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The Case Of The Pips & A New Edition

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Taking Sherlock out to the football was probably not one of Greg, Mary and I’s better ideas but it worked out well - we bought a quite seat and we did our version of ‘I Spy’ In which Sherlock gets to let us pick someone he can observe and deduce and I swear, it never gets old. He’s extraordinary.

In the midst of Mary and Greg getting in to a debate about the offside rule and which was better kind of guitar that is beyond me we met a client. An American, Jay Opper Junior who was starting to get really worried about his uncle. One of those Tea Party types who’d reformed but he’d started getting threats and all sorts.

Sherlock was delighted at first. I can’t say much else (too many bloody secrets acts) but it’s one of the only times he really, well Sherlock was upset. Lets just say that.

And then Mary went in to labour towards the conclusion of the case. Now yes, Greg and Mary and Sherlock and I are in love, lets just clear that up (haters, as the young people say, can sod right off) and no, we don’t know which of us is the biological dad and frankly, it doesn’t matter. Though yes, she’s got Greg’s eyes and the beginnings of hair that could be from Sherlock or Mary.


Madeleine Nadiyah Watson (Holmes) Morstan (the Holmes portion is essentially her middle name - it was the only way we could get Sherlock to agree to it, the bloody stubborn pillock). 5 pounds, 6 ounces and a born cuddler (she takes after her Papa and her Dad).