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Let's make a deal

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"Let's make a deal." Business tycoon Mew Suppasit stumbles upon a stubborn farmers son named Gulf who is getting in his way of buying their land for his new project.

So, Gulf decides to make him a deal Help out 3 months on the farm then the land is yours.


How hard could it be? 


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"Have you checked on the fields right outside the city?"
"We have gotten information on the family who owns it. I'm emailing it to you right now."
"Great, pick me up in 30 minutes." Mew said curt and ended the call with his secretary while he fixed his tie. He walked into the spacious living room of his penthouse and sighed deep looking out over the city from the floor to ceiling windows. The sun had just risen above the horizon and the streets far below started to fill with people rushing to work. The sky was clear and rosy pink indicating today was going to be a nice warm spring day. Just perfect, people's moods would be good, and it was just the time to do business. Today would be a particularly important day and he needed everyone in high spirits.

"Your coffee sir."
Mew turned to Mila his maid and she handed him his coffee to go.
"Thanks." He nodded at her, and she quickly rushed back to the kitchen.
He followed her with his eyes for a bit before he turned to look at his watch and made his way to the hall. ... would be here any minute now.
He put on the sleek dark blue blazer and fixed everything, so it sat perfectly. He gave himself a once over in the big mirror checking if everything was in place before grabbing his phone and briefcase and walked out with a quick goodbye to Mila. He might be stoic, but he still appreciated his staff, he wasn't that harsh even though he was portrayed that way as the multi million business owner. Who could blame him? He had worked hard for what he built, and business was business. He did not care for small talk just get straight to the point.
He would do anything to get what he wanted.

Mew was greeted by Stu as he walked out of the lift into the underground garage and was rushed into the black SUV.
"Let's go and get this deal..." Mew murmured to himself while sipping his coffee and they drove off to the outskirts of the city.

On the other side of the city a boy was just woken by the soft purring of a cute white cat bumping his nose. The boy chuckled as his hands reached out to pet the soft fur on the cat's head and opened his eyes with a big yawn.
"Gulf? Are you up yet?" a voice shouted from downstairs, and Gulf grumbled out a reply that he had to say twice because his voice had just woken up too.
Gulf needed a few more minutes for his eyes to completely open. What time was it even?! He looked over to his nightstand and groaned when the alarm clock showed 7.30 am
He wasn't sure if this was what he had missed after coming home from college...
"If you don't come down now the goats will milk themselves!"
Gulf chuckled at that. His mom could be so dramatic sometimes. He jumped out of bed and tiptoed over the cold floor to the shower. That floor would be freezing even if it was super-hot outside!
He quickly showered and brushed his teeth. He threw a quick look in the mirror to style his wet hair out of his face before he exited the bathroom again to throw on a plain white t shirt and crème-coloured pants.
He rushed down the stairs where his mom was standing and about to yell again for him to come downstairs.
"Took you long enough." She mocked and Gulf replied with a kiss to her cheek. "Love you too Mae"
"Breakfast is on the counter, eat before you go out!" she yelled after him as he walked into the kitchen.
He could hear the goats bleating in the distance already, so he quickly ate his breakfast, wiped his face, and walked out of the backdoor and was met with clear skies and the sun rising above the trees. Birds chirped and cars could only be heard in the far distance. He looked out over the fields stocked with fresh vegetables and took in the fresh morning air.
Yes, this was why he came back. He loved it here. It was quiet and it felt like the world stood still here. he had finished college and immediately came back to help his family on the farm. Even though waking up early wasn't really his thing he didn't mind if this was the view he was greeted with every day.
He couldn't wait to take over the farm.

After a few minutes of enjoying the sun and view he walked across the courtyard to the stables where the sounds of the 6 goats they kept neared.
"Where are my ladies!" He greeted them when he opened the door. He grabbed a few buckets and a little stool before he went to work.
"who's going first?
They gathered around him all demanding his attention making him almost fall from his stool. He petted the pretty ladies and one after the other milked them and filled up the buckets.
"Now! Where's my grumpy miss Lissy!" Gulf was done with 5 goats and had one more to go. The stubborn one...
She wasn't to keen on getting touched and would always hide when Gulf came each morning. Normally he wouldn't have much trouble with her but this particular morning she was extra stubborn.

