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Do you Promise?

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Tommy’s eyes flutter open and he grimaces at the harsh light of his “room” he quickly stretches and turns to his caretaker or you could say his foster father, but he didn’t like referring to the man as such because he was no father to Tommy, nor was he fit to be a guardian at all. Tommy was more like a cash grab to the man instead of a human, the man only used Tommy to pay the bills and nothing else. It didn’t hurt Tommy because he’d seen the same treatment from previous foster parents. (if you would even call them that) The man had strict rules, like how Tommy could only eat once per week since he “doesn’t get enough money for Tommy to eat all the time.” Tommy knew these were just excuses for him to use the money on other things such as booze or cigarettes, but Tommy didn’t care at this point.

Tommy started to skip eating all together which worsened his health not to mention how at age 12 he got hooked on alcohol to run away from his problems that just seemed oh so close behind him gripping the back of his shirt and grazing his neck as he pushes himself farther from it. Tommy hated the way alcohol made him feel but he just couldn’t stop. Lucky for him his foster father drank it all anyways using Tommy as a trash can for the bottles, the man always used Tommy to put out his cigarettes, he would constantly get upset if Tommy didn’t push himself to do every chore in the house in the matter of minutes. It made the man’s temper grow and he would lash out on Tommy, mostly resulting in violence which Tommy took like a champ.

Tommy wanted to cry as his foster father walked closer and snapped at him to grab his bags because he’s sending him back, Tommy grabbed a small backpack with a cow plushy named Henry which he had gotten from him parents on his 2nd birthday before they passed away, his bag consisted of the plushy, a tooth brush, and a comb Tommy really didn’t have much else other than the clothes that he was wearing. Tommy didn’t have shoes either because his old ones didn’t fit at all and his foster father refused to get him new ones. This resulted in Tommy going barefoot EVERYWHERE, which definitely sucked because he had all sorts of blisters and and scars on his feet because of that, Tommy finished packing and left to a red Volvo car hopping in the front seat next to his foster agent named Clementine. Clem was sassy and had attitude, Tommy compared her to a moth for some reason which if you asked he would be unable to tell you exactly why he just did. Clem gave him a mouth full for messing up another household not giving two shits if it was actually Tommy’s fault or not just feeling so upset that she still couldn’t give this lonely boy a home, somewhere in her heart she knew it wasn’t his fault but she was just so frustrated! Not at Tommy but at herself for not being able to see the signs at each house and get him away from these terrible households that keep Toms awake at night. Tommy was very frail and looked like we had just came from a deserted island or at least that’s what Clem thought as she pulled into Tommy’s new foster family’s drive way.

“This is your new foster family’s home the father is named Phil and he has 2 sons Wilbur which is his biological son, and Techno which is his adopted son.”
Clem announced to Tommy’s annoyance.

“I think I get the whole foster family spiel I’ve gone through it several times since the age of 3 Clem and if you haven’t noticed I’m 16 now and I’ll probably just end up aging out anyways so why does it matter?”
Tommy complained.

That made Clems heart sink just a bit, but she continues on and leads Tommy up to the door and knocks gently. A tall man answers the door he had a long pink braid down his shoulders which Tommy thought could use some flowers, but Tommy was too intimidated to say so. The man’s first words when the door opened were “your not the pizza guy” which stifled a laugh out of Toms who started coughing immediately after. Techno only stared at Toms and he seemed very confused as he remembered that he was getting a new foster brother and Techno figured this was him. But before he could say anything else Clem spoke up.

“Are you Phil Minecraft? By any chance, because you don’t look anything like your picture…”
She questioned but Techno quickly interrupted.

“OH no no I’m not Phil I’m his adopted son, Techno Minecraft” Techno added


Tommy heard a laugh from inside the house that drew near, soon another tall man came into view, you couldn’t tell that Techno was adopted because techno was muscular tall and had almost the same build as Phil. They were both very intimidating nonetheless, Tommy gulped as he walked into a the household and was taken to the couch where he sat down. Phil and Clem walked over to the dining room sitting down and talking over Tommy’s file. Tommy could tell it wasn’t good because Phil seemed to be shaking his head in what Tommy could only presume was disappointment. Tommy wanted to scream to cry, his world started spinning when more thoughts of angry foster family’s clouded his vision and he started sweating uncontrollably while still unable to move a muscle. Tommy was clearly panicking but why? These people haven’t done anything yet, they hadn’t crossed his boundaries yet I mean he’s only been here for a few minutes and he was already panicking and sweating profusely “stop being such a fucking pussy” Tommy thought to himself, but he still couldn’t stop no matter what he told himself eventually there was someone kneeling on the floor in-front of him.

“Hey dude are you ok? Your sweating quite a bit and look a little freaked, I’m Will your new foster brother by the way!” Will spoke

“I’m fine big man just thinking about something…”
Tommy said in a very cracked voice which worried Will ever so slightly.

Wilbur went to hug the boy only to be met with the boy engaging a protective stance hiding himself with his arms as if Will would hit him. This made Wills heart sink and it scared him knowing something or someone had to have sparked the fear in this boys eyes, Tommy didn’t move shaking a bit before he carefully turned over to look at Wilbur who just had a worried look painted across his face in a way that made Tommy feel as if he had done something terribly wrong. Tommy spoke up,

“I-I’m sorry Wilbur I’m so so so sorry I shouldn’t have done that I made you feel bad I didn’t mean to please!” Tommy cried.

“NO NO Tommy don’t be sorry! I’m sorry for making you feel unsafe I really should’ve asked first it’s my fault!” Wilbur protested

This made Tommy happy nobody had ever told him it wasn’t his fault it was always his! But this could just be because he’s new to the house so he shouldn’t get his hopes up just in case. After Phil and Clem finish the paper work and Clem steps out the door Tommy feels uneasy but sure enough Phil takes him to his room and he tries to help Tommy unpack but he see only 3 items in his bag. He’ll take him to the store tomorrow, he thought and he continued.

“Hey Tommy I’m going to go start dinner be down in an hour please, we like to eat as a family I hope it will be a good chance to get to know you!” Phil explained

Tommy nodded and continued doing as he was. Phil had walked down the stairs and started dinner. Tommy sat on his bed and waited. Tommy was pretty used to this though, most days he did nothing other than chores so this seemed like the usual. Though he never had been given a room this big. It had suicide prevention windows installed which kind of bummed him out since he wanted to climb on the roof. He walked to the bathroom and found that you could get to the roof from there so that satisfied him as he walked back to his room and waited some more. He just realized how furnished the room was. It was actually pretty nice looking with a bean bag chair in the corner and a desk with a gaming chair but no computer which was pretty odd. He didn’t mind though he hadn’t ever played a video game anyway so it didn’t really matter to him. Soon came dinner and Tommy reluctantly got up and walked to the dining room and sank into a chair as a plate of spaghetti was placed in front of him. He didn’t eat it just watched everyone else eat and talk while he stayed completely silent, Tommy eventually asked to be excused but Phil asked him to actually try a bite so he reluctantly spun the noodles around his fork and took a small bite, and then he left the table to dispose of the rest of it in the garbage and then wash his plate before trying to walk up the stairs when Phil stopped him.

“Mate I told you this is a family dinner so we are going to eat together if you don’t mind you can just wait at the dinner till we all finish.”
Phil stated

Tommy walked back over to his seat and slumped back into it before Wilbur started to speak.

“Hey Toms do you have any scars? I have one from when I was younger! I tripped and split my lip it scared Phil BIG TIME!”
Wilbur laughed.

“Yeah I have a quite a few scars on my back and on my torso,and a few on my arms and legs and if you couldn’t already tell I have a few on my face.”
Tommy replied.

Tommy pulled on his collar a bit since he was kind of nervous about this, when Wilbur noticed the scar on his neck.

“How did you get the one on your neck Tommy… You can trust us you know Toms.”
Wilbur said worriedly

“It’s nothing Wilbur it’s really nothing important, just a little accident a while back.”
Tommy said nervously

“If it’s not a big deal then why don’t you explain how it happened Toms?”
Wilbur said a bit annoyed now.

“Wilbur it’s not a fun story for me to talk about, you know for someone who said they didn’t want to cross my boundaries you’re really pushing it!”
Tommy said now getting annoyed himself.

Wilbur screamed.

This shook Tommy to his core all of a sudden he felt it was hard to breathe and he was gasping for air like he was drowning and just couldn’t seem to get enough air, he felt like he would pass out and all of a sudden he could feel tears streaming down his face and he was yelling at himself to pull himself together but he couldn’t breathe or speak and he felt like he was dying. When he finally came too Wilbur was standing off to the side while Techno and Phil were in front of him saying incomprehensible things to him, Tommy finally snapped out of it and could hear them speaking to him in a panic.

“Toms can you hear me mate, please buddy speak up.” Phil exclaimed.

“Tommy it’s ok, we are here we aren’t going to hurt you, you’re going to be fine bud.” Techno hushed in Toms ear.

“Techno…Phil…?” Tommy whispered confused.

“Yes Toms its Techno and Phil we’re here for you ok mate?” Phil cooed.

Tommy stood up dazed, Phil and Techno panicked for a second before watching Tommy walk towards the front door.

“I’m going to take a walk if you don’t mind”
Tommy explained.

Phil nodded still looking worried, but he let Toms leave the house for his walk. Tommy headed out the door and just ran as far as he could from the house before tripping, it was midnight at this point and it started raining. Tommy tried to get up but he just wasn’t strong enough to, but then a tall boy walked up to him.

The boy screamed.

Tommy weakly lifted his head and spoke to the boys relief.

“Yeah I’m fine, just tired” Tommy replied still a bit dazed.

The boy helped him to his feet, and looked at Tommy still a bit worried.

“Oh gosh I should introduce myself, I’m Ranboo and I actually live just down the street from here.” Ranboo explained.

“Oh, yeah I live down there as well but I went for a walk” Tommy stated.

“Really? I’ve never seen you around here before.” Ranboo replied.

“I’m a foster child, Phil Minecraft started fostering me today actually.” Tommy explained weakly.

“That’s cool! I guess I’ll see you at school…?”
Ranboo questioned.

“Next week I start.” Tommy replied.

“Alright then, see you around Tommy!” Ranboo exclaimed.

