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Goodnight Moon-jo

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Moon-jo shoots up in bed, breathing hard and sweating. He glances over at his boyfriend, still sleeping soundly. Moon-jo isn’t surprised, Jong-woo could easily sleep through a nuclear war.

Moon-jo sighs and combs a hand through his sweaty hair and settles back down into bed. He pulls up one of Jong-woo’s arms, intending on snuggling into the other man’s chest and going back to sleep but surprisingly Jong-woo stirs.

One of Jong-woo’s eyes cracks open, “Hyung?” He says, voice cracky with sleep, “What’s wrong?”

Moon-jo shushes him on instinct, running a hand through the younger man’s hair, “It’s nothing baby, go back to sleep.”

Instead Jong-woo opens both eyes and raises one eyebrow at Moon-jo. His “my boyfriend is bullshiting me” meter apparently fully functioning even late into the night.

Moon-jo sighs, “I just had a nightmare, go back to sleep sweetheart.”

Once again, Jong-woo does not go back to sleep and instead props himself up on his elbow looking down at Moon-jo with an expression that is both sleepy and stern at the same time.

“That’s not nothing, what was it about?” Jong-woo whispers, voice sleepy and full of concern and Moon-jo loves him so much. But Moon-jo also wants him to go back to sleep.

Moon-jo groans and in lieu of answering rolls himself into his boyfriend’s chest. He feels Jong-woo run his hand through his hair, blunt finger nails gently scratching his scalp. Moon-jo sighs and relaxes against the other man, he wants to go back to sleep. He can’t believe Jong-woo even woke up in the first place.

“Hyung, what was it about?” Jong-woo asks again, softer this time. Moon-jo buries himself deeper into Jong-woo’s chest, maybe just maybe if he doesn’t respond Jong-woo will stop being so attentive and sweet and let Moon-jo go back to sleep. And then Jong-woo can go back to sleep and Moon-jo won’t have to share his embarrassing dream.

“Hyung…” Jong-woo whispers this time, his hand still stroking though Moon-jo’s hair. Moon-jo tries to burrow himself deeper into Jong-woo’s chest before he sighs, defeated. Moon-jo lets another minute tick by before responding a muffled, “Do you promise not to laugh?”

Jong-woo huffs a little, amused and not annoyed quite yet despite being awake at some ungodly hour of the night. “Yes Hyung, I promise.”

Moon-jo shifts and slowly removes himself from the safe haven that is his boyfriend’s chest. He looks at Jong-woo, who he can just see thanks to the moonlight coming in through their bedroom window. His boyfriend looks down at him imploringly, all bed head and big dark puppy dog eyes and Moon-jo can’t say no to him anyways.

Moon-jo looks down at the bed.

“I dreamed a giant spider was chasing me.” He whispers, as if whispering might prevent Jong-woo from hearing him despite their apartment being dead silent.

Even in the dark Moon-jo can see Jong-woo struggling to hold back his laughter. Moon-jo can’t decide whether he’s upset, irritated, or adoring because Jong-woo looks so cute trying not to laugh but he promised not to laugh and he shouldn’t be laughing!

Moon-jo decides on smacking Jong-woo in the chest and turning over. He hears Jong-woo start to giggle and resists the urge to lean back into him when Jong-woo curls himself around Moon-jo.

“You said you wouldn’t laugh.” Moon-jo tells his boyfriend, petulant like a child.

“I’m not laughing Hyung!” Jong-woo responds, definitely laughing (like the traitor he is).

“You are!”

“I’m not I promise!”

“….it’s not funny.” Moon-jo whines as he turns over so he can properly glower at his boyfriend.

Jong-woo at least has the grace to look a tad guilty.

“I know Hyung, it’s not funny. I’m sorry a big spider chased you.” Jong-woo says, still teasing a bit but mostly sincere.

Moon-jo just grunts back at him and Jong-woo grins back at him like an idiot. Moon-jo scrunches up his nose, “Don’t smile! It’s not funny!” He smacks Jong-woo in the chest again but his boyfriend just keeps smiling.

“I’m not laughing Hyung, you’re just cute.”

Moon-jo can feel his ears getting hot and he knows Jong-woo notices because he grins even more.

“Cutie, cutie, my boyfriend is a cutie.” He whispers at Moon-jo who weakly protests at him, “Don’t make fun of me!”

“I’m not! I’m sorry.” Jong-woo protests, not sounding sorry at all. Moon-jo glares at him weakly because he’s being an ass but he’s still cute. Spiders are so scary, this isn’t funny at all!

Jong-woo presses an apology kiss onto Moon-jo’s neck and Moon-jo can’t resist tilting his head to give his boyfriend better access to his neck. Moon-jo does try to pout at Jong-woo but his boyfriend just kisses it off and continues peppering kisses all over Moon-jo’s face and neck.

“I hate spiders.” Moon-jo says seriously after a few minutes and Jong-woo just laughs and kisses his forehead. Moon-jo leans into it, not having the heart to be annoyed or even upset.

Moon-jo tries to glare at him and fails miserably. Jong-woo leans forward and kisses the tip of Moon-jo’s nose.

“I know Hyung, I’ll kill all of the spiders for you.” Jong-woo says sweetly as he tucks himself under Moon-jo’s arm and snuggles into his chest.

Moon-jo pulls Jong-woo closer to him, dipping his head so he can nuzzle into the younger man’s hair “Even the big ones?”

“Especially the big ones.” Jong-woo answers, turning his face upwards towards Moon-jo and grinning.

Moon-jo tries not to smile back at him and fails. Jong-woo shuffles upwards and plants a kiss on the collarbone left exposed by Moon-jo’s shirt before settling back down onto Moon-jo’s chest.

“I’ll kill all the spiders for you Hyung, so you can go back to sleep.” Jong-woo says, his voice sweet and sincere.

Moon-jo tries not to feel giddy with happiness, his boyfriend is offering to murder for him that shouldn’t be cute at all. (But it is pretty cute and Moon-jo has no sympathy for evil spiders.)

“What about my dream spiders?” Moon-jo can’t resist asking.

“I’ll kill them too.” Jong-woo responds without hesitation and Moon-jo feels affection blossom in his chest.

“Goodnight, Hyung.”

“Goodnight, darling.”