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The Gamer Girls Fuck

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“Aah! The boss is so close to dying, but so are we,” Ako yelled as she dodged the pillars of flame the enemy summoned.

“Just a little bit longer – oh, my stun is up. Use you’re full combo, Ako-chan,” Rinko commanded.

“Alright, Rinrin.”

At the press of a key, Ako’s character turned into a whirlwind of slices and stabs, quickly removing the last of the boss’ HP. The only problem with this skill was that Ako was helpless as the boss drew her sword back to strike. Right before the attack could connect, a spell slammed into the foe, staggering her just long enough for Ako to slay her.

“We did it, Rinrin!” Ako exclaimed, turning around on Rinko’s lap so she could give her girlfriend a kiss.

“Yes. Good job, Ako-chan,” Rinko replied, hugging Ako tightly, “Do you want to try the next level, or…”

“Um, I’m kind of done with this for now. Actually, uh, with all the sexy outfits and sexy characters and sexy succubus enemies, I’m feeling a little bit… horny.”

“Do you want to move to the bed to have some victory sex?”

“Yeah! But only if you want to, too, Rinrin.”

“I like making love with you, Ako-chan. And besides, as your dark consort, it’s my job to satisfy your sinful desires.”

Rinko picked up Ako into a princess carry. The drummer was too impatient to wait until they were on the bed to begin stripping her girlfriend with practiced ease. By the time they reached the soft mattress, Rinko’s skirt and panties had already fallen to the ground, and her blouse and bra were hanging on her arms.

Once her lover’s voluptuous body was completely exposed, Ako started sucking on one of Rinko’s boobs, groping the other. The drummer brought her free hand to Rinko’s core and began to pleasure her.

“Mph – Ako-chan, you feel so good.”

Rinko slipped a hand under Ako’s pajama pants and into her folds. She wanted her girlfriend to feel good, too. Despite her best efforts, the pianist climaxed first, Ako’s multi-front attack proving too much to bear. The drummer continued to suck and grope until she came, too.

“That felt pretty poggers, Rinrin.”

“Mhm. You know, you’re pretty cute when you suck on me, Ako-chan. Like a baby.”

“Are you calling me a baby, Rinrin? How impe-impu… how arrogant of you!”

“I suppose you better put me in my place.”

“Hmm… Well, I think a demon king like me needs a suitable throne. You’ll do nicely.”

Rinko lied still on her back as Ako took of her pants and panties. The drummer straddled Rinko’s face, then gently lowered herself. The pianist licked eagerly at her lover’s crevice, searching for Ako’s pearl and enjoying her juices.

Ako was really enjoying her position on top of her girlfriend, but the puddle forming at Rinko’s crotch proved too tempting to resist. She lied down on top of the pianist and began to lick and nibble at her girlfriend’s precious place. It wasn’t long before they both climaxed once more, their cried muffled by each other.

For a little while, they stayed where they were, panting, before Ako felt her desire stirring once more.“Hey Rinrin, um, can I play with your butt?”

“Go ahead, Ako-chan. I made sure to clean thoroughly so you can violate me as you wish.”

“Then get on your hands and knees and raise your hips! Also, um, where do you keep your lube?”

“I hide it under the bottom drawer of my nightstand.”

Rinko got into position as Ako fiddled with her girlfriend’s furniture. Once they were both ready, the drummer approached from behind and gave her lover’s puckered rosebud a kiss.

“You know, Ako-chan, with our roleplay, it would make more sense if I was kissing your ass.”

“Shush and get violated!”

Ako gently inserted a lube covered finger into her girlfriend’s anus, slowly moving it in and out as Rinko moaned. Soon, she added another finger. Once she was sure that her lover was ready, Ako spead out her fingers and pushed her tongue into the tight hole.

“Ahh! Ako-chan, you feel so good!”

Ako enthusiastically explored Rinko’s forbidden tunnel, quickly bringing her to an orgasm. The pianist squirted her juices onto Ako’s chest.

“You’re really hot when you squirt, Rinrin. You’re always really hot.”

“Even more than a big titty video game succubi?”

“Of course! You’re basically an IRL big titty gamer succubus, after all.”

Rinko giggled.

“I like you more than sexy video game characters, too, Ako-chan. Want to cuddle in the nude?”

“Yeah! But I’m not really feeling sleepy yet…”

“How about why naked cuddle while gaming, then?”

“You’re a genius, Rinrin.”

Between the games and the lovemaking, the gamer girls got no sleep that night.