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My last dream

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I'm panting. Every inch of my body hurts , my leg is broken, I'm bleeding. I have to fight ...
I need to win.

I can't lose, i never lose.. i can't die here, i can't die yet.

The water from my swords is starting to fall on the ground, i can't control it anymore .

And yet... I'm still fighting. Please, gods , powerful beings, adepti... Save me... I can't go on anymore.

Father... Save me...

My leg is giving up. I'm still fighting, I'm fighting with all my being. I fought off so many of them i lost count.

Suddenly... I fell. My leg gave up, i can't stand anymore.

I kneel on the ground, every last one of them is sarounding me.

Maybe i can't walk, maybe my best weapons are fucked. I still have my claws. I'll surely die when my transformation is over, but I'm not dead yet. I can't let them get in Liyue. I can't.

I aim my last arrow and with a shaky hand i throw it at Taritsa who was standing tall on a thrown carried by the vanguards.

The arrow landed on the right side of her stomach... I was aiming for her head.

She bends down and takes the arrow out. Blood started pouring as she covered the wound with her hand.

She then makes a gesture with her hand , she points twords me.

That sends another wave of monsters. I knew i couldn't beat them, it was clear.

But i didn't think of that. All i could think about was his long silky hair and his deep voice , all i could think of was the old lady form Liyue that teached me how to use chopsticks, Ganyu that helped me use my bow, Xiao who still isn't found of me .

Chong Yung who i helped ask Xinqiu out on a date , Ningguang that always gets mad at me for making a mess everywhere she sends me , all the times i got drunk and talked to Beidou, all the times i told Scaramouche things about myself even i didn't realize.

- fuck...

I whispered under my breath. I can't let everything die. Not yet. Not on my watch.

I used my bow as a pole and managed to stand. My other leg was shaking but i had to do this.

Before the wave got close enough i picked a stick form the ground and using my cape i tied it around my broken leg, like this it won't bother me so much. Even if it hurts i could at least stand on it.

The wave was coming and at least another 6 were ready. The thing is that i wasn't.


I guess you're wondering how it got there.

Well let's start with introductions. I am Tartaglia , code name Childe! My real name is Ajax and i work for the Fatui. I'm the 11th harbinger.

When i was a kid i was traped in the abyss.. so am I now, just a different location.

I was forced to work for them so my family, my father ,my brothers and sisters didn't have to.

I was sent there since i was little, around 5 , and learned to fight. I discovered the thrill of battle ! That's the only thing good that i got. You could say the rest is trauma but i just say that the rest makes my personality.

I live in Liyue and in 2 months I'm supposed to destroy it.

Taritsa gave me the order so i can't really have a say in it. It's not like I'm attached to anyone here so as long as I'll have Scaramouche I'll just do my job.

At least that's what I thought .

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Another day is waiting for me today! I just woke up.

Tsaritsa said that I need to infiltrate and become one of Liyue's most trusted. That I need to get close to the ruler of Liyue and that I need to get close to the Geo god, Zhongli.

She said that I should make one of them fall in love with me since I could use them for their power like that.

She gave me two months before I destroy Liyue but we needed to know all the secrets this nation holds before that. I'm supposed to go to our hideout weekly and tell her everything new.

Today my mission starts. I'm meeting Scaramouche at a drink tonight so he could show me who the Geo god is but till then I should go and help around, I should build my reputation.

My financial state is better than most people's, I could say I'm quite rich so I live in a big house. I got dressed and went outside.

I decided to take a walk and see if I can help with anything.

As I was walking I see a mother with two children.

- I'm gonna buy only one teddy bear that you guys have to share ok? (Mom)
- um.. ma'am, you don't have enough for one( seller)

The woman's face was so full of saddens when she had to turn to her children and tell them that they couldn't get anything.

This was where I could help! I went there and placed 1000 mora on the seller's table.

- give the kids anything they like

I said. The mom looked at me in surprise.

- wow... Sir, we can't accept that... It's too much... I ... (Mom)
- ma'am it's fine, I have enough money, you don't seem to stay so good tho so why not try to help! (Childe

I then got another 1000 mora out of my pocket and handed it to her.

- use it for food and anything you and the kids need.
- young man, what's your name? Asked the lady with tears in her eyes
- I'm Tartaglia!

The woman thanked me and I left.

As I was walking I noticed a pirate lady. She was talking to a pretty woman. I assumed she got rejected since the women left and the pirate didn't look so confident anymore.

I walked up to her.

- hey comrade! I see you got rejected there. I said smirking.
- oh shut up! I bet you're not any better!
- really pirate lady? Let's bet!
- on what?
- hmm... On a couple of drinks. What do you say?
- I can't refuse a bet like that! But, what's the bet?
- hmm.. pick two ladies for me and if I get both their numbers I'll win. I'll do the same and who got the most numbers wins. How does that sound?
- perfect! I'll start, pick someone!

I look around and I see a young lady passing by, she looks like a normal person, nothing too hard. I decided to give her something easy first

-alright, I'll be right back!

The pirate then went and tapped the girl's shoulder they talked a bit. I wasn't paying much attention, I was looking around to find anything interesting, any new ways to grow my reputation, maybe some high-ranked people, anything.

After a while, the pirate lady comes back with a little paper.

-Look, stranger! I got it!
-ha, I went easy on you for the first try!
- doesn't matter, I still won! Now it's your turn!

She looked around for a second

- I'll be easy on you too... That girl there

She pointed to a young lady, she was pretty and seemed maybe a little bit richer than the average but it still shouldn't be too hard.

- watch this!

I went in front of her and blocked her way with my hand.

- I'm sorry for being so rude...

I took a break so I could grab her hands in mine and kiss them. I then continued.

- but I just saw you and I couldn't let such a beautiful lady pass by...

Her cheeks were getting red and she quickly retrieved her hands from mine.

- t-this is not very appropriate!
- I'm sorry darling, I just wished to talk to you, to see if you're as beautiful inside as on the outside.

I said while bending down to show my sorry.

- um... W-well, you're quite ha-handsome I shall say... Give me your hand!
- oh? I see you quite demanding darling.
- o-oh shut up!

She got a pen out of her purse and wrote her number on my palm.

- here! Don't forget to text me! Now, goodbye stranger!
- goodbye beautiful!

I said waving my hand as she walked away. I then went back to the pirate lady and showed her my hand.

- that was fast! She said
- well, you're talking to the master!
- ya ya, that's too much blabbering! Give me the next girl.

I look around. I was searching for higher rank women. There wasn't anyone that caught my eye but I did pick a richer-looking girl.

The pirate ended up taking her number too. She did struggle a lot tho, she was about to get rejected.

She came back relieved.

- that wasn't the easiest catch you know?
- well, I have a feeling none of us will win
- I have a feeling I will
- really? Let's see then comrade!
- well, how about her!
She pointed to a girl with white long hair and an elegant gold dress. She was a higher-up if not one of the highest.
- that's lady Ningguang said the pirate. If You get her number not only that you win but I will have to do any 3 things you will ever ask me to, how is that!
- that's more than perfect but keep that promise for later cause I'll surely use your favors!

Even if this pirate isn't a high rank, I really could use her boat as a mode of transport in case of anything happening. This is a good deal.

I slowly went to the so-called lady Ningguang. She seemed very high ranked so I decided to be cautious.

- hello darling, what's bringing such a beautiful lady around here?
- I work around here.
- really? What's your job, pretty lady?
- you really don't know me
- no, but I would love to
- maybe when you'll get a little bit more sometimes.
- I'm sorry but I do not have the time for such unimportant things.

I was shocked, she isn't in the best mood. She knows how to use her words tho. She was about to walk away but I went in front of her again.

- wow sweetheart, you don't need to go that fast, we still have things to discuss!
- look, since you're a complete stranger and you don't know anything about this marvelous nation, I am taken.
- oh... I'm so sorry, you see, I just placed a bet with some pirate lady to get your number so ... Could you help me?

It's clear that I couldn't get myself out of humiliation unless I give her another reason to give me her number.

- pirate lady you say?
- yes?

There was a moment of silence as Ningguang turned around and scanned the area. Right when she spotted something she launched a couple of small rocks at someone. It seems that she also has a vision, geo.

I fastly hear the pirate lady's voice

- fuck! That hurts!

She then slowly walked to us. Lady Ningguang didn't wait a second before saying.

- How many times did I tell you to stop using me for your stupid bets Beidou!

So her name is Beidou, interesting.

- you're so stupid sometimes I swear! You forced this poor man to try and get my number? Really? For what, a couple of drinks? Stop drinking just anything anyone gives you Beidou!

I was trying to say that I wasn't forced but I decided it's not a good idea to interrupt a screaming woman.

- I'm sorry sweetheart... I promise it's the last time!
- that's what you said a couple of days ago too stupid!

She turned around and she was starting to run faster and faster.

- go to the tavern and wait, I won, you pay, I'll be back soon, bye stranger!

Said the pirate on her way to lady Ningguang.

I was curious as to what's gonna happen so I kept a watch on them. I immediately walked away when Beidou pinned lady Ningguang to a wall from a dark alley and started kissing her.

I did go to the bar. Surprisingly I saw Scaramouche there, we were supposed to meet after another 3 hours. I guess he got bored easily of Liyue.

I went and sat beside him.

- hey comrade!
- what's up Childe, anything new?
- Nah, just the usual. I raised a little bit of my reputation, helping around but I met an interesting lady.
- did she catch your eye?
- no, not like that, she's supposed to come here for anus second. I made a bet with her and she won.
- well what was the bet?
- taking two random girl's numbers
- Why did you lose, you're good at flirting. Or were all these stories lies and you're actually all talk?

He said giggling.

- shut up, she just chose a taken lady. Lady Ningguang I believe.

When Scaramouche heard that he spat his drink and started laughing.

- SHHH, everyone is hearing you dumbass!
- do you even know who lady Ningguang is?
- no, she just looked like some higher up.
- she's the ruler of Liyue!
- SHE'S the ruler of Liyue ?! Fuck! I can't get with her since she's taken ...

There was a moment of silence.
- wasn't there a geo god?
- ya, but I have no idea who he is, I only know that his name is Zhongli.
- I must say, I don't know much about him. You should ask that lady you meet.

At that time Beidou got in the tavern and sat beside me. I turn to Scaramouche and whisper

- speaking of the devil.
I then turn back to Beidou

- Beidou, this is my friend, Scaramouche.

Scaramouche shakes Beidou's hand and kisses it.

- a pleasure to meet you milady!
- sorry darling I'm taken.
She said taking her hand back. Also, I'm in the other direction.
- oh, sorry...

There was an awkward silence for a while

- so, Beidou, do you know by any chance someone named Zhongli?
- mister Zhongli? Yes actually. What time is it?

Scaramouche looks at the clock about our table and says.
- it's 8 30 pm
- he usually comes to look for a free drink around 9 / 9 30.
- ya? What is he like?
- I didn't know you were swinging the other way! Said Beidou
- sometimes, now tell me about this guy.
- in the usual day he's very serious and kind. He's blunt and he takes everything literally. He is trustworthy, very loyal. It is hard to gain his trust but once you guys connect he'll remember you forever. He's patient and likes children, he's very mature. He dresses respectfully, always in a suit.

In the nighttime tho he is completely different. He goes to all the taverns. He dresses completely different. He waits for men and women to buy him drinks. I even saw him wear a dress a couple of times. He's flirty and always goes with people home, he always does one-night stands after he gets insanely drunk. He only drinks osmanthus sine. He's very outgoing and would drink anything anyone gives him knowing the possibility they might drog him. He is very immature and impatient. He waits till he gets drunk and then searches for a sex partner for the night. I never saw him get in an actual relationship.

I honestly think something is really messed up with his past cause no one can be this numb to everything...

- he sounds so hard to understand... Interesting...

We talked and drank for a while. I was just looking at the people going in and out of the tavern until I saw someone special come in. The most beautiful man I've ever seen...

A beautiful tall man. He had his long and dark hair in a tall ponytail. He was wearing bootcut black jeans and a short red t-shirt. If he lifted his arms he could easily show the world his beautiful body. He was wearing black sneakers and a back long scarf that was falling to his waist. You could see a very little eyeliner sitting around his eyes, on that soft and light skin.

