeling the pain as your bones break and heal and your skin stretch and shrink to accommodate the change you will feel sore and uncoordinated for a bit but you get use to it. For now, I would advise for you to train not only the darkness but your mind to handle my powers Darkness is not my only domain that I control , and your emotions will reflect it. Not only is your body going to change but your personality and hunger will change as well.” Shikamaru nodded he would ask his papa what he meant about his personality and hunger.


What felt like days for Shikamaru was more than likely hours as he trained using the Darkness as he moved using it in his Kata as he tried to remain calm feeling himself slipping at times as he called upon it easier than before but he noted as he used it that he can feel himself craving for destruction and bloodshed. Shikamaru paused clutching his stomach wanting to double over as he felt an immense hunger “W-what was that?” Mei sat in his throne cracked his eye to look at his Tiny Kurayami, “That was the hunger, you will get used to it in a few years I will try to curb it for you but you will have a different diet like I said.” Shikamaru groan feeling his teeth loosen as well. He wanted to faint feeling his stomach grumble again, “What will I eat?” Mei smiled sadistically “Meat but bloody, the souls of the living or dead or my favorite negative emotions,” He laughed softly seeing his tiny kurayami. “I will teach you to overcome your human sensibility since you are no longer fully human. Honestly I wouldn’t even call you human anymore, but from your point you will age till you're twenty then stop.” He hums as he looked up as if listening to something. “Ah it seems your friends are panicking they seem to be unsure what to do.”


Shikamaru had so much to unpack but right now he was concern about his family, “What is going on Papa?” He asked worried, thinking about all the things that could be going on. “With you down and I believe their sensei down they have two high profile people missing and know that this will draw attention to your group. “ Mei waved his hand showing him a mirror image of what is going on in his world. Naruto looked stressed as the others look unsure what to do but were trying to come up with a plan. He could see Kakashi passed out on the couch. Grimacing He looked up at his papa. “Wake me up papa I need to help them. “ Mei looked at him with a raised eyebrow. “You will be in extreme pain even with me dulling it and you would have waves of power dripping off you the cocoon is absorbing it for you.” Shikamaru swallowed his fears, “I will have Naruto place a seal on me or my room to absorb it. I can handle the pain if it is for them, I am the one who got them into this mess to start with. So Wake me up papa.” Mei frowned not liking this but willing to conceded to his tiny Kurayami seeing the determination. “Very well prepare for pain tiny kurayami.” With a wave of his hand Shikamaru woke with a scream and the sound of the others running to his room. 


Biting his lips to muffle the next scream as he felt the pain cruising through his body, he open his eyes that were blurry and unfocus he struggled to sit up but succeed trying to focus his vision to see the others before finally hearing them over the sound of his blood rushing past his ears, “H-hold on!” He cried getting them to silence as he felt another pulse of power emit from him nearly causing the others to fly back. “N-naruto I need a seal on me now to absorb this excess chakra as soon as possible.” He was struggling to talk over the pain and nauseous feeling in his stomach plus he was sure his teeth were going to fall out for the new one which was going to be hell. Naruto while he knew of a seal wasn’t comfortable about putting it on Shikamaru because all it took was one wrong move and Shikamaru wouldn’t have any chakra. Cruising he grabbed his special ink and moved to Shikamaru, “Sasuke hold him encase he tries to move, Sakura hold his Shirt. Hinata warned us if you can when another wave is coming.” Everyone moved in action.


Hinata wanted to throw up as soon as she saw with her doujutsu an X-ray version in real time of what was going on with Shikamaru watching his body change. It was a miracle that he was awake to begin with, She wanted to throw up watching this as Naruto cursed hearing Shikamaru whimpers of pain but worked as fast and carefully as he could on the seal. Sasuke tried to whisper words of comfort but even he wasn’t comfortable seeing Shikamaru eyes change from his normal eyes to complete darkness before flickering back into his normal eyes, then the marking on his body would appear then disappear thankfully not near the seal. Shino sent his bugs out to warn them if anyone would feel it as they weren’t sure the seals in the hidden apartment would hide it from being felt. 