He got up putting the buckets outside before they would be kicked over but the moment he opened the door that little rascal escaped. He cursed under his breath and closed the door quickly behind him before any more would escape. He ran after the goat into the fields but why was it so fast!
He was out of breath before he was even halfway down the field.
"Lissy! Get your ass back here!" He tried. Maybe she would listen and come strolling back but he hadn't much luck though.
He looked around to see where she went but his eyes fell on a figure in the distance.
What were they doing on their property?!
He squinted to see better and gasped. What was such a handsome tall man doing on their land? Clad in a dark blue 3-piece suit and sunglasses plopped on his sharp nose. He was walking around inspecting the ground and looking out over the fields.
Gulf didn't blame him. It was beautiful out here.
The soft hilled landscape and the multi-coloured fields all around where a view to behold if he said so himself. He loved walking the winding roads along the fields and just enjoying the peace and quietness.
It seems the man was already walked away so he didn't feel the need to confront him, and he turned to look where Lissy the goat was holding up.
He couldn't shake the thought of that man out of his head though. It was unusual for anyone to come up here for no reason other than buying their organic products and why was he so handsome? He totally contrasted with the background! He didn't fit into this scenery.

He continued searching around until he spotted Lissy lazily shewing on grass, and he ran to grab her before she could escape again. He tied the rope around her neck that he had taken with him and guided her back to the stables while he gave her an earful that she didn't even understand and made Gulf only look stupid cursing out a goat.

Her walked along the fence over the driveway back to the house when suddenly a big SUV rushed past him so close it made him stumble and almost fall back into the grass.
"That mot---!" He cursed under his breath and watched the black car come to a halt on their courtyard.
He dusted off his not anymore white t shirt and pants and fumed back to the stables.

All the while milking and putting the goats in the field, he tried to control his anger but to no avail. He rushed to the house when he was done and threw the back door open making it slam against the wall and stepped into the hall.
"What is that big ugly ass car doing in a place like thi--!" Gulf shouted walking into the kitchen and stopped dead in his tracks.

What was HE doing here?!

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Chapter 2

The man contrasted against their cosy kitchen in his fancy suit. Sitting on a wooden probably creaking chair and holding a cracked mug filled with steaming coffee.
“Gulf. Meet Mr Suppasit” His dad said after an all too awkward silence as Gulf seemed to have gone mute once he saw the visitor.
“What were you doing in our field? You trespassed AND almost ran me over!”
Gulf said curt and got straight to the point when he finally got his tongue back.
His eyes turned to slits when he saw the corner of the man’s mouth twitch into a smirk.
The man suddenly rose from the chair and held out his hand for Gulf to shake who hesitantly inspected it first.
Gulf beheld the man as he towered to his full height and their eyes met just below his eye level. He was tall for sure. But Gulf was taller and he smirked.
“You haven’t answered me yet.” He lifted one eyebrow before he shook the man’s hand.
“Why should I. Want my apology? The man said evenly as cocky in his dark voice making Gulf shiver a bit. He hadn’t expected that answer or that voice.
He hated the man already.
Gulf got even more agitated because of that. Who did this man think he was! He couldn’t just barge into someone else’s house and expect them to serve him on hand and feet!
“Gulf. Will you please sit down?” his dad finally said before the two men would attack each other in the middle of the kitchen.
Gulf may be taller than the other man, but he definitely wasn’t as broad. He would never admit it felt a bit intimidating.
Gulf sat down but kept staring at him, mumbling under his breath.

