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May the Raven find its nest

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[Sonic had created a group chat.]

[Sonic had added Brokkoli, KEMGD and 19 others.]

[Sonic had named the chat 3-A]

Bird: What is this? I can sense the madness.

Sonic: This, as you might have guessed, is the new group chat of our class.

NO: A new one? What's wrong with the last one?

Sonic: ...

Bird: ...

Kirby: ...

NO: Hello? What's with the tension?

Queen: When was the last time you checked the group?

NO: Before the weekend? I don't know there was no net where I was. What happened?

Queen: Wanna quess?

NO: ...

NO: Bakohoe?


NO: Bakohoe? What's with the new user name!


NO: Ah yes, King Explosion Murderer God Dynamite. Very bold words for a little man.


NO: I shall bestowed upon you any title of my choice as long as you remain on calling me a dam bird.

KEMGD: fine

Pinky: Mmmm, translation? Anyone?

Pica: He said he'll stop only if Bakohoe doesn't call him a bird.


Pinky: And who gave the brain cell to you today?

Queen: Hold the damn horse Bakohoe, Seto was in the middle of something important.

NO: So, if it's not Kat...




NO: For the sake of peace and sanity, Denks?

Pica: ...Yes bro?

NO: Was it you?

Pica: Mmmmmmm, no?

NO: What have he done?


NO: @Rozo

Rozo: He sent way too many memes to the group that Aizawa kicked him out and

NO: And?

Queen: As idiot as he is, he thought it was a good idea to ask a hacker to bring him in since Aizawa threatened to expel anyone who add him back.

NO: Typical Erasure, couldn't he just silent the group instead of all this?

NO: HOLD UP? A hacker?

Rozo: Yes.

NO: Please continue with this horror story of yours.

Pica: Or please don't? Maybe?

Pinky: You get no right here baib.

Queen: And of course, our resident picachu thought that you would know the right man for the job.

NO: Poor choice really.

Pica: Hold it. In my defense, you know literally everyone.

Queen: Not wrong but anyway he came and found someone in your notebook?

NO: Any more explanation?

Bird: I gave him the emergency note that we had on the desk.

NO: Even more poor choices of actions. You gave him the numbers that I gave you for emergency for THIS?

Bird: I... I didn't think he would be actually this dumb.

Pica: But it was a emergency and I am not dumb.

Queen: Anyhow. He took a number, he texted it, he gave the group's link which he couldn't use it to it and told it to add him to the group. Wanna guess the amount of catastrophes?

NO: Depending on the number he could start the next zombie apocalypse. Which one was it?

Sonic: Excuse me but the next?

NO: You are excused. So @Pica who was it?



Pica: Why would you even have his number at the first place?

NO: No change of subjects, those are for emergencies. Who?

Pica: care?

NO: Well fuck.

KEMGD: Exactly.

[Two days prior to that conversation, after Tokoyami gave Denki that number.]

[Private messages between Danik and Skin care]

Charger: YOUP.

Skin care: Who is this? How do you have my number?

Charger: Is this the "gamer idiot who fix computers" guy that Seto wrote?

Skin care: He told you to call me? And what the hell is that name?

Charger: Nope, I just borrowed the number.

Skin care: okay, then bye kid.

Charger: Hold up, can you add me back to my group chat?

Skin care:

Skin care: You serious right now?

Charger: Yeah? Why?

Skin care: Do you have the slightest idea who I am?

Charger: Seto's friend who's good with computers?

Skin care:

Skin care: Well yes but actually no. What is this group anyway?

Charger: Our class's group chat. For study stuff you know?

Skin care:

Skin care: You in UA?

Charger: Yeah how you know?

Skin care: The Seto stuff and all.

Charger: Well yeah I am.

Skin care: Fine I'll help. Send the link.

Charger: Thanks bro


Sho: So in conclusion, you ate my soba.

BOOM: For the last dam time, I don't care how many theories you type, it doesn't change the fact that it wasn't me. Go bother deku or something.

[Crusty had joined the chat.]

Alien Queen: Ha? Who's this??

[Crusty had added ElectroWizard to the chat.]

ElectroWizard: Thanks man.


ElectroWizard: Seto's friend.

[Crusty had Deku♥️, Mister and 3 others to the chat.]

BurntChicken: well this sounds fun

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[Crusty had Deku♥️, Mister and 3 others to the chat.]

BurntChicken: well this sounds fun


Deku♥️: 🔪

Uravity: What's going on?

Mister: I do have the same question. What are we doing here?

Crusty: This is the ua brats's group chat.

Deku♥️: So Izuku is here too?

Crusty: Should be.

Deku♥️: Yoopssy.

Creata: @Shota

Creata: @Shota

Creata: @Shota

Creata: @Shota

Shota: What??

Creata: Back read please.

Shota: wait how did lov got here?

Alien Queen: wait WHO?


Lizarrd: Who?

BurntChicken: Crispy and the lunatic.

Lizarrd: Right. Then Boom is the angry boy we stole back then?


Lizarrd: Yup, that's the kid.


Shota: That is enough Bakugo. How did you enter this chat

Crispy: You expect us to answer you Erasure?

Deku♥️: Shigy added us.

Shota: How?

BOOM: That pokemon brain had to do with it.

Shota: Kaminari?

ElectroWizard: Wait wait wait

Mister: We are waiting.

ElectroWizard: I got his number from Seto as a computer guy.

Lizarrd: he serious?

Crispy: Unfortunately.

BurntChicken: 🥵🥵🥵🥵

Mister: Dabi?

BurntChicken: wait wrong emoji.

Alien Queen: This two aren't even slightly close to each other.

Deku♥️: 😍😇🥰

Crispy: First of all, change the weird username. Secondly stop with emojis. Get down to the real business.





Not a Sadako:

Mister: Who's user name?

Crispy: Yes.

Mister: ?

Alien Queen: Allow me.

Creata: Mina!

Alien Queen: What? They can't actually do anything through the phone.

[Alien Queen had changed Crispy's name to Handy]
[Alien Queen had changed Mister' name to hat]
[Alien Queen had changed BurntChicken's name to blue<span;>]
[Alien Queen had changed Lizarrd's name to Badzilla<span;>]
[Alien Queen had changed Not a Sadako's name to purple<span;>]
[Alien Queen had changed Deku♥️'s name to fangs.]

Earjack: Mina we love you ♥️





Badzilla: What does this even mean?

ElectroWizard: A bad Godzilla.


Badzilla: I'm committing no alive.


Fanga: 🥰🥰🥰 nice name I like it.

Blue: sure you do.

Shota: Ashido for the love of god why?

Alien Queen: Why not?

God: I allow it.

Badzilla: God??

Handy: It's the rat.


Badzilla: okay cool. Back to no alive.


Emo: mood

Shota: Nedzu you can't allow it

God: Why not? As long as nothing serious is discussed here there will be no problem.


Shota: Fine. But how did Seto get Shigaraki's number?

Blue: They date.

Alien Queen: WHAT?

Sho: ^

Turbo: ^

Frog: ^

Uravity: ^

Emo: ^

Erajack: ^


ElectroWizard: ^

Mister: ^


Handy: Stop the dam spamming WE ARE NOT DATING. We are just friends for fuck's sake.

Fangs: Not you friend zoning Seto.


Alien Queen: Oh god stop. I don't want to imagine those two in a bed. Or sofa. Not even a room now!


Badzilla: 🍶


Alien Queen: ?


Badzilla: Holy water. I have poison too

Creata: what am i reading

God: Is it a question Ms. Yaoyarozo?

Creata: i don't know

Handy: stop being dramatic damn it. I mean ALL of you!

Alien Queen: Give me that water. @Handy, How are you two friends? Haven't you two been trying to kill each other for the past two and so year? Like you do with the rest of us?

Handy: So? That's just business. Life and work and different.

Alien Queen: "Life and work are different" by Crispyraki.


[Handy had left the chat]

[God had added Handy back to the chat]

[Handy had left the chat]

[God had added Handy back to the chat]

[Handy had left the chat]

[God had added Handy back to the chat]

Handy: Let me fucking go! I'm done with you maniacs.

Uravity: But you live with with Toga.

Handy: And she is far more sane than whoever this kid is.


Fangs: ♥️♥️♥️

Purple: I believe its the pink girl sir.

Fangs: Yup, Mina♥️. My beloved.

Handy: I don't care. Where is Seto?

Blue: Missing your bf already?

Earjack: And you are missing a f.

ElectroWizard: fbf?

Earjack: Bff Denks.

ElectroWizard: uh.

Hat: Now that I am done with being traumatized, what's fbf? Also on second notes, can I also have that water?


Alien Queen: 🍶 here

Blue: f boyfriend?

Handy: NO!

Broccoli might: He even uses Seto's username. That's sus.

Handy: You too you allmight wanna be?

Broccoli might: 😉


Broccoli might: no

Uravity: no

Sho: no

Alien Queen: Not the broccoli. Wait I have an idea.

Creata: no?

Alien Queen: ≥:]

Hat: i should go back to my room now, right?

[Alien Queen had added Nem to the chat]

Nem: Yes my children?

[Alien Queen had added MICC to the chat]


Shota: Get back to work Yamada.

Shota: You too Nemuri.

Nem: No ≥:]

[Handy had left the chat]

[Hat had left the chat]

[Badzilla had added Hat and Handy to the chat]


Badzilla: If I have to suffer, then so do YOU.

Nem: Hat? Handy? Badzilla??

Sho: They're the league.


Alien Queen: We are bullying them.

Nem: I'm in.

Fanga: Me too

Emo: Aren't you in lov too?

Fanga: So?

Alien Queen: Let her be Toko.

Fangs: ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Alien Queen: ♥️♥️♥️





Alien Queen: I

Alien Queen: DON'T

Alien Queen: CARE

Alien Queen: We are bullying Crispyraki.

Blue: gotta say, Crispyraki sounds nice

[Alien Queen had changed Handy's name to Crispyraki]

Crispyraki: why are you like this?

Alien Queen: Couse I'm cute?

Fangs: facts.

ElectroWizard: Why did you guys came here in the first place?

Hat: ^

Badzilla: ^

Blue: ^

Crispyraki: To mess with their morales and recruit some to the league...

Emo: And whose morales have been played with?


Crispyraki: ours


Nem: I set this one out. You kids are better than me now.


Nem: 😢 my kids are all grown up now.


Shota: They're not your kids Nemuri.


Sho: #dadzawa

Purple: #dadzawa. Anyone interested in joining us?

Earjack: #dadzawa. Is there literally anything good in there?

Badzilla: #dadzawa. Fast food? Video games? Fan fiction? Idiocy? We have them all.

Alien Queen: #dadzawa. Fan fiction? Seriously?


Shota: Stop the hashtag or get expelled.

Badzilla: ... @alien_queen and that is not the best part.

Alien Queen: ?

God: ?

Badzilla: They are written by yours truely, Seto S Sadako.

Alien Queen: Fake

Sho: ^

Rozo; ^

Earjack: ^

Shota: ^


Nem: ^


Uravity: ^

Broccoli might: ^

Emo: actually he is a writer. So maybe?

Earjack: You jocking?

Fangs: Nope he really is.


Alien Queen: What type of fan fiction?

Purple: There are too many of them, most of which are one shots and AUs.

Fangs: Don't forget the smut.

Grapes: Seto wrote smut?

[Alien Queen had kicked Grapes out of the group]

Badzilla: ?

Alien Queen: Don't mind it. Back to fan fics.

Shota: We do not accept any type of media from villains.

Alien Queen: But it's Seto's?


Shota: Just ask him to give them to you when he is back. Don't get them from villains.

Crispyraki: Where the hell is he anyway?

Nem: Why would we inform a villain about the location of a hero?

Crispyraki: Couse he'sn't answering my dms.

Alien Queen: "He'sn't" by handicap

Crispyraki: okay you know what? That's enough invasion for one go. Get off your phones bitches.

Creata: Quite an invasion.

Fangs: See you girls 👋👋👋

Alien Queen: See you.

Badzilla: Hopefully not.


Hat: ^


RedRiot: Em, What did I miss?

BOOM: 🤦‍♀️

Chapter Text



ElectroWizard: I have a question.

Blue: Shouldn't you be sleep kid?

ElectroWizard: Your awake too

Blue: *You're

ElectroWizard: Thanks teach.

[Alien Queen had changed Blue's name to Hot teacher]

Hot teacher: For god's good grace. GO TO SLEEP KID!

Alien Queen: Nope.

Badzilla: Just be happy that you have a good name.

Hot teacher: You're awake too?

Badzilla: yeah

Hot teacher: Why?

Badzilla: hungry

ElectroWizard: me too

Badzilla: wanna get pizza?

ElectroWizard: yeah

Alien Queen: It's 1 am?

Hot teacher: And aren't we enemies?

ElectroWizard: but pizza?

Emo: Didn't you have a question Denki?

ElectroWizard: oh sure. It's about Crispyraki's power.

Hot teacher: What about it?

ElectroWizard: does it work on himself? Like will he disintegrate his hands if he claps?

Hot teacher:


Emo: Your into something

Hot teacher: *you're but no I don't think that works like that. The idiot would have killed himself long ago if he had that type of power.

Alien Queen: But he doesn't sound like that amateur to me. He could have been really careful.

Badzilla: tell that to all the doorknobs that he destroyed

Hot teacher: And the toilet seats.

Badzilla: Or forks and spoons

Hot teacher: And don't let me start on the gaming controllers. They're god damn hard to find.

Emo: He has gaming controllers?

Hot teacher: He is a nerd and noob but yeah

Turbo: Guys you should be sleep right now and not chatting with villains. What are you even talking about?

Alien Queen: Crispyraki slander hour.

Hot teacher: ^

Hot teacher: And why are you awake yourself kido?


Turbo: What is that username?

ElectroWizard: Don't change the subject Iida.

Turbo: i became thirsty so came down to get some water.

Alien Queen: 👀

ElectroWizard: 👀

Emo: 👀

Badzilla: 👀

Hot teacher: 👁️👁️

Turbo: Stop spamming eyes.

Alien Queen: hoy teach, those are two creepy eyes.

Hot teacher: 👁️👃👁️

Alien Queen: No

Hot teacher: 👁️👄👁️

Alien Queen: Stop with this witchery

Hot teacher:       👁️

Alien Queen: okay wow. This one's good.

Alien Queen: teach me this power

Hot teacher: Why?

Alien Queen: So I could bother Bakohoe with it

Hot teacher: Angry boy?

Alien Queen: Yeah

Hot teacher: Sure.

ElectroWizard: @Turbo dad Mina is befriending another villain

Turbo: Mina this is not the appropriate behaviour of a future hero.

Alien Queen: ≥;}

Turbo: ha?

Alien Queen: @hot_teacher •:]

Hot teacher: Not too bad kid.

Badzilla: hoy Dabi

Hot teacher: What?

Badzilla: Help

Hot teacher: 👁️👁️

Badzilla: the kitchen is on fire dam it. Kurogiri will kill us tomorrow

Hot teacher: There is no us. You burnt it, you die

Badzilla: shut up and come help

Hot teacher: No can do. I'm teaching the pinky. Gonna torture explody next.


Hot teacher: Fine. I'll be back after I help the idiot.

Alien Queen: Have fun♥️

Turbo: Mina!



RedRiot: What happened last night?

Alien Queen: Denki had a question and I befriended @Hot_teacher

RedRiot: Why?

Alien Queen: Why not? •:)

Badzilla: I'm still hungry.

BOOM: Starve. And Stop befriending villains pinky





Alien Queen: Oy don't shout at Momo Bakohoe. Is there something wrong?

Creata: @Badzilla

Badzilla: Yes?

Creata: You said you had poison last night right?

Badzilla: Yes?

Creata: And you are starving right?

Badzilla: yeah? What? You want me to eat poison or something?

Creata: No no no. But doesn't that make you

Hat: Stop with the pauses and just say it. I'm curious now.

Alien Queen: ^

RedRiot: ^

Creata: An Starving Venom Dragon?

Hat: ?

RedRiot: ?



Badzilla: Should I hate you for the bad pun or myself for understanding it?

Alien Queen: What does that mean Momo?


[Creata had posted a photo]


Badzilla: I hate you

Badzilla: Now pinky gonna do the thing

RedRiot: The thing?

[Alien Queen had changed Badzilla's name to SVFD]

SVFD: I'll kill both of you girls personally next time

Alien Queen: ♥️♥️♥️

Fangs: No you wont

Hot teacher: *Won't

Alien Queen: @Turbo See?

Turbo: No I actually broke my glasses. Now get off your phones before I call Aizawa.

Alien Queen: Ahhh fine. See you bitches

Shota: Actually stay for a moment

Turbo: Teacher?

Shota: I want to clear a few things.

Shota: First why does Seto has Shigaraki's number and second, what should we do with this villains.

Fangs: They are dating and you should keep us. Obviously.

Alien Queen: ^


Shota: I'll be right back after I talked to Nedzu

Hot teacher: Say hi to the rat for me.




I don't get paid enough for this


Sleeping: Nedzu answer me already

Lego: What's the matter?

God: Nothing, Aizawa is just making a big deal out of a small problem.

Sleeping: You call villains invading my class's group chat a small problem?

God: Yes

Lego: Hold up? What?

Grandma: ? Nedzu?

God: The league of villains added themselves to the 3A group chat. Nothing is technically wrong.

Kinky: Except for the fact that those kids are bullying the villains.

I am here:


Reasons why:

Grandma: Why I'm not slightly surprised?

Sleeping: Couse my students are a bunch of pieces of shit. All of them.

I am here: Come on Shota there are good ones there too. Only some of them are really troubling.

Headshot: Translation: Midorya and Bakugo

Reasons why: Well Yaoyarozo is there too right?

Speaker: Even she is bullying spinner

Headshot: Show proof

Kinky: Let me add you to the chat

Sleeping: No

Sleeping: There is enough people in there

God: No, add snipe to it too

Sleeping: Nedzu

God: Nope Aizawa. The league can't actually harm the students and they won't join them or something. It's mere knowing our enemies like those information about shigaraki.

I am here: What info?

Speaker: That he is a gamer and not good with not disintegrating house stuff.

Kinky: And he is a noob

Headshot: Sounds important, add me there

Sleeping: I'll do but I'll leave it myself

Speaking: come on

Sleeping: Nope let Allmight handle them

Kinky: you mean Hand-dle them


Sleeping: I'm going back to sleep until Seto is back and I can question him

Sleeping: @God may I asume that you already knew about their connection?

I am here: What connection?

God: Yes Aizawa don't worry Mr. Sadako already informed me years ago

Sleeping: And you kept it quiet?

God: Yes so noone doesn't treat him differently

Sleeping: Okay then

I am here: em, can I know too?

God: No


11 AM


Shota: I have a few announcements.

Turbo: Yes teacher?

SVFD: Shoot

Shota: Firstly, the villains can stay as long as they want. We don't care anymore

Crispyraki: What if we don't want to stay?

Fangs: We want

Shota: Not my problem. Secondly, I'm tired of all this notifications and villain mockery so Allmight gonna be the admin of the chat instead

Uravity: Villain mockery ha? I wonder who is the main suspect.

[Shota had added Favourism to the chat]

[Shota had added Cowboy to the chat]

Shota: And lastly, welcome to hell snipe

Cowboy: Thanks man

Favourism: ?

Favourism: What is with the username?


Hot teacher:




Fangs: I like mine.

Purple: We know Toga. But really, what's with the names? Not the Ashido ones but others

Shota: This are the contact names of the group's creator. Now bye

[Shota had left the chat]

Purple: by who created this, ha?

Crispyraki: Well only Seto has our numbers so it's him right?

Creata: Yes.

Favourism: But why this?



BOOM: @Broccoli_might

Sho: Secret love child

Broccoli might: No

Sho: Yes

Hat: Maybe?

Broccoli might: Maybe it's time for new names. Mina?

Alien Queen: On it


[Alien Queen had changed Hat's name to ball]

[Alien Queen had changed Favourism's name to Not Deku's dad]

[Alien Queen had changed SVFD's name to Neutralzill]

Not Deku's dad:

Ball: Kid

Ball: I legally hate you

Alien Queen: ♥️

Neutralzill: I am not even gonna question this one.

Hot teacher: Good decision

[Alien Queen had changed Fangs's name to bestgirl]

Bestgirl: Ily♥️

Alien Queen: ♥️

Not Deku's dad: I now understand why Aizawa left

Broccoli might: Sorry Allmight

Not Deku's dad: It's okay young Midorya

Sho: see

Neutralzill: Yeah I'm seeing something

Broccoli might: Your seeing nothing or @

Hot teacher: *You're

Neutralzill: Fine I broke my glasses too actually just put the gun down.

Bestgirl: But you don't have glasses?

Neutralzill: Shut it Toga, I'm being threatened to death by a hero

Creata: Dramatic

Alien Queen: Should I?

[Not Deku's dad changed his name to Allmight]

[Allmight had restricted Alien Queen form changing names]

Alien Queen: ÑÕ

Neutralzill: Are we being saved by Allmight?

Purple: As much as I hate to say it but

Purple: yes

Bestgirl: @allmight

Allmight: Yes?

Bestgirl: 🔪

Allmight: Is this a threat?

Bestgirl: 🔪🔪

Allmight: I am not afraid of villains

Alien Queen: But you will be afraid of me

Allmight: ?

Crispyraki: ?

Turbo: ?


[Creata had given Alien Queen access to change names]

Ball: WHY?

[Creata had restricted Allmight from restricting members]

Neutralzill: I knew it was too good to be true. There's no way heroes gonna save people or something.

Crispyraki: Yeah I know

Earjack: Definitely Dramatic.

Allmight: Why Miss Yaoyarozo?

Creata: I'm sorry sir but I really couldn't say no to her.

Alien Queen: hehehe

Emo: Why am I hearing Boss music?

Earjack: Back read


Emo: Why am I hearing Vader's entrance sound track?

Cowboy: Speechless. What in the name of the lord himself is this?

Earjack: Herself

Hot teacher: *Themselves

Cowboy: @Hot_Teacher Nemuri this you?

Nem: Nope

Cowboy: He? Then who?

Hot teacher: Dabi


Cowboy: Ashido why?

Alien Queen: Back read

Cowboy: No

Nem: ?

Cowboy: I'm starting to get scared

Crispyraki: Good

Cowboy: Not from you guys

Purple: We know

Neutralzill: Believe us we know

Chapter Text

11 PM


Emo: What type of books does Dabi read?

Hot teacher: Ha?

Emo: Last night they said your books were going to burn. Didn't think you were into literature.

Hot teacher:

Hot teacher: My mom was into it so I guess I just sorta got into it.

Emo: I see.

Alien Queen: Ooooo. Hotty is emotional too.

Hot teacher: DAM it kid why are you always awake?

Alien Queen: hehe. So what type of books are they?

Hot teacher: Would you change my username to Dabi if I say?

Alien Queen: Ñõ

Hot teacher: Then no info for you.

Alien Queen: meani

Hot teacher: I am a god dam villain

Emo: Yeah I don't think anyone here actually care about that.

Hot teacher: Why are you kids like this?

Emo: Who knows?

Hot teacher: Okay this is getting sad. Pinky do something

Alien Queen: Am I the cort jester?

Hot teacher: Are you not?

Alien Queen: Fair. Let's add some more people here

Hot teacher: Why?

Alien Queen: More preys?

Hot teacher:

Hot teacher: Are we sure that we are the Villains here?

Alien Queen: Yes next topic. Who should we add?

Emo: Well hawks was kinda curious about this yesterday so?

Alien Queen: Sure sounds fun

Hot teacher: Nope sounds horrible, next

Turbo: Is there anyway for me to stop you guys from texting? Or doing whatever you are doing?

Alien Queen: Without Aizawa? Nopy

Turbo: I should have known. Good night.

Alien Queen: Sleep tight

Hot teacher: Don't let crippling nightmares give you a bit

Turbo: sure

[Emo has added Loud wings to the chat]

Loud wings: What is this modern witchery?

Alien Queen: Hawks!

Loud wings: Am I being abducted by aliens?

Hot teacher: Real funny birdy. Read the chat's name.

Loud wings: Nemuri?

Hot teacher: Why the heck everybody thinks I'm her?

Loud wings: Your not?

Hot teacher: You're

Alien Queen: That's why we call him teacher

Loud wings: And why is he hot?

Hot teacher: I was always hot bitch

Loud wings: I don't even know who you are??

Neutralzill: This is kinda amusing

Loud wings: A neutral Godzilla?

Neutralzill: I don't know at this point.

Alien Queen: you hungry again my friend?

Neutralzill: Yeah, and I am NOT your friend.

Alien Queen: Sure, say that to yourself as much as you want ♥️

Emo: A question. They don't give you food there or something?


Hot teacher:


Loud wings: There is a ball too?

Ball: Really funny hero. And for your answer @Emo, boss was on kitchen duty this week and well,

Ball: As much as I respect the man, there are cockroaches with better cooking skills than him

Emo: Everyday, I question myself more for why we are afraid of you

Hot teacher: I think we already came to the conclusion that you are not.

Alien Queen: ♥️

Loud wings: sorry but I am really confused. Who are this people exactly?

Emo: League of villains

Loud wings: You joking Toko?

Emo: No

Loud wings: Wait but that makes hot teacher spinner?

Neutralzill: Nope that's me, but thanks.

Loud wings: Mr. Compress?

Ball: At your service, but no

Loud wings: You surely aren't Shigaraki right? Even I don't have such taste to call him hot

Alien Queen: Nope that's Crispyraki.

Loud wings:

Loud wings: Nice. Then twice?

Ball: He doesn't have a phone.

Alien Queen: Why don't you buy him one?

Ball: So you can bully him?

Alien Queen: Yes?

Ball: How about no young lady?

Alien Queen: Don't want

Loud wings: Ok ok I get it. I really didn't expect Toga to be this calm but you're good girl

Alien Queen: Hers is bestgirl

Loud wings: Then who the hell is this guy? Is there anyone else there? AFO? New recruit?

Hot teacher: Real smooth birdy really smooth.

Loud wings: Oh thank you

Hot teacher: Do you want me to burn you to crisp or choke you to death?

Loud wings: Both sounds kinky.

Alien Queen: you just didn't...

Hot teacher: fuck you bird

Loud wings: Sure when?

Hot teacher: go to hell

Loud wings: After you darling

Neutralzill: Are they flirting?

Hot teacher: No

Loud wings: Yes

RedRiot: Now I have a question too

Alien Queen: Kiri your finally in time for good stuff.

RedRiot: Thanks.

Loud wings: shoot it kid

RedRiot: Are you guys together or something?

Hot teacher: You're @Alien_queen and hell no we aren't!

Loud wings: That's not what you were saying last week

Alien Queen: 👁️

Emo: 👀

Neutralzill: 👀

RedRiot: 👀

Ball: 👀👄👀

Turbo: ?

Ball @Turbo weren't you sleep?

Turbo: I got thirsty.

Ball: Sure you did

Hot teacher: You dare use my spell against me potter?

Alien Queen: ALWAYS Half-burnt Prince!

Hot teacher: DAMN you potter and your ridiculous nicknames.

Crispyraki: Stop with Harry potter and answer the question Dabi.

Hot teacher: What question Crispy?

Crispyraki: You two are together or not?

Hot teacher: What if we are Hand-dle man?

Crispyraki: If yes then I'm going back to sleep because I am too tired for this nonsense.

Hot teacher: And if I say no?

Crispyraki: then I will also go back to bed and sleep but at least I would know that no-one in this mundane plain is dumb enough to date you.

RedRiot: Wow you lov guys sure know literature.

Hot teacher: You think you can hurt me emotionally after all things that pinky had done? Shame on you

Alien Queen: ♥️

Crispyraki: Don't know, don't care.

Crispyraki: And Mr

Ball: Yes?

Crispyraki: If you really hate my cooking that much I can disintegrate you so those cockroaches can cook something better with your dust.

Ball: understood

Neutralzill: And now pinky stricks again

[Alien Queen had changed Crispyraki's name to Cheff]

Neutralzill: Called it.

Cheff: die in your sleep

Hot teacher: you too

Alien Queen: Hey hey, you haven't answered lover boy

Hot teacher: Bad night

Alien Queen: Get back here coward

Turbo: Hawks?

Loud wings: 😉

Allmight: Please sleep or I'll add Aizawa

Ball: Using big guns are we?



10 AM


ElectroWizard: Soooooo. Do we have a ship here?

MICC: But we aren't near sea?

Cowboy: ://

Cowboy: I'm not going to explain it. Nemuri your turn

Nem: pass

Bestgirl: Dabi and birdy sitting on a tree~~~~

Bestgirl: @Hot_Teacher

Bestgirl: @Hot_Teacher

Bestgirl: @Hot_Teacher

Bestgirl: @Hot_Teacher

Ball: No use, he turned off his phone

Bestgirl: Turn it on

Ball: Do it yourself Himiko

Bestgirl: I'm out

Cheff: What do you mean out? You are in cleaning duty this week.

Bestgirl: No can do I'm out

Cheff: Toga!

Bestgirl: Can not hear you~~~

Purple: What are you doing out Himiko?

Bestgirl: Not your business

Neutralzill: Twice turned his phone on Toga. You can continue

Bestgirl: @Hot_Teacher

Bestgirl: @Hot_Teacher

Bestgirl: @Hot_Teacher

Bestgirl: @Hot_Teacher

Hot teacher: WHAT?

Bestgirl: You dating birdy?

Hot teacher: Even if I am why should I say it in front of heroes?

Purple: fair point

Alien Queen: Don't care. Answer

Hot teacher: No

Alien Queen: ANSWER

Hot teacher: NO

Nem: Come on we won't snitch on Keigo

Cowboy: ^


Alien Queen: ^

Hot teacher: FINE!

Hot teacher: Yes, we do. Happy?

Alien Queen: Very.

Bestgirl: How long?

Loud wings: A year now

Hot teacher: Yeah

Nem: 😲😲😲😲

Nem: Keigo you traitor you didn't tell me all this time!

Loud wings: Sorry girl, couldn't do

Nem: Blocked

Loud wings: What if I told you something good?

Nem: Not yet blocked, come pv



[In their private message]


Handcuffs: So?

Chicken: You not gonna tell it to anyone k?

Handcuffs: Sure, spill it

Chicken: I'm not the only one who had a crush on a villain

Handcuffs: Who?

Chicken: Remi

Handcuffs: Lier

Chicken: I swear

Handcuffs: Still not believing you traitorous owl

Chicken: Swear to the puddings from Sato Bakert


Handcuffs: wow.

Handcuffs: Why telling me so?

Chicken: Matchmaking

Handcuffs: hmmm

Handcuffs: I'm in but let's wait a little more

Chicken: Don't you want to know which villain first?

Handcuffs: nope, Remi can handle it. I trust her





Nem: Not blocked

Loud wings: Yep

Alien Queen: No fair, I wanna know too

Nem: I'll tell you later but first

Loud wings: Please don't 🙏

Nem: @hot_teaher You hurt my idiot and I'll break your skinny neck

Hot teacher: No need for me to do anything. He can break his own neck while walking down the stairs.

Loud wings: oy

Emo: I saw him tripping on nothing and falling down the stairs once in the agency. It's a miracle he survived.

Loud wings: traitor. You saw it?

Emo: Everybody did. Seto took a photo mid air

Loud wings: Traitors, all of you to the core

Uravity: Guys you are seeing the news?

Bestgirl: Nope, what's wrong?

Crispyraki: ^

Nem: ^

Emo: ^

Uravity: Then good that I filmed it

Neutralzill: Why would you film the news?

Uravity: See it yourself

[Uravity had shared a video]

[The video starts while being pointed at the TV. It is on the news channel.
--- Breaking news! Right now we are having the live view of a battle at the port of Yokohama city. It believes that the only heroes present right now at the scene are the rabbit hero Miruko and the portal hero Blood Raven.
The reporter stops as someone calls him.
--- Wait, there is more. So the identity of the Villains are yet to be discovered, it is highly suspected to be the work of a Mafia organisation but the origin nation of them are yet to be known.
With battle getting heated, even the reporter stops talking and only watches the fight. Even so it is being recorded from a long distance, there is still good view of things that are happening.
There is a large crowd of people in black suits carrying guns and shooting towards a ship and two people who are on its deck. But the bullets only hurt thier shooters as one of the two heroes, Seto, wraps them in his portals and sends them back.
As the number of Mafias reduces by minute, a yellow light emerges and devour them in itself and ending the fight in the favour of heroes.
Soon after that, the two pro heroes also disappear in Seto's portal leaving the port empty and the video ends with it.]

Purple: That's my boy!

Cheff: As if a bunch of low lifes can beat him, he was going easy on them

Alien Queen: 👀

Neutralzill: Begone demon.

Alien Queen: @Purple, @Crispyraki. Being fan boys are you?

Neutralzill: And once again...

[Alien Queen had changed Purple's name to Fanboy]

ElectroWizard: Wait

Fanboy: yes?

ElectroWizard: You know how some animals can sense dangers like earthquakes?

Allmight: And?

Neutralzill: I have a bad feeling about this.

ElectroWizard: So can Spinner sense Mina's danger because of his lizard quirk?


Alien Queen:


Hot teacher:















Broccoli might:


Neutralzill: i

Turbo: I think this is time to shut the group down

Crispyraki: Yeah it was about time

ElectroWizard: ha?

ElectroWizard: Hello?



[3A- Present time]

NO: What in the name of all seven skies of heven have I back read?

Sonic: Exactly

Chapter Text


Pinky: I'm bored

NO: Me too

Pinky: Let's play besty

NO: What?

Pica: How about truth or dare?

Sonic: No

NO: Yea?

Sonic: No I meant no

NO: Yes do you need anything Iida?

Sonic: I mean you are not going to play here

Pinky: Why not?

Sonic: Because this group is for study and school related activities

NO: We could learn a few stuff about others with this game so

Sonic: No

NO: ?

Sonic: We don't want this to be like the last chat

Pinky: We want

NO: I always can add a few people to the chat

Sonic: NO

NO: Yes?

Sonic: Stop the joke they are villains

NO: And?

Rozo: How do you know them in the first place

NO: Sorry, governmental secrets

Pica: Nice

Queen: So Momo truth or dare?

Sonic: Still wait

Sonic: What is the point of the game if we know many things already?

NO: Hmmm

Pinky: Hmmm

Brokly: How about a darker edition?


Sho: Who thought you that Izuku?




Pica: Not me

NO: Then who?

Brokly: It doesn't matter

NO: It does

Ocha: ^

Queen: ^

Sho: ^

Rozo: ^

Brokly: Ok it was Hawks

Bird: And now he's dead

NO: Oh he is really dead

Ocha: Shoto get the shovel

Sho: On it

Sonic: I changed my mind, ToD is better than murder

NO: Then Iida, you choose first

Sonic: Truth, I don't trust you

NO: either way I win. So, tell me, when was the last time you questioned humanity? Not counting our group chats or Denki

Pica: Hoy

NO: Sorry Denks

Sonic: Questioned humanity? Give me a second

Sonic: Or don't actually. It was last year at joint training with B class where Bakugo called Monoma a, he said and I quote, ،"Tin tin face, Seto kaiba looking hair, inferiority complex mockingjay wannabe"

Sonic: To this day I still question it

Rozo: I think we all do

Brokly: ^

KEMGD: Shut it glasses

Sonic: Well since its my turn, Bakugo your choice


Sonic: Good

Sonic: Message Shigaraki and confess your forbidden love to him

Pinky: ha?

NO: Did you just pulled a Mina on him?

Sonic: Yes

Pinky: That's my boy

Spidy: I came here to have a good time and I'm having it. You have to screen shot it Bakohoe

KEMGD: what the actual fuck Lida?

Sonic: It's Iida

KEMGD: Don't care. I don't even have his number

Sonic: But Seto does

KEMGD: I'm still not doing it

NO: Come on, I wanna see Tomura's face after it.

Pinky: How?

NO: Dabi

Pinky: Nice, say hi for me

NO: Sure.


Rock: Are you running from a dare Bakubro?


KEMGD: I'll do it but god show mercy to the next one



[Private messages between Dabi and Seto]

Crow: Yoo Touya

Chicken: Hum?

Crow: Keep your phone ready to take a picture from Tomura

Chicken: Why?

Crow: Just do it.

Chicken: Fine

Crow: Also

Crow: Mina says hi

Chicken: Fuck her

Crow: Sorry, no can do

Chicken: die

Crow: Go take the picture



[Private messages between Bakugo and Shigaraki]


Angry boy: Hoy

Shigy: Who's this

Angry boy: Bakugo

Shigy: The UA angry brat?

Angry boy: Shut up you extra and listen carefully

Shigy: ?

Angry boy: I fucking love you ok? Since I saw your dam face back at the stupid training camp two years ago I fucking fell for you but couldn't say it. So fuck your dam eyes that made me like you, fuck your ugly-ass beutiful face, fuck me for wanting your touch, you dam shity Tomura


Shigy: h

Shigy: .

[Shigy had blocked this number]



[KEMGD had sent two photoes]

KEMGD: Here, happy?

Queen: My eyes. What is this

NO: This is the most terrifying yet beautiful thing that I have ever read

NO: Also the most aggressive love confession. Did you actually call him Tomura?


Rock: Bro that was way manly

Rozo: How is it manly? And really nice Bakugo

NO: But not as nice as this

Sho: ?

Sho: I knew you had a hand fetish besty


Sho: Keep saying that to yourself

[NO had sent a picture]
[It is a picture of Shigaraki. He is looking at his hand where a pile of ashes are. His phone got disintegrated. The camera mainly zooms on his face where he is looking at nothing with a completely blank and empty look. He seems traumatized. He is.]

NO: You've done it, you broke Tomura.


KEMGD: You know what. Seto

NO: Dare. I'm no coward.

Pinky: Seto no he'll kill you

NO: He won't we're besties

KEMGD: You have to go and give a lap dance to one of the girls in the class who you like most for five minutes. No filming but one of the extras have to be there to see you won't cheat

NO: fuck

KEMGD: That's what you get

NO: Lap dance?


NO: Can't I just do it with Fumi? Or Denks?

KEMGD: NOPE, And she must be someone that you deeply caee about

NO: You woke up today and choose to be romantic instead of aggressive after 18 years, didn't you?

KEMGD: Fuck up and do it coward

NO: Give me a second

Bird: So who is gonna be


NO: Midnight

KEMGD: Student

NO: Kendo


NO: The girl form B who beat Monoma

KEMGD: Her? Nope only this class

Iida: What is your intention Bakugo?

KEMGD: What was yours?

Iida: Revenge


KEMGD: Also a bit matchmaking of two dumbasses

NO: Really greatfull Kat, really



NO: Wait no


Pinky: 😲

Rozo: Shhhh Mina.

John Cena: Who has popcorn?

Bird: I want some too

NO: Emmm, I'm not exactly a dancer?

Queen: No problem



Queen: My room?

NO: I'll be there is a few seconds

NO: Mina

Pinky: No phone I swear

NO: I'll send Tomura to eat anyone who talks about this

Rozo: Sure, now go already

NO: Dam you too Momo

Rozo: ♥️

NO: Whatever


Pinky: What the heck did I witness?

Pica: ?

Rozo: How did it went?

Ocha: Was it good?

Queen: Good?

Queen: This guy could make a whole career out of dancing instrad of heroism

NO: Says the professional musician

John Cena: Not the double complement

NO: Toru

John Cena:

No: I know three Mafia organisations, seven international smuggling gangs and an unholy amount of random groups of villains like lov and I'll put a bounty on your head for all of them

John Cena:

John Cena: @Rozo mom pick me up I'm scared

Rozo: What exactly happened?

NO: I went there, I danced, I left

KEMGD: 🤦♀️

NO: Shut up.

Queen: Where did you learn to dance like this


NO: Funny story actually

NO: Remember when I went to Korea with Endeavour agency for a few weeks?

Queen: Yes?

NO: There was this Korean hero who taught me a few tricks one night when she got drunk

Pinky: She got drunk and taught you how to dance?

NO: Yes

Pinky: Legend

Queen: Sounds nice

NO: Uhum. Now Mina

Pinky: Dare! I won't back down


NO: Wanna go to pv for this

Pica: Nope gotta be here

NO: Then I dare you to take a pic of yourself and send it to Midnight with a tag that implies you want to sleep with her

Pinky: Sounds fun but wtf?

Pinky: How?

KEMGD: It's easier than mine

NO: And mine

Pinky: Fine, I won't bargain like you bitches. Let me dress up first


[Private messages between Mina and Nemuri]


PH: Miss. Midnight

Real hot teacher: Yes Mina?

[Mina had sent a phot]
[The photo is a selfie of Mina in front of the mirror. She is wearing a pink T-shirt and black shorts and sitting on the bed. Most of her face in covered by the phone. She has the bottom of the shirt in her mouth which reveals the lower parts of her stomach. With the hand that isn't taking the photo and keeping the phone right in front of her face, she is playing with her hairs]

PH: This is really cold here in the dorm, can you keep me warm tonight Nemuri?

Real hot teacher: MINA??



[Pinky had sent a photo]

NO: Wow. Not the first name card again

KEMGD: I still did it better

Sonic: This isn't a competition? And what you are all doing is inappropriate

NO: You literally started it

Sonic: Mocking a villain and our own teacher are different

NO: Not really no. Tha's the type of beliefe that creates even more villains

Sonic: I'm not following? What do you mean?

NO: Tch, just forget it. Mina you next

Pinky: He he, let's see anyone can top mine. Toko

Bird: Truth.

Pinky: What was the most notable time that you walked in Seto doing something questionable or just unusual?

NO: What is this? Seto slander hour? It's Fumi's turn

Pinky: Don't care, answer! I want revenge

Bird: I have seen quite a few things in this two years of sharing dorms. The best one perhaps is last Christmas night. May I say it?

NO: Christmas? Oh that one? Well it could be worse

Bird: I don't believe so

Rozo: What happened?

Bird: Last Christmas night this friend of ours sneaked a villain to the dorm to play chess till midnight.






NO: Stop with the disappointed spamming. I have done far worse things and am not ashamed of this one

Pinky: You traitor you said you were sick

NO: I actually was. She was there at the first place to take care of me

Queen: She? You mean Toga?

NO: Yes.

Pinky: Could have been worse

Rozo: Agree

Bird: Now then to keep the tradition, Jirou

Queen: Which one do you suggest?

Bird: Both are Seto slander

NO: You were the chosen one. It was said that you would destroy the sith, not to join theml

NO: You were to bring Ballance to the force, not leave it in darknessl

NO: You were my brother Anakin. I loved you!

Bird: Only a sith deals in absolute. I will do what I must. Now shut it I'm too tired of your oblivious feather


Bird: T or D Jirou

Queen: Truth

Bird: Kiss, marry kill. Seto, Bakugo Shigaraki

NO: THE HELL WITH RIDICULOUS OPTIONS? I have objection. Don't put me with those two

Queen: ^

Bird: Okay fine. No-one would choose the second two anyway


Bird: Accept it and pass. Next options; Seto, Shoto and Hawks


Queen: Kill Hawks obviously

Bird: I'm hurt but would do the same. Then?

Queen: Kiss shoto since he is a disaster that no one can't actually control

Sho: I'm not?

Rozo: You are sho

Bird: Then marry Seto?

Queen: Any more options?

Bird: Do you want anymore?


Queen: My turn. Momo

Rozo: Dare.

Queen: I dare you to create the weirdest thing that comes to your mind in the next ten second.

Rozo: ok


[Rozo had sent a photo]
[It's a miniature figure of Shigaraki and Bakugo holding hands. With complete details.]

KEMGD: When have I wronged you?

Rozo: Sorry, it just came to me

NO: I'll buy ten of those

Brokly: Same

Rozo: No you two won't. Midoriya your turn

Brokly: Dare.

Rozo: I dare you to kiss Seto

NO: MOMO? Why me again?

Rozo: Just feel like it

Queen: Momo wtf?

Brokly: Ookay?


Bird: That

Bird: That's not what she meant

Rozo: ?