Ranboo started walking away, and Tommy continued farther and farther from Phil’s house he really didn’t want to go back so he walked into the park and saw a statue. It reminded him of one of his more abusive “family’s” but honestly Tommy could never actually refer to them as family because they weren’t and never would be, so naturally Tommy kicked the statue. After kicking said statue he walked further into the park it was around 1:30AM and he laid down against the tree and slept there. In the morning Tommy woke up and panicked for a second which I feel like anyone would when they wake up and look around and realize they are in the middle of a park. Tommy scrambled to his feet and ran towards Phil’s house he pushed himself even though he was exhausted from running and his back aches from sleeping on the tree but he still kept pushing, eventually he tripped and fell scraping his knee but even with it stinging bad he kept going. He opened the door and walked in to see Phil and Wilbur panicking and pacing around the dining room while Techno tries, and fails to calm them down. When they spot Tommy they immediately stop and stare like they had seen a ghost. Tommy thought he was in trouble so he started freaking out.

“Oh I-I’m so so sorry I fell asleep at the park and panicked when I woke up please I’m really sorry it won’t happen again mr. Minecraft.”
Tommy stated.

“Tommy what happened to your knee?” Phil asked.

“Oh I-I tripped I’m sorry.” Tommy replied.

“Hold on I’m going to get some disinfectant.” Phil added.

Phil quickly cleaned Tommy’s knee and then Phil got up and got came closer to Tommy going in to give him a hug when the boy backed up in fear thinking Phil would hit him. Phil looked shocked and worried.

“Hey it’s ok mate, I’m not going to hurt you I just want a hug because you had me freaked bud.” Phil hushed.

Phil continued to hug Tommy which for a second Tommy was scared but he calmed down once he realized Phil wasn’t going to hurt him.

“I promise mate as long as you are in my care I won’t ever hurt you.” Phil stated

“Do you promise?” Tommy questioned.

“Yes Toms I promise.”

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Tommy woke up in his bed and saw a uniform lying at the end of his bed. It had been a week since he moved in at this point and he was not ready to start school, but he reluctantly got ready and grabbed his new backpack Phil had bought him a few days ago Tommy went downstairs and was about to leave when Phil stopped him.

“Toms don’t you want breakfast? Also I have a gift for you mate” Phil stated.

“No I’m not hungry, and what is the gift?” Tommy questioned.

“Well go ahead and open it.” Phil said.

Tommy opened the small box revealing and IPhone AN IPHONE! Tommy wanted to hug Phil so bad but he wasn’t sure if it was ok so he didn’t. Instead he just continuously said “thank you” over and over again, it made Phil laugh a bit. Tommy liked Phil’s laugh it sounded funny, Tommy decided he should start heading out after he set up his phone so after he did he ran out he didn’t eat anything for breakfast but that was fine. After getting out the door Wilbur stopped him.

“Chill Toms I’m driving you so hop in, also I saw you didn’t grab breakfast so here.”

As will explained he threw him a pop tart. Tommy had never had a pop tart nor did he want to try one so he just hid it in the backseat. Tommy wasn’t excited for school at all he just wanted to get through the day and set up some more shit on his phone.

“I didn’t really need you to drive me bitch boy.”
Tommy stated

“I fucking hate you already.” Wilbur replied.

Wilbur knew he didn’t really mean it but he pretended like he did and he was good at acting surprisingly. This made Tommy shut up for the rest of the ride. When they arrived he dropped of Tommy and started driving to his college. Tommy walked into the large school and towards the main office. It didn’t look like much. Just a desk, computer, a mug full of coffee, and some sticky notes also a plant named bob apparently. The office lady walked in.

“Hello I’m Pokimane! I know weird name right hah?”
Poki said.

“I mean not one I’d usually see…” Tommy replied.

Tommy and Poki chatted back and forth for a while and then she looked up Toms name and gave him his schedule, then Toms was on his way to his locker. Tommy hadn’t gone to school much with his foster families. They “homeschooled” him but it just seemed to be an excuse for them to have him do more free labor. It took Toms a second to get his locker open but he soon did and put his stuff in it then he was on his way to class. Tommy made it to his first class with ease and his first class happened to be Coding which wasn’t his favorite but whatever. As he walked in his teacher was about to start attendance but stopped when she saw him.

“Hello! You must be Thomas correct?”
The man asked.

“Yes, that is correct but I would actually prefer if you called me Tommy.” Toms replied

“Alright then I’ll make a note of that, come introduce yourself to the class!” The man exclaimed.

Tommy timidly walked up to the front of the class and had no idea what to say.

Tommy just tried his best to say something “H-Hello I’m Thomas but you can call me Tommy.”

“Thank you Tommy, you can have a seat next to…”
The teacher pondered for a moment.

“You can have a seat next to Tubbo, Tubbo would you raise your hand so Tommy knows where you are?”
The teacher said.

A very short boy raised his hand high in the air, and Tommy walked over and sat in the chair next to the boy.

“I’m Tubbo nice to meet you Toms” Tubbo said looking thrilled at the boy sitting next to him.

“You too big man.” Tommy replied.

“What class do you have next?” Tubbo asked.

“I have fucking math.” Tommy answered.

“Ew maths gross, but hey my friend Ranboo also has math next!” Tubbo explained.

“Oh I met him like a week ago, he lives in my neighborhood.” Tommy stated.

Tubbo and Tommy chatted a bit more before class ended then went to their classes, as Tommy walked in he spotted Ranboo.

“Ranboo hey!” Tommy cheered.

“Hey Tommy, I didn’t know you’d be in this class.” Ranboo replied.

“Well of course you didn’t when I met you I didn’t have a schedule yet and I wasn’t even going, this is my first day.” Tommy explained unenthusiastically.

The math teacher introduced Tommy and started the lesson, Tommy was great at math but he still hated it nonetheless. It was just so boring to him even when the teachers tried to make the lessons interesting for him. School in general was boring but that was quite obvious I think everyone has though that at least once in their life. Tommy blanked out most of the lesson since he had already learned this from getting a tutor to teach him at home since they didn’t have a high enough math class for him. Sometimes he wanted to fail on purpose just for the fun of it thinking about how his foster family would react. He wanted to know how far he could push it. Though when he tested this with other families he usually ended up being beaten. He didn’t really like the sound of getting beaten by a new family since he really hoped this family would be different they promised not to hurt him but did he really believe that? He was given to many empty promises in the past to believe he wouldn’t actually hit him. The bell rang and it was time for his next class, Ranboo walked up to Tommy.

“Hey you seemed pretty out of it during class, if you didn’t get the notes I can give you them!” Ranboo offered.

“Nah I learned this awhile back I’ll be fine.” Tommy replied.

“Alright then, anyhow my friend Quackity is hosting a party! He’s in the grade above ours but he is 18 so there might be drinks there. I don’t drink personally mostly because we’re underage but we can still go there to hang out with some friends! Just make sure to ask your one of your parents.” Ranboo explained.

“Alright I’ll be there, what’s the address and time?”
Tommy asked.

“Today at 6:30PM and the address is ****** Nevadas Ave.” Ranboo told Toms.

After they talked Tommy went through a couple classes then came lunch and he went to his locker grabbed Henry and started on his way. Tommy didn’t get any food to eat. He hadn’t eaten anything since yesterday when he has a bit of spaghetti, but he still wasn’t hungry enough to eat anything. Honestly he could’ve just been telling himself he wasn’t hungry, he didn’t know anymore. Someone walked up to Tommy.

“Hey, I’m Dream nice to meet you. Tommy correct?”
Dream questioned.

“Yea I am Tommy, nice to meet you dream.”
Tommy replied.

“What’s this?”
Dream asked

Dream went and grabbed something from Toms hands. It was his cow plush Henry.

“HEY GIVE THAT BACK!” Tommy screamed.

“You still play with fucking toys?” Dream snickered.


“Ok, ok, geez you didn’t have to go all insane on me.”
Dream joked.

Tommy however didn’t find it very funny at all. He though Dream was a fucking bitch. Taking HIS stuff without HIS permission? He had to be messed up in the head Tommy thought. But Tommy decided not to engage any further other wise he would be fucking fist fighting the guy. But Dream took it way to far. Dream grabbed Henry again and ripped off his ear.

“I think he looks better this way don’t you think?”
Dream laughed.

Dream didn’t mean to offend Tommy immensely he just wanted to pick on him a little since he found out he was Technos brother who he was in a fight with at the moment, he didn’t mean to take his frustrations out on Tommy but he did and this made Tommy fucking pissed. Tommy ran dropped Henry and punched Dream square in the face. Dream got threatened and punched Tommy back, but Tommy grabbed Dreams leg as Dream had tried to kick him and he pulled Dreams leg until Dream came crashing down on the floor. Tommy just walked back over to Henry before getting down to Dreams level and whispering “bitch” in his ear. Dream got the wind knocked out of him when he got pulled to the floor by Tommy, so he didn’t think he could get back up for a while. Dream decided to rest there for a while so he could catch his breathe. Sapnap, his best friend ran up to him and helped him up.

“What the hell was that for?” Sapnap questioned.

“He ripped Henry!” Tommy argued.

“THE FUCKING TOY, are you insane?” Sapnap argued back.


“ITS JUST A DOLL!” Sapnap spat back.

“ITS THE LAST THING I HAVE OF MY DAMN PARENTS!” Tommy screamed and Sapnap.

Sapnap grew quiet blankly staring at Tommy.

“What do you mean by that?” Sapnap asked.

“My parents passed away ok? Now fuck off!”
Tommy explained.

Tommy walked past Sapnap, the rest of the day went ok other than that incident. Soon it was time for Tommy to start heading home, when Wilbur got there to pick up Tommy he could tell something was wrong.

“You ok big man?” Wilbur asked.

“Yeah, some guy ripped Henry.” Tommy whispered.

“Whose Henry?” Wilbur questioned.

“He’s my cow plush, I’ve had him since I was a baby he was a gift from my parents.” Tommy explained.

“I’m sure Phil could fix it don’t worry Toms.” Wilbur reassured.

“Thanks Will.” Tommy said.

When they got back Tommy asked Phil if you could hang out with Ranboo at Quackity’s place Phil told him it was fine but he would need to go over some rules.

“No illegal shit alright, so no drugs or alcohol. Don’t stay out to late be home by 10:35 alright? Quackity’s house isn’t to far from here. Will and him used to be close so I can pick you up if you need me to.”

Phil typed in his number in Tommy’s new phone so he could get a ride just in case. He also put in Techno and Wilbur’s phone numbers, and added him to the family group chat which the name was 4/3 which didn’t make him feel like he was a part of the family at all but he had only been here for a week so he couldn’t blame them. After that he was on his way to Quackity’s house. When he got there Ranboo was already at the door ready to greet him.

“Hey Tommy! Welcome come on in.” Ranboo said.

“Yeah thanks for inviting me!” Tommy smiled.

“Hey man! Im Quackity nice to meet you.”
Quackity greeted.

