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The bat swung against the undead's skull, blood and brain matter spraying against the pavement, painting a gory painting of years of violence.


"Fucking scum." The ravenette spat out, fixing his hair out of his eyes, boots digging against the bone and smashing it further in, eyes fixated on the other beings surrounding them.


One thing he learned in his many, many days of fighting these bitches was that they were almost blind.


Their most used sense? Hearing.


Humans adapted ever since the first moon took over, daylight almost forever lost, barely there for five hours before the undead ravaged the earth and its solid ground.


Ever since that first eclipse, the one that turned their lives upside down, the weakest died and the strongest thrived. 


See, they all had something they've developed, out of nowhere, making them powerful while the weak links fell.


Nobody really knew where the powers came, but after a year people started developing them.


After the second eclipse, to be precise.


Some controlled fire, others had super strength, everything fell out of order. Some stuck in groups, many lives were lost, he never really stuck with anybody, mostly being comfortable by himself.


Less people is less noise, less noise means a higher chance of survival.


Two people he stuck with were Karl, a man with time travel powers who came back from the future, memory hazy and getting worse and worse day by day, quite frail yet useful, his prediction was what helped him and the other team member he had to develop their own powers.


And the second one? Punz. He was a merciless man who had the first artefact they've ever found, which turned out to be an earring that could fit anything inside of it and summon it back outside of itself. They called it a shulker box.


His powers? Super strength. He was agile and could wield a knife well enough, being a criminal in the first place before this even began helped out a lot, the blond escaped his captivity in the midst of chaos and found himself in the midst of the undead.


They never helped others, never fucked with other people and usually all went their own way, simply staying as a team because they all had powers that would help them stay alive, plus, Karl's own insistence.


Karl has said that they need to find others too, just like them, who would be able to turn the future around and make it much better.


One that he spoke about the most was Dream . Dream, he was a special cookie, according to Karl. His real name was unknown and so was his face, his description? Green hoodie and a white cardboard mask with a carved smiley. 


He used an axe and his powers were the only way to turn the shit around and get rid of the dead cunts forever.


And oh, boy, was he excited to find that man and make him send the fuckers back to hell where they crawled out of.


Because worrying about their snappy little jaws was more annoying than killing them.


Both him and Punz seriously lacked the ability to escape the cunts with ease.


Their infection could be reversed for Karl, just spun around after midnight, but it took a toll on the man hence why he mostly stayed in the shadows instead.


He was pretty useless in combat, yet his knowledge of the undead was even more useful than both him and Punz combined.


So, when Karl says to stop, you stop dead, all pun intended, in your tracks.


That's why they were here, apparently, here they would meet a great addition to their team who is supposed to be one of their "closest" friends in the future.


They need to treat the man with "care" because apparently the cunt backstabbed them once in the reality where Karl came from. 


As soon as they heard a blood curdling scream in a building, they ran for it, both him and Punz, with Karl in the middle, protected by the two fighters. 


"Was that his voice?!" The blond groaned from the back, eyeing the hoard ahead of them.


"Yup!" Karl confirmed, making him even more determined to run forward, eyes glaring at the ruined building that seemed to be crawling with the things.


"Hurry the fuck up!" Sapnap whispered loudly, trying to keep his cool, bat smashing against the first undead before he jumped up and blew his fire out of his palms, using the built up pressure to swing through the window, protecting his skin from the glass with his elbow pads, seeing a weak looking man sit in the corner, about to get absolutely fucked by a hoard.

"Quick, Punz!" He yelled, gaining the attention of the hoard. His teammates were right behind him, Karl panting in exhaustion and Punz already taking out his long knife, splitting the first undead's skull with the sharp object, making him grin viciously.


"New guy, shut up and duck!" He called to the weakest man he possibly saw till this point, spraying the fuckers with fire, grinning as their low moans of agony made a beautiful, chaotic symphony.


The brunette rolled his heterochromic eyes as soon as the scene unravelled till the end, kicking one of the undead with his foot.


"You caused a scene." The man said with a thick accent, stepping towards them. "I'm sorry? We saved your dumb, pretty little ass, princess." Sapnap snapped back, hardening his void black eyes at the useless man.


"Oh, please. I could've taken care of them. I just forgot my necklace." The brunette shrugged, touching his ring with his pointer, pressing down on it.


There was a small mushroom necklace on the floor on one of the corpses and he pointed to it. "Like, that one?" He said, annoyed at the man.


"Oh, yeah." The brunette seemed to finally feel some form of embarrassment, face flushing, before he reached out for the thing, wincing as his fingers got covered by the black mucus-like blood. 


"Jesus christ." The brunette muttered, taking the mushroom and putting it in his pocket.


"What are your powers, then?" The ravenette asked, feeling his charred skin and inspecting the damage. Karl would help them with everything besides telling them about their or the others powers, which pissed him off.


Apparently though, he physically couldn't speak of them.


"None that I know of, yet. I have this artefact though, summons a pretty powerful guy." The man shrugged, pointing to his pocket.


"Great...another useless bitch in our team." The ravenette rolled his eyes, feeling Punz tighten the grip around his shoulders. " Ahem. " The man got out through grit teeth. "Sorry about that, please forgive him, he's just a dumbass." Karl sighed behind them, before putting on his 'happy-go-lucky' front, reaching out his hand to shake the other man's.


"I'm Karl, these brutes are Sapnap and Punz. What's your name?" The man asked, tilting his head. ".....George. I'm George." 


"Well, George , get your ass moving. We need to get back to our base, we have around an hour before the night comes." The ravenette bit out, shaking off Punz's hand before heading out quietly.


"Seriously, what the hell's wrong with him?" He could hear the new member mumble and he couldn't help but roll his eyes. "Oh, he'll come around, don't worry."

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The ravenette hurried ahead, running through another hoard and using his bat on most of the undead, hands aching from the last attack, skin burnt pretty badly.


His team was behind as well, Punz taking care of the back while George and Karl chatted in the middle of the chaos. 


He smashed a fucker in the face, wincing as a bunch of black blood sprayed across his shirt, before regaining his power and striking the being with his foot before ducking to the right and bashing the hit straight against his skull.


"Karl, George, hurry before I leave you both behind." He called back quietly, wiping his hand against his trousers as the last of the hoard fell down. 


The time traveller sent him a glare, showing him a hand sign from his right to shut the hell up and he had enough of it. His temper was short, he was hungry and tired.


Before the ravenette could explode at them though, Punz ran straight at him, stabbing the undead behind him, making him freeze in place.


"You should've aimed for the brain." The criminal muttered, running a hand through his sweaty hair and making the ravenette roll his eyes. "Oh, please. I made one mistake and suddenly you're the professional here."


The blond bit back his response and let him take the lead instead.


He swung his bat in the air as the group began to walk behind him, testing out his wrist and general agility at the moment. One big hoard and he wouldn't be able to hold his own.


They should really get to the base before the night falls.


It wasn't like the sun protected them or anything similar to that, it was just way easier to navigate in the daylight, plus, it granted them all good enough vision to see the hell crawlers before they could harm them.


"So, you've said that you can summon someone from the necklace?" The time traveller asked in a sickly sweet voice, so overly friendly to the point where Sapnap had to roll his eyes.


Karl really did the most when it came to coaxing you until you became dependent on his information and companionship.


"Yeah. I only use it when absolutely needed though because the artefact requires your energy or something similar to that." The brunette explained in a heavy accent. Listening in, he got the general idea.


So it was similar to Karl's ability to regenerate once the clock struck twelve, but needed the necklace to work. 


"When I do use it, I need to sleep a lot which is hard in these conditions." George began  each of his steps slow and careful. "Each time, a white freckle appears on me too, no idea why that happens though." 


"Oh, so it's sucking your energy out basically. Watch out for that, you might not wake up if you continue abusing it." The time traveller spoke softly and Sapnap could just tell that the man knew all of that information already and just wanted to seem like the most knowledgeable person when it came to the bizarre world we lived in today without allowing the brunette to realize that he lived through it all once before.


Karl told them about it before. They were the only ones who would be allowed to know of his abilities.


"What are your powers though?" George muttered behind him, making him roll his eyes. What will Karl make up now? "None. I just know a lot about the things from studying them in a lab. I'm a researcher." The blond spoke softly as they arrived.


He opened the doors and headed straight to the kitchen where they stored some food. See, having Karl by their side was good. Because as soon as the mayhem started, the man already knew where to go.


There was a house not too far away that had a small generator of electricity, which meant that they could have some luxuries of the life they once lived. It took a lot of gas though, so they settled on connecting it to the kitchen to use for cooking and storing the food they could find.


Yes, they could also turn on the lights in the kitchen but they avoided it most of the time. It would help them but also help the things outside. The generator also made a lot of noise, hence the barricade in front of the house, or well, a "fence".


It really wasn't a fence. More like wood hastily wired together by a barb wire that the blond already had in his backpack once they met.


It was sloppy but it did a good enough job.


The house itself was old and creaky, isolation was shit but in these conditions it was the best they could find.


They never really moved from here once they formed their group, instead, they focused on making the house as safe as it could be.


See, the blond said that nobody could stop the virus so moving around would only offer a bit of comfort. Besides, most countries were already infected and the "safety forces" were actually ordered to kill them instead of transporting them to the safe location. Because they might have gotten infected. 


His thoughts were interrupted once Punz put a hand on his shoulder, making his eyes snap at the blond and hand clinging to his bat tightly before he realized that it was just one of his own teammates.


"You're tense. Relax." The man said softly, quietly. "I know the conditions aren't perfect but we have to trust Karl." 


It was true. If they didn't, they would have no hope.


"Yeah, I know. That bitch is just so annoying dude." He whispered under his breath, glancing back at George who made himself at home on the chair. 


They moved the couch from the living room to the kitchen too and all of the sofas, as well as just the mattress off of the king sized bed from the house's bedroom to the floor so that they could comfortably sleep inside.


They basically lived inside of the kitchen, safe and in light, able to hear everything since the front door lead directly to it. Only ever leaving the room to go to the bathroom. 


Showers were difficult, since they had to re- fill the generator and rewire it, hence why they only showered once a month. Kind of gross, yet needed in these conditions.


"I know. But, look at it on the bright side, I got you this when we were out." The criminal grinned, passing him a small package of petroleum jelly. "This is good for burns and you can beat your meat." The blond laughed, slapping his shoulder and making him roll his eyes.


"Thanks I guess, now get lost so I can wash my hands and grab a bite." The ravenette sighed, picking up the soap they got from the abandoned mall across the city. Luckily, it wasn't mouldy like the one they had till recently. 


"Hey, pass us something to eat too." Karl smiled from the table, waving at him. He really, truly, from the bottom of his heart, wanted to choke the man out sometimes. But still, he washed his hands as quickly as he could, stomach growling and skin sizzling as the cold water hit the burns and small blisters. 


Having powers that harm your body sucked mad ass in Sapnap's opinion.


"Here's your food, majesty." The ravenette rolled his eyes, dropping the plate in front of the trio dramatically.


They didn't have luxury in any sort of way, but when it came to a quick bite, they had enough canned food to survive. Today on the menu for dinner were canned baked beans, a full big plate of it too. 


"Thank you, peasant." George chuckled next to Karl, his stupid grin annoying the ravenette. "God, I wish we didn't save you." He grumbled under his breath, tightening his headband and using it as a hair band instead, moving it away from his eyes. The ravenette really wanted to cut his hair soon. 


"Well, too fucking bad." The man smiled at him like a damn snake. Truly, just why did Karl want this man on their team? 

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The ravenette jumped up from the mattress as he felt a hand touch his shoulder, grabbing the person's arm and letting fire take over before hearing Karl intake air sharply through his nose, clearly in pain.


"What the fuck are you doing?" He hissed through grit teeth, letting his hand drop. "Shut up. I've re-read the notes I wrote about the most important things that'll go down. We are in deep shit." The blond whispered, passing him the thorn page.


'September fourth 2023, the solar eclipse. Undeads began to gain a sense of self, using their abilities in other ways. They've begun to learn quickly, opening the doors of our hideout. Dream and the team are getting antsy and I don't think we can use the convenience store as a hideout anymore.' 


"Wait, Dream ?" The ravenette questioned, arching his eyebrow. "That doesn't matter right now." The blond glared down at him, ripping the note out of his hands. "What do you mean? Isn't he the main component?" He rolled his eyes at the blond, before almost gasping in surprise as he felt the man grip his shoulder. "We should've already met him ." 


"Concentrate, Sapnap. Do you trust me? Listen to me for once in your life. I'm not telling you shit that will mess with you." The blond whispered with a stern expression, his grip releasing slowly."Everything I deemed important I already told you both about." 


"You don't get to do this shit. I get to decide what's important for me." The ravenette bit out, slapping the man's hand away and laying back down as the rays of moonlight crept through the bearded up windows. "You will never know what horrid bullshit I've seen. I need you to trust me.


"Alright, what do you want from me, then? What do I do about the fact that they'll get stronger?" He sighed, frustrated and tired. "Nothing. out. Remember, I need you alive." The words were harsh and yet quiet which made him even more pissed off.


Who the hell did Karl think he was? To just treat him like a child?


"Stop. I'm telling you this because you're reckless." The blond hissed as he pushed himself up and away from Sapnap's mattress. "You were reckless. And that's how you've fucked us all up in the past." Karl seemed to have quite the problem with him for some reason even though he seemed to have no issue with George, who apparently betrayed them in the past. 


"Why don't you stop being such a liability instead, huh?" He accused the blond, glaring up at the man even as he began to walk back to the sofa. "How do you want me to be careful when I'm here having to protect your useless ass?" 


The words made the blond stop dead in his tracks and close his hand in a fist, pressing his lips in a thin line. 


"I'm trying my fucking best to save us. I used my ability already so I'm gonna die even if we do fix this. But yeah, no, excuse me for being so 'useless'. " Karl spoke up, sparing him one last glance before dropping down on the sofa and grabbing his diary again. 


The ravenette bit the inside of his cheek, feeling the all-too-well known regret seep under his skin. 


He was on the edge. All the damn time. Trying to isolate himself because he knew hard decisions were coming. Trying his best to not get close to anybody and instead focus on his own survival. 


Yet, the ugly feeling of self resentment after each harsh word just made him want to claw at his skin, burn shit down and destroy everything in his way.


He looked outside of the window. It looked like it would be around...maybe five in the morning?


Time was difficult to him, the only way they kept track of it used to be by an old pocket watch that Karl had for some goddamn reason but they lost it a couple of weeks back when they went for groceries. Now, Karl just marked each day on a page in his diary, counting them like a mini calendar. 


They lost their phones a long time ago. Which was honestly predictable. What did you expect? To tweet a picture of yourself being eaten by the undead? 


He was angry and very close to burning the house down, so before he could do that, he just got up from the mattress and grabbed a coat he found on the floor.


He'd go for a walk. 


Just to...clear his head. Yeah, that's all he needed. And maybe, if he were lucky, he'd find an abandoned building that held some alcohol because all of it was gone already from their base.


He grabbed his bat and spared one last look towards Karl, who seemed to have fallen asleep, before biting the inside of his cheek again.


The cold air was downright fucking biting at his skin even through the coat as he closed the door again, making him shiver and try to spread the fire through his body and maximize his body heat.


Karl said that he used to be able to do that not only for himself but also for others once he discovered his powers. Karl said that he was one of the most powerful ones in the group.


Yet, right now, he felt weak . He felt like his powers were a liability.


They harmed his body and made his hands ache and burn whenever he used them, draining his stamina until he was close to dying if overused.


So, what worth was it, having a powerful weapon if it caused you just as much harm as it did to enemies?


And you could argue that it caused the hoards more harm, but it still left permanent issues for him too.


He opened the gate and then closed it, shutting it slowly and soundlessly as he began to walk down the dark streets, glad to see no undeads around. 


This area was the first one to be attacked, so once they came back after the strike, most of the undead followed the noises of the cars, motors and other vehicles that tried to escape the zone, leaving it pretty clear and making the main attraction where the last helicopter tried to take off on. 


The main buildings in the city, the centre.


The ravenette began to walk towards the other block, knowing that it still had a few undeads and that he wasn't really risking his team's safety by destroying the cunts over there.


Before he even got to the block he heard a gunshot ring out, making him wince. Which dumb fuck was shooting at a singular undead, risking bringing over about a dozen others. 


"Take that, bitch!" The blond kid yelled in victory, stepping on the thing's head and crushing it's already destroyed skull.


"Oh boy…" another man muttered as he approached the teen, clearly older. His hair was pink . Who the fuck still had the time to dye their damned hair in a zombie apocalypse ?!


"Tommy, if you bring a hoard over, I'm just going to hand you over to them." The man sighed in an unimpressed tone. Tommy. Karl has mentioned a Tommy before. 


Tommy, was he important to them? 


"Hey, don't be so harsh on him, man. He's just a kid." A brunette chuckled, coming up behind him with his machete against the ravenette's throat, making him groan. How the fuck did he not hear the man sneaking up behind him?


He cursed, before grabbing the man's hand and burning it, making the brunette gasp in surprise, before he kicked the man in the balls and got on top of him as he fell to the ground, hands going to his throat.


"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" The ravenette barked out, letting a bit of his fire through his palms, giving the brunette a feel of his powers.


"Chill out, man! I was just gonna ask you if you're friendly!" The clearly deranged lunatic giggled, almost as if happy. 


"Wilbur. Both you and Tommy are idiots. I'm telling Phil you both died when I get back home without you." The pinkette sighed, before sparing a look towards the ravenette.


"Ah, c'mon Techno, you wouldn't let your twin die now, would you?" The brunette pretended to be hurt, clearly overplaying the situation. "What would our father dearest say!" He cried out softly, still keeping his tone down unlike the blond who decided to point his gun at Sapnap.


"Let go of my brother, bitch." The kid screeched. How the fuck did his relaxing walk turn out to be a meet up with the family of lunatics?


He blinked in surprise as a red bubble formed around the blond kiddo and then brought him up into the air, before dropping him down on his butt.


"Listen, man. I'm sorry, could you let the dumbass go." The pinkette said, wiping away the small amounts of blood that dripped down his wrist from the self inflicted wound.


Techno, Tommy, Wilbur and Phil . Karl did say something about them.


Philza Minecraft, the famous scientist, and his wife Kristin moved here with their children just a year before the breakout.


Once the breakout went down they joined their group and offered support in the form of four vehicles, in which he and others went to another town to gather more supplies and bring them back here. 


Technoblade, or well, Techno was the oldest one. He had no mercy nor chill, mostly a laid back guy with amazing powers.


By amazing powers, Karl probably meant the avatar type of shit. Blood bending or something like that.


His twin was only two seconds younger though, Wilbur. Wilbur was a basket case, his powers were also good but apparently only able to be used in a team. Karl, as usual, did not give them more info. 


Him and Techno were the ones going all the work.


Tommy was the last one, the youngest. He was pretty useless, no powers, yet loved by his family to death and back. Which insured his utmost protection. 


Philza also had a neat power according to Karl. Kristin was alive but they couldn't find her back then, maybe here that changed. 


But due to that, Karl had nothing to tell them about the woman besides the fact that she was an adored person. 


He snapped out of it pretty quickly as he heard the hoards approach, letting the brunette go. Shit. Were they about to fight together against the undead cunts?


"Well, fuck." Tommy muttered, pointing his gun down. "Yeah." Techno called from beside him, slapping him on the back of the neck and making the teen send him a death glare. "Hey, Panda dude, you up to fight with us?" 


" Panda? " The ravenette gawked at the brunette who just smiled and reached his hand up. Then, he spared a look towards the huge hoard coming from both the front and the back.


"Fuck it." Sapnap mumbled, reaching out his hand and pulling the basket case up.


This was gonna be a long day.

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The ravenette attacked first, allowed his bat to swing across the first undead's skull and bash it in, then focused his attention on the brunette beside him who began humming.


"What are you doing, dude?" He groaned, annoyed by the situation. The nutcase was out here singing while they were about to get eaten.


"Don't distract him. He is using his ability." The pinkette behind him muttered, making him shut his mouth. He had a power that involved his voice? That was actually...pretty cool.


He watched as the hoard came to a stop, amazed at the sudden stop of the undead. Could the brunette freeze them? And if so, for how long?


Then, Technoblade approached from behind him, slowly and then took his knife out, slashing his palm open and manipulating the red liquid so it solidified and formed a bubble around the first wave, before tightening it, adding more and more blood. 


Before finally crushing the bubble and the things inside, basically grinding their meat together. 


Black eyes went to the huge gash and wondered. How much blood could the man use? Humans had around five liters of blood inside of their bodies. 


1.5 and you're already in grave danger from his experience. God, universe or whatever the fuck was out there was really cruel when giving abilities out apperantly. Either they harmed you or were close to useless when it came to the things crawling the earth.


"Hey, Panda." The brunette hoarsed out as he stopped his low humming, sparing a look towards Techno. "You and Tommy will have to take care of the hoard behind us until me and Techno finish up here." Technoblade paid no mind to Wilbur's pause in his humming and instead made a bigger gash across his arm, not even wincing, before making a dozen of small spears and aiming them at the ones who began moving.  "Just keep them calm, I'll join and help out afterwards." Wilbur said in the most serious tone he heard so far.


He nodded, lips in a tight line as he watched Tommy shoot off one of the undead straight in his skull.


The kid may be reckless, but his aim was darn good.


The ravenette headed over and unbandaged his hand, wincing as he pulled off a bit of skin that stuck to it, blisters almost all popped. "Ew, what the fuck's up with your hand?" The teen grimaced, making him roll his eyes. "This."


As soon as the words left his mouth, he pointed his palm towards the undead that was about to try and snack on the kid, before blasting his fire at the thing, melting its flesh.


".... Yo! Techno, did you see that?! Oh my God, he has powers too, fire powers!" The blond yelled back to his brothers, excited, eyes literally shining with adoration. "Great, Tommy, but we are fighting right now!" Technoblade called back with a low groan, pulling out his sword this time, seeming disoriented as the ravenette watched him slice through those remaining of the hoard. 


His abilities and control were almost admirable after all that blood loss. He too should stop being a little bitch and push his limits.


With that in mind, Sapnap spun back around, hardening his glare. "Kiddo, move behind me." The ravenette muttered.


Tommy rolled his eyes but obliged, watching from over his shoulder like a dog owner would watching their puppy do a trick.


He hated it. So, he did what he usually does. Focus all your anger and let it all out.


The ravenette bit down on his lip till it bled as his hands began to sizzle once again, fire coming out of them at a rapid speed, the damage going up his wrist even as the flames grew in their size. 


"Holy shit!" Tommy yelled behind him, but he paid that no mind, instead, he moved all around the hoard, allowing his flames to swallow the things up, screams and cries of agony not really bothering him as he continued to murder the undead one by one.


Then, he stopped as the last one fell, hands shaking and knees almost buckling from the immense pain. 


The blond teen beside him put an arm under his own and held him up straight again, before patting him on the back and grinning at him like an idiot. "You were fuckin' awesome!" His tone was honest and the ravenette was embarrassed to say that it made him actually feel proud.


He remembered his younger sister as he watched the kid, how she would praise him after every trick he showed her and could feel his eyes tear up. Stop


"It's nothing dude." He shot back, wiping his smile off of his face and balancing himself alone, wincing in pain as he inspected both of his palms, eyes scanning over the ugly blisters and the charred skin. This was worse than a second degree burn yet not bad enough to be a fourth degree burn.


Which probably meant third degree. 


He began to bandage it back up, not wanting to risk an infection while outside. The ravenette was just gonna go back to the base and clean it, everything would be fine.


Then, he felt an arm sling around his shoulder loosely from behind him before he turned his head around to come eye to eye with the basket case from before.


"You've fucking burnt them to a crisp! That was pretty pogchamp of you." The man chuckled, making him arch his eyebrow. "Pogchamp, really? You're gonna use old ass references during a zombie apocalypse?" He chuckled, sarcastically. 


"Nah, seriously though, that was pretty cool, man." The oldest one sighed, clearly dizzy, holding onto Wilbur's shoulder as he sheathed his sword back into its holder. 


"Thanks. You two weren't too bad either." The ravenette decided to say as he stretched out and grabbed the bat that he abounded on the floor when he decided to give it his one hundred and ten percent.


He winced as the wood touched his bandaged palm and almost dropped it, nausea coming up his throat now that the adrenaline passed. 


"Easy, champ!" The blond kid eyed him carefully, inspecting his palms. "Oh I've had worse. I better head back to my base now though." He muttered softly, reaching the kid's hair with the back of his hand and ruffling it. He really couldn't leave without doing that. It was something that he always did to his younger sibling and even cousins.


"Yeah, same here." Technoblade sighed, looking at a pretty bummed out Tommy. The kid began to kick a rock around, wanting to say something but clearly hesitating. 


"I think the gremlin wants us to tell you that you can come visit. Our base is pretty much down the street to the right if you need anything." Wilbur spoke up behind him, almost making him jump. "Oh...yeah, okay." The ravenette sighed, waving the men off before he began heading down to his own block. 


"Be sure to visit sometimes, bitch!" Tommy called from behind him, before getting pulled away by Techno with a giggling Wilbur beside them. 


He wished he could just allow himself to be as close to his team as these people were. But, they were a family. Him, Karl, Punz and now George were the ones who had to put an end to all of this, forced to be a team because of what worked in the future.


"Yeah, I'll try." Maybe he will. It all depends on what Karl says about the family. Do they need them? He did say that they team up in the future, but he had no idea if that was changed in any way since he, Karl and Punz already kind of changed the timeline by not trying to escape first before all meeting up once the helicopter crashed because of the infected onboard.


As he headed down the street, he could already feel fatigue beginning to eat him alive, hands literally pulsing in pain. He really did push himself this time at least, took care of a whole hoard basically by himself. 


That gave him hope that maybe his powers weren't that useless as he originally thought. 


Only thing that worried the ravenette now though was the fact that he had no idea what would happen if he continuously pushed his limits. 


He had to insure his survival. Even Karl told him that. 


But to do that, he had to train his power, yet training it would result in death. It was an endless cycle, really, when you think about it.


Always stuck in a loop of endless possibilities and yet the body of a normal human with its weaknesses exposed. 


The sun rose in the sky, making him snap out of his daze. 


Were sunrises always this beautiful or was he just so damn exhausted of this lifestyle to the point where even the simplest things excited him?


A moment of peace. That's what he needed. Just a second to breathe.


He took everything he had for granted and he was paying the price. Although, it was very foolish to blame himself for the entire thing. 


He headed back inside of the base quietly, closing the gate behind him and entering the house. Everyone was still getting the much needed rest, which soothed his nerves a bit.


The ravenette quietly turned the water on and washed his hands, biting down on his lip, grimacing at the taste of dry blood but still keeping himself quiet, even as his skin felt like it was melting off.


Then, he dried them off and put the jelly his teammate gave to him, before grabbing a new bandage from his backpack. He had around ten more which would serve him for this week at least. 


As the ravenette continued to wrap his hand, he could hear someone moving behind him, so he snapped his eyes towards the noise, seeing George get up from the sofa and sleepily stare at him.


"What's up?" The brunette muttered quietly, rubbing his eyes. "Nothing. Go back to sleep." Sapnap mumbled as softly as he could, tying the bandage and then licking the dried blood off before the brunette could see it. He was way too tired to continue this conversation.


George just shrugged and turned around, cuddling the somewhat thorn blanket closer and enjoying the warmth. The ravenette sighed, moving back to the mattress and allowed his head to drop against it.


He should probably rest up before Karl woke them up. 

Chapter Text

Karl woke them up around two hours after the ravenette fell asleep, which resulted in Sapnap being even more snappy than usual, literally glaring at everybody who dared to speak to him.


His glance locked onto Punz who looked down at his bandaged hands and then back up at him, arching a curious eyebrow. 


He pressed his lips in a tight line, signalling the blond to shut the hell up and not snitch on him. 


How could he forget that yesterday he only put the bandage on his left hand, not both of them? Oh well, too late to dwell on that. 


"So, we'll go out to the mall, which means that we will have a lot of the undead on our trail." Karl explained, rubbing his temples. "I think that if we all go the mission will be fucked from the start." Punz commented, picking up his glass of water, gulping the liquid down in a hurry. 


"Yeah, that's why I was thinking, me and George would stay here to discuss some things while you and Sapnap go and get it done." The time traveller smiled at them, making the ravenette bite his lip. "What? Are you insane?" Punz said for him, glaring at Karl.


"You two would be in danger. What if a hoard came or worse, some survivors?" The criminal rolled his eyes, crossing his arms across his chest and sending Karl a message that screamed 'I don't trust that man one bit.' While eyeing George.


"What if I just went alone?" The ravenette shrugged, making Karl gape at him. "There would be a huge number of the undead." The time traveller lowered his voice, sending Sapnap a dangerous look.


"Please, okay mom . Do you maybe want to stay here and starve then?" He leaned back in the old chair, hardening his own stare. "Punz could," But, before their self proclaimed leader could finish his sentence, the ravenette spoke up again.


"Punz is not going." He shot back, almost slamming his hand down on the table. "Punz is great in stealth and in dealing with fewer numbers." The blond nodded at that, but looked at him with worry. "I am the best here when it comes to taking down large portions of the bitches."


"Yeah, but you can't die. Remember that." Karl growled out, at which George curiously coughed. "What do you mean, so Punz can ?" The brunette tilted his head, smart heterochromic eyes scanning the situation. 


"Yeah, Karl . Are you saying that my life is worth more than Punz's? Why?" The ravenette smirked at his teammate, which caused the blond to let out a low snarl.


"You know what, go for it. But do not take risks." The blond said, this time serious, seeing that he's been backed up into a corner. 


So, with a victorious grin on his face, he left the house.


He knew he was being petty, the thing was, he didn't really care. Karl's constant behaviour towards him was really vile in his personal opinion and he hated the way he was treated.


Yes, this was an apocalypse, but he didn't even have to listen to the man, to help with saving everyone. Besides, he was doing this for the greater good. 


Going out alone meant that he could practice more. If he burnt himself up in the process, at least he'd go out in style. 


He was the most suitable for the mission and that was a fact.


Karl treated him like he was a pawn in a game, more like he had to keep him alive instead of wanted to, since the very beginning. Yeah, he coaxed the ravenette with sweet words but his true intentions were always to fix what already went down.


"Hey, petty bitch." Punz smiled behind him, slapping his back. "Hello, dumb fuck. What's up?" The ravenette grinned at his teammate, wiggling his eyebrows.


"Nothing much. Take the shulker. It'll help you out." The blond smiled and passed him his earrings, making him smile. "Thanks dude.


"Also, don't be too harsh on Karl. He's trying his best." The blond called behind him, making him roll his eyes and wave the man off as he closed the gate. 


There was a reason behind his actions. The ravenette could still remember the time the time traveller just watched a child die, saying that the child was not a priority to save.


So, in his opinion, the man was really heartless. Yes, Sapnap is an asshole too, years of this shit does that to a person, but the way the blond just treated everything with such intense control made him sick to his stomach. 


It was like he lived through hell and is trying to bring heaven by tearing down the sky itself. 


The trees around him gave him peace as he walked around the empty streets, once full of life.


Now, only a few unlucky undead walked by him, getting their brains splashed against the pavement in return.


Seeing them all disfigured never gets easier but you just don't even look at them after a while, you fight to survive.


To save yourself from becoming like one of them.


There must've been a reason for his powers, since not all humans had them. There also must've been a reason why he, no matter how careless, hasn't died yet. 


Sapnap doesn't believe in a God or a higher power, but he found himself hoping that there was something out there. Because maybe, then he could finally imagine a better endinf for the ones he lost to this awful fucking breakout.


As he walked towards the main parts of the city, more and more hoards passed by him.


The ravenette tried his best to just stay out of their way and make no sound, instead going straight for the mall. The mall was basically a death trap, which is why the group avoided it for so long. 


Because their city was one of the first to get the infected, most people tried to run from it, just get away to 'safety' which left most resources intact. 


It wouldn't last them forever, but hey! They did do shit to insure that even if they took longer than necessary to save the shitty world, they would have something of a consistent resource. 


They have stocked up different seeds in the backyard of the house they occupied, nothing too fancy since none of them had even the slightest idea how to take care of plants, just some wheat and veggies. 


They were rich in nutrients, sustainable and didn't require too much attention. Karl was the one to usually take care of them.


He tried to focus on the task at hand, slowly approaching the darkness of the mall, only having a few rays of sunlight from the broken glass to navigate himself through the death maze, taking soft little steps so as to not alert the beings. 


He firstly entered the food section, knowing that Karl wanted to stock up because of the upcoming evolution of the things, so he grabbed a full bag of canned food, some other shit that didn't go bad during the years and also grabbed four bottles of alcohol as well as some other beverages that would be safe enough for consumption.


Then, he tapped the shulker, allowing the items to get sucked into whatever black hole existed in the small thing.


He headed down the store, looking for more things he could whisk away that would actually be useful.


Then noticed the almost full aisle. 


The ravenette grinned and grabbed some hygiene products, before he stepped out of the store quietly before dragging his body against the wall just in time for an undead to pass him, thanking whatever forces were out there for his good sense of hearing.


What else should he get?


Bandages. Yeah, he'll need those. Also, he could head to the clothing section just to grab something new. He already felt gross because of the situation with showers, so now that he finally got to do this alone, he could grab a pair of new pants or a shirt or something.


So, he headed down the shops, cautiously, grabbing ibuprofen, knowing from his mother that the tablets only really went bad around five years after opening and knowing that all of them could use some pain relief meds, then grabbed a neosporin and allowed his earring to eat it up from this reality. 


Last stop, getting some clothes.


He remembered how George, the new guy, seemed to be cold last time….fuck it, might as well treat everybody, right?


He grabbed whatever clothes he could, without rustling too much or making too much noise, before grabbing four blankets that would hopefully help out with the cold situation since they really couldn't be bothered to install a whole ass heating system and January got cold as balls .


With everything secured, he began stepping out, before hearing a low growl behind him. 




The ravenette turned around slowly, coming almost face to face with one of the things, who still hadn't noticed him but probably smelled him and almost screamed.


His feet reacted first, brain second. 


So, he ran. As fast as he could, almost tripping over his own foot which caused the other undeads to hear him, the things formed a huge hoard behind him. Shit. Shit.


But he still managed to get out of the mall before almost falling face first into the pavement, barely holding on by putting his hand in front of his face to protect him from eating shit, as his past self would say.


Then, just as he thought it was all over, the absolutely enormous hoard came to a halt. No reason. Just...stopped.


Sapnap didn't question it, he pushed himself up and ran for it.


He was panting, almost close to puking by the time he got to the safe zone and he could feel his body begin to ache. Each muscle, everything.


He was fucking stupid. Didn't even try to fight those cunts. 


Yet...he survived.


He had around an hour of daylight left and was close enough to his block. So he took a second to sit down on the broken bench, whimpering when his hand came in contact with the wood and basically shaking.


He allowed himself a second of weakness, allowed his body to just rest .


Before, seeing a man watching him down the block.


In a green hoodie.


With a cardboard mask.


With a smiley face.


"Hey!" The ravenette called out as he got up from the bench and tried to wave the man over, only to see him run away, way too fast for Sapnap's exhausted body to catch up .


He just let Dream slip past him. What a fucking idiot.


Then, his eyes traced down to the place where the man was, a small note lingering on the pavement, written in an odd handwriting.


'Do not trust him :)'


Do not trust who ?


Karl? But, no way. Karl has helped them through so much .


Not only that, but how would Dream know of Karl?


Karl said that he never even met Dream before their group got pushed together.


So….what the hell was going on here? 


He was more than confused. Should he tell Karl about the note? Probably….but, he wanted to keep his failure to himself. So, he just picked the thing up, crumbling it in his fist, no matter how much his palm ached from this morning and then threw it away.


He couldn't deal with this right now.


The ravenette began to head down the street, slowly, sparing a glance towards a single undead who walked mindlessly, not even noticing him and then crossed the street to his block.


The base was almost visible from his position and he sighed in relief at the sight of the fence.


Finally, he could put all this behind him.


The ravenette ran down to it, opening and then closing the thing before he entered the kitchen, watching his teammates sit all across each other, playing a card game.


"Hello, cunt." George chuckled from the chair across Karl, while Punz sat across an empty chair, reserved for him. "Hi, bitch." The time traveller rolled his eyes at their banter but said nothing, instead, he eyed Sapnap's bloody bandage. "What's that about?" Karl spoke up, making him hide his hand inside of his pocket.


"I was fighting those cunts. What do you think ?" 


The blond relaxed and let his back hit the chair. "Fair enough. Sit down, we have to entertain ourselves and not go insane somehow. "


He honestly had to agree. Needed a distraction from all of this  


So, he sat down, allowed his posture to relax and then took the earring off.


"First, I got some things." The ravenette muttered before tapping the earring and watching the things all appear in a pile where he looked, in front of one of the sofas. 


" got us blankets?" George muttered from his right, making him bite his lip and scratch the back of his neck. "Yeah. Not just for you, don't get your hopes up. It's just really cold this time around." The ravenette got out, trying to sound uninterested in any form of friendship. 


"He is secretly a softie." Punz grinned from across the table which caused the younger to roll his eyes. "Shut the fuck up before I deck you." 


The criminal put his hands up in defeat, before heading over to categorise the things.


"Oh, wow you got a lot of shit." The blond muttered after a bit, firstly grabbing the medicine and downing one immediately, clearly still in pain from his broken arm he got on the previous trip out before they got George. It healed wrong in a way, which had to have sucked ass.


"Yup, filter them out. We can just split the clothes since I don't even know what I got." The ravenette shrugged, spinning his chair around and watching the criminal as he headed to the counter with the food and the medicine, putting it all in its usual place. Then, he grabbed the alcohol and whistled. 


"Do not get drunk." Karl warned, souring the mood once again. "Live a little, dude." Sapnap sighed, signalling Punz to get a cup for them. "...Fine. You can have a glass each but don't get drunk."


With the final confirmation, he and Punz cheered, ready to get absolutely shit faced .


And that they did.


They also played so many card games to the point where he wasn't even sure eight percent of them actually existed in the first place.


It was around eight he'd guess, but they were both drunk out of their mind, years of trauma drowned out in the liquor, pain and loss too.


Everybody was sleeping, or at least that's what the ravenette thought after he woke up with the heavy need to puke, only to see George in the kitchen.


"What's up?" The ravenette got out groggily, shivering at the cold air that swept through the house. "You're hurt pretty badly, right? Like, your hands?" The man asked, biting the inside of his cheek. "Yeah, why?" 


"Give me your palms." The brunette said softly, tucking a piece of hair behind his ear. "Why?" The ravenette got out, confused by the situation. "Just...fucking do it, dumbass." 


He rolled his eyes but still reached his palm out hesitantly, watching as George brang his own hand over Sapnap's.


Then, he saw a faint blue glow.


"What are you doing?" The panic in his voice was clear, but he felt no pain at the moment. "What does it look like I'm doing?" The brunette rolled his eyes, making him realize.


He felt no pain. He wasn't in pain right now.


"Holy shit. You have healing powers." The ravenette gasped out, making the brunette glare at him. "Shut the hell up. This stays between us. I only use them on those I deem worthy." George's words made him bite down his feelings that threatened to bubble underneath the surface.


He was nothing but a cunt to this guy yet here he was, using his energy to heal Sapnap up.


"Yeah, okay." The ravenette muttered as the man took his other hand too, the faint blue glow getting even less visible. "I won't be able to heal it all up, but...consider this a Thanks for the blanket." The man muttered, concentrating his energy in its entirety on the man.


"Thank you, dude." Sapnap whispered, allowing himself a small smile for the first time. Maybe nobody on the team was useless. Maybe, they could actually catch this Dream guy and beat the shit out of him until he agrees to help them.


Maybe...just maybe, he could learn how to trust people again after all.


Chapter Text

The next morning they didn't really have any plans. They just packed everything and spent their time pretending that there weren't undead beings outside that used to be humans with families, simply a shell of what they once were.


Sapnap had a huge headache, cursing his own hangover yet grateful that he slept for more than a few hours and actually got some rest. 


But, what now? He hated these situations. Where they just sat around. Shouldn't they be doing something?


Which is when he remembered. He met those weirdos, Minecraft's sons.


