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A Corpse King and His Very Good Evening

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Chu Shuzhi had gained immortality by following the Path of the Undead. As a zombie king, he had not aged in two thousand years, and had worked for SID for the last three hundred years without seeing a single grey hair. Of course, his human visage was only a glamour. When he revealed his true appearance, he definitely looked like he had been dead for some time.

That wasn’t the point, though.

The point was that he was immortal. He would never die and enter the wheel of reincarnation. Guo Changcheng, though, was only human. He was the reincarnation of the Zhenhun Lamp’s Wick, which had been very important when they needed to light the Guardian Lamp to save the world – but this did not grant him immortality.

Chu Shuzhi only had a handful of decades with his lover before Changcheng died and reentered the wheel of reincarnation. Chu Shuzhi had already sworn that he would find Changcheng in all his next reincarnations and continue to be with him. He meant it too. Guo Changcheng had been annoying at first, but now Chu Shuzhi couldn’t imagine an endless life without the kindhearted, anxious little human at his side. If he had to bear periods of loneliness and then a hundred more courtships as he convinced future reincarnations of Guo Changcheng to give him a chance, he would. When he thought about how he’d find Changcheng in his next life, he felt less upset about the fact that this life with Changcheng was rapidly coming to a close.

Changcheng had been young, in his twenties, when they had first met. Now Changcheng was in his fifties and his hair was greying. His metabolism had slowed down, allowing him to finally keep some weight on his feeble figure. There were wrinkles at the corners of his eyes and mouth. He looked like a kindly grandfather now instead of the terrified boy that had followed Chu Shuzhi around decades ago.

Decades together was a very short time to someone who was immortal, but it was still long enough to learn Changcheng inside and out. It was enough time for them to grow familiar with one another, to have conversations without saying a word, and become comfortable with speaking about their wants and needs. Even Changcheng, who thought that his desires were inconsequential and stupid, had eventually learned to let Chu Shuzhi in and trust the corpse king with his thoughts and feelings.

It was frustrating that it had taken years to realize what kind of sex Changcheng actually wanted to have, but they had figured it out eventually. Now, whenever Changcheng’s mortal shell could handle it, they indulged themselves.

Changcheng had sent him that shy little look after dinner from underneath his eyelashes, cheeks dark. He looked older, but that expression belonged on a virgin fresh into adulthood.

With a growl, Chu had herded his human lover to the bed. They had a studio apartment, so there were technically only two rooms – one that included the kitchen, dining set, sitting area, and a bed, and then the bathroom was its own room. The bed was situated furthest from the kitchen area and closest to a set of tall windows that looked out into the street in front of their building. They were five floors up and their neighbors in the complex across the street always had their curtains drawn.

Chu didn’t lovingly or gently strip Changcheng out of his clothes. He should. Changcheng was older now and becoming fragile in a way he hadn’t been before.

Chu didn’t lovingly or gently strip Changcheng out of his clothes. No.

He dropped his human glamour, revealing his yellowed bones and decomposing flesh, his skin so old that it had the texture of parchment or thin leather and muscles that were exposed and grizzled. His teeth were long and sharp in a fleshless skull, his round eyes milky white in their sockets.

Changcheng shivered in delight and gave in with a happy little sigh.

If Chu Shuzhi had shown his true appearance to Changcheng when the human had first started working for SID, the kid surely would have died of fright. As it was, familiarity and love between the two had changed Changcheng’s perception on what it really meant to be undead. He now drew pleasure from it, from knowing Chu’s true face instead of the one he shared with everyone else. Changcheng was even cutely possessive of Chu’s appearance, pouting sullenly whenever anyone else saw the zombie king for what he really was.

It was as if he saw Chu’s true appearance for complete nudity and didn’t want anyone else to see him naked.

Stripped of his human disguise, Chu dug his blackened claws into Changcheng’s clothes and ripped them off. His nails cut tiny red lines into Changcheng’s pale skin, the slightest pain that made Changcheng gasp and flinch and whimper. Chu flung a tattered shirt off the bed and then flipped Changcheng onto his belly on the bed. He tore the seat of Changcheng’s jeans and underwear open, not bothering to take them off all the way.

He let a hungry little hiss escape his throat as he crawled down the length of the bed. His long, serpentine tongue rasped dryly against Changcheng’s asshole, getting it wet. Changcheng was panting, his torso heaving with each breath.

