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till death, you made me love you

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생일 축하합니다!
( saengil chukahamnida)..
생일 축하합니다!
( saengil chukahamnida)...

JungKook was turning 200 years old

They were all around a large dark brown mahogany table

"How old are you now!!!" Hoseok shouted lifting his cup

"200." JungKook said sighing

"Come on it's your birthday have some cheer!" Jimin added

"It's just the same nothing new" jungkook replied but smiled

"Two hundred years, two decades, that's something to celebrate" Namjoon chimed in

"I remember when I turned 100.." Yoongi started but was inturupted

"Here we go with the grandpa stories, 'back in our day'" Seokjin joked earning himself a silver goblet thrown at him but he caught it just in time sticking his tongue out at Yoongi 

"What are we two?" Yoongi responded but stuck his tongue at him as well

JungKook now laughed

It was crazy to think that he was the youngest in this vampire coven yet he acted more mature than the rest of the older vampires 

The mountains Jung coven existed from 1392, when General Yi Seong-gye, who had been ordered to attack another country, turned his army around and staged a coup.

Yi Seong-gye declared the new name of Korea as "Joseon" in reference to Gojoseon, and moved the capital to Hanseong (one of the old names of Seoul). The first 200 years of the Joseon dynasty were marked by peace, and saw great advancements in science and education, as well as the creation of Hangul by Sejong the Great to promote literacy among the common people. The prevailing ideology of the time was Neo-Confucianism, which was epitomized by the seonbi class: nobles who passed up positions of wealth and power to lead lives of study and integrity

The coven watched as the Manchus took advantage of Joseon's war-weakened state and invaded in 1627 and 1637, and then went on to conquer the destabilized Ming dynasty. After normalizing relations with the new Qing dynasty, Joseon experienced a nearly 200-year period of peace.
Kings Yeongjo and Jeongjo particularly led a new renaissance of the Joseon dynasty during the 18th century.


In the 19th century, the royal in-law families gained control of the government, leading to mass corruption and weakening of the state, and severe poverty and peasant rebellions throughout the country. Uprisings are now a constant thing in the vilages surrounding the mountain...

Humans know the existence of vampires, regarding them to be demons of the night, blood suckers who feed of human fear and weakness. No human has encountered a vampire and lived to tell. If they are found alive in the rare chances, their memories are wiped clean

Vampires deem humans a weak species that exists solely for it's feeding purpose and live up to their dreaded rumours and stories 

"So what do you want to do for your birthday?" Jimin asked him sipping from his goblet

"Hunt" JungKook responded now feeling excited

He loved the thrill of it, the stalking it's prey as he stealthily surrounded it, messing with it's senses...

The uprisings we're still going on around towns and vilages and that just gave vampires the freedom to find their prey as there was so much chaos that humans forgot their most dreaded threat, for the most part

JungKook held tightly the goblet in his hand. He hadn't hunted in a while, the thought bubbled in excitement in his chest. He loved the thrill of it all but that was probably the only thing he liked about hunting. For some reason in all his hunting what he didn't like was seeing the fear in his captive's eyes and then the resignation as life slowly ebbed out of their system, 200 years and he still could not get used to it as he joined the rest when they went out to feed

Unlike his other brothers in their coven, JungKook had been turned into a vampire, he wasn't born a vampire so it wasn't really in his nature to hunt. He struggled with reconciling himself with the fact that he'd have to survive on human blood. The first few months when he was being taught to hunt animals, he refused to feed but the longer he resisted the hungrier he got and deseparation soon gave in and he tasted his first blood from an antelope. 

Soon he was hunting on his own but sooner the animal blood was not sufficient and he craved for something more powerful more satiating, human blood

His insides curled at the thought of it but after 100 years of restraining himself and his health deteriorating, he had to give in to his natural urges, but he still would not kill


He hovered around during the wars and found himself feeding on the warriors who were killed in the war. The blood tasted aweful but he told himself it was better than animals

He wouldn't take a life of him own volition. As much as he was undead, his human guilt was still embedded in his psychi 

Nobody knows how the first vampires were born, they just came into existence 

JungKook's brothers have lived for 500 years, they are more stronger, agile, swift and very very fast

JungKook has watched them hunt in trepidition but also with admiration at how powerful they seem

He has been dreading this day

When he turns 200

His coven's leader Hoseok gave him an ultimatum that he should hunt and feed off a live human or he'll be banished from their family. Fresh blood gave vampires the strength to fight, Hoseok was not going to tolerate weakness in his Army.