"Hey, Karl. I gotta talk to you, can you come out to the backyard?" The ravenette muttered, making Punz arch his eyebrow.


He fluttered his eyes to George, who was too busy cuddling the new soft blanket to even notice them and the criminal pressed his lips together tightly before nodding.


Karl followed him out to the backyard, wearily. 


"What's up?" The time traveller asked as the wind bit at their skin. 


"Listen. I took a walk after we had that...disagreement. And, I've met some..interesting guys." He muttered, biting down on his nail. "Who?" The blond was suddenly serious, cold tone returning.


Karl was a control freak. He had everything planned out including when they should meet other survivors and which ones they should even meet in the first place, so his change in behaviour was obviously expected.


"Tommy, Wilbur and Techno." As soon as the names left his mouth, Karl seemed relieved. Who was the man even expecting?


"Okay, yeah, that's not a bad thing. You didn't attack them, did you?" There he goes again, not trusting Sapnap with anything . This is the reason why the ravenette was hesitant about trusting the time traveller in the first place, even after all these years. "I didn't. We actually kind of had an alliance." He explained, recalling the fight.


"Okay. Good. Did they tell you their location?" The blond muttered, eyes trailing off to the distance, probably recalling what they told him in the doomed reality. "Yeah, they told me to come by if I ever needed help or just to hang out."


The time traveller seemed surprised, probably not even believing that Sapnap could ever be civil enough for that.


"That's...good. You did a great job. Please write their location down so we can have it for later and do not mess this up."


He gave a stern nod, before watching the man head back inside. 


"Are you coming?" Karl's eyes analysed his stuff posture with that some old calculative look he usually had. Was Sapnap going to go back inside? 


He spared a look towards the empty streets.


Then, to the base.


He could...maybe, maybe he should visit the Minecraft family?


But, that would be dumb. He could mess up the entire timeline if he steps out of place.


So, with a sigh, he nodded and began to walk towards the now open door. "Yeah, I'm coming." His voice sounded as exhausted as he felt mentally.


There goes another day, about to be as uneventful as an apocalypse could be.


From all the horror movies he watched back in the day, he thought they'd be fighting for their lives at every second, but it was actually more planning and surviving than anything else.


It wasn't just killing some cunts and coming back to the base while fighting them all off. Most of the time, if you had the chance, you ran .


"Hey." The new guy, George, spoke up as he continued to wash his hand, hissing as the water irritated the remaining few spots, voice quiet. "What is it?" The ravenette mumbled, his eyes trailing back to Karl and Punz, each talking, probably developing the plan further.


He was grateful to the brunette. Honestly, his hands were never as unharmed as they felt currently, only after scars and a slight red spot remaining from the awful burns from yesterday.


"I was wondering. What's up with you three. You don't even seem like you want to be a team." The words made him gulp. This guy was too curious. "I was surprised Karl even invited me to join you in the first place." 


He allowed his palms to touch the towel, keeping his voice low.


"Karl has a plan. He knows why he picks the people he does. Don't worry about it." 

The brunette still seemed sceptical but accepted the words either way, eyeing his injuries.


"It's almost all healed up." The ravenette sighed as the man ran his fingers up and down the scarred flesh. "Yeah. I know. It was pretty bad though." The newest addition to their team said, quietly.


"Whenever you use your powers, I'll help you out with the injuries if they get too bad." George said softly, clearly trying to avoid others hearing their conversation. "But do not even talk about this with anyone . Do we have a deal?" 


He wanted to tell the man that Karl already knew about it, but instead bit his tongue and gave a short nod, making the brunette give a small smile, before heading back to the others.


He too followed the suit, watching as Karl marked the map.


"So, what are we doing?" Sapnap wondered out-loud, putting his hands on Punz's chair to steady his balance. "Planning the month. These things are gonna get a bit tougher soon." Karl muttered softly, putting an X on the street where Techno and the others had their base at.


"Wait. What's gonna happen there?" The ravenette tucked his hair behind his ear, pointing at it.


"Isn't that where the Minecrafts live?" The blond tilted his head, clearly confused. "Oh. Oh, yeah." 


"The Minecrafts?" George wondered out-loud, eyes trailing across the map. "Yeah. Good people, Sapnap and them had a small alliance and they've told him that he could rely on their help." A good cover up as always.


Karl always had a lie up his sleeve that seemed almost effortless. It was truly disturbing. The way be would just make shit up on the spot with ease and convince everybody that it's the truth. Punz bit the inside of his cheek, looking up at Sapnap who gave him a small nod.


"Alright…" George seemed to be as suspicious as ever, but in a way where you couldn't really question him. He could laugh you off just as easily as Karl.


"Anyways. We'll have today to rest and entertain ourselves then, tomorrow, Sapnap's gonna go and pay them a visit." The sentence made him look at Karl with confusion, tilting his head. "Yeah  sorry. I meant...if you 'want' to." The blond smiled with that sickeningly sweet grin, making him understand what he meant.


His look screamed go-there-make-them-allies.


That would be easy enough.


"Also, since we have enough supplies, we won't need to make any trips any time soon." His tone was soft, finally relaxing after months of overworking himself. He understood Karl in a way, but at the same time, he didn't want to.


See, the shit Karl must've seen to act this has to be horrifying. To sacrifice his own life just so some of humanity could prevail in survival was also...admirable. 


His saint-like goals did not however excuse his behaviour towards him, though it did explain it. 


"I'll need to head to my base today." George called out, trailing his finger from this base to his own which was four blocks away from the mall, in the yellow zone. 


"I have some important things to pick up." The brunette finished, looking at Karl for his input. "Okay, you can take Sapnap with you in case anything bad happens." 


The ravenette groaned in frustration, but he couldn't lie, this would be much better than sulking around the entire day.


"Oh, don't give me that shit, Sapnap." Karl rolled his eyes, causing him to glare at the time traveller. "How about this…" The blond began, slumping back in his chair.


"Afterwards, we can restart and refill the generator and all take a hot shower." 


Everyone, including George, seemed to brighten up at that. 


"Jesus, finally!" Punz chuckled, a radiant smile painting his features. 


Maybe what this did was humble them. Realize how much they miss the civilization they hated previously.


Even Punz, a criminal who stayed in and out of jail ever since he was fifteen, has said that prison was better than this.


"Okay, yeah, that sounds great." Sapnap agreed, glancing at George, who put his necklace around his neck and grabbed his thorn up black jacket. 


Right, they were feeling the cold weather more than him too, since they didn't really have the privilege of fire powers. 


"Alright, let's go then." The brunette muttered, grabbing one of the weapons that they had laying around, a knife. "In case it gets sticky." The healer said when he saw him glance at the sharp object.


He gave a nod and then headed out again, bat in hand.


As soon as the cold air hit them in their face, both him and George shivered, but they were used to it, more or less. Just needed at least a second to get their bodies to adapt to it.


"I'll need you to not push your limits." George cracked his knuckles, then put the knife in the small holster on his pants.


"I have a gun back at my base with a silencer. So I can be of help if it comes down to it." The healer continued as he closed the gate behind them, the misty weather not really perfect for their current mission.


"Also, I can use XD." His teammates whispered, keeping his voice to the minimal as they headed down the street, moving swiftly.


They didn't really want to be out for longer than necessary since they would have to go to the base and then return back before the dark unless they wanted this to become even more dangerous.


Yet, they also couldn't make too much noise or the things would be on their asses immediately.


"Yeah, that's cool with me. We just gotta avoid the hoards." 


The brunette nodded, making Sapnap sigh in relief. He really didn't like the missions where he and the rest of the team went together since it always resulted in an arguement or a big hoard, hence why this new way of splitting was better.


Two teams of two. 


Reasons why it was better? It allowed the teams to be more stealthy but balanced enough with all of their ability.


Karl might've been useless in combat, but he did know how to defend himself if needed and knew how to stay completely in the shadows while George had some street smarts and an artefact that could defend him if Sapnap failed to help out in time.


Punz worked best with Karl because he knew how to listen to orders while Sapnap was more of a do-now-think-later kind of guy.


Him and George might even work as a legitimate team if the brunette kept his mouth shut and did not get his nose all up at the ravenette's business. 


They headed through the green zone, knowing that the next block will have a few more of the things and with how misty it was, they would have to be careful.


"Sapnap. Up right, the left side. We have some friends." The brunette whispered hoarsely, pointing at the small group of undead, around four. 


"That should be easy enough to take care of. We have to watch out back too, though." The ravenette whispered back, before turning around to check out the situation. "I'll focus on the North-East and you focus on the South-West." The healer mumbled, eyes hardening and mouth shutting as they walked by the small group.


None of the undead caught on to them, but Sapnap could see them look straight at him through the mist, with no eyes. Their eyes melted out of their pupils a long time ago, since technically, they were dead and the eyes don't stay around much longer after their demise.


He bit down on his lip, almost wincing at the small noise his foot made as he crunched a leaf.


"Fuck." George got out in a sigh, four coming in from behind them while two ran from the front. 


He bashed the first one's skull in, before kicking the other in the chest to back him away and then swung his bat at the third one, looking behind himself to see how the brunette was holding on.


The man smashed the knife inside of the first one's skull before trying to unstick the knife, struggling a bit.


The ravenette finished off the other two with his bat, swinging right at the last one and saving the brunette just in time.


"Fuck. That was stressful." The brunette panted out, leaving the knife where it was. "I think we just take a run for it to my base so I can get my gun." He nodded, using his bat to lean on it as he inhaled a lungful of air. "Knives aren't my cup of tea."


"Let's get to it." The ravenette grinned, taking his head start first, making the brunette roll his eyes as he followed right behind him, his sprint quite impressive.


"Didn't know you were so athletic." The ravenette teased as they turned the third block, heading into the yellow zone. "Oh, you know. The apocalypse is your best coach." The healer shrugged back sarcastically.


He snorted quietly, using his bat to jump over the trash can that stood in the middle of the road, yet again taking the lead.


"Plus," The brunette hardened his glance as he sped up the pace, slowly catching up. "I did track in middle school." His teammate grinned, making him let out a genuine quiet laugh.


"You're not too bad." The ravenette got out as they turned another block, avoiding the hoard by going down the other side of the road. 


"Same goes for you too." 


That was the last thing that they said before concentrating fully on making it to George's base in a single sprint, speeding up their pace and heading down, before they arrived at the last block, only to see it filled by the things.


The ravenette tried to get in front of the brunette, but the man reached out his arm and stopped him.


"I'll take care of this." His words were serious, making the ravenette bite down on his lip. Was he finally about to see the power of the artefact? 


Chapter Text

The brunette gripped his necklace, confirming his suspicion. 


As soon as he closed his eyes a faint green glow began to shine right there, before spawning a thing straight out of a movie.


It.. He, the ravenette corrected, had six wings, two covering his face, two halos making an '×' where his face would be, a pair just lingering in the air and the last two holding up two different golden swords, one upright and the other one upside down.


"Pleasure seeing you again." The thing spoke, without moving, perfectly still. He spared a look towards the brunette who was panting, seemingly in pain. "Just get on with it." The man bit out, making the being chuckle before moving at the speed which he had never seen before. 


"George. Are you okay?" The ravenette muttered as he held up the healer, who was shaking. "Yeah, this takes...a lot out of me. You're gonna have to take care of things after this." The brunette got out between sharp intakes of air.


He just helped the man stand as he watched in amazement as the being just crushed the things. 


"Dude this is seriously OP." He whispered, somewhat afraid of the power the thing had. "Yeah. It is." The brunette answered, less enthusiastic. 


The hoard fell just as quick as it appeared, piles of melted, a gory scene painted with flesh and black blood. 


"Fuck." The brunette bit out as he slumped against the ravenette while the being approached them. "Anything else?" The man asked.


His long hair was trailing on the floor, all golden, a green glow all around him, wearing nothing but a long dirty green robe. 


"No. Just...get out of my fucking sight." The brunette spoke weakly, pressing the necklace in his grasp. 


The being nodded, disappearing from view and leaving only a lime glow.  


The brunette almost collapsed in his arms before he brang the man up, watching him as he clung to his head.


"George. This is not a good situation to pass out in." The ravenette spoke up, ever so slightly, watching the man come back to his senses. "I, I'll be fine. Just, gotta wait for the white dot." The brunette managed, his cheek bleeding before a white freckle appeared behind the pile of red.


"Wow...that seems," George interrupted him by grabbing his shoulder and hoisting himself up. "Painful. And it is, extremely." 


"Then, why did you do it?" The younger man asked, heading behind the disoriented man through the mist. "The hoard was all the way down the block. If you tried to take it on, then we wouldn't have enough power to get back." The brunette reminded him, walking slowly, watching every side almost paranoid.


"This only works with huge hoards. You can take care of smaller and bigger hoards. It was just common sense." The ravenette nodded but still helped the brunette up, one of his hands under the brunette's shoulder. "You can let go, I'll be fine. We just have to make it back soon because I'm craving that hot shower." The healer chuckled weakly, pushing him back and heading up the road to an abandoned house that was most likely his base.


He wished he could be strong like that. Just...get up after excruciating pain and act like nothing happened.


The ravenette followed right after, watched as George grabbed three duffel bags. 


"Can you manage?" He wondered out-loud, putting a hand on the healer's shoulder. "Yeah, I'm not that useless." 


The ravenette nodded and grabbed his bat, swinging it around just to get a feel of it. He'd have to take care of everything on the way back. 


He watched as George checked the ammo inside of his glock, grabbing it from the duffle bag. "Should do." He sighed softly, making the younger look away.


"Do you have a bandage?" George asked softly, tying the bags. "Yeah, here."  


As Sapnap passed the man the bandage he wondered what the white dots meant. He remembered Karl saying that they might drain the brunette but Karl spoke in bullshit riddles. 


So truly, he had no idea. And neither did the brunette apparently.


Him and George headed back, with the ravenette staying in front while the healer watched their backs, silently stalking back home.


Home. Was that even their home? His home?


He always called it a base. Because there was no such thing as 'home' during an apocalypse. Yet, they still managed to make it 'homely' in a way.


The ravenette came to a halt, grabbing his bat and bashing the one undead in front of him, not wanting to risk sneaking past him.


"Wow, someone's cocky." The healer rolls his eyes, making him grin. The banter was better than the silence of this awful world. "Oh, please. I'm just that fucking good, dude."


"Yeah, right." The brunette chuckled as they headed past the gory scene and into the first middle zone, close to the green.


The ravenette saw a small group, still lingering where they stood. He had to take care of them.


"Don't." George bit out, clearly not wanting him to take the risk of alerting other groups lingering in the mist. 


He bit his response down, knowing that the brunette sacrificed his own health at the moment to make sure they could make it without too many encounters unless they were absolutely needed and headed past the group, holding his breath. 


They passed them, but still couldn't even breathe because the cunts had good hearing.


As soon as they were across the street, George let out a long sigh, before looking behind them, nodding back at Sapnap letting him know that they were fine.


The entire street looked so...sad. Eerie almost. Like a graveyard of memories. 


Then, his eyes landed on a shadow he thought he saw, before noticing that it was just a trash can. Holy fuck, he needed to get his shit together and not panic. Not now.


The ravenette bit his lip as they passed another block, speeding their pace gradually, the sun barely even there by now.


He hated how short the day was. 


But, they were almost home. Almost there.


And as soon as they arrived in front of the gate, he almost whimpered in relief. 


"Thank fuck." The younger cheered, before the strange shadow appeared in the corner of his vision once again. "George, go in first." Sapnap mumbled out as he hardened his glare.




"I gotta take a piss and I don't want to have Karl bitch at me about the seat being dirty again." 


Lying was the best thing to do when you were about to do something dumb as fuck.


The brunette arched his eyebrows but in the end shrugged, too exhausted to argue. 


Sapnap sighed in relief as he heard the gate close, before heading over to the shadow.


As soon as he was close enough to see the person standing there, head tilted, mask creepy with a smiley and a bloody axe shining in the remaining sun, he almost screamed. 


That...that wasn't black blood.


"Dude. Don't, uh, don't run." The ravenette tried to threaten, voice and hands shaking, body trembling. He couldn't possibly take this man on. The blond stepped forward which dug the ravenette back in place, stunned with fear.


"Don't move," He tried again, a voice crack making his fear known. He closed his eyes tightly as the man reached out, ready to just die.


Before...the man just left. 


He reopened his eyes to find himself all alone, the only thing that proved that he had actually encountered the man was the note stuck to his forehead.


Did...did this fucker just put a sticky note on him?


He grabbed the piece of paper, pissed the hell off and began to read it.


'Karl doesn't care about you. He cares only about what you mean to his plans. :)' 


There it was again. A cryptic note. That pissed the living shit out of him. 


He growled slowly, before crumbling it and ripping it apart before he let it slip from his palms.


"Fuck you, Dream." The ravenette got out, talking to himself for all he knew, throwing up a middle finger before heading back inside, shutting the gate closed behind him.


Chapter Text

The inside of the house was much warmer than the outside, that was for sure. 


The ravenette glanced around the room, noticing Karl still by the map and his diaries, writing down notes in one and reading the other while Punz wiped his hair dry with a shirt, dressed in the new clothes Sapnap brought back. 


He threw his dirty bat on the ground, smudged up with black liquid and approached Karl's chair.


"Where's George?" He asked, making Karl snap his head up. "Taking a shower. You're up after him so prepare a change of clothes if you don't want to freeze to death." The blond shrugged, before burying his head back into the notes.


"How did the mission go?" Punz put a hand on his shoulder, causing him to flinch. He really wasn't used to contact even after all this time. "Good. We retrieved back everything George needed. Little to no issues on the way back, one single encounter with a large group. I'd call that an absolute win." The ravenette grinned lazily as he shrugged the man off, before grabbing some clean clothes, a turtle neck, shirt and some sweatpants that would be easy to move in. 


"Did you expect him to use a gun?" The criminal laughed, throwing the now wet shirt on the ground. "Not really. He seemed more like a 'sit-back and relax' kind of guy." The ravenette shrugged, taking a seat on one of the sofas.


"Honestly, there is a lot you'll see from George that you won't be able to predict." Karl spoke up, making both Punz and Sapnap snap their eyes to him.


"What do you mean?" His tone was cautious, because the ravenette began to trust the man. Karl bit his lip, like he just let a secret slip past it and shrugged, returning to his map.


He couldn't afford to spend too much time thinking about all of this. 


George walked out in a blue hoodie, hair still wet and dripping down his clothes, greeting him with a wave before he left for the sofa. Could the man really be capable of doing him harm? He didn't really seem like the type…


Then, the ravenette remembered the notes. 'Don't trust him. Karl doesn't care about you. He cares only about what you mean to his plans. :)' 

Just who was this Dream guy? What did he know about Karl and what did he know about the time traveller's plans?


Could way, Karl said that he's the only one who travelled back. 


There was no way, right?




So, he headed into the shower, shivering as the cold bathroom air touched his skin, groaning as he remembered that before the water gets turned on, he'd have to be bare naked in the cold environment. 


The ravenette put his clothes on the bathroom's washing machine, which they never even used nowadays due to its loud and resource spending nature and began to undress, taking off his shirt and then pants, folding them beside his other clothes, skin pricking up at the chilly temperature.


He quickly ran for the shower, turning it on and almost moaning in relief. Showers were such a privilege that he never thought he'd miss so much.


The water felt amazing against his skin, two weeks of dirt and dust and even dried up blood finally falling off of his skin and going to the probably abandoned sewer systems.


The ravenette took a second to think about it all. Everything that has happened so far. 


If it weren't for Karl, he wouldn't have been here, having all these privileges. He wouldn't have even known about the government's uselessness in the situation nor about how bad it would actually get with the undead.


But now...he just wondered.


Was Karl telling them the full truth? Were they being lead to slaughter like little lambs?


He...he hoped that wasn't the case. His whole future was imagined and shaped up by the scenarios Karl presented about Dream and his ability to bring everything back to normal. Could the man even do that?


Was that even possible? 


His anxiety was rising by each second to the point where he almost forgot to grab the shampoo and wash his hair.


But, nonetheless, he finished up and grabbed a towel from the old ruined towel holder, the poor thing almost falling apart after the ravenette snatched it.


As soon as he dried off, he grabbed his clothes, putting it on and then heading back out to the living room.


George was heavily sleeping on the sofa, obviously exhausted while Punz prepared a quick bite for himself and Karl, the said time traveller was filtering through the map, making sure he checked everything off.


"Now, we can cut the generator off from the bathroom and leave it in the kitchen only." The criminal smiled, putting a plate in front of Karl and two other ones right on the table.


"Yeah. Is this for me?" The ravenette asked, tilting his head. "Mhm, best bet I'll have you pay for it though, you're gonna be washing our clothes next month." The blond grinned, making him roll his eyes. "Yeah, keep dreamin', dude." 


The criminal waved him off before heading to the door, carefully and slowly opening it and disappearing off to the right to the generator.


The ravenette rolled his eyes but sat down, picking up his fork and diving into the dinner like he was a wild animal.


Listen, he was hungry, alright?


Karl put the map away, not wanting to stain it and began eating ass well, taking small bites of the canned lasagna, enjoying the taste.


"George is missing the hell out," The ravenette chuckled, wiping the corner of his mouth. "Yeah, well, he sure ain't missing out on your chewing, dude." The blond chuckled. "Oh, please, mr. Prestigious bastard."


The time traveller let out a chuckle, teasing his anxiety. Maybe Dream was just full of crap.


Punz came back inside and chuckled at the scene, before closing the doors and shivering as he took off his jacket.


"Good to see you started before me, hungry fuck." The ravenette giggled at that, before swallowing the food and looking at the criminal al. "Of course dude, I planned on eating your shit too." 


"I would've killed you myself and used you as zombie bait if you did." The blond rolled his eyes, sitting down beside him and grabbing his own plate, practically moaning as the first bite of the lasagna went down his throat. 


"Ew, gay." The ravenette teased, making the blond slap his shoulder. "There is no gay or straight in the apocalypse my friend, hell, there is no sex in the first place."


It was true, honestly. No matter how you looked at the situation, love and relationships were out of question. It would be too much of a risk.


"Oh shut up, there were plenty of relationships in the previous future." Karl spoke up suddenly, making him snap out of the sad trance. "There were?" Punz questioned, blinking up at the man. 


"Of course. You were all horny bastards." The man shrugged, before taking another bite. "Fuck off, so, we have a chance to get laid?" The criminal gaped, making the ravenette choke on his food.


"Fuck you," He coughed out, before laughing. "I, I almost died because of your outta pocket bullshit!" 


"Hm, maybe we really should just use you as zombie bait." Karl teased, making him roll his eyes. "As if, I'm the best motherfucker here."


The blond sneered at that, while Punz rolled his eyes, but he still felt like he won.


"Also, be careful tomorrow, alright?" Karl muttered, seriously this time, softening his glance. The ravenette nodded, before taking another bite and devouring his plate in the matter of two minutes. 


"I gotta sleep now tho, I'm spent as fuck, man." He wasn't lying, his back hurt, he had enough trauma to give anyone nightmares and his feet were about to fall off from the running. "Goodnight, dumbass." The time traveller smiled, patting him on the back. 


Punz waved him off, mouth full and most likely didn't want to risk speaking and getting slapped by Karl in return. 


The ravenette nodded before yawning and heading to his mattress, feeling like utter crap. 


It took him five minutes of turning, before his body couldn't even move from the spot.


He closed his eyes, imagining a better future, hoping his nightmares wouldn't haunt him today. 

Chapter Text

The ravenette basically headed back out as soon as he woke up, which was later than everyone else, besides George who was knocked out even after he left.


It was honestly impressive that the man could sleep so much.


He didn't know how to approach the family but he would try his best to be as civil as possible, or maybe he should just try to be his usual self. He needed to give them the option of alliance, he knew that much.


But how exactly does he strike a deal with them? Just an alliance between their groups?


Would they even agree? Maybe he could offer some information in exchange?


That was Karl's currency though. He could just offer his help whenever it was needed, since the information he currently had was as useless as ever.


He didn't even need to remember their location because as soon as he approached their block, he could see Technoblade practising his abilities, using his own blood to create spikes and impaled the one already destroyed undead. 


"Hello, Panda." Wilbur muttered behind him, making him jump. "What the, you have to fucking stop with your jump scares, dude! What if I screamed?" The ravenette groaned, facepalming. 


"Then we'd get to practice on more of those things without Phil crucifying us." The brunette grinned, before ruffling his hair. The ravenette stood there awkwardly, blinking up at the man. "Oh my God, you're the same as Techno. See, you and my brother dearest literally don't know what affection is, you gotta relax a bit, man."


Wow, the man was super talkative unlike his team.


"Hey, bitch!" The loud blond kid yelled from one of the windows, waving. The ravenette sighed, wishing Karl could've done this instead. He really wasn't suitable for social situations.


"Tommy! Come down here, or wait," The man muttered as he looked at Sapnap. "Do you want to come on a tour of our base?" 


Did he? 


"Nah, I don't want to impose." He began, eyes wandering over to Technoblade again, admiring his dedication to perfecting his abilities. "Nonsense! Tommy, let Phil know that we have a guest!" The brunette chuckled, throwing a hand around his shoulder and pushing him to the front door.


These people had a gated mansion as their hideout. Just how ludacris do you have to be to make a mansion your hideout???


"Techno! Come back inside before I beat your ass. We have to show some manners in front of our new friend." The brunette yelled back to his twin, making the pinkette groan in annoyance. "Alright, bruh, let me finish this prep first!"


The middle child didn't seem to mind his brother's response and instead pushed him through the gate and then the doors, allowing him to see the beautiful house from the inside. 


It seemed to be in perfect condition .


Which was rare, especially now. But still, he awkwardly got pushed to the apparent living room and spared the blond teen a small wave before he came face to face with a seriously terrifying man.


"Hello, mate." The oldest of the three, Phil, he'd guess, spoke up in a cheery tone. "I've heard you saved these fuckers from death?" 


He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly as Wilbur continued to use his shoulder as a personal armrest.


"I wouldn't really say ' saved' . I did help out though." The ravenette grinned nervously, making the blond chuckle. "Phill, he's lying. He literally went like, poof! And fire came out and he melted the things!" The youngest brother spoke up, patting him on the back.


"Well," He tried, before Wilbur interrupted him. "Nah, don't be so humble. You seriously saved our asses after Tommy brought two whole ass hoards over." 


He smiled awkwardly, not really sure what to say.


"I'd like to thank you for that. Is there anything you need?" The father asked, giving him the opportunity to bring up their possible alliance.


"Well, I wanted to propose something, I guess." The ravenette sighed, shaking off Wilbur's arm and glancing at the taller man with an apologetic look. "Oh, go on, sit down, son." The father smiled, grabbing a chair and sitting down on it, pointing at the one across himself.


The ravenette took the seat cautiously, trying to stay as professional as he could.


"I think both of our groups would benefit from this deal." He began, turning his tone into a much more serious one. "First off, to introduce myself. I am Sapnap, my group consists of three other individuals who all have qualities one could profit from." 


The blond nodded, re-adjusting his hat. "For example, as they might have told you, I have five powers. My other teammate has enhanced strength and speed as well as an artefact that can fit anything inside of it, like a pocket dimension." The ravenette carried on, watching as the father hummed along while Wilbur arched his eyebrow.


"The second one has an artefact that can take out big hoards, making him a high class. He is also fairly skilled with a gun." He carried on, trying not to waver under the man's everlasting gaze. "Meanwhile the last one might not seem useful, but he is a scientist who was studying this after it began." The lie tasted awful on his tongue, but he had to do it for the good of his team.


"He knows all the tricks and ways to get around these things as well as a lot of things he and his research team predicted." The oldest hummed along, making notes in his head most likely. "He also studied the artefacts for some time and has a lot of knowledge of them, not to mention the fact that he has amazing observation skills."


"That truly does sound useful. Do you recommend an alliance?" Phil asked after his rant, looking up at Wilbur and Tommy for their opinions. "Yeah, I do."


"What kind?" Technoblade asked from the doorway, scaring the living shit out of the ravenette.


He quickly composed himself and gulped as the man sat next to Phil, blue eyes glaring at the ravenette like he was on a trial.


"I mean, we could decide the terms and discuss them. The ones I had in mind were simple." He sighed, allowing his sweaty palms to fall down in his lap. "We would have each other at each other's disposal should we need any help. Both resources and fighting." The ravenette began again, improvising as he went on.


"Hm, I see. What about you, though, what do you get out of this? What does your team think about it?" The pinkette muttered, tilting his head and allowing his light pink hair to fall into his eyes. "Well, my team agrees with me. Having too many people in one base and in a single team is bad, but, if we just focused on making alliances with other teams, it could be of huge help later on." The younger man explained, feeling sweat drip down his neck.


"What do you get out of it though, what exactly are these benefits you mentioned?"


"Oh my God, Techno, stop drilling the poor guy!" Wilbur chuckled behind him, slapping his shoulder. "No, it's fine." The ravenette muttered, focusing his attention on the discussion at hand.


Technoblade was an amazing guy with great abilities, meaning that he of course would want what's best for his team. 


"The benefits would be learning tricks from each other." He glared at the pinkette, marching the man's own hard glance. "Plus, let's not even mention how much easier it would be to find a suitable team for different missions and simply split the profit." The man nodded, biting the inside of his cheek.


"Another thing, we might have some information on a way to fix this." 


The sentence made both Phil and Techno look at him like he lost his mind.


"Look, all I'm saying is that we might try to, soon enough. I'm not saying that we will but I'd take even the slightest chance to fix this nightmare." The ravenette looked at the duo passionately, like this was that single spark of hope keeping him alive. "...Y'know what, deal. Why the hell not." Technoblade sighed, reaching out his hand.


The ravenette couldn't help but look surprised for a split second, before he reached out as well, wincing at the vice grip around his, still, somewhat pained hand.


"Alright, kids. I'll head over to the archives and leave you alone for a bit. Don't die in the meantime." The father excused himself, getting up from the table and leaving them all alone.  


"Jesus, that was intense." Tommy rolled his eyes, pulling back a chair and flopping down.


"Tell me about it, man. I hate how serious they were." Wilbur agreed, running a hand through his hair. "Hey, why don't you tell us about your team?" The teen suddenly spoke up, making him gulp. The thing was, he really didn't want to, but he'd try to entertain the kid.


"Well, there's Karl. He is the scientist guy, the biggest bitch you'll ever come across though." The ravenette rolled his eyes, making Tommy snort. "He acts like our mom, dude! 'Ooh, don't go out at this time, ooh don't talk to strangers!'. " He continued to mock, causing even Technoblade to let out a snort. 


"Why does that remind me of Techno?" Wilbur chuckled behind him, making him let out a snort. " Bruh ? Seriously? That sounds nothing like me!" The pinkette groaned, facepalming.


"Doesn't it? 'Tommy! Don't be so loud, or the zombies will get you!'." The blond mocked, chuckling. "Or, remember that one time where you made us come back in and grab a jacket before we went to the mall last week?" The brunette added on, making the pinkette flush in embarrassment. "I will murder you both." 


"Yeah, right." The younger twin smiled, before Tommy nudged him to continue with the description of his teammates. "Oh, right. Well, the second guy is Punz." He began with a smile.  


"He is a good guy, but man ! He can be such a hag sometimes, he is literally always the teacher's pet, almost rolling over and showing his tummy to Karl." The ravenette chuckled, making Wilbur laugh behind him.


"And the last guy, George? Man is literally entering another plane of existence when he falls asleep! He slept for sixteen hours today and still counting." Sapnap laughed, hearing Tommy giggle almost maniacally. "I mean, nothin' wrong with sleeping, it gives you strength." The pinkette shrugged.


"You just say that because you slept ten hours this morning and still bitched at us when we woke you up!" Wilbur teased, causing Technoblade to roll his eyes. "Yeah, so?"


"Okay, sleeping beauty." The younger twin grinend. "Shut up, brown teletubby." The pinkette said, making him blink before he let a real belly laugh escape him.


"Oh my God . Dude, brown teletubby?!" The ravenette threw his head back, laughing until he felt his eyes tear up. "Oh shut up, it wasn't that funny." Wilbur mumbled behind him, making him look up at the embarrassed man. "So was!" 


Tommy nodded in agreement, a soft smile on his face.


Which made Sapnap wonder. How come he felt quite a bit more comfortable with these guys yet barely had the energy to even speak to his own team? Was it because their team was forced together and this was an actual family?


Technoblade noticed his mood drop and spoke up again, snapping him out of his frenzy and the beginning of a silent panic attack.


"Hey, man. Wanna head out and train?" The pinkette asked, rucking his hair behind his ear.


Did he?


He definitely did need a distraction. "Yeah, that sounds great, dude." The ravenette smiled, gripping nothing but air. 


"Have you ever tried weapons besides your little bat?" The man arched his eyebrow, making him nervously chuckle. "Nope?" 


"Well, you will now." The man grinned, causing both his twin and younger brother to glance at him with concern.


"Uh? Guys?" The ravenette blinked as Technonlade got up and basically pulled him up and off of the chair. "Good luck, soldier." The youngest brother said, saluting him.


" Guys?" The ravenette tried again as he got dragged to the doors. "We'll miss you." Wilbur joined in, saluting him as well, making him gulp.


What the hell did he get himself into? 

Chapter Text

The craziest thing about the Minecdaft family was their literal vault filled with weapons. 


And the fact that there were actual artefact grade ones.


Even crazier than that? The fact that they would let him try them out to find him a 'better' weapon.


His bat was something he had since the very beginning, it was the first thing he grabbed from a random shop, so it was very special to him.


Thing about Sapnap was that he didn't really like change so he stuck with it, getting better and better with the wooden bat until it basically became a part of him.


"That was a good choice of weapons to try out." The man shrugged behind him as they headed to the street, the sun still shining, even though the rays did nothing to soothe the cold wind. "The bow might be the best out of all though, it's an artefact we found in the other town, while Wilbur and Tommy tried to get help."


"Too bad we're all shit with it." He snorted lightly at that, grabbing the artefact and giving it a spin.


The ravenette used to do archery in middle school, but that did not automatically mean that he'd rock this.


He tried looking for arrows but the pinkette didn't seem to bring any.


"Try to envision an arrow made by your fire." 


The thought made him chuckle, before the pinkette looked at him with a deadpan expression.


"Dude. Are you serious? I can't make anything from my fire, it just comes out of my palms." The ravenette tried to explain, but only got a disapproving eye roll. "Did you see what I do with my blood? Try to do it at least. Give it a go."


"Even if I do, it will destroy the bow!" He cried out, before getting a light smack on the shoulder. "Don't be an idiot, I gave you an artefact for a reason." The man said, making him sigh.


Was he really going to try this?


Sure, why the hell not.


The ravenette closed his eyes, took the stance, feet parallel to one another, extending his non-dominant hand towards a random sign he took as his target and then just tried to envision an arrow.


Before just burning his palm with his fire.


"You can do it, picture the arrow." The taller man encouraged beside him, voice confident. "Imagine it. The shape, the colour, length, everything. Describe it out-loud if you need to." The pinkette said again as he saw him struggle.


The ravenette tried to. It would be a long one, the flames would be thinned out by the end and would be in an arrow-like shape.


"Open your eyes."


And when he did, Sapnap gasped in surprise. This not only did less damage, but worked.


The arrow in his palm made him giddy, before it disappeared due to his concentration dimming out.


"Holy shit! I fucking did it, dude, did you see that?!" He chuckled, almost forgetting that he was currently in the midst of the apocalypse. It felt like the day when he first got his powers all over again. 


"Yeah, man. Now try to actually shoot it." The man grinned, making him nod in excitement. 


He closed his eyes again and pulled the arrow out with more ease now, not even wincing. 


The ravenette laid the arrow across the bow, extended then drew the string with the tips of his fingers, before opening his dominant-eye focusing on the already vandalised stop sign.


Then, he just realised. 


The arrow melted through the metal, straight at the S .


"Woo! That was awesome, what the fuck?" Tommy yelled behind him, snapping his attention away from the bow. "Thanks, dude."


The blond seemed almost ecstatic as he begged him to do that again.


This time, he could see an undead down the block. Should he...should he try to kill it?


"Go for it, man. I'll just destroy its brain if you miss it before it can call his buddies." The pinkette shrugged, making him sigh.


Alright, he could do this.


He took aim again, hand sweating as soon as the arrow approached the strip, before he took aim again, missing by a small bit, hitting the things shoulder.


Then, a small blood spike went past his head and straight through the thing's brain. 


"How do you take aim? And how does it have so much power even though you're not using a bow or anything like that?" The ravenette questioned as he put the bow down, turning around to glance at Techno.


"Well, for the aim, it's pretty easy. Always aim a bit more up to the right if your dominant eye is left and up and left if it's your right." The man sighed, making another spike from the small scratch on his finger, showing off how to aim it.


"And power?" The taller sighed, leaning back against a tree. 


"Well, blood has iron in it. I'm pretty sure I could even make a sword out of it." The joke made him chuckle. He could totally imagine Technoblade doing that even by the short time he spent with the man. 


"It's just much easier with more surface and a thing that's solid unlike carbon dioxide, water vapor, oxygen and nitrogen." The blood fell down as the man allowed his finger to drop. "Which is what your substance is made of, so basically you need the boost and I don't."


He nodded along, imagining a small flame coming out of his palm. It was very hard to keep the thing from touching his skin. It took all of his concentration, so he just let the flame extinguish on it's own.


"Still, you should practice this. As you see, it does less damage." Technoblade noted, pointing at his barely burnt palm. "Plus, with this sort of unbreakable material of the artefact there are really countless possibilities." Tommy nodded along, eyeing the weapon.


"This is a far range weapon, would go well with hoards that are fad apart too since that's kind of your weakest point." He had to honestly agree, hoards were more his thing, since smashing your bat along an undead's skull would make the things buddies pull up on you like you were a full course meal.


"You could also try to multiply the arrows and shoot." Wilbur smiled as he walked out.


"You think he could?" Technoblade hummed, turning around to face his twin. "Multiply?"


"Yeah, Techno does that sometimes with his mini-spears." Wilbur explained, nudging the pinkette. "Yeah, this." The oldest sibling muttered, grabbing one of the weapons they've brang out, a sharp sword, before running his finger along the tip and re-opening his wound.


Blood began to bubble up, before it formed into multiple small arrows.


" think that'd work?" 


"Yeah, man!" Wilbur ruffled his hair again, ruining his style once again. "Try it out. The bow is suited for multi shot." Technoblade added, straightening his posture.


And so, the ravenette closed his eyes for the third time, imagining multiple arrows forming out of his skin.


His palm ached, but nothing he wasn't already used to. Each of the arrows came out one by one, forming themselves and showering at the bow. He quickly opened his dominant eye, shooting at the corpse of the undead Techno sniped and then let go.


Two out of four hit the target and the others two flew in a random direction. Shit.


"Hey, not bad." Tommy chuckled, picking up a crossbow and loading it up with normal arrows.


"Watch this though!" The teen laughed, bringing his attention to him once again, before the blond shot, all of the arrows going at the relatively similar speed, crashing into the tree outside of the gate. 


"Alright, bruh, no need to flex on him." Technoblade rolled his eyes. "Yeah, he just started!" Wilbur giggled, ruffling the kid's hair. "Wait...can you like, teach me precision?"


"Huh? Me? Are you sure, big man?" 


"Yeah? You're great at shooting."


The blond gasped at him, before nodding excitedly. 


"Follow my footsteps, dear student and maybe one day you could be as awesome as me!" The blond laughed, making him roll his eyes.


The kid was energetic and idiotic but he really did have great precision.


"I'll have to do that later though, because Phil's making me do the dishes." The youngest sibling sulked, causing Technoblade to let out a small chuckle. "Alright, Tommy, stop complaining. You haven't done chores since the apocalypse began, it's finally your turn, man."


The ravenette laughed at that, feeling lighter than he had in years .


Before he looked at the sky and realizing just how late it currently was.


"I...I have to head back to the base now, the sun's going down." 


The trio seemed pretty bummed, even Technoblade, to hear that.


"Hey, visit whenever you can, alright, man?" The pinkette squeezed his shoulder in comfort.


"And uh, here, the bow." The ravenette said as he passed the weapon back before getting a strange look from the oldest. "Heh?"