Sakura was trying to think of what she could do to help ease Shikamaru pain for whatever it is but she wasn’t sure they never encounter this kind of pain for her to handle making her feel worse she needed to research more to be able to handle this. Once Naruto finished the seal did they release Shikamaru, Hinata still watched and notice the wave going into the seal and settling as it held. “It worked,” She let a sigh of relief just as one of Shino bugs returned, “Thankfully the apartment seals held no one notice anything besides some power outage, and earthquakes.” Naruto turned back to his little love, “Shikamaru?” Shikamaru looked at him tiredly but still move to get up biting back a groan. “So I have a secret to reveal I am sure Kurama sensei already knows but I need everyone to know.” He gasp softly holding his stomach as he felt his mouth watering as if he was going to throw up, “Mei… Papa it hurts.” He whimper feeling his stomach rumbled. ‘ I warned you tiny kurayami I can not dull it all out right now, when you go to sleep I can but right I am making sure your change will go smoothly and dull what I can. ’ Shikamaru sent his understanding, beside his papa warned him that he would be in pain. 


Shikamaru finally began to speaking telling them about the scroll he found in his clan as a child to hosting Mei, then realizing he was dying from hosting and using so much of Mei powers without truly letting his body accommodate to hosting Mei or using said powers to getting adopted by said God and how his body is changing right now. To say not only was everyone surprised but rightfully angry and upset that this was happening Naruto felt frozen when he heard Shikamaru was dying the only thing that saved him from snapping was the fact that Shikamaru was alive and breathing thanks to the God. Didn’t mean he wasn’t angry but it soothes it a little, “Is there anything else Shika?” Sakura manage to ask, Shikamaru frowned thinking about it before hesitating to speak, “Yeah My diet is going to change I mean I could probably still eat what you guys can but it won’t satisfy my hunger like it normally can but don’t worry I can still cook and bake.” He smiled trying to lighten the mood, Naruto narrowed his eyes feeling like that wasn’t all that Shikamaru was saying they nodded before getting up they needed time to understand everything that happen.


“Kakashi can stay here for the night Sakura you and Sasuke can stay here the night to keep an eye on him, I trust you to know what to do if he isn’t going to help.” They nodded, “What about you Naruto?” Hinata asked as Shino moved over to his blossom who leaned into him, Sasuke wrapped his arm around Hinata waist. “I will be staying over at Shikamaru to keep an eye on his seal and to also place some seals on his room as well to encase the one I placed can’t handle the surge of power.” They nodded it sounded reasonable, “Naruto how are you going to avoid Shikamaru parents?” Shino couldn’t help voicing his concern. Naruto snorted, “Just like how I avoid the anbu or blank mask ones concealing myself and seals.” It was true Naruto was good at avoiding and hiding and since he has knowledge of seals it was hard to find him when he wanted to avoid it. Plus when Shikamaru was better he would help Naruto as well.


Shikamaru looked at his boyfriend and knew he wanted to question him more, the pain was still there but if he concentrated on Naruto and the warmth he could withstand it even when he wanted to scream. Sighing softly leaning into Naruto when it felt like his insides were melting and reforming and his blood was boiling. “Shikamaru we are going to need you to walk home, well I can carry you to a point but you will need to look like you walked to the gate and into the house and head into your room when you get a chance. I will sneak in and hide, just let me know when the cost is clear and I will appear.” Naruto spoke gently he hated to do this to his little love, but this was reality. Shikamaru understand but this is going to be torture for him. “Yeah I got it Naru.” He mumble already feeling tired. Everyone started to say their goodbyes first Shino and Hinata left before Naruto who picked up Shikamaru as they notice the sun starting to leave. Sasuke and Sakura already getting ready to eat and the take shifts to watch over Kakashi.


Shikamaru snuggled into Naruto arms a little to get comfortable before noting the pain was dulling, ‘Papa, Is this your doing?’ Mei looked amused at his Tiny Kurayami, ‘No, this is your mate’s doing he is feeding your body a tiny mixture of his and the fox’s chakra to heal you a bit faster along with mine if he keeps that up as you sleep also it will be an even easier transition.’ Shikamaru looked at Naruto in appreciation for this, as Naruto ran dodging others and hiding them from view as he moved at a dizzying fast pace trying to hurry Shikamaru to his clan compound to watch over his love. “Thank you Naru.” Naruto just looked at him and hums his mind still in a loop of Shikamaru saying he was dying, tightening his grip on his partner he moved faster before placing him on the ground around the corner of his compound. Shikamaru without hesitation placed his hand on Naruto forehead and sent his chakra around Naruto and pushed him in the shadow directly to his room. “I will be there don’t worry.” He tried for a smile, but the pain came back making more of a grimaced. Sighing softy he tried to push it all into the back of his mind and turned to walk to his home. By the time he made it to his home he felt sweat drip down his neck and face as he walked in his childhood home, He had to lean against the entrance. His mom poked her head out of the kitchen only to rush to him when she saw how he looked, “Kaa-chan stop I am not a baby I just need to sleep, Sensei will probably want to talk to Tou-san and the others since an accident happen in training and I got hurt because of it.” He grumbled trying to push her hands off him when really he felt sick. 


