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Stiles’ phone chimed and he looked at the message swiftly. It was only Scott, bemoaning the fact that none of his 3 pregnant wives wanted to have sex with him right now and wanted to know if he wanted to have sex.

Of course, he wanted sex, but never with Scott. Plus, he really needed to be there when his Epona parcel arrived. Now, before you start thinking that it was his latest werewolf dildo; know that it was actually a book about werewolf mating rituals; thank you very much.

No, it wasn't for his friend's over sexed wives. It was for him and his mates. Yes, he was already mated to Derek and Peter. They wanted to know 2 things. If there was a way to get him pregnant… and the ritual to bring a fourth.

Yeah, his friend was overjoyed with his sex life. Stiles needed help before his ass became a black hole! The man, what they're gay, okay, the man they were thinking of was... tricky. Whatever, the fourth needed to get added asap.

Anyway, the man they wanted to bring in their bonded lives was… his dad. No, he would not be having sex with him, but they could cuddle after Derek and Peter were satisfied. He didn't find it odd that his mates wanted his dad. He had suggested him, after all.

It would be beneficial to everyone involved. What? His dad was an Omega too and deserved an Alpha during his heats. He had been too long without a proper Alpha fucking him, in his opinion. After all, his mom, their Alpha, had died more than 10 years ago.

Besides, his Alphas loved the way he kissed and sucked cock. Naturally, he had learned how to do that from his daddy. Kissing wasn't creepy and fellating a dildo is normal. Fuck you if you think that they were wrong.

“Do you think he'll agree?” Peter asked as he kissed his neck.

“I'm more interested in fucking you full of babies,” Derek admitted as he suckled his nipple.

“Why don't you two horny idiots go ask him? Especially you, Peter. I watched him lick his lips as he stared at your groin. Yes, you can get me pregnant, Derek. Issue. No sex until the next full moon. I can give oral and manual stimulation, but no penetrative sex. Then, sex with only you for a week. Lots of sex. So, you two need to go woo my dad,” he singsonged the directions.

He watched the pair of horn dogs hurry to collect… woo, the last piece of the puzzle that was their family and he was looking forward to seeing where they would be once the bonds were fully settled.