Tommy and Wilbur were also looking at him with a weird glint in their eyes, seeming like they might burst out in laughter.


"What? Don't I have to, like, return it?" He tilted his head, watching Technoblade go from confusion to barely holding back his chuckle. "Nah, man. It's yours now."


The sentence made him blink.


"But...this is your artefact?" The ravenette curiously spoke up, somewhat embarrassed. "Stop looking like a kicked puppy! Keep it, you'll know what to do with it better than us." Wilbur spoke up next, his tone still way too loud for what the ravenette was used to.


"Now, head out before the undead take a bite out of your ass." The brunette grinned, making him roll his eyes.


"Oh, sure, kicking me out, I see how it is." The ravenette teased back, acting hurt. "You gotta go, man, sorry, it's the rule of the family." The brunette continued, smirking at his slightly more relaxed tone. "Oh, well. I'll be back though, gotta get my game up with teacher Tommy over there." He chuckled back, making the kid nod.


He waved at the trio before heading for the gate, looking out for any unfortunate undead that he can use as a test subject across the road, somewhat bummed to see none. 


The ravenette gripped the gift he just got with a child-like giddiness, holding it like it was his most prized possession.


Oh, well. He'd get one or two on the way back.


"See ya soon, bitch!" Tommy yelled back as he closed the gate, making him smile. 




Chapter Text

The ravenette smiled to himself as he headed down the block, feeling like he was finally getting somewhere in his life. 


Like maybe, maybe before he died he would at least have a bit of happiness, like the world around him could burn and he could still find joy in the smallest things. 


He really never felt this way before. He wondered what would've happened if he never met Karl. Would he make a team that would feel like the Minecraft family? 


Would the people in that team feel like a family?


He guessed it was too late to wonder what could've been.


He should just focus on making the most of what the circumstances currently are .


The ravenette was so lost in thoughts he almost didn't notice the fact that the sun was slowly disappearing from the face of the planet.






What the hell?


He stared at the celestial body a bit more intensely, wincing in pain as his eyes got attacked by the intensity.


Was this…


It couldn't be.


Karl would have warned him.


But...then, he began hearing low growling all around him.




Another eclipse.


No. This couldn't be happening.


He began to shake, using his last bit of mental stability to try and make a run for it, before getting grabbed.


He turned around quickly, grabbed the thing that was about to eat him like a steak and fired up his palm, allowing the flame to spread on the being and even his shoulder from the undead's burning flesh.


Then, he booked it again.


But he couldn't orient himself. 


He didn't even know where he was. Everything seemed the same and he couldn't fucking breathe .


"Sapnap! I'm right here, follow my voice!" Punz yelled from in front of him, making him almost sob in relief.


"Punz! Punz, keep talking, please!" The ravenette cried out, wiping the tears away from his face and heading in the direction of the voice, grabbing his bat and still securely holding his bow.


"Here, c'mon, you're almost there, shit, hurry I don't think we can hold the gate open much longer!" The criminal yelled, causing him to hurry in his steps, only to fall down.


"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" The ravenette cried out, stumbling back to his feet, with the solar eclipse beginning to disappear but the undead still being up and about.


Now, now he at least had a chance at survival.


This was the shortest eclipse yet, one that Karl probably hasn't been through, something new. And that scared the living fuck out of him.


The hoard was all around him, singling him out. What the fuck.


He could see his team out of the corner of his eye, standing at the gate, Karl barely holding Punz back from going in the front while George screamed at him to just duck.


He listened to the command, watching XD appear once again, destroying half of the hoard but also watched as George weakly fell against the fence.


"Stop! Call him back, now, George!" He growled out, watching the being destroy more and more of the huge hoard.


George would die if he continued abusing the artefact. He knew this. Karl knew this. Yet he wasn't doing jack shit about it.


George simply grimaced but continued to allow XD to rage against the things until only a few remained.


Yet, just as they thought that they might make it out alive, another hoard appeared, similar in size to the last one.


Was this it?


George weakly slumped against the fence further, eyes closing as XD disappears back to the amulet.


Then, he felt arms around him. And he tried to fight them, putting his hand on the other being's arm, only to get both of his hands trapped by it.


"Don't struggle." The thing, no, man whispered softly, throwing Sapnap over his shoulder like a goddamn sack .


Sapnap yelped in surprise, then came face to face with a green hoodie and an axe that the man held in his free hand while his other one gripped Sapnap's waist, steadying him over his shoulder. 


"Dream?!" Karl almost shrieked, seemingly surprised.


Then, he felt his entire stomach churn and could feel puke come up his throat. Everything went fuzzy, his body felt like it was falling apart and then he was back at the gate.


"Close the gate, you useless fuck." The man, Dream, barked out as he headed towards the house with Sapnap hanging off his shoulder like a rucksack.


"Punz, get George, I'll close up, go inside." Karl muttered coldly, visibly shaken up even from Sapnap's angle of view.


As soon as they were inside, the ravenette got gently put down on the mattress.


He stared at the man's cardboard mask with his heart pounding, looking at the black mucous covered smiley and panting, trying to catch his breath.


"Hello," Karl tried, only for the blond to run around sharply, defensive position, ready to slash the man's throat with his axe.


" mother fucker. How dare you." The man growled, pissed the hell off. "How dare you even speak to Sapnap after what you've done to him?" Dream's voice was dangerous, clearly on the edge. Punz got in front of the two, ready to break up any fight if it were to happen, with George's limp body basically laying on the front door.


"You know damn well that we had to do it!" Karl growled, getting up into the man's face with anger he never saw before.


"You 'had' to?! You had to?" The supposed saviour laughed, maniacally, axe over his shoulder. "Calm down." Punz muttered, putting a hand onto Karl's shoulder as the time traveller bared his teeth.


"Yes! He was a liability!" The blond bit back. A liability? Was that what Karl thought of him? Ouch. "A what ?! You, you have the balls to call someone a liability, seriously?! You, who doesn't even know how to use a weapon?" 


"Yeah, I brought something to the team!" His heart began to pump faster. "He was just a weak spot for you, therefore I thought we would be better off without him." The ravenette bit down on his lip and got up from the mattress, wincing as he moved behind Dream and put a hand on his shoulder.


The man turned around, letting his hold on the axe relax.


Sapnap stood in place, hands shaking and face filled with conflict but also determination. 


"Stop arguing." He got out, sparing Karl a single glare before his eyes moved to the white cardboard again. "I don't give a shit about what happened in the other timeline." The ravenette began, putting his hand on his temple, rubbing it as a headache began to wreak havoc inside of his brain. 


He could barely think.


"We are all in deep shit." He took a moment to close his eyes, breathe in and then breathe out. "If we just go for each other's throats right now, none of us will make it." Punz nodded at that, gripping Karl's shoulder. "I want you both to calm the hell down." 


The man in front of him took a second, before nodding. 


"Were you hurt?" Dream asked, voice different from before, almost gentle as his hand found its way to Sapnap's own. "Nah, I'm fine. I wasn't bitten." He muttered, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly.


"That's not what I asked. Were you hurt? At all?" 


He sat back down on the mattress and analysed himself. There weren't too many injuries, just a small burn on his palm.


"A bit, just my palm though." The man took his hand, analysed his injury and sighed, kneeling in front of him. "Don't scare me like that again, Sap." He felt awkward, with no clue who the man was.


Then, the man squeezed his hand again, before laying his glance back to the other people in the room, seemingly just remembering that they even existed.


"And you, Karl. If I ever see you try shit around him, I'll serve your head on a platter." 


The time traveller seemed to be both angered and yet terrified of the sentence, with Punz immediately laying a protective arm in front of the man. 


"George, is he okay?" Sapnap asked softly, trying to make the tension go away. "Yeah, he just passed out." The criminal answered, pushing Karl back and then going back over to George to check his breathing.


"What happened out there?" The ravenette questioned, running a hand through his hair in an effort to get his headache to calm the hell down.


"Consequences of two people changing the events of the past." Dream explained, before flopping down beside him and grabbing his hand, holding it between his own fingers. "What do we do about it?" He asked, freeing his hand from the man's grasp and pulling it into his own lap.


"Nothing right now." Karl explained with a sigh. "We just have to focus on surviving 'till the sixth eclipse where Dream can get his powers to the maximum and turn back time, leaving the ones who died as dead and others who survived to their normal lives." 


"Turn back time?" Punz asked, curiously, after he laid George on one of the sofas. "Yeah. I can only travel through time, he can bring it back. Consider my ability a rewind, his would be a rewrite." The blond explained, hoarsely. 


The ravenette took a look at the man beside him who was still staring at him intensely, even though he couldn't see Dream's face, he could basically feel his glance.


His hand awkwardly lingered, wanting to grab Sapnap's again but also seemingly not wanting to break any boundaries.


He bit down on his lip and looked away, putting his own hand on the man's, feeling his grip tighten around the offered hand.


The man saved his life. If hand holding is something that he wanted in return, fuck it, Sapnap would give it to him.


"That makes sense." Punz shrugged, touching George's forehead and trying to shake him awake. The man groaned, slowly getting up, sweat dripping down his face. "What...are we alive?" The healer muttered, eyes unfocused and movement disoriented. "Yeah. Yeah we are." Punz smiled, seemingly grateful that the man seemed to be doing okay.


"Shit...I'm in so much pain, let me sleep." The brunette groaned, turning to the side and falling asleep again. 


Things seemed...kind of normal. Besides the man that currently sat beside him and stayed by his side like a loyal dog.


And the fact that the time traveller most likely killed him off in the previous timeline.


And the fact that Sapnap was close to a mental breakdown.


The ravenette signed and closed his eyes, hand sweating as he gave the other man a light squeeze, basically exhausted. 


What the hell was he even supposed to think at this point? 


Chapter Text

While everyone else was preparing to sleep, the ravenette just sat on his mattress, thinking about everything with an empty look in his eyes.


No spark, nothing.


He couldn't sleep even if he tried to because his head felt like it would explode any second now.


Karl and Punz easily fell asleep, George never even woke up and Dream went outside before this, probably keeping a close eye on the hoard in front of the gate that never stopped making haunting noises that the ravenette never truly got used to.


He stared at the bow on his mattress, wondering if the Minecraft family was okay.


Then, he remembered what he heard about his own teammates. About Karl, who was the one thing keeping him going through all of this.


All these thoughts made him place his head between his knees, breathing shallow and quick, heart ready to jump out of his chest. 


His future self was so useless to his team that Karl thought they would be better off without him.


How did that happen?


Why did both Karl and Dream come back?


And why did Karl suddenly switch up and get him first?


The time traveller got him and Punz on the team one after another, and firstly grabbed Sapnap just a bit before the first eclipse and explained everything to him, which made him laugh.


But then, as soon as the eclipse actually happened, he followed the man and successfully escaped the first ever undead.


It was….weird.


Also, why was the supposed saviour so oddly soft with him? What happens between his future self and Dream?


The blond came back inside, creeped beside him and snapped him out of his thoughts by putting his hand on the ravenette's head, petting him like he was some sort of a pet.


He dropped the bow down in surprise before calming down, realizing who it was.


"Hey, how's the situation outside?" The ravenette asked quietly, voice rough and uneven. "Come out with me." The man whispered back, which caused him to hesitate.


He didn't want to. He didn't trust the man.


But then again, this man saved his life. So, with a heavy sigh, he got up, tiptoeing around the rest of the team and grabbed his jacket, looking back at the other man.


The man approached behind him,pulled him closer and opened the doors.


It was...slowly getting better. Some of the huge hoard lost interest while the other part searched for a way in, but got no luck. He wondered why the saviour called him to the yard in the first place.


"Are you cold?" Dream muttered softly, hand still around his shoulder, tucking him closer to the taller man. It made him uncomfortable but he had no energy to voice his opinion. So, he simply shook his head, even as his breath made clouds of smoke. "Are are you holding up?" The man questioned softly, rubbing small infinity signs in his shoulder that were most likely supposed to be comforting. 


"What do you think?" The ravenette chuckled and allowed his fire to spread through his palms before he shoved his hands in his pocket, trying to keep them warm. 


"Terrible?" He could almost hear the grin in the man's voice. Talking to him seemed almost natural for some reason. But still, he had to remind himself of the notes, which raised a billion questions in his head.


"You have that look. Like you want to ask something but don't want to know the answer." The man commented, which made the ravenette grimace again. "Yeah, I guess. Just...why did you give me those cryptic notes? You could've given me more information, approached me or something." The ravenette sighed, shivering.


" almost died in my arms. I couldn't just approach you after that."


The words made him bite down on his lip anxiously. So, he didn't die in that reality. Otherwise, once Dream came back to this reality he wouldn't have been here. He was on the verge of death and the man came back. Karl probably came back to chase after Dream.


"I wanted to. But each time, I'd just watch from a distance. It might sound a bit creepy," A bit more than just a bit in Sapnap's opinion, yet he just bit down his response. "But it was my way of making sure you were okay."


"Wait, wouldn't that mean that you can't correct the reality? Since you've returned to a time before the eclipse but it still happened?" The ravenette asked, realizing what that actually meant. "Not really. I had to stop you from dying, that was my only thought while travelling." The man sighed, leaning back against the closed door.


"Power has a lot to do with what you're imagining. And I reacted before thinking." The man explained, one gloved hand going to his hoodie and pulling it back, revealing dirty blond locks of hair. "You know that by now."


And it was true. Most of his own power came from imagining the fire, even from his last lesson from today, it's basically all about your own thoughts.


"What exactly happened on that day?" 


He knew the answer would hurt him but he needed it.


The blond just allowed the awkward silence after the question to linger, for a minute or so, before he spoke up, tone back to that angered one he used while speaking with Karl.


"We were all just going out to get resources. Me and Techno in the front," The mention of the oldest Minecraft sibling made him glad that at least in that reality, the man still lived. "taking care of the beginning of the hoard. You got into a pretty bad accident before that and...lost your hand." The blond explained, making him wince.


"So, you and Karl were in the middle of the circle, we were protecting you two. Then, George pushed you to the undead." The man explained, which made him blink. "Wait, how is anything Karl's fault then?"


The man let out a bitter chuckle, one that made Sapnap's stomach crawl.


"Because he was the one to make the plan."


"Why, though?" 


The man turned to him, grabbed both of his hands in his own and made their fingers connect and the ravenette never felt more vulnerable than now.


"You were the reason why I fought for all those years." The blond explained, tone pained and clearly shaken up. "We met first, both of us were on the same block during the first eclipse, we ran to get into the helicopter and we succeeded."


"But, as soon as the undead was spotted and panic began, we were the only ones who made it." The statement made him bite down on his lip and look down at the ground. "We stuck together through it, soon enough we found George too, who got the first ever artefact."


The blond traced his thumb over the ravenette's hand, rubbing small circles into his skin.


"Then, we met Karl and Punz on an off chance, we saw them at the abandoned mall."


So, that's how they met the two. Makes sense since Karl and Punz really did feel like the perfect duo.


"Since we were all there and a huge hoard appeared we joined forces and fought against the things, which is when you first got your powers." The blond explained, which still didn't answer his question but at least it painted a picture of their previous life.


"We spent years together. We became best friends and then...something more." The implication there was clear, but it only made the ravenette even more uncomfortable. He knew that the man meant no harm with those words yet they cut deep. He really, really didn't know why he found it hard to even breathe. "Once we found out that my power was space and time itself, I was valuable again." 


"And...I 'wasted' my power on you." The words were barked out, quoted like the blond heard them from someone else and like they were the most offensive thing to ever exist. 


"Since my power is basically rechargeable, we thought that maybe after the sixth eclipse I could try and hit rewind."


"We experimented with it before and it actually worked. During the fourth eclipse, I brought the time back and it didn't even happen until the fifth was supposed to." It made him anxiously bite down on his lip, yet he nodded along, hanging off of every word.


The blond gripped his hands harder and pulled him closer, making his breath catch in his throat.


"We finally had a way to switch through realities and maybe find the one that would be the one where the eclipse never even happened." That gave the ravenette some hope for the future.


"Only problem? Those who died did not come back." 


"I...I see." The shorter man muttered as he pulled away and clung onto himself, hands around his own waist, closing the jacket further and trying to stop the howling wind from getting through the material. "You can basically teleport and bring back time. But it's rechargeable and gets big power ups during the eclipses." The ravenette noted, eyes going to the clumsy fence.


"Yeah. Basically. And since..this one time, when we were gonna try it, I basically used up most of my powers when you lost your hand to stop you from bleeding out, Karl thought you were just a sore spot." The words made him gulp. Here it was, the final truth. "He manipulated George into killing you." Each word was filled with more and more rage and he could basically feel the tension in the air, which made him reach out and grip the blond's arm.


"Then, when he realized that I wouldn't even spare him the time of the day, he decided to get everyone on the team to lock me down in a room while they figured out how to get me to 'behave' ." 


"He doesn't care about any of us." He nodded along, because he knew that already. Karl even risked his own life to try and save humanity. Of course he wouldn't care if they personally lived or died if the future could be fixed. "Never did he even call us his friends." The blond bitterly remarked, kicking a nearby rock. 


He bit down on his lip harder, tasting copper already and began to think about all of the information that just got dropped onto him.


So, Karl doesn't give a fuck about any of them. He would kill them if it meant the better of the world in the end.


George got manipulated into killing him in the previous timeline.


And Dream was his best friend and partner at that time.


The last one caused the most issues for him because even though the blond might love him, he doesn't even know the man that was currently standing in front of him.


Yet, he couldn't just flat out push the already unstable man because of the risks that would cause. But, he also didn't want to manipulate his feelings and be the same as Karl.


"Listen, Dream. I don't know what happened between us in your reality, but I'm...I don't know you that well." The blond looked away like a kicked puppy, but didn't complain. "We have to create boundaries between us to not make this whole thing awkward."


" And I know, I know Karl would probably do it again with no hesitation if it meant that we could save the world, but you have to understand his point of view as well." That made the saviour try to free his arm from his grasp, clearly angry, but the ravnette held on. "He is sacrificing everything in order to save the human race. No matter who might die in the process." Dream basically seethed in anger as he carried on, but Sapnap couldn't afford to shut up now. 


"Do I agree with it? Of course not, but we can't fight between ourselves." He explained as he sensed the man's anger once again, gripping his arm tightly. "We have to focus on the end goal. We have to live." The blond stayed silent for a bit, but gave a short nod, which made him almost sigh in relief, before he noticed his obvious trembles. He was freezing.


"Okay. For you, I'd bleed the world dry." The man muttered softly, leaning closer. He stood in place, simply looking at the emotionless mask and wondered. Did the man ever show him his face during the failed future?


The blond awkwardly reached out for him, before dragging his hand back.


Sapnap looked at his hand and sighed, grabbing it with his own as they opened the door again. 


His headache subsided, for better or for worse, but the thoughts that began bouncing around his brain might've been even more of a problem than the pain.

Chapter Text

As the ravenette woke up, he couldn't even remember falling asleep. But he still was tucked tight, blanket over him, his jacket rolled up into a pillow under his head. 


He looked around, only to see the man in the green hoodie asleep on a chair beside him.


So, it wasn't a dream. Good to know.


The ravenette got up and looked around the room, eyes trailing to Karl's sofa which he mained most of the time, then to Punz, who was currently making some coffee for all of them. Coffee was a special treat that none of them shared usually, something they mostly took for themselves.


So the fact that the criminal was walking over to him with a cup in his hand and a smile made it all the more obvious as to why the man did that.


To ease the tension.


Luckily for all of them, the ravenette couldn't even be bothered to be angry. It was just too much for him.


"Thanks." He croaked out, grimacing at his own voice, realizing how terrible he sounded. "How are you doing?" The blond asked softly, looking back up at the sleeping masked man. "I'm fine." The ravenette snatched the coffee out of his hand, bringing the warm liquid to his lips.


The man watched him, clearly afraid to speak up about something. 


"What's up, dude? Why do you have a stick up your ass? Speak up." 


The criminal rolled his eyes at those words but still allowed a small grin at his reaction to show. "Nothing, you seemed too numb for what happened last night." Punz shrugged, before stretching out.


"Oh, shut the fuck up, man. I'm just trying not to have a mental breakdown, so excuse me." He rolled his eyes, taking another sip.


Punz shrugged and moved from his mattress, heading out with four mugs, filled with coffee, probably for Karl, Geoge and Dream as well as himself. 


He looked towards the other sofa only to see George still asleep. Was the man okay?


The masked man woke up shortly after and scared the living shit out of him as he moved away.


He almost choked on his coffee as the man got up from the chair, then coughed up a storm right after which made Dream lean closer and put a hand on his shoulder.


"Fuck, I'm fine, shit, don't jump scare me like that, dude!" He coughed out afterwards and put his cup down, watching the man carefully. "Sorry about that. Didn't mean to scare you." The blond muttered, hand running over his chin before the man remembered their conversation yesterday and pulled away, instead turning around to stare out the window.


"How's shit outside?" The blond asked while walking towards the door. "Fuck if I know." The ravenette answered, wincing as he got up. Those things really roughed them up yesterday. 


He began walking towards the blond but first checked upon George, who's heterochromic eyes snapped open before he could even see if he was breathing, which made the ravenette basically jump again.


He had two heart attacks and just woke up. Great.


"You two are so loud. " The brunette mumbled as he rubbed his eyes sleepily, face already filled with four white dots. The fourth one was the largest and rested down by his chin, clearly the one from yesterday. The man who was apparently manipulated into killing him, yet, the same man that risked his own life to save him.


Quite ironic, in Sapnap's opinion.


"Sure we are, now get up. Punz made us all coffee." The ravenette grinned, offering the man a hand and pulling the brunette up on his feet.


Dream turned around to look at them, still by the doors. "Oh, who's that?" The healer wondered out-loud, making him realize that George knew nothing about what happened yesterday.


Oh boy.


"He doesn't know…?" The blond mumbled, seemingly having the same thoughts as him. The ravenette gave a short nod, which made the man run a hand through his hair. "Know what?" The brunette asked, snapping his eyes back to the healer. 


"Trust me, you'll find out." The youngest of the three muttered, letting go of George's hand and heading over to Dream, before all three of them found Karl and Punz sitting on the stairs, just sipping on their coffee.


Dream seemed to be almost oozing anger even now, clearly not even close to over what happened in the other timeline nor was he ready to bury the hatchet yet.


But, the ravenette appreciated the fact that he wasn't starting an argument yet. 


He reached out and grabbed one of the coffees from Punz's side and passed it to the blond and then sat down behind Punz and Karl, clearly nor wanting to sit with them.


He tried to convince himself that he was doing this because of Dream. To ensure that Karl and him wouldn't get into another argument. But he still felt salty over what he heard.


"Hey, what the fuck happened last night?" The brunette hoarsed out, standing in front of Karl, clearly not up for games.


"Tell him, or I will." Dream cooed out beside him, which made the ravenette bite down on his lip again. "Shut up. I'll tell him, let me just drink my coffee in peace." 


Karl sounded like himself. For the first time ever, there was no alternative motive. Just his usual cold tone that sounded borderline insane. But at the same time exhausted.


As soon as the man explained everything to George, with frequent corrections, better said interruptions, from Dream, the brunette just took a second to take everything in.


The healer seemed to be not only confused but also lost for words.


Before he spoke up.


"Wait. So, you're a time traveller?" The blond pointed to Karl, blinking. The man nodded and looked away from the brunette. "And you, you can control time and space itself?" The man confirmed, looking over at Dream.


"Yup." The masked male shrugged behind him, drinking his coffee. "And Karl manipulated me into killing Sapnap, so both of you travelled here to stop that from happening?" 


"Well, I did. Karl came here because he wants to fuck us up even more." Dream chuckled bitterly, causing Sapnap to sigh. "I'm doing this for the good of humanity. You're just here because you're selfish." The time traveller smiled passively-aggressively.


Oh boy. Here they go again.


But, before anything could happen, George interrupted.


"For God's sake, just shut up. Both of you." The brunette bit out, clearly irritated. "I'm here to survive, not to listen to two grown men acting like five year olds." That made him chuckle, wholeheartedly.


Everyone looked at him when he did, clearly shocked by his reaction. He had no idea why they would be, though.


So, he just took another sip of his coffee, enjoying the silence.


"They left. Most of them, anyways." Punz coughed awkwardly, trying to bring down the tension. "Nice." The ravenette shut down that conversation too, leaning back against Dream's back as the man continued to drink behind him, probably because he didn't want to show his face to the rest of the team.


He closed his eyes and focused on his own heartbeat.


It was so loud to him, the only thing he could hear was just thump, thump, thump. 


He was sick of it. Sick of this conversation, sick of the themes and sick of the whole situation.


He just wished he could return to the Minecraft family, or go alone for a walk, wished he could be anywhere but here.


"Do you want to check up on them?" Dream asked, knowingly, after he finished his drink and put the mug down.


Ah, fuck it. Why not?


"Yeah, let's head out." The ravenette answered back, without even checking with the rest of the team. He could see the way Karl literally stared daggers into him but he honestly couldn't give less fucks. "Let me just grab my bow."


The blond hummed in confirmation.


He got up from the floor and back to the base, before looking back only to see the man's face, still uncovered.


The saviour sent him a small wink, finger going to his own lips, quieting Sapnap's reaction, then to his mask, which he pulled down right after. He inhaled sharply, catching the slightest glimpse of the freckled skin and clear green eyes, before turning back around and almost walking into a wall.


Still, he stayed quiet about it, put it deep into the back of his mind and simply grabbed his new bow, before heading back out, seeing Dream already by the fence.


He headed to the blond, before feeling fingers lock around his leg.


"Sapnap. There is still a huge hoard out there." Karl warned, hand holding his ankle tightly. "So? Want to push me to the crowd again?" The ravenette grinned, finally showing his pettiness over the situation, before yanking his foot back, watching the blond lean against the clumsily placed wood, reaching out a hand for him.


He headed towards the masked man and stared back one last time, only to see George looking bored, Karl ready to kill him and Punz clearly not wanting to be in this situation and then back at the blond.


The ravenette nodded and grabbed Dream's hand, before opening the gate and heading out with him, not even looking back.


Maybe it was time he finally stopped following orders and tried to live for the first time since the apocalypse began. 

Chapter Text

The blond man beside him held his hand the whole trip and hadn't let go even when they arrived at the Minecraft mansion. It was quite endearing, he had to admit.


But, he had to take a deep breath before heading inside, simply to calm his own nerves.


Maybe, just maybe they would be fine. It seemed like the main focus of the hoard was their residence anyways.


As soon as the duo arrived, they noticed around a hundred smashed undeads all around, none of the bodies made their way inside which was good at least.


"Don't worry. Techno and Will are more than able to protect themselves. And so are Tommy and Phil." The blond beside him muttered, letting go of his hand finally and opening the gate for the two of them like he owned the place.


"Shall we?" The man said playfully, bowing as he held it open, making him grin and walk in. "Let's go, peasant." It was quite easy to fall into a joke with the man, easy to let go of everything and just follow the blond's lead, no matter how ridiculous he was being.


Which, he guessed, was most likely because of how well the man knew his future self and even past self.


So, this was supposed to be his first teammate, huh? He supposed that made the most sense, since they were similar. 


"Right after you." The blond said, grin obvious in his tone.


He headed inside the mansion, with the blond right behind him, only to see Wilbur wave at him through the window, seemingly okay.


He hurried in his steps, walking over to the doors in a half-run, trying to see if Tommy and Technoblade were also there.


Then, got the shit scared out of him when he, instead of reaching the door, almost knocked Techno down as the man exited their home.


"Fuck," The ravenette muttered, noticing Dream's hand around his waist, holding him back. "Thank you, dude." 


He could feel the man's warmth from where he got pulled against him and the back-hug felt somewhat awkward, but he couldn't complain. This was a lot better than knocking himself straight into the pinkette.


"Hello, Pandas!" Wilbur yelled as soon as he too approached the door, with a smile on his face, before his eyes landed on the blond behind him. "And you are….?" The man asked, staring at the masked male. "Hello, my name is Dream. Sapnap told me a lot about you guys." The blond tilted his head, tone softer than usual.


"Oh, he hasn't really told us about you." The pinkette in front of him spoke up, sending a look towards the ravenette. "Uh…" 


"Oh my God, you never tell people about us, I'll start thinking you're ashamed of me, babe." The blond dramatically whimpered, pulling him closer, making both him and the rest of the people flush. What the hell was Dream doing?


"Say that we became friends and you just introduced me to your team." The man murmured beside his ear, clearly not wanting others to hear. Yeah, that was a good idea.


"So, we just met recently. I didn't want to tell you guys because I hadn't even discussed him with my team." The ravenette explained, voice shaky as he pulled himself away from the blond, feeling his hand remain on the ravenette's shoulder even after. "But, now that he has joined, I wanted to introduce him to you." 


"Oh, so you two are close friends ?" The brunette winked and nudged his rib, which caused him to glare up at him. "Stop teasing the kids, Will." Technoblade grinned behind his twin, opening the door. "Let's head inside, before a surprise-hoard attacks us again." The pinkette sighed, clearly tired.


"Yeah, that hoard yesterday was insane." Sapnap agreed, rubbing his temple as he headed inside with Dream, putting his hand over the blond's. "Can I…?" The blond whispered, clinging onto his hand. "Sure." The ravenette answered back in a low murmur, not really sure why he was allowing it, but finding no harm in the hand-holding.


"How did you guys hold up?" Wilbur asked as he turned around, walking backwards into the living room. "Well, badly. There were so many of those fuckers, I almost became food." The ravenette admitted, feeling the blond squeeze his hand in comfort. 


He felt so goddamn useless yesterday. Like he couldn't even defend himself, let alone others. 


"Damn, we were struggling too. Techno tried to take on most of the hoard which almost caused the dumbass to pass out." The brunette rolled his eyes, putting a hand around his twins shoulder, clearly still mad at him. "Well, I did take on most of the hoard and I'm still alive." The pinkette shrugged, grabbing an apple from the counter. "Yeah, still, that was a dumbass decision, bitch." Tommy got out through a yawn as he walked towards them, making the ravenette finally let out a breath he didn't know he was holding.


"Oh, I know you're not gonna talk to me like that, Tommy. You literally threw yourself in the middle of it all, bruh." The pinkette pointed an accusatory finger towards the blond teen, making Tommy roll his eyes. "If Phil wasn't there, you would've been a nice steak for the zombies."


"Well, I learned from you, dumbass." 


That made Sapnap chuckle, which caused the siblings to look back at him. Then, Wilbur chuckled too, throwing an arm around Tommy and Techno, pulling them into a hug.


"Honestly, both of you are a bunch of dumbasses." The brunette got out, hugging them closer. "I'm glad you're alive though." 


"Oh, stop being a sap!" The youngest of the three rolled his eyes, but still couldn't help but hug his brothers back, with shaky hands.


The scene was heart touching, honestly. He wished his team was like this. 


The blond beside him squeezed his hand again, making him turn around.


"I'm glad I wasn't too late." The blond muttered, making him bite down on his lip. He knew what Dream wanted. A hug.


So, he leaned in, hands around the man's shoulders and hugged him, gently, for a few seconds, feeling the man almost melt in his hold, before the ravenette pulled away, seeing the man not move even after he did.


Dream was stuck in place seemingly.


The ravenette chuckled and ruffled the blond locks of hair, before turning back around to the brothers.


"Listen, I'll be honest. I wanted to come over to check on you guys." He admitted softly, looking at the trio. "Awe, were you worried about us?" The brunette teased, before ruffling his hair, making him close his eyes. "Yeah, don't make me regret that, though." The ravenette mumbled, fixing his hair up.


"Sure thing, big man. You missed us and it's clear, I mean, I'd miss me too if I were you." Tommy teased him, pulling him in a hug, making him smile to himself. The kid was a lot to deal with, but he was still a kid after all. "Yeah. I did miss you all." 


"Also, I don't think I'll be able to teach you today, dear student. I'm exhausted but I couldn't sleep the whole night." The blond admitted, running a hand through his hair. "That's completely fine, I'll take him off your hand now." The masked man finally said, breaking out of his trance and linking their hands again, making Sapnap blink in surprise. "Thank you, you better take good care of him though, or I'll wreck your shit." The teen glared, causing the blond to chuckle. 


"Yeah, wouldn't expect less from you, big man." The blond muttered with his smile clear under his words.


"Is Philza okay, by the way?" The ravenette asked, remembering the father of the trio. "Yeah, man. Don't worry about Phil, he is a strong guy. Could probably beat all four of our asses." Technoblade laughed, sparing a glance towards the stairs. "He is just upstairs, resting. He used his artefact pretty much during the whole day yesterday, hence why he might be a bit too tired to come downstairs." The pinkette sighed, tucking his hair behind his ears, seeming somewhat mad at himself.


"Hey, Tech, we all tried our best. Don't be harsh on yourself." The younger twin muttered, nudging the older one. "Oh, don't worry about me, man. I know that." The pinkette smiled, before stretching out. "I think I will go and rest too, since it's still Wilbur's turn to watch it for another surprise if it happens." The oldest yawned, before heading off to the upstairs. "I'll keep Will company then." Tommy yawned, leaning against the younger twin, looking exhausted. "Nah, sleep on the couch. You still need to rest, kiddo." The brunette ruffled his younger brother's hair, before pushing him down on the couch behind them.


"Hey, no fair! I'm not a kid, damn it." The teen rolled his eyes, causing both him and Wklbur to chuckle. "I'm really not, though! I'm seventeen!" The teen pouted. "Sure you're not, but still. Rest, we need everyone to be strong if the undead decide to rise again." Sapnap kneeled down beside the kid, smiling at him.


"Yeah, especially you, isn't that right, champ?" The brunette grinned beside them, sparing a look towards Dream  who was watching over the scene. "Yup! What would you guys do without me, huh?" The teen grinned after contemplating, seemingly ready to finally rest. "Exactly!" The ravenette chuckled, before getting up.


Dream reached out a hand and pulled him up at once, staring at him behind the mask. "Are we ready to go, Sap?" The blond muttered between them, running his thumb over the ravenette's wrist. "Mhm," The younger of the pair nodded, clearly not knowing what else to say.


Dream just had a way of making you fall silent sometimes, the ravenette concluded, following the man out to the door.


"Bye, Panda, bye Masked guy!" The brunette behind him waved them off, making the younger man chuckle at Dream's ridiculous nickname. "Masky, why don't you open that door for me, huh?" The ravenette teased as he nudged the blond. "Oh, shut up." Dream chuckled, light heartedly, before opening the doors.


They allowed the somewhat cold air to hit their faces before sparing one look towards their friends, then at each other.


Sapnap looked away right after, focusing on the road and clutching his bow. He really shouldn't let himself get too close to the man, it would do them more harm than good.


But, why? Because Karl said so? Honestly, he should do whatever makes him happy. So, he allowed his hand to linger in Dream's hold even after they exited the gated mansion, even as they headed down the street and simply allowed them both to co-exist in the comfortable silence. 

Chapter Text

"Hey, how was our relationship?" The ravenette asked out of nowhere, staring at the single undead which stood beside his comrade's dead body, lost and yet ready to bounce at anybody who approached them or made a single sound. "Our...relationship?" The masked man questioned, turning towards him.


"Yeah. Were we good for each other?" Sapnap's voice got quieter towards the end, clearly unsure if he even wanted an answer. "We were. But, like any other relationship, we had our problems." The man sighed, stopping in the middle of the street, which caused the ravenette to turn around and shoot the single undead, out of worry.


He really wanted to have a private talk without zombies around them, thank you very much.


The thing fell to the ground at the same time when the blond took his mask off, making him stare at that scarred yet gorgeous face once again.


The man was handsome. He couldn't really deny that.


"See this scar? This was from our argument." The taller man explained as he touched his eye, ran his fingers over the white scar. "We were just being idiots. But I ran out right after, took on the biggest hoard and one of them got to my eye." The blond sighed and looked up at the sky before bringing his eyes down again, maintaining eye contact with Sapnap.


"I...I'm sorry." The ravenette felt the need to say, before the blond made one of the saddest faces he'd ever seen. Unlike Karl, Dream was emotional. He would always show it. Be it by his tone, his dumbass notes or even his face. "Don't apologise. Please." The blond whispered between them, approaching closer and closer. "I want to be as honest as I can here. I don't want you to think that I'm forcing this perfect relationship idea when nothing can be perfect." 


Each word, the man stepped closer. Once he finished, his hand was on Sapnap's shoulder while the other one remained down by his waist. Sapnap was just stuck in place, in a weird form of time warp.


But, then the blond just hugged him, not really overstepping any boundary, just held him close to himself.


"We weren't perfect. But I would've done anything to keep you safe. And you were my light in a dark room." The sentiment was sappy, everything about the situation was cliche, but the way the man's voice shook was real. "Whenever we'd argue, I'd remember how much I love you. I'd feel like the shittiest person." The blond explained, each word spoken softly against his neck. "But then, I'd look at your eyes, see that spark. Hear you say how much you love me as you clear my made everything worth it."


"You might not love me right now. You might not even care about me. But…"


"I will try my best to show you how much I do." The blond pulled away ever so slightly, maintaining eye contact. "Maybe then, you'll be able to let down your walls for me and allow me to show you that we're alive." His fingers tucked back the ravenette's hair behind his ear, ever so gently. "That we have the right to live."


The ravenette bit down on his lip and looked away.


"No matter how bad it gets." 


"And even if you don't fall in love with me? I'll still be by your side. Because I could never leave you." The blond smiled, before pulling up his mask, reaching out a hand. The ravenette took the hand and headed down the block with the man who was so helplessly down bad for him. Did he even want to give the blond a chance?


He was powerful, entertaining and funny. He also looked good . But, Sapnap needed time. Needed to trust him as a friend first. Needed to think about what he wanted in this goddamn life and needed to take care of himself.


He didn't want to be this damsel in distress that Karl painted his past self as. He wanted to be the one to protect his friends. 


"Oh, c'mon you simp. We still have to get to our base." The ravenette laughed softly, finally looking back at the now masked man, locking their fingers together. "Oh, c'mon now, I had to steal you away for at least a bit." The blond chuckled, tightening his hold against Sapnap's hand. "Sure thing, Masky." 


"Oh, okay Pandas." Dream teased back, playfully. The ravenette rolled his eyes before coming to a stop, looking at a bigger hoard in front of them. It wouldn't be safe to try and sneak past them.


"Dream, didn't you say that we were the first team?" The ravenette muttered, letting go of the blond's hand and picking up the bow instead. "Yeah." Dream confirmed in a murmur, turning towards the hoard. "Let's wreck these cunts."


The blond nodded, reaching out a hand. "Remember that one time at the mall? Where they just came to a stop ?" The blond asked softly, readying his move. "Yeah." The ravenette mumbled, looking towards him. "Well, that was me. I can pause time for them for around ten seconds. If it comes down to it...You could just fry them in the meantime."


The ravenette bit down on his lip before nodding, eyes lingering on the crowd. "Let's send them back to hell." 


First, they were gonna use their weapons. Because Dream knew how Sapnap's ability affected him. So, Dream picked up his axe, fearlessly, jumping head first into the crowd, slashing the first undead's throat like it was nothing.


The ravenette focused his arrow on the undead that was coming up behind Dream, before shooting the arrow straight through his head, glad that he didn't miss, before making another and then another, approaching the hoard from the right as Dream continued to bounce between then, hand somewhat aching but not bad enough for him to actually even care.


"Dream, duck down!" The ravenette got out, making around six arrows and watching as the blond blindly followed his directions, ducking down immediately before he shot all six of them, hitting four out of those shots while two just went through the things shoulders.


The blond got up and slashed the last two, while throwing up a peace sign for the ravenette to see and then sweeping the last one off his feet and crushing its skull.


"Holy shit…" The ravenette got out between deep breaths, with a grin. "Yeah, we make a great team, wouldn't you say?" Dream grinned, surrounded by the things like some sort of a fallen angel. "Yeah, you're not too bad." 


Maybe they did make a good team. 

Chapter Text

The duo walked back inside of the base to a tense energy, Punz and Karl were now by their map, planning while George just rested against the counter, with his cup of coffee only half empty. 


"Sapnap, we need to talk." The time traveller muttered as soon as he entered, clearly not up to hear no for an answer. 


