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thanks for the meal

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Draken was not a small person. 


At 27 years old, he stood proudly at 6’1” with a  strong, brawny body. Draken could easily send a man flying with a single punch and could easily carry a full grown adult man under one arm. He was a big–no, no he was a huge guy. He wasn’t small or weak at all.


So when his request for his girlfriend to sit on his face was denied and she had reasoned that ‘she’d hurt him’, Draken felt a part of his pride crumble.


They sat on their bed, sitting face to face with each other. Draken sat on one end of the bed, his legs crossed, shirt off, and his boner crying and trapped in his boxers and sweatpants. On the other side, was Draken’s beautiful girlfriend: Hanagaki Takemichi. She fidgeted under his stare, her face bright red with the flush dragging down her neck. Takemichi sat awkwardly on her knees with her hands tightly clenched together on her lap. 


She looked good–beautiful–just wearing her underwear and one of Draken’s smallest shirts. It made Draken’s dick roar with hunger seeing the petite woman wearing his clothes. If he could, he’d replace all of her clothes with just his shirts; show her off to the world that Hanagaki Takemichi was his. She’d look so good wearing his shirts like a dress. They’d show off her long slender legs and–Draken cleared his throat. He was getting ahead of himself. He stared pointedly at Takemichi again.


“Again, why not?”


Takemichi gave a squeak, her already-red face turning even darker. She stuttered,” B-b-because… W-what if I hurt you, Draken-kun?”


Draken frowned. 


“I’m not small.”


“I know! It’s just… I mean–”


“You won’t hurt me just cuz you sit on my face.”


Takemichi covered her face, wanting to scream. Draken crossed his arms and leaned forward. “I just don’t get why you won’t let me.”


Even before he and Takemichi had started dating, Draken had dreams of her riding his face. It was something he always wanted to do; he wanted to worship Takemichi’s body, give her pleasure that would make her toes curl and make her throat go hoarse from screaming his name. But even after dating her and having sex, she never let him go down on her.


But today, Draken wasn’t having it. He was gonna eat her out till she was shaking and then fuck her till she passed out.


Takemichi peeked through her fingers and looked at her boyfriend. She could tell that he wasn’t about to let up. She murmured,” …‘m heavy…”




The woman threw up her hands and shouted,” I’m heavy! I-i gained weight over the holidays!! I went to the doctor’s the other day and I gained some weight, okay? I don’t want to ‘sit on your face’ because I feel embarrassed!”


Takemichi felt her eyes watering at her confession. While she had always been on the slender side, now as an older woman, her metabolism just wasn’t what it used to be. As a teen, she could easily stuff herself with sweets for a week and her weight wouldn’t change. But now it was hard to lose the extra pounds!


As soon as she felt her tears slip down her face, Takemichi immediately was pulled forward into a tight hug.


“Hey, hey,” Draken hushed. He petted her head as he looped his other arm around her waist. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were feelin’ self-conscious about that.”


He pulled Takemichi back and leaned his forehead against hers, peering straight into her watery, oceanic eyes. “I don’t ever want ya to be embarrassed about yourself like that. I don’t care about that stuff, ‘michi. To me, you’re beautiful no matter what size yer at. If you’re big or skinny, I don’t give a shit. You’re still my beautiful Takemitchy, okay?”


She sniffed and mumbled,” …even if I got a squishy belly?”


“Pfft, yes even. I’d kiss every part of your squishy body if you didn’t stop me.”


“...what if I got stretch marks… or cellulite..?”


“I’ll kiss those too. If ya got wrinkles, or scars, or whatever–I don’t care. I don’t love you just for your body, you know that right? I love you because you’re Hanagaki Takemichi–my lil’ crybaby. So stop worryin’ about those kinds of things, okay?”


Takemichi sniffed again and wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her face into the crook of his neck. Draken felt her head nod against his skin and he sighed with relief. They stayed like that, tangled in each other’s embrace, relishing each other’s warmth. Takemichi felt her eyes flutter close, thinking about how lucky she was to have such a wonderful boyfriend such as Ryuguji Ken. 




She opened her eyes and looked up into Draken’s eyes. 


“Will you sit on my face or…?”







Takemichi could feel her entire body shaking. She wanted to pull herself off of Draken and take a moment to breathe, but her boyfriend had his arms looped around her legs, keeping her seated in her place while he continued to eat her out.