“Nice to meet you too big man!” Tommy replied.

The place was packed and had a strong stench of alcohol. Tommy was a alcoholic from age 12 to 15 when he stopped for a while because his foster parent at the time didn’t like anyone else other than him drinking. He can admit the guy had some pretty weird rules, but anyways Tommy was very exhilarated. He didn’t want to break Phil’s rules so he tried not to drink but that kind of backfired when Jared walked up to him.

“Hey dude bet you can’t chug this bottle of vodka without puking!” Jared tested Tommy.

“Dude I’m 16!” Tommy protested.

“So? A little underage drinking never hurt anyone! Are you scared you can’t handle it?” Jared snickered.

“Fuck off.” Tommy replied.

“Pussy…” Jared whispered.

This made Tommy pissed. Toms grabbed the bottle of vodka from Jared’s hand and started chugging it. Tommy eventually finished the bottle and didn’t even flinch. That’s what happens when your exposed to alcoholism at a young age I guess. Jared though it was sick and asked him to do the same but with whiskey this time. When Tommy protested he kept pressuring him to drink more and more. Eventually a man approached Tommy and Jared.

“Are you fucking peer pressuring a child into alcoholism Jared? Damn this is why we couldn’t be friends, that’s to low even for me. Hey kid come with me.” The man beckoned Tommy.

Tommy complied and went with the man.

“I’m Shlatt, nice to meet you. Your Wilbur and Techno’s foster brother right?” Shlatt asked.

“Yeah… That’s me.” Tommy answered.

“Alright, what do you say you hang with me for the rest of the time.” Shlatt offered.

“Ok I guess.” Tommy accepted.

Him and Shlatt plus Ranboo after he finally found Tommy, hung out for most of the night. But Jared popped up again while Shlatt was distracted and again started pressuring Tommy into doing shit. Tommy, being a minor and easily manipulated he did what Jared said so he could prove a point. Tommy was getting drunk and knew he would be in trouble if he did anything else. You see after Tommy drinks he always feels shitty and depressed. He just can’t grasp himself, so he knew he needs to be with Shlatt and Ranboo at that moment so Tommy slipped away from Jared and found Shlatt and Ranboo who got worried when they saw Tommy had disappeared.

“Shit kid you scared the fuck out of me!”
Shlatt exclaimed.

“Sorry…” Tommy whispered.

Tommy was definitely drunk or at least tipsy so when it hit 6:20 he was pretty out of it. He looked at the time on his phone and said bye to Ranboo and Shlatt. When Tommy got back home he felt shitty, so shitty that he told Phil he wouldn’t drink and went back on his word. Phil had only been kind to him since he got here yet he was being such an asshat. Tommy went upstairs to his room, he had lied to Phil telling him that he ate at Quackity’s but he hadn’t. Tommy hadn’t eaten anything since he got to Phil’s and Phil could tell. Phil could tell not only that he wasn’t eating at home but that he definitely had not eaten at Quackity’s. He was insanely worried about Tommy knows that Tommy NEEDS to eat or he’ll just pass out one of these says. Phil told himself that he would deal with it tomorrow. Tommy laid down on his bed and tried to sleep but he just couldn’t. At this point everyone else has fallen asleep, so he snuck downstairs and looked around. Eventually he found a small bottle of melatonin and took a few. He went to bed and fell asleep. To Tommy’s luck his first day of school had been on a Friday so he had the weekend now, but that probably wasn’t great for Tommy either since when he woke up it hit him that he had relapsed and he fell into a depressive state. He wouldn’t leave his bed and he honestly thought his life was over. He had a massive headache and was just so tired. He walked down to the kitchen where Phil was waiting for him.

“Tommy come eat breakfast.” Phil said.

“I’m not hungry.” Tommy replied.

“Toms you have to eat something, come sit down and eat with me and your brothers.” Phil argued.

“Fine.” Tommy said.

“Tommy, it’s food it isn’t the end of the world.” Techno said as he took a sip from his mug that on it said “1# potato farmer” on it. Tommy snickered at it but continued on.

“Hey Toms. I realized that I never apologized for yelling at you the first day you came. I was supposed to make you feel welcome but I pressured you into telling me something you felt uncomfortable about.” Wilbur explained.

“It’s alright Will.” Tommy replied.

Tommy sat down as the rest of the family watch Tommy pick at his food but not really eat it.

“Toms come on you need to finish it. You haven’t finished one meal since you got here.” Phil told Tommy.

“I’m not hungry Minecraft.” Tommy hissed.

“Toms you have to eat it’s important that you do-“
Phil tried to tell Toms but Tommy interrupted.

“SHUT UP!” Tommy cried.

The whole table went silent as Tommy ran upstairs. Tommy locked himself in the bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet, he found a razor, and Tylenol pills. Tommy used the razor and made slits in his wrists and he was about to down the whole bottle of Tylenol when the he heard a knock at the door. Tommy quickly threw everything back in the medicine cabinet and yelled “go away” to whoever was on the other side of that door.

“Tommy it’s Techno, I know we haven’t talked much yet but please come out Phil, Wilbur, and me are worried.” Techno explained.

Tommy cautiously opened the door and Techno greeted him. Tommy only slipped past him and tried to go to his room, but Phil grabbed his arm.

“Tommy. You are going to have to eat at some point. I’m going to call you downstairs for breakfast later and you are going to eat alright?” Phil stated.

Tommy reluctantly nodded and continued into his room crawling into his bed sheets and falling asleep.

Chapter Text

Tommy gets home from school. And he doesn’t go straight home because he told Wilbur someone else was picking him up today in reality though nobody was. Tommy just wanted to walk home, but he had to stop- somewhere else first… Tommy walked into an alley way a decent distance from the school, and walked up to a guy.

“Do you have what I asked for?” Tommy asked impatiently.

“Yeah I have it, cocaine and cigarettes correct?” The man asked just to be sure.

“Yeah I’m in a bit of a rush so please be quick.” Tommy rushed.

Tommy hands the man a 100 dollar bill and the man hands him the items. Tommy started booking it home so he wouldn’t be late. He was naturally a bit late, but he was sure they wouldn’t mind. Wilbur was very confused when he saw Tommy walking to the house instead of in a car but chalked it up to his friends house not being far and he decided to walk. Wilbur didn’t know if he was lying earlier but he sure hoped Toms wasn’t. Wilbur didn’t even really know Tommy yet. He really wanted to get to know him though. Toms seemed funny, and he wanted to know that side of Toms so badly. Tommy walked in and greeted Will before running to his room and locking the door behind him. Tommy looked at his cocaine, which was in brownie form as to not be suspicious. He took a bite of the brownie, it tasted good so he ate the rest of it and then he hid the cigarettes and waited for his high. It hit him like a train! Tommy realized he probably should’ve eaten it slowly but he was to late now. Tommy wasn’t even sure if he was enjoying it, but he didn’t have time to think about it now because he heard a knock on his door.

“Tommy, You in there?” Wilbur asked concerned.

“Yeah, sorry one second.” Tommy hurried.

Toms threw on some sun glasses and swiftly sprang the door open.

“Hey Will! Do you need something?” Tommy asked sounding suspicious.

“No I just wanted to hang with you!” Wilbur replied.

Tommy dreaded those words. Tommy couldn’t hang out right now, he was high and Tommy knows how he gets when he’s high. Tommy couldn’t keep one secret while on drugs, he would spill like a cup of tea.

“I don’t know, I think I want to be alone for a while.” Tommy replied.

“Tommy that’s like everyday now. I want to get to know you Toms!” Wilbur insisted.

Tommy felt horrible saying no to Wilbur after he practically ignored the whole family so he reluctantly nodded and let Wilbur in.

“So how have you been Toms?” Wilbur asked.

Tommy bit his bottom lip, he wasn’t doing well he cut constantly and kept relapsing and breaking all these rules even though so little were put in place.

“I’m a fucking mess Will.” Tommy replied whimpering a bit.

Those words surprised Wilbur. Will didn’t expect Tommy to be so fucking truthful. Wilbur would’ve taken a loud and annoying kid rather then a fucking traumatized one because at least he would be able to handle it better.

“Why what happened?” Wilbur asked concerned and confused jumbled into some sort of mess.

“I’m a fucking drug addict, an alcoholic, and traumatized. It hurts Will and I don’t know how to bottle it up anymore.” Tommy cried.

“Toms… You do drugs?” Wilbur replied trying to take in all this information.

“Yeah, I do.” Tommy answered.

“Tommy that’s not ok how long have you been drinking and doing drugs?!” Wilbur cried in concern.

“I was 12 when I started drinking, and I started doing drugs at 14.” Tommy said reluctantly.

“Tommy that’s not ok!” Wilbur replied.

“It’s not that bad compared to some shit I’ve gone through!” Tommy raised his voice a bit.

“TOMMY NOT A LOT ELSE IS WORSE THAN THAT.” Wilbur practically screamed at Toms.


This made Wilbur go silent.

“W-what?” Wilbur whispered.

Tommy put his hands over his mouth, he wanted to scream.

“You weren’t supposed to know that.” Tommy choked out.

Techno walked in.

“Tommy why shouldn’t we know that?” Techno questioned looking concerned and upset.

“Because I should’ve moved past that by now. It’s not important anymore.” Tommy replied still a little pissed.

“Tommy that’s not something you should have to do. Toms that’s a traumatic experience it’s going to stick with you for a long while…” Wilbur explained tears running down his neck and face like a waterfall.

Tommy wanted to cry as well but all he could do was book it. He ran straight past Techno and through the door. Wilbur and Techno quickly sprinted after him, but Tommy ran out the front door and slammed the door in there faces as he continued running. Toms didn’t know where he was running to but he needed to go. Eventually he saw a small bakery and ran in. He sat down at a table, he had some pocket change to get a bit of food so he wouldn’t look suspicious.

“Hello, I’m Nikki and I’m going to be your waitress today!” Nikki said in a soft voice.

“Oh uh- can I have a water and a fruit cup?” Tommy asked.

“Yeah sure!” Nikki replied writing down the order.

Nikki took one more glance at the boy. The poor guy was very frail, and honestly he looked like he hadn’t eaten in a while. Soon Nikki came back with the food and handed it to Tommy.

“Thank you Nikki.” Tommy said.

“No problem…?” Nikki replied.

“It’s Tommy.” Toms answered.

“No problem Tommy.” Nikki smiled.