His dad sighed, breaking the silence.
“Gulf, this is Mister Suppasit.”
Gulfs eyes widened at that revelation. Oh yes, he had heard of the man. He owned nearly half the city which suddenly made him suspicious. This man was known for taking over struggling businesses and always successfully made it profit again. So, what was he doing here? They weren’t struggling, right?
The man had seated himself again too and smiled at Gulf which he didn’t think was all that sincere.
“This is my son Gulf Kanawut. Gulf, Mr Suppasit came here with an offer.” He continued with a sigh when Gulf didn’t respond or greet him back, so he did it for him.
“And what’s that?”
“Allow me.” Mew finally spoke and he took out a business card and handed it to Gulf
Gulf glanced at it but immediately set his eyes back on him.
“I’ve taken an interest in your land and want to buy it. The view is beautiful if I say so myself.”
It was silent.
It felt as if someone had thrown a bucket of ice-cold water over him and needed air. He was suddenly filled with rage and stood up making the chair fall back on the floor. The view was beautiful! Duh! He knew that too that’s why he loved it here and wanted to stay here!
His mom flinched and his dad grabbed his arm.
“Son, let us handle this...”
“No! Never!” Gulf shouted and threw the business card on the floor. “How could you think we would sell it to YOU. You’re the last person I would allow to have this! This is our life! What are you going to do with it huh? Build more high-rise buildings? Disturb the peace? And where would we go?! No not in a million years!”
Gulf’s dad tried to calm him as good as possible, and Mew just sat back in awe.
He was very much taken aback by the boy’s will to fight for his family. Was the boy even aware of the situation they were in? Eventually, they would have to sell the land.
He looked over at the woman sitting next to the man trying to calm his son and she was tightly gripping her cup of coffee and shot him an apologetic look.
“Maybe it’s better you come back another time…” She said quietly and Mew nodded. It might be for the best and even better when that boy was not around.
He stood up and nodded at the couple while Gulf looked at him as if he were the devil himself.
“You have my business card.” He said and looked at the little piece of paper on the brown tiled floor.
“If you change your mind, call me.”
With that, he walked out of the door and left an eerily silence in the kitchen.
Gulf stared angrily at the closed door and flinched when his mom softly grabbed his arm and he looked down at her.
Right that instant he felt sorry. What had he done…?
“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have acted like that.” Gulf sighed and gave his mom a small smile. “I’m going upstairs…”


The rest of the day he stayed up in his room. He stared at his ceiling and was absorbed in his thought. He couldn’t pinpoint why but that man-made him feel on edge. Was he wrong for lashing out at him like that? Maybe… but he just didn’t like the guy. He looked intimidating, powerful, and wanted to ruin their fields at that!
He sighed and sat up, his feet meeting the icy floors once again. he smiled remembering how he used to hate these floors as a child. he looked around his bedroom and took in all the features that he never noticed that much before. The sloped white ceiling with a few too many cracks in it. The chestnut brown tiled floor.
In the other corner an old bed that was mostly used for guests but wasn’t all that comfy. The sloped window in the roof through where the sun woke him each morning shining on his face.
He wouldn’t change a bit. Or maybe a little… if he ever had the money for it.
With that his stomach growled. He hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast, so he stood up, grabbed some socks to warm his icy feet and put them on before retreating down the stairs.

He stopped in his tracks when he heard his parents murmur in the kitchen. It seemed serious as they talking in hushed voices so he waited before entering.
“We should tell him someday… If he had known he wouldn’t have acted like that to Mr Suppasit.”
What were they talking about? Gulf shuffled closer to the door to listen closer. This was obviously about him because who else had fallen out against that man today…
“He really made a good deal and maybe it is for the best we sell the land.” His dad sighed and Gulf’s eyes widened. What was going on? His heart was beating faster at this news.
“Income is stagnating and I don’t know how long we can keep this up. It’s getting harder and harder to get suppliers and most people just buy from supermarkets lately.”
That was true but he had no idea it was this bad! Why hadn’t they said anything to him! He felt his cheeks flush at the thought that he had sworn to never sell the land to that man but apparently, they would have too eventually!
“You know how fond he is of the farm…” his dad continued and Gulf could hear the sadness in his voice.
He felt so bad about his behaviour this morning now! he rounded the corner and looked up at his shocked parents. “Gulf!”
He smiled sadly and leaped and hugged them both. His parents knew at that moment he must have heard everything and pulled him into their arms. His mom stroked his hair and his dad patted his back.
“I’m so sorry if only I had known.” He choked out his clogged throat.
“oh, dear don’t! it's our fault! We should have told you way earlier! It's just…” his mom pulled back and stroked Gulf’s cheeks. “I know how much you love it here…”
Gulf leaned into her hand and nodded.
That was true. He wished to take over the farm one day, but he should now also realise that possibility was small.
“Was his offer really that good?”
Gulf looked over at his dad who hesitantly nodded. “We could retire and buy a new house and live comfortably from it.”
Gulf groaned. What had he done? He should not have acted like that this morning, but the man-made him feel… weird, on edge. He didn’t know why!
He sighed and thought, he wasn’t going to just call him and just like that give up their land they had worked so hard for.