[Bird had sent a photo]
[It's a photo of Izuku and Seto sitting on Seto's bed and Izuku kissing Seto's forehead. Seto has a mix expression of awe and laughter.]


Ocha: Why is he so pure?

Pinky: OMG look at them

Bird: Seto is dead

Sho: ?

Bird: He couldn't tolerant the purity and just died

Sho: mood

Brokly: What?

Rozo: Nothing Midoriya, it's your turn

Brokly: mmmm, shoto

Sho: Yes?

Brokly: T or D

Sho: Truth

KEMGD: Coward

Sho: I'm eating, can't move.

Brokly: What's the weirdest thing with your family. Not dark or bad but just odd.

Sho: Does my biggest brother dying by his quirk counts?

Brokly: oh sorry

Pinky: oh

NO: I'M alive

Bird: Bad timing

NO: ?

NO: Wait which one is dead?

Sho: Touya

NO: ?

NO: ?

NO: give me a second


Crow: Does your family believe that you are in hell as a whole?

Chicken: I was just enjoying Shigy's suffering. Thanks for ruining the mood.

Crow: Your welcome for both. And I'm telling shoto

Chicken: Don't you dare

Crow: Watch me

Crow: It's family reunion time



NO: Well I just talked to Touya and he sounds pretty good to me

Bird: Seto this isn't something that you can joke about

Sho: It's okay

NO: Yeah couse he's alive?

Rozo: Please stop it Seto

NO: ?

Queen: Listen to Seto for a second. Please explain

Ocha: Explain what?

NO: ? Oh right I should clearify shouldn't I?

NO: That Dabi is Touya Todoroki? I thought you all would realize by now

Chapter Text

Tomura shigaraki was having a good day. It was a day off and he spent most of it behind the console. It would have been an even better if a certain blonde brat wouldn't ruin his day.
He was finished with the round and wanted to get something to eat that his phone started to vibrate by the notifications.
He thought it must have been Seto or that damned chat in the worst possiblity. But no, it was the angry boy. He was too confused about the messages to notice a certain fire boy entering his room.
By the time that he came back to his senses from the trauma, Dabi had already took a photo and sent it to Seto
--- The fuck?
--- You sure sound confused crusty.
Dabi said while stopping himself from laughing right in his face; it would certainly mean a painful death. And speaking of painful death, he sure would get one if the picture would get out.
--- Those bastards are messing with the wrong guy!
He said while finally realizing the true intention of the kid. He sure was a genius in Dabi's eyes.
--- I'm pretty sure they choose the right one though?
--- of course you do.
Dabi tried really wanted to know what did he see in his phone but it was longed destroyed. Disappointed but not surprised, he pointed at the open door and asked:
--- wanna eat something.
--- sure.
Shigaraki sighed and followed Dabi to the kitchen. He was going to kill those brats one day, he sure would.

Nemuri too had a good day, she had only one class that day and spent the rest of it on her bed. Or she did until a certain pink haired girl started messaging her. At first she thought that Mina had some troubles and needed her help but she had the audacity to not only send such photo of herself to her but also flirt with her under it.
Nemuri knew as a fact that it wasn't the first time that a student had a crush on her. Dam, she sure had more people crushing on her than Shota or thirteen. But no, no-one had never went this far with her. She really needed to talk to the girl about this.
But Mina didn't answer her messages for the next hour and when she finally did, it was pure mockery.

[Private messages between Mina and Nemuri]

PH: Hey Midnight

Real hot teacher: Mina what is the meaning of this?

PH: Sorry, truth or dare

Real hot teacher:

Real hot teacher: You joking?

PH: nope

Real hot teacher: Ok that was one hell of a dare. I'll forgive you this time cause you got me good but do not pull something like that with me again, understood young lady?

PH: Yes ma'am

Real hot teacher: Now tell me who actually thought of this dare.

PH: Seto

Real hot teacher:

Real hot teacher: Bastard

Real hot teacher: Couldn't he bother someone else?

PH: ¯\(◉‿◉)/¯

Real hot teacher: Next time, bother Aizawa

PH: ヽ((◎д◎))ゝ

Real hot teacher: shhhh, I wanna see his "I'm done with this people" face

PH: (ノ`Д´)ノ彡┻━┻

PH: He'll expell us on the spot

Real hot teacher: He won't do that

Real hot teacher: Okay he would. See you at class kid

PH: Bye.

PH: Also, Bakohoe was dared to confess to Shigaraki

Real hot teacher: WHAT?

Real hot teacher: WHO?

PH: Iida

Real hot teacher:

Real hot teacher: Bye.

She sure hated that one kid. He knew how to walk on her nerves and didn't hesitate to do it. And apparently he corrupted Iida too. Trouble children, exactly as Shota says.

Compare to the other two, Seto had a bit more productive day. He had done his homework in the morning and even told Aizel to look for a gift for Kyouka's birthday next week.
So when Mina decided to play a game, he sure was more than ready to say yes. A little talk here and there and the game was on and with FIRE. Tomura's face was just hilarious. Though his laughter didn't last long as that idiot dared him to give a lap dance to one of the girls and he sure was aware of his stupid crush. He tried to talk him out of it but he was more persisnat than that. Even Midnight was a better option but he actually had to go and type Kyouka's name.
Having no choice but to move forward, he prepared himself for the hardest five minutes of his year. Couldn't Hawks or Miruko call and tell him there is a big villain attack? Or maybe he could call Tomura for back up? Nope, not after that confession.
So he gathered all his none existence courage and opened a portal to Momo and Kyouka's dorm. There, he was confronted with Mina.
She wanted to say something but was silenced by Seto's glare.
--- Not a single word, ok?
--- Sure babe, go get the girl.
--- I hate you.
She winked in return and knoked on door before he could say anything else.
--- Come in.
They heard Kyouka's voice and entered the room. The only one present there was the musician girl herself. She was wearing a black tank top with the symbol of sirens and blue ripped jeans, weird choice of clothes for resting but pretty usual in their dorm.
--- Where's Momo?
Mina asked while looking around the room. She had seen the place a hundred times so perhaps she was looking for the other girl behind the instruments? Seto sure didn't know.
--- She just went out to don't get in our way or something.
--- So what song?
--- Holy summer love.
Seto answered before Kyouka could even open her mouth. If he was going to dance, it would be with his own song.
--- Going Romantic?
--- Shut it Mina. I just like the song, that's all.
Seto answered without noticing the slight change of color on Kyouka's face. But Mina did. She was well aware that both of her friends were as oblivious as lizards and she couldn't do anything about it. So instead of hurting her own head, she looked through her playlist and prepared the song.
--- You got a chair?
Mina asked and received a big no in return. Now both girls's eyes were on the portal hero.
--- Fine.
He said as he opened a portal to his room and took his chair.
--- Why do you girls don't have a single chair here? Really?
--- No judgement from the governmental secret holder.
Seto sighed as he glared once more at Mina. Before he could make up his mind on strangling the girl to death, Kyouka sat up and went to the new chair that was now in the middle of the room. She sat and asked:
--- Should we do this or not?
With a last warning glare and Mina wisthling, Seto took off his sweatshirt to reveal a light green T-shirt that he was wearing under it. Except for that, he was wearing brown shorts and had a silver necklace with a little crow on it. Again not perfect clothes for the occasion.
With the start of the broken love song, he went to the girl and sat on her lap, his hand on her shoulder. Slowly, he moved them down on her body and started dancing with the music.
He moved his hips a bit up and down on her lap and moved his hands even lower, first the sides of her chest then her back and stopping at her waist. Keeping his hands there, he used th momentum to slip on her legs and go down on the floor. Seto opened her legs with the help of his still moving down hands and got closer to her, keeping his head next to her stomach but didn't stay there for to long after he left a kiss on air there.
He put his hands on her tights and moved on her body like a snake on a hill and becoame face to face with a now really red Kyouka. He put his hands down here neck and sat on her left leg, keeping the eye contact as his hands slipped down once again. Once his right hand passed her stomach, he sat up and circled around her, first moving behind her and moved the palms of his hands on her arms and once on her wrists, he circled again and closed her legs to sit on her lap.
He put his hand on her cheeks, their faces inches from eachother, both feeling eachother's slow breathing and rising heartbeat and his lower half moving slowly with the bit of music. Kyouka too finally decided to join the show and put her hands on his waste and leaned just a single bit forward. That was exactly the moment that Mina chose to scream silently and break their concentration.
--- What's wrong Mina?
Seto who was really pissed off leaned backward and asked the girl on the bed.
--- Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry.
--- How long was it?
She checked her phone and answered:
--- 3 minutes, two more to go.
--- Well I can't really do anything now that you broke my pace.
--- Let's call it a day then.
Kyouka said as she let out a few cold sweats. Now that her whole mind was on the board, she realized that Seto was way close to her.
--- Then I'll be going now.
--- Where?
Mina asked with curiousity
--- Hungry, gonna get pizza.
--- I want pizza too.
--- Sure I'll share a piece.
He said as he picked up his sweatshirt from the floor and left through a portal. Only after he was gone Kyouka regained her ability to speak and breathe properly and asked Mina while drowning on the chair:
--- What. Was. That?
--- Exactly. You sure were cute.



[Private messages between Shoto and Dabi]


Half n half: Oy

Half n half: Hoy

Half n half: Dabi

Scar: Who's this?

Half n half: Apparently your brother

Scar: The idiot told you ha?

Half n half: Is it true?

Scar: What?

Half n half: Are you really Touya?

Scar: Not anymore, I'm Dabi.

Half n half: Don't care. Why didn't you tell us?

Scar: Tell you what?

Half n half: That you are not dead? You know how much desperate Natsu was? And don't let me start on fuyumi.

Scar: It's better if they think I'm dead.

Half n half: Bs

Scar: I'm a monster

Half n half: Even Mina can bully you. Your boyfriend has better monster energy.

Scar: I'm going to kill Endeavour

Half n half: So?

Scar: So?

Half n half: Yeah why should I care?

Scar: I tried to kill you guys

Half n half: And how many times did you succeed?

Scar: I stole Bakugo

Half n half: You should have kept him. We don't want him.

Scar: I'm serious

Half n half: No you are Dabi

Scar: Bitch. What do you want me to do?

Half n half: Tell Fuyumi and Natsu and then continue hunting Endewhore.

Scar: Who thaught you that one?

Half n half: Someone who tried to kill Endewhore as much as you did and we are friends even with all that.

Scar: Seto ha? I'm still a villain

Half n half: Does that stop Hawks from dating you?

Scar: When did you get such tongue Sho.

Half n half: Will you tell them?

Scar: They'll hate me

Half n half: They won't. We all hate father for it


Scar: Give me some time

Half n half: Don't waste that much

Scar: Fine Sho.

Scar: I won't.

Chapter Text

[Rozo had Kicked NO out of the chat]

[Rozo had Kicked Pinky out of the chat]

[Rozo had Kicked Queen out of the chat]

[Rozo had changed the group's name to 'Big birthday']

Rozo: Okay guys what's the plan?

Sonic: What's going on Momo? Why did you kicked three of our classmates out?

Rozo: Read the chat's name


Sonic: I'm not really following? I'm really bad with dates and birthdays. My sincere apologies.

Emo: It's okay but this is for those three

Sonic: One for all?

Brokly: Exactly. Seto's bday is at July 29th, Mina at 30 and Jirou at August first. So when will we hold it?

Uravity: How about 29th that none of them think we forget about them?

Bird: Can I suggest 30th for the sake of bothering Seto?

Rozo: No

Rozo: So we have six days to be prepared. What roles do we need?

Brokly: We need people for distraction of those three,  decoration team, food suppliers, some for music and finally one for games and fun

Frop: Sounds nice and I think we can be back home till then

Uravity: Really?

RedRiot: Yeah we are almost done helping the pros
Bird: I volunteer myself as a tribute. I can take two but not all three

RedRiot: Leave Mina to me then.

Octo: Nice, Sato and I take care of the cake. Bakohoe can you take care of dinner?

KEMGD: Shut it Shigaraki lookalike. Leave that to me

Octo: You never fail to amuse me with your creativity.

Rozo: Thanks? Me and girls will take care of decoration

Pica: Then I'll arrange the games with Sero and Ayoma

Captain Sparkle: Leave that to me mon ami

Brokly: That still leaves the music.



Sho: I have an Idea.

Brokly: What is it?

Sho: We could ask the league about what does Seto likes? We pretty much know Mina's and Jirou's taste from last years but not him

Sonic: Though I disagree with the first part you are correct about the other parts. Any Iida Tokoyami?

Bird: Nope, his playlist are way too hellish for me to understand his taste. He likes English music, that's I could find.

Pica: Then villains it is

Sonic: No

Spidy: He's out of chat right now

RedRiot: Do we have their numbers?

Bird: Give me a second I'll add Shigaraki

Sonic: What is the point of creating this chat then?

Bird: I'll kick them out right after it.

Sonic: You better

[Bird had added Crispyraki to the chat]

Crispyraki: What?

Bird: Read the chat's name

Crispyraki: Let me check my calendar

Crispyraki: Ok it's next week ha?

Sonic: You actually knew?

Crispyraki: obviously, we celebrate it every year.

Bird: Totally not surprised.

Rozo: ^

Crispyraki: What do you need?

Spidy: Seto's taste in music and a few game


Crispyraki: Well that's hard. I can't tell you what he likes since it's a mess but I have a play list. Use it as much as you like.

Bird: An game?

Crispyraki: I don't know, truth or dare?

Pica: Already done it. You were a victim too


Crispyraki: You serious?

RedRiot: Man you actually believed that pile of swears?

Crispyraki: I knew you were messing with me but truth or dare? I'm hurt

KEMGD: Good.

Crispyraki: Shut it blasty

Brokly: How did you know it was Kachan?

Crispyraki: What the hell is a kachan?

Bird: Angry boy

Crispyraki: He's the only one that aggressive between you

Crispyraki: On second notes, is the ear girl here?

Rozo: Kyouka?

Crispyraki: Yea

Rozo: No, it's her birthday too.

Crispyraki: Perfect. Throw those two in a closet and lock it untill they sorted their feeling because I'm not listening to another one of Seto's rumbling about how beautiful and and and This Kyouka is.



Brokly: He what?

RedRiot: ^

Spidy: ^

Pica: Dudes, it was obvious.

Bird: I too am a victim of Seto rumbling. I many times thought about locking them some where but he has portal.

Uravity: Wait Seto likes her too?

Octo: Too?

Frop: Jirou has a crush on him too actually

Captain Sparkle: How the turns had tabled

John Cena: Soooooo. Gonna matchmake or what?


Crispyraki: I don't care just set them up. Bye

[Crispyraki had sent 37 audios]

[Crispyraki had left the chat]

Brokly: Do we need a new plan?

Rozo: No, let's move with the original. We'll set them up along the way

Frop: Is it right for us to interfere though? It's their relationship

Bird: I love Seto with my whole heart but he is a Coward. He'll never make a move on Jirou.

Uravity: Why though?

Rozo: Not sure. Bad experience I think.

Sonic: So if everyone knows their job, let's get slowly started. Also Tokoyami and Momo please sort this musics with the ones the the others like.

Rozo: Of course

Bird: No problem.



[Brokly had created a new chat]

[Brokly had added Rozo to the chat]
[Brokly had added Bird to the chat]
[Brokly had added Sho to the chat]
[Brokly had added KEMGD to the chat]
[Brokly had added Uravity to the chat]
[Brokly had added Crispyraki to the chat]
[Brokly had added Pica to the chat]

Brokly: Wait a few moments

[Brokly had added Nem to the chat]
[Brokly had added Bestgirl to the chat]
[Brokly had added Hot teacher to the chat]
[Brokly had added Mister to the chat]
[Brokly had added Neutralzill to the chat]

Neutralzill: Why should Mr keep his own name but we get the pinky ones

Brokly: Sorry

Hot teacher: It's fine. What is this thought

Brokly: Oh, yes

[Brokly had changed the group's name to SetoJirou]

Neutralzill: Is this...

Mister: Oh god it's happening


Nem: ?

Hot teacher: No more stupid rumbling 24/7

Mister: And no more phone calls at 2 am about how pretty she is

Neutralzill: Don't remind me of the 2 am ones. I could hear his screams from my room.

Crispyraki: You are a bunch of weaklings. I'm the one who actually had to listen to him sorting his mess of a emotional health.

Bird: AmI a joke to you?

Rozo: Let's focus on future right now

Nem: What is this exactly?

Bird: Exactly what it says


Nem: Nice. I'll help.

[Nem had added Cowboy to the chat]
[Nem had added God to the chat]

Cowboy: ?

God: This name... I shall help too, some happiness is good for the class.

Cowboy: young Seto and Jirou? Do they need our help?

Bird: Yes

Crispyraki: Yes

Mister: Yes

Hot teacher: Yes

Neutralzill: Yes

Rozo: Yes


Cowboy: Okay then.

Brokly: So we'll help them express their real emotioms in the party. Let's brainstorm right now

Nem: Party?

Broky: Seto's bday is at 29th, Mina's at 30th and Jirou at August 1st. We.'ll hold one big party for all three

Nem: I'll bring the drinks

God: 1. They didn't invited you. 2. Shota would skin you alive

Nem: He wouldn't, he loves me.

Cowboy: Not changing the facts

Nem: Damn

Hot teacher: Sucks to suck

Nem: Says the one who sleeps with a chicken

Hot teacher: He may be a chicken, but he is my chicken

Cowboy: Damn, such pure love.

God: Back to business. What's the plan kids? I'll assists you as much as I can.

Rozo: I mean, we can always throw them in the closet.

Crispyraki: Portals.

Brokly: But if it's a game, he can't disagree right? Like the last time.

Crispyraki: ?

Mister: ?

Hot teacher: ?

Neutralzill: ?

Bestgirl: I'm late but count me in too

Bestgirl: Last time?

Nem: ?

God: ?

Rozo: Care to tell them Bakugo?

KEMGD: I did what you cowards wouldn't do.

Cowboy: Which is?

KEMGD: Dared him to give a lap dance to Jirou. Mina said he actually done it.

Crispyraki: I

Hot teacher: VIDEO!

KEMGD: Don't have any

Hot teacher: Shame

Bestgirl: Can I come to the party too?

God: No

Bestgirl: 🔪

God: Still no. Give him present later.

Neutralzill: Can we get back to lap lancing?

Rozo: No, more importantly, what should we do next week


Crispyraki: A have a few ideas

Sho: Speak

Crispyraki: Option one is Seto singing for her

Bird: Since when can he sing?

Crispyraki: He can't, he only writes but it's about the gesture not the showcase.

Cowboy: Sounds wise enough to me but will he?

Bird: Nope, a coward

Brokly: Can you all stop calling him a coward? He isn't.

Bird: I've got a written permission so no

Crispyraki: Same

Brokly: Ok so next option

Crispyraki: The closet.

Rozo: How though?

Mister: There is this game called seven minutes in hell or something?

Bird: But he's afraid of tight places.

Hot teacher: More romantic

Nem: No, that sounds horrible. And it's in heaven not hell. That one is not for a matchmaking

Bird: it can work

Crispyraki: It's a double edge sword. Either they'll end up toghter or he'll get angry and ruin the whole party.

Rozo: Worth the risk

Brokly: I'm in.

Pica: Sure, I'll add the game to the list. Backup plan?

Neutralzill: Flip the bottle; kiss, pat, slap edition?

KEMGD: I'm in.

Brokly: So you could punch us?


Rozo: Yes.

Sho: Yes.

Bestgirl: Sounds fun though.

Hot teacher: They'll pat, I bet my father's soul.

Mister: I'll put Himiko's then

Bestgirl: Hoy

Bestgirl: I'll say they kiss

Rozo: Denks

Pica: On it.

Brokly: So anything more?

Crispyraki: Give them space and don't get them too drunk

God: There won't be any type of liquor there

Nem: I'll be sure.

Cowboy: Do you have any regard for your life?

Nem: Not after I realized what Iida dared Bakugo to do

Crispyraki: Say it and I'll disintegrate you on the spot

Nem: ┻━┻ミ\(≧ロ≦\)

Bestgirl: Make sure to put their sit together. God speed

Pica: Yos, I'll be giving the report to Ayoma

Hot teacher: Tell us what happened bitches

Sho: Ay ay.

Neutralzill: Is this really happening?

Mister: Don't put your hopes high but yes, it is

Bestgirl: Shigi I wanna go there too!

Crispyraki: Don't care, I'm off

Hot teacher: What's the point of playing if you never win crusty?

Mister: He's off Dabi

Cowboy: Today, on the lov's personal habitat;

Bestgirl: 🔪


[Private messages between Mr and Himiko]

Uncle: Himiko, is there a reason you want to be at their party that much

Trouble child: No

Uncle: But you sure sound upset

Trouble child: Shigi will be mad if I say it

Uncle: He won't, and I won't tell him

Trouble child:

Trouble child: You know Mina right? The pink girl from UA

Uncle: She had gave me two of the most ridiculous nicknames that I ever heard. I sure remember her and we did fight them pretty regularly

Trouble child: Yes I know. And you know how like Ochako and Izuku right?

Uncle: I am well aware

Trouble child: Well I still like them but never really notice me or even talk to me properly

Trouble child: But Mina did. I always liked more than a few of UA kids but I only wanted to focus on those two but

Trouble child: You know...

Uncle: She was kind to you in the chat and you want to refocus your attention?

Trouble child: Not just the chat and bothering you guys. We have been talking in pv for a few days, just jokes and small stuff but she actually acts normal with me like Seto or you guys do

Uncle: I understand

Trouble child: I'm in trouble ha?

Uncle: Mot at all. She isn't even half as bad as the number two hero who's sleeping with Dabi. Have you talked to Seto about it?

Trouble child: I don't want to bother him. I didn't want to bother you either

Uncle: You are not Himiko and I'm sure Seto wants to help you just as much as I do. He'll at least can find out about the girl's feeling

Trouble child: .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

Uncle: Let's go out and get something to eat

Trouble child: (✿ ♡‿♡)

Trouble child: You're the best Mr

Uncle: Nothing to mention Himiko, I'm just here to help.

Uncle: Also, just because you can't go to UA, doesn't mean you can't spend time with her

Trouble child: ?

Uncle: I'll talk to Seto about this. Now get ready or I'll leave without you

Trouble child: Coming coming


[Private messages between Mr and Seto]

Therapist Clown: Seto, we have to talk

Lover boy: ?

Chapter Text

Seto was once again bored to the very last fragile bone of his body. He wasn't supposed to be like that in his birthday but sure, whatever. He got his presents from Fumi and Kyouka, a new mask and music book. Pretty nice.
They didn't had any theory class that they, only some one to one combat. He got Kat at the first round and Broccoli at the second. Pretty tough fights but those two still didn't find any way to counter his portals. On second thought, Broccoli probably did but kept it quiet to don't hurt his feelings; a ray of sunshine.
After the morning spars, Allmight let them go and gave them the rest of the day for themselves. Having the rest of the day, he opened a portal after taking a shower and payed a visit to the Hawks agency. He was supposed to be interning at the said agency but the hero comission went easy on him at his last year and let his go on missions like any other normal hero.
Entering the crowded office, he found the number two hero sitting on top of his desk.
--- Hey Keigo.
--- Seto, my boy. How's it been.
--- Pretty well. Need anything from me? Any impossible misson?
--- Nope, not today. I'm actually giving you a day off so get back home.
Seto gave him a confused look. Hawks was not someone who would go easy on his men and certainly wouldn't pass the opportunity to give a troublesome work to him. Seeing his questions, Hawks sighed and said:
--- It's your birthday, count this my gift.
--- Touya told you?
--- Yep.
--- Thanks, I hate both of you. Call me if anything happens.
--- I'm the number two hero. I can survive a single day without you.
--- No you can't.
--- Get out Seto!
--- Ay ay boss.
And left with another portal. It was too early to get back to the dorm. So instead, he came out in front of a maid cafe. Why? He did not know either. It was where Mr worked on his free hours for some extra money. As a cook, not in maid clothes. Though he wouldn't look bad in that either. Seto laughted by the thought of him in the costume and entered the cafe.
The girl in charge of entrance looked up her phone by the sound of laughter and the door but it was just their regular hero.
--- Hey Seto.
--- Anastasia, is Mr here?
--- Yep, Atsuhiro is in the back.
--- Thanks.
And left the girl with her phone and went to the kitchen. Normally no-one was allowed there except for the staff but as the hero who saved the place from quite a few villain attacks, not counting Himiko's malicious interest in the girls there, they accepted him as a special guest. That's how Mr could actually take the job without a serious security check.
In the small kitchen, Atsuhiro Sako was alone making pancakes. Seeing Seto, he pointed at him to sit at a corner until he was finished. Five minutes later, he gave the plate full of pancakes to a waitress and went to the portal hero.
Seto had to give it to him, his fashion in the job was a 180 degree of his usual self. He was wearing black jeans, a gray ironed shirt and a red apron. With no clown mask on his face, Seto knew really well that the reason for the secret keeping was because he was was too good looking for the league.
--- Soooo, what did you want to talk about?
--- Himiko.
--- What about her?
--- She needs some help from you.
--- Ok ok just tell me what is the problem?
--- Another crush.
--- Who?
--- The annoying one.
--- No! Not Bakohoe?
He said with a fake surprise. He knew dam well that he wasn't talking about explody. But who else was entitled to be the annoying one?
--- Obviously not. The other.
--- Mina?
--- Yes.
That was something. He knew Himiko for many years and was well aware of her taste and personality. He could say the same thing about Mina. He spent the last three years with the full enthusiasm child. They were a strange couple but it was still a couple.
--- Not impossible for sure.
--- Really?
Mr asked with surprise. He didn't expect him to accept this easily.
--- Yeah. What's the problem?
--- Himiko is a female, kinda crazy villain with blood sucking addiction. Four general problems for the other girl.
--- Mina's bi. Himiko isn't that crazy, Mina can handle worst. You forgot about Blasty?
--- Fair point.
--- I don't have that much of a white knight past and yet she is more than comfortable with me. Really, you let her and she'll use Tomura as a pillow.
--- No argument there either. She sure sounds like it.
--- For the last one, it's something between them but is worth a shot. Any specific plan?
Hearing that, Mr gave a wide evil grin, a shine could be seen in his eyes. Seto sure liked it.
--- A date in a mall.
--- Just that?
--- It's a starter. With a lunch at a good restaurant, I think they are good to go.
--- Sure I'll make the arrangements for them.
Nodding to the thought, Seto was ready to go and find a restaurant near the mall which would satisfy both girls's tastes but Mr wasn't done yet. He stopped the boy from opening a portal and said:
--- One more thing.
--- Hmmm?
--- You need to third wheel them.
--- The hell?
--- Or you could make it a double date with Miss Kyouka.
--- Third wheeling it is.
And left before Atsuhiro could make any comments on his unwillingness. Little he knew, Mr only smiled as he ran off; as he knew what was expecting the lover boy that night at the party.



School, check. Hawks, check. Mr, check. He had to check on one more person and he could finally go to his bed and sleep till tomorrow.
On the other side of portal, Seto came out in front of an enormous mansion. Ringing the bell at the side of the gigantic red gates, he heard a young woman's voice from it:
--- Who is this?
--- Seto S Sadako, I came here to meet the master of this household.
Without getting an answer, the gates opened with a loud noise and let the boy entered the yard. In the journey to the entrance of the main building, any guest could enjoy the scenery of colorful flowers which were raised carefully by the hands of their skillful gardener and errand boy.
The inside of the mansion was as high class as expected; neat and full of expensive and somewhat strange decorations. The lord of the house was a foreigner nobility who frankly had no interest in showing off his wealth or exploiting it. Most of the vests and portraits were simply gifts of the two countries he lived in.
In the entrance corridor, an old servant greeted him with a small smile.
--- Welcome back, Mr. Sadako.
--- Just Seto is enough old man. Is he here?
--- Yes. He's in the study room. I will guide you there.
--- Thanks.
Those two walked the hallway to the end and then went to the next floor. There, the servant guided him to a room twice the size of Seto and Fumi's room. The walls were covered with bookshelves and books from all around the world. Now that, was something Seto liked.
There sitting on a Victorian armchair, William James Moriarty put down his book and greeted his young guest.
--- Welcome to my house Seto. Please, make yourself home.
He turned his face to the old man and told him:
--- Can you leave us for a few minutes Jack? I believe Seto has something rather important to say now that he came unnoticed?
Jack bowed and left those to alnoe.
--- So, what has brought you here my friend?
Seto took a deep breath and hoped he wouldn't laugh at him.
--- I need your assistance. Or just your advice.
--- What for? You aren't back into the old business are you?
Seto chuckled and shaked his head in negative.
--- No no no. It's far more ridiculous than that.
--- Oh? Now I'm curious.
--- I want to get a birthday present for a friend of mine.
--- Would this friend of yours be Miss Jirou?
--- Ha? How?
He was far more than surprised to hear about her.
--- Your sister paid a visit to me not long ago. She talked a lot about you.
--- She did? But how did SHE knew? No don't answer, it was obviously Malcolm. He heard it from Tomura didn't he?
--- Splendid. As shap as always I see. Now what exactly do you need from me?
--- Her birthday is in a few days. You're the criminal mastermind, so?
William paused for a few moments. Testing different scenarios in his mind and knowing full well that tonight was both of their birthday parties, plus all the things he heard about the girl from Rose, he chose the best option he could while counting Seto's own style.
--- How about a necklace?
--- Why? Or wait.
Seto weighted the option in his mind and it sounded nice. He had thought about it before but also considered it over the top and too much for the state of their relationship. But if Will also thought that it was a good idea, then why not?
--- Sounds good to me. Thanks Will.
--- You are more than welcome. Do you want to stay for dinner?
--- Tempting but no. I want to sleep a bit first and also gotta get a necklace later.
--- If you want my advice, buy it today. You never know if you have time later in your current line of work.
Seto laughted as he considered the advice and sat up from the chair.
--- You are saying current as if it was different with my other lines.
--- Perhaps not.
--- See you around Will. Say hi to the idiot.
--- See you too. And I will make sure captain Muran will be informed that you are thinking about him.
--- Don't make it sound weird.

He then left through a portal. This time's destination; the mall. He went straight up to the third floor where they kept the better stuff and found the jewellery. Entering it, he found the shop quite crowded and intense.

--- What's up with all this people?
He asked himself as he walked to the counter.
--- Hey can I get a necklace please?
A man shouted from the other side of the counter, a gun in his right hand and a certain black haired girl in his other.
--- What are you doing in a jewellery in this time of day Momo?
He asked the hostaged girl.
--- Please give me a hand first.
--- SHUT UP OR...
But never managed to finish his threat as Seto opened a portal to his side and punched him on the jaw. Losing his ballance, he gripped the counter and pointed the gun at Seto, pulling the trigger less than seconds after. Unfortunately for him, nothing happened.
To show his superiority even more, Seto opened his left fist and let the gun's bullets that he stole long ago drop on the floor.
--- The he...
One more punch and he was down on the floor.
--- Everyone please calm down now. I'm the hero Blood Raven and I'll hand this guy to the police.
--- Thank you sir. You save all our lives and my whole fortune. Is there anything that I can do for you?
The owner of the shop asked him as he sat on his chair, too stressed to even stand. Seto opened a portal and gave him a glass of water to drink and answered:
--- Now that you mentioned it, I do need to buy a necklace. Could you show me some good ones really quick? Don't worry that much about the price.
--- Please I can't just take money from someone who gave me back all this shop. Choose any jewel you want for free.
--- No can do, it's a special gift. And this was both my job and a happy coincident.
--- Of course Sir I'll bring the best ones right away.
And brought out some of the most interesting necklaces that Seto had seen for the past few years under a minute. Looking between them, a certain silver one took his eyes. It had an elegant design, crafted carefully to the last corner. The chain was a long line of tiny rings in different sizes, with the bigger ones having some animal carving on them. Hanged to the chain, there was a small sliver bird with black diamonds as its eyes and lines of crimson feather on its open wings. It was supposed to be a phoenix, Seto believed.
--- I'll take the silver one. How much is it.
--- It's the greatest piece that I can offer sir, I'm happy that you liked it. Please take it as a sigh of gratitude.
--- Again no can do. I'm not one of those bastards who save people for their money. I'll be a hypocrite if I accepted your offer.
Staying silent for a while from shoke, the owner let out a drop of tear as he laighed and answered him with a wide smile:
--- I wish all heroes thought like you young man. It's 150 thousand yen but if I take more than a hundred thousand, my wife won't let me home. That would be the final price, any problem?
--- Hmmm, what do you think Momo?
He asked the black haired hero who had long tied up the villain and calmed the remaining customers.
--- It looks nice, who do you want it for?
--- Kyouka.
--- Seriously?
--- Yeah why?
--- This is a big gift. But it would look nice on her. And she does like these type of jewels so she doesn't use them.
--- She doesn't?
--- Well she sure would use this if you give this to her but
--- But what? Stop with suspense.
--- If you are buying something like these, can I believe that you have at least some feelings for her?
--- Believe what you want, I don't care. But if my sister already know about it, it won't stay a secret any longer.
--- Your what?
--- My sister Rose.
--- I didn't know you had a sister.
Momo said with confusion. Him having feeling about Jirou was a fact for them but he having a sister in return wasn't something that wouldn't be talked about in three years.
--- Yeah we didn't talk for more than a few years, some family drama, don't worry about it. We've been good for a few years now but she has a tendency to put her nose in all my stuff.
--- How did she realized it?
--- Tomura told an old friend of us about it who happened to be dating my sister. I'll tell you more about her later but now, Kyouka. I think I'll take the necklace.
He said as he gave a credit card to the owner and left with Momo, the gift and the villain. They hand over the man to the mall's security guard and gained another round of gratitude from him and his co-workers before they arrived at the campus with his portal.



--- I never got to ask but what were you doing there Momo?
--- Just checking a few things before the robbery started. I was going to take care of him that you showed up an saved the day.
--- Sorry?
--- Nope, you've done it faster than I ever could. Specially with that gun trick.
--- Hehe, that's the oldest move in my book. My sister was the one who thaught me that when we were kids.
--- You were learning how to disarm guns as kids?
She didn't sound even a little bit surprised which offended Seto.
--- She's a few years older than me so she got to play with a little more dangerous stuff. She would teach some of them to me too.
Momo smiled at him as they arrived at the entrance of the 3-A dorm and said:
--- She seems like a good big sister to me.
--- Yeah she is but way to irresponsible. And I can't approve her taste in men. I mean, Malcolm is even worse than Tomura.
--- Want to talk about it? I'm pretty free.
--- No I won't bother you any longer.
--- Nope, then I sure want to know more.
She said as she took his hand and drove him to the little garden they had just outside the dorm area. There was a wooden bench under the apple tree which was normally full wth people enjoying the view but no one was there in that moment. They sat on the bench and Seto opened up a little to the girl.
--- Rose is not in best terms with our parents. Well, technically she hates them more than Shoto hates Endewhore or Tomura hates Allmight.
--- That much?
--- Yep. She ran away from home when she was fourteen, around seven years ago or so. I never heard that much about her for like four years but finally took a hold of her just a bit before entering UA.
--- Where was she?
--- Yokohama, working more than a few jobs. From assassination to solving murder cases, she had done all sorts of things.
--- Wait assassination?
--- Yeah she did work as a hitman in more than a few occasions. That's exactly how I found her. She accepted a mission sent from the Mafia with a few more assassins. Malcolm was one of them so when he saw our resemblance, he remembered about the times I told him about her and put two near two.
--- And they started dating there?
--- Hell no. That idiot thought it was a good idea to go to her and tell her that he knew about her true identity. He almost lost his heart there, literally.
--- How?
--- She is good with ripping people's hearts out of their chests. You know, portals?
--- That's a bit terifying to be honest.
--- Maybe a bit but she's good at heart. Malcolm could actually reason with her that he was my friend and we managed to reconnect again.
--- Where is she now?
--- Those two are living in Yokohama now. She has a good job at the Mafia and Malcolm helps her.
--- Is it the same Mafia that you and Miruko fought a few weeks ago?
--- Nope, they are rivals actually. The ones we fought are the worse one though.
--- Interesting. I kinda curious to see your sister actually. Do you think we can?
--- Hmmm, not impossible. We can go to a restaurant or something later when she is in twon. But only after I made sure she wouldn't pray on my emotional life any longer.
--- You mean love life?
--- Nope, emotions in general. It's getting a bit dark now, wanna get back in?
--- Sure, let's get something to eat at dorms. I heard Bakugo was cooking tonight.
--- Impossible, Kachan and making dinner for us? I'll eat Tomura's cooking first. To be specific, the cockroach special ones.
They laughed as they arrived at the dorm's entrance, this time with three more faces.
--- Fumi! What are you doing here? And what are you two doing here?
He asked the last one addressing Mina and Kyouka.
--- Just came from a long talk with Midnight. Let's go and eat something, I'm hungry.
Mina said as she opened the doors, unprepared for what lay beyond them. Momo and Tokoyami looking at each other that didn't stay hidden from Seto's eyes.

Chapter Text

Entering the dorm, the three birthday teenagers were confronted with a large crowd standing in the hallway.
Loud shouting could be heard from all the residents of the dorm, plus a few guests. Meaning Shinso and Mei.
--- Ha?
Seto was the first one to react. He was well aware that that day was his birthday but it was too much shock for his brain, he wasn't used to throwing big parties. Standing in the front, Momo was the one who explained the situation to them.
--- It's your birthday is it not Seto?
--- Yes?
--- And you two's are also around the corner so we throw a big party for the three of you.
--- Why?
Now both of them were confused. Seto didn't know the reason for the extra effort and Momo didn't understand the reason behind his confusion. Coming back to her usual self, Mina jumped up in excitement and said:
--- Oh come on it's perfect. Well done kids, you out done me once.
--- Shut up pinky and get in the room you extras. You haven't even seen half of it.
Knowing that angry boy was probably right, every one went to the common room, those three in the front to be the first who see the decorations. It was, as way to put it, way over the top even by the other two girls' tastes.
--- Whose idea was it to celebrate Halloween, Valentine and National Rock n roll day in the same time?
No-one couldn't disagree with Seto. The room had three main themes; first being Halloween which with further attention was revealed to be lines of black crows hanging from the wall. With Valentine, there was a series of pink heart-shaped papers in between the crows. And where ever was empty, they had put a bunch of music notes and little paper guitars there.

Except for the ridiculous first scene, the rest of the room was actually interesting. They had moved all chairs and sofas and emptied the middle of the room and covered it with carpets from other rooms. A bit further toward the kitchen, there was a big table filled with snacks and drinks. Soda, fruit juice, water and thankfully nothing alcoholic.
--- You sure went all out ha?
Jirou commented as she sat on the floor.
--- Obviously, grab some food and lets play.
Toru told them as her floating clothes went to the table and filled her plate. Most of the others too followed her and got their full plates, Seto being the exception as he sat next to Jirou and used his portal to take to plates and two cups of soda, giving the second to the purple haired girl.
--- You could at least warm us a little to get dressed better.
He had a point there too. He himself was wearing the red shirt he had prepared for his visit to William and black pants. Jirou was not much better; she had a purple t-shirt and blue shorts on, plus a pair of sleepers. Mina, as the worst of the crew, had a pink top and red long shorts, coming down to her knees.

--- Oh come on, no-one isn't that dressed.
And Mei too had her own point, from Momo's long dress to Shinso's PJ's to Izuku's nightmarish fashion, there was a wide variety of clothes and colors.
Once they all settled in a giant circle, Denki stood up in between them and cleared his throat, acting as a showman.
--- Ladies, gentelmen and Bakubro. Welcome to the party so let's get the games on. Now without wasting any more time, you three choose how we should start the night; Spin the bottle, league of villains edition, Seven minutes in heaven or Karaoke?
--- Edition what now?
--- League of villains.
--- Those idiots have a hand in this too?
--- Unrelevent, choose one.
Being the first, Mina chose the second option. Jirou went with Karaoke and Seto, hating all three, offered another.
--- How about two truth one lie first? The others are too overwhelming for a starter.
--- What do you two say?
--- Sure, why not.
--- Ok, I'm in. But with new rules.
Mina stated with a wide grin.
--- Which are?
--- The one whose turn it is spin a bottle and the one in its end have to guess the lie. Loser gets eliminated and has to accept a truth or dare.
--- I'm in with that but cut the truth or dare part.
--- No.
--- Yes.
--- Let's vote for that.
With a wild eigthy percent opposition, Mina had to settle down on only the elimination. Wanting to go clockwise, they started form Seto. He spined it and it landed directly on broccoli boy.
--- Ok, 1. I am on FBI's wanted list and I'm not allowed at US. 2. I had a crush on a boy in my previous school that ended in tragedy and 3. I love ice cream.
They certainly were interesting informations for the class.
--- Hmm. You knew the lov and it is a governmental secret so the first is possible. The second is also quite possibly considering the other situations but the third is also to easy to be a trap. If we say...
And the rest of his words get lost in a low mumbling. If Bakugo wouldn't stop him with shouting, he would continue till morning and would reveal his darkest hours.

--- Ok ok. It's the first. I don't think you are actually band from there.
--- As a matter of facts, I am.
--- Why?
--- Reasons? Mostly family drama. Fumi wanna guess which is the lie?
--- You hate ice cream.
--- Exactly.
--- Looks like we have our first loser. Sorry Mido but you are out by understimating the dangers of ice cream.
Next was Jirou. Her opponent was Bakugo.
--- 1. I had a emo phase, 2. I have a crush on a girl of our school and 3...
--- The second is the lie.
--- Let me finish first.
--- Was I wrong?
--- No but how?
--- Cause everybody knows your stupid crush is a boy. Just confess it to him ears.

Not sure how to react to Bakugo's aggressive positivities, she passed the bottle to Mina. She got Shoto.
--- Ok boys. 1. My favourite teacher here is Midnight. 2. I think league of villains are kinda hot and 3. I can beat Bakohoe in a fistfight.
--- I see no lie but let's go with 1.
--- Dam it, you got it right. It's actually dadzawa.
--- How the hell do you think you can beat me?
--- More importantly, why do you think the league is hot
--- With ease. And Iida, because I got good taste.
--- True though. If you think they are not, then you should see Mr without his mask on.
Seto said as he giggled. It Looked like that Himiko had a shot there.
--- Ok Mina's out. Uraraka you are next.
--- Sure. One, I like dogs. Two, I once used on my quirk on myself when I was sleep and three, I had a crush on Izuku on first year.
--- You did?
--- You actually didn't know?
Seto, Ochako's opponent, said with awe to Izuku but it only backlashed on himself.

--- You have no fucking say on this Bird for brain. Just confess yours already.
--- Stop matchmaking in the party Kat. And it's obviously number one. Tsu and Momo called me to get you down the ceiling more than a few midnights.
--- Oh right. Dam.
And the game continued for a few rounds till only Shoto, Seto, Kyouka and Mineta remained.
--- Okay Mineta, say it. One, I,m in good terms with the sirens. Two, I am more than ready to beat Monoma and three, I'm an only child.
He threw the last one because apparently he never mentioned his sister to the guys and much to his expectations, the grape boy fell for it.
--- Easy, One. No way you know one of Japan's best music bands and two is all of us.
--- Again, it's three.
--- The hell? You've got a sibling?

--- Yeah I have an older sister. And I have quite a good relationship with sirens as Aizel and I went to same school.
--- Dam, you should introduce me to her Seto. I love their music. And maybe your sister too?
--- I'm well aware of that Kyouka and sure, I'll invite Aizel here one day. Rose tough, is a bit harder to find. Now that I think about it, maybe she can even run a small concert in the school.
--- No freaking way. Do you have any idea how high the price of the tickets to their shows are?
--- Didn't count you as their fan Kat.
--- They are not half bad. Now do you know the price?
--- Nope, I have free sits. And they will sing a song or two if I ask. Now, you go Shoto.
--- ok. I hate my father, I once found Hawks in our backyard and I don't have any particular feelings for anyone in this class.
--- I really want to believe two but let's go with three.
--- True.
--- That guy is the number two hero for god's sake.

