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When The Past Knocks On Your Door

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“Come on you little rat, I’m sure you can run faster than that!” The older male yelled at a panting little boy with black hair, trying to catch up to the running horse, failing miserably at it. The older male, with a cowboy hat didn’t bother to look behind him, he already was aware the child was going to get no where in life. Even by a miracle, he was a complete utter failure.

“I’m sorry sir. I’m trying sir.”

“Trying is for pussies. Which isn't shocking, because you are one!” The little boy winced at those painful words. However harsh they were, he was always right. I am a pussy. And I can’t do anything about it. His thoughts felt like they had his whole mind surrounded, pounding at him every chance they got. The more he tried to catch up to his guardian, the more his body was failing him. “You smell that boy?” Levi didn’t answer. He was aware what the next words would be. “That smell is my disappointment, I feel about you! You’re nothing but a skinny little shrimp.” His horse came to a holt as he turned towards the child. Levi couldn't even handle it anymore. His body gave up. The next second his face was on the muddy ground. The older man shook his head in disappointment, as he jumped down from the horse causing sprinkles of mud flying in the air, from the muddy puddle he jumped on. Levi didn’t bother to lift his head up. He knew he was screwed either way. “Rise up skimpy.” The older man had a disgusted look on his face. Just leave me alone. Levi closed his eyes, praying for the man to just leave him there in the mud. His guardian grunted in displeasure, as he lifted his boot up. “Rise or else.” Levi didn’t want to. He was just waiting for his punishment, however shortly never receiving it. He could feel the man's breath on his neck. “Get up boy. We have to go home.” Levi lifted his face up slowly till his eyes met the man's.

“I’m sorry Kenny.” Even that sentence came out as a mere whisper, as the skinny lad was trying to fight back his tears. Kenny looked a little bit guilty. Deep down he knew he had overdone it, however that expression was wiped away quickly. His voice was calm and that’s the one thing Levi never wanted to experience. He knew nothing good would happen if Kenny wasn’t his loud usual self. This time he had fucked up big time.

“I want you to answer a question, I’m about to ask. And I want you to answer truthfully. Got it?” Levi nodded, as he was still panting for breath. “What are your plans for the future?” That was a question Levi didn’t have an answer to. He never really thought about it. Seeing his mother go in between brothels, with him by her hand, most of the time he had spent his time sleeping in the floors of any empty rooms he could find. Just the thought alone of never escaping those times was impossible, however things shifted once Kenny took him in, and he still suffered from that same mentality. He had no hopes for the future.

“I don’t have any sir. Hoping for dreams is useless in our world. For our kind. The poor were always destined to be weak.” Kenny nodded. After all he was the one who told him that. However that didn’t stop Kenny for planting a smack on the boy's face, making him see stars.

“God damn it you're useless. Why did I even bother taking you in with me? If it wasn’t for that mother of yours, your skinny ass would have been dead a long time ago. Pick up after yourself. You’re a mess Levi! Wake up Levi! Wake the fuck up! Wake up!” his screams became more distant each second as, the memory around him shifted into pitch black.


“Wake up Levi!” Levi lifted his head up alarmed, eyes wide open in fear, gasping for breath, until he met the worried gaze his butler had on his eyes. “You okay Levi?” Levi was still gasping for breath, as he placed both hands on his face trying to wipe off the non existent mud on his face. His butler looked alarmed so, he approached the man slowly and calmly. “Easy now tiger. You were asleep. I heard mumbles, I came in and you were squirming. Look at all this drool on the table. You’re a mess.” His butler was a tall and well-built man. The bangs of his blond hair were parted down the middle, and he had a dark moustache and beard.

“Where is he?” his voice was still shaky, but his friend still didn’t know what Levi had seen in his sleep.

“Where is who buddy?”

“Kenny. Where is he?” His butler was confused. This was a rare occasion for Levi, since he never talked much about himself. He had no clue, who this Kenny person was.

“I don’t know which this Kenny is, but you were dreaming buddy. You have to relax. You’re late for class. Your kids are waiting. Levi nodded, finally finding the time to calm down. “Man you need a shower, you smell, that hair looks greasy” his butler patted him in the head. Levi never liked being touched, however he didn’t complain this time. “Clean yourself before you go in. Those kids are ruthless. Levi nodded again.

“Thanks Mike.” Well he is clearly unwell, if he's being this nice to me all of a sudden. Mike smiled as he was having that thought. He sure didn’t mind this side of Levi. Unexpected, however pleasant.


After cleaning himself up. Levi walked in one of the rooms of his mansion. This room specifically was one of his favourite rooms , because it felt like a classroom. Levi always had this desire, to have had a chance to have attended at a school, like most peers of his age. However due to his background of growing up, he never had the chance. Once he bought the mansion, that was the first room he created. Walking in with his morning tea, he looked displeased when he saw his 8 kids glaring at him. His kids just like their father, hated patience. Specifically one of them.