Jung Kook hated him for that, hated that he'd been turned into a vampire, he didn't ask for this, Hoseok should have just killed him instead of letting him live only to turn him into this monster he perceived himself to be. As much as Hoseok laughed with them, he could be brutal and unforgiving, he'd lived the longest, a century old, 1000 years of roaming the earth and nothing fazed him 

"Don't forget our deal" Hoseok suddenly spoke the laughter disappearing from his eyes.. 




"Cheers to the bravest warriors in Joseon kingdom!"

The head of the soldiers shouted lifting his silver goblet

"Here! Here!" Everyone lifted their goblets shouting 
"And cheers as he turns 20!!" One of the generals announced

"Happy birthday!!" They all shouted

And before he knew it 20 year old Taehyung was sprayed with kicks and blows as men shouted their congratulations

"Yeeeeah?" They rained more blows as Taehyung protected his body with his arms laughing through the torture

"Hey, hey" one of the haengsu, highest of the three tiers of kisaeng, spoke, "Don't break our high level warrior, we still need him"

The haengsu, are highest of the three tiers of kisaeng, who were in charge of training kisaeng after they retired; those of the two lower tiers who were not taken as concubines generally retired by working as seamstresses, food preparers, tavern keepers or the like.

She was standing next to a girl who looked no less than 15 who was bowing down shyly, she was a kisaeng, seeming too shy to be an experienced one. Kisaeng were entertainers in brothels and the many salons that dotted the town. Kisaeng were trained in poetry, music, dance, art, conversation and the like. But some kisaeng were also trained in needlework and medicine; since Korean doctors were not permitted to see noblewomen naked, their examination and hands-on treatment was the province of medical kisaeng under the direction of a doctor.  

When the yangban gentry craved the attention of a learned female companion he would seek out a kisaeng for her Scheherazade-like mastery of the art of conversation and storytelling.  

While sex was often in a kisaeng’s repertoire of services, their main purpose to the men who paid for their time was to entertain and provide companionship. 

"A gift for our warrior from the General" she spoke to Taehyung who turned and regarded the two of them saying no word

If there was anything that irked him was how warriors and men in power treated women like objects to be handed or gifted, bought and sold. At a young age he wished he had the power to abolish some barabaric behaviour all in the name of tradition. Regardless of his feelings he could not refuse a gift from the General, it would be like a death sentence as he'd be considered a rude surbodinate, or worse a traitor

He bowed to the two of them a thin smile on his face, "Please send my gratitude to the general"

"I'll leave the two of you, Jaechol is at your service for anything you need" the haengsu spoke and bowed leaving

"Master Taehyung," Jaechol bowed and remained at the 90 degree angle, "Your pleasure is my utmost priority and obligation, I am here to serve you"

Taehyung stood and spoke


"Please rise, come with me" Taehyung spoke and started walking away, the girl following her amidst a roar of catcalls, whistles and banging of goblets

"Have a wild night!" Someone yelled

Taehyung gritted his teeth and it took every ounce of restraint for him not to go back and beat his teeth back in his gums, whoever the fucker was

As soon as the reached one of the rooms Taehyung turned around and his jaw dropped on the floor
Jaechol had slipped the upper part of her dress down to her waist exposing her naked breasts

"How do you want me master Taehyung?"

"I... Ummm... I just..." His lips were trying to find the words but his brain was frozen

It's not that he had never seen a woman naked before but goddamn Jaechol was ridiculously gorgeous her breasts perky dress revealing her slim waist that taunted Taehyung to the core. But...
She was just a girl, young and probably inexperienced, literally sold to him for the night in the guise of a gift. He could feel anger rumble in his chest

He walked towards Jaechol and stood right infront of her

"Put your clothes back on" he spoke gently not wanting it to sound like a command


"Do you not want me? Am I not beautiful enough?" Jaechol panicked and immediately fell on her knees and bowed face touching the ground, "Forgive me master Teahyung, please forgive my incompetence at not fulfilling your expectations, forgive me master..."