Dream pulled him back protectively, putting his hand around the ravenette's shoulder and almost glaring daggers at the blond. "I won't bite him. I need to talk to him." The time traveller growled out, his eye bags getting worse day by day, the dark circles a purple-ish blue hue by now. 


The ravenette looked between Dream and Kael before sighing, knocking Dream's hand away and giving it a light squeeze, before heading towards the hallway, since the outside was too cold for Karl right now. "See you in the bathroom." The ravenette muttered, closing the doors behind him.


"You better not do anything," Dream began to threaten, but the ravenette walked away before he could hear the argument since the tension might just drive him insane. 


Two minutes passed before the man finally walked out, disoriented and visibly exhausted even though he probably slept for more than eight hours. 


The time traveller leaned against the bathroom door, shivering against the cold air, hands trembling before he shoved them down in his pockets.


Karl was easy to pity. But he was also even easier to hate, due to the fact that he doesn't really care who does as long as the goal he had in mind was achieved. No matter how noble the goal was.


"Listen. I know Dream told you the whole story. I know you might never forgive me, but…" The time traveller began, sighing into his own palms. "There's a lot of shit you don't understand about the times where we came from."


"We were all on edge. We were all so close to just breaking apart, I couldn't just watch from the sidelines." The blond explained, running his hand through his hair. "You and him argued a lot over the dumbest shit." His tone got much more serious, almost as if hesitating to say the next part.


"You had your hand chopped off." Sapnap took a deep breath in, preparing himself for what might come out of his 'friend's' mouth next. "You were also on the edge of just giving up."


"I thought I was doing you a favour by killing you off." The ravenette was just about to interrupt, before the man carried on, hushed him into silence again. "But after that, everyone began missing you."


"Especially him, Dream wouldn't even look at us." The blond explained, mentioning the masked man first. "George felt so guilty that just seconds after Dream left he tried to push me towards a crowd too, which is why I hit rewind in the first place." The ravenette bit down on his lip, trying to hold back until the man finished his grand speech.


"I knew I would've died either way, so I at least wanted to try to fix this."


Sapnap took a deep sigh and focused all his attention on the blond, and began to speak, this time pouring all of his emotions into it.


"What do you think, why did they betray you in the end?" The ravenette asked, approaching Karl again, making the blond take a step back. "Why did Dream just leave you all behind?" Another step and the man waltzed away once more. "Why did we even want to fight beforehand?" This time, the wall hit the time traveller's back.


"We wanted to survive."


It was such a simple sentence, such a simple sentiment but Karl's eyes widened at that.


"Dream wanted us to survive. He loved me and I loved him in that reality." The ravenette began, softly, not wanting to spend any more energy than needed on this speech. "You loved the idea of humanity walking over Dream's back like a bridge, but what would he do in that world without anybody he knew?" 


His voice began to thin out, he might not know his own and Dream's relationship from that reality, but he could understand those feelings. 


"Others would have forgotten I even existed."


After all, he loved his family too yet had to give them up, still remembering them but not even talking about them. His own younger sibling was the first to turn.


"But he would've kept all those memories until he died." The ravenette gripped his fingers into a fist and knocked them right beside his head, not wanting to hurt the man no matter how much of a shitty person he considered the time traveller to be. ''He loved me, loved his teammates and he loved the future he imagined."


"And you?" The time traveller flinched at his tone, looking away. "You shattered that future." The ravenette explained, digging his own nails into his somewhat burnt palm until it bled. 


"Even now, he doesn't have what he used to have. I don't love him." The blond looked back at him, biting down on his own lip to keep himself silent through the ravenette's speech. "And yet, he still has hope that I will, you wanna know why?" 


Karl hardened his glance and nodded, bracing himself for whatever Sapnap was about to say.


"Because you can't turn off emotions like a switch."


The man flinched one again and just looked towards the wall with no present emotions in his glance.


"Maybe that's your real power Karl, because you don't seem to give a flying fuck about the lives you've discarded along the way." 


His palm ached and something deep inside of him also began to hurt, so, with that, the ravenette left the time traveller to slide against the wall and remain in the cold empty bathroom, very fitting for him, in the ravenette's opinion.


Dream was the first to meet him as soon as he walked back into the kitchen, grabbing his bloody palm, making the ravenette almost feel his glare on his skin. 


"I did that. Don't worry about it." The shorter man mumbled, bringing his palm back down, yanking it away from Dream's hold and heading over to Punz. 


The criminal looked at him, somewhat confused.


"Take care of Karl. He's back there alone." The ravenette muttered, making the blond nod and bite down on the inside of his cheek, before getting up.


He sat down in the man's place, picking up the map and looking at the markings.


"What are you planning?" George mumbled as he headed over, staring him down. "Nothing much. Just wanted to check Karl's plans." The ravenette sighed, looking over everything.


The Minecraft house had a big question mark over it, probably because the time traveller had no idea what him and Dream said to them, there were a few other markings, the mall had a 50/50 while one of the stores was crossed out, the gas stations were all marked with 20% and all the other stores with some form of resources also had their own percentages.


Basically, the blond made a whole plan of everything they had taken resources out of for now and was calculating if they would hold them up until the sixth eclipse.


The ravenette allowed himself to scan the map.more, until his eyes landed on the old shelter, where a small T was marked with a weird calculation next to it.


T-×+6= /?


It was similar to the calculation that was next to George's initials. Karl explained to them that it was the change of survival of the certain people, but then again, could they even trust him?


He tried to calm his nerves and focus on the paper instead. He couldn't afford to turn against the man, no matter how much he might have wanted to. 


Nobody would be left behind by him. No matter how thin the chance was.


"Hey, Dream? Were there any other people on the team?" 


The blond whipped his head around, the weird cardboard smiley present around others as usual.


Then, the man spoke up. "Yeah, one boy we found a few days before everything went down." The masked man explained, biting down on his lip before continuing. "A lot of others actually died before I...before I turned back time."


"So...the most recent addition? Could we find him even now? What was he like?"


The blond took a moment to think, before finally settling on an answer.


"We could try to. He was my brother. Real brother."


The words made him pause and glance down at the paper again.


"We'll discuss that as a team. As soon as the tension calms down at least a bit." 

Chapter Text

"George, you don't have to." The ravenette mumbled, tiredly, feeling the man pick up his palm. "Oh, shut the hell up. We both know I'm not doing it out of pity." The healer mumbled in a heavy accent, leaning back against the wall as he began healing up his hand.


"Still, it's just a scratch dude." The ravenette got out through a yawn, not being able to go back to sleep. "Yeah, and I just happened to have pushed you inside of a crowd in the previous reality." The brunette rolled his eyes, clearly bothered by what he found out so recently.


The information was too heavy which might have been his bad in the first place. Maybe they should've discussed a way to make everything easier on the brunette but he was too damn rushed to consider anyone but himself.


"Yeah, what can you do about it though? We are all alive right now." The ravenette rolled his eyes but still allowed the man to get his guilt out by healing the small injury. 


" For now. How do we know it won't happen again?" The man mumbled, heterochromic eyes filled with both worry and anger at his laid back attitude. "I can't just stop trusting all of you. This is the only chance we have to actually solve this. I want to go back, to lay back on the couch and have work as my biggest worry." The fire user explained with a groan, feeling the injuries turn into small scars.


"How can you just put yourself alone with Karl again? The two of you were out in that bathroom for more than ten minutes. He could've killed you." The brunette bit out, showing some anger towards his careless actions. "Because he hasn't really done anything to me now . If he wanted to kill me, he could've done it during the first eclipse."


"He could've ."


"But, he didn't. He clearly regrets it. I know I might be acting salty towards him now, but I understand his point of view as well."


The healer stopped for a second, looking at him with a cold glance before picking up his glock and thrusting the thing under his chin.


"And what would you do if I shot you right here?"


The man's voice was colder than ice, hand not even shaking, like he'd done this before.


"You won't." 


"And how do you know that?"


Sapnap sighed and put his own finger around the trigger, trying to get it to shoot before it clicked on empty. 


"Because you never even took the safety off."


George dropped his hold on the thing, allowed it to slip out of their grasp and simply stood his ground in front of the ravenette's mattress.


"Still. You can't be so goddamn sure that nobody will kill you." The man sighed, closing his eyes and dropping his now healed hand. "We are all vile apparently." 


"Your idiocy is what got you killed last time, don't be so daft in this reality, at least." 


George's use of daft made him chuckle, which caused in turn the brunette to cock a curious eyebrow at him.


"Please, you're so British it hurts. How did you even end up here during the eclipse?" The ravenette wondered out-loud, trying to ease the tension of their last conversation.


The man rolled his eyes but couldn't hide the small smile. "Well, some of us had a job they had to travel for. I was an accountant and I had to move a lot for my company. Had to come over here and discuss a few things with the Minecraft family." The man shrugged, making him cock his head.




He too came here for somebody. He could remember moving from Texas to Florida to talk to a person for a job interview.


Was that why specifically they got these power ups? Was there a connection between all of them?


"I can see those cogs rubbing against each other in that empty thing you call a brain. Shoot, what is it?" 


"I...I'll have to confirm my theory later. For now, this conversation stays between us." The ravenette muttered, looking at the sleeping time traveller and criminal as well as Dream who was currently probably breaking his neck on that chair in front of his mattress.


"Alright, make sure it won't be too late though." The brunette shrugged, before yawning, picking up his glock and heading towards his usual sofa. 


The ravenette took a second to think over everything. 


So, nobody knew who or what exactly caused the apocalypse. But they knew who could technically reverse it. Dream.


Dream had a younger brother who was apparently the last addition to their team.


Did the boy have any abilities? Would he be able to help out the team?


What kind of connection did the Minecraft family have to all of this? Would they be able to find Kristen in this reality?


Would the woman be of any use in the situation?


They needed to save as many people as possible and make sure that once they return to the right time they also remain in the right mindset. 


Because if they fuck it up this time...the ravenette feared the long lasting effects that would have on both Dream's mental health and the changes of reality.


Would the eclipses be more frequent? More powerful?


Or would it just get impossible to deal with. 


They also had to remain level headed no matter how hard that seemed to be.


He allowed a single sigh to escape him before he laid back down and stared at his scarred palm.


They also had to take their powers into more consideration.


If they continued to abuse them, maybe their lifespan would get shorter. Karl also had to stop being under so much stress because the man was one harsh wind blow away from an early grave.


His mind went over George and his artefact next. If possible, the brunette should avoid using it.


It was a double edged sword.


No matter how powerful it was, it was even more dangerous. 


His fire, Punz's agility and strength and Dream's time and space travel should be enough to hold Karl and George out of danger.

They would also be able to knock at the Minecraft family's door if it came down to it.


A lot of talented individuals were there and he knew they were their friends.


His friends. 

Chapter Text

"You want us to go out there and save Dream's brother?" Karl muttered, rubbing his forehead. 


It's been around a week since Sapnap formed a plan in his head, a week since the information was even dropped on them and the tension finally calmed down at least a bit.


So he felt like it was time to not only get going but also to gather more supplies since they were running low on those.


"Yeah. I was thinking we split into three teams." The ravenette sighed, sitting down across from the time traveller. "See, Tubbo's location is here." He began, pointing to the paper's abandoned house. "Or, it will be in around a month. He must be somewhere around there, since we found him exhausted from what Dream's told me."


The blond gave a short nod, with Dream behind him, George and Punz just sitting behind on the couch, watching everything unravel.


"But we also need supplies. So, me, you and Dream could go search for him." The masked man I didn't seem to like the idea, groaning behind him, but the ravenette really didn't have the mental energy to deal with all of their disagreements right now. "Which would leave George and Punz to go to the mall and take care of groceries."


"Yeah, I'm good at taking care of medium and small crowds and if it came down to it George could summon his buddy to help us out." The criminal shrugged, sharpening his knives. "Exactly. It would be too dangerous to leave Karl all by himself though, hence why it's safer for him to come with me and Dream." The youngest of the team confirmed, pushing his hair back out of his eyes.


He really needed a haircut.

"Still I don't really think it's safe to bring Dream and me on the same team. We clearly have a lot of disagreements." Karl pointed out, tapping against the cardboard map. "Yeah, but this is for the overall best." The ravenette hardened his stare, sure of his plan.

"I...guess it could work." 

With the final confirmation, he allowed his head to drop back against the chair in a sigh.


By now, he knew Dream well enough. He was a powerful man, but also loyal to him. To the point where it was almost insane, but loyal nonetheless. No matter what went down, he knew he could count on the masked man.


"Alright then, shall we, gentlemen?" Punz grinned, shoving all of his knives inside of the multiple pockets his pants had. Those were useful as hell and Sapnap kind of wished he was on mall duty to get one of those for himself. "Let's head out." The ravenette grinned, picking up his bow and putting it on the sewed on holster.


The time traveller also got up, slowly heading towards the door with them, bottle of water in hand. He always brought one with him, almost as if it were his own four leafed clover or something.


"I'm not saving your ass Punz, so you better prove yourself useless." George rolled his eyes, jokingly, taking the safety off of his glock before he put it back into the holster around his waist. 


"Wouldn't expect it, your majesty!" The criminal snorted back in an awful British accent, which caused the brunette to nudge him lightly with his elbow. "Watch what you say, I might just give you a little push out there." 


The criminal chuckled but then looked at Sapnap as if he did something illegal. "Oh, chill, jokes are more than allowed. I actually welcome them." The ravenette shrugged as they got to the outside, looking at the rather big crowd that still stuck around.


"You might do, but this guy seems like he wants me gone." The criminal muttered, pointing to Dream who was oozing a threatening aura. "Oh, well, deal with it!" The ravenette chuckled as he got in formation, in front of Karl with Dream behind the blond, picking up his bow and shooting four arrows straight at the first one of the things, knocking it flat to the ground.


"I'll deal with you." The criminal rolled his eyes, before grabbing his longest knife, honestly it was more of a machete but he wouldn't be the one to call out the man's 'knife aesthetic', and ran towards the second one, slitting his throat with ease.


George got his glock out and connected the silencer, before shooting two of the things with a single shot going through the duo's skulls, almost like a movie. "Sheesh!" Punz called back as soon as he saw it, with a slight whistle, before burying his knife into another one's head.


"Two birds with one bullet, goddamn!" He chuckled, before shooting another one in the face.


"What? I have a licence for this thing for a reason!" George rolled his eyes, almost as if to say unlike-you-Americans .


It was honestly fun. This felt like a team


He watched, almost in awe, as the masked man behind them ran from behind Karl and straight to the crowd, like the angel of death.


One of the undead did too, but it would quickly begin to hate its decision because as the blond noticed it, its fate was already decided.


Dream pulled out his axe and split the thing's skull, before beheading the one behind him, in a swift motion.


Before Sapnap could relax, he remembered Karl and sent him a look behind. None of the undead got into the formation they've created, so the man was safe for now.


He began shooting at the things again, getting more relaxed as he hit each of them, his last shot even lingering the fire on the thing's flesh and making it burn.


He really didn't like the smell of that burnt flesh, but the cries the thing let out were kind of satisfying for all the bullshit they've been put through by the cunts.


Every time he looked at the things, it was difficult to even think that they were once human. That they've had families and friends. Partners, anything.


Because now? They not only looked like but also acted like pure monsters. Their eyes were missing, skin was an ashy shade of grey, mixed with olive green, clearly sick. Flesh peeling off of them, bones sticking out of some, guts out of others. It was honestly disgusting to even look at, let alone think about.


Once they get out of this situation, he would never in his life watch horror movies again, the ravenette decided as he shot another one of those things straight through its thick skull.

Chapter Text

They were searching for around an hour before they found this place, a dark alleyway. 


It was just around the block from the house, they had around an hour more at most before they would have to head back because they had no light source. 


Before they even entered, they could hear light sobbing coming from one of the boxes.


Sapnap was the first one at the scene, hurrying over to it, watching out for any undead, before he saw a small boy, shaking, gripping his knees closer, in visible distress.


He was sitting in that box, dirty, clearly hurt and hungry, almost all bones.


The ravenette leaned down, causing the boy to sob even louder, before he noticed something. The boy had one of his eyes the same as the undead. 


Clear. White.


He almost ran off, before the boy spoke.


"I'm sorry. I'm sorry, please don't kill me." 


His tone was completely human unlike those things .


He was a mess.


"Hey, are you okay?" The ravenette mumbled, reaching his hand out.


The boy flinched away but gave a small nod, before looking up and staring straight at his brother.


"Dre?" The boy got out through a sob, eyes lighting up.


The said man began to approach, small steps, before kneeling down in front of him. "Hey, Tubbs. How are you doing?"


"I, I was bitten but I'm somehow alive? I'm so scared, I don't know what to do…" The boy almost sobbed. "What did you do for the infection to stop?" The blond murmured, getting a strand of sweat slicked hair out of the poor boy's eye.


 "My hand glowed? I dunno, it hurt so much though...I'm sorry that I got bitten, I swear I didn't do it on purpose…" The teen sobbed again, wincing at every crack of his frail body. 


Before they could even finish their talk, a low growl snapped them back to their current reality, just at the beginning of the alleyway.


"Karl, step back!" The ravenette yelled, not caring about the fact that he was probably just letting more of these things know that fresh dinner was in that very street.


He nodded at Dream, who picked the boy up in his arms and teleported by the end of the alleyway, at the end of the hoard.


Then, he blasted the bit of hoard, as soon as the time traveller ducked, before running off through the opened up space, almost reaching Dream.


But even as he headed through the crowd, he noticed Karl struggling to stand and the hoard closing off again.


He looked between Dream who was reaching out for him and Karl on the ground.


Was he really gonna stoop so low and leave the blond behind?


The answer was fuck-to-the-no .


He would leave no one behind.


So, he bit down on his lip and unwrapped his other palm, the one he had most power in and the one that had the most damaged nerves in return and turned towards the things in front of Karl with speed he didn't even know he possessed before using his energy to melt them to the ground.


He also saw Karl wince and hold his thigh which was apparently also exposed to some of the heat and cursed under his breath before running down the now freed pathway, kneeling down and taking the man's hand.


He looked towards the clearing only to come face to face with one of the things ready to bite him.


Then, Dream stopped the things entirely from moving, just like he did that one time at the mall.


" Hurry!" The blond angrily yelled, clearly frustrated with his decision.


Sapnap picked Karl up and threw his arm around his shoulder before running through the crowd.


"Are you fucking insane?! " Dream angrily slurred out as soon as he approached the blond.


"Let's just run now, talk later," He bit back, looking at Tubbo. They had to get back home and take actual care of the boy.


"Talk later? You could've died !" The blond got out, but still ran with him, both of them sprinting towards the meeting spot they assigned to George and Punz. "But I didn't." The ravenette shrugged, feeling Karl slow down again. "You are," Before the masked man could say anything else, he stopped for a split second.


"Karl, get on my back."


Luckily, the time traveller wasn't about to cause any issues and instead listened to him.


He began to run after the blond who now had a slight lead again, feeling Karl's hands grip his shoulder tighter. 


"Dream, what's your deal? Did you want me to leave him behind or something?" The ravenette got out, angrily. "He had no issue doing that to you in the past." The blond muttered, sending him a side glance. 


Tubbo seemed stressed enough, so he bit down his response and just ran faster, sighing in relief when he saw Punz and George.


"Hey! Move it!" The fire user yelled and watched as George curiously glanced over before his eyes widened and he nudged Punz, before the duo began running back to the base as well.


Their travel to the base was pretty much just them running for dear life and murdering the few undead who got in their way during the chase, before they all dropped down at the base, exhausted yet glad that it was over for now. 


Maybe when they didn't have the two injured people on their team, they would go out and clean that goddamn hoard.


Now though? Sapnap's palm hurt like a bitch, his heart was going at the speed of light and he felt like he was about to pass out.


"George, I'll need to take care of Karl and the kid. Please." The ravenette got out as he closed the doors and slid against them, utterly exhausted. 


"Fine. I'll bring them over to your mattress, you go and wash that shit off, you smell terrible." The brunette nodded, making him get up shakily and head to the bathroom to also change and wash his hands. He had to touch the melted flesh of the things just to reach Karl.


He felt disgusting.


The bathroom was cold but even colder than that was the glance he felt behind himself. 


"Dream if you're gonna start an argument, just, don't." The ravenette rolled his eyes, taking off his sweaty shirt and throwing it into the pile of laundry. 


"You could've lost your life. " The blond explained as if that would prove his point. "But I've survived and saved a life."  


The masked man approached him from behind after he put on a new sweater, seemingly as shaken up, if not more, than he was.


"I can't. Sapnap, I can't lose you again." Fingers went to his collar and gripped it, making him gasp in surprise. "I can't get a second of sleep without seeing your dead fucking eyes staring back at me." The imagery that gave him made him shiver. "You, in a pool of blood, laying in my arms."


"Dream. I can't leave people behind. If you know me, then you should know this." The ravenette licked his lips, staring at the mask before it got removed and thrown to the ground.


"I don't know what you think you can do right now but don't expect me to just give up on savin," Before he could even finish his sentence, he felt lips on his own, the hold around his collar tightened and he could barely even think let alone anything else.


He put his hands between them, before pushing the man back, making the blond look at him with something new, something close to obsession.


His pupils were dilated, face flushed, lips bitten red and both of their mixed spit was trailing down the blond's lip. 


"Dream. What the hell?" The ravenette got out, wiping his lips. "I can't pretend like I don't love you so much it actually hurts me." The blond panted out, pointing to his own chest.


He took Sapnap's hand and put it directly on his heart, allowing the ravenette to feel just how high his heartbeat was. 


"I don't give a fuck about Karl. Everyone else can burn in hell for all I care. I need you to stay alive." The blond almost sobbed, tearing up, before his tears trailed down his cheeks, all the way to his chin and then fell down to the floor.


"Dream," The ravenette tried but the blond just took another panicked breath. "I can't imagine a life without you. You're my everything. " The blond carried on, which caused the ravenette to do the only thing he could think of to stop the man from the spiralling panic attack. 


He pulled the blond closer, leaned on his tiptoes and kissed him, closed his eyes tightly and just went for it. 


He felt the blond tense before completely relaxing against him, melting into his touch like they weren't just about to go at each other's throats in the very same bathroom.


Then, he pulled away and let his eyes slip open, staring at the blond's emerald green eyes.


"Stop. Just, for a second, take a break. You'll drive yourself insane." The ravenette got out, against the man's lips. 


Shit, why did he do that? Why was it the only thing to fall to his mind?


The blond didn't even respond, just nodded at him almost drunkenly, before dropping his eyelashes again and letting his head fall on Sapnap's shoulder.


As the man hugged him, he patted the blond's back in comfort.


Just...what did he get himself into?

Chapter Text

The duo walked back out of the bathroom, awkwardly, before the ravenette noticed the boy look rather uncomfortable while sitting, surrounded by George and Punz.


Karl was sitting on his usual sofa, checking out his thigh and wincing ever so slightly which made his attention go to George once again.


"How's it going?" The ravenette muttered, almost regretting his words as the man snapped his glance back at him angrily at the interruption.


"The kid's injuries won't heal."


The sentence made his blood freeze and eyes go wide. 


"What? That must be a mistake…" The ravenette began, checking the poor kid's eye, then his bloody hand and the wound that seemed to be from an infected. 


"It won't heal. I've been trying to heal him for fifteen minutes now." The brunette sighed, letting his hold on the boy drop. "Move on to Karl while I assess the situation, George." 


The healer nodded, heading over to the blond while Dream kneeled next to him, taking the kid's hand in his own.


"How are you holding up, champ?" The blond asked softly, rubbing the boy's uninjured palm comfortingly as Sapnap turned his injured hand around and stared at the nasty bite.


He should've already turned. Or died.


"It kinda hurts but it hurt way more when I was out there." The teen muttered, finally speaking up. "Hey, Tubbo, right?" The ravenette smiled softly, bringing the kid's green eyes on his own.


The boy nodded and chewed anxiously on the inside of his cheek, kicking his feet off of the edge of the mattress. 


"Can you tell me more about your eye? Can you see? And did you clean your wounds out there?"


The kid took a second to think before opening his eyes again, looking from Dream to Sapnap again.


The boy's older brother nodded at him and encouraged him to speak, which made the kid nod.


"So, uh, I can see? But only weird shapes and colours and stuff." The kid began, allowing his hand to finally relax.  "Like you're red and yellow and those things are damn near impossible to see through it." 


It seemed like the eye could only see things similarly to a terminal camera.


"I see, how about this, can you see how many fingers I have up with that hand?" The ravenette questioned softly, pointing up a peace sign. "Mhm, two!" The bright teen smiled.


This made the ravenette sigh in relief. Not all of the boy's vision was lost. That was good.


"So, your hand glowed when you hovered above your bite?" The masked man beside him asked his younger brother with a soft tone, quiet yet comforting. "Mhm, it was weird. And then, the eye thing happened." 


"Those are his powers. He can reverse a bite." Karl called back from the chair where George was currently trying to heal the huge third degree burn on his thigh, making him look over only to wince. He was the one to do that.


Dream picked one of his hands up and squeezed it, but it didn't really help the ravenette relax. He felt like he was breaking down.


"Alright, so, you're really special." He began, running his fingers on the bite mark as gently as he could before he pulled back to search his bag for a first aid kit. "We all have, well almost all, have these different abilities we can use. You can stop a bite." The ravenette explained, catching his bag from Punz's throw and looking through it, glad to find some alcohol and sterile gauze left.


He picked it up, picked the last antiseptic as well as an elastic bandage and headed back over to the teen before looking him straight in the eye.

"But please don't try to do it since it caused you such great pain, can you promise us that?"  


The kid nodded shyly, his fluffy but dirty brown hair falling into his eyes. They'd have to give this poor kid a shower and some food as well as clean clothes.


"Can you be brave while I clean your wound, young man?" The ravenette grinned up at the kid, in his best office voice, seeing the kid light up and nod back down at him. "Hell yeah!" The teen grinned, finally allowing his walls to drop.


He could feel Dream's hand pat his shoulder but he instead focused on taking the alcohol and firstly cleaning his own hands with it before taking a piece of the sterile gauze and dabbling it in it, soaking it up and cleaning out the wound, glad to see the kid not even wince at the most likely painful sting.


He was a strong young man indeed, the ravenette thought to himself as he continued to clean the nasty wound, wincing as a bit of blood and puss came out of it, before sighing in relief once he was fully done. 


The kid looked at him curiously and he began to put a fresh piece of gauze over the wound with some antiseptic on it instead and then wrap it up with a stretchy bandage.


"This will help you heal faster. Now, what do you say we run you a shower, champ?" The ravenette grinned up at the boy, allowing the now clean and taken care of hand to drop from his hold.


"That sounds awesome !" The boy got out, eyes sparkling. He probably hasn't seen a shoerr in months. 


"Punz, pass me your earring, I'm making dinner. You can go switch the bathroom generator on." 


The criminal nodded, throwing over the red object and making him roll his eyes at the way he stuck his tongue out as the thing hit him in the head.


"How's the healing going, George?" The ravenette wondered out-loud as he pressed the earring and watched food and other things drop out, wincing as a freaking vodka bottle fell on his foot. "Good. Karl is all done. He shouldn't move for the next few days though." The healer shrugged, eyes closing tiredly before they fell upon his own charred skin. 


"Nah, dude. You've done enough. Rest up." The ravenette sternly said, grabbing the things and sorting them out. 


He winced at the loud generator from the bathroom before getting used to the sound, watching the food.


He would probably make something special yet easy on the boy's stomach since he most likely didn't have much till now.


Canned peas and some toast should do. 


"Generator on, your majesty!" Punz chuckled as he walked back in, watching him as he began to prepare the dish. "Yeah, thank you dumb fuck, now go and help Dream out with the kid. He needs some clothes." The ravenette said, starting up the toast and allowing the gross looking canned food to heat up on low temperature.


"Got it, sir, yes, sir." 


The idiocy made him roll his eyes. This is why Punz was the most reliable guy, snarky and sarcastic? Maybe. But reliable? Definitely. 


He focused on their dinner and tried tuning everything out instead, simply enjoying the calm before the storm. 

Chapter Text

Two days since they've found Tubbo passed. The boy was letting go more but was still stuck in his own shell, almost shy to the point where you'd be lucky to get a few words out of him.


It wasn't his fault, the ravenette knew that, the poor boy probably had so much trauma to the point where he wouldn't be able to forget it even if they did somehow succeed to return to their past reality.


But, at the same time, he couldn't help but try to get the words out of the young man, to try and get him to at least train with him.


God knows he'd need it out there. 


As he continued to sit outside on the stairs he felt a presence behind him, sighing as Dream began to massage his neck.


"You seem tense." The blond explained in a soft tone, rubbing down and then up, giving attention to his shoulders as well. "Yeah, don't worry about it, I'm just kind of stuck in my own thoughts." The ravenette muttered back, closing his eyes and leaning into the touch.


Him and Dream, ever since that kiss happened, haven't really even spoken about it. 


He was grateful for that because he did not need to process that information yet. He'd rather tuck in the back of his mind or forget that it even happened in the first place.


"Do you think we should bring Tubbo over to the Minecraft's the next time we visit?" He wondered out-loud as he rolled his neck, helping the man find a better angle. "Yeah, I think that would be a good idea. Tommy and him clicked really well when they met last time." The masked man mumbled, before crouching down and continuing his massage.


The ravenette grabbed the elastic he found laying around and tied his hair up in a small bun, since it grew to the point where it was harder to massage him without the black locks getting in the way.


"You look really nice with this length." The blond smiled behind him, using his thumb to rub circles just under his ear. "Thank you, I hate it though. It gets in my eyes." The ravenette explained, almost purring at the contact.


Then, he flinched as George coughed behind them, feeling Dream grip him tighter and almost make him wince. 


"Dear love birds. Lunch." The brunette rolled his heterochromic eyes and headed back inside of the house, making Sapnap roll his eyes. 


"George really knows how to ruin the mood." Dream chuckled, before getting up from his position and reaching out a hand for the ravenette to take.


He allowed their hands to lock again and got up with an oomph, groaning as his back cracked. He really needed that massage. 


"Also, where did you learn to give massages? That was actually amazing." The ravenette asked, tilting his head curiously, then getting the thin lock of hair that fell into his eyes in the process tucked behind his ear.


"Well, you used to make me massage you all the time back in the day." The blond shrugged, making him chuckle. Yeah, he did love massages so that made a lot of sense.


"Finally. I was thinking of eating your portion already." Punz grinned up at him from the table as they entered the house, which caused the ravenette to roll his eyes fondly, before he sat down on one of the chairs with Dream sitting across him. "Karl, stop stabbing your food or I might stab you. I had to cook it." George grumbled out.


The time traveller let out a heavy sigh then picked his fork up and grabbed a small bit of the pre-cooked pork chops and began to eat slowly, munching on it as if he were testing the ground.


Tubbo on other hand, although shy, didn't need to be told twice to eat. The boy sat beside Sapnap, kicking his feet and chewing the meat while quietly humming to himself.


Punz was sitting across from Karl while George sat between Sanap and Dream, quietly eating.


They continued to eat in the somewhat comfortable silence and before they even knew it, their plates were empty. It would be Punz's turn to wash the dishes in the rotation, so Sapnap simply got up and headed over to his mattress, picking up a book he found on his previous trip to the mall.


It was not his forte, but maybe someone would like a distraction from everything.


He could see Tubbo, who still sat at the table, by now alone, eyeing the book.


"Do you wanna read it?" The ravenette asked softly, waving it. "Yeah, but, uh...I'm dyslexic." The kid shyly mumbled, straightening the oversized jacket they gave to him. "Oh? So do you want to, maybe, try to read it together?" Sapnap grinned, which made the teen nod and jump off his chair, scooting over to him and sitting at the edge of the mattress.


"You two seem to be having fun." Dream smiled at the pair as he walked back from the sink, after washing his hands. "Mhm, wanna join us? We are gonna read this book I found." The ravenette chuckled, crossing his legs as he propped the book up between himself and Tubbo.


The blond nodded and headed over, flopping down on the mattress behind Sapnap.


The ravenette felt his heart do a weird flip as the man laid his head on his shoulder, to get a better view. 


"Are we gonna do separate lines, or?" The brunette beside him asked, causing him to snap out of it. "How about…I'll read one line, you'll read the next and then Dream will read the third and we repeat it?" The ravenette smiled as the boy scooted even closer. 


"That sounds good!" The teen smiled brightly, eyes landing on the book as his bandaged hand fiddled with the zipper of his pocket.


The ravenette took a deep breath before reading the first line out-loud. 


"The boy with fair hair lowered himself down the last few feet of rock and began to pick his way toward the lagoon…" The ravenette began softly, trailing his eyes towards the boy next.


As the younger began to read the line, he couldn't help but smile. He was seriously enjoying this little hangout, no matter how dumb that might sound to some. 

Chapter Text

The ravenette sighed and looked over at Karl. He barely even ate.


Maybe he shouldn't feel guilty, but he still couldn't help but want to ask him what was going on.


So, he headed over to the man's sofa, leaving behind Tubbo and Dream to read the last few chapters of the book.


The time traveller spared him a single glance before his eyes moved back to the map, analysing it over and over again, flipping  through countless diaries he noted down.


"You're gonna bring yourself to insanity if you carry on like this." The ravenette commented, bluntly. "I'm fine. Go back to reading bed stories." His teammate answered back, taking another gulp of water.


"Don't think I'll be saving your ass again if you continue on being so bitchy, dude." The younger man crossed his arms,  staring down at him intently. "Oh? Yeah, because you totally just saved me. Not like you almost melted my thigh off or anything." The blond smiled, sarcastically, before dripping down his bottle of water.


"I came back to save you. Don't think for a second I did that shit on purpose. I could've just left you there." The ravenette bit out, getting frustrated with the way the man continued to blow his every sentence off with a snarky remark. "What do you want me to say? Thank you? Need more ego feeding or something?" Karl mustered, closing his diary and throwing it down on the table.


"Why don't you just go back to your loyal bitch over there and leave me be?" 


The words pissed him the hell off. He was here, trying to help and the man still couldn't act civil like he had any right to act this way in the first place.


"Listen, I don't know what stick went up your ass, but frankly I don't give a fuck. " He bit out, before allowing his temper to calm down. "I was worried for you but I guess you don't really give a shit, so starve for all I care."


With that, he turned back around and headed to the mattress, eyeing Dream who seemed to be surprised at his outburst.


"Hey, I'm gonna head out to take a walk. Can you take care of Tubbo 'till I get back?" The blond simply shook his head and closed the book, making him blink. "We're coming with you."  The masked man shrugged, looking over at his younger brother who nodded in turn.


"Dream, it would be too dangerous to bring Tubbo along. He could get hurt." The ravenette reminded, pointing out the boy's inexperience. 


"I'll be there. I can take care of him." The blond shot back, equally as stubborn. 


They really were a match made in hell.

"Fine, but…" The ravenette leaned closer to the other man, whispering in a hushed tone. "If even a hair goes missing from the kid's head I will gut you." 


Dream nodded with a chuckle, amused by his connection to the child. See, Sapnap used to have a younger sibling too. And the kid just reminded him heavily of her.


"I'll be fine, I am a strong lad!" The teen grinned up at him, with a small peace sign, before zipping up the oversized jacket and walking like a damn penguin in it. He was such an adorable kid and Sapnap would frankly die for him without hesitation.


"Easy there champ, I still need to grab my axe." Dream laughed softly, ruffling the kid's hair, making the bright, big, green eyes look up in excitement. "Are we like, a team now?" The teen asked while staring up at them like a deer in headlights. "Yeah, the best team." Sapnap chuckled as the blond grabbed his axe from that chair he always slept on.


Dream would need a whole ass chiropractor if he continued to use that thing as a bed, he swore to God. 


"Alright, let's head out then." The blond spoke with a grin clear behind the cardboard mask as he tightened his grip around the axe. 


They shouldn't go far since their field of vision would be minimal right now, with the day being almost over.


The ravenette nodded and walked towards the door, zipping up his own jacket and feeling his bow move ever so slightly from its holster, shivering as he opened the door.


It would be for the best to take this walk, both for his mental health and for his morals. Because he was pretty sure he was close to choking Karl out back there.


He wondered if the man would ever get over himself and finally just act normal or at least like what he did back when Sapnap didn't know that the blond signed him off to a death sentence.


Probably not, but a man could only hope.


The kid beside him grabbed his hand shyly, his other hand around Dream's own already. 


Now he could see where Dream got his affectionate side from. It must run in the family.


The thought made him giggle as he squeezed the teen's hand in reassurance, heading towards the gate, watching the kid look around the yard first and then to the small hoard.


Punz and Dream took out most of it yesterday, only a small bit remained and luckily they were mostly interested in the stray cat in the trash can and not them so they could just waltz on around them.


"They're scary." The brunette beside him mumbled quietly as he glanced towards the crowd. "Mhm, honestly they look kind of goofy to me though. Try to imagine them as marshmallow men, that helped me." The ravenette whispered back, giving the kid a comforting smile.


" Marshmallow men? Really?" The blond chuckled to the right, making him roll his eyes. "Listen, they melt just like marshmallows so that's what I'm sticking with." The younger stuck his tongue out, feeling the blond boop his nose with his free hand, causing him to flush and look away.


"Aren't you just adorable?" Dream continued to tease him in a hushed tone. There it was. That weird...tension. It didn't feel bad, it didn't feel good, it was just...there. "Dude, shut up, I'll fry your ass." The ravenette mumbled, looking to the right, convincing himself that he's just looking out for them and not trying to avoid eye contact with the man.


"Mhm, sure thing, hot stuff." Even Tubbo chuckled at that but he only got even more embarrassed, to the point where he almost tripped on some paper bag. "Watch out, before somebody takes a bite out of you."


Alright, Dream. Two could play this game.


"Bet you wished you could." The ravenette smirked and looked back at his teammate, only for the man to stop dead in his tracks. "What, cat got your tongue?" 


"Nah, but you had it down your throat last two days ago." The blond smirked as he removed his mask, causing him to be the flustered one once again. 


"Oh my God, are you two a couple?" The youngest asked, reminding them of his existence again. 


The ravenette bit down on his lip, teasing it between his teeth. What should he say?


"Not yet. But, hopefully soon, he'll be your brother in law." The blond chuckled, causing him to not only flush but stutter out a weak breath. "Oh no, you guys are defo flirting right now! My poor innocent mind!" The teen chuckled quietly, causing Dream to wheeze. 


"Oh my God, Tubbo." The blond got out through hushed chuckles, almost tearing up. "Oh, shut up Dream. I'll put poison in your coffee tomorrow." Sapnap mumbled, embarrassed.


"I'd even drink poison from your lips, honey." 


The sentence made his breath catch and heart speed up. The weird tension was definitely bad, the flustered ravenette decided as they headed further down the road.


But he wasn't against the idea of entertaining it. 

Chapter Text

They arrived back while chuckling, with Tubbo playing around with Sapnap's bow, pretending to shoot it, acting like he was in an action movie. 


That got them a weird stare from Punz who was setting up the bathroom generator but the ravenette didn't allow that to sorrow his mood, instead, he pretended to be a zombie, only to fall flat on the ground as Tubbo 'shot' him in the heart, putting his tongue out as he hit the soft grass of their yard.


Dream wheezed breathlessly, holding his mask like it might fall off as he continued to laugh, the ravenette thought he might pass out from how lightheaded he sounded, but the blond pulled him up instead.


His small laughter turned a bit louder as soon as the fence got closed by Tubbo, only for him to wave at Punz who just smiled at him.


He knew that shit eating grin. He'd never hear the end of this from the man, but he's fine with that because today might've been the most normal day for him that he had ever since the apocalypse began.


The walk with the two brothers lightened him up completely, made him feel like he was back in the days where nothing mattered and he didn't have to fight to keep his head on his shoulders.


"You three are adorable." Punz chuckled, coming up to Sapnap only to give him a slight tap on the shoulder, reaching out for Dream who gave him a hesitant high-five, still not used to the man's mood.


Apparently, according to a discussion he and Dream had during one of the days where they had to just sit inside, the criminal was a lot different in the other reality. Almost as bad as Karl, cold and calculative and not really in the mood to even talk. He also seemed physically and mentally drained in that reality.


So that's mostly why the blond stayed away from him, feeling weirded out by this new version of him.


