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AskFics Set Two

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It’s not Dan’s fault he’s staring. Phil’s just especially adorable when he’s asleep; his mouth hangs open a little, and his eyelashes flutter against his cheeks with each soft exhalation, reminding Dan just how much he loves him.

The only fault he finds is the lack of blue eyes to stare into, but Dan will make do with how Phil’s dark hair falls against his face instead. 

“You’re so beautiful, Phil Lester,” Dan says on a soft sigh, reaching out with gentle fingers to press against smooth cheeks, laughing quietly when Phil snorts in his sleep and starts to roll over. 

“Except when you snore,” he teases fondly, remembering what had woken him up at five in the morning in the first place.

Phil doesn’t respond - not that Dan was expecting him too anyway - and Dan sighs, reaching out to wrap an arm around Phil’s waist and drag him closer until he’s spooning him, face pressed into the crook of his neck.

“I love you,” he whispers, like it’s a secret. “More than you know,” he adds on, because to him, maybe that part really is a secret. 

“Sorry I’m not always so good at expressing it,” he says, pulling Phil tighter to him and closing his eyes. “But I love you,” he says.

He sighs when Phil doesn’t respond, feeling relaxed and overly sentimental now that there’s no real audience around to embarrass himself too. It’s five in the morning, and all he can think about is how happy he is that Phil is his. Even if his snoring does wake him up more often than not.

Dan smiles.

They’ve been together five years now, and he’s just now realizing how long that is. How many nights Phil’s snoring really has woken him up. How many nights Dan’s spooned Phil like this - how many nights Phil has spooned Dan.

He pulls Phil in closer to him.

“I can’t believe how far we’ve come,” he murmurs. “It’s been five years,” he continues, pressing a gentle kiss to Phil’s neck and glimpsing the small smile that forms on Phil’s face in reaction. 

Dan chuckles and kisses him again.

“Five fucking years,” he muses. “Maybe it’s time we get married,” he wonders aloud. Phil’s body stiffens, and then immediately relaxes, and Dan peers suspiciously at Phil’s face, but his breathing is still even, and his features still relaxed. 

Dan starts rubbing small circles into Phil’s waist. 

Maybe they really should get married. 

“We could have an outdoor wedding, ‘cause I know how much you’ve always wanted that,” he muses aloud, “With balloon archways and everything. Adventure Time themed, because we’re fucking dorks,” he says, and laughs softly, smiling down fondly at Phil.

“Yeah…I think we could do that,” he says, and then presses another kiss against Phil’s neck softly.

“I think you’d like that,” he says.

Phil’s eyelashes flutter.

Dan grins.

“Will you marry me, Phil Lester?”

There’s no response, and Dan bites his lip against a grin.

The body beside him is tense. 

Dan waits.

Phil rolls over, stupid grin on his face as those blue eyes Dan loves so much slowly open.

“Yes,” he murmurs, and then presses his lips to Dan’s softly, fingers intertwining with Dan’s. “Of course I’ll marry you,” he says against Dan’s lips, and then presses into him again.

Dan can’t stop grinning.