Tommy ate the small kids fruit cup and drank the water then he left a tip for Nikki, it was a $25.30 tip because the food costed $5.30 and Tommy wanted to make it even. Tommy left the small bakery and went to a bar. Tommy bought himself a drink using a fake ID he had picked up over the years and began to chug his beer. He decided he should leave just in case Techno and Wilbur decided to try and find him there next, so he left and went to the park and found a comfortable bench to sleep on. Tommy had pocketed his cigarettes before he left so he took them out and began smoking inhaling the toxins only to spit most of them right back out, other than the toxins that got trapped in his lungs that made him cough. Ranboo had been taking a walk when he spotted Tommy smoking on the bench.

“Tommy?” Ranboo asked hoping he was wrong.

Tommy looked up to see a very concerned and confused Ranboo. Tommy was clearly not in a good mindset at the moment so Ranboo wanted to take him to his so he could call Phil, or Wilbur, and possibly Techno to pick him up.

“Hey Toms you shouldn’t be doing that let’s go back to my place please, I can call Phil, Techno, or Wilbur to pick you up?” Ranboo ‘asked’ but in reality Ranboo decided he’d take him either way.

Ranboo at least thought he was going to take Tommy home, but Toms left verily quick. Tommy was now at this point just running from the world, running from his problems, his fears, and his family. Tommy wasn’t sure if he could call them family yet but he wished he could. Tommy had ended up at a cliff. He was just at the edge. Tommy wasn’t going to jump even if he really wanted to, Tommy just needed to be somewhere secluded. Tommy started smoking again, filling his lungs and then deflating them from the toxins as much as he could Tom repeated this a few more times before stopping to catch his breathe. It was easier then hiding cuts on his wrists. Tommy for some reason loved the way it made him feel even if the stench of the cigarette made him want to cry, and it made his eyes swell, cry, and burn he still loved it for some odd reason. Soon Tommy stopped smoking and went home. When Tommy walked in he saw Techno and Wilbur trying to explain the situation to Phil, but they stopped when Tommy walked in.

“Tommy! Are you ok?” Wilbur asked concerned.

“I’m fine, I am going to go to my room now if you don’t mind.” Tommy stated.

“No, your not.” Phil said in a monotone voice.

Tommy gulped.

“I’m sorry mr. Minecraft.” Tommy whimpered.

“You should be Toms. You broke one of my few rules in this house! Why couldn’t you just be good Toms.” Phil said disappointedly.

This hurt Tommy immensely.

“Dad don’t you think that’s a bit much with what Toms been through today?” Wilbur cried.


Tommy’s vision blurred, his head started spinning and it wouldn’t stop his heart picked up and started racing like a car and it wouldn’t stop. Tommy had memories, terrible memories that started rushing into his brain clouding his vision until he fully believed he was reliving those experiences. And Tommy started screaming.


This made Phil and the rest go silent. They all just stared at Tommy with horror and pity in their eyes. Phil felt awful. Phil realized that he had been awful.

“I’m-I. Please… please, I’ll be a good boy.” Tommy pleaded.

Tommy was shaking violently and he couldn’t breathe. Wilbur started to walk towards him but he just put his hands out and started to yelp and whine again.

“PLEASE NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, GET AWAY FROM ME PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE!” Tommy whined, yelped, and pleaded with someone.

“TOMMY PLEASE IT’S ME WILBUR!” Will whimpered.


Tommy started hyperventilating and he would not stop.

Tommy whaled, hollered, cried, pleaded, begged, and yelped, and it didn’t look like he was going to stop anytime soon which hurt Phil’s heart that he caused this to the boy he started to think of as his own, and Tommy was his own now. Phil needed Tommy, Phil had grown a sentimental bond with Toms and he didn’t want to mess it up now because he was being a bitch to his foster son who was clearly abused in his past homes, and possibly worse shit could've happened to him, Phil didn’t even know what happened to Toms parents. For all Phil knows Tommy’s parents could be chicken noodle soup! Though Phil doubted that. From what Phil heard from Techno and Wilbur Tommy had been sexually assaulted in a past foster home, and Tommy had done drugs and became an alcoholic which meant that Phil would need to hide the sort of shit from him, Phil decided that he would buy a few locks for the cabinets tomorrow.

“Toms please calm down.” Techno pleaded.

Techno walked over to Tommy and knelt down then hugged the boy.

“I won’t hurt you Toms you know that, I would never ever hurt you. It will be ok Tommy just breathe with me. Breathe in 1, 2, 3 and breathe out 1, 2, 3. You’re doing amazing Tommy just keep repeating that ok? In 1, 2, 3 out 1, 2, 3 in 1, 2, 3 out 1, 2, 3.” Techno guided.

“It’ll be ok… Theseus.” Techno comforted.

Chapter Text

Techno wakes up Tommy.

“Phil is taking us to the mall today.” Techno explained.

“Alright.” Tommy replied.

Techno walks out of Tommy’s room shutting the door behind him. Tommy starts to get dressed and head down stairs where he puts on his new shoes and heads out towards the car hopping in the backseat. Soon Techno, Phil, and Wilbur also hop in and they start driving to the mall. When they get there Tommy hops out and hides behind Techno walking up. After they all get inside the mall they start walking and looking around. Techno takes Tommy to the book store. Techno shows Tommy a few Greek mythology books and Tommy loves it, so Toms grabs a few books and asks Phil if he could get them. Phil, (still feeling guilty about yelling at him yesterday) couldn’t say no. Which meant Tommy walked out with a few new good books. After the book store Wilbur took Tommy to the music store. Wilbur was in awe seeing all the guitars and vocal equipment. Tommy was less interested, but Toms pretended to be for Wilbur’s sake. Wilbur begged Phil for a new guitar and Phil said he would agree if they split the bill. Wilbur happily agreed to split it because it still meant he got his guitar! Which made Will very happy. Soon Tommy spotted an arcade and he really wanted to go because he hadn’t ever been to one. He looked at Phil and back at the arcade Phil of course brought him there and they played a ton of games before getting their prizes and leaving. Tommy got a Nintendo, headset, and a computer because Phil was rich and Tommy was good at gaming. Phil decided to wait in the center of the mall and give each boy a budget of $200 because like I said Phil was on the richer side of things. I mean he was Phil Z. Minecraft after all! Tommy went to a few stores (and looked through hot topic) but quickly left to look at other stuff. He even say Ranboo and walked around they started hanging out, but eventually they ran into some people didn’t have quite the good relationship with.

“Toms, my baby boy we’ve been looking for you everywhere!” The woman exclaimed.

Ranboo looked at Toms who just stared at them petrified. Ranboo could tell something was not right and he wasn’t going to let Toms go with them.

“Come on Toms, we have to get you home.” A man stated in a stern voice that echoed in Tommy’s mind.

“No, no, no, no!” Tommy repeated.

Ranboo could tell Tommy was panicking. The father of the family grabbed Tommy’s arm and yanked him drawing a whimper out from Toms. Techno spotted Toms being dragged away while screaming and pleading with the family. Techno dashed towards Tommy.

“LET MY BROTHER GO!” Techno screamed which caught Phil and Wilbur’s attention.

Phil and Wilbur also dashed towards Tommy. Ranboo tried to pull Tommy away from the family. Phil grabbed the man off of Toms and started chewing the man out about how to not grab children randomly and try to kidnap them.

“THAT BOY IS MINE I CLAIMED HIM!” The man screamed at Phil.

“WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN BY THAT?!” Phil screamed enraged.

“I DID HIM FIRST HE’S MINE!” The man argued.

Phil punched the guy in the face and lead Tommy, Ranboo, Techno, and Wilbur away from them. Tommy was silently screaming while Ranboo comforted him. Ranboo really wanted an explanation for what he just had witnessed and heard, but he couldn’t push Tommy for answers right now because Tommy was clearly upset and scared. They took Tommy to the car and they all hopped in after Ranboo asked him parents if he could go home with Toms which they happily agreed to after hearing the situation. When they all got home, they waited for Tommy to calm down before they sat him down at the table.

“Tommy what did that man mean by him doing you first?” Techno asked softly.

“It’s exactly how it sounds. He, he raped me.” Tommy confirmed.

Ranboo just looked at him wide eyed. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing, he couldn’t believe someone he knew and thought of as a brother had been raped. Wilbur almost had the same reaction but he just started crying, Techno on the other hand tried to stay strong but still had worry and fear in his eyes for this boy.

“My past homes weren’t as kind as this one. They hated me.” Tommy explained.

“That wasn’t fair to you Toms, you never should’ve gone through that.” Phil comforted.

“Thank you Phil.” Tommy replied.

After that they hung out and Phil made everyone hot chocolate. Eventually Ranboo had to go home so he did while the rest of the family watched movies and bonded, but something in Tommy still didn’t trust them he had only been here for 3 weeks now and there had been a ton of fighting. Tommy didn’t want to say anything else, he kept slipping up and confessing shit he that was his fault while everyone else believed it was the foster families fault. Tommy didn’t believe that though he thought that it was his fault because he was a trouble making idiot who messed up everything he touched. What Tommy didn’t know is this wasn’t true at all. Tommy was a wonderful child and when he was younger he was so rambunctious, happy, and loud so very loud until he went to foster care and they shut him up really fast. They molded Tommy into a quiet and untrusting kid who couldn’t be loved, that’s what Tommy thought at least. The truth was that Tommy was the most love-able child you would ever meet, he just hadn’t found the people who would love him right, and even when Tommy would find them he still couldn’t trust them. Tommy decided he wouldn’t say anything else of his past, nothing about where his scars came from, the type of abuse he faced, or what the families told him he was. Tommy needs to keep himself safe right now because he felt like everything in the world would be thrown at him in a second. Tommy went upstairs to his room after movies and sat on his bed. Tommy didn’t deserve this nice room this nice family he didn’t deserve it, that’s what Tommy thought to himself. Tommy went to the bathroom he felt disgusting, he took a shower and scratched at his skin so he wouldn’t feel so filthy anymore. No matter how hard Tommy scratched he still felt horrible, at this point he was bleeding a terrible amount, and that’s when he finally decided it was enough and he stepped out of the shower. Tommy looked at his bare skin in the mirror, he looked at every imperfection and every scar on his body and he hated it. He hated the bite marks that had been permanently indented in his neck reminding him of something he lost and would never find again. Tommy looked at the scars across his chest from past punishments that were oh so cruel. Tommy looked at his neck faced with a choking feeling of a rope tightening its grip as he laughed when he saw a light in the distance, Tommy had never been able to reach that light. Some people were glad he never did, some were disappointed and blamed him. Tommy looked at his lips that had many scars on them from biting down on themselves while the feeling of overdose kicked in. Tommy finally snapped out of it when he realized it was getting late. Tommy wrapped a towel around his waist and walked through the hall hurrying so he could just get back to his room before anyone could see his imperfect body, but Wilbur walked out of his room just as Tommy was in front of his door opening it.