--- You go Kyouka.
--- Thanks, give me a second. One, I ate a rock once. Two, I can play trumpet. Three, my type is guys who look really tough but are actually soft.
--- Rock, really? Okay I know as a fact that you can't play trumpet so two.
--- Ok you are cheating there is no way you would just no that.
Jirou said as she turned her face away from him.
--- Nope, I heard you play that once and I thought Bakohoe was dying. No offense but that one instrument is not build for you.
Jirou was speechless. She had no idea he knew something like that but when? Last time she played that was last year.
--- When did you hear it?
Rubbing the back of his head, Seto let out a nervous laughter and answered honestly:
--- In our second year when you were sick after the winter training camp. I cooked you soup and left at your door but when I was going to nock I heard you play it. It was kinda interesting.

--- Seeing me play badly?
--- No just learning something from scrap. It's fun.
--- Hold it, get back a few sentences.
Seto looked at her with confusion as she tried to make sense of his words.
--- You were the one who cooked that soup?
--- Ahhh right. I never said that did I?
--- You clearly didn't. Wow.
That was something. She had doubts that it was him but never thought deeply about it. The soup tasted good, not near Bakugo's but still good.
While those two were revealing past stuff, the others silently looked at them at tried to find out why weren't they toghter. Tough boy but soft inside was obviously Seto and the league made it clear that Seto was in love too. Just one push was needed but no-one didn't dare to start it.

--- OKAY! WE HAVE A WINNER FOR OUR FIRST GAME, SETO! Now for the next one something more active. Flip the bottle, Lov edition.
--- Once again, what the hell is it?
--- You spin the bottle and have three choices; Kiss, pat and slap.
--- Oh that one. It's called slap bottle in lov.
Seto said while purring some more drink for himself. Curious, Mina asked him the reason of the name.
--- Cause everybody choose slap. Literally.
--- Sounds fun, Izuku you start this time.
From the exact opposite side from Seto, Izuku took the bottle and spined it nervously. But it was all gone when the bottle pointed at Bakugo. Without a moment of hesitation, Izuku leaned toward him and slapped him a bit too hard.
--- You damn nerd. I'll give you that back.
--- Sure Kachan, you can try.

Next Tsu spined it and got Momo. Jumping to the other side of the circle, she kissed her forehead and went back to her sit with a kero.
--- Done, next.
For Toru, it was Mei. The invisible girl patted her on the head which resulted in her laying on the floor from laughter.
Next, Iida. He had no problem patting Mineta on the grapes either.
--- Booo. Stop the and get more exciting.
Unfortunately for Seto, Momo's draw was Jirou so nothing but another pat came out of it. Unlike the original version, the cycle continued uneventfully. They were mostly pats with a few slaps on Bakugo and Shoto kissing Momo's cheek which turned her red a little but at least those two weren't as oblivious as another couple; at least Momo wasn't.
Half a circle past and then the other passed too and only three remarkable spins left in their minds except for Shoto and Izuku's.

Firstly Seto's which ended up with Iida and the portal hero didn't show any remorse for the class rep as he gave him a loud slap. Iida was a little shocked but Seto was no hypocrite. He said no pat and wasn't going kiss the glasses.
The last one was Bakugo's. Something that most were fearful of it. It wasn't a matter of his choice, it was the matter of who's face was going to be crushed cause he was really pissed off. He literally threw the bottle while spinning it and hit Shoji's head with it. Once it came down, it pointed at Ochako. Angrily, he stood up, walked to the scared girl, patted her head aggressively and went back to his sit without saying anything. It was most shocking to Ochako herself.
In between those two spins, there was also Kyouka's. She spined it hoping it would be someone interesting and her wish came true in worst case scenario, the case that the game was made for. The bottle spined a few times untill it stopped between herself and Seto. Since she could choose herself, Denki count it as Seto. He was actually planning to tell her repeat the spin if it wasn't on Seto but they were all lucky.

Looking at him nervously, Jirou didn't know what should she choose. A pat was the safest option but she wanted to kiss him badly too. Gathering all her courage, she focused all her attention on the boy and leaned forward. Ochako had to put her hand on Mina's mouth to make sure she wouldn't ruin it again.
Jirou stopped a few inches away from his face, her hands relying on his legs. She closed her eyes and put her lips on his cheeks, kissing him slowly and running back to her sit really fast after. Her heart was almost in her mouth but she liked it.
Seto in return was dumbfounded the whole time. Feeling her touch and then her kiss, he used all of his active muscles and braincells not to kiss the girl back or react in anyway inappropriate abd ruin the moment. It took a few seconds but lasted much longer for both of them.
To be honest with himself, Seto was in more pressure than he was in any fight. His heartbeat was faster than the time he fought Star and stripes at America or the time he battled All for one. They were easier opponents than his heart which was shouting really loud.

He wasn't in the room for the rest of the game till Bakugo's turn. After the last one gave another pat, Denki decided that the game served its purpose. He himself got a slap from Sero in the way of love.
--- OKAY GUYS! That was fun. We still have Karaoke in the schedule before dinner so who's going first?
--- Let the birthday ones start.
--- Alright, which one of you three will go first?
--- Kyouka.
Both Mina and Seto pointed at her. But she wasn't in the mood for group singing and Seto could feel that. Not knowing the obvious reason, he stopped mid-sentence and went to the other side of the room where they had put the sofas and took a mice from his portal. Then he brought a Karaoke machine that they used at lov and choosed his song. Silenting the cheers, he took a deep breath and played the machine.

--- If you're a lover, you should know
The lonely moments just get lonelier
The longer you're in love
Than if you were alone
Memories turn into daydreams become a taboo

He sure didn't have that much of the voice but he put as much emotion in the words as he could. Who knew, maybe somehow the song would actually be effective?

--- I don't want to be afraid
The deeper that I go
It takes my breath away
Soft hearts electric souls
Heart to heart and eyes to eyes
Is this taboo?

Closing his eyes, he tried not to look at Kyouka's direction or make it look like he hd any specific reason for his choice of song.

--- Baby we built this house
On memories
Take my picture now
Shake it til you see it
And when your fantasies
Become your legacy
Promise me a place
In your house of memories

He wasn't aware that everybody were looking at him with astonished looks. Almost everyone except for Jirou knew the song was hers but the girl could only wish, nothing more.

--- I think of you from time to time
More than I thought I would
You were just too kind
And I was too young to know
That's all that really matters
I was a fool

Now it was becoming even harder to not look at the girl. To stop himself, Seto tuened around and faced the wall, pretending to be in the mood of the song. But in reality, he was just being a coward.

--- Baby we built this house
On memories
Take my picture now
Shake it til you see it
And when your fantasies
Become your legacy
Promise me a place
In your house of memories

It was just another song and Jirou knew it shouldn't have any meaning behind it. But why would he torment her emotions like though, she wasn't sure.

--- Those thoughts of past lovers
They'll always haunt me
I wish I could believe
You'd never wrong me
Then will you remember
Me in the same way
As I remember you

Going back to repeating after that last line, Seto turned back and opened his eyes, looking right at Jirou's eyes just for a split second as he asked for a promise and finished the song, going back to his sit next to the girl, trying even harder than before to keep silent.
After him a few more sang using his machine too; Mina, Izuku, Mei, Toru, Kirishima and finally Denki but Seto couldn't concentrate on them at all.
Next was the dinner which Bakugo had organised. The menu was long, from Oden to pasta and lebab. It was tasty but a few couldn't enjoy it as much as they should. They mood became a bit better after dinner as Sato brought the gigantic cake and a pile of present. Seto was pretty sure that the numbers didn't add up, they were too many for the three of them.

First Mina and then Kyouka, they got their presents before cutting the cake. There was a few from teachers and some from groups of students. A certain red wing pro hero too had sent them a few gifts. From clothes to books and gadgets for instruments, there was a wide variety of gift. Though in Kyouka's case, there was an extra unnamed gift wrapped in black paper. No-one wasn't sure who it was from.
Once opened, Kyouka found herself in front of a small pile of books contaning; How to kill someone without getting caught 101, secrets of house keeping, how to deal with fame, how to deal with the weird family of your lover and a Blood Raven plushy in size of her hand, something way too cut with the realistic hero costume. Seto knew exactly where they came from and so a few other but they kept it quiet. Twice, Mr, Touya, Kurogiri and lastly Himiko.

In Seto's turn, the number of gifts were a bit higher. Next to the gifts from his classmates, teachers and a few proes, there was a big pile of unnamed gifts that he had no intention of opening in front of others but was bullied to do it by Mina. Even without names, he knew the senders like the palm of his hand.
First the league's. A set of knifes from Himiko, a black cloak from Mr, a video game from Tomura, another how to deal with fame from Touya, a flash that seemed to be spinner's and was full of music and finally an old bottle of wine from Kurogiri plus a set of glasses which seemed to be from AFO.
Next, there was a invitation to an opera in landon with two tickets in it from the Moriarty family. Seto was really going to kill William, he was well aware of all of this when they talked before.
Lastly was a pair of gloves from his sister and a really weird shapped guitar from Aizel. Teleporting all of his sfuff to his room, he pretended to not hear their questions about the identity of the senders.

After that and eating the really delicious cake, Seto thought the party was over but then they revealed Nemuri's true gift, a few bottles of wine and beer. She sure wasn't afraid of Aizawa to get his kids drunk. Sighing by the thought of tomorrow's problem, he too took a glass of wine but didn't join the others and decided to enjoy his drink with himself. That was the sole reason that made him realise Jirou was leaving the party earlier, something obviously troubling her.
Not understanding his own actions, he soon found himself going after the girl; climbing the stares and walking to the rooftop where Jirou was standing alone. Her hair dancing at the cold wind and eyes staring at the stars.

Chapter Text

Slowly without making much sounds, Seto walked to Jirou and pated her head. If it was anyone else, they would have freaked out by the sudden move but the girl's ears were much better than that. Without turning her head, she pointed at the sky and said:

--- It's a good night isn't it?

--- Yes, it sure is.

The sky was clear, with no trace of clouds; only the full moon and the shining stars far away from them. It was a cold night, winds caressing their skins. Neither of them had much clothes on to warm them, specially Jirou. Seeing her shivering from the constant wind up there, Seto opened a portal and drew his long brown overcoat out of it. He gave it to her and said with a little smile:

--- You'll catch a cold with that clothes.

--- Thanks, what about yourself?

--- I'm fine. I'm used to the cold anyway.

As she put on the coat, Seto thought about why was he up there. It was only the two of them there, meaning they could talk without anyone disturbioting them. He wanted to bring out the necklace but was disrupted by her first.

--- I have something for you.

She said as she took out a small box out my her pocket and put it in Seto's hand.

--- Didn't you already give me a gift?

--- No, that was to not make you suspicious so I could give you this in a good time. This one is my real gift. It's not much but I hope you like it.

With no word coming out of his mouth, he nodded and opened the box. There in a red cover, was a small lapel pin; a golden bird sitting on a gray branch. It was a mockingbird.

--- It's probably lame but it reminded me of you somehow.

Seeing her like that, Seto leaned forward toward the girl and kissed her cheek.
--- I love it, it's really cute. Though I'm not sure how I'm a mockingbird?

--- Hunger games, you know?

--- Oh. Nice, now I'm feeling bad for not thinking to much about mine. I went for beauty.

--- What do you...

But couldn't finish as Seto took out the necklace from a portal. Unlike her, he didn't have time for wrapping his gift up. Instead he just put the gift on her hand.

--- Happy birthday Kyouka.

--- This, wow. How could you feel bad about this? It's, shouldn't it be really expensive? It's actual silver right?

--- Don't worry about it, the hero comission pay well for secret missions and those stuff. But how did you know it's not fake? I could just be into fake stuff.

--- I'm allergic to both zinc and nickel. Nothing too big but they make my skin itchy and are really annoying. But this feels like the real ones.

--- Well you can wear it without worrying then. I hope you like it.

As she looked at the design of the jewel, she became more and more fascinated. The curvings, the colors, the phoenix. There sure was a huge difference between their gifts in her eyes, but not his. The very act of getting gifts out of kindness was enough for the boy.

--- Can you help me wear this?

Seto nodded and took the jewel as she moved her hair aside. Going behind her, he put the necklace around her neck and fixed its position. Touching her cold skin, he wasn't sure why his heartbeat was raising. He could feel his hand shaking a little even after he went back to his place. It wasn't the cold, he could say that much.
Touching the necklace and its bird, she smiled and hugged Seto without warning, wrapping her arms around him. Seto too put his hand behind the girl and let her stay there. With her head on his chest, she could hear his heart. It was way faster than what she imagined from the calm boy. They stayed there for a few minutes, enjoying the warmth of each other's bodies in the cold until Seto smiled and gave her an idea.

--- I still owe you a dance don't I?

--- A dance? Oh right that one. You really want to do it here and now?

--- Well I'm not lap dancing any more but if you want a normal one, then I'm more than ready to accompany you.

--- Sounds, good.

She wasn't sure if she was ready for another dance but agreed to him and walked away from the boy. With another portal, he put a speaker on the fence of the roof and searched for a certain music. As the song from their last dance played, Jirou asked the question that was resting in the back of her mind since then.

--- Can I ask something?

--- Of course. What is it?

--- You said you knew Aizel and the sirens. Is there any reason you like this song?

--- Well I wrote it so I think it's cool.

--- You did what now?

--- Wrote holy summer love? Don't I look emotional enough for that?

To give him an actual answer, Jirou wanted to say he didn't. She was aware that he was quite soft in the inside but writing a love song was something else. It was like she was learning new things about him this days. As the music started from the beginning, Seto walked to her and wrapped his right hand around her waist and took her hand with his left one.

--- Holy summer love, Holy summer love
The love before us, The love before us
I can’t see you now, I can’t feel you now
Behind all the mist, And walls that I made, By, My, self

Walking a few steps and moving Kyouka, they matched their steps and went faster, dancing in circles. She stopped them for a second, taking her coat off so it wouldn't slow her down. They were close enough that she didn't have to worry about the cold.

---Oh Holy summer love, The one shining love
Do you remember, That one summer day?
We were at the beach, hair dancing at wiND!
Do you remember what i told you that night?

Once again in his arm, Kyouka felt strange. She hadn't enjoyed dancing like that in ages to the point she didn't even remember what made her loose interest in it but every step, every turn, every touch made her heart jump in excitement. She long forgot about the cold and awkwardness and moved on her own with the rhythm of the song.

--- Holy summer love , The love in the dark
Do you remember,
When we were just some kids?
When we did dance all night?
When I said “I love you”?

Seto let go of her waist and raised his other hand, letting the girl to turn around herself on her place. Since it was the first time she was actually putting her heart into the act, Kyouka went overboard more than a little and lost her footing and balance with the last move, making her to almost fell on the roof but Seto took her last minute; putting a hand on her back and the other on her face, Seto smiled and lifted her up on her feet. Unlike her, he knew what he was doing.

--- Oh holly summer love, The forgotten leve
Winds are blowing and winter is near now…

A moment of silence and...

--- BUT I CAN see you , Beyond the mist!
Beyond that mist!
Beyond the mist that tries to seprate us.

Taking back her balance, Jirou put her hands on Seto's neck, getting closer to him and looking in his eyes while Aizel's voice sang in the back. The night sky, the sound of birds in the distance and even the music slowly dissolved in their ears as it was only the two of them in the world.
Emotions surged throughout his system, his hands moving down her body and locking around her waist again. Seto genteelly moved and guided her correctly, letting her enjoy the dance without exta movement.

--- My Holy summer love, the one true love
You've forgot me now, You've forgot me now
But I will always re, mem, ber you…

--- Holy summer love, My last true love
My walls now, are as high as our sky
And my heart’s broken as our moon
And you don’t remember me anymore…
BUT I JUST Don’t care!

Moving back and forth, Jirou's hands slowly moved up, brushing his hair, being placed on his cheeks and caressing his face. Her warm breath kissed the cold skin of his neck and sent shivers down his body. Their eyes were now locked to each other, their face were way closer than they were used to.

--- Oh Holy summer love, The one shining love
Do you remember, That one summer day?
We were at the beach, hair dancing at wiND!
Do you remember what i told you that night?

Holy summer love , The love in the dark
Do you remember?
When we were just some kids?
When we danced all night?
When I said “I love you”?

Oh holly summer love, The forgotten leve
Winds are blowing and winter is near now…

BUT I CAN see you , Beyond the mist!
Beyond that mist!
Beyond the mist that tries to seprate us

They stayed frozen in their place, only their hands moved on each other's bodies. Seto's hands ventured her back and started going up to her shoulders.

--- I will always remember you, baby
By mist or rain, by pain or game
You are my only star
That shines in my darkest hours
That shines beyond my walls

--- Holy summer love, I can’t hide my love
But I can’t find you neither
No matter how hard I try
Or how much I look after you

Seto knew well what he wanted to do. He wasn't sure if it was right but it was too late to regret it, his body wouldn't back away. He closed his eyes and listened to his heart, not being sure if her had any.

--- BUT I Don’t care anymore
Even if I can’t see you
Even if I can’t feel you
Even if I can’t be with you
Even if you don’t remember me…

Seto leaned and put his lips on hers, kissing her slowly as she closed her eyes and kissed him back. She moved her hand to the back of his head and pulled him closer. It wasn't her first kiss but it sure was the one she wanted.

--- I will always remember you, my holy summer love

They stayed at the rooftop in each other's embrace long after they kissed, saying nothing, just looking at each other and thinking about what just happened. The emotions, the feelings, it was all something new; and something that they didn't want to loose.

Chapter Text

[Private messages between Seto and Jirou, the day after party and...]

Kyo: Hey, good morning

Kyo: Hello? You awake?

Seto: Well now I am.

Seto: Good morning Kyouka.

Kyo: It's 10 am, why are you in bed?

Seto: It's a day off and I didn't sleep last night.

Kyo: (≧▽≦). Sorry

Seto: Nope, it was fun. Why did you text me though, I was going to come down in an hour.

Kyo: Couldn't wait

Seto: For what?


Kyo: You know, last night. Too many things happened and

Kyo: I just wanted to know what are we now

Kyo: Just friends or!

Seto: Okay my bad I did just left things unsaid ha?

Seto: Let me make up for it

Seto: Lady Kyouka, Shall one be blessed with the title of your lover?

Kyo: Could you say all that normally? I'm not sure if I'm in the right path

Seto: Σ(ಠ_ಠ)

Seto: Will you be my girlfriend Kyouka?

Seto: You there?

Kyo: Sorry sorry. Yes I want to. Hehehe.

Kyo: But

Seto: ?

Kyo: You have to come down and ask me in person too you know?

Seto: Right now?

Kyo: Uhom.

Seto: Just for you. Where are you?

Kyo: In my room.

Seto: What about Momo?

Kyo: She's out with others. You're last to wake up.

Seto: Lies and deceptions, half of them were drunk to the bone. There is no way they are awake.

Kyo: Just come here, I wanna see you.

Seto: I'll be there in ten.

Kyo: ♥️

Seto: I love you too.

Kyo: Say that in person


[Private messages between Seto and William]


Brain: You woke up early

NO: Stop with the sarcasm and help me already. Also thanks for the gift bitch

Brain: You'e more than welcome. What's the problem now?

NO: Kyouka

Brain: Didn't it went well last night?

NO: It actually did. We played and ate and then the two of us went to roof and talked and danced and then I kissed her and we just stood there for a while and went back to our rooms.


Brain: That went way faster than I thought.

NO: I know it just happened and she is just, I just, you know?

Brain: I don't but okay. What's the problem?

NO: She texted me and asked what are we and my idiot half sleep brain ask her to be my girlfriend and she said yes and now she wants me to go to her room and ask in person. What in the name of all lords of crime should I do?

Brain: Just go and ask her and be happy?

NO: I'll just ruin this

Brain: Not this again Set. You won't, you love her and even Moran can see that.

NO: Don't care about him

Brain: Okay but listen, she said yes right?

NO: Yes.

Brain: Good then she likes you back. You go to her room, you tell her how you feel and you'll talk things through with her and make sure you both are clrear about this. Once you've done that, you two will be a happy normal couple. Got it?

NO: Hope so. Thanks Will

Brain: Don't mention it, go get the girl. And fix your damn sleep schedule

NO: We danced past midnight and you expect me to sleep after that?!

Brain: It's your excuse for this time. Fix it.

NO: I'm going now.

Brain: One problem at a time, have fun Seto

NO: >.<


3-A, half an hour later

[NO had added Crispyraki, hot teacher and three others to the chat]
[Seto had added Nem, Cowboy and two others to the chat]
[Seto added Brain to the chat]

Bird: I can feel the chaos.

Pinky: Nice but why are they here?

Crispyraki: What are we doing here Seto?

NO: There's a stranger in my bed

Sonic: What?

Rozo: You ok Seto? Where are you?

Sho: He said his bed so?

NO: There's a pounding in my head

Mister: Get some pills and rest in bed. You'll be fine in a couple of hours but who's in your bed?

Pica: Are you a doc or something?

Mister: No but I know better than a bunch of teenagers

KEMGD: Said the guy in clown costume

Pinky: "life and work are different" from Crispyraki


Crispyraki: Why?

NO: Glitter all over the room

Crispyraki: Let me suffer without being interrupted Seto.

Nem: Did you get Aoyama drunk?

Momo: No

Pinky: Maybe

Pica: Yes

Captain Sparkle: It wasn't me though. And the common room is clear.

Shota: It better be. And what do you mean drunk Nemuri?

Nem: Welll

NO: Pink flamingos in the pool

Brain: You have pools in UA?

God: Who are you? And no we don't. He must be somewhere else. Villains?

Hot teacher: We don't have a pool either.

Brain: I'm William. Pleasure to meet.

Shota: Why are you here?

Brain: How should I know, Seto added me.

Crispyraki: Cut the nonsense Moriarty, you are behind this

Brain: Nope, not this time

God: Moriarty ha?

NO: DJ's passed out in the yard

NO: Barbies on the barbecue

Cowboy: You brought a DJ?

Hot teacher: Without me?

Neutralzill: Forget the DJ what the hell is that BBQ?

Sonic: No we didn't. Where is he, shouldn't he be in his room?

[Private messages between Seto and Fumi]

Bird 2: I'll clean the room this week if you play along

Bird 1: Deal. What should I say?

Bird 2: That I never came to dorm last night.

Bird 1: Why?

Bird 2: Later



Bird: Well Seto never came last night and his bed was empty this morning so?

Shota: Shit where is he?

Nem: Relax he's fine Dadzawa.

Brain: Interesting


Neutralzill: Shut it explody. Let's find the birthday boy first

Shota: There is no need for you villains

NO: This a hickey or a bruise?

Shota: I'm going back to bed. This is nonsense.

Crispyraki: A What Now?

Hot teacher: Dam Seto, you should have called me to the party too

Purple: Not the time Dabi

Rozo: The hell?

God: Language

Rozo: No

Pinky: You broke mom but what the actual heck? Seto? What?

KEMGD: Are you serious

Chicken: Hey what's with the spam

Hot teacher: Back read Keigo

Chicken: Wait seriously? Didn't he like you know who?

Pinky: Exactly

Neutralzill: Yes

Crispyraki: That's what I'm saying

Brain: Very true and amusing

KEMGD: Shut it and he definitely did

Rozo: Where is Kyouka?

John Cena: You're her roommate?

Rozo: She didn't came back to our room when I went to sleep and we didn't talk this morning


Crispyraki: Hold it

Bestgirl: Are you saying

Mister: Quite an fortunate turn of events

Shota: Nemuri? What did you do?

Nem: Me?

Shota: Yes you.

Brain: I think it's better if we let Seto continue

NO: Pictures of last night ended up online

NO: I'm screwed, oh well

God: I take it back, what?

Chicken: Looks like I have to clean a few messes ha?

Crispyraki: Just pray his sister doesn't find out about this

Rozo: About which one?

Crispyraki: All of them

Pinky: I'm really curious Seto, why are you talking like that?

Neutralzill: Maybe it's because we are interrupting him?

Pinky: Fine

NO: It's a blacked out blur, but I'm pretty sure it ruled

Queen: Damn

Rozo: Kyouka?

KEMGD: What happened ears?

Purple: I don't want to be an uncle so?

Brain: Same

Pinky: That's way to far even in theory. Kyouka answer

Purple: Just saying

NO: Last Friday night, yeah we danced on tabletops

Crispyraki: Lies, you don't dance even with a gun on your head

Pinky: He did for Jirou?





John Cena: That's the point. They were together last night then?

Frop: I think I saw them leave the party not long after each other actually

Bestgirl: That's getting spicy

Nem: Agreed

Shota: Nemuri!

NO: And we took too many shots

Purple: You're not that light drinker, so ok?

NO: Think we kissed but I forgot





Hot teacher:








John Cena:



Brokly: Seriously?

Pica: How do you know you kissed if you forget?

Brain: Good point

Nem: The hickey?

Brain: Better point

NO: Last Friday night

Shota: It was last night

Bird: Same thing

NO: Yeah we maxed out our credit cards

Sonic: Not a hero like action Seto, we are supposed to be show a symbol to the people

Grapes: Can you guys don't talk for a second? He's doing his best to explain

Rozo: Mineta's right

Sonic: I apologize but it's too much

NO: And got kicked out of the bar

Purple: Traitor

Crispyraki: Not now Kurogiri

NO: So we hit the boulevard

Shota: Do you have a driving license?

Chicken: He does

Shota: Okay fine

NO: Last Friday night, we went streaking in the park

NO: Skinny-dipping in the dark

Pinky: Nice

Neutralzill: You jinxed it

NO: Then we had a ménage à trois

Neutralzill: See

Captain Sparkle: I

Captain Sparkle: Damn

Nem: Thank god you all can't read that one

Shota: Translation?

Nem: No

Pinky: I'll google it

Pinky: I regret it

Queen: This Friday night, do it all again. But this Friday night, do it all again

Rozo: You okay Kyouka?

Brain: Sounds a bit drunk

Shota: Nemuri!

Nem: Stop it Shota it's not me they went to bar

Purple: And not mine

NO: Trying to connect the dots

Sho: I'll help

Brokly: No

NO: Don't know what to tell my boss

Chicken: Absolutely nothing. Go for Aizawa not me

Bird: That's what he meant

NO: Think the city towed my car. Chandelier is on the floor

Crispyraki: Didn't you had a bike?

Cowboy: Why do you have a car in the first place? Just portal there

God: Please don't destroy the rooms or chandeliers

NO: Ripped my favourite party dress

Bestgirl: Not the gray suite

Pinky: Not the time

Bestgirl: Sorry♥️

NO: Warrant's out for my arrest

Crispyraki: Not again

Mister: Great, here we go again

Brain: We talked about this Seto

Chicken: Great, more headache

Shota: Warrant? Arrest? Wht the hell did you do problem child?

Pica: Dadzawa

Purple: Truly Dadzawa

Nem: He cares♥️

Shota: Shut up last thing I need is a run away student

God: For legal reasons, a villain Seto is a dangerous Seto

Brain: Ah it brings bacl memories

Hot teacher: Mood, might as well add his sister here

Crispyraki: NO

Pinky: Do it

Crispyraki: NO

[Brain had added Rose to the chat]

God: How?

Brain: Weak firewall.

Rose: What is this?

Brain: UA's group chat. Back read

Rozo: Are you Seto's sister?

Rose: Nope, he's my brother. Know the difference

Pica: Rose and Seto?

Rose: I got my name from the bastard, he got it from the bitch.

Pinky: ?

Rozo: Let's not pray on their family matters and focus on Seto's potential warrent for arrest

Rose: ?

Rose: Wow

Rose: This Kyouka girl is the one Malcolm talked about?

Brain: Yep

Rose: Nice. Continue Seto

NO: Think I need a ginger ale. That was such an epic fail.

Mister: We have some left in the kitchen, come and get it

Queen: Pictures of last night ended up online, I'm screwed, oh well

Queen: It's a blacked out blur, but I'm pretty sure it ruled

Rose: Damn

Rozo: Why are you repeating Seto?

Sho: Cause she had the same experience

Purple: Two drunks are bad

Rose: What's the worst case scenario?

Pinky: You becoming an aunt?


Rose: Okay?

NO: Last Friday night, yeah we danced on tabletops.

NO: And we took too many shots

NO: Think we kissed, but I forgot

Rose: Then do it again

John Cena: I like how she thinks but why is he repeating?

Shota: Hangover

NO: Last Friday night, we went streaking in the park, skinny-dipping dipping in the dark.

Captain Sparkle: Not this again

NO: Then had a ménage à trois

Ocha: That's it, I'm searching it

Sho: ^

Chicken: ^

Neutralzill: ^

Ocha: Oh god

Sho: ^

Chicken: ^

Neutralzill: ^

Rose: Now I'm curious

Crispyraki: Don't be

NO: Last Friday night, yeah, I think we broke the law

Rose: What's new about it?

NO: Always say we're gonna stop, whoa

Cowboy: Never say that, just stop right there

Sonic: Exactly

NO: But this Friday night, do it all again

Queen: ♥️

NO: Happy?

Queen: Very

Shota: What's happening?

Brain: Unfortunately, you got pranked

Nem: Ha?

Rose: Katy Perry? Really Seto?

NO: Wasn't my idea. Kyouka made me

Rose: Bring her here once. I want to see your girlfriend in person

Pinky: Big words for those two

Crispyraki: As if

Chicken: Sounds nice but not real

Queen: Sure, whenever you're free

Rose: I'll talk to Seto about it later

Rozo: Wait seriously?

Queen: Come pv

Bird: Now would you explain Seto?

NO: Nope, I'm sleeping

Bird: I'm in the room. Where are you?

NO: Kyouka's. Good night

Ocha: Yep, definitely need a pv

Sonic: I'm confused

Grapes: Seto got the girl and mocked us all in one go.

Sonic: I'm going back to bed too

Crispyraki: Should I feel humilated or proud?

Brain: Both

Hot teacher: How did you know?

Brain: Seto texted me half an hour ago or so. It was obviously a joke

Hot teacher: Nice

Mister: Kurogiri I'll have a drink now

Purple: Sure, come to kitchen

Shota: I need one too

Chapter Text

[Bakohoe is loud]

Pinky: So?

Queen: So what?

Pinky: Wanna explain what was that?

Queen: Last Friday night by Katy Perry.

Rozo: Not that, the other parts.

Queen: Hmmm, not sure what you are taking about?

John Cena: Jirou where did you two go last night?

Queen: To the rooftop

Ocha: And?

Queen: You really want to know ha?

Pinky: ┐( ∵ )┌

Queen: Okay we talked a bit and then we danced

Pinky: \(◎o◎)/

Queen: Not like that time, we danced normally


Queen: And kissed I guess?

Rozo: You guess?

Pinky: (ノ`⌒´)ノ┫:・┻┻

Queen: It happened fast okay? And then I asked him this morning about it and he asked me out

Ocha: What did you say?

Pinky: (ಠ_ಠ)>⌐■-■

Ocha: I know it's a yes but what?

Queen: I asked him to ask me in person and he did. The end.

Pinky: (≧▽≦)

Rozo: Congratulations on you two

Ocha: Yep

Frop: Yep congrats

John Cena: Go get him girl.

Pinky: Wait what is he doing now?

Queen: He went to my bed after it and is now asleep.

Rozo: Why I'm not surprised?

Pinky: Since it's just eleven am and weekend. I'd be surprised if he was awake

Queen: Same, look

[Queen had sent a picture.]
[It's a picture of her blanket. Under it, the shape of someone's body could be seen. On top of it, a few strands of black hair could seen. Jirou's hand which is not holding the phone is on his head, caressing it.]

Rozo: At least he's acting like usual

Queen: Yes I expected him to act a little different at least but nope, Seto is Seto

Pinky: Wow who would have guessed? If I didn't know I would say he was in love with you even before it and liking you was his normal

Pinky: But nope, certainly not, couldn't be me

Queen: I can hear the sarcasm Mina

Pinky: →_→

Pinky: ←_←

Rozo: Well it's all good now so what are you going to do with his sister?

Queen: I'll meet her I guess? She seemed cool.

Rozo: Yeh about that

Queen: ?

Ocha: ?

Rozo: Yesterday after we came back from the jewelry he told me about his sister a little bit.

Queen: Jewelry? Wait you knew about the necklace?

Rozo: Only when he was buying it. Hope you liked it cause he was a bit stressed out about it.

Queen: Stress? You two are insane, you know that Momo? that was literally the best gift I could get

Ocha: Dam he's going all out then, ha?

Queen: He sure did. Anyway what's with his sister?

Rozo: Well it's something you should talk to Seto about this, it's not my position and I don't know most of it.

Queen: Just say some hints until he wakes up

Rozo: She is a mafia?



John Cena:

Frop: Not surprised

Pinky: Same

Queen: Well, Seto knows lov too so it's not the biggest deal

Pinky: And the new guy too.

Rozo: Yes but Seto said she's actually kind hearted so I don't think we have to worry

Pinky: Imagine if Iida knew

Rozo: Okay that would be something

Queen: A mafia in our class's chat? Surely he wouldn't be upset about it

Pinky: ⊙﹏⊙

Pinky: He'll threw himself in front of Bakugo

Frop: You mean a car?

Pinky: Nope, Bakohoe

Queen: Okay I'm out

Rozo: What happened?

[Queen had sent a picture]

[It's a photo of her bed. On it, Seto's hands are wrapped around Kyouka's waist while he is still sleeping and her head resting on her right hand.]

Pinky: (ノ≧∇≦)ノ ミ ┻━┻

Rozo: Have fun there

Queen: Sure I'm trapped and hungry. It will be fun

Frop: Wake him up?

Queen: I can't he's sleeping so innocently. Momo help

Rozo: Have fun with your boyfriend Kyouka


[League of tormented souls of hell, a few hours later]


Crispyraki: Who changed our usernames in this chat?

Hot teacher: Not me

Bestgirl: Sounds suspicious

Neutralzill: Ask Mr, his name is the same

Mister: I'm busy, stop spamming.

Mister: What's up with your names?

Purple: More importantly, why I can't change them back?

Crispyraki: Seto?

NO: Yes?

Crispyraki: Change them back

NO: No♥️

Crispyraki: I hate you

NO: No you don't

Bestgirl: What did you do last night?

NO: Not your business

Neutralzill: Got the girl?

NO: Uhom.

Mister: Congratz

NO: Thanks

Crispyraki: Good for you now change the names

NO: Nope, these are fun

Purple: Do you want to come here for dinner tonight

NO: What do you have?

Purple: Chicken

NO: Dabi what did you do to Keigo? I trusted you. 💔💔

Hot teacher: Many things but he's not in the menu, not yours at least

NO: I really don't want to know

Purple: Will you come?

NO: Sure, save me a sit

Bestgirl: Bring Kyouka too

NO: ?

Bestgirl: Bring her to dinner

NO: She is a hero?

Bestgirl: So?

NO: You are her enemies?

Hot teacher: Life and work are different as an idiot once said

Crispyraki: Go to hell and Seto's right, she's a hero

Mister: Not you saying that

Crispyraki: What the hell do you mean?

Mister: You know what I mean boss


Crispyraki: It's still a no

Bestgirl: What if we invite Hawks too?

Crispyraki: A hero in training is one thing but to reveal our location to the number two hero?

Hot teacher: He already knows

Crispyraki: You son of a bitch

Hot teacher: Don't talk about my mother like that!

NO: Son of a bastard

Hot teacher:

Hot teacher: Better

Bestgirl: Anyway invite birdy tonight Dabi

Hot teacher: Sure

Crispyraki: I don't have a say in this?

Purple: No I guess

NO: ┻┻︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵┻┻

NO: Fine I'll ask her but she'll say no

NO: Just because we are friends doesn't mean she'll like you


NO: The hell

Bestgirl: ?

NO: She said she'll come

Bestgirl: Youpi

Crispyraki: Seriously?

NO: Apparently

NO: Only if Hawks come though

Hot teacher: He will, he said he would stay for the night too

Crispyraki: After my dead body

Hot teacher: Sure bring it

NO: Kuro

Purple: Yes?

NO: I'll send you a location. Bring the idiots there for the night instead of the hideout

Purple: Sure, where is it?

NO: Somewhere Malcolm and I used to hangout

NO: And Mr

Mister: ?

NO: Kyouka said she'll give it a chance

Mister: You mean yesterday's topic?

NO: Yes

Mister: Good

Crispyraki: What topic?

NO: Shhh, not your business

Crispyraki: I hate you

NO: No you don't now go find something to wear that won't scare Kyouka away

Crispyraki: No

NO: 🔪

Crispyraki: Still no

NO: Don't let me invite Rose too

Crispyraki: Okay fine

Bestgirl: Wait do it, I wanna meet her

Crispyraki: She'll rip your hearts out of your chests

Purple: Sounds nice to me, can she teach me that?

NO: Maybe? But I won't invite her, she'll scare Kyouka and Himiko is enough for the job. One villain group at a time.

Bestgirl: Oy

NO: Am I wrong?

Bestgirl: Yes

Neutralzill: No

NO: Sure then see you tonight

Crispyraki: What ever


[Bakohoe is loud]


Queen: Help again

Rozo: Is Seto sleeping on you again?

Queen: I wish it was that but no

Pinky: What's wrong hon?

Queen: Seto invited me to dinner

Rozo: And you think it's too fast?

Queen: No I like that part actually but the problem the another part

Pinky: Spill it out

Queen: Apparently, it's with the lov?

Rozo: What?

Ocha: You joking?

Pinky: (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻

Queen: Nope

Rozo: Why?

Queen: He said they were bugging him to at least tell me and I was more than welcome to choose either way

Rozo: So you could just say no?

Queen: Yes

Pinky: But did you?

Queen: No

Rozo: Kyouka

Queen: What?

Rozo: Why did you agreed if you didn't want to? He wouldn't be bothered if you didn't like hanging out with villains just because he did

Queen: I know but

Queen: He seems really friendly with them and I wanted to know why

Rozo: But going to the villains's hideout is dangerous

Queen: We are eating somewhere else

Rozo: Not better

Pinky: I wanna come


Queen: Why?

Pinky: You know how those guys were laying low for a while now?

Ocha: So?

Pinky: Maybe their not that evil anymore since both Seto and Hawks are hanging out with them

Pinky: Besides, we don't know why they became villains in the first place. Isn't it good to find out? Maybe we could help them.

Rozo: Even with all that, they are villains

Pinky: Well I asked Seto just now and he said I could come so no point arguing with me


Queen: Yep, she doesn't sound that bad.

Ocha: Be careful girls

Pinky: No worries we can bit those villains anyday

Rozo: No seriously, don't mess with them Mina

Pinky: No promises

Rozo: Mina

Pinky: Nope

Queen: I'll look after her

Queen: Besides, Hawks will be there too

Rozo: That feels better

Rozo: But if anyone finds out

Queen: They won't, Seto says he knew Shigaraki for years and Hawks has been dating Dabi for a year now. They know what they are doing

Rozo: Hope so

Rozo: The hero society is sure weird


[NO had created a group chat]

[No had added Mister, Kyo and on other to the chat]

NO: So

Brain: What is this chat for?

NO: First, you free tonight?

Brain: Yes

NO: I'll send you the location, come for dinner

Brain: Thanks, I'll come

Brain: But the chat?

NO: If tonight goes well, I'll ask Mina if she wants to hangout with me and Himio tomorrow at the mall

Brain: Oh? Miss Toga has feelings for another hero?

Mister: Yes

Kyo: Apparently

Kyo: Mina herself doesn't seem to hate you guys that much

Mister: Good to hear, we'll see that tonight

Brain: Em, who are invited exactly?

NO: The idiots, plus me, Kyouka and Mina

NO: And Hawks

Brain: Sounds horrible

Brain: Can I bring Sherlock?

NO: Sure, the more the merrier

Mister: Are the plans ready?

NO: Sure, I chose a route, a few shops and a restaurant

Mister: Quite a double date

Kyo: A what?

Mister: Are you not present for the plan Miss Jirou?

Kyo: mmm

Mister: Seto


NO: Do you want to go to the mall with me Kyouka?

Kyo: Sounds fun?

NO: You don't like it?

Kyo: I do but the whole thing is weird. Maybe Mina doesn't even loke her

NO: Then it would be just you and me. Does it still sound bad

Kyo: Nope, I'm in. Is that a date then?

NO: If you want to.

Kyo: Obviously

Mister: Then I see you all tonight

Brain: Why did you add me here then Seto? I'm not a part of this

NO: Read your username


NO: Exactly, you're the brain of tomorrow's plan.

Brain: I'm not that good at this areas

NO: Don't care, you know more than me

Brain: I'm sure Miss Jirou would disagree with this

Kyo: I actually do, he could be romantic if he tries

Kyo: How did you know?

NO: He's smart AND he will plan a few things tomorrow

NO: Now I'm going clean the place

Kyo: Need help?

NO: Nope, Kurogiri is going to be there in half an hour. We'll fix the place until night. I'll come get you two before it starts.

Kyo: Thanks, see you there

NO: →_→

Kyo: Don't learn weird things from Mina

Mister: Please don't, she's terrifying

No: ←_←

Brain: Now I want to see this Mina

Chapter Text

Cleaning the room, Seto realised that no-one hadn't payed a visit to their hideout in a long long time. If it wasn't for Kurogiri, Seto surely wouldn't finish in time.

They were at an abandoned warehouse at the port of Yokohama city. That part of city belonged to the Mafia but Malcolm took the place years ago; with adding Rose to it, no-one didn't plan on taking it back. It was a simple building; it had a high roof and a space that could fit more than a few containers.

In the past few years, those two plus Aizel put a few furnitures there; A few green and comfy sofas, a lunch table and a set of wooden chairs, some carpets plus pillows and blankets, and an old radio. They were planning on adding a refrigerator too but never got the chance.

Kurogiri had already cooked the dinner for a larger crowd and they were ready to accept their guests right at eight o'clock; with the first being hawks who didn't even need either of their portals. He had broken his norm and was wearing something formal; a gray suite with a dark blue tie. To go even further, he had gelled his hair backward and wore sunglasses.

--- You got some nice place here Seto.

--- Thanks, it was good in old days.

--- Need help with rebuilding?

After thinking a few moments about the offer, he shaked his head and answered:

--- Not today at least. Now if you excuse us, the two of us have some guests to bring here. Right Kuro?

The mist villain nodded to him quietly and went back to their base without saying a word to the pro hero. Hawks giggled and told Seto.

--- Damn, giving his brother-in-law cold shoulder from the start.

--- If you think that was the brother-in-law cold shoulder then you haven't met Shoto yet.

--- Mood but right.

--- Don't touch anything until I return, got it?

--- Ay ay captain!

Seto gave him one last glare and went back to their dorm through his own portal. He appeared right outside of the building, where the two girls were waiting for him. One quite impatiently.

Kyouka was wearing a black night dress; a long, thin, one part cloth from her shoulder to feet. It was laced on the shoulders, arms and knees below. It was simply and unadorned but had threads connecting its two sides together in the back. Her long hair were straightened and gathered on the back of her head.

Amused by her and her formality, Seto cracked a small smile and said:

--- You look beautiful Kyouka. You didn't have to go all out for something like that though.

--- It's a matter of manners Seto, and we at least have to try to be good with them right?

--- Yes, perhaps you are right. Hawks sure was dressed up too.

--- Oy. Now that you two love birds are together you don't pay attention to me any more ha? That's what our friendship stand for?

--- Stop being dramatic Mina, you look nice too.

And he wasn't exactly lying. Though she wasn't dressed up like Kyouka, she too had her own look and style. She was wearing a loose pink T-shirt and ripped jeans. Her hair was even more wavy than usual. Leaning forward and keeping her hands behind her back, she giggled and said:

--- Well thank you. Now can you be a gentleman and guide us to the party.

--- Sure sure. Come on in.

He bowed his head and opened a portal behind them.

--- I would say ladies first but I better go first in case any other came before us.

When both girls nodded in agreement, he walked through the portal and they followed him to the warehouse where a larger crowd was waiting for them as per Seto's expectations.

--- Welcome to my house. Feel yourselves at home...

He looked at the villains for a few seconds and continued:

--- but don't get too comfortable. Do I need to introduce anyone?

--- Nope, we'd already beat this guys before.