“I’ve got an idea…”
“What is it, son?”
“you’ll see…”
He was going to make that “mister Suppasit” an offer. He had made up his mind that it was for the best they sold the land but not without letting the man experience what life here was like. 3 months. After that, they would sell him the land. In those 3 months, he would also have the time to think about what else he was going to do with his life now that this dream had become impossible, and it would be fun to watch the man struggle in the meantime. He probably had never worked with his hands a day in his life…
“Where’s his business card?” he asked his mom and she looked around before walking to the kitchen counter and fishing it from a pile of papers.
“Here it is.”
Gulf took it from her and read it.
Hmmm… Mew was his name. The address was on the back and he saved it to his phone.
Tomorrow he would go over there to make him the deal. He wanted to see that smirk drop in person.


Mew swirled a pen between his fingers as he looked out over the city in his office chair as he was deep in thought.
Yesterday had been quite a trip. Mew couldn’t hide his amusing and the corner of his lips pulled up a tiny bit.
The boy was tall. That for sure. Maybe even taller than him. He had seen him in the field when he was checking out the view and had heard him scream around looking for a goat or something.
The encounter had been nothing but surprising and it had stirred something in him.
The plan hadn’t worked out as he had hoped but he was optimistic. His deal was more than generous for the family, and he saw that they wanted to accept but that boy… was the problem. He certainly was feisty.
A knock on the door pulled him out of his thought and he turned around to see his secretary enter.
“Sir, a certain man named Gulf is here to see you. You want me to let him in?”
Mew turned around the moment his secretary walked in and made the announcement.
Speak of the devil…
This was going to be fun.
“Let him in.” He answered and stood up, he buttoned his jacket and leaned against his desk and waited for the pleasant surprise. What had this boy to say…
The door swung open without even a knock and there he stood. His eyes settled immediately on Mew’s own which made Mew feel icky as if they saw right through him. It irritated him.
“To what do I owe the pleasure?” He smirked masking his irritation and Gulf immediately walked over and stopped right in front of him. Mew had to look up a bit and he saw that the boy was very much enjoying that fact. A nerve in his jaw ticked. This boy screamed trouble.
Gulf smirked and folded his arms in front of his chest.

“Let’s make a deal.”

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Chapter 3

“A deal?” Mew scoffed. “I thought you didn’t want to sell…”
He loved playing with Gulf and especially seeing his reaction. Gulf everted his eyes and bit his lip. But Mew saw that all too well and his focus was suddenly on something he hadn’t noticed before… Plump chestnut lips that looked all too tempting. He had to withhold himself from leaning forward and nibbling them between his teeth and licking the sting away…
He was pulled out of his thoughts when Gulf cleared his throat.
Mew focused back on the conversation although his mind was running wild. What had he just fantasised about!
Gulf looked back at him and he felt his heart beat faster.
“I want to make a deal! A-and this is the only way you might get the land.” He stuttered and Mew smirked.
That sounded cocky of the boy, he thought.
“3 months.”
“What 3 months?”
“You’re going to experience and help out on our farm for 3 months. THEN we’ll sell you the land.”
Mew scoffed. What was that for a stupid deal. What did he have to do with a farm that he would Walsh down anyway?

Mew thought it over before he hummed. “Why not. I could use a little vacation.” He finally said and raided a brow, as if challenging Gulf and held out his hand for Gulf to shake.
Gulf smirked at that and shook his head. “Deal. But don’t expect it to be a vacation!”
Gulf immediately shook his hand and Mew squeezed it a bit just to feel those soft hands wrap tighter around his. He didn’t know why he did just that but something in him just wanted to know more, feel more…
Their eyes met again and something sparked. It annoyed Mew to no end, what was it with this boy that had him so on edge?

