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Quirkless Revolution

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A plot bunny for my new fic about AU where Izuku remain quirkless.

In this world, quirkless people are treated less than human and many of them are barred from employment as a hero, in a military, as a medical professional and most companies only provide them with low position job with Japan doesn’t have many protections law in regards of quirkless people well-being besides granting them monthly stipends just to barely scrape by.

Izuku is one of the quirkless people who dreamt of becoming a hero but had his dream crushed by his hero and bullied relentlessly by his first love. He is also a male omega.

He then finally took the leap of faith by jumping of a building but was miraculously saved.

After time skip of 4 years, Izuku and Inko moved to Tokyo after Izuku’s suicide attempt during middle school. Izuku then struggling to survive in a cruel world as Inko is dying and had to take 3 jobs to survive and pay her medical bill.

One day when he was working as a cabaret hostess for high end client, he caught a glimpse of Katsuki and it made his blood boil. Fortunately, he was tasked to accompany up and coming hero, Shouto who despite his cold exterior, was a really nice man. Then he realised something, if he can put these alpha heroes under his charm, maybe he can start a revolution and change society.

In short, an AU full of angst and family drama with Bakugou’s atonement, flirty and manipulative Izuku, whipped male heroes, Hawks’ regret, Tomura’s sadness and Mirio’s looking for his mother.

Background and Relationship

In this AU, before having Izuku, Inko birthed three sons before him and she is the daughter of Shimura Nana herself.

LoV doesn’t exist because AfO decided not to do villainy anymore during Daigoro Banjo’s time so world has been at peace since then.

Nana is still alive and she is managing a hero agency she owns with Sir Nighteye as her right-hand man.

She has a daughter, Inko, who messed up during her youth as Nana being very strict at her, making Inko fled home after she graduated college.

Inko threw away Shimura’s name and chose Midoriya as her new surname so her mother wouldn’t be able to detect her whereabout. She then fled to Tokyo and work in a corporate job as an accountant.

There she met the first guy who made her pregnant and left her because he had a family of his own. Inko was heartbroken and began drinking heavily after she had Keigo, her first son.

She was a mess and she kind of neglected Keigo at first. One day, after his quirk manifested and he saved bunch of people from robbery, Hero Commission charged Inko with child neglect and took away Keigo from her.

Inko tried everything, even after being sober for a year, to get him back but no avail. Keigo grew up with resentment towards his own mother.

Inko then opened a pub that she ran by herself and met young Toshinori there where they had a romance.

She then pregnant with Mirio but Sir Nighteye who knew about the affair, wasn’t happy with it as he is in love with Toshinori himself.

When Mirio was born, he made a deal with a doctor to lie about the condition and said to Inko that she lost the baby while he took Mirio as his own to be raised as the potential successor of OfA.

Inko was heartbroken and she broke up with Toshinori as his face reminded her of her supposedly unborn child.

Later, she had a child with a man called Shigaraki Hisashi. They even married and lived happily for some time until she found out that he had been cheating with a younger woman.

They then divide the custody of their sons with Hisashi took Tenko and Inko took Izuku, the new born.

Izuku was deemed quirkless and prime omega when he was a child. People turned against him despite being a prime omega is deemed favourable in this society but being quirkless, is not.

After his suicide attempt, Inko decided to move to Tokyo with him. She had lost three sons, she won’t lose Izuku.

In Tokyo, they began their new life by opening a small café.

Izuku decided for an online schooling and graduated early.

Sadly, Inko became sick and the medication was expensive.

Izuku then had to work 3 jobs while running the café.

One, as the housekeeper of Creati for 4 hours, two days a week.

Two, as a lounge singer in a lounge owned by Earphone Jack.

Three, as a cabaret hostess, serving high end clientele.

The Story

Izuku is fed up with how quirkless people are being mistreated in this society. He finds it hard to get a job that pays him liveable wage as quirkless people are deemed useless despite him have a master degree in finance from Tokyo University.

One day, a new report finding was announced saying that prime male quirkless omega has a high chance of producing offspring with much stronger quirk thank any secondary sex.

Izuku just sighed, knowing people would harass him more but that night when working in cabaret club, a group of alpha male heroes came.

One of them was Dynamight, his former childhood friend who suicide baited him and his first love. Izuku was seethed with anger.

Luckily, he was assigned with the cool and collected, Shouto.

Izuku enjoyed talking with the innocent and dorky Shouto. Shouto even asked him if they can meet again soon.

That night Izuku realised his own power.

He might be quirkless but he has a brain and beauty that he can use.

If he wants to conquer this society, he would need an ally. Who could be a better ally than these alpha heroes?

Thus, began his pursuit of seducing the heroes to form a pack while connecting with his brothers, grandma and dad. Giving hell to Sir Nighteye and having children whom he loves dearly.