Then, he watched Punz ruffle their youngest teammate's hair before heading back inside, leaving the door open for them.


"Let's go, I am craving a good old shower." The ravenette sighed, running a hand through his hair. The masked man behind him nodded and grabbed both his and Tubbo's hand, pulling the kid along inside of the house, with the trio relishing in the warmth.


"Lovebirds are back." George teased with a slight grin, laying down on his sofa with a small shirt-made pillow in his grasp under the blanket Sapnap gave him almost a month ago. "Yeah, and I've brought these hands back too, wanna catch them, bitch?" The ravenette jokingly rolled his eyes, throwing his jacket at the man and watching him dodge it. 


"Easy there, or I might take away your breathing privileges." The brunette grinned, zero actual threat in his voice. He chuckled at the joke before heading over to his mattress and dropping down on it, enjoying the genuine atmosphere of the day. 


"Who's first on rotation, by the way?" The ravenette wondered out-loud as their youngest teammate dropped down his bow beside him, before sitting down politely and playing around with the bottle of water that he had laying around beside his make-shift bed. "Karl, you're last because we didn't know when you guys would get back." Punz answered back as he picked out his clothes for the change.


"Alright, Tubbs, you wanna go before us?" The fire user asked with a smile as he looked over to the brunette, only to see him shake his head. "Nope, I don't wanna take a shower now. My hand still hurts a lot under hot water." The kid explained, making him nod and ruffle his hair, feeling Dream's presence a bit behind him, almost in between the duo as the man flopped down.


"I'm after Punz, Punz is after Karl." The healer explained from the sofa as he began flipping through some old book.


"I'll go last, you can go after George." The blond shrugged, making him smile. "Thanks, dude." The ravenette grinned and allowed his body to slump against the blond, feeling the man tense before relaxing.


"Oh my God, I'm getting sick of your affection." Punz groaned as he threw his change of clothes over a chair, making the duo laugh. "Please, you're just saying that because you don't get enough of it." George called from the couch, making the criminal look back at him with an evil grin. "You offering?"


The brunette almost gagged at that, throwing his book straight at the other man, making the criminal laugh and let out a pained groan as it hit him straight on. 


"Jesus! I'm kidding, your aim is too good, what the fuck?" 


The healer rolled his eyes at the dramatic fall of the man and reached out his hand, signalling for the blond to throw him back his notebook, which the criminal did right after.


"Don't go beating people just because they're lonely, that's not nice." The ravenette teased as he watched the scene unfold, wondering if the man saw his own brain when the brunette rolled his eyes because Jesus, George did that a lot.


"You guys wanna play monopoly while we wait for rotation?" The criminal grinned as he pulled the old board him and Karl found when they were skimming through this house. "Oh boy. Friendships are about to end." Dream commented behind him, which caused him to snort. 


"He's right though! Mum almost threw him out because he stole a fifty once from the bank before all this happened." Tubbo chuckled beside him, making the group blink before bursting into laughter.


"Oh my God, you were almost kicked out?!" Sapnap got out through manic laughter, feeling tears slip past his lashes from it. "C'mon now, it's not that funny." The masked man muttered, resting his hand on Sapnap's thigh. "It so fucking is dude!" The ravenette cried out, closing his eyes and almost wincing as his rib began to hurt from the laughter.


"Oh sure, you're laughing now. But I'm gonna beat all of you and you'll be crying then." Dream rolled his eyes, making his competitive side kick in. "Oh, you're so on!" 

Turns out, Tubbo was completely right. Because soon enough, Punz was yelling at George about the missing fifty from his deck as soon as he got out of shower, Dream almost flipped the table as he landed in jail and George pulled out his glock as soon as he noticed that Sapnap tried to pull a sneaky dice-roll change.


The night was so entertaining to the point where he was actually kind of sad to leave to take a shower.


But, nonetheless, he headed inside and shredded his clothes, trying to speedrun it so he could return to their game.


If he almost slipped on his own underwear, well, nobody was there to see him.


To be fair, the warmth might be worth leaving the game for a bit, the ravenette thought as he grabbed the shampoo, almost purring under the stream of hot water. 


Then, he snapped his eyes open as he heard someone enter the bathroom, covering his body with one of his hands due to the busted glass door of the shower.


"You forgot your clo…." Dream spoke, before shutting up entirely. 


They stood there, in a stare off, with Sapnap as naked as he was on the day he was born and Dream frozen in place.


The air seemed to just become irrelevant to his lungs, because his breath just caught in his lungs, not entering nor exiting his body.


The blond gripped the clothes tighter, snapping his eyes over to his hand, which was currently choking his shirt out, like it was an undead.


Minutes felt like hours as they stood there, before Punz's voice rang out from the bathroom.


"Dream, George is stealing your property!"


That's what finally snapped Dream and him out of the weird trance, the masked man left the clothes on the busted washing machine and apologised, before leaving. 


Sapnap felt his heart pick up in speed and face flush, legs feeling like jelly.


Why the hell was he so awkward about this? It's not like other people from the team hadn't walked in on each other during a shower.




Those other people were probably not lovers in another reality that one of them came from. 


Or held hands.


And they also probably didn't make out during a panic attack. 


Okay, yeah, he had every right to be so awkward.


The ravenette just focused on his shower again, quickly rubbing the shampoo into his hair before washing it out, then stepping out and drying himself off, trying to keep his mind off of whatever happened.


Instead, he focused on the game that he would definitely win. 

Chapter Text

The one to win, surprising everyone but Dream, was Tubbo. Nobody could really get mad at the boy, but it still didn't stop Dream from sulking and walking away from the table like a kicked puppy when he went bankrupt first.


The second place was Karl's, who unpredictably decided to join them. Watching Tubbo and Karl play as the last two was even more entertaining than watching others fight between each other because the two took the game so seriously to the point where they tried predicting each other's rolls.


But still, Tubbo snatched the victory and smiled triumphantly at everyone, like an evil little shit.


Now, they were all in bed.


Well, everyone but Dream since he decided to still main the chair beside his bed.


It's been almost two weeks since the man joined them and he still refused to move from the chair. Sapnap kind of pitied his neck, but at the same time it was really just the blond's stubbornness that made him want to sleep there in the first place.


His reasoning? He simply didn't want to leave Sapnap's side for even a second, especially while they were weak and asleep.


It would be so easy for something or someone to come over and take his life.


That was the darkest thing till now, the possibility of one of their teammates killing him. But, as they all found out, it was probable. And Dream was taking no chances.


He spared a look towards the man, his bent neck against the old rundown wooden chair and sighed.


The ravenette knew what he could do but he wondered if that would be...simply too much for him.


He could always offer the blond to just sleep beside him on the mattress since it was big anyways, still though, sleeping with your future self's boyfriend just felt weird. 


Especially since the thing that happened in the bathroom, well, two things that happened in that fucking bathroom.


It might be cursed, in his opinion.


The blond groaned and rolled his neck, even as everyone beside the two either breathed and snored lightly in the dark room. He could feel pity creep up his stomach again.


Should he swallow down his pride and ask the man? would be weird of him to do so. 




The blond shivered at the light breeze, pulling the slipping blanket up his lap again, crossing his arms against his chest as he tried to reposition on the chair.


Fuck it.


"Dream." The ravenette whispered in a hushed tone, causing the man to glance down at him. "You can sleep on the mattress. There's enough space anyways." 


The blond just continued to stare at him, the awkward silence almost making him retract his offer, before the man took his mask off again, allowing him to see the slight shine of the green eyes in the dark room.


"Are you trying to make me go insane?" 


The sentence was desperate, almost as if the blond was on the verge of something . If it were a mental breakdown, the ravenette wouldn't know. 


"What do you mean?" He curiously mumbled, leaning on his elbows to get a better look at his face. "Sapnap, I love you." The man said slowly, in a gravelly tone. "And you keep on doing this . I know you don't mean anything bad, but I really feel like I'm going to snap." The man tried to explain, but the words really didn't paint a picture for the ravenette.


So, noticing his confusion, Dream sighed into his own palms and then dropped down on his mattress and crawled towards him.


The closeness made his face heat up. 


"We were partners in my reality. Right?" The blond mumbled, reaching out with his hand and tracing his chin with his pointer and his thumb. "Yeah," The ravenette got out through a choked breath, feeling trapped by the intense green eyes staring back at his own.


"So, when you invite me into your makes me feel a certain way." The taller man leaned closer, causing him to gasp. "I know you don't mean it like that, but still." His fingers tipped the ravenette's head back. 


"I want to kiss you, just like I did back in my reality. Wanna cuddle you, kiss your neck, want to feel you." The man got out through a shaky tone, holding himself back from showing Sapnao what he wanted to do and instead just confessing to him as if Sapnap were a pastor and he was nothing but a simple sinner.


The ravenette felt his heart go faster again, hands twitching beside him, not sure if he wanted to push the blond away or….pull him closer, for some damn reason.


"I can't even hold myself back from grabbing your hand, what makes you think I won't hug you closer, spoon you or even let my hands pull you back against me while we sleep?" The blond questioned, pushing him back against the bed but not moving from his spot on the mattress, above the ravenette.


"I, fuck." The ravenette squicked out, bottom lip almost trembling in the deathly silent room, eyes scanning the blond's handsome face. What the hell was happening to him? He felt weak, like he might pass out.


"See? Isn't it awkward? Do you have the slightest idea how I feel?" The blond muttered, cranking his neck. "I know, are really uncomfortable sleeping on that damn chair." The ravenette explained, reaching out a hand and letting it drop on the man's shoulder.


"You should still sleep here. I don't mind you being clingy." 


Something in Dream seemed to snap at those words, because right after, the man dropped down beside him on the mattress and buried his face at the crook of his neck, taking in his scent and resting there like he finally just arrived back home.


Sapnap turned around to make the position less uncomfortable, letting his back rest against the man.


It was awkward, it made the ravenette feel flustered and made his breathing slow down but he still allowed it, trailing his own hand onto the one that rested around his waist. 


He'd have to admit, yes the thing made him flustered, but the warmth he felt even without the blanket was nice.


The ravenette couldn't even remember the last time he cuddled anybody, let alone got to be the little spoon.


So, he tried to relax and pulled the blanket over them, shivering as he felt the man's breath on his skin.


He better get some sleep for tomorrow.

Chapter Text

He woke up to slight giggling, sleepily opening his eyes only to see Punz knelt beside him while George stood against the wall, the pair clearly staring at the arm around his waist.


"Guys, you'll wake them up!" Tubbo hushed the two, a bit too late as Sapnap made eye contact with the brunette, ready to send the brit to the hoard himself and switch the script of the last reality.


Then, he looked at the window, only to see the sun high up in the sky.


Just how much did he sleep?


It seemed to be late in the morning and that was unlike him. He usually woke up before sunrise.


"Too late for that." The ravenette mumbled, bringing his hand over his eyes and turning in Dream's grasp, only to see the man's creepy smiley mask. He had no idea what the deal was with the thing but he wished the blond would ditch it.


His face looked way nicer without it.


The ravenette blinked at that thought. No, he reminded himself, that wasn't what he was supposed to think. He just hated how creepy the mask is, the younger man decided as he tried to sneak out of the blond's grasp, only to get pulled back.


"I haven't seen Dream sleep like that since he got here." Punz muttered quietly, reaching a hand out for the ravenette to try and help him, but not being able to pull him from the iron grip.


"Honestly he always had trouble sleeping, so I'll have to agree." Tubbo commented as he walked towards the mattress, making the three grown men look at him curiously.


The teen simply pressed down on his brother's shoulder, which allowed Sapnap a split second to get out of his grasp.


Tubbo was truly a saviour because he was pretty sure he'd suffocate if he remained in the man's bear hug for a second longer.


"That's a neat trick I used whenever he took my DS." The boy grinned, making Sapnap let out a chuckle. "He really is like a dog, huh?" The ravenette grinned as he stared at the messy blond haired sprawled across the mattress.


"God, I don't need to hear about your pet play." George rolled his eyes from the corner, making him choke on his own spit. "George!" The ravenette squicked out, flushing bright red.


"Seriously, we have a kid here, dude!" Punz got out, but couldn't hide the amusement from George's joke. Sapnap however did not find it as funny.


"What?" The healer blinked innocently, taking another sip of his coffee.


"Where's Karl, by the way?" The ravenette tried changing the themes as he sat up on the mattress and yawned, grateful to Punz who passed him a coffee mug. "He's taking care of the plants in the backyard." The criminal shrugged.


He nodded along and took another sip, before he felt Dream's hand drop down on his thigh and heard the man grumble out a good morning.


"Morning, lovebird number two." George chuckled behind Punz, making the ravenette roll his eyes. "How did you two sleep?" Tubbo asked with a smile, dropping down beside them.


"Good." The ravenette sighed, rolling his neck to the left and then to the right. "Better than ever." Dream chuckled behind him, snuggling closer. 


The man still hasn't even gotten up, let alone grabbed his mug from the table.


"Disgusting." The healer judged them from the corner, clearly joking as he took another sip of his coffee.


"Oh, c'mon now. You're just jealous." The blond muttered, before getting up and stretching out, heading over to the table.


"Sure, puppy." George grinned from the wall as he headed over to the table as well. The ravenette soured his expression, feeling a weird feeling bubble in his stomach when Dream chuckled at the joke.


Huh? That was weird.


His glance hardened again as he watched George sit right across from Dream and he could feel the weird sensation again, his hand gripped the blanket without his approval, which caused Punz to send him a worried glance.


He nodded at the blond and let him know that he was doing fine and watched as Punz and Tubbo headed over to the table too, with Tubbo leaving a space for the ravenette beside Dream and Punz sitting beside George.


The trio began chatting, which was his sign to join in.


He shrugged it off to being tired and got up, mug in hand, heading over to the table and sparing George a small glance before sitting down beside Dream, letting his hand make the first move and grab the blond's own.


The ravenette was just ready to start the day and didn't need the blond to reach out first since he knew he'd give in anyways. 


Dream sent him a glance, but said nothing as he pulled up his mask a little bit, letting his lips be visible.


Then, he took a sip of coffee, licking them right after, savouring each drop. The ravenette looked away and blinked. Why the hell was he staring at Dream's lips?


He was acting really weird.


So, instead of thinking about that, he just grabbed his own mug and took another sip, squeezing the blond's hand unconsciously. 


"What's up?" Dream whispered against his ear, making the hairs on the back of his neck stand up, he coughed up a storm, almost dropping his coffee, causing everyone to glance at him. "I'm fine." The ravenette got out, putting his coffee down and taking a second.


Everyone beside Dream carried on with the conversation, Tubbo was currently geeking out with Punz about his favourite comic from before all of this began while George critiqued their poor taste in comics from his own chair.


He recovered from his sudden fit and turned to Dream, deciding to whisper back instead of having the whole table hear them.


"I'm just a bit tired because the fuckers woke me up."


The blond let out a slight snort at that, which caused the void black eyes to snap to the beautiful smile of the man.


He unconsciously licked his own lips and then looked away.


The blond's smile was foxy and had its certain charm, the ravenette decided. 


Dream should definitely smile more in his opinion. 

Chapter Text

The ravenette allowed himself to take a deep breath.


Him and Dream were heading out by themselves to take care of the small bit of the things in front of their house because they might attract others and that would be a nightmare to deal with.


"Hey…" The blond beside him muttered, snapping his gaze towards the man. "What's up?" The ravenette tiles his head, some of his hair falling into his eyes.


The blond tucked it back before taking off the leather gloves that sat on his palms.


"What are you doing?"


The masked man simply hushed him and passed him the fingerless gloves, making him chew down on his lip in confusion. Just what was Dream trying to pull here?


"These were yours. They won't melt off, don't worry. Fire resistant artefact." The blond grinned, causing him to flush and look away.


His? Well, they were his style. So that kind of made sense to him.


The ravenette put them on and spared another look at Dream who was stretching out right now, preparing to most likely speedrun these things.


Maybe his alternative version did have good taste after all.


Punz, Tubbo, George and Karl decided to sit it out and play some games, trusting the duo to just obliterate the things and return before lunch.


It was nice to finally be out again, especially with half of the sunlight hours left, he didn't know exactly how long they had until it went down but since the sun seemed to slow its purge down at least a little bit, it might even be more than two hours.


He decided that using the artefact he got from the Minecraft's would only slow down the process though since this was a hand in hand kind of combat and since he wanted to also practise close range attacks that wouldn't harm him too much.


Dream was surprisingly not against the idea, saying that if anything went south he could simply use his power and get them back in the house in a second.


Which was true. Out of all of them, Dream's powers were the most OP, basically bringing no harm to him. Besides the fact that they had to recharge of course.


The blond was also a beast when it came to his axe, able to take down a hoard by himself without breaking a sweat.


So he knew why the man was so confident.


He walked towards the hoard first this time, focusing his flame and trying to imagine his attack.


He really wanted to try something new.

The things finally noticed their presence and began growling.

"Are you ready?" The blond asked as he looked in his direction, determination and even excitement clear in his voice. "Yeah."


With that, the duo went head first into it, Dream slashing the first undead's skull in half, watching it drop, while Sapnap gripped one of the thing's head with his gloved hand and focused his flame to come out and burn through the thing's skull.


He watched in odd and dark satisfaction as half of it melted and the body dropped, before blasting another one of the undead without even looking at it, allowing one of his feet to kick him up in a jump and the other one to crash down against one thing's head and push it back.


The blond reacted in time and slashed the one on his right, watching out for him while fighting another two.


They were an unstoppable force, one not to be reckoned with, the ravenette thought as he melted another one's brain, grimacing as he felt some of the black goo stick to his hand.


He shook it off and carried on. Five down, six more to go.


The blond slashed the sixth one, easily, then pulled his axe out of its head and glanced at him, hoodie ridden up his stomach and sweatpants slipping down his hips.


The ravenette was almost too distracted to even notice one of the undead in front of him before his reflex kicked in and he blasted the thing with his fire, shaking his head.


Back to business, the ravenette reminded himself, slaying the eight one.


Dream took care of the ninth, chuckling as the body dropped. 


As soon as they got to the last one, they looked at each other with knowing glances.


"Bet you I'll get to it first." The ravenette smiled, watching Dream get ready to run at the thing. "Mhm, what do I get if you lose though?" The blond chuckled, resting his foot on the slippery pavement. "Hm….I know! How about a kiss?"


The request made him flush, but he hardened his glance. 


"You're on."


With that, he sprinted towards the thing, only to see Dream catch up to him right away.


He reached his hand out to blast it with fire from a relatively close distance, but the blond beat him to it.


The blond threw his axe at it and hit it right in its brain, making it drop down with a low cry, before it began bleeding black goo all over the pavement.


"Fuck." The ravenette groaned, panting. 


"Hell yeah!" The blond spoke up, making him glad to see no undead just appearing because of the man's loud tone. 


"Now, where's my reward?" 


The words made him look at the man, before he felt stuck in place.


His mask was off again, a goofy smile plastered across his face and eyes almost sparkling with how happy he was.


Did he really matter that much to this man? Was this like, the highest reward to the blond?


He moved without even noticing, closer to the blond before his hand came in contact with the taller man's shoulder, hesitantly. 


The ravenette tucked a loose strand of hair behind his ear and closed his eyes before he leaned towards the blond, on his tippy-toes. 


He felt the man's fingertips on his sides, before they sealed their lips together, with the ravenette just staying there for a moment and allowing them to slide together, feeling Dream's hold drop to his waist and then to his hips.


The ravenette pulled back before it got too heated, gaze almost drunk and movement slow and unsteady.


His eyes re-opened, only to see a light red tint covering Dream's face.


The blond looked like he was hypnotised.


His mouth was left slightly open, eyes half lidded and cheeks heated up even against the cold wind. His hold on Sapnap's hips lingered for a bit more, before the ravenette coughed awkwardly.


"Your axe. Don't forget it in that thing's skull." The shorter man exclaimed as his soles touched the ground again.


He pulled his hand back with great effort from Dream's shoulder and watched the man nod along, before he headed to the corpse and took his weapon out of its busted skull.


"Let's go, shall we?" The blond smiled, holding out his hand for the man. The ravenette nodded at him and took it in his own, locking their fingers together.


"Thank you." The blond mumbled as he pulled his mask back on, making the ravenette flush and look back down at the concrete like it would give him a great response.


"You've won fair and square." Plus it didn't feel bad for the ravenette either. But he'd keep that to himself, the man thought as they entered through the gate.


They entered the house in a comfortable silence, with the ravenette heading to the kitchen sink to wash his hands and the blond right behind him, probably wanting to do the same.


"How did it go?" Punz asked from the table, passing everyone their cards. "It was real easy. Also, don't get a child addicted to poker or I'll kick your ass." The ravenette answered back as he wiped his hands against the towel that was left on the counter.


"Oh my God, you've really become overprotective of Tubbo, y'know?" The blond chuckled beside him, making him grin. "Well, I've learned from you, Dream."


The taller man wheezed at that, turning the cold water on again and washing his hands with the almost spent soap. They needed to get a new one soon enough, the ravenette thought as he continued to play with the hem of his oversized white tee that was layered on top of an old turtleneck.


"Glad to know I'm a great teacher, baby." The blond shot back, making him gulp. 


God, Dream was such a menace. 

Chapter Text

Today, both him and Dream agreed to bring Tubbo over to the Minecraft family. It would be the best for the kid to meet somebody his own age, since he and Tommy were close in age, plus, it wouldn't hurt for the blond teen to also find himself a friend besides his brothers.


They took the boy out on a walk and explained who the Minecrafts were, telling him all about Tommy, with Dream revealing some things he probably knew from the other reality too which made the ravenette send him a death glare.


They didn't really tell the kid about the situation between Karl and Dream since he was too young for that and Sapnap refused to traumatise the kid any further. 


It would be vile to do so, the ravenette concluded.


"So, do you think we'll get along?" The teen nervously asked, kicking a small rock out of his way. "I know you will." Dream's smile was audable in his voice as they arrived in front of the gate, already seeing Tommy out with Technoblade, almost beating the man in hand to hand combat.


The kid was no joke when it came to fighting.


"Hey bitch!" The blond greeted from inside, waving and getting distracted which allowed Technoblade to sweep him off his feet with a swift kick. 


The kid dropped down to the ground with an oomph, causing Tubbo to let out a chuckle which snapped Tommy's ocean blue eyes to the youngest addition to their team.


The tall teen snapped back on his feet and ran for the gate, seemingly as excited as Dream predicted he'd be.


"Who's that? Also, the fuck happened to your eye? Are you a robo-bitch or something?" The blond excitedly said as he pulled the gate open carelessly.


Tubbo blinked, before looking up at the tall teen. " Robo-bitch ?" The kid questioned, causing Dream to wheeze. "Oh my God! Our dearest robot, Tubbo." The older brother of the teen got out, his laughter addictive to Sapnap.


The ravenette rolled his eyes fondly before ruffling Tubbo's hair as the boy stared in confusion and slight annoyance.


"Tubbo, that's Tommy. Toms, this is Tubbo. Dream's younger brother." The ravenette explained, pushing Tubbo towards Tommy who took the shy boy's hand and shook it vigorously, bouncing with energy.


"Bruh, Tommy, you're scaring the kid, man." Technoblade grumbled behind the blond, running a hand through the teen's hair as he introduced himself to the youngest member of Sapnap's team.


"I'm Technoblade, this idiot's brother." The pinkette smiled lazily, getting elbowed in the rib by the youngest member of the Minecraft family in turn.


The fighter flared down at his younger brother but didn't seem to want to return the favour, instead, he signalled for all of them to head back inside of the house.


"Lunch is surely ready by now. I'm starving. " The oldest sibling explained as he opened the doors to the huge mansion, allowing them all to enter the house.


The ravenette grabbed Tubbo's hand and smiled at the teen reassuringly as they entered the new environment, allowing the kid to shuffle closer to him.


He could feel Dream brush his fingers against his shoulder, probably reminding him to look up.


When he did, he saw Phil and a rather gorgeous woman sitting at the table with Wilbur.


"Hi?" The ravenette muttered out, scratching the back of his neck. "Hello, mate." The father smiled and waved, looking over at Dream and Tubbo next. "And who is that young fella over there?" Wilbur asked from the chair, waving at Tubbo. 


"Uhm, I'm Dream's younger brother." The kid shyly explained, giving a slight wave back.


"Tommy, you're not the only kid in the apocalypse anymore." The woman laughed beside Phil, making the ravenette wonder. Was the woman Philza's lost wife that they couldn't find in the previous reality?


" Mum, I'm not a kid!" The teen cried out, embarrassed, confirming his suspicions.


"Nonsense, look at you. You're a gremlin child." Wilbur teased back, before dodging the throw of Tommy's jacket, with Phil glaring at the boy as he almost knocked down the bottle of wine on the table. "Careful, you little shit." The father spoke up, getting a chuckle from his wife. 


"Dream and I thought that it might be good for the kids to meet each other since they're both young." Sapnap explained as he rubbed the brunette's back in comfort. "I'm not a kid!" Tommy squicked again, but still turned to Tubbo.


"You hear this shit, Tubbo? We are in the middle of a fuckin' apocalypse and they still call us kids." The teen rolled his eyes, making the brunette chuckle. "Yeah, dude." The shorter teen encouraged, clearly only playing around, but in turn making Tommy puff out like he was proven right.


"See? He agrees!" That caused everyone at the table to laugh, even Techbo who sat beside Phil's side, across from Wilbur. "Do you guys want to eat lunch with us?" The oldest member of the family asked, tilting his head, making his hat tip a bit. "We' to." He answered after scanning how happy Tubbo seemed while chatting with Tommy.


"You two little shits can take the food and go to Tommy's room, don't break anything and for God's sake, do not die." The father mumbled tiredly, getting a laugh out of Dream. 


The ravenette headed over to Tubbo and crouched down to eye level. 


"Do you think you'll be fine?" He mumbled quietly, making Tommy lean in to try and listen in on their conversation. 


The teen looked between Sapnap and Tommy a few times before finally nodding with a bright smile.


He gave the teen a smile of approval and hugged him, before letting Tommy finally drag the brunette off to his room, two plates in one hand.


By some surprise, they didn't hear the plates fall nor break on the way there, so he'd guess they were fine.


The ravenette sat down by Wilbur, with Dream sitting right next to him and putting a hand around his shoulder, nuzzling closer.


"How are you holding up?" Wilbur asked from next to him while the parents and Technoblade chatted about each other's progress in some training. 


"We are doing good." Dream answered before he could, pulling him closer. 


The middle child quirked an eyebrow but didn't comment on the man's jealousy, instead focusing his attention on Sapnap.


"Boyfriends are just a nightmare, 'm I right?" The brunette laughed, causing him to chuckle and slip his hand to the blond's thigh to squeeze it for some sort of reasurment. "He's amazing though." The ravenette mumbled, the words coming out a bit too real for his own liking.


Dream relaxed beside him, almost melting as soon as the words left his mouth. Easily predictable, the ravenette thought with a silent chuckle.


"Right, let's dig in then!" The father exclaimed, picking up his utensils and cutting the meat open. 


The ravenette nodded and picked up his own, grabbing a plate from the pile on the table.


Keeping clean plates on the table for everyone to just grab whenever they liked was actually a really smart idea.


They should try it. Would certainly save a lot of time and effort in the middle of the night when they got hungry.

Chapter Text

The ravenette could almost pass out from sheer exhaustion as soon as they returned back home simply because of how tiring the day was.


He had a lot of fun, especially knowing that Tubbo also did but he was also not built for social situations. They were very draining in huge groups, not to mention the fact that Phil and his wife also existed in the same space and spoke to him. 


He felt almost pressured to act serious with the two and like he was interrogated.


But on the other hand, he also got dragged off by Tommy to practice his aim. 


The teen literally gave him one hell of a training. He had the ravenette exhaust his powers and drain himself until he literally couldn't anymore which is when Dream actually stepped in.


Not to mention how he got dragged off by the blond teen to play with him and Tubbo right after, serving as an undead to the brunette as Tommy continued to coach him on how to defend himself. He was actually kind of glad that happened though, because the brunette would need all the experience he could gather out here.


This was a dangerous world and he wanted to protect Tubbo but also wanted the kid to be able to protect himself.


The fact that he enjoyed the time with the Minecrafts didn't mean that his body didn't actually just drop down on the mattress as soon as they got back. Even Karl gave him a concerned glance.


The mix of both physical labour, having to pretend to be this scholar kid because of your own brain telling you to and tiredness wasn't a good mix, he concluded.


The confusing, conflicting and downright puzzling emotions he was experiencing towards Dream didn't really help either.


Speaking of the devil, even as Tubbo began telling Karl, George and Punz about everything that went down, the blond crawled towards him, before pulling a blanket over his body.


"Do y' wanna take a nap or something?" The blond questioned as he tucked him in, making him nod and yawn, clearly ready to just finish the day.


The taller man leaned down with a smile, before taking his jacket off and turning it into a makeshift pillow, fingers going through the ravenette's black locks before the man lifted his head and laid it back down on the pillow ever so gently.


Last thing he saw before he went into a dreamless sleep was the blond's fingers running over his cheek, before he turned to the side and closed his eyes.

Once the ravenette woke up, everyone else was sleeping. He looked around and noticed some food still on the table.


Dream was the only one awake, sitting on the chair and simply enjoying the quiet night with his mask off, eyeing Sapnap as soon as the ravenette got up and yawned quietly.


"Mornin' sleepy head." The blond smiled, green eyes bright even inside of the dark room.


"Morning." The ravenette whispered back, heading over to the table and quietly taking his seat beside the blond before he picked his plate up.


He really should've grabbed a bite before he went to bed because right now he was starving.


The ravenette could feel Dream's eyes on him even as he shoved the food down his throat, which caused him to pause and look at him.


"What's up?" The man tilted his head, before feeling Dream's hand on his waist. "Nothing, you're just really handsome." The blond's goofy smile never went away, looking at him like Sapnap was some kind of treasure.


The ravenette felt his face heat up and bit down on his lip.


"Yeah, real handsome. I'm here shoving spoonfuls of beans down my throat dude." The younger of the two chuckled, embarrassed. 


"Doesn't matter, still handsome." the blond grinned, causing him to roll his eyes affectionately. The man was really impossible.


He stuck his tongue out and then picked his spoon up again, before continuing his meal, feeling Dream's fingers go up and down his sides in a comforting way.


The ravenette allowed his spoon to drop back inside of the plate, finally done with his meal after five minutes.


He took another look at Dream, feeling that weird tension appear again.


So, he just allowed himself to relax in the situation, allowed his hand to go and do its thing as he ruffled the man's hair, which caused Dream to chuckle quietly and lean into his touch.


Then, he heard the blond yawn.


He was pretty tired too, no matter how much sleep he had. So, he tapped the blond's shoulder.


"Wamna go to bed?" The ravenette muttered, causing Dream to look down at him puzzled, before he remembered that they slept together now.


"Man, I still can't believe you're letting me cuddle you. How did I get so lucky?" The blond smiled at him, cheeks getting slight dimples in the process.


He allowed his eyes to run over the man's cheek, counting each freckle. 


The man was really gorgeous. Maybe he felt something for the blond. Just, maybe.


"Well, you're a comfortable pillow, so I don't mind." The ravenette shrugged, causing Dream to gasp dramatically. "Oh, the betrayal! I'm being used for my body!" The man whined, but still kept his voice down so as to not awake others.


The ravenette snorted at that, punching the man's shoulder jokingly. "Oh, you'll survive, big boy." He got out with a slight smirk, before seeing how genuinely happy Dream looked. 


He really loved the man's smile. His eyes would light up in a way that Sapnap hasn't seen before. 


"Are we gonna head to bed now?" The blond asked softly, making him snap out of his trance.


"Yeah, let's go."


As they carefully stepped around George's sofa, they made sure to make no noise. They quietly laid back down on the mattress and pulled the blanket over themselves, turning towards one another.


"Hey, wanna know a secret?" The blond whispered, with a shit eating grin, clearly about to say something dumb. "What?" The ravenette played along, letting his hand go to the man's shoulder. 


"I love you."


The words made him flush and hide his face against the blond's chest, glaring as he heard Dream chuckle at his reaction.


"Dude, shut up. You're actually so annoying." The ravenette got out, clearly embarrassed.


"Oh, c'mon now, I'm just telling you how I feel." The blond pouted as he pulled back, causing Sapnap to look at his lips again, eyes going there almost naturally.


The blond noticed it and quieted down again, inching closer towards him, hand suddenly on the ravenette's hip. 


He looked up at the blond's eyes and stared at the green, searching for any clue as to why he was feeling like this, before it hit him.


He is falling for Dream.


Sapnap felt his heart speed up and breathing shorten, before he hesitantly looked back down at the man's lips.


He was falling for the man.


Dream stood in place, clearly waiting for him to make the move.


And the man loved him.


So, with that in mind, he closed his eyes and leaned in, barely even brushing their lips before pulling back, only to see that awestruck expression back on the blond's handsome face.


One of Dream's hands came up to his face and brushed against his cheek.


"Why did you do that?" The blond asked softly, eyes filled with an odd haze. "I don't know. I wanted to do it." The ravenette explained truthfully, not breaking eye contact.


The blond and him continued to stare at each other until eventually, the man sighed and leaned in completely, pecking his lips for a split second and stealing away a kiss, before he tucked his head just under the shorter man's chin.


The ravenette remained in a daze, fingers unconsciously coming up to Dream's hair and swirling it around absentmindedly.


The blond relaxed once again in his hold, hand still on the ravenette's hip, laying there like it was its usual position.


The younger man breathed in deeply, before closing his eyes again and cuddling even closer, relaxing against the blond and allowing his thoughts to just turn off for today.


He should stock up on rest and try his best to figure his own emotions out another day. 

Chapter Text

He woke up from the much shorter nap around three hours later, in time to see the sun rise in all of its glory and shine through the window.


Sapnap yawned and then looked at the blond that most likely forgot to put his mask back on, because he could see the gorgeous freckles covering his face right now.


His fingers unconsciously went to the relaxed face and pushed a few blond strands away, revealing more small discolorations on the man's face.


Dream had freckles everywhere, even on his bottom lip and right eyelid. It was honestly beautiful, like a painting or a star constellation. Waiting to be connected in a certain shape, but also gorgeous just by existing. 


The ravenette shook those thoughts off and tried to gently move the man's mask back to his face, knowing that he didn't want others to see it, before pressing down on his shoulder just like Tubbo did two days ago, slipping out of the man's grasp and letting him hug the blanket in his place.


He headed towards the doors, put his boots on and allowed himself to bask in the fact that he was the first one up.


He really loved the silence and the general feel of starting your morning early, even in this situation.


The ravenette spent three, almost four now, years in the apocalypse, you truly just get used to it at some point. Or at least convince yourself you are.


His fingers touched the knob, pulled it back then exited to the yard and sat down on the stairs, rolling his neck around.


He didn't exactly have a pillow, so some mornings he felt like his head might just fall off.


Now that he was all by himself, he took a moment to analyse his emotions as well as the days he spent with his current team.


He found out a lot of fucked up shit that he would probably get a therapist for after this whole thing returns to normal which he knows it will because there was no way in hell he'll allow his reality to be filled with the undead cunts for forever.


Not only that, but he also felt a bit rattled. He had no idea what to do about it, about his current mental state but he couldn't afford to have a breakdown any time soon, undead will not wait for him to get his shit together. He simply needs to hold it off until the last eclipse where Dream can rewind once again.


When it came to his relationship with the people around him, he felt like his best friend in the situation would definitely be Punz, no matter how much him and the criminal messed around with insults, he was an amazing friend and one of the people who was good at staying neutral and good with everybody, basically holding the team together.


George was the funniest person around most of the time, his sarcasm was unmatched and he could basically make fun of you at one moment but still save your life the next.


He had his moments where he acted unhinged, but so did the rest.


When it came to Karl, their relationship was…. Rocky, to say the least. He didn't exactly hate the man but he also was very sceptical when it came to his motives. He knew that Karl wanted to save the world as a whole, but what he didn't understand was the fact that even if they all did give it their all and died for the cause, what was a world without people? An empty shell.


That's why he mostly tried to keep his distance, to try and keep the tension in the team at a minimum.


Tubbo was the sweetest out of all of them, a kid who brought joy to him, his snarky yet innocent responses were always welcomed in the dark world they lived in, plus, he reminded the ravenette of his own family so much to the point where it wasn't even funny. 


The young brunette had the worst injuries out of them and probably the cruellest gift as well. 


His gift was extremely harmful to him to the point where using it is not even worth it. He truly felt bad for the kid.


Then, his mind went to the Minecrafts. They were all amazing people, while he was intimidated by Kristen and Phil, he also more than respected the two. They were amazing parents and great people too, keeping their family alive through this entire thing for so long.


Technoblade was intimidating as well, but also more chill and laid back, not as chaotic as his brothers, simply interested in training and making sure that he could defend those he loved.


Wilbur, contrary to his twin, was the embodiment of chaos. His powers weren't as impressive as Techno's alone, but with Techno's, they were an unstoppable team. He was also his own person, one that at first seemed entitled as hell but the ravenette soon enough realized that the brunette was just a goof instead.


The last of the Minecrafts, Tommy, was the definition of chaotic good. He had a snarky personality which would never let any conversation die, yet he also spoke so much to the point where the ravenette got dizzy while listening to him. The kid was also not only talented in combat, but also made up for his lack of powers with his amazing aim and knowledge of his weapon.


An admirable young man through and throughout.


Then, finally, his mind slipped to Dream.


Dream, he was an enigma for sure. A menace to him, something that always left him feel puzzled and weird in a way he couldn't explain.


He was skilled in combat, intelligent and goofy all at once, his powers were the most blessed out of all of them and he carried himself accordingly. 


The blond never dropped his head low, always had his chin up and died whatever the hell he wanted.


But, he was also a huge softie when it came to Sapnap. From the hand holding all the way to cuddling, the man seemed almost obsessed with him.


It made the ravenette feel oddly fuzzy inside.


The masked man's eyes would stare at him with such gentleness, with such care to the point where he could feel affection just seeping out of the tall man, like he would drop dead on the spot of the ravenette told him to.


Which made him truly terrified of how much power he exactly had over the man. 


But, Dream wasn't the only one experiencing these emotions, the ravenette thought as he chewed on his lip, looking at the sun.


He too began feeling too flustered whenever the blond attempted to flirt with him, felt too warm in the presence of the man, like he could do anything when he was by the ravenette's side.


It was confusing, he truly didn't know if that was a good or a bad thing, because maybe Karl had a point in saying that they were bad for each other.


He was terrified of falling in love with the blond.


Of falling in love in general during the apocalypse.


It just felt unsafe and he was scared that in case they even made it to the last eclipse, the blond would do something bad, either to save Sapnap or by getting distracted by the ravenette. 


Maybe he just had abandonment issues, but he still did not want to move too fast out of the fear of losing those he loved. 


Because you can't lose your lover if you never get a lover in the first place, inside of Sapnap's ill brain.


He realized that it might've been too late for that but still hoped that his hormones and emotions wouldn't get in his way.


"The fuck are you doing out so early?" The ravenette flinched as he felt Punz smack the back of his head gently.


"Dude, you scared the living shit out of me." The ravenette got out, putting a hand on his chest. Truly, the criminal had that certain timing of his that made him annoying as hell.


Punz chuckled at that and passed him a coffee mug, sitting down on the stairs beside him afterwards and taking a sip out of his own.


"How are you doing?" The blond asked him, making him sigh deeply. "I'm surviving. You?" The ravenette answered after a bit of contemplation and allowed himself to take a sip as well.


"I'm great honestly. Do you want to talk about it?" The criminal asked, turning towards him. He turned his head and stared at the man, before shaking his head. He doesn't even know what he'd say if he did try to talk about everything.


"That's fine, we can just chill until these fuckers wake up too and let ourselves relax today." The blond grinned, making him laugh and nod, before he looked back at the sun, enjoying the comfortable silence.


There were things the ravenette didn't understand, didn't know or just simply didn't want to think about. 


But, he knew that no matter what, he'd have to rely on himself more and trust his gut when it came down to it. 


He was a strong man and he'd prove it to everyone, including his damned self if he needed to. 