“P-please… Please, Big Brother Chu,” he said in a plaintive, greedy voice. “Be gentle with this one… This one will be very obedient if you are nice…”

Those words shot straight to Chu’s dick because he knew they were purposely misleading. Changcheng didn’t want him to be nice. What Changcheng wanted was for Chu to take what he wanted until Changcheng was crying and begging for him to stop – and then Changcheng wanted him to keep going.

Changcheng’s greatest fantasy was of someone needing him so much that they didn’t care about what he wanted. Chu and Changcheng had set up a safe word a long time ago for when they played like this, but they were old to this scene now. They knew their roles so well that if Changcheng had even a second of doubt, Chu would know and stop immediately.

“Be as obedient as you like,” Chu growled. “I don’t care.” He proceeded to unravel his tongue and slide it past Changcheng’s sphincter. The tip of his tongue was the narrowest part, and the flexible muscle did not have the thickness or rigidity of his cock. It slipped in until his teeth were pressed between the globes of Changcheng’s soft bottom.

Changcheng squealed and thrashed beneath him. “Th-that’s so dirty! Big Brother Chu, p-please! Oh! Your tongue i-is so loooonnnng, ooooh…” Quivering and shaking, he twisted his upper body. He planted the palm of one hand against Chu’s forehead, as if he meant to push Chu away. He even put force into it, making a very believable attempt to escape.

His hips were rolling between Chu’s mouth and the mattress, desperate for the friction.

Chu slurped his tongue back into his mouth and pulled away, but only far enough to slap Changcheng’s ass. It jiggled temptingly. Age had given Changcheng a buttocks that youth hadn’t. It wasn’t pert, but, fuck, it was so decadently soft that Chu often spent time just gnawing on it and using it for a pillow.

Changcheng squealed. “Big Brother Chu! Please, don’t be mean to me…”

Chu slapped the other cheek with so much force that his palm tingled. Changcheng screamed, not expecting the pain. He stopped struggling for a moment, frozen in fear that he would be struck again.

The moment passed and his hips rolled into the mattress.

He looked over his shoulder at Chu with big, wet eyes, his cheeks scarlet with color. He was barely breathing.

“When did I make you think that you could tell me what to do?” Chu growled. He slapped the first cheek and then the second in rapid succession, delighting in the sound of skin against skin and Changcheng’s high-pitched cries. “Do you think I care about what you want?” He demanded to know.

The truth was that he cared dearly for what Changcheng wanted. In this case scenario, though, he didn’t need Changcheng to tell him. He was acting on those desires.

“N-no…” Changcheng sniffled pitifully. “I-I’m sorry…”

“You should be sorry!” Chu barked. His true self couldn’t smirk as he had no lips, but he radiated smugness. “Weren’t you the one who said you would be obedient? Lay there, then, and be obedient. Let Old Chu eat your ass and then fuck you until he’s satisfied. And then, maybe, maybe, Old Chu will be nice to you.”

Changcheng groaned, but it was an incredibly horny sound. “B-Big Brother Chu… I’m scared… I-I’ve never done this before… Is there… Is there anything I can do so that you will be gentle with me?”




Changcheng hadn’t played this angle in a few months. It really set Chu on fire when Changcheng pretended to be a virgin again. That sort of intensity wasn’t good for the human’s health.

When Chu had actually taken Changcheng’s virginity, it had been very vanilla and he had had to restrain himself immensely. He’d been afraid of hurting Changcheng or scaring him. The sex had been very good and they had continued having safe, sane, and gentle sex for years and years without a problem. Chu could have gone Changcheng’s entire life without once letting out the voracious beast inside of him that wanted to violate and ruin the human.

But that hadn’t been what Changcheng wanted, thank fuck. Once they’d started talking about their darker desires, Chu had let it slip how he had wanted to do horrible, filthy things to Changcheng when he had taken his virginity.

Every once in awhile, as a treat, Changcheng would go back to that fantasy. There was never any forewarning. It was something he decided on and then would let Chu know when he wanted it known.

Like now.

Chu dug his claws into Changcheng’s buttocks, massaging and scratching them. Drawing red welts in his wake.

He had to recenter himself.

“You’re telling me that this greedy little hole of yours has never been fucked before?” he asked with a guttural voice.

“N-no! Never. S-see how small and tight it is?” He was horribly embarrassed over talking about his own ass like that. Shame made his eyes leak tears and he ducked his head so that he didn’t have to look back at Chu. His hands wandered down his own body, pulling his cheeks apart. His trembling fingers smoothed over his puckered sphincter.

