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"You. Sit here."

Nanon reached out and dragged Chimon down onto the seat next to him, leaving Ohm to sit by himself on the opposite side.

Both boys quirked an eyebrow at their younger friend's insistence, having gotten used to Nanon and Ohm sitting together so that Ohm can pester Nanon to feed him.

The hurt that briefly flashed across Ohm's eyes didn't go unnoticed by Nanon who was just about ready to take it back when he remembered his bet with Chimon.

Too bad he was not going to give in so easily. Especially when they are just three regular friends eating dinner together. Seating arrangement shouldn't even be an issue!

Chimon noted how Nanon made sure to order all of Ohm's favorites so when he quirked an eyebrow at his super obvious friend, Nanon quickly added a few of Chimon's favorites. Ohm was left completely oblivious, just smiling happily because he was excited to eat.

"Soooooo, what's new?" Ohm directed to Chimon.

"Mhm, just working as usual. Have you see any episodes of The Player?"

Nanon chimes in. "Yeah, we watched you together the other day."

"Oh I see~ together huh?" Chimon took a pointed sip of tea.

Nanon's lips flattened into a tight smile. Dammit.

Ohm carried on enthusiastically. "Yep. Nanon slept over that day too, since we had work the next day."

"Oh did he now?" The corner of Chimon's lips twitched upwards in amusement. "I'm sure he liked-"


Nanon smiled as he gave a good stomp on Chimon's foot, only it was Ohm's instead.

"Non! Why'd you step on me??" Ohm winced in pain but his concern seemed to be on the flustered young man.

Nanon blurted apologetic words and gave the first lame excuse that his mind conjured up. "Sorry! M-my leg twitched!"

"Twitched? Are you okay?"

They totally didn't notice the way Chimon's eyes kept shifting between the two of them, mouth stuffed full of sushi so that they couldn't tell he was snickering.

"Y-yeah! I just pulled something during football practice!" Nanon started waving his hands and babbling nonsense.

Chimon was not above watching his friend flail around miserably.  He looked quite like an inflatable balloon man and it was rather amusing.

"O...kay?" Ohm tilted his head in slight confusion. He looked at Chimon with questioning eyes but his friend just shrugged and shoved another one of the more expensive pieces of sushi into his mouth.

"S-sorry about that Ohm..."

Ohm was rather confused by Nanon's unusual behavior at this point but realizing he had an opening, he quickly bounced back. "It's okay, just feed me some uni and we'll call it even."

The taller boy smiled to himself when he saw Nanon pout a little as he assembled his own favorite for Ohm, placing the rice and uni carefully into the crisp seaweed.

"Ahhh~" Ohm closed his eyes and opened his mouth wide to be fed.

Shyly, Nanon brought his hand up to soft lips (he knew this from experience).

"Mhmmm!" Ohm took a hold of Nanon's wrist and helped himself to the whole piece in one bite.

He opened his eyes to meet with maple brown ones, wide and shimmering with shock. Thinking of teasing his friend further, he purposefully puckered his lips to kiss his fingertips, his tongue peeking out ever so slightly for a kitten lick. "Yum~ thank you Non!"

Snapping out of his momentary daze, Nanon gasped and pulled his hand back in a flash. "Glad you liked eating MY order so much," he stammered while picking up a random piece of sushi to eat, hoping to calm himself down.

Chimon literally had to push his jaw back up to close his mouth. The absolute nerve of these two "friends" to ignore his whole existence and flirt shamelessly right in front of his seaweed salad.

"Wooooooow. Just treat me like air huh?" Chimon waved his chopsticks between the two of them accusatorially. "If you two are gonna be like this you could've told me to just sleep till morning!"

Nanon flushed a shameful vermilion that reached the tip of his nose. "I-it wasn't like that!" He nudged the older boy roughly against his shoulder and side-glared at him best he could to get his telepathic message across.

Stop teasing us! I mean, ME!

Chimon furrowed his brows and pushed right back into his shoulder.

Have you SEEN the two of you? It practically writes itself!

"Hoiii Chimon! We would never forget about you!" The two boys snapped their heads up to find Ohm holding a delicious piece of ootoro sushi for Chimon. "Here, say ahh~"

"Ahhhh." Chimon obliged without any resistance for the fancy piece of fish.

Now it was Nanon's turn to have his jaw drop.

"That's a good boy! Was it tasty?"

With his mouth full, he smiled and made noises in affirmation, eyes rolling to the back of his head in pure enjoyment.

"Awww there we go! Don't be mad anymore na~?" Ohm dabbed at the corner of Chimon's mouth with a napkin as if he were taking care of a young child.

Chimon's eyes crinkled as he smiled exaggeratedly wide at the tanner boy. "Okay okay. I forgive you!"

Meanwhile Nanon was watching this exchange with gritted teeth and bated breath.

It seemed like Ohm could do this with just anyone then.

It wasn't like Nanon was special to him.

Well it's not like he wanted that anyway!

"Hmph! I don't need either of you to feed me!"

Nanon got himself the last piece of ootoro and chewed it with gusto.

His friends both stopped to stare at Nanon, then at each other, before they all bursted out laughing at the ridiculousness of their dinner conversation.

They carried on with their regular banter, hoping to help fast forward past any moments of awkwardness (and tension).


"Sooooo he's your problem right? You got him?"

"Yes, I will take him home. You can go back for your beauty sleep now."

"Please don't talk about me like I'm not right here."

His two friends shared a laugh and a hug before Chimon leaned in to hug Nanon, sneaking a whisper by his ear.

"Enjoy dessert~ it's on me."

"You!!" Nanon swore that one day soon he would have to physically remind him (with his fists) that they are just friends.

"Bye bye friends~" Chimon smirked knowingly while walking off towards his car.

Nanon watched the back of his friend, nay, his betrayer, disappear round the corner, leaving him to certain doom.

"Ready to go?"

Nanon shook off his stupor and grabbed onto the car door.

"Y-yeah...let's go home."


I'm so screwed.