Chapter Text

The first to wake up after Punz was Dream, who went out and sat beside Spanap, on his other side, with coffee in hand and mask pulled off his lips.


He had a small frown visible, which made the ravenette quirk up an eyebrow. "Who took a shit on your head this morning?" The younger man teased as he grabbed the blond's hand, feeling Dream's hold tighten immediately.


"Something's gonna go down in a week from now, I'm sure Karl's gonna talk to you guys about it." The blond spoke up, making him realize that this was...actually serious. "Why can't you just tell us?" He wondered, rubbing his thumb across the blond's pulse point in an effort to comfort him.


"It's better for him to do it since he has notes." The blond shrugged and took a sip of his coffee. Punz turned around and gave him a look, before nodding along. "Yeah, Karl has notes. I guess that's a bit more convenient." The criminal sighed, drinking up the last bits of his coffee before he got up and dusted himself off.


"Bring this back inside too." The ravenette muttered as he passed the blond his empty mug, making the criminal nod along and head back inside.


"We'll be okay." He tried to reassure, only to have the blond lean on his shoulder. "I know. I'll make sure you're okay." The man muttered, which caused his stomach to fill with that warm feeling again. 


"Just make sure not to die, you dumb fuck." The ravenette grumbled out, squeezing the man's hand in his grasp, which caused the blond to chuckle. "What, are you worried about me, baby?" The pet-name made him flush red, but he still didn't soften his glare. 


"Yes. Yes I am." 


Admitting that felt nicer than he thought it would. The blond went quiet, but he could see the way the man licked his lips and figured out why immediately.


"Good. But I'll be fine, please just focus on yourself, alright?" Dream decided to say as he took another sip of his coffee, not moving away from the ravenette's shoulder even as Punz returned.


"You two are really adorable." The criminal teased, which caused Sapnap to roll his eyes. "I'll literally gut you if you don't shut up, man." 


His reaction only amused Punz further, resulting in a banter match from the duo and even more teasing that Dream sat quietly through, even after finishing his coffee.


The next one, surprising no one, was Karl.


He gathered all others up too afterwards, everyone but Tubbo, because apparently this might scare the kid.


The ravenette agreed to it too, because that would be too much information and anticipation for the poor teen.


So, that's how they got here.


With Dream and Sapnap sitting on the top row of the stairs, with Karl and Punz across from them and George down at the bottom of the stairs, grumpily drinking his coffee.


"Let me keep this short, another eclipse is coming." The time traveller explained, taking another sip of his coffee. The ravenette nodded along, keeping his thoughts to himself, sure that all of them had the same question. What would that mean? What happened in the last reality on this one?


"In this one, sadly, we will have the most overpowered fuckers you'll see." He began softly, taking another sip of his coffee.


"There are more than a few things you'll have to watch out for."

"For example, Sapnap, do not allow your hand to be chopped off, we don't need another repeat of that reality." The words made him roll his eyes but he still nodded along, feeling Dream tighten the hold on his hand as he chewed on his other one's nails.


"Punz, in this eclipse, the third one, you've almost died and gotten injured pretty badly, so I think you should sit it out." The criminal stared at the blond for a few seconds, in silence, but nodded along soon after, still processing the information.


'George was fine in this eclipse, but summoning XD took a lot out of you, you collapsed right after and never really were the same, so try not to abuse your artefact." The brunette gave a short nod absentmindedly which made the time traveller look at the person from his timeline next. "Dream, well, you already know how it goes. So I won't coach you here." He sighed, receiving a short nod from the masked man. 


"When it comes down to it, do not let your guards down." The man explained, waving his hand as if to demonstrate how high their alert should be. "No matter what, because these things will be way more powerful than what you've gotten used to so far."


"I want you all to be on high alert." The blond finally finished, allowing his hands to come up to his face and rub it. 


All of them stood in that awkward silence again, but the ravenette tried to convince himself that everything would be fine. So he just closed his eyes and leaned back against Dream, feeling the man's free hand come up around his waist and hug him closer.


The ravenette allowed his eyes to come to a close and completely relaxed.


Might as well bask in the peace during the calm.


They will most likely spend this entire week not only training but also making a full plan on the thing. 


God that would be draining.


"Good morning." Tubbo sleepily mumbled, snapping everyone's attention to him. "Hey, Tubbs." The ravenette smiled, patting the space next to him for the boy to sit at. The smart teen noticed their mood immediately and tilted his head curiously. "What's up? Did I miss something?"


Sapnap let out a long sigh, before looking up at the poor kid.


"Nah, we just had a talk about something. But, don't worry, we'll take care of it." He grinned, causing the teen to nod, before flopping beside him. 


The ravenette ruffled the boy's hair, trying to lift his mood and somewhat succeeding in his task as the boy stopped sulking about the secret they were currently keeping from him and instead closed his eyes, clearly still a bit tired.


They basked in the calm before the storm even as their thoughts began to pile up like a house of cards, just waiting to be blown away and under them, leave them floating and on the verge of a mental breakdown.


Chapter Text

The ravenette took a deep breath.


They were about to really do this. Second to the last eclipse they'll have to sit through according to both Karl and Dream was just about to happen.


After the next one, Dream will try to bring the time back since in this reality, ever since he got here, he hasn't used his powers as much as he had in the original one.


He checked the straps of his bow again, reassuring himself that it was tucked securely in his holster.


The undead were going to be the toughest yet.


They were going to have a primate -like intelligence, the last stage that they even knew about.


Could they really do this?


Yes. Yes they could.


It wasn't like they weren't preparing for it, him and the rest of the team were frequently training in the last week, both in hand in hand combat and simply annihilating the fuckers. 


This time they knew to get a source of light and to keep themselves calm. If they even tried to sit the huge hoard out inside, the fence wouldn't hold.


Their mutual conclusion for the highest chance of survival was fighting. This time without any liabilities.


They even got the Minecraft family in on it, since Karl requested to go to the family and try and convince them that this was the best course of action to take.


They all went inside as a team, with Karl as their presenter for the idea, there to explain everything under the 'researcher's excuse.


He could still remember how the talk went, Karl basically had everybody in the room fooled, shit, even he believed him for a second.


Karl might not be a good fighter but he uses his words wisely when in his element.


So, Dream, Techno, Phil, Kristen and him were going to be the outer circle, with Karl and Tubbo, the main liabilities of tbe team, as well as Punz, who was there to protect the two if anything went south and not to get fucked like he did in the precious reality inside of the base.


Sapnap and the rest of his team mained while Wilbur, Tommy and George were going to be in the inner circle and switch them out once they had their powers whiplash them or simply got too tired.


Kristen was a strong woman, her power was literally the most OP thing to ever exist. She had the ability to wither those things away like they were simple plants with her touch, but it did come at a high price.


If she went overboard, her own skin was going to begin to crack and turn to dust as well, so she had to take big breaks between her attacks, yet she was the one that was going to be the best at hand to hand combat.


So, she was lined up to take care of the ones that got too close.


Sapnap was going to give it all of him today, so he was going to be aiming to take out the most of the hoard he could before the damage became irreversible, after which George was supposed to take care of his hands or just switch him out with his artefact.


Dream was going to be fighting close up to the things as well, since he mained his axe, which meant that he'd be the one to protect the far reachers of the group with Kristen, which put him between Sapnap and Technoblade.


Techno was good at both up close and far off fighting yet he chose to main the further off ones to balance off the team.


Phil, since he had a flying artefact that literally gave him wings and an ability that was elemental based, similar to Sapnap's own, but instead of fire it was wind. That paired with the death scythe artefact that couldn't be destroyed made him the best one to be in offence with little to no possibility of death.


George and Tommy were going to be shooting from the circle because of their accuracy while Wilbur was tasked with simply keeping his eye out on the things and if shit got too close to getting to them, to begin singing. 


Instead of his usual machete, Wilbur had a gun now too, simply because the inner circle was supposed to be filled with shooters and the man wasn't too bad at it, he for sure sucked less than the ravenette did with it at least, so they've decided that he'd be the best fit, because his powers were also way less violent than say, Sapnap's. 


Technoblade had his sword on him too if he needed to defend himself while George mained not only his glock 43 but also another one, a Sig Sauer, just to insure all fk their safety. 


"Are we ready to fuck shit up?" Tommy got out through a harsh breath as the sun truly did get covered by the moon again. "Yes. Yes we are." Sapnap answered back with a single bead of sweat going down his forehead. 


The low growls began to get louder and louder as the huge hoard began to walk down the block, so big to the point where you could barely see the end of it.


"There's no coming back now." Technoblade sighed, before Phil took off beside him as soon as they crossed the horizon, while others remained in formation.


Sapnap looked over to Techno, who split his palm open and formed around a thousand small spears on either side of them, before shooting them and downing the first row of the things, making them eat the concrete and splatter against it.


He focused his own powers too, gathering them all as he watched Phil create a whirl of those things and then drop them down against the ground, tearing them apart.


This was the first ever technique he actually trained intensely, especially during this week although he also tried to perfect it all on his own and secretly before he even knew the eclipse was coming.


He closed his eyes and imagined both of his palms lighting up, before he pointed them towards the hoard and let small spheres of fire create themselves and fly at the things, burning  them up and making them spread the fire to others as well, not only the ones he shot.


The sounds were horrendous , they made him sick to his stomach, but he continued on doing that until his palm began hurting so bad he thought he might've melted his skin.


The ravenette winced but grabbed his bow from its holster, unwavering as he began to create four arrows and shoot them out all at once, barely caring about accuracy.


Dream and Kristen got to work too as the first few approached, stepping out of the circle and heading straight for the few that escaped Technoblade's and Sapnap's vicious attacks.


That also gave the opportunity to George and the rest of the inner circle to begin fire, with Tommy taking down any undead he laid his eyes upon, shooting straight headshots each and every time.


They had more than enough clips with both Tommy's stash of bullets and the huge amount that Punz got from the only fully stocked gun shop yesterday, which gave them a chance to just go ham.


The more they take out now, the better.


Their current goal is just to kill the most they possibly can and then once they've fully exhausted themselves, head inside. 


They've chosen to be close to Sapnap's teams base since they not only had two separate generators but also had an electric fire stuck to the fence now, again, Punz will get a huge thanks for how useful he was for this eclipse from Sapnap as soon as they take care of these fuckers and head back inside.


That would ensure that even if the things touched their fence, they'd be able to hold off more than a few.


He closed his eyes again and took a deep breath, feeling the ache from his palms numb itself out. 


So, he allowed his how to go back to its holster and began to wave his hand again, before around twenty undead got close enough for him to just fry them alive all at once. 


"Say hi to satan for me, fuckers." The ravenette bit out, before allowing his powers to literally rain hell upon the cunts.


The things made humanoid noises,cries and whimpers that would haunt his mind for nights to come, but he just allowed this to slip into the back of his mind as he continued to fry them, moving his palms to the other few that approached near, frying them too before he let his fire retreat and whimpered in pain, shaking them in an effort to keep his palms cool.


"Are you doing okay?" George asked as he continued to shoot both of his guns at the ones coming from the right, shutting the things before they could even approach the street. "Still fine, we have more than a hundred down. We can take out at least twice as much." The ravenette panted out, wiping his sweat off and sparing a glance towards Technoblade, who by now was just as exhausted as him, panting with blood dripping down his now slit forearm.


They had to continue. Sapnap counted around a hundred dead on his side, more than sixty dead by their feet from both Kristen and Dream and finally saw the hoard begin to thin out, especially from Techno.


The man was recklessly using his blood, restless to get this done and gone.


Dream swung his axe and the ravenette flinched as he saw a head roll to his feet, before crushing its skull by stepping on it and refocusing his energy, creating spheres of fire again and shooting them at the things with mild prediction.


Phil took out just as much as all of them together did in the back, but unlike them the man seemed almost unfazed, even though there was literal blood dripping down his nose.


The ravenette gathered all of his powers and twisted the spheres again until they doubled in  numbers and threw them at the huge hoard, burning them all.


God, his skin was close to just melting off. He had to pause and give George a chance to heal him.


That's exactly what he did, he looked at Wilbur, nodding at the man, which caused both him and George to pause their fire, but Tommy still carried on, simply changing his clip and then refocusing his energy on the beings that threatened their existence.


The brunette began singing as soon George let his guns drop in their respective bolsters, before he grabbed both of Sapnap's hands and closed his eyes in concentration.


The ravenette almost whimpered in relief as he felt some of the pain finally lift, watching George's focused face with gratefully, before the healer dropped his palms down and nodded at him and turned to Techno instead, which caused him to return straight back into action.


George was instructed to take care of Technoblade as soon as Sapnap asked for help because the whole group knew the man pushed his limits too much.


So, Sapnao focused more and more of his fire to spread, before reaching out a hand to Techno's side too and blasting both sides with fire, taking care of the things while Techno got patched up by their healer, nodding at Dream who looked back at him to probably check on him.


Kristen was watching out only for herself as instructed, a fierce woman who believed in her husband and children to defend themselves but Dream, he just couldn't stop himself from checking on the ravenette, Sapnap noted. This was the second time he did so which always puts the man in great danger.


But, he focused more on the things and moved back to his own side as Technoblade turned back around, seeming a little less pale than before. 


This went on for an entire hour.


And everything was good as an apocalypse could be going.


But then, something that made the whole group almost gape.


They took out eighty percent of the hoard and were about to run back in, before Technoblade stumbled dizzly and got attacked by one of the undead.


That's when Tommy jumped between and tried to shoot it, but his gun clicked on empty and the undead bit the boy. 


They had no fucking idea what to do, all but Dream were frozen in place. The blond quickly ran back towards the boy and picked both Technoblade and him up by their clothes, making Techno stumble clumsily back to his feet and picking up the now sobbing boy and rushing to the gate.


" Quick! We'll figure it out once we're inside, hurry up!"




Chapter Text

The whole group rushed inside, with Phill flying above the gate instead of entering and dropping down by the door, opening it first. As soon as they were inside, Dream laid the panting boy down on Sapnap's mattress. 


The boy was sweating and shaking, trembling like he was having a seizure, hands shaking and mouth wide open, taking huge gulps of air uselessly.


Tubbo was the first one to rush down from the ones who were instructed to stay inside, as soon as he saw the scene the brunette began to cry too and dropped down on his knees beside the boy.


"I can, fuck, I can rewind the time, because he's alive right now I can just go back and make sure that this doesnt repeat since the eclipse is still going on." Dream got out, running a hand through his hair.


"Absolutely not!" Karl yelled as he came to the scene, grabbing George's gun off of him. 


Before anyone could react, the blond pointed the gun at Sapnap and unclipped the safety.


"Karl, put the gun down." Punz tried to approach from behind, but the time traveller just put his finger on the trigger, making everyone freeze in place.


"Karl, put that fucking gun down before I kill you." The blond growled, taking out his axe. 


"I will shoot Sapnap if you ruin this timeline too before you can take your fucking trip." The time traveller growled out, even more unhinged than they previously thought.


The Minecraft family arrived in time to see the stand off, making the situation even worse. 


Sapnap tried to speak up, but before any of them even could, Tubbo slammed his fist against the floor.


"Shut the hell up! All of you! He is dying! " The boy growled, hunting the bandage from his bitten hand.


"Tubbo, what are you doing?" The ravenette got out as he saw Phil kneel down beside his dying son, tears streaming down his face. 


"I'll do it. I'll try to use my powers on him." The teen muttered, making Tommy look weakly up to him and reach out. The brunette took his hand and gripped it tightly, before closing his eyes.


Fuck, this was bad.


A faint yellow glow began to make its presence known and everybody watched as Tommy's shaking became less and less prominent, yet Tubbo began sweating just like he did.


While Tubbo used his powers, Karl dropped his guard down and put the gun away, which made him look over at the man, seeing George literally grab him by the back of the neck and take his glock back before dragging the unhinged time traveller out of the room at gunpoint with Punz following closely behind him.


Then, Tommy gasped and he looked at the kid, who's colour slowly returned, eyes returning from the ashy grey to a bright blue.


The ugly bite still stood, but the boy just began coughing, making Phil move his hand to hold his son down from getting up, thinking that he's turning.


Then, they all spared a glance towards Tubbo, who's skin on his cheek began bleeding and bubbling, the same ashy tone his eye and the undead were. 


So that was his power. Every time he healed someone from a bite, a bit of him turned into one of those things. 


The ravenette hurried over to Tubbo as soon as he was finished, drying off the blood that began to pool down his face with the bandage that the kid took off his hand, holding him tighter as the boy fell weakly in his grasp.


"Tubbo?" Tommy weakly got out, snapping everyone's attention to him but the ravenette's, who instead gripped the brunette teen closer and picked him up off of the floor and hurried over to the bathroom where the first kit laid.


He'd leave the rest to deal with Tommy.


"Tommy, we need to make sure he's okay!" The brunette cried out in his arms, trying to wiggle out of his hold.


"Tubbs, we gotta take care of that, that's a lot of blood." He mumbled as he felt the teen struggle against him, "You'll see Tommy later." The ravenette promised and kissed the boy's sweaty forehead, hugging him closer to himself and kicking the bathroom door open, only to see George almost choking Karl out against the wall. 


"You fuck !" The man growled and even Punz struggled to hold him back without physically harming him. "Shut up, we have bigger problems, beat the fuck out of him somewhere else!" The ravenette groaned, setting Tubbo down on the busted washing machine and finally re-analysing his face.


The skin was coming off by now, tears from pure agony and pain dripping down the boy's face and mixing in with the red blood. His blood wasn't black, luckily, so two bites didn't cause a full transformation.


He felt his eyes tear up and hands shake, everything becoming blurry. But he still hushed Tubbo and grabbed the med-kit from the bathroom's broken mirror, seeing George run over to the boy while Punz helped out a coughing Karl.


He glared at the time traveller with murderous intent before Punz dragged him to his feet and out of the bathroom, probably sensing his bloodlust.


"Tubbo, Tubbo keep talking to me while I fix you up, okay? Please, I don't want you to die too, I beg of you, not like her." The ravenette got out as he struggled to breath, remembering his younger sister's cold corpse dropping down on the floor. 


He picked up the things he needed and ran over to the boy who was moving his mouth but either no noise came out or he was deaf because he could hear nothing but his heartbeat.


"Sapnap!" Dream yelled behind him, finally snapping him out of his panic attack. He dropped down the gauze at that and spared a look towards the blond whose mask was cracked, revealing half of his face.


"You were hurting him. Let George take care of this." The blond mumbled as he allowed the other part of his mask to slip off as well as he approached the ravenette and basically dragged his half limp body back against himself into a hug. He was in shock, he was pretty sure. 


"There we go, Tubbo. How are you feeling?" George muttered at the young teen as he finished up the final cleanse of the wound, since he couldn't heal the boy. "I'm good, how is Tommy?" The brunette winced as he looked towards Dream.


"Tommy is fine, he is back to his senses. Just needs rest. His parents are taking him to one of the bedrooms. I switched the generator on to power that room and the fence." The blond explained as he kissed Sapnap's forehead and hushed him, basically holding him up as tears finally began registering. 


He shoved his face against the blond's chest as soon as George and Tubbo left the bathroom, sobbing like crazy, feeling the breakdown catch up to him after all this time .


The ravenette felt desperate to get stronger and to never allow something like this to happen ever again.


He cried even more now, angry at himself, angry at Karl for acting out again, angry at Technoblade because he pushed himself and caused this entire thing, angry at his own attachments and finally angry at the world for being so fucking shitty.


The blond held him through it all, even as the ravenette slammed his fist against his chest, which the taller man didn't even flinch at, simply held him tighter and kept on telling him it would be okay but he could barely even fucking believe that.


"I love you, c'mon, it'll be okay." The blond whispered as he continued to sob, hands coming up to his hair, just running through it, trying to comfort him as he broke apart. "I love you, baby. It'll be fine." Each time, he would only cry harder, hug the man and just keep quiet.


The ravenette had no idea how much time he spent crying in the bathroom, but he felt like it was years, seconds and millenniums all at once.


One he finally calmed down, he looked up at the blond with red puffy eyes and felt like the biggest asshole. 


Instead of leaving Dream and Tubbo to bond and the older brother to comfort the teen, he decided to have a mental fucking breakdown. Nice, great going, Sapnap.


The blond noticed his facial expression change and brought his thumb under the ravenette's chin, making him look up at the man. 


"Sapnap. I don't know what you're thinking about, but don't. I love you. I'm here for you ." The blond muttered, before the ravenette nodded and wiped his tears, trying to speak but feeling his throat close up instead. 


He just pointed to the doors with his head and made the blond realize what he wanted.


Dream put a hand around his waist and began walking him towards the room where Tommy and Tubbo probably were, to check up on everyone, basically being the only thing holding Sapnap up right now. Both figuratively and literally.


The ravenette leaned against the blond and closed his eyes, before reopening them again, hoping to fuck this nightmare ends. 

Chapter Text

 for the entire night, not even sleeping and instead talking about everything that went down.


Tubbo was visibly upset with everyone because they didn't even tell him what was actually going on and instead just left him behind with Punz and Karl, which made the ravenette feel even shittier but he just tried to give the boy space and let him blow off some steam. 


He was at the flashlight-lit bathroom, because they couldn't re-avert the two generators from powering the fence, Tommy's room and the kitchen to power the bathroom light too, so he had to improvise if he wanted some peace.


Dream stayed by his side most of the night, not sleeping either, even though they were both exhausted, getting a one hour nap once the ravenette just couldn't hold onto his consciousness and fell asleep against the blond's shoulder. 


Once he woke up, Punz told him that the Minecraft family left in the morning and that Tommy told the criminal to slap him if he continued to sulk around.


The blond teen walked into the bathroom to thank Dream for saving him before leaving and noticed how shitty Sapnap looked while sleeping which is why he said so in the first place.


As the ravenette looked at himself in the cracked mirror, he had to agree. His eyes were swollen from his breakdown, his face was red and he was rocking the biggest headache ever.


Not to mention how much his hands hurt since he didn't heal them properly after everything was done, huge blisters stood under the gloves as well as burn-marks that went all the way down his palm and to his wrist, from when George did successfully heal him. 


He both looked and felt like shit.


He headed out of the bathroom after, finding Dream and everyone but Karl in the kitchen, nodding at the rest of his team and watching Tubbo look down at the floor, still clearly upset.


The brunette had a big piece of the now bloody gauze on his cheek, stuck to his face with medical tape and seemed to be mostly fine.


He was relieved with that knowledge.


"Here, take this. How are you?" Dream mumbled as he passed the ravenette some coffee, before touching his cheek and wincing at his expression. "I'm peachy. Let me splash some water on my face real quick though, forgot to wash it in the bathroom." The ravenette got out hoarsley, vocal chords still fucked up from his breakdown. 


The blond nodded, watching Sapnap put down the cup of coffee and turn on cold water, after which the ravenette closed his eyes and washed up, relieving his headache for a second before it came back crashing through him and making him grab the counter, somewhat disoriented.


"God, watch out." The blond mumbled as he put a hand around his waist, helping him keep himself upright. "Don't worry, I just got a bit dizzy." The ravenette mumbled, turning around in his grasp and hugging the blond, feeling like he needed as much affection as he could possibly get right now.


The blond smiled and ran a hand through the messy black hair, clearly glad that the younger man is becoming more and more comfortable around him. 


Sapnap pulled back after a few minutes, feeling a slight shiver run down his spine before he picked up the warm mug and headed to the table again.


"Was Tommy okay when he left?" The ravenette asked softly, turning to Tubbo, clearly trying to spark up a conversation.


"Yeah, he was able to walk too but Wilbur still decided to pick him up and carry him out while Tommy cussed him out." Punz answered after noticing that Tubbo probably didn't feel up to having a conversation right now since he found out that the ravenette was the reason why he hadn't found out about the entire truth of the team. He knew that he was just protecting the brunette, he also knew that Tubbo would understand later, when he gets older but it still made him feel like shit. 


He looked down at his mug and didn't even try to spark any conversation again, simply drinking up his coffee and wincing when he felt one of the blisters pop. They were always a bitch to deal with.


"Hey, can you help me out?" The ravenette spoke up as he laid his empty mug down, looking at George, who quirked an eyebrow at him.


Then, he took off the artefact Dream gave him, revealing almost downright disgusting blisters that even he grimaced at when he got a good look at them. 


"Oh my God that's deep." Dream mumbled as he took a glance at his palms, finger hovering above the skin. "And you put leather on that?" George almost barked out, giving him the God-I'm-surrounded-by-idiots look. 


"Listen they looked pretty bad and I didn't want to take the gloves off in case my skin stuck to it, which it did." The ravenette shrugged, feeling George's hands grab his own from a chair across, before the now familiar feeling of lightheadedness began to take over. "Just shut up and let me fix that for you." The healer rolled his eyes before completely concentrating and healing up most of the wounds, leaving pink flesh in their place.


The scars were always ugly and disgusting to him, but they weren't painful nor in danger of an infection, so he tried to pay them no mind.


The blond beside him took his hands in his own and brought them down to his lap, clearly wanting to speak up.


But Sapnap also had a few things to say to the man, not in front of everyone though.


"Hey, where's the bitch?" The ravenette mumbled as he gave Dream's hands a light squeeze, not even looking away as he spoke, holding down the eye contact. "He's in the yard." Punz shrugged, which caused him to sigh. 


"Me and Dream are gonna head to one of the rooms, please don't disturb us, I have something serious to talk about with him." The ravenette explained, making Dream curiously tilt his head and George literally grimace. "Oh they're gonna talk . I think I'm gonna leave and never return." The healer stuck his tongue out, faking a gagging noise.


Punz chuckled but got sent a death glare from Sapnap which caused him to wipe the grin off his face. "Shut up George, I'm not gonna do...whatever you're thinking about." The fire user glared, but still didn't continue the banter, feeling his head pulse with pain.


If he indulged in banter more, he'd probably kill someone. 


"Uh, what are we gonna talk about?" The blond blinked at him as he got up and pulled the taller man up as well.


"Don't worry about it." 

Chapter Text

As soon as they arrived in the cold room, the duo took a second to gather both of their thoughts, with the ravenette sitting down on the bed and tapping the space next to himself.


"Sit down." His voice got somewhat serious, eyes never leaving the green ones. The blond followed his directions and sat down beside him, obviously as nervous as he himself was.


"Did I do something wrong?" The taller man asked as he ran a hand through his hair, slicking it back and allowing the emerald eyes to shine even brighter. 


"No, not at all. I just...I feel like it would be unfair of me to just lead you on without telling you how I actually feel." The ravenette sighed, leaning back on his elbows and finally breaking eye contact, feeling Dream fidget nervously next to him. He could almost feel the blond's anxiety from here, but he just closed his eyes and let everything out, no matter how much he hesitated. This opened his eyes to the dangers around them, as well as to how unhinged and how close to breaking apart all of them actually were.


He had to at least be honest with the one person who truly cared about him.


"I...feel something for you." The ravenette explained, still not opening his eyes, hearing the blond's sharp intake of air beside him. "I don't know what, the last thing I want to do is give you false hope and crush it after." The younger man explained, gripping the bedding under his fingertips tighter as if to comfort himself.


"Now, don't get me wrong. I also don't want to crush your hope, I'm just trying to be as truthful with you as I can." The ravenette explained as he spared Dream a glance, seeing the man carefully analysing his face and mannerism. "When it comes down to it I'm fucking terrified of everything, especially falling in love." The taller man nodded, bringing his hand over the ravenette's hesitantly. 


"It's always been hard for me to let myself go, which I'm sure you know since you've met me first in the previous reality." Dream continued to listen, which he appreciated since he had no idea if he could just spew all of this out while getting interrupted. 


"I'm scared that I'll lose those I love, I'm scared of the commitment my words might cause, I'm absolutely terrified of how easy it is to talk to you and most of all….." The ravenette took a moment to breathe, wanting to keep himself as calm as he possibly could be in this situation. 


"I'm scared of not being enough." 


The words came out almost choked, but he still tried to not think about that and instead, felt the blond's hands on his back, before he got pulled into a tight hug, causing him to gasp in surprise.


"Sapnap, you could never be anything but perfect in my eyes. You are more than enough to me." The blond rasped out, clearly holding back the other things he wanted to say.


The ravenette hesitantly moved his hands from the bed and put them on Dream's shoulders, returning the warm hug and hoping that he could believe those words one day.


"I don't care how long it takes. I'll wait for you until the day we die if I need to." The blond spoke softly as he pulled back, staring back at the ravenette with the most affectionate expression that Sapnap has ever even witnessed on a human's face. 


"I love you. I always will, you are my reason to keep going on and to keep fighting." He could feel his heart speed up at those words, face flash and then the weird tension from before enter his system again.


This time, he simply closed his eyes and leaned in, brushing their lips together again, only this time, allowing Dream to take lead and deepen the kiss just like he did the first time in the bathroom, only now, the ravenette relaxed instead of pulling away.


The blond's hands moved to his waist, pulled him closer, before the man pulled away, basically out of breath, red in the face and flustered. 


He looked absolutely beautiful to Sapnap, even the scars on his face made him all the more alluring, each freckle on his face was differently shaped and looked stunning as it contrasted against his pale skin.


"Thank you." The blond smiled afterwards, leaning his forehead against the ravenette's and nuzzling their noses together.


"No need to thank me. I wanted to kiss you." The younger man mumbled back, rubbing small circles into Dream's back just like the man always did to him whenever he noticed Sapnap's mood drop or the ravenette getting trapped by his own thoughts.


The blond pecked his lips again, just a simple brush this time, which made the ravenette's heart skip a beat.


"Do we really have to be productive members of society today?" Dream groaned as they pulled away.

Today was clean up day, since the eclipse was done and gone, they agreed to meet with the Minecraft family, well, some of the Minecraft family, to do a cleanup of the remaining undead. 


"Yes, yes we do." The ravenette chuckled, feeling much better than he did this morning, getting up and reaching out a hand for the man.


The blond pouted but still took his hand and got up, linking their fingers and pulling the ravenette's hand closer to his lips, staring him directly in the eyes before he gave it a soft kiss, which caused Sapnap to flush and look away.


"M'gent, shall we?" The blond said in a terrible British accent that George would beat his ass for, if he ever heard.


Sapnap couldn't help but let out a giggle, clearly amused by the blond's current attitude, bowing down like they were on a ball. "Sure, fine sir, I'd love to!" He chuckled, before the blond opened the door and lead him out of the room, into the hallway.


They noticed Punz and George, pretending like they weren't listening in just a few seconds ago, who clearly ran off when they heard the pair approach the door.


The ravenette rolled his eyes fondly at the pair of nosy dumbasses and stuck his tongue out at the pair, then headed towards the kitchen to grab a bite with the blond before they had to get out there and beat some ass.


Tubbo was still in the kitchen, on the same chair where they left him and he spared a single glance towards the pair, before walking over, seemingly less upset than before.


He pulled on Sapnap's hoodie to get his attention and made the ravenette look down, before speaking up.


"Are you okay?" The teen tilted his head and looked at the floor, avoiding eye contact. The ravenette blinked, before he felt his lips quirk up in a smile.


"Yeah, don't worry, Tubbs." The ravenette chuckled as he ruffled the teen's hair. 


They all had a long way to go still and couldn't afford to be upset for too long. He'd still give the teen space just to chill off a bit and take in everything that he's been told.


Sapnap could wait for him to understand why he hid the absolutely horrendous secret of their team from him.

Chapter Text

The ravenette saw Tommy first in front of their base, looking as good as new, before he saw Technoblade and Wilbur behind the boy too, waving.


"Hey bitch! I'm alive!" The boy smiled and ran at him and Dream, pulling the duo in a hug before averting his attention to their base.  "Hey!" Dream almost stumbled backwards from the force but did nothing to push the boy away.


"So, I won't really be able to go on this little zombie scavenger hunt with you, I'm just here to visit Tubbs and check on him, but!" The boy looked up at Sapnap as he pulled away, bright blue eyes wrinkled in a goofy smile.


"I wanna tell you that you need to stop being so shit at being happy, boss man." The ravenette quirked his eyebrow up, with Dream blinking down at the boy. "Like, get your shit together man, we are supposed to be living." The kid chuckled, before running off to their base like he owned the place, not even allowing the ravenette to respond. 


"He refused to stay back at home." Technoblade rolled his eyes fondly, watching the boy enter the gate. "Yeah and Techno feels like all of yesterday was his fault so he convinced Phil to let Tommy come over." Wilbur explained as he put an arm around his twin's shoulder, making the pinkette smack his head lightly.


"Shut up, Wilbur, before I turn you into a kebab." The oldest sibling muttered, but still looked as depressed as Sapnap felt this morning.


Before they could spend time to bond over their misery, Dream spoke up.


"I haven't seen any of the undead yet." The axe holder muttered as he looked around.  


"And that makes me think that something's wrong." The ravenette nodded in agreement, looking around the street only to see corpses all around but no sign of the walking ones. "I think we should look around the block, split into two teams and bring each undead we find into one place then, Wilbur can use his ability since it doesn't have any drawbacks and Sapnap, you and me will just finish this off and grab a coffee after." 


"Wow, man. You're all business and no fun, but I guess the coffee does sound amazing." Wilbur chuckled from Technoblade's side before getting his machete out. "I'll guess the teams are me and Techno and you and Panda?" 


The blond nodded along as he allowed his hand to go back to Sapnap's. 


"Dream, stop being a simp, man." Technoblade rolled his eyes at the scene, causing his twin to nudge him and make him glare down at the brunette once again. "Shut up before I tell Phil that you're being rude to our friends." The younger twin muttered, glaring at his twin with just as much annoyance.


"C'mon now, who wouldn't be down bad for Sapnap." The blond chuckled as he leaned in and kissed the ravenette's cheek, causing Sapnap to look away and flush at the action, less than used to the public display of romantic affection.


He could hear Technoblade groan and Wilbur chuckle before he looked up at the blond who was staring at him with that smitten look.


"Jesus you guys are adorable, this shit isn't fair man, here you two are, getting laid in the apocalypse and I couldn't get anyone even without this!" The brunette groaned dramatically, putting his hand on his forehead and theatrically spinning around in the sun.


"Too bad for you, Twinkie. Now, back to the undead, we can't waste too much time with this." The pinkette rolled his eyes, pushing his brother to the right side of the street.


"We'll go down and check everything on this side, you two go down the right side and we can all meet up here." The oldest twin said as he came to a stop. "Yup, don't forget to be safe!" Sapnap called back, as he and Dream began moving towards the left, sparing glances everywhere. 


They walked around aimlessly for around half an hour, with no luck. 


It was concerning since yesterday there was a good chunk of the things still alive, so seeing none made the ravenette quite nervous.


Then, his eyes finally landed on a smaller hoard of fifteen. The plan was to gather them all around so Dream, he and Technoblade could take out big numbers while Wilbur freezes them with his voice.


The ravenette sighed and looked over to Dream for further instructions. Since this was a smaller hoard they should probably attack the things now so they could gather a bigger number, since the beings reacted like a pack, letting out certain sounds to alert other undead in the radius.


"Want to get some anger out and gather these fuckers easier?" The blond muttered beside him, letting go of his hand. The ravenette looked up at him, confused by the question, but still nodded.


"Scream." The taller of the two smiled, which caused the ravenette to look at him like he lost his damn mind. 


"Listen, they react to noise and their vision is pretty goddamn shitty." The blond began, looking at him with those gorgeous eyes that he felt lost in. "So, not only will you finally let out some anger, but also look like a snack to them too." 


You know what, the ravenette did have a lot of shit bubbling up inside of him.


So, fuck it.


The ravenette closed his eyes, inhaled as much air as his lungs would allow him to before reopening his eyes, looking calm.


Then, he screamed.


So loud that he was pretty sure he could be heard back from the base.


Screamed so loud that the things whipped their heads around and began gurgling.


So loud that more scattered around undead joined too.


Then, the blond grabbed his hand and pulled him into a run while giggling.


"Oh my God, how did that feel?" The blond chuckled as they ran towards the meeting spot, more than amused.


"Amazing!" The ravenette got out as he gripped the man's hand tighter, speeding up their pace.


When they came to the spot, they saw Wilbur and Technoblade running back as well, with a medium hoard behind them, similar in the numbers their own was, before getting in the said formation with the trio protecting Wilbur.


"What the fuck happened, man?" Technoblade panted out as he gathered his breath, making the ravenette giggle. "We lead the hoard here by screaming at them." Dream answered back cheekily, preparing himself to go into the crowd and slaughter the fuckers.


"Bruh, it sounded like somebody was getting murdered out there!" The pinkette groaned, but got out his sword, since he didn't want to exhaust himself again.


"Alright, start humming Will, we have a delivery for hell and they seem impatient." Sapnap interrupted as he grabbed his bow, aiming at the hoard already.


The brunette nodded from the middle and began humming slowly, letting more and more of his voice out, causing most of the hoard to slow down their movement.


Dream was the first one to make a move, running into the crowd with his axe and slashing the first undead's skull, making it drop down to the ground.


Then, Sapnap began firing at the things, four arrows each time, practising multishot since it was the most useful thing for the hoards.


Lastly, Technoblade headed inside of the crowd with his sword, swiftly taking out most of the front line. 


They took care of the hoard pretty quickly with relatively no issues, beside Wilbur's vocal chords giving up at the last second but that wasn't a big deal since they only had around twenty of the fuckers left.


Then, after they were done, they headed back inside of the base that Sapnap called home nowadays and weren't surprised to see Tubbo and Tommy talking to each other in the kitchen while George lazily snapped on one of the sofas.


Punz was most likely checking up on Karl who Sapna hasn't seen since he woke up, but he honestly couldn't give less of a shit about the man who pulled a goddamn gun on him because Dream wanted to save a child.


"Who wants coffee?" The ravenette offered as he headed to the stove, grabbing his stash he hid in one of the countertops, hearing both the Minecraft twins and Dream  say yes.


He got the water and put it on the stove, before turning it on.


The ravenette felt hands sneak up his waist and turned around, only to see Dream's face and relax in the blond's hold.


"Hey, you." The blond spoke right next to his ear, which made him shiver. "Hey, simp." The ravenette chuckled, with a soft blush already creeping up his face.


"As soon as they leave, I'm gonna take a nap." The taller man mumbled into his neck as he nuzzled closer. "Wanna join?" 


The ravenette licked his lips. He was pretty tired. 


"Mhm. Gladly." He decided to say as he felt the man lay a kiss on his pulse point. 


Sapnap allowed one of his hands to go behind the blond's head and ruffle his hair ever so gently, before grabbing the spoon and mixing up the coffee and pouring it in four different mugs.


"We gotta bring the coffee over to the table, c'mon, dude." The ravenette giggled as he felt the man's breath tickle his neck. "I don't wanna move though." The blond whimpered, looking up at him with puppy eyes.


"Nah, don't give me that look. Let's go." The ravenette chuckled and passed the man two of the four mugs, while carrying two himself. 


They headed to the table and put down the cups, inviting the twins over as well.


He felt like the day was pretty successful. 

Chapter Text

His breathing was calm and the warmth around him made him cuddle closer, the safety of the hands around him made him smile.


The ravenette tried to open his eyes as he felt himself slip into the world of the living, being proud of the small rest he took, only to notice nothing but darkness in his way.


He tried to blink, but couldn't even feel his own lashes touch his cheek as he stumbled around aimlessly, before remembering his fire.


Sapnap tried to make it, yet couldn't, his body was shaking, the ravenette thought as he felt the air get tighter in his lungs, before something finally became visible, burned his skin and made him look up.


The full eclipse. He could feel blood run down his eyes and quickly averted his glance, screaming in pain, before he felt the warm embrace return around him.


"Sap, baby, what the hell, are you okay?" The voice was faint, his vision fuzzy and he couldn't speak up.


"Sapnap!" The man shook him, causing him to open his eyes once again, vision still a bit blurry but better than before.


"It was just a dream, come on, calm down." The blond said softly, throwing an arm over him to keep him from moving. By some insane luck, no one but them was up even though they made so much noise.


Sapnap felt like he was snapped out of something real even though he technically knew that he was just having a nightmare, which sucked ass because sleep was the only escape he ever got from the real world.


"Are my eyes okay?" The ravenette blurted out as he gathered his thoughts, running his fingers over his cheeks as if to wipe something that clearly wasn't there. "Yeah, but not for long if you continue clawing on them." The blond muttered, grabbing his hands in one of his own and pinning them down against the mattress.


