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Ron's Toys

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“Ron,” Kim’s whispered to me. “Are you ready?”

Attempting to disconnect myself from my climbing gear, I found the release clip jammed. And looking up, I could see my ginger haired friend watching me impatiently. “One second!” I promised, fumbling even worse than before.

Straining with the mess of metal and rope, I gave a yelp of surprise as the latch sprung free. This left me dazed in a tangle a ropes, whimpering at the sudden ach in my rear-end. “Ready Kim,” my voice announced, wavering as I tried to stop the world from spinning.

Being the good natured person that she was, Kim smiled at my clumsiness rather than becoming annoyed. And with a roll of her eyes, she gave it no thought before pulling me to my feet. “Try to keep on your toes Ron,” she laughed, walking back to cave entrance.

Keeping up with Kim into the mouth of the cave, I followed her example crouching low and hidden. Staying as focused as my hair brained personality would allow, I was completely caught off guard, bumping into Kim’s out stretched arm ceasing my progress. And wouldn’t you know it, not a second latter did two henchmen come bubbling around a corner right where I would have been seen.

 Not surprisingly, they passed us completely without so much as a glance to their surroundings. “What do you think Drakken pay’s those guys,” I wondered aloud.

“Ron, concentrate,” Kim’s whispered voice brought me back to focus. Turning my attention back to her, I watched her gesture upwards. Following her motion, my eyes spotted the next route of our infiltration. The air vents.

Understanding my role, I quickly assumed the position, allowing Kim to scale my body like a ladder.  I couldn't stifle my whine as the grips of her shoes pulled at my face and hair. “Sorry,” she poked her head out of the grate smiling bashfully.

 With Kim lending me an arm, I was able to stumble my way up the wall and join her inside the air conditioning vent. Regretfully, I couldn’t help but feel the familiar flutter in my chest as I knew what would be coming next.

Crawling in the cramped, tight ventilation system only a few steps behind my friend, my eyes were immediately drawn to the view of her round backside. Even through her the thickness of her baggy cargo pants, I could clearly see the enticing outline of what lay beneath.

My face flushed with embarrassment, at the dirty thoughts going through my mind about my best friend. It was always a strange feeling for me whenever the line between best friend and… girl became blurred. And with a friend as impossibly beautiful as Kim, it's getting harder and harder to not to think of her as what she was, a gorgeous, blossoming young woman.

Thankfully, having been through this uncomfortable position countless times on even more countless missions, I was able to revert to my usual escape route before my mind really started to wander.

“You know, you’d think villains would stop buying vents big enough for people to crawl thought,” I observed with a grin. Nothing distracted me better than babbling like a fool.

“Rooon,” Kim dragged out aggravated. “Stealth, remember? That means you need to be quiet.” Her voice held the same annoyed, chastising tone that she had used whenever I was acting stupid. Even when we had been children.

“I'm just saying,” I explained myself. “How many times have we used these things to break into their lairs? You’d think they would learn by now. Maybe even have a special type of vents that they made just because of us.” I continued to babble. “You think we should get royalties for that?”

“RON!” Kim exclaimed whipping her head around to look at me. I was only able to give her an apologetic smile. I watched her roll her emerald green eyes at me and turn back down around the ventilation shaft.

I stayed quiet the rest of the way, also keeping my head focused intently on the dusty metal below me. The view in front of me was a nice treat every now and then, unfortunately I can’t seem to help feeling guilty. Which is why as Kim stopped, her form blocking me from going any further, I blew a sigh of relief.

“Ron, we’re here,” she announced stopping at another grate. Looking past her body, I could see the telltale signs of mad science flickering on the other side.

“I’ll distract Shego while you destroy Drakken’s machine,” Kim instructed, falling back on our good old strategy. That’s all the warning she gave before springing into action.

Kicking open the grate, Kim jumped down, landing gracefully on her toes. Following after her, I too landed, albeit a bit more painfully than her. Groaning, I staggered to my feet, only to see a rather aggravated Kim holding up her hands like she was being robbed.

“Kim, what are you, ohhh…” my words died in my mouth upon seeing Drakken and Shego surrounding us, along with twenty or so henchmen.

“So good of you to join us, Ms. Possible,” Drakken taunted with a smirk.

The next few moments passed like anyone would expect. What with the ranting, and threats and maniacal laugher. Thankfully it was only a few moments of this, and I found myself tied alongside Kim to a steel beam. And just like always, we were set in perfect view of Drakken about to give his big speech.

“Kim Possible,” he began darkly. “After who knows how many times you’ve snuck into my bases through the vents, did you really think I would forget to install motion detectors?” Not even giving her enough time to blink, the maniacal blue skinned man could hold his boasting in no longer. “Well, you thought Wrong!” He cackled happily.

Kim shot me a glare that silenced any words of ‘I told you so.’ in response, it was all I could do not to smile.

“Behold!” He marveled, motioning toward an enormous machine crackling with electricity.  “My newest and greatest invention: The Narcoleptor two point oh!” He cheered. Like many of his inventions, this one very much resembled all his other laser rays. And giving it a critical stare, I couln’t help but shake my head in disappointment. So underwhelming.

“With this, I have the power to force every man, woman, and child on the planet to fall into a sleep so deep, not even the greatest alarm clock could wake them! And with the world dozing off in dreamland, I’ll be free to do whatever I please. Money, technology, anything I could ever want, free for the taking!”

After listening to him rant for so long, my attention was drawn to a sudden rustling in my pants pocket. It didn't take long for my other best buddy to poke his head free and spot the situation we were in. Chattering excitedly, I quickly garnered for his attention.

Seeing his adorable beady eyes meet my own, I silently motioned for him to free us from the ropes. Years of friendship and bonding served true as at once his small pink form discreetly scurried up my shirt and began to gnaw away at the cords binding us. A quick motion to Kim and everyone was on board.

I could already feel the ropes loosening as Drakken decided to bring his gloating up closer. Standing face to face with Kim, his obnoxious sneer showed his unbridled joy over his position. “And without this,” he taunted, dangling an electronic looking belt in front of her. “You’ll be helplessly asleep just like everyone else.” Finished with his gloating, Drakken released an evil bellow of laughter to the heavens.

I watched as Drakken remained oblivious to the sly, poised smile that remained on Kim’s face through the whole ordeal. “There’s just one problem with that Drakken,” she spoke confidently.

Grunting suspiciously, Drakken eyed my red haired friend distrustfully before once again getting in her face. “And just what would that be,” he dared with narrowed eyes.

“This,” Kim comment casually, and then proseded to rear back on her tailbone, legs poised to strike.

Bracing herself against the steel pillar, her legs snapped forward, catching Drakken on both sides of his rib cage and sending him flying through the air. Then, using the same momentum from her kick, she sprung to her feet adopting her signature Kung-Fu attack stance.

Now free from the rope, I bounded upward to stand next to her, though in a much less impressive manor.

I watch with concern as Drakken struggled to stand, clutching a hand to his chest. Guards were already starting to close in on us.

Starting to get nervous, my back once again found a home with the steel pillar. This was the time I usually start running.  “Shego!” Drakken bellowed, still coughing up a fit.

Seeming to fall from the sky, said green skinned woman appeared like a demon from hell. With hands burning hotter than the devils flames and with a smirk to match. Even a few of the henchman were scared enough to flee the room. I guess they aren’t as stupid as I thought.

“Ron, find a way to destroy the machine before Drakken has a chance to activate it,” Kim ordered me. More than happy to escape being the middle of the battle, my running skills proved valuable once again as a hail fire of green plasma rained in the space where I once stood.

Checking to make sure Kim was ok; I looked over my shoulder just in time to see Shego land a particularly hard kick into her pelvis. Wincing, I knew that even to a girl that must have hurt.

Turning back to my task at hand, I smiled as Rufus appeared, smiling at me on the control panel’s dashboard. “Ok buddy,” I said smiling. “Start pulling some wires!” And pull he did. Like a small, pink, naked Tasmanian devil, Rufus dived inside the machine yanking everything he could. Soon sparks of electricity and smoke could be seen bleeding out and into the room.

“Buffon!” Drakken yelled, seeing what me and Rufus had done to his precious machine.

Looking over, I quickly drew his attention away from Rufus so my little buddy could finish destroying the machine. “WHAAAA!” I mimicked making Kung-Fu noises. Taking the only fighting stance I remember, I charged at him with hands flying. I knew to anyone else I would have looked pathetic, but it must have been intimidating enough for Drakken for as soon as I charged, he took off running.

