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Blanket Fort

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“No, no!” Thomas whined, twisting his hips weakly away from Damiano’s vibrator. He tried to push his heels against the bed, but they slid in the sheets ineffectively. “I can’t again!” The buzzing sound shut off. Thomas looked at Damiano, the pleading behind his eyes must have betrayed how little he actually meant it; just words of desperation. But Damiano, annoyingly, was cautious, and gave Thomas room to safeword. This was new for them, the orgasm control, and they were committed to playing with it for the rest of the month. This scene was going to set the tone.

“Happy birthday, Damià,” Thomas encouraged him, and Damiano rewarded him with that perfect mouth on his own. And the vibrations exploded over his oversensitive cock again. Damiano kissed him so hard he didn’t leave Thomas any room to groan in anticipation of his fifth orgasm of the day. Or sixth. He lost count, and he was going to lose his mind next.

“I’m gonna make you miss this,” Damiano whispered against his ear. The vibrating head of the hitachi moved down to his balls, and Thomas pulled his knees up, but Damiano put a hand on his thigh to remind him to keep his legs separate. “Because once these are empty,” He increased the vibrations, as if it wasn’t clear what he was referring to. Thomas trembled. “You’re not coming until your birthday.”

“Damiano!” Thomas tried to yell, but his breathless whine came out small and pathetic. Damiano’s grin spread from ear to ear in a way that made it impossible to be mad at him. The vibrations moved back up to his cock, and Damiano kissed down his body.Thomas knew where that mouth was headed, and he still couldn’t be mad.


“You suck cock like an animal, you know that?” Damiano groaned, pushing his hips into Thomas’s face, and Thomas eagerly took him down his throat. “I could live in that fucking mouth.”

When Damiano talked like that, he might as well be whispering it right against Thomas’s dick, standing vigilantly for even an accidental touch. Thomas didn’t dare, the cock ring already made him feel dangerously close to coming, he felt like if he sneezed he might blow. The one mercy he had was to be sure it only touched air. Unfortunately, that air was filled with the agonizing praise from the one and only Damiano David.

“So fucking hot with my dick in your mouth,” Damiano strained a little to speak— he was getting close. “You were made for this.” Thomas groaned over his cock, pleading with him to stop, and pleading with the universe to let him make Damiano come already.

It was like Damiano had one hundred orgasms a day, and half of them were in Thomas’s mouth. Damiano claimed he wasn’t masturbating alone, and made Thomas part of every one. The worst, of course, was fucking his without being allowed to come, with getting fucked second, and sucking him off a close, close third. Damiano said this was “training”, to get Thomas used to being involved with all his orgasms so he was ready when their roles switched on the 18th.

Thomas called him a dick, and Damiano replied that was why Thomas loved him so much.

Damiano tightened his grip in Thomas’s hair, but didn’t push or pull his head, just letting Thomas work. He grumbled some more grandiosity about how good at sucking cock he was, but Thomas tried to block it out. They hadn’t discussed what the punishment would be for fucking up, and he wanted to keep that a mystery.

Damiano pushed Thomas’s head into his hips suddenly, and Thomas swallowed him down when he came. When Damiano let go of his hair, Thomas stayed right there, holding the softening cock in his mouth. He didn’t know why, but Damiano didn’t pull away, either. They just looked at each other, and shared one of their silent moments that they would both think about a lot but never talk about. After what felt like a full minute, Damiano broke first, pulling his cock away. He dropped down and kissed Thomas’s forehead.

“I don’t know how you do it, sometimes,” Damiano muttered in a rare moment of softness for a scene like this. “You’re such a good boy for me.”

Thomas couldn’t fight the smile on his face— even as he hoped, and received, another kiss— because that was exactly how he did it.