Fingers finally untangled and they stood there for a second in silence basked in the afternoon rays of sun before Gulf cleared his throat and stepped back. He nervously wiped his hands on his pants and averted his gaze from Mew’s intimidating ones.
“Tomorrow. 7 am sharp. Be there.” He said lastly and nodded at Mew before spinning on his heels and walked back to the door and left quickly.
Mew had nothing to say to that anymore because the door was slammed shut and he just stood there leaning against his desk and overthinking what just happened.
He so wasn’t in the mood for this all. He didn’t want to spend 3 months on a farm with that kid! Why did he even agree to it. He was starting to doubt his decisions but he wasn’t on to back out of an agreement, Why? He was known to be THE Mew Suppasit, Business tycoon. Heartless and stern. But somehow that kid was making that all crumble with one smile and make him agree to things like this.

He still felt his hand tingle from the handshake previously with him and it annoyed him that Gulf could make him feel something he had never felt before.
It was making him insecure and one thing he wasn’t was that!

After some time he finally came to his senses again and had to get to work. If he was to go to the farm by tomorrow already he would need to push all his work to his second in command. He quickly called for his secretary to come in and arrange everything so he could leave everything with them.
“Sir, do you think this is a good idea?”
“Don’t worry.” Mew said mindlessly. “It’s just a little vacation, I’ll be back before you know it and we can start the project. Make sure to have all the details ready by the end of these 3 months, I don’t want to waste any time.”
“Understood sir.”


Gulf looked at his watch as there, finally driving up to their house, was the black SVU that he had known to be Mew’s.
7.40 am… it said. 40 minutes past their scheduled time. He irritably tapped his foot on the gravel ground and waited until the car parked and out stepped yet again a fancily dressed Mew.
He couldn’t deny the man was sex on legs and looked fucking good in a suit but not very ‘suitable’ for working on a farm.
“you’re late” he yelled as he came walking towards him, phone to his ear and not even sparing Gulf a glance.
Gulf huffed and just wanted to grab the man and throw him in the pond next to their house, hopefully that would knock some sense into him!
He was annoyed enough already because he hadn’t slept a wink last night after yesterday’s encounter with said man. He curled his fingers into his palm and squeezed, remembering the handshake and what it had sparked in him.

The whole way home he had pondered over if this was really the best idea. He would have to spend the next 3 months with this man and he didn’t know if he could handle that! The past few encounters had been challenging enough, mentally and physically!
He parents were apprehensive of the idea but they also agreed that this was a good challenge for Mew.
If he wanted the land? He better work for it. Or better said, on it.

7.45 am. Mew was still not done talking on his phone and Gulf had enough. He walked the few steps he was standing away from him and grabbed the phone out of his hand. Mew was shocked to say the least.
Gulf pressed the ‘end call’ button and crossed him arms over his chest yet again with the phone tucked away.

Mew was too stunned to speak for a few seconds and looked at Gulf hoping he was joking but all signs showed he clearly wasn’t. no one had ever dared to do this to him!
“Give it back.” He growled through gritted teeth, seemingly irritated.
“no, you’ll get it back when I say so.” Gulf answered curt.
Mew stepped closer to intimidate Gulf but he couldn’t play the taller card, it was doing Mew no good because the boy just stretched out his neck and towered over him with a smirk.
Mew was furious. How dared he.
“Fine!” Mew finally huffed after he couldn’t find any excuse to getting his phone anytime soon.
He was slowly starting to regret this deal.

