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What a day to leave his charger at home. Stiles was sitting in the quad, whispering urgently at his laptop not to die. He was so close to finishing his essay for the class he had in about an hour. But the battery was beyond warning him now, and the screen faded to black. Well, that was one reason he wrote all his stuff in Google Docs these days.

Groaning, he shoved his laptop in its bag and getting up. Did he have time to run to his apartment and finish his essay before class? Probably, but he was too damn lazy. He headed for the library instead, figuring he could get his essay done on a ten year old computer and print it for 15 cents.

When he got to the library, he cursed softly to himself because all the computers were taken. He circled around them like a vultures until someone got up, and he swooped in to take the spot. There were a couple tabs open, and he closed the first one, thinking he could just type in the address for Google Drive on the second one, but the content of the page made him stop.

What the heck was FetLife?

It looked like a social networking site, and when he found the logout button, he pushed it so the welcome page came up. His eyes went a little wide. That was definitely a woman in some seriously intricate bondage, rope looping around her body, above and below her breasts. Above the picture it said, 'FetLife is the world's most popular FREE social network for BDSM, Fetish and Kinky communities.'

The picture changed to a woman sitting facing away from the viewer, showing off her full back tattoo of an Asian style dragon and some koi. She was looking her shoulder alluringly as he held up a pair of wide fans of red feathers. As Stiles watched, the picture changed again, this time to a man bound and gagged, doubled over on his knees with a woman looming over him in nothing but a corset and knee high leather boots. She had her heel against his back, holding him down and making him submit.


There was a list of reviews on the side, and he read each one.

'Candidly, I LOVE this place. I keep telling my friends that someone finally got it right,' said the author of SM 101.

Naughtyjamie had this to say, ‘I have never had a place on myspace or otherwise because those sites are a bit… icky! This is wonderfully not icky!’

Not icky was good.

‘I am totally impressed. I love the feel of the interface, I love the concept, I am going to tell every kinky friend I know to join,’ said someone in Ontario, Canada.

‘FetLife is invaluable for finding friends and making connections. It singlehandedly got me a social life in my area ’ wrote someone who identified as a 22GQ switch.

What was GQ? He opened another tab and typed in ‘GQ meaning’. He doubted it was ‘gentleman’s quarterly,’ so he clicked on different links. Oh, genderqueer! Right.

‘Great website. I have been checking out facebook but I have to keep it somewhat neutral as vanilla family and friends are there. Its great to have somewhere to go where you don't have to hide anything.’ said someone with the handle shy_but_sassy.

Stiles had never thought of that. It was kind of nice, actually. It was good that kinky people had a place just for them.

There were nearly four million members, so they had to be doing something right. The site went on to boast;
1. It's Free as in Facebook and Google free.
2. Meet and make new kinky friends.
3. Get in touch with your local community.
4. Be accepted for who you are.
5. Designed by the community for the community.

Stiles chewed his lip, his curiosity getting the better of him. He wanted to explore the site and see what all the kinky people were up to. He'd always been into femdom porn, so that made him a kinkster too, right?

Then he remembered his essay. He would come back to the site later, maybe when he got home after classes. He brought up his Google doc and got back to work, the back of his mind buzzing.

When the day of class was over, Stiles unlocked his bike from the rack outside the science building and headed home. It wasn't too far off campus, but Stiles pedaled faster than usual, eager to get to what he'd been thinking about for two classes.

When he got to the apartment, he hoisted his bike up onto his shoulder and ascended the two flights of stairs to his apartment. The trip used to make him winded, but after three years living there he'd developed a strong core and even stronger calves.

"I have returned!" Stiles announced as he walked into the apartment. There was an unenthusiastic 'yay' from down the hall in the living room, and Stiles scowled. He left his bike in the entryway under the hooks where everyone's keys hung.

When he entered the living room, he found his best friend being sandwiched between both his girlfriend, Allison, and his boyfriend, Isaac. Scott was huddled in a blanket, sniffing loudly. His nose and cheeks were red, and his eyes looked crusty.

"Still feel like the poo?" Stiles asked.

"Yeah," Scott answered, voice all nasal-y.

Allison shifted even closer and gave Scott a kiss on the cheek. "You're better than you were yesterday," she told him gently in a soft voice like she was afraid he was fall apart if she talked too loudly.

