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Let's make a deal

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"Have you checked on the fields right outside the city?"
"We have gotten information on the family who owns it. I'm emailing it to you right now."
"Great, pick me up in 30 minutes." Mew said curt and ended the call with his secretary while he fixed his tie. He walked into the spacious living room of his penthouse and sighed deep looking out over the city from the floor to ceiling windows. The sun had just risen above the horizon and the streets far below started to fill with people rushing to work. The sky was clear and rosy pink indicating today was going to be a nice warm spring day. Just perfect, people's moods would be good, and it was just the time to do business. Today would be a particularly important day and he needed everyone in high spirits.

"Your coffee sir."
Mew turned to Mila his maid and she handed him his coffee to go.
"Thanks." He nodded at her, and she quickly rushed back to the kitchen.
He followed her with his eyes for a bit before he turned to look at his watch and made his way to the hall. ... would be here any minute now.
He put on the sleek dark blue blazer and fixed everything, so it sat perfectly. He gave himself a once over in the big mirror checking if everything was in place before grabbing his phone and briefcase and walked out with a quick goodbye to Mila. He might be stoic, but he still appreciated his staff, he wasn't that harsh even though he was portrayed that way as the multi million business owner. Who could blame him? He had worked hard for what he built, and business was business. He did not care for small talk just get straight to the point.
He would do anything to get what he wanted.

Mew was greeted by Stu as he walked out of the lift into the underground garage and was rushed into the black SUV.
"Let's go and get this deal..." Mew murmured to himself while sipping his coffee and they drove off to the outskirts of the city.

On the other side of the city a boy was just woken by the soft purring of a cute white cat bumping his nose. The boy chuckled as his hands reached out to pet the soft fur on the cat's head and opened his eyes with a big yawn.
"Gulf? Are you up yet?" a voice shouted from downstairs, and Gulf grumbled out a reply that he had to say twice because his voice had just woken up too.
Gulf needed a few more minutes for his eyes to completely open. What time was it even?! He looked over to his nightstand and groaned when the alarm clock showed 7.30 am
He wasn't sure if this was what he had missed after coming home from college...
"If you don't come down now the goats will milk themselves!"
Gulf chuckled at that. His mom could be so dramatic sometimes. He jumped out of bed and tiptoed over the cold floor to the shower. That floor would be freezing even if it was super-hot outside!
He quickly showered and brushed his teeth. He threw a quick look in the mirror to style his wet hair out of his face before he exited the bathroom again to throw on a plain white t shirt and crème-coloured pants.
He rushed down the stairs where his mom was standing and about to yell again for him to come downstairs.
"Took you long enough." She mocked and Gulf replied with a kiss to her cheek. "Love you too Mae"
"Breakfast is on the counter, eat before you go out!" she yelled after him as he walked into the kitchen.
He could hear the goats bleating in the distance already, so he quickly ate his breakfast, wiped his face, and walked out of the backdoor and was met with clear skies and the sun rising above the trees. Birds chirped and cars could only be heard in the far distance. He looked out over the fields stocked with fresh vegetables and took in the fresh morning air.
Yes, this was why he came back. He loved it here. It was quiet and it felt like the world stood still here. he had finished college and immediately came back to help his family on the farm. Even though waking up early wasn't really his thing he didn't mind if this was the view he was greeted with every day.
He couldn't wait to take over the farm.

After a few minutes of enjoying the sun and view he walked across the courtyard to the stables where the sounds of the 6 goats they kept neared.
"Where are my ladies!" He greeted them when he opened the door. He grabbed a few buckets and a little stool before he went to work.
"who's going first?
They gathered around him all demanding his attention making him almost fall from his stool. He petted the pretty ladies and one after the other milked them and filled up the buckets.
"Now! Where's my grumpy miss Lissy!" Gulf was done with 5 goats and had one more to go. The stubborn one...
She wasn't to keen on getting touched and would always hide when Gulf came each morning. Normally he wouldn't have much trouble with her but this particular morning she was extra stubborn.

He got up putting the buckets outside before they would be kicked over but the moment he opened the door that little rascal escaped. He cursed under his breath and closed the door quickly behind him before any more would escape. He ran after the goat into the fields but why was it so fast!
He was out of breath before he was even halfway down the field.
"Lissy! Get your ass back here!" He tried. Maybe she would listen and come strolling back but he hadn't much luck though.
He looked around to see where she went but his eyes fell on a figure in the distance.
What were they doing on their property?!
He squinted to see better and gasped. What was such a handsome tall man doing on their land? Clad in a dark blue 3-piece suit and sunglasses plopped on his sharp nose. He was walking around inspecting the ground and looking out over the fields.
Gulf didn't blame him. It was beautiful out here.
The soft hilled landscape and the multi-coloured fields all around where a view to behold if he said so himself. He loved walking the winding roads along the fields and just enjoying the peace and quietness.
It seems the man was already walked away so he didn't feel the need to confront him, and he turned to look where Lissy the goat was holding up.
He couldn't shake the thought of that man out of his head though. It was unusual for anyone to come up here for no reason other than buying their organic products and why was he so handsome? He totally contrasted with the background! He didn't fit into this scenery.

He continued searching around until he spotted Lissy lazily shewing on grass, and he ran to grab her before she could escape again. He tied the rope around her neck that he had taken with him and guided her back to the stables while he gave her an earful that she didn't even understand and made Gulf only look stupid cursing out a goat.

Her walked along the fence over the driveway back to the house when suddenly a big SUV rushed past him so close it made him stumble and almost fall back into the grass.
"That mot---!" He cursed under his breath and watched the black car come to a halt on their courtyard.
He dusted off his not anymore white t shirt and pants and fumed back to the stables.

All the while milking and putting the goats in the field, he tried to control his anger but to no avail. He rushed to the house when he was done and threw the back door open making it slam against the wall and stepped into the hall.
"What is that big ugly ass car doing in a place like thi--!" Gulf shouted walking into the kitchen and stopped dead in his tracks.

What was HE doing here?!