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For Love or Money

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Félicité Island

The Seychelles

“Do we really have to leave?” Pedro pouts, his full lower lip jutting forward slightly and those thick, dark curls falling into his eyes. You can’t tell if he is feigning this exaggerated show of disappointment or if he is genuinely sulking. Either way, it seems like a very heartfelt show of melancholy. That’s the problem with actors. You never can tell.

His long, lean frame is on display as he lounges by the pool on a teak recliner. As always, Pedro looks devastatingly handsome, clad only in his favorite designer board shorts (the ones with the palm tree print that he has in three different colors) and a pair of amber aviators. You’re actually surprised he’s wearing anything at all. He often lays out here in the nude, perfecting his already perfect, line-free tan. Your pool is private, belonging to your villa only, surrounded by thick bamboo on the sides. The front of the pool has an infinity edge and an expansive view of the glittering turquoise sea in the front. 

Pedro looks every inch the moneyed playboy he so recently became as he lazily stirs his mojito with its lime garnished, lemongrass swizzle stick. Rather different from how he looked when you first met him at a party in your old apartment building, where he was dressed in well-worn jeans, a plain white t-shirt, and a pair of beat-up Adidas sneakers. He had winked at you from across the room as he bargained down the coke dealer you had in common. And shortly after that you’d lead him to your apartment and pulled him onto your bed, where he proceeded fuck your brains out. But really, he looks gorgeous either way. Armani suit or a Hanes t-shirt from Walmart, it doesn’t matter. The man could make a burlap sack loincloth look good.

You sigh and try again. “Pedro, this is an amazing lead.”

“A woman who can’t stand her husband? That’s an amazing lead?” He arches a skeptical eyebrow at you and takes a long drink that empties his glass. 

“She can’t stand her husband and she’s the family loans manager at National Bank in Pasadena.”

“Ok, I’m still not getting it.”

“Look, I met this woman, Alexis, using one of my many fake accounts on Facebook. She’s in a closed group there for unhappily married women. 

“You’re not serious. There’s a Facebook group for women whose husbands can’t fuck them right?”

You glare at him in exasperation. “Yes, there is. Look, she’s self-centered and bitter and bored and she can give us the necessary info we need to pull off this bank robbery. It’s perfect.”

Pedro keeps his face neutral, declining to show you his proverbial hand. “Be a love and grab my cigarettes for me, cariño (sweetie) . They’re on the table.”

You narrow your eyes. As a general rule, you would tell him to go get them himself and to fuck off while he’s at it. However, you are trying to get him to go along with your plan. So, with a quiet huff, you grab his pack of Marlboro reds and his self-proclaimed “lucky” four-leaf clover Zippo off the table and hand them to him. 

Pedro gives you that dazzling smile of his in return along with a wink. He knows you’re just humoring him as part of your attempt to win him over. He captures your hand and pulls you down to straddle his lap. “So how are we going to get this Alexis to give us inside information that allows us to rob her bank?”

Pedro already knows the answer but he’s toying with you. Making you say it. He prompts your answer by sucking at the warm skin of your neck as he traces the length of your spine with his fingertips.

“You’re going to seduce her and get her to join us in this endeavor, baby,” you whisper in his ear.

“But how ever would I do that?” 

You slide your arms around his neck. “By looking so delicious and being so charming that she can’t help following you into your bedroom,” you purr. “Where you will proceed to fuck her so well, she’ll do anything for you.”

“Mmmm…you think I’m that good, huh?”

“I think you're even better.”

“You should probably make sure I haven’t lost my touch.”

You roll your eyes. “Since last night?”

The large erection pressing against your swimsuit-covered cunt tells you he definitely wants you to double check. 

“I mean if you don’t want to, that’s ok, I can just go find pretty little what’s-her-name…the one who works at the bar? Eva? Evie? She and I had so much fun the other day while you were out shopping.”

“Oh shut up. Do you want to fuck me here on this recliner or in the pool?”

“That’s my girl.” He grinds his rock-hard cock up against you, dragging a little moan from your lips. “In the pool sounds amazing, my lovely little fuck toy. Lead the way. But first let me watch you take off that bikini, mi amor (my love) .”


Truth be told, you were reluctant to leave the Seychelles as well. The extravagant resort on a private island that the two of you had been staying at for the last few months formed the backdrop for a perfect hedonistic lifestyle. It was nothing but amazing sex, gourmet food, fancy cocktails, and the beauty of the ocean and beaches all day, every day. Neither of you had been remotely close to being tired of your tropical paradise.

And you know you shouldn’t be so snobby about it, but flying coach back to the States feels like a real hardship after all the first class travel you have already become used to in the wake of your last successful heist. Pedro feels similarly, but you had to be the practical one and remind him that the two of you will be posing as “regular people” for this job. And it’s best to be in character now so you can be ready when you land in Los Angeles. The sooner you both embrace your new roles, the better. And, unfortunately, regular people don’t travel first class.

As Pedro struggles to open his little bag of pretzels, you open up your laptop so you can update him on recent developments. You look over, sigh, and grab the pretzel packet from him. Then you rip it open with your teeth. With a little smirk, you give the now open bag back.

“Such a little savage, bebita (baby) .” He pops a pretzel in his mouth. “I like it.”

“I know you do. Ok, pay attention.”

“I am!” He scowls as he pours more Diet Coke into his cup of ice. “Sorry, I got distracted by how shitty these refreshments are.”

You ignore his complaint although you secretly agree with him. “Ok. Anyway, as luck would have it, the house across the street from Alexis is for sale. Not for long though. I’ve been emailing a realtor and soon it’s going to belong to me. I just have to sign papers and get the keys after we leave the airport.”

Pedro gives you an exaggerated nod to show he’s listening as he chews on another pretzel.

“Here are the pictures the realtor took for us…close-ups of the exterior…interior…yard. It’s perfect, right? I mean, it’s even a fixer upper!”

“How is that a good thing? Can’t we buy a house that’s not fucking falling apart?” Pedro frowns as he looks over a photo of a broken shutter and then another of stained and cracked cement driveway. You pull up the next picture, one of yellowed grass and empty flower beds, and admit to yourself it is a bit dismal.

“No, we definitely want to be right across the street from Alexis. If the house needs repairs, that means there will be lots of opportunities for you to stand around with your shirt off.”


 “Uh, you know, walk around out front…flexing and…um, sweating as you carry power tools and 5-gallon buckets of paint around.”

Pedro smirks. “Are you ok? You look a little flushed all of a sudden.”

You snap out of your favorite handyman fantasy, the one you’ve had since adolescence, and shoot him a dirty look. “Shut up. I’m just saying she would probably find that attractive.

“She might? Or you might?”

“Look, I’m just speaking on behalf of women who are into men.”

“And what if she’s not? Into men? Maybe that’s why her marriage is so unhappy.”

“I actually thought of that. That’s why I’m going undercover too this time. I’ll make friends with her and try to facilitate things between the two of you. And if it turns out she’s not into men, I can become extra good friends with her.”

Pedro tilts his head and gazes at you contemplatively. “I didn’t know that was your thing.”

“Well, I mean, I experimented for a while in college. And for several million dollars, it could easily be my thing.”

“Can I watch?”

You sigh. “I knew you were going to say that.”

“Just putting it out there.” He smiles coyly before taking a long drink of his Diet Coke, Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallows. “Right, anyway, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, honey, but I don’t know how to do any of that DIY stuff. I took theater as my elective senior year, not woodshop.”

“Guess we better start watching HGTV.”

You look at the time and sigh. Still four hours to go before you arrive at LAX. You leave Pedro to his pretzels and put away your laptop. With a stretch and a yawn, you turn off your overhead light and pull your blanket over yourself. Opening your purse, you dig around for your eye mask and earplugs. 

Pedro leans in, firmly takes hold of your jaw, and kisses you deeply. As you part your lips and let him slide his tongue into your mouth, he slips his hand under your blanket. Oh. So that’s why he had encouraged you to wear this skirt today. His warm hand glides further and further up your leg. 

“Pedro…you’re crazy.”

“Just crazy for you, mi amor ,” he coos in your ear.

“Someone might see…” You have to make a concerted effort to keep the tremble out of your voice as his long fingers push your panties to the side and slide over your wet folds.

“You know I don’t give a fuck about that. I’d let you climb onto my lap right now and ride my cock if you wanted to,” he whispers as he gathers your slick and rubs it into your clit. You struggle to hold back a moan.

“My lovely little whore is all wet already. Is it because you were thinking of me on a ladder, all shirtless and sweaty? Or because you thought about reliving your college days and seducing Alexis? I think you’d look so pretty with your tongue in her cunt.” 

Your hips jerk forward of their own volition and you let your eyes flutter shut. “Fuck off, Pedro.”

“I’d rather fuck you.” He thrusts his middle finger into your wet hole and you have to bite back a whimper. Damn him, he always knows exactly how to touch you, how to make you writhe with pleasure. “Wanna bend over for me in the bathroom?”

“N-no, no way.”

Pedro presses another finger into your weeping cunt and a little gasp escapes your lips as you clench around the added thickness. His thumb circles your clit and pleasure pulses through you. You spread your legs wider for him and tilt your head back, eyes closed and lips parted.

“Come on, bebita . I need to shove my cock into this tight, wet pussy. Let me fuck you nice and hard, honey. I’ll make you feel so good.”

You can’t even reply to his whispered pleas. The taut string in your core that tethers you to reality is threatening to break. “Pedro…” you sigh as quietly as you can.

“Gonna come for me like the good little slut that you are?” he whispers in your ear as he nips it sharply.

“Yes…god, yes.”

And then he stops. He pulls his hand away and leaves you teetering just above the sea of ecstasy that you so desperately want to fall into. Your eyes fly open in dismay.

“W-what? Pedro, no, no, I'm so close, please,” you whine.

“Poor desperate whore. Sorry, you only get to come around my cock.” Pedro smirks at you as he sucks on one of the slick drenched fingers that had just been inside of you. When he stands, he has to adjust himself to make his hard-on a little less noticeable under his jeans.

“I’ll be waiting in the restroom in case you change your mind. For a little while, anyway. I suppose if you don’t come over to play, I could always jerk off while thinking about you ‘experimenting’ with our new neighbor.”

He leans down to nip at your earlobe as he murmurs in your ear. “If I come back with cum all over my hand, will you be a good girl and lick it all off for me?”

“Pedro, you’re such a fucking bastard.”

“I know. But at least I won’t be the one who doesn’t get to come.”

He saunters down the aisle without looking back.


As you both knew you would, you walk down the aisle five minutes later and tap on the bathroom door. He opens it with a grin and quickly pulls you inside. His mouth crashes against yours, so hungry for you that it takes your breath away. 

When you land in LA, you are both officially members of the mile high club.




“Watch where you're fucking going!” Pedro yells at the oblivious blonde in her Mercedes who just cut him off. Her cell phone conversation is clearly more interesting than the road in front of her.

Pedro rakes his hand through his dark hair and huffs irritably. “Fucking Pasadena,” he grumbles as he hits the gas and continues driving your Ford Focus rental car down the busy street.

“What’s wrong with Pasadena?”

“Every chick I ever met from Pasadena was incredibly uptight and more than halfway crazy. And apparently, none of them can drive either.”

“Hey hey, wait, turn up ahead, I wanna go to In-and-Out.”

“You want a greasy drive-thru hamburger?”

“Well, we’ve been out of the country for a while and I need a nice American cheeseburger and fries. And a chocolate shake.”

“Ok, ok,” he sighs. “We’ll get you whatever you want, sweetheart. Cause you get so bitchy when you’re hungry.”

“So do you,” you retort. “I wish you’d stop starving yourself because it really makes you bad company.”

“Do you want me all chiseled for our neighbor or not? It’s hard to play the sexy handyman with extra padding covering up my abs.”

“Do what you gotta do, baby. I’m still having a milkshake though.”


Soon the two of you are parked in the driveway of your new home. You eagerly hop out of the car to take in the view of the house from the sidewalk. It’s a nice Craftsman home with a large porch and a detached garage. The spruce green paint is starting to peel and the front yard has seen better days, but it actually looks better in person than it did in the photos. You look across the street at the well-kept Spanish bungalow where Alexis and her husband live. Quickly, you turn away so you aren’t caught staring and go to unlock your own front door for Pedro, who is hefting your suitcases up the porch steps.

“Smash up some oxy for us, bebita ,” Pedro drawls as he goes back to the car for more luggage, playfully smacking your ass as he walks by. 

You locate the outdated kitchen, which is covered with linoleum and vintage tile. The little pill crusher in your purse easily pulverizes some of the Oxycontin tablets you keep in an old prescription antidepressant bottle. By the time you’ve used a credit card to make two neat lines on the countertop, Pedro has brought in the last of the luggage and thrown the deadbolt in the front door.

He enters the kitchen to find you cutting up a clean In-and-Out straw with the clippers from your manicure set. His strong arms wrap around your waist and he nibbles your ear while you finish your task.

“Here, baby,” you purr sweetly, holding a section of straw out to him. He kisses you roughly, biting your lower lip before he pulls away, and then plucks the straw out of your hand with a lazy smile.

Gracias, mi amor .”

You idly wonder, not for the first time, if Pedro means anything by this relatively new pet name. He first called you mi amor in that shitty hotel room where you met up with him right after your recent heist. When he thought you had conned and ditched him but instead you had shown up after all. Mi amor. My love. 

But Pedro’s not the type to say he loves someone. Or to even insinuate it. Sometimes, in the dark of night, as you lay there wrapped around him, he will softly mumble that neither of you belong to anyone, except yourselves. He says you’re wild and perfect and free and that’s why you’re the one who shares his bed the most. He says that no one could ever own you. And you agree. You’ve never wanted anyone to possess you. 

But… mi amor . No. He calls you lots of things. Some of the pet names are sweet, some more neutral, and some are saved for when he’s whispering filth in your ear as he mercilessly fucks into you. So you know it probably doesn’t mean anything. Still, there’s a tiny traitorous part of your heart that likes it a little too much when he calls you that. Mi amor .

After snorting a line, he hands you the straw. You take your turn as he sniffs a few times to clear his nose. Then the two of you explore the rest of the house. It’s been sparsely furnished with the basics, as you’d asked the realtor to coordinate. So at least there’s a couch to sit on and a bed to sleep in. The house is two stories. Upstairs, there’s a master bedroom and one smaller bedroom across from it.

Pedro grins. “Sorry, honey, but I get the big bedroom. More room in there to commit adultery. But if you’re good, I suppose we can share my big bed when I don’t have a guest.”

You smack him. “Whatever. I was the one who ordered that damn bed.”

The jet lag and OxyContin kick in, and soon the two of you fall asleep, tangled up together on the brand new mattress.


“I don’t like dogs. And I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to them,” Pedro grumbles as he exits the freeway.

“Too bad. Start taking some allergy medicine. A dog gives you the perfect excuse for walking around the neighborhood and, hopefully, running into Alexis.”

“You’ve already got me out jogging every morning, which I fucking hate by the way. Now I have to walk a dog too?”

“Eyes on the prize, babe. You can suck it up for a few million dollars.”

He huffs but bites back further remarks. Soon you arrive at the pound and start searching for your new best friend.

“How about one of these guys?” Pedro gestures vaguely at several large dogs in the bigger kennels.

“No, we’re getting a little dog.”

“What?!” He stares at you incredulously as you pass him and head to the area where the smaller dogs are kept. “I’ll look ridiculous walking one of those scrawny things.”

“No, you’ll look approachable, caring, kind, and comfortable with your masculinity. You’ll seem like a man who doesn’t have to compensate for a small dick by having a big, tough dog.”

Pedro scoffs. “I don’t. Have to prove my cock is big, I mean. I’ll just refer people to you if they have any doubts.”

He sees you’re not backing down and scowls. Irritably, he points at a little black dog with buggy eyes and a smushed nose. “Fine. How about that one?”

As you consider the wriggling pug scratching at her kennel gate, you struggle to suppress your smile. It’s so easy to manipulate men by telling them that something will make it seem like they have a big cock. Although you do have to admit, he really does.

“Yeah, she’s cute. And if we put a sweater on her, she’ll look even cuter.”

“I draw the line at dog sweaters, woman.”

You can’t help but picture Pedro walking a dog in a little pink sweater. It would be adorable. You’ll have to work on winning him over on that front.


You’re getting over a terrible cold. One that had your nose dripping and throat raw from coughing for a whole week. When you’d started to look miserable, Pedro had left the house abruptly. He soon returned and shoved a grocery bag full of canned soup, frozen condensed orange juice, cough drops, NyQuil, and moisturizing Kleenex into your hands. There was also a bottle of vodka, but that turned out to be for him. He figured he’d take advantage of all the orange juice and make himself some screwdrivers.

That evening, before he goes out, Pedro tells you to go to bed early despite your firm protests that you’re fine now. Which you are. But annoyingly, he ignores you, adds yet another blanket to the pile already on your bed, and tells you to eat more Campbell’s chicken noodle soup. Then he tromps down the stairs and leaves to go bar hopping downtown with some guys he met at the gym.

You watch a stupid vampire movie on your iPad and doze intermittently on the twin bed in the spare room. You've been sleeping in here alone so you don’t get Pedro sick or keep him up with your coughing. But, really, you ought to move back into the main bedroom now. 

