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Not Ticklish

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Your touch was soft and light, but purposeful.

It was barely distracting to the sniper at first, as he leaned up against his stack of pillows, eyes trained on the screen ahead as his fingers deftly fiddled with a gaming controller in his lap. You often snuggled up to Crosshair on nights like this, though you usually had your own console or book or something to keep yourself occupied. You weren't in the mood for that tonight, choosing instead to give your sullen boyfriend some innocent affection. So eventually, he couldn't help but be distracted by you this time.

Your fingers traced over each and every line on his face, even making up paths where there were none. The outline of his lips, the creases by his eyes, the contour of his cheeks and the edge of his jaw. It was like you were mapping out a new world, and yet, also indulging in the comfort of something you knew so well.

Your eyes followed along your journey, and soon, you realized his eyes were following yours in return.

"What are you doing?" he grunted, his tone annoyed but undoubtedly curious.

You only smiled, continuing your reverent caresses but now allowing the affection behind them to show on your face, now that you knew he was paying attention. He rolled his eyes and resumed his game. But more notably, he didn't tell you to stop. And every once in a while, you'd catch the flick of his eyes back to yours, pulling out another smile from your lips.

When he'd finished the level and was waiting for the next screen to load, he set down the controller and turned to you fully, asking his question again.

"What are you doing?"

"Don't worry," you answered this time, low and breathy. "Just relax."

You could feel his cheek move as his lips tightened. A crease formed between his eyes, and you swiftly dragged your fingers up toward it, tracing along these new lines. You leaned forward to plant a kiss, ever so softly, right behind where your fingers had been.

That seemed to do the trick. His muscles relaxed and his eyes fluttered closed and you continued to trail your fingers along, back and forth, following along with little kisses, here and there. Whatever game he had going was now forgotten as he allowed himself to indulge in your unusual but pleasant care. He might have even been lulled into sleep by it, something you knew he desperately needed more of these days, if only your fingers hadn't wandered behind his ears.

His body immediately stiffened beside yours, his face scrunched up as if in pain, and yet, rather than any grunts or curses, the sound that came out of him betrayed an entirely different emotion.

You'd only ever heard him laugh once before, or at least something resembling a laugh. The quiet but distinctly amused sound had made your heart flutter in such a nice way. You'd been eager to replicate the experience again, but hadn't had much luck. Until now. You paused your movements and Crosshair's eyes opened wide, just as surprised. There was a moment, brief but tense, where you merely looked at each other. You knew you had to be careful about this. You weren't going to screw up this wonderful opportunity to make your man laugh again.

"Sorry," you decided to mutter, feigning innocence. "Didn't mean to hurt you."

His eyes narrowed. "You... didn't."

You gulped to keep down your own laughter. "Well, I should still kiss it, make it feel better."

He didn't stop you as you leaned in, though he was still wary. But rather than place your lips on his ear, you instead blew a steady, gentle breath over the spot. Just enough to tickle. The reaction was immediate and satisfactory.

"Stop," he gasped, amidst the softest, sweetest giggles you'd ever heard. Now you let yourself grin, showing just how much fun you were having over this discovery.

His body was wiggling in protest so you quickly slung yourself on top of him. The gaming controller tumbled off the side of the bed but that was the least of anyone's concerns right now. You pinned his arms down before he could push you away and you looked down at him with mischevious, twinkling eyes.

"Aw, baby, I thought you weren't ticklish?" you laughed as you let go of his wrists and ran your fingertips along the back of his ears, sending him into another fit of giggles.

"I'm not," he managed to get out between laughs, body still writhing beneath you in discomfort.

He grasped your hands firmly and pulled them away, but you knew better than to let him try and take control of the situation. Before he could do anything else, you surged forward and pressed your lips against his own, eating up the last of his laughter and, hopefully, distracting him from any annoyance he may have had with you. When you parted for air, you rubbed your nose against his a little, a move you knew made him melt every time.

"You little..." he started, but couldn't seem to finish. How could he be upset with you like this? He sighed and brought a hand up to tuck away some of your hair that had fallen forward, incredulously shaking his head at you the whole time.

"What?" you asked, slipping back into your pretend innocence.

"You're going to pay for that," he said, though there was no malice in his tone. If anything, he was the one sounding mischevious now.

"Oh, am I?"

Your fingers were interlocked with his, unable to break free and sneak any more tickles. But you knew where his secret spot was now. It was only a matter of time before you'd catch him off guard again and be treated to those sweet, sweet sounds once more.

But speaking of being caught off guard, within a second you then found your body flipped over and pinned beneath his own, that mischievousness you'd heard from him now on full display across the features you'd been so fondly tracing just a short while ago.

"Are you going to tickle me now?" you asked. It was no secret how many places on your anatomy would send you into hysterics from just a little tickle.

"Oh no," he husked, instantly causing a flush to spread across your face. You knew what his smirk and that glint in his eye really meant now. "I think I'll tease you another way...."