“Holy shit- Tommy how the hell did that happen?” Wilbur asked in concern.

Tommy stopped in his tracks. Tommy just stared back at Wilbur before Tommy slammed his door open then shut in a second. Wilbur went over and tried to open the door but Toms had locked it.

“TOMMY PLEASE LET ME HELP YOU!” Wilbur yelled in concern and panic.

“GO AWAY!” Tommy protested.

Tommy changed into his pjs Phil had gotten him before he finally opened the door.

“Will I don’t want to talk about it.” Tommy stated.

“Toms I need to know please.” Wilbur insisted.

“WILL! It’s not your place to know.” Tommy said annoyance building up inside him.

“Tommy I’m your brother! I have my rights.” Wilbur protested.


This deeply hurt Wilbur, but he didn’t show it.

“As long as you are in this house I have the right to know. This isn’t your home Tommy, if you’re going to live in it you have things you need to do and one of them is tell me what the FUCK is going on!” Wilbur stated.

Tommy slammed the door in Wilbur’s face, Wilbur still yelled at Tommy through the door. Tommy packed a small bag with Henry, his comb, $70 dollars from the mall trip, and a knife for protection, then he got dressed in his old clothes. Tommy didn’t take his phone so he couldn’t be tracked, he texted Tubbo and Ranboo that he was sorry. Tommy didn’t say what he was sorry for in the text it just read “I’m sorry.” Immediately he got like 10 texts from them asking what for but he ignored them. Wilbur was still yelling at Toms through the door while Tommy smashed the suicide prevention windows and jumped on the roof. Tommy climbed down from a nearby tree and ran, he didn’t know where he was going he just ran. When Tommy stopped he ended up on a street about 3 hours away from Phil’s house (walking distance) he stopped for a second and sat down on a bench while he cried. Tommy used the money to get on a bus. Tommy arrived at his stop the next day and got off the bus with his stuff and went to a park a slept there. Tommy had no idea what else he could do. Wilbur had busted open Tommy’s door just a few hours after he left since he wouldn’t respond to Phil or Techno, and when they got the door open the discovered that Tommy was gone. In place of him there was a note that read- “Dear Techno Phil and Wilbur. Sorry I left like that but I don’t belong in your house anyways and I wasn’t comfortable with sharing things about my past and just knowing that you already knew some things nobody else had ever known about me hurt. I hated the way it made me feel and I’m sorry I left you like that because you didn’t deserve it. Sincerely Toms.

“He left?” Techno asked concerned and confused.

“WELL THE FUCKER CLEARLY DID! That little shit couldn’t face his problems so he ran away.” Wilbur shouted while still enraged.


Phil never said Wilbur’s full name before. This made Wilbur go quiet in the moment.

“It’s probably like all the other times, he’ll be back tomorrow saying how so fucking sorry he is and we all will just pity him.” Wilbur whispered.

“WILBUR SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Techno screamed.

“It’s going to be fine guys let’s just sleep on it and if he isn’t back by tomorrow we’ll just call all your friends and shit to search for him alright?” Phil said exhausted and concerned.

“HOW CAN YOU JUST IGNORE THAT TOMMY’S GONE PHIL?” Techno shouted in concern and confusion.

“I’m not ignoring it at all we just all need some rest I’m sure Tommy will be home tomorrow.” Phil stated.

Techno finally agreed after an hour of convincing and they all went to bed not knowing Tommy was getting farther and farther from them by the second. If they new that. They probably would be on the hunt at this minute and they honestly should’ve called the police as soon as they saw he was gone. Techno couldn’t sleep though, his thoughts were clouded with the thought of this boy who had been nothing but nice to him was being repaid with nothing but betrayal. Techno knew that Tommy wouldn’t come home and they were in for it in the morning and Techno just wasn’t ready to see Tommy reported as missing. Techno couldn’t believe that Tommy would come back because something in him was yelling so clearly at him to go find Tommy and he wanted to follow the voices demands oh so bad.

“Please be safe Theseus… Please.”

Chapter Text

Wilbur wakes up to crying. Will decides to investigate though he thought it might be Tommy whining and saying he’s so sorry for scaring them.

“Tommy nobody cares you left.” Wilbur stated as he turned the corner but he stopped when he realized Tommy wasn’t there.

“Tommy’s not home yet?” Wilbur asked.

“Does it look like he is Wilbur?!” Techno exclaimed sarcastically.

“I mean I’m sure I wasn’t asleep all day he’ll be home later.” Wilbur reassured but he didn’t really care in the moment because he was still mad at Toms.

“WILBUR ITS 3:45PM!” Techno yelled.

Those words stopped Will in his tracks and time seemed to slow for a second as he realized, Tommy wasn’t coming home. Phil was on the phone with all of Techno, Wilbur, and Tommy’s friends asking them to help look for the boy because he had gone missing yesterday. Everyone was freaking out and Ranboo kept blaming himself saying he could’ve done something when he got that text from Toms. Wilbur was starting to worry now he wasn’t mad anymore he just wanted Tommy home. Wilbur regretted every terrible thing he said to Toms because Tommy did in fact belong here, it was Tommy’s home too not just Wilbur’s. Will felt awful he just wanted Tommy and only Toms right now. Wilbur grabbed his inhaler because he started breathing a bit irregularly and using his inhaler calmed him quite a bit. Phil started freaking out as well. Tommy was still in the park sleeping on the bench. Tommy eventually got up and decided to find water so he could at least try to keep clean. Once Tommy found a secluded spot in a nearby forest he bathed himself and it actually felt good to be away from society. Tommy stayed by the water a bit longer before going farther into the forest. Toms found a tree that had a lot of platforms for him to sleep on and do other stuff so he made a makeshift tree house type thing? Tommy made a bed with 4 rusty nails and a wooden board he found, he used a rock to hammer the nails into the wood and it worked surprisingly well. Tommy loved his new little home. There was a small stubby branch that Tommy hung his backpack on. Tommy thought it was a nice feature while he was messing with his little tree home a girl walked by him, she stopped when she saw him. “Why are you in a tree?!” The girl said. “Because I’m a big man, big man equals big tree.” Tommy replied. “That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.” The girl climbed in the tree and her and Tommy hung out for a few hours and created a close-ish bond with each other. They talked and talked about their interests hobbies and shit like that but sadly the girl had to leave. “I didn’t even get your name!” Tommy yelled at her when she started to head off. “It’s Drista!” She shouted back. “That’s a weird name, I’m Tommy by the way!” Tommy replied. “My brother Dream named me, he’s a real jerk.” Drista laughed. “WAIT DREAM?! HE GOES TO MY SCHOOL! He is a jerk isn’t he. Dream ripped my favorite plush cow, I had gotten it from my parents when I turned 2. My parents died a few weeks after I turned 3 though.” Tommy chuckled sadly. “Well I’m going to have a real fucking talk with my brother about that don’t you worry Toms he’ll get the fork to his eyes my friend!” Drista laughed trying to comfort Toms and it worked. “Thanks Drista!” Tommy replied. “No problem Tommy!” Drista said to Toms. Back with Phil and the others, they decided he probably didn’t go far which they were terrible wrong about considering it would take a whole day to drive to Tommy’s location, but nonetheless they searched a nearby park and didn’t find him then the alleys and they didn’t find him then the cliffs they didn’t find him. They even checked the bottom of the cliffs even if they really didn’t want to. Soon they realized Tommy had definitely went farther then the imagined mine blowing I know. Phil Got on a bus and asked if they had seen a tall blond boy who was very frail and had a small backpack with fluffy hair. And the bus driver had. The driver told them he went to a town that was about a 24 hour driver from where they were. A few stayed back just to check around town or go to nearby ones while Phil Techno and Wilbur went to the one far away. They slept on the bus and when they awoke they had gotten to their destination. They walked and saw a park they searched that area first before looking around town. They didn’t find Tommy there either so they went to the forest and eventually found Tommy sitting in a tree with a make shift wooden platform that he looked very happy about. Tommy spotted them and he grabbed his backpack and shouted.

“Why are you here?! I told you not to look for me!” Tommy said looking tired and disheveled.

Toms clothes were ripped and torn and his hair was everywhere. Toms had dark circles under his eyes accompanied the puffy redness that also filled them. Tommy didn’t have any emotion on his face, not when he was yelling, not when he was crying, not anything.

“Tommy please come home I’m so very sorry.” Wilbur said.

“No you were right I don’t belong in your home, I’m not apart of your family I don’t deserve live in a house with you guys. I’m just some privileged fuck and I don’t get why you still want me.” Tommy argued in a monotone voice with no expression anywhere to be found on his face.

“You do belong! Who told you that you didn’t!” Techno questioned.

“Wilbur did, when we were fighting he told me that it wasn’t my house and practically that I don’t belong there.” Tommy answered.

Wilbur went white and looked a little ill.

“Tommy I didn’t mean anything I said! It was a mistake I never should have said any of that to you!” Wilbur cried.

Tommy jumped down from the tree grabbing his backpack and putting it on. They thought Tommy was going to come back, but Tommy started running in the opposite direction.

“THESEUS!” Techno called after him.

Techno started chasing Tommy and was gaining on him even. Techno pushed himself as far as he could trying to catch up to Tommy, eventually Techno did catch up and he grabbed the back of Tommy’s shirt. Tommy had been trying to jump over a small cliff to the other side of it which wasn’t to far of a jump at all, but when Techno had grabbed him Toms swung backwards and hit his back on the ledge. Tommy yelped in pain which alerted Phil and Wilbur where they had went.

“Oh god, Theseus are you ok? I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Techno asked.

“Techno, I can’t move. Please Techno it hurts!” Tommy pleaded with Techno.

“Don’t worry Theseus we’ll get you to a hospital or something.” Techno reassured.

When Phil found them he ran towards Tommy first.

“OH MY GOODNESS! Tommy, can you hear me are you alright mate?!” Phil questioned in concern.

“It hurts so fucking bad.” Tommy weakly replied.

Phil called an ambulance and a few people found Toms lying down and they layed Tommy down on a stretcher. When the got to the hospital they found that Tommy had fractured his spine on impact, and he would need a external back brace for a while but he would be completely healed in about 3 months

“Phil I hate this.” Tommy stated.

“Well maybe if you didn’t start running you wouldn’t be in this situation mate.” Phil laughed.

Tommy kept complaining until he eventually fell asleep. When Toms fell asleep he had a dream a really bad one.

“Tommy. Why are you trying to run away?” The man asked.

