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A Good boy

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The rain was pouring hard, heavy breathing was collectively heard in the streets. Cold, it was freezing cold. He screamed, announcing that the Kantou Manji Gang won the war of the three deities and all of them should leave. He looked at the figure laying on the ground, helpless. 


The blond was barely breathing. Bruises all over his face, he can’t even open his other eye. Despite the wounds in his face the male sees a very tired expression laced on his face. He knows that look all too well and he doesn’t like it one bit.


He looked around and Mikey was walking away, not saying another word as the different members of the gang started to disperse. Once Mikey was out of his vision, making sure Sanzu wasn’t here either. He started walking, getting closer to the Brahman people.


He gulps before hearing the Brahman’s boss talking about Hanagaki’s condition. He walked to them, “I’ll take Hanagaki. You guys go do what you need to do” he says, fully knowing how hard it will be for the Brahman boss to organize the gang since she suddenly disbanded it. A lot of business companies will definitely be enraged, piling up for the leader to take the hit. Senju glared at him, clutching the boy close to her. “Why should i trust you?” 


You don't have to. He wanted to say, but decided to shut his mouth. He sighs, they need to hurry up or otherwise, Hanagaki might die from blood loss.


“He was my former boss and I know a place where I should go to treat his injuries without getting caught. I’m not gonna do anything bad to him. Besides…” 


I still need to thank him. 


He shook his head, “So, We need to hurry up, he’s bleeding badly” he uttered looking at the bloodied figure, a concerned look plastered on his face making Senju sigh as she hesitantly gave the boy to him. “Take care of him,” he nods his head before sprinting while the blond was on his back. 


He runs through the streets, the rain soaking his uniform. He heard a grunt, a faint one, barely audible from the pouring rain but he heard it. He stopped running and started to walk more slowly.


“Hanagaki?” he called out, a few more blocks and they’re nearing their destination. He felt the blond move a little, “Hanagaki, don’t move.” he uttered, his pace going a little bit faster. He’s still warm, it’s going to be fine. He’ll live. 


The blond moved again, barely though. “I….” he muttered a whisper, he slowed down again, trying to hear what Hanagaki was saying. “Don’t worry we’re nearly there. Just hang on a little bit more” he huffs out a breath before adjusting the blond’s body from his. 


“I’m.. sorry…” 


He snorts, “Why are you apologizing? You didn’t do anything wrong, Hanagaki” he said with a small grin on his face. But.. “Don’t push yourself too-” 


“It’s my fault. Everything….my fault.” 


He  completely stops. Hanagaki said those words with clarity like it was a fact. Those quiet words rung through his ears, louder than the rain. Is he still even conscious? He can feel his body stiffened at that. Why?


“I..just wan..ted… to save.. you….. Man..jirou” 


His breath hitched.


“...sorry..i’m just s..o..selfish”


He gripped onto the blond’s legs before he started sprinting again. Why? Why is he feeling this way? He felt his heart beating fast. He feels his chest tightening, from the cold? Or from something else. He shut his eyes for a second letting Hanagaki’s words immerse in his brain. 


He’s good. Always has been and always will be. 


They arrived. He bangs the glass as the sunflower blond looked at him shocked before opening the door. “Wha- What happened, Koko?!” the blond asked clearly, panicking. “Take him to the hospital..” he pants. 


This is the only place he would go to, if something like this happens. He doesn’t trust other people for this. This was not supposed to be their reunion to happen but hey- at least he gets to see his best friend again. It’s been awhile afterall.


“Hanagaki!?” He ran to the side of the shop. “W-Wait here! I’ll get the car!” Koko responded with a yell “Make it fast!” Koko might look calm but on the inside he’s panicking over Hanagaki’s injuries. It feels way worse than Tenjiku. He could feel Hanagaki’s heart beating through his back. It’s slow. 


Too slow for Koko’s liking. 


They finally put him in the van, both of them standing in the rain. “What the hell happened?” Inupi asked, “He got beaten up by Mikey” this got the blonde's attention, “By Mikey?!” he exclaimed in disbelief. A glint passed through his eyes that Koko couldn’t catch. As few more exchanges of words they had before he started to walk away.


“I’ll leave Takemichi to you”


I know you’re gonna take care of him.  


“I need to go back and clean up the aftermath” He informed the blond as he turned his back on him. When he hears his name being called out, he stops in his tracks.


“Are you happy with this?”




He slightly tilted his head upward as he smiled a little, “Dumbass, of course i’m happy”


Not as happy as before though. Because there’s something missing. Someone.


He slightly turned around to see Inupi with a passive expression plastered on his face, he grinned at him.


“Inupi, you chose a good person”


He muttered before turning around to walk away only for a hand gripping on his arm made him stop. He looked back to see his best friend have an infuriated expression laced upon his face. “You’re lying” the sunflower stated, “What do y-” 


“You’re not happy at all”


He really shouldn't be surprised. Koko shouldn’t be surprised at Inupi finding him out in the matter of seconds, he’s been with the guy since they were little. But here he is, looking at the blond with wide eyes. And before he could even get a word out Inupi dragged him to the car, opening the passenger seat and forcing him to seat there.