“K-ken, please–please–I’m going to–AH–”


She fell forward with one arm propped up against the headboard of their bed, the other hand grabbing at Draken’s black locks. She felt a wail rip out of her body as her boyfriend gave a particularly hard suck on her clit. They had been like this for nearly an hour now with Draken making her see stars more times than she could count. She had never felt this before when they had sex together–sure Draken always made sure to bring her to her own climax, but this was different. He was unrelenting while eating her out, like a starved animal being presented a juicy meal. 


“I can’t–no more–no more I can’t cum anymore–”


She could feel him smirk against her folds before roughly swirling her clit with his tongue. Takemichi gasped, squeezing her thighs at the motion. Draken groaned, pushing his face deeper into his girlfriend’s sopping pussy. He shoved his tongue into her hole, lapping at the juices that easily spilled out from her body. 


This was better than he had ever imagined–feeling her shake above him, her cries of pleasure, and fuck –she tasted so much better than he could’ve ever dreamed. He could do this for hours without rest. He gave Takemichi’s hole another hard suck, earning himself another loud cry. He could already hear the rough edges to Takemichi’s voice. It was to be expected. She had been screaming for almost the entire time that he had his face pressed into her pussy. He grinned at the thought of her voice being hoarse because of him and him alone .


“Baby–baby–please-ah–I can’t anymore, please–”


Draken pushed his head up from underneath Takemichi. His entire face was disgusting and wet, but he didn’t give a damn. He licked his lips and panted,” Want me to fuck you?”


She nodded, unable to form any words. Draken smirked at her blissed out face.


“Hmm, but this is so much more fun.” He moved his hand to tightly squeeze one of her asscheeks. She groaned, bucking her hips and pressing down on Draken.


“See? You still want some more right?”


Takemichi felt a line of drool escape her mouth but she shook her head.


“C’mon baby, tell me what you want then. Use your words.”


Draken raised his hand and smacked her ass then kneaded the bouncy flesh. “Can’t give you what you want if you don’t tell me.”


Takemichi was breathing heavily, face flushed, and eyes blissed out. She stuttered,” Y-you…wan’ you–I need–I feel empty–”


Another smack.


“Beg for it,” Draken commanded, watching intensely as his girlfriend was unraveling above him.


“I want–want your dick–”


“What else?”


“Fill me up–fuck–fuck me–want you to shove it–ah-shove it in me and–ah–fuck me–pump me with your cum–”


Draken groaned and pulled himself up, dragging Takemichi down onto his lap,” Yeah–that’s right. I’m gonna fuck you and fill you up–”


He smashed their faces together, kissing her hard and not caring that he was still covered in her juices. Draken pulled his sweats and boxers off in one, swift motion grabbing his dick with one hand and the other he grabbing Takemichi’s hips. He had no plans on letting up tonight. He was gonna fuck her stupid and raw all night. 


Yeah’ , Draken thought as he pushed the tip of his dick into her warm hole. ‘ We’re gonna do this more often.’

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“I just don’t get why you’re so worked up about it, Emma.”


She looked up from her phone and glared at her half-brother. She scoffed,” It’s none of yer business anyway, Mikey!”


She looked back down, tapping furiously at her screen. Mikey rolled her eyes and continued to eat his breakfast.


“Girls,” he muttered. “So weird.”


Emma grabbed one of her chopsticks and pointed it at Mikey. “Just cuz you think it’s weird, doesn’t mean it is.”


She huffed and tossed her chopstick back onto her empty plate, pulling herself up from the table. She turned to glare at Mikey and added angrily,” Don’t think that just cuz you finally got a girlfriend, doesn’t mean that you know how a girl’s heart works.”


“Ha? Don’t drag Takemitchy into this.”


“God,” Emma sighed. “I wonder how Takemitchy-chan can stand you sometimes.”




Emma pointed at Mikey,” Just look at you! You haven’t even wiped that drool off of your face, you force Draken to come over and baby you every morning, and don’t even get me started on your personality .”


Mikey blinked and then barked,” What’s wrong with my personality?! Ya wanna fight?”


“See! You think everything can be solved by beating the problem into submission! I bet you treat Takemitchy-chan the same way in bed. You have no insight into how a woman’s heart or body works, at all .”


Mikey’s jaw dropped and he put a hand over his heart. “ Emma ! How could you even say that? I treat Takemitchy great, for your information!”


A snort slipped out of Emma and she flipped her blonde hair over her shoulder. “Yeah, sure. Do you even know how to make a woman feel good or do ya think that if she’s moanin’ then ‘she must be feelin’ it too’ ?”