"Yeah," Scott said again, before he sniffed loudly then leaned his head on Allison’s shoulder.

"Well, that's all fine and gross," Stiles said, plopping down in his cushy armchair and pulling his laptop out of his bag. "I'll leave you three to that." He grabbed his charger cord where he'd left it plugged into the wall and hanging over the arm of the chair. He started to boot up his computer.

"Do you have homework?" Allison asked.

"Not exactly. I stumbled upon this site," Stiles said as he waited for his laptop to connect to the internet, ever the slow poke. "It's kind of like Facebook, but it's for people that are into S&M." There was a moment of silence after he said that, and he looked up at his friends. "What?"

"Are you into S&M?" Isaac asked, looking like he wasn't at all surprised.

"Noooo," Stiles said, shaking his head. "I'm just curious about people who are and what they get up to on the Internet. I might talk to a few of them. Think if it as a social experiment." He made jazz hands.

"You're weird," Isaac said.

"Well, it's good I don't care about your opinion then, huh?" Stiles said with a huff, almost sticking his tongue out at him.

"I think it's cool, Stiles," Scott said, closing his eyes and sniffing again.

"Thank you, bro. You're the best." Stiles looked down at the laptop and opened a browser, typing in

And down the rabbit hole he went.

Making a profile was about as easy as it could be. He filled out all the information about himself, like where he was--Berkeley, CA--and so on. The hardest part was coming up with a nickname. He had his defaults, such as Sex_Machine, Red24, BettaThanU and a few others, but they were either too playful or not playful enough.

He decided to go with The_Stiles, because that was straightforward enough.

When given the options for gender, Stiles had expected male and female. The list, however, was way more inclusive: male, female, trans male to female, trans female to male, genderqueer, genderfluid, intersex, butch and femme. He felt a little bland for just picking male.

Next was sexual orientation, and Stiles was expecting a pretty long list: straight, heteroflexible, bisexual, homoflexible, gay, lesbian, queer, pansexual, fluctuating/evolving, asexual and unsure. Stiles would have liked to say that he was firmly bisexual, since that was what he told people. But the only woman to turn his head and make him walk into things was Lydia. He found himself staring at more men these days. So, he picked homoflexible.

Next was role, and he figured it would be top, bottom and switch, but he was wrong again. The list went on and on: dominant, domme, switch, submissive, master, mistress, slave, pet… He had to stop and stare in confusion at the words kajira and kijirus. He opened another tab and found that they were the names for female and male slaves in a book series. Right then, moving on: top bottom, sadist, masochist, sadomasochist, daddy, mommy, baby boy, baby girl, brat, primal, fetishist, kinkster, hedonist, vanilla and unsure. He didn’t know where to begin with that, so he just picked unsure.

As for what he was looking for, he picked mentor and friend. Hopefully people would message him looking to educate him.

When his account was made, he was given the option to upload a picture of himself. Hm, did he have any good pictures? He searched through his laptop and found mostly pictures for assignments and ones of his friends and dad. He grabbed his phone, cursing the fact that the selfie fad had skipped him. Eventually he found a picture of him and Scott, arms looped over each other's shoulders. In the photo, he was smiling, carefree. It would do. He transferred it to his computer, cropped it so it was just him, and uploaded it to the site.

Next was the About Me section of the profile, and Stiles pressed his lips to his steepled fingers as he thought about what to say. He didn’t want to make it obvious that he was doing this for giggles, because then no one would message him. He decided to just jot some info about him down and make it general.

Hi, I'm Stiles. That's a nickname, but my real name is Polish and only three people alive know how to say it let alone spell it. I am a college student at the University of Berkeley. I'm in my third year, and I'm a biology major, namely marine biology. I love anything having to do with the flora and fauna of the sea. That’s kind of boring, huh?

I’m not very kinky. I mean, I haven’t done anything like that, so I don’t know if I would like it? I figured this would be the place to find out.

That was lame, but oh well, it wasn’t like this was important or anything.

After clicking all the buttons and exploring for a bit--including getting distracted by pictures that people posted, both hot and terrifying--Stiles finally found the Novices & Newbies forum. He opened the Introduce Yourself thread and was met with big red letters that said NO PERSONAL ADS. Well, alright then. After reading a few introductions that were little more than ‘Hi, I’m so-and-so,’ Stiles opened his one reply and said, ‘Hi, I’m Stiles, and I’m new here.’