I was stunned. He was so beautiful, so masculine in his femininity... He was so cool.

As Beidou observed I was totally shocked she turned around and when she spotted the same man I was looking at she said

- and that's Zhongli. In the day you would never see him like this. But as I can see you quite enjoy this side of him right Childe?
- t-that's not true. I'm a little nervous, that's all...
- oh come on, you haven't looked at someone like that in a long time, also, be careful at your drooling. Said Scaramouche sarcastically.
I turned to him and gave him the look.
- fuck You!
- I think you have someone else to fuck. He said looking at Zhongli who was sitting at the bar.

I got up and as I walked away I gave him the finger, he did the same but also stuck out his tongue. Yes, we were very immature, but we were best friends, it was normal.

I sat next to him, on an empty chair.

- hello beautiful, how are you tonight?
- Hello handsome stranger... I'm looking for a drink or two... what about you?
- I'm clearly looking for you.

He giggled and I smiled. He's really beautiful. I made a sign to the bartender and ordered two glasses of osmanthus wine.

- how did you know I drink this?
- I just thought that a special drink fits a special man. I said winking.

When our drinks came I gobbled the wine like a shot while the beautiful man was enjoying every little sip of it.

- are you good at holding your alcohol? I asked
- I would say pretty good ya. I get dizzy after 5 glasses and I get drunk after around 9 maybe 10.
- I think I might get drunk first then. I said and we both laughed.
- so, what do you do for a living? I asked
- it's hard to explain... Let's say that I'm not usually paying for my needs.
- I see...

After that comment, I assumed that he might have someone or maybe a couple of people that give him money constantly over different services...

- what about you?
- I'm quite the rich guy. I work in the government, it's also kinda hard to explain, but I do make around 50 000 mora a month.

His eyes suddenly got big and his mouth was about to drop.

- you really are the rich guy... Guess you wouldn't mind buying me a couple more drinks would you?
- of course not darling!

That night was honestly so fun. We were laughing constantly and we actually connected, we vibed. We both gut drunk pretty fast and we started flirting with each other. I was placing my hand on his thigh and he was constantly looking at my lips.

I wanted to stop all this teasing so I said.

- do you wanna go to my house? I told you it's pretty big... We have enough space to ... Have fun.

While I was saying that I was slowly moving my hand upper on his leg, going to his inner thigh. I stopped there and got up. I took his hand and guided him to the exit. I opened the door for him as he was dizzily walking outside and I was right beside him.

- damn, he really got him. Said Beidou.
- it's not gonna last. Childe has ... Problems... It's gonna last a couple of nights I can bet that. Continues Scaramouche
- oh...

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I was dragging Zhongli on the streets, we were going to my house.

We were finally there, I am so glad I got here since we were both dizzy.

I got my keys and opened the door for Zhongli as I let him in first. He walked in slowly.

He looked so surprised at the dimensions of it. It wasn't actually that big. If I wanted I could've very well got a mansion made of gold but that's just not my taste, it's just a bigger house.

He was still stuck on how good the house looked but I had other plans in mind.

I grabbed his hand and pinned him to the nearest wall. I got really close to his face. I could feel his breath on my skin. I asked

- can i... Continue?

He only looked at me and nodded. Before I could even make any move he laid his hands around my neck and kissed me.

I wasn't expecting him to be so direct but I went with it. I made the next move which was to slowly touch his bottom lip with my tongue. He did the same so I continued.

Our tongues were meeting sooner and sooner, we matched each other's peace fast. I couldn't help but bite a bit of his sweet and soft bottom lip.

I was pressing him harder and harder into the wall. After a couple of minutes, I started to wander my hands around his body. I went down on his beautiful chest and went right back up but with my hands on his skin, under his shirt.

He had quite the pecks" and I soonly find out that his nipples are very sensible.

The first time I gave them a squeeze the beautiful man let out a moan while we were kissing, which only gave me the chance to abuse his mouth even more.

I was teasing him for a while, it was fun to see him struggle to keep kissing me.

I then decided to move my hands lower, on his abdomen, his stomach, and finally his crotch.

I was slowly teasing the budget in his pants.

- you're already hard for some kissing? I said in a teasing tone.
- maybe it's not the kissing but it's you
- ow, you flatter me, now, don't forget to keep your voice down cause the window is open and whoever might cross this house might hear you mister Zhongli.
- then let's move to the bed.
- not yet...

I was slowly going lower on his body till my face was in from of his crotch. I unzip his pants and pull down his underwear, it's was a pretty good size.

When he realized what I was about to do he said.

- wait, not here, let's go to the bed alright?
- but where's the fun in that?

He was too late since I was already starting to lick his throbbing tip. I was teasing him. Going slow, really slow.

I slowly start to go further, getting closer to the base, he is quite large so I used one of my hands to also please the base of it.

When I look up again I see him covering his mouth. The moment we made eye contact he looked away. He is breathing heavily.

I start going fast with no build-up to it at all. He gasped. I went like that for a bit, he started to get a little louder. He suddenly tries to push my head away while saying.

-move... I'm cum-

He stopped mid-sentence but I soon realize what he wanted to say when I feel a warm and gluey substance in my mouth.

I move away, his cum still dripping down my face. I slowly lick my bottom lip and swallowed all the remaining substance.

- don't do that... Doesn't it taste bad..?
- anything coming from you won't ever taste bad darling.

I stood up and he gave me a mean look. I giggled.

- now we can get to the bed

I said whispering in his ear. I then start kissing him. I grab his butt, to lift him up and I took him to my bed.

When we get there I slowly place him into my bed. I stop the kiss and look him into the eyes. I took a piece of his long hair and kiss it.

- you're just so beautiful.

He had his hand around my neck so he slowly pulled himself close to my ear.

- I already know that

He instantly started making out with me after that. While we were kissing I opened the drawer right beside him and I get the lube out.

With the little sight, I have of what I am doing I place a bit of the liquid on my fingers and slowly pat his lower Genitals, I fastly fond the hole I was looking for.

I place the lube away with one of my friends and I start my work with the other.

I slide one of my fingers in and move it around a little bit. I can feel his tongue movements getting slower in our kiss.

I slowly try to slide my other finger too. He stopped the kiss for a moment when I did that. He is holding his eyes closed and he is breathing heavily.

When he cooled down a little he continued the kiss. When I got the third finger in he could barely maintain the kiss, his tongue movements are sloppy and I can feel him stopping from time to time.

Now that I have three fingers in I should find what I'm looking for, his prostate.

I find it quite easily. I knew that was his prostate from the sudden stop of our kiss and the sweet sound he made.

I smirked. I knew he wouldn't be able to continue the kiss so place his hand back on the pillow and I start kissing his neck

He was holding the sheets while I was leaving hickeys on his neck and constantly stimulate his prostate.

I slowly build my way to his nipples and I play with them a little. He was very sensitive in this part. He places his hand on my head, he is shaking. He grabs my hair and calls me with a shaky voice.

I stop what I was doing on his chest so I can look him in the eyes.

-i... Want you... I want more than your fingers, I want you...

After a bit, I answered with a smirk.

- are you such a slut to every one-night stand of yours?
- maybe.. or maybe you're special, I won't find out until you give me all you have.

He then leaned in for another kiss. We started kissing but as I expected it didn't take long for him to start moaning into the kiss again.

This time I continue the kiss and Zhongli stoped it

- Childe, I think it's fine, now I'm ready....Come on, I really need you right now.
- I know you are, I could feel that from a couple of minutes ago I just like teasing you.
- just hurry... I can't handle this teasing anymore.

I giggled, he's not really the type to say this. In a normal one-night stand of mine, I would've made him beg for it but since right now I need to make everything perfect for him more than for me I give him what he wants.

I slowly get my fingers out and showed him all the body liquids that stuck to them.

- aww... Look what a mess you made sweetheart...

He looked away.

I lift his butt and place his legs on my shoulders.

- I can see your beautiful ass better like this.

I said smirking at him.

-stop with the teasing.... Get on with it ...

He still doesn't look me in the eyes, he was biting his finger. I take my pants down and he looked quite interested.

- it's... Quite big..
- I don't think so, I think it's about the same size as yours. If you think this is big I wonder who did you sleep with before.

I said giggling.

I spread his cheeks and I slowly press the tip of mine to his entrance.

- are you ready?
- yes...

I managed to slide the tip in. He looked worried for some reason.

- are you sure you want to do this?
- yes... I guess I'm just preparing myself that this fairytale will end soon like every other one.

I looked at him a little. I don't think he enjoys all these one-night stands. It might be a coping mechanism or anything like that. I can't believe such a beautiful man could go through so much shit to the point of forcing pleasure into himself.

- from the position you're in I'm guessing you're saying the truth.

I look him in the eyes and I grab his hand.

- you won't get rid of me that easily darling. Now, do you still want to continue? I won't leave if you say no.

He thought about it for a while.

-yes. I do want to proceed.

I slowly get mine in. When it's about half in I stop and look at him.

He was bitting his finger, looking to the side, breathing heavily and his eyes were watery.

- need a break? Or should I continue?
- don't worry so much. Go on.

I then slowly put all of it in.

- I'll start to move.

He nodded. I first start slowly to move my hips back and forth. He is really tight.

When I started to move faster the heavy breaths turned into soft moans.

I could tell he was trying to not make many sounds so I grabbed the hand he was biting so hard.

- don't hold back... I wanna hear all the sounds you can make darling.

He blushed. He didn't blush the whole time before but he blushes now. That honestly made me more excited.

I started to move even faster. He clearly didn't mind that since he became louder and louder. Since I was holding both his hands I could feel he was shaking.

He is squishing my hand more and more.

- i.. I'm... coming

He could barely talk between the moans. I said that I wouldn't let my kinks get through tonight but I just couldn't stop myself from overwhelming him a little.

I grab his dick and place my thumb right on top of it so he wouldn't be able to cum.

- Childe... Please..
- not until I say so. We're gonna cum together or none of us will.

After a couple more moments I hear him again.

- please, I beg you... It hurts. I .. I feel like... It's gonna bust... Please, Childe... Please.

I stopped for a bit.

-Since you won't stop complaining, make me cum yourself. When I'll cum I'll let you cum too alright?

I stand up and lay beside him.

- ride me.
- I'm... Not sure how good I am at that, I didn't really do that with a lot of people ..
- no problem. I'll guide you. Hop on

He slowly got on top of me. He spreads his cheeks and slides it in slowly. He was already breathing heavily only by having it in.

- it's deeper than before.

I didn't say anything. On the other hand, I place my thumb again on his tip this time going up and down his cock with my other 4 fingers.

-if you want to cum I recommend you start moving sweetheart.

He did start moving but really slow.

- that's not how you do it. Do it like this.

With my other hand, I grab his ass and slam him down on my dick and then up again.

He was moaning really loudly. At some point, he threw his head back in pleasure squeezing my legs.

I could tell he was muttering under his breath words like,,fuck " or,,cum" or even ,, please ".

I was close to coming so I said.

- are you ready?
- YES,.. finally...

I finally released his tip and continued to blow him until we both came at the same time.

He moaned so loud you could interpret it as a scream. After we were both done he layer on me. He was on the verge of tears, probably from the overstimulation.

- you were good

I said petting his head. We are both breathing heavily.

- it was amazing! Fuck... I kinda wish it wasn't over.
- it doesn't need to be over. Let's go for another round.

There was a moment of silence.

- I'm not sure I can handle that..
- well, let's find out.

I then push him onto the bed so I can get on top of him.

It was a really long and interesting night. You could say none of us got bored.

Chapter Text

This chapter starts with Zhongli's point of view



I turn around in my sleep but I soonly realize the warm person sitting next to me disappeared.

I open my eyes and it is true, he isn't there.

I must say I am a bit shocked. I honestly expected him to be a little different. What can I expect tho, it's a one-night stand, all of them only care for my body. Not like I'd give them anything more anyways.

I should get dressed and get out.

I get up and see the clothes from last night folded on a chair. I put on my underwear and pants but right then someone interrupts me.

I see Childe coming into the room, holding a suit. He fastly placed it on the bed and came to me.