The bang of the front door wakes you up. The familiar rumble of Pedro’s voice drifts up the stairs along with a high-pitched giggle and an unfamiliar female trill. 

Sounds like he found himself some company for the night. That’s good. He needs to keep his bedroom skills honed. Pedro already knows exactly how to fuck you. Where to lick and suck and stroke. How hard to thrust into each of your holes. How to wring orgasm after orgasm out of you. But every woman is different. He should practice his other tricks and techniques, the ones that don’t quite do it for you but may drive some other woman wild.

And he is definitely driving this woman wild. Her sighs and moans are already getting louder and louder. It sounds like they’re still in the living room downstairs. You can make out the squeak of the couch cushions and Pedro’ s low groan as he says something to her that makes her whimper in response.

You contemplate sneaking a look at them. Pedro wouldn’t mind. Hell, he probably wants you to. Why else would he be fucking her in the living room instead of the bedroom? You bite your lip and decide you can’t pass up the chance for a peek at a live, in-person porno.

You creep down the hall and slide onto the fourth step down of the staircase. It’s the first one far enough down to allow you a view of the room below. 

She’s a pretty thing, long silky brown hair and a slender frame with huge tits (probably fake; this is Southern California). She’s sitting on the couch with her ass slid down to the end of the cushion. Her manicured hands are wrapped tightly around her knees so she can spread her legs open as much as possible. Pedro’s face is between her thighs, and you can hear obscene sucking and slurping noises even from your perch above.

She’s moaning and whining Pedro’s name. You can tell she’s close from the way her face is screwed up and her pink lips are parted to allow her panting breaths to escape. Suddenly, she comes with a scream that would have woken you up even if you had been sleeping in bed.

Pedro drinks down her release with a contented groan, pinching her pebbled nipples as she bucks her hips into his face. When he finally lifts his head, he gazes up at her with a satisfied grin. “Such a good girl, squirting all over my face. You gonna let me fuck you now, hermosa ?”

“Yes. Pedro, please. Oh my god, please.” She’s dazed and cockdumb before he’s even given it to her.

Pedro bites the inside of her thigh and then leans up to kiss her. “I’m gonna fuck that delicious pussy of yours so good and hard, honey.” He licks the side of her neck and coos, “And then I’ll fuck your ass or your tits. Not sure which yet. But either way, I’m gonna come all over you…paint you with my load, make you mine. Fuck, you’ll look so pretty covered with my cum. Would you like that, baby?”

“Yes, Pedro, please,” she whimpers.”

Jesus, your panties are soaked and he’s not even talking to you. Pedro is really bringing his dirty talk A-game. Your clit is throbbing with need.

You consider your options and decide to invite yourself to the party. Quickly, you get up and dart into the master bedroom, where you eschew the overhead lighting and click on the dim salt lamp on the dresser instead. You peel your clothes off and lay naked on the bed with one leg casually draped off the edge of the bed so your glistening cunt is on display. 

The door opens and you pretend you’ve just woken up, although you probably aren’t fooling anyone. “Pedro? I was waiting for you, baby. Need you to fuck me.”

He comes to a halt and looks at you in surprise. Then comprehension dawns on his face and he grins. “Well, cariño , I’d be happy to. But, as I think you know, you're gonna have to share me.”

He pulls the brunette into the room. “This is my new friend, Vanessa. Vanessa, this is my lovely roommate. Do you mind if she joins us?”

Vanessa’s eyes drift down your naked body and she smiles lasciviously. “No, I don’t mind.”

Bueno . Why don’t you girls come kneel on the floor and get to know each other while you suck my dick.”

You both scramble over to him and kneel on the wood floor in front of his throbbing erection. “But first, my lovely little things, look at me and open your mouths,” Pedro orders. Once your lips are parted wide, he spits in each of your mouths. 

His wicked grin is full of lust. “Pretty fucking sluts. Now kiss each other and then suck my cock, girls.”

As if in a dream, you do as he says. He pulls his henley over his head and shucks off his jeans as he watches the two of you. Vanessa’s green eyes are clouded with desire as she covers your mouth with hers and sucks your spit covered tongue. Her hands cup your breasts and her slender fingers roll your hardened nipples in her hand.

Eventually, drags your lower lip between her teeth and pulls away. “Time to blow him, sweetie,” she whispers with a smile.

You both lick his cock and balls wantonly, gazing up at his face while you do. Pedro groans, tangles his fingers in your hair, and fucks your face until your eyes are watering. Then he pulls away and thrusts into Vanessa's waiting mouth. You suck sloppily at his balls as he shoves himself down her throat and she moans with pleasure.

Suddenly, he pulls away. “Get on the bed. Hands and knees, both of you,” he growls. “On the edge, side by side.”

The two of you move into the position he described. Suddenly, you feel Pedro’s fingers rub you clit and you whine as he touches you where you need it most. A glance at Vanessa reveals that he’s doing the same thing to her. You both mewl happily at his touch.

“Fuck, Pedro…feels so good, but I need your cock,” you whimper. ”Please, baby.”

A sharp slap hits your ass cheek and you gasp at the sting. “I’ll fuck you when I want to fuck you, you greedy little whore. You take what I give. Understand, bebita ?”

He spanks you again. “Yes!” you gasp. “Ok, I’m sorry.”

“Good. But you still deserve a little punishment, naughty girl. So I’m gonna fuck her first while you watch and wait your turn. If you’re lucky, I won’t make you wait too long.”

He pulls his hand away and places it on Vanessa’s hip. Then he pulls her into him as he slams into her, sheathing his cock completely in one stroke. Vanessa gasps at the sudden intrusion, but soon she’s rocking back into him as he pounds into her.

You sit back and watch with fascination as her tits bounce with each thrust. She whines and whimpers prettily when Pedro tugs sharply at her hair to make her back arch. You want to touch yourself to relieve the ache between your legs, but you know Pedro would have something to say about that. Soon Vanessa is moaning loudly as she approaches her release. But cruelly, Pedro abruptly pulls away. “Sorry honey, my favorite slut deserves a little cock too.

He grabs your hips and pulls you towards him so he can roughly thrust into you with a groan. “Love this pussy the best,” he whispers in your ear as he shoves his cock deep, deep inside you, hitting spots that make you moan like the whore he says you are. Pedro slams into you so hard that you’re seeing stars. Then his hand reaches down and presses tight circles into your clit.

Abruptly, your orgasm rips through you like a wildfire, completely out of control. You fist the sheets and scream his name. He fucks you through it, your pussy fluttering around him. “Good girl,” he coos before sinking his teeth into your shoulder. “Don’t I always take care of you?”

“Yes, baby. You always fuck me so good,” you gasp as you let your head drop onto the mattress. He holds your ass aloft, allowing him a view of your gaping, clenching pussy. “Such a pretty, ruined cunt,” he sighs.

Then he moves back to Vanessa and sinks his cock into her waiting pussy. “You did so well waiting your turn, hermosa . I’ll let you come on my cock this time.”

He slaps her ass as he thrusts into her hard. “But you have to earn it. I want you to eat out my girl while I fuck you.”

She whimpers at his words. “Ok, Pedro. Come here, honey.”

You crawl up the bed and arrange yourself with your cunt under Vanessa’s face, your thighs around her head.

It’s so amazingly sloppy. She’s holding herself up with a tight grip on the sheets below as Pedro pounds into her from behind. So she can’t use her hands, she can only bury her face in your cunt, lapping at your wet folds with abandon. 

“Fuck yes. You two whores look so sexy, getting your pussys ruined,” Pedro groans. 

You pant and whimper under Vanessa’s tongue. She’s gentle but intense, sucking your clit while looking up at you with those big green eyes.

It takes no time at all for you to start wailing, “Oh god, I’m gonna come again.”.

“Mmmm, me too,” Vanessa mumbles into your wet heat. 

She finds her release first, stiffening and shaking under Pedro’s ministrations. Her mouth opens wide as she moans into your pussy and the sensation sends you over the edge. You’re vaguely aware of screaming your thanks to whatever deity is listening as you grab her dark locks and shove her face into your clenching pussy.

Pedro is cursing in Spanish as he watches the two of you writhe in ecstasy. “Come here, my perfect sluts, I wanna come on your faces.”

The two of you fumble to obey, still dazed from your orgasms. You both slide off the bed and crawl on your knees in front of him.

“Fuck, look at the two of you, so goddamn beautiful. Close your eyes and open your mouths for me, pretty girls.”

Once you’ve done as instructed, Pedro groans as he finishes himself off and then spills his seed on your waiting faces. Hot cum splashes on your cheeks, trickles down your throat, and dribbles down your chin. He rubs his cock over your face, milking every last drop out of it and smearing his spend everywhere.

“Look at me, cumsluts,” Pedro purrs. He gazes happily at your messy faces. “Fuck, I’ve paid good money to have two whores at once before and the two of you are better than the professionals,” he sighs contentedly.

“Lick each other clean, kittens.” He grins wickedly, pleased with this idea of his. He sprawls out on the bed and grabs his pack of Marlboros.

“Then, bebita , I want you to get out the lube. You two might as well finger each other’s assholes open, cause I’m gonna fuck you both of you there once I’m hard again. Wanna make sure to put my cock in all of those tight holes tonight. Gotta keep my sweet playthings happy.”

He smokes a cigarette while the two of you lube one another up, fingers buried deep in tight puckered holes. Vanessa coaxes you open with one finger and then another until you’re moaning under her touch and bucking into her hand,

“Have you ever given someone a rim job?” Pedro asks Vanessa coyly as he scrapes a line of coke on the bedside table.

“N-no,” she whispers, her big green eyes widening,

“Well, there’s no time like the present to learn. Get to it. If you do a good job, you can have a line.”

You bend over the bed and feel Vanessa’s soft hands spread your cheeks. Her tongue is tentative at first, circling the edge of your puckered hole. Then she grows bolder and thrusts her tongue inside you. You gasp and whine as she laps at that tight ring of muscle. She starts rubbing your clit and fingering your cunt and you know you’re a goner. Fireworks burst behind your eyelids and your whole body tenses. You feel your asshole clench around Vanessa’s tongue and you scream her name in delight. You come so hard you feel liquid gush out of your spasming cunt all over her hand and down your thighs.

“Jesus, that was hot. Hope you don’t mind that I recorded it.”

You’re both too fucked out to care.

“Vanessa, honey, you did so well that we’re gonna fuck you first. Mi amor , get your strap. You’re gonna fuck her pussy and I’ll fuck her ass. She’s gonna come so hard for us.”

Later, when Pedro has thoroughly fucked both of you again, the three of you lounge contentedly on the pillows, arms and legs entwined. Vanessa is smoking a joint and playing with Pedro’s hair. You’re curled against his side with your head on his chest, his muscular arm holding you close, waiting for her to pass it. When she does, Pedro turns his head and gives her plush lips a quick peck. “You were such a good girl, hermosa . You’ll have to come back and play again soon.”

He strokes Vanessa’s cheek. “I’ll get a cab for you, ok, honey? I think your clothes are all downstairs. Just let the door lock on your way out, yeah?”

You and Pedro take a long, hot shower once Vanessa leaves. Clouds of steam surround you both as he gently lathers you with soap and then washes your hair, softly kissing your face and neck the whole time. 


When you get home, you find Pedro lounging on the couch, hand-feeding the little dog who is curled up under his arm. With extreme care, he tears off bits of meat from the leftover end of his turkey sandwich for her. “¿Quieres un poco mas? ¿Quién es mi buena chica? (Do you want a little bit more, Princess? Who’s my good girl?)”

You smile to yourself and then flounce into the room and hand him a plastic Target bag.

“Here, quick, change into these, baby. Then bring the trash cans to the curb. And maybe sweep the driveway too. I’ve been keeping track of Alexis’ schedule and she usually gets home at this time.”

He sighs and gets up, handing you his plate when Princesa starts to whine. “Here, I promised her the last of this turkey. Don’t give her any bread though. I read online that grains aren’t good for dogs. 

Pedro croons something in Spanish to the dog before going up the stairs to change and tame his messy curls.

“Take off your boxers!” you call after him. “Underwear will spoil the effect.”

You pat the dog on the head and, as instructed, give her a few bites of turkey. “You look so cute in your new sweater, Princesa.” 

The pug looks up at you with her huge brown eyes and licks your hand, although that’s probably because of the turkey residue on your fingers. For the most part, she is devoted to Pedro, following him everywhere and snuggling up against him every chance she gets. He jokes about just having that effect on females, but it probably has something to do with the fact that he spoils her rotten. As evidenced by the growing pile of colorful dog toys in the basket by the fireplace and the multiple boxes of gourmet dog treats in the pantry.

Pedro finally comes bounding down the stairs in the grey joggers and black t-shirt that’s a size too small that you had purchased. “You’re kidding me, right? Is the effect we’re going for showing off my dick? Because in that case, it’s really working.”

“It certainly is,” you sigh, heat pooling between your thighs as you watch him wander around the hallway in search of his flip flops, the fabric pulling tighter over the enticing bulge in the front of his sweats with every step. “Do a good job looking like a delicious snack out there and maybe I’ll suck that big cock of yours when you come back.

“Jesus, woman, you can’t say things like that and then send me out there with a hard-on in these sweats. I’ll get arrested for indecent exposure.”


Someone is knocking on the door. Probably because Pedro somehow broke the doorbell when he was replacing the light fixture on the porch. Princesa starts to bark as she scampers down the stairs. You hurriedly go to see who it is before the little dog gets too worked up, shushing her on your way to answer the door. Pedro is still asleep due to too many screwdrivers last night.

You open the door to a familiar freckled face. Familiar not because you’ve seen her before up close and in person but because you have spent so much time studying her Facebook and Instagram accounts. And spying on her with binoculars from the bedroom window upstairs.

“Oh, hello,” you say as brightly as you can.

“Um, hi, I’m Alexis. I live across the street.”

“Hi! It’s great to meet you.” You introduce yourself and smile widely.

“Well, I wanted to drop by and welcome you to the neighborhood. And I brought you some banana bread. Don’t worry, there aren’t any nuts. So many people are allergic, so I left those out. And I know a lot of people are gluten-free or keto nowadays, so I used chia flour, which works for either diet. Anyway, I hope it’s ok for you and your husband.”

“My what? My husband? Oh no, Pedro’s not my husband. He’s my cousin. We bought this house to flip together. It’s such a lovely home. A classic Californian craftsman bungalow. Anyway, Pedro does the carpentry and handyman stuff. I do the painting, landscaping, and decorating.”

“Oh! Oh, I see! That’s, um, good to know.”

“Would you like to come in? We could have coffee and some of your banana bread?”

“Sure.” She’s already being nosy by peering over your shoulder to get a peek at the house, so the idea pleases her. “That would be nice.”

You lead your guest into the kitchen, where you make coffee. Alexis sits at the table rambling about who’s who in the neighborhood social club while looking over every detail of interest she can find. She seems particularly interested in Pedro’s jar of protein powder that he left on the counter and the multiple pill bottles on the microwave that you obviously need to put away. You just smile and pretend to listen to her inane gossip as you get out plates and forks.

You are pouring the coffee when you hear Pedro thumping down the stairs. He comes straight into the kitchen with Princesa on his heels.

“Thank fucking god you made coffee, sweetheart. I really need some. That vodka wa—oh, hi!” Pedro bounds into the kitchen in the infamous grey sweats and…nothing else. The muscular torso that he’s been diligently working on at the gym and his smooth golden-brown skin are on full display. You gleefully note that he’s clearly not wearing underwear. 

Pedro comes to a halt on the linoleum when he sees Alexis. He is confused by his mark’s appearance in his kitchen but he hides it well. With easy charm, he introduces himself and gives Alexis that brilliant smile of his, complete with dimples. He holds out his large hand for her to shake and then holds hers a few beats too long. 

As he gets himself a cup of coffee, Pedro asks Alexis all about herself, and she is happy to enlighten him on what is clearly her favorite subject. She stares at the way the muscles in his back move as he reaches up and pulls down his mug. Then she blinks and looks away as if she realizes she was staring.

To fill the momentary lapse of silence, you ask for information on the area and inquire about things to do.

“Oh, um, things to do? Well, Pasadena’s great. There are a lot of things to do,” Alexis tucks her shoulder length blonde hair behind her ear and bites her lip. “There’s hiking…you could take your dog. If it hikes? It looks a little fragile. You probably already went to Old Pasadena. What else…There are, um, a couple of good museums and some nice botanical gardens. Oh, I know! You two should go to Gamble House. It’s these huge Arts and Crafts mansion, built in the early 1900s. Since you’re interested in that style of architecture, you’ll probably really enjoy it. “

“Oh, that sounds so interesting. I’d love to go,” you say with feigned interest. In reality, it sounds incredibly boring.

“Well, maybe all of us could go with my friend, Tammy, tomorrow. We usually have little outings on Sundays. She’s never seen it and she’s been wanting to go. And I haven’t visited for ages.”

“Wow, that would be great,” you reply perkily.

“That does sound really fascinating. I’d love to see some of the original woodwork. Will your husband come too? I don’t want to intrude on a girls’ day out.”