“I-I’m sorry I’m very sorry sir I won’t do it again I swear!” Tommy pleaded.

“Damn fucking right you won’t do it again because Im going to make sure it doesn’t happen again.” The man threatened.

“NO PLEASE, PLEASE IM SORRY!” Tommy pleaded.

The man ignored Tommy and kicked him in the jaw. Tommy yelped in pain.

“Im sorry, please stop.” Tommy begged.

The man didn’t stop, he kept beating Tommy down blood splatting on hard wood as Tommy’s begging and pleading faded. As the man was about to kick Toms square in the head he woke up.

“I’M SORRY!” Tommy screamed getting up fast.

“Sorry for what are you ok?!” Wilbur stood up from his chair.

“Will?” Tommy asked.

“Yeah Toms?” Wilbur replied.

“He’s not here, is he.” Tommy said.

“Who?” Wilbur questioned.

“I had a dream about one of my foster fathers. I had tried to run away and he caught me.” Tommy replied.

“What did he do?” Wilbur asked.

“He punished me of course.” Tommy laughed.

“How did he punish you?!” Wilbur questioned in concern.

“He hit me of course! I’m surprised you guys didn’t. Well Techno did punish me by fracturing my spine, smart move by the way can’t run away if I can’t move anywhere!” Tommy giggled but you could tell he wasn’t happy by how void of color his eyes were.

“He hit you?! Toms that’s not funny or ok!” Wilbur said.

“Are you kidding Wilbur? Of course it is I deserved it anyways. It was my fault for trying to leave fucking 8 year olds am I right?” Tommy explained while laughing but it was definitely forced.

“8 YEAR OLDS?! TOMMY YOU WERE 8 WHEN THIS HAPPENED?!” Wilbur said baffled.

“Please stop with the yelling it’s making me anxious…” Tommy replied.

“Sorry Toms.” Will apologized.

“It’s alright Will.” Tommy responded.

The girl named Drista whom Tommy had met in the woods walked in.

“Only a couple hours after I leave and you wind up in the hospital ay?” Drista joked.

“Big man Tommy isn’t afraid of anything so of course he’s going to get hurt now and then.” Tommy stated.

“Sure Tommy whatever you say.” Drista replied.

“You know this girl Toms?” Wilbur asked.

“Yeah I met her in the woods, her name is Drista by the way.” Tommy explained.

“Nice to meet you Drista.” Wilbur smiled.

“Nice to meet you too- uh?” Drista replied.

“It’s Wilbur.” Will responded.

“Well it’s nice to meet you too Wilbur.” Drista grinned.

They all talked for a long while about how they had been and small talk stuff. Tommy talked about of the Greek myths and stuff he had been reading about and how he especially liked Theseus. Wilbur talked about his music stuff and about a few songs he wrote, Will even played one for them. Drista talked about forks and prisons. Drista said something about Dream being in prison for a little bit for fighting some guy. Drista soon had to leave again and tried to give Tommy a hug goodbye, but she was struggling to find a way to hug Tommy without hurting him. Eventually Drista did find a way to hug him and then she left with her mom. Drista also told Tommy she was moving and going to be attending his high school because she got moved up a grade or 2. Apparently Drista was smart which was something she didn’t seem to come off as to Toms but he didn’t question it. Techno soon came back with stuff for Tommy like pop rocks and cotton candy, Tommy really liked cotton candy for some reason.

“Sorry for hurting you Toms I didn’t mean to at all I should’ve been way more careful.” Techno apologized

“No it’s my fault for running away I’m really sorry.” Tommy argued.

Phil also walked in a gave Tommy a small lecture on not running away or he would get taken away from him and how Phil really didn’t want that. Phil saying that made Tommy really happy for some reason. Tommy hadn’t received affection like that in a long long time.

“Thank you Phil, for everything.” Tommy said.

“No Tommy, thank you for giving me the opportunity to foster you.” Phil argued

Tommy tried to hug Phil, but immediately regretted it when he yelped in pain while his spine screamed at him. Techno stood up and ran over to Tommy.

“Careful Theseus, you’re still hurt.” Techno stated.

“Sorry, sorry I forgot.” Tommy replied.

“It’s ok Theseus just don’t strain yourself.” Techno reassured.

“Thanks Techno.” Tommy responded

“No problem Theseus.” Techno replied.

Tommy, Wilbur, Phil and Techno talked for a while played a bored game! (Even though someone else had to move Tommy’s piece as well as their own.) Phil took Wilbur home, but Techno decided to stay the night with Tommy.

“Techno?” asked.

“Yeah Theseus.” Techno replied.

“Will you stay with me forever?” Tommy asked.

Techno but his lip, he didn’t know what to say to that because he knew he wouldn’t last forever one day he would have to die.

“Well Theseus that depends how long forever is.” Techno responded.

“Well how long is forever?” Tommy questioned

“I don’t know Theseus, but I’ll stay with you as long as I’m here to do so.”

“Forever…” Tommy mumbled under his breathe before drifting off to sleep.

Chapter Text

Tommy was recovering well and instead of a few months it healed in a few weeks, apparently it was less severe then they had originally though which was a relief to Tommy. Toms had fully healed by now and he decided it would be less of a burden if he took his life before the family had a real chance to get to know his loud, obnoxious, and annoying self so Tommy headed towards Manifold Hotel. Tommy dreamed that the Manifold hotel would one day be called the Biginnit Hotel, but honestly it was just a stupid dream though he still called it the Biginnit hotel. Tommy went inside and was met with a guy who had ‘Mr. Nook’ on his name tag.

“Hello Mr. Nook! I was wondering if I could maybe go to the roof if it isn’t off limits. I heard there is a full moon tonight and I would like a better view.” Tommy lied.

“I guess. I don’t particularly like Manifold so I guess I can break a few rules as retaliation!” Mr. Nook laughed.

“Thank you Mr. Nook!” Tommy gleamed.

Tommy got in the elevator and listened to very terrible pop music on the way up. When Toms got to the roof he found it was locked. No matter because big man Tommy had a paper clip which he used to pick open the lock even if it took a minute full of struggle. Toms opened the door and he forgot to close it, not that he needed to anyways he wasn’t going to be alive to care anyways. Toms was looking for a good spot to jump off where it wouldn’t drive away business because that Mr. Nook probably really needed his pay check if he was putting up with a terrible boss. Tommy assumed anyways since Mr. Nook seemed kind which probably meant Mr. Manifold was a shitty guy. Tommy was looking for a good spot keeping his eyes down looking at the areas that would be a great spot for him to go through with his plan when he saw someone out of the corner of his eye, Tommy immediately looked up to see a boy. They were shorter than Toms but definitely older looked around that dicks age, what was his name? Dream or some shit like that. Tommy didn’t really care. The boy was crying and Tommy didn’t realize the boys intentions until he saw the boy climb over the railing.

“Hey! Please don’t do it.” Tommy yelped in a panic.

The boys eyes shot up to look at Tommy.

“Why shouldn’t I?” The boy asked.

“I don’t know. Do you have family or friends?” Tommy asked.

“Yeah. I have 2 parents they are loving but they work a lot, I have friends but I’m sure that I just burden them.” The boy explained.

“You got a phone?” Tommy asked.

The boy reached in his pocket and pulled out a phone and typed in a password.

“Why do you need it?” The boy asked.

Tommy ignored the boy and went into his contacts.

“I’m calling one of your friends and he is going to explain to you that he loves you and cares for you.” Tommy explained.

“NO! PLEASE DON’T DO THAT!” The boy pleaded.

“Fine I won’t.” Tommy replied.

“As long as you hop back over the railing and talk it out with me.” Tommy grinned.

“What if I just jump before you call my friends?” The boy asked.

Tommy responded by grabbing the boys hand and pulling him over the railing forcefully instead.

“Much better!” Tommy stated.

“Now. Look me in the eyes, you seem like a cool guy and you don’t need other peoples shitting opinions weighing you down. Someone out there loves you and they will be devastated if you leave them.” Tommy reassured the boy.

“How are you so sure?” The boy asked.

“You talked about how your parents love you right? How devastated would it make them to hear that their little boy jumped off the roof? Honestly they would probably blame it on themselves.” Tommy guilt tripped the boy, at least it worked though.

“Not to mention your friends. Even if you think they don’t care they might and if they do you’ll be doing so much fucking damage to them and their mental health which could cause them to do the very same thing you’re up here to do tonight.” Tommy explained to the boys dismay.

The boy opened his mouth to say something, but snapped it shut again.

“And you could also just like not jump for you. If not for your family and friends just stay for you. Your mind may tell you to do messed up shit, but that doesn’t mean you want to do it. Deep down it seems like you put up expectations for yourself that are very unrealistic and that damage you, and your mental health. It seems like you stand on the edge of life and death because you feel like death would be better than these expectations that you are making for yourself. If you just dropped all these shitting walls and let people in then maybe you’ll actually see that life can be amazing to a lot of people.” Tommy stated.

“I think you’re right.” The boy agreed.

“I’m George by the way.” George stated.

“Well I’ll just call you Gogy because of your goggles on your head.” Tommy joked.

“They are glasses not goggles!” George responded.

“Whatever same difference.” Tommy sassed.

George laughed at Tommy.

“By the way Gogy, tell someone about this.” Tommy stated.

“What?” George asked.

“Tell someone about this. It will feel good to get off your chest. Make sure they are close to you they are less likely to tell someone else about it if they are someone close to your heart.” Tommy explained.

“Dream.” George whispered.

“Fucking Dream? Sounds like bad choice to me, but what we floats your boat dude.” Tommy responded.

“You know dream? George asked.

“Yeah I go to his school.” Tommy stated.

“So we got to the same school? That’s really cool!” George beamed.

“Sure is Gogs!” Tommy laughed.

“Did you just give me a nickname for my nickname? Sounds pretty lame to me.” George choked out laughing.

“HEY! You know what big G you sound like a real dick right now.” Tommy teased.

“I should probably head back home before my parents realize Im gone.” George explained.

“Alright Gogy.” Tommy replied.

George was about to walk through the doors when he heard Tommy one last time.

“Im Tommy by the way.” Toms stated.

“Thank you Tommy.” George said as he walked away and into the elevator.

Tommy sat on the roof for a bit longer before realizing it would be shitty to lecture someone about why they shouldn’t jump and then jump themselves just a few minutes later, so Tommy walked back to the elevator as well and went back to Phil’s house since he had been discharged from the hospital a few days ago. Tommy snuck in trying his best not to make any noise. Tommy found someone waiting for him in his room though.

“Tommy where were you.” A what seemed like angry Techno asked.