“You’re late old man!” Levi had a blank look on his face, his eyes winced, when that loud obnoxious voice exploded through his ears. His youngest Eren. Eren the youngest kid of 12 years of age, has an average height and muscular build for a kid that is supposed to be 12. He has a fairly long, yet rounded face, and sizable, expressive, teal-green eyes. His eyebrows are sparse and often furrowed, making him seem troubled or annoyed. Eren's hair is short and dark brown, with his bangs falling naturally into a middle-parted, curtain-type style.

“Eren be nice to dad, I’m sure he is very tired from working all night.” Armin gave his father an apologetic look. Armin does not have as strong of a physical build as Eren and he is therefore, not as physically capable as he is. Armin has blond hair in the shape of a bowl cut on his round head and he has big, blue eyes with bushy eyebrows. He is slightly short for his age, and he has very pale, white skin. Some people were to say, he got his height curse inherited from his father. However his blonde hair remained a mystery where it was inherited from, same with his eldest.

“That's okay Armin, that one always has something to say, even if nothing is happening.” The blonde girl opposite of Armin, looked at Eren with irritation.

“What did you say bitch?” Eren got out of his chair looking directly at her, however started trembling, as soon as he saw the way she was looking at him, that blood thirsty glare made the boy tremble in his tiny boots.

“What did you call me?”

“Nothing ma’am.” Eren sat down humiliated.

“Annie, silence.” Annie nodded at her father. Levi sat down, his back was aching from being on a chair all night. Taking a sip from his tea mug, he opened his book. “You should have read the homework I gave you, page 38, answer all 50 questions. In silence.” He specifically looked at Eren, who still looked humiliated. Everyone opened their books with a groan. “If you’ve got nothing but complaining, go to your room but just know, if I don’t get those answers by tonight, you don't want to hear what happens next. Trust me.” They knew better than not to fuck around with their father, so everyone progressed with their work, meanwhile Levi was still distracted by the fact, as to why he had dreamt about Kenny. I haven’t seen that ugly pathetic fuck in years, why am I thinking about him all of a sudden... His mind was easily taken back, when he caught Eren take a peek at Armin's work. Without hesitation, Levi threw a pen at Eren, hitting him straight in the head, causing him to jump in panic. “How about you look at your own damn book?” Eren did as he was told still surprised he got caught.

“Cant help him dad. Some people are just born naturally stupid.” A older brown haired boy laughed.

“Says you out of all people Jean. When was the last time you scored above a D?” His father raised a brow patiently waiting for an answer, that Jean couldn’t give. The two eldest sons didn’t talk, they just stared in silence. Annie and Armin were minding their own work, while his other daughter was eating.

“Sasha you had breakfast, why are you eating in class?” She gulped the cookie nervously, still having 8 more on her plate.

“Well... they looked lonely on that kitchen table. I felt like they would have been better, if they were next to me.” Levi looked at her in irritation.

“That still doesn’t answer the question. Get rid of those. Now". She nodded, stuffing them all in her mouth. Levi's nose twitched. Dear lord. What have I done to deserve this?



Once the kids had finished their work, Levi let them do whatever they wanted and went back in his office, to mark their work. Mike was already there waiting for him.

“What is it?” Levi never looked amused about anything, which would always throw Mike off.

“I was thinking. Since you’re always so busy and I’ve always got my hands full, the kids are obviously lonely.”

“Blame Hange for that. They shouldn’t have been as selfish as they were.” Mike nodded. Hange was Levi's first partner. They had 7 kids together, however ended their marriage with Levi, due to having the desire of choosing their own path. Levi held it against them, since the day it happened. The kids were never the same, seeing their parents split out of the blue.

“I was thinking we could hire someone to do some parts of your roles, so you can have more time with the kids.” Levi was definitely not amused.

“Now why would i like that?”

“Because that is your job as their father. They came out of your nut sack. They belong to you, so how about acting like you are their dad, instead of their teacher, who sees them once a day.” Levi rolled his eyes.

“ I don’t see how this is my problem. I never asked for a brat, never mind 7 of them.”

“That is your problem. It happened. Get over the shit that happened with Hange. Pull your shit together. You’re 38. You aren’t getting any younger.”

“Aren’t you 50?” Levi snapped back.

“Don’t talk to me like that. You know better.” They had a staring competition before Levi gave up.

“Even if you go through with this and start spreading fliers, what makes you think people will come here, rather than work for an actual school?”

“People are actually desperate for money though. I’m sure we’ll get at least one or 2.”

“Right... cause nothing sounds more privileged, than saying ‘Hey I’m a rich guy come educate my home-schooled brats.” Levi was waving his arms around acting like the usual Capricorn, that he was.

“I'll get on with it and have Petra deliver them around town.” Levi dismissed him with his hand, as he sat down to look at the papers. Before Mike could fully exit the door, Levi slammed his fist on the table, causing his tea mug to fall on the floor, shattering into tiny pieces.

“Those idiots!”

“What is it?” Mike looked alarmed, as he approached his boss.

“Six of them didn’t even write on the paper! That’s it, I’ve had it! Post the damn fliers!” He yelled at Mike, as his butler rushed out of the office, leaving the short man fuming.