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Seishou Stress Relief

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“M-Mahiru, I-I'm still not really sure about this-”


Karen struggled a bit, testing the bindings of the pillory that were locking her in place, tilting her head towards Mahiru, who was crouched behind her applying lube to her nether regions, as she spoke. Butt-naked in the middle of the room, completely unable to move, she was already feeling the anxiety of what was about to come.


“Geez, Karen, didn't you say you were fine with it? There, done.” Having finished her task, Mahiru stood up and walked to the front of the pillory. “Don't worry, I'll be here with you the whole time, okay?” she told Karen with a reassuring smile, “We'll stop right away if you don't want to continue.”


Karen looked at her with a worried look, “Y-you promise, right?” Mahiru nodded at her. “O-okay...”. Karen set her gaze downwards, thinking about how this situation had come to be. The girls had been asked by the girls in backstage to dispose of a pillory that was used for a couple of performances in the past, as it was getting old and no longer in use. Kaoruko, ever the troublemaker, suggested an “alternative use” for it. “You know, stress relief?” she said, hiding her smug smile behind her fan as she was wont to do. Whilst initially outraged by her proposal, the others couldn't deny that the idea was exciting them and, when looking for a “volunteer”, everyone turned their gazes towards Karen. Not wanting to disappoint her friends, she accepted, and they all sneakily carried the pillory to her room. Whilst absorbed in her thoughts, she heard someone knock on the door.


“Oh? It's still not time, who could it be?” said Mahiru, walking towards the door and opening it. She was greeted by the familiar bespectacled face of Junna.


“H-hi, Mahiru. Can I come in?”


“Hm? Of course, Junna, but it's still not time. You are a bit early.” answered Mahiru, moving out of the way so that Junna could enter.


“Well... I'm the class rep. I've come to see that everything... was in order.” she said, entering the room and looking at Karen's shackled figure. “Karen, I know you said so, but are you sure you want to do this?”


“I-I'll do my best!” answered Karen, with a mixture of anxiety and her characteristic energy.


“Then... I suppose it's fine. So, eh... Um... Is it fine if I...?” she said, looking at Mahiru with a pleading look.


“Hmmmm... You are still a bit early, but... What do you say, Karen?”


Karen felt relieved at the idea of Junna being her first of the night, knowing the class rep would be gentle with her. “O-okay!” she said, giving a nod that could not be seen by the other two from behind the pillory.


“Right... I'm going in, them.” Junna moved behind Karen, pulling down her panties and exposing her erect cock. She grabbed it with her right hand as her left held Karen's waist, guiding it towards her pussy, and slowly pushing inside, earning a whimper from the redhead. Halfway in, she let go of her cock and grabbed Karen's waist with both hands, and pushed her member fully inside.“Mng... So warm...” she said, letting herself savor the moment. Karen let out a small moan beneath her, the pleasant pressure of Junna's dick making her body flare up, squirming against the restraints. A short moment later, Junna began to move, gently but firmly pacing her dick in and out as Karen let out muffled moans beneath.


Junna wanted to keep going, but she knew she couldn't keep Karen all for herself for the night. She tightened her hold on Karen's waist, “Karen... I'm gonna go faster.”


“Eh?” answered Karen, tilting her head back. “Wai-” before she could finish her sentence, Junna pulled back fully before slamming her dick forward again, earning a mute scream from the girl. Junna picked up the pace, vigorously fucking the restrained redhead, as she clenched her teeth trying to handle the sudden burst of pressure as her behind was slammed with such strength. Junna at last tipped over the edge, letting her cum flow inside Karen with a few more pumps. She pulled out her dick from her, panting with sweat, as Karen let out the jagged breath she had been holding in.


“There are some tissues there,” said Mahiru, pointing towards a corner of the room where she had left some tissues.


“O-oh, yeah... Thanks.” answered Junna, pulled out of the afterglow. She cleaned up herself as best as she could, pulling back up her panties and getting ready to leave the room.


Meanwhile, Mahiru looked at Karen with a concerned look, still locked in a stupor. “Karen, are you okay?” she asked.


“Uh...” mumbled Karen, “Y-yes...” While she couldn't say it out loud, Junna's violent thrusting had excited her beyond belief and almost brought her to the tipping point.


Junna was getting ready to leave the door when she turned towards Karen, “Um, yeah. Uh, thanks for that, Karen.” she said, “And, uh... Good luck!” She opened the door at the same time as a familiar girl was trying to get inside.