“Great!” Gulf said and put the phone in his back pocket. “Glad you’re finally here but because you’re so late we have to start milking immediately. No time for coffee until we’re done and I’ll introduce my parents properly after and show you where you’re staying.”
“What? Milk? Who?” Mew had just recovered from this first blow to his pride and next was this?!
“The goats of course! And I see you dressed for the occasion.” Gulf chuckled looking Mew up and down, definitely mocking him.
Mew’s face clouded with regret.
“Follow me!” Gulf was having too much fun with this. He walked over to the barn and heard Mew grumbling behind him but he followed him none the less. What else could he do!
Gulf let Mew in first and grabbed the buckets and the stool before he also entered and closed the door behind him.
Mew looked around the shabby stalls. It smelled obviously like goats and he contorted his nose. In the corner stood 6 goats behind a little fence staring at them. They were chewing on some hay’ and the culprits of the smell…
“Ever done this before?” Gulf asked as he set everything up. He looked up and saw Mew just observing the space and looking not so much amused.
“What do you think…” Mew gestured at his attire.
“Guess not…”Gulf mumbled under his breath but smirked. He was enjoying the fact that the big CEO was having a hard time and he was not going to make it easy for him. he was going to regret every making this deal with him.
He walked over to the fence where the goats were eagerly waiting and opened it. The rushed out immediately and Gulf stifled a grin. He knew what was going to happen.
Happily bleating, they rushed over to where Mew was standing by the buckets and rubbed all over the probably very expensive slacks.
“Oh God no! What the hell!”
Gulf walked over and bit down on his lip trying to stifle his laughter.
“Meet your new friends. They’re seemingly happy with you!” He chuckled and Mew shot him a devilish look.
Gulf decided to help Mew out before the man would run out crying and took pity on him.
He grabbed some snacks for each one of the goats so they would be distracted and they could go to work easily.
“Let me show you.” Gulf sat down by one of the ‘easier’ goats and showed Mew what he had to do. He was frowning so hard that Gulf couldn’t help but laugh again. He looked as if he saw water burning as Gulf demonstrated the milking.
“your turn.”
“I’m good. Thanks.”
“Come on, it’s not that hard! You’ll eventually have to do this so…”

After a bit of pursuing Mew sat down on the stool and Gulf gave instructions what he had to do.
Mew rolled up his sleeves and Gulf swallowed hard when his eyes fell on prominent bulging veins and his gaze followed them down the slender hand to the long fingers.
He watched them relax and tighten with every move and he was slowly losing focus on what they were doing here.
Mew was oblivious to it all. He was more focussed on the task he was given that he didn’t enjoy at all.
“Okay done. How did I do.” He sighed in disgust. He felt dirty already and his ever so clean hands were covered in who knows what.

Gulf was startled when Mew suddenly looked up and he blushed a bit. What had he just been thinking about! He stuttered out a ‘great’ and ‘looks fine’ and he helped Mew take the bucket away.
“see that wasn’t that hard right?”
“This was one time only.” Mew murmured and brushed off the dirt from his pants. He stepped back but as he did he stumbled over the one and only Lissy. She was keen on causing trouble and Mew was no exception.
He fell back into the hay and his just so white shirt was now covered in dust and dirt. His hair that had just been neatly done was dishevelled and pieces of hay stuck out of it.
Mew was speechless for a second.
Gulf bit down on his lips before he would burst out laughing again but a grin couldn’t escape and Mew noticed that.
“This isn’t funny!” Mew shouted and quickly got up. He brushed of the dirt but looked down at the definitely ruined suit. He sighed and looked at Gulf.
Gulf pitied him a bit now. He shouldn’t have been so hard on him right the first day.
“I think we have some overalls laying around here, let me go fetch them.” Gulf quickly walked to the other side where he knew his dad kept some overalls. He hoped one would fit Mew. Him and his dad weren’t so broad!

He grabbed the biggest size they had and walked back but stopped dead in his tracks and took in a shuddering breath when his eyes met with abs and a rock hard sweaty chest.
Apparently Mew had decided it was a good idea to strip right in the middle of the stables.
Gulf swallowed hard and his eyes trailed over hard muscles and well defined pecks. The man was carved by the Gods himself! Gulf was oblivious to the fact Mew had heard him come back and witnessed him openly staring at him.
“Like what you see?” Mew grinned and flexed his pecs. He saw Gulf visibly startle and their eyes met before Gulf averted them quickly and threw the overalls at him. A healthy blush decorated the boys cheeks instantly and Mew laughed.
“Try these on, hope they fit.” Gulf mumbled and went to sort the full buckets just to seem busy and Mew wouldn’t notice how embarrassed he was. He had just openly drooled over that man and been caught at that!

Mew watched Gulf while he changed into the overalls and smiled. For real this time. He hadn’t smiled like this in a long time and the fact it was over this boy named Gulf made him feel a bit distraught.
When he was done changed into the overalls that seemed to fit barely and stretched around his arms he coughed to get Gulf’s attention. Gulf turned to meet his gaze but he didn’t dare to properly look at Mew again.
Had Mew just found a weakness? Maybe he could use that to his advantage….