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Manhunt - A Dream SMP fanfiction

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L'Manburg. The only city in the world to have magicals. Magicals are people who possess magic. This reaches from being able to bestow powers to someone to stealing powers from someone. Or, perhaps they were born with them? No one really knew the extent of these powers or where they came from.

It was a chilly night in L'Manburg, wind gently brushing against people's arms. Tommy and Ranboo were finishing up their shift at Demon's Diner. Mop in hand, headphones in ear, Tommy cleaned the floor whilst it was Ranboo's turn to clean the coffee machine. Tommy hummed along to the tune of the song, swaying side to side as he cleaned. Ranboo listened to the tune and bobbed his head along to the tune of Tommy's voice. This was how their typical Friday night went. 

After cleaning, Tommy locked the door to the diner and the two boys journeyed to their apartment, joking and laughing the whole way there. Tommy put his key in the door and tried to turn it, only to discover it was already unlocked. 

"Tubbo's home," he mumbled to his friend with a chuckle. Ranboo simply scoffed at this inquiry as Tommy pushed the door open to his small apartment. Tubbo was laying on the sofa, watching a documentary on bees. 

"You realise you have your own home," Tommy stated, earning a groan from Tubbo. Tommy and Ranboo sat beside him, glancing towards the documentary. 

"I didn't want to go home," Tubbo whispered, staring in awe at the bees. "Did you know that bees are so loud because they beat their wings 11,400 times a minute." Ranboo chuckled as he settled in and watched the documentary. Tommy huffed but didn't hesitate to do the same. 

A typical Friday night. Three friends, in a cramped apartment, enjoying each other's company after a long day at the diner. 

What wasn't typical was their Saturday morning. 

Tommy was aware of Ranboo's powers of teleportation and Tubbo's power of shapeshifting. And they were aware that he didn't have any magical powers. However, when Ranboo woke up, he found two strangers in the places of Tommy and Tubbo. The friends were used to Tubbo shapeshifting in his sleep, so Ranboo assumed one of them was Tubbo. The other, he was unsure.

So a shout erupted from his mouth as he clambered off the sofa, causing Tubbo to fall sideways onto the sofa and the stranger to fall onto Tubbo. Tubbo shouted in surprise as he awoke with fright and the stranger repeated the action. Tubbo shapeshifted back to himself and crawled off the sofa, falling onto the floor with a yelp. 

"Who are you?" Tubbo cried, Ranboo helping his short friend off the floor. 

"What do you mean?" the stranger asked, sitting up. "It's me, Tommy," he finished with a yawn before shapeshifting back into himself. Tubbo gasped in delight. 

"Tommy!" he cried, a large smile forming on his face. "You have powers!" Tommy frowned before shaking his head with a giggle. 

"You do, Tommy. You were a different person just now," Ranboo said with a small smile. Tubbo sat beside Tommy and scoffed. 

"Imagine all the pranks we could pull now," Tubbo whispered with a wink. Tommy chuckled, finally accpeting his new power. 

"Help me control it. How do you do it?" Tommy asked. 

"Just think of the face you want to shift to and it'll start to happen. If you have interacted with that person and can memorise them clearly, you'll get their height, body shape and voice," Tubbo explained. Tommy nodded and his body slowly disappeared and became much taller. His face changed last into a very familiar face. 

"Oh my god," Ranboo muttered. 

"Oh my god," Tommy said loudly in Ranboo's voice. 

"It's like looking in a mirror," Tubbo commented. 

"No it's not," Ranboo said with a sigh.

"Fuck!" Tommy yelled in Ranboo's voice. Tubbo gasped before gaping at the stiff Ranboo. 

"You just swore," Tubbo said with a grin. 

"That doesn't count!" Ranboo protested. "It's not actually me!"

"It's your voice and your body," Tommy said, shifting back to himself. "I'd say that's enough proof to say that you said your first swear word." Ranboo's jaw dropped as he tried to think of a protest. Huffing, he disappeared, leaving a flurry of purple particles behind him. 

Tommy and Tubbo burst out laughing at this before Tubbo left for his shift at Demon's Diner. Tubbo was a chef, working under Puffy's guidance whilst Tommy and Ranboo were waiters at the last shift of the day. 

Tommy relaxed on the sofa, amused with his stunt earlier as he watched a Disney film. 

When the film ended, Tommy stood up, challenging himself with this idea. Ranboo walked into the apartment, without knocking, earning a well-deserved cough of criticism from Tommy. 

"What are you doing, Tommy?" Ranboo asked with a sigh, shutting the door. 