- hey hey, are you ok? Did something happen? Did I go overboard last night? Are you ok?

He grabbed my hand and looked me in the eyes. I take my hand away from his.

-you look... So sad.
He continued.

- I'm fine... But what are you doing here?
- it's... My house? I live here?
- that's not what I meant... Anyways, I'll get dressed and I'll be right out, don't worry, I won't cause any problems.
- what? No. You can't go out in the clothes from yesterday. It's fine if you wanna leave, but let's eat breakfast first alright ?
- breakfast? What? no. What's wrong with you ?
- I don't wanna hear it. Take a bath , get dressed and I'll wait for you downstairs. I heard you like suits so that's what I bought for you. We'll talk while we eat.

He pushed me into the bathroom and closed the door.

- you can use as many shampoos and bubbles as you want !

He screamed from the other room.

I look around . I honestly think his bathroom is bigger than my room. It's not like I have any way to get out so I might as well do what he says.

I start the water and waited a little bit so it could fill. I get in the bath , wash myself and just stay there for a while. I had to think about some stuff.

I'm just a one-night stand. There's no need for him to treat me like I'm his boyfriend or something. Does he want more from me ?

If people actually are there when I wake up it's either because they want another round in the morning or so they can tell me to leave.

I try to stretch a little and I realize that my back isn't just stiff ,it actually hurts.

Last night was... Interesting. We both went feral. This is the first time in a long time in which I physically can't have sex 2 nights In a row.

Fuck... I have to pay for my rent these days. I can't really just not have sex. Right now I have 2 rich men and a rich woman that give me money when I sleep with them. That's pretty much how I get everything.

This guy is quite rich too. Maybe I could get him to be my sugar daddy. He is so much nicer than the other ones too... No, he wouldn't accept. The other ones offered it to me , I can't just ask him that out of nowhere.

I wonder what he wants to talk about. It's not like it matters that much. I'll just eat whatever he gives me and I'll go. I should do some training today to help with my back pain. I'll have a long couple of nights.

I get out of the bath , get dry and look at the suit. It was quite unusual but he did go with somehow of a safe choice. It had a black shirt ,pants and jacket but it had a white , maybe silver tie.

The underwear was just the basic type.

I get dressed . It fits me quite well . I look in the mirror. I must say I do look good in this. I wonder if he'll let me keep it.

I get out of the bathroom and go downstairs. I enter a big living room from where I can see an open door. It was the kitchen.

When I go in I see Childe sitting at a table. The table had a bowl of freshly cut strawberries. He also prepared waffles with whipping cream on top.

-sit down !

He said pointing to the chair in front of him. I sit down and look him in the eyes. I can't figure out what intentions he has...

- look. Childe, you didn't have to do all of this alright? I have work to do, I have to go.
- I believe you said that other people maintain you.
- well... Yes... That's practically my work. So if all of this is because you wanna do it again that's fine, but not this week. I have to make some money for my rent and you honestly made me physically hurt.
- haha. Alright alright. I really didn't intend to fuck you tonight.
- then what is it? Why are you doing all this?
- you'll have to wait and find out. I'm not just gonna tell you that easily.
- what could it possibly be ? Someone like me doesn't deserve this kind of treatment. I'm only a one-night stand.
- maybe. But you won't be just that if we hang out today. Look how sunny it is outside !
- I told you. I can't. I have to make money in these couple of nights.

There was a moment of silence in which he only looked me in the eyes.

-you don't like doing this , do you ?
- Who doesn't like sex...
- everyone likes sex ,but everyone gets tired at some point. No one in Liyue actually spends time with you outside of the bed.
- so? It's better for them. If you have attachments to people it'll only hurt when they break them.

He sighed.

- I see... How much is you're rent anyways?
- about 10,000 mora.
- and how much do you get for a night ?
- usually 1.000 mora , if I'm lucky 1.500.
- so you spend 8 to 10 nights only doing sex ?
- usually yes. I use the rest of my month to either rest or meet new people.

He seemed to be thinking about something.

- alright Zhongli , let's make a contract.
- contract?

That's one of my favorite words. I didn't expect a one-night stand to turn out this interesting...

- yes , a contract. I'll pay for your rent and any other necessities or wishes you have but you have to stop taking one-night stands AND to cut the connection with the other rich people you were fucking around with.
- what...? I barely know you !
- I'm not asking you to live with me. If you want you can just take my money and live in your house without seeing me again, but I'll give you access to the money only if you cut connections and don't make new ones.

This sounds crazy! I can't just do that. He's forcing me to commit , I'm not here to get married!

- I'll... Think about it.
- you'll have enough time to when we'll go for a walk !
- that's something I didn't agree on.
- what else are you gonna do then ? If I'm paying for everything you don't need to force yourself onto others and we anyways need to get a lawyer to make the actual contract.
- I can make the contract , but I do have to go to the jade chamber .
- see? Now eat! I made them just for you !

I take a bite of the nicely placed waffle.

- it's good.
- I'm glad you like it!



This is Tartaglia's point of view.


We finished the breakfast and went outside.

-where is the jade chamber more exactly?
I ask him
-look up. It's there

He was right. A giant stone was floating in the air , holding a big house or more likely a palace.

- and... How are we gonna get there ?
- the adepti can go there since they can teleport. The other people usually talk to Yanfei for contracts and other complaints or ideas but the people that constantly make contracts and are usuals , like myself , have access to a teleportation point.
- I see. Is the teleportation thing far?
- not really , just a little bit outside the town.
- oh alright !

There was a moment of awkward silence. I tried to break the ice with some questions.

- so... Let's get to know each other. How old are you mister Zhongli?

He started to panic a little bit. I specially asked him that since I knew he was Morax and he was about 6000 years old. I was curious how much he would give himself.

- Uhm... How old do you think I am ?
- answering a question with a question I see.... I would give you 24 or 25 years old.
- wow , ya , you're right ! I'm 24.

He's not the best at lying on the spot. He's kinda cute when he's panicking.

-how about you ? What's your age?
- I'm 21.
- oh. So you're younger ?
- yes, but there's no need to worry about that. That only means I have more energy in bed right ?
- you're such a flirt. We don't talk about these things in public !

He said smacking my arm.

We walk a little more in that awkward silence but I soonly see him looking at some fruits from a stand.

- you want some?
- they do look good, but you don't need to get them if you don't want to.
- it's alright no worries! I told you, tell me anything you want.

I drag him to the stand and we buy two pomegranates. We continue our walk through the city.

-I didn't have any of these for almost a hundred years , I really missed their taste.
-a hundred years?
-I mean... Uh.. like a metaphor. Ya a metaphor, I just didn't have them in a long time !

- Zhongli , you look beautiful in that suit! Does it fit you well?
- yes, it really is beautiful. Everything fits me perfectly except on the pants. It's a little bit tight on my ass and my thighs.
- do you want to get them tailored ?
- maybe another time, it'd not that bad.
- alright ! But I must say , maybe it is tight but it sure makes your ass look amazing.

I say while looking at his big and bubbly butt.

-stop looking! I told you , we're in public. And you're and adult for god's sake !

I giggled. I soon realize that we were at the teleportation point Zhongli was talking about.

-did you use one for these before ?
-yes, but not this model.
-well, since I have access to it you have to touch me and it'll teleport us both.
-where exactly do you want me to touch you mister Zhongli?
- just hold my hand already.

I hold his hand and he places his other one on the little statue. In a blink of an eye the place we're in changes and I can finally see the palace closer.

I knew very well that since he was Morax, the god of contracts, the geo god, he could've very easily teleported there , like the other adepti, but I'm guessing he keeps his identity secret to everyone ,including the ruler of Liyue.

We walked to the entrance and Zhongli was about to knock on the door.

- you can let go of my hand now Childe.

I sight.
- if you want me to..

I let go of his hand and he finally knocks on the door.
A woman dressed as a maid answers the door.

- Hello mister Zhongli , Hello mister.
- Baishi, I told you to drop the formalities.

Zhongli and a nervous smile saying that.

- we're here to see lady Ningguang.
- I'm extremely sorry ,but she is sleeping. Should I wake her up ?
- no no, no worries , we'll stay outside.
- outside ?! That's not possible mister Zhongli! I can't have the guests wait outside !
- Baishi, it's fine, we don't mind. Just let Ningguang know we're here.
- a-alright... But you can enter whenever you want !

The girl then closed the door and we sat on the stairs.

- so, Zhongli... Tell me something about yourself.
- what ?
- anything. I don't really know much about you.
- I don't know much about you either and the fact that you work in ,, the government" is kinda sketchy.
- so is how you presented your age.

We both went silent for a bit.

- let's ask each other questions that we have to answer.
- alright, I'll start. Where do you actually work?
- you have to promise to not get scared or decline our contract.
- alright...? What is it?
- I'm an assassin.

He was quiet for a bit.

- am I one of your missions ? Cause if I am this place isn't really the best to kill someone.
- no. I'm on a break. Maybe we kill people but we still have breaks from time to time. I might go on different missions at some point in the next months .
- I see...
- it's my turn now. Did you ever fall in love?

His expression suddenly went from curious to depressed and melancholic.

-I see. That's why you keep going to bars. You don't have to tell me about it. It's fine...

When another awkward silence began we hear the door opening. It was lady Ningguang.

- I'm so sorry for keeping you guys waiting, come in.

We got up and went inside, following her around the big staircase.

- Zhongli, I suppose you're here for a contract ?
- yes, you are right .
- I didn't see you in quite a while, how have you been?
- I've done better ... But I'm good.
- and this man you're with... What's his name?
- Childe.
- oh right! Beidou's friend.
- you meet captain Beidou ?

Asked Zhongli turning to me.

- you could say that...
- well, let's get started.

Said Ningguang as we finally reach our destination and she sits down at a desk with an old writing machine.

- do you want me to write it Zhongli ?
- no no, it's fine. You know I enjoy writing them myself.

Ningguang moves aside to let Zhongli access the writing machine. He invites me to sit in front of him so that's what I do.

He kept writing for a couple of minutes , looking at me from time to time.

- what's your last name ?

I make up something on the spot.

- Lin. Childe Lin.

After writing a bit more he finally rips the page from the machine.

- it's done. Pen please.

He said turning to Ningguang. She gave him a pen and he writes his signature. He then pushes the paper to me.

I start reading it:

,, From signing this contract until both parties agree to break it, the man Childe Lin agrees to be the caretaker of the man Zhongli Morax.

The man Childe Lin has to pay for the second party's rent and other daily necessities while paying for most of the second party's wishes.

The man Zhongli Morax has to have sexual relationships with the second party only.

Childe Lin and Zhongli Morax may stay connected until the end of the contract.


Childe Lin _____________x
Zhongli Morax _____________x

This is quite curious. He wants us to stay ,,connected". At least he doesn't want to just take my money and leave. I'm guessing i made him curious.

I sign the contract and give it back to him.

- you can't go back on your word now.
- i didn't plan to.

He gives it to Ningguang.

- ruler of Liyue, do you agree with this ?
- I don't see why not. The contract is official , good luck on your romance story !
- we're not in love, you could say we're like friends with benefits.

I smile at them . Friends with benefits is a start after all.

- now, I'm sorry but you'll have to stay here for a couple of hours. I have to make this official and make you guys sign more things.


Half a day has passed. Now the sun is going down.

We finally see Ningguang again.

- guys I'm so so sorry. Someone tried to attack one of our ships. More exactly Beidou's, her personality isn't really the nicest one. I'm so sorry I left you like that.
- hey, it's ok , no worries. But can we go now ?
- yes yes, just sign these!.

She gives us a couple of papers we read and sign . We then say our goodbyes and leave. We follow the same road back home until Zhongli says.

- let's stop at the bar.
- I believe you're not allowed to have one-night stands anymore.
- I mean, let's go together, let's get drunk. But no sex tonight. I'm way too tired.
- but you're not too tired for drinks?
- for osmanthus wine ? Never .

He said playfully, smiling at me.

- how can I refuse that bright smile of yours.

We both went to the bar and sat down in front of the barista.

- 2 glasses of osmanthus wine please!
- right away sir.

We drank about 3 glasses each before I say.