“Oh no, no. Patrick hates that sort of thing. He hates anything that doesn’t involve his mother or overly pretentious literature. But you should come, Pedro. Tam would love to meet you. She lives on the next street over. And it would be fun to have you along.”

Pedro casually rests his hand on hers and gazes into her eyes as he gives her a wide boyish grin. “You’re so sweet. I can already tell you’re going to be the best neighbor ever.” He takes a long drink of coffee before brushing his fingers along the backs of hers as he pulls his hand away. “Sure, I’ll come if it’s ok with you girls.”

Alexis looks flustered but pleased. “Um, great. Should we meet there or drive together..?”

Pedro lets his eyes drift over Alexis’ face and breasts “Honey, we can do anything you want.”

You nearly spit out your coffee. Jesus, Pedro is not fucking around. Alexis is smiling at him and blushing bright pink. 


“Don’t you think that you came on a little strong?” you hiss as you both wave at Alexis from the porch. She’s finally heading home after the two of you were forced to consume multiple pieces of her disgusting banana bread along with your coffee.

“Hell no. No such thing as too strong when you’re trying to get someone else’s uptight wife into bed. Whether she’s unhappily married or not. It will take a while for her to believe I really am flirting with her. That I really do have feelings for her. And that I, more than anything, want to be with her and take her to bed. That I don’t care whether she’s married or not. And it will probably take even longer for her to decide to have an affair. Because this will have to be more than a one night stand if we’re going to get what we need out of her.”

Pedro lights a cigarette and settles down next to you on the porch swing you had him put up as soon as you moved in. The installation took a full day of cursing and tool throwing, but it was worth it. It gives Pedro the perfect spot to smoke where he can spy on Alexis and, more importantly, let her spy on him.

“I want her to go home tonight and think of me while her husband fucks her. While he attempts, but fails, to satisfy her like she knows I would. I want to get in her head and her cunt and her heart…that's how I’ll get her to where she’ll do anything for me. And I will get her there. She’s not gonna know what fucking hit her.”

Really, he’s so good at this that it’s a little disturbing. But he wouldn’t be a very good partner in crime if he wasn’t adept at what he does. If he couldn’t seduce and manipulate women with ease.

He tilts his head and looks up at you with those chocolate brown eyes. “And you, mi amor’re also gonna be thinking of me when you get railed tonight. But in your case, I’ll be thinking of you right back.”

You have no idea what makes you say it. You just know you want to hear the answers. 

Your voice sounds so unlike yours, so quiet and small but somehow strong too. You ask him calmly, earnestly, “Do you, Pedro? Think of me? When we’re in bed? When we’re not?”

He considers you, his gaze so intense that it steals the breath from your lungs. And that look. divulges everything you need to know. But even so, he answers aloud.


You can tell he desperately wants to kiss you, just as you long to kiss him. And it no doubt would have been a fierce and all-consuming kiss. But there can be no kisses while the two of you are exposed like this on the front porch. So instead Pedro lightly catches your hand in his and holds it hidden from view behind the porch railing. He gently squeezes it and strokes your palm with his thumb. Then he weaves his long fingers with yours and holds your hand firmly in his. 

You’ve traveled to exotic, romantic locations together and you’ve intertwined your naked bodies more times than you can count. But right now, here on a decrepit front porch in sweltering Pasadena…this is the most tender moment the two of you have ever shared.

Chapter Text

You watch Pedro gaze at his reflection with solemn focus as he tidies the scruff along his jaw with a beard trimmer. He’s clad in only a towel and it is evident that his time at the gym is paying off. The sight of his bicep alone is making you weak in the knees.  Princesa sits next to him, happily licking drops of water off of his shin. He catches you staring at him and winks.

Buenos días, mi amor. Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”

You roll your eyes. “Good morning, Pedro. Hurry up, you’re not the only one who has to get pretty.” Your least favorite thing about this old house is the singular bathroom the two of you are forced to share.

“Mmmm…but I’m the only one whose looks matter today. You don’t have to spend the afternoon tempting anyone into breaking their marital vows.”

“Whatever, pretty boy.”

“So bratty. I can give you better ways of using that lovely mouth,” he purrs, giving you the most suggestive of smiles in the mirror.

“How about I just make some coffee and you move a bit faster.” You flounce down the stairs without a backward glance.

“You can’t rush perfection, sweetheart!” he cheerfully calls after you.


Alexis’ friend Tammy is a snub-nosed woman with perfectly coiffed hair who appears to have an affinity for hot pink. If her fingernails, lipstick, shoes, purse, and blouse are anything to go by at least. As you all tour the Craftsman mansion, you pretend to be fascinated with Tammy’s gossip regarding people you don’t even know so that Pedro and Alexis will naturally gravitate towards one another. 

However, they don’t really seem to need the extra push. The pair spend the day standing too close and walking so near one other that their hands keep “accidentally” brushing. You suspect that this is actually by design on Pedro’s part. Alexis is happy to admire the stained glass with him and point out ornamental wood carvings as they stroll ahead. Pedro appears genuinely interested in everything she has to say. He asks her questions, nods his head thoughtfully, and laughs at her jokes. His eyes are locked on hers when she speaks and on her mouth when she smiles. Smiles that he always returns.

You know it’s all for show, that he’s using all his acting skills to pull off this seemingly smoldering attraction to her. You know he actually finds her vapid and uptight and irritating. And maybe that’s why you suddenly feel a dull ache in your chest, like a heavy stone that presses on your sternum until it hurts to breathe. Because how many times has he looked at you like that, listened to what you had to say, and searched your face with his dark, dark eyes? Is that an act too?

It shouldn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. The two of you are work partners and friends with benefits. That’s always been the arrangement. But it feels different lately. You’ve been living and traveling with him since your last heist. You fuck him, fall asleep next to him, wake up with his arms around you and make him coffee. So of course it feels like something more. Even though you’re not a real couple, you act like a real couple. Hell, you even have joint custody of a dog and you go shopping for major home appliances together. It’s bound to get confusing. 

You hadn’t been such a close observer to watching him “work” last time. Didn’t have to see him thoughtlessly throw the affection that he gives you at someone else’s feet. But it’s stupid to be upset. He’s doing this for work. So that the two of you can get the info you need to do this job. And, you remind yourself firmly, you aren’t his.

But you sometimes wish you were.

Your group finishes exploring the home and the gardens outside as dusk starts to fall. It’s been a long day and you are eager to get back to the car and go home.

“Hey, nena,” Pedro jogs ahead to catch up to you as all four of you walk towards the parking lot. “Lexi wants to go to this little Italian place nearby. She said it’s the best in Pasadena. She loves spaghetti—”

“Amazing. Who would have thought? It’s so hard to find someone who likes spaghetti these days.” At least your bad mood is allowing you to better play the grumpy tag-a-long little cousin. And really? Lexi? They’re already nickname level close? 

From her car Alexis giggles and calls, “Pedrito, let’s go!” Huh, it appears so.

“I know you don’t really like Italian (real you loves Italian, but you assume he’s talking about pretend little cousin you). And Tammy is on a low-carb diet. Can you drop Tammy off at her place on your way home? And I’ll just ride back with Lexi after we eat?”

He looks over his shoulder and grins at Alexis., who has just started pouting impatiently and beckoning him over again. “You don’t mind, do you?” he adds. 

This is making your brain hurt. Is it real him or just acting him asking if you mind? Either way, it doesn’t matter, you suppose.

“No, it’s fine.” You plaster on a chipper smile and give Tammy and Alexis a thumbs up.

“Thank you! And can you please feed Princesa when you get home? She hates it when her dinner’s late.”

“Her and I both,” you mutter. “Have fun eating that disgusting spaghetti.”

Tammy makes your car reek of heavy floral perfume and talks your ear off the whole way home. It does provide a good opportunity for dropping a variety of pretend Pedro facts that will likely find their way to Alexis.

“Yeah, it’s really sad that he lost his parents so young. That’s why he moved here from Chile. He’d never even been to the States before…Gran hated that his mom, my aunt Cecilia, married a foreigner and left to go live abroad with him…Anyway, Pedro and his sister moved in with Gran. But he was really the one that practically raised Julieta. As soon as he turned 18 he moved out and took her with him…He never partied or did any of that because he was taking care of her. Didn’t go to college because he was working to support them. Gave up everything for her, really. He doesn’t regret it though…Now she’s a fancy doctor because Pedro spent every cent he ever earned so she could go to college and medical school…He’s such a good guy. So thoughtful and kind. I wish he could find some happiness…Ever since his fiancée died, he just hasn’t been the same…” 

When you drop Tammy off at home, she says goodbye and scurries up the driveway. She’s practically vibrating with excitement over all this new gossip you’ve given her. Pedro’s going to be the talk of the neighborhood. And Alexis will probably be one of the first to hear what a tragic figure and good man he is. You should go into PR.

When you get home, you heat up some Campbell’s soup and make some toast. After dinner, you and Princesa snuggle up on the couch and watch the Bachelor. 

Now there’s an idea. Maybe that’s what you need. A bachelor. One who’s not Pedro. You glance at your phone. It’s still pretty early. A quick google search brings up a list of good options nearby for drinking and man hunting. 

With a grin, you run upstairs to change into something a bit more alluring and have a pre-party line of whatever’s in the ornamental box on the bookcase. There should be some coke in there; Pedro just met up with his new dealer last week.

A backless satin shirt, some tight jeans, and a pair of ankle boots make up a passable outfit. You miss your fancier wardrobe that you had boxed up and sent to a storage unit. Designer clothes don’t really fit the “regular people” image you and Pedro have been cultivating. So a blouse and jeans from the Anthropologie store at the mall will have to do.

You touch up your makeup, opting for a deep shade of red lipstick and some gold eyeshadow to make it more “night out” appropriate. In a huff, you search upstairs and down for your misplaced phone, which you finally locate in a pile of clothes on the bed.

Just as you’ve ordered an Uber, the front door creaks open. Pedro steps inside, smiling broadly. He makes sure to carefully close the door behind him before he strides over to you and picks you up.

“Pedro! You’re wrinkling my shirt!” you admonish.

“You’ve got many more shirts, mi amor.” He presses his lips the spot where your neck and jaw meet, where he knows you love to be kissed. Pedro twirls you around and nibbles your ear before releasing you.

“It was perfect, bebita. I can’t believe she had dinner with just me. I thought she would opt out when I said you wouldn’t want to go. I mean, I’m no expert in decorum, but I imagine that it’s pretty untoward for a married woman to go out to dinner alone with a man she just met. Apparently, her husband went to visit his mother and won’t be back until late. She said she didn’t want to eat by herself. So— hey, you look nice. Are you going somewhere?”

“Um, yeah, I just thought I’d go out for a drink.”

“Hey, perfect. I’ll come with you and tell you the rest there. Are you getting an Uber?”

“Yeah, I ordered one. But, uh, I wanted to meet people? So maybe it would be easier if you don’t come?”

Comprehension dawns on his face. “Ahhh…any particular kind of people? Male people, maybe?”

“Hopefully. Anyway, I’ll go wait out front.”

Pedro’s looking at you with amusement. “Sounds like an important mission.”

“It is. Now move so I can open the door.”

“Wait. Who are you going with?”

“Um, myself?”

He frowns. “No, honey, I should go with you. I’ll be your wingman, ok?”

“No way! You’ll scare them all off!”

“No, I won’t. I’ll help, I swear. I just don’t think you should go to a bar looking like that by yourself.”

“What the fuck does that mean?”

He sighs. “I just mean that you look very beautiful and sexy as always and it would probably be best if you didn’t go drinking alone in a town you don’t know yet.”

“I can fend for myself, Pedro.”

“I know you can. But you don’t have to. Please? I’ll tell you about my dinner with Alexis and we’ll celebrate a good start to this job?”

Your phone buzzes to indicate your Uber is out front. “Fine. But I’m leaving right now. So if you’re coming let’s go.”

He obligingly walks out with you and holds the car door open for you with a teasing grin.

“See, this is what I’m talking about,” you grouse. “If you do stuff like that, no man is going to come near me.”

“Ok, ok, sorry. I’ll act like a total asshole from now on.”

“Shouldn’t be too much of a stretch.”

Soon the two of you are standing in front of the Mercury Lounge, a bar some of Pedro’s drinking buddies recommended for meeting women. So you assume it would work the other way around too.

You find a table while Pedro orders a couple of beers. The bar is busy but not too loud. It has a relaxed atmosphere and there are plenty of beautiful people. Perfect.

Pedro sets your beer in front of you and sits across the table from you, leaning away to emphasize how not together the two of you are.

“See anyone you like?” he asks with a twinkle in his eyes as he takes a swig of his pale ale.

You purse your lips. “Yeah…that one there in the corner. Dark blue shirt.”

Pedro considers your target. “Yeah, he’s hot. Nice guns.”

“Oh my god, Pedro. You’re making it weird.”

“What? You have good taste in men!” His lips quirk up in the corner. He’s doubt appreciating how he was able to make this comment reflect well on both himself and your current selection. “Want me to go over and tell him you think he’s cute?”

“Not yet. I’m going make heart eyes at him and see if he comes over. Tell me about Alexis.”

“Oh, yeah. She stared at me all starry-eyed throughout dinner. Kept saying what a nice time she was having. Her husband must not take her anywhere.”

“Well, on Facebook, she says he never wants to go out or have fun.”

“I can believe it. Can’t blame him though. She is so uptight. She made the waiter tell her about every wine on the list in great detail and then she just ordered the cheapest bottle. Which she insisted we share. Very romantic. Oh! I was able to get lots of little touches in. I swear I heard her gasp when I pushed her hair behind her ear.”

That dull ache in your chest reappears. He does that to you all the time and you always thought it was sweet. Now you know it’s an empty gesture.

“Go tell Mr. Blue Shirt I think he’s cute and want to meet him. Maybe invite him and his friend to come sit with us,” you say abruptly.

Pedro smirks. You watch him saunter over to your would-be lover’s table and crouch down next to the younger man. There are some glances at you, some smiles and nods, and then the men stand and join you at your table. The one you had your eye on sits next to you.

“Hi, I’m Dorian, ” he says in a pleasant, flirtatious tone. He smiles lazily, drawing your eye to the ring in his lower lip. “And who are you, pretty girl?”

You smile demurely and introduce yourself. “Dorian? That’s a unique name.”

He wrinkles his nose. The gesture is adorable. “Yeah, my mom is an English teacher. She loves Oscar Wilde and she always thought Dorian was a nice sounding name. So she convinced my dad to name me as an homage to her favorite book. The Picture of Dorian Gray. Obviously, he had never read the book.”

You smile at his wry explanation. “It is a little ominous.”

“Only if you go into my attic.”

You can’t help bursting into laughter at that. The two of you fall into easy conversation. Dorian is disarmingly handsome with his blue eyes and brown-black hair. You talk about books, movies, and microbrews. He gets you another beer and plays with the ring on your index finger. It’s not too long before Dorian slides a hand up your thigh and asks, “Would you like to get out of here and go somewhere quiet, honey?”

Perfect. You glance at Pedro, who is flirting with a leggy beauty with long golden hair. You would rather bring Dorian to your place instead of vice versa. So you go to update Pedro on the status of your mission.

“I think we’re gonna go back to our place,” you murmur in Pedro’s ear. 

He grins and winks at you coyly. “Nice work. That was faster than me even. The big bedroom’s all yours. I’ll sleep in the spare room.”

You nod. “If I come home. I might not,” he adds with a subtle jerk of his head towards the blonde.

You turn back to Dorian with a sultry smile. “Let’s go, handsome.”

Soon you and Dorian are tumbling through your front door. His lips are slotted with yours and his tongue is exploding every part of your mouth. You moan at the intensity of his kiss. The two of you collapse onto the couch and continue making out in between scraping out and sniffing a couple of lines. Dorian pulls you onto his lap and starts to thrust up into you. You whine and move against his hardened cock. Soon his hands are grasping your hips and he’s grinding your core against him. Eventually, things get so heated that you invite him to your bedroom. Reluctantly, you pull away so you can lead him up the stairs. 

As soon as you reach the bedroom, Dorian starts pulling your clothes off. You can’t help but giggle at his enthusiasm. He pushes you back onto the bed and gazes at you hungrily.

He’s just as pretty with his clothes off. His muscular torso reminds you of a Renaissance sculpture. The tattoos on his arms continue up over his shoulders and several more decorate his chest and ribcage. His erect cock curves against his belly. It’s uncut and adequately sized, rock hard and dripping precum.

Dorian looks down at you. “So pretty.”

He strokes himself eagerly. “Got any lube, baby?”

You’re surprised he’s asking so early into the proceedings. You’re usually able to get wet enough after a little foreplay. And he’s nowhere as big as Pedro. You should be able to take him without lube. But you figure it can’t hurt.

“Um, yeah, bedside table drawer.”

Dorian pulls out a bottle of Astroglide and tosses it on the bed. Then something else catches his eye. Your pink vibrator lands on the bed as well.

“I think we’re gonna have fun, pretty girl.” He picks up the lube and frowns. “This bottle’s empty, baby. Do you have more?”

You sit up, pursing your lips. “Yeah, in the other bedroom across the hall. In the nightstand.

