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Destroying Dino

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Choi “Dino” Chan waved goodbye to his parents, Seungcheol and Jeonghan, as they pulled out of the driveway, as cold morning snow blew in his face. He wrapped his violet robe around him tighter as his dad’s assistant, Seokmin, held an umbrella over his head. They were going to be gone for two weeks to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, in Hawaii. Chan was the only son and heir to the SEVENTEEN corporation his father owned and lived a comfortable life.

“Young master,” said Seokmin as he put a hand on Chan’s shoulder, “Come inside. It’s freezing.” The man was taller than him by only a little and had slightly tanned skin that matched his brown hair. He was Seungcheol’s assistant and had stayed behind due to the vacation being private. He had enough of a mind to grab his large gray overcoat before heading out. Underneath was his work uniform, consisting of a navy blue dress shirt with a simple pair of black slacks.

Another man, around the same height as Seokmin, was standing inside with his arms open and a warm smile on his face. He wore an identical pair of black slacks and a wine-red dress shirt. Chan walked into his embrace. “You’re freezing,” said Joshua (Jeonghan’s assistant) as he patted Chan’s head, “Would you like to eat something?”

Dino looked up at Joshua and smiled cutely with coy eyes as he asked, “I’m cold, can you warm me up?” Dino rubbed his thick thighs together and stuck out his ass as he leaned against Joshua. The older man moved his hands onto the younger’s plump ass and squeezed. Dino looked back at Seokmin, who had moved behind him, and pushed his ass into his groin. He reached out a hand and turned towards the other man. Seokmin had laced his fingers together with Dino, as did Joshua. 

Chan pulled both men behind him, leading them up the stairs and towards his bedroom. He giggled as he let go of their hands and jumped on his queen-sized bed, covered with messy red sheets topped with blue pillows and a few stuffed dinosaurs. Chan grabbed a light blue one that sat on his lap with blue spikes decorating its back. Chan pouted as he looked at the older men, “Come warm me up.” 

Joshua and Seokmin climbed into bed with him, lying next to their young master. They put their arms around him, caging him in. Dino smiled as he turned to Joshua first and started kissing him. Joshua reciprocated as he began to undo Dino’s robe. Joshua took one of his hands and began to drag them over Dino’s nipples, while the other rubbed his thigh. 

Seokmin curled closer and stuck a hand between Dino’s legs and began palming him, feeling the lacy fabric of his panties. He smirked as he began to attack the boy’s neck and his fingers dipped below the panties, ghosting over Dino’s hole.

Dino moaned as Joshua released him for breath. Dino sat up and tried slipping his arms out of his robe, but was stopped by Seokmin, who held his arms back, kissing them. Joshua moved behind Dino, pushing up the robe and pulling down the panties, just enough to trap them in place. Seokmin grabbed the boy's legs while Joshua sucked at Dino’s neck, listening to his breathy moans as he grabbed a bottle of lube from the nightstand. He uncapped it and coated his long, thick fingers in the cold gel. Then he reached down and stuck a finger in Dino.

Dino threw his head back as Joshua wiggled a finger around inside him. At the same time, Seokmin pushed up Dino’s legs, sticking his head between them. His mouth started to lap at Dino’s dick. The boy writhed in pleasure, grabbing onto Seokmin’s hair as the older man deep-throated his tiny cock, even lapping at his balls. Seokmin moved Dino’s panties down his leg, with it still hanging off his right. Seokmin pushed out his left leg and Joshua held open his right. 

Joshua thrust a second finger in as Dino whined louder. “Ah! I’m going to- ahh.”

“What was that young master? You’re going to have to use your words,” whispered Joshua as he jabbed Dino’s prostate, causing him to buck up into Seokmin’s throat. Seokmin let go with a pop. He started to palm Dino instead, licking and sucking at his nipples.

“I- Cum. Going. To. Cum.” Dino’s eyes were watery as he looked at Joshua, who still had a warm smile on his face. Joshua tapped Seokmin’s shoulder as he handed over the lube. 

Joshua squeezed the base of Dino’s cock as he gently placed a kiss on his young master’s lips. “Well, we can’t have that yet. Unless you want to?”

“Ah!” Dino moaned as Seokmin shoved his fingers in alongside Joshua’s. “Cock. Suck. Please.”

“Aw,” cooed Joshua, “Seokmin-ssi. Our young master wants to suck something. Would you be so kind as to oblige?”

“No,” whined Dino, surprising both of the other men, “Both.”

Joshua smiled as well as Seokmin. “Of course,” they both said in unison. Joshua pushed Dino forwards and onto all fours as he laid down, unzipping himself and unbuttoning his shirt. Seokmin moved in front of Dino, copying Joshua. The two cocks hit Dino’s face and he smiled as he took Joshua’s in one hand and guided Seokmin’s into his mouth, kitten licking the tip.

Joshua, in the meantime, was kissing Dino’s hole, shoving his tongue in shallowly, before replacing it with his fingers. He licked a stripe down Dino’s perineum and to his cock, placing the whole thing into his mouth. 

Dino moaned as he shoved more of Seokmin’s cock down his throat before switching to Joshua’s. He tugged Seokmin’s hand to get him to lower himself as he licked up and down Joshua's cock and switched between him and Seokmin. Dino tried to relax his throat to take as much of each man’s cock in as possible. His tongue ran swiftly over each of them, with both Seokmin and Joshua groaning in pleasure. Joshua smiled as he pressed a fourth finger into Dino and Seokmin shoved more of his cock down his throat, causing the boy to choke. 

