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Spencer Reid Becomes a Minor Instagram Celebrity: And Other Tales From The Media In A Shared Universe Of Criminal Minds And Bones

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Spencer always loved doing research, it was one of her favorite things to do, the feeling that she got from learning new information and being prepared beforehand was beyond anything else that she could describe. So, she had looked into ways into coming out to her friends, before she came out to them.

But that did not mean that she had used what she learned from her research.

She was at a Halloween party that JJ and Will were hosting when she told everyone. She had been on four dates with Zack, they had all gone very well and from what she had read online after four successful dates you were technically dating the other person. So, Spencer felt that she should come out soon so that way she would be able to introduce Zack to them.

Even so, she was not sure why she chose that moment to tell them. It was not even a spur of the moment decision; it was like her mouth spoke without consulting her mind.

All other friends reacted very well and were all very accepting, although it was not like she expected them to not react well. Still, she had been nervous before she told them, but that feeling had quickly gone away.

After she told them that she was bisexual she told them that she wanted to introduce them to her girlfriend, and they all replied by saying that they were excited to meet her.

A few days after she came out to her friends, she decided to come out online.