“Woah!” said Futaba, surprised, as she looked at Junna leave in a hurry, then got inside the room and closed the door behind her. “What was she doing here already? It still wasn't time-” she paused and took a look at Karen, still dripping Junna's cum, “Huuuh, so the class rep was cheating, eh? Well, whatever.” said Futaba with a smirk, quickly moving towards Karen and getting her cock out of her pants. “Right, I'm the second I guess. I'm going in, Karen.” she said, immediately grabbing onto Karen and thrusting her dick inside. She wasted no time and immediately began rapidly fucking her. The shorter girl had to stand on tiptoes the whole time, hugging Karen's lower body as she did her. Being smaller than Junna, Karen did not feel as full as she did with her, but the way Futaba so frantically fucked her while grabbing onto her made Karen feel as if she was being bred like a wild animal, which made her feel both shameful and admittedly excited.


“Huff,” panted Futaba, between each thrust, “That Kaoruko, *huff*, she kept pestering me for sex the whole time, *huff* even while I just wanted to train or ride my bike or whatever, *huff*, so I just told her, *huff* “No sex for a week!” *huff*, but, shit... Now I was the one pent up...” Karen let out a nervous laugh when hearing Futaba's usual complaining of her partner. Futaba kept rapidly thrusting, until she felt the orgasm coming, “Right... I'm *huff* cumming...!” she exclaimed, as she let it all out inside Karen.


Whew... Thanks, Karen. 'ppreciate it.” said Futaba, pulling out and putting her dick back in her pants after cleaning it up a bit with the tissue Mahiru was handing her. “Right, I'm off!” she said, bolting out the door as quickly as she had came in.


Okay, I'm gonna clean you up a bit, okay Karen?” said Mahiru once the door had closed, beginning to clean up all the spilt semen and fluids from Karen's behind. “Are you holding up okay?” She reapplied some lube for good measure.


Y-yes...” answered a half-exhausted Karen, “I... I think so...”


Right after Mahiru had finished, the door suddenly opened, the head of the mastermind behind the whole thing peeking in.


Hey, that Futaba was just here, right?” said Kaoruko with a miffed expression, “The nerve of that girl! After having me go all cold turkey... I'm gonna tease her about it afterwards.” She took a look at Karen, and her angry expression changed to her usual mischievous smirk. “Well... It's fine. I've got a new toy here now.” She moved towards Karen and, as quickly as Futaba did, took out her cock and positioned herself in Karen's entrance.


T-toy!?” said Karen, tilting her head towards Kaoruko in disbelief.


Kaoruko smirked, and set her penis ready to penetrate Karen. “Yup!” she said, suddenly inserting the whole thing, earning a surprised scream from the girl below. She wasted no time and began to thrust, “Yeah... just a cute little fleshlight, all for me,” her thrusting became more violent, “Nothing but a cocksleeve,” She slapped Karen's ass, receiving a squeal in response, “Fit only to get fucked by everyone”.


K-Kaoruko!” screamed Mahiru, “Don't say such mean things?”


Oh really?” answered Kaoruko, smirking at Mahiru, “Relax, it's just a little bedroom talk. Besides, she's–mpf—tightening up like crazy...!”


Mahiru looked at Karen, who moved her head away from her, trying to hide the redness of her face brought upon by a mixture of shame and excitement. Kaoruko laughed as she picked up the pace even more, until she let it all out inside Karen. “Ah, that was good” she said, as she set off towards the door, “We should do this some other time! Bye!”


Geez...” exclaimed Mahiru, “I don't know how Futaba manages to deal with her...” In the middle of her panting, Karen let out a small nervous laugh.


The arrival of the next two was heralded by a loud discussion that they could even hear from inside the room, as Maya and Claudine entered together.


No, no, I was first!” said an irate Claudine, “You wait for your turn!”


I believe, my dear Claudine, that we entered the room at the same time.” answered Maya, with her characteristic competitive calmness.


Tch, whatever. But someone still has to go first.”


I believe I have an answer to that.” said Maya, “How about a little competition?”




Yes. How about we see who can last longer?” Maya moved behind Karen. “You take the front, I'll take the rear.” she said, putting her hand on Karen's asscheeks.


And why do you take the- Whatever, you're on!” answered Claudine smugly, moving towards Karen's face. “Sorry for this Karen, but bear with me, I'm gonna show her! And no slowing down, Maya!”


I know, Claudine. Ready?”