Little did I know that it was that moment that would change my life forever. The second I took off after Drakken, Rufus discovered a rather important looking bit of the machine. Wires ran from all corners of the machine ran directly into one blinking piece

At once Rufus set out on unplugging the core of the machine.  Each and every wire fell until he was the only thing holding it up. Grasping it in triumph, Rufus’s cheer was short lived as the machine began to shake and groan. The pink rodent took this as a sign that his job was done. Escaping in a hurry, the small naked mole rat completely forgot about the core mechanism still firmly gripped in his teeth…

Back to my fight with Drakken, if you can even call it a fight, I hardly took notice of my friend as he climbed back into my pocket. Instead, I resumed my slapping match with Drakken, oblivious to what I now held in my pocket.

The sound of an explosion ripped its way through the lair like an earthquake. Drakken’s already pale face seemed to drain even further as he gazed upon his once prized machine go up in flames. Only the sound of a second explosion was enough to break him out of his reverie.

Just as scared as he was, I watched Drakken stumble backwards instinctively seeking out the escape route. “SHEGO!” his voice yelled over the rumbling. Amazingly, it appeared that Shego had heard him over the roar of the explosions. Running mid-battle to where we both cowered, she grabbed him before giving me a sneer and dashing out of the room.

Looking around desperately, I cried out in relief as Kim appeared out of the accumulating smoke dashing to me. “Ron!” she yelled my name. “Wade got us a ride out!” Trusting her words without question, I followed Kim as we dashed through what was left of Drakken’s lair.

My screaming seemed to be the only thing louder than the explosions as debris rained on our heads. No matter what direction we turned, all we found were more crumbling hallways. All hope seemed dim until finally a light could be seen shining through the smoke.

Running for it, my hand never left Kim’s. And taking a leap of faith, we both burst through and into the open air seeming to fly as the wind whipped around our forms. Finally, feeling gravity taking its hold, Kim’s arm shifted to my midsection. This was the only warning I had before the sound of Kim’s jetpack roared in my ears and we were soaring off to safety. But it wasn’t until we both landed safely on the boat that I allowed myself to finally stop screaming.

Panting in relief, I was content to lay on the safety of the boats deck and wheeze until my breath returned. Kim, of course, was breathing easily, looking perfectly calm and composed. Having Kim pull me to my feet, I staggered around until the world seemed to finally stop spinning.

Rufus skittered out of my pocket soon after looking equally dazed. “I told you to pull some wires man, not set the thing to nuclear,” I chastised the little rodent. Adorably, all he could muster what a strangled “sorry,’ as he scratched the back of his head.

“Are you alright Ron,” Kim asked looking worried.

Looking at my friend I put on my best brave face and tried my best to hide the fear still quaking in my mind. “Don’t worry KP, you’ll have to try harder than that to keep the Ron man down,” I laughed hoping she didn't hear my voice shake.

Her face brightened at my words, and soon after I was enveloped into a warm hug. Seeing the smile on her face, I was once again reminded how I was able to keep doing everything I did to help Kim on her missions.

No matter how scared I get during missions, and no matter how close I come to dying, none of that would ever compare to how terrified I would be sitting at home; wondering if Kim would come home alive. If I can help her, even if it kills me, I never want to see her stop smiling.

Pulling out of the hug, Kim smiled at me warmly. “Good, because we still have a geometry test to study for.”

Falling back to the floor, I couldn't stifle another whine of pain. Homework, my other greatest fear.

“Just a few more minutes,” I whined. 

Currently sitting on the coach with Kim, I had managed to convince her to let me watch a little TV before studying. At first I had only asked for an hour, but then that hour turned into two hours, and then that two turned to four, and then…

As Kim Turning off the TV, I whined pathetically as she stood in front of me, her hands on her hips. “Ron!” she exclaimed. “It’s almost eleven and we haven’t even started.” She reminded me.

“But can’t we do it tomorrow?” I asked, hoping desperately for an escape.

“The test is tomorrow!” Kim pointed out shaking her arms.

Groaning, my head fell against the back of the couch. I hated when she used logic. “Fine,” I conceded. Putting on my least happy face, I followed Kim as she led me up to her room.

This was where we would usually end up doing our homework as it proved to be the least distracting part of the house. Her brothers weren’t allowed inside, and she didn't have a TV either. This provided us with the perfect environment to focus solely on homework… yay. The absence of my best buddy in my pocket was a testament to how much Kim wanted me to focus.

Tired of my sulking, Kim glared at me as soon as she closed her door. “Ron, you were the one who asked me to help you in the first place,” she reminded me. “So stop sulking.”

Feeling guilty, I realized she was right. If I don’t get my grades up, Mom won’t let me keep going on missions. And that can’t happen. “Alright, alright, time to get serious. Lay it on me, I am prepared for anything,” I challenged her making a show of it by cracking my knuckles. 

Smiling at my change of attitude, Kim raised an eyebrow. “Ok, Mr. Prepared, did you remember to bring your geometry text book?” I could tell by the look on her face she expected my silence. “How about paper, did you bring any paper?” Again, I was left silent with only a stupid stare on my face.

“Ron!” she yelled.

A knock on the door interrupted whatever it was she was going to yell at me.

Poking her head through the door, Mrs. Possible smiled warmly at us. “Kimmie, try and keep it down, ok? Your father and I are trying to get some sleep.”

I sheepishly peeked at Kim to see her cheeks rosy with embarrassment. “Sorry Mom, we’ll be quiet.” Giving us both another smile, Mrs. Possible closed the door with a soft click.

I always wondered how Kim’s parents are always so ok leaving me and Kim alone like they do. Part of me hopes it’s because they think of me like family, and know they can trust me with Kim. But then, another part of me realizes that just don’t see me as a threat to their daughter's chastity.

How’s that for a kick in the nacos.

Turning back to me, Kim resumed her look of aggravation. “Did you at least bring a pencil?”

This was where I had a little hope. On missions I usually have to bring my homework with me. That means I usually have to stash my supplies in my pockets before jumping out of the plane. With any luck, I’ll have something to write with stashed somewhere in my pants.

Doing my best to appear as confident as possible, I calmly searched my pockets praying that I wouldn't give Kim the satisfaction of being right yet again.

Felling a long object in my pocket, I was about to cheer for joy. And reaching in, I quickly pulled it out to show Kim with pride. That is until I actually looked at it.

Looking at the mysterious object, I inspected it with confusion. It appeared to be about as long as a pen, but it was easily three times as thick, or about the size of my thumb. The way it lit up, it was easy to see it held some sort of electric charge. But as fascinating as all of that was, there was only one quality that mattered.

It wasn't a pen. 

Hanging my head in shame I accepted my defeat. Thankfully, Kim was a more graceful winner than I. Rolling her eyes, she smiled at me before getting all the equipment I neglected to bring.

Sitting across from each other on the floor, Kim began to set up the homework station in her own obsessive compulsive way. I on the other hand, found myself completely distracted, intent on finding out just what my toy was.

For the life of me, I couldn't remember where I had gotten the thing. It didn't seem to do much of anything except for five blinking lights that stood in a row top to bottom. The rest of it was encased in steel gray metal.

Poking at it, I spotted the top of one end held a button. Excited at my new find, I acted without thinking and pressed the button. Ironically, I couldn't help noticing how similar this action seemed to clicking a pen.

 Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to muse on this fact for long for as soon as I clicked the ‘pen’ the other end of it opened up to release a purple laser… that was aimed directly at Kim.

“Ron, would you stop playing with that thi-.” I watched horrified as my friend was enveloped in an aura of purple energy, cutting her off completely. And just as soon as it appeared, the glow dissipated, leaving Kim unresponsive, a heap of limbs on the floor.

Frozen in shock, I was allowed but a few seconds of disbelief before panic set in. Jumping up, my hands hovered over her afraid to touch her. “Don’t be dead. Don’t be dead. Don’t be dead,” I repeated over and over again.

Swallowing the lump in my throat, I could already see the headlines in the newspaper: Teen hero Kim Possible killed by sidekick! Oh god, what am I gonna do!

Getting ready to weep over my fallen friend, the sound of Kim snoring broke me out of my panic. My eyes grew wide as saucers as the nasal sound erupted from my friend. She was alive! Never in my whole life have I ever been so happy to hear Kim snore!

So relived, I almost forgot I had just shot my friend with a laser, almost. Once I had calmed down, I realized I still had a laser blasted best friend sleeping in the middle of the room.

Running over to the closed door, I peeked into the hallway to see if anyone had heard the commotion I had made. Not seeing, nor hearing anyone in the sleeping house, it looked as though I was allowed that much luck.

Creeping back over to Kim, I sat down next to her sleeping body filled with self-hatred. My clumsiness had always gotten me in trouble, but it had never gotten Kim seriously injured before. Pulling out the ‘pen’ laser, I glared at the stupid machine that had caused so much trouble.