He went exploring again, and he was happy to see that there was a Kinky and Geeky forum. There were subsections for video games, comics, movies, anime and more, and he clicked on the video games to find even more subsections. He ended up in the Assassin's Creed thread and found himself smiling at weird glitches people were experiencing.

Then he remembered he was doing this to find out what kinky people were up to, not gamers, and he went to clink on the main thread again. That was when he noticed the little 3 beside the envelope button, meaning he had some messages. He got really excited, really fast and clicked on the button.

His first message was from someone called silk-rope123 and by the 34F submissive next to her name, he could tell her age, gender and preferred role. She wrote to him,

Hi, Stiles!

My name is Tammy, and I greet newbies. I hope you are navigating the forums okay. The search bar is pretty much your best friend. Message me if you have any problems or concerns!

That was really nice and not at all scary. He sent her a quick thank you then looked at the next message. It was someone that went by the handle stronghand 31M Master, and his message was,

Hey there, cutie. I'm in the Berkeley area too, just off campus. If you ever want to get together with someone that can show you a thing or two, we should trade info.

Think about it.

Stiles stared at the message with slowly widening eyes. That was a bit further than he wanted to go with this. He deleted the message and hoped that wouldn't make him angry or anything.

The final message was from ShutterKing, and his details were 43M Daddy. He wrote,

Hello, Stiles,

Do you mind me asking what your Polish name is? I spent almost five months in Poland for my work, and I learned enough of the language to get around by myself.

Well that wasn't a question he'd expected. Usually he told people his first name was in Polish, and they were just like, 'Oh, that's nice,' and never brought it up again. He started to write out a response and was impressed with himself for knowing how to make the special character with an alt code without having to look it up.

My real name is Sobiesław. It was my grandfather's name, on my mom's side. I came up with the name Stiles when none of the other kids could pronounce my name. First day of preschool, and every already thought I was weird.

He stopped himself before he ranted any further. He could be a little be of a rambler when he was left to his own devices. He was pretty sure this ShutterKing didn’t want to know all that. He hit Send and and sat back to wait. He turned his head to watch the TV the others were fixated on, and the only sound besides it was Scott’s sniffling.

When he looked back at the screen, there was a new message from ShutterKing, and it read,

Is the pronunciation saw-BYES-wahf? That's my best guess, to be honest. I realized I asked for your name without giving you mine. I'm Peter.

Stiles was completely surprised and a little impressed. He wrote back,

That’s it exactly! You’re the first person to get it right on the first try. What kind of work took you to Poland, if it’s okay for me to be nosy?

After hitting Send, Stiles clicked on Peter’s handle and opened his profile in another window. He actually wasn’t expecting to see the profile picture of Peter and have his throat become parched. He was a handsome man with a strong nose and chin, high cheekbones, startlingly blue eyes, full lips and a partial goatee that Stiles wanted to rub with his fingers. It was probably so soft.

Stiles tore his eyes away from that picture and looked at the info next to it:
Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Looking
Active: I Live The Lifestyle When I Can
Looking For: Friendship, A Lifetime Relationship, Baby Boy

Stiles switched back to the other tab, feeling weirdly eager now, and he was pleased to see another message from Peter.

My ego is properly inflated now. And don’t worry about being nosy. I am the type that likes to share. Information, that is. ;) I am a fashion photographer, so I travel all over the world for shoots. If you want to see some of the places I’ve been, I have lots of photos uploaded. (As I shamelessly promote myself.)

What got you into marine biology?

Stiles hid his smile behind his fingers, amused and feeling fondness for this man he’d only just met. Over the Internet. There was just something about his words that made Stiles all warm. He bit his lip and clicked the tab with Peter’s profile and started going through the pictures.

They were absolutely gorgeous. There were a lot of scenery pictures, all with the name of the place in the description. A pretty woman lying in a gondola, surrounded by black roses in Venice, Italy for Vogue Italia. A man with a stunning jaw line sitting at a bistro in Paris, France for Vogue Paris. A few more, and Stiles was sensing a pattern. Peter was a photographer for all the Vogue companies, and Lydia was going to be super jealous.