“E-Emma, Jesus–why do you know about this shit–”


“I’m a woman too, moron. Plus, sex ed is a thing.”


Still , why am I getting lectured by my little sister over sex –”


The youngest Sano shoved a manicured finger at Mikey and scoffed,” Cuz when I think about how much Takemitchy-chan must put up with when she deals with you, I feel bad!”


Emma spun around, throwing an arm over her forehead and clutching her phone next to her heart. She cried,” Takemitchy-chan is the sweetest girl and can get anyone to date her, but somehow she chose my dense, big brother! Truly, she’s an angel.”


She turned again and huffed,” Remember, you’re the lucky one! If she didn’t love you as much as she does, I would’ve already whisked her away with me and Hina.”


Emma unlocked her phone and tapped the screen a couple of times. A notification pinged from the cellphone that sat next to Mikey. He picked it up and glanced at the notification.


“‘How To Make Sex Better For Her: 8 Tips To Pleasure A Woman’--What the fuck is this,” Mikey screeched. Why was his little sister trying so hard to give him tips on his sex life?! He knew that she genuinely cherished Takemichi, but even when it came to her sexual pleasure? Did Takemichi say something to the girls to elicit this? Mikey gulped at the thought of his girlfriend gossiping about how bad Mikey was in bed to her friends.


Above him, Emma smirked,” Before you and Takemitchy-chan fuck again, I suggest you do some more research. Stop thinkin’ with your dick, big brother!”


With that, the girl cleared her plate and marched over to the kitchen. Back at the dining table, Mikey looked at his brothers and grandpa, his hand up and pointed where Emma was. “Can you believe the audacity of that girl?”


Izana rolled his eyes and continued to drink his coffee; Shinichiro chuckled and shook his head; Mansaku continued to read his paper but then grumbled,” You should listen to her, Manjirou.” 


Mikey threw up his hands with a loud groan.



Mikey loved his girlfriend. He loved Takemichi with his entire being. 


Especially in the moments after sex, Mikey would often lay there, arms wrapped around her slender body, thinking about how lucky he was that Takemichi loved him and no one else. He didn’t like to think so, but Emma was right: Takemichi could’ve dated anyone but chose him. He really was lucky.


Mikey looked down at the blonde head that was laying on his chest. Gently, he carded his hand through her messy locks. She hummed and looked up at him, her blue eyes still a little hazy from their fuck.


“Mikey? Something wrong?”


He shook his head, pulling a lock of her hair up to his mouth to kiss it gently. “Just thinking. Your roots are starting to show a little.”


“Ah, yeah. I was thinking about seeing Akkun soon to get it re-done.”


Mikey hummed, rubbing lazy circles on her shoulder. His thoughts wandered back to the article that Emma sent him. He tried thinking back on the last hour.


I’m sure she was feeling good. She didn’t have any complaints. I took it really slow and made sure to ask how she was feeling about things too.’


A soft ping broke him out of his thoughts. 


“Ah, sorry Mikey-kun,” Takemichi yawned. “Me and Hina are doing a group project so that might be her…”


Mikey felt her warm body peel off of him and he frowned at the temperature change. He watched as his girlfriend crawled over to the foot of the bed where her skirt and bag had been tossed down on the floor. Mikey felt himself growing hard again, seeing her plump ass stick out right into his face as she leaned over to grab her phone. Seeing her butt wiggle in his face and her pussy peeking out from underneath made him feel immediately warm again.


Suddenly, Mikey had an idea, ‘I didn’t try that yet.’


Takemichi, oblivious to her boyfriend’s thoughts, grumbled as she tried to rummage through her school bag.


“Where the hell did I put it–AH!”


One second she was leaned over the edge of the bed trying to grab her phone, then next she found herself toppled Mikey’s body, his hands holding tightly onto the front of her thighs.


She whipped her head around and stuttered,” W-what was that for?!”


Mikey turned his head, a devilish smirk spread across his face. “Just relax,” he replied. “Let me take care of you.”


Takemichi turned bright red and before she could reply back, she felt something warm and wet press into the folds of her pussy. She let out a shocked yelp, trying to lurch away from Mikey but he had her gripped tightly, forcing her to stay in place.


“M-mikey! W-wait, that’s dirty–ah!!”