Taehyung stood frozen in shock

He walked towards her and gently held her shoulders lifting her up

She was shaking her tears rolling down her face
"Hey, look at me" he said lifting her chin up, "Please"
Jaechol sniffed trying to wipe her face as not to ruin her perfectly powdered cheeks

"Listen to me, you are the most beautiful female I have ever seen, okay, you are truly desirable but tonight I just seek your company as the great musician I hear you to be, that is how I want to be pleased, by listening to your beautiful voice as you sing, then we can speak of whatever stories you have in your beautiful mind" Taehyung finished pulling the dress over her shoulder and turning her so he can tie back the strings of her dress

"Thank you master..."

"None of that master Taehyung, just call me Tae" he told her

"But madame will..."

"She is not hear, now is she? Plus I will not tell of our little secret if you will not" Taehyung winked at her and motioned her to sit on the chair across from him

"How old are you?" Taehyung started pouring himself some rice wine

"I just turned 19 three days ago" she answered looking down 

"I see," Taehyung spoke "What do you like to sing about?" 

That seemed to excite Jaechol as she perked up and looked at Taehyung for the first time but didn't keep the eye contact 

The kisaeng house that Taehyung and Jaechol had been was located near the center of a town close to the marketplace. It was laid out to create a welcoming effect and the location held a fine view with the area around landscaped with ornamental pools and plantings of various heights, types and colors 

Taehyung realized that nothing had changed much from their history. Long ago when cities fell in the late 16th century, kisaeng were often made to entertain the generals of the victorious army. Here he is being entertained by a kisaeng centuries later, something needed to change

His mind was brought back when Jaechol finally started singing instead of answering Taehyung's question. He smiled enjoying the sweet melody from her. He tried to fight it off but her smooth soothing voice soon had him falling asleep
He dreamed of dragons and vampires....




He watched him fight

His technique was amazing, the way he was fast on his feet, charging when the other oponenr least expected it

He's been waiching him

A few days leading up to his birthday
He was mesmerized by him

Utterly dumbfounded about how a human can be this beautiful, this elegant yet deadly with a sword in his hand

He had made up his mind, that he'd be his first live human feed on the first day he saw him in the battle field, yet a few days later, he couldn't imagine ending him, at least he'd just feed off him, compel him to forget and let him go

But standing here
On his birthday
He felt something stirring within him, something warm, something endearing, something like bubbling fire

The more he thought about it the more he didn't want to go through with it, he couldn't imagine hurting a single hair on this human's head. But why, why when vampires are built to strike without a second thought, not deliberate on the next move when it came to feeding? There was just something about this soldeir  that Jung Kook quite couldn't understand

It was a wintery evening

Yet beads of sweat fell on his forehead, lips drawn in tight as he fought off the third strike from the enemy
JungKook's eyes followed his every move
Mouth gasping each time the sword almost came too close to his human's flesh


His human, words that sounded foreign to his tongue yet made so much sense to him

He smiled

Looking at him, he felt no hunger, no sense of the need to feed, his fangs hadn't dug at his gums in readiness for sucking, only his chest felt haevy with a sense of protectiveness


He felt it faster than he saw it

One of the vampires from another coven had swifly dashed infront of him and was just about to dig his fangs into his neck, tightening the hold on his neck when Jung Kook flashed in a mili second infront of his human and bared his fangs at the vampire snarling ready to strike. The human has seemingly lost consciousness and was saved from falling on the ground by Jung Kook's left hand grabbing him in time, now he was bent in half dangling on JungKook's arm

"He's mine!" the other vampire snarled back

""I saw his first!" JungKook growled at him tightening his grip on the human 

"I got here first!" The vampire snarled walking towards JungKook

He knew the vampire, knew he was 350 years old, so so much stronger than Jung Kook, taking him on would be a one in a hundred chances of getting out of it alive, but he had to fight no matter how he had to do it, or with what means

"You really do not want to piss Hoseok off!" Jung Kook drew out his strategy

It worked

The vampire seemed to mellow and shoulders fall inwards, eyes no longer threatening

Hoseok was the oldest vampire to exist, no one would dare take him on, he had one thousand years worth of experience in every imaginable battle. No one dared challenge him. He had ended a 500 vampire coven single handedly when they tried to rise up against him

No one dared touch him since then  

"Wh.. what does he have to do anything?" The vampire stammered to which Jung Kook smirked satisfied at how much the mention of Hoseok affected him

"I belong to Hoseok and anything I have is his, you really wanna challenge that?" Jung Kook now stood upright feeling the tension kind of leave him

The vampire hesitated but turned to leave before turning back and telling him

"This isn't over Jeon!" He flew away

"Bring it!" Jung Kook accepted the challenge
It seemed like the world had stopped and it was just the three of them, but soon everything came back as the chaos of the fight returned to his mind and he held the human with his hand as he flew to their castle

What was he doing?
What the fuck was he doing??