- how about we continue our game from the jade chamber?
He sighed.
- alright. I believe it was my turn. Lin is not your last name right ? Tell me how are you actually called.
- ha, I expected you'd figure that out. I just go by Childe. Even Tartaglia to some people. I do not have a last name. I come from a dark place with a poor family. Our family wasn't allowed to have a last name. So I only go by Childe
- I see...
- about you now... Was your past lover a man or a woman?
- she was a woman. Why do you wanna know so much about her?
- so I know what you're into , as an assassin I know how to change my personality to suit everyone's taste.
- so the personality you put on until now was fake?
- not really. At least not all of it.
- then keep it like that. I like you the way you are.

How could he just say that without the blink of an eye? No one... No one told me that before. I feel my face getting hot. I'm guessing I'm blushing so I hide my face with my hands. He still figured out I was flustered and he giggled.

He pats my back and u look back at him. He has the most honest smile, the most bright one and clearly the most beautiful one. How can such a man be so beautiful?

Sadly all this heavenly scenario was ruined. A well build man goes around Zhongli touching his thigh.

- hello sunshine, if I remember right you have to pay rent this time of the month, let's go.

He pushes the man's hand off of his thigh and says.

- I'm sorry ,but I'm not interested in business anymore.
- come on sweetie, you know you are broke ,you need the money.
- I don't anymore. I would please ask you to leave.

This man was getting on my nerves. After ruining an amazing moment , he dares to touch mister Zhongli. He places his hand around Zhongli's shoulder and tries to kiss him.

Chapter Text

This man was getting on my nerves. After ruining an amazing moment , he dares to touch mister Zhongli. He places his hand around Zhongli's shoulder and tries to kiss him.

Mister Zhongli tries to push him away but once he realizes he can't he kicks the man in the nuts.

The man stopped the forced kiss to growl in pain. He gets close to Zhongli's face and says.

- you little slut, for that you won't get that much money tonight. I'll be so rough with you.
At that point I think I was red because of the anger. I slowly and silently get up and go beside the man. I pat him on the shoulder and he looks at me with disgust in his eyes

-what do you want?
Right before he finished his sentence I blow him a punch that made the man fall on the floor. I was mad. So fucking mad.

The man slowly got up with blood running down from his mouth. He wipes it up and screams.

- no, not really, but I'm not interested in that.
- well then I must talk to lady Ningguang about you.
- yes , I do think that she'll trust one of her good friend's boyfriend more than a man she saw two times in her life.
Around 5 or six-man and a woman stood up.

- Attack this man! He's a danger to the city !
- you really wanna fight pretty boy? I don't mind, I was actually kinda thirsty for some blood.

While I say that, I manipulate a little bit of water to show them that I'm clearly so much more powerful than them by only having a vision.

I was about to jump into the fight but Zhongli grabbed my sleeve and with the most serious eyes he said.

- please don't kill anyone.
- ouch, you ruined my fun babe.
- babe my ass. Don't get too cocky now Childe.
I smirked and turned to the guy.

- as you can see, my comrade right here cares more for you than your mom ever did so I'm not gonna kill you just yet.
When the man heard that he made a signal to the other guards to attack me.

Everyone got out some knives they had and came after me.

I make the water in my typical thick and long blades.
Since I wasn't gonna kill them I push everyone away with the dull part of the blade except the lady. All the 5 men fall to the ground while I turn to the woman who was getting closer to my throat.

I kick her foot lightly so she could lose balance and fall.

- I couldn't ever hit a woman.

The man who started it all was furious.

- you're so gonna pay.

He says taking a sword that was placed on the wall.

- hmm, I really don't think so. After all, no matter how much bigger than me you are, all of us have at least a weakness.

I was keeping my distance and circling him.

I swing my blade at his upper chest so he can protect it. While his legs are open I kick him in the lower part of the knee which makes everyone kneel.

He did exactly that , kneeled before me. I go behind him before he gets up and I hit his head with the dull part of the sword. He falls and I stand on top of him with one of my legs.

He wanted to get up but soon realize that my sword was touching his neck.

-you see my dear friend, what you did is called sexual harassment, if someone says no, it's a no.

I start to slowly press my sword in his neck. Blood soonly comes out. I get close to his ear and whisper.

-if you ever dare to touch Zhongli again. I'll kill you.

I could hear a faint whisper from Zhongli and he had an angry face.

I decided to end it. I place my foot on his balls and push them to the ground.

-if you wouldn't think with your dick maybe you'd have a boyfriend.

I then turn to Zhongli.

- let's go darling.

He still looked mad. When we were about to head out some of the people in the bar started to applaud us. As I walk out the door I blow a kiss to all the people that agreed with my choice.

When we were walking around town Zhongli didn't even look at me.

- I didn't kill anyone.
- it still isn't ok to hurt someone like that.
- it's no big deal, it'll just leave a scar so he'll remember to not mess with you.

He sighed. I decided to ask.
- do you want to sleep at my house or at yours?
- I'll go to my apartment.
- alrighty, I'll walk with you till there.

There was a little bit of silence before he tells me.

- I didn't know you had a vision.
- I do, as you saw , hydro.

I then show him the circle tied to my pants.

- I'm more surprised that you didn't do anything tho.

I say.

- what do you mean?
- you also have a vision don't you? Geo right?
- how... How did you know that ?
- it was tied at the back of your costume. When you were in the bath it disappeared and since I can't see it right now I'm guessing it's in one of your pockets.
- ha, you really pay attention to the details don't you?

He takes his vision out of his pocket.

- it's beautiful. But not more beautiful than you.

He smiled.

- we're here.

When I look to his side I see a tall building , quite the usual apartments.

We both go to the second floor and he opens the door. We both walk in and I ask.

-do you want me to sleep with you?

He thought about it a little.

- Childe ...
- it's fine , I get it, no worries darling, I'll go .

I turn around and exit the house, right before I go down the stairs I hear him call my name .

When I turn around the first thing I meet are his lips. He kissed me out of nowhere.

The kiss was getting heated and he didn't seem like he will stop very soon so I push him into the nearest wall.

After I let him play with my hair for a bit I grab both his hands and hold them above his head. I think this turned him on since I could feel he got hard.

I lift my knee and rub between his legs. He was slowly starting to have sloppy movements, breathing heavily into my mouth. When I could feel his legs starting to shake I stopped the kiss and the rubbing.

When I look at him. He was blushing, probably because of the alcohol. He also had a disappointed look.

- when you were sober you said your back hurts. You told me we shouldn't have sex tonight. If we do you'll regret it in the morning and I don't want that.

- Childe... I'm really needing you... Please...

Fuck. He's saying things like that only makes me horny too. Good thing I can hold my alcohol better and still think straight.

I kiss him on the forehead and take him inside his house.

- goodnight Zhongli, I'll see you in the morning !
- goodnight...

He closes the door and I leave. I walk back to my apartment and go to sleep.



In the morning ,after I get dressed , I walk out the door and go to the nearest shop. I buy a couple of eggs so I could go to Zhongli's house and make him breakfast.

When I went to his apartment I realize his door is open. Is it that safe in Liyue to stay with your doors unlocked?

I go in and I soonly find his bedroom. He was still sleeping. He was so beautiful. A ray of sunlight was hitting his hair which made it sparkle.

He was naked , half covered in blankets . He has such a calm face . I couldn't stop myself from looking at him closer.

I went beside the bed and looked at him. He looks like he has no worries in the world. He looks... Happy. In the day to day life he always has such a serious face. I can barely see him smile , even when he does smile I'm not sure it's always true.

I take a piece of his hair and kiss it. Even his hair smells amazing. It smells like chocolate, I'm guessing he likes sweet smells.

After I realize he might wake up and see me with a red face staring at him I go to the kitchen and make us two omelets.

I place them on the table and search the house for something to do before he wakes up.

He didn't have a tv but he did have a couple of books. I pick up one with the title ,, how had the archon war-affected Snezhnaya". I guess he does care about what problems he may have caused in the past.

I start to read a little bit. Since I have a lot of trauma around that shit hole, I am wondering how other countries see it.

After around half an hour I hear the door from the bathroom beside his room open and close. He woke up.

I get the omelets and wait for him in his room.

He comes out of the bathroom with his hair down. I never saw his hair any other way than in a ponytail. Hew as indeed beautiful.

I think I got a bit focused on him but I came back when he called me.

- Childe..? What are you doing here..
- I made you breakfast!
- what?
- I made you breakfast. What's so bad in that.
- I told you to stop acting like we're married.
- I was just trying to do something nice...
He sighs.
- I'm hungry so I'll take it. Let's go to the kitchen.

We walk to the kitchen and sit down. I place one plate in front of him and one in front of me.

- from the awful mood you're in I'm guessing you're having a headache right?
- yes... And a bad one I might say.
- You did drink a lot last night...

I stay to think for a hit before I say

-fine, I'll go get you some medicine to help your migraine.
- I didn't ask you to.
I give him a look. He didn't really care , he was as peaceful as always.
-but thank you.
He continues after a long break.

I smile.
- anything to keep that peaceful look on your face.
He looked at me, confused.
- peaceful...?
- yes. You very rarely have this look on your face. I don't know how to describe it in any other way than peaceful. Like all the scars from your past are gone. Like all the worries you carry every day are gone. Such a beautiful look. That I could stay and watch all day. Such a free mind, a free mind that didn't have all this dirt the world gives us. You make this face when you sleep usually. But I saw it on you when you were awake so right now no matter what you say to me I'll be happy. You made my day happy.

There has been a moment of silence in which he didn't look at me. At first I thought I said something wrong but I soon realize that his cheeks were light pink. He was blushing because of that?

My mind just wandered off when I said that. He does look cute like this tho.

- creep...
I hear him mumble under his breath. I giggled and said.

- I'll be on my way. I'll be back in about half an hour maximum.

He continued to eat his omelet while waving at me.

The trip to the pharmacy took about 20 minutes .

When I got back to his home I saw that he was still at the table, he was sleeping tho.

Why wake up just fall back asleep , at the table.

As I sight I take the medicine to his room and place it on his nightstand. I go back to the kitchen and eat my omelet in 4 big bites.

I then slowly pick up Zhongli and carry him to his room to place him in his bed.

He was taller than me but he was slimmer. A much more beautiful and elegant body type than my big and rough body. I could carry him pretty easily.

I place him on the bed as slow as I can and I go right beside him.

It was morning so I wasn't sleepy at all. I continue reading the book. I must say that the context of that book made me angry here and there. The book was either describing horrible things way too lightly or describing lightly things way too horribly. The one who wrote he wasn't ever in Snezhnaya.


I would say it has Been around 3 maybe 4 hours since Zhongli is sleeping. I got to a part in my book that was so triggering I needed a break. If I would've read maybe an hour more I would've finished it.

I breathe in and out so I could calm down. I look at the clock and it's 1 in the afternoon. I thought about waking Zhongli up but when I was about to I realized that he has that look again.

I can't stop admiring that and wondering if I have that look too. If there is a moment, just a second in my whole day in which I do not have any worries.

As I look at Zhongli I softly pet his head, brushing his hair with my hand from time to time . After I admire every inch of his face I go back to my book.

In just a couple more minutes Zhongli turns around in his sleep, facing me this time. With one hand he was holding one of mine and his other hand was in my chest.

My position isn't the most comfortable but I wouldn't move even if I needed to. Now I can really admire him all I want.

Don't take me wrong tho. I have no feelings for this man whatsoever. This is strictly a mission. I must say his beauty is astonishing. I admire that about him. I also admire his strong will. If he did so many horrible things to people it means that he went through at least the same amount of horrible things.

I am grateful that I have this man in my arms right now , but my feelings for him are not even friendship. My mission is to get him as close to me as soon as possible so my actions may seem like ones from a poor man in love. They are not tho, everything I do is meticulously thought of.

Me starting a fight for Zhongli, that wins trust and shows him that I'm loyal. Making him breakfasts, acts of kindness make a person fall in love. Signing a contract , showing him I'm trustworthy. Playing that stupid game with questions, showing him u have nothing to hide. Making sure he is mentally stable when we were having sex and staying in the morning with him, shows him I care about him. Staying beside him as much as possible, helps me make a connection with him.