Glaring at it, I noticed some of the devise seemed to have been crudely painted. Using my fingernail, I chipped the rest of it away until it revealed just what I held in my hands. The Narcoleptor one point oh.

This brought another wave of panic to overtake me. Not only had I shot Kim with a laser, but with Drakken’s laser. It didn't get any worse than that. Knowing there was no other option; I knew there was only person who could help me.

Carefully rolling my friend onto her back, I dug my hand into her pockets and pulled out her Kimmunicator.  Shamefaced, I braced myself before making my call.

‘Beep Beep be Beep’

“Hey Ron, what can I do for you?” Wade asked, appearing on the screen.

Whimpering, I couldn’t meet his eyes as I struggled to think of an explanation to explain what had happened. “Wade, I shot Kim with a laser and now she won’t get up!” I cried desperately.

Losing his calm composure, Wade was now giving me his full attention. “Ron, Calm down!” he urged. Then, adopting a calculating expression, his eyes flashed back to mine. “What color was the beam?”

Struggling to focus, I remembered the purple hue that had burst from Drakken’s device. “Purple, I think. Or it could have been violet,” I panicked, wondering if it made a difference. “Actually on second thought it might have even looked eggplant.” I said my face paling. “Oh god Wade, what does eggplant mean!” I cried. 

“Ron!” Wade called out to me. “Just put the Kimmunicator over her body and let me scan her.

I nodded my head and rushed to follow his instructions. Holding the device over Kim’s unconscious form, a green line beamed from the communicators moving up and down her body. It wasn't until I heard Wade give me the ok, that I returned the screen back to my face.

“Give it to me straight Wade, how long does she have,” I asked bracing myself for the inevitable.

“Dude,” Wade spoke in a calming voice, “she’s just asleep.”

Surprised, I looked back over at my friend and then back at the screen. “Just asleep? That’s it?” I asked with newfound hope. “You didn't find anything… bad?”

Reclining in his chair, Wade took a large swig from his soda. “Just asleep,” Wade confirmed. “Though, admittedly it is a deep sleep. It doesn’t look like she’s going to be waking up for at least eight hours. She could sleep through an earthquake,” he laughed

I looked at him, surprised. “Seriously?” I looked over at my friend with relief. The worst I had done was give her a good night’s sleep. “Thanks Wade,” I sighed gratefully.

Giving it a second of thought, I paused closing the connection. “Hey Wade,” I cautiously approached. “Could you not tell Kim about this when she wakes up?” On the account that she didn't actually remember what happened, I didn't see any reason she should be reminded of it.

“Sure Ron,” he laughed. “Good night.”

Signing off, I placed the devise beside me thinking about what I should do next. I watched Kim sleep for a few seconds happy to just see her safe. Brushing a stray lock of auburn hair from her face, I took advantage of this rare opportunity to admire her.

I can’t really recall what time my feelings for her grew past friendship. I just remember always knowing I would never have a chance with her. Even at a young age, I could see the stark difference between us. Girls like her and guys like me just did happen. This was a fact I knew, but held no bitter feelings for. The fact that I was able to be such good friends alone was more than enough. Kim was an amazing girl and an amazing friend. And I was lucky to know her.

Without realizing it, I had begun to gently stroke her cheek. One of her best qualities, in my opinion, was her face. Her pale ginger skin contrasting against her fiery hair was only accented by her beautiful green eyes. Combining her adorable round cheeks and it was amazing how any guy couldn't fall for her.

Pulling my hand back, I smiled at her. It was then I realized how uncomfortable it must be for Kim to sleep on the floor. Fidgeting nervously, I decided I wanted to do the chivalrous thing and try to carry her to her bed.

Digging my hands underneath her body, I let out a small whine of effort as I lifted her body into my arms. The whine proved to be unneeded as it took barely any strength to lift her. I couldn't help but marvel at her. Even with all the muscle and fitness she obtained through her extracurricular activities, she barely weighed a thing. It was like lifting a bird.

Of course, my competency couldn't last as on my six foot journey to her bed, I tripped on my own feet. Thankfully, I was close enough to her bed that could pitch her.  This left me quite vulnerable however, landing on harshly on her carpeted floor with a not so subtle ‘thump’ echoing throughout my frame.

Scrambling to my feet, I cautiously peeked at Kim to make sure she hadn't been hurt. I could breathe easy as she had landed safely without harm.

Kim’s rest persisted unperturbed as she lay on her back, oblivious to the world around her. I knew Wade said she would sleep through an earthquake, but wow.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I couldn't believe how much stress one person could feel in a single night. Leaning on the back of my elbows, I figured it was about time for me to take my leave. Hopefully Mom would be asleep and I’d be able to make up an excuse for what time I got home.

 Getting ready to stand, Kim shifted in her sleep capturing my attention. On reflex my eyes snapped to look at what had moved. This was how I found my eyes glued to the suddenly exposed skin of Kim’s midriff.

Whether it happened during the fall or when she had moved, Kim’s lavender pajama tank top had run up her torso exposing even more skin than it usually did. I could feel a lump in my throat as my eyes trailed over her exposed stomach. While her shirt still remained covering her chest, it stopped just below the line of her bra, leaving her lower ribs and toned stomach open for me to see.

I was frozen at the sight before me. Even if I wanted to move, I doubt I would have found the strength. This was so much more than peeking at her butt in a ventilation shaft. If that shirt raised only a few more inches…

Before I was even aware I was moving, the feeling of Kim’s flat stomach burned my fingertips. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as Kim’s warmth seeped into my fingers. Unable to resist, I pressed my entire hand on her skin rubbing it like fine silk.

Like a moth to a flame, my attention immediately was drawn to her navel. I've always wanted to feel it. All the times seeing it peeking from under her midriff tank tops, it was a dream come true.

It was cute, in its own way. As an outy the small nub of her belly button peek out to meet me. With my finger I traced its rim, feeling the steady breath of girl beneath, before finally touching its core. In doing so, I couldn’t help but feel a shiver of unexplained excitement jolt through me. Not sexually. I wasn’t that weird. But rather having the chance to do something I had thought of in passed left me unreasonably amused.      

After so much time of continuing this sinful pleasure, I was finally able to pull my hand away, only to stare at it in amazement. She was so… soft. In all her exercise and strength, you couldn’t help but think her body to reflect that power. But no, like any other girl, or even more so, Kim’s skin was smooth and warm. Creamy almost. So much so that I found myself having to fight my on hand from putting it back.

Part of me knew It was sick and wrong of me to take advantage of Kim like I had, but the rest of me couldn't get over how good it had felt. No matter how many times I tell myself to just walk away, my butt remained planted on the bed. I just couldn't look away from the thin furl of cloth blocking my eyes from Kim’s breast. I wasn't sure if she was wearing a bra or not, but God did I want to find out.

In my mind, I found myself weighing my options as best as could. This was my friend, not just some thing for me to play with. But even knowing that, I couldn’t help but rationalize that so long as she never found out, what harm could it do? One little peak and I’d be out the door. Yea… that sounds reasonable. Besides, if I didn’t look now, I knew the possibility of me having this chance again were slim to none.

I can’t blame my hand this time as it wandered over to Kim’s. I knew full well what it is I’m reaching for, and what I am about to do. Pinching the fabric of Kim’s pajama top, I slowly begin to lift it to her collarbone.

My breath slowed to a stop at the first sight of a powder blue bra peeking its way from under her shirt. Inch by inch more of Kim’s undergarment was revealed to my curious eyes. Once I finally finished lifting Kim’s shirt, I realized my long held breath, staring unabashedly at Kim’s covered breast.

Now I know Kim might not have the biggest bust in school, in all honesty it couldn't be more than a low B, but for me they were more than enough. Swallowing a lump in my throat, I kneeled beside her sleeping form trailing my hands up her ribcage. One finger at a time, I placed them over her bra until each cup rested in my palm.  

My face couldn't have been any redder if it was on fire. More focused that I’ve ever been, I slowly began to gently squeeze my best friend’s boobs. Even through the material of her bra, the soft fleshy feel in my hands sent a shiver up my ribs.

This was more than looking, I knew that. But as the unfathomable softness of her chest rested against my palm, any thoughts of past bargaining went out the window. And in its place, I put the brain power to focus completely on the pair of heavenly mounds resting in my palms.

As time went on, my gentle squeezing grew more fevered until my hands seemed to have a life of their own, gripping, and massaging to my heart’s content. My Reasoning had been if I indulged myself, I would be able to get it out of my system and leave with both a happy friendship and a fulfilled fantasy. But now, looking down at Kim with her breast in each hand, I realized just how stupid I had been.