Mina said as she grinned at Shigaraki. The blue haired boy shaked his head in disappointment and responded:

--- Next time, I will kill you girl. Just let me get out of this place first.

--- Sure, you can try bestie.

--- What's fucking wrong with this kid Seto?

--- As if I know. Just don't mess this place. Let's settle down until those two come so we can have dinner.

--- Those two? Who else is invited?

--- Will and his friend.

--- Perfect. Really perfect.

Shigaraki groaned and sat on the table. Others too followed his lead and found themselves a place. The table that Malcolm had bought years ago was quite big. It could have twelve guests at a time. With they being eleven, it was quite suitable for the occasion.

Shigaraki sat on the first sit of right row, Spinner, Dabi and Hawks next to him in that order with one sit empty.

On the other row, Kyouka sat first with Mina obviously next to her. Taking the opportunity, Himiko jogged her way to her and sat next to the pink girl. To keep her in check, Compress sat on the fourth sit.

Finally, Seto layed back to the top chair between Shigaraki and Kyouka and summoned a few bottles of wine with his portal.

--- Well now, anyone is thirsty?

He didn't need to ask twice as everyone except for Kyouka raised their hands. As he poured the crimson liquor for the villains and Hawks, he told Mina:

--- No drink for you.

--- Not fair!

--- That's how it is. Anyway where is Twice?

As Dabi emptied his glass in a go, he answered:

--- Sleep. He said he wasn't in the mood for a party.

--- Party is a big word for this.

--- Not as your girl and Keigo here are dressed.

He did have a point. From Shigaraki's formal shirt to Himiko's school uniform and Spinner's hoodie, the league sure had a wide range of fashion senses. Compare to them, Seto only had a short sleeves shirt and black jeans. The range got even wider as the last two guests arrived.

Entering the abandoned warehouse, William James Moriarty walked to the group side by side of his old nemesis, Sherlock Holmes fifteen minutes after them.

--- Well what a happy bunch we have here.

--- What's up Sherly?

--- Not bad kiddo. Are the rummers true?

--- Which ones?

--- That you could be romantic?

Glaring at William, Seto sighed and answered while glancing at Kyouka:

--- Sure, better than you obviously.

--- Is that a challenge?

--- Now now, let's eat before food gets cold?

Kurogiri said as he opened a portal and brought the food to the table. There were four plates full of chicken plus soup and salad. Kurogiri was the best of them when it came to housekeeping and now the two girls knew why. The rest of the ceremony went uneventful as William sat next to Mr and Sherlock got the sit next to Hawks.

Many of them wanted to start a conversation with Kyouka but not a single of them scaped his eyes. On the other hand, Mina had no shame toward any of them. Spinner was the first victim who fell pray to her.

--- Hey Spinner.

--- What do you want girl?

He knew better than anyone else how terrifying she could get; not her quirk or battle but her tongue and the fact that she was favoured by Seto in that room.

--- Why are you a villain?

--- Ha?

--- Why are you with this bitches?

--- Isn't it obvious?

--- Not at all. Tell me.

--- No.

--- Come on.

--- We are damn enemies for god's sake.

--- Well maybe we could help if you tell us.

Laughing with his eyes fixed on his plate, he wasn't sure what he should say. What could a kid do for him? William, as he was well aware of many affairs of the league, coughed as he took their interest and said:

--- It doesn't sound like a bad idea.

And that was how he told the girls and Sherlock about his past; his childhood and all the racims that happened in his life, about how Stain inspired him and others, and about how the league help him to get over his problems.

Mina and Kyouka were speechless. They were both somehow familiar with the state of their society but not to this level.

--- I...

--- Disappointed in humanity? We are all.

Seto said as he patted Kyouka on the shoulder.

--- But it's heroes's job to fix this stuff right? Why aren't they doing it?

--- Well pinky, because there is no money in saving the likes of us so they don't bother.

--- The hero comission is not that corrupted right?

--- Well yes, It's not that corrupted. It's far worse than this talks.

Hawks said as he layed back and left his glass half full. He was way more familiar with H.C than any other so when he said they were worse, they were.

--- But, what about Allmight? You can't look me in the eyes and say that he is corrupted too.

--- Of course he isn't, but what is one man against the whole society. No, the whole world. There isn't a single from of government that is rotten to the core with the development of quirks.

Seto explained it to Mina as best as he could without destroying her dreams and ideals.

--- Then, what about the rest of you. Are you really... Or?

--- Are they really villains or just the side effects of what the society had done?

Seto completed her sentence. To answer her, Himiko was the first to take the opportunity. She told them about her quirk development, how she needs to drink blood in order to function normally and how she was cast away because of it. She told them about Stain, the guy who didn't believe in the norms that are ruling the country and its people and about the league; the idiots who took her in and help her with her needs.

--- It, it must have been hard for you.

Mina said as she caressed the girl's hand. Himiko smiled at the gesture and said:

--- It was but it's fine now. Shigy, Dabi, Mr and even Seto helped me. I must look like a monster ha?

--- Monster? You were always the least craziest of the lov even when we were fighting.

--- You mean least evil Mina, right? She is the definition of mental instability.

--- Shut it Seto, I'm completely stable. You are the unstable one.

--- No argument there. But Mina got a point; you're the least evil compared to the others in this table, even Will.

--- I'm hurt Seto.

--- Be hurt Lord of crime.

--- So you drink people's blood because you need it to survive?

Mina asked her without paying any attention to William and Seto.

--- Yep, it's like water.

--- Oh. Well if it makes it better for the past, you can have my blood too.

--- Mina?

Seto asked with surprise but was shutted immediately by the pink girl.

--- Nope. If you can share your blood with her, then so can I. I can't change the society or act like Stain but I can do this much.

As she finished, she was suddenly embraced by the crying blonde girl. Himiko was surely not used to people outside of the league being kind to here; specially someone she had feelings for.

Patting her head, Mina smiled and said:

--- I guess we can be friends ha?

--- Nope!

--- Sure, if you stop tormenting us.

--- De-Definitely

Shigaraki, Spinner and Himiko answered her in turns. Next to speak up about their past was Dabi.

--- Well I could tell you about mine but you already know right?

--- Wrong.

He was answered honestly by Shigaraki. Even the lov didn't know about his past. So he started explaining, talking about things that he never thought he would get the chance to speak about.

He told them he was Touya, first son of Endeavour. Not many were surprised though.

--- Yeah we guesses that much from your hatred toward the flaming trashcan.

Mr said as he was confronted with Dabi's suspicious stare. He then told them about his childhood; how Endewhore had abused his powers and wanted him to surpass Allmight, how he got his scars by overusing his quirk, how he was cast away after Shoto was born and how he ran away from him while faking his own death. It was Stain who inspired him to join the league, taking help to destroy the fake hero.

--- Yeah so, the number one hero is not that great kids.

--- Yes we know. Shoto had told us before but not to this extant.

--- Yep, and now he wants me to reunite with my siblings.

--- Sounds great, I'll help.

--- I don't need your help you horned hazard.

--- Meani.

Next came compress.

--- Well compare to this guys, I don't have a tragic back story but hear me out if you want.

He told them about his family; how his ancestor understood the truth of the society and heroism from the first days and decided to become a thief. He told them how he took his job after seeing what heroes were truly made of and what they were stand for. He told them about Stain, how he inspired him to join the league and finish his family's unfinished business.

--- Sounds cool. So you all want to fix the society?

--- In a matter of words, yes we do.

--- With breaking it?

Kyouka asked suspiciously.

--- Don't get me wrong. I understand what you want to do but I don't understand your way.

--- Tell me kid, how else can we stop the ways of the society and the government without breaking them apart first and rebuilding them second?

Shigaraki answered her slowly, his cold voice shaking her whole body.

--- I'm... Not sure.

--- Exactly. If you all are finished, then it's time for us to leave.

--- Don't you want to tell us about yourself Shigy?

--- Not today Dabi. Kurogiri.

--- As you wish.

With his command, the mist villain opened his portal and Shigaraki went through it as the first one. Saying their farewell to the girls and Seto, Spinner and Mr followed him without delay. Himiko though took her time with Mina.

--- Call me later okay?

--- Sure Toga.

--- Call me Himiko.

--- Hehe, no problem.

--- Hehe, see you later.

And went through the portal. Next was Dabi. He kissed Hawks and whispered in his ears:

--- Come to our place later tonight. I'm bored.

And walked home without waiting for an answer, leaving Keigo speechless but he was used to it at that point.

With the villains out, Hawks too told his farewells.

--- See you at work Seto.

--- Sure, I'll be there after the weekend.

--- Have fun with your girlfriend.

--- Get lost KFC.

And it left them with the three students and the two British.

--- So, you guys want to stay for dessert?

--- Nope, we don't want to be a bother to you much further, right Sherlock?

--- No way, I wanna bother Seto.

--- And how exactly?

Seto said while being ready to portal him away.

--- For example, I can say some nice stories about the last time you visited London to lady Kyouka and...

But it was the cue for the boy to banish him to the shadow realm.

--- Seto?

--- Wow, who would have thought that Sherly would be spirited away in my own house. So tragic, right Will?

--- Indeed. It's tragic.

--- Need a portal home?

--- No I came with a car.

--- You know I can teleport both, right?

--- No need for that. I enjoy driving.

--- Have a safe trip back.

And two more were gone; one quite forcefully. Before Mina could open her mouth, Seto opened a portal and sent her back to her room. He wasn't in the mood to answer her questions about the lov.

--- It looks like only the two of us remain, ha?

Kyouka stated as she smiled and hugged him from behind.

--- Did you like tonight?

--- Definitely. I never thought about the league like this. Thank you.

--- I should thank you for accepting me tonight. Many wouldn't with all this.

--- And many would but I guess we both can improve. The hero society and comission, are they...

--- They're no trouble for us. Those bastards know better than that to mess with me. I have dirt on them.

--- Hmmm, what should we do now?

--- Wanna see some movies?

--- Sounds fun but aren't our dorms occupied right now with Momo and Fumikage?

--- No need for that, we got a whole abandoned warehouse remember?

He said as he opened a portal and brought out a projector and his laptop. Sitting on the carpet and gathering the pillows and blankets, he pointed at Kyouka and told her to sit next to him.

The weather wasn't that cold but they cuddled under the blankets for the rest of the night and watched the movie that Seto played. Kyouka lasted a movie before surrendering to the warmth of the bed-like setup and fell to sleep on Seto. He watched one more movie
*Kyouka* before also falling to sleep there.

Chapter Text

Bakohoe is loud


John Cena: So, how was it girls?

Pinky: Weird

Rozo: How so?

Pinky: It was

Pinky: Nice?

Ocha: Really?

Queen: Yep, it was.

Rozo: And where are you exactly?

Queen: Somewhere

Rozo: Okay have fun

Frop: Did anyone die last night?

Pinky: Nope

Frop: Did you mess with them though?

Pinky: Obviously

Queen: She did but it turned out fine

Pinky: →_→←_←

Ocha: ?

Pinky: We got some stories

Rozo: Tell us if it's may

Pinky: A. Endewhore is apparently a flaming trashcan

Ocha: We knew that much

Pinky: He is even a bigger flaming trashcan.

Pinky: B. Spinner deserves better and C, Sero's friends are all weirdos.

Queen: You count in the C

Pinky: I regret nothing

Rozo: Could you elaborate B?

Pinky: Nope, no can do

Ocha: Why?

Pinky: Seto made me promise anything in there would stay there. Also Kurogiri's cook is great

Momo: I'm not sure what should we do with this information

Pinky: Loose hope in humanity?


Frop: Looks like you've seen quite a bit

Queen: You could say that too, it sure was a lot

Rozo: Are you with him now?

Queen: 🤫 good night

Rozo: Sure


[Private messages between Seto and Himiko]

Gloomy: Hey Himiko

Addict: ?

Gloomy: Wanna go shopping?

Addict: Nope

Gloomy: I'm bringing Mina too

Addict: ←_←

Addict: On second thought, I'm in

Gloomy: We'll leave in an hour, get dressed up

Addict: Where are we going?

Gloomy: You'll see


[Private messages between Seto and Mina]

Probably a Mafia: Mina

Earth invader: Yes?

Probably a Mafia: When did you change my username again?

Earth invader: Shhhhh. What's up? Having fun with Jirou?

Probably a Mafia: As a matter of metaphor, yes but that's not why I am here

Earth invader: =_=

Probably a Mafia: Wanna go shopping?

Earth invader: Why?

Probably a Mafia: Why do people shop?

Earth invader: I don't know, why?

Probably a Mafia: Me neither

Earth invader: Who's in?

Probably a Mafia: Kyouka and Himiko

Earth invader: Sounds weird

Probably a Mafia: I promised her to take her to mall and Kyouka wanted to tag along

Earth invader: Sooooo?

Probably a Mafia: Drop the o predator, you can not fool me

Earth invader: I'll try

Probably a Mafia: Get ready in an hour

Earth invader: (⌐■-■)

Earth invader: Sound suspicious

Earth invader: I'm in

Probably: Nice, see you


[Private messages between Mina and Bakugo, one and a half hour later]

Annoyance number two: KATSUKI!!!

Angry bird: No

Annoyance number two: I haven't talked yet

Angry bird: Whatever it is, I'm not buying it

Annoyance number two: Please .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

Angry bird: Fine, where are you?

Annoyance: Mall with Seto

Angry bird: Then ask him for help

Annoyance number two: He is a part of the problem

Angry bird: Just say it

Annoyance number two: She looks so cute I can't

Angry bird:

Angry bird: Get lost

Annoyance number two: KATSUKI 'BAKOHOE' BAKUGO

Angry bird: I'll kill you

Annoyance number two: I'm dying from cuteness overload already

Angry bird: Who's she?

Annoyance number two: Emmm

Angry bird: Mina?

Annoyance number two: Do you remember a girl named Himiko?

Angry bird:

Angry bird: Ha?

Annoyance number two: Uhom

Angry bird: Toga?

Annoyance number two: Yes

Angry bird: What the actual hell Mina

Annoyance number two: Don't judge me she's adorable

Angry bird: A maniac serial killer?

Annoyance number two: Better that Endewhore

Angry bird: Don't change the subject

Annoyance number two: Don't worry we're fine

Angry bird: Should I kill Seto?

Annoyance number two: Only if I got a heart attack

Angry bird: I'm serious

Annoyance number two: So am I

[Annoyance number two had sent a picture]

[It's a photo of a black haired boy and a blonde girl. Seto is wearing a purple hoodie while Himiko is on a white loose T-shirt and a skirt. Her long hair is open and loose on her shoulder instead of her usual bun and is wearing suspiciously large sunglasses.]

Angry bird: Why hasn't she been arrested?

Annoyance number two: Hawks's agency is on patrol today so Seto is on the job here

Angry bird: Geart, our noble hero

Annoyance number two: Now shut up and help

Angry bird: With what?

Annoyance number two: (ಠ_ಠ)>⌐■-■

Angry bird: I am not helping you with that

Annoyance number two: Please

Angry bird: She is a villain

Annoyance number two: Not her choice

Angry bird: How do you now?

Annoyance number two: Long story

Angry bird: Make it short

Annoyance number two: She doesn't drink blood because she is crazy, it's because of her quirk's side effects

Angry bird: Still not justifying the villain paarts

Annoyance number two: If society would throw you away because your explosions are creepy and treat you as a monster, wouldn't you become a villain?

Angry bird:

Angry bird: Well Izuku wouldn't but I, well...

Annoyance number two: You have already checked half of the items on Lov's qualification list

Angry bird: Is there a thing like that?

Annoyance number two: I'm making one but do you get my point?

Angry bird: Not yet but those bird brains aren't as dumb as you so we're good for now

Angry bird: What do you need?

Annoyance number two: (╥﹏╥) You're hurting my feelings

Angry bird: Do you need my help or not?

Annoyance number two: Okay okay

Angry bird: What do you need?

Annoyance number two: Help

Angry bird: With what?

Annoyance number two: Everything

Angry bird: Perfection. Tell me what's going on

Annoyance number two: Okay okay. I came to mall a while back and Seto was already waiting for me with Himiko and Jirou

Annoyance number two: It was awkward but we got going. We went to a candy shop and then a place where they had some video games. Seto got some lego game for Shigaraki, don't ask which one

Angry bird: Disappointed but not surprised

Annoyance number two: Same. So after that we decided to get a drink and that's how I have been waiting in a line for ten minutes waiting for our orders while they are sitting outside

Angry bird: Why are you doing it if you are complaining?

Annoyance number two: I hate waiting but needed to talk to someone without they suspecting

Angry bird: And you chose me?

Annoyance number two: Poor choice I know but anyway, what should I do?

Angry bird: Go chitchat with the crazy blonde, take her number at the end

Annoyance number two: I already have

Angry bird: Why do you have a villain's number?

Annoyance number two: Unrelevent, help! The order is almost ready

Angry bird: Just talk your way in somehow. You got the tongue

Annoyance number two: In what?

Angry bird: In her knife. Of course her heart idiot, why else are you wasting my time

Annoyance number two: (✿ ♡‿♡)

Angry bird: Shut up and go

Annoyance number two: What should I say?

Angry bird: The hell I know? Complement her clothes or something, check if she likes you back

Annoyance number two: How?

[Angry bird had blocked you]


[Private messages between Seto and Bakugo]

Cat: Seto

Annoyance number four: Yes my dear friend

[Cat had sent four photos]

[They are screen shots of his conversation with Mina]

Cat: Do your dirty work yourself

Annoyance number four: I am merely a third wheel

Cat: Sounds like a double date

Annoyance number four: That too

Cat: Can you trust blondy?

Annoyance number four: I trust her more than Hawks

Cat: Not good enough

Annoyance number four: And definitely more than you

Cat: Get lost

Annoyance number four: No you♥️

Cat: What's your plan?

Annoyance number four: Helping two idiots who probably have feelings for eachother

Cat: Just don't mess things up.

Annoyance number four: That's a promise. Now unblock Mina she'll need more help

Cat: Not my problem

Annoyance number four: It will be

[Cat had blocked you.]


[Private messages between Mina and Momo, half an hour later]

Disaster: Mom help

Mom: What's wrong Mina?

Disaster: No time to explain, Seto and Jirou ditched us to go go dating and I'm alone with Himiko


Disaster: She's so cute I can't make it alive

Mom: I am disappointed in all of you

Disaster: Stop sounding like Bakugo and help

Mom: How?

Disaster: I don't know I might as well kiss her

Mom: Don't kiss villains randomly out of nowhere Mina

Disaster: She is coming back with ice cream what should I do then?

Mom: A villain is buying you ice cream?

Disaster: Explanation later, help

Mom: Okay just act normal and play along with her. Have some alone time and wait for Seto to pick you up. It's not like she's going to confess to you out of nowhere or something

Disaster: Okay, can do that

[Twenty minutes later]

Disaster: Well

Mom: ?

Disaster: I got a girlfriend guess?

Chapter Text

B.2 pm, twenty minutes ago

The mall was as crowded as they expected so it wasn't much to the pink girl's surprise that the new couple had somehow disappeared right before their eyes; leaving her alone with her crush. A traitorous move; worthy of Seto. Mina would be mad at him if he wasn't simply giving back the favour from her own SetoJirou matchmaking. She was mad, but karma it was.

Being alone and really awkward, Himiko decided that the best choice of action for her would have been ice cream. Don't know how, but she heard from Dabi once that if in doubt, go for sweets and as the only member of the league except for Seto who was in a relationship, Himiko took his words.

Pointing at the ice cream stand, she vanished before Mina and gave the pink girl some time to prepare herself. Not having Bakugo or Seto, she resorted to Yaomomo. A little talk and she was ready when the girl came back with the ice creams. She got a strawberry one for Mina and a really red cherry one for herself.

--- I hope you like strawberry."

Himiko told her shyly as she gave her the ice cream. Definitely not expecting such traits from her, Mina chuckled and said:

--- Come on girl, who wouldn't like strawberry? Thanks a lot."

--- You are... welcome. Wanna eat somewhere quieter?"

Going somewhere quiet with a villain is completely ridiculous especially for a hero-in-training like her. But who was Mina if she wouldn't do something that stupid for love? And Seto trusted the blonde girl enough for Mina to don't fret over it. Worst case scenario, she would die at the hands of such beauty. No big deal.

They walked their way to the roof of the building. It was pretty much illegal and a no-entry zone but as Himiko grabbed her hand and guided her to the edge of the building, Mina's mind had only access to a limited range of functions including walking, breathing and watching the girl as she hold tight to her slim hand. Thinking about legal matters wasn't in her arsenal at the moment.

They sat there for around ten minutes, finishing their ice creams and watching the people on the streets beneath them. Everything looked so small from where they were, they were dangerously high and it took Mina several more minutes of silence to realise that.

--- Mmmm, I think it's enough sitting on the edge for now, what do you think?"

--- Yeah... Sounds good."

She answered slowly, her skin a bit paler than usual. Mina hadn't realised it until then but she didn't look good since they came up there. It rang a bell in Mina's ears.

--- Are you okay?"

--- Yes... It's just..."

And went silent mid-sentence. What was the point of telling her? Even if she was already aware of her problem, seeing it in action would make Mina hate her. Even being alone with her was too much for the hero, the villain believed.

--- You know you could tell me, right? I won't tell anyone about it but maybe I can help you."

Mina told her genteelly as she caressed her face with her hand. Feeling her heartbeat rising, Himiko bit her own lip and said:

--- You know how my quirk makes me need blood regularly to function right?"

--- Yes?"

Mina had a guess what direction it was going but let the girl go at her own pace.

--- Well I haven't drunk blood in a while now. I wanted to drink Seto's but I never got the chance today and now he is nowhere to be seen. I can deal with it for now but it will ruin the mood."

--- Don't worry about it but if it makes you feel better, you can have my blood."

--- Ha?"

Himiko was really confused about what she was saying. She understood the words but when they came together in a sentence, she lost it. Moving away the collar of her shirt to show some more parts of her neck, Mina clarified:

--- I mean you can drink my blood if you are feeling bad."

--- But I can't just do that?"

--- Why?"

--- Aren't you a hero?"

She asked with confusion but got a big smile that melted her heart like butter under the sun.

--- Yesss I'm a hero and it's my job to help people in need. Now come on, don't be shy because I'm sure you are not."

She wasn't shy, that was true. But she was, in fact, on the verge of crying. She had never thought that she would hear such a sentence and with an actual meaning behind it. Not wanting to lose the chance, Himiko stood up and took a distance from the edge first.

Next, while keeping her cries inside, she put her mouth on Mina's soft skin and slowly put her fangs inside of her neck. Mina's body tense up for a second but she smiled it away and played with Himiko's hair while she sucked her blood out slowly.

They stood there for two minutes until Himiko decided that she wasn't in dire need of blood anymore. She drew out her fangs from her body but still wasn't ready to move away. Instead, she chose to keep her head on Mina's shoulder for a while, her mouth still on her skin until she decided what to do. And to be honest with herself, Mina didn't hate it.

Himiko was always straightforward with what she wanted. Being blood, some cute dress or attention, she decided to not back away from her desires once she became a villain. Now, she had a simple desire, something easy to achieve. But somehow, she wasn't sure if she wanted to get it. Was she afraid of failure? Se couldn't say.

Once again, Mina moved her hand inside Himiko's a bit wavy hair and play with it until the girl was finished; definitely not knowing that her own actions were actually speeding the process.

Feeling the girls hand on her, hearing her heartbeat from not so far away and tasting her blood in her mouth, Himiko finally decided to be herself; something that Seto and Tomura always told her but never really made sense to her. Not until there.

She finally raised her head, becoming face to face with the pink girl. Mina wanted to ask if she was fine but couldn't. Not when Himiko closed the distance and pushed her lips on hers, kissing her slowly. Her hands on the girl's waist.

Surprised. Short-circuiting. The brain had shut down. That, was Mina's state. But just like Himiko, she too liked to be true to her emotions and it didn't take that much for her to make up her mind before pulling the girl closer to herself and kissing her back.

Neither of them sure didn't want to let go.

After finally separating, their eyes staring at each other and realising what just happened, they both discovered new shades of red only visible to shrimps. Trying to 'fix things' , Himiko asked:

--- Mmm, did you... like it?"

Mina nodded. Of course she did. It sure lived up to her dreams and she was one hell of a dreamer when it came to it. No shame in that.

--- Then... do you want to be my girlfriend?"

Quirk problems? Mina was no-one to judge. Villainy? She lived in the same dorm as Seto and explody, so she would survive. Blood drinking? Well, Mina actually like it, she wasn't going to confess that but it felt nice, especially having the girl so close to herself. Conclusion? Mina didn't have that much faith left in society to refuse such an offer.

To give a good answer, Mina leaned forward and kissed the girl's cheek, making her giggle and draw her into her hug. She sure had a lot to explain to the girls.


[HimiMina or whatever, twenty minutes before Mina arrived at the mall]


NO: So, tell me the plan Will

Brain: Don't you have one?

NO: Sure but let's merge them

Brain: Okay. I have an idea and a question

NO: The answer is yes

Brain: Good then use the crowd

NO: One hour in?

Brain: More or else

NO: How much after?

Brain: Around 45? Have an idea around

NO: Any backup?

Brain: If it fails, it fails

NO: Not the worst-case scenario

NO: Speciality?

Brain: Sweets

NO: Noted


Kyo: What am I reading?

Mister: Two criminal masterminds in action

Kyo: Wow

Mister: Or natural habitat you could say

NO: Wanna be the next target of our evilness?

Brain: ^

Mister: Nope, we are good

NO: →_→

Kyo: Could you explain to us not criminal masterminds that what are you planning?

NO: Sure

NO: Himiko needs blood for a normal human function like water and knowing her pattern, there is a large possibility she hasn't drunk in a while and now that we are meeting up she'll just drink mine

Kyo: Just like that?

NO: Yep. She has permission to drink my blood anytime she wants. She needs some people like that

Kyo: Really sweet of you, please continue

NO: Now what Will is suggesting is that I somehow dodge the questions until we disappear and leave those two alone

Kyo: You aren't doing this

NO: Then a situation arises with a high possibility of Mina offering hers

NO: Yes Kyouka I am exactly doing it

NO: Did I summarise correctly Will?

Brain: Quite well. Be careful with the timings and we are good to go


NO: Is there a problem Kyouka?

Kyo: Don't you think it's just, you know?

NO: Evil?

Kyo: Yes

NO: Well you heard what Mr said. Criminal masterminds

Kyo: Big words for the cuddle addict

Brain: 👀👀👀

Mister: 👁️👃👁️

NO: Not those things again Atsuhiro

Mister: 👁️
👁️ 👀 👁️

NO: Damn you insolent demon jester

Kyo: Ehem

NO: Right, any way you need extreme measures in extreme cases like this

NO: And I want revenge for all the times when she rushed me to confess to you


Kyo: You know what? I'm good, criminal mastermind more

Mister: Is criminal masterminding a verb now?

Kyo: Problem?

Mister: Nope, sounds fun.


[3-A, half an hour after Mina and Himiko became a thing]


NO: At last, revenge is sweet as the blood of the fallen gods

Nem: Kinky

Sonic: @Shota

Shota: Nemuri! Stop acting like a problem child

Nem: Don't want to

Nem: 😉

John Cena: What do you have Seto?

NO: Revenge?

Crispyraki: ?

Grapes: Should we be afraid?

[NO had sent a photo.]

[It's a picture of Mina and Himiko holding hands in the mall, Seto walking behind them and taking pictures]

Hot teacher: We don't need to be afraid. The concept of fear is shaking

Shota: I'm not really getting paid enough

Chapter Text

[Private messages between Seto and Nedzu]


The Rat: So?

Suspicious: ?

The Rat: Will you explain a few things? I appreciate it if things get handled between the two of us

Suspicious: Same, ask it all

The Rat: About Young Ashido and the Villain Toga

Suspicious: Hum

Suspicious: As one might say, it is what it exactly is

The Rat: Are you aware of the dangers?

Suspicious: More than you and them, believe me

Suspicious: They can handle it

The Rat: A villain and a hero is not something that could be called ordinary

Suspicious: Says the talking rat who's secretly trying to destroy humanity to the guy who can travel from the North pole to the South pole in a matter of seconds

The Rat: I deny any accusation about myself, but I understand your point

Suspicious: Do what you like but Himiko is far more sensible than me or Dabi

Suspicious: Shouldn't you be worried about Kyouka and Keigo instead?

The Rat: Hawks is a pro hero, the number two as a fact

Suspicious: Not for so long

The Rat: Is that a thread?

Suspicious: Yes but not to you all

The Rat:

The Rat: Interesting ^_^

The Rat: But about Miss Jirou, I am sure that there will be no harm in your relationship

Suspicious: You mean I'm better than Himiko?

The Rat: Not necessarily but I came to trust you

Suspicious: Bad choice

The Rat: Not my worst so far

Suspicious: I doubt it

The Rat: Could you tell me a little more about Toga

Suspicious: Depends

The Rat: In what?

Suspicious: How will you use that information

The Rat: To see if there will be any harm to Miss Ashido and UA from this relationship


Suspicious: Give me a moment

[Suspicious had sent a file]

[It's a PDF around the medical conditions of Himiko Toga relating to her quirk; mostly focusing on the blood-based function and some notes on her past related to the quirk.]

The Rat: That is a bit more than I expected


The Rat: It is

Suspicious: Nedzu

The Rat: Okay I knew that the Commission didn't make the perfect environment for the mutated and uncommon quirks but this is a bit too much. It's almost denying her her human rights

The Rat: On second notes, I don't think this is exactly villainy

The Rat: She became one for the blood supply since the society isn't exactly in that direction?

Suspicious: That and the fact that she was done with this whole country

The Rat: I understand

Suspicious: Do you?

The Rat: As what you may call 'a lab rat', yes I do

The Rat: Can I trust that there will be no problem between them?

Suspicious: What relationship is perfect, principal? We are humans

The Rat: I hate humans

Suspicious: Same

Suspicious: So we good?

The Rat: I do understand that the league isn't necessary a thread without All for one and the fact that they are right on many occasions

The Rat: The problem is their methods

Suspicious: No double murder?

The Rat: No murder at all

Suspicious: Look me in the eyes and tell me Stain was wrong, that the Commission is pure of darkness and then I stop them with your reasoning

The Rat: I can't tell you but the methods are extreme, too extreme

Suspicious: Do you have another method to touch the Commission?

The Rat: If I had, I would use it years ago

The Rat:

The Rat: Okay I understand

The Rat: I can never agree with the league but I also can't stop a hero from using harmless methods of subduing villains

The Rat: Perhaps Young Kyouka and Mina can bring the two of you to light

Suspicious: Perhaps

Suspicious: We got a deal?

The Rat: I will not interfere with them as long as there is no harm to them

The Rat: I'll talk to the staff about this too. But we got a deal Mr Sadako

Suspicious: A pleasure to be working with you. See you around

The Rat: Going to take more pictures?

Suspicious: Just a harmless revenge

The Rat: Another question then

Suspicious: Yes?

The Rat: How is this exactly an act of revenge?

Suspicious: 😇

Suspicious: You see...



[I don't get paid enough for this]


Sleeping: Nedzu

God: I have already talked to Mr Sadako and we are good

Sleeping: We are good how?

God: We are going to let them be as long as there is no-one in harm

Grandma: What are you doing Nedzu?

God: Nothing

Kinky: Allow me

Sleeping: Allow me first

[Sleeping had changed Kinky's name to Child corrupter]

[Child corrupter had sent a picture]

[It's a screenshot of 3A's last activities, including Seto's picture.]

Child corrupter:

Child corrupter: Let me have fun at least here Shota

Sleeping: No

Speaker: What's up?

Speaker: Wait what? Let me check

Speaker: Okay it's real

Reasons why: I don't get

Child corrupter: The blonde one is Toga

Reasons why: ಠ_ಠ

I am here: Is this really okay Nedzu?

[Nedzu had sent three pictures]

[They are screenshots of his conversation with Seto]

Child corrupter: Interesting

I am here: What is that file?

God: Due to many reasons, I can not share them

God: But let's say the Commission can go to hell

Lego: I'm getting bad feelings about this

Headshot: Why is Nedzu laughing maniacally in his office again?

Headshot: Oh that's why

Headshot: (-_- )ノ⌒┫ ┻ ┣ ┳

Grandma: Send me that file Nedzu

God: Okay



[Private messages between Nedzu and Recovery girl]

Cause of danger: here

[Cause of danger had sent a file]

Saviour: You know what?

Saviour: Go back to planning the downfall of the Commission

Cause of danger: Already on it



[I don't get paid enough for this]

Grandma: I allow it

Child corrupter: What is in that file?

Grandma: The reason why the Commission is going to get Shigarakied





I am here:

Reasons why:

Grandma: Let's be realistic, Nedzu was going to do that one of these days anyway

Sleeping: A good name for the chat

Reasons why: Agreed

I am here: I hope you know what you are doing but if you and Young Seto say so, we can allow them I guess?

Sleeping: The problem child will do it with the help of the other problem children, so be it. Just don't make it public

Child corrupter: They are already in the public

Sleeping: You know what I mean, Nemuri. Now let me sleep

Nedzu: I will be in contact with Mr Sadako and we will monitor them in case something happens

Nedzu: But I think it's a good time to talk about a few issues @Sleeping

Sleeping: I'm listening

Nedzu: Like it or not, the league and our 3a students have made connections over the past few weeks

Sleeping: And whose responsibility is this?

God: Yes I said there would be no danger to the kids and there isn't

Sleeping: One of them fell in love with a villain?

God: The villainousness of the league is something that we should think deeply about

Speaker: Really Nedzu?

God: Yes and not just between us, let me call a few hands first

I am here: Who?

[God ad added Grandpa to the chat]

I am here: ?

Grandpa: Toshinori? What is this thing?

I am here: Torino?

Grandpa: Yes

Grandma: So you are still alive

Grandpa: Should say the same thing to you Chiyo

Sleeping: How can you actually recognise these stupid usernames?

Grandpa: They are not hard to say, Erasure

Sleeping: Fair

I am here: Is he the hand you need Nedzu?

God: Yes he and one more

[God had added Chicken to the chat]

Chicken: Yo

Speaker: YO

Headshot: Yo

Sleeping: Why him???

God: Cause he is already involved with the league

Chicken: Involved, I like it

Grandpa: I'm still confused

Grandma: Back read you fossil

Chicken: Why does Nedzu and Seto's convo sound like two old and rival Mafia bosses talking over the marriage of their children together?

God: ^_^

Grandpa: Who's Toga?

Grandma: Did you come out of a cave?

I am here: The shape-shifting villain of the lov, Torino

Chicken: She woke up and chose violence ha?

Grandma: I'm pissed out of the Commission

Chicken: Mood but same

I am here: Don't you work for them directly?

Chicken: More reasons to hate them, Allmight. Believe me

God: To not get distracted from our main topic, Torino, Hawks, I want to have both of your heads for this one

Chicken: What do you need

God: As someone close to the league, what's your opinion about Toga

Chicken: She sounds crazy, but isn't that bad. Except for the murders

Chicken: Wait

I am here: ?

Child corrupter: ?

Chicken: That damn Seto

Sleeping: ?

Chicken: I say he had more hands in those two being a couple than we might like

Reasons why: You sure?

Chicken: I say 98 percent

Sleeping: Just say it Hawks, is Ashido safe with that villain or not?

Chicken: Calm down Dadzawa, Toga might be a bit out of mind but she definitely has feelings for the kid. They're good I guess

God: Then all of us agree that we should let them be? Not just those two but the whole league still being in contact with our students. It's a good way for subduing them in my opinion

Sleeping: At this point, I don't think we can separate them anymore. So be it

Child corrupter: Who are we to stop their young love?

Speaker: If you all say so, but keep an eye on them

God: Of course

Grandpa: I still don't know why I am here

God: I want your opinion on this

Grandpa: Well I agree with Nedzu. If this Ashido kid can subdue a villain like that, let them be

Grandma: Tell Seto to bring Toga to me one day

Grandpa: ?

Grandma: I want to give her a full checkup, there were some worrying notes in that file

I am here: How worrying?

Grandma: Enough for me to go have a talk with the Commission right now

Grandma: Also some health issues related to the blood types she uses

God: I'll ask Mr Sadako but I don't think she will come to UA

Grandma: I can do a checkup outside, tell him to say a location

God: Give me a moment



[Private messages between Seto and Nedzu]

[The Rat had sent one picture]

[It's a screenshot of the UA staff chat's last few messages]

Suspicious: I'll see what I can do



[I don't get paid enough for this]


God: He'll see what he can do

Grandma: Good

God: Also Torino?

Grandpa: I don't like your wording

God: Make sense since I want to ask if you are free to teach some classes again in UA?

Grandpa: No

God: Unfortunately Mr Sadako is not present here

Grandpa: ?

God: Doesn't matter, we could always use your hand

Grandpa: I don't have anything to teach these days

God: As a matter of facts, you do

Grandpa: Explain

God: Come to my office one of these days and I tell you

Grandpa: I'll see what I can do

I am here: Well it's not good

Grandpa: Shut up Toshinori

I am here: Sorry gramps

Headshot: Now that everything is over, I have a question

God: Ask

Headshot: How is that revenge?

Chicken: ^

Child corrupter: ^

God: Now don't you want to know?

Reasons why: Yep tell us Nedzu, he told you, didn't he?

Lego: ^

God: Hehehe

Grandma: I can confirm, he is laughing maniacally in his office again

Sleeping: Nedzu

God: Okay sorry Aizawa.

God: The thing is, Hawks was right

Chicken: I'm always right but when?

Child corrupter: Clearly

God: When you said Seto had hands in their relationship

Sleeping: Told you, the problem child will help the other problem child

Speaker: So you accept them as your children

Sleeping: Never

God: Anyway, Seto said that he did that to pay her back for the favour of helping him and Miss Jirou get together. That's all I can say for now. The old rival Mafia bosses have to keep some secrets between themselves

Reasons why: Shame

Chicken: Booo

God: *Laughing maniacally*



[Bakohoe is loud]

Rozo: Mina answer your PMs already

Pinky: Sorry sorry

Rozo: Where are you?

Pinky: Restaurant

Rozo: With?

Pinky: The backstabbing couple and my bestie

John Cena: Not your girlfriend then?

Pinky: Oh that too


John Cena:



Pinky: Disappointed spamming ha?

Rozo: More like surprised spamming

Ocha: What happened

Pinky: Sorry, governmental secret

Rozo: Stop quoting Seto, we are worried

Pinky: Why?

Ocha: Cause Toga?

Pinky: What about her?

Frop: I would have said she is a villain but that won't work on you. Let's say she is a murderer

Pinky: Fair point

Pinky: That's why we are helping her

Rozo: Sounds interesting

Pinky: It is. Seto only told me after we got together

Pinky: Not telling you though

Ocha: Why?

Pinky: Cause you won't get it

Frop: How so, Mina?

Pinky: You see the league as a bunch of soulless bastards, Seto and I but have a different view. Just saying it's going to be good

Pinky: Add Hawks to the list too

John Cena: I hope so

Rozo: Is this related to them laying low for a while

Pinky: Kinda? It's also that Seto is helping them with some of their plans in the dark

Pinky: But mostly the first

Rozo: Really reassuring

Rozo: But anyway...




Rozo: Congratulations on you two

John Cena: Yep congrats

Neutralzill: Wow, first Seto and then Himiko in a single week

Neutralzill: I guess congratz you crazy girls

Pinky: (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

Mister: I agree, congratulations Himiko, Ashido. I wish you a happy life

Pinky: ♥️

Neutralzill: I'm hearing boss music again

[Pinky had changed Mister's name to lov dad]

Lov dad:

Lov dad: As much as I am honoured, this title belongs to Kurogiri

NO: I second that

[Pinky had changed Lov dad's name to Mr hat]

Mr hat: I take it back, we don't want you in the family

[Pinky had changed Purple's name to Papagiri]

Papagiri: I came here to wish you a good relationship but I'm feeling attacked right now

Bestgirl: Hehehe

Crispyraki: Broke her heart and I disintegrate your ass

Pinky: Ay ay crusty

Bestgirl: So you CARE

Crispyraki: No I don't


Pinky: Yes my angry but supportive friend?

KEMGD: You got the girl so don't bother me again you failure of subtlety

KEMGD: Also congrats but don't mess things up

Pinky: We love you too Bakohoe

KEMGD: Fuck you

Pinky: No can do, you're late

RedRiot: Congratulations Mina but Toga?

NO: Got a problem with my girl?

RedRiot: Not really but?

God: We have already discussed the matter and it's good to go. Congratulations, both of you

NO: ^

Rozo: ^

Cowboy: ^

Pinky: How many people are talking behind my back?

Neutralzill: By the usernames that you give and enemies that you made, many

Pinky: I'm hurt

Neutralzill: Good

Bestgirl: 🔪

Neutralzill: Don't care at this point

Sonic: I would say that dating a villain is dangerous but no-one here cares about it so I wish you a happy relationship, Mina. Please be good to our classmate Toga

Bestgirl: Sure

Grapes: Congrats but don't turn to another Seto

NO: Problem with me now?

Grapes: No offence but you are not the best role model

Queen: Permission to kick Mineta out of life?

Cowboy: Denied

Queen: Crusty your turn

Crispyraki: You are lucky that I can't touch you, really lucky

Crispyraki: But I disintegrate the other kid next time. Which one is it

Queen: Grape head one

Crispyraki: Noted

Cowboy: (ಠ_ಠ)>⌐■-■

Hot teacher: Congz bitches, bother each other forever

Pinky: (/^-^(^ ^*)/

Bestgirl: ♥️♥️♥️

Sonic: Two of them now

Chicken: Yo nice one you two

Brain: I too say my best wishes

Pinky: Thanks Mr William

Cowboy: Why is he respected here?


Nem: ^

Mr hat: ^

NO: You're a villain Mr

Brain: You are quite welcome Miss Ashido

Rose: Why is my phone blowing up?

NO: It's a new computer virus named Kachan

Rose: Never heard of this one

NO: Really dangerous


Rose: I am not interested in kids

NO: You are the 180° of my type, sorry

Rose: But congratulations. Mina was it?

Pinky: Yup

Rose: Call me if you need any relationship advice

Rose: I am rather a pro in these areas and Seto's friends are mine too

NO: They are not

Rose: They are not but I like you

Pinky: Thanks I will ♥️

[Pinky had changed Rose's name to Big sis]

NO: Rest in peace

Pinky: ?

Bestgirl: Yep, in her memories

Papagiri: Not a bad name

Pinky: What did I do?

Bestgirl: I'll tell you later

Big sis: I like this, I'm adapting her Seto

NO: She said Sister, not Mother

Big sis: No matter, welcome to the family

NO: Or don't?

Pinky: I'm in

God: May God show us mercy

Spidy: 👏👏👏👏 bravo girly

Pinky: *Bows dramatically*

Mr hat: *Approves the dramaticaliness*

Pica: I'm late but there are more proofs that Spinner can sense Mina's danger. Anyway congrats besti

Pinky: Thanks Denks

Neutralzill: I don't want to have anything related to this class

Shota: Welcome to the group

Shota: Be careful with the villain Ashido but have fun I guess

[Pinky had changed Shota's name to Dadzawa]

Dadzawa: I will expel you

God: He won't, he's smiling

Dadzawa: Rot in hell Nedzu and leave me alone

RedRiot: Where is he?

NO: In the vent

Dadzawa: Leave me alone

Chapter Text

[Private messages between Shoto and Dabi]

Hot teacher: Hoy Shoto

Sho: What?

Hot teacher: Let's do it

Sho: Really?

Hot teacher: Sure, I'm ready



[Rei's kids]

Endewho: Hi

Big one: What's up Shoto?

Please no: Hello Shoto. How are you?

Trashcan: SHOTO!

Rei: Don't bother him Enji, how are you dear?

Endewho: I'm good. Thanks

Endewho: Anyway I have to tell you all something but before that, you need to be relaxed

Rei: Are you okay?

Endewho: Yes it's good news but just

Endewho: Shocking?

Big one: You got a girlfriend?

Endewho: No

Big one: Boyfriend?