Speaking of the ginger queen, the door was opening and shutting, which meant she was home, since she and Jordan were the only people that lived in the apartment other than the ones already in it. “We’re back,” she sang as she entered the room, bags hanging off her wrists and Jordan trailing after her. “How do you feel, honey?” she asked, setting the bags on the coffee table and looking to Scott.

Scott sniffled loudly in response.

“We got you some matzoh ball soup,” Jordan said, digging around in a bag until he found the soup container. “My bubbe used to make it when I was sick. It always used to make me feel better.” He handed it and a plastic spoon over to Scott.

“Thanks,” Scott said, freeing his arms from his blanket and taking it.

“Did you go to Saul’s?” Stiles asked, and Lydia answered by handing him a sandwich. He could just smell the corned beef. “Hell yeeeaaah,” was his opinion as he unwrapped the juicy sandwich and took a big bite. It was better than sex.

Not that he had a reference point or anything.

He kept looking through the pictures, of which there were about a hundred. Peter's handle was fitting, because he was a total shutterbug. Stiles liked the selfies most, the three or four that he'd seen. Peter was just so handsome and composed. The shot of him in an open leather jacket to exposed his naked chest, wide aviators and a smirk was unspeakably hot.

Stiles wanted on that, but the man was twice his age. That should have concerned him more than it did.

He went back to the window with messages and answered,

Your photos are amazing. I bet you make the big bucks with a portfolio like that. I really like the one of the girl in a white dress in the field, surrounded by wild flowers. It pops.

I got into marine biology in high school. I got placed in the class by accident, but once I was there I didn't want to leave. I got to raise a lobster from a hatchling. His name was George, and he was awesome. He only pinched me once, and it was my fault.

What got you into photography?

"What has you so smiley?" came Lydia's voice, and Stiles looked up at her after hitting Send on his message.

"Huh?" he asked, blinking.

Lydia set her grilled cheese with mushrooms in her lap, flicking crumbs from her fingers. "You're quiet, and you're grinning like crazy."

"He found a website with a bunch of freaks into weirdo sex stuff, so he's finally happy he is among like-minded people," Isaac provided flatly.

That made Lydia and Jordan both look at him curiously.

"That's not--" Stiles growled, pausing. "That's not entirely true. Yes, it's a website for kinky people, but so far everyone's been very nice, and I haven't been asked anything weird. The guy I'm talking to now just wanted to know what my real first name is and about my major."

"He probably wants to put you over his knee and spank you," Jordan teased with a smile.

"Don't give anyone your address," Lydia said, a grin crossing her face. "They might kidnap you and take you to their sex dungeon."

With a loud, exasperated sigh, Stiles unplugged his charger. "If you will excuse me," he said, gathering the cord and his sandwich on the keyboard of his laptop and standing up. "I will be in my room, being a mature adult." He flounced off dramatically.

"Don't forget to open a window to air out the room after," Isaac called after him, and everyone else laughed as Stiles flipped him off over his shoulder.

Stiles opened and shut his bedroom door a bit louder than necessary, before he climbed onto his bed, piled his pillows behind his back and settled in. He chowed down on the rest of his sandwich as he waited for Peter to answer his message. He was almost done when the little 1 popped up next to the button.

I do, in fact, make quite a lot of money doing what I do. That sounds like bragging. But I love it, and I am proud of my accomplishments.

Photography wasn't the first career I had in mind. I had a basketball scholarship, but I tore my ACL and that went down the drain. I picked up a camera later, because a girl I liked was in the photography club at the college, and I wanted to impress her. I found I am good at it and have stuck with it.

Whatever happened to George the lobster?

Stiles couldn’t stop smiling. His face was starting to hurt. Peter was a delight.

George and the rest of the lobsters were set free. I might have cried a little when he swam off to live his own life. I hope he's still out there. Lobsters have impressively long lifespans, like 30+ years.

I know what it's like to join something to impress a girl. I joined the lacrosse team for a girl named Lydia. I convinced my best friend to join too so I wasn't too obvious. We were both REALLY bad though. I never got the girl, but it's better this way. She is one of my roommates and a close friend.