“S-see?” he whispered. “If you’re rough with me, you’ll break me. I’ll do anything so that you’ll be gentle. I promise, Big Brother Chu.”

Chu’s head was full of white noise. In that moment, he knew he was going to be everything but gentle with his lover.

“Anything?” he hissed. “Fine! Kneel on the ground between my legs. If you service me well, I’ll see what I can do about being gentle with you.”

They rearranged themselves. Chu put a pillow down on the floor between his legs before Changcheng could kneel.

His lover gave him a grateful look through his weepy expression. His trembling hands landed on Chu’s jean-clad thighs, nervously walking up his legs to his zipper and belt. With his bottom lip caught between his teeth, he released Chu’s cock from his pants.

“I-it’s big,” Changcheng whispered. “I don’t know if I can fit it all in my mouth.”

He was lying. His gag reflex in the beginning had been terrifyingly strong, but they had eventually conquered it with single-minded practice and tenacity. Changcheng could swallow him to the root and lick his balls at the same time.

The look he sent Chu, though, as he lied, was so fucking innocent and pure, as if he really believed that Chu wouldn’t fit in his mouth.

Chu couldn’t stop himself. With a snap of his teeth, he buried his claws in the back of Changcheng’s hair and dragged his mouth forward where he wanted it. Changcheng opened his lips easily – eagerly – and only gave a few token whimpers and gurgles as Chu fucked his way down his throat. He put up a good show of having a gag reflex, pretending to choke and slap at Chu’s thighs as if he wanted to escape.

Chu snarled and pushed Changcheng’s head all the way down, his other hand wrapping around Changcheng’s throat. He didn’t squeeze hard – only enough to feel his dick slide down, cutting off Changcheng’s air supply.

He held his lover there for a few seconds, long enough to feel Changcheng’s throat flutter and squeeze around him. Changcheng didn’t actually like being deprived of oxygen, though, so Chu pulled him up relatively quickly.

Changcheng coughed and sputtered. Tears were running down his face, his breath blasting hot and wet over the head of Chu’s dick.

“See?” he said cruelly. “You can take it. You take cock very well. Have you sucked dick before?”

“N-no!” Changcheng rasped. His tongue flicked forward, tasting the slit in the head of Chu’s penis. “Never… Please, be gentle… That hurt. I couldn’t breathe.”

“But you have such pretty, cocksucking lips,” Chu said, as if it was completely Changcheng’s fault that Chu wanted to ravage him to pieces. It was too. It was completely Changcheng’s fault that he was so pretty there on his knees, pre-cum and spittle on his glossy, red lips and tears in his wide, dark eyes.

“You’ve never let a man enjoy them before now?” he demanded to know.

“Never,” Changcheng whimpered.

“Hm… Fine. I believe you.” That said, he shoved Changcheng’s face forward, sheathing himself in his throat once more. He set up a rough tempo, moving Changcheng’s head as he desired, not caring for how Changcheng choked and gurgled around him and how his hands pushed and pulled and slapped.

As a corpse, he couldn’t retain any body heat himself. He often ran lukewarm, if not a little colder than roommate temperature.

“Mm, Little Guo,” he hissed. “You’re so alive and hot. You’re actually warming my dick up.” Changcheng whined. He was making frantic little slurping noises around Chu’s penis, producing an awful mess of pre-cum and spit that spilt down his chin and all over Chu’s scrotum. He gave this tiny little mmph sound every time Chu’s dick popped down his throat.

“Do you like warming my dick up? Do you like being my little cock warmer?”

He tangled his hand through that grey-speckled hair and pulled Changcheng off his dick. Changcheng gasped for air, strands of fluid still linking him to Chu’s slick length. His cheeks were red, his lips swollen, and his eyes puffy. His nose was running a little bit. It should have been gross, but he looked so ruined that Chu just wanted to humiliate and use him more.

Changcheng looked up at him, eyes hazy and unseeing.

“Do you like being my little cock warmer?” he asked again, voice dangerous. “Is sucking cock everything you had hoped for? You better tell me that my dick’s the best thing you’ve ever tasted.” He clenched his hand into a fist, pulling meanly at Changcheng’s hair.

Changcheng sobbed. “B-Big Brother Ch-Chu…” his voice was a thread of sound. “It… It’s everything I had hoped for… I… I love your penis… It’s the… It’s the best thing I’ve ever tasted.”