Mikey licked a long line down from near her asshole to the entrance of her vagina. He thought back on the article, remembering something about a figure 8. Keeping it in mind, he dragged his tongue up, dragging it around her clit and pussy. It was still wet from their earlier fuck and Mikey could taste every bit of her. It wasn’t a strong or off putting taste–it was actually a little addictive. Mikey couldn’t describe it, but it just felt so right on his tongue. He pushed her ass down a little more, reaching around to spread her labia wide open.


“M-mikey, stop,” she gasped. She was shuddering above him. He could feel every tremor running through her body and could feel her trying to pull away from his tongue. Mentally, he smirked. He was the strongest man in Tokyo. There was no way she was escaping.


Instead of replying to her, he proceeded to lick at her exposed clit, rubbing it hard with his tongue. He pushed his head up and gently nipped at her folds, earning him a shriek of pleasure from his girlfriend. He could see her hole twitching, begging for his cock. Mikey grinned and adjusted his hand to keep her pussy spread while he had one finger on her clit. Quickly, he attached his mouth to her hole and proceeded to shove his tongue into the warm space. As he did that, he flicked and rolled her clit. 


She screamed,” Mikey!! Mikey–oh god, oh my god–”


She wanted him to stop–the feeling that was bubbling up in her was too much all at once. Her entire body was shaking and she continued to cry. This was more embarrassing than anything that they had ever done before. The noises and slurps coming from back there–the feeling of Mikey’s tongue exploring her insides that he had previously fucked–it was all too much.


“Mikey–Manj--Manjirou, stop! Stop!! I’m gonna cum–gonna cum!


Mikey felt so in control. More than when he would just fuck her–this was much more intimate. He sucked her hole hard, another cry escaping his girlfriend’s mouth. He could hear her screaming his name like a mantra, begging him to let her go.


‘As if I’d stop now,’ he thought. ‘I'm g onna make her cum so hard that she’ll never stop thinking about me and my mouth.’


After another minute, Mikey felt her insides clench down on his invading tongue. He could feel it, she was cumming. 


He pulled back, his mouth dripping with her juices. He licked his lips and watched as her hole spasmed and then her body falling down onto his own, her ass shaking in the air. There was something mesmerizing about watching her gush out fluids all over his face and neck–the way her hole clenched and unclenched, as if it was surprised that it was suddenly empty. The sight made his dick painfully hard.


No one else had ever done this to her, to his girlfriend. Only Sano Manjirou would ever have the pleasure of eating her out and seeing her come undone. Something about that thought made something animalistic snap inside of him. He wanted more–wanted to see her turn into a leaking mess because of him and his cock


‘I gotta thank Emma later.’


Takemichi felt her soul being ripped out of her body. Her limbs twitched and she felt her shudders running up and down her spine. Every nerve in her body was on fire and she felt like her brain had turned into mush. She felt like she couldn't breath or control her body at all. Drool rolled down from her mouth as she panted hard, trying to breathe after feeling like she had just run a mile.


‘What–what was that? That was so much more than I’d ever felt before,’ she thought. ‘ Is this what Hina and Emma were talking about the other day? Holy shit…’


Before she could think of anything else, Takemichi felt the body underneath her shift and pull away. Suddenly, she felt something nudge at her hole–something harder and bigger than Mikey’s tongue. Again, she whipped her head around, her blue eyes wide with terror.


“Takemitchy,” Mikey sang, a condom already pulled over his cock. A nasty grin and a dark, lustful stare was directed at her scared face. “Ready for round 2?”

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She had one request for Inupi and Koko–one : don’t start a fight with the Yellow Viper gang. 


That was her one request. It should’ve been an easy one, too–just don’t fight . Really, Takemichi thought, it should’ve been an easy request to obey. No, no–it is an easy request–too easy honestly! 


She had made the request after having secured a meeting with the Viper’s gang leader. The Vipers had been trying to take over parts of the Black Dragons’ territory and Takemichi believed that it would’ve been more productive to try and talk to the Vipers rather than smoking them out in one giant battle. Because that’s what this meeting was: a chance to show mercy to this new and overconfident gang who thought that the Dragons had gone soft under Takemichi’s new leadership. Sure, she was no Shiba Taiju and sure, she was physically weaker than all the other gang leaders in Tokyo–but that didn’t mean that she and the Black Dragons had gotten weak. In fact, if the Yellow Vipers had actually known the dynamics between all the established gangs in Tokyo, then they would’ve known that Hanagaki Takemichi had every gang leader wrapped around her pinky. Then they wouldn’t have even tried to get near Black Dragon territory.