The ravenette could feel the older man's body on his own, see his face and suddenly, he felt so awkward.


He tried to move his hands again but instead just pulled the blond on top, which caused both of the pair to widen their eyes and sit there dumbfounded. 


The blond realized their positions and rolled off, clearly embarrassed.


"Seriously though, why did you burn me? Did you have a bad dream?" The blond mumbled as he turned on his elbow, green eyes scanning over the ravenette's face. "Uh….well, I had a weird dream. I don't know if it was a bad one though." The ravenette shrugged as he returned towards the blond as well, trying to keep his voice as low as possible, because he didn't want others to get woken up.


"What was it about?" The blond questioned, moving his hair out of his face and making the ravenette lean closer into the warm touch. "Eclipse. A big one. The entire sun was covered." The ravenette began to explain, feeling Dream's fingers freeze, before they began to move once again, this time slower.


"What was it like?" The taller of the two mumbled quietly, pulling himself a bit closer to Sapnap. "I couldn't see shit." The ravenette began as he cuddled up into the blond's chest, gripping his hoodie. "Everything was dark and I couldn't even see my own hand in front of me. Worst thing though was the fact that I couldn't feel anything. " The ravenette sighed as he closed his eyes and took a deep breath.


"Not even my lashes, like when I was walking, I couldn't feel my feet. So I tried to light up a small fire but I'm guessing I just burnt you instead." The ravenette got out as he looked up at the blond, who in turn nodded with a sad glance, looking like he didn't know how to comfort Spanao but really wanted to.


"Are you okay, by the way? Is the burn big?" The shorter man asked, before he felt Dream pull him closer into a tight hug and kiss his cheek, which caused the younger to blink, puzzled by the whole situation. "You good, dude?"


The blond nodded, but low key refused to move away, no matter how many times the ravenette tried to wiggle out of his grasp. 


"What's going on? Why are you suddenly so clingy?" The ravenette mumbled as he noticed the man nuzzle closer, running his hands through the dirty blond locks of hair. 


"I'm sorry." The blond mumbled so quietly, like a child.


The sentence made him confused, before the man spoke up again.


"I couldn't protect you from everything."


"I've allowed you to be in danger yesterday and literally almost have your brain get splattered across the wall." His voice broke in the middle and hand gripped the ravenette's hip.


"Hey, Dream, that wasn't your fault. It was so chaotic yesterday, no one could've predicted Karl's breakdown," The ravenette tried, but got interrupted by the blond. "I should've done something." The blond bit out as he pulled his head back and stared at him with teary eyes.


He bit his lip and pushed the blond down on the mattress, seeing Dream's face flash between confusion before he got on top of him and kissed the blond, allowing the surprised gasp to be his entrance point.


The ravenette closed his eyes and licked the blond's canine, then biting down on his lip and then soothing the bite with his tongue.


Dream seemed more than dazed as he pulled back, surprised by what just happened.


"See? Unexpected shit happens all the time." The ravenette mumbled as he brushed against the blond again, speaking each word against his lips. "You can't predict everything." He bumped their foreheads together and sighed, feeling the blond's hands come up to his hips.


"If you two fuck in here I will finish what Karl started." George mumbled as he moved back from the stove, surprising the couple. "Dude, what the fuck, you were awake?!" The ravenette gasped out and quickly moved off of the blond, seeing Dream flush as red as he probably was.


"No shit. You screamed in the middle of the night, I don't know how everyone else is sleeping right now." The brunette grumbled out as he headed to his sofa with the food. 


"We have to move you two out of here before I see some shit I don't want to see." The healer glared, making them want to dig a hole in the floor and never come out. "I agree." Punz mumbled from the couch, causing further embarrassment.


"Should we just feed them to the zombies the next time?" Tubbo joined in, clearly making them aware that almost everyone was awake. "That's more Karl's style. We should just shoot them instead." George commented as he took a bite of the veggies he grabbed from the half broken down fridge.


"I hate them." Sapnap muttered, hiding his face into the blond's chest. "Same honestly, they deserve the death penalty for that cock block." Dream mumbled back, causing him to smack the blond's side. "I'm kidding!" The blond chuckled, before Tubbo threw his clumsily made pillow at them from the other smaller mattress they had picked out for him. "Shut up you simp or I swear to God I'll tell Sapnap about that one time you pissed your bed while your ex was over."


The ravenette blinked, before bursting into laughter. "No, actually you have to tell me." He called back to the teen.


"Maybe when I'm not trying to sleep. Until then, I will continue to assault you with things I can reach for and throw them all at you." The kid bit out.


Sapnap chuckled at his annoyed tone and allowed himself to pull back and snatch another kiss from the blond before turning around and covering himself with the blanket.


"Maybe we can get some alone-time some other day." He muttered under the blanket, feeling the blond snake his hand around his waist and nuzzle against his neck. "What was that?" The blond chuckled teasingly, clearly just wanting to hear him say that again.


"I said maybe I can cut your balls off some other day." The ravenette rolled his eyes, causing Punz to chuckle from his couch. "Nah, you wanna do something else to his balls." The criminal called, before getting hushed by the empty cigarette pack that the healer threw at him.


"If I hear another sound I'm grabbing the glock." The man mumbled, clearly tired of their shit. "Okay, Karl." The ravenette laughed, feeling Dream snort behind him.


"Oh, I'll give you Karl." The brunette grumbled, before all of them heard the safety come off.


That caused everyone to quiet down and go back to sleep before George had a mental breakdown and sent them to their early graves.

Chapter Text

Since today they had pretty much nothing to do, he and Dream decided to spend most of the morning just sitting around lazily, while George was still asleep and Punz and Karl went outside as usual.


The ravenette had their blanket still wrapped around him since he always felt a bit colder when he woke up, even though his temperature ran higher in the mornings.


It was probably because of the fact that the temperature around them is cold in comparison to his own, so until his body gets used to it, he had to improvise and keep himself feeling warm.


Then, the blond sneaked under the blanket too and pulled him closer until the ravenette was basically pressed up against him. He looked curiously towards the man, seeing a shit-eating grin plastered across his face.


"Aren't you cold? Human bodies are really warm." The blond sang out, running his fingers down his ribs and to his sides before the hand landed on his hip.


He rolled his eyes but still complied and sat down in the man's lap, closing the blanket around them and laying his head across the blond's shoulder, almost purring at their, now shared, warmth.


"You two disgust me." George mumbled sleepily, before yawning. "Oh, too fucking bad, suck my dick, dude." The ravenette rolled his eyes fondly, knowing that the healer was just messing around. "Nah, that's Dream's job." The brunette chuckled.


"I wish." The blond muttered behind him, which caused him to flush and slap his shoulder, clearly embarrassed. "Oh my God. You two should actually just never speak to me again." The healer groaned, burying his face in his palms.


"G'morning." Tubbo muttered as he woke up, still sounding tired. "Morning, Tubbs." The blond behind him smiled, hands going up the ravenette's waist and hugging him closer under the blanket.


He leaned back into the touch and relaxed as Dream, George and Tubbo continued to chat, simply focusing on the warmth and not even realizing that he fell asleep again.


Well, not at first, anyway. 


But then, he was in a house, with Tubbo's corpse at his feet, who had his entire body turned into one of those things right by Dream who had his eyes scooped clean out.


He almost could feel puke coming up to his mouth before he noticed the rest of the corpses too, which caused him to gasp and stumble back in shock.


There was a half eaten corpse of Punz, laying on his back with his bones sticking out and guts sprawled across his visible ribcage as well as Karl, who had blown his own brains out, the wound of entering clearly pointing to suicide.


The last one his eyes laid upon was George, who was covered from head to toe in white spots that began to grow goddamn vegetation out of themselves. 


He woke up almost screaming, which caused Dream to go into panic mode and hold him tighter, before he looked around at everyone and noticed that they were fine.


His eyes landed on a very much alive Tubbo, kneeling by him with great concern.


Then, the ravenette looked over the healer who had only four spots on his face, still just freckle-like. 


Sapnap coughed violently before turning around to see Karl and Punz watching from the doorway, Punz alive and well and Karl seeming off but still breathing.


"Sap. What the hell?" Tubbo muttered, clearly shaken up. "I, shit, sorry about that. Nightmare." The ravenette explained as he calmed down his rapid breathing.


What the hell did these even mean? Was it his own stress or….? What was going on here? Was it a warning?


"You need to relax a little bit. This is your second one today." George rolled his eyes but still seemed concerned, even though he tried to hide it under the sarcasm.


"Honestly I'm pretty worried. Last one, it was about an eclipse. What's this one about?" The blond behind him asked, which caused him to look between him and Tubbo, clearly not wanting to talk about the nightmare in front of the child.


"He's a big boy. He can handle it." The blond said, frowning at Tubbo's kicked-puppy expression, pointing out how it would only make the kid feel less trusted if they just kicked him out.


The ravenette took a deep breath before nodding.


"Alright, so. This one...was definitely a nightmare." He got out, opening his eyes and staring at each one of his teammates. "You were all dead." He began to explain, squeezing Dream's hand under the blanket while holding the thing around them with the other one.


", you were completely turned into one of those things." The ravenette carried on, before looking behind himself. "And had your eyes taken. Like, they were cut out or something." He could see the blond bite down on his lip, clearly worried about his mental health.


"Then, fuck, George yours was the worst. You had moss growing out of those damn freckles, you were covered in them from head to toe." The ravenette began to explain, shivering at the image inside of his head that still stood as clear as day.


"Punz, you were half eaten...gruesomely so. And uh, Karl, you killed yourself." He finally finished, shaking by the end of it.


"Holy fuck...that sounds...intense, to say the least." The youngest member of their team got out as he crawled a bit forward and wrapped his arms around the ravenette's shoulders, pulling him in for a hug.


"I'm sorry." The boy whispered as he pulled back, looking up at him with dark green eyes. "Don't apologise, it's probably just the stress." The ravenette sighed, but still cuddled closer to Dream, not in his element to be snarky today.


"Still, man. That sounds really...challenging. Nightmares are some tough shit." Punz spoke up from the doorway, making him spare a look towards the duo. Karl seemed to be thinking about something, which made him quite worried. While the criminal simply stood there like a statue, worried about him.


"You should think about something other than this shit, honestly." George called from the sofa, making him roll his eyes. What else does one think about in an apocalypse? "Try not to worry so much about us." Tubbo mumbled quietly as he gave his shoulder a light squeeze.


"I'll….try." He sighed as he closed his eyes, feeling a light headache make its presence known.


"Want a distraction? We could take a walk." The blond sighed behind him, reminding him that they still had a free day today. "I think I want to rest after all of this honestly." The ravenette muttered as he allowed his head to hit the blond's shoulder again.


The blond just hummed along to his response and brought one of his hands out to play with his hair.


Sapnap relaxed against the touch and tried to focus on it as he felt sleep fade out his vision again.


He was just so damn tired lately. 

Chapter Text

The nightmares continued through the week and the ravenette was mentally and physically exhausted.


It got to the point where he'd purposefully avoid sleep for days before literally passing out.


Worst ones were the ones where he'd witnessed horrific things, his own family as the undead eating his teammates, but the others were just as bad, even if they didn't have gory images throughout them.


For example, he'd watch another version of him, one with orange eyes that sparkled with gold just run through a forest while the background began to melt away, to break apart like puzzle pieces until he was forced to run after the man.


He'd always wake up screaming and it became the usual for the team.


Food began to lack taste, each day became monotone and he just wanted to know why this was happening to him.


And tonight, for better or for worse, he found out.


It began like every other one.


With the version of him laughing and running through the forest. But this time, he began following him from the start and actually caught up to him, which was when he grabbed the man's arm and saw him turn around, golden eyes swirling between an orange and a yellow blend of colours.


The forest around them stopped disintegrating and instead stayed as a ring, the water from the small lake was running down the edge like a waterfall and the version of him wiped his smile off, face flashing between his own and an undead, then even some animals.


It gave him chills and he dropped the things hand like he was burned.


Then, backed off until one of his feet dangled off the edge as the thing stalked towards him.


"What...the fuck?" The ravenette got out as the thing that had his face till just a moment ago grabbed his throat and began to hold him up, choking him.


The thing turned to the man that he saw before, he seemed so familiar but the ravenette just couldn't put his finger on it.


He had floor length blond hair, scars across his eyes in an × as well as two halos that also had an × shape, six wings and a long dirty green robe.


Then, it hit him. This was the being inside of George's necklace. 


"Finally, I began to think you had brain damage." The man, the thing, or whatever he fuck he was spoke in a glitchy voice that gave him a goddamn headache.


He got dropped down on the freshly renewed ground, not seeing even a trace of the previously beautiful forest, instead seeing nothing but darkness and a dark shape of an eclipse behind the being's head.


"What the fuck are you?" The ravenette panted out, feeling the air become almost unbreathable. 


"I am the light and I am the dark. I am the universe's law." The blond spoke, moving its wings up and covering his face again with the first pair, with the golden swords appearing in the third pair, one upside down and the other pointing to where the sky was. 


"Stop bullshitting me with riddles. What do you want?" The ravenette glared, feeling his patience run thin. "Mortals. Always so impatient." The being sighed before kneeling down in front of him, touching his cheek with his thumb, causing a burning sensation to appear, making the ravenette scream.


Then, a bunch of images began flashing.


The first group was of the thing and Dream speaking about something, the being telling his friend to protect someone with his life if he wanted to end this nightmare, then the second one was of him and Dream kissing in a strange building, with a bunch of corpses of the undead lingering at their feet.


It seemed like a store? He truly had no idea. The third ones were of him getting pushed into the pile of the undead by George, after which the brunette realized what he did a bit too late, then, Dream got his axe out and began threatening everyone, with the hoard not even minding the group anymore, simply picking Sapnap's passed out body up for some reason and carrying it away, not eating it.


He felt blood dripping down his nose and began coughing violently, falling down and then waking up with Dream standing by his side, face mortified and eyes wide.


"Sapnap, please wake up!" He heard another scream beside his head but his consciousness faded again and he was back into the darkness, shaking and puking on the ground beside the thing's feet.


"Thought I lost you for a second." The being spoke, annoyed at his lack of concentration and pain toleration. "What was that ?!" The ravenette screamed out, tears running down his face as he began to wipe away the blood from his nose.


"Your past life. And Dream's involvement with me. Don't you wonder why he got to you first in the previous reality, darling?" The thing chuckled, reaching out its fingers and brushing his hair out of his face. "I don't give a fuck, stop with all of this! Are you the reason why we are in this bullshit?!" He yelled angrily as he picked himself up and tried to push the thing away from himself, only to feel his body freeze on it's own.


"Shut up." 


Even without his consent, his body listened to the command and he felt like he couldn't even breathe, let alone speak.


"There we go, much better." The being began as he got up and pushed his chin up with his foot, making him stare up at it. "Now, listen to me. You are the reason for the eclipse." The words caused him to gasp, but no sound came out. He tried to move his fingers but couldn't. "Doesn't matter how, doesn't even matter why."


"But you're the one who can put an end to this." The blood began to drip down his nose again, this time in larger quantities, his body clearly not supposed to be here. "Dream failed twice now to protect you and fell in love with you instead, which is pathetic, but I suppose the emotions helped him keep you safe." Twice? His brain tried to make sense of the things shown to him. Wait...twice? That meant that he failed once already and the previous reality wasn't their first one. "I am here to insure you carry out the law of the universe by getting transported back by Dream to before the eclipse happened."

"You've already caused me enough trouble, I expect you to stay put and listen to the warnings of the universe of your dreams." Warnings of the universe? Wait, so his nightmares actually had meaning? 


"I have no idea why the universe would choose you of all the more capable and suitable people for the law, but I suppose I cannot question it." What is the law? "Now, when you wake up, you won't tell a soul what I've told you, only one who you could talk to is Dream since he knows of my existence already." 


"Those who do not shall stay in the dark."

"Otherwise, I will make sure those who know don't make it out alive."  The threat made him gulp, but he could already see spots behind his vision, knew that he'd return to his usual world in a few seconds. "Carry out the warnings and interpret your dreams unless you want everything to stay the same." 

Chapter Text

"Sapnap!" The blond yelled as he finally woke up, causing him to wince. His head was a mess and he felt wet liquid dripping out of his nose. "Sapnap, your nose is bleeding, get your head up." The healer of their group spoke calmly, gushing Dream and helping him get up, basically dragging him up like a rag doll.


It took him five minutes to fully reconnect with reality and realize that George had put ice from the fridge behind his neck, which melted into his shirt.


His nose was still bleeding, but way less than before. Blood was even on his damn shirt from how intense it was.


Good news? His headache from the 'dream' was gone. Bad news? That probably wasn't a dream. 


He wished it was. seemed too fucking real to be. 


He spared a look towards Dream who was currently holding him up and closed his eyes.


"Dream, I need to go to the bathroom. Help me out." The ravenette mumbled, knowing damn well that he didn't need to go anywhere but that he just wanted to confirm everything with the blond and find out what actually happened.


The blond seemed hesitant but still helped him up without a complaint and he ignored his teammates' concerned glances, sparing a look towards Karl who was staring at him from his sofa in the corner of the room, lips pressed tightly in a frown.


As soon as they entered the somewhat dark bathroom, he closed the doors and leaned on them.


"Dream, who's XD?" The ravenette asked as he stared up at him, with a glare. "What do you mean?" The blond narrowed his eyes, acting confused. That wasn't the right move. 


How the hell was he supposed to trust Dream if the man lied to him about this kind of shit?


"Dream. The deal you made. I saw it all." Sapnap's voice got lower by the end as he pressed the piece of gauze closer to his nose, wiping the blood away. "What happened in the actual first reality where we met?" 


The blond bit down on his lip and put the toilet seat down before taking a seat. 


"Listen, I was going to tell you but I couldn't. You know how the...thing is." The taller of the two got out as he began to nervously play with his fingers, digging his nails in his palm.


"It isn't keen on letting people know of its existence." The blond sighed, causing him to roll his eyes. "Yeah, I got that from its threats." He mumbled out as he leaned against the door. "From what I know, it is basically the law of the universe." He nodded along to that, getting his hair out of his face by tucking a stray strand behind his ear. "The apocalypse...all this, it started because we as a species do not have a natural born predator." 

"That's what I was told." The blond shrugged, still pretty disturbed by whatever the hell the thing told him after that, probably describing in detail how they 'mortals' did not deserve to be on top of the food chain or some other pretentious shit. "The law, though, it thinks that you're also at fault since the universe decided that its law must be spread out to everyone as 'powers' to make it more balanced, which is how we got these." He rolled his eyes at that. How the hell was he supposed to even stop the universe from doing it's usual bullshit? He wasn't even keen on his 'blessed' powers.


"Then, an issue popped up. The apocalypse ran out of control of the universe since the things gained consciousness."


 "In the original reality, you were the first one to get any sort of powers." The blond explained again, getting off of the toilet and heading towards him. "So, I was the first to get powers?" Dream nodded and reached out his hand, making him look away.


"But...sadly, that ended pretty badly." The taller man sighed, pulling his hand back, sensing that he didn't want to be touched at the moment. "I can't say much about it because, well, nothing was even remotely like here or in the previous one, but I had next to no clue what happened to me, just like you."


"I didn't even know what was real and what was fake once the law began appearing in my dreams and it brought me to the point of self exertion where I was careless and brought the whole team in danger." The blond shivered, disturbed by whatever the hell he went through in the very first reality. 


"That was your first downfall, we were getting supplies and I was careless."


The ravenette raised his eyebrow at that and looked back at the older man.


"I didn't listen to you and almost got killed, but you jumped and took the bullet for me." 


''That's how I first found out about my powers, I wished I could've just turned back time, which is when it came into play." So he was basically the reason why Dream got his powers? God, he wished he had enough brain cells to understand what the hell was even going on right now. 


He wiped off the blood that finally stopped dripping and focused on the blond again.


"It explained my powers to me and everything about the law and about you." He bit down on his lip as the blond put a hand right by his face, leaning down almost to touch his lips with his own. 


"Since you were the first to get actual powers, or the gift of the universe, it told me that I need to protect you and keep you safe then bring you back to before the first eclipse happened." The blond explained, licking his lips. "It explained your importance to me and told me to keep you safe at all costs."

"Only issue? I...fell in love with you."


"It was pretty angry about that but couldn't really change the events since messing with human emotions is out of its reach." The older of the two explained and began to play with black strands of hair, causing the ravenette to flush bright red.


Dream just had that way of just making you forget about everything.


But his brain told him to maybe take a step back and take time to actually analyse the information dumped on him today. 


Still, he couldn't help but close his eyes and lean in to kiss the blond, saying fuck you to every braincell that hasn't died off by the mass amounts of confusing events he went through and threw all caution out of the window.


If he couldn't understand this reality, he'd just try and make it worth the confusion by doing whatever the hell makes him feel alive.


He was so tired of the undead, of the nightmares, of the confusing events, of his own teammates turning out to be these lying ass bitches who hid shit from the entire team, from apparently immortal mother fuckers who haunted his nightmares and of the entire fucking universe at this point.


The blond seemed to be shocked at his reaction, but his hands still came to the ravenette's hips, which made the younger smile into the kiss and wrap his legs around the blond's waist, using his shoulders for support as he held on.


"The team," Dream gasped out after they broke away, saliva dripping down his face. "They can wait." The ravenette shrugged and leaned in again, digging his fingertips inside a fistful of blond hair and closing his eyes as their lips connected once more.


Later, he'd figure out whatever the hell was going on here. Now, now he just wanted a distraction.


So, until he got all of the tension out of his system, the universe could just fucking wait.


Fuck the universe. 

Chapter Text

"Sapnap, I'm serious, they'll hear us. We are not doing that in a dirty bathroom." The blond gasped out as he gripped his thighs, holding him up straight against the doorway, before allowing his feet to hit the floor. "Your...first time should be special." Because of course the man knew everything about him. Of course he was just a replacement of his original...version or whatever the fuck happened in the other realities.


He was so done with this entire thing. Not only did he trust Dream with this whole charade, he also trusted him with his own heart . As sappy as it sounds, he loved the man.


He was physically attracted to him and romantically involved with him as well. The blond seemed to love leading him on and then saying the most pretentious bullshit as Sapnap loses his goddamn mind over the whole 'law of the universe'. He wanted a distraction, but he supposed that was too much to ask for.


"No, hey, don't just go all up in your own head, I just want you to have a nice time when we do it." The blond bit out as he gripped his chin with his now free hand and forced eye contact. "This however is not the condition nor the time to be doing it in." 


He supposed that was right. But he also didn't care about right, at least not right now .


"I want you to distract me, Dream. Can you do that?" The ravenette questioned as he reached out with his hand and began to trail it down the man's chest.


The blond was clearly flustered and clearly wanted this as much as the ravenette did, but he still pushed the ravenette's hands against the door frame and pinned them up in his own.


"Babe, we are gonna do that later. In a room." Dream's voice hoarsed out, causing him to bite down on his lip doubtful of the blond's promises. "How about instead of that, we go out there because they are worried for you. We can take a walk, or I can make some food." Shit. He forgot about the fact that he woke up with a nosebleed and spent around fifteen minutes arguing in the bathroom over the dumbest shit, leaving the great of the team confused. 


He needed to also decipher what his dreams could mean as well.


"Yeah, okay, I guess." The ravenette mumbled as he pushed his back against the wall, gathering his own bullshit together and trying to appear as mentally stable as he could. 


For the eclipse, it was clear. A deadly eclipse that they needed to get the hell out of this timeline on.


But, when it came to the...other nightmares, they were less than usual.


The forest run was most likely just how the dumbass law appeared to him, to try and tell him about everything. 


Or well, to tell him shit that would forever mess with his fucking brain. He hated the universe, the bullshit about every predator having a one-up above them rule and everything else that came out of this fucking eclipse. 


What did his teammates' death mean though? They all died in gruesome ways.


For Karl, suicide would never be an option, unless of course it was for the 'better of the world' or some other bullshit. 


Punz, he was eaten in his dreams. Which meant that he needed to keep the criminal away from those things at all costs.


Tubbo, he needed to stop the young teen from using his powers, or better said, make sure no one gets bitten. 


For George, he had to make sure that the healer didn't have to use his artefact anymore since it caused the white dots to appear.


That brang his mind to the fact that the law looks like the thing from George's artefact. He turned towards Dream, hand on the doorknob.


"Before that, the thing in George's necklace the thing that we dreamt about?" The ravenette asked, pretty embarrassed by his fucking outburst.


"Yeah, no. The artefact was just made based on some mythology from what XD said. Its image is also just that too, because it doesn't have a true form." The blond said as he scratched the back of his neck, still red in the face, lips bitten almost bloody from Sapnap's teeth and blond hair sticking everywhere.


"Good to know." The ravenette got out as he thought to the last subject of his dreams.


Dream himself, all pun intended, had his eyes scooped out by something .


What the fuck did that mean? Some undead is gonna try to make an ice cream out of his eyeballs or some shit?


The thought caused him to laugh bitterly, earning him a confused and quite concerned glance by Dream before he waved the blond off and reopened the bathroom door, ready to head back. 


The blond seemed hesitant but still headed out with him, they headed back in time to see Tubbo lingering in the hallway.


As soon as the boy spotted him, he ran up with open arms and almost knocked Sapnap down.


"Hey, easy!" The ravenette got out as he caught the teen, having to hold up the brunette who was currently clinging to his shoulders. "I'm sorry." The brunette mumbled, close to tears.


He looked up at Dream who looked back at him with just as much confusion.




"I was being a brat about you keeping stuff from me." The boy explained through tears and hugged him tighter. "It was probably for my own good, right? George said that we put you through too much stress and that's why you're like this and I don't want you to feel bad." The kid sobbed, causing the ravenette to glare daggers at the entrance to the kitchen.


"Don't worry Tubbs, it wasn't your fault." The ravenette soothed the kid, running his fingers through the boy's hair.


George would get an earful as soon as he got back in there. 

Chapter Text

"George, what the hell have you been telling the kid?" Sapnap bit out as he entered the kitchen, with Tubbo and Dream behind him. 


"Nothing, just the truth." The healer shrugged. "You're way too stressed, how else would you explain everything going on, huh?" The brunette questioned further from the sofa as he leaned back.


"I…" He knew the real reason behind his nosebleeds and nightmares but he also knew that he couldn't tell the group unless he wanted them to die. "You? Cat got your tongue or something?" The older of the two spoke up again, dropping his book down.


"Enough." Karl spoke up, surprising all of them. "If it was from stress this isn't helping him." The blond explained, gripping his cup.


"I know you're not talking after you pulled a gun on him." 


Even Sapnap flinched at the low blow, watching as the room became more and more tense.


"I wouldn't have killed him. I was threatening Dream." The time traveller bit out, clearly bothered by the comment. 


"Oh, just like you didn't push him to the hoard." The healer rolled his eyes, turning to face the other man.


"Well, technically, you did." Karl smiled sarcastically as he took a sip.


The ravenette could only gape at the fight that was beginning to get serious as George got up and cracked his knuckles. "Do you honestly think you can speak to me that way?" The brunette smiled back, equally as snappy.


"Oh, do I? What are you gonna do? Cry about it? Sit down, we both know you could never actually harm anybody, princess." The blond chuckled, putting his mug down.


"Bold of you to assume, especially because I'm the one with a gun right now." The healer spoke up, fingers tracing his holster. 


"Both of you, enough is enough." Punz was the one to get in between the two, in front of George, getting up in his face. "This shit isn't helping anyone ." 


"Oh, just get your boyfriend to protect you, twat." The brit smirked, winning in his head as he crossed his arms, not moving an inch. "Is your ego really that fragile, George? That you have to get back at him?" The criminal asked as he glared at the brunette.


"Oh, piss off, wanker. We both know that you only protect that tosser because you're a weak spirited git who thinks that people change." The oldest of the trio barked out, getting into Punz's face.


Now, Sapnap knew that Punz was a calm person.


But he did not like somebody getting all up in his face.


So, before shit could escalate any further, he marched up to the trio, before noticing Punz's gripped fist and having to run in between the two, taking a punch in the gut for the brunette.


Worst thing? Punz used his goddamn ability in the punch.


He winced and bit on his lip so hard it began to bleed, with Dream appearing by his side in less than a second and helping him stand straight as he began coughing literal fucking blood .


"George heal him or I swear to fucking God all of you will taste my axe." The blond growled as he brought the ravenette to the couch, laying him down and leaving behind a very stunned trio.


"The fuck are you waiting for?" The blond barked out, making even Karl wince. 


The healer hurried to his side and allowed his hands to touch the ravenette's stomach, before the ravenette felt a bit of ease seep through him from the healing and sighed.


"Are you fucking insane, dude?! You could've killed him with that punch!" The younger man growled out, leaning on his elbows. "I...fuck, sorry I lost it for a second." Punz got out through a sigh, falling back and leaning against the sofa, rubbing his temple.


This was bad. They needed to be united now more than ever.


"Listen up. All of you." The ravenette began as he moved George's hand from him, knowing that his spleen was probably ruptured and not totally healed but going against the pain and huffing in effort as he got up.


"George, you're one sarcastic asshole but you are one of the most understanding people here and I need you to put your differences aside for now." The man began, looking over at the healer as he bit the inside of his cheek but nodded.


"You, Punz, have been tasked with keeping up with our bullshit for so long and I'm sorry." He almost gasped out as he felt a harsh pain stab through him. "I know how hard it is to try and keep this mess of a team from falling apart." The criminal softened his glance at that and looked away, embarrassed by the compliment.


"And you, Karl." The time traveller didn't even bring his head up as the ravenette carried on. "You might be the most egotistical dumbass I've ever seen but you also are doing everything you can to turn this shit around." The words made him bounce his knee up and down but the time traveller kept his mouth shut, thankfully.


"Do I get it? Yeah. Do I still want to snap your neck? Yes. God, I want to." The ravenette groaned in frustration, which caused even Dream to look at him like he was going insane. But he carried on nonetheless.

"But I won't, because we are fucking team ."


"No matter what, we are all making it to the next eclipse and then back into our reality, are we clear, assholes?" The man bit out as he headed back to the couch, coughing again.


"Sir, yes sir." Punz was the first to break the silence in a salute, clearly back to his normal self or at least trying to make it seem that way.


"Good." The ravenette smiled even though he felt like he was going to fucking puke blood before the healer sighed in frustration. 


"Alright now lay the bloody fuck down so I can heal you properly." 

Chapter Text

The ravenette woke up gasping for breath once again, this time without a scream, simply holding his hands on his lips as he laid by Dream. 


His eyes went over the blond's face and he counted from one to ten, trying his best to not make a sound.


This time, he saw himself from a third perspective, out of body experience.


He was kneeling down on freshly cut green grass, all by himself, with blood on his hands.


He could see his own expression, the way his mouth opened in a scream and then a flash between the green grass in the big city and his team around him, dead on the floor.


It was clearer and clearer by day.  


The rest of the team would die.


Connecting all the missing puzzle pieces was harder than anything he ever could've guessed, especially once the dreams began connecting to each other.


It was like watching a movie and anticipating the ending but at the same time not even wanting to truly know what it could be.


Dream's health was okay, Karl wasn't suicidal for now, George hasn't been using his artefact, Tubbo hasn't had to heal any more bites and Punz seemed to be as careful as always while dealing with the undead. 


But he still felt his worries eat him alive, drowning him out in a sea of red.


It was like the perfect trainwreck that you knew would happen but you cannot get off of the ride.


His breathing calmed down, but Dream stirred beside him, opening his eyes and staring at the ravenette sleepily.


"Go back to sleep, I'm fine." The ravenette mumbled quietly, truly not wanting anyone to witness their private talks anymore. 


"Mhmh, 'nother nightmare?" The blond denied his words through a lazy yawn, getting up and fixing his hair as much as he could with his fingers.


"Yeah. If you wanna talk, let's just go to the room where we've put Tommy in last time." The ravenette breathed, getting up from the mattress and stretching out. "I'm not gonna get bullied by Punz and George again." 


The taller of the two nodded and got up, posture as terrible as everyone's current mental state.


They headed out of the kitchen, watching their every step and then closed the doors quietly, before entering the room and sighing in relief.


The morning sun was shining through the room's window, showing off the dusty interior since no one really used it ever .


"So, what's going on so far?" The blond mumbled sleepily, flopping down on the cushion of the room, causing the ravenette to cough because of the dust that came out of it. 


"Basically I think the universe is trying to tell me that you guys might be fucked." The ravenette shrugged as he sat in the blond's lap. "And I have to try my best to save you or some cryptic bullshit." He sighed, looking back at the taller with a tired glance, eyebags impossibly dark.


"Well, that's just great." The blond chuckled sarcastically, running a hand through the ravenette's hair and teasing it between his fingers.


"Is Punz gonna bring Tubbo over at the Minecraft's or is Toms gonna come over again?" The ravenette tried to switch the theme, clearly tired of the whole situation. "Tubbo is gonna go over at theirs with George and Punz this time since Techno told us there was a bigger hoard around their neighbourhood yesterday." The blond sighed, kissing his neck and making him shiver.


"Wait. No, George cannot go out with Punz. In my dreams George dies from over-using his artefact and Punz gets eaten!" The ravenette suddenly remembered, whipping his head around and head-butting the older man, causing them both to wince and draw back.


"Oh God, that hurt like a bitch," The blond groaned, getting a nod from him in return. 


"But, they're big boys. I think they can handle sixteen undead, believe in them." The blond mumbled softly, rubbing his head.


He thought about it for a second. 


He should trust the two hut he felt hesitant to.


"Besides, I gotta keep you safe at all costs." Dream reminded him as he turned to look at the man. "We are so close to getting back to our reality, risking your life now would just fuck us all up." 


They would be back to their normal lives, huh?


Sapnap thought about it. Him, watching dumbass Netflix shows on his computer in his shitty apartment again, not having to fight for his life.


Dream, finally getting back to his own lifestyle and apparently a rich one according to him.


Tubbo, getting a chance to go through school, get education and a decent job, get to socialise with people and to forget this huge trauma that the world put upon him.


Punz, getting a chance to live his life and turn it around, avoiding his imprisonment and having a clean record, getting a good job and all the benefits of modern society back.


Karl...well, getting to see his goal finally achieved even though he would die for it. 


The thought made him sad no matter how much he pretended to hate the man. Karl would die before getting to taste the normality of their everyday life again. 


"Hey," The blond mumbled softly, running a hand over his cheek. "Yeah?" The ravenette mumbled, noticing how small it sounded at that very second.


"You're crying." Dream's statement made him blink, before his vision got significantly blurry.


He closed his eyes and allowed himself to cry.


Cry for the shit they went through.


Cry for Karl's known death sentence.


And finally, cry for all of the responsibility on his shoulders.


Dream locked his arms around the ravenette and hugged him closer, making him suddenly aware of the fact that he's been a bitch to the man who kept him safe through all of this and saved his life.


He pulled back from the hug and opened his eyes, staring at the frowning man, suddenly sobered up yet still having tears running down his face. 


"Dream?" The ravenette sniffled, wiping his eyes with the back of his hand.


"Yeah?" The blond mumbled back, still petting his head ever so gently.


"I love you." The man whispered, shyly, watching as Dream's face and hand froze, almost like he was struck by lightning.


"Can...can you say that again?" The man hoarsed out after an awkward minute of pure silence, his gravelly voice causing the ravenette to bite down a smile.


"I love you, dumbass." The younger man chuckled out, before the blond literally threw himself at him, causing them both to stumble down on the floor, in a hug.


"Ouch!" The ravenette bit out, wincing before his eyes landed on the blond's face.


He could see tears running down the man's cheeks and could almost feel the blond's heartbeat spike as they stared at each other. 


"Sapnap, I will kiss you right now. " The blond threatened, voice breaking in the middle, more than touched by the whole situation.


"Then do it, pussy." The ravenette teased back, reaching out a hand and locking it around the man's waist.


The blond didn't need to be told twice, apparently, because in less than a second, their lips connected in the most sloppy kiss thus far, clearly navigated by pure emotions and no brain cells on either part, but that didn't even matter.


Because this one was messy, rough and real.


It wasn't perfect but neither were they and that was what made it perfect.


The duo pulled away with a smile, so in love with each other that it quite literally hurt to separate.


Still, they walked into the kitchen, only to see George and Punz sitting at the table, drinking coffee and by the looks of it, they made up from yesterday.


"Fuck, I owe you I guess." The criminal rolled his eyes at the pair, causing Sapnap to raise an eyebrow.


"We bet on when the two of you were gonna shag and I've said in two days at most." The Brit explained as-a-matter-of-factly, unbothered by the words that just left his mouth. "Punz had faith in you and said that it would be when we come back into our normal world." 


The ravenette picked up a pillow from the man's sofa and threw it at him, causing the healer to glare at him.


"We didn't screw, you dip shit!" The man embarrassingly screeched out, hearing Dream chuckle beside him. "I swear to fuck, Dream I will cut your dick off, do not test me." The ravenette growled as he turned to his...boyfriend, God it feels both weird yet so good to finally call him that, causing the blond to zip his mouth shut.


"I'll literally tell Tommy to shoot you both for this." Tubbo groaned sleepily as he got up, clearly in a terrible mood since he was woken up in this way.


"Big words, small guy." Dream teased, leaning against Sapnao and causing the ravenette to roll his eyes.


"Call me short again and I will take your knees, giraffe." The kid glared, making everyone laugh at the comment beside Dream who rolled his eyes fondly.


"Oh, sure. Now get ready and be good unless you want George to lose it even more." The blond chuckled, nuzzling closer to Sapnap like a puppy.


"Okay, boss man." The teen grumbled out, clearly wanting to sleep more but also wanting to spend more time with the Minecraft's youngest member at the same time.


The ravenette couldn't help but smile. They were all dumbasses, but they were his dumbasses and he would protect them with his life if he goddamn had to. 

Chapter Text

The ravenette blinked as George and Punz stood in the hallway, more than shaken up.


"Wait...what do you mean you didn't summon him but he just appeared?" Sapnap's voice was shaky as he stared at the big white mark that stood on George's neck.


"Listen. We didn't need him but he just appeared uninvited. I don't want to have this artefact on me anymore." The brunette explained, hands trembling.


The duo brought Tubbo over to Minecraft's place and apparently a medium hoard appeared, but it was a weird one.


They were fast and agile like Punz according to George and had regeneration abilities.


Punz also said that they were doing fine but George's necklace began to glow and all of a sudden XD appeared in front of them. 


George didn't pass out but he was feeling like he was going to die after the thing inside of his artefact murdered the things and went back inside of the necklace. 


"Wait! Don't throw it." Sapnap got out as he saw George rip the jewellery off, not even knowing why he was saying that but going off of gut instinct. "I'll take it." What the fuck? He wasn't trying to say that.


The brunette held the artefact for a bit, scanning his face, before handing him the necklace, the thing almost falling out of his hands.


"Be careful with it. I never want to see it again." His voice was as shaky as his entire body, before Punz helped him to the sofa, clearly as shaken up as George was.


He gripped the necklace in his hand and felt it's cold temperature rise to a much higher one, becoming warm under his touch.


Then, he put the thing around his neck, watching it dangle before it stilled.


It felt….ominous in a way.


" Dream ." The ravenette whispered, snapping the blond out of his thoughts and causing the taller man to look at him, almost lost for words.


" We need to head out to get Tubbo. We can't let this happen again. " His voice was hoarse and nervous, void-black eyes locking with emerald-green.


" Are you crazy? " The blond growled under his breath, before the man noticed his determination.


" Fuck it. Fine." He mouthed, running a hand through golden locks and sparing a look towards the criminal, who brought water to the healer.


"But if anything happens to you, I will scream. I cannot do this again." The blond glared, causing him to sigh. He's not sure if he could do this but he knew that if George and Punz went out again, it would cause more and more issues.


As for the undead, an interesting piece of information was received at the very least.


They had similar powers to Punz and George.


Does this mean that they're stronger than they were in the previous timeline? 


They shouldn't have gotten this power-up at all. It was weird and it caused a great amount of anxiety to wash over him.


He needed to decipher the dreams and the current information they got because this puzzle may fuck them all up.




