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Sofia, I Love You

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It’s light out when she wakes up to him kissing her knees; he sits up when she moves.

“How’s your head?” She stretches luxuriously.

“Good, thanks for making me drink water.”

“Good. Woke up hungry.” He runs his hands up the insides of her spread thighs, “Can’t stop thinking about the taste of you.” He gets down on his stomach and buries his face in her cunt, inhaling deeply. He noses her lips apart and licks a stripe up her pussy, before closing his mouth over her clit. He swirls his tongue and sucks, licks and moans against her. She tilts her head up to watch, groaning.

“Daddy! Daddy, I need your fingers, my pussy’s so empty!” He moans around her clit and slips in two fingers, pumping them in and out of her hot wet pussy. She keens, one hand going down to comb through his hair, the other pinching her own nipple, and throws her head back, tossing it restlessly against the sheets. Suddenly she starts moaning louder, fists his hair and begins grinding up into his face, tensing, tensing, until she arches spectacularly and comes against his mouth, thrashing through the aftershocks. He keeps up, pumping his fingers until she goes completely limp and whines in protest.

“Love feeling you come, baby. You dance so nicely on daddy’s fingers.” He finally pulls them out and licks them clean, then wipes his chin and sits up. His cock is hard, jutting up proudly between his thighs, but he ignores it.

“Daddy?” She sits up, looking at him.

“Yes, baby?”

“You’re hard.” He laughs.

“Yes, baby, daddy knows he’s hard.”

“But,” she bites her lip, “aren’t you going to fuck me?” She reaches for his cock, stroking it slowly, and his eyes flicker.

“Baby takes such good care of daddy,” he tweaks her nipples and she flinches, then he covers her hands on his cock. “Daddy’s got to take a piss first.” She perks up, her hands tightening on his cock.

“On me?” He moans.

“You want my piss?” He gets up and holds out his hand, she smiles and grabs it, climbing off the bed. At the door of the bathroom, she lets go of his hands and hurries over to the tub, climbing in, hands behind her head, tongue out, like the first night.

“You’re perfect, baby,” he groans as he forces the piss through his boner, directing the stream all over her face and tits before settling on her tongue. When it dries up, she swallows and smiles.

“Thank you, daddy.”

“You’re so good to daddy; let’s get you rinsed off and stuffed full of cock.” He helps her up and gets the shower going, then crowds up behind her, cock skidding across her ass as he reaches around and helps her wash. She starts leaning back into hips and drags his hands up to cup her tits. He pinches her nipples and rubs up on her ass for a moment, and then bends his knees and guides himself into her pussy, sliding balls deep in one hard stroke and immediately starting to thrust as she starts to cry.

“Slow down, daddy, it hurts,” she whimpers, hanging her head.

“Sh, just take it,” he starts thrusting faster, harder, “you want daddy to feel good, don’t you, baby? Don’t you know how much daddy loves to see you cry?” But he pulls out before long, and finishes washing her without saying a word. Finally she looks at him.


“We’re going to an archeology museum today, baby.” He turns off the shower and starts drying her off, then himself, carefully toweling his boner.

“Daddy?” He takes her hand and walks back to the bedroom.

“Put on the green set.” She gives him a confused look, but goes to her suitcase and takes out the deep emerald open-cup bra and open-back panties set and puts it on.

“You are spectacular!” He leans back to better behold her, “Put your sweater over and walk for me! Is it too indecent for the museum?” She pulls on her red sweater, feels like a pinup, and begins to walk. Her tits bounce and jiggle with every step and she tries not to moan as the soft material of the sweater shifts against her tight nipples, clearly visible through the knit. He strokes himself slowly with one hand and looks at her fondly.

“Yes, far too indecent, but I should make you wear it anyway. Now, off with the sweater and hands on the windowsill.” She looks over to where the curtains are open and back to him.

“Daddy?” He slicks himself up.