He switched over to Peter’s profile to check something. Then he added,

What’s it like living in New York? Do you have a high rise apartment? Is the city really loud and fast paced? Are the people super rude? Do you drive or take public transportation?

He hit Send and devoured the rest of his sandwich, balling up the wrapper and tossing it in the general direction of the trash can. It was getting close to the time when he rolled into his pajamas and read Buffy The Vampire Slayer fanfiction on his phone until he passed out. He wasn't eager to stop talking to Peter though.

When he got his next message, he opened it eagerly, and it read,

I love the city. I used to live outside of it in the suburbs, but when I started making so much money I did, in fact, move into a high rise apartment. The view is spectacular at night when all the lights are on. I'm also facing the sunrise.

The city can be loud, but it's a comforting noise. I like crowds and the bustle of the people. Some people are rude, but there are nice ones too. It varies. Everyone is definitely in a hurry. I take the train and cabs usually. I have my own car, but I save it for long trips. I learned my lesson about traffic quickly.

I hope this isn't too forward, but I enjoy talk to you. Could we talk in real time? Skype, perhaps?

Stiles’s eyes went a little wide, and he was surprised at his own eagerness to make this happen. He licked his lips as he answered,

Sure, that sounds cool. My username is BadassBlue. Feel free to add me.

It didn't take long before there was a notification popping up at the corner of his screen. 'PeterH would like to add you as a friend,' it said.

Stiles clicked accept, and the Skype window covered half of his screen. He popped his knuckles.

Stiles: hi

Peter: Hello, Stiles.

Stiles realized his brain had gone empty immediately. He groaned and rubbed his eyes.

Stiles: do you ever want to talk to someone and suddenly have nothing to say?

Peter: Always.

Peter: I must ask though. What is your Skype name about? BadassBlue?

Stiles: oh that’s my Jeep. he’s blue and his name is Roscoe. he died last year, and I might have cried, because I’ve had him since I was 16.

Peter: Ah. I never got around to naming my car.

Stiles: what kind do you have?

Peter: Silver Lexus RC F. I just got it a few months ago.

Stiles had to look it up, because he didn’t know what that looked like right off the bat. He let out a little whistle at the Lexus site. All tricked out, the car was $80,000.

Stiles: that car is sweeeeet. I bet it rides so smooth.

Peter: It does. I like it quite a lot.

Peter: So, how is your night? Anything exciting happening?

Stiles: nah

Stiles: It’s just a quiet night at home for me. my best friend is sick as a dog so he’s not up to videogames or anything. Lydia-the one I told you about-brought us all food from a deli called Saul’s.

Peter: How many roommates do you have?

Stiles: 5

Peter: A large apartment then?

Stiles: 3 bedrooms. it’s me in one room, then Lydia and Jordan in the next, and there’s Scott, Isaac and Allison in the master.

Peter: Is there a bunk bed in that situation, or are you friends polyamorous?

Stiles: oh they’re totes a threesome

Stiles: it works for them

Peter: That’s lovely.

Stiles: they’re pretty awesome

Stiles: they figured it out in high school, which is totally impressive

Stiles: it’s like they all sat down and were like “well I like you, but I also like you, and you both like me, soooo”

Peter: I would not be able to do that. I do not like to share.

Stiles: same

Stiles: it’s never really come up with me though

Peter: No infidelity from your lovers?

Stiles: no lovers to commit infidelity

Peter: Oh? Ever?

Stiles: never

Peter: No purely physical relationships either?

Stiles: nope

Peter: Not even a one night stand?

Stiles: nah

There was a pause, and Stiles stared at the little indicator that Peter was typing.

Peter: Are you a virgin, Stiles?

Stiles bit his lip. It wasn’t something he was proud of, to be honest. And it wasn’t from lack of trying. He just got too flustered and weird around people he thought were hot and would look good naked.

Peter: You don’t have to tell me, of course.

Peter: I rather like you, Stiles, and I don’t want to cause you any discomfort.

Sucking at his bottom lip, Stiles felt a bloom of affection in his chest. He had to smile at how polite Peter was, even when asking such a personal question.

Stiles: it’s okay and yeah I’m a virgin

Peter: I thought so.

Stiles: is this where you tell me you didn’t lose your virginity until super late to make me feel better?

Peter: God no. Why lie? I was fourteen.

