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Spencer Reid Becomes a Minor Instagram Celebrity: And Other Tales From The Media In A Shared Universe Of Criminal Minds And Bones

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When Spencer Reid was twenty-nine JJ made her make an Instagram account, everyone else on the team had one, but Spencer had never gotten around to making one. It just never felt important enough, but her friend had gotten fed up with her putting it off, so she had cornered her after work and watched her make the account.

But because of the fact that she was what Penelopie called “Technology challenged” she did not set it too private. She didn't even know that you could set it too private.

Spencer did not expect to get a lot of followers, but she did.

It honestly surprised her that she gotten so many followers as quickly as she had until she mentioned it to Morgan.

“Why do you think I got so many followers on Instagram?”

“Because you're attractive, Pretty Girl. I also have a lot of followers.”

“How many?”

“Over four hundred thousand.”

It turned out that she and Morgan had the most followers out of the whole team. Although to be fair to everyone else, they were the only ones that had public profiles.

They were working a case the first time that someone recognized her. They were interviewing some of the friends of the victims when he said

“I follow you on Instagram.”

“What does that have to do with Mark’s disappearance?” She asked him.

“Nothing, I just wanted to tell you.”

She got her first fan account when she had 120k followers. 

At 150k, she was able to be verified.

When she had 200k followers she got her first brand offer. Spencer turned it down, obviously.

But Morgan said that the offer made her an official minor Instagram celebrity.