Endewho: No

Big one: A pet?

Please no: Seriously Natsu?

Big one: Worthed the shot

Endewho: I certainly didn't but first, I'll add some people here

Trashcan: Who?

Endewho: Not your business

[Endewho had added NO to the chat]

[Endewho had added Chicken to the chat]

[Endewho had added Hot teacher to the chat]

Please no: No, Chicken and a hot teacher?

Endewho: Yes

Chicken: What's this?

NO: Read the chat's name

Chicken: Who's Rei?

NO: Shoto's mom I think

Rei: Yes it's a pleasure to meet you, are you Shoto's friends?

Chicken: I'm Hawks

Trashcan: Should have guessed

Chicken: Didn't ask you Enji

Big one: So even you hate him now ha?

Chicken: Yep

NO: I am Seto, I believe we met once or twice Miss

Chicken: You mean Ms?

NO: Not acknowledging the walking rotten apple

Trashcan: Do I have some respect here?

NO: Read my username

Trashcan: Okay

Please no: It's good to see you both but who is the last one?

Big one: Midnight?

Hot teacher: If I had a dollar for every time someone miss took this username for Midnight, I could buy an ice cream or something

Big one: Do you blame us?

Hot teacher: Nope

Hot teacher: I blame that pink hazard of society

NO: Be nice to your sister-in-law

Endewho: Ha?

Hot teacher: The what?

NO: She's dating Himi now so she counts as your sister-in-law

Hot teacher: I'm disowning both of them but okay

Endewho: Anyway back to our own business

Rei: Do you want to introduce us together?

Endewho: Yes that's my plan

Trashcan: Then just tell us

Hot teacher: Not so fast fucker

Chicken: Easy babe

Big one: Wow

Hot teacher: Fuck off Keigo

Chicken: ( ◜‿◝ )♡

NO: Get a room you two

Hot teacher: Later, we are getting distracted again

Chicken: Can you blame me? My boyfriend is just dreamy

NO: I think I need a shot

Endewho: Same

Rei: So you are Keigo's boyfriend?

Hot teacher: Unfortunately

Big one: And?

Hot teacher: Let me explain this way

Hot teacher: Seto

NO: Fine but you'll own me one

Please no: ?

Chicken: WAIT!


[Private messages between Seto and Hawks]

Chicken: Do this one instead

NO: ?

[Chicken had sent a file]

NO: I fucking hate you, literally

Chicken: No patrolling in one month for you

NO: Plus Dinner?

Chicken: I'll get you milkshake

NO: Fine but you will clean it

Chicken: You're the best

NO: I am aware


Rei's kids

[Chicken had added Queen to the chat]

Endewho: Jirou?

Queen: Hey

Chicken: Back read


Queen: What is he doing here?

Hot teacher: Got a problem?

Queen: Nope, we're good. What am I doing though?

Chicken: Seto

NO: (╯ರ ~ ರ)╯︵ ┻━┻

NO: @Queem

NO: I wanna be your slave

Queen: Wha?

NO: I wanna be your master

Big one: Sounds...

Hot teacher: Don't finish that line if you value your life

Big one: 🤐🤐🤐

NO: I wanna make your heartbeat, run like rollercoasters

Queen: Sounds like a plan but why are we here?

NO: I wanna be a good boy

Please no: From what Shoto says and I see, you are

Nao: I wanna be a gangster

Hot teacher: You are that too

Queen: Yep you are both

NO: 'Cause you can be the beauty

Queen: (≧▽≦)

Queen: Why here though?

NO: And I could be the monster

Queen: Wait no

Queen: Seto we talked about this

Hot teacher: Don't worry he's fine, the number of people who talked to him about this is more than people who thinks I'm Midnight

Chicken: You are hotter but Seto's fine Miss Jirou, trust me😉

Please no: This sounds interesting

Rei: True but not nothing that we could interrupt

Chicken: You'll get there too

NO: I love you since this morning, not just for aesthetic

Queen: K k, I love you too

NO: I wanna touch your body, so fucking electric

Queen: Mmmm, ok? I'm a bit lost though

NO: I know you scared of me

Queen: Scared of what? Your horrible wardrobe or fashion sense?

NO: You said that I'm too eccentric

Queen: Nope, you're the best. Who said that, give us the name

Hot teacher: ^

Rei: ^

Big one: Mom

Rei: What? He doesn't deserve that

NO: I'm crying all my tears, and that's fucking pathetic

Queen: WHO

Queen: HURT

Queen: YOU?

Queen: You are not pathetic at all, even Allmight of all people cries

Queen: It's 'manly' or whatever Kirishima always says

Chicken: Dam why no one loves me this much

Hot teacher: Cause you are annoying

NO: I wanna make you hungry, then I'm gonna feed you

Queen: Ok, I like it. I'm not getting an answer, am I

Chicken: Nope

NO: I wanna paint your face, like you're my Mona Lisa

Trashcan: Am I the only one confused?

Rei: No but they are cute so don't interrupt

NO: I wanna be a champion

Trashcan: Technically you are as an unofficial pro

NO: I wanna be a loser

Queen: Be mine though

NO: I'll even be a clown

Hot teacher: You already are but okay

Chicken: Shhh

Queen: 🔪

Hot teacher: Sorry?

NO: 'Cause I just wanna amuse ya

Queen: You don't need to go that far, just take it easy

Chicken: That's so wholesome but oh boy

Please no: I'm getting bad energy from this one

NO: I wanna be your sex toy

Queen: Sto!

Hot teacher: Sto?

NO: I wanna be your teacher

Chicken: What type?

Queen: Hawks please

Chicken: Sorry sorry

NO: I wanna be your sin

Queen: Please don't?

NO: I wanna be a preacher

Queen: Don't you hate religion?

Hot teacher: Just for you he will I guess

NO: I wanna make you love me

Queen: I already do so? What's your plan now?

NO: Then I wanna leave ya

Queen: Wait please don't, I can't

NO: ♥️

NO: 'Cause baby I'm your David and you're my Goliath

NO: Next

Queen: Ha?

NO: I'll tell you later

Queen: You better

Hot teacher: @Rei

Rei: Yes?

Hot teacher: Because I'm the devil, Who's searching for redemption

Rei: I don't understand?

Hot teacher: And I'm a lawyer, Who's searching for redemption

Big one: Aren't you a teacher?

NO: He can be both. The first doesn't pay that well

Hot teacher: 🔥

Hot teacher: And I'm a killer, Who's searching for redemption

Trashcan: Hawks what's going on?

Chicken: Shhhh

Hot teacher: I'm a motherfucking monster, Who's searching for redemption

Please no: I think he's talking about something else

Rei: Why all of you think you are monsters?

NO: 乁( •_• )ㄏ

Big one: What do you mean?

Please no: What Seto said and what he is saying sounds kinda related. These guys are trying to tell us something

Please no: Who are you?

Chicken: You'll see at the end

Hot teacher: And I'm a bad guy, Who's searching for redemption

Rei: It's okay, we help you if we can

Hot teacher: And I'm a blonde girl, Who's searching for redemption

NO: Metaphorically

Big one: Good to know

Hot teacher: And I'm a freak that, who is searching for redemption

Trashcan: Too much redemption

Please no: At least he tries

Endewho: He is still better than you

Big one: If he is a freak then I'm not so sure what are you

Trashcan: But you don't even know who he is

Chicken: Does it matter?

Queen: No

NO: Read the dam username Todoroki

Hot teacher: I am motherfucking monster, Who is searching for redemption

NO: I wanna make you quiet

NO: I wanna make you nervous

Please no: And they changed place

Queen: I'm kinda nervous now, Hawks are you sure it's fine?

Chicken: Definitely

Queen: Is this what I think it is?

NO: I wanna set you free

Queen: Of what?

NO: But I'm too fucking jealous

Chicken: Cute

NO: 🔪

NO: I wanna pull your strings, Like you're my Telecaster

Queen: Sure?

NO: And if you want to use me I could be your puppet

Queen: I pass

Hot teacher: 'Cause I'm the devil, Who's searching for redemption

Big one: Now back to redemption

Hot teacher: I'm a lawyer, Who's searching for redemption

Please no: Once again, what's your job?

Chicken: All three

Rei: They're not answering right now so let's wait

Hot teacher: And I'm a killer, Who's searching for redemption

Trashcan: HAWKS!

Chicken: 🤫

NO: We are motherfucking monsters, Who are searching for redemption

Queen: I'll love you though

Chicken: Me too♥️

Chicken: Hot teacher not Seto

Hot teacher: Now it's over

NO: I love you too Kyo

Queen: You good?

NO: Don't worry, it was for the blonde girl

Hot teacher: Very funny

Queen: Come to my dorm

NO: On my way

Hot teacher: Be careful of electric

NO: I'll rip your heart out of your chest and feed it to Endewhore, don't try me

Hot teacher: Shame on you to think I still have one

NO: You wouldn't be here if you didn't, old friend

Hot teacher:

Queen: That was smooth

Trashcan: Just who the hell are you?

Hot teacher: @Rei @Please-no @Big-one

Hot teacher: @endewho

Hot teacher:

Hot teacher: @Trashcan

Hot teacher: So you don't even remember your own son ha, Enji?

Rei: What

Please no: Son?

Hot teacher: Yeap. I'm finally home now, mom


Rei: Touya?

Chapter Text

[Rei's kids]

Hot teacher: Yeap. I'm home now, mom


Rei: Touya?

Hot teacher: Yes

Please no: What? But

Big one: How

Hot teacher: I'm not that easy to get read off

Endewho: I can confirm

NO: ^

Chicken: ^

Rei: Are you okay Touya?

Hot teacher: Well, I'm alive?

Rei: Touya

Hot teacher: Don't worry mom

Please no: Why did you keep it hidden until now?

Hot teacher: Well Yumi, I couldn't just come back while I was trying to kill dad, could I?

Big one: Of course you could

Hot teacher:

Endewho: Told you

Hot teacher: What's wrong with this family?

NO: Need an answer?

Hot teacher: Nope

Please no: So you don't want to kill dad now?

Hot teacher: Actually I am but Shoto found out and told me to tell you

Hot teacher: @Trashcan I'm still killing you son of nothing

Trashcan: Wait Touya

NO: Fuck off Enji, let them be

Rei: So you knew Shoto?

Endewho: Seto told us a while back, I convinced him to tell you

Big one: Good job

Rei: Are you coming home?

Hot teacher: I'm still a villain so no

Rei: Could we pay a visit to you then?

Hot teacher: We are villains

Rei: @NO

NO: Sure, I'll take you there

Hot teacher: Seto

NO: What?

Hot teacher:

Chicken: It's a good idea though Touya

Hot teacher: Not you too Keigo

Queen: I'll help too if you want

Big one: Wait, is Hawks our brother-in-law now?

Chicken: I've been for a while

Rei: Welcome to the family then

Chicken: Thanks

Trashcan: Rei you can't just go to the league of villains' hideout

Rei: I can and I will Enji. You better apologize to Touya before that

Trashcan: He's a villain and a killer

Hot teacher: Still better than you

NO: Fact

NO: Now that it is settled, can we move on to the next phase? I have works to do

Queen: He does

Chicken: On it

Hot teacher: Hold the horses Keigo we are not finished

Rei: We can talk over in person, don't worry dear

Rei: It's just good to know you're alive

Hot teacher:

Hot teacher:

Hot teacher: Dam you Shoto

Endewho: Yes yes, what's next?

Chicken: You all see



[Allmight's secret fanbase]


Chicken: Hoy

Best Barber: Yes?

Whale: Do you need anything Hawks?

Tiger Bonny: Hoy

Fake number one: Hawks what now?

Chicken: Shut it Enji

Drago: Oh?

Running: What's wrong man?

Sleeping: I have a bad feeling

[Chicken had added NO to the chat]

Sleeping: I'm out

Rat God: Mr Sadako?

Joker: Shota what is your student doing here?

Sleeping: Don't know, don't care

Retired: Which one is he again?

NO: Your worst nightmare

Retired: The raven brat

NO: Blood Raven

Tiger Bonny: What are you doing here Seto?

NO: Wait a second

[Chicken had added Rei, Endewho and two others to the chat]

Fake Number one: Rei? Kids?

Rei: Not now Enji

Running: What's going on?

Sleeping: Shoto?

Endewho: Yes?

[NO had added Crispyraki, hot teacher and three others to the chat

Sleeping: For fuck's sake

Running: Who are these people now?

Rat God: The league of villains

Tiger Bonny: Ha?

[NO had added Queen to the chat]

Sleeping: Not you too Jirou

Queen: Sorry Mr Aizawa but it's important

Whale: Important how?

Bestgirl: You see

NO: An introduction first

Bestgirl: Himiko here

Retired: Who?

Healer: Toga you fossil

Retired: Right

NO: Finally got Alzheimer?

Retired: Get lost

Mr hat: Mister Compress, pleasure to meet

Neutralzill: Spinner

Best Barber: What the hell is that name?

Neutralzill: I don't know, ask pinky

Wash: Wash?

Rat God: Miss Ashido of our 3A class

Wash: Wash

Drago: Hawks explain

Chicken: Wait

Crispyraki: Shigaraki

Whale: Not the hardest to guess

Crispyraki: I'll kill you

Hot teacher: Later

Joker: Nemuri?

Hot teacher: Just let me change this name

NO: It's funny

Hot teacher: I'm Dabi

Joker: Make sense

Fake number one: Dabi

Please no: Not now dad

Hot teacher: We'll never get free, lamb to the slaughter

Wash: Wash?

Drago: What's going on?

Fake number one: Not again

Tiger Bonny: What's going on Endeavour?

Allmight: I am here

Allmight: What are the league doing here?

Best Barber: We don't now either

NO: Let Dabi talk, you'll see

Rat God: Please continue

Hot teacher: What you gon' do when there's blood in the water?

Bestgirl: Yumi

Cholesterol: Is someone dead?

Crispyraki: Not yet

NO: But someone willll

Hot teacher: The price of your greed is your sons and your daughter

Sleeping: Who's greed

Rat God: Oh dear

Hot teacher: What you gon' do when there's blood in the water?

Tiger Bonny: Nedzu?

Rat God: Not now

Hot teacher: Look me in my eyes, tell me everything's not fine

Allmight: What is wrong?

Crispyraki: Everything you fakes

Running: Big words for a killer

Queen: Better than Endeavour

Sleeping: Jirou?

NO: Oh, the people ain't happy, and the river has run dry

Hot teacher: You thought you could go free @Fake-number-one

Best Barber: Are you talking about Endeavour now?

Mr hat: Yes

Bestgirl: From the beginning

Hot teacher: But the system is done for. If you listen real closely...

Tiger Bonny:


Best Barber:

Hot teacher: There's a knock at your front door

Wash: Wash

Healer: Sound scary

Healer: Seto

NO: Yes?

Healer: Do you have another file?


NO: Wait a moment

Best Barber: File?

Sleeping: Something about the villains

Bestgirl: ?



[Private messages between Seto and Recovery girl]

[Don't kill had sent a file]

[It's a PDF of Dabi's medical conditions; Including his quirk and its effects on his body plus some shady notes about his past.]

Don't kill: Dabi aka Touya Todoroki. Knock yourself out

Max level healer:

Max level healer: I'm so disappointed in humanity

Don't kill: Welcome to the grounp

Don't kill: Let's get matching T-shirts

Max level healer: I'll consider



[Allmight's secret fanbase]

Healer: Enji Todoroki

Fake number one: What?

Healer: I'm killing you after this

Retired: Angry grandma

Healer: Go to hell Torino

Healer: After that bastard though

Endewho: Agree

Big one: ^

Please no: Don't kill him but sure

Rat God: Really Interesting

Drago: Now recovery girl too

Tiger Bonny: What's the deal?

NO: You'll see

Hot teacher: We'll never get free, lamb to the slaughter

Running: It's sounding really bad

Neutralzill: It just started

Hot teacher: What you gon' do when there's blood in the water?

NO: The price of your greed is your sons and your daughter...

Chicken: What you gon' do when there's blood in the water?

Tiger Bonny: Not you too Keigo

Chicken: Gotta help my boyfriend

Tiger Bonny:


Best Barber:





Sleeping: But you already knew Allmight

Allmight: Doesn't mean I'm not shocked

Tiger Bonny: Traitor

Tiger Bonny: Why didn't you tell me?

Chicken: You'll see why

Wash: Wash?

Whale: Are we ignoring that he is dating a villain?

NO: Later

Bestgirl: →_→←_←

Hot teacher: Beg me for mercy @Enji

Hot teacher: Admit you were toxic

Fake number one: Let's talk

Tiger Bonny: With a villain?

Healer: Do not get near the boy Todoroki. I am going to give you all league members a check-up too. Your healthcare is concerning

NO: I'll manage something

Crispyraki: Don't need

Queen: You need it the most

Crispyraki: Go hug Seto or something

NO: After this

Tiger Bonny: You too?

NO: Yeap

Tiger Bonny: Traitorous owl

Hot teacher: You poisoned me just for, another dollar in your pocket

Retired: Enji?

Fake number one: You are believing a villain?

Healer: Yes

Hot teacher: Now I am the violence

Hot teacher: I am the sickness

Chicken: ( T_T)\(^-^ )

Hot teacher: Won't accept your silence, beg me for forgiveness

Fake number one: I'm not begging a villain

Rei: You will

Tiger Bonny: Even your wife ha?

NO: Especially her

Hot teacher: I am the people

Hot teacher: I am the storm

NO: He is the riot

Sleeping: Seto

Bestgirl: He's the swarm

Hot teacher: When the last tree's fallen the animal can't hide

Neutralzill: Money won't solve it

Mr hat: What's your alibi?

No: What's your alibi?

Endewho: What's your alibi?

Hot teacher: What you gon' do when there's blood in the, blood in the water?

Hot teacher:

Hot teacher: The name's Touya, Touya Todoroki. And there are quite a few things you should know about the bastard of our father

Tiger Bonny: It's a joke right?

Rei: No

Endewho: Nope, that's my brother

Chicken: Can confirm

Best Barber: Why are you a villain?

Queen: Ask the damned number one hero

Fake number one: Shut up

NO: You really want me to rip your heart out right now don't you?

Crispyraki: Let's kill him then

Hot teacher: Not yet

Bestgirl: Why?

NO: He dies now, he becomes a martyr. He dies after we are done, he becomes a scumbag that he is and no-one doesn't budge

Queen: Evil mastermind

NO: You love me

Queen: Sure

Hot teacher: Get a room and let me kill the bastard

NO: The floor is yours but first

Neutralzill: Oh boy here he goes

Running: ?

[NO had sent a file]

[It's a large file; containing a few video proofs of what Endeavour calls 'training', some old testimony from Todoroki children about Touya and how he was presumed dead, another video of Dabi dramatically explaining all his past with Enji and how he faked his death and ended up a villain(less violent manga reveal), and how he found a family of maniacs in the league and then finally a few more videos of Dabi with Endeavour before 'dying' taken through surveillance cameras. The file ends with a picture of a graffiti on a wall, saying 'Is that a hero?'(Aizawa can distinguish it as Seto's doing at the first sight.)]

Wash: Wash

Tiger Bonny: What the actual

Allmight: ENDEAVOUR?

NO: Someone's angry

Bestgirl: Scary

Queen: Seto

NO: Coming, let's watch the show together

Chicken: Dabi~~

Hot teacher: Not now Keigo

Hot teacher: So, dear father? Do you like our show?

Fake number one: How

Crispyraki: How we got the evidence? That's what you are asking?

Crispyraki: Not gonna lie, I'm disappointed

Tiger Bonny: Same

Retired: Todoroki explain

Mister: Is there anything to explain?


Healer: The villain's right

Rat God: I hate to say it out loud but I'm on league's side in this


Sleeping: Fucking hell

Joker: Language Shota, there are kids here

Sleeping: Don't care but this explains a lot

Sleeping: Come to the class an hour earlier tomorrow Shoto, we have to talk

Endewho: Okay

Sleeping: And Chiyo

Healer: ?

Sleeping: Call me when you are beating the bastard

Tiger Bonny: ^

Chicken: ^

Wash: ^


Whale: ^

Best Barber: ^

Rat God: ^

Joker: ^

Retired: ^

Queen: ^

Big one: ^

Rei: I'll come to visit too

Fake number one: Rei

NO: Shut it

Crispyraki: Now can we get to the Endeavour killing phase?

Bestgirl: ^

NO: That was the plan but

NO: Well

Whale: Getting the cold feet? It's understandable that you don't want to kill someone

Whale: Even as bad as Endeavour, it's law's job to take him in. The Commission's duty to be specific

Whale: I'm happy that you have a good morale in yourself, Mr Sadako. It's important for heroes to not loose their way

Whale: And not end up like this


NO: Hate to disappoint you Orca but I meant that I'm cozy under blanket right now and don't want to get up

Sleeping: Figured

Tiger Bonny: You don't have that much morale

Crispyraki: Disappointed but should have seen it coming


Rat God: Well as long as he isn't murdering the bastard it's okay, right Orca?

Whale: Yeah I guess so

Wash: WASH!

Mister: That's the angriest washing machine I have seen

Wash: WASH!

NO: He wants justice for Endeavour too

NO: Shame that it lays on Commission

Rat God: Shame

Chicken: Shame

Rei: Shame

Tiger Bonny: ?

NO: Should I go on Commission destruction path too?

Crispyraki: One at a time

Rat God: Give me more time on it

Sleeping: Nedzu ರ_ರ

Hot teacher: What tricks do you have in your sleeves?

NO: >.<

Tiger Bonny: I'm scared now

Please no: Maybe go a bit easy?

Big one: No

Endewho: No

Hot teacher: No

NO: And I have been summoned, let me grant you a wish

[NO had added Brain to the chat]

Sleeping: Him again

Brain: Ho ho ho

Brain: What do we have here?

Queen: William? You k?

Bestgirl: Sounds like food poisoning

Crispyraki: Nope, it's worst

Mister: Possession?

NO: Give Will his phone back Sherly

Brain: No

NO: Back read

Brain: Already did

NO: And?

Brain: Give me a second I'm evil masterminding

Tiger Bonny: Is that a verb?

Best Barber: Shouldn't be

Please no: It isn't

Queen: It is actually

Joker: It could be used as a verb if you don't care enough

Retired: Make sense

Sleeping: What are you scheming Seto?

NO: I literally added him to criminal mastermind so I wouldn't have to

Joker: You got weird students Shota

Sleeping: Not your business, they're fine

Mister: #Dadzawa

Bestgirl: #Dadzawa

Sleeping: I will find you and I will beat your asses

Mister: Quite scarry

Tiger Bonny: Keigo bring popcorn

Chicken: Already on it

Best Barber: I'll take some too

Fake number one: Can I have a word?

Drago: No

Retired: No

Allmight: No, not now Enji

NO: Have I been summoned again?

Brain: Forget that I have a plan

Drago: That was fast

Mister: They are pro criminal masterminds

Wash: Wash?

Whale: It's confusing

Hugs: Not as much as it is for me

NO: Fat gum!

Hugs: Hey there Raven

NO: Need help?

Hugs: No, just a bit disappointed

Hugs: You are better than these Endeavour

Hot teacher: He isn't

Please no: Sorry but no

Brain: Can I explain what I have criminal masterminded?

Tiger Bonny: Wonderful grammar but who are you?

Brain: Unimportant

Brain: How much you don't want to move Seto?

[Queen had sent a picture]

[It's a photo of Seto, covered in blankets and holding his phone. His face is directed at the camera and is smiling. Far in the corner, there is a specific Blood Raven plushy.]

Tiger Bonny: Invite me to the wedding, it's damn cute

Crispyraki: Get in the line

Brain: Yeah

Rat God: I too am interested

NO: I'll kill you all

Brain: Come pv first

Tiger Bonny: Introduce me to her too

NO: If she wants, sure

Queen: Sounds great

Drago: Then bring her for weekend's misson

Chicken: Good idea

Tiger Bonny: Yeap, the more the merrier

NO: Okay

Mister: Mission

Chicken: Unrelated

NO: Chisaki matter

Crispyraki: Kill the bastard

Brain: Seto PV!

NO: Okay okay


NO: Wow

NO: Okay I'm in

Sleeping: How bad?

NO: Give me a second

Sleeping: Just say it

NO: From Denki to Tomura, it is a Mina with administration privileges

Neutralzill: Rip Endewhore

Sleeping: I'm scared

Crispyraki: Should be

Joker: What a class Shota, never gets bored

Sleeping: I don't want them

Rat God: He's smiling

Sleeping: I'm quitting

Queen: You aren't

Endewho: You aren't


Sleeping: Just do it Seto



[NO had created a group chat.]

[NO had added sleeping, Rat and 13 others to the chat]

[NO had added Crispyraki, hot teacher and three others to the chat]

[NO had added Rei, please no and two others to the chat]

[NO had added Queen and Brain to the chat]

Sleeping: Oh god no

NO: Sorry not sorry

Tiger Bonny: Why?

NO: For this

[NO had added Vulture, 3² and seven others to the chat]

Hot teacher: Deja vu is a bitch

Pinky: Isn't it?

Neutralzill: Oh god

Boogy man: ?

NO: Welcome to hell 2.0

Chapter Text

Hot teacher: Deja vu is a bitch

Pinky: Isn't it?

Neutralzill: Oh god

Boogyman: ?

NO: Welcome to hell 2.0

Fake number one: What's the meaning of this?

NO: Well

NO: A question first

Tiger Bonny: Shoot

NO: From 0 to 10, how much of a Compress should I be?

Mister: 10 of 10, completely recommend

Crispyraki: 0

Chicken: 10

Tiger Bonny: A 5 maybe?

Sleeping: 0

Rat God: 7

Wash: Wash?

Bestgirl: 10

Pinky: Go 11

NO: Hum, Sherly? What do you think?

[Brain had added Detective to the chat]

Brain: I have retrieved my phone

Detective: No matter, go 10

NO: Max level it is

[NO had changed group's name to Auction House]

Drago: An auction?

Boogyman: Why am I added

3²: ^

Vulture: ^

Human: ^

Stained: ^

NO: Ladies and gentlemen! The show has begun

Mister: I approve

Queen: He is giggling so be careful you all

NO: First allow me to bring more audience

[NO had added Broccoli, KEMGD and 15 others to the chat]

[NO had added Mad scientist, Deadeyes and two others to the chat]

[NO had added Angry boxer and Crawler to the chat]

NO: I think that's good enough

Rat God: You think so?

Phantom: What is this?

Babysitter: ?

Papagiri: Ah another poor soul

Rat God: Kondo and Monoma, right?

KEMGD: What is the B class looser doing here

Phantom: Excuse me? You A classes are the losers here

Babysitter: Monoma

Rozo: Bakugo

Papagiri: Tomura

Crispyraki: What?

Papagiri: Force of habit, I apologize

Queen: (ಠ_ಠ)>⌐■-■

Hot teacher: Damn

Babysitter: Miss Midnight?

Hot teacher: This joke is getting old, reaaally old

Pinky: I like it

Hot teacher: Of course you do

Hot teacher: I'm Dabi, or Touya Todoroki if you want

Pinky: So you said it at last. Good boy

Hot teacher: Go to hell

Bestgirl: 🔪

NO: Everyone a moment of silence, please

Rei: Our ears are yours

NO: Thank you, now getting back to business

NO: I was planning on destroying Endeavour but change of plans because I don't want to get up

NO: I'm doing that too but first......

Suicide? More likely than you think: Oh???

Frop: What kind of username is this?

Pinky: Not one that I would approve

Neutralzilla: 🍶

[NO had changed Suicide? More likely than you think's name to Suicidal]

Suicidal: Thanks?

NO: You're welcome

Sleeping: Just say it already Seto

NO: I'm holding an auction for a bunch of stuff

Crispyraki: Don't want anything

NO: Just wait

Hugs: What does it have to do with Enji?

NO: You'll see that too

Deadshot: I have nothing to do with these heroes

Stained: Same

NO: There are villains too

NO: And a bunch of angry vigilantes

Angry boxer: We don't want it either

Deadshot: Not better

Rat God: Okay it's worrisome

Sleeping: What is it?

Rat God: I checked the identities of the current users in the chat and

Rat God: Wow Seto

NO: Thanks

Best Barber: How much should we be scared

Rat God: Very

Re-destruction: Just start it already, I have a business to do

Boogyman: It better not to be a waste of time

NO: Okay then, let's begin

NO: The first option of today is a rusted and a bit bloody knife that belonged to a doctor. She would only use it to go to a clinic and stab people with it. Let's start the bidding with a milkshake. Anyone?


Drago: Seriously?

Pinky: I'll give you an apple for it

NO: One apple. Any higher rate? Anyone?

Sleeping: Ashido

Pinky: ಠ﹏ಠ

Bestgirl: ♥️

Pinky: ♥️

Crawler: Anything special about it?

NO: Not really

Crawler: No thanks then

NO: Sold it by the price of one apple to Mina Ashido

Pinky: Horray

Bird: A mad banquet of darkness, it's the only description, my friend

Boogyman: An even better description; It's a waste of time

Vulture: Yes exactly

NO: Shhh. It's just getting started. The next item is a bomb. Let's start a twenty thousand yen. Anyone?

Chicken: That's a bit too much for a single bomb

Crawler: How would you know?

Detective: That's suspicious

Chicken: Unrelevent

3²: He has a point, why is it so expensive?

Mad scientist: Cause I made it

Rat God: Oh god

Sleeping: Run for it

Sonic: Please no

Please no: ?

Papagiri: I hate you people, I really do

Joker: Your student Shota?

Sleeping: Thankfully no, she is powerlouder's

NO: But she is qualified to be

Rozo: I agree

KEMGD: She is just as crazy as the rest of them

Best Barber: You are one to talk, Bakugo

Sonic: Please don't talk like that about our classmates

Sonic: And please don't sell Hatsume's bombs

Running: Come on Tenya, don't ruin the party


Sonic: Even not in the field, you most hold your responsibilities as a pro hero, Tensei. You can not encourage future heroes or supports to get involved in such dangerous activities such as selling Hatsume made bombs to villains.

Tensei: Sorry?

RedRiot: That's class rep for you

Angry boxer: Forgetting the kid, I'll buy the bomb

Crawler: No you don't

Sleeping: Listen to the brat and don't get near it

Crawler: Thanks Erasure

Vulture: Is it any good?

Suicidal: I'm a bit Interested too

Pica: You wouldn't be if you have seen Hatsume

Crispyraki: Even the idiot one doesn't want it??

Pica: Oy

NO: No offence Denks but you started this whole madness. Now, tell them about your baby Mei

Hugs: Baby?

Mad scientist: It has three levels. In its weak form, it can blow up a single building. Midform is good for bigger jobs like a whole factory and nearby buildings. Max level can level half a city like, let's say Tokyo. My newest baby so far











Rat God: You too Allmight?

Allmight: Miss Hatsume never fails to amuse me, not a single of our third years does

Retired: I'm afraid of your kids Nedzu

Healer: Good

Hot teacher: You had that maniac hidden until now?

Mister: The better question is "how"?

Rat God: I don't now

Sleeping: Mei Hatsume

Mad scientist: Yes??

Sleeping: No more making bombs. Give this one to powerlouder and do not ever again make business with Seto

Mad scientist: Owww

NO: Owww

Sleeping: Now

Mad scientist: Okay okay

NO: Don't ruin the party

Angry boxer: Is this the kids these days call party?

Crispyraki: Apparently

Best Barber: It looks like it

Vulture: Seriously? ರ_ರ

Sleeping: Seto

NO: Okay sir

Papagiri: Interested in joining the league, Miss Hatsume?

Rat God: Absolutely not

Rozo: You can't handle her

Queen: You can't even handle your own idiots

Chicken: She got a point there

Neutralzila: What's wrong with your school Nedzu, seriously?

Rat God: I don't know at this point

Best Barber: Think like this. One more year and they will get out of your school

Wash: WASH


Drago: Dear God in heaven

Suicidal: Translation?

Drago: One more year and they will be licensed pro heroes or supports

Boogyman: Again, interested in joining the league?

Mad scientist: Can I make babies?

Boogyman: Sure?

Mad scientist: I'll think about it

Sleeping: No

Allmight: Who are you?

NO: Boogyman, can't you read?

RedRiot: That's Allmight man

NO: Don't care

Allmight: I still don't understand

Boogyman: I am your worst nightmare

Allmight: Class A becoming pros and destroying society with Hatsume's help?

Spider: Oy

Mad scientist: OY

RedRiot: We are not that bad sir

Queen: Yeah

Grapes: What they said

Pinky: Don't level us with those villains


Retired: Aren't you dating one?

Pinky: Unrelevent, we are not at the same level

Neutralzilla: Yeah, you are worse

Papagiri: Perhaps we are too civilized to let them join us

Crispyraki: Agreed. I don't want them

NO: I want to defend you guys but they have a point here

Rozo: Maybe a little?

Tiger Bonny: Just a little?

Allmight: I still don't know who this Boogyman is?


Boogyman: I'm All for one, Allmight

Allmight: Oh

Allmight: What the hell are you doing here?

Boogyman: As if I know

NO: Family bonding?

Allmight: No

Boogyman: No

Retired: No

NO: I pretend I wasn't summoned so can we continue? I have other businesses to do

Hugs: Aren't you sleeping in bed?

Queen: He is

NO: Exactly, I want to sleep but first I have to kill Endewhore

Fake number one: Again, what is going on?

Brain: A very slow execution, I believe

Hot teacher: Really slow apparently

Rei: You can continue dear

NO: Thanks

NO: Next option is a rope

Wash: Wash?

Drago: A rope?

Healer: Don't question it

Pinky: Should we bring Midnight?

NO: It's better for suicide or hanging the corpse of your enemy over a tree in a flashy way. Anyone? Say your price

Bird: That's a bit too dark

Suicidal: Me me me

NO: It's not good for a double suicide

Suicidal: I'll take two. We could hang ourselves from the same tree with them

NO: Fair point I guess. The price?

Suicidal: I've got a reservation for a really nice restaurant, I'll give that to you

NO: Good enough, but you don't want them yourself?

Suicidal: My date cancelled

NO: Can't guess why

Suicidal: 🖕 and I also heard that you could use a cute little date

NO: Go back to your double suicide

Suicidal: Sure thing

Frop: Are you okay sir?

Suicidal: Certainly, why would you ask?

NO: He may have the mental stability of a rock but sure, he is better than half of the people in here

Suicidal: 🥵

Pinky: Dabi I found your soulmate

Hot teacher: Shut it pink maniac

Bestgirl: 🔪

Vampire Mafia: What is this?

Suicidal: You are late to show boss. Back read

NO: Any higher bid? Is there anyone?

Endewho: Can we use it for Endeavour?

Fake number one: SHOTO

NO: He won't have a head when I'm done with him

Big one: Okay then we don't want it

NO: Then the ropes are sold at the price of a reservation to Osamu Dazai

Rat God: That's a familiar name

Boogyman: Are you with Yakuza?

Suicidal: Nope

Vulture: No, I would know

Vampire Mafia: Close but higher

Angry boxer: Like what? Those Yokohama freaks?

Vampire Mafia: Precisely

Angry boxer:

Rat God: Should I even question how you know the port mafia?

NO: My sister works there

Suicidal: She does, she's realllllly scarrrrry

Tiger Bonny: Nice

Whale: Nice?

Tiger Bonny: Yeap, what's the next item?

Rat God: Let's not question anything

Neutralzilla: First holy water 🍶

Rozo: 🍶

Drago: 🍶

Stained: 🍶

NO: Glad you asked. We have!

NO: A coffee mog with a really cute cat on it. Anyone? Start the bidding

Deadeyes: I want it

Sleeping: I guess I want it



NO: It's an auction so get the price

Deadeyes: I'll help with your homework?

NO: Nice try Hitoshi but no thanks. I'm good

Deadeyes: I'll take you to a cat cafe I know?

NO: That's an acceptable offer. Any higher bid?

Sleeping: I'll keep Mic silent for a week

Pinky: 😨😨

John Cena: 😨😨

Ocha: 😨😨

NO: I'm sorry Hitoshi but you can not top this one


Deadeyes: I am well aware

NO: Then it's sold by the price of keeping Mic silent for a week to ErasureHead

Crawler: You guys love Mic ha?

Broccoli: We do

Bird: But he is loud

Joker: So much love in the air

Endewho: May I speak your honour?

NO: We aren't in a court but sure?

Endewho: I wanted to point out one of my theories

NO: Izuku being Allmight's secret love child one?

Boogyman: Allmight has a child?

Retired: Toshinori?

Allmight: I don't

Broccoli: I'm not his child Shoto

Endewho: No no I meant the other one

Neutralzilla: There is more?

NO: Shinsou-Aizawa one?

Neutralzilla: Yes

Sleeping: Todoroki for the last time, he is not my son

Ocha: They do look alike though

Frop: More than look alike

Sleeping: You really want extra homework for a month don't you?

Ocha: 🤐

Frop: 🤐

Endewho: 🤐

Joker: (ー_ー゛)

Stained: Get the next item

NO: Okay on it

NO: For our next magnificent item, I present to you~~~

NO: Another baby of Mei Hatsume~~~

Sleeping: No

Suicidal: Yes

Papagiri: Maybe?

NO: A sniper rifle scope

Hot teacher: It's safer than I thought

Rat God: It's Hatsume made, it shouldn't be

NO: It isn't, Mei?

Mad scientist: Allow me to introduce my baby. It's a magnifying scope capable of seeing up to one and a half kilometers. It has face recognition technology and weak laser beam

Boogyman: I'll give my personal inventor's place to you if you join the league

NO: Doctor Evil's?

Boogyman: Yes

NO: That's... A good offer?

Rat God: Mei No

Drago: Don't join the dark side kid

Chicken: You are better than this

NO: She is

Mad scientist: I'll consider the offer

Deadshot: I'll take the scope. Can we even call it a scope?

NO: How much will you bid?

Deadshot: One free assassination

NO: Acceptable, anyone else

Sleeping: Jirou please stop him from selling Hatsume's works

Queen: I really can't sir

Tiger Bonny: Not even big guns work ha?

Rat God: I buy it then

NO: Say the higher price

Rat God: No homework for the rest of the term?

NO: Not good enough

Rat God: Give me a hand

Rozo: ?

Chicken: I really can't think of anything

NO: Assassination debt one

Rat God: How much money?

NO: I don't want money

NO: Assassination debt two

Rat God: A paid vacation from Hawks agency? A week off from UA?

NO: Not good enough

NO: It's sold by the price of an assassination to Lady Nagat

Rat God: Perfect

Chicken: Where did I hear that name?

Deadshot: Hero Public Safety Commission's previous hitman

Chicken: Oh I remember, I took your job after you killed your boss

Hot teacher: Really Hawks?

Chicken: ୧( ˵ ° ~ ° ˵ )୨

Tiger Bonny: Easy now

Angry boxer: Nagat? I thought you were dead

Deadshot: I'm pretty much alive. You are?

Angry boxer: o'clock. Though retired and with no quirk. Just your friendly neighborhood vigilante

Crawler: There is nothing friendly about you

Boogyman: Quite a magnificent quirk it was

Angry boxer: Ha?

Allmight: All for one did you?

Boogyman: Indeed

Tiger Bonny: Explanation?

Allmight: He is the quirk thief

Pica: The myth?

NO: Not so mythical, just a good quirk

Angry boxer: Fucking bastard. I'll find you and kill you

Crawler: Easy sir

Boogyman: You can try

NO: Mori can you kill Afo for me?

Vampire Mafia: Depends

NO: If I say please?

Vampire Mafia: I'll see it through

Boogyman: Know your place, Mafia

Vampire Mafia: Oh I know it perfectly

Vampire Mafia: It's on your corpse

Pinky: Dam

Detective: Go Vampire Mafia

Allmight: It was, refreshing

Rat God: Yeap

NO: Okay okay, one last item before our grand finally

KEMGD: Finish it already

Phantom: What the angry boy said

KEMGD: Shut up you Tin tin face, Seto Kaiba looking hair, inferiority complex Mockingjay wannabe


Vampire Mafia:



Joker: Wow. Does that even make sense?

Best Barber: It's Bakugo, it shouldn't

KEMGD: Get lost

Neutralzilla: I see where Pinky learned naming from

Pinky: 🥰

Retired: I swear half of you are maniacs

NO: That's old new Torino. Anywayyyy

NO: The last item of today is whatever this is

[NO had sent a picture]

[It's a photo of an Allmight figure. It's 15 cms tall and is holding his right hand up while looking down at the ground beneath it. There is a full pizza on his other hand]

NO: I don't know what is it but someone gave it to me as a thank you

Sonic: You should not put the things that other people gift you on-sell and in such places Seto. It's both irresponsible and offensive

NO: Tenya, with all due respect, I give a damn to neither you nor Allmight

NO: Anyone?

Broccoli: ME

NO: Okay sold

Drago: No bidding?

NO: I'm not gonna get in between the broccoli might and his Allmight obsession. Just take it

Broccoli: It's not an obsession

NO: Right it's bigger than that

Broccoli: Seto!

NO: Sorry sorry. What the hell is this figure, Allmight?

Allmight: I'm not sure

Broccoli: It's really limited edition silver age figure inspired by Allmight's fight with Dragon breath in New York where he saved a pizza delivery man along the whole city



(Insert the usernames of 55 other members of the chat: )

NO: See? Beyond obsession

KEMGD: Really Izuku?

Broccoli: Problem, Kacchan?

Mister: Frightening

Deadshot: Shivers

NO: Indeed but NOW, FOR THE FINAL!

NO: We have Enji Todoroki's head on a silver plate

Boogyman: Wow

3²: That's a turn of event, who would have guessed?

Vampire Mafia: I buy it

RedRiot: That's not manly Seto

NO: Don't care

NO: Now there is a catch

Sleeping: There is always a catch

Phantom: Wait are you okay with this?

Sleeping: Sure

Babysitter: I think I found out what's wrong with you guys

Broccoli: Absolutely nothing

KEMGD: Yeah get lost

NO: Ehem

Rozo: Continue, please

Tiger Bonny: What is it?

Brain: Oh dear

Rat God: ?

Brain: I found out what they were planning

Rat God: Same

Boogyman: It's not hard to guess

Vampire Mafia: Indeed

Allmight: ?

Chicken: A mafia boss, a boogyman, a mouse and some evil masterminder? I'm scared for you Enji

Hot teacher: Don't be

Chicken: I want a hug then

Hot teacher: Fine

Bestgirl: Owwww

Pinky: Owww

Tiger Bonny: Get a room and let us kill Endeavour

Best Barber: Aren't we heroes?

Queen: Loose faith in humanity, that's the only way

Best Barber: Not just yet

Rozo: You should probably stop hanging out with Seto for a while, Kyouka

NO: 😢

Rozo: I'm sorry but you are a bad influence on her

NO: But Kacchan is worse, mom?


Queen: But mom, I love him

Rozo: Σ(ಠ_ಠ)

Rozo: Take good care of her Seto

NO: Of course

Drago: I'm confused

Crispyraki: It never gets better

Neutralzilla: It never does

NO: Now the catch is~

NO: I'm not the seller

Fake number one: Ha?

3²: Oh dear

Human: I see what you are doing Mr Sadako

Wash: Wash

Queen: He is laughing so be careful

Queen: It's cute but deadly

Queen: Like a poisonous frog

Frop: Kero?

Rozo: Are you two together?

Queen: Unrelevent

Sleeping: I'll regret asking this but who is the seller?

NO: Whoever kills Endeavour first. That's the main purpose of this chat; To put a bounty on his head

NO: Now then, how much will you pay for his head?

Endewho: How much does it need?

Hot teacher: I got money so bring it

Fake number one: Do you think I am scared of a bunch of pony villains you know Sadako?

NO: I don't know, Are you?

Allmight: With All for one being here, you should be Todoroki

Rat God: You definitely should be Enji

Re-destruction: I'll kill him for a favour from your sister Mr Sadako

Vampire Mafia: No need to get Rose here, we do this job for free

Human: Cleaning the world from the trash of a bastard quirk user? I will lend a hand

Vulture: Will clean this curse and bastard altogether. I like the idea

Crispyraki: Fuck off Chisaki

Vulture: No-one didn't ask you Shigaraki

Tiger Bonny: I'm team Shigaraki on this, get out Yakuza bird

Best Barber: Miruko

Drago: Not you too

Tiger Bonny: What? Can we all agree that Chisaki is a bigger bastard?

