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A trip that would change everything for everyone

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Pats mind went blank completely here he was in the middle of a beach with some guy that was staring at him like he was the last person on earth. He had the others hands on his waist fixing him in place unable to move as his legs had gone as weak as his heart.


Prans face started moving closer to pats, so close he could smell the soap from his earlier shower. Prans smell was alluring him in further somehow, creeping up his nose and surrounding all his senses as if he could feel him all over his skin. Feelings that pat has never felt before never let himself feel before and it was becoming intoxicating. He become hot like his body had been set alight.

Pran was now so close you wouldn’t be able to fit a piece of paper between them. Pats no longer sure if he’s still breathing or even on this planet. He can feel prans warm breath on his lips, his eyes never leaving the others. Pran just stilled for a moment like he could of stayed there forever, taking in every quiet gasp pat took for air. Pat is still but shaking as his senses worked on overload so much to process but his brain was no longer working.

Pran who had clearly waited long enough and wished to wait no longer, moves a hand from pats waist to his hair and pulls him until their lips touch, it was somewhere between rough and soft like he wanted to savour the moment but couldn’t hold himself much longer. Pat felt like every atom in his body was set alight, every stand of hair had a pulse. He’s never experienced anything like this In his life.


Prans mouth attached to the others started to move trying to keep pat in sync with him, as soon as he felt pat move he knew he was kissing him back a small smirk rose from the corners of his lips. He had him.Their mouths became more desperate like they were aching to share one breath. Pran eased pats mouth open and tasted the inside of his with his tongue, he tasted sweet and he wanted more.


Prans other hand moved to grab pats neck deepening the kiss and giving him more access. Pat was beginning to feel like his legs would give in so he latched on to pran, hands tugging at the bottom on the others shirt. Almost begging him to stop or carry on he was unsure himself. As if he knew all pats needs pran moved a hand back to pats side to steady him also slowly pulling him closer, he wanted no he NEEDED more.

‘Pran!!!!’ A loud shout was heard in the distance pulling them both crashing down to reality. Pat quickly realised the situation and push pran so hard he fell to the ground with a thump.

‘Asshole’ pran spoke not about pat though but to who ever it was that was daring enough to interrupt this perfect moment they were having.

‘There you are! Come on we’ve started with out you’ wai spoke no clue what was happening 2 seconds before he had arrived. From his view all he can see is his friend on the ground and pat stood with bright red cheeks and his mouth agape.


‘Are you okay pat? You look a little unwell can I get something for you?’

‘No It’s okay, I’m not feeling too good so I’m gonna go head back to the room for a lie down’

Before the other had chance to respond pat was already out of eye shot.

‘What did you do!’ Wai questioned pran

‘Never mind none of your business’

Pat doesn’t remember getting there but he’s now outside his room just about to walk in. He remembers. It’s not just his room! He’s left to run away from pran but he could come here any minute and they would be alone again.

He couldn’t do that surely Pat needed a minute to think to breathe to figure out what the hell just happened and what it meant.

Pat entered the room and flopped himself of the bed. Agonising over if pran would appear any minute. He lay down stared at the ceiling touching his lips unable to get the kiss out of his head. Not only was it his first kiss but he was pretty sure kisses didn’t feel like that, like every cell in his body had awaken. He still felt hot now, did he enjoy it? Did this mean he liked pran? He had so many questions. But not one answer.