“Ok, I think that’s enough,” said Joshua as he dropped Dino’s cock from his mouth. He crawled out from under the boy and pulled him back into his lap. Joshua kissed Dino’s head and then slowly slid him down onto his cock. Dino opened his mouth to scream, but was met with Seokmin’s lips as he felt a slicked pair of fingers enter him as he began to move up and down on Joshua. 

“Oh! Ah. Ah. Ah… More!” whined Dino as he grabbed at the sheets around him. Joshua gave a satisfied chuckle as he kissed the boy’s cheek. Seokmin grinned and licked a stripe up his face as he scissored Dino’s ass. Seokmin’s cock rubbed against Dino’s as Joshua kept a steady pace pounding away at the boy’s prostate. Soon, it became too much for him to handle. The rub of both Joshua’s cock and Seokmin’s fingers became too much for Dino as he came onto Seokmin’s stomach.

Joshua tutted, “Oh look. Young master came before Seokmin could enter.”

It took a minute for Dino to calm down but his head cleared. “No,” Dino protested, breathless, “I can still go.”

“It actually might be easier this way,” noted Seokmin as he lined himself up with Dino’s loosened hole. 

“AH!” screamed Dino as Seokmin entered slowly. He squeezed his eyes shut as Joshua shushed him. 

“Shh… Just breathe,” Joshua instructed. Dino followed as he inhaled sharply, but then Joshua and Seokmin kissed him. One of their tongues entered his mouth as Seokmin completely bottomed out. “There we go. See, I knew you could do it.”

Dino let out a needy whine as he felt his cock hardening again. But soon he felt himself being moved and his nipples and cock being played with. He moaned as he bounced on the older men’s laps, moving in a steady yet slow rhythm, feeling the slow slide of their cocks filling him up. Dino felt happy being used. 

Joshua attached himself to Dino’s mouth as he flicked over the boy’s nipples. Seokmin fisted the boy’s cock to the same pace as their bounce. He groaned as the pace began to quicken as he and Joshua pistoned their hips upwards. Soon, Seokmin began to grab at the boy’s ass and bite lightly at his collar bones. Joshua sucked hickies over his neck, whispering all sorts of things into his ears.

“Young master, do you feel good? Do you like being filled? Come on. Use your words.”

Dino struggled to make coherent sense of his situation, his mind once again fuzzy with pleasure. But he did manage to wrestle from his throat, “Ah! I- AH! Yes! I l-love it. Please…don’t stop. Don’t stop!”

“Good boy,” praised Joshua as he slammed Dino down harder, pressing a kiss into his shoulder. Dino felt like he was in heaven. He loved this. Every second the pleasurable torture of having his ass split open by fathers’ assistants. Dino giggled drunkenly as his useless body was toyed around with by the older men. He felt alive with each electrical buzz sent up his spine and to his brain. 

Joshua pulled and twisted at Dino’s nipples as Seokmin bit his neck. Now Dino was being pounded mercilessly by them, enjoying every moment of it. 

“Josh. Shu. A. Se. Ok. Min. Gonna…cum. Please. Wanna- Ah!”

“Words, young master,” said Seokmin as he and Joshua stopped. He looked at the other with a sly smirk as he gently kissed Dino. 

“How many times do we have to tell you?” Asked Joshua, emphasizing with a harsh thrust upwards. Joshua slapped Dino’s ass, rubbing a soothing hand over it. “Naughty boys get punished.”

“Not- Ah! Fair,” whined Dino. 

“Life isn’t fair,” remarks Seokmin, “If it was, we’d be much crueler.”

“Maybe you,” joked Joshua, “But our precious young master is sensitive. Oh so sensitive.” Joshua and Seokmin thrust harshly upwards again as Dino nearly screamed. Joshua placed a hand over the boy’s mouth as Dino’s head cleared. “Are you ready to use your words?”

Dino nodded slowly as his eyes fluttered open. “Yes.”

“Then. What. Do. You. Want?” Asked Joshua as he thrust upwards with each word. 

“Cum. Close. Please. Let me cum. Inside me!”

Joshua looked over Dino’s shoulder to Seokmin. He smiled and said, “Seokmin-ssi. The young master gave us an order.”

“And we shall oblige.”

Joshua and Seokmin began to chase their orgasm, ramming harshly into Dino. The boy was left a broken mess of moans as he felt both cocks slam into his prostate. Seokmin had let go of his cock in favor of holding up his thighs as Joshua held back his arms, trapping the boy between them. 

“Ah! Ah! Ah! AHHH!” screamed Dino as he came for a second time. Joshua and Seokmin weren’t far behind as Dino felt flooding warmth fill him. He smiled before passing out. 

When Chan awoke again, he was met with the now-clothed and smiling faces of his fathers’ assistants. He was no longer sticky and the warmth that once filled his ass was gone. He whined, reaching his arms out towards both men. 

“Joshua-ssi. Seokmin-ssi.” He flexed his fingers, grabbing at the air, as both men climbed into bed behind him. That’s when he noticed he was wearing a big white sweater and nothing more. Joshua was on his left as Seokmin was on his right. They wrapped their arms around him and Chan grabbed his dinosaur plushie. He smiled happily as he was caged by their warmth once more. 

“Is young master happy?” asked Joshua as he tilted Chan’s head up.

“Yes,” he chirped, pushing out his lips. Joshua chuckled as he kissed the boy once more, before pushing him over to Seokmin. Chan pushed his tongue in as he made out with Seokmin. 

Joshua tutted, “Young master. You should rest. Maybe get Soonyoung-ssi to make you something.”

“But I want to be eaten,” protested Dino as he drifted back to Joshua who laughed.

“Whatever the young master wants.”

“He shall receive.”