"So we know I'm a shapeshifter now," Tommy began, as Ranboo sat down on the sofa. "I was trying to imagine all the people I could shapeshift into. And then I got an idea," Tommy finished. 

"Oh no," Ranboo grumbled with a grin, earning a glare from the younger friend. 

"Can I shapeshift into a Disney character? Would my face end up all animated and shit?" Tommy pondered on the thought for another moment before Ranboo burst out laughing. Tommy frowned. 

"Probably animated," Ranboo answered. Tommy closed his eyes and pictured Moana's face. When he opened his eyes, he looked down at Ranboo expectantly. "What?" he asked, feeling uneasy under Tommy's gaze. 

"Am I Moana?" Tommy asked. Ranboo cracked a grin before shaking his head. 

"Sorry dude, but you're still you," Ranboo said with a shrug, leaning back and enjoying watching Tommy struggle to shapeshift. 

"I don't understand. It worked this morning!" Tommy whined. "Maybe I'm pushing too hard with a Disney character? What about... Iron Man? Yeah, from Endgame!" He closed his eyes and opened them to Ranboo shaking his head again. Tommy let a loud whine escape from his mouth as he sat down on the floor. 

"I don't know why it's not working, Tommy," Ranboo said, his American accent thick in the sentence. "Anyway, get dressed. We have our shift in 25 minutes." Tommy sighed sadly, disappointed his powers had faded as he trudged into his tiny bedroom to change into his uniform. 

Demon's Diner's uniform was a plain black shirt, with a red demon embroided onto the pocket and cuffs of the sleeves. Trousers or long skirts that were either red or black were acceptable for the uniform. Tommy would say that their boss, Bad, was very lenient on the uniform policy of the diner, but he was glad all the same. He wouldn't be able to afford very fancy clothes, and Bad was kind enough to provide the teenagers with their own company shirt. 

As Tommy and Ranboo strolled towards the diner, Tommy asked the question lingering on his mind. 

"Did you ever go through a stage where your powers wouldn't work when you first discovered you had them?" Tommy asked. 

Ranboo shrugged, trying to recall the discovery of his powers. "I don't think so. If anything, I had no control of them. I'd teleport anywhere without wanting to. One time, I was reading a book on landmarks as part of my geography homework and I ended up on top of the Statue of Liberty." Tommy sighed at this knowledge, and Ranboo realised this probably didn't comfort his inexperienced friend. "Maybe you're overthinking it? You just need to let it take control when you don't want it to and then perhaps, it'll come back to you and you can learn to control it?" Tommy nodded as they pushed the door open. 

They walked behind the counter, to let Bad know they were here. 

"Hey bossman," Tubbo said as Ranboo and Tommy passed him. 

"Hey Tubs, how's work?" Tommy asked, lifting his mood to prepare him for the long shift of Karens awaiting him. 

"Good. It's been quiet today so Puffy and I are going over recipes," Tubbo answered with a shrug. Ranboo smiled at this as they walked into Bad's office. 

"Hey Bad," Ranboo said. 

"Hi guys! How's your day been?" Bad asked. Tommy shifted uncomfortably, which Ranboo noticed so he decided to answer. 

"Uh, good thanks! And you?" Ranboo asked, a smile present on his face. 

"I'm doing well, thank you for asking. You can let Hannah know that her shift is over," Bad said, returning the smile but bigger. The boys nodded as they went to the counter. 

"Hey Hannah, you can go home now," Ranboo informed the waitress. She nodded with a smile. 

"Anything we need to know about?" Tommy asked quietly. Hannah glanced over her shoulder before leaning in. 

"Drunk guy on table 12 and a family with five children on table 5 and 6," Hannah whispered. A groan erupted from Tommy's throat, causing the girl to giggle. "Good luck. I'll swing by tomorrow and give you two a rose for your efforts," she finished, tying her hair up before walking into the kitchen. 

"Alright, who's got dibs on the drunk guy?" Ranboo asked. Both remained silent for a few moments. They leaned backwards, catching a few glances at the drunk guy. He had several empty glasses on his table, two half-empty plates one bowl. He was singing loudly along to the song playing on a jukebox Puffy had brought in here one day. The two friends quickly returned to their normal standing stance and Tommy took a deep breath, Ranboo eyeing him suspiciously. 

"Dibs on the family of seven!" Tommy quickly said, grabbing his notepad and rushing away. 

"No!" Ranboo cried, elongating the 'o' in the word. 

Not the typical Saturday that the friends were used to...