“Be right back,” Dorian announces. He pulls his boxers on and leaves the room and you hear him  dart across the hall and pull open the door. to the other bedroom.

He’s gone for way too long. 

Fuck. You hear a quiet exchange of voices. Pedro must have come home. When did he get here? And Dorian just ran into his room in his underwear. Oh my god.

Before your panic escalates any further, the door opens. Dorian comes in, lube in hand and a devilish smile on his face. Pedro walks in after him. Your cunt clenches at the sight of two men before you as you lay spread out naked on the bed.

“So I had a feeling that you and Pedro are extra close friends. I asked and he said that the two of you are fuck friends like I thought,” Dorian purrs as he crosses the room and stops when he’s standing between your legs. His large, strong hands glide up your thighs. “He said he’s seen you naked plenty of times. Buuuut, he’s never seen you naked while another guy fucks you. So we thought it might be a good time to give it a go. If you want.”

You whimper at the idea and look over at Pedro. “Can I watch, bebita?” he rasps, his voice low and husky as he presses little kisses into your wrist and palm.

“Yes. Want you to see me get filled up.”

Pedro’s eyes flash with desire as Dorian smiles. “I can take care of that, honey.” He picks up the vibrator and drags it up your thigh. “Gotta get you ready for it first though.”

He squirts a little lube on the vibrator and rubs it all over so that the bright pink silicone is well coated. Without further ado, he spreads open your folds and presses the tip of the vibrator into your cunt.

“So beautiful,” Dorian sighs as he slowly pushes the toy into you.

“Isn’t she a pretty little slut?” coos Pedro. You turn your head to glance over at him. He’s sitting in the armchair in the corner, leisurely stroking his thick cock.

Dorian frowns and starts to say something. Pedro cuts him off. “Don’t worry, she likes it when I call her names. It gets her so fucking wet. Isn’t that right, my lovely little whore?”

It’s annoying that he’s right, but you’re so turned on you hardly care. Dorian grins at you. “Is that so, dirty girl?” 

You whimper ineloquently. “Answer or I’ll pull this right out,” he growls, pausing his thrusting of the vibrator in and out of your cunt.

“Yes! I like it. Call me whatever you want. Just turn that fucking thing on!”

Dorian chuckles. “Whatever you want, filthy little thing.”

He turns it on and you are lost in the sensation. All you can do is moan and spread your legs wider. You grope your breasts and pinch your nipples to add to your pleasure.

Already, you feel your orgasm building intensely, rushing up on you fast and hard. Your vibrator never fails to make you come quickly. It crashes over you like a tidal wave and you pant and scream your way through it.

You're still dazed from your release when Dorian pulls the vibrator out of your cunt and abruptly shoves his cock inside you to replace it.

You gasp and it fades into a long moan. He’s thrusting into you hard and fast. Dorian pulls your feet up onto his shoulders. “You feel so good, baby,” he grunts as he pounds into you.

Your eyes flutter open and your head lolls to the side. Pedro’s there, staring right at you with a piercing gaze. “Can I fuck you when he’s done, bebita?”

The thought of him having you next has you clenching around Dorian’s cock. “Please, Pedro.”

It’s true and it’s maddening, but he really is what you want. You want the way he touches you, warm hands and soft lips all over. The kisses he plants along your jaw, the gentle sucking on your neck, the nips at your ear and bites at your shoulders. The way he snaps his hips into yours. You want Pedro.

Dorian is grunting and groaning above you and you know he’s already close. You slide your hand down to the apex of your thighs to rub your clit. But you’re too late. Dorian gasps as he buries himself within you and his cum splatters against the smooth walls of your cunt. All while you stare into the depths of Pedro’s dark brown eyes.

When Dorian pulls out of you with hissed curses, Pedro is there at his side. Pedro looks down at the other man. “You can stay and watch me fuck her if you want. But when we’re done, you leave, yeah?”

“Yeah, man, that’s cool.” He collapses into the armchair Pedro just vacated. 

Pedro steps between your legs and licks and kisses his way up from your navel to the hollow of your throat. He presses his lips to your jaw, where he finally lifts his head and covers your mouth with his. You moan as his warm tongue slides over your lips and his fingers tangle in your hair.

“All I wanted tonight was you,” he sighs into your lips, so softly that it’s like a secret between only the two of you.

You swallow the lump in your throat. “Me too,” you whisper. “I always just want you, Pedro.”

He kisses you like he’ll never get another chance. It’s soft but urgent and somehow just perfect. When he finally pulls away, he tilts his head to look at Dorian, who is pulling his clothes on. “Sorry, man, I changed my mind. Can you take off now? I want this lovely little thing to myself.”

Dorian looks surprised but nods. He knows he’s the guest here and that his invitation can be rescinded at any time. “Yeah, ok. Lemme finish dressing and then I’m out.”

Mi amor, go hop in the shower, ok? I’ll get in with you after I do a line.”

You give Dorian a brief farewell and go into the bathroom and turn on the shower. The hot water feels so relaxing. You lather yourself up with the philosophy body wash with the fragrance you know Pedro likes. Your fingers dip between your legs and you try to wash off as much of Dorian’s cum as you can. You know Pedro doesn’t care, but right now you want to feel only him.

The bathroom door opens and shuts. Then Pedro pulls back the shower curtain and joins you under the steaming water. Without a word, he puts his arms around you and kisses you again. Deep and intense, mouth hot and insistent, until he pulls soft sighs and moans from you.

You lather up his bar of soap and rub the bubbles across his skin. He purrs contentedly into your ear. The two of you don’t say a word as you explore each other’s bodies with gentle, sudsy touches. He works shampoo into your hair and rinses it out carefully. 

Eventually, the two of you are clean and hungry for one another. You try to pull Pedro into you but he shakes his head and turns off the shower.

“Dry off, mi amor. I want you on the bed,” he says simply.

When you reenter the bedroom, you see that he has lit a couple of candles and pulled the comforter back so you can lie directly on the soft Egyptian cotton sheets. Pedro slides his arms around you and walks you back into the bed, where he follows you down when the mattress pushes into the back of your knees.

He’s murmuring soft words in Spanish, some truth he can’t admit to you just yet. You let the soothing sounds wash over you as he peppers your neck and shoulder with kisses.”

“Pedro…” you sigh into those umber curls. “I need you…I want to have all of you. Please.”

“So impatient,” he chuckles.”I want to kiss you all over. And then I want to taste you until you come on my tongue. Then I’ll give you my cock and fuck you so good you’ll never want anyone else.”

“I don’t,” you whisper. “I don’t want anyone else, Pedro. I only want you. I let him fuck me just now because I was trying to stop wanting you so much. But no one else ever makes me feel the way you do.”

This is novel and shaky ground. Even in the throes of passion, the two of you don’t say these things to one another.

But he doesn’t pull away or change the subject. Pedro just rests his forehead against yours. “I know. It’s never enough, when I’m with someone else anymore. I only want you too. I’m sorry, I don’t know how to do this…how to really be with someone. But it’s not just sex with you and I don’t want to keep pretending it doesn’t mean anything.”

Pedro kisses you so tenderly that it’s like a flower finally blooming in the desert.

“You’re mine. I don’t own you, but I want to be with you. So that I’m yours and you’re mine here,” he rests his hand over your heart, “and here.” His fingertips press against the entrance of your pussy and then he firmly sinks two long fingers into your wet heat.

You moan at his words and his heated touch. Pedro kisses your neck and sinks his teeth into the spot where your neck and shoulder meet. When you gasp, he laves over his teeth marks with his tongue and gently kisses the spot.

His mouth drags down to the swell of your breast as he pumps his long fingers in and out of you. His lips envelop your pebbled nipple. Heat is quickly building up in the depths of your core. You writhe under his touch as it becomes more intense.

Pedro slides lower on the bed until he is able to lick you with his soft, warm tongue. Your back arches and you gasp his name as his soft lips suck at your clit.

You tangle your fingers in his damp curls and yank so hard you’re sure he’s going to tell you to stop. Instead, he groans, “Fuck, baby, pull harder.”

“Pedro, please,” you gasp. He keeps bringing you right up to the edge of your release, over and over. Always pulling away or lessening the intensity of his lips and mouth just when you’re about to come. “Please, please!”

He smiles into the inside of your thigh. “Anything for you, mi amor.

This time his tongue glides over your throbbing clit and he doesn’t stop. And you just fall apart, the world reduced to nothing but a faint ringing sound and bursting white lights. As if from far away, you hear yourself scream deliriously, “Pedro, Pedro! Oh my god!”

Your legs are trembling as he crawls between them and up your body to kiss you. “You saying my name is the best sound I’ve ever heard,” he whispers.

“Make me say it again,” you beg.

“Oh, I definitely will.” He hitches your leg over his hip and notches the head of his thick cock just inside you. 

With one snap of his hips he sheaths himself inside you. You dig your nails into his triceps as you gasp and adjust to his size. Even after taking your toy and Dorian’s cock, he’s still a stretch. He waits and kisses you slowly until you roll your hips into his.

“More, Pedro. Please.”

He growls and pins your hands over your head before he starts to pound mercilessly into you. “This what you wanted, honey?”

“Yes,” you whimper as he fucks you through the bed. “No one else makes me feel like this, baby…no one else knows how to fuck me like you do.”

“Christ, bebita,” he chokes out. “This tight little cunt is made just for me. You feel so goddamn good.”

He lets go of your wrists to press one of your knees up into your chest. You cry out at how it feels as if he’s hitting the very end of you in this new position. “Pedro! Oh, my god, you’re so, so deep,” you moan.

He’s hitting a new spot that feels devastatingly good. You wrap your legs around him and hook your ankles together. “Fuck, right there, baby. Oh god, yes,” you whimper.

It’s more than amazing, the way he’s railing into you. It feels like he’s going to split you in two on the tip of his breathtakingly wonderful cock. Like he’s going to utterly ruin your pussy and fuck you until you can’t feel your legs.

“All for you, mi amor,” he groans. “Anything for you, my sweet, perfect little slut.”

“Your slut. Only yours,” you gasp. He growls and slams into you impossibly harder. Then those long fingers curl around your neck. 

“Mine,” he agrees, kissing you roughly while he squeezes just hard enough to make your face feel warm and little black shadows appear at the corner of your vision. 

And then you fall apart, waves of pleasure pulsing through every inch of your body. With a scream of his name, you come harder than you ever have in your life. Your body tenses and trembles beneath him as you gush around his cock. He lets go of your neck and you gasp brokenly. Pedro’s mouth finds yours; it’s all soft tongue against soft tongue and sharp teeth roughly nipping at your lips. He grinds against you, urging your orgasm go on and on. You scream and sob and rake your nails down his back. 

Your cunt squeezes him so tightly that he doesn’t have a chance of lasting any longer. Pedro groans your name into your ear over and over again as he empties into you. He thrusts impossibly deep and spills hot, thick cum inside you. His spend fills you completely, leaving you to lay there weakly, overflowing around his cock.

Pedro is propping himself above you on his forearms and gasping for breath. “Jesus Christ, woman, I think you’re trying to kill me. Death by orgasm. Fuck, it feels so good when I’m inside you.”

As if to illustrate this fact, he stays buried deep in your cunt as he kisses your face gently. 

“Pedro? You’re really mine?” you ask softly, gazing up at him almost shyly.

“Yeah, mi amor. I am. I always have been.”

Chapter Text

“A neighborhood potluck? That’s very 1955,” you say with a smirk. Carefully, you add a bit more sugar to the steaming liquid in your mug. Coffee is the only thing that makes your Sunday morning chats with Alexis bearable. Well, coffee and the coke you snorted before she got here.

Alexis frowns and looks at you pityingly. She is perpetually disappointed by your flippant attitude. “Well, I just love it. It’s a chance for everyone to come together as a community.”

Gag. Thankfully, you are saved from further pontificating by Pedro, who opens one of the french doors and strolls onto the patio with a grin, Princesa right on his heels as usual.

“Well, good morning, hermosas damas (beautiful ladies).It’s a pleasure to see such beauty adorning my backyard first thing in the morning.”

Alexis titters and bats her lashes as you work very hard at not rolling your eyes.

Your eyes drift over your partner in crime. Pedro looks gorgeous as per usual. Those long, thick curls are still damp from his shower. He looks effortlessly handsome in a well-worn Fleetwood Mac t-shirt and a pair of tight jeans. In a suave and leisurely fashion, Pedro sprawls onto the wicker sofa across from the two of you and lights a cigarette. You aren’t really a fan of him smoking but you have to concede that he does look damn sexy doing it.

“Pedro, I was just telling your cousin about the neighborhood potluck that’s happening this Saturday. We do it every year. Everyone gets together at the park down the street. It will be a time for good friends and good food.”

Good friends and good food. Sounds like a trite phrase painted on some dining room decor made from a repurposed pallet. But Pedro, gifted thespian that he is, manages to look pleasantly intrigued. “Wow, Lexi, that sounds like fun. It will be nice to meet more neighbors. Although I’m sure none of them will be as lovely as you.”

Alexis giggles girlishly. “Pedro, you’re too much. Now, I want to hear what you think of the roses your cousin just planted. I just feel that the pink doesn’t really go with your home’s new paint color.

Pedro nods solemnly. “You know, I think you're right, Lexi. You have such an eye for these things. Prima (cousin), maybe we should dig those up and put in red ones? That would look better, no?”

You smile through gritted teeth. “Yeah, maybe you two are right. I’ll do that before I start in on the front yard.”

Alexis nods exuberantly. “Oh good, that will look so much better. So, now, let’s talk about the plants you're planning to use out front.”


You stand in the kitchen on Friday afternoon, feeling grumpy and flustered as you stare into the barren pantry. The two of you usually order take-out or go out to eat. Sometimes, you’ll get some ready-made dinner thing to heat up in the oven. You definitely don’t cook anything that’s potluck worthy.

“Ok, so what are we bringing to this stupid neighborhood potluck?” you sigh irritably.

Pedro chuckles and comes from behind to wrap his arms around you. He nibbles on your ear and then rests his chin on your head.

“Don’t worry, mi amor. (my love). Since I’ve never seen you lift a pot or pan and I can’t cook worth shit,  I assumed we wouldn’t be making anything ourselves. I ordered some empanadas. We can put them in some tupperware and pass them off as our own. Old family recipe. Might have to buy some tupperware though.”

“Mmmm…I knew there was a reason I liked you so much.”

“Yeah, well, this way we keep the counter clear for more important endeavors.” Pedro sucks on your neck as he pushes you into the kitchen counter. “Which will allow me to remind you why you like me so much,” he murmurs in your ear.

Pedro’s large, warm hands slide up your thighs, pulling your skirt up with them. Holding your rucked up skirt in one hand, he bends you forward by pressing the other firmly between your shoulder blades. You moan breathily as he slides a hand between your legs.

“I wanna fuck you just like this. Are you gonna be a good girl and let me, bebita (baby)?” He emphasizes his question by grinding his hardened cock into your ass.

You look back at him over your shoulder with a wicked grin. “Are you gonna make me?”

He smirks and he eases your panties down so he can rub his palm on your bare ass. “I’d be happy to.”

When his hand cracks against your skin, you cry out and then moan, slick dripping down your thighs.

“How many more? Five or ten?” he rasps as he kicks your feet further apart so that you’re balancing on your tiptoes.


“Ten it is. Because…” He leans down and whispers in your ear, “…that’s what dirty whores get.”



There are a few familiar faces at the potluck. Alexis’ friend Tammy. The couple from next door. The Avilas? Alvaros? Some of the moms and dads you see walk by with their babies tucked snugly in their ridiculously expensive strollers. The kids who go by on their bikes after school.

Pedro gets caught up in a conversation with a fellow morning jogger, so you carry the tupperware container full of empanadas to the folding tables that are set up by the gazebo. You look over the other dishes with interest. Oh, yum, pigs in a blanket!

But Alexis is waving you over to join her small group in the shade of a pepper tree. With a painted-on smile, you wave back and head over. You would, of course, have preferred to stay put and eat some of the food on offer.

You are introduced to insincerely smiling neighbors who you could care less about. The only one who piques your interest is Alexis’ husband. You’ve caught glimpses of him before, but you’ve never officially met him. Which seems odd, since Alexis is such a regular visitor at your place. That must be by design on Alexis’ part. After all, who wants their crush and their husband hanging out together?

You introduce yourself to Alexis’ spouse. “…and you must be Patrick.”

He shakes your hand limply. Patrick. The man Pedro plans to cuckold. Doesn’t look like it will be too much of a challenge. He's a tall and gangly man, with thinning dishwater blond hair, watery blue eyes, and the pale skin of someone who rarely goes outside.

“Oh! Here’s my cousin. Pedro!” You call him over from where he’s standing nearby, letting a pretty redhead pet Princesa. The pug is wagging her little corkscrew tail vigorously. Little traitor.

Pedro bids his new friend goodbye with his trademark dimpled smile. She watches him walk away with a disappointed, longing look on her face. He ambles into the shade and stands alongside you, maintaining a cousinly distance.  Charming as ever, Pedro introduces himself to Patrick and greets Alexis warmly. He’s got a lot of nerve, flirting, albeit subtly, with her right in front of her husband. But there’s something undeniably sexy about it. Probably the combination of his brazen confidence and the hint of intrigue. Alexis definitely thinks it’s hot. She’s biting her lip and playing with her empty plastic wine glass as she simpers at Pedro.