“Good boy. Now. Beg for it. Beg for me to fuck your mouth again. Tell me that I’m allowed to cum down your throat.”


Chu clenched his hand even tighter, pulling harshly at short hairs.

Changcheng’s lips wobbled. His hips were jerking in tiny circles, trying to rub his penis on something in the tattered remains of his pants. “Big… Big Brother Chu… Please, use this one’s mouth. You can… You can cum in my mouth. This one will be very good and obedient. Please, Big Brother Chu. This mouth belongs to you, and is yours to do whatever you want with.” Trembling, he let his mouth drop open.

Chu was unhinged. Feral and mean. He pulled Changcheng’s head down and fucked his mouth until the tension in his belly snapped. He released a hiss of euphoria as he came down Changcheng’s gullet, flooding his mouth. He kept Changcheng there until his lover swallowed every drop, his throat massaging Chu’s spent penis.

At last, sated, he let Changcheng pull away. His dick slipped out of slick lips and flopped across his lap.

Changcheng sobbed. There was a glob of white seeping out of the corner of his mouth. “B-Big Brother Chu… Please, don’t be so mean to me. Please, be nicer to me. Haven’t I been very good and obedient? Haven’t I done everything you wanted? Now that you’ve orgasmed in my mouth, won’t you be gentle?”

Chu’s cock twitched and fattened up again so fast that he was almost dizzy. He, unlike Changcheng, wasn’t restrained to a human refractory period. That didn’t mean he had meant to grow another erection so quickly. It was almost painful how badly he wanted to fuck Changcheng to the point of breaking.

Changcheng pushed the issue even further. His little, ruined voice then whispered, “See, Big Brother Chu? I even swallowed, like you said.” He opened his mouth wide, sticking his tongue out so that Chu could see his mouth was cum-free.

He was such an accomplished tease. He wasn’t accomplished in many things, even after working at SID for decades, but he was accomplished in making Chu lose his entire goddamn mind.

Chu snarled and grabbed Changcheng under his arms. He lifted the human off the floor and stomped toward the kitchen just so he could toss Changcheng over the kitchen counter.

Changcheng gave a cry of surprise as his hips hit the side of the island counter, his hands scrabbling across its surface. Chu stepped up behind him, one hand on the back of Changcheng’s neck to press him down. He spat copiously into his other hand and pushed black claws and skeletal fingers inside of Changcheng’s little asshole. He was darkly pleased when Changcheng screeched, his body going rigid as he was forced to take too much too soon.

“Big Brother Chu, please! Wasn’t this one very good for you?”

“So good,” he purred. “Too good. You’re getting what you deserve now, Little Guo.” He spat in his hand again. Changcheng liked sex with a side of pain, but tearing Changcheng open was not an option. Even if Chu sometimes wished it was and Changcheng liked to pretend every now and again. “Being such a little tease! Begging me to take your innocence and ruin you.”

“I didn’t!” Changcheng swore. “I didn’t do that!”

“You did and you know it,” Chu hissed. “Flaunting your virginity in front of me. You had to know everything you said would only make me want to hurt you more.”

“I had no idea!”

Chu snarled. He lunged forward, digging his fangs into Changcheng’s shoulder. He applied pressure until he knew the skin was almost about to split open.

Changcheng screamed. He writhed and sobbed and babbled. “P-please, Big Brother Chu, that hurts a lot! I don’t like pain.”

The little hedonist had a very low pain threshold – but that didn’t mean he didn’t like pain. He liked very specific kinds of pain.

He loved the pain of teeth digging into his skin. He loved the pain of getting fucked too fast and too hard.

He hated the pain of a papercut, but delighted in the pain of Chu’s hands pulling at his hair. He couldn’t stand it when Chief Zhao cuffed him upside the head, but he loved the soreness after having his throat used like a fleshlight.

Chu said nothing, instead digging his teeth a little deeper. Pinpricks of iron-tasting blood dotted under his fangs. Changcheng whined high in his throat and went still. He was sobbing quietly, tears trickling down his face onto the counter.

He became very obedient, letting Chu add another finger and stretch his hole open wide. Chu scissored his fingers and tugged at Changcheng’s sphincter, pinching it and pulling it. Changcheng let out a broken little “Ah!” and his hands clenched into fists on the table.

The moment Chu knew Changcheng could take his penis without tearing, he was done preparing Changcheng.