Running my fingertips over the cup of her bra, my finger brushed over a bump poking through the fabric. Drawing my attention, I searched for the bump curious as to what it could be. Inquisitively, I pinched it between my thumb and forefinger in an attempt to identify it.

“Mmm,” Kim sighed scrunching her face in her sleep.

Hearing her grunt in her sleep, I could see her face contorted in what looked like discomfort. It was in that moment I saw my life flash before my eyes. I jumped from the bed prepared for Kim to fully wake up and start beating me within an inch of my life.

Waiting at the side of the bed, I stood petrified hoping she would at least spare my face. I waited and waited, and then I waited some more. But no matter how long I waited, Kim never so much as squeaked a mattress spring.

After waiting what seemed to be an eternity, my frozen state lessened to a just a mild heart attack. Satisfied that Kim wasn't actually waking up, I had to stop myself from collapsing onto the bed. Wade had said she would be asleep for eight hours, but when she had made that sound…

Looking at Kim’s face, it had once again returned to its calm peaceful state. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out what had happened. I hadn’t been doing anything different than before, so what changed? Could it have been… the bump? Wait, that wasn't a bump, it was… oh.

Even I was embarrassed at my stupidity. Though it was only an accident, I learned something new about Kim tonight. Her nipples were very sensitive.

My cheeks turned pink as I realized what I’d just thought about my friend. But they turned actually red as I fantasized what I wanted to do next. Weighing my decisions, I was shocked to find the moral voice in my head getting quieter and quieter.

Tossing those thoughts away, I crawled back onto the bed and hovered over Kim, my fingers itching at my side. With shaking hands, I reached for Kim’s bra. In a matter of seconds I would be face to face with Kim’s bare breast. This thought only made my hands shake even worse.

Thankfully, I was able to locate the bra’s latch nestled in front. This would save me a good amount of effort flipping Kim over and wrestling it off. Instead, all it took was a simple pinch of my fingers and the bra snapped free.

Parting the unrestricted cups, I was forced to stifle a groan at the sight before me. Before I had been unsure if what I was doing was really worth the consequences, but looking at Kim’s chest bare and un-obscured… a beating was a small price to pay.

 Due to their petit size, gravity held virtually no hold over the fleshy orbs. Topping each perky dome was an eraser sized nub surrounded by her pale areola. What really interested me though was their color nearly matched the rest of Kim’s skin perfectly.

I shuddered.

Placing my hands back on Kim’s boobs, I realized that without a bra it was an entirely different experience. Skin on skin my fingers molded her breast to their likeness. Their soft weight in my hands scrambled my mind with pleasure.

My hands literally tingled with delight. Squishing and kneading them in all directions, I couldn’t believe how much fun they were to play with. Her nipples were like dials on a radio. Pinching the between my fingers, I gently rolled and turned them, listening to what it was that made Kim whimper.

Did girls understand how awesome these were? If not for my short attention span, I could have easily spent the next few hours just playing with her chest. But, unfortunately, as much fun as I was having, I couldn't squish the curiosity buzzing in the back of my head.

Reposition my grip, I paid careful attention to Kim’s reactions. And right away her face contorted into an expression I’d never seen before. Her eyebrows drew up and her eyelids squinted disturbed, and even though her mouth had parted slightly, no noise was made.

I couldn’t help but wonder if she could really feel what I was doing. It was captivating to watch. Before, I had been only thinking of what I wanted. But now, all I wanted to do was see Kim’s face react to my hands. Were these the faces she would make with her future Boyfriends?

That thought caused a spark of jealousy to form in my brain. I knew one day Kim would find that one guy who was able to keep up with her, both mentally and physically, and he would take her away from me.  This was something I couldn't change. No matter what I did, Kim would only ever see me as a friend.

Gazing down at her face, my depression fell from me. Being her friend should be able to enough to keep me happy. It was wrong of me to expect more from her. But no matter how much I resisted, I still wanted more. Even now, after stripping her half naked and allowing myself to… I still wanted more.

I still wanted Kim.

I could feel my eyes glazing over with lust as I lowered my head to Kim’s breasts. If I could only release my pent up feelings, maybe I could finally let her go.

I’d heard enough stories from the locker room to know what I wanted to do with Kim next. Puckering my lips, I placed a chaste kiss directly on her nipple. The sound of Kim’s soft sigh only spurred me on. Opening my mouth, my lips engulfed her nipple teasing it with my tongue. Though amateur in technique, I vigorously made up for it in enthusiasm.

My lips remained suctioned to her soft breast sucking the plump flesh into my mouth before it slipped out with a loud, vulgar ‘pop’. I kept my hands busy by making sure her other boob was well taken care of rolling and tugging at it until I felt it hardened like a pebble. Pinching the newly discovered stone, I was treated to the wonderful sound of Kim’s fretful sigh filling the room.

Under my attention, Kim’s unconscious body lifted her chest to seek out my touch. Knowing that I was the one responsible for Kim’s lustful actions only made me that much more enthusiastic. It wasn't until my teeth accidently scrapped over her swollen nub did I really see a reaction.

Kim let out a startled gasp as her hand lifted to grab my hair. Even though the action only lasted a second before it fell back to the bed, I couldn't believe how happy it made me.

Pulling away, I whipped my mouth clean marveling at the sight that lay beneath me. Even though she was asleep, her body was energized and awake. Her pale nipples now stood blushing red and erect, awoken by my touch. While not panting, her breath had notably increased in pace, exposing her state of excitement. But most arousing of all, was the full body blush illuminating her pale skin in a red hue.

I didn't think it was possible, but she was even more beautiful than before.

My own blood pounded behind my eardrums. I felt amazing. I felt in control. I felt scared. What was happening to me? What I was doing was a horrible invasion of Kim’s trust, but I still couldn't stop. Even asking this, I had a feeling the pulsing organ in my pants had a hand in it.

My red face blushed deeper at the thought of Kim seeing my rather obvious tent. It’s not that Kim wasn't aware of my sex, but I think it was easier for her to think of me as genderless.

Shifting my pants, I winced at the uncomfortable pressure. I'm sure it goes without saying, but my recent activity built up quite a bit of tension. I wished I could find a way to relieve myself, but I found the idea a little embarrassing to do so in the Possible’s house. 

But even still, I found myself unable to continue in my present condition. I’d gone farther with Kim than I’d ever dreamed; maybe I should just head home. But, then again…

With wide eyes, I slowly backed away from the bed. Touching and looking at her was one thing, but what just went through my mind was a whole different level of sick and wrong. Not to mention about five to ten years in jail. But still, I couldn't help but remember the question, if you found a wallet and no one was around to see you, would you take it?

How many people would actually walk away from free money? And even more, how many people would be able to walk past it without at least thinking of taking it? Well, right now I was looking at a pretty good looking wallet, and no one would ever know.

I paced the room thinking over if I was really prepared to cross this line. If only there was a way for me to do it, without taking off her pants. Looking over at her, a thought came to mind.

I mean… as long as no one got hurt, right?

Swallowing the lump in my throat, my fingers shook with fevered anxiety as they pulled down my zipper. My pants fell to the floor exposing my legs to the room’s heated air. Amazing how as many times as my pants have fallen, it never felt as exhilarating as right now.

Strange as it is, pulling off my pants did make me feel better. It left me in the same position as Kim, if only barely. Next came my shirt, and then I was left in only my underwear.

Quietly I slipped over to the bedside, and gently drew her nearer to the border. I was a little concerned how I was going to do this. Cradling her face in my hands, I carefully turned head to face my crotch.

Preparing to relinquish my last item of clothing, I made a troubling discovery. Looking down at her lips, I frowned, thinking about what I was about to do. How could I, when I have yet to even kiss her? After all, how many times had I drifted off watching her talk, wishing for the opportunity to kiss her? Well… here was my chance.

I always loved Kim’s lips. Even when we were little and her body had yet to form the curves that haunted my dreams. I loved their color, their shape. Especially when one of my dumb antics managed to make her smile. And imagining just that, the last of my resolve crumbled away leaving only anticipation, and a shortness of breath as I anxiously positioned myself over her.

Straddling her hips, I could hear my heart pounded in my ears. It was defining in my chest; drowning out anything but its own noise. With a shaking twitch my fingers reached out to caress her cheek. It softness, even then, amazed me.

I didn’t want to be an animal, pawing at her lost in my own emotion. I wanted to savor her just as I knew she deserved. This is why as I began to bend over, the space between our faces shrinking with each second, I held myself back. It wasn't until the smell of her hair entered my nose did I feel her lips against my own. Surrounded by the smell of lilies and wild flowers, I accomplished my thirteen year old dream.