But no, the Yellow Vipers were new and headstrong and would probably try to bite off more than they could chew at the meeting–actually, she was counting on them to do so. She had an entire plan to corner the Vipers and to put them down without needing to resort to violence, so she had approached her supposedly ‘responsible’ vice-commanders with the order to not fight any Viper members and to relay that to the rest of the gang. It was just going to be 5 days of no fighting till the day of the meeting.


A simple, clear, and easy order to follow, right?


So then how was it that she had gotten a call at nearly 11PM that those same ‘responsible vice-commanders’ were in the hospital with 7 other Yellow Viper members being checked in? 


Takemichi stood in front of Koko and Inupi, arms crossed, and frowning darkly.


“How did this happen?”


She looked at Koko who had gotten away with a few bruises and stitches. He sat on one of the foldable chairs in the room, hunched over with his elbows on his knees.  He gave her a crooked smile. “Sorry, boss.”


She turned her head, foot tapping impatiently. “And you?”


Inupi, who was lying in the hospital bed, arm broken and head wrapped up, shifted uncomfortably under her scrutiny.


“Inupi, Koko,” Takemichi sighed. “I gave you both an order not to fight with them and you guys went against it. But I know that both of you wouldn’t do something like that unless there was a reason.”


She put her hands on her hips and glared at them. “Tell me what happened or I swear to god, I’m going to shave my head or something.”


The blonde looked away while the other fiddled with the skin around his thumb. After a long moment of silence, Koko muttered,“ We bumped into them on the streets.”




“...They were talkin’ shit about you. We got mad. We kicked their asses.”


Ah, there it was.


Takemichi exhaled and swept her hand up and through her dark hair. She pulled the empty seat near Koko up to herself and sat down near the men.


“So you guys basically fought for my honor, is that what happened?”


Inpui grunted.


Takemichi sighed again but gave them a small smile. Ever since she took over Taiju’s position as commander of the Black Dragons, she knew that Koko and Inupi had been working overtime in taking care of her. They were almost always next to her, watching over her and making sure that she was safe. She knew how much she meant to them and that they would do anything to protect her. She was thankful for them and loved them both.


But they still disobeyed her order.


She reminded them,” But I told you guys not to fight them, right?”


Inupi looked up at her and objected,” They were saying the most vile shit about you.”


“Yeah,” Koko agreed. “They kept spewing shit about how they’d wanna sleep with you or how you must’ve slept with Taiju to get to where you are–they deserved getting their asses handed to them.”


“That’s not the point ,” Takemichi scolded. “I gave you an order: don’t fight the Yellow Vipers. And what do you guys do? You guys said ‘okay’ and then the very next day you get into a fight with them. I’m really disappointed in you two.”


The two stayed silent at Takemichi’s rebuke.


“I don’t give a shit what those guys say about me. I had a plan to get them to submit to us and now look,” she held up her phone to the text convo between her and the Viper’s leader. “The guy’s pulled out of the meeting because you two sent his men to the emergency room!”


Takemichi rubbed her forehead. “Scum like the guys you beat the shit out of don’t matter to me. What matters is that you both disobeyed me. I trusted you both–if you guys don’t listen to me, then how can I expect the other members to obey me?”


“We didn’t mean to do that,” Inupi answered. “We just…”


“We just hated hearing a bunch of nobodies talk about you like that. We’re sorry, Takemichi,” Koko finished.


Takemichi leaned back in her seat with her arms crossed. She sighed,” Okay, okay. But it still doesn’t mean you guys are off the hook.”


She pointed at both of them and added,” You guys made a mistake so now you both will pay.”


Koko snorted and relaxed in his seat. “How much we talkin’? I got plenty of cash to spare.”


Takemichi laughed a little, nudging Koko with her elbow.


“Well, I’ll deal with Koko’s punishment first,” she looked at Inui and gently held his uninjured hand,” When you’re out of the hospital and completely healed, then I’ll delegate something to Inupi.”


The scarred blonde nodded quietly, squeezing her small hand while Koko leaned his head onto her shoulder.


“We’re sorry, Takemichi.”


“We’ll do better.”


She smiled and chuckled,” Alright, I trust y’all.”



A few weeks later, Inui was finally discharged. Outside the hospital, Koko met up with the man bearing a basket full of fruits.


“All better?”


The blonde nodded, swinging his arm. “A little sore after being in a cast for a while, but yeah. I’m good.”