He pressed his yellowed skull between the wings of Changcheng’s shoulders, letting out a guttural groan as he aimed his dick and pushed forward. His glans popped past a tight ring of muscle, making Changcheng cry out. He laved his long tongue in circles over Changcheng’s spine and sank down to the root, not stopping even when Changcheng begged him to slow down. He was almost too tight. Almost too dry.

Changcheng’s head was turned to the side, his torso pressed to the counter. He stared without blinking into the middle distance, seeing nothing. Slowly, his hands uncurled and went limp.

Complete and total submission. He had lost his entire will to fight, to even pretend to fight, and laid there, subservient.

Chu chuckled darkly. “There,” he hissed. “Now I’ve ruined you. No one is going to want you after I’m done with you. You held onto your virginity like a badge of honor. Are you ashamed of yourself now that it’s gone? Tell me that you’re ashamed.”

Changcheng swallowed thickly. His throat clicked. He gasped for air. Slowly, slurring, he said, “I’m ashamed…”

He wasn’t. Or, he was embarrassed, but that was because of his usual anxiety and nervousness. He had lost his virginity a very long time ago and the only worth he had tied to it had been romantic in that he had wanted to give it to his someone special. He had done so, and therefore his virginity had served its purpose. It had never been a badge of honor to him.

Chu was talking buillshit, saying the things he wanted to hear because it made what they were doing filthier. He loved Changcheng so fucking much for going along with him, parroting when he was prompted to. It gave Chu a big rush.

He nipped viciously at Changcheng’s shoulder blade, leaving behind red welts. “Now that I’ve taken your virginity, you can’t leave. You belong to me now. Even if I’m mean to you, you have to let me do what I want and say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.”

“P-please…” Changcheng sniffled. “Please do whatever you want to me, Big Brother Chu. This body belongs to you. Thank you for… for taking my virginity.”

Oh. Oh, fuck.

How could Chu hold back after that?

With a monstrous snarl, he reared back. He curled one skeletal hand around Changcheng’s shoulder, digging his palm into the vicious bite wound there, and wrapped his other hand into the front belt loops of Changcheng’s ruined jeans.

As he plunged forward, he pulled Changcheng back, forcing his lover to meet every thrust with force. Changcheng wasn’t prepared. He tightened inside, trying to force Chu out, but it only increased his pleasure while making Changcheng more uncomfortable. Chu’s head rolled back on his shoulders, his maw falling open on a hiss of victory as he fucked deep and fast into his mortal lover. He reshaped Changcheng’s body around him, taking no mercy or pity on the being he loved with all his dead heart.

His hips slapped against the curve of Changcheng’s ass and he still didn’t feel as if he had gone deep enough. He grinded against Changcheng, swirling his hips and rubbing viciously against his lover’s prostate.

“T-too much!” Changcheng wailed. “That’s too much! That’s too much… T-tooooo muuuuch!” His voice suddenly broke on a wail. What came out next was a breathy cry. His eyes slipped shut, not unconscious but overwhelmed.

His ass clenched tight around Chu, rippling around him, milking his length. Changcheng’s body twitched and went rigid, every muscle pulled taut. Tiny, shattered squeaks fell out of his rounded mouth.

Changcheng looked gorgeous when he came like this. Ruined and bloody, forced to make room for Chu inside of his body. Reduced to a toy for Chu’s pleasure.

This was when Changcheng was happiest. He didn’t have to ask for anything he wanted and didn’t have to feel bad for getting it. He simply gave himself over to Chu completely and Chu took care of the rest.

Chu knew that Changcheng would be oversensitive now. He was the most oversensitive when he came without his penis being touched, and had only become more sensitive after his orgasms over time. If Chu kept going, Changcheng would be in actual fiery agony.

Chu kept going, pulling Changcheng’s limp body back onto his cock. He didn’t gentle in the least, chasing his own climax. Changcheng began to cry in earnest under him, struggling weakly to flee. His hands flopped clumsily until they found Chu’s hips and tried to push him away.

“Selfish!” Chu snapped. “You get to cum, but I don’t? How greedy can you be? Be still and let Old Chu take what he wants, now that you’ve had your fun.”

“Brother Ch-Chu… Hurts!”

Coils of pleasure tightened hotly in Chu’s lower abdomen. He was so close. What other desperate little cry could he get Changcheng to make?

“I don’t care!” He snarled. “Your body belongs to me, remember? I decide when I’m done with it, not you.”

