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Something that every Hatchetfield citizen had to relive over and over due to an unending time loop they were all but oblivious to.


Here are the records of just a few of those deaths.


Squish goes her guts as they get clawed out slowly and painfully by what used to be her husband.


Whoosh goes the bomb that soars overhead and lands in the tiny town, silencing her final thoughts of regret, aiding in the mad woman’s cult. 


Bang goes the gun that he doesn’t see, oblivious to the danger before it’s too late, inflicted by something wearing his daughter's skin.


Whoosh goes the bomb that soars overhead and lands in the tiny town, silencing his final thoughts as he wishes his daughter were with him in his final moments. 


Boom goes the gun once again held by his daughter that gives him a brush with death, this time with her bearing purple eyes instead of blue.


Crash goes the doors to the choir room as her girlfriend ( was that even her girlfriend anymore?) burst through and pinned her to the wall, with barely any thoughts before she faded and let the music take over.


Smash goes the mallet swung by her father, this close to smashing straight into her skull, staring into his now harsh purple eyes.


Rip goes his tummy as it’s torn open by his beloved Workin’ Boys, never imagining the apotheosis would cause him so much pain.


Tear goes his arms as he never thought of tear as a sound word before now, but can’t think of a better word to describe what’s happening to him as his arms scream in pain first from the razor sharp claws digging into his skin, then being ripped straight from their sockets.


Bang goes the gun fired by the unassuming nurse aimed at the Mother, briefly hearing the words You failed friendly-wend echoing in her head before finding herself being cradled by those who worshiped her, adored till the very end. 


Pop goes the gun, shot by someone whom he was just singing the praises of, just before blue slime is forced down his throat and he blacks out.


Whoosh goes the bomb that soars overhead and lands in the tiny town, as he clings to his little brother in fear. 


Bang goes the bullet soaring from the gun not meant for him, but taking it anyways, realizing as he lay in her arms that this was probably the first selfless act he’s made since 2004. 


Stab goes the blade, sinking into his skin, as his best friend simply watches as his imposter wife kills a man who did nothing more than speak out. 


Never goes the note bursting from his mouth against his will, slowly killing him spore by spore.


Whoosh goes the bomb that soars overhead and lands in the tiny town, as he clings to the woman he loves, upset that this was the end, as he had finally started living for the first time, with the women of his dreams by his side. 


Stab goes the blade, sinking into his skin, painfully watching as this double of his steals his phone and ID, and carefully covers up a bold black 23 on his left wrist with his cuff, before stabbing him one more time for good measure.


Raw was all she could use to describe her throat as she screamed and pleaded with the Watchers to help her as the Hive closed in on her, with him leading, ready to deliver the final blow.


Whoosh goes the bomb that soars overhead and lands in the tiny town, as she stands between the man she loves and the brother in law she had just wanted to start to get to know. As the bomb closed in, she cursed it for dropping just when things were taking an upturn in life.


Stab goes the blade, sinking into her skin, painfully watching as her double simply stared, as her husband stabbed her, over and over again, leaving her one last observation before she died, a bold black 23 on his left wrist.


Beat go the fists and the feet as they continue to pummel and crash into him, in a seemingly endless beating that only seems to stop too late. There’s not a single place on his body that isn’t screaming in agony, and he can barely get out, “I’ll get ya’ to California Lex. Then ya don’t gotta cry so much no more.” before he took his last shuddery breath. 


Screech goes the 1986 Foxbody Mustang that stops abruptly mere inches from him, as his life quickly flashed before his eyes, leaving both him and his girlfriend in the driver's seat in twin states of shock. 


Gasp goes her desperate lungs, searching for any bit of air they can in order to stay alive, so desperate, in fact, she almost didn’t notice the military soldier calling out to her and announcing that she’s not dead yet.


Whoosh goes the bomb that soars overhead and lands in the tiny town, as she desperately holds onto her sister with silent tears streaming down her face, knowing what’s coming.


Hot is all she feels as the small dot accidentally aimed at her chest expands, and she burns up, and she burns up quickly, and all she can do in her final moments is cling to a panicked, babbling, older version of her crush, and hope death comes quickly. 


Shink goes the black blade sinking into her skin for the first, no the second, tenth, fiftieth, hundredth, thOSANDTH, MILLIONTH time staring up at the man with the greased hair and denim attire, who celebrates her death by adding to his denim wardrobe.


Bam goes the gun shooting straight through his chest, catching him off guard just once, leaving a flurry of thoughts and hopes shoot around in his head, hoping his husband would get out of this okay, hoping that the man whom he authorized to use his firearm could stop the Hive.


Fade is the only word he could use to describe this feeling, as he descended further into the Black and White, knowing there was no going back, knowing he would deteriorate and be absorbed here forever, knowing he was leaving everything behind. 


Snap goes the bear trap catching on her ankle, forcing her to the ground, tears streaking down her mud-splattered face and staring down the barrel of a gun held by a crazed naked man, wondering if she should have given up on this fools hope years ago. 


Flash, bang goes the car, hurtling through the intersection, going too fast to stop before it hits the other car, sending the occupants flying in the air. 


Snap goes the young boy’s ankle, as he lands at just the wrong angle.


Slam goes the father straight into the air bag, landing with nothing more than a nose bleed and a mild concussion. 


Crack goes the neck of the wife, the mother, the sister, who misses the air bag completely and flies straight through the window, and takes her final breath immediately upon hitting contact with the concrete. 


Slash goes the box cutter tearing across his throat, staring up at the cold unforgiving eyes of the crazy woman who had started leading a cult to worship a doll of all things.