“Oh! Your glass is empty, Lexi. I’ll get you more, I’m headed over there to get something myself. Red or white?” He passes Princesa’s leash to you to free up his hands and walks off in search of the drinks table.

“So, you’re a writer?” you ask Patrick brightly in an attempt to distract him from the way his wife is checking out Pedro’s ass. You clearly hit on the right technique, because Patrick happily launches into a lengthy monologue about the novel he’s been working on for who knows how long.

Pedro returns with Alexis’ wine and his beer. After a solid 15 minutes of torturous small talk, Pedro amiably shakes Patrick’s hand again. “Great to meet you. I’m gonna grab some of that delicious looking food before it’s all gone. Good luck with the novel, yeah?”

“Yes, so nice to meet the neighbors across the street. Hey, Pedro, why don’t we exchange numbers? So I can call you if that spot on the bowling league opens up. Or if you ever need something. After all, that’s what neighbors are for, right?”

“Absolutely.” Pedro hands Patrick his phone so he can add himself to the contact list. Patrick does the same. With a little smirk, Pedro enters “Pedro Across the Street” as the name on the contact info. Apparently “Pedro Who’s Going to Fuck Your Wife and Then Rob a Bank With Her” would be too much to type.


Pedro lounges on the rumpled sheets in all his naked glory, blowing streams of smoke at the ceiling. He absently traces shapes on your back as you lay curled up at his side.

“Mi amor, it’s been months. I’m actually getting close to finishing all the shit that needs fixing and updating at the front of the house. So I won’t be able to play sexy handyman for Alexis to ogle when she comes home from work anymore.

“Good things take time, baby. Do you really think you’ve got her ready to take the bait? We just can’t afford for you to make your move and get rejected.”

Pedro rolls his eyes. “I don’t get rejected, honey. How long did it take for me to get you into bed? About 45 seconds as I recall.”

“Oh, fuck you.”

He hums and holds your jaw to give you a slow, deep kiss. “Will you? Please? Fuck me,” he murmurs into your swollen lips, abused by all his previous fervent kisses.”.

You nip at his neck. “Jesus, you’re insatiable.”

“Only for you, bebita.”

You stretch out like a drowsy cat in the sun. “Ok. But only if I can sit on your face and have you clean up the mess you made earlier.”

“Fuck, yes. Please, baby. I want you to do a line off my cock while my tongue is in your cunt,” Pedro groans. He’s already fumbling around for the vial of coke.

You sit up and start stroking his cock to get him completely hard again. He gazes down at you, eyes hooded with desire.

“I fucking love you, baby,” he rasps, his eyes fluttering shut as you slowly jerk him off.

He’s never said that before. You want him to say it again and again.

“I fucking love you, too,” you whisper.

He opens his eyes and smiles lazily. “Good. Now sit on my face and I’ll show you how much, my perfect little slut.”

You happily oblige.


Pedro bounds inside, kicks the front door shut with his heel, and hollers your name. You put down your paintbrush and walk over to the foyer, rather annoyed with being yelled for like a dog. Although given how dogs are treated in this house, maybe that would be an improvement. You glance over at the sofa in the living room to confirm this. Princesa lazily looks up from her spot on the couch where she’s dozing in the sunlight, snuggled up with her stuffed squirrel toy and favorite fleece blanket.

“What?” you snap irritably. “I’m in the middle of painting the dining room, Pedro.”

Pedro is practically bouncing on his toes. “I did it, mi amor. I kissed her. And she kissed me back!”

“Wait, what? You kissed Alexis?”

“Yes! So I was mowing the lawn in those goddamn grey sweatpants and she and Tammy came power walking up the road. So I ran over to say hi. Making sure to wipe the sweat off my face with the bottom of my t-shirt and show off this sexy six-pack I’ve got happening.”

You want to roll your eyes, but you have to admit that his abs are looking pretty delicious lately. He’s been doing a ridiculous amount of sit-ups before bed every night.

“So they invited me over to Alexis’ place for a drink since I looked so very thirsty.”

“More like they’re the thirsty ones,” you smirk.

“We were sitting around drinking margaritas because Alexis got a new blender. Then Tammy had to go because she and her husband had early dinner reservations. Alexis and I kept chatting and drinking and I may have made her drinks a little strong. She was just buzzed though. I didn’t want to overdo it and have her forget what happened.”

“You’re such a gentleman.”

“Yeah, I know. Anyway, we were talking about her husband and I told her that it wasn’t right that he doesn’t appreciate what he has. That she’s beautiful and sexy and smart and funny and I would give anything to have a woman like that. A woman. Just. Like. Her.”

Good lord, you just fucked Pedro this morning, but if he gave you that speech, you’d go for an extra round right now.

“Then I did the chin hold and hair behind the ear  tuck, followed by the slow lip brush and she kissed me like I was her goddamn date at prom.”

“I didn’t know you had names for all your moves.”

He just shrugs and winks. “Helps me formulate my game plans.”

“So how much kissing happened?” you ask, your excitement starting to show.

“It was a full-on make out session. For like, 15 minutes. Just kissing, I didn’t want to move too fast and freak her out.”

“Ok, nice. Then what?”

“She said Patrick would be getting back from bowling soon. So I told her you’re going to an out-of-town wedding this weekend and maybe she could come by on Sunday night. Because I happen to know that’s when Patrick always goes to see his mother. Said maybe I could make her dinner and we could just talk.”

“Both of those things have zero chance of happening.”

“Well, I think I can manage salad and spaghetti. Because we had spaghetti when we first went out to dinner. Romantic, right?”

“You’re so sentimental. How come you’re never this sweet with me?”

He grabs your hair and pulls you against him for a rough kiss. “Because you don’t like it sweet, dirty girl. You like it very, very spicy.”

You smile up at him through your eyelashes as he pushes you against the wall, his thigh wedged between yours. “You know me so well, baby.”


Since you’re supposed to be away at a wedding, you decide to treat yourself to a luxurious 5-star hotel weekend, pampering yourself with massages and a facial and gourmet room service. Unfortunately, Pedro calls in a tizzy Sunday morning, insisting you come home to help him get ready for his evening with Alexis.

“Why? I’m sure you can handle it,” you sigh into your phone as you sip your cocktail poolside.

“I can’t even find the corkscrew!”

“It’s in the drawer under the microwave.”

“Ok, but look, I need you to help me figure out what’s most romantic. Like I don’t know if I should plan on having dinner inside or on the patio?”


“And which sheets—“

“The sage green ones. They have the highest thread count.”

“What the fuck is sage green? There are three different fucking sets of green sheets in the closet.”

“No, the other two are mint and sea glass. Whatever, it doesn’t matter.”

“It does! I’m only gonna get one chance at this. Please, bebita, I need you. Also, I broke the cake stand thingy you bought for the tiramisu cheesecake.”

“Really, Pedro? Jesus Christ.”

“Come on, baby. Can you just pick up a new one? And maybe some flowers? Nothing too fancy though. Like maybe tulips or daffodils. For the table. Don’t overdo it. I already got roses for the bedroom. Oh, and some candles. The ones you always get that smell like whatever? In the blue glass containers? And a butter dish?”

“For fuck’s sake, Pedro. Yeah, yeah, I’ll be there in a couple of hours.”


“Which one?”

You sigh and point to the light blue button-up. “Make sure to roll the sleeves up. Makes it look 100 times hotter.”

“Obviously. This isn’t my first rodeo, honey.”

“Whatever. Look, keep it nice and vanilla in bed, ok? If you get that far.”

“Oh, I‘ll get that far. Probably way before dessert. And I always do keep it vanilla. At first. It’s boring but I don’t want to scare anyone off.”

“That’s not what I recall.”

“Well, that was different. I could tell you were down to get freaky.

“Sure, asshole.”

“Am I wrong? Hey speaking of you being freaky, you know what would be so hot?”

You arch an eyebrow expectantly as you undo the top button of his shirt for maximal sexiness. “What?”

“Come here, look what I noticed when I was getting the clean sheets down.”

Pedro turns you around and marches you into the walk-in closet. He closes the door all but a crack. Finally, he kisses your neck as he guides you to stand in front of the gap.

“What do you see?”

“Uh, the bedroom. Obviously.”

“What part?”

You sigh, not understanding why he’s being so ridiculous. “The bed.”

“What would you see if Alexis and I were on the bed?”

“I guess the two of you…on the bed?”

“No. You’d see me fucking her while wishing she was you. Wishing I could be doing dirty, dirty things to my favorite little slut instead of banging that uptight shrew.”

Pedro turns you around and wraps his hand around your neck as he licks into your mouth. When you start to moan softly, he bites your shoulder and growls in your ear.

“So be a good, filthy little whore for me and wait in here to see what that looks like, mi amor. Watch me reel her in and make her my little fuck toy. Watch me make her come so hard she’ll keep running back for more. If you do, baby, I’ll rail you nice and hard on those same sheets once she goes home.”

You whine at his words and press your open mouth to his. Unfortunately, the sound of knocking interrupts further passionate kisses. Pedro grins and smacks your ass on his way out to answer the door.

“Break a leg, baby,” you whisper. He turns and winks before he leaves the room.


You sit in the armchair by the bed, reading more about common bank surveillance systems and transport procedures on your iPad. Finally, through the open window, you hear the patio door open. Footsteps. A high-pitched giggle. Pedro's voice, low and honeyed, the rough edges carefully mellowed for optimal seduction.

“Oh, my gosh, Pedro. This wine is amazing. Oh! Daffodils! I love daffodils.”

“Me too. They remind me of you. So beautiful and bright and sunny.”

Seriously, Pedro? She’s beautiful and sunny like a  daffodil? He’s lucky women are usually too busy admiring his pretty face for them to care too much about the lackluster quality of his sweet nothings.

Alexis seems to think otherwise though. She hangs on his every word and compliments every aspect of the dinner.

“Pedro, really, you didn’t have to do all this.”

“But I wanted to, Lexi. You deserve to have someone do nice things for you.”

You peek out the window to the patio below. Dusk is falling, so she won’t be able to see you.

Pedro and Alexis are softly illuminated by candlelight and the fairy lights you had strung up on the trellis. He’s resting his chin in his hand and leaning across the table to better look into her eyes. Alexis looks anxious but also quite giddy.

“Lexi, I just wanted to apologize. If I made you uncomfortable the other day. I can’t stand knowing that I might have upset you.”

“Oh, Pedro. No, it’s ok, I’m not upset with you at all. Just confused and a little disappointed in myself, that’s all. Oh, I just don’t know what to do or think.” Her voice cracks and she sounds slightly teary, although her words seem a bit contrived.

You hear the scrape of Pedro’s chair on the tile. He gets up, walks over to Alexis, and crouches down next to her. He speaks gently while caressing her hand. “Then maybe you should concentrate on feeling.”

Pedro leans in and kisses her softly. “There. Like that. Just feel.”

Ew, so sappy. But it seems to be working. Alexis is melting into him.

They sit on the wicker couch under the trellis and kiss for a while as darkness falls. Eventually, Pedro whispers something in Alexis’ ear. When she answers, he smiles. He gets up and holds a hand out to help her stand. Once she is next to him, he pulls her close for another kiss and murmurs gently to her. You strain to hear.

“…don’t have to. I just want to touch you as much or as little as you want me to…just want to make you feel good, make you feel happy, ángel…but I do want you, want all of you, so badly. I’ve wanted you for so, so long.”

You have changed your mind. You have to give him credit. Pedro is a pretty smooth operator.

They come inside and you hear them downstairs. Hurriedly, you tiptoe to the closet and close the door almost all the way behind you.

You don’t have to wait long. There are footsteps on the stairs and then the bedroom door swings open. The room is as romantic as you can get. A multitude of candles, already lit. Rose petals on the down comforter. You had told Pedro this was overkill, but he insisted that “chicks always go weak in the knees for it, I promise.” More roses in a vase on the bedside table. Pedro’s standard sex song list is softly playing on his stupidly elaborate speaker system.

Pedro is walking Alexis backward into the room as he kisses her deeply.  Once they're inside, she looks around at all the romantic touches and her eyes go wide and a little glassy. “Pedro, is all of this…is it all for me?”

“Of course it’s for you, àngel. It’s all for you. I just wanted to make tonight special.”

“Pedro, this is the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for me,” she whispers.

Come on, Alexis. All men are always sweet when they’re trying to get into your pants. It’s not that special. Ew, please don’t cry. Oh good, she pulled herself together.

Pedro kisses her softly. She’s sighing with pleasure as he slides his hands just under her blouse so he can touch her skin while he wraps them around her waist. “Let me…” he murmurs. “You’re like a beautiful gift I’ve been waiting to unwrap.”

He slowly lifts her top over her head and lays it carefully on the chair. Then he gently sucks on her earlobe while unzipping her pants. Pedro pulls them down until he’s crouching in front of her, kissing her navel while lifting her legs to free her feet one at a time from her slacks, which he shakes out and lays down next to her shirt.

Alexis has on a matching lacy pink bra and panty set. You roll your eyes. Obviously, despite her protestations earlier, she was planning on Pedro seeing her lingerie at some point. You’ve only worn coordinated underwear when you were planning on some lucky individual looking at it later that night and then pulling it off to fuck you.

Pedro is mumbling praises in her ear to her while he kisses her neck. “So beautiful…more gorgeous than I ever imagined…pretty, pretty thing, I want to kiss every inch of you.”

He steps back to pull off his shirt and jeans, this time carelessly tossing the clothes on the floor. Ah. He doesn’t care about his clothes but he knew not to wrinkle her outfit because she has to go home to her husband afterward. Clearly, this is not Pedro’s first covert love affair.

He leaves his boxer briefs on. Taking it slow. There’s more kissing and caressing until he finally takes off her bra with gentle fingers, treating it with the same care as the rest of her clothes. Pedro guides her to sit on the edge of the bed.

“Is this ok, hermosa (gorgeous)?” he asks softly, holding her hands in his. Ew. Pedro’s so sweet right now that it’s giving you a toothache.

“Yes, Pedro. Please make love to me, darling,” Alexis answers breathlessly.

Make love to her? Darling?! Yuck. She sounds like the swooning lady of the manor yearning for her sexy stable hand. She’s been reading too many romance novels. Well, with a husband like Patrick, who can blame her.

Pedro leans her back and kisses her slowly and deeply. His fingertips slide gently over her neck and chest, then slowly drift further down to tease her nipples. When he takes one in his mouth, she bites her lip and moans softly.

“You don’t have to be quiet, hermosa. I want to hear every sweet little sound you make,” Pedro purrs. He slides a hand down her torso to gently stroke her pussy through her panties. She whines his name and opens her legs for him.

You can already see a wet spot on the crotch of her underwear and it’s growing larger under Pedro’s talented fingers. Eventually, he slides the fabric to the side. She gasps as he drags his fingertips through her wet folds. He eases a finger inside her and rubs circles into her sensitive bud with his thumb.

“Oh my god, Pedro!” She whimpers like a woman who’s never had a man find her clit before. And who knows, maybe she hasn’t. He thrusts his fingers in and out. Adding one and then the other. You know he’s doing his best to open her up so she can take his cock later. You doubt Patrick’s dick is as big as His. Actually, scratch that. You know it’s not. Absolutely no BDE there.

Pedro hazards a glance in your direction as he fingers Alexis. A tiny smile plays on his lips as he increases the pace and she moans louder, arching her back and grinding her pussy into his hand for more.

He leans over to say something in her ear that has her whimpering and grabbing at his long curls. And then she falls apart, legs spread wide so you can see her cunt and the way Pedro’s fingers are knuckle deep inside her. The heat pooling in your core is too overwhelming. You start to soak your own panties as you watch her writhe around on your bed. Pedro was right. It is fucking hot watching him with another woman who has no idea she’s on display for you.

He’s kissing her all over. Soft, gentle kisses that he trails down her body until he reaches the lacy edge of her underwear. Gently, he peels off her panties. With that obstacle removed, he kisses his way down her mound to her neatly groomed cunt. Yeah, she definitely came over tonight planning to let Pedro fuck her.

Her eyes suddenly fly wide open. “Oh, Pedro, you don’t have to. I mean you already made me come and—“

“And I’m gonna make you come again. And again. When I said I’d make you feel good, baby, I meant it. I’m gonna make you feel better than any other man ever has. Because that’s what you deserve, ángel.”

“But I…”

“Ssshhh. Lay back and let me taste you. Let me make you feel good. Please? I’ve been dreaming about having my head between your thighs for so long, hermosa.”

She finally relaxes and does as he asks, looking pleasantly stunned. When Pedro dips his head down to lick a long stripe from her hole to her clit she nearly sobs with delight. Yeah, he is pretty good with his tongue.

Watching him with his face buried between her legs and hearing him lick and slurp and suck is getting you so incredibly wet. As quietly as you can, you unfasten your jeans and push them down around your ankles along with your sodden panties. Shamelessly, you reach between your legs and begin to rub your swollen clit.