Stiles: jeeeeeez

Peter: It lasted a whole fifteen seconds.

Peter: There’s no point in trying to make you feel better about something you shouldn’t be ashamed of anyway.

Stiles: I’m not ashamed. I mean I probably masturbate more than the average person.

Peter: Oh? Do tell.

Stiles: um

Peter: I’ll just come out and say it, Stiles. You are interesting, and I am attracted to you. I would love to hear about your late night activities.

Peter: Even more, I’d love to watch.

Peter: Do you have a webcam? Because I would pay to watch you masturbate.

Stiles: you serious?

Peter: There’s no point in lying to you. How does five hundred sound?

Stiles put his hands over his face and stared at the screen through his fingers. Was this really happening? Was someone really offering to pay him real money to watch him rub one out? This was so ridiculously sudden that Stiles was reeling from it.

But… On the other hand, he couldn’t exactly deny the thrill that went up and down his spine at the very idea. He would be vulnerable and studied under Peter’s gaze. He would know how he moved, his jerking technique and how he let out little noises that he couldn’t help.

Stiles had never shared anything like that with anyone before. Did he want that?

He licked his lips.

Stiles: let’s do it

Peter: Wonderful. Do you have a PayPal?

He did. He used it to buy stuff online whenever he had just a bit of extra cash to spare. He was a poor college student with grants that barely covered his tuition, food and rent. That was another reason that getting paid to whack off was so appealing, but it wasn’t the main reason.

He pulled up his PayPal and gave Peter his information.

Peter: Give it a couple minutes. I want you to verify that I’m not trying to trick you.

Stiles: kay

Peter: I want you to trust me.

Stiles: I do

Stiles was surprised at how true that was.

The money came through like Peter said it would, and Stiles let out a shaky sigh. This was really happening.

Stiles: okay I’m ready. do you want me naked or?

Peter: Do what makes you comfortable.

Stiles had no idea what that was. He decided to go ahead and take his shirt off, because he didn’t want to have to wrestle with it with his headset. He tossed his shirt toward his laundry basket, before he grabbed his wireless headset off his desk, putting it on. He sat up against the pillows and put the laptop in the V of his legs. He turned on his headset and pulled the mic down in front of his mouth.

Stiles: ready

Immediately there was sound in his ears, a melodic bee bah boop of the Skype call tone. Stiles took a deep breath and hit Answer. A black box blew up across his screen for a moment, before it changed, and there was Peter and his gorgeous face and broad shoulders and shit.

Peter smiled. “Hello.”

Stiles bit his bottom lips as a smile spread across his face. He was practically giggling like freshman schoolgirl that was getting attention from a handsome upperclassman. “Hi,” he said, a bit breathy.

Peter leaned back a bit, showing off the soft looking gray v-neck he was wearing. Could necks be sexy? He was into necks now. That was a new thing for him, but Peter’s neck was fucking gorgeous. Just like the rest of him.

Slowly, Peter’s eyes trailed down then back up again, and his smile sharpened into a smirk. “You have delectable moles.”

Stiles felt his face heat up, but his smile stayed. “Thanks,” he said, before he winced because Thanks? Really?

Peter let out a laugh, and it was like a caress, like fingers trailing up his spine. Jesus God, he had a stirring in his pants and he didn’t even have to resort to porn. Just Peter looking at him brought heat to his skin. Yeah, this was going to be an easy $500.

“So how should I…?” Stiles started to ask, before he tilted the computer screen down a bit. “Is that a good view of my crotch, or no?”

Peter snorted in his ear. “Push you computer away from you a bit and lift the screen. I want to see your face just as much as your dick.”

“Really?” Stiles said, blinking as he did as told. “My face isn’t very exciting.”

“I disagree,” Peter said with a lifted brow. “You are quite adorable. I want to see the way you flush, the way your mouth parts and the way you bite your lips.”

Stiles’s blush did not go away. "Oh," he said, unsure what to do with that. Without thinking, he reached down and palmed himself through his pants.

Peter’s eyes tracked the movement. "Does it turn you on to hear how beautiful you are?" he asked in a low voice like a whisper in the dark. "Obviously you don't hear it enough then."