Changcheng’s hands fluttered back to the counter, accepting that Chu was right. “I’m sor-ry!” His voice broke and swung high. He was sniffling and crying as he talked, his face screwed in pain. “I’m sorry, Big Brother Ch-Chuuuu… You’re right…” He opened his eyes and stared at Chu over his shoulder. His gaze was so innocent and shattered, as if Chu had really stolen his innocence and destroyed him in the process. “You took my virginity, after all,” he whispered. “So I don’t have any honor left.”

Chu was hanging off every word. He distantly heard the messy schlip and schlop of his dick sinking into Changcheng’s ravaged body. He distantly smelled sweaty and musky sex. He was distantly aware of those things.

He was avidly aware of Changcheng’s puffy eyes, his wet cheeks, his bruised lips. He was avidly aware of how Changcheng’s voice was a disaster, hoarse and low and full of hiccups. He was avidly aware of Changcheng’s shoulder sluggishly bleeding, the skin around each tooth mark already bruising.

His yellowed skull leaned forward, his torso half-bending over Changcheng’s body.

Changcheng pushed himself up, letting loose little “ah ah ah ah!” sounds as the angle changed. He wrapped a shaking arm behind Chu’s head, his other braced on the edge of the counter.

He pressed kittenish licks to the exposed bone of Chu’s jaw. “The only thing this one is g-good for now… Is giving you pleasure… A-and taking your seed. So, p-please… Give me lots of seed. So I can b-be useful… to you!”

What was Chu supposed to do? Not give Changcheng his cum?

He wasn’t a fucking idiot.

He dug his teeth into Changcheng’s other shoulder as he pressed his hips flush to Changcheng’s ass and released his load. His cum, cold and stuck in thick clumps, spurted deep inside of Changcheng.

Changcheng shivered in his arms, releasing one last breathy groan.

Chu could have kept going. He chose not to. He chose to let the arousal and the pleasure simmer and die down. He chose to stand there and let his penis slip free before pulling Changcheng closer. They swayed gently in place, almost dancing in the kitchen space, while Changcheng tried to catch his breath and Chu calmed himself. He licked tenderly at the blood on Changcheng’s shoulder.

“I’m so tired now, Shuzhi,” Changcheng complained as soon as he had the air to. “You’ve really tired me out! Mm… And I am very sore. I wish I could have a hot bath…”

He cast the bait and Chu gobbled it up.

“I will run a hot bath for you,” he said, lazy and indulgent.

“And I’m hungry now too,” Changcheng added shyly. He had such a hard time asking for what he wanted. Chu had mastered the art of listening to what Changcheng said and hearing what Changcheng was asking for.  

“I will make us a snack while you take your bath,” he coddled. He massaged his skeletal palms over Changcheng’s lower abdomen. Once upon a time, Changcheng had been completely flat, skin stretched across bone. In his older age, there was a layer of softness that Chu liked to bite and nibble at, that he now groped at leisurely.

Chu’s body had not changed in all the time he had known Changcheng, but Changcheng’s body seemed to change every day.

“Thank you, Shuzhi,” Changcheng demurred. “You really do treat me so well. I hope that… it was good for you?”

Shuzhi scoffed, offended that Changcheng even asked. “Was it good for me? Is air good for you? The sun? Food in your belly? Of fucking course it was good for me. You and your stupid questions. Haven’t you learned better by now?”

“It was just a question, Shuzhi,” Changcheng mumbled.

Chu pressed the flat of his teeth to the back of Changcheng’s neck in a facsimile of a kiss. “You should know just from how hard I fucked you that I loved it. You really knew exactly what to say to keep me going. If you weren’t so tired, I’d fuck you again right now.” Changcheng whimpered tiredly. “I won’t. I know you’re done.” He rubbed his jaw against Changcheng’s shoulder. “You were very good and obedient and sweet. Now, I’ll be good to you.”

He unbuttoned Changcheng’s ruined pants and underwear and pushed them down long legs. Free of his clothes, he led Changcheng to the bathroom and started running the bath for him.

Changcheng was sleepy and crawled into Chu’s lap as he sat on the lip of the bathtub. He tucked his head against Chu’s shoulder and his eyes drifted shut. His stamina wasn’t what it used to be.

Chu wrapped an arm around his waist to keep him in place and waited for the bathtub to fill. He added Changcheng’s favorite lavender bath salts and stirred the water with his arm, soaking his sleeve.