"What the fuck did you do?" Jimin asked JungKook eyes in a slit lips tight on his mouth

JungKook jumped abruptly from Taehyung who was still unconscious

"Please don't tell Hoseok" JungKook begged holding Jimin's arm tugging it

He clicked his tongue

"As if I even have to tell him, his scent is all over the castle," Jimin said peeking behind JungKook at Taehyung 

"Fuck! I'm so fucked" he started pacing up and down
Suddenly Jin walked in

"I see you brought dinner," he licked his lips

"No hyung!" JungKook stood infront of him arms outstretched as if to prevent him from moving forward which was ironic as Jin would just flick him away in an instant if he wanted, but decide to give the boy the chance to explain himself. He lifted his brow

"I can explain" JungKook started 

"This should be good" Jin crossed his arms over his chest

"You see.... He was.. there was this...he"
Before he even finished they heard a voice

"Where am I?" Taehyung woke up sitting up on the bed rubbing his eyes then running his fingers through his hair confused

Three pair of eyes turnes to him ruby red and fangs jarring out snarling

Taehyung let out a loud scream, which did not leave his mouth as Jimin had already pinned him to the wall, left hand on his throat claws digging the side of his neck

"If you let out another scream I'll have your head off your neck, understood?!" He gritted his teeth

Tears spilled down Taehyung's face as he frantically nodded trying to gulp air into his lungs

Jimin let him fall to the ground in a huff

Taehyung was in a coughing fit when he looked up and was met with the same pair of ruby red eyes
He scurried to lean on the wall arms raised covering his head

"Please don't kill me, I won't tell anyone I was here, please.." he begged

Suddenly he decided to make a run for it, it was now or never

"Seriously?" Jin rolles his eyes as Taehyung suddenly felt himself running into a hard block falling back on the ground in a heap. He was sure he had broken something, "Why in the world would you think you can outrun a vampire?"

Jin leaned so close to his face that he could count the lashes in Taehyung's eyes

Taehyung looked down hiding his face

Jin lifted his long slender finger claw sticking out and lifted Taehyung's chin up turned his face sideways then leaned in to smell his neck

Taehyung froze

Of all things, he didn't want die yet he couldnt get any words to formulate on his mouth

"I see why you've got my brother breaking all the rules, you do smell delicious, and .. interesting, huh, you're also cute..."

JungKook zoomed to the tow of them and shooed Jin's finger awy from Taehyung's face and turned to him

"I won't hurt you I promise"

"Why, why am I here? I should get home, I won't tell anyone about this place I promise, I don't even know where I am.." Taehyung spoke for the first time 

"Well there's a problem with that little plan of yours," Jimin chimed in, "You can't leave once you set foot in our home, so.."

Taehyung's mouth dropped on his chest

"Why did you bring me here then? You should have just killed me immediately, are you going to slowly torture me or make me your entertainment until you finally get rid of me?" Taehyung spoke voice getting higher. For some reason he did not feel any more fear, yet he knew he had to tread carefully, they never heard of a human bargaining with a vampire

"Yes, why are you here indeeed, JungKook?" Jin turned to him

"You should be grateful I saved you from that other vampire you'd be dead if it wasn't for me" JungKook said matter of factly

"But you're no different, you're both vampires sooner or later I'm just going to be your meal" Taehyung gulped even as he said those words

They actually hurt

JungKook thought, he could feel bile rise in his chest but he didn't have the time to process that because..


He swallowed hard

Jimin grabbed Taehyung back to the bed and threw him on it

"Stay and don't make a sound or you'll really be the next meal!" He ordered 

Taehyung looked in awe as their demeanour changed, from threatening to some form of fear. He supposed that must be the head or something. He didn't want to imagine any further, if they feared whoever's voice that was, then he better follow their order 




"Why is there the stench of human flesh in my house!?" Hoseok spoke as soon as the three of them were in his periphery of vision

He was sitting on his high chair, claws out dragging his nails on the arm chair impatiently running his fingers on it

"He just.." Jimin started

"I'm talking to him!" Hoseok pointed at JungKook who was hunched into his chest

Before anyone could react, Hoseok was already on his feet and two inches away from JungKook's face
"I ordered you to hunt and feed on a live human, did I not?" Hoseok spoke almost in a whisper though the intent behind the caused a shudder down JungKook's back