I respect this man , but he is purely a mission.


After this whole monologue I can feel his hand on my chest shaking. He soonly started to hold onto me, to grip me.

When I look at him I realize he isn't peaceful anymore, he is sacred. He has a frightened and hurt look on his face. I'm guessing he's having a nightmare.

I left him be until he started crying in his sleep. When he's gonna wake up he's gonna have a much bigger migraine if he cries.

I lift his head a little bit with one of my hands and shake him slowly with my other.

- Zhongli... Mister Zhongli woke up. Zhongli it's just a dream.

When he wakes up he sits instantly. He was breathing heavily, holding a hand on his chest near his heart and with a look that holds so much more horror than the one he had in his sleep.

He looked like a mess. Puffy eyes, red face, hair in his mouth and full of tears. When he turned to me he flinched. When our eyes meet all I could feel was pure fear.

- oh... Childe's you

His voice was shaking and so was he. I couldn't just stare at him without doing anything. I hug him. I hold him in my arms. When I did that he started crying even harder, he was holding onto me for dear life like if he would've let me go I would've died.

I could hear him whispering through the crying ,, I'm so sorry " or ,, it's all my fault".

I'm not sure what happened to this man ,but I'm sure it's about as much as it has happened to me.

We stayed like that for a while until he stopped crying and said.

- I enjoy every second of this moment and I thank you for everything but I think I'm gonna vomit.

I fastly take him to the bathroom and he kneels before the toilet . I hold his hair as he spits out everything from last night.

When he's done he washes his face and we go back to his room.

- are you ok ?
- ya... I'll be fine.

He was clearly sick, you could see that his body was very weak. Right when he laid down he received a call. He took the phone and answered.

- Hello mister Zhongli.
- hello Yanfei , what's wrong ?
- well you see... One of the men you have a contract with came to me for a cancellation. Can you please come here and discuss this with this man ?
- yes . I'll be there.

He closes the phone and he wanted to get up. Right before that I place my hand on his chest so I can hold him back in the bed.

- Childe... I have to go.
- you're not going.
- what?! You heard what happened and you're not my boss.
- that's true but if you could've gone you would be up now since I'm barely putting any resistance. You're not able to go.
- then how am I supposed to talk to that man.

I stay to think about it for a bit.

- how about I go.
- what? You have no idea how to do this , I'm not letting you destroy my work.
- ouch, that's harsh but that's not what I meant. I mean that I'll be on the phone with you. You can negotiate and I can sign in your place. How is that ?

He looked at me for a while before giving me a big sight and saying.

-I guess it's not that bad... Go and get dressed In a suit.
-yes sir!

Since I didn't expect this event I had to take one of his. I took a black t-shirt and a light silver coat and pants.

His pants were alright but the coat of the suit wasn't closing. It's not really my style to wear it close with a tie anyways.

I get out of the bathroom to show him how it looks.

- so?
- hmm.. you look good. It would be more presentable if you closed your jacket and put a tie on.
- I know ,but it doesn't really fit me. I can't quite close it.
He sighs.
- alright. Since you don't have time to go to your place and change you can go like that .
- well, if you have no other complaints I'll take my leave.
- wait. You have to go straight there , no stops. And call me when you're there . Don't forget Childe, this is very important.
- I know. Don't worry, I'll do my best for you. The medicine I bought is on the nightstand.

Between our dialogs he was coughing here and there. I'm glad he accepted to not go, he would've gotten worse.

I make my way through Liyue to the location Zhongli instructed me to go to.

Chapter Text

As I go into the luxurious-looking building I find two people. A normal-looking man and an obnoxious-looking short girl.

She had a traditional red and big hat with long and light pink hair. She bearly wore anything yet she had a furry scarf and boots. She had a top that was as short as a bra and a short ,,skirt".

It wasn't really a skirt, more like some material to cover her front and back. At least she had shorts instead of panties. She had sleeves that weren't connected to her top at all. She also had wired designs over this obscure outfit.

I would lie if I say she didn't look smoking hot in that. I could only imagine mister Zhongli wearing something as erotic as that.
Anyways, that's not the point. As soon as I go in I say.

- hello everyone !
I then walk to the little lady and I kneel in front of her . I take her hand and kiss it softly.

- I'm guessing you're miss Yanfei I've been told so much about.
- yes indeed. I hope what you've been told is only good.
- of course, after all I've heard it from mister Zhongli.
Our conversation was interrupted by the man saying.

- when you two are done flirting can we start our work ?
- yes of course. Have my apologies.

I say and get up. I sit in front of the man at the table and make my call. When he picks up I say.

- Zhongli, you're on speaker.
- yes, thank you Childe .
He coughs and counties.
- I am so sorry I couldn't meet everyone faces to face. I am quite sick and for my own good I sent the man in front of you called Childe.
- alright mister Zhongli, we are here with Athos which you made a contract with regarding the hunting of boars in Qingce village.
- yes, I remember. I also remember that mister Athos wants to cancel my contract with him.
- that is true. We hunters have no more bores to hunt! The meat of Liyue will soon disappear.
- did you start growing bores as I recommended ?
- yes ,but it took too long for us to make the preparations and now we're left with no meat.

There was silence for a while.

- Liyue's gonna be left without meat!
He continues.
- I'm sorry Athos , I can not let you hunt all the bores. They have to repopulate.
- I think I might have an idea.
I say looking at the map.
- Athos, where do the hunters hunt?
I ask giving him the closest pen I see.

He circles 3 different zones with a red pen ,that are close to each other.


- you see, maybe I am new here ,but I've been learning and traveling a lot. I know where nearly every species grows.
From my knowledge and what I've been reading , I know that boars might very likely grow in some other areas. I circle 4 areas on the map.

- try seeing if there are boars in these areas.
- so you are not sure.
- nope. But I am sure I have way more experience than you relating to where and how different animals live.

We looked each other in the eyes for a couple of seconds until he sighs.

- I will send some hunters to check. Let's schedule a meeting for 3 days from now on. I will tell you what I find and we can continue talking about our cancellation.

- alright, good luck with your research, I hope when we meet again you will be happier than today !
Says Zhongli.

I shake the man's hand and I kiss Yanfei's.

- I hope we'll meet again everyone ! Goodbye !

Both replied to my goodbye and I head back to Zhongli's.

On my way I go past a stand that sold some type of homemade cake. I buy two of those and then head back. Since his hair smells like chocolate I'm guessing he likes it .

Zhongli's point of view...


I am sitting in my bed. The call just ended. I'm assuming he will be here in about 15 minutes.

I hate being sick. Since I'm a god, I can't get anything more than a cold every 10th Year, but when I do get one it's about 3 times worse than normal humans.

I puke constantly, I can barely speak without coughing, sometimes I even lose my voice. My body is weak, so weak that I nearly fall every time I try to walk, my legs are always shaking when I try to.

While on the phone I had to close my microphone when Childe was speaking so I could cough.

In a bit after the call ended I drank some of the water on my nightstand.

Immediately after I swallowed it I felt it come back. I got up and wanted to rush to the bathroom but I only managed two steps before falling on my knees and throwing up again.

I was so much worse than when Childe left an hour ago. At first it looked like a migraine from the drinking but it soonly turned into this. Into my once in 10 years sickness that had to happen exactly today.

I slowly get up and go to the kitchen to get something to wipe the puke off the floor.

On my way there I had to hold everything that came my way for support. My legs are shaking and I'm sweating like crazy, I think I have a fever. I finally managed to get a cloth and make my way back to the puddle of vomit .

I clean it up slowly and wash the cloth in the bathroom.

As I do so I hear someone knocking on the door. I tried to scream ,,i am coming " but it came out so silent that I don't think they heard it. I make my way to the door , slowly .

The knocking didn't stop until I reached the door. I was holding myself on the little short shelf I had in the hallway.

I did have a weird feeling since I woke up but that feeling could've never prevented this man from being at my door.

I didn't even have the time to open the door, I just unlocked it and the door bursts open making me take a couple of steps back. I see the man from last night , Genghis, the man I refused last night. The one Childe had to beat up to leave me alone. Now don't get your ideas mixed up. I'm a god for fuck's sake. I could take this man down any day , just not today. The only day in 10 years in which I'm sick.

As I say, he is standing ,looking at me ,with an angry face and a mark on his neck.

He suddenly throws a punch, hitting me in the face. As I try to regain my balance I could feel the blood drip out of my nose. He wasn't joking, he really came for revenge.

He instantly grabbed my shirt and lifted me.

- I see you're new so-called ,, boyfriend" isn't here. That's even better , he won't be getting in our fun. You see... No one messes with me. Even tho I can't take him on since he has a vision , I can take you on. No matter how strong you are Zhongli, you are sick.

I was choking, I could barely hear what he was talking about.

When he realized my face was getting purple he let me fall onto the floor.

- I saw that boy toy today grabbing some medicine and entering your shitty apartment. I did guess right, you wouldn't have been bleeding so easily if you weren't sick. So , if I can't hurt him , I'll hurt the ones dear to him. I am about to kill you.

When I heard that I was in shock. I think I actually giggled a little. I've been living for over six thousand years, a simple mortal like him could never take me out. That is for sure, no matter how sick I am. What I am scared of is the fact that he might realize that and try to get revenge in other ways.

My body is in a very bad shape. There was a couple of times.... Maybe 3 or 4... Everything is a blur honestly. Other people seeking revenge and taking it out on my body... Finding a weakness, a way in which I can't fight back only so they can rape me and get their revenge. Everything is a blur, but the thought of those events still brings fear to my veins.

I knew that at first he was gonna try and fight me, maybe even knock me unconscious. Since I couldn't do this now , I needed help. I had to get to the phone in the bedroom and call Childe. He was the one who was gonna reach me the fastest.

Until I can call I have to keep my energy as much as possible.

He was coming for me again, he jumped on top of me and immediately ripped my shirt open. I was in such a shock that at that exact moment I manipulated some rocks into a big head of an arrow and sent it right at his stomach. The moment they hit him I could already see the blood coming out of his mouth, it send him outside of my apartment while I tried to get up.
At the moment I tried to stand I puked some blood. The controlling of rock drains me while I'm sick. I had to hurry. I really wouldn't wanna add to the bad memories.

I drag myself through the hallway and right when I pass by the bed I fall. I didn't have time to get up so I reach my hand for the phone. Exactly when I was about to grab it I feel a deep pain in my arm.

When I look up I realized he had thrown his spear through my hand. Not only that he made a hole through my palm, but he also got me stuck to the drawer. I can't move my arm one bit.

While he was still getting up, I grab the phone with my other hand and call him. He answers almost immediately but the man was running at me just as fast.

All I could manage to say was

- help...

Until the man reached me . He kicked my arm and as soon as it was at ground level he smashes my palm, the one that was holding the phone, onto the ground. He might have broken one finger from the pain I felt.

At this point I think I was tearing up because of the pain. Fuck... It's like I'm immobilized.

He sat down beside me and took my hand , the one he just stepped on.

- did I ever tell you that you're beautiful when you cry?

As he said that he pressed on my hand , making me whimper.

- now that you are blocked there... Why don't I finally take my revenge...

He places a hand on my leg , slowly going up. I wasn't just gonna let this bastard do as he pleases. As long as I'm alive, as long as I can breathe, no matter how many limbs i
I miss, how many teeth or how much blood was lost ,I will fight for what is right and I know that what he is doing now is so fucking wrong.

I wasn't able to make the stones into the head on an arrow but I did make a pretty big boulder that sent him flying a couple of meters away from me. While he was on the ground I tried my best to pull the spear out of my hand.

It hurts , it hurts so much but I've been through greater pain and I still fought. I will always still fight. When I was in similar situations I gave up and let them do everything that they wanted ,no one cared enough to help me, no one ever came for me and no one was there for me after the events either but now...


Childe was coming. Someone is coming , even if he doesn't actually care , even if he does actually love me, even if it's an illusion in my head. Someone is trying to save me, someone is trying to rescue me from this river of sadness. I can't let him down just yet, I have to fight.