She looked at him in worry as she saw him clench his eyes shut in pain and the ragged breathing, whatever happen was still hurting him. “Well you go lay down and when that Sensei of yours come here your father and I will be having words whatever caused this needs to be fixed.” She clenched her fist seeing her baby hurting, but helped him when he shyly asked her to help him up the stairs. It took them longer as Shikamaru had to stop a few times as he got dizzy but finally they made it to his room, she was too worried to look around or sense anything she tucked him in before leaving closing his bedroom door. Shikamaru sat up wanting to strip out of these clothes and shower, “Naruto you can come out now.” He did slip out of the closet and heading to the door to lock as Shikamaru made his way to the bathroom now normally he liked to take showers but for now he can settle on a bath, he ran the hot water letting only a cool to make sure it wasn’t to hot before going to get his sleepwear. He settle for one of the shirts he stole from Naruto, his briefs and sleep shorts. He sat on his toilet feeling his new teeth push his old ones out spitting them up in a towel when he felt them, blood covering the towel as he groan.


Once the bath was full to his stander did he strip and sink into it moaning at the feeling on his aching body he knew when he slept it would be at the worst but would be thankfully knocked out. He sigh just soaking for now occasionally spitting into the towel, he washed his hair first before reaching for the sponge and washed his body scrubbing the sweat and dirt off his body eyes blurry with exhaustion but still he cleaned himself already knowing he will be taking a longer one in the morning. Still he wanted to enjoy this as long as he could, it wasn’t till the water cooled that he got out. Getting dressed he made his way back to his bed and crawled under the covers with Naruto snuggling into him, he knew the other placed seals all around his room as he felt them having known Naruto chakra wash over him. Naruto automatically wrapped his arms around his waist. “Shika what else didn’t you say?” Shikamaru frowned feeling tired but knowing he needed to tell Naruto, “I won’t age like the rest of you Naru once I hit my twenties I stop but I am sure Mei can change that or at least gift it to you guys as well if you want it.” He mumbles softly before finally the darkness washed over him.


Leaving Naruto to his thoughts as he Shikamaru dreamt Mei took over on the the healing him as the full force of the transformation took over and speed through his body with, Naruto kept feeding his and Kyuubi’s chakra in small parts to Shikamaru as well while Naruto communicated to Kurama seeking advice and understanding as he meditated to calm his emotions and thoughts not wanting to rush into any decision. The group needed to talk about this and think about their future choice as well. They would also need to know the limits and drawbacks and any other choice that could affect them as well would they want to live forever if it meant seeing all those they love gone? Naruto looked at Shikamaru, he wouldn’t want to live in a world that didn’t have Shikamaru the first person beside Hound nii-chan or Cat nii-chan to help him and shown him kindness. The one who wasn’t afraid to his opinion or call him out or take care of him to treat him as equals.


Naruto wasn’t sure, as he said he wouldn’t want to live in a world without Shikamaru, but could he stand and watch his found family leave them one by one through the passage of time? They still have time to make this choice but still they had other pressing issue they need Kakashi to recover as well while Shikamaru is seen and came back to help them even in pain to draw attention the fact that Kakashi is a high profile person and adult was another they need to fix this and fast as well. Naruto wasn’t sure there was anything they could do for now not when the mind was a delicate thing Kakashi would have to fix himself. That and there really wasn’t a law to place seals and such on children because if there was Neji and Hinata clan wouldn’t do it and Naruto own father wouldn’t have, there is nothing they could do for now maybe in the future but for that to happen they needed to be whole and alive and not watched for anything to get accomplished, Naruto sighed softly before laying down and covers himself and Shikamaru up he would be staying awake to watch over the other. More than likely Shikamaru would have a plan to pull them out of this mess and fix the problem before it becomes noticeable.


