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Bad Idea

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     Izuku Midoriya never expected he would actually meet Japan's number-one hero. Of course, he had daydreamed about it, but the actual moment froze him, like still water in winter-time.

     Underneath a thin layer of quiet ice, he was panicking and rushing around his mind. What do you say to your idol? Nothing, because the man you want to be like is standing (or squatting) in front of you, and your nerves go still, buzzing with an energy you haven't felt in years. He'd saved Izuku Midoriya from a villain, and did so as heroically as in the videos. 

     Not that Izuku had seen it go down- he was knocked out before he could. Still, Izuku was alright, and that's heroic enough.

     He had already thought of an autograph, but his open notebook with large lettering sprawled across it proved that the hero had thought of it for him.

     'Amazing!' Izuku thought, 'He's just as awe-inspiring- just as professional- as I thought!'

     The pro hero was squatting still, very obviously getting ready to jump into the air, away from the frazzled boy. He looked like a bunny, setting up a large hop across the city. Before his feet could leave the ground, Izuku sputtered out whatever he could.

     "Wait- wait, sir- ehm- All Might, please!" He yelled louder than he'd meant to. The pro's shadowed eyes glanced back at him, teeth glaring in the sun.

     "Yes, what is it?" He asked the boy, voice booming with power akin to another pro hero, Present Mic.

     "Oh, well," Izuku huffed out a breath, closing his eyes to think. Yes, it seemed he knew exactly what to ask, although how to ask it evaded him. He looked back at the hero, who was twitching to leave as soon as their conversation ended, "I was wondering. Do you think that I could become a hero?" He bit the side of his cheek, "Even if I don't have a quirk? Could I ever hope to be-" He looked at the hero's back, then to the asphalt, "Someone like you?"

     A page in his notebook fluttered a bit. It picked up on wind and barely moved, taunting him with flipping the signature away. It stayed down, though, and the autograph was bold as ever. Even with such little movement, the street had gone so quiet that it was the only and loudest noise.

     "This job," All Might turned to him with his ever-lasting grin, and Izuku looked up with hope in his eyes, "It isn't easy. Heroes are always risking their lives, and some villains might not be able to be beaten without powers. So- can you be a hero?" 

     Midoriya's heart plummeted, far into the sewer, where his earlier assailant had crawled from. He waited for All Might to finish, though, because a small part of him held desperately to what he might say, and not to what he'd been building to actually say.

     "I'm sorry kid, but it's too dangerous." His tone held finality to it, and his head tilted to the heartbroken expression written across Izuku's face. 

     "I see." Midoriya muttered, voice cracking more than usual. All Might sighed, still smiling, although at the moment it read a bit as a grimace, "Don't worry, young boy. There are still many ways to help people! Much like- becoming a police officer. They might get a bit of side-eye because heroes capture a lot of the villains, but it's a fine profession. Or, you could be a nurse! That's saving lives on the medical field, a hard task, and a prideful one."

     He looked at the boy for a moment, waiting for him to speak and dismiss the hero. Izuku's mouth had run dry, and the buzzing in his body had disintegrated to light, numb pricking, "Oh." He said, unhelpfully.

     "Yeah, no, of course. Of course." Water pooled in his eyes, but he looked down further so that his hair blocked the tears from the hero's eyesight, "Th-" He cursed himself for stuttering, "Thanks. I'll think about it."

     All Might laughed in the same way he had in all of his iconic interviews, "Yes, no problem, kid!" Izuku cringed to himself at the term, which made him feel immature and stupid. It was the same one his uncaring teachers had used to address him, but he couldn't pin the usage on All Might, he knew that wasn't fair. All Might crouched again, "I must be off, then!" He patted the bottles of sentient sludge at his sides, "I've got to bring this villain to the police!"

     The number-one hero paused, grinning harder if he could, "Oh, maybe I will bring villains to you in the future, as well!"

     'So he's decided this for me already.' Izuku's only clear thought barreled through his brain, like a train on rusty tracks. He shook his head not more than an inch to shake it from him, "Maybe." He repeated dully.

     With that, the pro hero lifted away.

     Izuku Midoriya stared at All Might as he jumped into the air, clutching his bag's strap to his heart. Looking over to his side, the boy finally let one tear trail across his cheek. His signed notebook looked daunting, now, instead of the heirloom he'd expected it to become. 

     Izuku stooped down to pick it up, thumb holding the page open. The capital letters yelled at him, and he soon snapped it shut to let his eyes rest. He stuffed it in his bag and sat on the pavement for longer than he should have.

     He buried his head into his knees after little more than thirty minutes, sniffling, though his face had dried up of tears five minutes earlier.

     "It's okay." He told himself, "I knew this already." Izuku assured. 'Of course I had,' he reasoned, 'Everybody has been saying it since I was five.'

     But even with this, it only shattered his insides more. He bit harshly into his lip, "Oh, my hero." He rasped, "Even All Might said it. I really," He paused, "I really can't be a hero."