With a soft scream coming from my mouth I managed to pull the spear out of the drawer and my hand. I could now use the spear as protection. When I tried to get up I realized that the last boulder I made drained everything. The only power left in me was the one that kept me conscious. I could barely move anything.

Even if I was helping my body with the spear , I fell instantly.

The man got up again, puking some blood and coming right back at me.

- you little bitch... I'm not mad , wanna know why? Because you are doing yourself a bad, you can't move now can you? Look who is helpless now...

He picked me up by my collar, slowly choking me once again. This time, he didn't intend to hurt me tho, he kissed me. It was a very forced and gross kiss. I was trying my best to push him away while he was having his bloody tongue wonder in my mouth. I wasn't able to bite him since I was choking and I was desperately searching for air, only making more room for him but I was able to use that spear.

I pushed it as hard as I could into his upper leg. Since I was very weak and one of my fingers was broken, the spear didn't come out of the other side of the leg , but it did penetrate at least half of it.

The man screamed and fell back. He drops me on the floor. This time I didn't wait to see what he was gonna do next. I crawled to the corner of the room and raised a thin wall made of stone . Like a shield.

The man pulled the spear out of his leg and looked at me.

- that was a wrong move darling. You see, you got me really mad. And from what I can see every bit of power you use only makes you more weak. That makes me assume that the shield will disappear once you pass out. From the puke on the floor and your shaking body I can also assume that it's not gonna be long till then. you're not actually safe in there, you're creating a trap for yourself.

He was right. I was slowly becoming weaker and weaker. Once I pass out so will the shield. Only keeping the shield up hurts me. But I was gonna try my best this time, I promised to myself.

I look at him in the eyes.
- you are gonna die.

He laughed.

- and who's gonna kill me. You? You're weak Zhongli. You may be strong in general , but right now you're not and after I am done with your body I will kill you. I will kill you so you won't be able to kill me. Now , I'll go search for some bandages for my leg while you keep being stubborn with that stupid shield.

He did leave and went to the bathroom. He found some bandages there and he covered his leg. I was already starting to breathe heavily. I was laying on the floor , looking at the empty room, in the hallway at the door. The door I wished someone would open already...

The man came back.

- I have a theory. If I damage the shield, will it hurt you ?

I look at him. I actually didn't know. Of course I've been doing these types of shields all my life. But I usually have double if not triple the defense of a normal person. Even if it did hurt I didn't feel it. When I'm sick tho, when it's this day in which my body regenerates the energy it's lost in 10 years, everything, including my defense is below the average human.

He takes the spear that was covered in blood and uses it like a bat. I did feel that , it felt like he strikes my insides in some way.

I screamed , lifting my chest and legs from the floor because of the pain.

- so my theory was right, this should make you pass out quicker.

He strikes again, and again, and again. I was in a fetal potion, holding my knees to my chest , crying, sometimes even spitting blood.

I was holding the shield tho... The blood will regenerate, the wounds will heal, the clothes will be repaired, but if get another one of those horrible memories stuck in my head... That won't ever disappear. I've been living for thousands of years, yet I remember every last one. I don't want this to happen again.

I am so scared. This would mean the contract will be broken. If he does rape me, it's counts as a sexual encounter. My contract with him will be broken. My contract with Childe... If the contract it's broken... I'll be forced to go through all those bars once again, to let them use my body for every little coin.

I don't want that life again, it hurts ,not only my body ,but my heart, it aches. I don't want that life, I want to live a normal life. Even if I'm a god, even if I don't deserve it, I want to live a normal life for a couple of years.

If the contract is broken, Childe won't have anything to keep him with me. I'll be alone once again, no one to wipe my tears, to take care of me when I'm sick, no one to care for me...

I was now laying on my stomach. Still crying but this time I wasn't screaming or growling anymore. I was just waiting , waiting for my eyes to close, waiting for this future to happen.

When I opened my eyes the last time, I thought.

,,How can I be called the god of contracts if I can't keep them..."

That was it. I passed out. What was gonna happen is not in my power anymore. I did everything yet nothing.


Childe's point of view.

I bought the cake and I was now walking around, admiring Liyue in the night. There are many lights on the streets that fit really well with the golden vibe Liyue gives.

I suddenly receive a call. It was from Zhongli. I answer and after a couple of heavy breaths all I could hear was ,,help". The word was cut by the call ending. He sounded terrified, something is going on and I'm not gonna wait around to see what.

I start running to his apartment, it wasn't that far but it still was 5 minutes away.

I finally get there. I needed a break from all that running but I had to force myself to go up the stairs, I had to help him.

I rush up and I realize the door isn't looked. Fuck... Please don't be too late.

I opened the door and I realized. I was indeed too late. I think I was. He was sitting on Zhongli's bed , clothed. Zhongli was laying on the floor ,naked and probably passed out.

I go inside and stand in the hallway, looking at the horrible state he was in. I never thoughts I could see a god look so pathetic. This scene might even bring me to tears.

I then look at the man. I was all for the physical revenge, go for it, but raping, causing this level of permeant trauma into someone is something I hate more than anything. Even if my rival would be in this situation I'll try my best to save them. I am an assassin, I work for the Fatui, but I am not a monster.

I get closer to the man while he says.

- hello pretty boy, are you here to join our fun ?

He was taller than me but I still grabbed him by the neck and lifted him , making him stand on his toes.

- what did you do to him.
- can't you see? I took my revenge.
- no. Revenge would've meant to fight me. To give me a scar just like yours but you are too much of a coward aren't you?
- I am the coward?
- He isn't an angle.
- but he is sick. You don't have the guts to fight him at his strength so you take advantage of him?
- you got hurt emotionally after all right? So I took my revenge , it doesn't matter how.
- oh yeah?

After that I manipulate water into my blade and stuck it into his stomach. He coughs up blood ,leaning on my shoulder.

- you got hurt physically after all. I got my revenge too now. Oh, but that was only the revenge for hurting Zhongli, now ,for raping him.

I hold the man straight by his shirt . I then draw a heart into his stomach that soon opens up to reveal a beautiful set of guts. His guts fall onto the ground and he faints. I'm not sure if he fainted because of pain or shock ,but I am sure that he was gonna die from the bleeding.

After I clean myself a little bit from all the blood I hurry to Zhongli. I look at him... miserable... He depended on me so much... Yet I couldn't make it in time.

I did read that every god has a day , sometimes even two days in 10 years in which they are weaker than a normal human. In those days their body accumulates the energy lost. I didn't think it was anything even close to that day, he just seemed like he had a hangover...

I pick him up and get him cleaned I'm in the bathroom. I get him dressed in one of the nightgowns I find in his closet and place him in the bed. I cover him in blankets and look behind us. I now had to clean up all this mess. I could've done a much prettier job, I was really mad tho, I should learn more self-control. Now I have to clean this for at least two hours.

I get rid of the body and clean the blood in the whole house. After I'm done with that and I take a bath myself , I slide in the bed beside Zhongli and go to sleep.

Chapter Text

I slowly wake up, surprisingly well-rested. I open my eyes and see Zhongli's back. When I actually look at him I realize he is shaking. I placed my hand on his arm , he flinched. I got up and looked at him. I was really worried, after all, I wasn't really in the right state of mind to get information out of that bastard so I have no idea what he has done to him.

- Childe... I am so sorry.

His voice was so... Depressing.

- what do you mean ?
- in Liyue I am known as... ,,The god of contracts " . I have contracts with more than half of Liyue. Yet I couldn't keep mine with you...

While saying this he just sank more into his pillow, covering his face. I tried to remember the conditions of our contract ,to know what he might have done wrong. I soon realize that our contract said ,, The man Zhongli Morax has to have sexual relationships with the second party only."

- you didn't break it.
- yes... Our contract says-

I interrupt him.

- I know what it says but he didn't... You didn't have any sexual encounter with that man. I... I got there on time.

That might be a lie. The man said he raped him, but I didn't actually have the proof for that. Zhongli was naked on the floor, but that might've been fake, he might have arranged everything to make it look like that. Even if it was a lie or not, if I would've told him the truth, that I was too late, it wouldn't have benefited any of us.

- he... Didn't? Are... Are you sure?
- yes. I am sure. I am also sure that he is never gonna touch you again.
- i... I am sorry once again.
- you don't have to be sorry for anything.
- yes... I do... I am not like this usually... I promise I am so much stronger... I can show you anytime, I am so much better than what I was yesterday.
- I know Zhongli , I know.
- no, I actually am. I don't need anyone to come and rescue me , yesterday was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
- Zhongli. You were sick. There was no way anyone could've taken that beast down in that condition. If I was in your place I would've done the same.

He nodded.

- now give me a hug.
- a hug..? For what.
- you've been through a lot, yet you didn't cry. No matter how strong you are, everyone needs a break. Everyone needs to show weakness. So please stop being strong around me. I don't want to stay with someone else, I want to stay with you Zhongli. If you are sad , show it , it's normal to be sad. I am here for you and I am gonna be here in the future.

I open my arms and he leans on me. I hug him, petting his head in the process.

- can I tell you something...?

He said .

- yes, of course.
- ... This... Something like this has happened before.

While saying all this he was squishing me harder and harder.

- it did...? Do you wanna talk about it?
- not in detail... I have a good memory but these exact moments are a blur. I can remember everything I felt tho. It happens 3 times before. Once , someone learned to induce the exact sickness I have right now, leaving me weak. The other two times they managed to paralyze me. One of them did that by triking me, playing dirty and the other one... On the other one there were multiple people. In all these situations I could feel everything they were doing. Even to this day , while I was in the bars, in the beds of random strangers , I still had flashbacks from then... The thing is that in these past 3 times I gave up. At some point I realized that no one was gonna save me and there was no way for me to save myself. I just gave up and let it happen. This time I tried. I tried so fucking hard. But I gave it my all till the end because I knew you were coming...I am really happy you were there Childe.

While saying all this I could feel him shivering a little bit , all these events he was speaking of were true and they had a big impact on him.

- Childe. I am not a fan of talking about myself .

He then broke the hug and looked me in the eyes. His eyes were wet and one long tear soon falls out of them. He gives me an honest smile. It wasn't a happy one, but it was mesmerizing. He was smiling through his tears, through his pain.

- thank you Childe. Thank you for being here. Thank you for rescuing me and thank you for listening to me.

I was honestly shocked. I didn't expect to see him cry or open up to me so easily. Even if he went through a traumatic event, I can't believe he trusted me so easily. Am I really that charming?

While I was having this monologue in my head he slowly grabbed my face. He placed both his soft hands on my cheeks and kissed me.

This was different, I wasn't getting the feeling of lust, I was getting... The feeling of love. I could feel his true feelings through that kiss.

I was stunned. Because of that, it was more of him kissing me than us kissing. He brushes his tongue against my bottom lip, asking for permission. Of course I give it to him, imitating his moves.

Even if we were french kissing, it was soft. It wasn't full of need, it wasn't rough, it didn't ask for more. It was slow and fulfilling.

He pushed me ,making me lay on the bed and him to sit on top of me.

After the kiss was broken we just looked into each other's eyes. I'm assuming my face is red, I really didn't expect this all of a sudden. I feel quite embarrassed... It's not like me, I usually initiate the kiss...

While we were staring at each other his cheeks suddenly got pink and he looked away. He coughs a couple of times. I'm assuming he's still sick .

- are you hungry ?

I ask. He nodded.

- I'll go prepare breakfast, you stay here, you're still sick after all.

He frowned. I giggled and i
I give him one more kiss. I lay him on the bed and kiss his forehead.

- I'll be right back.

I then left for the kitchen. I looked in his fridge. There wasn't much but I could make some dumplings from what he has. I get to work.

I was thinking to myself. I am sorry for this man. He is gonna get at attached to me if he didn't yet. In the end I'll still just hand him to Tsaritsa. It's gonna be so sad for him. I have two months with him yet he is already getting attached in the first week. I must say it happened so much more than it would've if I was with anyone else, but he's still way too believing in me. I remember that when I started doing this job it hurt more to hurt than to be hurt. Now... I just got used to it, everyone anyways sees me as a villain so why not act like one too.

After around 20 minutes I finished the dumplings. I place a couple on a plate and the rest in his fridge. I take the plate to his bed. He was reading. More exactly he was reading ,,how had the archon war-affected Snezhnaya".