"Y...yes..yes.. did" he wouldn't even look at him

"So where did you get the audacity to do things your own way?" Hoseok snarled observing JungKook like a prey that he wants to pounce on

"I.. saved him.." JungKook tried

"So now you're a superhero?" Hoseok laughed
Sarcastically, his booming voice being heard bouncing of the thick grey walls

"Since you don't seem to be hungry, thank you for the easy meal" 

"Please no!" JungKook got on his knees, "Don't kill him"

"And why may I not? You don't seem to like following my instructions and goodness gracious he smells delicious, tell me, this should be good, why shouldn't he be my appetizer?"

"If, if..if  you kill him, I'll..I'll k... kill myself" JungKook stammered lips trembling

Jin and Jimin yelled at the same time

That got Hoseok's attention
He stood regarding him for a second

"You have no galls to do that" Hoseok finally spoke

JungKook suddenly stood up, claws out, he held his neck and started to press the nails down his throat drawing trails of blood

"It's just the one thing I want, let me have it or I have no reason to live" if he had any tears they'd be running down his face, "Please"

"Why are you so hell bent on saving an inconsequential mortal being?" Hoseok asked unmoved by the theatrics he was witnessing. He was sure Jung Kook wouldn't end his own life, but then not completely. He had never seen him this determined or ready to fight for something like right now. Maybe he needs to pay attention but his reason better be valid

"Because, because I love him" JungKook breathed

Jin and Jimin turned to him
Hoseok stared at him

Not. What. He. Was. Expecting

Not in a thousand years that he had lived

"I love him father" he dropped his hands on his sides still looking down

"I love him" he repeated to himself 



Taehyung sat on the bed holding his knees to his chest looking at the surrounding. He'd never seen a place like this, he didn't even know the place exists. He knew about vampires, had been told stories about vampires, he'd always imagined vampires to be monsters with horns and teeth sticking out of their jaws, claws sticking out of their fingers and they'd be hunched over like wild dogs...


He didn't know they were these magnificent, impossibly beautiful creatures that lured you in with their beauty. He should be scared, yet he isn't. He looks around the walls are filled with art works that he'd never seen, everything seemed newer and more advanced. He shivered from the cold holding his arms to his chest. All of a sudden..


He felt a cold wind blow and two seconds later another vampire was inches away from his face. His breath hitched


"So my dumb brother brought home the food!" Yoongi drawled making Yoongi feel the breath on his face. He leaned fowards towards Taehyung 


"Hyung stop!" JungKook barked and was instantly between Yoongi and Taehyung 


Yoongi stood up and looked back at Jin and Jimin who just nodded 'dont ask'


JungKook pulled Yoongi out of the door and explained everything to him 


"So you kidnapped hom hoping he'd fall in love with you in the end as well, what's wrong with your head seriously? Humans are not to be treated like equals, they cannot love you back, you, us were monsters to them! And they're food to US! When is that ever going to sink in?" Yoongi barked 


"Hyung, please," JungKook begged 


"Better keep him away from me, I don't know if I'll be able to restaint myself if you're not around" with that Yoongi huffed and walked away 


This was going to be a tough run. JungKook decided heading back to his chambers, now how to charm a human...




For several days Taehyung refused to feed any food that he was brought by Jungkook until he could no longer refuse. He didn't even know which day was which only knowing the difference when he saw the sun rise or the moon peak through the large high windows. 


"So how's your human love interest, still refusing to eat? confessed to him yet? Need me to terrorize him to eat?" Jimin joked one month down the line 


"Don't you dare!" JungKook growled, "But honestly, how do you flirt?" 


Jimin laughed so hard he bowled over 

JungKook scowled at him and started to leave 

"Sorry, okay, okay, jeez why are you so touchy today?" Jimin told him, "Sit. This is going to be a long day"  




In an instant he had yanked Taehyung's clothes from him and his lips found Tae's dick and wraped around it growling a deep moan as he rolled his eyes at how good it felt 


Taehyung sat at the edge of the bed biting his fingers. He had been at the mansion in the castle for two months, at least he thinks so. But that wasn't what occupied his mind lately, he was surprised that he kept thinking of JungKook. As much as he ignored him, all of them really he found himself having lingering side glances towards JungKook 


How was his heart hummering, how was his mind obsessed with thoughts about being in a vampire's arms, how was he yearning to be held by Jungkook, he didn't understand his emotions or his thought process, so he wasn't surprised when one moonlit night JungKook came to pick the plates he had brought for him for supper. He wasn't surprised when he felt a cold wind and suddenly JungKook was inches apart from his lips, his eyes locked with his like he was waiting for permission 







A vampire.... 