When Alexis finally screams and arches off the bed, Pedro holds her hips down so he can drink down her release. When he finally lets her go, he turns his head and gives you a wicked grin, his lips and chin glistening with her juices. Fuck. You slide a finger into your slippery cunt.

Pedro reaches into the nightstand drawer and pulls out a box of extra large condoms and a bottle of lube.

“Can I make love to you, ángel?” he coos softly as he pulls off his boxers.

Alexis’ eyes grow wide at the sight of Pedro’s long, thick cock. “Yes, but, I…I mean it’s just…wow, Pedro…you’re so big.”

He hums gently and brushes an errant lock of hair from her face. “Don’t worry, baby. I’ll go slow. I promise you can take me. I’ll be so good to you,” he murmurs.

“Ok,” she whispers, her eyes still fixed on his throbbing erection. “I trust you, Pedro.”

Pedro rolls a condom over his dick. He hates wearing condoms. But you told him that Alexis would probably feel more comfortable if he did, so he had begrudgingly agreed. Never taking his eyes off her, he squirts some Astroglide onto his palm. He briskly rubs his hands to warm up the lube and then coats his entire length with it.

“God, I’ve wanted to make love to you for so long,” Pedro murmurs as he settles between her legs. Yuck yuck yuck. They really need to stop saying “make love.” It’s almost turning you off. Well, not really. Your pussy is still dripping wet as you watch their naked bodies stretched out over your bed. You have to pump your fingers in and out very slowly so there aren’t any squelching sounds that might reach Alexis’ ears.

Pedro notches his cock at her entrance. “You sure, ángel?”

“Yes, please, Pedro,” she whimpers.

He slowly eases into her like he said he would, carefully watching her face to make sure she’s not uncomfortable. Such a gentleman. So far and away from how he roughly thrusts into you. Because he knows you love being filled with his cock all at once.

“Oh, Pedro,” she moans as he inches forward. “Oh, my god, I feel so full. It’s so, so good, baby

You’ve been there and you have to agree. He does feel pretty amazing. You stifle a moan of your own as you press another finger into your cunt, wishing it was his thickness filling you up.

Once Pedro is fully seated inside of her, she wraps her legs around his waist. Eventually, Alexis bucks her hips up into him and begs him to move. Which he does but he keeps the pace slow and tender, gazing into her eyes and whispering sweet nothings. It’s so sappy that if you weren’t watching the way his back muscles ripple and his cute little ass tenses each time he thrusts into her, you might almost find the whole thing unarousing.

Pedro finally picks up the pace and starts grunting and groaning. Hearing the sounds he usually makes when he’s above you makes your cunt ache for him.

Suddenly, he pulls out so he can flip Alexis over and plunge into her from behind. You frown even as you feel a wave of slick gush out of you at the sight. He’s not supposed to get this frisky with her. What if she doesn’t like doggy style? What if she doesn’t think it’s romantic?

Her long moan quells your anxiety. No, she definitely likes it. And so do you. You clench around your fingers as you watch Pedro’s cock sink into her again and again. Fuck. You can see so much more from this angle. He tilts his head towards you and winks. Then he spreads her ass cheeks wide, displaying her puckered hole, all slick with lube and arousal that had trickled down from her cunt. You wish you could watch him play with her asshole or even fuck it, but that’s too much for now. Maybe he’ll fuck yours later. He shifts and your view gets even better. God, you can even see the way her pussy lips are stretched around his thick cock.

Your hand seems to move faster of its own volition at the raunchy peepshow Pedro’s providing you with. You’re about to come, but you know you have to be quiet. Frantically, you snatch one of Pedro’s t-shirts from the laundry basket next to you and stuff it in your mouth to muffle your panting. Pedro has gagged you on several occasions and the soft fabric in your mouth reminds you of those delicious interludes.

Between that steamy recollection and seeing Alexis’ pink asshole clench every time Pedro’s cock pulls away from her sloppy wet cunt, you finally lose it and come all over your hand. You bite down on the cloth in your mouth and pinch your nipple hard with your free hand as your hips buck into the other. There’s a gush of liquid as you squirt so hard it gushes down onto your jeans where they’re wrapped around your ankles. When you finally come back down from the heights of your pleasure, your legs are trembling and your heart is racing. You pray she didn’t hear you. Jesus Christ, that was amazing.

You peek back out through the crack in the door. Alexis is moaning louder and louder as her tits bounce around with each of Pedro’s strong thrusts. Even he is grunting and tilting his head back with pleasure. Pedro has been crafting a wonderfully filthy live porno just for you, but it probably won’t last too much longer.

Hey, there’s an idea. You grab your jeans and fumble around until you find your slightly damp phone. Making sure it’s muted and dimmed, you hold it to the crack in the door and start recording.

At first, your impulse was just to make a sexy video to watch later with Pedro. But then you realize that you now have the perfect way to blackmail Alexis later if needed. You make sure to focus in on her face as her mouth falls open with ecstasy and she starts screaming Pedro’s name in that high-pitched whiny voice of hers. Perfect. Arousing to watch and clear evidence of adultery if needed.

Pedro is grunting and moving his hips faster, although you can tell he’s holding back and not thrusting as hard as he usually does at this juncture. Alexis has collapsed onto the bed in the wake of her orgasm, but Pedro easily holds her ass aloft so he can pound his way to his release, balls slapping against her thigh and head thrown back.

“Oh, god, Lexi! Baby, you feel so good,” he gasps as he comes to a shuddering halt, no doubt spilling into the condom. It’s impressive that he was able to suppress his usual string of curses while coming and utter something a bit sweeter than, “god, you fucking whore!” You personally prefer the latter.

You stop recording as they cuddle on the bed, playing with one another’s hair and whispering sappy endearments. Finally, Alexis sits up with a melancholy look on her face.

“I should go,” she sighs.

Pedro sits up and kisses her forehead. “I know. I understand.”

She gives him a brave smile and turns to get up off the bed. “Oh. What’s this?”

She picks something up off the nightstand and shows it to Pedro, her lips pursed. Your heart stops when you see the light glint off the object between her fingers. Fuck fuck fuck. Your earring.

Pedro glances down, his expression remaining relaxed and neutral. “Hmmm? Oh, that’s my cousin’s earring. It belonged to her mom. My aunt. The stone is loose and I was going to have it fixed. I put it there so I wouldn’t forget to do it.” He absently rolls your diamond earring between his fingers. “I was hoping to take it to the jeweler while she’s out of town. As a surprise.” He shakes his head sadly. “She has so few things left of her mother’s.”

Lexi’s frown fades and her face becomes peaceful and content once again. “That’s so sweet of you Pedro. You are so thoughtful.”

“Well, family is important,” he replies with a shrug as he sets the earring back on the nightstand. She nods in agreement. You want to sigh in relief but you don’t want her to hear you. The two carry on a syrupy sweet conversation as they dress, going on about who had wanted this more. Then Pedro follows Alexis down the stairs to walk her out. You hear the front door open and then close. At last, you listen as just one set of footsteps coming up the stairs.

Pedro comes into the room grinning from ear to ear. Confirming that he’s alone, you step out of the closet and into his arms.

“You were perfect,” you squeal as you kiss him.

He laughs. “Oh yeah? It looked that good from inside the closet then?”

You smack his arm. “I was talking about your “lovesick neighbor” performance overall, idiot.” You smile and kiss him again. “But yeah, that part was pretty good too. I even recorded it for you so you could see.”

Mierda (shit), I definitely want to watch that.”  He kisses you roughly, grabbing your ass and roughly pulling you against him. “Mmmm, baby, I think she fell for all of it hook, line, and sinker. Did I do a good job for you, mi amor? We’re that much closer to all that money. And there was even the bonus of you getting to watch me fuck that poor woman senseless.”

“She did walk out of here looking pretty happy,” you giggle.

“And now I’m gonna fuck you senseless. Christ, all I wanted that whole time was to be ruining your pretty cunt, not hers.”

“Pedro, you literally just pulled your dick out of her stretched-out pussy. Are you seriously still horny?”

“Yeah, I took some G and Viagra earlier so I’d be plenty able to fuck you after her. Now take your fucking clothes off, woman.”

Pedro pulls his jeans and t-shirt back off as you strip for him. “Come here, bebita. Wanna watch the little video you made while I fuck your face.”

“Only if you fuck my ass afterward,” you purr. “Put me on all fours and just go to town on my poor little asshole. I could tell you wanted to fuck hers but you didn’t want to get too naughty with her.”

“I’ll fuck whatever opening you want, my pretty three-hole whore. And if you’re really good, I might even let you peg me afterward.” He pushes your shoulder down until you fall on your knees. He’s stroking his cock in front of your face, getting ready to shove it in your mouth.

“Please let me, baby. I’ll be so good. I love watching you take my dick,” you whine. Your pussy is dripping for him. “And then, I want to be fucked harder than I ever have. I want to be used. Want it so bad.”

He chuckles darkly. “Alright. I can make that happen. Plan on having a hard time walking tomorrow, dirty slut. Hope you’re ready to be fucked all night. Because, my pretty cumsleeve, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.”

And he does. It’s by far the hottest, kinkiest night of your life. You sniff some lines of coke and take some GHB too to keep up with him. You end up whining for him to fuck you again after he’s completely spent. You beg him for more cock until he finally calls up his dealer and four of his gym buddies to come over and appease you.

They take turns with you until you're utterly exhausted, and you pass out on the bed, cum leaking from all your holes. Pedro takes pictures of you, spread eagle and fast asleep on the sheets that he’d fucked Alexis on earlier, with the tip of a dildo in your mouth. In the morning he teases you and says he’ll make it the background on his phone. Or open an account on Only Fans and charge people to look at it there.

“I’ll title it ‘Filthy Little Cumslut Passes Out After Gang Bang.’” he announces as he swipes through the set to decide which shot he likes best. “Look, I even got a close-up of your ruined cunt, baby. I can’t believe how much cum we dumped into you. Come here, look at this sloppy pussy. Oh, I got a close-up of your gaping asshole too. That hole’s full of cum too.”

“Oh, shut up, Pedro,” you huff as you drink your coffee and decide you need some ibuprofen to ease the pain of your sore holes and throbbing head.

He just grins and leans across the table to kiss you. “Oh, don’t say that, bebita. You know I love you like crazy.”

You smile over the rim of your mug. “I love you too, baby. For always.”

He strokes your cheek lovingly. “Finish your coffee. I wanna take you somewhere romantic.


“A tattoo parlor? This is our romantic outing?”

Even though you’re in the middle of the sidewalk out front, Pedro pulls you into him and kisses, then bites, your neck.

When he pulls away from your skin murmurs, “Yes, bebita. Come on. I was in here the other day and I want to show you something.”

Pedro pulls you into the shop, the door ringing its alert behind you. He aims a quick chin bob at a large man in an AC/DC shirt and soon you find yourself over at a counter looking at some sketches.

“Ok, man, here’s what I came up with. You said you wanted traditional style. I went with the rose for love, the joined hand, and the ‘Partners In Crime’ banner. What do you think?”

Pedro leans over and nips your earlobe. “What do you, think, mi amor? I’m getting it over my heart. All for you.”

You wrap your arms around him and your eyes go wide. “Really, baby?”

“Yeah, of course. You’re my one and only. My partner in crime.” He leans down and gives you a kiss that is far too lewd for the circumstances since you're in a crowded tattoo parlor with a burly tattoo artist right in front of you.

“I love it. It needs a little something more though.” You glance through the binder of flash drawings. “Like maybe this? As the background?”

Pedro gives you that lazy, sexy grin of his. “I like that.”

The tattoo artist shrugs and nods. “Yeah, I can do that easy enough. Give me a minute to draw it up.”

When the man is done he presents the original drawing in the middle of a bleeding heart, pierced with a knife.

“I love it,” you whisper.

Pedro nods his approval. “The knife is perfect.” He kisses you again. “Love hurts. But I like a little pain.”

Chapter Text

“What she really wants is adventure,” Pedro announces suddenly, laying his true crime novel down on his broad chest. As if the idea has just struck him and it is so profound that he had to share it immediately. He takes off his glasses and chews on the earpiece. “A fucking adventure.”

You’d been dozing in the warm sunshine, so it’s a struggle to lift your head up off his shoulder. Humming sleepily, you look up into those familiar brown eyes. At this moment, they are glinting amber in the morning light. He has such beautiful eyes. Eyes you could get lost in. Eyes you do get lost in.

You don’t have to ask who “she” is. Alexis has been the focus of yours and Pedro’s attention for well over a year.

“Adventure, huh?”

“Yeah. She’s desperate for it.”

With a wink, he adds, ”That’s half the reason she’s sneaking around and fucking me.”

“Spreading her legs for you is indeed an adventure,” you smirk.

He smiles and takes your hand to gently kiss your wrist. Then he sinks his teeth into your palm. You startle slightly and send the hammock rocking.


“You like it.”

“Well, yeah, when we’re fucking.”

“We could be. Fucking. Just say the word.” He casually places your hand on his crotch where you can feel his semi through the thin fabric of his gym shorts.

You gaze up at him through your lashes and give him a coy smile. “Later. Work first. So you think it’s time? To bring up the idea of the heist? Get her to help us so she can have an ‘adventure’?”

“Yeah. I think she’d do anything right now if it meant she could run away with me. Alexis is so infatuated with me, she’d jump off a cliff if I told her to.” He absently strokes the sun-warmed skin on the back of your neck. “The only reason she hasn’t left Patrick for me already is that trust fund of his.”

“Mmmm…You’re so good at this, baby.”

He winks down at you as he lightly traces your collarbone. “What can I say? I’m irresistible.”

You roll your eyes. “And modest. Look, I think you should pretend I'm not part of this at first. Make her feel special. Like she’s the only one you want to do this with. Then you formulate the plan, realize you need a third, and decide to have me join in.”

“Yeah, she’ll like that. She’s been weird about you lately. Like she’s jealous of the time we spend together.”

“Ew. She thinks we're cousins. Why be jealous of that?”

“I dunno. I told you, she's a little unhinged. But we can make that work for us.”

“We certainly can.” You stretch lazily in the morning sunlight as the two of you sway gently. You can't remember whose idea it was to get this hammock for the backyard, but you wholeheartedly approve of the purchase.

Pedro tangles his fingers into your hair and uses his handhold to pull your head to the side. He licks and kisses your neck, his mouth soft and gentle at first. But soon his teeth scrape at your skin and he’s sucking little bruises into the delicate skin above your throat.

“So what was that you were saying about fucking?” you purr, slowly sliding a hand under his shirt and scratching lightly at the trail of hair that runs from his navel down to the waistline of his boxers. His hips jerk forward automatically and he growls in your ear.

“Fuck, bebita. Let’s go inside and I'll show you. Right there on the kitchen table.”

You hum. “The table sounds good. Because sex on this hammock would end up with us on the ground. And you’ve got me so worked up I won’t make it to the bed.” You lick his neck and give his cock a squeeze. “So. The. Table. Is. Perfect.” You punctuate each word of your last sentence with a kiss, each more heated than the last.

Pedro gets up and holds out a hand to help you to your feet, his fingers making an impatient come hither gesture. “Come on. Hurry up or I’ll truss you up on the table instead of just bending you over it. You’d look so pretty tied to each corner.”

Your pussy clenches at the thought. “Well now I don't know if I want to move fast or slow,” you whisper in his ear as slick drips from your aching cunt.

He grins wickedly. “In that case, mi amor, we could always do both.

Then Pedro sharply smacks your ass and pulls you towards the french doors. “Now, vamos (let’s go). Get inside. I wanna fuck your brains out.”

And that’s how you end up with torn strips of tablecloth tied to each wrist and ankle, securing you to a smooth birch tabletop. All you can do is lay there, spread eagle and naked, like the first course of Pedro’s next meal.

“I’d blindfold you too, but I want you to see everything I’m going to do to you,” Pedro murmurs as he kisses you softly on the cheek.

You know enough not to fall for his tricks. That soothing tone of his voice and the cloying brush of his lips. The only time he’s tender and sweet during sex is when he’s feeling particularly sentimental, which very rarely happens. Or when he’s exhausted. Or stoned. Or trying to get something from you. None of these things seem to apply right now. Obviously, you never can be sure about the possibility of manipulation because he’s so damn good at it. But in any case, you're skeptical of the promise made by his warm breath as it dances across your skin.

Plus, you’re tied to the dining room table. That doesn’t exactly indicate that he’s in a romantic mood. Which is totally fine with you.

Pedro smiles and disappears into the kitchen for what seems like forever. You hear the sound of drawers and cabinets opening, followed by a variety of clinks, scrapes, and thumps.

“Baby, I miss you,” you pout, tugging on the fabric that is holding you down.

“Always so needy,” he chides as he returns and sets something on a dining room chair. From the glimpse you catch in the corner of your eye, it looks like the basket you use to store dish towels.

“So, mi amor. I’m going to be so nice. At least, until I’m not,” he growls softly, his lips dragging against the column of your throat. “Ok? Safe word?”

You smirk. “Money. Although I maintain that the thought of it turns both of us on too much to be effective.”

That earns you a sharp slap on the thigh. “Hey! I thought you were going to be nice!” you yelp.