- I'm done, I hope you like them !

I place the plate on his nightstand.

- thank you, I didn't have these in quite a while.

He places the book down and takes the plate . He starts eating and I sit beside him, on the bed.

- how is it? Do you like it?
- they're amazing. You're really good at cooking. I wouldn't be able to cook like this.
- that's why I'm here ! By the way, what do you think about the book?
- it's interesting. I didn't think the war had such big events.
- the book isn't that right.
- what...?
- yes, I read it.
- ok...? How would you know that the book is wrong....
- you didn't know?
- didn't know what...
- I am from Snezhnaya.
- really....
- yes. I spent my childhood there, my parents still live there.
- then why are you here? Why aren't you with your family?
- it's... A long story. But I can tell you how I would interpret some of the things in the book.
- that would be amazing!

We both stood up and sat on the bed, facing each other, the plate full of dumplings staying in the middle.

I looked at the end of the book and took every title of chapters, telling him how I experimented with every last one.

We finished the dumplings but I was still going through the chapters. He was listening, asking questions here and there.

- well, if you have any other questions now is the time cause I have no idea what else I can tell you.
- I do have one question. What happened with the abyss? You completely skipped the chapter.
- ya...
- I mean, even if you don't know much, living there is impossible to not at least hear rumors about it. Everyone talks about it even outside of Snezhnaya!
- Zhongli...
- yes?
- I've been in there.

He looked at me in shock for a couple of seconds.

- I... I didn't know, I'm sorry.
- I really hoped you weren't gonna ask this, but if you're that curious I guess I can talk about it. On one condition tho.
- I'm listening...
- you have to let me brush and braid your hair while I talk.
- do you even know how to braid?
- I had many siblings growing up and I was the oldest child. It would be like a sin to not know how to take care of hair !

He sighs and trunks around.

- I guess I could let you...

He takes a brush out from one of the drawers in his nightstand. He gave it to me. I untie his hair and brush it slowly. It was thick and soft.

- now. Can you tell me about the abyss?
- what do you wanna know?
- anything. No one talks about it since the Fatui spies might hear and kill them. Since I became interested in the subject I couldn't get information out of anyone.
- well. Before I tell you anything you have to know that if you talk about this, the Fatui are gonna come and kill you.
- I know. I am not gonna say a word.
- alright... I could start with the fact that in the abyss time passes differently.
- differently? How.
- As an example , 3 months in there are like 3 days in here.
- wait... Childe. How long have you been in there...?
- that is not a question about the abyss, it's about me. I won't answer that.
- Childe...
He turned to face me, having a serious but concerned look on his face.
- I am fine, please don't worry about me. Ask me something else.
- alright. Do you know about the geo god? Morax?
- that's not related to the abyss, but ya, I heard of him.
- if... If he was still alive. Do you think that the power of the abyss could really turn his almighty pillars black...? From your experience there, what do you think? Be honest.
- yes. I'm afraid they might even be able to kill him again.

There was a moment of silence. None of us spoke.

- I... I see... Can you tell me more?
- you have time until I finish with your hair right?
- alright. What kind of monsters are in there. Who controls the abyss.
- did you ever hear of Tsaritsa? She's the scariest ,, monster" you can fight.
- I didn't...
- she's the boss. She controls everything and everyone. The ,,monsters" in the abyss are fighters, they're people. But they have been enhanced with her power.
- they're... People?
- yes. It was hard for me to believe too.
- how can you get into the abyss.
I thought about this for a bit.
- I am not too sure how to answer that. I'm not sure if there are other entrances but I knew there's a big hole in the ground in an abandoned forest in Snezhnaya. If you fall in there you'll land in the abyss.

I was nearly done braiding his hair.

- I think you have time for one more question before I'm done. After this I won't bring this up again.
- alright... If you won't tell me how long you've been there tell me when you got in.
I sight .
- fine. I fell into the abyss at 14.
- you were so young...
- ya and so weak. I don't despise the abyss , it made me strong. If I had emotions of hate towards it I wouldn't be where I am now. I won't ever want to go near it again but I don't despise it.
- I see...
- well, I am done! Let's go to the bathroom mirror!

I helped him up even if he complained and we went to the bathroom. He looked in the mirror , he looked like he was captivated by his own beauty. But so was i.

If we wouldn't have talked about these traumatic events I would've been blushing the whole time while doing his hair. I am clearly blushing now tho.

He laid his braid on his shoulder , which only made him hotter. I really couldn't keep myself together.

I walk beside him and take his braid. He looked so pretty with it since I left two pieces of hair out of the ponytail just to cover his forehead and give him a mysterious look. I slowly kiss his hair and then let it fall out of my hand. I look at him , he's still looking in the mirror.

I caress my hand on his cheek, moving to his chin. He was still looking in the mirror.

- you look so beautiful, yet you don't give me any attention do you?

He giggled. He finally turned towards me and whispered.

- if you want me so bad then make me pay attention.

I was shocked. I did expect him to be so straightforward. Especially because he was also looking and being so seductive. My brain was crushed at that moment. My fave turned red and j didn't know what to do.

He started laughing at me. He was really going at it, I think he even had little tears in his eyes. When I finally came back to my sense I interrupted his laughing by giving him a sudden kiss.

This time he was the one surprised . He was so surprised that he took some steps behind ,hitting the sink. He kissed me back in just a bit and our kiss soon became intimate.

While kissing I slowly rub my tongue on his bottom lip, to make sure it's ok to go in. He did the same so I slowly let my tongue explore his mouth. Out tongues soonly meet and our rhythm was perfect, it was an amazing kiss.

Of course while this was happening my hands weren't just laying there. I slowly caressed his chest, playing with his nipples a little. Every time he moaned, opening his mouth more, I just had to make room to explore.

When I felt like it was enough I continue my way, on his abdomen and then closer to his crotch. He was sick tho so I couldn't risk making him sicker. I change paths shortly from his crotch to his butt. I squish it a bit, he had a really fucking hot ass. It was big and bouncy, soft and puffy.

I lift him up and he tried to stop the kiss. Of course I continued . He gave me a couple of playfully hits on the shoulders.

I bring him to the bed and lay him on it. We were still kissing. He was getting more into it now , matching my rhythm.

I break the kiss and look at him. I just admire him. His braid was messy now and his face was red. He didn't have the time to put on his usual red makeup around his eyes, he didn't do his eyeliner either , yet he looks just as beautiful as always.

- why are you smirking ?
I didn't even was. I giggled and said.
- because I can't believe I have such a beautiful person in my arms.
His face got even redder.

I then get close to his neck. I was kissing it ,licking it and sucking it. Leaving hickies here and there. Maybe it's because he is sick ,but he is so much more sensitive. He is breathing heavily, moaning here and there and all I'm doing is liking him over.

I remove his shirt and continue licking . I make my way to his nipples and start sucking.

He was moaning pretty loudly , holding the sheets with one of his hands. After a bit he pets my head.
- Childe...
I lift my head and he had a desperate look on his face. He had a hand over his mouth, probably trying to cover his moans.
- stop teasing me already...

I smirk and get close to his face. We kiss once again and I take his pants down while doing so.

He stops me , stopping the kiss and putting his hand on my chest.

- don't go all the way... Don't put anything inside, I don't think I'll be able to handle it.

I nodded and lowered myself , I was now facing his crotch. I take his underwear down to reveal his hard penis.

I start to lick it a bit before putting it in my mouth. I then suck it , twirling my tongue around his tip with every suck.

He placed a shaky hand on my head , holding my hair. He was biting his other hand so he could stay quieter.

I remove my mouth and get closer to his face again.

- don't do that. I wanna hear every one of your moans.

I take his finger out of his mouth and stroke his dick with my hand while making direct eye contact. He soonly breaks it and closes his eyes, throwing his head back in pleasure.

I lower myself once again and continue sucking. I do so until I could hear from him, between his moans.

- coming... I... I'm.

He didn't have the time to finish his sentence before I fell a warm substance in my mouth . It was quite salty but I swallow it.

- you're very tasty mister Zhongli.
- shut up....

He said between the heavy breaths.

- I'm not done. Turn around.
- but... You said...
- I won't put it in, I promise.

He turned around , his legs on the floor and his upper half on the bed. He had such a beautiful body , even from the back.

I place my penis between his upper thighs and say.

- close your legs now.

He does so and I start trusting. I was at the same time stroking his dick with my hand.

His moans were louder but masked by the sheets he was holding in his mouth.

When I was close to coming I just couldn't help myself , it was driving me insane by this point. I do what I wished to from our first night together. I slap his ass.

- AHH.... Childe...

He screamed, I'm not sure if it was from pain or pleasure but he came at the same time. My hand slowly became more prominent on his ass.

I fastly finish too and his legs start to shake. He fell onto the ground , on his knees. When he turned around he had tears in his eyes and saliva coming out of his mouth. I kneel before him , touching his cheek.

- I'm sorry babe. Did I go too hard on you..?
- no. You were perfect. I'm just extremely tired. But I feel something more tho...
- what do you mean. What can I do for you ?
- let's go all the way.
- what? No. You're sick and you told me yourself we shouldn't.
- I changed my mind.
- Zhongli. No. I have so many more things I'm into that I wanna show you too but we will do that when you feel better alright?
- are you really gonna be so cruel and me when I'm in need alone...?

He was so beautiful . His face was adorable, pouting. He did seem wired tho...

Before he says anything else I kiss him, to make him shut up.

He is being weirdly dominant. The kiss was very rough, it was needy. Something is not right. I break the kiss.

He licks his lips. He was so seductive, that's not like him . I get up.
- I think we should go wash up .
- Childe... Who said I was done.

He was slowly getting up, helping himself with the bed frame. His legs were shaking . He was clearly exhausted, why was he acting like this.

He came in front of me . Trying to get to the bathroom and end this weird situation I back up. He pins me to the wall and kisses me.

It's not like I didn't like it. It's just that he's not acting normal and he is also sick.

While kissing he caresses my whole body until he gets to my crotch. Stroking ut slowly so I become hard again.

He bites my lip and ends the kiss . He was smirking. His eyes weren't as usual , they were darker. He had such a calm yet desperate look. I've never seen him like this before.

He kneels before me and likes the tip of mine. His moves were slow, provoking me. He was looking me in the eyes , enjoying the needy face I was making.

- fuck... I'm sorry for this.

I then grab his head and deep throat him. Soon tears were forming into the corners of his eyes but I stopped only when I came far down his throat.

He fell and caught. He clearly was choking since he now had tears fall down. I fastly sit beside him and pat his shoulder.

- I'm sorry, I went too far, let's go wash up and rest.

When he turned to me he had a smirk on his face. That's not the only thing he had tho.

He licks his lips and I realize that he has fangs and a mid-way split tongue. His arms were getting darker by the second and you could see the start of some horns on his head. I was in shock.

- uh.... Zhongli... You....

He got up and grabbed my face.

- I what?

He was speaking in a lower tone, he was honestly so sexy with or without these new features.

- you... You have fangs...

His eyes became lighter, like before. That was the moment in which he realized what was happening. He ran to the bathroom, locking the door behind him.
Zhongli's point of view
I lock the door and go in front of the mirror. I look at myself. He was right. I was trying to understand what was happening, why was I transforming into my dragon form.

I can't be that exhausted, I'm still standing, walking. When I thought about that my legs became weak. The adrenalin washed away and everything started to hurt. Including my legs which gave up soon enough.

I fall to the ground and I can hear Childe scream from the other room.

- Are you ok ?! Zhongli , open up !
- no.... You can't see me like this...

We both stayed quiet for a while.

In this time I realized. Yesterday was a very tiring day. Since I was sick my body should've gained energy but it actually lost it. Today I rested in the morning but after this I became just as exhausted and because my body stays in this form thanks to the last bits of energy I put into it, when that's gone , I transform.

What happened there wasn't the usual me. I'm assuming that was the dragon inside me acting like that.

I could hear Childe sitting against the door. I crawl to my side of the door and do the same.