There were a few times throughout the night that Naruto had to hide and seal his presence when Shikamaru mom and dad came in to check on him but otherwise they left him alone. By the time the sun was high in the sky was Shikamaru transformation done, his skin was paler, and his hair grew longer to the middle of his back and took a darker hue, his eye colors changed having flecks of abyss but more of an olive green color he was still shorter than Naruto but he grew a few inches when he open his mouth Naruto could see sharp teeth all around his canine teeth was longer than normal as well. Shikamaru slowly sat up with Naruto. “Naru-” He paused and glares before signing he is going to have to relearn to talk thanks to his new teeth. This will be fun and maybe it was a bit sadistic of him but he was going to enjoy teasing Shikamaru over this after all the worrying. When Shikamaru got up he noted it felt like he lost weight and some muscles but at the same time was denser than normal.


Taking a quick shower and not realizing he didn’t turn on the light because to him, he could see perfectly fine as if there was light in the room he didn’t notice till Naruto flipped the switch leaning against the door looking at Shikamaru with a curious look. Shikamaru winched feeling a little blind before his eyes adjust. ‘Sorry I didn’t notice.’ He signed at Naruto who just let a  hum past between them before moving over to him wrapping his arms around his waist looking at him in the mirror. “We are going to have to help you readjust to normal but first We need to deal with Kakashi-sensei first I will have to head home soon to see if he is awake as I am sure Sakura or Sasuke won’t be able to come and Shino and Hinata are more than likely on there way to their team training so won’t be able to send their summons either and mine would be hard to sneak out of your compound to go to my home.” Nodding he leaned against him relaxing feeling his warmth and comfort sighing softly licking his lips he looked into the mirror and had an ideal. With that he focus on his mouth and visualized his old teeth feeling a cooling sensation he open his mouth and smirked seeing them changed running his tongue over them proved to be real. “I come over I have a feeling training is canceled for my team, I will see what papa and I can do to help we lean more into driving others into madness but I am sure we can do something to fix the blocks of a mind.” 


Naruto nodded intrigued on what Shikamaru did but moved to let go only for Shikamaru to turn and kissed Naruto hard on the mouth shocking the other before he got the memo and griped Shikamaru hair tightly and closed his eyes Shikamaru tasted the negative emotions on his tongue his eyes turn complete abyss the marking appeared on his skin and his nails lengthen as he kept kissing Naruto till he pulled back as purred in delight “Thank you for the meal love.” With that he sent Naruto back to his home before calming himself down and sent chakra to his henge seal he made a face seeing his old self or what he would like if didn’t train. Before walking to his vanity and brushed his hair still feeling tired but better than yesterday as he finished tying his hair up his dad knocked on his door. He looked around his room seeing nothing incriminating or showing that he had someone here he called out to come in. Shikaku walked in closing the door behind him as he moved to sit on the edge of Shikamaru bed. His eyes held concern and worry about his only child, the little baby who he held and vowed to love and care about who he took to work with him and while he knew lately he hasn’t been there lately his love and care was still there.


“Shikamaru I need to know what happen yesterday and more importantly I need to know the truth of everything it seems like you are hiding things from me and while I normally don’t pry and let you do what you do best things are coming to my attention and I can only hold off from true attention being brought but you are bringing eyes that I can not protect you from.” Shikaku spoke looking at his son. He moved and grabbed the brush of his grandmother and untied and brush his son hair. A sad smile appearing at his son's mask, “I know I haven’t been there but I wanted to protect you, You know I didn’t love your mother when we got married I was like you, the duty to the clan but I vowed when you were born that I would never let them pressure you like they did me to force me into a marriage. I used to bring you with me so scared that something would happen to you, Do not get me wrong I love your mother as one would a friend and I care for her and try to make her happy but you, you are the only good thing to come out of this so what I am trying to say Shikamaru is what ever you are doing now I will choose you and help you the best I can just let me in to help.”

Shikamaru heart was pounding and he knew deep in his bone that his dad was telling the truth, but he was conflicted, ‘Papa what should we do?’ Mei had listen and was eyeing Shikaku that man DNA was still in Shikamaru it was the mother DNA he had replaced, he was beautiful and feral like his tiny kurayami. ‘ Tell him the…