The two men started walking up to Koko’s black car. They entered into the front with the basket of fruits being tossed into the backseat.


As Koko started the engine and began to back out of his spot, Inui asked,” So how’d Takemichi punish you?”


Koko stayed silent as they made their way over to the penthouse they shared with their beloved commander. Inupi frowned at the silence but leaned back into his seat with his eyes closed. After a while, he felt the car dipping down into their building’s underground parking lot.




At the call of his name, Inui opened his eyes and looked at Koko. They were parked in front of the elevator with the engine still running.


“What’s up,” he asked the other.


Koko bit his lower lip. Upon closer observation, Inupi could see his partner’s ears turning red. He frowned again, worried about Koko’s sudden quietness. Finally, Koko sighed and reached over to place his hand on Inui’s shoulder. “I’ll see you and Takemichi later, yeah?”


“Later? You’re not getting out with me?”


Koko chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck. “Nah, Takemichi told me to go relax for the afternoon. She said she’s gotta dole out your punishment to ya.”


“Really? As soon as I’ve gotten out of the hospital?”




Inupi grunted and let himself out of the car. Right before he closed the door, Koko called out,” Good luck.”


“What do you mean?”


The dark-haired vice-commander gave a twisted smile. “A little bit of advice from someone who’s already gotten their punishment: listen to her instructions.”



Upon entering their penthouse, Inupi called out,” I’m home.”


The place was dark and mostly quiet, but he could hear the shower running. Slipping off his shoes at the entryway and dropping his bag onto the couch of their living room, Inui trudged over to the bathroom and knocked on the door.


“Takemichi? You in there?”


The shower shut off on the other side of the door and he heard her shout back,” Welcome home! I’ll be out in a second. Go to the bedroom and sit on the chair, okay?”


Inupi cocked his head to the side at the command but listened to her anyway, dragging himself over to their master bedroom and plopping himself onto a chair that had been moved directly in front of the foot of their bed. As he relaxed into the chair, he heard the bathroom door open and heard Takemichi bellow,” I forgot, there’s a blindfold on the bed! Please put it on and sit back on the chair!”


Inupi was familiar with how Takemichi punished him and Koko. Usually it was having them taking her out shopping or making them do things that they would’ve already done without asking. So this entire set-up was new to him. 


It was probably one of the girls,’ he mused as he sat back down and pulled on the blindfold. ‘Takemichi probably asked them what she should do.’


A moment later, he heard their bedroom door swing open and the light patter of her footsteps approaching him. He could feel her presence slink behind him.


“Are you okay,” she asked.


Inupi nodded. She clapped her hands once and giggled,” Okay, perfect! Gimme one more minute to change and get things set-up!”


With that, he heard her walk away from him towards their walk-in closet. With his vision covered, his sense of hearing seemed to be better. He could hear her humming some random pop tune as she began fiddling with drawers and hangers.


A minute passed and he heard the sound of heels clicking against their wooden flooring and back behind him. He could smell the soft fragrance of her body wash flutter from behind him. He inhaled, suddenly feeling a little warmer and his breathing becoming shallower. 


“I’m going to touch you and adjust you right now, so don’t move.”


Inupi felt himself tense up as she whispered near his ear. Being blindfolded not only heightened his senses, but being in the presence of the woman he loved like this made him feel hot, his dick starting to twitch in his pants.


Gently, he felt her hands guide his arms behind the chair. He felt something slip around his wrists and a small click echoed the abnormally quiet bedroom.




“Shh, this is your punishment. Just stay still.”


Inui felt a hand brush lightly over his clothed crotch and he gasped at the sensation. Slowly, she dragged her hand down to his ankle where she moved it to press right against the leg of the chair. The cool sensation of what Inupi deduced as being a handcuff, slipped around his ankle against with a small click. Takemichi shifted again, her heels clicking against the floor as she rounded to the other leg, doing the same thing as before. She hummed at her work and slowly slid her hand back up to his knee, massaging it over his pants.


By now, Inupi was panting and definitely hard. 


She giggled softly and moved her hand off of him. The clicking proceeded once more and Inui could hear her stop right behind him. He felt her hand brush down from his left shoulder down his chest and he groaned at the feeling.


“Takemichi, please–”


“Ah, ah. I didn’t say that you could talk now did I?”


He felt her hand move away again and he whined at the loss. He wanted to get up and move but Takemichi’s previous actions kept him bound to the chair.