"Not really," Stiles admitted, stroking the hard line of his dick under the fabric of his jeans. It was strange having the focus on him instead of him focusing on getting to his orgasm as fast as possible so he could sleep.

Peter hummed softly, shifting forward to lean his cheek against his hand. "If I were there, I wouldn't let you forget it. I'd whisper it in your ear as I touched you."

Stiles let out a soft gasp as he thumbed the head of his dick.

"Take off your pants, but leave your underwear on," Peter instructed, in a low but firm way.

Stiles hurried to obey, nearly kicking the laptop off the bed. Once he got his pants off, he realized that he had his Flash boxers on, and that would be embarrassing enough if they weren't tented by his cock. He covered his eyes with his hand. "If I had known I was putting on a show, I would have worn sexier clothes."

Peter chuckled in his ear. "I find it charming."

Stiles lifted his hand off his eyes and found Peter smiling on the screen. Where had this guy come from? Did he have a fetish for awkward college students?

"Touch yourself for me," Peter said, and Stiles licked his lips, his hand rubbing his dick through his boxers. "I bet your cock is damp at the head, and you want so badly to pull it out and stroke it, don't you?"

Stiles nodded with a whimper, unable to get a hand around his dick with his boxers on. It was more of a tease than anything. "Can I?" he asked, his cock jumping at the idea of asking permission.

Peter grinned at him, teeth white and eyes sharp. "How did I get so lucky to find a boy like you?" he purred, before he licked his lips and gave a nod. "Go ahead and pull it out. I want to see it."

Stiles fished his cock out through the hole in his boxers, whimpering as he stroked himself with no barriers. It was sweet pleasure.

There was a soft intake of breath in his ear. "Lovely," Peter said in a murmur. "Stroke just like that, slow and easy. Don't be too eager."

A whine left Stiles’s throat. He felt eager. He felt like he was on fire. He gasped as he twisted his hand over the head of his dick, mouth falling open.

"You can't be too loud with your roommates in the other room, can you?" Peter asked, and Stiles shook his head. "That's a shame. I would like you loud and slutty."

Stiles bit his lips together to halt a surprised sound, his cock jumping in his hand. So, dirty talk was a thing for him. He gripped the base of his dick to stave off the orgasm that threatened to crest over him.

"You like being told what to do, don't you?" Peter asked, and Stiles’s face heated up to the tips of his ears. "How wonderful for me. Go faster, baby. I want you to come because you want to please me."

Fuck, he did. He wanted Peter to love the show, wanting him to ask for more. He stroked himself as he put his head back and closed his eyes.

Peter didn't approve of that, because he let out a soft hiss. "Look at me," he said, and Stiles did. There was a fire in Peter’s blue eyes. "That's it. Keep looking at me, know that your pleasure is mine. Come for me, Stiles."

Stiles managed to bite back a moan as his bliss exploded within him, coming over his fingers and into his pubes. He gasped in the aftermath, his body loose and tingling.

Peter took a deep breath and let out a contented sigh. "That, my dear, was delicious." The corner of his mouth twitched up.

Feeling giddy, Stiles let out a chuckle and reached for his tissues, cleaning himself up. "Was it really that good?" he asked, his body feeling tender and exposed. "I've never done anything like that before."

"It was absolutely perfect," Peter replied. "It would love a repeat performance sometime, with the same payment, of course."

Stiles let out a high, thready laugh. "Man, maybe I should go into business out of this. It's totally lucrative."

It was a joke, and he was expecting Peter to laugh, but instead the man frowned. "I will pay you one thousand dollars a week for exclusivity," he said in a blunt tone.

Stiles blinked owlishly. "You serious?"

"As I said," Peter replied with a sharp smile. "I do not share." He sat back and tilted his chin up a fraction. "I would not expect you to put on a show on a nightly basis. Once a week is fine. But I cannot stand the thought of anyone else watching you."

That should have been weird. It was weird, wasn't it? It was possessive and creepy. But Stiles had never been the center of anyone's attentions before. Wait...

Stiles cleared his throat. "Okay, I'm down. But I have one condition."

"What's that?" Peter asked with a lifted brow.

"I'll be exclusive to you, but you have to do the same for me. I don't want any other boys sniffing around my man." He was a bit surprised at his own conviction.

Peter grinned at him without pause. "Deal."