Broccoli: ^

Crispyraki: ^

Bestgirl: ^

Chicken: ^

Wash: ^

Whale: ^

Sleeping: ^

Rat God: ^

Joker: ^

Retired: ^

Healer: ^

Drago: Fine ^

Running: ^

Sonic: Tensei

Running: Sorry not sorry

Hugs: ^

Best Barber: ^

Rozo: ^


Neutralzilla: ^

Hot teacher: ^

Papagiri: ^

Pinky: ^

Brain: I too agree

Detective: ^

Deadeyes: ^

Mad scientist: ^

Mad scientist: I can make a baby with him

Drago: What?

NO: An invention. She calls her machines babies

Mad scientist: They are my babies

Drago: Okay that really makes sense of the previous ones too

Ocha: ^

Frop: ^

Pica: ^

Bird: ^

Deadshot: ^

Stained: ^

NO: You are here too?

Stained: Sure

Angry boxer: ^

Crawler: ^

Suicidal: ^

Vampire Mafia:^

Re-destruction: I hate both of them but sure ^

Boogyman: ^

Allmight: All for one?

Boogyman: What? I don't like Yakuza

3²: Then I too ^

Vulture: I am so loved here ha?

NO: Your own fault not mine

NO: Now then, what is the final price?

Rat God: Security codes of the Hero Commission's main base for anyone who finishes the job

Allmight: Nedzu?

Healer: I approve of that

Angry boxer: That's why I like you Nedzu

NO: Taking out the Commission and Endeavour? Even better

Crispyraki: Are we the villains here?

Bestgirl: ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌

Stained: Can't say at this point

Deadshot: I'll help if you want to take down the Commission

Chicken: Me too besty

Deadshot: Besty?

Chicken: We got the same job and hatred toward the Commission

Deadshot: Fair enough

Hot teacher: →_→

NO: Does everyone agree on the price?

Fake number one: NO

Vampire Mafia: Sure

Stained: I take it

Deadshot: Two targets with one bullet, I'm in with my new scope

3²: I too shall help if you want to master

Boogyman: Killing number one hero is a good idea, feel free to help 9

Mad scientist: Do you want any babies?

Sleeping: No

Rozo: Mei no

Hot teacher: Mei yes

Mad scientist: MEI YES

Joker: I'm in love with your kids Shota

Sleeping: Not mine

Sleeping: And no hashtags

Wash: Wash?

Whale: Hashtag?

Neutralzilla: Allow her

Pinky: #Dadzawa

Pinky: This one

Pica: Midoriya I'm telling you, it's a part of his quirk

Broccoli: It isn't

NO: Denks, please. We are doing serious business here

Boogy man: What quirk?

Pica: Spinner's Mina predicting quirk


Bestgirl: I mean

Joker: Wow

Drago: We are not gonna ask, right?

Vampire Mafia: No but are you kids interested in Mafia?

Sleeping: Stop recruiting my class


NO: #Dadzawa

Fake number one: WHAT THE HELL?

Allmight: ?

Vampire Mafia: I sent someone to take him in

Hot teacher: That was fast

Vampire Mafia: I'm a professional unlike some people here

Please no: So you are actually killing him?

Hot teacher: Yes

Big one: You sure Touya?

Hot teacher: Touya's dead. And Enji is going to join him

Rei: Seto

NO: On it

Hot teacher: ?

NO: Don't mind us, but prepare some tea Kuro

Papagiri: Sure


Joker: Did they just kill the number one hero?

Best Barber: Who knows at this point

Rat God: Not just yet

Hugs: Scary

NO: It would be after the court is over

Best Barber: The court?

NO: The court of stray sounds

Vampire Mafia: I am not calling it that

Chapter Text

Seto groaned in frustration. Mori just had to go and kidnapp Endeavour right when he was going to sleep. He could swear that every villain in Japan hated him with a burning passion. Seriously, what the hell did he ever do to deserve that? On second thought, he knew exactly what he did. Yeap it was for that time.

--- So?" Kyouka rolled in bed so she could face him and asked: "What are you going to do now?" Seto kissed her cheek and came out of the blanket roll. He stretched out his hands and answered: "I'm not sure. It's up to Dabi but I'll probably..." But he was interrupted half way with the sound of his phone.

He looked at the number and answered with suspicious: "Hello there."

In the other side of the line, Ogai Mori said: "Could you come here for a moment, Mr Sadako? We have a situation."

--- Is it related to Endeavour?"

--- Not directly but yes." "Fine I'll be there in ten."

--- Make it ten seconds please." And hung up the phone call. Another sigh and Seto put his phone back to his pocket. "Change of plans. I'm gonna head to Mori and Endeavour myself." "Do you need help?" Kyouka asked while sitting on the edge of the bed. She wasn't sure what could she do but there was supposed to be something, right?

Seto cracked a small smile and nodded. "Sure, get ready in ten minutes until I go and pick up Will." And left before Kyouka could point out a little problem. Well, William could do that for her either way so she got up to pick up a more formal dress. Or should she pick something better suited for battle? Or just something casual? Is there a dress code for meeting a mafia boss that stole the number one hero? Kyouka hopes not.

Maybe she could meet Rose too.


In the same time at the front gate of the Moriarty mansion, Seto came out of his portal only to be confronted with a small crowd; the Moriarty family, one would call. The retired lord of crime, others could say. It was about the point of view.

William was the first to confront him with open arms and said: "Welcome back, Seto."

--- It seems that you expected this as well?" Seto said as he looked at others. Behind Will, there were two blonde men and black haired annoyance standing. His brothers and Sherly. And even behind those guys there were a gray haired old man in butler suit and another blonde man who was too pretty to go unnoticed. Wouldn't be a party without Bond, ha?

--- It wasn't hard to guess, was it?" "Not really. Everything would go south the moment Mori made his move and I need a right hand man for whatever mess this is." "I'm flattered but isn't there someone more suitable than me?" Seto raised an eyebrow at him. Yeap, they both knew very well thay there wasn't.

William sighed dramatically and told the ones behind him: "Then I leave the matters of the house to you, Albert. Luis, Jack, please help him."

--- No problem Will." "Of course brother." "No problem, little one." "What about me, what about me?" They all shared their opinions and agreements. Well, except for Bond who was jumping in impatience. "You still have to help Moran in town, don't you Bond?" He didn't get an answer. The four of them but soon left them for their own works.

--- Then let's get going!" Sherlock said as he put his hand on Seto's shoulder and showed him a wide grin. "Sure let's go to Yokohama. I'll tell you the details there."

--- Emm?" "What is it?" William suddenly looked disinterested while Sherly's grin grew even bigger. Something was definitely wrong. "Are we going dressed like that?" William said while maintaining his poker face.

Seto glanced at those two again but didn't see anything unnatural. They were both wearing suits; Brown for Will and black for Sherly. Waxed shoes? Check. Hair? Definitely not a check for Holmes but it was nothing new. Then what... Oh? It rang a bit late but it rang nonetheless.

He too maintained his poker face but slowly looked down at his own wearing. Yeap, there was the problem. T-shirts and shorts weren't the worst combinations for dealing with Mafia but them being Hawks branded with the chicken's chibi face on them would be. Damn his boss and stupid gifts. Not just him but everyone in the agency had one set of these and they were unnaturally comfortable.

--- Well I was going to stop at dorms to get Kyouka. I'll change in a minute there." And walked back into his portal but not before hearing Sherlock say "Hopefully not an Allmight one this time." Seto really hated his contacts.


One more seconds and they were in a hallway of the third years' dorm. As soon as they landed, Seto opened another portal and walked to his shared dorm with Fumikage while the criminal mastermind and questionable detective awaited in the hallway.

Two minutes in and their first customer reached them. A tall black haired girl in school's formal uniform. "Can I help you?" She asked suspiciously. Well, those two weren't supposed to be there in the first place. William bowed his head and said: "Greetings Ma'am. We are simply waiting Seto to change his clothes so we could visit Endeavour's case." "Change here?" She asked and pointed at the door next to them.

--- Could be." Sherlock shrugged. "He portalled us here and portalled away." Not much later and before she could ask more questions or call Aizawa for insurance, the said door opened and a familiar girl with earjacks and purple hair walked out of it. She was wearing a yellow shirt with a leather jacket and black jeans. Half formal and half ready for combat. Prepared for almost everything except what was going to happen.

--- Mr. William?" She asked as she looked at the blonde man and then turned to her roommate. A questionable situation Indead. "Weren't you going to come with Seto?" "He is rethinking his interest in the number two hero in his dorm, I believe." He answered which earned him an even more questioning look from Momo.

--- Should I even ask?" "Better not." Kyouka chuckled and Momo shook her head in disappointment. "Who are these people exactly, Kyouka?" "He is William Moriarty." Kyouka pointed at Will. "Apparently Seto's old friend." "Indead I am." Momo nodded as if she was satisfied for now and asked again: "And he?" Kyouka glanced at Sherlock for a moment and shrugged. "Don't know." "Now I see why Seto likes you this much." Sherlock pouted but didn't stop smiling. The statement made her blush a little. Certainly just a little bit.

--- Sherlock Holmes, the best detective of England, at your service." Sherlock introduced himself as he bowed. "Who?" Momo asked so innocently that made the black haired man groan. Of course she had heard of the great Sherlock Holmes, but didn't think it was necessary to tell him that. "Demons, all of you!" He only gained two laughters as an answer.

But the conversations died out as Seto came out of the elevator and walked to them. Both William and Sherlock could see no signs of previous mockery; Both in his face and outfit. The kid was ready to take on both Port Mafia and Endeavour.

--- You look nice." Kyouka told him what was passing on all of their brains. "You think so?" "Definitely." The said custom? was a set of white suit wore above a pitch black ironed shirt and a dark blue tie. His hair was tide back in a small bon and the lower end of his face was covered by a black face mask; the same he used in his hero custom. The whole clothing was a variant of his Blood Raven custom but with less mistery and more formality.

--- Well are you three ready to go?" Seto said while wasting no more time. It's been almost fifteen minutes since Mori's call and he was starting to feel worried about what could have happened to them. "Sure, open the gates of hell boy." Sherlock said cheerfully.

--- Do you want to come too Momo?" He asked the raven haired girl after the said gate opened behind his back. Compare to three years ago he had improved to a whole new degree of portal mastery but it seemed he still had a long way to go in the path of corrupting others and making them join his madness. Well no matter, he had Kyouka. And maybe Fumi.

--- No, thanks. I think I pass this one." She paused for a moment to rethink her next sentence. "But please don't let the number one hero die Seto, no matter how bad he is." Seto only nodded without making direct eye contacts. This too was a part of his codes as a hero, he couldn't promise something like that to his friend. With no further comment, he walked through his portal and entered the main base of the infamous Port Mafia in Yokohama, Japan.

It was a mistake.


What lay beyond his portal was hell, pure chaos, destruction of an Armaggedon level threat. There was basically nothing left of the lobby anymore. Except for dust, debris and stone.

He wanted to check out the amount of property damage out of curiosity but was forcefully stopped by two factors; A. People who caused the destruction and B. People who were coming out of his portal. Well he could let Sherly die there but the thought of Will, or worse Kyouka getting hurt in the crossfire boiled his blood like one of All for one's quirks. Now he had to stop things.

He took a deep breath and analysed the battlefield. He was no Nedzu or Izuku and he thanked god for it. He would have had a heart attack if he was them.

There in the really large lobby of the building two of the most frecious villain groups of that side of Japan were fighting each other; PM and Lov were at the throat of each other and not in a friendly way.

The closest fight to the four of them was an unfair one but Seto couldn't decide toward whom. Himiko and Spinner, the two main melee fighters of the league had their hands occupied with the hell hound of the league; the lizard against Rashomon and Himiko against Akutagawa himself.

Shuuichi Iguchi had a rather hard time against the demon. The only reason why he was still breathing was for Toga keeping the beast user away from him. He wasn't necessary in danger but certainly couldn't win.

Rashomon, the monstrosity of a quirk, was both a close range and wide range fighter. It simply didn't care if Spinner would attack him directly with his swords or would throw his knife at it, not a single move scratched the monster's skin.

On the other hand Rashomon too was anything but happy. No matter if it used his teeth and attacked the lizard directly or would stay behind and let the black spikes charge at him, all its moves were blocked masterfully by his swords. The way he wielded his two long swords impressed even Kyouka. Strangely enough, it was fight on equal ground.

Not far away from the beastly due, two blood thirsty teenagers were at each others throat, this time literally. Himiko Toga, the blood loving girl that she was, didn't like bleeding herself and she certainly didn't like the same look on her opponent's face that she had on a daily basis.

She was carrying two medium size knife in her hands, both dripping blood, and attacking the hell hound himself directly with nimble but very deadly strikes. She wasn't as powerful as Spinner in terms of muscle but her technics were far superior to his. And far better than a weakened Akutagawa, perhaps.

If you ask anyone but ADA's weretiger, they would tell you the same thing; Ryunosuke Akutagawa was a calm, calculated murderer with no mercy who would finish his job no matter what. For this battle but, only the second half of the statement was true. For the first half, the young adult was shaking from anger; His normal composure nowhere to be seen.

He could have killed both of his opponents in a few seconds separately but together, he was stock in a never-ending trade of unsuccessful blows. He had only a few free spikes with himself and All but one of were focused on defence. A pathetic sight, really.

Himiko was quick, almost as quick as the weretiger. Nimble on her feet, she would run from rear and in unreadable patterns towards the weak or blind spots of his few spikes and cut his flesh with a knife of hers. No matter how he would attack her in those moments, she could easily dodge them. Akutagawa wasn't as fast as her but was quick enough to avoid anything fatal. But still the numerous open and still bleeding cuts on both his hands and face weren't so promising.

But a wounded hound was still a hound. No matter how many times Himiko would close the distance between them for a final blow, Akutagawa's last spike would always interrupt her last second and made her to retreat back with a new cut; that was his only way of dealing successful damage. Just like her opponents, her arms, legs and face were full of bleeding and dangerous cuts.

It was a miracle neither of wasn't dying out of blood lost. Perhaps they would if they were a bit more sane to realise that. Or a bit less stubborn.

Just like the Rashomon versus Spinner fight, those two were fighting on equal grounds but on a far madder ground than those two. Unlike the beastlt due who both couldn't get passed the other's defence, the demonic due simply couldn't kill each other no matter how many times they had cut each other. It wasn't about defence but offense.

Seto decided to start from those three. Two third of them would end up dead really fast if he would let them be so he started with the demonic due.

The next time Himiko retreated after causing a shallow cut on his cheek, he opened a portal in between them and drew two hand guns from his smaller portals; pointing them at the two stubborn manics.

Both of them froze by the new entrance and the warm weapon pointed at them. The beastly due also took the message and stopped attacking but neither lowered their guard. At least they had common sense.

--- May I know..." He said with cold tone dripping poison at both scarred murderers. "What the hell are you doing?" "It was him!" Himiko said and pointed at the eyebrowless man but Seto could see that there wasn't much strength left in her body.

--- Shut up vampire." Akutagawa hissed at her. "You attacked us first." "Okay okay I take it back. I don't give a damn what's going on. Now will you two stop killing each other for a few hours for me, Ryu? Himiko?" He asked both of them genteelly. When they both nodded slowly at him, he walked to Ryunosuke, opened a portal behind him and pushed him into it before he could resist. Then he walked to Himiko and repeated the exact process with the same location in mind.

For the last touch, he took out his phone and sent a message.

[Private messages between Seto and ?]

Freelouder: I'm sending some people to you. Heal them for me please

Sadist Doctor:

Sadist Doctor: Could have warned me before the two of them passed out on my floor

Freelouder: Sorry girl

Sadist Doctor: You'll own me one

Freelouder: Pizza?

Sadist Doctor: Try better

Freelouder: After I stopped this next five or so fights

Sadist Doctor: Fine send them to me

Freelouder: You are the best ←(>▽<)ノ

Sadist Doctor: I know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Seto glanced at Spinner who was standing motionless and asked: "Do you need medical care too Spinner?" "Na I'm good Seto." "K." And with that left the lizard swordmaster with his three other companions for a moment before a portal appeared beneath his feet and sent him away.

Next stop the now-not-existing front gates of the building where a passionate fight was undergo. He couldn't say if those two were fighting to death or playing at some point. It was fighting but with too much, showmanship?

Atsuhiro Sako, the entertainer and secondary caretaker of the league of villains was having a blast with Koyo Ozaki of the Mafia's executives. Again a literal case since he was blasting everything in sight except for the enemy herself.

Now, Mister Compress was not an amature. He knew when to perform and when to send people flying. So seeing him casually throwing marbles that would turn into iron beams or release Dabi's flame while dancing around made Seto question their sanities. Did he finally lost it or was it a part of his plan? Probably both.

Unbeknown to him, Atsuhiro was actually having as much of a hard time as other league members. He simply didn't let the stress and pressure hold him back or make his teammates worry about him. He had his own responsibilities.

His quirk, Compress, was amazing in many areas, including fightings and he loved it. But there was a big problem with his style; the limit of marbles that he carried. No matter how much he prepared beforehand, they could easily run out incase of fighting a wrong opponent; and Koyo was the wrong opponent.

Just like his previous attacks, Mr run around the entrance, trapping debrises of stone and iron in his marbles and then throwing a few of them towards the lady with a Dabi one as a bonus.

The debrises, beams and whatever stuff that Atsuhiro had in his sleeves were almost completely useless against her; since her quirk, Golden demon, would simply tear them apart with her katana.

For Dabi's fire hidden in one of the marbles, Koyo would simply wait for it to crack midway and then make Golden demon to shield her from the flames. The creature had nearly zero problems with fire and was faster and the waves of heat.

The only injury that Koyo suffered so far was from the first few attacks when she didn't know her opponent's tactics and powers. After the first iron beam that almost crushed his head if it wasn't for Golden demon and the fire flame marble that only gave her a second degree burn mark on left shoulder, she learnt her listen. After those two, Atsuhiro couldn't get pass her.

Koyo Ozaki wasn't exactly playing at a flower garden either. If it wasn't for the quick analysing and reflects of her demon then she had no chance against the masked villain. She was a good assassin but he wasn't even near a possible target. Her best and maybe only plan was too stand with the least possible movements and spend all her energy on her quirk. It was good but to a point. Even though Golden demon was tough against fire it still hurt it and many of the things that Compress would throw at her would damage its body. The regeneration would take too much energy.

Saying that, Compress had a not so bad defence himself; it was called Koyo's caution. During the first minutes of their fighting and after his first wave of marbles, Koyo had sent Golden demon to confront him directly but it only lead to him trapping demon's left arm in a marble and running back. Golden demon could technically restore its hand if Koyo would shut her quirk and activate it again but didn't belive it would worth the risk of Compress' attack. Using that mindset and nimble movement, Atsuhiro manged to scape the fight until there with only a few shallow sword cuts and a broken mask.

Atsuhiro took a deep breath as he stared at the demon's eyes. He had mostly learnt its style and movement but couldn't waste much more time; he was at the end of his fire marbles and had used most of the debrises on the ground. One last attack, that was all he needed. The greatest show of Atsuhiro Sako, the Mister Compress. Descendant of the pearless thief. Yes, that was it. He couldn't help but to smile widely like the manic that every single member of the league was. It was show time.

With no regrets, no looking back, he jumped forward and attacked Golden demon directly. It startled Koyo for a moment but she wasn't planning on going down. Without any words, she ordered her beast to fly to him in return, her sword was ready to cut the man in half.

Seto wanted to stop the madness, to save Compress but something in that man's eyes stopped him; a fire burning brighter than Dabi's or Endeavour's, asking who was he to stop his show? Seto smiled and back down. Instead, he took out his phone and started filming.

Atsuhiro wasted no moves, he closed the distance in a matter of seconds and became face to face with the demon. Golden demon brought down its sword, completely ready to slash him in half but then

Atsuhiro activated his quirk. The ability to compress anything in a marble as long as he touched it. He couldn't touch the demon, the sword would kill him before he finished so instead, he activated it on himself; turning into a black marble on the air.

Koyo couldn't do anything but watch with awe as the man disappeared in his own power. The sword cut the empty air and the marble got passed there. That was when it cracked. He couldn't deactivate his quirk from withing but instead made it to disappear three seconds after being created. Once the showman appeared again, he was on the air behind the monster.

With a wide smile, he touched the back of the Golden demon before it could turn back and trapped it in another marble. Now it was one on one and Atsuhiro was on a roll. Truely a performance worthy of his family's name.

Seeing that, Koyo sighed and drew out her own katana. The burn mark on her left would only limit her movements and she was a bit out of breath after the long use of her quirk. She knew she couldn't win but at least she could take him with her. That was when Seto put away his phone and opened his portal.

Next moment, he appeared between the suicidal due with an innocent smile and said: "Hello there." "My dear audience, did you enjoy the show?" Mister said as he rested on his cane. Just like Koyo, he was suffering from the overuse of his quirk. His quirk wasn't made to hold himself. Time for time out then.

He cleared his throat and said: "You don't look half as bad as the other two idiots but let's call it a day shall we?" The look in his eyes made it clear for both of them that he wasn't going to accept no as answer. Koyo nodded as she sheathed her katana and Mister shrugged but also accepted his offer. "Then see you at doctor's." And opened two portals underneath them before they could ask what he meant. Two more down.

Who was next? The sound of earth shaking and the constant rise of the temperature forced him the answer. Perfection.

Leader of the league of villains' vanguard action squad, Touya "Dabi" Todoroki who ascended from a simple arsonist to a near S class villain and Chuya Nakahara, the Arahabaki and the strongest of the Port Mafia's executives. Truely the worst fight of the day. The fights between two supervillains were supposed to be something special but apparently not this one.

Compared to others, those two had a much more straightforward battle; Dabi would send heatwaves after heatwaves until he would reach his limit and had to go under cover until he would cool down. Chuya in return kept wreaking the floor and walls and used the materials on hand to stop the fire. In the next phase, he would throw on the floating debrises that he used as a shield toward him. Then they would change role.

They were both good tacticians and strategists but it seemed that being near each other cancelled their intelligence. Seto sighed as he watched them repeat the exact moves over and over and over again for seven minutes straight until he snapped and looked around for something suitable. Aha!

He opened two portals and borrowed about twenty of Twice's clones who were attacking two gunned mofistos and throw half of them to each one of the overpowered simpletons. Neither of them excepted the interference so the only thing they could do was to swear loudly as they got buried in Twices.

Chuya activated for the tained sorrow and sent all the clones to the next floor, turning them into mud in the process. At the same time, Dabi let loose of his flames and melted the clones around him to the same shape. Twice swear at him and Seto in his head but kept it quiet and made more clones of himself. His second persona though, had a colorful language.

Now both of them were sitting on the floor, a bit tired from the constant use of their quirks but ready to keep it up until midnight. Before they could stand up and do that, Seto opened two portal behind them and smacked their heads at the same time.

--- The hell!?" "Oy!" Both of them groaned and then glared at him. Seto looked at them with disappointed and said: "When did you two became best friends?" "Ha?!" "Shut up Birdy." Again, both of them rejected him at the same time. "Any explanation on this situation?" Seto asked with enpty hopes. As if he could get any answer from these two of all people.

And he was right.

Dabi stood up and said: "This shorty here thinks he is such a big shot and..." "WHO THE HELL DID YOU CALL SHORTY?" Chuya shouted and reactived his quirk, making stones around him rise to the air. Dabi smirked and summoned blue flames in his palms, ready to commit the biggest known case of arson of his life.

On second thought, Seto decided that he didn't want to even bother himself with them so he left them alone and went to check on Twice. It's been a while since they've met. Once Seto was far enough, Chuya threw all those rocks at Dabi and he sent to waves of blue flames toward him. Both destroying the building before hurting each other.

Twice was having a hard time too. Not because of his opponents, no. Jim Bubaigawara had zero problem beating the leaving hell out of Ichyo Higuchi and Michizo Tachihara. Both were quirkless and the only thing that they were doing was shooting his clones. Not too weak normally but laughable against Twice. Solutions? Making more clones since they would run out of bullets before him. Problem? Everyone else was also destroying his clones.

From the fire and stones from Chuya and Dabi's fight to fire and stones from Compress and Koyo's fight to Kaiji's lemon bombs and Seto randomly borrowing his clones. With the amount of damge his teammates were dealing to him, there was a chance that he would run out of clones first.

So when Higuchi and Tachihara manages to destroy the last wave of Twice clones, Jin started making other types of clones; a bunch of Dabi's, two or three Tomura's, a couple of Blood Raven's, a dozen of Rappa's and seventeen Allmight's. He was pissed and those two were doomed.

Pitting them, Seto opened a portal for the two Mafias running from a pack of Allmights and Rappas and sent them to the rest of idiots before they could die. He nodded at Twice and showed him a thumb up; saying that they were victorious so far. Twice raised two thumbs up in answer but changed them to two middle fingers before passing on the floor and joining Himiko and Ryunosoke. Seto shrugged. A couple of more down. Who was left?

He walked to the entrance of the building where Atsuhiro was fighting a few moments ago and looked outside where the current number two hero, Keigo Takami, aka Hawks aka his stupid boss was fighting the madest scientist of Yokohama and the number three mad scientist of Japan after Mei Hatsume and Kyuudai Garaki, Motojiro Kaiji.

A battle where Kaiji would throw lemon bomb to the air where Hawks was floating and laugh maniacally while Keigo would send his feathers after the bomber only to be destroyed as Kaiji would blow up a lemon in his bare hand.

Seto chose the sanest option he had and picked up a rock from near the entrance. Then, he threw the rock at Kaiji from behind. It hit him right in the head and knocked him out on the ground. Keigo showed him a thumb up from above only to get hit on the head with the very same rock that traveled up there through his portal. He "landed" on Kaiji unconscious. Seto didn't want to hear more lemon-explosions or to know what was the number two hero of Japan doing there helping the league of tormented souls of hell. He just didn't want to. Another portal and two more patients for the doctor.

With them out he thought it was only Dabi and Chuya left but there were still a few more noises coming from the very other side of the lobby where Kyouka and others were supposed to be. One portal and he stepped right into a war zone. Compared to the previous idiots, this was new; definitely not the league's handy work.

There at the middle of torn sofas and broken table, there were three people fighting; fortunately not his three people. Seto found them sheltering behind the counter and watching the show while Kyouka seemed to be using her quirk. Maybe looking for him? Anyway no, in front of him were two of the three heads of Port Mafia's black lizards, Gin Akutagawa and Ryuro Hirotsu fighting against a not so unknown hero killer; Chizome Akagura or better known as Stain. What was he doing here? Seto didn't know. Definitely not with Tomura.

Between the three of them, Gin was in the worst position as she was laying on the floor behind the older man, obviously paralysed by Stain's quirk while having several cuts over her body. But the serial killer seemed to have a harder time fighting the veteran mofisto than he anticipated. Seto could guess this one.

Just like Chuya Nakahara, Koyo Ozaki and Ryunosoke Akutagawa, Ryuro Hirotsu and his falling camelia were suitable in both close and long range. If Stain wanted to cut him with his Katana, he had to enter his quirk's range first and he couldn't dodge it so simply. The broken bones in his right hand were the proof of it. Hirotsu but didn't received a single scratch.

Seto had to give it to the old man, he was the only one who left the fight unscratched that day. The fight was still ongoing but no-one believed that Stain could make a comeback. As a last resort, he moved as far as he could to the left and threw his wired sword at Hirotsu; trying to get a single drop of blood. The MVP of that battle's mistakes.

With a single glance, he pointed his hand at the direction of the sword and activitied his quirk. The wave of quake destroyed the katana and turned it into dust, leaving Stain weaponless and winning the dam fighting before Seto could spell Elise.

--- I expected more from the hero killer but it seems to be all in vain." He said as he helped Gin stand up. "It wasn't his fault that his opponent was the second toughest in the building, Hirotsu." Seto told them as he casually walked to them and joined the conversation. Hirotsu in answer lit up a cigarette and said: "It's a pleasure to be thought like that, Mr. Sadako. And it seems boss really called you."

--- Yeap he did." Seto nodded as he opened a portal beneath Stain and sent them away. "Wanna join the others, Black Lizards?" He asked but before he could get an answer, a certain purple haired girl jumped to him and embraced him tightly. Seto decided to gracefully ignore Gin, Sherlock and Hirotsu's chuckles and patted Kyouka on the head. "Missed me already?"

But was once again interrupted as she pulled him closer for a kiss. And even after that, she didn't let go of him. She simply stood and listened to his heartbeat; silence taking over the room as the other four people didn't dare to ruin their moment. Not even Sherlock. He was still traumatized from the last time he got spirited away.

After a few minutes that felt like hours, Kyouka raised her head to face Seto and said: "Don't do something this stupid ever again, please." "Ha?" He wasn't sure which part of it made her so sad. He didn't do something that he has never done before that day. He caressed her face slowly and asked: "Which part do you mean Kyo? I did lots of things." "All of it." She said. "Running in between villain fights like that, they could have hurt you, you could have died."

--- Kyouka." He genteelly made the girl to keep the eye contact with him. "It's okay. I am the portal hero, you know?" "Hero in training." "Well Hawks and Miruko sure don't think like that. The thing is, jumping between the villains and beating some sense to them is my job. If I don't do that, then who would? There is no-one as stupid as me who could stop both the league and Pm. Trust me okay, I won't die on you, it's a promise." A moment of silence and...

--- Don't you dare break it." "Never." Seto said with a smile and kissed Kyouka's forehead. Perhaps he was acting a bit recless. He at least had to be careful when Kyouka was involved. A lesson for future.

That was when Hirotsu finally decided to express his existence in the room and said: "Shall we be going then, Mr. Sadako." "Sure, but let me pick up Dabi and Chuya first." "No need for that." A new voice said from their behind. "We already picked them up, right Mr. Shigaraki?" Mori smiled at blue haired villain and pointed at the two overpowered bloody nosed men behind them, from the look of them, they were scolded by their bosses AND didn't get to chose a winner. Seto didn't touch the subject.

--- Could you please lead the way, Seto?" Seto nodded at the Mafia boss and opened one last wrap gate to the infirmary and walked there with one hero, one moraly gray detective, a retired lord of crime, three mofistos and two highest ranked members of the league of villains to a room where a confused group of villains, Mafias and armed detectives were awaiting for them. It wasn't going to be a long day, Seto just knew it.

Chapter Text

Through Seto's portal, the small gang of misfits went from the ruined lobby of the port mafia to an old, organized office room. The nine of them were first greeted by an old man in green Kimono and the Mafia/Villains who were sent there by Seto and were still conscious.

--- May I know what's going on, Mori?'' The leader of the Armed Detective Agency asked unamusedly. His right hand which was on his katana showed them all that he wanted an answer with no excuse. ''Now now,'' Sherlock said as he stood between the two groups. He may have been one of the selected few who could work with both sides without getting beheaded. ''I'm sure that Seto has a really good explanation. Right, my friend?''

And as the jerk he was, he throw all problems to him. Well, it didn't matter as Seto was expecting that. He clapped a few times to take everybody's attention and said: ''Okay. First, what's the body count?''

--- Zero but it will rise if you don't convince me in the next three minutes.'' Akiko shouted from the infirmary. She didn't like healing that many people at the same time; especially when it involved members of PM or M#ri.

--- K, good. Now the thing is, we all have a common goal here.'' ''And what's that?'' ''Getting reed of the corrupted hero that is Endeavour. Now don't tell me that you detectives don't hate the guy as much as I do because I know really well how much trouble he had caused in Yokohama in the past few years.'' That, was his best starter; the first rule of business in his previous line of work was common hatred.

--- I'm listening." Fukuzawa answered but didn't raise his hand from his sword. Fair enough. Seto continued: "I want a fair trial. Judging everything he had done so far. To see how much the number one hero actually worth." "Don't we already know that he is trash?" Dabi asked impatiently.

--- Trash, maybe. But even trash has its use. Mori, Fukuzawa, Tomura, that was my initial plan. Are you in?" As silence took over the room, Seto used his free time to look around the office.

Farthest from them near the window, Stain was playing with his knife while eyeing others like him. Seto wasn't sure how he ended up in the mess but kept it to himself for then.

On the table next to the hero killer, Atsuhiro was drinking tea with Koyo. Seto didn't question that either; he didn't want to have anything with whatever those two were talking about. But he did notice a few smiles here and there.

The next table had become the chair of Twice who was glaring at everyone behind his mask; especially him, Higuchi and Tachihara. Now Seto realised how tired he actually was just from existing near the two villain groups and decided not to think about what the owner of the said table-chair would do. He was no expert but it definitely looked Kunikida's. RIP Dopo's sanity and Twice's spine, he guessed.

Next on his horror show were Tachihara, Higuchi and Gin who were sitting on the last table on the opposite side of the room as Twice's and were tending to their wounds. Luckily for them, all three only had a few sets of cuts and bruises and were in a far better condition than those in the other room.

Dabi and Chuuya, those pains of existence, meanwhile found a mutual understanding and were standing near the door. They were as quiet as a stone but Seto didn't doubt that something fishy was going on between them. Why wouldn't there be one as everyone else seemed to have at least a dozen of them.

And finally in the middle of the room where he was standing, there was a silent war between Mori and Fukuzawa and Seto was left in the crossfire to protect Kyouka who was innocently standing next to him. Why did he bring her to the madness again? He couldn't answer. He really couldn't.

Next to the two of them were Tomura and William. The former thinking about how he could finish Endeavour and the other extras and the latter analysing the room faster than Seto. He hoped that his friend had come up with a plan B, or were they at plan E already? Where ever they were, William didn't look like a guy who had a plan.

In their right, Fukuzawa was standing alone. Well, he looked alone but Seto had a vague feeling that someone was standing behind him. Could be invisible or maybe that guy. Seto didn't judge the old man as he didn't want to be alone in the room full of villains either. Was that why he brought Kyouka? He hoped not since it meant he was getting really soft.

Speaking of Fukuzawa being alone, Akiko Yosano had somehow disappeared again back to her infirmary without them noticing. But they did notice her when the sound of shouting came out of the other room. Sounded like a certain pro hero who he didn't know. Definitely not.

The Pm and Fukuzawa were used to the doctor's horrifying healing methods and unholy like of chainsaws and if the remaining members of the league were startled by that, they weren't showing it. The only one who was was Kyouka. First, she looked at Seto with suspicion but after he nodded at her that it was normal, their normal, she nodded back and stood a bit closer to him.

It wasn't like all of them needed chainsaws. Most of them were qualified for her quirk's conditions; all except for Hawks and Kaiji. Probably.

The only people who remained that he had to be concerned about were Mori who was losing in his staring competition with Fukuzawa and Hirotsu who was standing silently behind him.

And with that, Seto brought back his attention to William and then Sherlock who was standing in between the three groups like he was standing under a tree in a park. He pulled a cigarette out of his pocket and looked at him as if asking the portal hero for a light. Obviously he could summon some fire or a match but why would he help that maniac to destroy their lungs?

Finally, Mori who lost the competition broke the silence and said: "Fine I'm in. Getting reed of him is enough for me." He got a few nodes in return. Fukuzawa first looked at the direction of the infirmary as if waiting for something to explode and said: "I shall help too but." Seto could sense the doubt in his words.

--- What's the problem?" To his utmost surprise, he pointed at infirmary which was suspiciously quiet. And it hit Seto. It hit him as hard as two united states of smash in the head.

--- Kaiji..." He spent way too much time with the likes of Bakugo and Mei that he forgot normal people didn't enjoy mad scientists or explosions in their houses. "If you may." Fukuzawa apologised.

--- Oh come on Fukuzawa, he isn't that bad. He is just..." Mori tried to reassure the older man but he stopped mid-sentence, thought a bit more deeply about all the extra expenses he had put in explosion-proofing their buildings and the pieces of furniture he had to buy on a weekly basis, and accepted the detective's concerns.

--- We'll send him away the moment he can walk." "Then perish." Akiko said as she throw a certain lemonade bomber at them. A certain lemonade bomber that had a crushing wave of trauma dancing on his face. Seto pretended he saw nothing and sent him back to Pm's main base. Akiko used the opportunity and throw a certain winged hero at the portal too. Not that Seto mind.

He clapped a few times and said cheerfully: "Okay then. Now that we no longer are near the explosions, shall we start?" Another wave of nodes and Seto got to work.



Chizome Akagura was unamused. He was in Yokohama in search of a fake hero called Professor that he heard of Port Mafia taking Endeavour in and wanted to be the one who would finish him. Unfortunately, others had the same idea too.

If he hated something as much as fake heroes, it was the league of villains. Hypocrites, maniacs, hazards of society. He despised them and somehow, he had to fight alongside them against the said Mafia. And worst, he was powerless against that one mofisto.

In all his years at that job, he never felt that much humiliated. Even the three UA kids who beated him two years ago survived by the skin of their necks. And somehow, not only he couldn't deal a single damage to the mofisto but he also lost his sword and got where he was by another UA brat.

The only reason he wasn't jumping down the window was that he could get a good sit on Endeavour's judgement and Blood Raven did keep his promise. Soon he was on his way to the final site.



Mr. Compress was a simple man. He enjoyed drinking tea, watching over his children (League) and robbing heroes to give their money to the poor. Plus working in a maid cafe which was as unrelevent as his chatting with the UA kids.

With all that in mind, he always enjoyed a good company. Be it with a hero kid that he tried to kill or at least recruit or a mafia that tried to kill him a few minutes ago, some simple chatting over a cup of tea was always enjoyable.

--- So tell me, Miss Koyo." Atsuhiro asked while playing with a marble in his free hand. "I am dying from the curiosity that what is your demon made off?" "Now wouldn't you like to know, Mr." Koyo answered with a small smile. In spite of general belief, small smiles were just as dangerous as evil laughter. She was the proof of that.

--- Of course I do. A show is not over until all the actors bow to the audience, correct?" "I am not as much of a showrunner as you might believe so I take your words for it." She stated as a golden-coloured mist slowly emerged around them. "But I'm sure Golden Demon would be more than pleased to answer your questions."

--- Now now, Miss Koyo." Atsuhiro lowered his empty cup without letting go of his smile and said: "The night is young so why should we bother her right away. I always appreciated support actors more than the main ones. Let's say the ginger man with bandages over there!" He changed the subject with elegance before he would go into round two.

--- Tachihara?" Koyo looked at the traitorous dog. "I'm sure it wasn't easy to deal with a bunch of Allmights now, was it?" Atsuhiro asked innocently as if the Allmights didn't belong to his teammate and didn't appear because he angered Twice.

Koyo nodded and cracked a less malicious smile. "It sure is."



Twice was still angry. Simple as that. The voices in his head were telling him to go and beat those mafia jerks a few more rounds but he also didn't want to waste his time with them. The argument ended up in Twice sitting on the table motionless and glaring at the two mofistos and the hero kid who throw his clones like pebbles.

He wasn't a simple man but he had simple emotions. Including anger. Mostly anger. If one had to deal with the nonsenses of the league on a daily basis, anger would be the only emotion actually.

As he said, a simple emotion for a not simple man.



Tachihara was used to getting glares from time to time, even before the hunting dogs' revelation. But damn if he wasn't getting extra looks that day. First Rose's little bro, then Lady Koyo and that weird clothe villain, plus the hero killer and the blondy with Blood Raven. Was it the new haircut? He hoped so but Gin disagreed.

He still insisted that it was the haircut, even if Gin didn't have the taste for something cool.



After Tachihara, Higuchi was getting the highest number of glares. But unlike the uncultured traitor, she knew that it was because of her new sunglasses. Even though Akutagawa never admitted to, Gin pointed out that they were cool. One could argue that one Akutagawa's opinion was enough and who was Higuchi to disagree?

She definitely didn't see Gin facepalming when she mentioned those statements to a confused Tachihara. In her defence, she was wearing sunglasses.



Gin sighed internally. Why were her friends so dumb? She wanted new friends with higher intelligence than crabs but was stocked with these two. Now, they were arguing silently about their new haircut and sunglasses. The reason? Gin didn't want to know.

The hero in training that came with Seto seemed like a good girl. Maybe she could befriend some of his classmates instead? After all, they simply couldn't be worse than these two. Could they?



In ten minutes and with a few portals, all of them plus the other newly healed members were at an abandoned warehouse. Surprisingly, it was a few warehouses away from Seto's. It was the same size and build as Malcolm's but it lacked the furniture. What it had, was a literal court. With Endeavour chained to a chair with Osamo's hand on his back so he wouldn't burn the whole place down.

And they settled down. Seto, Mori, Fukuzawa, Tomura and Dabi were in the row right in the face of the kidnapped hero. On their right were Seto's group and then the members of the league. On their left were the members of the port mafia and Akiko who was curious about the whole thing.

They wanted to start at the moment that they settled down but the death glares between Himiko and Ryunosoke which rivaled Allmight and All for one's had to be dealt first. Unfortunately, no-one didn't want to be the one who stopped them.

Another ten minutes of awkward staring between the five in the front and finally Spinner and Gin went to calm them down. They failed. Miserably. Ryunosoke didn't even look at Gin and Himiko tried to stab Iguchi without looking away.

A few phone calls and two more portals had to be made for Mina and the weretiger to come and call those two. Himiko was subdued the moment the pink hero came out of the portal, prioritizing her girlfriend over the eyebrowless mass murderer.

Atsushi meanwhile had to turn into his tiger form, take Ryu's collar with his teeth and drag him outside. They came back in three minutes, no bloodlust coming out of him but he still was unhappy with the crazy killer who was too busy hugging the newcomer.

Dabi tried to pretend he didn't hear Seto's 'Finally, inner peace' and shouted with his most flamboyant and Compress-like tone: "Bastards, Psychopaths and others! Welcome to our show. Endeavour, tremble because this is your retribution, the attornment for your sins, the price of your greed..." He paused for a moment and smirked as wide as he was capable of. "Tremble Enji because this is your execution."

--- Execution? I bought all this popcorn since it was going to be a trial. Dam you Seto." A blue portal appeared behind them all and a woman walked out of it; her hands full of bags of popcorn.

She was wearing a formal grey suit, navy blue shirt and had her black hair in a long ponytail like Momo. Her face was hidden beneath a wooden mask that had the face of an eagle drawn on it. Her posture, her voice and even the way she walked reminded Kyouka of a more formal Seto so she didn't need the portal to know who she was.

Strangely enough, it was Endeavour himself who acknowledged her first: "Saintess." "Hello there, Enji. It's been a while."

--- What are you doing here, Rose?" Seto asked while looking at her carefully. He didn't trust her enough with this stuff. Before answering, she summoned a sit from her portal and sat between Seto and Kyouka. Then, with the most innocent tone that a Sadako was capable of, said: "Can't I visit my brother once in a while?" "No?" Seto shrugged as if he wasn't sure about it either.

Rose frowned beneath her mask and confused: "Fine you got me. I wanted to meet my sister-in-law." Yeap, trouble. Seto did his best to throw her away with his portals but unlike always, there were two players in that game.

Dabi didn't say anything for a few minutes and let them play whatever they were playing since he needed his heart in his chest. Ten minutes in and following the sacrifices of both Rashomon and Golden Demon plus a low nomu from Kurogiri who was suspiciously absent since then, Chuuya and Kyouka managed to stop the game of portals.

Once they FINALLY settled down without trouble, Kyouka decided that Endeavour's trial would probably be the best place for introducing herself to Seto's family. She definitely knew what she walked into that night but she would be damned if she ever got used to it.

--- Hello, I'm Kyouka Jirou. Seto's girlfriend." She greeted her politely which ended up sending Tomura laughing on the floor. Todoroki was starting to consider just dying there and putting a stop to their ridiculously bad attempt of a show when Dabi and Mr put Tomura back in his seat.

