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Beyond the Western Sea ficlets

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When Betsy arrives at the Grafton residence Jeb is resting before the stove with the baby wrapped in his coat. "In her room," he says.

Betsy sits next to Sarah on the bed. "How's your cough, my dear?"

"The same."

"Can you mend?"

Sarah is about to answer, but she coughs loudly several times. She nods.

Betsy hates to see her friend sick, hates to see her out of work and know it's Betsy's fault for being foolish enough to speak. "The girls at the boardinghouse don't have time time to do their sewing. I thought that I could bring you their dressed to mend. You can earn something that way."

Sarah learns over and kisses Betsy's cheek for a touch longer than a friend would. "Thank you."

"It's the least I can do after getting you turned off from the mill."

"I could never be angry with you," Sarah says.

"I know." Betsy rises with a smile. "I have to be back before curfew. Next Sunday I'll come visit you again." The day can't come soon enough, she thinks.