W-wait, both at the same ti-” Karen's comment was quickly shut off by Claudine forcefully shoving her cock inside her mouth, and Maya inserting her penis inside her pussy. The two didn't wait to start their competition, as they quickly proceeded to vigorously fuck their respective entrances. Karen was overwhelmed by the two cocks going in and out of her, the pleasure she felt from Maya's frantic pistoning amplified by Claudine fucking her mouth barely letting her breathe. Tears streaming down her reddened face, her thoughts were fully occupied by the all-encompassing pressure she was feeling, as the two girls continued their competition using her body as they pleased.


The two continued on fucking Karen for what felt like an eternity, displaying the stamina they were so proud of, until they were reaching their human limits. “Ugh... I'm about to...” said Claudine, with a strained face.


H-hoh? Surrendering already? I-I can still... keep going...” answered Maya with an equally strained face.


Hah!” scoffed Claudine, “You look ready to keel over... Shit, I can't... Ugh..!” growled Claudine, as she let out all she was holding inside Karen's mouth, right at the same time as Maya too painted Karen's walls white. Exhausted, they both stood in place trying to catch their breath, still impaling Karen front to back.


Y-you let it out first.” said Maya, profusely sweating.


Non! You lost first!” answered Claudine, then turned towards Mahiru, “Mahiru! Who came first!?”


Ah, um... I think you both came at the same time.” she answered timidly.


Tch” complained Cladine, “We'll settle this another time.” She finally pulled out her cock from Karen's mouth, as the redhead coughed all the cum that was in her throat, desperately gasping for air. Maya too pulled out, which made Karen's legs almost lose all strength. After cleaning up themselves, both of them left the room, still arguing over who came first.


Mahiru looked at Karen, her orifices dripping semen and ready to pass out from exhaustion, still panting from the effort. “D-don't give up, Karen! Just one more left!” she said, trying to encourage her.


Ah.... Aha... Yesh...” answered Karen laboriusly.


And as if summoned, the last girl, Nana, appeared from the door. Mahiru let out a sigh of relief, believing that Nana would be gentler than the previous two, as she watched the taller blonde wordlessly move towards Karen, and pull out the biggest dick she had ever seen in her life from her pants.


Oh god-” said Mahiru in desbelief, covering her mouth with her hands. She looked at Nana and saw the same eyes she had when fighting in the revues.


H-huh...?” Karen looked up at the shocked Mahiru, gathering what little strength she had left to talk, “Mahiru...? What's... wro-” her words were cut off by Nana immediately shoving her entire length without warning. Overwhelmed from the sudden insertion and the exhaustion, Karen's brain shut down and she passed out.


She did not know how much time had passed when she slowly came back to consciousness. She could only feel the furious heat in her insides, Nana's relentless violent thrusting as she made a mess of her insides, rocking the pillory strongly enough that each thrust lifted it in the air a bit. Her mind a jumble, she could not even muster the energy to moan, instead only letting out a small incoherent mumble. Her legs had no strength left and were only held in place by Nana's massive girth inside her. How many times did Nana cum? How many times did she cum? She didn't know, but knew when the last one was coming, as Nana reached the depths of her body in a final thrust and let it all out, semen overflowing her insides and falling out and dripping onto the floor. Nana finally pulled out in a low huff, her massive cock soiled by both of their fluids, as Karen's legs finished giving up.


Pulled out of her trance, Nana seemed to return to her usual gentle self. “O-oh! K-Karen! I'm sorry! I-I went too far, oh dear...” she said with a worried look. “Are you okay?”


Ahaha... Eheheh...” answered an absent-minded Karen with a stupid grin on her tear-stained face.


I-I... I'll let you rest! A-and... I'll cook something nutritious for breakfast! I'm sorry...” she turned her gaze towards Mahiru with a pleading look, “Mahiru, please take care of her...”. She then left the room in a hurry.


K-Karen!” said Mahiru as she moved to the restraints of the pillory. “I-I can't believe you managed to take them all in...”




Hold on, I'll get you out...” Mahiru moved her hands towards the restraints, but was interrupted with a knock on the door. Puzzled, she went towards it, cautiously opening it as no one else should be coming in anymore. She was greeted by one of the girls from the backstage department.


Um... Hi... Sorry to bother you this late.” said the girl, “But we were told we could, um, you know... Here...” Mahiru looked better and saw that there was a line of other girls behind the one that was in front of the door, many of them already pitching tents inside their skirts. Did... Did Kaoruko tell them? she thought.


So, uh... can we?” said the girl.


Mahiru looked back inside the room at Karen with a worried expression.


Eheheh... Okay~”