“I was, out with friends?” Tommy lied.

He just couldn’t lie to Techno it felt so wrong.

“Tommy if you’d stop lying it would make this so much easier on me.” Techno pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Listen Techno it’s none of your business what I do with my life.” Tommy argued.

“Well Tommy it is when you run away multiple times and you leave me here in distress thinking you ran away for a 2nd time! You know you could get taken away from us for doing that!” Techno explained.

“I was at the manifold hotel looking at the moon happy?” Tommy tried his best to lie, but Techno still looked unsure.

“You know Toms sneaking out to hang with friends is worse then sneaking out to look at the moon.” Techno responded.

It stung that Techno called him Toms instead of Theseus which probably meant Techno was mad. Tommy decided to give him some truth so it would seem like more of a reason why he didn’t want to tell Techno.

“You know George, he goes to are school.” Tommy asked.

“Yeah I know George founds. Why?” Techno questioned.

“Well when I got there to look at the moon George was there, but it wasn’t for the same reason as me.” Tommy explained.

“What do you mean Theseus? Techno asked.

Tommy was relieved when Techno called him Theseus.

“George was up there so he could give up.” Tommy answered.

“He was going to commit suicide?” Techno asked concerned.

“Yeah, he was. I talked him out of it though and he went back to his house.” Tommy reassured Techno.

“Thank you for doing that Theseus.” Techno replied.

“Please don’t tell him I told you that Techno.” Tommy I pleaded.

“That secret is safe with me.” Techno reassured Tommy.

The next morning Tommy headed off to school. He hadn’t seen Ranboo or Tubbo since before his injury (and when he ran away) so he was definitely in for it.

“Tommy where the hell were you.” Tubbo asked.

“I was at the hospital for a while.” Tommy responded.

“You were what? You know what forget that for right now, I meant when you ran away.” Tubbo stared at Tommy.

“I went to a forest.” Tommy replied.

“You scared the living shot out of me AND Ranboo! He keeps talking about how it’s his fault you ran away.” Tubbo complained.

“It’s not his fault.” Tommy whimpered slightly.

“Then tell him that.” Tubbo replied.

Tommy ran past Tubbo so he could find Ranboo and apologize. Tommy finally spotted Ranboo and ran over to him.

“Hey Boo how are you doing? Sorry that was a weird nickname-“ Tommy winced at his dumb nickname.

“Shit Ranboo I’m really sorry.” Tommy apologized.

Ranboo didn’t say anything he just dropped his stuff and hugged Tommy tight.


“Woah Ranboo its not your fault man!” Tommy laughed.

“It was a dumb mistake I made, by the way sorry I wasn’t in school. I just got discharged from the hospital not to long ago.” Tommy explained.

“The hospital?! Toms are you ok?” Ranboo asked concerned.

Ranboo checked Tommy up and down and he saw a few scars but one that really drove his interest was one on Tommy’s neck.

“Is this why you were in the hospital?” Ranboo asked pointing his finger at Toms neck.

“Oh no, not that one. I fractured my spine it wasn’t anything serious it healed pretty fast.” Tommy answered.

“Well what’s the scar on your neck from.” Ranboo asked having his suspicions.

“It’s… not important.” Tommy responded.

“You can tell me Tommy I worry for you.” Ranboo explained.

“Then don’t!” Tommy sassed.

“Woah Toms it’s alright!” Ranboo reassured.

“Just shut the fuck up Ranboo.” Tommy frowned.

Tommy realized that they were getting way to close and he couldn’t have friends otherwise he would be hurting them when he would inevitably take his own life. Tommy walked away leaving Ranboo in concern and shock. Tommy went through his day as usually while his friends tried to talk to him and failed, multiple times. Soon came lunch and Tommy sat alone at a table when Ranboo and Tubbo came and sat next to him. Tommy hadn’t grabbed lunch.

“Tommy aren't you hungry?” Tubbo asked.

“Shut up and leave me alone.” Tommy responded.

Tubbo was shocked, he’d never seen Tommy so upset and for no reason.

“Tommy what the fuck, it’s like we don’t even know you anymore!” Tubbo raised his voice.

“GOOD!” Tommy yelled.

Tommy stormed off and went to the bathroom. Toms sat in a stall crying, he loved his friends dearly but he couldn’t get close to them. Tommy would need them to be his enemies so when he dies they wouldn’t care a drop about it. While Tommy was crying in the stall someone walked in, Dream.

“Is someone crying?” Dream asked.

“No shut the fuck up.” Tommy responded.

“Tommy?” Dram questioned.

“No big man Tommy isn’t here.” Tommy replied.

“Oh my god Tommy, why are you crying?” Dream asked.

“None of your business.” Tommy told Dream.

“Stop being a shitty cry baby and tell me what’s wrong.” Dream told Tommy.

Tommy stopped for a moment. Dream calling him cry baby reminded him of a past home. Tommy liked to call that foster home “Exile” because it was one of the worst houses and they didn’t even try to hide it.

“Don’t fucking call me that or I’ll fucking beat you.” Tommy threatened.

“Fight me then.” Dream responded.

Tommy ran outside the stall and punched Dream in the jaw. Dream kicked Tommy in the stomach. Tommy coughed into his hand. Tommy winced, and pulled back.

“Stay the fuck back Dream!” Tommy whimpered.

“Shit I’m sorry Toms I shouldn’t have provoked you it will be ok alright.” Dream reassured Toms.

Dream examined Tommy and he seemed fine so Dream decided he should probably leave.

“I fucking hate my life.” Tommy muttered to himself.

Tommy walked to his locker. Toms was really dizzy, he hadn’t eaten in a few weeks because he had sneakily thrown his food away or he would throw it up later. Tommy started coughing and wheezing Ranboo spotted Toms and walked over.

“Tommy are you alright?” Ranboo asked.

“I’m fine Ranboo.” Tommy reassured.

Tommy wasn’t fine, his world was spinning and wouldn’t stop he felt so frail and weak. Tommy continued coughing into his hands until he saw something red, it was blood HIS blood.

“Shit Tommy you’re definitely not ok.” Ranboo panicked.

Tommy didn’t respond, instead he passed out into Ranboo’s arms who quickly rushed him to the nurses office. The ambulance was called for Tommy and he was taken to the hospital. Tommy was force fed through a tube and when he woke up and realized this he was not happy.

“STOP! STOP I DON’T WANT IT!” Tommy screamed at the doctors and nurses.

“Tommy it’s fine, you need it to stay alive!” Ranboo reassured.


Tommy’s statement made Ranboo grow quiet. Soon Wilbur, Techno, and Phil showed up.

“Oh my god mate, why haven’t you been eating?!” Phil asked.

“I don’t want it!” Tommy cried.

Tommy starts to dissociate. Tommy only sees his parents, his mother laying peacefully on her bed while doctors rush to her. Tommy’s ears rang as his mothers heart monitor went flat. Then Tommy was at his home, his father was hanging. Tommy didn’t understand at the time why his father wasn’t moving wasn’t breathing Tommy’s father was very pale and his eyes were so dull, a memory that haunts Tommy to this day.

“DAD PLEASE MOVE DO ANYTHING PLEASE!” Tommy pleaded as he jumped out of bed trying to hug Phil.

The IV in Tommy that was feeding him jolted with Tommy’s movements, it made Tommy yelp.

“TOMMY CALM DOWN!” Phil yelled.

“DAD PLEASE MOVE.” Tommy grabbed at Phils shirt ignoring the pain.

“TOMMY I’M MOVING I’M FINE!” Phil tried to reassure.

Tommy didn’t understand, from his point of view his father was still and unmoving. Tommy didn’t understand where the pain was coming from though. Doctors rushed in and tried to help Tommy.

“He’s dissociating!” A woman called.

“Hey Tommy? Can you hear me bud?” The woman asked.

Tommy was pulled back into reality when the women placed a hand on his cheek. This reminded him of his mother so much.

“Mom?” Tommy asked.

“No Tommy I’m not your mother. My names Minx I’m just a nurse.” Minx explained.

“Oh.” Tommy said sadly.

Phil whimpered in the background at his little boy.

“Phil?” Tommy asked.

“Yeah I’m here mate, your ok.” Phil reassured.

Tommy just cried.

“I want Wilby.” Tommy whimpered.

“I’m here to Toms, Will is here.” Wilbur responded.

“What about Tech?” Tommy asked.

“I would also happen to be here Theseus.” Techno replied.

“Ranboo?” Tommy asked.

“No Ranboo sorry Toms.” Phil answered.

Tommy started to cry a bit.

“I want Ranboo!” Tommy cried.

“We’ll call Ranboo, do you want Tubbo as well?” Techno asked.

“Yeah.” Tommy replied.

Techno called Ranboo and Tubbo who were happy to come. Ranboo burst through the door.

“TOMS YA GOOD?” Ranboo asked.

Tommy laughed.

“I’m fine Ranboo.” Tommy responded.

Tommy wanted to reach over and hug them, but when he went to do so the IV jolted and Toms yelped.

“Fuck get this thing off me please, I’ll eat Jello or something if you do.” Tommy explained.

A nurse came and removed it, she patched it up quickly and grabbed him like 10 cups of jelly.

“You want me to eat all this jello?” Tommy asked.

“Tommy that’s not even a lot they are in small plastic cups, plus they are shorter that they light bulb you’ll be fine.” Wilbur reassured.

“Fine.” Tommy huffed.

Toms started to eat his jello while talking to Ranboo and Tubbo. Soon they let Tommy leave and when they got back Phil made dinner for Tommy and watched him eat it very patiently.

“You know you don’t have to watch me eat Phil.” Tomm reassured.

“Tommy you just almost died from starvation I’m going to make sure you eat all your food.” Phil responded.

Wilbur and Techno also joined in on watching Tommy eat. Safe to say Tommy wasn’t going to get away with starving himself for a long time.

“Tommy you scared me to death.” Wilbur said, holding his heart through his shirt dramatically.

“Stop being dramatic Will.” Phil laughed

“What’s wrong with being dramatic? It was a horrifying situation.” Wilbur cried dramatically.

“If you put a wig on you could be a drama queen.” Techno chuckled.

“Oh shut up!” Wilbur sassed.

“Wilbur be nice to Techno.” Phil laughed

“Yeah Will be nice to your dearest brother Technoblade!” Techno laughed.

“Same goes for you Techno.” Phil stared at Techno.

“Wait Techno blade, is that a nickname for yourself?

“Kinda, my middle name is blade and I though Technoblade sounded cool together. So yeah my full name is Techno Blade Watson.” Techno explained.