Gently, he roused Changcheng from his nap and helped him sink into the steaming water. Changcheng hissed when it touched his abused ass and then sighed with bliss as he curled his long limbs into the little tub. Chu put a folded towel on the lip and Changcheng rested his head on it.

Reasonably certain that Changcheng wouldn’t drown while he was gone, Chu went back to the kitchen to put together a little snack for them before bed. While he was out there, he cleaned off the kitchen counter. Not much of a mess had gotten on it, but Changcheng would be beside himself if it wasn’t cleaned off. He threw the ruined clothes in the trash, grabbed a fresh pair of boxers and a shirt, and returned to the bathroom.

If Changcheng hadn’t been so tall and therefore had to fold his long limbs so awkwardly into the tub, he would have slipped under the water and drowned. He was fast asleep, his mouth gaping open as he snored softly.

This human was a disaster. It was incredible that he had lived this long.

Chu let Changcheng rest in the water until he felt that the water had turned lukewarm. Not wanting Changcheng to get cold, he woke his lover up. Changcheng blearily got out of the tub and stepped into the towel Chu held open for him. Like a toddler, he stood there and let Chu dry him off, his eyes puffy and not focused.

Chu had abused him so much. Seeing Changcheng so vulnerable and not yet recovered made him want to bully Changcheng more, but he held himself back. Changcheng needed rest. Food. Clothes.

Chu could maul him again at some other point.

Dried off, Chu handed Changcheng his clothes. He clumsily put them on, wincing when he had to move his legs.

He waddled into the kitchen, a hand hovering over the seat of his shorts. He wore an almost comical expression of discomfort.

“Do we need to put gel on your asshole again?” Chu asked.

Changcheng’s face went red. “Sh-Shuzhi!”
“What? Why do you look so scandalized? If you need gel on your asshole again, then let’s do it.”

Changcheng ducked his head. “You… I… Yes, please. Thank you.” He glanced at Chu through his eyelashes and away.

That cocktease!

Chu almost said to hell with it and pounced on his lover, but he had more self-control than that.

He grabbed some first aid gel and painkillers, bringing them back to Changcheng’s side as his lover was eating his snack.

“Keep eating,” Chu told him. “I’ll put the gel on.”

Changcheng’s eyes all but bugged out of his head. Obedient, though, he tugged his shorts down and spread his legs.

Chu didn’t tease him too much. Changcheng wouldn’t be able to handle it. He had already orgasmed once and that was his limit. He still teased a little, just until Changcheng squirmed and began to breathe hard. Chu crouched down, balanced on the balls of his feet, and sucked one ass cheek into his mouth. He laved his tongue across softly furred flesh, suckling on his mouthful. Changcheng whimpered above him.

Only then did Chu release him and step back. He tugged Changcheng’s boxers back into place.

Changcheng pouted at him. “That was so mean, Shuzhi.”

“I’m a mean person,” Chu told him. “You should know that by now.”

Changcheng considered this. At last, he smiled. “You’re right. My Shuzhi is very mean. He’s also very kind and sweet to me. I should tell him please and thank you more often since he treats me so well.”

Chu groaned despairingly.

It was like Changcheng wanted to get fucked again! He definitely knew that he was turning Chu on.

Chu glowered at him. “Shut up, let’s go to bed. We have work in the morning.”

Changcheng put their dishes in the sink and happily waddled to bed. He flopped into bed on his belly and pressed a loving hand between his buttocks to experience the ache and burn of his ruined sphincter. His face was pinched with pain and glowing with pleasure.

This Changcheng, he seemed so innocent and naïve, but his sexual tastes were actually incredibly wild.

Chu changed his own clothes finally and wiped himself down with a warm rag. He slipped into a pair of sweatpants and a muscle shirt before crawling over Changcheng to get into bed. He laid down on his back and folded his hands over his chest as if he was a corpse settled in his coffin.

Changcheng turned toward him and cuddled against his side.

“Sweet dreams, Shuzhi,” Changcheng murmured sleepily. “I love you.”

Shuzhi didn’t have those kinds of words in him. He pressed a lipless kiss to the crown of Changcheng’s head instead, figuring that Changcheng had to know by now that Shuzhi loved him as well.

If Chu had learned to hear what Changcheng wanted when he spoke, then Changcheng had learned to hear when Chu said nothing at all. He gave a happy murmur, as if Chu had waxed poetically on his dedication to Changcheng, and snuggled closer.

Moments later, they were asleep.