--- Is there a problem, Shiggy?" Rose hissed at him, bloodlust emitting from her whole body, even the portal that was opening above them. Tomura unfortunately didn't use the gift of intelligence and actually answered her. "Nothing but the kid is way too good to be a part of you Sadako-Masters. Can you even introduce yourself without offending or threatening her? Ha, Rosaline?"

Instead of an answer from her mouth, he received his long lost master. It turned out that the bloodlust coming out of the portal wasn't actually Rose's as Hisashi Shigaraki, known as the devil, the mythical quirk-thief, or as one might call him, All for one fell on Tomura and broke the chair in the process.

Silent took over the room again as only a Sadako was dumb enough to summon AFO himself and like that. "Why are you like this..." Mori whispered with himself. He didn't want those two. He really didn't.

Once All for one was standing tall and letting his presence overwhelm the room, he asked Mori: "What am I doing here, Ogai?" Why him, Mori cursed but kept his expression calm. He knew the protocol. They all knew.

--- No Idea, sir. It was our dear Rose and Seto who summoned you." He explained as he didn't want to get into a fight with a two centuries old man. Maybe the mofistos could win but there was a price to it.

All for one, as dramatic as he was, slowly turned toward the portal making siblings and asked: "Is there a reason why I am here?" He tilted his head while saying the last part, mimicking Allmight.

--- Have you ever seen a bunch of psychopaths run a court against a pro hero? The number one to be exact?" Seto asked innocently as he took Shigaraki's full attention. As calm as he was, he didn't want the guy near Kyouka. Rose was on the same page. She moved just a bit to the left, enough so that All for one's view of the young hero would be blocked. Himiko and surprisingly Stain did the same for Mina who wasn't sure how she should have felt. But Kyouka did. She definitely had to expect that one coming.

All for one thought for a moment, remembering his long past life as if looking for a specific memory. He shrugged and said: "No, not really." "Well do you wanna see one?" Seto grinned like a maniac that even impressed Shigaraki. All for one definitely was curious about their plans now.

Speaking of a Shigaraki, Tomura stood up and asked his previous master: "Where have you been, Sensei?" The league and Tomura hadn't seen the symbol of evil since last year when he retired. No-one didn't know what that word even meant.

--- Seeing the world, Tomura. You'll be surprised to see the differences that have been made in the past centuries. It was enjoyable but nothing take the place of the madness that is this country." "It doesn't, does it?" Seto said as if they were talking about the weather.

Finally, Endeavour snapped and asked: "Can you just kill me or better, free me so I could arrest you all?"

Bold words for a man who was tied up quirkless in front of the symbol of evil. Really bold. Even Dabi had to acknowledge that one. Seto summoned a chair with his portal next to Tomura and as far as possible from Kyouka for him and said: "Okay if we aren't summoning anymore demons, pouring out our bloodlusts or getting into mock battles, I hereby announce the start of this session."

No-one didn't object as they didn't want Allmight to somehow appear from the thin air and Texas smash them. "Then I call upon our first witness; Touya Todoroki, going by the names of Pyromaniac Endeavour hater or Dabi for short."

Kyouka really wanted to know how exactly Dabi was short of that but kept it quiet as the scarred man walked in front of his father. Mina didn't have the needed common sense for that but before she could ask that Himiko silenced her with a kiss. Technically it wasn't a nice thing to do but she didn't want her to take the attention of the big bosses so she didn't mind it.

And then Dabi talked. He talked and damned anyone who said he couldn't join a theatre for he was one hell of an actor; dramatic, never short of words and never shutting up. He talked and talked nonstop. It wasn't the first time he mentioned his past to others but that day, he talked to the smallest that happened between the two of them; since he got his quirk till faking his death after almost dying in his fire. It was too much to unpack but Endeavour never interrupt him or deny his words; perhaps out of shame.

Next came Fukuzawa and then Mori. Both talking about the property damages that he inflicted on the people of Yokohama in his fights with villains. That wasn't really the problem but it would grow someday as Endeavour clearly had no plan of paying for what he had done. And insurance covered only to a point.

Next was Stain. Talking about how he had failed as Allmight's successor, clearly not knowing about a certain Broccoli, and how he is far from a true hero. How he didn't encourage people to be good but simply put fear. He wasn't the Symbol of Peace, he was the symbol of the Commission and their need to control people. There was nothing to object there either.

Rose and All for one too said a few words from where they were sitting. Rose said that he was a failure as he didn't even dare to challenge her, as he lacked the brand and charisma; not compared to Allmight but his peers in other countries. He may have had many not so popular merches but there was no brand. Allmight, All for one, UA, Star and Stripes, Batman. Those names were so simple and yet the meaning and power beneath them shone as bright as burning stars. And yet, she couldn't feel anything within Endeavour. An empty balloon, ready to pop; she finished with that metaphor.

All for one talked about many heroes he had met; people young and foolish to challenge him and try to end his rule. Many heroes who were too weak to even stand in front of him and yet they stepped up with their lives. En. Shimura. His own brother. And frankly, Todoroki was the opposite; he was powerful and yet no soul to put him higher than a normal hero. He even admitted that ErasureHead had much more resolve and qualification for being the number one hero. But at the end of the day, Allmight was the only one who had both the soul and the power and there was no way for Enji to fill that gap.

Endeavour stayed silent the whole time. Something that neither Dabi nor Seto had ever seen.

Next on the order, Seto called upon his heterochromia friend. Seeing Shoto in such an environment was something new to the UA students of the group but the weird feeling went away as he nodded to his brother and started talking. He talked there standing next to his father that he talked in the class for the past three years combined.

Just like Dabi, he told them about his past with his father; how he was separated from his siblings and other children to be trained, to be better, to the number one hero that his father couldn't be. He told them about the scar on his eye and how he drove their mother to the point where she couldn't tolerate Enji's trace on his face.

And he talked about the Commission and how they cleaned everything; from the quirk marriage to their mather's hospitalisation and Touya's accident. Once done, they asked him how he knew what was going on and to answer, he pointed at Seto with that blank expression on his face.

Well, yes. Seto was taking videos and sending them to their class's group chat with villains but only for the sake of saying he was alive. No evil motivations. He swore to his dad which no-one believed. Shame.

They wanted to close the case and give out the obvious conclusion but Seto wasn't done YET. There was another person who wanted to talk and he couldn't say no to her. She was, intimidating at the very least. Coming from the guy who took AFO's bloodlust head-on.

--- Well then allow me to summon our last witness." "There is another?" Kyouka asked while thinking about the possibilities. Who else was left, Allmight? Hawks? Maybe Nedzu or Erasure? No matter what anyone thought, not a single soul expected Rei Himura, or one could argue Todoroki, come out of his portal. Endeavour himself was the most confused about them all.

--- What are you doing here, Rei?" He thought he could at least trust the Sadako to not bring Rei to the villains' den. Seto shrugged as if he was reading his mind and said: "She insisted on having a talk with you and Dabi."

First she told them about her past with Enji just like others; since they married to when she finally couldn't keep things in. How she thought she had lost one of his sons for him to be near him all this time. Dabi's eyes definitely weren't wet, Seto would testify for that.

But next, she started talking to Enji himself and forgot about them all. It meant something if she practically ignored the existence of All for one. Somewhere in the head of a green-haired hero, enjoyed the new feeling that their murderer was experiencing through Seto's videos. Nana and En weren't sure if they should be proud that the devil acknowledged them as heroes or be pissed that he called them all weak. Yokito was happy, that's for sure.

Rei looked him in the eyes and said: "I hate you Enji. I despise the man I married. But I'm blind either. I see the regret and burden in you. Just like me, you're blaming yourself for what happened to Touya. For Shoto and Fuyumi and Natsu. You've been trying to fix things these past years." She paused for a moment to look at his sons. "Somethings can never be fixed and I don't think we can look at you the same way Enji but it doesn't mean that there is no other way." Now she turned her attention to Touya.

--- Touya, if there is someone who hates your dad more than me it's you so I understand why you are doing these. I understand why all of you are doing these. But isn't there a better way? You can't forgive your dad Touya but you can't just waste the rest of your life over him, he isn't worth your or Shoto's life. Not when there are better ways for you." "Better ways?" Touya asked; too confused to even stand up.

And Seto and Rose burst into laughter at the same time. "Oh, there are better ways." "Yeap definitely. But it's up to you idiots." They were siblings, no doubt there.

--- They are right Touya. I know you became a villain because you hate your father and the country that supports him. Seto also told us that the league is alive right now just to take down the country, to burn it down and rebuild it. But you don't have to necessarily burn it, do you?" They definitely didn't.

--- What are you saying?" Tomura asked here impatiently. He couldn't make sense of that woman.

--- You can clean it from within instead. There is a new generation, far different than your fathers or the one before him." Shigaraki had to agree with her on that one. "The students here or at UA, Hawks who is the number two hero. You can clean it from inside without bloodshed and you can start with your father. Not to forgive him but to give him a chance to clean the country from the people worse than himself. The Commission who support the corruptness of our society, you can help to fix them, can't you Enji?"

Silence. The things that she was talking about, they weren't wrong and the league of villains knew that. They wanted to change the world and they had decided to burn it for it first. But like it or not, things had changed. Their goal was the same, their dreams and ambition shining even brighter. But she was offering another path, something more possible. Would that actually work?

Enji asked that question. "If you actually want to, then yes." Seto answered from his seat. To be honest with himself, this was something that he always dreamt of; a way to work with the league without leaving the side of heroes. It worthed the shot at least.

Enji Todoroki raised his head. Something was definitely wrong with him. All the villains and mofistos of the room could feel it. The look in his eyes was not only of a broken man but also someone with ambitions; a wounded beast who had its eyes on one thing. Between all of them, AFO was the only one who could sense what was going on behind his stoned face. He could never have the soul of Allmight, but no-one didn't say that he couldn't be a better hero than he already was.

--- I'll do it." He said firmly, no Allmight was in the room but Endeavour wasn't there either. "I'm a hero so how can I let villains loose on a country. Be it you all or the Commission. You want me to clean it? I'll clean you with them." Now that he didn't have to be blinded by what he had done to Touya, what he had done to everyone, he knew what he should do once again. He knew his duty. He couldn't hide behind the Commission anymore. He shouldn't.

--- And then, I'll bring you home Touya. With or without me, you have to be there. Once this is over, I will come for your league to see what you are talking about."

--- And what does the judge says?" Rose shouted to add to the tension. She was successful.

--- With the powers given to me by Shigaraki and All for one, I condemn you guilty." He smiled. All the maniacs of the league did. Were there any words needed? "And I sentence you to free community service of cleaning your bosses' mess."

--- End of the session" Seto shouted as he started readying his portals.

Oh, Dabi was going to kill his beloved father but first, his old man could pay a little bit to him and his family. The old and the new one. His vengeance could wait until the victory was theirs, that was how it always was for the league.

That day Japan shaked to its core as ones who oathed to protect the country, those who wanted to destroy it and those who watched it through the shadows came to the same conclusion; that to do their job, the Commission had to be fixed. Not even Night eyes could sense the storm coming for the hero society.

But even before that, Seto had to do something much more important. Once he dropped everyone at their locations, he fell on Kyouka's bed and ventured into the land of dreams; not waking up till the next day's lunch. He did deserve that, didn't he?

Chapter Text


Pica: Help

Pica: Help

Pica: Help

Mister: What's wrong, kido?

Pica: Help

Mister: Do you perhaps need help?

Pica: Yes

Mister: Okay

Neutralzilla: Why are you helping him Mr?

Mister: Why not?

Neutralzilla: We are villains?

Rozo: Was that a question?

Neutralzilla: To be honest with you, I am not sure at this point

Pica: Help

Rozo: What's wrong Denki?

Pica: Midnight's history essay

Rozo: Oh that. It was pretty easy

Pica: How???

Mister: What's the essay about?

Pica: The evolution of Japan's underground since the dawn of quirks


Mister: Lucky for you, I know just the right guy

Rozo: Who?

Mister: @NO

Mister: @NO

Mister: @NO

Mister: @Queen

Queen: Yes?

Mister: Where is your boyfriend?

Queen: I don't know, why?

Pica: If it's Seto I'll ask him later

Mister: No it's someone else I want to add

Queen: Who?

Mister: A certain villain who has lived since the dawn of quirks

Queen: ?

Broccoli: NO

Allmight: NO


NO: Yes?

Neutralzilla: Is this a cult thing that you get summoned every time like this?

NO: No?

Bird: Yes

Octo: Let's presume not

NO: Anyway what's up?

NO: Wait no no no

NO: Not that guy

Mister: Wouldn't it be fun?

Pinky: →_→

Pinky: ←_←

Pinky: My spidey senses are tingling

NO: Go away I'm busy

Allmight: Are you alright, Young Seto?

NO: Nope, thanks for asking Allmight

Queen: Should I ask?

NO: No need to worry. It's just Hawks being hawks

Pica: Will you help me with the essay later?

NO: Ask Kurogiri, he should know this stuff

Pica: @Papagiri

Papagiri: Am I not threatening enough you anymore?

Pinky: To be honest you were never that threatening

Papagiri: Scandals. I was fearsome at USJ

Mister: USJ?

Rozo: Let's not go there

Mister: Okay

[Crispyraki had added Sensei to the group chat]

[Seto had changed Sensei's name to Retired Satan]

Retired Satan: What?

Crispyraki: Some brat here wants to know about the history of Japan's underground

Retired Satan: Why?

Pica: Schoolwork

Retired Satan:

Retired Satan: You want me to help with some kid's homework?

NO: Why not

Retired Satan: I am All for one

Allmight: We know

Queen: Lame name

Retired Satan:

Retired Satan: (ಠ_ಠ)>⌐■-■

Retired Satan: Not even Allmight had damaged me to this degree, youngling

Retired Satan: What the hell are these kids, Tomura?

Papagiri: We don't really know either

Neutralzilla: They are terrifying

Sonic: ? Who is this?

Retired Satan: All for one

Sonic: Who?

NO: Random villain, don't mind him

Sonic: Okay?

Retired Satan: I swear I will get out of retirement

NO: Do it cowered

Queen: Seto aren't you busy?

NO: Not anymore we are over

[NO had sent a picture]

[It's a photo of Kai Chisaki beaten on the ground, a trace of what could be Miruko's kick can be seen on his face. Both his arms contain bullet wounds]

Crispyraki: Nice

Hot teacher: Nice

Mister: Nice

Retired Satan: Is that Shei Hasaki's little boss?

NO: Yeap

Retired Satan: Good. I liked the previous one

Allmight: So the mission was successful?

NO: Yeah. Miruko and Hawks did most of the job with the eight precepts. Chisaki himself was easy

NO: Now, what was the essay again?

Rozo: You haven't done it?

NO: Didn't get the chance

NO: Shigaraki give me something

Retired Satan: Why?

NO: I have blackmail?

Retired Satan: You don't

NO: }:]

Hot teacher: He doesn't look like bluffing

Sonic: It's not heroic to blackmail people, even villains

Allmight: This one is okay


Retired Satan: Go to hell Yagi

Allmight: After you Shigaraki

Pinky: And they are arguing like an old married couple


Retired Satan:



Bestgirl: Did I say I love you?

Pinky: You can say it again

Bestgirl: Love you ♥️

Pinky: ♥️

Sleeping: Get out of the chat or I'll expel you all

Neutralzilla: How are you going to expel us?

Sleeping: Don't try me

Neutralzilla: Yes sir

God: But it was just getting interesting

Cowboy: ^

Child corrupter: ^

Child corrupter: Also, Seto you can have two more days on the essay since you were on an official mission with proes

Child corrupter: The rest of you should give it to me until tomorrow

Sonic: Yes Ma'am

Rozo: Yes

Pica: Not fair

Sleeping: Then stop cheating in the chat with the teachers

Pica: Fair point

Retired Satan: Here

[Retired Satan had sent a file]

NO: What's this?

Retired Satan: A bunch of things that I did in the past as the shadow emperor of this country

Retired Satan: It's better than your textbooks

NO: Thanks

Allmight: Did you actually?

Retired Satan: I will kill you, Yagi

Broccoli: Try it you won't

Ocha: An angry Broccoli had appeared

Pinky: What will he do?

Broccoli: 😔

Rozo: I read the file and

Rozo: It's contradicting at the very least

God: I agree

Retired Satan: Feel free to believe it or not

Allmight: Why would anyone believe you?

Retired Satan: I've done many things, Yagi. Murder, blackmail, infiltrating the Commission, taking the hero license exam once a few decades. Killing your mentor and ripping your stomach out of your body. Founding the league. But lying isn't one of them

Sonic: Are you sure he is a random villain, Seto?

NO: Definitely, do you doubt me?

Sonic: Yes

NO: So unheroic of you

Sonic: I

Hot teacher: Really unheroic

Sho: Touya

Hot teacher: ?

Sho: Where are you?

Hot teacher: There are heroes in the chat

[NO had sent a photo]

[It's a picture of Dabi, Hawks and Miruko gathering around Dabi's phone and looking at it. Wash is holding an unconscious Chisaki and looking at them with disappointment.]

Hot teacher: Traitorous

Brain: Now now, you look cute together

Pinky: Don't they?

Bestgirl: They do

Hot teacher: 🖕

Brain: Not interested

Rozo: Isn't Hawks in this chat too?

NO: He is

Rozo: :-|

Mister: I love this chat

NO: ^

God: ^

Retired Satan: And they called me the hands behind the scene

God: Shhh. We are just reading a few chapters of your book

KEMGD: Can you extra shut up

Retired Satan: Explosion boy, I presume


Neutralzilla: Do you just love it how we all know Bakubrat without any context?

Pinky: It's his hidden charm

John Cena: The beauty of our angry boy

Bird: A soul so bright that is luminating hell

KEMGD: I hate you all

Bird: We are aware

Allmight: You see what I am dealing with every day?

Retired Satan: Yes I do, it brightens my day

Pica: Another question

Mister: YOU

Pica: ME

Papagiri: Not you again

Pica: Me again

Sonic: Denki please don't say anything unrelated to our education in this school chat

Retired Satan:





Hot teacher:



Crispyraki: Really, brat? That's the best thing you can say?

Sonic: 🍶

Neutralzilla: Not the holy water

Pinky: One of us

Sonic: Never

Retired Satan: What's your question kid?


Sleeping: I'm going back to sleep

Cowboy: Gotta refill my guns

Child corrupter: I have papers to grade

Crispyraki: That looks like a good chair to dust

Hot teacher: Look at the time, it's Endeavour hating hour

Sho: ^

Mister: I'm getting late for my job

Allmight: Time for heroism

Retired Satan: You can't do anything Allmight

Allmight: Time for heroism

NO: Look at that mysterious portal, gotta check it out

Pica: ?

Retired Satan: ?

Pica: So about my question Tokoyami

Bird: oh no

NO: You were a good friend Fumi

Queen: Good to know you

Retired Satan: I am confused

Rozo: We all have been there

Bird: What is it Denki?

Pica: You know how Hawks acts as your dad right?

Brid: Wrong

Pica: So what does that make Dabi to you?

NO: A pain in existence

Bird: Exactly that

Retired Satan: Ha?

Rozo: You'll get used to it

Retired Satan: Do I?

Sonic: No

Bird: No

Queen: Here comes Seto but No

NO: I am here *insert Allmight soundtrack*

Retired Satan: He has a soundtrack?

Broccoli: Obviously not

Retired Satan: Thank god

Broccoli: He doesn't have A soundtrack. He has at least seventy two

Retired Satan: You joking

Broccoli: Forty of them belongs to his silver age, twenty for the golden age, three for his debut, five for the reboot of his debut and four for his retirement

Retired Satan: Allmight?

Allmight: Don't ask me

Retired Satan: It's YOUR soundtracks

Allmight: I just don't know

Hot teacher: Picachu, really?

Pica: Pica pica

Hot teacher: Don't give ideas to Keigo, go write your essay

Pica: No

Hot teacher: Go

Pica: No

Hot teacher: I'll help just go

Pica: Okay


Child corrupter: Is this allowed Nedzu?

God: I don't see why not

Retired Satan: I'll give you five sight quirks and one that gives you extra eyes

Retired Satan: Just control your students

God: They are fine

Retired Satan:

Retired Satan: You and I have different ideas of "Fine", hero

God: We sure do


Brain: I think I know what Dabi would be

NO: Sleep Will, go to sleep

Brain: No I need to know

NO: Sleep


RedRiot: Is it always like this when here?

Neutralzilla: It's a good day

RedRiot: How?

Mister: No new username

Neutralzilla: Why did you say that Mr

[Pinky had changed Mister's name to Maid]

Maid: ಠ_ಠ

Pinky: *insert evil laughter*

Retired Satan: Tomura I think I found another promising member for the league

Crispyraki: No, we can't handle her. Not this one

NO: No-one can't

Pinky: *insert more evil laughter*

Retired Satan: Perhaps, you are right. She could have her own empire

Sleeping: DON'T

Sleeping: GIVE

Sleeping: MY

Sleeping: PROBLEM

Sleeping: CHILDREN

Sleeping: MORE

Sleeping: IDEAS

Sleeping: thank you

Papagiri: I want to say Dadzawa but he is right, don't do that sir

Retired Satan: ...

Retired Satan: What has the world become when I wasn't around?

Sleeping: Hell

Retired Satan: I've been there, this is far the worst

Pinky: *insert even more evil laughter* ( /^ω^)/

Retired Satan: Good night

Pinky: Sleep tight

Retired Satan: As if I can sleep with the nightmare that you gave me today

Chapter Text

League of tormented souls of hell


Crispyraki: I'm fucking tired of this

Crispyraki: Let's do these

Bestgirl: Do what?

[Crispyraki had sent a file]

Hot teacher: You son of Afo. Let's do this already

Retired Satan: ?

Retired Satan: Who changed the username?

NO: The power of friendship

Retired Satan: I miss the old simple days

Papagiri: We all do, sir



Pica: @Hot_teacher @NO

Pica: Thanks for the essay

NO: You are more than welcome

[Hot teacher had added 2 and Stained to the chat]

Hot teacher: @everyone


Sho: Problem, Touya?

Chicken: Yo

Brain: Oh? What's going on?

Bird: I have been summoned

Allmight: I AM HERE, seeing what do you kids need

God: Yes?

RedRiot: ^_^

Pinky: What do you need besty?

Hot teacher: Boys and girls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange?

Frop: We do that all the time so thanks but no

Hot teacher: Come with us and you will see

Sleeping: No-one isn't going anywhere

Queen: Yes dad

Hot teacher: This, our town of Halloween

Rozo: Halloween is next month though?

Grapes: And where is the town?

Sho: Metaphorically

2: This is Halloween

Bestgirl: This is Halloween

Neutralzilla: Pumpkins scream in the dead of night

Allmight: Sounds like something All for one does

Maid: This is Halloween, everybody makes a scene

2: Trick or treat 'til the neighbours gonna die of fright

Chicken: And that's something Shigaraki would do

Crispyraki: It's our town

Broccoli: It's not though

Crispyraki: Everybody scream

Crispyraki: In this town of Halloween

Ocha: They sound dangerous

Frop: They are technically villains

John Cena: Technically being the main word

Sleeping: I'm not getting paid for this Nedzu

Child corrupter: Shhh, I like Halloween

Stained: I am the one hiding under your bed


Rozo: Where did they get best friends?

Queen: I think I know when

Brain: Definitely that time yes

Sleeping: Kids?

Stained: Teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing red

Stained: I am the one hiding under your stairs

Pinky: Not creepy at all

Bird: Certainly not

Stained: Fingers like snakes and spiders in my hair

Octo: Sounds accurate

Bird: Not the time Shoji

Bestgirl: This is Halloween

2: This is Halloween

Stained: Halloween

Maid: Halloween

Neutralzill: Halloween

Hot teacher: Halloween

Sonic: I have never seen the league so cooperative with each other

Child corrupter: Same

Hawks: Yeah

Queen: Hmmmm


[Private messages between Seto and Jirou]

Kyo: Isn't that a song?

Set: Definitely

Kyo: I hate you

Set: You don't

Kyo: True

Kyo: Need help?

Set: Nope just enjoy the show

Kyo: 😘

Set: 🎩

Kyo: ?

Set: Lowering my hat as I leave the stage

Kyo: ರ_ರ



NO: In this town we call home

RedRiot: Seto?

NO: Everyone hail to the pumpkin song

KEMGD: what?

Pinky: Great, ou traumatized Kacchan

Retired Satan: Good

NO: In this town, don't we love it now?

NO: Everybody's waiting for the next surprise

Queen: Cute

Rozo: Not the time for that Kyouka

God: What's the surprise?

Maid: 'Round that corner, man hiding in the trash can

Frop: Do they need help?

Maid: Something's waiting now to pounce and how you'll scream

Frop: Great, thanks

Ocha: Maid though? Mina?

Pinky: Secrets!

Bestgirl: This is Halloween, red and black, slimy green

Sho: That's not the right colouring

Crispyraki: Aren't you scared?

Frop: No? You guys aren't that scary anymore. We established that already

Crispyraki: Well, that's just fine

Child corrupter: Way too creepy

2: Say it once, say it twice

2: Take a chance and roll the dice

Maid: Ride with the moon in the dead of night

Stained: Everybody scream, everybody scream

Hot teacher: In our town of Halloween

Pica: Is it me or they are a bit scary again

Frop: Not just you

RedRiot: That's not manly guys, don't do it

Queen: Do what?

RedRiot: Whatever they are doing

Allmight: I agree with young Kirishima

Maid: I am the clown with the tear-away face

Maid: Here in a flash and gone without a trace

Sleeping: Where?

NO: I am the who when you call, "Who's there?"

Bird: (ꏿ﹏ꏿ;)

Bestgirl: I am the wind blowing through your hair

Pinky: Do that without the creepiness, please. I can braid your hair meanwhile

Bestgirl: (つ≧▽≦)つ

Crispyraki: I am the shadow on the moon at night

Bird: Interested in joining a cult?

Octo: Fumikage

Bird: Sorry

Crispyraki: Filling your dreams to the brim with fright


Broccoli: What he said!

NO: This is Halloween

Queen: This is Halloween

Sleeping: Jirou?

Hot teacher: Halloween

Chicken: Halloween

Bird: And now Hawks

Bestgirl: 'Alloween

Pinky: 'Alloween

Child corrupter: Stop corrupting my children

Frop: *Kero*

Crispyraki: 'Alloween

Retired Satan: 'Alloween

Allmight: Is this your doing All for one?

John Cena: You have a bad grudge against him, Allmight

Allmight: Yes

Hot teacher: Tender lumplings everywhere

Hot teacher: Life's no fun without a good scare

Sho: It isn't

Rozo: Please Shoto, don't cooperate with them

Cowboy: You might want to work on your students' morals a bit Shouta

Sleeping: They are fine

Retired Satan: I am telling you they are not

Crispyraki: That's our job, but we're not mean

Ocha: You definitely are

Bestgirl: In our town of Halloween

Maid: In this town, don't we love it now?

John Cena: Love who?

Queen: ?

Pinky: ?

NO: Everybody is waiting for the next surprise

God: Yes we do

Sleeping: No we don't

Stained: SKELETON Afo might catch you in the back

Allmight: Not if I Detroit smash him to the moon first

RedRiot: Not exactly manly

2: And scream like a banshee

2: Make you jump out of your skin

Pinky: Wait are we ignoring Twice finally getting a phone?

Sho: Yes

Stained: This is Halloween, everybody scream

NO: Won't you please make way for a very special guy

Broccoli: Who? Allmight?

God: I don't think so

Broccoli: •́ ‿ ,•̀

Allmight: Don't worry young Midoriya

Sho: →_→

NO: Ehem

God: Go on

Retired Satan: Our man Tomura is the king of the Pumpkin Patch

Ocha: King of what now?

KEMGD: They finally lost it

Frop: Lost what Kacchan?

KEMGD: Their goddamn brains. Stop calling me that

Queen: Everyone hail to the Pumpkin King now

Sleeping: Perfect

NO: This is Halloween

Crispyraki: This is Halloween

Bestgirl: 'Alloween

Neutralzill: 'Alloween

2: 'Alloween

Maid: 'Alloween

Rozo: Again, it's next month

NO: In this town we call home

John Cena: Where exactly?

Papagiri: Everyone hail to the pumpkin song

KEMGD: The what?

Crispyraki: Everyone hail to the pumpkin song

Maid: Everyone hail to the pumpkin song

NO: Everyone hail to the pumpkin song

Stained: Everyone hail to the pumpkin song

2: Everyone hail to the pumpkin song

Bestgirl: Everyone hail to the pumpkin song

Hot teacher: Everyone hail to the pumpkin song

Neutralzilla: Everyone hail to the pumpkin song

Queen: Everyone hail to the pumpkin song

Pinky: Everyone hail to the pumpkin song

Chicken: Everyone hail to the pumpkin song

Retired Satan: Everyone hail to the pumpkin song

RedRiot: Okay I'm actually scared of this thing. Allmight help

Frop: ^

Ocha: ^

John Cena: ^

Pica: ^

Rozo: ^

Octo: ^

Bird: Meh

Octo: Fumikage

Bird: I wouldn't be so afraid since Seto for one is sleeping here in Hawks PJs. Not as villainous as he sounds like

NO: Traitorous chicken

Crispyraki: Now isn't this beautiful?

Hot teacher: Yeap. Would be better if that pinky would be scared too though

Pinky: NEVER

Bestgirl: Hehehe, that was fun

Retired Satan: Quite a chivalrous hero you are, Allmight

Allmight: Shut it

Sleeping: What was going on?

God: Some song about Halloween


Child corrupter: I hate you all

Stained: It's mutual

Sonic: How did you bring the hero killer here?

NO: A secret to bring to the grave

Hot teacher: What he said

Rozo: Why?

Crispyraki: Why what?

Rozo: Everything

Crispyraki: I got tired of you brats acting so cosy and warm

Crispyraki: Needed some fear you know?

Rozo: I don't know

Bestgirl: Let's do it again

Pinky: I'm in

RedRiot: But we already know it so??

NO: Good that we have another group chat then

Octo: We do?

Sleeping: Oh no

NO: Oh yes

Maid: Oh maybe

Frop: What am I missing?

[Hot teacher had sent a file]

2: LET'S GO!


Pinky: YEAH

Papagiri: Three of them now

Stained: Good night


[Allmight's secret fanbase]

Drago: Is Endeavour still Alive?

Fake number one: Yes

Tiger Bonny: Good, I'm kicking you later

Running: Now now

[Crispyraki had added 2 to the chat]

Retired: Who?

NO: Twice

Retired: Who?

Healer: For god's sake why are you even asking?

2: Hello

2: Go to hell

Tiger Bonny: I like this one

Phantom: You A class losers and villains are still here?

Babysitter: We are here too Monoma

Drago: Why aren't we removing them?

Wash: Wash

Drago: Make sense

Mad scientist: Hehehe Seto!

NO: Yes?

Mad scientist: I have what you asked for

NO: Already?

Mad scientist: Don't underestimate my powers

NO: Never

Sleeping: What did you make

Mad scientist: Sorry my bombs are blowing

Sleeping: Hatsume

Mad scientist: Mei Hatsume had blown up. Please leave a message

Suicidal: What's up kiddos?

Pinky: You again

Suicidal: Me again

NO: @Sir_Owl_eye

Sir Owl eye: Yes?

Crispyraki: We don't talk about Night eye, no, no, no!

Sir Owl eye: Excuse me?

Hot teacher: We don't talk about Night eye... but

Tiger Bonny: That's why I love these guys

Allmight: Please don't love them

NO: It was my wedding day

Tiger Bonny: WHAT?

Rose: Excuse mó?

Vampire Mafia: Oh?

Mad scientist: Without us?

Suicidal: More importantly, who's the bride?

Babysitter: Probably obvious

Queen: It was our wedding day

Babysitter: Told you

Joker: Shota your students are married?

Wash: Wash?

Sleeping: Don't care

Rat God: *Insert Allmight's retirement ost number 3*

NO: We were getting ready, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky

Whale: A good sign I guess

Queen: No clouds allowed in the sky

NO: Mirai walks in with a mischievous grin-

Queen: Thunder!!

Running: Wait you were invited Night eye?

Sir Owl eye: No? I wasn't there

Hugs: They say otherwise

NO: You telling this story, or am I?

Queen: Sorry, Seto, go on

Tiger Bonny: Oy, be nice to her

Whale: This place is a mess

Sonic: We know

Running: Were you at the wedding Tenya?

Sonic: 🤐

NO: Mirai says, "It looks like rain"

NO: Why did he tell us?

Hugs: He can see the future with his quirk

Sir Owl eye: He should know by now

NO: In doing so, he floods my brain

Tiger Bonny: Am I hearing pun?

Suicidal: Oh oh oh?

3²: What is this?

Boogyman: Entertainment

Allmight: Of course you say that

NO: Keigo, get the umbrellas

Tiger Bonny: Birdy was there but not me? I see

Chicken: It's not what you think

Tiger Bonny: 👁️👁️

Pinky: One of us

NO: Married in a hurricane

NO: What a joyous day... but anyway

Whale: It's okay Raven. I'm sure you'll look at it in the future with joy

NO: ♥️

Hot teacher: We don't talk about Night eye, no, no, no!

Bestgirl: We don't talk about Night eye!

Bestgirl: Hey! Grew to live in fear of Nighty stuttering or stumbling

Sir Owl eye: I'm sorry but why?

Bestgirl: I could always hear him sort of muttering and mumbling

Sir Owl eye: Ha?

Running: That's not creepy at all

Rozo: As Mina said, "one of us"

Running: Yay

Whale: Sounds like a stalker

Pinky: *Insert angry Broccoli noise*

Whale: I'm sorry

Pinky: *Happy Dabi noises*

Bestgirl: I associate him with the sound of falling sand

Mister: Ch-ch-ch

Sir Owl eye: Again, why?

Bestgirl: It's a heavy lift, with a gift so humbling

Bestgirl: Always left Giri and the family fumbling

Hugs: Family?

Whale: Probably the league

Bestgirl: Grappling with prophecies they couldn't understand

Sir Owl eye: Prophesy is a big word

Bestgirl: Do you understand?

Sir Owl eye: No

Tiger Bonny: ^

Drago: ^

Lock: ^

Wash: Wash

Whale: Not really

Hot teacher: A seven-foot frame

RedRiot: Well he is tall

Hot teacher: Rats along his back

Sir Owl eye: Rats?

Tiger Bonny: Maybe he means heroes

Running: Or just Nedzu?

Hot teacher: When he calls your name

Hot teacher: It all fades to black

Rei: Do you have a problem Touya?

Hot teacher: 👍

Hot teacher: Yeah, he sees your dreams

Hot teacher: And feasts on your screams

Sir Owl eye: Who do you think I am?

Big one: Are you talking about him or dad?

Please no: Wrong timing Natsu

2: We don't talk about Nighty, no, no, no!

Maid: We don't talk about Night eye, no, no, no!

Papagiri: We don't talk about Night eye

Neutralzilla: We don't talk about Night eye!

Sir Owl eye: Well you are talking a lot

Frop: He told me my fish would die

Drago: Froppy?

Frop: The next day: dead!

Sir Owl eye: I'm tired of saying this but when? How? Allmight?

Boogyman: Is Allmight a verb now?

Vampire Mafia: Who knows sir

Pica: He told me I'd grow a gut!

Pica: And just like he said...

Hugs: Are you, okay kid?

Rei: What have you been doing around, Sir?

Sir Owl eye: A lot, apparently

NO: No, no!

Rozo: He said that all my hair would disappear, now look at my head

Babysitter: Momo?

Ocha: Your fate is sealed when your prophecy is read!

Sir Owl eye: Actually it's not

Lock: Don't argue, it's pointless

Sir Owl eye: I figured

Broccoli: He told me that the life of my dreams would be promised, and someday be mine

Drago: Finally a good one

Sir Owl eye: I probably said that one

Broccoli: He told me that my power would grow, like the grapes that thrive on the vine

Sir Owl eye: Not that metaphor but yes it would

Allmight: We know

Boogyman: At least better than this muscle for brain

Crispyraki: He told me that the girl of my dreams would be just out of reach

Tiger Bonny: Poor guy

Drago: A psychopath murderer

Tiger Bonny: Still

Crispyraki: Betrothed to another

Crispyraki: It's like I hear him now

Whale: That's unfortunate

NO: Hey man, I want not a sound out of you

Running: Why is Seto extra mean today?

Grapes: Marriage does that

Rei: Yeah

Running: Sorry I asked

Crispyraki: I can hear him now

Bird: Um, Mirai...

Sir Owl eye: Yes?

Bird: Yeah, about that Mirai...

Sir Owl eye: I'm not dead yet you know?

Bird: I really need to know about Mirai...

Bird: Gimmie the truth and the whole truth, Mirai

Maid: Hawks, your boyfriend's here

Hawks: Really?

Sleeping: Time for dinner!

Joker: SHOUTA??

Whale: We lost Eraser too

Phantom: He was a good man

Hot teacher: A seven-foot frame

NO: It was my wedding day

Queen: It was our wedding day

Hot teacher: Rats along his back

NO: We were getting ready

2: When he calls your name

NO: And there wasn't a cloud in the sky

Lock: They are mixing and repeating?

Joker: That's what happens when we lose Shota

Papagiri: It all fades to black

Queen: No clouds allowed in the sky!

Neutralzilla: Yeah, he sees your dreams

No: Mirai walks in with a mischievous grin-

Mister: And feasts on your screams

Queen: (thunder!)

NO: You telling this story, or am I?

Rei: Be nice to her Seto

NO: Yes Ma'am

Tiger Bonny: He acknowledged us?

Queen: sorry, Seto, go on

Papagiri: Óye, Hawks on his way

Tiger Bonny: That was new

NO: Mirai says, "It looks like rain"

Crispyraki: A seven-foot frame, rats along his back

NO: In doing so, he floods my brain

Queen: Married in a hurricane

Bestgirl: He's here!

Sir Owl eye: Who?

Allmight: I AM HERE

Fake number one: We know

Boogyman: That's my whole problem

Rozo: Don't talk about Night eye, no!

Bird: Why did I talk about Mirai?

KEMGD: Not a word about Night eye

Tiger Bonny: Bakubrat??

Best Barber: Well I'll be damned

Bird: I never should've brought up Night eye!

Sir Owl eye: Why?

Crispyraki: Because we are bored

Tiger Bonny: Ha?

Sir Owl eye: Figured

Running: How did get Momo and Bakugo though?


Sleeping: I said my line and now I'm going back to sleep

Joker: Wait

Rat God: He is gone

Sir Owl eye: Did you know what they were doing, Toshinori?

Allmight: Yes

Whale: Even you ha?

Allmight: I couldn't say no

Endewho: Secret love child

Broccoli: Shoto no

Endewho: Shoto yes

Boogyman: You have a child Yagi??

Boogyman: ???

Allmight: No

Rose: Hold it

Rozo: Hold what?

Rose: You are not married?

NO: No?

Crispyraki: Why the question mark?

NO: ?

Queen: He short-circuited

NO: No

Tiger Bonny: Are we invited?

NO: To where?

Tiger Bonny: Your marriage obviously



Crispyraki: Now this is entertainment

NO: I have blackmail Tomura

Crispyraki: I dare you

NO: Of that cursed truth or dare

Crispyraki: Not that

Tiger Bonny: Ohhh?

KEMGD: Get off Rabbit

Tiger Bonny: More ohhh

Wash: Wash

Drago: Probably

Hot teacher: What did he say?

Drago: He is interested in truth or dare

Crispyraki: Don't be, it's bad

NO: "fuck your dam eyes that made me like you" by a certain blonde


Tiger Bonny: Oya? Didn't see that coming

KEMGD: You saw nothing

NO: "fuck me for wanting your touch"

Best Barber: It has to be fake

Rozo: It isn't

KEMGD: You know it's a two-player game, right Pinky? Bird Brain?

Pinky: I didn't say anything

Joker: And the plot thickened

NO: Time to take down the Hero Commission

Rat God: It's that time of the year

Boogyman: It sure is

Sir Owl eye: Is this a villain language that we hero can't understand?

Rat God: Yes

Best Barber: We trusted you Nedzu

Tiger Bonny: Bad decision

Sleeping: Really unmature of you


Joker: Marry me

Sleeping: 🤦♂️


[NO had created a group chat]

[NO had added God and Retired Satan to the chat]

NO: Let us begine (in this town of Halloween)

Chapter Text

[NO had created a group chat]

[NO had added God and Retired Satan to the chat] (Can we agree that it was a good unintentional pun? I literally can't get the irony of the whole sentence out of my mind. it has been living in my mind for the past week rent-free.)

NO: Let us begin now

God: So it is time?

NO: Why not?

Retired Satan: Then bring the rest of the actors

NO: Alright

[NO had added Brain and Detective to the chat]

[NO had added Flaming man to the chat]

[NO had added Vampire Mafia to the chat]

[NO had added Cat Samurai to the chat]

NO: Is this all of them?

[Retired Satan had added Tomura to the chat]

[NO had changed Tomura's name to Crispyraki]

Retired Satan: What does that mean?

NO: You don't want to know

Retired Satan:

Retired Satan: Who?

Crispyraki: That pink hazard

Retired Satan: Interesting

God: Is it really?

[God had added Allmight and Erasure head to the chat]

[NO had changed Erasure head's name to Dadzawa]

[Dadzawa changed their name to Sleeping]

Sleeping: Don't try me

NO: :-\

[NO had added Mei Hatsume to the chat]

[Mei Hatsume had changed their name to Destruction]

Cat Samurai: I am questioning your school, Nedzu

God: 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜

Cat Samurai: What does that mean?

God: (=^・ェ・^=)

Cat Samurai: Okay

Destruction: Wanna see my babies?

NO: After this

Destruction: ♥️

Cat Samurai: ??

Cat Samurai: Pretend I said nothing

[Flaming man had added Hawks to the chat]

[Hawks had changed their name to I want chicken]

[Vampire Mafia had added Rosaline not-Sadako to the chat]


Rosaline not-Sadako:

Crispyraki: You are worse than Ashido, somehow

NO: Stop with blasphemy, he is nowhere near her

Crispyraki: Sorry

[Rosaline not-Sadako had changed their name to Saintess]

Saintess: Better

NO: I think this is all of them

Saintess: Add the girls

Crispyraki: No

Allmight: Please no

Sleeping: Absolutely no

God: You said no three times though

Crispyraki: Damn it

Cat Samurai: ?

I want chicken: You are new here ha?

Cat Samurai: Is it that obvious?

I want chicken: You sound like a guy who has his sanity intact so yeah

[NO had added Pinky and Queen to the chat]

Saintess: Hey there

Pinky: Hi?

Queen: Hello

NO: 👋

[NO had changed the group's name to Destroy the Commission]

Pinky: Sounds fun

Cat Samurai: Shall we get to the main topic?

Vampire Mafia: Wait one more second

NO: We did, shall we go now?

[Vampire Mafia had added Dazai to the chat]

Dazai: Not fun enough

[Dazai had changed their name to MaFiA]

MaFiA: Better

[Cat Samurai had added Kunikida to the chat]

Kunikida: I shall provide what I can do

Pinky: Boring

Detective: Booo

MaFiA: Booo

Saintess: Three Dazais now

MaFiA: You love me

Saintess: I despise you with my whole existence

MaFiA: That hurt Rose

Saintess: Good

I want chicken: I can see how you two are related

MaFiA: Kunikidaaaaa, she's bullying me

Kunikida: I don't care

MaFiA: But me being bullied will slow your writing and then your whole planning, you will be lagging behind in no time

Kunikida: How?

MaFiA: Feng Shui

Kunikida: Okay

MaFiA: Not really though, I'm joking

Kunikida: DAZAIIII

MaFiA: 😜

Pinky: One of us

Destruction: One of us

Queen: Same so what's your evil plan?

Cat Samurai: I am curious too, what is it?

Vampire Mafia: Hoooom. Don't know myself, what is it?

God: Evil plan ha? We definitely have to have one

Brain: Yes we need one

Retired Satan: I too agree. It is essential

Allmight: Of course you think that

NO: Having an evil plan sounds fun





I want chicken:

Sleeping: So let me get this straight

Sleeping: No-one doesn't have a plan?