Even though her lips were completely still I couldn't have asked for a better kiss. Her soft lips molded to my own in absolute bliss. It was just how I had always imagined it. Soft, yet touched with the taste of her favorite strawberry lip balm. Flinching my tongue against this, I couldn’t hold myself back as I captured her bottom lip between my own, applying the most gentle of suction as I marveled at its pillowy softness.

Pressing my tongue in her mouth, I was met with a wall of teeth. This issue was quickly solved as I gripped her cheeks in my hands, worming her jaw open to slip my tongue deeper. I was careful to avoid cutting myself on the edge of her teeth.

The moment my tongue touched hers, a muffled moan escaped my mouth. The only real activity there was my tongue swirling around hers. But it still felt amazing. Her mouth tasted briefly if the dinner we ate together that Mrs. Dr. P had made.

Licking at her tongue, I pushed deeper into her mouth memorizing the contours of her mouth with my tongue. Every ridge, every tooth, ever bump, I wanted to know it all. It wasn't until Kim’s breathy moan filled my mouth did I realize how worked up kissing had made me.

Halfway through the kiss I had begun to, unconsciously, grind my concealed member into her navel. When I finally did pull myself away from her mouth, I couldn’t hold myself back anymore.

Repositioning her head once more, I hesitated only for second before removing the last item of clothing. Free to open air, my penis stood ridged from my body harder than I've ever been. I've never actually measured it before, but I could only guess maybe around six inches. Not a monster by any means, but I like to think it would be enough to get the future Mrs. Stoppable where she needed to go.

But right now, I didn't need to think about future Mrs. Stoppable, I had to think about Kim.

Crouching low, I attempted to align my throbbing member to her mouth. Slightly puffy from my attention, Kim’s lips remained parted as if anticipating what was next. This was how she looked as I gripped her head in both my hands, pulling her jaw as far as it would comfortably opened and prayed she does not bite in her sleep. And as I felt her warm breath rush out her lips and across my member, I could only breath, my grip firm as I finally closed the distance and pressed the crown of my swollen head into her welcoming lips, parting them as I forced my hips forward.

 With bated breath I began to push slowly into her waiting mouth. Before my head could even fully pass over the threshold of her lips, I could already feel myself ready to burst.  Call me any kind of name you want, when you’re with your ultimate fantasy girl let’s see how long you last.

The first thing that hit me was her warmth. In the wet cavern of her mouth I felt the gentle heat seep into my rod with every inch I dared press. Very careful to hold her jaw open I slid my member past her teeth and released a breath of relief. I was confident now that Kim wouldn’t bite me, and decided to slip my fingers into the soft tresses of her hair for better leverage.

The moment I touched Kim’s tongue I knew I was on borrowed time. Only by sheer force of will was I able to hold myself back from finishing right then and there. My entire body shook with pleasure rubbing against the moist fleshy appendage. Her mouth was easily the most heavenly place I would ever inhabit.

Sinking even further, I was forced to clench my jaw close as my groan threatened to wake the entire house. Her mouth was so warm and so wet. I never wanted it to end. I could finally understand why so many guys talked about getting blowjobs. They were awesome.

Feeling the amazing opening of Kim’s throat, the sparse patch of blond hair resting above my crotch was just about to touch Kim’s nose when the sound of her struggled choke shook me from my trance. I pulled back immediately, but left my penis securely lodged her mouth.

The sound of her chocking had startled me, but I had been expecting it. Now that I knew what Kim’s limit was, I could enjoy myself.  And enjoy myself I did.

Back and forth, I humped Kim’s face whimpering in lustful pleasure. Careful to not go too deep, I ground the head of my dick against the rough pallet of her tongue. When kissing her, the naturally rough texture of her tongue had been a side note, nice but not really important. Against the underside of my shaft however, it was a different story entirely.

Looking down from my lustful actions, my eyes widened at the sight of Kim with her lips wrapped around my staff. Glimmering in the light, her own saliva seeped from the corner of her lips and onto the bed below us. This left them glimmering, still pink from her lip gloss as I watched the veins of my now throbbing erection disappear into their depths. It was easily the most arousing thing I had ever seen in my life.

Seeing her expressionless face wrapped around my staff somehow made the act that much more arousing. The fact that she was completely oblivious to what I was doing to her just made me… crazy. With her eyes closed, she looked so innocent, so peaceful. She looked just like I always saw her.

Just as I began to feel myself approaching the brink, a new sensation flooded my nervous system. Like a baby sucking on a bottle, Kim’s body had instinctively begun to suck on the object inserted in her mouth. If I had thought what I was doing was good, it was a rough sock compared to what Kim was doing.

Sealing her lips around my base, her teeth gently rested on my lower shaft. Thankfully, no pressure was applied. And to top it off, while Kim’s suction was ungodly, the feeling of her small tongue flipping lazily on the under head of my pulsing core was what finally set me off.

Straining every muscle in my body, my hands gripped two fistfuls auburn hair as my pelvis impulsively shot forward, lodging my manhood deep in her mouth. With gasping breaths, my head shot backwards whimpering in unadulterated bliss.

I could feel my orgasm erupt from the root of my core. Glob after glob flew from my engorged manhood burning me as it left with its own heat. Unable to control my actions, my knees shook with pleasure as I continued to hump my friend's face. I could feel each spurt leave me only to be followed by its brother. Honest to God, I felt I had melted right then and there.

Finally, my bliss slowly began to fade allowing me to slip from Kim’s mouth with a shuddering sigh. Stumbling backwards, my knees collapsed from under me landing me on my butt. With a dizzy head, I looked at Kim only to panic as I realized the possibility of what I’d just done blocking her airway.  

Thankfully, my worries were quickly alleviated at the sound of Kim’s relaxed breathing. However possible, it seemed Kim’s body swallowed my substance all on its own. And as if to mark this, as Kim sleepily smacked her lips swallowing the last of my cream, her face contorted in an expression of displeasure at the unpleasant taste.

Still naked, I walked over to the bed and turned Kim back on her back and gave her a small look over. Except for a few out of place hairs, she didn't seem any worse for wear. In fact, if not for the left over smudge of my juice running down her cheek, she’d look like any other topless, happily sleeping girl.

Whipping that smudge away, I felt guilty that I was the only one who had been able to feel that amazing experience. It had easily been the most amazing thing I had ever felt. And Kim had been the one responsible for it. I only wish she could feel that amazing.

Petting her hair, my eyes were drawn the pajama pants concealing the lower half of her body. It wasn't right that I was the only one to feel that good. And since Kim was the one who had done it, it makes sense that I should return the favor. So to speak. Even asleep, I've seen Kim react when I sucked on her breasts.

Still just saying that, I was left unsure how I should go about my plan. Crawling to Kim’s feet, I chewed on the inside of my lip before gently moving her legs apart. As long as I left her pants on, I wasn't doing anything for me, just for her.

With my justification in place, I crawled between her spread legs, focusing on the junction of her thighs. Carefully, I slowly pressed two fingers against Kim’s core and held them there, amazed. Unfortunately, as great as I found the moment to be, Kim seemed to be unimpressed as her breathing remained even and uninterrupted.

Completely inexperienced, I was again helpless when it came to technique. With no other references available, I decided to rely on instinct. I applied some pressure before rubbing Kim up and down. All the while Keeping a trained eye on her expression. After all, there’s was no point if she wasn't getting pleasure.

Despite my good natured intentions, I couldn't help but examine my new focus of attention. Through her pajama bottoms and underwear, I couldn't exactly get a definite feel of anything, but I could identify a marshmallow like softness directly on her core. My mind could only marvel as to what it could be, but I was determined to stay focused on my mission.

Ten minutes later and I still had no visible reaction to say I was doing anything at all. I’d done everything I could think of. I’d used one finger, three fingers, rubbed hard, fast, high, and low, and I still couldn’t see even the smallest of reactions. I sighed, lowering my head at my failure. I really was a buffoon. At least I was able to take solace in the fact Kim wasn't awake to see my blundering.

Sighing, I took another look at Kim. Maybe I was expecting too much from myself. After all, how can I be expected to drive Kim crazy when I have no idea what I'm doing, and I have to work through two layers of clothes?  Maybe if I gave myself a bit of a handicap. …Because, you know, it is for Kim. And seduced by my own warped reasoning, it was all I could do to keep an excited smile from slipping onto my features.

 Grasping Kim’s pajama bottoms, I watched with guilty fascination as the elastic band slid ever so sensually down her young hips. I continued in this fashion until they reached her knees, which was when I pulled them down, getting them out of the way completely.