There was also a puzzle in the forest where he chased the 'Law' ....Maybe, instead of deciphering the dreams, he needs to fit the puzzle together?


It was so fucking confusing. Why couldn't the universe just give this responsibility to somebody who could actually rub all of their brain cells together and find the valuable solutions in these dumbass riddles instead of him .


That reminded him, he knew how each member could die but...but Dream.


Dream had his eyes...scooped out? More like...drained out or something.


"Let's go out for a walk before you have a mental breakdown." His, oh so helpful, boyfriend said, snapping him out of his thoughts.


The ravenette looked out of the window and noticed the sun being in the middle of the sky, just lingering.


Yeah, they would just stay in the backyard until they had to leave and grab Tubbo.


The ravenette headed over to the duo as Dream grabbed both of their jackets and waited for him in front of the doors.


"Hey, George." The healer looked up at him, eyes glossy and hazy, still disoriented. "Take care of yourself. Take a nap or something, man. We'll go get Tubbs later, okay?" The ravenette smiled, causing George to nod, absent-mindedly.


He really wanted to hug the man. The experience must've been traumatic, especially since the brunette didn't like bringing XD out at any point even when he was in danger.


"Punz, you too, dude. You better rest and relax a bit. I'll take care of everything." He mumbled as he pulled the criminal in with one of his arms, giving him an awkward side-hug, before heading off to Dream.


He has to make everything work. He cannot allow all the effort to go to waste.


If the goddamn universe saw something in him, he could do this. 


"Are you okay?" Dream asked as he glared at the door with more drive than he thought he'd ever have about anything in his damned life. 


"More than okay. Now, let's go get some fresh air." He answered back as he opened the doors and felt his boyfriend throw his jacket over his shoulders as the cold air hit them both.


As soon as they closed the doors, the ravenette sat down at the stairs, petting the place next to him, letting the blond sit right by his side.


"I told you so. Letting them go was a bad idea." The ravenette rolled his eyes but still leaned into the blond's side, not mad at tbe man's over-protectiveness, just very worried for the rest of the team. "I know...sorry, I really wanted to try and keep you out of danger, y'know?" The taller of the two sighed, running his fingers through his dark locks, swirling it around his pointer.


"Yeah, yeah. But also, do not forget what I've told you. You cannot forget to take care of yourself." The ravenette glanced at his boyfriend as he grabbed the necklace that was currently dangling awkwardly, running his fingers over the thing.


He truly did wonder why the necklace acted up. If he ever got the chance to see the alw again, he'd surely ask about it.


" do I die, in your dreams again?" The blond asked suddenly, causing him to hold on to the man tighter. "Your eyes. They get scooped out, or something. But… " The ravenette began as he dug his nails into his palm, not even wincing at the sting.


"I'll make sure nothing happens to you, baby."


Chapter Text

The days passed pretty uneventfully and it felt like the calm before the storm.


He was so worried to the point where he had to go over to the Minecraft family and talk to them about everything that was currently going on around the two blocks.


The undead were just….nowhere to be found.


Even when Dream and Technoblade went to the mall to gather supplies nothing happened. They passed only ten undead. That was bad .


So, the only next logical thing to do was talk to Karl.


Karl, even though an asshole, was the smartest person who had the most notes on everything that happened in the previous reality. Dream was too busy simping for him in that timeline to the point where he only knew major events of both of the previous lines.


So, that he did.


"You want to talk about the undead in the previous timeline?" The time traveller asked, blinking, almost baffled. "Yeah. I need you to explain all of the behaviours they've shown in the past since you have the notes." The ravenette sighed, sitting down on the floor in front of the sofa.


The blond took a deep breath then opened one of his notebooks, before throwing it at the ravenette.


"What's this?"


"What does it look like? A cure for stupidity?" The time traveller glared at him, clearly still not in the right headspace. "It's the journal I've written about odd undead behaviours." 


The fact that Karl was so well organised with his shit almost made the man almost useful in Sapnap's eyes.


"I'll check out any other notes I might have while you read through that." 


He nodded and got to work, opening the first page.


'Entry four hundred and five. Journal four. Behavioural issues and complications of the undead.'


The note was neatly written, the handwriting not at all stressed or even wonky, perfectly straight and readable lines. 


It fit the man perfectly.


He scrolled through the first twenty pages hurriedly, seeing nothing of importance.


It was on the twenty second note, where he saw something akin to what he was looking for.


'The undead began to avoid us. Especially if they saw bigger groups. They began hunting us when we were alone, showing more intelligence which caused Punz to almost die. The fourth of December.'


Fourth. That was interesting. 


'The undead are showing signs of our own powers. I am getting stressed out about the frequent arguments that Dream keeps on having with Sapnap.'




'It is creating an unhealthy environment for the rest of the team.'


Was this….even his personal journal? Did Karl forget that he wrote about his own emotions in it?


The ravenette spared the man a single glance, seeing him flip through the rest of the journals.


Could the diary have information about the feelings he had when he pushed George to throw Sapnap into the hoard?


'Entry….fuck knows what. I am going to do it. I'm going to do what's the best for the team. This isn't my first rodeo and I have to do it. I have to. The undead are showing extremely agile movement and I'm terrified for us. Sapnap is spiralling into madness. He has to be stopped.'


Stopped? Madness? Just what was happening in that goddam timeline?


The ravenette refocused on the page, noticing more scribbles, less and less like Karl's usual handwriting.


'Dream is insane. He just vanished. Just because I killed that asshole. Was he blind to how much Sapnap slowed the team down? His jealousy towards George? My God what do I do. What should I do? I'll have to do it. I have to use my ability.'


Everything stopped for him at that moment. 


So, he was basically jealous and overbearing to the team as well as dragging the team down in Karl's reality, huh?


That...didn't even sound like him. This was just Karl's fucking insanity speaking. It had to be.


"Hey, here, these notes are the ones describing some things that might interest you." The time traveller sighed, passing him another notebook and snapping him out of his breakdown. 


He looked up at the man and then back down at the notebook.


Yeah, no, he definitely wasn't the overbearing type nor the one to drag the team down.


He picked up the other one, shoving the first one into the time traveller's hands and looking at the page.


'The undead; sudden change in hunting tactics. Their usual tactic: pack hunting. Change: lone wolves.'


His eyes went to the next page. 


'Lone wolf type: Extremely fast and very unbeatable. Unless its skull gets crushed, the thing can stand even if a bullet goes through its brain.' 


That wasn't exactly what he wanted to know, but it was a good thing to look out for.


They continued reading through he journals all throughout the day, until Tubbo arrived back, basically dragging Sapnap away because he "shouldn't stress too much" since he still couldn't tell them about XD nor anything else going on over there.


Now that he mentioned the thing that was haunting his dreams, there was an update in that as well.


It told him a lot of things. Most of them were as confusing as always, but at least it explained the artefact messing up to him pretty well.


Basically, the artefacts are just like their powers, unstable and uncontrollable. Hence why both powers and artefacts had food sides and bad sides or were basically useless.


Since the artefact George owned, the mushroom necklace, was based on the imagine of XD, it also had a crazy amount of power that basically sucked life force out of people, caused faster ageing and could basically speedrun life if overused, it was the type of artefact to be the most unstable.


Plus once the artefact notices danger, since the thing inside of it could get a consciousness and become its own person, it could just appear.


That greatly concerned him, but he just couldn't get rid of the thing without his gut feeling going crazy.


So, he just kept the necklace on himself.


For now it didn't cause any great damage to him but he felt uneasy whenever he held it.


"Babe?" His boyfriend mumbled behind him, snapping him out of his thoughts and causing him to look towards the blond who leaned back against the bathroom door.


"Yeah?" The ravenette sighed, still stuck in his own head. "You've been standing there doing nothing for the past ten minutes." The blond muttered softly, coming up behind him and giving him a warm hug.


He leaned back into it and turned the sink on, washing his hands before drying them off against his pants and turning around in the hold, getting on his tippy toes to lay a kiss on the man's lips.


"I'm fine, trust me. I'm just...thinking." His tone might've sounded off while he said that though, because Dream's expression didn't change a bit.


So, he leaned in again and closed his eyes, kissing the frown off of his boyfriend's face and supporting himself by grasping the blond's shoulders.


Once he pulled back, he bumped his forehead against the blond's and stared deeply into the emerald pools he came to love.


"Trust me, baby. I'm fine." 


The words made Dream smile and close his eyes, booping their noses against one another and tightening his embrace.


"Oh my God, guys, they are making out!" Tubbo yelled, causing the pair to pull away, pretty embarrassed by the teen and the duo that rushed to see the scene.


"Jesus fucking christ, horny bastards, we have a kid here!" George groaned, getting a glare from Sapnap in return. "You two have definitely fucked." Punz unapologetically teased from beside George.


 "And you have around five seconds to run before I show you just how hot my fire is." The ravenette growled out, flushed bright red from the tip of his nose to both of his cheeks. 


"What will you do, huh, punkass?" The criminal chuckled, which made Sapnap glare even harder, pulling away from his boyfriend completely.


"Punz." The blond muttered just as Sapnap began to walk towards him.


"Run!" Tubbo got out, between giggles as the trio began to run back to the kitchen with a flustered Sapnap running right after them.


"Get back here you little shits!" The ravenette called out as he almost face planted into the doors, before opening it.


He will teach the sneaky motherfuckers a good lesson.

Chapter Text

The ravenette sighed as he walked away from his mattress, leaving Dream alone on the make-shift bed and heading to the sink to grab a glass of water. 


The nightmare was the same as the previous one of his teammates all dead. It was getting to him.


This time though, Punz and George weren't there. 


Did that mean that the duo was safe now? Did it mean that he changed the outcome somehow?


All of his thoughts were killing him.


He tried to avoid thinking about that and instead thought about how much genuine fun he had today.


Him, Punz and George had a play-fight after Tubbo brought the pair over to witness Sapnap's and Dream's embarrassing embrace, then after that they even played some cards, which he won.


He truly hoped to avoid everything and keep everyone alive because he was attached to them. 


More than attached, he couldn't imagine leaving anyone, even Karl, behind.


Speaking of the man, he felt a hand on his shoulder, causing him to turn around sharply, only to come face-to-face with the time traveller.


"Hey." The blond mumbled, clearly as exhausted as Sapnap felt.


"What's up?" The ravenette got out, as quietly as he could, soaring a glance towards everyone else who were all sound asleep.


"I...we need to talk." The time traveller sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. 


Sapnap arched an eyebrow but still nodded, bringing the glass of water towards his dry, cracked lips and taking a single sip.


"I want to say that I'm sorry." 


The ravenette almost choked on his water, before looking at the blond's face. 


He seemed...genuine. 


"Look, I know I wasn't the best teammate nor ally, but I'm...I don't know." The time traveller's shaky voice made him frown, but he stayed silent. "I don't have long left and I know that. I can feel it." The sentence made him bite down on his lips, his hand gripped the glass tighter in an effort to just….not think about the future.


"It's getting harder and harder to even walk, let alone run." That made the ravenette think back to the time Karl fell down in the middle of a hoard and almost die...shit. "My whole body feels like it's falling apart and I'm not even able to sleep sometimes."


The man's hands went to rub his eyes again, causing the ravenette to look at his eyes, noticing the purple dark circles around them.


"It hurts to breathe and my muscles are becoming harder and harder to use." 


"My books have begun to fall out of my hands when I grab them and I genuinely think I'm gonna die soon." His breathing quickened and so did his heartbeat, as he continued to listen to the man that was the reason he died in the previous timeline, the man that pulled a gun on him in the midst of the chaos and threatened to take his life. 


"So, before I do, I want to tell you that I'm truly and honestly sorry. For everything." With that, the time traveller turned around and began to walk away, but before he could, the ravenette set his glass to the counter and grabbed the man's hand, before pulling him into a hug and feeling his eyes begin to burn.


He tried to hold back tears and took a sharp breath through his nose, sniffing soundlessly.


"What," The time traveller asked, sounding absolutely shocked.


"Shut up." 


The ravenette just held him tighter and felt him relax in his hold.


He bit down a sob and spoke up.


"Don't fucking say that again. You're not gonna die."


"Sapnap, I," Before the time traveller could speak again, he interrupted. "Shut the fuck up. Nobody is going to die. No, I can't let anyone die." His voice was as shaky as his hands as he pulled back and looked at the time traveller with tears burning his face like lava. 


"I will not let you die. Now go rest." 


The time traveller bit down his response and nodded, turning around and heading back to his sofa.


The ravenette could feel his emotions bubbling up, sudden pain in his chest as the reality settled in. 


Karl was going to die. It hurt to think about, it made him sad and mortified and he couldn't breathe well. 


He couldn't even hold back his voice as another wave of tears hit, so he put a hand on his mouth and headed outside, in time with the rising sun once again.


He grabbed his jacket, opened the doors and even the gate and ran .


Sapnap ran, just like he tried to run from his problems, emotions, attachment issues and his own self.


He ran far and he carried on even when his feet began to feel like jelly. 


He ran even as the sun began to shine more.


He ran and he killed any mother fucker that got into his way, each undead having the proof of his anger on it in turn.


He ran and ran but couldn't escape reality no matter how hard he tried.


And that hurt the most. 


He was already set to fail. He wouldn't be able to save everyone. People will die. 


People will die and he can't do jack-shit about it. 


Fate, the universe and the Gods, if they exist, are cruel sons of bitches. 


It wasn't fair. It was never fair. Nothing in life was fair.


Everything is down by chance, the apocalypse happened by chance, it spiralled. The powers they got was just a power up from the universe.


Was this a fucking game to it? Were their lives just a playable game ?


They were alive. All of them were alive. They had feelings, families, emotions.


Once Sapnap stopped, it was far into the forest, his shaky hands gripped one of the trees and he looked around.




Nothing at all.


This forest used to be full of life, of children that would play around happily.


Were there any children left ?


Was there anything left that was worth living for?


What was the point. This was all pointless from the start. Everything is. 


But the stupid thing inside of him called survival kicked in and he knew that he should, at the very least, try to make it out of this.


If they lost people on the way, he'd live for them.

Chapter Text

The sun was high up in the sky when he arrived back. But, his brain wasn't in the right place even now, he knew why he was so sad yet he had no idea how to fix anything.


He doesn't want anyone else to die. But he knew that death was inevitable sometimes. 


What would happen once they got back, with some of the members. Tubbo, with his life literally rotting away like his skin. What effects would George's use of the artefact have on him? What effects would his own power have on him ?


It was….scary. It was truly terrifying because they cannot undo the damage that's already been done.


But, he also thought about his dreams. And figured out something very important.


Dream's death in his dreams, all pun intended, was by his eyes. They were burnt out of his skull. It was like they melted away. 


So, either a powerful eclipse would happen that Dream wouldn't be able to avoid looking at...or worse, he'd be the one to do this to him. 


That's why they looked almost scooped out. 


It...he wouldn't do such a thing. Never . He would never hurt his boyfriend.


Speaking of which…


"Where were you?!" The blond's voice rang out in his head as soon as he closed the gate, worried emerald eyes glossed over with tears and before he knew it, he was pulled in a frantic embrace.


"Hey, don't worry about it. I needed...I needed that. I was out, just trying to figure some stuff out." The ravenette mumbled as he hugged his lover closer, running his hand over the man's hair in a calming manner. 


"Sapnap, do not go out without me. I beg of you, just don't." The man's shaky voice was muffled, soft yet broken words spoken against the back of his neck, making the small hairs there raise. 


"I'm fine, Dream." The ravenette reassured, pulling the man back and giving him a soft kiss, before grabbing his hand and linking their fingers together, eyes barely open even when they did pull back.


"I love you. I won't leave you. Not again." His own voice got breather as he went on, the sentiment behind those words as clear as the sunlight behind them. "Now, let's head back inside. I have something important to tell you and others." The ravenette smiled, gripping the blond's hand tighter.


Dream's worried face didn't change even a bit, but the duo still walked towards the door, seeing a slightly tired Karl just sitting on his sofa and eating some toast, a very worried Tubbo and a slightly worried Punz. 


George walked out of the kitchen,zoned out, before bumping straight into Sapnap, before his face changed from relief to anger in five seconds.


"You daft mother fucker. " The brunette glared, making even Dream flinch. "This isn't a goddamn game !" The healer got out through his teeth, clearly annoyed. "We are in a bloody apocalypse . Where were you?!" Each word was more and more frantic, the ravenette just rolled his eyes at it and let his hand fall out of Dream's hold, before hugging the brunette closer. 


"I'm fine dude. Stop fucking worrying." The ravenette mumbled, pulling away from the bro-hug to a very stunned George who looked like he was frozen in place.


"What the hell? Why did you hug me? And who says I'm worried?" The brunette mumbled after a few quiet seconds, causing Dream to chuckle behind him and pull the ravenette closer against him, clearly amused by George's denial.


"Oh, is that right? You weren't worried at all?" The blond teased, lips rubbing against the ravenette's throat and sending literal shivers down his spine.


He hasn't had any sexual relationships in years even before the apocalypse, alright?


"What about five minutes before, where you were saying Dream, go find him, he is going to get himself killed!" The blond behind him carried on with his relentless bullying, getting a glare from the healer. " He is too dumb to survive alone! Why are you guys just," But before he could finish his mockery of George's accent, he got an old towel thrown at him.


"Shut up before I turn you into zombie bait." the brunette mumbled and then turned to Sapnap. "And you….never scare me like that again, are we clear?" The healer said ,much softer than before. "Yeah, dude. Don't worry." The ravenette answered back and slapped the brunette's shoulder in comfort.


"Oh my God, the Dream team is back together I guess." Punz rolled his eyes fondly, while Tubbo walked over and gave the ravenette a small hug, making the said ravenette run a hand through a mop of brown locks, ruffling the boy's hair.


"Oh, also. I have something to tell you all." The ravenette said suddenly, snapping even Karl's attention onto himself.


Him and Dream walked over to the couch and he sat beside his boyfriend, but held his hand tighter than ever.


He was going to have to be careful about how he approached this because of XD.


"First of all, I think that everyone needs to be extra careful. We have no idea what the universe might throw at us." The ravenette got out and glanced at Dream, letting him know that he wasn't pulling this information out of his ass, for lack of better words, and that this was actually something that he realized because of the universe's law.


"Yeah, tell me about it." Tubbo sighed as he sat down on one 9f the sofas, while George and Punz joined them on the couch.


"Exactly. I recommend you all to be very careful next eclipse. And if possible, do not look at it. For any reason." The ravenette put extra care into the last bit, staring straight at his lover while saying the words, making the blond arch an eyebrow but he stayed quiet other than that.


"And after that one, we are getting the hell away from these cunts." The ravenette grinend, easing the tension in the room and making everyone smile.


"As soon as we're out of here, I'm gonna ask Dream to put me in the same school as Tommy, since he too plans to go back to school instead of being homeschooled once and if we go back!" Tubbo grinned brightly, causing the ravenette to smile. 


"I honestly plan on getting my life around. Spoken with Phil about getting a job at theirs if we ever end up going back to our normal reality. He said he needs an assistant or something." Punz mumbled as he picked up a piece of toasted bread from the table, munching on it.


"Oh that's great! Tommy already calls you uncle anyways." The youngest member of their group chuckled, causing Punz to roll his eyes. "I'm not old enough to be anyone's uncle. I am old enough though to beat both of your asses." The criminal laughed back, not serious whatsoever as he ruffled Tubbo's hair.


The whole scene made him happy and warmed his heart. If everyone else had this much hope, so will he. 

Chapter Text

They have prepared for the final eclipse the best they could.


Location they've chosen to have as their last one they'd ever need to be on was the Minecraft residence since not only was it bigger, it also had more coverage from the sun in case of a more powerful eclipse.


So, that's how they got here. In their own room. Yeah, the Minecraft residence had multiple generators that powered the entire first floor, which made a shit ton of noise but at the very least was comforting to have everything society could offer.


Minus the TV, the internet, contact outside of their own two groups and...okay, there's a lot of stuff they didn't have but, hey! They might have that soon.


Plus, their metal gates with literal spikes at the top were enough of a defence. 


Only problem? Being alone with Dream meant that he was alone with Dream.


Alone with his goddamn boyfriend that he barely even kissed.


But, he tried his best to keep his distance from an intimate relationship because of his boyfriend's reaction to his previous attempt.


He knew that that was more of a mental breakdown than a romantic advance but still, it just felt wrong at the moment with everything that was going on.


He felt that way, at least, until his boyfriend pulled him aside for a talk.


"I don't want you guys to remember anything when we get back."


The sentence made his heart break in more ways than one, no, literally, his chest was in pain and it felt like he was going to get a damn heart attack.


"Dream. Don't you dare do that to me." The ravenette almost growled out, his eyes already tearing up. "Sapnap, do you know the amount of trauma that the memories would bring? We both know that this would be for the best, baby." Dream's voice was shaky yet so goddamn unapologetic.


Theoretically speaking, Dream was right. But forgetting the bad means forgetting the good. The times where he, Dream and Tubbo played together in the backyard, the times where he and Dream kissed in secret, only witness being the dark walls around them, the first time he met the Mknecraft family, Tommy, Wilbur, Dream, he would forget everyone .


And that, he couldn't take.


"Dream. I can't forget you. I'd rather forget how to breathe." 


This made the blond lean in, soft lips on the chapped ones, the kiss much softer than any other they've had, communicating their current emotions through it as ravenette locks fell down on the mattress.


"You can't just say that." Dream whispered, sounding like a broken man, breath warm and comforting on Sapnap's face, lips moving against his own with each word. 


"I mean it and would say it a thousand times more." He whispered back, just as quietly, like a secret that was meant to be stuck between them, hands going to strong shoulders he knew he could always lean on.


"God, fine, you'll be the death of me." The blond whined, leaning back in and kissing him again, hand exploring down his body, soft touches and gentle nibbles of his bottom lip, tongue going over it to soothe the sensitive skin right after.


No words were needed, as they pulled back.


Looking at Dream was looking at the night sky. His freckles were the stars, eyes the aurora borealis, beautiful across the dark sky, handsome and sharp features that you could cut yourself on were like the clouds in his eyes and the hair that fell down as he leaned to kiss upon Sapnap's neck was like the rain.


He was a sight to behold, as gorgeous as possible yet as comforting as a warm hug.


The ravenette let out a soft sound, before muffling it behind his hand, knowing that any sounds he might leave would be heard by others, wanting to keep this as much of a secret as he could.


His boyfriend's lips tasted like the oldest wine, felt as soft as cotton and as sinful as gluttony. 


Always addictive, leaving him begging for more.


Yet, as their advances moved, so did their clothes.


Sapnap's plain white tee and turtleneck were both pushed up, while his sweats were handing low off of his hip, revealing his stomach and V line, soft little pants the only thing that could be heard in the room once his boyfriend pulled back to admire various hickies on top of the ravenette's pale skin.


"You're gorgeous." The blond would voice out, with so much adoration to the point where Sapnap's skin flushed from embarrassment. "And so are you." He would whisper back, before his hand travelled up to the bond's face, thumb running softly over the man's cheek, watching his boyfriend blush at the contact.


"Can we...go further?" The taller of the two whispered hoarsely, voice cracking in the middle, eyes burning with both need and love, clouded by lust. "Yeah, I think so." The ravenette answered, truthfully, digging his nails into the material of Dream's shirt.


The soft touches carried on. He helped out as much as he could once his boyfriend pulled his sweatpants down, then underwear, flushing brightly and looking away as Dream leaned down and bit his inner thigh, leaving a hickey there.


He wondered just how far they would go.


"Can I…?" The blond whispered, running his fingers down his length and burning him inside out, more than his fire ever could.


" Please ." The ravenette answered, desperately, not even caring about consequences at this point, hissing as he felt his boyfriend grasp his dick and give it a slight squeeze. 


"God," His voice trembled and he couldn't even help the little sounds that left his mouth as his boyfriend continued to jerk him off, feeling embarrassingly close.


"That's not my name, baby." The blond would mumble back, but before he could give back a snarky remark, his boyfriend pulled his hand back, making him whine in disappointment. But, then, the blond pulled his own dick out as well and spat on his hand, before gripping both of their lengths together, which had absolutely no right to feel as good as it did.


The ravenette fell apart in seconds afterwards, shaking through it and getting close to crying, before his boyfriend came as well, silencing his groans by licking and biting into the skin of his neck.


When they pulled away and got their shit together, they were still in the afterglow.


Turns out, an orgasm after a long ass time is just what you need before you might or might not lose your life or friends in the midst of an apocalypse that you're supposed to reverse.


"We gotta do that again after we get back." Dream whispered, voice rough and sleepy.


"Yeah, that was," Before he could even finish his sentence, he heard the doors to their room creep open and looked towards the person, only to see Punz in the front, before he saw their hair, roughed up clothing that they barely fixed up and just pulled up in case somebody barged in, their blessed out expression and the way that Sapnap's thighs were still shaking from the orgasm.


"......George! They fucked!" The criminal yelled after a few seconds, running down the hall, before the ravenette blinked and then got up to chase after him.


"Punz, what the fuck dude there are two kids here you fucking idiot!" Sapnap's voice could be heard even from the outside as he chased the man, who in turn ran faster.


They left behind a very flustered and stunned Dream who could only hope that Sapnap wouldn't pull a Karl and kill Punz just before the final eclipse. 

Chapter Text

After he caught the criminal he gave him the backhanded slap of his life, but didn't indicate a fight, just hushed him about it even though George and the rest already heard the man.


It was...awkward to sit there and eat dinner while all of the people stared at you. Wilbur and George were fucking evil the ravenette decided, because they wouldn't stop their relentless giggles and nudges as well as whispers around the table, let's not even mention Phil's did-you-really-have-to-do-this-in-my-house look that made his cheeks burn.


He hated everyone.


But not really though, no matter how annoying they were.


Him and Dream both headed to bed right after dinner, small smiles still painting their features in the dark room, hands held under the covers, tightly.


But, his dreams didn't give him any solace.


He'd go as far to say that they actually disrupted his peace.


"It's time. The eclipse will be happening today." The being spoke in that glitchy voice as they lingered in void.


"Listen, is this going to work?" The ravenette asked anxiously, gripping his own arm harder, blunt nails digging in his flesh.


"Do you doubt the universe?" The thing asked, almost offended. "I mean, why would I trust it?" The human glared, causing XD to glow lime in the pure darkness, luminous glow that felt almost threatening. "You humans. So goddamn ungrateful. But yes, it should work. Unless you, how would you humans say this...ah, yes! Fuck it up again." Each of the words was spat at him, causing his skin to boil.


He hated this ugly ass fucker.


Honestly, he should punch the thing. 


"Don't you dare." The thing scowled. Okay, so do not even think about punching the ugly bastard. Got it.


"Alright. Any other messages, creepy guy?" The ravenette rolled his eyes, bouncing his foot up and down in place. "No. Enjoy the rest you'll get because'll need it." The being said, before disappearing from sight.


Once he woke up, he did so to a very panicked Punz.


"It's happening!" The criminal yelled, causing both him and Dream to jump. "Jesus fucking christ…." The ravenette groaned, but still got up, rubbing his eyes.


"The eclipse?" His boyfriend spoke in a serious tone, getting up and grabbing his hand.


"Yeah. We have a big problem though." The criminal growled, pacing in place.


"What's going on?" The ravenette asked as he stepped towards Punz, only to get an unhinged stare from the man. "The gate. It melted." 


" What?!" 


"You've heard me. It melted. Going outside right now? A big no-no." The criminal answered, biting down on his nail. "No, we need to go outside. I wouldn't be able to do it from here. I have to be out in the eclipse." Dream all but whispered, getting up in Punz's face.


"Listen big guy, if you go outside, you'll be eaten in two fucking seconds. The things are surrounding us." The criminal said, biting down on his nail. "There has to be a way…" 


What none of the trio noticed was Karl, standing by the entrance of the room. 


"I'll distract them." The time traveller spoke up, causing everyone present to look at him.


"What the fuck can you do?" Dream rolled his eyes, before getting nudged by Sapnap. They did not need an argument right now. 


"I'll sacrifice myself. Get them out of here." 


The sentence caused Sapnap to blink, before he crossed his arms angrily, snarling each word out like it was poison. "Fuck to the no. We aren't losing anyone." The ravenette growled.


"Sapnap. I'm already half dead. Let me do something right for once in my life." The blond said, already putting on his jacket. 


"No, absolutely not!" The ravenette called after him, walking behind him as the man headed into the living room with both Dream and Punz present behind the duo, not sure what to even say.


When they arrived, Karl headed straight to George and asked him for his glock, which the Brit raised his eyebrow at, before looking at Sapnap.


"Don't give it to him, he is going to try and distract all of those by himself! It's a suicide mission!" The ravenette growled, heading for the gun, before George held it up and away from him.


"Easy. What's going on?" The brunette wondered, pushing him back into Dream who caught him before he could fall.


"Karl plans on distracting the things outside for enough time so that Dream can go outside and get us out of here." Punz answered. The whole room was silent for around five seconds.


Before a whole ass choir of arguments on both sides of the spectrum began. 


"Enough! I'm doing this. I'll die anyway. me." The time traveller yelled, causing George to stare at him, lips pressed in a thin line.


" Fine ." The healer spat out and handed him a gun. 


Before the ravenette could run to get it, he felt arms wrap him in a bear hug. 


"Punz, hold him back. I'm going with Karl and getting us out of here. Techno, you, Wilbur and Kristen are coming with me. Phil, go with Tubbo and Tommy, get them to the safest room. Sapnap, Punz and George, you three can defend yourselves if anything goes wrong."  Dream spoke up coldly behind him, causing him to look at the blond with betrayal clear in his eyes.


"Dream, this isn't a mission he can survive." He whispered hoarsely as he felt tears swell up in his eyes. 


"This was his decision, Sapnap ."


The words were harsh and Punz's hold on him was too tight once Dream's arms left his waist.


He couldn't even struggle, just watch as everyone went on behind him.


"Karl, he wants this. Wants us to live for him. You know this." Punz said behind him, tone as sad as he felt. He looked behind himself, only to see the man's eyes already leaking salty tears down his cheeks. 


"Punz, let's stop him, there must be something else," The ravenette began, but his friend only held him tighter and bit his lip, looking away and back to the wall.


As soon as the first few gunshots rang out on the outside, Punz let his hold falter.


He fell down to his knees, not knowing what to do. He didn't want this to happen, but he couldn't stop it now. 


George tried to comfort him, by putting his hand on the ravenette's shoulder, but he couldn't help but just shake the hand off. 

Chapter Text

He, however, did not have long to fret over the situation, because around five seconds later, he heard a scream upstairs.


The ravenette was the first to run up, with Punz and George left in the dust behind him, before they opened the doors to reveal a creature from hell itself, same as the undead but with weird growth all over its body.


"What the fuck …" Punz sounded out behind him, but he had no time to even think about the situation, instead, as soon as his eyes landed on a mop of blond and brown hair, he ran towards the two boys and began to lift them up, away from something they were protecting.


Before he noticed who was actually there on the floor, holding his bite and almost convulsing.


"Phil," Sapnap began, but got interrupted. "No, mate. Take the kids and run. I'll take this cunt down with me." The man said bravely, getting up and using his scythe as a walking stick.


"Dad, no!" Tommy screamed from his arms, but he held the two tightly, even as they struggled.


"Tommy, behave. I'm leaving them all in your hands, son." The bravest man he'd ever seen said as he lifted his arm with great effort, using the scythe to pin the thing down. "Now go. Go and protect your brothers and take care of your mother for me." 


"I can heal him, Sapnap, I can do it!" Tubbo sobbed out, tears running down his face as he looked up and the ravenette felt something as sour as vinegar crawl up his throat. Should he...should he allow that?


It might result in Tubbo's death….


"No. Don't. Let's just...let's just leave." Tommy voiced out before he could even decide, causing both him and Tubbo to look at the boy.


He was still crying, tears and snot on his face, hands covered in his own father's blood.


"You will suffer consequences if you do. Let's just leave. Now." The boy mumbled, voice trembling as he gripped Sapnap's arm with the strength that made even the ravenette wince.


Him and Tubbo basically got dragged out as they heard more of the things screech, they ran as fast as they could, even as they saw the beings behind them, arriving in the only bathroom with no windows.


They quickly shut the wooden door and began to drag over everything to try and keep it shut, he knew it wouldn't last, but it should do for now.


He gave a quick side eye to Punz, who was currently comforting Tubbo, before he felt Tommy high him tightly.


"We'll go back, right?" The boy asked, vulnerable in a way that Sapnap had never heard before.


"Right?" The blond whimpered again, looking up at him with childish, tearful and broken blue eyes that have seen too much for their young age.


"Yes. Yes we will." He whispered back, kneeling down and giving the boy a proper hug, feeling him out his head on his shoulder and sob.


He comforted him as much as he could, before hearing another bang, then another, against the wooden doors.


The ravenette picked the teen up and brought them both to the rest of the group, which was currently in the farthest part of the bathroom and he began praying to whatever the hell was out there for this to work until Dream did what he needed to do.


The door began to break, allowing them a glance at the things that stood behind them and he gripped tommy closer, closing his own eyes, before everything went white. 


When he opened them again, he felt like he was nowhere and everywhere at the same time, he felt sick, his vision was covered in spots and he just puked in the middle of the field.


He was basically going in and out of consciousness for more than ten minutes, trying to stand up only to fall back down, the ravenette couldn't even keep track of the voices around him but they all sounded both horrified yet relieved. 


He spared a look around, vision landing on a bloody Technoblade, a very beaten down Dream, a crying Tommy who was currently clinging to his brother, to Punz and George who were hugging Tubbo, Kristen, who's hands shook like leafs as she approached her sons and then finally back on Dream again as the man began to approach him. 


They did it.


They were back. 


They fucking did it.


He allowed his body to slump down against the grass, passing out completely, hearing nothing but white noise. 


The rest of the night was a blurr to him, he woke up in a hospital bed, with the doctor looking over at him with a smile apparent on his face, telling him that he was lucky that they got there when they did.


He tried asking where the others were but all he could get was some random shit.


Once he could stand again, he began to get more information, both from the nurses and then Dream, who he met after two days.


Dream, well, he was in pretty good shape for somebody who looked half dead when they arrived back to their normal timeline.


He told the ravenette all about others and the ravenette felt like he could finally breathe .


Everyone else was okay.


Technoblade suffered the most injuries because of his powers and had massive blood loss that was ruled off as a wild animal attack, he got a quick transfusion and was still recovering.


Wilbur was mostly fine besides a few scratches, thank fucking God.


Tommy seemed to be mostly fine, he stayed by Technoblade's bedside the whole time until the man woke up.


Kristen was okay, but she had managed her hands pretty badly, they didn't even know how to explain it to the doctors but they've ruled it off to a pretty bad case of untreated eczema.


Tubbo...well, Tubbo was doing the worst out of them all. He apparently had massive eye trauma that caused even brain damage in the doctor's eyes, even though only they knew the real reason behind his terrible health.


He was still being tested for different treatments even to this day by both the nurses and the doctors to find a reasonable and effective treatment for him.


George was the second worst one. His cells were dying off at a faster rate, general weakness and rising in the BPM of his heart during the simplest of activities, even a slight jog would get his heartbeat up to 140 which was a big problem.


Punz was mostly fine luckily, just like Kristen.


They lost a lot in the years they've spent and gained a lot of trauma but they are here now. And they were alive. They could fucking get through this.


Chapter Text

"Tubbo, c'mon dude, you'll be late for school." The ravenette sighed as he shook the teen awake, only to get a sleepy "Five more minutes please..." out of him. 


"Problems waking up, huh?" Dream asked from the doorway, with a chuckle, before coming up behind him and poking Tubbo to awareness.


"God, you two are annoying." The teen yawned, getting up slowly, then getting his glass eye from the nightstand and putting it in the place where his real one used to be.


"Awe, c'mon now, Tubbs. Tommy is waiting for you downstairs." The blond grinned, which caused the teen to excitedly jump out of the bed with a burst of energy that still surprised Sapnap to this day.


They had to remove his eye on.. .that night because of a pretty serious infection of the cornea, which caused great distress for everyone, but Tubbo took it pretty well.


His words afterwards were "Now I can be cool and have two different coloured eyes and shit!" Which he didn't find as funny as Tubbo did, but he was glad the kid seemed to be coping well. He wasn't really too happy about how much the kid picked up from Tommy when it came to cursing but oh well. 


As the boy left the room, he turned around and kissed his husband of almost a year now on the lips, smiling into it, before pulling back and laying his head on the other's chest.


Dream proposed to him a week after they left the hospital, getting on one knee in front of Punz and George, who were apparently the ones to put him up to this.


Of course he said yes. He lived through hell with this man, refusing that proposal with everything that happened and everything they went through together would be almost as insane as saying yes.


After they got married, he and Dream actually had to adopt Tubbo, since Dream was his only living relative left. 


Everyone else who died was just written off as either natural death or a freak accident, some weren't even remembered, but at the very least there were people other than them that survived everything. They didn't remember the apocalypse and that's all thanks to Dream who made sure that only they had to carry all the trauma. 


He was grateful that he got to keep it though, no matter how insane that might sound.


It just made this whole thing more real. He knew exactly why he had so many scars, why his loved ones were gone, why everyone he loved was harmed and he could be there for the ones who were still alive while mourning those who died.


"We gotta head downstairs now, George is over." The blond said with a smile, hugging him closer.


The ravenette nodded and gripped his husband's hand tighter.


George got a job as Wilbur's secretary and got a Visa because of his position, at first, for the first two months, he actually lived in Dream's and now his house before he got the position and got a paid apartment close to the Miencraft's villa. 


Kristen was the one to take over her dead husband's research while Technoblade and Wilbur were tasked to take care of the company that their father opened and signed off to them.


Punz became Tommy's driver, because Tommy wanted his "cool uncle" to be the one to watch over him since others just "weren't cool enough". 


It was honestly amazing how all of them stuck together after everything. did come with a lot of shit that you would expect.


He couldn't go a night of sleep without having nightmares, him and Punz both always went to the grave where Karl was buried and just talked the whole day as if the man was there, sometimes he would go over even by himself just to tell Karl how dumb he was for dying and then cry the whole day until the sunset came, which would usually be when he would order a cab.


Most of the time when he went over alone was when he was drunk off his ass, simply getting shit out of his system. 


Both him and Dream were heavily dependent on their antidepressants and therapy, same with Tubbo. Punz got a bad habit of drinking to forget, which Sapnap always tries to talk to the man about but the ex-criminal just blows it off as "having some fun". 


Tubbo, well, he was expected to live much less than he would've if this entire thing didn't happen to him. He had a lot of baggage and barely slept without his pills, waking up in cold sweat even with them, which broke the ravenette's heart, but he was genuinely a talented and an amazing kid.


Him and Tommy did in fact enrol in the same school, they both got in and were currently seniors, already thinking about college.


Dream was working in his company, which he did truly have , just like he said during the whole apocalypse. Apparently both his mother and father were filthy rich which was good for them since Sapnap, well, to be frank, he couldn't even stay in public for too long without having a panic attack, which would cause a shit ton of issues for him if he had to work.


"Hi, George." He smiled at the brunette that sat on his table, by Punz and Tommy, getting a lazy wave in return. George, because of his current condition, didn't really do much. He was a secretary, yes, but Wilbur's only work for him, according to the Brit himself, was to get him some coffee at 2PM and then sit through random conversations with him.


Basically George was more of a therapist than an assistant didn't seem to bother the brunette. 


"Hello there cunt." Punz grinned and gave him a light slap on the back, causing him to chuckle. "Hey, bitch. How's it going?" The ravenette responded back, with a smile playing on his features.


"Oh well, y'know, dealing with this little shit over here is difficult but I manage." The blond chuckled, getting a smack from Tommy in return. "Ow! This is abuse." The ex-criminal cried out dramatically and he couldn't help but roll his eyes at the scene.


Tommy glared harder and punched his shoulder this time a bit harder, getting a light smack in return until a full blown play-fight happened right in front of him in a span of four minutes.


He was laughing so hard he was actually close to crying. 


"Oh my God don't you dare spill my coffee!" His husband screeched, protecting the mug as if it were his own child. 


In a way, they never changed. But...the environment around them did. 


Their lives weren't normal, he doubts they'll ever be, but they're trying and that's all that counts.