“That’s a really weird name.” Tommy teased.

“You’re friends with a guy named Ranboo for goodness sake how is Technoblade worse? It’s literally just my first and middle name put togther!” Techno argued.

“Still pretty weird.” Tommy laughed.

“Shut up you two! I’m trying to eat.” Wilbur huffed.

“I’m sorry that I can’t have a conversation with my brother your majesty.” Techno laughed.

“Techno I will punch you.” Wilbur threatened.

“With what? Your stick arms?” Techno chuckled.

“HEY! I’m a strong manly guy with big handsome muscles!” Wilbur yelled.

“Yeah sure, your sticks sure are manly.” Techno teased.

“I’ll show you sticks!” Wilbur threatened.

“Well you’re doing a lot of threatening but not a lot of punching.” Techno teased.

“Boys, boys, enough fighting let’s all just have a nice dinner.” Phil explained.

“Shut up old man.” Techno sassed.

“Sassnoblade-“ Tommy whispered to Phil.

This caused a ton of laughter from Phil.

“I’m not sassy!” Techno argued.

“Sure you aren’t Techno.” Tommy teased.

“HAH, Sassnoblade!” Wilbur laughed.

Techno stared at Wilbur with a deathly glare.

“Chill it’s a joke, ITS A JOKE!” Wilbur yelled as Techno pounced on him.

“BOYS! Settle down my goodness.” Phil said exhausted.

“He started it!” Techno yelled.

“I really don’t care mate.” Phil pinched the bridge of his nose.

The rest of dinner was filled with laughter. After dinner was over Phil made sure Tommy went to bed without trying to empty his stomach.

“Was this what love was, making sure I’m healthy and safe from harm?” Tommy thought to himself as he drifted to sleep.

Chapter Text

Tommy practically jumps down the stairs.

“PHILLLL! I’m leaving for school!” Tommy shouted.

“Not before you eat breakfast you little shit!” Phil replied laughing.

“But why?” Tommy complained.

“Because it’s good for you.” Phil answered.

Tommy hesitantly made a bowl of cereal and ate it.

“I’ll drive you to school, you’ll be late walking because of the cereal.” Phil explained.

“Exactly why I didn’t need to eat it.” Tommy whispered.

“I heard that.” Phil laughed.

Tommy got in the car and Phil drove him to school.

“Bye Tommy have a good day bud!” Phil exclaimed.

Tommy rushed into school and to his locker. Tommy quickly typed in the combo and put his stuff away. Tommy’s combo for his locker was 44.28.33 he hated his combo for some reason and didn’t know why.

“Hey Tommy!” Tubbo screamed.

“TUBBO!” Tommy yelled back.

They talked them went to their 1st class. After that they went to their 2nd and 3rd before the announcements came on.

“The School will be on lockdown because there is an intruder in the building please remain calm and wait for staff to give you proper instructions.” The woman stated.

Tommy panicked. Tubbo wasn’t in this class with him, nor was Ranboo. Tommy wouldn’t be able to protect them from here. Tommy ran out the door before the teacher went to lock it. The teacher called after him worriedly, but couldn’t do much in fear the intruder would hear them. Tommy rushed to Ranboo and Tubbo’s class. Tommy knew that they shared this class so it was good timing. The door had a window so Tommy knocked on it and Tubbo saw the corner of Tommy’s face.

“That’s Tommy he’s my friend!” Tubbo explained.

Ranboo turned his head at the mention of Tommy. The teacher let Tommy in who immediately went to hug Ranboo and Tubbo.

“Thank fucking god you’re safe.” Tommy whispered in their ears.

“No thank god you’re safe Tommy, why were you outside?!” Tubbo half yelled have whispered.

“I couldn’t leave you guys alone, so I ran out of class to find you!” Tommy smiled.

“You could’ve been killed!” Ranboo whispered.

“But I wasn’t.” Tommy laughed.

Tommy saw the coast was clear.

“I’m going to see if the other classes are alright ok? I’ll be right back.” Tommy explained heading for the door.

“No Tommy you can’t!” Ranboo pleaded.

Tommy didn’t listen he ignored Ranboo and the teacher who tried to pull him away from the door. Tommy went back into the hall and was checking the class rooms. All of them looked safe, but then Tommy heard banging and a door hitting the ground followed by familiar screams.

They were Tubbo’s.

Tommy ran as fast as he could into the class and he saw the intruder holding a gun that was pointing at Ranboo. Tommy couldn’t control his legs. Tommy ran in front of Ranboo. A bullet came out from the gun and hit Tommy in the chest. Tommy fell to his knees, blood started secreting from his mouth. All Tommy could say was.


Tommy smiled before blacking out. Ranboo grabbed Toms while the police barged in and hand cuffed the intruder. Tommy looked so peaceful, tears came from Ranboos eyes which fell on Tommy’s now pale cheek.


Tears gushed down Tubbo’s face like a waterfall. Ranboo looked at Tubbo weakly.

“I don’t know.” Was all Ranboo could say.

Paramedics came bursting into the room and grabbed Tommy. They put him on a stretcher and rushed him out.

“Why does Tommy get injured so damn much! Why can’t it be one of us for a change?” Ranboo yelled while crying.

“Tommy’s to nice that’s why!” Tubbo cried.

“Tommy won’t let us get hurt because we are his friends and he’s to kind to let us get hurt, or anyone for that matter! Didn’t you see how he left our class to make sure others were alright? Tommy did that because he genuinely cares for us and everyone else’s safety.” Tubbo explained.

After that Ranboo and Tubbo begged their parents to let them see Tommy at the hospital, they mentioned Tommy saved Ranboo’s life so they would have a better chance of hearing a yes from them. Their parents eventually gave in and drove them there. When they got to Tommy’s room they practically broke the door down.

“TOMMY!” Ranboo screamed.

Tommy wasn’t awake so they were screaming at nothing, but they still tried none the less. Phil was there along with Techno and Wilbur.

“Why are you here.” Wilbur glared at them.

“Because Tommy is our friend and we want to make sure he’s alright!” Tubbo explained.

“Sure you do, after you basically just MURDERED HIM!” Wilbur snapped back.

“WILBUR BE POLITE!” Phil tugged on Wills shirt.

“Whatever.” Wilbur replied.

Tubbo wanted to cry. Wilbur was always sensitive, he took things personally and blew things out of proportion. Will has gotten better since he’s gotten older but he still struggles with this.

“I’m sorry Will I didn’t mean to get Tommy hurt. I take full responsibility for my actions.” Ranboo tried his best to keep his composure.

“You taking responsibility and apologizing doesn’t fix him.” Wilbur replied.

“It’s not even his fault Wilbur.” Phil commented.

Techno was pretty silent through it all. Techno just wanted his brother to be ok. All of a sudden Tommy started flat lining. The doctors rushed them all out of the room and started with CPR. When that didn’t work they used AED (also known as automated external defibrillator) and they got Tommy’s heart to start beating in a regular pattern again. Even though Tommy didn’t die, well rather he was brought back. It still deeply scared Ranboo, Tubbo, Techno, Wilbur, and Phil.

“Tommy you fucking die and I’ll cremate you and then put you in my spaghetti.” Wilbur threatened to the boy, who was still clearly asleep.

“For crying out loud Wilbur you will not be eating your brother.” Phil pinched the bridge of his nose and chuckled a bit.

“I will if he dies on me! I’ll use the boy as seasoning I’m sure my threat has scared him enough to stay alive!” Wilbur flipped his short hair.

“Will he’s asleep he can’t even hear you.” Techno complained.

“Whatever Tommy loves me to much to die.” Wilbur smiled to himself even giggling a bit at his words. Will knew there was a chance Tommy wouldn’t wake up, but Wilbur didn’t want to think about that.

“I’m sure Tommy ol’ wake up.” Phil reassured.


*small time skip*

It had been a few hours and the only ones still there were Wilbur and Techno. They were asleep next to his bed, but Wilbur woke up when he heard sheets crinkling accompanied by a small yelp. Wilbur bolted up to see Tommy holding the side of his chest.

“TOMMY, ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!” Wilbur had practically shouted in Tommy’s face. “Fucking L mate. I just got shot you think I’m ok?” Tommy deadpanned.

Techno had woken up to the commotion. Techno had hit his head on a low shelf above him when he woke up to Will shouting.

“Wilbur, Are you ok?!” Techno asked.

“Oh yeah! Not going to ask me the actually injured person if he’s alright sounds like a good idea!” Tommy said sarcastically.

“Tommy?! You’re awake!!!” Techno practically jumped for joy, but then quietly sat down again and coughed into his sleeve a bit. “Tommy, are you’re alright?” Techno asked in a monotone professional tone.

“No need to be formal Techno we’re fam-“ Tommy caught himself quickly. Tommy coughed into his sleeve like Techno “No need to be formal Techno we live together.”

“Were you going to say we’re family?” Techno smiled.

“Of course not that’s ridiculous right Wilby?” Tommy stated. Wilbur ignored what Tommy had just said and got caught on something else. “Did you just call me Wilby?” Wilbur’s face lit up. “That’s even more ridiculous I didn’t call you Wilby!” Tommy flushed in embarrassment.

“You can call him Wilby Tommy he doesn’t mind a bit.” Techno laughed.

“Yeah, what he said!” Wilbur looked happier then ever in that moment.

“I will never call you Wilby bitch boy.” Tommy gave will a shit eating grin.

“I AM NOT A BITCH! I’m amazing thank you very much.” Wilbur complained.

“Sure, sure.” Tommy rolled his eyes.

“Whatever.” Wilbur turned his head away to seem as if he didn’t care at all that Tommy wouldn’t call him Wilby even though in reality Will cared a lot.

Phil eventually showed up and was very enthusiastic about Tommy being awake. Tubbo and Ranboo soon heard the news and practically crashed through the door yet again.

Tommy was more quiet and reserved than he usually was and every movement seemed to set him off like a bomb that if you cut the wrong wire it would just explode. It seemed Tommy was scared of everything and even himself a bit.

Tommy was scared of the actions that led him here. Tommy was surprised he did what he did because he never wouldn’t described himself as having a hero complex or anything of the sort. It was completely new and frightening to Tommy.

The bookshelf Techno had hit his head on suddenly came crashing down when Techno laid his shoulder back on it and that just set Tommy off. Tommy couldn’t breathe and felt his lungs burn from lack of air. The world spun around him as the others tried to calm him down. Eventually a nurse came and calmed him.

Tommy would be discharged from the hospital in 3 days and the food there was terrible and tasted like plastic or cardboard. Tommy wasn’t looking forward to his stay here. Not one bit…