Raising my head, my cheeks flared as a pair of hot pink, bikini style panties filled my field of vision. I don’t know what I was expecting, but the sight of my friend in only her underwear raised my sated member to new life. Focusing, I forced myself to ignore my urges and remember that this was about Kim.

With a gulp, I once again spread Kim’s legs, shuddering at the sight before me. With only a single item of clothing to hide the last of her modesty, Kim was almost completely exposed to viewing eyes. I tried to picture what she might do if she awoke, if she knew what I had done, what I had seen. And amazingly, instead of fear or guilt like I expected, my blood seemed to burn, flushing my entire body in a heat. And with this new sensation engulfing my body, I raised my eyes back to the task at hand and felt my breath begin to deepen.

Trailing my sight along her thighs, I took in every detail my young developing brain could remember. Reaching the apex of her legs, I found two dimples on each side her concealed mound that bulged into what appeared to be the beginning of plump outer lips. Oh god…

I shook my head free of those thoughts, and once again placed myself in between her legs. Rubbing her exposed thighs, I could already see her reacting to me. Each of her legs was completely hairless, a common trait among cheerleaders I’d noticed. I took a moment to enjoy their smooth texture before closing in on her center.

Keeping both hands firmly clasped in the uppermost point of Kim’s thigh, I reached out with my thumb and lightly traced it against the cotton fabric against Kim’s crotch. Immediately I knew both of us could feel the difference as Kim’s thighs braced against my hands at the moment of contact.

I on the other hand, I could feel everything. With just my thumb, I traced the line of Kim’s crack, marveling at what lay inside.  I repeated this motion over and over again, each time adding more pressure until I was actually working my finger between her lower lips.

One thing that amazed me was the undeniable… heat burning from her core. Even more than my own skin, it burned my fingers with the most pleasurable warmth I’d ever felt. 

Still unable to see Kim fully, I was only allowed to see through my fingers as I explored the inner workings of her sex. Tensing and moaning, I watched Kim with excited eyes as her body burned with excitement. Her nipples had once again returned to their swelled size as well as her body flushing with color. And her mouth, groaning with every brush of my fingers, looked to be pouting in her desire.

It wasn't until I pulled my hands away from Kim that I saw the damp coat of moisture covering my fingertips. I watched it glisten in the light of the lamb amazed by the mere sight of it. It was proof of Kim’s pleasure, proof of my abilities. And I wanted more.

Returning to her heated core, I attacked it with a fevered abandon. Rubbing her through her underwear, I smiled happily watching her sleeping face contort in lust filled bliss. Over time I was able to pick up on how she liked to be touched. I abused this knowledge without regret, and did not stop until her panties were literally damp with her own juices.

Once more I pulled my hand back to admire my trophy. The smell of it was rather pleasant as it filled the room with Kim’s unique scent. It was difficult to describe in terms of comparison. The only thing that would do it justice is, Kim.

Without thinking, my tongue peeked out to catch a falling drop from my finger. It was interesting to say the least, but it feel rather… lacking. After all, what good is a single drop when I can drink directly from the source? The answer, it isn’t.

Whipping my hand on the bed’s comforter, I could feel my resolve crumbling by the second. How fast I had fallen from touching my friends exposed stomach to striping her to all but next to nothing. And now would I even take that away?

The taste of her still swam on my tongue. It would be fair if I did. After all, the whole reason I had taken her pants off in the first place was to repay her for her oral pleasure. Well, if I really wanted to return the favor, shouldn’t I do the same thing?

I know to almost anyone else the logic of my decision was ridiculous at best. But right here at this moment, it made all the sense in the world. And so, closing her legs, I slid my hands beneath her toned cheeks and grasping at the hem of her panties.

Giving it a small tug, I savored what was about to happen like the last present of Hanukah. Slow and steady, I never moved more than an inch at a time watching in total wonderment as more and more of her feminine mound began to become revealed.

The first thing to catch my eyes was the surprising amount of downy red hair sprouting from her pubic region. Not to say she was sporting a nineteen eighties bush or anything, but it was clear it had been a while since her last maintenance. The curly red hairs held the shape of what looked to be what was once a stylish landing strip. While still contained to only just above her split lips, it now it looked like an ordinary patch of red hair.  And I loved it.

Fishing off the rest of the underwear, I paused only a second watching it peel off the damp skin of her crotch before completely taking them off and throwing them across the room.

Like with her pants, I took my time spreading her legs, waiting until the last moment to see what treasure lay between. And what a treasure it was. Looking between Kim’s spread open legs, I couldn't help but think I’ll never be able to look her in the face again.

Surrounded by nothing but smooth creamy skin, Kim’s core consisted of two plump outer lips with a line of deep red cut down the middle. At the very top lay what looked to me like a small bud, protected by a hood of flesh. I whimpered once more.

With a foggy head, my whole frame shook as I forced myself between her spread legs. Like this, my skin flushed once more as my hands touched her most sacred of places, massaging her pillowy lips before hooking my thumbs on each side of her teen cleft. Like this I peeled her apart, drinking in the last few secrets her body held.

I know I had justified this by saying it was for Kim’s pleasure, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to finally see every last inch of Kim’s body.

And she did not disappoint. While the tips of her inner lips remained stark red, especially in her arousal, I was fascinated to find that inside was nothing but pink. And looking this deep into my friend, I placed the last few pieces my fingers had been unable to see in the puzzle that was Kim’s sex.

Crawling in closer, I struggled to find a comfortable position so I could follow through with what I planned. Finally, bracing the soft flesh of her thigh over one shoulder I came face to face with her wafting mound, weeping its arousal.

Immediately, I was hit with the full force of Kim’s unique aroma. Being as close to the source as I was, my head swam with the addicting smell of musk and sweat. Against the bed, I could feel my rising staff twitch in anticipation. But right then, my needs took a second place to Kim’s. And so, becoming drunk from the overwhelming musk drowning me in its scent, I breathed against Kim’s core, bringing my lips to her own.

With a nervous tongue, I slowly got my first taste of Kim’s pulsing core. I delved between her burning lips, running my tongue through her delicate petals. The taste was slightly salty combined with the tart flavor of her wetness.

Soon I was chewing her out with fevered abandon, pulling moan after moan out of her quivering body with each swipe of my tongue.

Only moments after I started, Kim began to mewl in her sleep. Like a purring kitten, feather light whimpers of pleasure bled from her parted lips. And hearing these sounds, I was quick to force more from her guttered throat, already becoming addicted to their silver like chime.

It didn't take much probing for me to find her tender opening. The prospect of being inside Kim, in any way left my brain numb with need. And as I wormed my tongue inside of her, I was amazed when her muscles clamped down on me with surprising force. Attacking this new area, I nearly broke my nose as Kim began bucking into my mouth.

Looking up in shock, I gazed up Kim’s Body to see an amazing sight. While my mouth continued to smother the gate of her heated core, Kim’s strained face moved from side to side slowly in a fretful sleep. From my position, I watched as Kim’s breasts heaved up and down fueling her desperate sighs.

This is what I wanted to see. Kim, the girl who could do anything, the idle of perfection, my best friend in all the world, vulnerable. In all my years of knowing her, I could count on a single hand how many times she opened herself to an exposed position. She always had to be in control. She always had to know what was happening. And until right now, I never knew how amazing it was stripping that from her. It was even more arousing than stripping her clothes.

As time went on, Kim only grew more and more fevered. After about fifteen minutes of pleasuring her with my mouth, I could see Kim was close. Not that I had any prior experience to tell me such things, but I couldn't see how her cry could become any more distressed.

Unfortunately, just knowing this didn't seem to be enough.  While I had managed to bring her to the edge of her release, no matter what I did I wasn't able to give her that last push. And this frustrated me to no end. If I had to walk away knowing I wasn't able to give Kim her sweet release, I wouldn't ever be able to call myself a man again, Bar Mitzvah or no bar Mitzvah.

 Of course, this still left me wondering how I was going to do what I needed. Changing up my technique, my tongue withdrew from her strangling pit, and began to trace her engorged, delicate lips, hoping it would finish what I started.

While my switch did get a different reaction, it wasn't the one I had hoped for. Instead of pushing Kim into an ocean of orgasmic bliss, her voice dropped in volume showing I was doing even worse than before! In a panic, I attacked her with vicious ferocity. I didn't care where my tongue went as long as I made Kim cum.

In my haste, I nearly missed Kim’s reaction completely as I swept my tongue directly over throbbing, blood engorged bud.

Jolting on the bed, Kim’s thighs clamped around my head before settling peacefully back on the bed. I only looked up at her for a second before repeating my new discovery. Taking another lick, I watched fascinated as Kim’s fingers dug deep into the sheets in the bed. She was reacting even stronger than before.

