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Beyond the Western Sea ficlets

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I know in the book they sleep four to a bunk; I figured there would be less people on a Boston-Liverpool ship.

Matthew Clemspool found steerage intolerable. Two other men shared his bunk; their fidgeting kept him from sleep. The stench was so terirble that he could hardly breath. The bland food made him long for the meat pie and fish he and Mr. Grout had enjoyed on the Robert Peel.

At times he saw Albert Kirkle walking on the deck, but he did not converse with the young lord. Despite Albert's claim that he would defend Clemspool's innocence, he worried about Lord Kirkle. Even if Albert did tell his father that Laurence died, Laurence might write to Lord Kirkle or return to London. Mr. Clemspool's only consolation was that he looked forward to returning to his home country.