“Inupi-kun, open your mouth and don’t move,” she ordered above him.


Inupi nodded frantically. He’d do anything to get this over with so that he could touch her.


As soon as he opened his mouth, he felt something round immediately block it. In one fluid motion, she tightened the buckle of a ball gag around his head, making Inupi jump. He began breathing noisily through his nose, shocked at the sudden object being shoved in his mouth.


“Slowly,” she murmured. “Take deep, slow breaths. When you’re calm, I’ll take off your blindfold, okay?”


Inui felt her rubbing his shoulders and slowly his breathing went back to normal.


“Good boy,” she praised. Takemichi placed a kiss against the back of his neck and he shuddered. She walked in front of him and ordered,” I’m going to take your blindfold off, but I want you to keep your eyes closed till I say so, understand?”


Inui nodded and felt her hand pat his head. He squeezed his eyes closed and a second later, felt the cloth pull away from his head. He could hear it being tossed to the ground next to him and could also hear Takemichi walking a few steps in front of him. He listened to the bed creak and heard her sigh. A few seconds later, she instructed him to open his eyes. Immediately, the blonde opened his eyes.


Just a few feet in front of him sat his commander, completely naked except for the red heels that Inupi had gifted to her for her last birthday. She was beautiful, her milky skin lightly flushed from her shower. She hadn’t dried herself off completely, as he could see water dripping from her hair down her voluptuous chest. She sat on the edge of the bed, leaned back on one arm with her legs spread wide open.


He moaned into the gag, already feeling himself drooling at the sight. He wanted to tear himself out of the handcuffs and shove his dick into her hole. He wanted to pound her into the mattress till she was a weeping mess and fill her up with his cum.


She cocked her head to the side with a sly smile. “Having a hard time right now?”


Takemichi giggled at the sight of his frantic nodding. 


“Good. Remember, you’re being punished.”


She dragged her free hand down her chest, cupping her breast and then squeezing. She moaned,” This wouldn’t be a punishment if you weren’t.”


Her hand continued downwards and Inui could only watch with pained excitement as her small hand fluttered over her spread pussy. He stared as her fingers lazily rubbed circles around her clit, drinking in the soft moan that escaped her lips. He was so close–if Inui wasn’t shackled down, all he needed to do was reach forward and he would be able to scoop her into his lap.


“You know,” she purred. “Hajime-kun didn’t even last 5 minutes before he started begging to be let go.”


‘A little bit of advice from someone who’s already gotten their punishment: listen to her instructions.’ Inupi remembered him saying. He groaned and let his head hang forward. So this was what he meant.


“Ahh, he was so cute, begging me to let him fuck me and all.”


Takemichi smiled. “I wonder how long you’ll last.”


Inui raised his head and looked straight into her blue eyes, practically begging. She giggled and leaned forward, plucking a bag up from the floor and dumping the contents onto the bed. Different toys and dildos plopped onto the sheets–toys that Inui knew very well, since he and Koko bought them to use on their darling commander. 


She held up a neon pink dildo and asked,” Are you reflecting on your actions?”


Inui nodded quickly. She laughed at the sight, tossing the toy next to the others. She raised her hand again and rubbed her pussy, her middle finger gliding down to her hole and slipping into the heat. She sighed at the feeling and slowly fingered herself as Inui watched on.


She looked at his crotch and chuckled.


“You’re quite hard now, huh?”


She pressed her ring finger into her hole and moaned.


“When you were in the hospital,” she began. “I was very worried. Mm, they didn’t tell me how badly you got hurt, you know. Just said that–ahh–that you and Hajime-kun got checked in.”


The sound of her fingering herself got louder, her insides squelching as her fingers dived deeper and faster into herself.


“I know I already said this–mm-to you both at the h–ha–hospital, but I was very disappointed that you two didn’t follow my instructions.” 


She spread her legs wider and dragged her fingers out of her hole, bringing them up to her clit. She rubbed into the sensitive flesh and moaned. Takemichi glanced at Inui and smiled at the sight of her vice-commander drooling all over himself, his face flushed and the bulge in his pants even bigger than before.


Takemich pulled her hand off of herself and brought it up to the gag, smearing her juices all over it and Inui’s lips.


“Do you want me to take off the gag?”


A desperate nod.


“Hmm.” Her hand dragged down and settled itself on top of Inui’s crotch, petting the bulge lightly. He shuddered and hung his head down, drool rolling down his chin.


