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thanks for the meal

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Draken was not a small person. 


At 27 years old, he stood proudly at 6’1” with a  strong, brawny body. Draken could easily send a man flying with a single punch and could easily carry a full grown adult man under one arm. He was a big–no, no he was a huge guy. He wasn’t small or weak at all.


So when his request for his girlfriend to sit on his face was denied and she had reasoned that ‘she’d hurt him’, Draken felt a part of his pride crumble.


They sat on their bed, sitting face to face with each other. Draken sat on one end of the bed, his legs crossed, shirt off, and his boner crying and trapped in his boxers and sweatpants. On the other side, was Draken’s beautiful girlfriend: Hanagaki Takemichi. She fidgeted under his stare, her face bright red with the flush dragging down her neck. Takemichi sat awkwardly on her knees with her hands tightly clenched together on her lap. 


She looked good–beautiful–just wearing her underwear and one of Draken’s smallest shirts. It made Draken’s dick roar with hunger seeing the petite woman wearing his clothes. If he could, he’d replace all of her clothes with just his shirts; show her off to the world that Hanagaki Takemichi was his. She’d look so good wearing his shirts like a dress. They’d show off her long slender legs and–Draken cleared his throat. He was getting ahead of himself. He stared pointedly at Takemichi again.


“Again, why not?”


Takemichi gave a squeak, her already-red face turning even darker. She stuttered,” B-b-because… W-what if I hurt you, Draken-kun?”


Draken frowned. 


“I’m not small.”


“I know! It’s just… I mean–”


“You won’t hurt me just cuz you sit on my face.”


Takemichi covered her face, wanting to scream. Draken crossed his arms and leaned forward. “I just don’t get why you won’t let me.”


Even before he and Takemichi had started dating, Draken had dreams of her riding his face. It was something he always wanted to do; he wanted to worship Takemichi’s body, give her pleasure that would make her toes curl and make her throat go hoarse from screaming his name. But even after dating her and having sex, she never let him go down on her.


But today, Draken wasn’t having it. He was gonna eat her out till she was shaking and then fuck her till she passed out.


Takemichi peeked through her fingers and looked at her boyfriend. She could tell that he wasn’t about to let up. She murmured,” …‘m heavy…”




The woman threw up her hands and shouted,” I’m heavy! I-i gained weight over the holidays!! I went to the doctor’s the other day and I gained some weight, okay? I don’t want to ‘sit on your face’ because I feel embarrassed!”


Takemichi felt her eyes watering at her confession. While she had always been on the slender side, now as an older woman, her metabolism just wasn’t what it used to be. As a teen, she could easily stuff herself with sweets for a week and her weight wouldn’t change. But now it was hard to lose the extra pounds!


As soon as she felt her tears slip down her face, Takemichi immediately was pulled forward into a tight hug.


“Hey, hey,” Draken hushed. He petted her head as he looped his other arm around her waist. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were feelin’ self-conscious about that.”


He pulled Takemichi back and leaned his forehead against hers, peering straight into her watery, oceanic eyes. “I don’t ever want ya to be embarrassed about yourself like that. I don’t care about that stuff, ‘michi. To me, you’re beautiful no matter what size yer at. If you’re big or skinny, I don’t give a shit. You’re still my beautiful Takemitchy, okay?”


She sniffed and mumbled,” …even if I got a squishy belly?”


“Pfft, yes even. I’d kiss every part of your squishy body if you didn’t stop me.”


“...what if I got stretch marks… or cellulite..?”


“I’ll kiss those too. If ya got wrinkles, or scars, or whatever–I don’t care. I don’t love you just for your body, you know that right? I love you because you’re Hanagaki Takemichi–my lil’ crybaby. So stop worryin’ about those kinds of things, okay?”


Takemichi sniffed again and wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her face into the crook of his neck. Draken felt her head nod against his skin and he sighed with relief. They stayed like that, tangled in each other’s embrace, relishing each other’s warmth. Takemichi felt her eyes flutter close, thinking about how lucky she was to have such a wonderful boyfriend such as Ryuguji Ken. 




She opened her eyes and looked up into Draken’s eyes. 


“Will you sit on my face or…?”







Takemichi could feel her entire body shaking. She wanted to pull herself off of Draken and take a moment to breathe, but her boyfriend had his arms looped around her legs, keeping her seated in her place while he continued to eat her out.


“K-ken, please–please–I’m going to–AH–”


She fell forward with one arm propped up against the headboard of their bed, the other hand grabbing at Draken’s black locks. She felt a wail rip out of her body as her boyfriend gave a particularly hard suck on her clit. They had been like this for nearly an hour now with Draken making her see stars more times than she could count. She had never felt this before when they had sex together–sure Draken always made sure to bring her to her own climax, but this was different. He was unrelenting while eating her out, like a starved animal being presented a juicy meal. 


“I can’t–no more–no more I can’t cum anymore–”


She could feel him smirk against her folds before roughly swirling her clit with his tongue. Takemichi gasped, squeezing her thighs at the motion. Draken groaned, pushing his face deeper into his girlfriend’s sopping pussy. He shoved his tongue into her hole, lapping at the juices that easily spilled out from her body. 


This was better than he had ever imagined–feeling her shake above him, her cries of pleasure, and fuck –she tasted so much better than he could’ve ever dreamed. He could do this for hours without rest. He gave Takemichi’s hole another hard suck, earning himself another loud cry. He could already hear the rough edges to Takemichi’s voice. It was to be expected. She had been screaming for almost the entire time that he had his face pressed into her pussy. He grinned at the thought of her voice being hoarse because of him and him alone .


“Baby–baby–please-ah–I can’t anymore, please–”


Draken pushed his head up from underneath Takemichi. His entire face was disgusting and wet, but he didn’t give a damn. He licked his lips and panted,” Want me to fuck you?”


She nodded, unable to form any words. Draken smirked at her blissed out face.


“Hmm, but this is so much more fun.” He moved his hand to tightly squeeze one of her asscheeks. She groaned, bucking her hips and pressing down on Draken.


“See? You still want some more right?”


Takemichi felt a line of drool escape her mouth but she shook her head.


“C’mon baby, tell me what you want then. Use your words.”


Draken raised his hand and smacked her ass then kneaded the bouncy flesh. “Can’t give you what you want if you don’t tell me.”


Takemichi was breathing heavily, face flushed, and eyes blissed out. She stuttered,” Y-you…wan’ you–I need–I feel empty–”


Another smack.


“Beg for it,” Draken commanded, watching intensely as his girlfriend was unraveling above him.


“I want–want your dick–”


“What else?”


“Fill me up–fuck–fuck me–want you to shove it–ah-shove it in me and–ah–fuck me–pump me with your cum–”


Draken groaned and pulled himself up, dragging Takemichi down onto his lap,” Yeah–that’s right. I’m gonna fuck you and fill you up–”


He smashed their faces together, kissing her hard and not caring that he was still covered in her juices. Draken pulled his sweats and boxers off in one, swift motion grabbing his dick with one hand and the other he grabbing Takemichi’s hips. He had no plans on letting up tonight. He was gonna fuck her stupid and raw all night. 


Yeah’ , Draken thought as he pushed the tip of his dick into her warm hole. ‘ We’re gonna do this more often.’