He check Hanagaki first in the back seat as Inupi sat on the driver’s seat. He started driving, without saying anything else. “Wait, Inupi, I need to go. Boss might search for me” he uttered to him with a little concern in his voice. “Then let him” the blond briefly answered back, speeding up a little.


“What?! They might kill you if one of the members sees me being close to the “enemy” “ he exclaimed but Inupi still had a passive look on his face, “Do you think i give a fuck about them? They can fuck themselves for all i care” He saw the blond gripped onto the stirring wheel.


Koko never heard that tone in Inupi before, not even the incident in Tenjiku happened. “They have the nerve to hurt Hanagaki as if they didn’t have a bond,” the blond gritted through his teeth. Something clicked in Koko’s head.


Ah, so he’s one too?


He didn’t say anything else and just stayed seated, glancing at the back to check to see Hanagaki before focusing on his eyes on the road. They finally arrived at the hospital. 


When Hanagaki was finally situated in a more proper environment the doctor said he’s going to be fine, which made the two of them sighed in relief. They visit him, sitting near the bed as Hanagaki was still sleeping. “What are you going to do now?” Inupi asked him but the truth is, Koko doesn’t even know himself. 


After all that's gone down, is he still willing to continue this path? Of course but a part of himself wants something, something more than gang related stuff. So he gave the sunflower blond a shrug and after that it was silent.


Koko was thinking deeply, contemplating whether to say the thing that has been bugging him during the car ride. He took a glance at Inupi, he was holding Hanagaki’s hand, looking at him with a soft expression on his face.


“During the fight” Inupi suddenly started, “Was-was he the same like when we fought with Tenjiku?” he asked, not leaving his eyes on the sleeping figure. Koko smiles, knowing exactly what he was talking about. “Yeah, he’s still the same guy like back then” he responded, recalling how Hanagaki protected the people around him against Mikey.


Even so, he knows the consequence. 


Koko took a deep breath, “Inupi, are you..” his voice died down, suddenly not having the courage to speak about the topic that was on the tip of his tongue. The blond looks at him, expectantly. “What?” 


“Are you…- Do you like Takemichi?” 


Why was that hard to say? 


Koko was silently scolding himself as he blurted that out. This is not the time for that question in this situation. He cursed at himself, mentally. A chuckle brought him out of his thoughts,Inupi was gently swirling his fingers onto Hanagaki’s hand. 


“I love him.” 


He says, making Koko open his mouth in shock but he doesn’t say anything. It was the answer he was expecting, he’s not that surprised, mostly amused. He knows from the beginning that Inupi loves the blond, he has that kind of look in his eyes. 


He knows because…he’s also..


“You love him too, right?”


Now, that one shocked him as if a deer caught in headlights. “You don’t need to deny it, Koko” he muttered before looking at him, “I see how you look at him.” Inupi gave him a small smile.


Ah, so we are the same.  


Feeling his heart about to leap out of his chest, Koko nodded his head. “Yeah, I love the guy. But who wouldn't?” he looked at Hanagaki as he suddenly remembered those words that he whispered on that cold rainy night.


Mikey. Mikey is a prime example. Hanagaki is definitely not gonna give up on trying to stop his boss, right? Then it dawned on him, the first few words Hanagaki blurted that day.


“It’s my fault. Everything….my fault.” 


“...sorry..i’m just s..o..selfish”


Does Hanagaki even have the mental capacity to process what happened the night of the fight? Koko remembers how broken Hanagaki looked when Draken died; the boy looked utterly lost. He shivers remembering the blank look and the dullness of his eyes when they made eye contact. 


It scared Koko.


“What are you thinking?” Inupi asked, “Do you think Hanagaki will  be alright?” He said, looking straight into his best friend. “I don’t know,” He answered honestly, “But whatever happens, I'll still be here waiting if he ever needs someone.” 


They’re literally the same. Both of them just wait for the person they longed for the most, they can’t be greedy. Because they know Hanagaki has more important stuff to do, he's not even mentally there either. 


They both want the same person yet, that person doesn’t look at them the same way they do. Hanagaki is always looking forward, far into the horizon. He tried to save everyone, knowing one day he might get killed. Hanagaki looks at them but…


…it’s not the same as how he looks at Mikey.


Koko saw how utterly destroyed Hanagaki was when Mikey was hitting him. It looks like he wasn’t even hurting from the hits, more like… just the thought that he couldn’t save Mikey destroyed him. Mikey has fallen into darkness. And he thinks it’s his fault. Who would have thought of that?


Hanagaki is always following Mikey, having those blue hues stare at the commander who stood tall and proud when they were in Toman. It was sparkling, glimmering. But it was for Mikey. And for Mikey only. 


Nevertheless, they’re willing. Willing to wait even until the snow falls, time freezes. They’ll wait. Wait for Hanagaki to look at them with his warm eyes, melting the icy path they’re stuck in. Because if it’s Hanagaki, it’s worth waiting for even if their heart freezes for a while. 


They’ll be patient. 


Because in this fucked up world the only saving grace they have found was him. Always has been and always will be him. The light, the fire burning through all of the despair and hopelessness in those sapphire eyes. And until Hanagaki opens his eyes again, they’ll wait.


So please, wake up Takemichi. We’re waiting for you,