- I'm sorry Childe... I can't come out. I can't come out because I can't explain this to you...
- Zhongli... Look. I know you're hiding something, something big. I know this since the day we meet. I have a feeling I know what it is but I will wait until you are ready to tell me. I won't question this.
- thank you... But how could you possibly know I'm hiding something.
- I'm good at reading people I guess.
- I guess I could tell you a bit about what is happening now.
- that would help a lot ,yes.
- this is how I actually look. I know this might sound crazy but I am some kind of a dragon... Since my body couldn't gain any energy it had to get it from the stored one, the one that kept me human-like.
- I see... I believe you. But I feel like it's my fault for exhausting you.
- no no, it's fine. I became very insisting in the end and we didn't do it in a long time either. It's fine.
- so... Are you gonna open the door now?
- ... Fine.

Childe's point of view

He finally unlocks the door. I open it and pick him up from the floor, laying him on the bed .

- Zhongli. I know it's just 2 PM but you should rest.
- yes.. you are right.

I was looking at him. He was just as beautiful. I then take another book from his shelf and I lay beside him. I cuddle him until he falls asleep.
I finished a whole book that day.

Chapter Text

I wake up first, as usual. I turn around. His horns were gone and his arms have gotten lighter. I guess he was right, he needed some rest.

After I gaze at him a couple more minutes I get up , take a shower and get dressed in new clothes . I had to look in his closet again since I didn't have the time to go back home these few days. It's annoying how his shirts are always so tight on my chest, it's actually hard to move.

I go to the kitchen and look in the fridge. We still had some dumplings but they wouldn't be enough for lunch. I didn't have any more ingredients so I decided to go shopping.

I took some precautions this time. I locked all windows and left a knife by his nightstand. I then get out and lock the door. I go to the nearest shop and buy everything I need.

If I remember right from our small talk, he loves bamboo shoot soup. That's exactly what I prepared for , also some mochi. The ingredients for the soup were pretty expensive since they were rare but I didn't mind.

I also got him a couple of pomegranates since he seemed to like them. While I was looking around I got an idea. For the last 3 days I've been reading books , why not buy him a tv. That's exactly what I did. I bought one of the more expensive ones. It was quite tiring to drag it around with other groceries in the middle of summer.

I finally get back to his apartment. Everything was fine so I take the knife from beside him and unlock the windows. If I was there I knew nothing could happen to him.

I place the tv aside and I get to cooking. I'm assuming it took about two hours . It was now 11 am. He still hasn't woken up. I'm not sure how good the soup turned out since it was my first time making it. I wasn't worried about my mochi tho since I always get compliments on them.

I place everything in the fridge and I get to the tv. Zhongli was sleeping very deeply so no matter how much noise I made he was still asleep. I place the tv in front of the bed. The tv montage took around half an hour and I was exhausted after.

I get in the bed and start it. I get done with the setting up part too and now I was switching through the channels.

At around 1 pm I could feel Zhongli turning around, placing his head and hand on my chest.

- you... Did you get a tv?

He asked with a sleepy voice, barely opening his eyes.

- yes, I've been reading your books but I got bored. I also made some food if you want .
- yes, that would be good thank you.

I got up and prepared food for both of us. I was actually really nervous about the soup. I go back to his dorm and place the plate on his nightstand, taking mine beside me.

- I tried to make your favorite soup, I hope you like it. It's my first time making it.
- Childe, you really didn't have to... That's so sweet, thank you .
I giggled. I sit on the bed and watch him take his first sip of it.

- it's really good ! You should make this more often.
- I'm glad you like it!

He finishes his soup really fast, he really enjoyed it.

- I also prepared some mochi !
- Childe.. you really didn't have to go through so much work. I love everything but it would've been completely fine to order something.
- I know, but you are sick and you've had a couple of bad days, I just wanted to make your day better and spoil you a little.
He laughed
- alright. Let's try your mochi then !

I bring a couple of mochi's and we both eat and make small talk. He still had his fangs and he was honestly so freaking cute eating the gummy mochi. A little bit later on I ask.

- how are you feeling ?
- I'm feeling great. Look.
He makes a flower made of stone to show that his powers are back.
- that's amazing ! I'm so glad you're fine... But... You're still like yesterday.
- what? No I'm not.
He then touches his fangs and the shock silents him down.
- your horns are gone and your arms are getting a bit lighter. Also your fangs are shorter. You are getting better.


- I hope so...

We both look at each other for a bit , in silence.

- Childe... I'm sorry for putting you through so much trouble these couple of days.
- hey, it's fine, you were the one going through trauma, I just did my best to help you.

We continue to look at each other, I grab his face, slowly caressing his lips.

- you know... I think you look really hot with fangs. A make-out session won't tire you out, right?
- i guess not..

He smiled and kissed me , I kiss him back adding some tongue to the kiss.

He bites my tongue and I look at him confused. He giggled.
- you said you like my fangs.

I smile and kiss him again. We've been kissing for a bit when we hear a knock on the door.

We stop the kissing and look at the door.

- xiangsheng, are you there ?

A crispy voice was heard from the other side of the door.

- who's asking ?

Says Zhongli and a little boy comes in bursting the door, boosting his speed with wind and stopping right beside Zhongli's side of the bed.

He had weird clothes a spear and you could see an anemo vision.

The boy didn't even look at me , he was staring into Zhongli's eyes. Without taking any glance, he lifts his spear and makes me fall on the floor with a hit.

I took it since I didn't know who he was and I wasn't expecting it either.

- xiangsheng, i heard you were sick . I was really worried. Are you ok ?
- yes Xiao, I am fine.
- thank God... Also...

I get up from the hit he just landed on me but at that exact moment he comes at me with an amazing speed probably caused by the wind.

He pins me to the wall and sticks his spear right beside my head, on the wall , to threaten me.

- who are you and what are you doing in Zhongli's house.

He was looking up at me , squinting his eyes.

- wow wow now, let's chill out buddy. Maybe when you'll grow a couple of inches more you can talk to me, alright? I'm not into fighting kids.
- kid? Do you know who I fucking am?
- now now, who teached you that word? That's a bad word.

I smirk proudly at him, he was furious.
- kid huh..?

He takes his spear back from the wall and proceeds to hit me. I make my typical blades and block his attack .

- Do you have a vision ?
- interesting right? So do you.
- I am adeptus Xiao, I am and adepti , controlling the power of the wind. How about you ginger boy?

My blades and his spear were still fighting for the winner of the force contest but none won.

On the other hand I lift his spear and grab his waist , putting one of my blades against his neck. I whispered.

- have you heard of Tartaglia?

I could see particles of anemo lifting up in the air and he disappeared. It was pretty obvious that he was gonna take my back so I turn around, realizing I was right.

My blades hit his spear once again and in an instant I kick his leg so he can fall. He teleports once again, this time I and no idea where he was.

I closed my eyes so I can feel the anemo particles. He was up.

I was about to strike when I heard Zhongli.


I was aiming for his neck and he was for mine . He falls standing on his feet and I make my blades disappear.

- look. Childe, this is Xiao, he is like my student to me. Xiao, this is Childe, I have a contract with him and he is very dear to me.

We both look at each other in silence before Xiao says.

- xiangsheng , can we talk alone ?

Zhongli looks at me and I sigh. I go to the kitchen and take out some mochi for all of us.

I then waited at the door, I wanted to hear what they were talking about .

X- who is this guy?!
Z- I have a contract with him.
X- You wouldn't ever sign a contract in which you would be forced to live with someone . Why is he here and why are you showing him your dragon form ?! What did he do for you to trust him so much?!
Z- he took care of me. He was here for me when I needed it.
X- so was i... Yet you bearly trusted me after decades. You've known this guy for less than a month right?
Z- yes.... I guess he's just ... different. He's special.
X- and I'm not....
Z- Xiao...
X- look. Even if you appreciate him more than I be careful. He's not that mighty. I have a really bad feeling. There is something he doesn't tell you .
Z- I realized that too...

I heard enough. I was glad that Zhongli trusts me. I'm getting to my goal way faster than I anticipated, yet I felt bad for Xiao. Since he's an adepti he's also immortal so they probably know each other for a long while. He sensed me immediately.

Even so I can probably manipulate Zhongli into believing me and not him.

I go to the dorm with the plate of mochi.

- sorry to bother you, I just thought you guys needed a snack !

When I look at Xiao he had his head down, he immediately whipped his eyes and continue to look at the ground . With his head down he asks.

- can I hold it ?

I give the plate to him and with his other hand he creates an immense current of air that throws me out the window in some bushes from outside.

As I was falling I could hear Zhongli screaming his name , like he was scolding him.

I get the kid , he feels replaced, he feels like he's not enough , even so he's so gonna pay for this.

I try to clean myself a little and climb the stair to his apartment once again. I go in and instead of manipulating water into blades I do it in a big circle above his head.

- hey Xiao, look up!

He does and I let the water drop on his face and body. His hair and clothes were all wet.

- that's revenge.

I say. His calm expression becomes angry once again.

- I'm gonna kill you.

He comes at me with his spear facing my stomach. I protect myself and he teleports once again. I guessed he was gonna come from upside again and I was right. I protected myself and right before I was able to lend my hit something hit my head .

I look at what just fell to the ground from my head. It was a rock. Apparently Xiao was hit by the same thing. We both look at Zhongli and he looks disappointed.

- you two just met. I understand why Xiao doesn't like you Childe , I do not understand why you are so ready to fight him.
- what can I say, I didn't fight an actual good opponent in some time.
He sighs.
- that's not a good reason.

He tries to get up and both of us instantly were by his sides. Xiao was on the left and I was on the right.

- I'm alright you know ? I'm not that weak anymore.
- but you still aren't able to control your human form.
Says Xiao.
- I'm not sure why I can't either ,but I promise I'm fine.

I and Xiao look at each other and let him go. He gets up and walks to his wardrobe.

He pulls out some black tight jeans and a large t-shirt. He gives them to Xiao.

- go in the bathroom and change. We have a hairdryer in the last cabinet if you need it.
Xiao nods and goes to the bathroom.
He then sat on the corner of his bed. He told me to sit on the ground in front of him.

I do so and he starts picking the leaves and little branches from my hair.

- I'm sorry for Xiao.
Says Zhongli.
- he just really cares about me.
- I could see that. You know that I also do right ?
- I know... It's just that we have a long past together. He's just worried for me, he's worried that you'll hurt me like my past lover.
- well... Are you worried.
He was working on my hair in silence for a while.
- I would lie if I say I wasn't.
- I see...

Right then Xiao comes out of the bathroom. He was making little wind currents to dry his hair.
The pants were a bit long and so was the shirt but it didn't look bad on him.

- should we help you dry your clothes?
I ask.
- if you want to.

I and Zhongli got up and hold his wet top from the corners. He blows a strong wind current that soonly dries it. We do the same with his pants and sleeves.

Zhongli folded his clothes and gave them to him. Xiao thanked Zhongli and got closer to his ear. He whispered something and then took some steps back.

- goodbye xiangsheng, have a wonderful day !

Said Xiao. He then turned to me with a frustrated look on his face.

- bye.

He immediately disappeared teleporting elsewhere.

I and Zhongli both get into the bed and I start the tv. I changed to the news channel and listened to what was new.

While I was listening I thought... Since Zhongli was sick he didn't go out for a couple of days , I bet he would love it.

- mister Zhongli?
- yes?
- do you think you will be alright tomorrow?
- I think so... I mean I'm a lot better today so this should be gone by tomorrow.
- well , would you like to go on a date?
- Childe, I told you before I'm not interested in this kind of thing. A relationship implies a lot of commitment and I don't think you would want to do that.
- you can't decide what I want. Because I know what I want and that is you.

He looked away for a bit but soonly continued.

- Childe... I'm not ready for a relationship... I'm sorry to say this but I'm not ready to trust you.
- fine, no relationship, but that doesn't mean we can't go for a date. We can be just casually dating. After all we are fucking and we both find each other attractive. I'll wait for you, don't worry, take your time.
- ... You're so stubborn... Fine , but I'm not gonna be your boyfriend.
- that's not a problem!


I then push his head on my chest, hugging him. He moved away after some time. He really wanted to make sure I don't reinterpret anything.

For the rest of the day we watched a couple of movies, eating the tons of food I made and after we went to sleep.