He let that sink in as he wrapped his hands around JungKook's neck pulling him closer 




JungKook hadn't taken in a human for the past 200 years

He sucked Taehyung until he felt him coming on the edge

He suddenly took his lips off and was kissing Taehyung from his stomach too his thighs relishing how Taehyung's skin was so soft and smooth he was tempted to bite it


Taehyung was wiggling impatiently under JungKook pulling at his hair until he was back on his lips kissing him again


JungKook then grabbed Taehyung's dick in his hand and started stroking firmly then faster until Taehyung's body gave in and he was coming hard trembling eyes rolling to the back of his eyes

"So pretty" JungKook spoke against his neck

He could feel his fangs start to protrude with need
He quickly turned away instead focusing on kissing Taehyung's jaw biting it

He couldnt bite him no matter how strong the need was, vampires weren't allowed to bite consenting humans unless the human gave permission. It was a rule JungKook had lived with in his coven for decades

"When are you going to fuck me?" Tae asked opening his eyes to find JungKook's that were a deep shade of red

"Soon" was all JungKook said as he rolled over on his side

Taehying turned and lay on his chest

"Don't you want to? He asked him almost whispering drawing lazy circles on his chest, "Or maybe you just can't I just..?"

JungKook inturupted him by kissing him

"I want to, believe me, every single day I think about it, it has nothing to do with you, please don't think that"  


"Can I feel, I mean touch them?" Tae asked JungKook suddenly

They were in Taehyung's chamber lying on the bed

"What?" JungKook turned to him

"Your, your..."

"You mean my fangs?" JungKook asked laughing

"Yeah.." Taehyung  finished looking down

"Why do you even .." 

JungKook doesn't finish as Taehyung surprises him by sitting on his laps and pushing him to the bed which is ridiculous as JungKook's strength is a million times more than Taehyung's but he lets him

"Have you ever bitten yourself by mistake? Does it hurt when they come out? Do they have tubes that you use to suck the blood? Let me see let me see."

Taehying was literally bouncing up and down like an excited kid opening gifts Christmas morning

"They only come out when I'm hungry about to feed, in a fight or flight situation and when I'm aroused" JungKook answers

"I like point number three best" Tae smiles and grinds directly on JungKook's dock causing him to gasp and sit up. He holds his thighs down

"Stop" he says looking at him squarely

"Why?" Taehyung pouts, "I want to"

"Not today, it's a lot, it'd be too much for you"

"How do you know and we haven't even tried"

"Just trust me" JungKook says wiggling to get up 
Taehyung is relentless

He knows JungKook is strong and could fling him off to the wall but he won't budge and he knows h is JungKook won't use his full force on him


Taehyung's blood was sweet it was magical, and it was  dyzzing, he was greedy for more digging his fangs deeper holding Tae down on the mattress 
Tae was feeling delirious, it was so good yet so painful. He could feel his heart want to explode, his skin crawling with unbidden desire, it was almost sacred

JungKook's body was going wild with greed as he sucked Taehyung's blood, he pressed harder into his neck breathing hard, he wanted so much like nothing else could quench his thirst, this need to own Tae's body

"Please stop" Taehyung tried to speak his heart hummering in his chest, he felt everything draining out of him, delirium being replaced by paralyzing fear but it felt so good he didn't understand 

He was so hard he wanted to explode

"I need to stop" Jung Kook thought

Yet he dug even further into Taehyung's neck, he was so delicious he didn't understand that pull towards him, that possessiveness to have no one else feeding from Tae except him


He still wanted more

So he aligned himself between Tae's thighs taking his dick into his hand he prodded Tae's entrance, there was a gasp from both of them when JungKook slammed into him

The harder he fucked into Tae the harder he sucked
Tae felt himself slipping into unconsciousness the sensations completely taking over his body, it was so damn good, sex had never felt this intense this insane, the pain on his neck adding to that bitter sweetness of it all

JungKook growled as he felt Taehyung's orgasm hit him hard, he sucked even more hungrily slurping the blood liike he'd never tasted blood before