“You heard me, baby. Let anyone who looks up see your gorgeous tits and your face contorted with the pleasure that only daddy can give you.” So she does it, face burning, vision blurring with tears, cunt throbbing and soaking through her panties. He goes through the open back of them and teases her with the head of his cock, waiting until she’s pushing back then breaching her asshole. She hunches against the intrusion, gasping.

“So tight, baby. You were made for my cock, weren’t you?” He rests his forehead against her spine, and reaches around to tug and twist at her nipples while he starts thrusting at an easy pace. “Like your ass is hungry for me.”

“Want your come, daddy! Stop teasing,” she whines.

“Want to go to the museum with my come buried in your ass?”

“Yes, daddy, fill me up!” He starts snapping his hips.

“Baby, I think they need to see my cock going in and out of your asshole.” Her face burns and she clenches hard around him. He pulls out and helps her up to squatting on the windowsill, guides himself back in, then picks her up from behind the knees and begins to bounce her on his cock.

“Oh god, daddy, you’re so strong!” She reaches one hand down and starts working her clit through her panties.

“Come on, baby, let daddy feel you come on his cock,” he grunts, fucking her on his cock

“Daddy! I think I’m gonna–oh my god, daddy!” Then she’s curling in and coming, gasping and moaning, tense, muscles fluttering around him. He groans and fucks her through it, then he turns and throws her on the bed. She bounces, dazed, and lets herself be dragged when he pulls her to the edge of the bed. He’s jerking himself fast behind her, moaning continuously, then he stuffs the tip back in her ass and groans deep as he starts coming.

“I can feel it, daddy, your come,” she whispers. He laughs raggedly, milking his cock into her asshole. “So much come! Oh my god, daddy.”

“Worth the wait, baby?” He pulls out and carefully inserts the plug, “Now keep daddy’s come nice and safe in your little asshole, alright?” She touches the plug, pushing it in a little, then sits up.

“What should I wear today, daddy?”

“The teddy. And your short dress.” She bites her lip, then gets up and starts to dress. The teddy is a bit of unlined lace down the front and just straps in back, despite the support she feels almost more naked with it on. The dress is another wrap, maroon, and if she bends far enough forward, her entire ass will be out. She’s already a little wet again.

On the walk to the museum of archeology there’s a light breeze and she struggles not to hold the back of her dress down; when they arrive, she’s totally distracted, moves naturally again.

“How come you chose archeology and history, ethnography, rather than the art museums?” she asks, as they walk through the garden in between museums.

“You like facts,” he shrugs, “I thought you’d like these better.” She takes his hand in both of hers.

“I do.”

They share a late lunch in another bistro and she gets him talking again, about his early childhood in a small village and the shock of moving to larger cities for better training after being randomly noticed. He’s seen a lot of the traditional folk practices observed on trips home to his family, she has questions.

“People only hear about the Balkans’ worst, I know. There is violence, yes, but there’s also so much culture! I like to share it.” She takes his hand and smiles.

By the time they’re walking home, she’s really starting to feel the plug, to feel antsy and hot. She keeps squeezing his hand and giving him sideways glances. They have to share the elevator, but when they get out, she lets go of his hand and skips and twirls down the hall, dress flaring out around her waist, and she giggles.

He catches up and crowds her against the door, reaching around her to unlock it and let them in, he’s already hard and he flips up her dress as he gets the door open and they stumble in. She turns in his arms and they hit the wall, door slamming shut behind them. She hitches a leg up around his waist and reaches between them to undo his pants as he attaches to her neck and pulls at her dress and teddy to get her tits out. Finally she gets his cock out.

“Fuck me, daddy, please!” He groans and hitches her other leg up around his waist, picking her up, and presses her into the wall, then reaches down to move the teddy aside and guide himself in. They gasp together as he breaches her, then he drops her on his cock and she cries out. He licks up her neck.