“I don’t think I will.”


Inui snapped his head up and looked straight into her blue eyes. She smiled and pulled her hand away and settled back onto the bed, hand sliding back down to her pussy.


“I told you, this is a punishment. If I let you off now, then it wouldn’t be good enough. I need to make sure I hammer into you that when I give you an order, you follow.” Inui nodded again. 


I promise,’ he wanted to say. ‘I promise I’ll do anything you say. I won’t ever go against you.’


She plucked up another dildo and gave it a long lick from the base to the tip. 


“Now then, let’s get started~”



Nearly an hour later, Inui found himself still cuffed to the chair. Luckily, Takemichi had taken off the cuffs to his legs, but he was still gagged and his arms stuck behind the chair. The front of his pants was unbuttoned and unzipped by Takemichi, giving room for his raging boner. The front of his boxers were stained with cum after having been gently teased by Takemichi and her heels. Inui was a mess, begging and crying through his gag.


Takemichi, on the other hand, had cum at least 3 times from playing with the various toys that the men had gotten her. Currently, she was slowly coming down from her climax and rubbing the dildo against her labia. She sighed contentedly after a moment and pulled the toy away, tossing it to the side with the other used toys.


She leaned back and looked at her beloved Inui. She hummed,” So what did we learn today?”


Inui groaned against the gag.


“That’s right,” she chimed. “Next time I give you both an order, you’ll listen to me!”


He nodded desperately.


“Can I trust you then?”


Another nod.


She glanced over at her phone, checking the time. 


“Hm, we still have plenty of time before the dinner reservation that I had Koko-kun set up.” She leaned forward and reached out to cup Inui’s face. He immediately leaned into her touch, sighing.


“Shall I give you a reward for being such a good boy this entire time?”


Inui whined and pressed his face into the palm of her hand. She giggled lazily at the sight and then got up.


“I’m going to take off your handcuffs and move the chair. I want you to get on your knees and wait.”


The man heard a click and felt the handcuffs fall away from his wrists. He stood up and the chair was pulled away from underneath him. Quickly, he dropped to his knees and looked up as Takemichi walked up in front of him. She petted his head again and then sat down on the bed, beckoning him to come closer. He crawled up to Takemichi and rested his head on the inside of her thigh.


“I’m going to remove the gag and after, you’re going to pleasure me before I let you have your fun.” 


Gently, she reached behind his head and unbuckled the gag. Takemichi pulled it out, watching with interest as a string of drool stretched between Inui and the gag. She chucked it behind her and pushed her pelvis towards the depraved Inui.


“Enjoy your meal~”


“T-thank you for the meal,” he breathed. Quickly he dived forward, pushing his face into her wet, sloppy pussy. He lapped up the juices that had accumulated from her masturbation, moaning and slurping.


“Don’t touch yourself,” Takemichi ordered as she saw his hand sneaking over his crotch. He gave a small whine but continued eating her out.


She purred,” Focus on my clit a little more–ahh, yeah–yeah that’s it…”


Inui opened his mouth and attached it over her clitoris, sucking on it and rolling it around with his tongue. Her hand carded through his locks and settled on gripping the back of his head. He could feel her shuddering and shaking from him licking away at her.


“Harder,” she moaned. “Fuck me with your tongue–”


Inui immediately obeyed, removing his mouth off of her clit with a pop and then licking his way down to her hole. He shoved his tongue inside of her, slurping the juices that spilled out from her. He roughly wiggled his tongue, wanting to push himself deeper–wishing that instead of his tongue fucking her, it was his cock. He brought his arm up, looping it around her leg and over her crotch, spreading her pussy and then toying her clit with his fingers.


She was wailing now, crying with pleasure as he assaulted every part of her pussy. He devoured her, starved and desperate to show her that he was an obedient dog, willing to give her the best pleasure ever. Her other hand gripped the back of his head and Inui felt her shaking increase.


“Yes, yes–Seishu–!! Seishu!!”


She gave one last shout, pressing him harder into her pussy before falling backwards. She panted, her limbs twitching. She felt Inui move between her legs and a dark shadow was casted above her.


“Takemichi, please,” he begged as he hovered over her. “Can I? Please?”


She gave a shaky smile, reaching up to cup his face in her hands again. She pulled him down for a sloppy kiss. As they broke away, her hand travelled down to the front of his pants, rubbing his hard-on through the fabric.


“C’mon,” she breathed. 


“Time for your reward.”