“Nah. I think I’m going to do whatever the fuck I want.” His low rasp makes your cunt leak with desire.

A jar is unscrewed. You smell coconut and hear him rubbing his hands together. “Are you going to be good now, bebita?”

“Always such a fucking brat,” he hisses, his teeth sinking into your shoulder.

His warm, slippery hands glide over your stomach, up your sides, and along your arms. Coconut oil. Your eyelids flutter shut as he massages you. This is nice. Very nice. Eventually, his gentle fingers caress your breasts, teasing your nipples and then moving away just when they start to pebble.

“Pedro, don’t stop. Play with my nipples. It feels so nice,” you whimper.

He hums. “Beg me.”

You decide it’s in your best interest to play nice. “Please, baby? Pretty please?”

His fingertips stroke and roll your nipples and you moan contentedly. Then his hands leave you to rummage in the basket. A sharp pinch stings one nipple and then the other. You gasp and cry out.

“I thought that would be a better use for those stupid fucking chip clips you bought that are too small to do the job.”

Jesus. He’s not being nice at all. But soon the pinch fades to a dull, throbbing pressure and you feel your hot arousal trickle onto the table.

He slides his hands down your thighs and then back up between them. “I see you’re nice and wet for me already. I like this view of your pussy. All spread open for me whether you like it or not.”

He moves his hands along the creases where your thighs join your core, just barely grazing your damp folds and swollen clit.

“Pedro!” you whine in frustration. A stinging pain bursts along the inside of your thigh as he spanks you again.

“No complaining, dirty whore. It’s what I want, not what you want.” Pedro dips his hand into the jar of coconut oil again and you watch, entranced, how it slowly melts on his fingertips. He rubs a small amount into your lips and kisses you.

Then he grins wickedly as he slides his hand beneath you. His long fingers slip between your cheeks and push the oil into your asshole. One finger, then two. In and out. Until you’re arching your back and whining like a bitch in heat. When you’re thoroughly worked up, he stops. You nearly sob as he turns and reaches into the basket again.

A hard and thin edge runs up your torso. Pedro turns the object over and shows it to you. A spatula. Then he presses the flat surface to your lips. “Lick.”

You do as he says, but he still lifts the spatula and slaps you with it on the inside of one thigh and then the other. Fuck, he is not messing around today. The pain is making your skin burn, but in a way that somehow borders on pleasure. You moan and wriggle in response to his ministrations.

“Look at you. What a good little slut. You’re dripping even more now.” He tilts his head in mock contemplation. “Hmmm…Should I touch your cunt?” he muses.

“Please,” you whisper. He leers down at you, mockingly tapping his long fingers on his chin as if he’s thinking it over.

“You have been a bit of a good girl.” He leans down and kisses you roughly. “I’ll give you a little something. But not my fingers. And just so you know, the only way you’re coming today is on my cock.”

You whimper pathetically as he tosses the spatula back into the basket. “Let’s see…” he murmurs, digging around for just the right thing. Or things.

“I’ll even let you pick what I’m going to put inside that pretty cunt of yours.” Pedro holds up a silicone ladle, handle side towards you. It flares at the end before tapering to a smooth tip. Your pussy clenches at the sight.

Then Pedro carefully puts it down and grabs you by the jaw, squeezing until you open your mouth. He winks at you and then lets a string of spit dribble onto your tongue. You groan despite not wanting to give him the satisfaction of hearing the lewd sound fall from your lips.

The next thing you know, he’s shoving something into your mouth, nearly making you gag. Slowly, he drags it in and out. “Suck.”

You do so even as your eyes water from the pressure at the back of your throat. “Suck it like it’s the cock you want so bad,” he smirks.

And you do. Your mouth opens wide while your lips wrap around the smooth surface. Obscene slurping sounds fill the air.

“So desperate that you’ll deep throat the produce, huh?” He pulls a cucumber out of your wide open mouth and rests it between your breasts. “So which one, little whore?” he coos.

“The ladle,” you whisper.

“The cucumber then,” Pedro smirks. Goddamn it. You always fall for that ruse. “Sorry. It just looked so pretty in your mouth. I wanna see it in a different hole now.”

He leans over and spits on your throbbing cunt before he drags his chosen implement down your body. Then he rests it lightly against your entrance.

“Now be good,” he warns softly. “Or I’ll make a video of you getting fucked with a cucumber and moaning like a ten dollar whore. And I’d definitely post that online.”

Before you can protest, he pushes the makeshift dildo inside you. “Oh god,” you gasp as your cunt is split open.

“Feel good, bebita?” he asks as he lazily thrusts it in and out.

“Yes…” It’s thick and smooth and it feels so much better than you would have thought.

“That’s my good girl. Taking whatever I give her.”

You start panting and mewling as he fucks it into you faster and harder. “Jesus, what a horny little slut you are.”

Just as the pressure starts to build in your core, he cruelly pulls it away and pushes it back in your mouth. Whining pitifully, you pull at the cloth holding you down as you're forced to take the vegetable down your throat again. You choke and gag around it, tasting the slick from your cunt on your tongue.

Thankfully, he pulls it out after a minute and lays it on the table beside your head. As you gasp for air, you suddenly hear the thwack of a knife sinking into wood. Pedro grins at your wide eyes as he holds up half of the cleanly sliced cucumber. Then he sets it down and bends down to purr in your ear. “Do you trust me, mi amor?”

“Yes,” you whisper truthfully. You do. You trust him completely, utterly, absolutely.

“Good.” Then he holds a carving knife up so you can see it. You are simultaneously frightened and aroused. The fear is an automatic response to seeing a blade so close to you. But you know, you know he would never hurt you. So the anxiety ebbs and is replaced with heat and desire.

He gently rests the tip of the knife in the hollow of your throats

“Such a good girl,” he sighs as you whimper softly.

Oh so slowly, he drags the point on the knife lightly down your torso. It scrapes and tickles but never hurts. When he reaches your navel, he pauses and lays the knife down sideways across your belly.

He walks away for a moment but quickly returns and sets something small on the table.

“You’re making me so fucking hard, baby,” he groans. Pedro pulls his shirt off and then his pants. You turn your head to the side and see his thick cock pressed upright against his stomach. The tip is flushed and dripping precum. You lick your lips but there’s no way of reaching him in this position.

He notices and clicks his tongue.“Patience, mi amor.”

Pedro picks up his knife and taps something across your stomach. Coke. Carefully, he scrapes it into a thin line with the knife.

“Just wanna make sure I can go plenty long enough to fuck you properly once I feel like it.”

Pedro bends over and snorts the line off your skin. When he lifts his head, he sucks on his index finger and then drags it across your belly, carefully tracing the exact spot where the trail of cocaine had been. He smiles and puts his finger between your parted lips and along your gums. Eagerly, you wrap your lips around the little you can get of him.

“Didn’t want to waste it. And I know how much you love to suck things.”

“Baby, please. Please fuck me,” you whimper when he removes his finger. “Please.”

Pedro grins and picks his knife back up. “Hmmm…” He drags the sharp tip lightly across your skin down to your mound. And then closer, closer, so dangerously close to your aching clit.

“You’re just perfect, bebita. So ready to be my little cumslut. If I fuck you, should I fill you up or paint your ass?”

You whine and plead. “Whatever you want, baby. You can do anything to me. I’ll do exactly what you want. Just please fuck me already.”

Pedro raises the knife and turns the blade so the flat side of it faces you. With careful consideration, he presses the wide edge against your pussy, smiling when you keen at the touch.

He lifts the knife and heedfully licks the tip of his tongue along the dull edge. “You taste so good, honey. And you’re so wet you’re ruining my table.”

He cocks his head. “So I may as well finish the job. We’re rich. We can buy a new one.

The knife flashes in his hand as he brings it to your wrist and slices across your bindings, the tip of the blade digging into the wooden tabletop. He repeats the procedure at your other wrist and both your ankles.

“Get up and bend over the table like a good girl.”

You obey. Once you’re bent over in front of him, he kicks your legs further apart and presses you further into the table with a hand between your shoulder blades. Pedro pulls your arms behind you and pins them behind your back. His nimble fingers knot the frayed ends of your wrist bindings until you’re tied up again.

“This is exactly how I want you,” he rasps in your ear. “Don’t move or I’ll pull out and fuck my hand instead of your cunt and you won’t get to come. You’ll just get my load all over your poor pussy. Understand?”

“Yes,” you mumble weakly.

Apparently, you’re not loud enough. His hand cracks across the tender skin of your ass, no doubt leaving a red handprint in his wake.


“That’s better.” Then he grabs your hips and slams into you, his long, thick cock spearing you on its tip. You scream deliriously. It’s all you can do not to spread your legs wider to let him in even deeper. But he said not to move, so you force yourself to stay still. Pedro grunts and groans as he rails into you unceasingly. The table squeaks across the floor a little with each thrust. Soon you’re whimpering and babbling beneath him.

“God, baby, yes…oh god, I need it, fuck, your cock is so good…” you sob, nearly hysterical with ecstasy.

“Does anyone else fuck you like this?” Pedro growls, his hips never slowing as he slams into you.

“No no no! Oh, god, only you. Only you make me feel this good. Just wanna be your little fucktoy, baby. Let you ruin me.”

Pedro groans at your words, rutting into you for what feels like forever and a mere moment all at once. His cock opens you, fills you, makes you see stars.

Then he snarls and pulls out of you, only to spread your cheeks and push the tip of his cock against your puckered hole. “Want me to fuck you up the ass and rub your clit until you come?” he hisses.

“Yes, baby, please, baby. Please.”

“I like it when you beg, you dirty little slut. When you're so desperate you cry.”

Without wasting another second, he grunts and buries himself in your tight, well-oiled, willing asshole. “Pedro!” you gasp as he starts to thrust in and out of you. As he promised, his fingertips slide around your hip and rub tight circles into your clit.

“Oh, god, Pedro! Please make me your whore…please fill me up with your cum,” you plead deliriously. In truth, you can barely comprehend your own words. You just blather frantically as he fucks your ass.

He groans at your pleas and pounds into you even harder. You wail as he hits something devastating inside while his fingers press into your sensitive, throbbing bud. It’s all so much, too much. You come hard, clenching your empty pussy and full asshole tight as exquisite pleasure washes over you. You scream Pedro’s name over and over as his talented fingertips draw out your pleasure. Spanish and English curses are tattooed into your skin with sharp teeth and slick sweat as he follows you down into decadent oblivion. At last, you feel his cock throb deep in your ass, splashing hot cum inside you.

Then the only sounds are his panting breaths and your soft moans. He collapses along your back and nuzzles his face into your hair.

“God, I love you so much, baby,” Pedro murmurs as he trails a line of kisses along your jaw.

You simply lay there and enjoy the feeling of his softening cock in your ass. You’re vaguely aware of the mess dripping from your pussy. Jesus. He fucked you so hard you squirted even with nothing in your cunt. This man will be the death of you.

“I love you too, Pedro,” you sigh contentedly. “So, so fucking much.”

Sometimes you listen to them from the closet like before. Especially when Pedro wants your opinion on his conversations with Alexis. And this conversation is absolutely critical.

Plus, he gets off on you watching them. It gets you pretty hot and bothered too, so you’re not too resistant to the idea.

Pedro and Alexis hurriedly pull their clothes off and get on the bed. Hands and tongues explore heated skin until they’re both writhing with desire. Finally, Pedro flips her onto her back and fucks into her, pushing her spread legs towards her chest until she’s almost bent in half. She’s shrieking as each stroke of his cock threatens to break her in two. Pedro grabs the headboard with one hand for leverage and the bed squeaks with the force of his thrusts. Alexis wails his name as she comes around his cock, pale pink fingernails digging into his shoulders like so many sharp petals against his skin.

Pedro moves relentlessly as he chases his high. When he comes with a long groan and her name on his lips, his whole body tenses but his face is loose with pleasure. After he regains his senses, he sprawls on the bed next to Alexis and murmurs softly in her ear.

Alexis looks as content as the cat that got the cream. “Mmmm…now that was a proper fuck. God, Pedro, I had no idea what I was missing all this time. Patrick sure as hell never fucked me like that.”

Pedro laughs and gives Alexis a tender, placid smile as he sits up to grab his cigarettes. He lights one and takes a long inhale, his eyelids closing as he leans his head against the bed rail. After another deep drag, he opens his eyes and stares into the middle distance, watching tendrils of smoke unfurl before touching the ceiling.

“I wish we could just stay in this bed forever,” Alexis giggles as she snuggles up to him.

She looks up at him when he doesn’t respond. “What’s wrong, darling?” She frowns as she gently strokes Pedro’s tight jaw. Well, that was easy. He had effortlessly lured her right into that trap with nothing more than a furrowed brow and some sad eyes. A perfect mimic of real frustration and worry.

He sighs. “It’s just…my cousin and I are barely going to break even on this flip, baby. The market is going to shit.” Pedro rubs at his temple and takes his hand through those lovely, thick curls., He looks so tired and stressed that you almost feel sorry for him.

“I don’t want to sell. I want to stay here near you and wait for the market to turn around. But she wants to put it on the market right now. She thinks housing prices will just keep going down. And I don’t have enough money to buy her out.”

“She is so selfish sometimes,” Alexis complains with a scowl. You narrow your eyes. As if she’s one to talk.

Pedro tenderly kisses her mouth, where her rosy lips are already swollen from his earlier ministrations. He gazes down at her and smiles wistfully. “I wish I had enough money to take you away from all this mundane bullshit. Imagine, just us, living in some tropical paradise with money to burn. Like Bali. Or St. Bart’s. Maybe Bora Bora or something. No jobs. No Patrick. Nothing but you and me and white sand.”

“You really mean it, Pedro?” Her eyes are wide and dreamy.

“Of course, ángel. You’re all I ever want. Just the two of us. Always.” He tenderly strokes her cheek and tucks a stray lock of hair behind her ear. “Don’t you know how much I love you?”

Wow. He’s really laying it in thick. You never thought you’d see the day that has Pedro simpering like a lovesick schoolgirl. But you know by now not to question his methods. The man is truly an artist. He is very, very good at what he does. All of what he does, you think with a smirk as you shift your legs beneath you. You can barely sit down after yesterday morning.

Alexis sighs happily. “I do. And I love you more than anything. But we would need so much money for that. I mean, I’m used to a certain lifestyle. Because of Patrick’s inheritance and my salary too.”

“You’re right. We couldn’t go anywhere if we’d lose your salary from the bank.”

They lay there in silence, Pedro smoking and Alexis tracing her finger across his chest, tracing his ‘Partners in Crime’ tattoo.

When Pedro had first gotten the tattoo several months ago, the one he’d actually had done for you, he’d told Alexis that it was in memory of a childhood friend who had just died in a car accident. A morbid, detailed lie. His tale was that they got into so much trouble as kids that everyone always said they were partners in crime. Pedro sold the story easily with tears glistening in his eyes and a photo of the two of them as kids (a random picture of two boys circa the 1980s that he found on the internet).

“Partners in crime,” Alexis murmurs.

Pedro leans over and kisses her forehead. “We’d make pretty good partners in crime, wouldn’t we, hermosa (gorgeous)? You working at a bank and all.”

After a minute of quietly stroking her hair, he nonchalantly asks, “So…has anyone ever actually robbed that bank of yours?”

A few more post-coital conversations and Pedro tells you he has Alexis sold on the idea. You’re so excited that you turn off your Game of Thrones marathon to listen to his every word.

“I was right,” Pedro says with a self-satisfied grin. “Most of the reason she agreed to do it is for the sheer adventure of it all.” He pauses to snort another line off the mirror on the coffee table. “But a lot of it is also because she really does want to run away with me.”

“Well, she can think whatever she needs to think for now,” you snark as you tilt your glass and watch the deep red liquid swirl and eddy. Happily, you snuggle against his warm neck and kiss his jaw. You feel happy and relaxed after downing half of the very expensive bottle of wine next to you.

“Once we have all that cash, you can tell her you’re not going with her. Or better yet, we’ll just take our money and run. Let her figure out what happened by herself. She can consider herself lucky that we let her keep her share of the loot. But she sure as hell won’t be headed to paradise with you.”

It seems like it takes Pedro a second longer than it should to agree. “No. Of course not,” he mumbles absently.

You frown. He’s probably just distracted. Princesa is outside in the gloaming, frantically running back and forth while barking at an airplane. Even though it’s clearly not an issue in her case, he’s been worried because he read dogs bark a lot if they’re lonely.

So yeah. That’s most likely what has him preoccupied. And just as you’d thought, Pedro whistles for the little pug and then plops her down on his lap when she comes running. There. Problem solved. He smiles gently at you and your heart skips a beat.

So much plotting and scheming and strategizing. That’s what good thieves do. Collect the necessary information from the inside source. Case the target location and environs multiple times. Acquire the necessary supplies. Consider every detail, plan for all contingencies. Everything is organized down to the minute, right up to your exit strategy, of which there are two versions. There’s the false scenario that has Pedro making his getaway with Alexis to some tropical island.