 My mouth latched onto the hood of her folds, lashing it against my taste buds and ignoring the bristles of her pubic hair as he tickled my upper lip. Like this, I brought my hand down from her hip, and slid a single finger deep into her twitching oven, marveling at the tight, warm mess I had entered. With any hope, stimulating both of her most sensitive areas will be what it takes to finally finish her off.

If I thought she had been tight on my tongue, it was nothing compared to the pressure crushing my finger trapped inside my best friend. As I attempted to wiggle my strangled digit deep inside Kim’s burning moist depth, my mouth continued to suck and lick her hooded bundle of nerves.

Digging my finger deeper into her folds, I was slightly surprised to find absolutely no barrier to halt my motions. The only other option being that she had had sex, I had to guess that years of cheerleading and gymnastics had simply eroded it away.

Regardless, Kim’s lack of chastity didn't matter to me. And disregarding my stray thoughts, I continued my actions focused solely on her pleasure.

After only a few moments of my duel ministrations, Kim’s breath had increased to marathon runner proportions. My ears twitched as her soft mewls began turning to vibrating moans, erupting from her throat. Her face contorted in what looked to be an expression grimacing in pain. And her skin flushed bright red, even more scarlet than the hair on her head.

When Kim’s orgasm finally did arrive, I found myself caught completely off guard. Thankfully, so did Kim as, as swift as a bullet it shot through her spine, forcing the delicate structure to arch and press her crotch dangerously into my mouth as the combined pressure and juices threatened to down me in the red head’s passion. But as I continued to drink her, lovingly lapping at her juices and attempting to rein in her erratic movements, only one thought passed through my mind.

What a way to go.

Finally, holding on for what seemed like an eternity, Kim’s body erupted in a blinding, pulsing moment of release.

Gripping the sheets, Kim let out a choked yelp as her body seized up in a fit of spams. My finger became literally snared inside Kim as her inner muscles rippled, drawing me even deeper into her core. I struggled to keep a hold of her as my mouth was flooded with a flavor I had yet to taste. If I could see her face I would have seen her screaming silently as her mouth gaped open, forming a perfect O.  It wasn't until her body crashed back onto the bed that I dared unwind myself from between her legs.

Swallowing the last of Kim’s fresh squeezed juice, I watched my friend with wide, incredulous eyes. Her body laid bellow me, panting with her legs spread wide for my viewing pleasure.  All around her, her bedspread was stained with a puddle of sweat along with large traces of her own cream.

My body acted without me even knowing it.

Gathering her strewn legs together in my arms, I hosted her ankles over my shoulder displaying her fiery haired slit perfectly for my desires. Before I was even sure what was happening, I reached around Kim’s leg and grabbed my ridged member aiming it directly to pierce the heated core beneath me. Without a second’s hesitation, I thrust my hips forward, burying the head of my shaft into the soft, warm folds of Kim’s sex.

Leaning over Kim’s body, I was never more grateful for her gymnastics background. With it, I was able to manipulate her legs in any way I chose. Taking her ankles off my shoulders, I gripped her from the inside of her knees, and displayed her wide and daringly.

Once she was positioned to suit my needs, I slowly buried my member deeper inside, moaning as her slick walls engulfed me. While she had been tight on my finger, on my engorged flesh, it felt like she was crushing the life out of me. It was a struggle to gain even the smallest inch inside her womanly depths. Luckily I found her walls still sopping wet from my earlier attention that allowed me properly sheath myself deep inside her tunnel.

Soon I had worked enough of myself inside of her to fully enjoy the sensation of her wrapped around my member. Each time I withdrew from her, her muscles held me in a straggling hold. And each time I pushed back in her wondrous oven, it felt as though I was thrust into a vise of velvet warmth.

Collapsing on top of her, my mouth latched into the crook of her neck as my hand fondled her exposed breast, losing myself in her body completely. With every thrust I gave, the bed springs beneath us groan in protest. Ironically, Kim remained silent. I could only guess her own release hand tired her out to the point of falling even deeper asleep. Oh well.

As much as I wanted to, I knew I had to restrain myself from pounding into Kim with my full strength. I couldn’t risk somehow hurting my friend no matter how much my swollen flesh begged for release. Not to mention the threat of waking the house with the sound of Kim’s bed frame racking against her wall.

Instead, I was forced into a slow, torturous pace that left me memorizing every inch of her dripping, burning canal. In and out, in and out, I sawed into Kim gaining a fine layer of sweat covering my body.

Looking up to her face, I was once again overcome by the beauty of her blank, expressionless face. Seeming to have fallen even deeper into her slumber after her release, now, even my shaft buried as deep as it could go inside her sex forced no visible reaction from the girl. But rather, she continued to dream peacefully, not so much as a twitch interrupting her serine expression

Every thrust of my hips sent a small shock wave up her body that jiggled her pointed breasts. Humping between her legs, I could feel my end coming near. Just as before, my straining rod pulsed, signaling my approaching release. With a strained breath, I could feel my movements double in speed, my back muscles tense, and my vision began to blur. Gritting my teeth, my hands gripped Kim’s bed sheets as I gave one final push going deeper than ever before.

Hunched over Kim’s body, I gasped for breath in the crook of Kim’s neck, my body shaking as my release erupted from throbbing shaft. While the amount spilled wasn’t anywhere near the amount my first explosion had been, if possible it seemed even stronger. My toes tingled and as lighting raced up and out my body; filling Kim deep inside her core.     

Panting with exhaustion, I slipped out from over her body and collapsed on my back next to her.

As my breath began to calm, my eyes turned from the ceiling to take a sideways glance at my sleeping friend. I actually did it. I had sex with her. I had sex with Kim possible.

Picking myself up, I ran a hand through my sweat drenched hair. I tried to search myself for any sense of remorse, but I couldn't find any. I didn't regret a thing. I was actually feeling pretty good, I realized with a smile.

Of course that could change if Kim wakes up covered in sweat and naked. And with that realization my heart dropped as well as my mood.

Jumping off the bed all my good feelings went away. If I didn't want to be caught, I was going to have to be fast.

Giving Kim a quick once over, I set out to get everything I needed to clean up the scene of the crime. Without thinking, I seized the nearest cloth I could find, accidentally grabbing Kim’s prized pandaroo and proceeded to do my best and mop the seeping fluid clean from her drenched sex. Our combined juices mixed there, a small trickle emptying itself from her crotch and into the bed. If I wasn’t so panicked right then I might have taken a moment to enjoy the sight, but as it was I was for to busy cleaning the rest of her as best as I could before running about the room, collecting her discarded clothing and doing my best to re-clothe her without twisting her limbs past there limit.

Having stripped and clothed Kim, I can say with certainty that it was much more fun to take off the clothes then put them back on. The crotch of her panties was completely saturated with her own juices. Regardless, I knew Kim would raise an eyebrow at waking up in different underwear than what she went to sleep in.

Finished, I looked at the stuffed animal in my hand and jumped, horrified at find what it was I had been using. Especially as I spied long streaks of cum now decorating Kim’s favorite toy. Having moped up its owners lather, the poor thing was saturated to the point of being damp.

Swallowing nervously, I looked around the room pathetically before hastily placing the stuffed animal on Kim’s pillow, dangerously close to her face. Looking back I knew I would kick myself for not thinking of something better, but right then all I wanted to do was gather my clothing and flee the scene of the crime as fast as my legs could take me. But even so, I knew it was useless. Come morning there would be a one way rocket headed to the nearest black hole with my name on it.

Taking what I was sure to be the last look at Kim I would ever get, I couldn’t stop the smile that had latched onto my face even as I closed the door behind me. She really was beautiful.


I didn't stop at Kim’s house that morning on the way to school. Call me a coward, but I wanted to delay it as long as I could. I knew I would be forced to see Kim at school, but at least I bought myself a few more moments of freedom.

Surprisingly, I wasn't confronted By Kim at school ether. In fact, she didn't show up at our first class at all, nor the second or the third. I could only imagine Kim was torturing me, waiting for me to crack from anxiety before finally pouncing and finishing me off. During lunch, I had been strung so high that I nearly jumped to the roof when a hand landed on my shoulder.

Cringing back in shock, Monique eyed me surprised suspicion. “What’s got you so jumpy?” She asked, eyeing me.

Twiddling my thumbs I refused to meet her eyes. “Eh, you know… just um, hmmm…” I trailed off nondescript. Looking around the room like a startled chipmunk, I knew my actions were weirding her out. “You see Kim?” I asked nervously.