Taehyung's blood was delicious, something he'd only heard from a few vampires about blood that's pure and addictive and was only experienced with someone who was supposed to be your mate for life
That thought makes his entire body constrict
He then licks at the puncture wounds any runway blood and turns to look at Taehyung

"Hey" he speaks 

Tae opens his eyes clouded, he lifts his hand and tries to speak, he's too weak

"I..." He doesn't finish felling his hand drop and eyes close again 

"Look at me" JungKook feels a slight panic set in 

Taehyung doesn't respond or open his eyes

JungKook holds both his cheeks "Hey, hey, talk to me, please"

Tae doesn't respond

Full panic mode sets in as JungKook shakes Taehyung desparately willing for him to respond

He doesn't 

"Nononononono this can't be happening, Tae! Taehyung! Tae!" He keeps calling but he still doesn't open his eyes

He gets out of bed goes to find towels and cleans him mummering to himself incoherently, full blown panic rumbling through his bone, he leans over Taehyung's head and feels his nose to see whether he's breathing, there's barely any air coming from his nostrils 

JungKook runs to his chambers in a ferocious panic and grabs his hand

"Hyung!....hyung!" He pulls him towards his chambers 



"I warned you you can't control it!" Seokjin yelled at jungkook feeling Taehyung's pulse

"But, but he asked me, he wanted to.." Jung Kook stammered running his hands through his hair

Seokjin moved fast and connected the blood bag into Taehyung's vein and put a breathing tube down his throat. Jin practiced medicine, a fact his family never understood since he was a vampire and all. But right now, JungKook had never been so grateful for that fact


JungKook stood on the edge of the bed fingers clasping the sheets tightly

"He'll be fine right? He won't die right? Please say something!" He found himself pinning Seokjin to the wall, "Don't let him die, please"

Seokjin processed the anger and then gently removed his hands from his shirt, "I don't know, we'll have to wait and see, at least he's breathing"

"That's not enough! What if I killed him?" JungKook sank to the floor, "I shouldn't have listened to him, I shouldn't..."

'You know sex by itself is extremely intense for a human but you go and add to it feeding at the same time, what the fuck is wrong with you!" Namjoon who had been quiet now spoke

"I was selfish" JungKook murmered looking down 

The machines on the bed start going haywire 
Everyone turns to Taehyung's bed

He's convulsing violently

Seokjin runs to him and holds him down

"Get me the sedative!" He instructs Namjoon who brings it to him

JungKook has already run to the bedside and he's holding Taehyung 's hand 

"What's happening? What's wrong?" He asks fear taking over his entire body

Seokjin doesn't respond, after he injects him he calms down but when he check the machine, his heart rate keeps going up machine bleeping non stop, then it suddenly flat lines

"He's going into cardiact arrest!" Seokjin yells going to take the defibrillator and rips Tae's shirt and presses it onto him

Tae's body lifts off the bed

"What did you do to him?" Seokjin yells looking at JungKook 

He charges the machine higher, presses it on Tae's chest

Tae's body lifts off the bed

"N...nothing, I just bit him, what's going on?" JungKook feels his entire body stiffen up knowing what's happening but not wanting to acknowledge it, he will not acknowledge it

It's the last highest charge, Seokjin presses the machine on Tae's body

It lifts up but falls back on the bed

Suddenly the machine starts to beep so slow
Flat lines again

"What, what's happening?" JungKook is frantic looking at Seokjin then Tae in confusion 

"He's..." Seokjin starts

"Don't say it, he can't be, he can't, be, Tae! Tae! Taaaaeee!" He calls shaking him, there's no movement...




JungKook watches as Taehyung wrapped on white sheets was being placed onto the wooden platform

He'd soon be lowered into the dround

It's snowing
It was Taehyung's favorite season

He's standing still as a tree behind the old trees overgrown around the area

Namjoon is next to him, holding his arm tight 

Jimin is standing on the opposite end, also holding JungKook's other arm, so tight he knows his fingernails are digging into his skin, he feels so bad but knows it's necessary, they have to forcefully hold him down, lest he throws himself into the grave

He watches Taehyung's parents holding onto each other, breaking down, wailing without any care

Their son is gone
He killed their son
He should be the one dead
Not Taehyung
Not the love of his life
Not his mate
It should be him.. it should be...