And then there’s the real plan. It calls for you and Pedro to stash the money in a storage unit on the way to Vegas. The two of you disappear into the background in the City of Sin for a few debauched days. Then you’ll fly to Miami (via San Francisco, Portland, Dallas, Chicago, and New York to obscure your trail) and board a ship going around the world. A 274 day luxury cruise. What better place to lie low? No one can catch you in the middle of the ocean. You’ll be in no danger of extradition and you get to tan by the pool and drink piña coladas all day. At night you’ll wear beautiful evening gowns, admire Pedro looking dashing in a tux, and eat lobster and caviar for dinner. Undoubtedly, Pedro will fuck you senseless every night in some storage closet or lifeboat or dark corner of the ship. Once things have cooled off a bit, you’ll return to the States, retrieve the cash, and start laundering all that lovely money.

But, as predicted, when Pedro presents Alexis with the (brilliant) master plan you have worked so hard on, pretending it was his, of course, she disapproves immediately. All because of the need for a third person.

You spy on them from the bedroom window that overlooks the patio. Pedro wined and dined her al fresco tonight in the hope of putting her in a more accommodating mood. He’s getting pretty good at making spaghetti.

His low, honeyed voice drifts up to you on the warm night air. “But, baby, if we’re going to make this look like you aren’t involved, I need another person to help me load up the money. I can’t do it fast enough alone. We only have a small window of time.”

“I just don’t know if I trust her.”

“What’s not to trust? She’s my cousin and your friend. We can trust her.” He smiles and pulls her onto his lap to kiss her. “Someone has to take out the exterior cameras while I attend to the guards my love. I can’t be in two places at once.”

“But then we’ll have to split the money three ways instead of two,” Alexis pouts.

Ángel, we’re gonna have so much money that it will hardly matter. Even you will have a hard time spending it all.”

“Whatever do you mean?” She giggles girlishly as she runs a manicured fingertip over her new Rolex. Given that and the brand new Tesla she’s driving, Pedro’s assessment of her spending habits seems accurate.

He hums into the curve of her neck. “I’m just saying that acquiring everything mi ángel deserves could be a bit expensive. But soon, anything you want will be within our price range. I promise.”

She and Pedro start making out like teenagers. Yuck. You sneak out the front door with a black backpack slung over your shoulder. Some people have real work to do.

You slide into bed a couple of hours before dawn, attempting to stay quiet. But Pedro wakes up anyway. He sighs your name and pulls you into his warm, bare chest. “How did it go, mi amor?” he murmurs sleepily in between drowsy kisses.

“Perfect. Not a hitch. Some CCTV cameras from 2005 and a few lazy guards. Told you, no one expects a fucking zoo to get robbed. I made it out with tranquilizer darts and bottles of chloroform galore.”

“I’m so proud of you, bebita. And now that you’ve spent all night with the animals, you should show me how wild you can be, my naughty little slut.”

Pedro rolls on top of you and you grin up at his handsome face. He looks like an angel, all gilded in the moonlight. But he certainly isn’t acting like one as he grinds against you. You bite the base of his neck hard. “I think that’s how the wild animals do it.”

He groans and nips your shoulder in return. “Gonna claw at me too?”

“Only if you fuck me right.”

“So that’s a yes then.”

It’s your lucky day. Everything goes perfectly.

At two minutes till 2:00, safely ensconced in the empty building next door, you shoot out the rear exterior bank cameras with your favorite sniper rifle. Fully equipped with high-end scope and silencer, of course.

At 2:01, the armored truck arrives and backs in close to the double steel doors where Alexis peers through a small window, waiting to let the expected guests inside.

“Jane is ‘sick’ again. I honestly don’t know why she still has a job,” Alexis sighs as she explains away her unusual presence by referencing Jane’s unexpected “food poisoning” in great detail.

The female guard laughs as she unlocks the truck's back doors. She then stands at her post next to the truck, her thumb casually looped in her belt, fingertips against her holstered pistol while her partner exits the driver’s side of the truck. The next part is a little tricky because you have to hit the female guard with a tranquilizer dart at the exact same time Pedro slips out from behind the dumpster nearby and chloroforms the other guard whom you can’t shoot due to the angle the truck is parked at. You’re lucky again.

Sadly at 2:05, you miss the best part like you knew you would. As you race down the stairwell and out the back door of the decrepit building, Pedro clamps the chloroform soaked rag across Alexis’ nose and mouth and lowers her to the ground when she goes limp.

Obviously, you and Pedro could have killed the guards. And then knocked out Alexis with a well-placed punch (dibs!) to make her look like an innocent bank employee who missed sounding the alarm by mere moments. But you don’t fancy facing murder charges on top of your other crimes. You and Pedro would be facing life or even the death penalty if caught. And it’s just as easy to shoot a drugged dart as a bullet.

At 2:08, you park alongside the armored truck in the nondescript white van you bought off Craigslist in cash a month ago. Pedro, already dressed in the male guard’s uniform, is tossing bags of money out of the armored truck and onto the ground when you exit the van. He was able to drag the unconscious guards to the back of the truck, bind them with zip ties, blindfold, and gag them all before your arrival. God, you love that man.

You love him even more when he grabs you by the collar and shoves you against the wall so he can ravish your mouth with his. He licks your tongue and bites your lips while grinding his hard cock into your thigh. Fuck.

Then he releases you, grabs the dolly from the armored truck, and strolls into the back hallway of the bank while you load up the money from the armored truck. Pedro’s cap is pulled down a bit low to shield his face from the interior cameras, but otherwise he looks no different from one of the usual armored truck guards. His badge is scanned at two different points and he punches in the access code Alexis gave him at the door that leads to the vault. At 2:18, the two bank guards note that he is three minutes late to pick up the biweekly cash out. But, hey, traffic. What can you do? They open the vault for him. Canvas bags full of hundred dollar bills are loaded onto his hand truck. He signs out with an illegible signature and amiably bids the bank guards farewell. Pedro calmly down the hall to where you’re waiting behind the wheel of the white van.

He tosses the bags of money into the van along with the dolly that has his prints all over it and the stylus he’d signed out with. He’d taken off his gloves to go inside because they would have tipped off the guards. You pray he was able to avoid leaving any fingerprints inside the bank. Although it doesn’t matter too much. Pedro won’t show up in any of the criminal databases. He’s just a former waiter and aspiring actor, so why would he?

At 2:26, you drive away from the bank while Pedro changes into his regular clothes in the back. When you arrive back at the house, the two of you unload some plywood and buckets of paint from the van. If any nosy neighbors are watching, they’ll assume you are just returning from one of your biweekly pilgrimages to Home Depot. The van is then parked in the garage. Evidence like the discarded uniform and canvas money bags are set aside to be burned in your fire pit at dusk.

At 2:47, Pedro is fucking you through the floor just inside the back door. And at 2:56, you’re sobbing his name as you come around his cock, white lights exploding behind your eyelids.

It’s late in the evening when the burner phone in Pedro’s sweatshirt pocket starts ringing shrilly. “That has to be Alexis,” he says with a frown.

The two of you had been killing time, watching the new Marvel movie while waiting for the dead of night. That’s when you’re going to leave Pasadena forever and drive over the state line into Nevada. Leaving Alexis pining away for Pedro with nary a goodbye and, more importantly, with 14 million dollars under a tarp in the back of your van. The plan is to be in Vegas in time for a breakfast buffet where you will feast on bacon, eggs, and pancakes. By that evening, the two of you are planning on being awash in Cristal in one of the Bellagio’s finest suites, entertaining several hookers and doing lines off their pretty fake tits.

But that’s the plan for later. Right now, the fucking phone is ringing. It should not be ringing. But it is.


“Pedro!” She’s shrieking so loudly that you can hear her from your side of the couch. Pedro grimaces and holds the phone away from his ear.

“Pedro, oh my god, oh my god. Patrick, he…he found the money I hid in the closet! And he was screaming and saying that he knew we robbed the bank together and that he knew you and I have been lovers for months and he was going to turn us both in and he said I tried to fuck him over but he’s gonna fuck me over instead and —“ Her voice breaks and she starts crying and hiccuping and wailing.”

“Hey, hey, hey, it’s gonna be alright. Lexi, baby, you have to calm down.”

“No, no, no…please…Pedro…”

“Alexis. Breathe for me, honey.”

There’s just the sound of hysterical sobbing.

“Alexis, can you come over here? Come here and we’ll figure it out.”

“No…can’t…Pedro… you don’t, you don’t understand! I SHOT HIM! I SHOT HIM! HE’S DEAD!”

Pedro sucks in a deep breath of air but is able to keep his voice steady. “Ok. I’ll be right there, Alexis. Don’t move, I’ll be right there.”

He hangs up and turns to you. “Come with me. She’s hysterical. She could make a lot of mistakes right now, get us all caught. Bring a rag and that chloroform.”

You run to your backpack and grab the little glass bottle and some gauze. Both items go into your back pocket.

Thanks to the streetlight that Pedro broke with a rock and his former high school quarterback’s arm earlier in the week, the two of you are able to dart across the road under the cover of darkness. The front door of Alexis’ home is open a crack, so you let yourselves in.

The scene that awaits you is startling even though you had been expecting it. Patrick’s body is sprawled on the floor near the dining area. Blood has seeped out of several wounds in his torso and his head droops to the side, vacant blue eyes staring out of it. Bullet holes riddle the wall behind him. Clearly, what Alexis lacked in accuracy was compensated for with the sheer number of shots fired.

“Pedro!” She sobs and starts to run towards him but then comes to a halt when she sees you.

“You!” she screams. “What the hell are you doing here?”

It’s then that you see that the gun is still in her hand. Fuck. Not good.

Feigning a serenity you don’t feel, summon your most soothing smile. “Alexis, I just want to help, honey. I’m so sorry you have to deal with all of this. I always knew Patrick was a piece of shit, but I never thought he would betray you like this and…” You keep rambling, trying to distract her as you inch closer to her side while slowly reaching into your pocket for the chloroform and wad of cotton.

Alexis is sniffling and nodding in agreement with your prattle. You slowly sidle alongside her. And that’s when your streak of luck runs out.


tiny bottle slips from your fingers and skitters across the floor. Alexis stares at it and then rage contorts her pretty features as she recognizes what it is.

“I knew I couldn’t trust you, you little bitch!” she seethes. She raises the gun and attempts to pistol-whip you in her rage.

You scramble away from her and stumble through the archway beside you that leads into the kitchen. Unfortunately, you find yourself trapped in a corner by a toppled over table, which must have been overturned in Alexis’ confrontation with Patrick. It lays there with feigned innocence, wedged between the counter and the opposite wall, blocking your way through.

“Lexi, please. Put the gun down, ok, baby?” Pedro runs towards you and pushes you behind him. He holds his hands out, palms facing her in a gesture that shows he has no weapon, that he surrenders, and that he’s begging her to stop. A gentle, pleading expression graces his handsome face.

But Alexis sees something else entirely. She sees the truth in his eyes for the very first time. She sees the fear that is revealed there when she takes aim at you.

“I KNEW IT!” she shrieks. “Look at you, protecting HER! She was going to drug me and you’re protecting her?! That bitch, that fucking bitch! She’s not your cousin, you bastard! SHE’S YOUR FUCKING WHORE! You’ve been screwing her this whole time, haven’t you? Oh, god, I can’t believe I fell for it all. You goddamn fucking lying BASTARD!”

Alexis carries on with her sobbing and ranting, waving the gun around emphatically. As if the firearm were some inconsequential object she just happens to be gesturing with in order to get her point across. Her mascara runs down her face and a terrifying, hysterical rage fills her bloodshot eyes.

“I should have known right away when I saw her earring on your nightstand, you lying son of a bitch!” she screams. “Or that time the pillows smelled like her perfume. Or when I noticed the nasty way she always looked at us when you kissed me.”

Pedro reaches behind him and brushes your hand. Ever so softly, he whispers, “When I say go, you go. You can make it out while I distract her. Squeeze between the table and the wall and then run out through the back door.”

“What? No, Pedro, I’m not gonna leave you here with that crazy bitch.”

Alexis is still screeching, still spiraling. “But I saw the two of you kiss at the bank when you thought you had knocked me out. I was still a little awake and I saw you kiss her like you couldn’t wait to get her home and fuck her and I thought I dreamt it, that the chloroform made me imagine it. But it was real, wasn't it? Wasn’t it, YOU LYING BASTARD?!

“Go!” he hisses.

Pedro suddenly shoves you to the side and steps forward so that he’s still shielding your body even as he gives you the chance you need to escape. “Alexis, baby, please, let me explain, I—“

Alexis starts to focus on Pedro, his silky voice that same siren’s call it’s always been for her. But then she blinks and her eyes zone in on you as you try to push past the large table.

Several things happen all at once. Alexis lifts the gun again and points it right at you. You scream as you frantically try to get away. And Pedro lunges towards his demented ex-lover.

A sickening crunching, squelching sound fills your ears. And then red. Everything, everywhere red, red, red.

“Pedro!” you howl, desperately needing him to be safe amid all this chaos.

And he is.

He’s standing there amid a myriad of diced vegetable chunks that now cover the floor. A wooden cutting board is clattering to a standstill on the tile beside him. Pedro is staring down with curious eyes.

He’s looking down at Alexis. She is crumpled at his feet like a ghoulish version of a marionette whose strings have been cut. The handle of a kitchen knife is sticking out of her chest, the blade deep in her heart, blood running from the wound in bright red rivers.

“Pedro?” you whisper. He turns his back on this horror and calmly turns towards you.

“Pedro, are you ok? Are you hurt? There’s…there’s so much blood…”.

“I’m fine, mi amor.”

He surveys the scene. Alexis' body sprawled on the floor. Patrick’s corpse slumped against a wall nearby. The bullet holes pockmarking in the drywall in the kitchen nook. The blood spatter that covers the countertop as well as his arms. He wipes at his cheek and sees that drops of blood also cover his face.

Pedro clears his throat. “Baby, go back home. Get the red container of gasoline that I use for the lawnmower.” He’s shockingly cool and collected, his voice even and his words precise. “And all that paint thinner. The barbecue lighter fluid too. Put everything in that old wagon we found in the garage and bring it over here. Don’t let anyone see you.”

You nod. You stare at his bloodstained chest and match your breaths to his, trying to slow them down so you don’t panic.

“I’m gonna take a shower here. I have to get this blood off. So bring me some clean clothes too. Ok, mi amor?”
“Yeah, um, ok. Ok, Pedro”

“I’ll look for her share of the money. Once I find it, we need to leave. We’re already packed, so that’s easy enough. Right?”

“Uh, yeah, Pedro. Right.”

He hears the tremor in your voice and looks you over with tender concern. “Hey, it’s gonna be alright, bebita. We’ve got this. We just have to stay focused, yeah?”

“Yes, ok, Pedro. You’re right. Stay focused.”

You take one more slow, deep breath and go on autopilot, doing everything he said without bothering to think. You know you’re in shock. That’s to be expected in situations like this. But you have to shake it off for now.

Pedro is waiting for you at the side gate of Alexis’ and Patrick’s house when you return. He takes the wagon handle and kisses your forehead. “Good girl. Now please carry out the luggage and load it up. Then get Princesa and wait for me in the van. I’ll be there soon, ok?”

You nod wordlessly.

You haul the luggage down to the garage and secure everything in the van. With a presence of mind you’re surprised by, you leave the garage door open for Pedro. That task completed, you collapse in the passenger’s seat, squeezing Princesa tightly as you watch yellow and orange flames burst into life in the windows of the house across the street.

Soon Pedro exits their burning home through the side gate, a nondescript gym bag slung over his shoulder. He jogs across the street and tosses the bag inside the van through the rear door. Then he slides into the driver’s seat. You’re aware of an unfamiliar combination of scents clinging to his skin. Plain white soap, gasoline, and Alexis’ expensive marigold and basil shampoo.

“Ready, mi amor?” His voice is soft and gentle as he takes in the unshed tears in your eyes.

You squeeze his hand. “Yeah, baby.”

Pedro cups your face and kisses you softly. “That’s my girl.” He licks his thumb and wipes away a tiny fleck of blood on your temple.

Then he pats Princesa on the head and then turns the key to start the engine.

Pedro looks in the rearview mirror at the fire that is starting to lick up the exterior walls of the building behind him. Then he drapes his arm over your backrest and glances over his shoulder while he reverses. Calmly, he drives down the street at the prescribed 25 mph and turns left at the stop sign. Pedro drives towards I-210 East, seemingly at ease. It’s a stark contrast to you with your shaking hands and pounding heart.

“I’m sorry, Pedro, sorry that you, that you had to…” Your words trail off into silence.

“What do you have to be sorry about? Baby, I would do anything for you. Anything.”

He frowns when he sees tears slowly sliding down your face. Carefully, he brushes away moisture clinging to your cheek with his fingertips. “Don’t cry, bebita. I love you so much, I can’t stand to see you cry.”

You sniffle and give him a brave smile. “I love you, too, Pedro,” you whisper.

He looks over at you and grins. “Well, then, baby, no more tears. We’re on our way to Vegas, yeah? Viva Las Vegas, ok?”

He winks at you and then turns his face back to the road. Absently, he starts to hum Elvis’ “Viva Las Vegas.”

You can’t help but smile when Pedro starts tapping his fingers on the steering wheel in time with the song. Because you love him. You really love him.

You love him so fucking much.


***The End***