Rolling her eyes, Monique shook her head at my odd antics. “She’s at home; she told me she’s not feeling well.”

My heart seized up in my throat, strangling my breath. Had I really actually hurt her?

“But she wanted me to tell you to meet her at her house after school. Right after school,” she emphasized with a stern look. “I don’t know what you did, but she doesn’t sound happy.” Giving me a ‘sucks to be you’ look, she strode away from my table, leaving me alone to bury my head in my arms.

The rest of the day passed in a haze. A million scenarios must have passed through my head during those last two hours of school, and not one of them ending well. I thought about running, about escaping to the most remote area possible. But I knew it wouldn't help. Kim was able to track down some of the smartest super villains known to man. What chance did I have?

Hearing the final bell, my fate was sealed.

The feeling of walking to Kim’s house could only be compared to what a prisoner must feel during his last hours before the electric chair.  Each of my steps thundered in my ears as my surroundings melted away in a blur. And before I even knew it, I was there.

My hands shook as I stood on the doorstep. Before I could muster up the courage to ring the doorbell, an angry faced red head opened the door for me. “Roooon,” she drawled a scary look in eyes. Before I could even respond, she had me by the wrist, pulling me up the stairs and into her room.

Hanging my head in shame, I was forced to wait while Kim glared down at me; her arms crossed over her chest. “Did you really think I wouldn’t remember?” she asked in disbelief.

If at all possible I shrunk even further into myself attempting, in vain, to disappear from her sight. “Ahh I…” my voice came out in a high pitched squeaked, affected by my stress.

Ignoring my outburst, Kim continued to glare. “Ron, I just can’t believe you.”

Defeated, I said the only thing I could. “I'm sorry Kim.” Hanging my head low, I was hers to depose of.

“To think you would take advantage of the situation like that!” Kim sounded really angry.  “Ron, even if I fell asleep, that didn’t mean you were supposed to just leave!” She shouted revealing her true message.

Looking up in shock, I almost didn't understand what she had said. “Wait…”

“Don’t try and act innocent,” Kim chastised me. “I know you didn’t even look at one page of that text book. I mean, did you even try and wake me up?” Putting her hand on my arm, her eyes turned sad. “Ron I know you don’t like to study, but if you don’t at least try you’re going to end up living in a trash can.”

I stared up at her in disbelief. “That’s why you’re mad at me?” I asked, astonished.

In return, she gave me the most peculiar look. “Well, what else have you done to make me mad?” She chuckled.

Shaking my head, I immediately denied any guilty actions, happy to free of blame. But it did leave some questions. “Monique said you weren’t feeling well. Why weren’t you at school?” I asked, confused.

Grimacing, Kim rubbed the area just below her navel, sending fear crashing through my body. “Have you ever been kicked by Shego?” she asked rhetorically. “Though, it must have been harder than I thought. I was really sore when I woke up this morning.”

With a frozen face, I stared at her, unbelieving of my luck. She attributed her sore pelvises to the kick Shego had given her; she had no idea that it was actually me who had left her sore and aching.

Overjoyed to hear she had come to her own reasoning, I was quick to support her reasoning. “Totally!” I exclaimed. “I mean that looked like it would really hurt.” I toned it down.

Rubbing her tummy, Kim’s grimaced face nodded in agreement. “I usually recover faster than this but… I don’t know. It just feels different. Do you think I should ask Wade if Drakken might have tried anything?” She asked me.

Shaking my head, I was maybe just a bit too enthusiastic as I told the girl no. “Probably just a tender area. I’d just let relax for a bit.” I recommended nervously. I didn't even want to think what would come up if Wade gave her another full body scan.

Nodding her head, Kim’s eyes seemed to glaze over before she fell on the bed next to me. “Tired?” I asked.

“Just some weird dreams,” she mumbled idly. And before I knew what she was doing, my eyes widened as she reached for her precious pandaroo, bringing the cuddlebuddy close to her chest and hugging the toy with love.

Overnight it looked as though our combined juices had dried into the plush material. But even so, I couldn’t help the small start of my heart as my eyes caught the feint but distinct chalky residue still clinging to its fake fur.

Seeing it so close to Kim, and seeing her hold it so close her to face left my cheeks warm as I remembered everything the previous night had done to the material. But forcing myself to look back at my friend, I put the plushy out of my mind and gave her my most innocent smile.

“What about?” I asked interested. Honestly, despite my best wishes I had no idea if she could feel anything I had done in her sleep. Though, if the color of her face was any suggestion I felt confident enough to offer a guess…

Immediately, Kim’s face flushed bright red down to her collarbone. The look on her face clearly told me she hadn't meant to talk me about them. “Just dreams,” her words stuttered.

Smiling sadistically, I couldn’t believe how much my attitude had changed after learning I was safe. “Aw, come on KP, I tell you about my dreams all the time,” I reminded her.

Giving me a nervous look, Kim rolled her eyes. “This wasn't exactly a: a naco tried to eat me kind of dream Rom.”

I remembered that dream. “Then what kind of dream was it?” I continued to coax it out of her. It would seem I brought some of my teasing home with me last night.

Huffing, Kim puffed up her cheeks glaring at me with a very rosy hue over her face. “I'm not telling you Ron.” She swore. “Get over it.”

“Was it scary?” I asked.

She looked at me confused. “No, why?”

Adopting a thoughtful expression, I pretended to think back to last night. “Well, before I left you were groaning a lot in your sleep,” I mentioned. “And your face was all scrunched up too.”

 Seeing her eyes go wide in shock, I had to stifle the laughter attempting to erupt from my throat. Putting the cherry on top I matched her expression, letting out a long drawn, “ohhhhhhhhh.”

Burying her head in her comforting companion, Kim refused to look at me. “Ron, just shut up,” she demanded. “It was embarrassing enough without you making fun of me. I had to run downstairs and do my laundry before anyone could see… evidence.” She spoke with a blush.

My eyes widened as I watched her practically rub her face in a sponge of sex and musk, but even so I forced myself to Laugh. Okay, I had my fun. Maybe I should give her a break. “Hey, at least you finally got that date with Josh.” I offered helpfully.

At this Kim lifted her head and looked at me with fear. This only lasted a few seconds as Kim quickly turned her head away and stared at the floor. “Yea… Josh,” she agreed apprehensively.

Neither of knew what to say after that, so the next moments were filled with uncomfortable silence. Finally, scooting closer to me, Kim looked at me with eyes still reflecting uneasy fear. “We're always going to be friends… right?” She asked me nervously. “I mean, that’s what you want?”

Shocked and feeling incredibly trapped, my eyes were wide as I was faced with the one question I never thought I would face. Least of all by Kim. Taking a moment to think out my words, a decision I should use much more often, I turned to Kim as serious as I've ever been. “I love being friends with you Kim,” I answered honestly. “And I’ll stay your friend as long as you want me to.”

Kim’s expression looked confused at the double meaning behind my words, but before she was allowed to speak, her mother called for her downstairs.

Getting up, she took one last confused look before shaking her head and exiting the room.

Releasing a pent up breath, I stood from the bed with every intention of leaving. The day had been stressful enough. Any more and I don’t think my pore slacker heart would take it.

Bending over to pick up my backpack, a blinking light under Kim’s bed caught my eye. Curious, I reached under it only to pull out a steel gray cylinder flashing with lights down one side and the label: Narcoleptor one point oh, down the other. It must have rolled under the bed in all the excitement after I first shot Kim.

I stared at the device in my hand with mixed feelings swirling inside my heart. If I was smart, I would call Wade and have him pick it up. This thing… it changed me. The way I acted the other night, the things I did, it would be beyond irresponsible for me to try and keep it.

 If I was really Kim’s friend, I would show it to her and come clean about everything. True I’d gotten away with it. And that felt great. But when everything is said and done, I can’t ignore the ach of guilt chewing away at my insides.

Sighing, I took one last look at the devise in my hand flinched. This thing had changed me, it made me hurt my friend; and then lie to her. If I kept it, who knows what else I would do. And what made things even worse… part of me actually wanted to find out.

“RON!” Mrs. Possible called for me. “Are you staying for dinner?”

Swallowing the lump in my throat, I pocketed the device before plastering a happy go lucky smile on freckled face. “You know it!” I called down to her. Stumbling down the stairs, I entered the kitchen to see Kim and Ann Possible smiling at me, completely unaware of what moral dilemma I had faced. “I’d never pass that up.”

Feeling the weight of Drakken’s devise press against my leg, I couldn't help but marvel one last time at the situation I had managed to get myself into. I had no idea what I was doing. And in the end, I can only hope that one day I can look back and not regret what I had chosen.

What a fun toy this will be…