If he had any tears, they'd be flooding the earth, his soul ached, he was feeling pain he never knew possible, pain of fights with other vampires couldn't explain or completely simulate what his soul was feeling, that deep emptiness, emptiness had always been there, but this, this emptiness was too hollow, too tortorous, he wanted to wail, he wanted to scream, he wanted to not exist

"It should be me" he found himself whispering to himself by he knew his brothers heard him, their senses heightened like reading his thoughts

He will never forget that day....



"What do you mean he is dead?" JungKook had grabbed seokjin's collar

"He's no longer with us, his soul has left him, he's dead, D.E.A.D, do you want me to spell it out for you?" Seokjin yanked his hands from JungKook's hold

"Nononono!" JungKook refused, "Heal him now! You're a doctor, you have medicine, you have powers, heal him! Turn him into a vampire! Now! Do it!... Pleeeaese"

"It's too late and you know it. Did he injest any of your blood?" 

"No... I ...I don't think so.. I don't know" he turned back to Taehyung lying on the bed lifeless. He began to bite his arms, his shoulder, his neck, everywhere he left his bite marks desparately trying to bring him back. He was turned, maybe his poison would enter his system and bring him back like one of them


He looked up and there was no reaction, Taehyung's wounds starred back at him like they were taunting him, the blood slowly trickeled from the wounds

"He's gone Kook" Seokjin came and stood next to him holding his shoulder

JungKook yanked his shoulder away and fell ontop of Taehyung, "Please don't leave me, I'm sorry, so sorry he  howled deep on his chest like a wounded animal burrying himself on Taehyung's neck, empty sobs escaped his chest as he growled feeling his chest collapse. What had he done? His greed had cost him his love, his selfishness made him loose his entire universe, what was he supposed to do now? What?

He refused to get off Taehyung even when Seokjin told him they needed to take him to the forest and let the hunters find him compelling them to believe that he had been mauled by an animal. They would compell everyone who came into contact with him and make then see that as the truth, and that included Taehyung's family

"Why are you even a doctor if you can't bring him back?" JungKook spoke voice low and resigned

JungKook stood infront of the hunter who'd found Taehyung

"A wild boar came out of nowhere and Taehyung fought hard but was approached by a second one, he had no chance" he whispered sweetly staring into the man's face who was frozen on the spot his eyes glued to JungKook's 


Suddenly JungKook held his neck and was starting to press it, the man held his hand with both of his struggling to get them off. JungKook's fangs began to stick out as rage fired in his eyes

"How dare you unworthy heathen stand near my precious Taehyung?"


The man wiggled his legs as his feet left the ground JungKook's hand lifting him off the damp earth

"JungKook!" He felt himself be whisked against the tree trunk hitting it with a thump


JungKook snarled getting up but fell to his knees when Hoseok turned and looked at him

"I'm so sorry" he bowed apologizing
In a mili second, he just felt a wind and then found himself pinned to the wall of their castle up in the mountain


"Give me a reason why I should not snap your head off right now" Hoseok growled his fangs menacingly out eyes burning with fire

"Please end me. I can't, I don't want to be alive. I have no reason to live" JungKook hang his head

"As you wish" Hoseok lifted his right hand the claws on his fingers out

"Stop!" Namjoon yelled and was standing between Hoseok and JungKook 

"Stay out of this!" Hoseok demanded fangs still out

"No! He's your child, you made him, how do you not have remorse wanting to end him?" Namjoon spoke his voice cracking. He knew of Hoseok's rage and unreasonable judgement, he wasn't going to let him live with the guilt of ending one of their own's life. If he wasn't going to reason with him then by god his position as his mate would count for something 

"He's insolent and weak!" Hoseok growled, "He wants to die, I shall make it as painless as possible"


"If you kill him, then kill me as well" Namjoon stood his ground feeling the fear paralize his concience, his soul aching

Hoseok stood forehead contorted, the words sinking in. He snarled looking at Namjoon then at JungKook and then walked away

"You should have let him end me" JungKook sank to the ground head in his knees. He felt like there were so many daggers digging at his chest 




Now here he is watching earth cover Taehyung
He'd have to live with that guilt
The torture
The reality
That he killed Taehyung
He killed his joy, his eternity

How was he to survive another decade? Another day without Taehyung?

Without his heart?
He wanted to die
He knew he couldn't 
Not naturally at least 

Eternal damnation is not enough for his punishment, he decides 

He zooms past everyone and kneels before Taehyung's parents 

"I'm the vampire that killed your son"