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The bat swung against the undead's skull, blood and brain matter spraying against the pavement, painting a gory painting of years of violence.


"Fucking scum." The ravenette spat out, fixing his hair out of his eyes, boots digging against the bone and smashing it further in, eyes fixated on the other beings surrounding them.


One thing he learned in his many, many days of fighting these bitches was that they were almost blind.


Their most used sense? Hearing.


Humans adapted ever since the first moon took over, daylight almost forever lost, barely there for five hours before the undead ravaged the earth and its solid ground.


Ever since that first eclipse, the one that turned their lives upside down, the weakest died and the strongest thrived. 


See, they all had something they've developed, out of nowhere, making them powerful while the weak links fell.


Nobody really knew where the powers came, but after a year people started developing them.


After the second eclipse, to be precise.


Some controlled fire, others had super strength, everything fell out of order. Some stuck in groups, many lives were lost, he never really stuck with anybody, mostly being comfortable by himself.


Less people is less noise, less noise means a higher chance of survival.


Two people he stuck with were Karl, a man with time travel powers who came back from the future, memory hazy and getting worse and worse day by day, quite frail yet useful, his prediction was what helped him and the other team member he had to develop their own powers.


And the second one? Punz. He was a merciless man who had the first artefact they've ever found, which turned out to be an earring that could fit anything inside of it and summon it back outside of itself. They called it a shulker box.


His powers? Super strength. He was agile and could wield a knife well enough, being a criminal in the first place before this even began helped out a lot, the blond escaped his captivity in the midst of chaos and found himself in the midst of the undead.


They never helped others, never fucked with other people and usually all went their own way, simply staying as a team because they all had powers that would help them stay alive, plus, Karl's own insistence.


Karl has said that they need to find others too, just like them, who would be able to turn the future around and make it much better.


One that he spoke about the most was Dream . Dream, he was a special cookie, according to Karl. His real name was unknown and so was his face, his description? Green hoodie and a white cardboard mask with a carved smiley. 


He used an axe and his powers were the only way to turn the shit around and get rid of the dead cunts forever.


And oh, boy, was he excited to find that man and make him send the fuckers back to hell where they crawled out of.


Because worrying about their snappy little jaws was more annoying than killing them.


Both him and Punz seriously lacked the ability to escape the cunts with ease.


Their infection could be reversed for Karl, just spun around after midnight, but it took a toll on the man hence why he mostly stayed in the shadows instead.


He was pretty useless in combat, yet his knowledge of the undead was even more useful than both him and Punz combined.


So, when Karl says to stop, you stop dead, all pun intended, in your tracks.


That's why they were here, apparently, here they would meet a great addition to their team who is supposed to be one of their "closest" friends in the future.


They need to treat the man with "care" because apparently the cunt backstabbed them once in the reality where Karl came from. 


As soon as they heard a blood curdling scream in a building, they ran for it, both him and Punz, with Karl in the middle, protected by the two fighters. 


"Was that his voice?!" The blond groaned from the back, eyeing the hoard ahead of them.


"Yup!" Karl confirmed, making him even more determined to run forward, eyes glaring at the ruined building that seemed to be crawling with the things.


"Hurry the fuck up!" Sapnap whispered loudly, trying to keep his cool, bat smashing against the first undead before he jumped up and blew his fire out of his palms, using the built up pressure to swing through the window, protecting his skin from the glass with his elbow pads, seeing a weak looking man sit in the corner, about to get absolutely fucked by a hoard.

"Quick, Punz!" He yelled, gaining the attention of the hoard. His teammates were right behind him, Karl panting in exhaustion and Punz already taking out his long knife, splitting the first undead's skull with the sharp object, making him grin viciously.


"New guy, shut up and duck!" He called to the weakest man he possibly saw till this point, spraying the fuckers with fire, grinning as their low moans of agony made a beautiful, chaotic symphony.


The brunette rolled his heterochromic eyes as soon as the scene unravelled till the end, kicking one of the undead with his foot.


"You caused a scene." The man said with a thick accent, stepping towards them. "I'm sorry? We saved your dumb, pretty little ass, princess." Sapnap snapped back, hardening his void black eyes at the useless man.


"Oh, please. I could've taken care of them. I just forgot my necklace." The brunette shrugged, touching his ring with his pointer, pressing down on it.


There was a small mushroom necklace on the floor on one of the corpses and he pointed to it. "Like, that one?" He said, annoyed at the man.


"Oh, yeah." The brunette seemed to finally feel some form of embarrassment, face flushing, before he reached out for the thing, wincing as his fingers got covered by the black mucus-like blood. 


"Jesus christ." The brunette muttered, taking the mushroom and putting it in his pocket.


"What are your powers, then?" The ravenette asked, feeling his charred skin and inspecting the damage. Karl would help them with everything besides telling them about their or the others powers, which pissed him off.


Apparently though, he physically couldn't speak of them.


"None that I know of, yet. I have this artefact though, summons a pretty powerful guy." The man shrugged, pointing to his pocket.


"Great...another useless bitch in our team." The ravenette rolled his eyes, feeling Punz tighten the grip around his shoulders. " Ahem. " The man got out through grit teeth. "Sorry about that, please forgive him, he's just a dumbass." Karl sighed behind them, before putting on his 'happy-go-lucky' front, reaching out his hand to shake the other man's.


"I'm Karl, these brutes are Sapnap and Punz. What's your name?" The man asked, tilting his head. ".....George. I'm George." 


"Well, George , get your ass moving. We need to get back to our base, we have around an hour before the night comes." The ravenette bit out, shaking off Punz's hand before heading out quietly.


"Seriously, what the hell's wrong with him?" He could hear the new member mumble and he couldn't help but roll his eyes. "Oh, he'll come around, don't worry."