“This what you wanted, baby? You look so good speared on my cock,” he moans again, burying his head in her neck, and starts pounding her into the wall at a quick tempo. She claws at his hair and shoulders, head thrown back against the wall, and moans.

“Want to parade you around, dripping my come from every hole,” his teeth scrape her neck in a barely-there bite and she clenches hard around him.

“Wish you could mark me, daddy. Wish I could swell up with the proof that I’m yours. God, daddy, I’d bear your child. Come in me! Fill me up!” She starts tensing and bucking in his arms, “Oh god, daddy, Viktor!” His hips jerk and he moans like it’s surprised out of him, coming hard. She throws her head back, knocking the wall, gasping as she comes too, pulling his hair then moaning high.

There’s a moment of near complete silence, as the aftershocks fade, when she realizes what she’s said. She closes her eyes tight and bites her lip while he continues to pant quietly at her neck. Then he’s holding her tighter, up off the wall, and carrying her to the bed, he pulls out carefully and lays her in the middle of the bed, then begins kissing desperately along her neck, down her chest and all over her tits. She pulls him up before he can move further down and they make eye contact, she bites her lip and blinks against the tears threatening to well up.

“I need you to fuck my face, daddy.” He just looks at her. She takes a shaky breath and looks at the ceiling, “Please, daddy, okay?”

“Okay, baby. Okay.” He moves to let her shuffle down the bed and put a pillow under her shoulders to tip her head back, then gets in position and guides his cock into her mouth. He plants both hands on her tits and begins to roll his hips in slow full strokes, pulling nearly out and thrusting in til his balls are pressed against her face. She moans, vibrating around his cock, and pulls at his hips to move faster with one hand, the other going down between her own legs. He pinches and pulls her nipples and speeds up, moaning low. Her toes start curling and she whines.

“Fuck, baby, you want daddy’s come that badly?” She hums a yes against his cock and brings her other hand down, hips moving into her own hands. “Going to choke you with daddy’s cock until you come, baby. Pinch if you need to breathe, okay, baby?” She nods as much as she can and moans as he slides down her throat, working her clit fast. She starts moaning continually, then gags hard, choking, hitting his leg, arching, before convulsing and coming. He groans and works the head of his cock through her neck while she swallows frantically and whines. He pulls out, jerking himself hard and fast while she gasps and coughs, then he’s stuff his cock back down her throat, buck once, twice, then grinding into her face as he comes, groaning. He pulls back and milks the last drops of come into her mouth while she sucks on the head.

“You feel so good coming around my cock, baby,” he pets her cheek and tweaks a nipple just to feel her flinch around the tip. She smiles, letting his cock fall out of her mouth, a little last come oozing out on her cheek. Then she holds her knees up to expose herself completely.

“Pull the plug out, daddy, want to drip your come from every hole, like you said!” He laughs and moves to do it, kissing her thighs while he’s there.

“Take off the dress and walk to the window for me, hands on the sill, legs spread. Let daddy inspect you.” She unties the dress and gets up, feeling the come start to drip down her already sticky thighs, and gets into position. He comes up behind her, takes a knee, and kneads her cheeks, pulling them apart and holding the teddy to the side, watching the come pulse out as her holes twitch.

“Perfect, baby, your beautiful pussy and cute little asshole. You should always be filled with my come.” He bites her cheek lightly and stands up. “How about you shower while I order room service, baby?”

“Want to see you naked, daddy, please?” He laughs and begins unbuttoning his shirt, stripping and then helping her out of the teddy. He holds her to him for a long moment, a soft warm naked press. Then he clears his throat and leads her to the bathroom, getting the shower turned on and the water just right. He hands her in and keeps his eye on her as he closes the curtain, meeting her shy smile.

She’s drooping by the time food arrives, laying in her robe picking at the dishes, and is almost nodding off leaning on him while they brush their teeth after dinner. She drops off quickly, tucked in against his chest, but he watches her, stroking her hair, for a while before he finally falls asleep.