NO: Apparently not

Sleeping: Great, why did you let Endeavor go then?

Retired Satan: We need someone inside the Commission with enough authority, it's easier than bribing, threatening or infiltrating. I agreed to save my time

Vampire Mafia: He also has to pay for all the trouble that he made in my city

MaFiA: Yeah

Saintess: ^

Cat Samurai: Yokohama is not your city

Cat Samurai: And I for one am not a fan of unnecessary bloodshed

I want chicken: So let him go to use him later?

NO: His alive is more useful than dead so yeah

Queen: Seto

NO: We definitely need to move on to a much more important topic

Detective: Which is?

Retired Satan: The evil plan

Brain: It's criminal masterminding time then

Cat Samurai: Is that a verb?

God: Yes

Allmight: What do we need?

NO: Information

Retired Satan: Information

Brain: Information

God: Information

Vampire Mafia: Information

I want chicken: Okay you five are in charge

NO: Cool

[NO had changed their name to Mastermind Criminal]

Mastermind Criminal: Mina, the stage is yours

Pinky: Ay ay Boss

Crispyraki: Just so you would know, Spinner is shivering

Saintess: Oh dear

Cat Samurai: What's happening?

[Pinky had changed Brain's name to Blonde Criminal]

[Pinky had changed Retired Satan's name to Grand-Granpa Criminal]

Grand-Granpa Criminal:

Grand-Granpa Criminal: What?

Pinky: You are old

Pinky: Old, right?

Grand-Granpa: Right

Pinky: Then deal with it

Grand-Granpa Criminal:

Grand-Granpa Criminal: I wish One for all users had half of your cheekiness. I would never get bored

[Pinky had changed God's name to Mouse Criminal]

[Pinky had changed Vampire Mafia's name to Weird Criminal]

Cat Samurai: May I ask what is the point of all these?

Destruction: No

Cat Samurai: Thank you

Mastermind Criminal: So next step people

Blonde Criminal: Grouping

Grand-Granpa Criminal: Tasking

Mouse Criminal: Charts

Weird Criminal: Public domestication

Mastermind Criminal: What do we have?

Grand-Granpa Criminal: Public humiliation, social seige, firearm blockage, backstage backstabbing

Mouse Criminal: Good start

Blonde Criminal: Let's add more public ignominy

Mastermind Criminal: Where?

Mouse Criminal: Their underground facilities, maybe some lesser-known above grounds too

blonde Criminal: Child Soldier program? Or maybe animal quirk usage?

Weird Criminal: I was thinking more about the artificial quirks

Mastermind Criminal: Nice nice. Next?

Grand-Granpa Criminal: Riot

Blonde Criminal: Let's add some protesting

Weird Criminal: Don't forget about international backfire, we have Allmight on our side

Mouse Criminal: And the rest of the current top ten

Mastermind Criminal: And underground's big shots with League's support. Big names are waiting to see what will be their next move

Blonde Criminal: And then?

Grand-Granpa Criminal: Domination

Weird Criminal: Total Annihilation

Mastermind Criminal: Re-election

Mouse Criminal: I'm with Seto's route in this

Weird Criminal: Fine then we also need control over government, don't we?

Blonde Criminal: Not necessarily

Blonde Criminal: We can simply pressure them to the point they think it is their own bright idea

Mastermind Criminal: Damage control?

Blonde Criminal: Precisely

Grand-Granpa Criminal: Might work

Mouse Criminal: All agree with this outline?

Mastermind Criminal: Ay

Grand-Granpa Criminal: No objection

Blonde Criminal: I like it

Weird Criminal: It's rough around the edges but good enough for now. It's not like Commission is that much of a powerhouse


Queen: Em?

Kunikida: What was that?

MaFiA: Woow

Crispyraki: I'm confused too, they are talking too much cryptic

Pinky: Not exactly cryptic. More like saying two words of a full paragraph and others understanding the whole thing

I want chicken: I know most of those words separately but

Detective: Those sentences just don't make sense in the big picture, do they?

Saintess: Nope

Pinky: Even you, Sherlock?

Detective: I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm not good at criminal masterminding

Queen: It was a whole different level though

Sleeping: Five of them

Sleeping: I think I know why these five weren't destined to be on the same side

Allmight: I don't think there is a side that can handle their shared madness

Flaming man: ^

Allmight: Also Nedzu is laughing creepy at his office

Sherlock: Liam is smiling a bit creepy over the room too

Queen: And Seto's giggling dangerously

Kunikida: Giggling dangerously?

Queen: Yes

MaFiA: Totally knew what you are talking about, Rose has one of those too

Saintess: Shut up

Saintess: And also, you are together?

Queen: We are in the kitchen on dinner duty

Queen: Not to say that he didn't make anything yet since he was busy here

Kunikida: Did you make anything though?

Queen: ಠ︵ಠ

Sleeping: I'll order takeout so back to the topic

Pinky: Thanks dad

Sleeping: Nedzu, Seto, are you finished?

[Mastermind Criminal had changed their name to NO]

Destruction: He is back

Detective: Hail the pumpkin king

Pinky: Isn't that Shigaraki?

Crispyraki: No comment

Cat Samurai:

Grand-Granpa Criminal: Let it go, Fukuzawa. Just let it go

Queen: As a certain individual would say;

Queen: "Revelry in the dark"

NO: I am back and yes, I think the sketching is over. Right?

[Mouse Criminal had changed their name to God]

God: Yes, I will prepare my side of resources until the first phase begins

[Weird Criminal had changed their name to The great Mori]

[Pinky had changed The great Mori's name to Vampire Mafia]

[Vampire Mafia had changed their name to The great Mori]

[Pinky had changed The great Mori's name to Vampire Mafia]

Vampire Mafia: Back to the first square but same with our side

[Blonde Criminal had changed their name to Lord of Crime]

Lord of Crime: I will assist in the sketching and its improvements

[Grand-granpa Criminal had changed their name to All for one]

[Pinky had changed All for one's name to Retired Satan]

Retired Satan: I can't even be mad

Retired Satan: But I will start gathering people and making sure they would act as we need

NO: Then we are good to go

Sleeping: I don't think so

God: What's the problem?

Cat Samurai: We have close to zero ideas what is the plan

NO: (⌐■-■)

NO: (ಠ_ಠ)>⌐■-■

NO: (⌐■-■)

NO: Remember what I said about destroying Endeavor publicly and socially first and then going for the kill?

Flaming man: No??

NO: This is exactly the same but bigger

God: Mr. Fukuzawa, Miss Hatsume, Hawks, Allmight, Miss Masters and Todoroki

God: You are in charge of different factions when it came to that

Destruction: Even me? Me? And my babies?

NO: Especially your babies

Destruction: 🤸

Destruction: You can count on my babies

NO: We should bring Nagat to the ring too, shouldn't we?

I want chicken: Definitely

God: I will consider her too but for now

God: Fukuzawa, you and the Armed Detective Agency are in charge of public control. There will be protestings, lectures, and even riots. That's your territory

Cat Samurai: You can count on us

Vampire Mafia: We can, can't we Fukuzawa?

Cat Samurai: Get out of my face Mori

Vampire Mafia: We are typing

God: Mei, you and your babies are the support

Destruction: What about Mr. Powerlouder?

God: The less active heroes the better


Destruction: Am I dead and in heaven?

NO: No

Destruction: Right, count on meeee

God: Hawks, you are in charge of talking to the other proes, especially the top ten

I want chicken: Easy

God: Good, Allmight

Allmight: Yes sir

God: You need a better username

Pinky: 😇

Retired Satan: Is that what fear feels like?

Crispyraki: Yes Sensei, it is

[Pinky had changed Allmight's name to Broccoli Dad]

Broccoli Dad: Why?

Pinky: Izuku

Broccoli Dad: He isn't my child

God: Your duty is to be the face of this revolution

Queen: Not even the principal disagrees

Broccoli Dad:

Broccoli Dad: Of course but can't I do more to help?

Retired Satan: No you are totally useless

Broccoli Dad: I will United States of Smash you to England

Retired Satan: You can't even keep the muscle form Toshinori

God: Oka okay, I know what you want Allmight but you are the only one that people will trust no matter what

NO: ^

Lord of Crime: ^

God: Now, Miss Masters

Saintess: Call me Rose

God: Okay Miss Rose

Saintess: Just Rose

God: Okay, Rose

God: I trust you with the information gathering, I believe you are suited for that

Saintess: Why would you think that? You think I can just portal my way to the Hero Commission's dark rooms and steal stuff? Or I happened to be good with hacking and know a villain with a hacking quirk? Do you just think that I can erase my presence and spy on people?

God: Yes?

Saintess: Well you thought correctly, leave that up to me

Queen: →_→

Queen: ←_←

Queen: Siblings ha?

NO: Yes

God: And finally Endeavor

God: You are the inside man, keep close eyes and be in their good favour. We will need that

Flaming man: Of course

God: The rest of you will support them in their actions. Question?

Queen: No

Pinky: Nopsy

Crispyraki: Sure, whatever

Pinky: Don't be like that Shiggy

Crispyraki: Don't call me Shiggy

Pinky: Okay Tomura


Crispyraki: Why?

Pinky: Cause "Life and work are different". Wonder who said that


Crispyraki: Fine

Crispyraki: Will I get the chance to kill those heroes?

NO: Sure, there sure will be a fight at least once

Crispyraki: We are in then

Detective: Liam and I are a pack so let's get the party started

Lord of Crime: You were supposed to be a good guy, Sherly

Detective: Boring

Sleeping: Just don't get my students killed

Kunikida: Of course, we shall assist president Fukuzawa

Pinky: (?・・)σ

Kunikida: Yes?

Crispyraki: She is thinking about a username for you

Queen: That friendly with her ha?

Crispyraki: Don't try me

Pinky: Is that an invitation?

Crispyraki: It's a threat

Pinky: Doesn't look like one to me

[Pinky had changed Kunikida's name to DAZAIIII]


MaFiA: I love it

Saintess: Same

Cat Samurai: It's... Understandable compared to other things

Sleeping: I'm going back to sleep

Pinky: But food

Sleeping: What do you want?

Pinky: Pizza

Sleeping: Sure

God: Then see you all soon

Retired Satan: Hope not

Destruction: Setoooo

NO: I know I'm coming to your office

Destruction: >.<>.<>.<

Retired Satan: What did you make?

Destruction: A BOMB

Sleeping: HATSUME NO

Destruction: Hatsume YES

I want chicken: Hatsume maybe?


Crispyraki: It's not only the hero kids is it? The whole school is crazy

God: ^_^

NO: If I die, don't cry

Crispyraki: We won't

Saintess: We won't

NO: Let me finish at least



[Bakohoe is loud, do you remember this chat?]


Queen: Rip my boyfriend

Frop: ?

Queen: Mei made another bomb

Rozo: May he rest in peace

Ocha: My condolences

Pinky: Forget him for now, Aizawa is ordering pizza

Ocha: What's the occasion?

Queen: You really don't want to know

John Cena: That bad?

Queen: Seto and the principal literally planned the downfall of the Hero Commission with All for one

Queen: We didn't get to make dinner between the whole criminal mastermindings

John Cena: Good luck with that

Frop: ^

Pinky: Thanks buuuuuut

Rozo: But?

[Pinky had added Gin to the chat]

Pinky: Welcome my new besty

Gin: Hello?

Rozo: Hi

Rozo: Who is she, Mina?

Pinky: My friend ^_^^_^

Frop: You are sounding suspiciously like Seto

Pinky: Me? No way!

Queen: Isn't she the mafia that Stain was fighting with?

Rozon Stain?

John Cena: ??

Frop: Mafia?

Pinky: No??

Gin: Technically yes

Rozo: And why did you invite her here?

Pinky: Himiko and I befriended her when we were in Endeavor hunting. She is super sweet and also surrounded by idiots so she wanted new friends

Pinky: I added her so you would also know her

Rozo: Okay I see

Pinky: Please?

Queen: Well she is working with Seto's sister so okay I guess

Gin: For her to be exact

Ocha: Just how dumb your colleagues are for you that you want to be friends with us?




Pinky: Gin?

Gin: You are asking how dumb they are?

Frop: Sorry if I offended you

Frop: Kero

Gin: No no no

Queen: Seto's not in this chat though

Gin: ?

Gin: Anyway I simply wanted to say that there is no measure to their idiocy

Gin: Literally no end

Gin: Even God doesn't know their limits

John Cena: I know that feeling

Gin: If you think like that then let me tell you just how bad they are

Pinky: I'm bringing popcorns

Gin: Bring more because it's gonna take a while

Frop: Kero?



[Private messages between Rei and Seto]

Mother of my pains of existence: Hello Seto

Shoto and Touya's friend Seto: Hi there. What's up?

Mother of my pains of existence: Do you think it's possible for me to pay a visit to the league's hideout today? If I'm not bothering you or anyone

Shoto and Touya's friend Seto: Sure thing, is 10 pm good?

Mother of my pains of existence: I would love to, sorry for the trouble

Shoto and Touya's friend Seto: Not at all, see you at 10

Chapter Text

Seto looked at the time one last time and put his phone back in his pocket; it was 9: 20 so he still had a lot of time left. Probably. Should he have warned Tomura and others about the visit? It was what a decent human being would do, right? Hmmm, nope. They would be fine. They were one of the top villain organisations in the country; what could go wrong?

--- Are you involved in yet another act of villainy, Seto? Or simply willing to spare us the rest of the pizza." Fumikage, that traitorous owl looked him in the eyes as his associate Shadow dared to hijack his dinner.

As he opened a portal under the pizza box and took it back into his possession, Seto shook his head and said: "False. I do have a meeting at 2 before midnight though." "Do you need help with that?" Fumikage asked while feeding his shadow from his own box of pizza.

--- Not really. But it's gonna be fun seeing Touya's face." He ended the conversation by feeding Dark Shadow a slice of pizza and decided to give a call to Rose about the whole Endeavor thing but was interrupted as an unholy voice spoke to them. "How will it be funny?" Such malicious intemts behind an innocent voice.

Yeap, they were screwed. Well, the League were but the same thing. With an iron will comparable to Hercules, Seto hold back his grin and answered innocently, as possible in the moment: "And who are you?"

Okay, it was far from his best excuse but in his defence, he was having a hard time himself not laughing at the thought of Tomura and others seeing not only Dabi's mom but also their biggest pain of existence. They were probably bigger pains but they all knew she was the worst.

Mina, the said incurable suffering of villains, sat between the two and looked at him with the same amount of innocence that she was receiving and said: "The one who's joining the fun. And you are?" "Deciding how much suffering Tomura and Kuro deserve." The answer was obviously a lot.

Now Seto wasn't planning on involving the girl at first, he really wasn't. In fact, after his talk with Rei he was more than happy that Fumi and he had conquered that corner of the room along with its sofa so no-one wouldn't hear if he wanted to talk to the raven boy. Shoji and Koda were trapped in Aoyama's cheese and Kyouka was talking with the other girls where he believed Mina would have been. But no, she was there so whatever. He wasn't that loyal to Tomura.

--- A certain pyromaniac is going to have a family night in half an hour." "And the fun part?" "It's a surprise party." He paused for a moment. "Surprising for our hosts, of course."

Tokoyami couldn't see their expressions as Mina had her back to him and was blocking a wide range of his view but he could feel it. The disturbance in the force. The malicious aura. He silently prayed for the sanity of the villains as took a bit of his pizza. He didn't see anything so he wasn't involved in anything. Sue him, you won't.

On the other side of the sofa, Mina started giggling as she read Seto's chat with Ms Todoroki. She definitely wasn't going to question the questionable usernames; how could she taint something so pure? The thought didn't help her laughter at all.

It took one and a half slices and Dark Shadow acquiring a suspicious amount of cheese before Mina could attain her ability to talk properly again. "Can I come?" No matter what form of grammar she was using, it wasn't a question but Seto nodded nonetheless. "What kind of friend would I be if I don't bring my partner in crime in fun?"

--- Isn't that William guy your partner in crime?" Dark Shadow, oh innocent and pizza stealer Dark Shadow asked with even more cheese in his mouth than before. "Yes and no." "So you ARE cheating on our crime partnership with blonde ha? I see how it is." Mina said while pouting and turning away from him.

--- You are my partner in the chaos and torment we make. But Will helps with more, criminal crimes, you know?" She didn't, Dark Shadow didn't, even he himself didn't. Why should sentences have actual meaning behind them anyway? "If I want to commit an act of arsonism against the Commission for example, will you help? Hypothetically of course."

--- Sure." She had the audacity to answer as if it was nothing while biting a piece of cheese. "Wanna burn down Endeavor's agency later then?" "Sure, let's bring Dabi too." "He is our main arsonist AND Endeavor hater so obviously." Next, they were shaking hands and eating the last pieces of pizza.

Dark Shadow might have been a part of that conversation but Fumikage sure wasn't. That's what he would tell Aizawa and the cops later.

Ten minutes before departure, the two of them stood up from their self-claim sofa and left a sleeping Fumikage behind to travel to the other side of the room where a small Todoroki and a wild broccoli were watching a movie on Greene's phone.

--- Shotoooo." Mina whispered not so quickly and grabbed their attention. "Yes?" Small Todoroki was confused. The other two boys patted him on the back sympathetically, they were all veterans of the same war. "We are meeting your brother, do you wanna come?"

--- Which one?" Did he actually have to ask? No. Did he? Obviously. 

--- The ugly arsonist one." Seto explained thoroughly as the ugly part was still debatable. Was Natsu also an arsonist? They hoped not.

--- Sure. Want to come Midoriya?" Shoto nodded and asked the broccoli. The broccoli considered his options carefully. For three whole seconds, which was a new record for the former bone breaker. "Sure, let's go."

--- Alright let me ask Kyouka too and we can get going." Seto said as he walked from the trio and went once again to the other side of the room near the entrance of Kacchan's main habitat; the kitchen. They were only few who had his permission to enter the holy field. Less than five people to be exact.

He came, he talked, he went back. They were writing yet another essay for the R-rated hero and he didn't plan to distribute them. He didn't plan but sid it nonetheless. It resulted in gaining five pairs of eyes worth of bloodlust before he could even open his mouth. After a couple of seconds that looked like hours of death, one of them soon turned off the massacre mode but others remained in battle (read murder) position.

--- Hey Seto. What's up?" Kyouka answered with a tired smile. The essay was way harder than any of them expected. "I'm bringing Todorokis to meet Dabi. Do you want to come? Or do you want me to help you with whatever you are writing?"

--- No and no." "Please tell me you wrote this already." Ochako questioned him with desperate pleading eyes; there were no souls in them. "I can't say if I don't know what it is." "Midnight's new essay." "Oh right, I have to write it tonight."

--- Do you want to join us?" Momo was the next to let go of bloodlust and get her head back to the essay. "No, I promised Shoto and his mom already. Call me if you need though, I'm a portal away." With a few nodes and humming, he kissed the back of Kyouka's head and walked back to the trio through a portal. "Are you ready?"

--- Aye aye captain." Mina said as she dragged brought Iida to them.

--- I can't hear you." Because why not? And he was more worried about bringing Iida than what he was saying.

--- Aye aye captain!" This time the broccoli also joined her. Shoto also nodded his readiness. It's been a while since he met his mother; and a longer time since he met Touya. They did chat a lot but that didn't count.

So with that, Seto opened his first portal and entered the Todoroki residence where a certain white hair woman was waiting for them alone; he was soon followed by four hero students, one very more confused than the others.

Without many words, he nodded to the nervous mother and opened his second portal for the group of six to enter. No-one didn't pay attention to Iida's reluctance and screams; he needed to socialize more in their eyes so he was trapped for a while... If not for the rest of eternity.



The portal hero: Blood Raven. That's what he officially goes by the public. Funny name really. But the even funnier part was the face of the people when he'd randomly teleport. That of course included the league of villains. People who happened to know him for years...

Now, the said villains had their own wrap gate user and knew how the thing work... They know the basics of it... Yeah... Okay okay, the main reason why Tomura, Dabi and Shuuichi suddenly jumped from their sit and destroyed Kurogiri's card tower was because they were and are dumb.

Hard truth but the truth nonetheless.

Or maybe they were afraid of Mina? They jumped before she came out of the portal but her aura is not something to mess with. Later Stain who was hiding in one of the guest rooms of the base told the portal hero that she had lots of potentials. But never said in what, he didn't have to.

Now that Seto was thinking carefully, All for one wasn't talking so unrelevent after all. She sure had charisma if nothing else. Well, good that they were friends. It was always beneficial to know the shadow ruler of the country's underground. (We all know that Mina has PoTeNtIaL. In this fic, cause what's canon?)

--- What are..." Mr Compress wanted to ask a question but paused for a moment to look at the newcomers and decided that the group of 5 who walked after the portal maker wasn't worth his time and disappeared into the abyss. He got silently cursed by Dabi and Spinner but he didn't care; his sanity was much more important.

For a while no sound could be heard from the room except for Kurogiri who was cleaning glasses like usual. He was sad about the loss of his great tower but it was inevitable. He knew that but it didn't make him feel any better. After some weird looks and silent arguments, Rei was the first who broke the dense silent atmosphere of the room. "Hello, Touya."

Touya raised his hand slowly and said with utter confusion: "Hi mom?" He wasn't sure if he was answering or asking. He simply waved and looked around as if he didn't know any of them. Alzheimer was quite popular those days.

--- Tomuraaaa." Seeing the bad blood and the awkwardness, Mina did her thing and jumped toward the group of three around the cold corpse of Kurogiri's tower to befriend them. Or re-befriend them. Who knows? Probably the misty villain who was watching the whole show with amusement. The sacrifice of his beloved was worth it.

--- Stop calling me that." Tomura barked at her but shame on him as all of those heroes in-training shared the same dorm as Katsuki Bakugo for years. No-one out barks the Pomeranian. Not even the leader of the so-called League of villains.

As pinky was immune to any inhuman sounds, she paid no attention to the villain and sat on the seat between him and Dabi. "What's up besties? Where is Himi?" "Out but she should be back in an hour or so." Kurogiri answered her while pouring a drink for himself. Amusement wasn't immune to headache after all andit was going to be a painful night; he just knew it.



[Private messages between Seto and Jirou]

Kyo Kyo: What's up over there?

Blood Cat: Aren't you busy with the essay?

Kyo Kyo: Can't focus. Give me news, please

Blood Cat: It's been ten minutes

Kyo Kyo: And? (ᗒᗩᗕ)

Blood Cat: Well many things had happened in ten minutes

Kyo Kyo: Wait, let me add you to the secret chat

Blood Cat: Okay?



[Bakohoe is loud]


[Queen had added NO to the chat]

Frop: Why?

Queen: He has news

Gin: Hey

NO: Hey


NO: Should I ask what are you doing here?

Gin: Only if you want the same question

NO: You got a deal, my friend

Ocha: Sooooo? What's going on over there?

NO: Well it was awkward at first. Especially with the murder

Rozo: Excuse me but what?

Frop: Kero

Gin: Should I bring a shovel or does Shigaraki has it covered?

NO: First of all I meant Kurogiri's card tower that Tomura and Dabi destroyed

Queen: Oh

NO: And second, how dare you to think I can't handle a single body




Gin: Sorry?

NO: Apology accepted. Now back to the story

NO: Mina just walked to Tomura and sat next to him. Next thing we know the two of them were trying to rebuild the tower

Queen: Nice of them

NO: I emphasise on Trying because they couldn't build a single level

NO: But it did the magic cause Rei just went and hugged Dabi-Touya after the third death

NO: Now he will deny it but I saw him cry a little

NO: Metaphorically

Frop: ?

NO: He doesn't have tear glands

Gin: Poor guy

[NO had changed Gin's name to Slash]

Slash: ?

NO: You know, assassination and stuff?


[NO had changed Slash's name to Aku]


Aku: No

[NO had changed Aku's name to lizardd]

Lizardd: Seriously?

NO: I can't think it's past ten

NO: Anyway now Mina, Tomura and Spinner are building a tower. It seems better than the last tries

NO: Rei and Shoto are talking to Dabi

Rozo: Shoto Todoroki is talking?

NO: He is nodding

Rozo: Understandable

NO: I'm going to find Compress now. I'll update you when I found something

Queen: Good luck. Ly

NO: (/^-^(^ ^*)/

Lizardd: Cute

NO: I am back

Frop: What have you brought Marco?

NO: ?

Frop: Kero

NO: I have successfully attained an Atsuhiro, he has joined the Necromancy squad

Lizardd: Should I ask?

NO: Tomura and Mina declared they would rebuild the tower to its original form before midnight. They're calling it Necromancy

Rozo: Mina...

Rozo: @Pinky

NO: Don't try it, she won't see it

Rozo: Okay

Queen: What else have you brought Marco?

NO: Broccoli had managed to successfully conquer the TV and Tomura's Xbox. He is playing with Twice and let me tell you

Ocha: We are waiting

NO: Sorry sorry. Let me tell you that our innocent cinnamon roll is a savage

Ocha: Lies and deceptions

NO: He terminated Jin in a racing game. They changed to another racing game

NO: And Broccoli destroyed him harder

Frop: Wow

John Cena: Not our cinnamon roll

NO: Twice is crying right now and let me tell you, I'm slightly, just slightly, terrified of Izuku

Queen: Come on Seto. He isn't that bad

NO: You aren't seeing this Kyouka. The look in his eyes when he turned Twice to dust and banished him to nothingness, there was no emotion in them. And worse!

Rozo: How can it get worse?

Lizardd: Never say those words

NO: He is smiling. Smiling. What type of sadism is this and why we never know this? Wait




John Cena: Wow look at the tension

Rozo: Seto

NO: Okay Twice challenged him again for his honour in another game and

Frop: And

NO: I can't

Ocha: You have to

[NO had sent a picture]

[It's a photo of lov's base where Izuku is standing on a sofa laughing maniacally like Nedzu while holding a controller, Twice is lying on the ground and sobbing under his mask and Shoto is watching them with a blank expression. Somewhere beneath it, he is slightly afraid of Izuku now.]

Ocha: What have you done to my child

John Cena: Poor Twice

Rozo: Wow Shoto looks... It's a different blank face than his normal

NO: It's the 'slightly terrified of my Broccoli friend who is secretly a sadist' blank face

Lizardd: Too many emotions for a blank face

Frop: That's Todoroki for you

Ocha: Come on Seto, Izuku isn't a sadist

Lizardd: He looks like one

Frop: Ochako they are kinda right

Ocha: No way he is just playing? He can be happy about winning right?

[NO had sent a picture]

[It's a photo of the records and timings of the three rounds]


Ocha: What happened to my innocent bush?

NO: You want my guess?


Ocha: Bakohoe

NO: Ding ding

NO: Holy hwta

Queen: Are you okay?


Queen: ?

John Cena: Well he is dead

Lizardd: The broccoli catch him



John Cena:


Ocha: Why is it so terrifying?

Queen: Sounds like a horror bedtime story

Frop: Is that a thing?

Queen: It is now




Lizardd: Hail who?

Rozo: The pumpkin king

Queen: Are you okay?

NO: Maybe??

John Cena: ??

NO: Okay so

NO: Iida was quiet the whole time since we brought him here right?


NO: You didn't notice? Mina kidnapped him

Rozo: Oh god

NO: Yeah same

NO: So after Shoto and I successfully subdued the sadistic urges of Izuku

Ocha: Come on

NO: After he wasn't a mini Nedzu anymore, Iida finally broke out of his trance

Rozo: That doesn't sound good

NO: He was in some sort of shock mode the whole time it seems

NO: And when he did, well, there was a certain trigger

Rozo: Don't tell me Stain!

NO: I wish

Frop: What is worse than the hero killer?


NO: Let me show you

[NO had sent a picture]

[It's a photo of the same room. In it, Iida is lying on the floor with a Shoto-level blank face and a Mei Hatsume sitting on his stomach. The certain Mei Hatsume is paying no attention to her surroundings and simply playing with a small baby in her hand.]

Frop: Did you?

NO: No

Queen: Why is?

NO: I don't know

Rozo: ???

Lizardd: What's happening?

NO: A wild Mei Hatsume had appeared, run for your mortal lives

Ocha: What is may doing there?

NO: Apparently Tomura wanted new gloves that wouldn't be affected by his quirk

Rozo: Is that possible?

NO: Mei saw it as a challenge and actually made a pair

Frop: It's nice

NO: They are pink

Rozo: Okay maybe not

NO: The right one has hello kitty on it

John Cena: Did I ever say I loved Mei?

NO: And the left has Allmight's face



John Cena:



John Cena: Ok I am definitely in love

Rozo: Why??

NO: It's Mei. Mortal logic doesn't work with her

Queen: So that's why you were dead?

NO: Well you would be dead if Mei would have appeared out of nowhere in a villainous secret hideout with pink hello kitty and Allmight gloves and a smoke bomb

Lizardd: Smoke bomb?

NO: smoke bomb

NO: Anyway, Iida saw her and his class rep senses kick in

John Cena: We need more popcorn

Frop: On it

NO: So for around two minutes, the two of them were running around the hall like freaking Tom and Jerry

NO: They killed Towy

Lizardd: Towy?

NO: I'll explain that later. That's a whole trauma itself

Frop: 'Kero'

NO: They killed Towy, they spilt Miss Rei's drink, they walked on a still sobbing Twice, and worst of all

Rozo: Twice is still sobbing?

NO: He challenged Izuku again

NO: It didn't work but now I am sure it's Katsuki's fault

Queen: What was the worst?

NO: They almost


Rozo: Almost?

NO: They almost destroyed Kurogiri's liquor shelf

Frop: How is that the worst with murder being involved?

NO: You don't get it

Frop: Kero

NO: Towy was one death. If does liquors somehow fail to exist, Japan will fail to exist


Queen: Perfect

NO: Fear Kurogiri since those bottles are the last strands of his sanity

Lizardd: I can feel him

Ocha: What did Mei do next?

NO: Iida finally got her but it triggered the smoke bomb WHICH we didn't know was a smoke bomb at that moment

Queen: ( ╹▽╹ )

NO: Exactly. I was planning on sending as much explosion as possible with my portal away that suddenly the whole room was in the dust, people were shouting, Mina somehow got on the back of Tomura and Mei and Iida got in that position. Iida is back to his shock mode and Mina refuses to come down from {she said and I repeat} his Tomu-chair. She was there for a solid seven minutes before Himiko showed up

Rozo: Mina did what now?

Frop: Is Iida okay?

John Cena: Tomu what??

Queen: =_==_==_=

Ocha: Where is Mina now?

Lizardd: Is this, normal?

NO: That, no, Tomu-chair, ♥️, you don't want to know, annnnnd as much as it pains me, yes Gin. It is

John Cena: What happened to Towy and Mina?

NO: So Himiko walked in seven minutes after smokemagedon

Frop: Smokemagedon?

NO: Smokemagedon

NO: And Mina just jumped down, literally, and went for her girl. They hugged for a while until Himiko scolded them for killing Mr Towy and disappeared with Mina. There is no sign of them and frankly speaking, I don't want to be cursed with more knowledge

Rozo: Wow

John Cena: We need more popcorn

Ocha: Popcorn isn't enough anymore

Frop: *Sigh*

Frop: Bring the cheese

Lizardd: The cheese?

Frop: The cheese

Rozo: And Towy is the card tower that is dead again?

NO: Yeap, just died once more when Dabi sneezed and startled Atsuhiro

Rozo: And how are Todorokis?

NO: As good as Todorokis could be, they bonded so mission success

Queen: When will you come back?

NO: Don't know, but I do need touch affection after all these traumas unfolding all at once

Queen: Cuddles?

NO: Yes, please

Queen: My door is open

NO: I'll see what I can do

NO: Fu

NO: Hol

NO: Oh go

Queen: Seto?

NO: Yes?

Queen: Are you okay?

NO: No?

NO: I don't know if I should laugh, cry or run with utter morons. These hopeless idiots. This... There is no word

Lizardd: Tachihara?


Rozo: Is anyone dead?

Rozo: Except for Towy

John Cena: Don't be mean to Towy, he deserves better

Rozo: I'm sorry

NO: No-one's dead yet

NO: Yet

Queen: What happened

NO: So with our seven shining star luck that we had, All freaking for one decided to pay a visit to the base

Rozo: Oh no

Lizardd: Run

NO: Just listen

Ocha: Will it get worse?

NO: It'll get far worse

Frop: Ke... Ro?

NO: Because All for one decided to come from the backdoor which coincidentally was where the two Tachiharic Lovebirds were HimiMinaing

Rozo: Tachiharic? HimiMinaing?

Queen: They surpassed the limits of known language to a spiritual realm

NO: Exactly

John Cena: What were they exactly doing?

NO: Making out/ gossiping/ drinking blood


Lizardd: And All for one, the demon lord of underground, walked on them?

NO: That's the beginning but yes

Ocha: I'm trembling
NO: We all are

NO: So All for one walked on them and Mina, my dearest partner in crime who I cherish and despise to a universal level at the same time, said and I quote

NO: "What you looking?

John Cena: She didn't!

NO: *Silence* "If you feel lonely I can help you, you know?"

Lizardd: As I said, RUN

Frop: How is she not dead?

NO: *More confused silence* "I know some nice tricks with this new dating app that's been a hit this couple of months, wanna learn a few things from me?"

Lizardd: Is she a goddess? That's the only explanation

Rozo: Or she doesn't recognize him


Lizardd: How can you NOT recognise the symbol of evil himself?

NO: That's not the problem

John Cena: IT'S NOT?

NO: My sweet summer children. The problem is, Mina actually took All for one's phone, downloaded the app and spent fifteen minutes explaining the ups and downs of it. Then, she SHOOED him AWAY and went back to kissing an equal confused Himiko

Queen: Seto

NO: .

Queen: I love you but what the fuck?

NO: Same²

Lizardd: Just continue

NO: You sure?

Rozo: No but do it

John Cena: Please

NO: So All for one walks in the room, all high and all mighty muttering to himself

NO: He was so lost in his thoughts that he hit the wall, a vase and guess who?

John Cena: Not Towy!?

NO: Another murder

John Cena: Justice for my boy

NO: Next he sat next to Tomura and said with his serious and underground demon king voice: "Tomura Shigaraki."

NO: We were all shivering, his voice was colder than Shoto's ice

NO: Tomura looked him in the eyes and says: "Yes Sensei?" All for one doesn't even look back. Their eyes are looking at each other but All for one is watching somewhere else

NO: He says

Rozo: What???

NO: "Am I single?"

Pinky: I love you all

Chapter Text

Pinky: I love you all

Lizardd: Did you just?

Lizardd: Broke All for one?

Lizardd: ?

NO: Yes

Rozo: Mina

Rozo: Why?

Pinky: I thought it was a good idea at the moment

Pinky: I have no regrets

NO: I'll make sure they write that on your grave

Pinky: It's not that bad

Queen: Where are you two now?

NO: I'm just listening to Kurogiri talking AFO down from killing Mighty man and Mina ran away after she realised what exactly she had done

NO: Where is she now? I do not know

Pinky: Himiko's room. Watching movie

Lizardd: I don't know if I have a newfound respect for you or I'm just terrified of you

Pinky: Love me

Lizardd: Okay

John Cena: Are we not addressing why All for one is going to kill Allmight?

NO: It's just his default mode

Ocha: Default mode??

NO: Yeah if he gets too confused he just blames it on Allmight

NO: He got some points this time though

Frop: He does?

NO: I mean, Allmight is a teacher here. He was supposed to raise heroes not whatever she is

Pinky: ☹️

Pinky: 😢

NO: Don't act innocent. The damage you had done was greater than anything Allmight had ever did

Ocha: Maybe you are exaggerating a little bit

NO: Nope

NO: in two hundred freaking years, no-one dared/thought to talk to him like that. He is confused in a whole different level than humanly possible

Lizardd: Will he be alright?

NO: Probably

NO: He is All for one

NO: Okay I take it back

Frop: Kero?

NO: Now Rei is lecturing him on raising a child

NO: To be specific the not to do's of it

Pinky: Is it safe to come down?

NO: Looks like it

NO: But the look on Dabi and Tomura's faces are priceless. Come see them

Pinky: On my way

Queen: Should we even open that one?

Rozo: Please don't

NO: Now Shoto and Kuro joined them on not to do's


Rozo: I expected better from him

Queen: Your mistake

Ocha: Is there any good news?

NO: Well Class rep is back

Ocha: It is good, right?

NO: He is helping Spinner rebuild Towy

NO: They are bonding?

Pinky: They are

NO: It seems to calm down for now

NO: I'm gonna challenge Broccoli

Queen: Don't do it

NO: Too late



NO: I lost

Queen: Told you

NO: How can he be so evil?

Ocha: Don't be a sore loser

NO: He is laughing at me like Katsuki, Ochako


Ocha: Another reason to kill Bakohoe

NO: Is there a lot?

Frop: We have a board


NO: Somehow, you guys are worse than the league

Queen: You love us

NO: No

Queen: You do

NO: Only you. I hate the rest of you

Queen: ^_^

Pinky: Get a room you two

NO: Take your own advice first



NO: Momo

Rozo: ?

NO: Wow

Rozo: ?

NO: Did you know Shoto had a thing for theatre?

Rozo: I didn't

NO: Well he does

NO: He is writing a play with Atsuhiro. They look so proud of it

John Cena: What is it about?

NO: Don't know. But they look so proud of it

NO: Shoto is literally smiling


NO: What is happening?? Mina?

Pinky: I'm just as confused as you

Ocha: One of you go ask him

NO: Izuku just did

John Cena: And?

NO: He looks

NO: Betrayed??

Queen: Seto go check it out

NO: I don't trust the two of them

Queen: Please

NO: Okay but I know I will regret it



NO: I am once again, disappointed in humanity in general

Lizardd: More than the time Tachihara put actual lemons in Kaiji's stuff?

NO: That was at least funny

NO: This

NO: I don't know

NO: I don't wanna be here

NO: I want to sleep and don't wake up

Queen: What did you just see?

NO: It's a story okay?

Frop: Okay

NO: About a cold soba

Rozo: That human

Rozo: I thought Compress was better than that?

NO: Listen

NO: The cold soba of their story wants to be a warm soba because the people of their restaurant don't like it cold

Lizardd: Sounds like an emotional story

NO: So it goes on a self-discovery journey to become a hot soba

NO: It goes through some spiritual stages and trials and finds love in the middle of it? It's a hot dog who had divorced a tea leaf, but in end makes peace with being cold and comes back to their restaurant

Ocha: Wow

NO: And gets eaten by a Broccoli

Ocha: I expected too much

Rozo: That explains Midoriya's feelings

NO: Yes

NO: Atsuhiro is really touched by it


Lizardd: That's definitely something

Pinky: And you are saying I'm the worst

NO: You are the worst. All for one is still shaken

NO: He is now impressed though

John Cena: Impressed? How? Who?

NO: Of the psychological damage that Mina can inflict with a straight face

Pinky: Not exactly straight face but go on, praise me more

NO: 🤦

NO: He wants her and Mei to join the league and help them rule the world once again

NO: But Shoto is also invited this time

Queen: What about Green?

NO: He is two-hearted about him, he got potential

Pinky: You all leaving the best part out

Rozo: Is there a part we can call the best?

Pinky: Iida

Frop: He is still alive?

NO: Barely

Pinky: He is so disappointed in everyone in the room

Pinky: He wants to lecture us about true heroism but All for one is looking at him right now

NO: In other news, Mei is really considering the offer for after graduation

Rozo: Stop her

NO: Never



NO: Did Rei just?

Pinky: I think she did

Rozo: It's one am. Don't you want to come back?

Pinky: No this is fun

Pinky: And you are all awake too





John Cena:

Lizardd: This is better than sleep

NO: Don't let Iida hear that. He is bugging us to go to sleep even without any backups

Rozo: Can I add Kendo here for this conversation

NO: Isn't it a bit late?

Rozo: You don't like people who are planning to come back anytime soon

NO: ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌

Ocha: Add her

John Cena: The more the merrier

Frop: Is she awake?

Rozo: Yes we were talking just now

[Rozo had added Kendo to the chat]

Kendo: Is this the hell you were talking about?

[Pinky had changed Kendo's name to New victim]

New victim: What?

NO: Go back read for now

New victim: 😰😰

Ocha: What did she do?

NO: Right

Pinky: She adopted the league

Rozo: Ha?

NO: More like shared custody with Kurogiri

Queen: She is secretly as insane as the rest of you, isn't she?

NO: First, don't put me with these people

NO: And second, she is probably worse

Rozo: Explain from the beginning

NO: So first she went to the kitchen and made us some snacks since we weren't planning on stopping whatever was going on

NO: Then she sent Kuro to buy some stuff

Pinky: They got Tomura some skin cream

NO: Some being a whole package

New victim: We are calling the leader of the league of villains by the first name now?

NO: I always do

Pinky: We do now

Queen: I guess so? He isn't as bad as he looks like if you know him

New victim: He is a killer though

Lizardd: And?

NO: ?

Lizardd: ?

NO: ?

New victim: Sorry I forgot there were serial killers in the chat

Lizardd: Don't forget again

NO: I prefer to be called assassin though

New victim:

New victim: I was joking

Queen: Don't mind them

NO: Besides, Tomura has less kill count than Endeavor

New victim: Okay continue

Pinky: Seto and Dabi pinned him down so She could apply them to his neck

Queen: Didn't he decay you?

NO: He had the gloves

Queen: No way

John Cena: Gloves as in?

Pinky: Mei's Hello kitty/Allmight gloves

New victim:

New victim: First of all, I am now terrified of your class + Mei Hatsume but she was always a force of nature

Queen: Normal reaction

NO: We are terrified of ourselves too

New victim: And second, is this all legal?

Rozo: Well

NO: Yes

New victim: You sure?

NO: Do you really think that any of our phones are safe from Nedzu? That rat is everywhere

NO: Especially when it comes to villains and all

NO: Plus I do have a rather bad reputation with villains

NO: Considering all that, Nedzu is definitely reading this chat

New victim: That's a bit hard to believe

[God had added themselves to the chat]

God: It's legal

[God had left the chat]

NO: See what I mean

New victim:

New victim: It THIS legal?

NO: Don't pull the legal card against the rat, it won't work

New victim: Great

New victim: What happened next?

NO: She did the same process with Dabi's scars and then sewed Twice's mask

Pinky: Plus she helped rebuild Towy and is now teaching Himiko how to braid her hair

NO: And managed to scold the whole league one by one after Kuro told her about their eating habits

Rozo: That does look like shared custody to me

Queen: When will you come back?

NO: Iida and I will be back in half an hour or so

Rozo: And the rest of you?

Pinky: I'm having a sleepover, Todorokis are also having a family night

Ocha: What about Izuku?

NO: He is playing with Tomura, neither of them looks like the people who will sleep soon

Rozo: We have school tomorrow

Pinky: No worries, Seto will pick us up before the class

Frop: Has All for one left?

NO: He is sleeping on the couch right now, Izuku suspect he has a sleeping quirk with the noises others are making

New victim: All for one as in?

NO: The two hundred years old nemesis of Allmight

New victim: Is this safe?

NO: Definitely

NO: Well

New victim: Well what?

NO: Safe really isn't the right word with Mei

New victim: You are surrounded by villains and you are concerned about Mei?

NO: Yes, just like any other sane person

New victim:

Frop: He has a point

John Cena: Mei staying there too?

NO: She is doing something with Atsuhiro's hand

New victim: Atsuhiro?

NO: Mr. Compress

New victim: Hand?

NO: Artificial hand

NO: We'll see you all in half an hour then

Rozo: What are you doing now?

NO: Making sure Mei doesn't turn Atsuhiro's hand into a bomb

NO: 👋

Frop: Night

Ocha: Good night

Rozo: See you then

Queen: Come back before you loose your sanity





[ We don't get paid enough for this, the next day after school]


I hate Hatsume: Nedzu

God: Yes?

I hate Hatsume: What is going on here?

God: I don't know what you are talking about Majima

I hate Hatsume: You know very well

God: Not in this case, where?

I hate Hatsume: 3-H's support lab

Sleeping: Hatsume again?

I hate Hatsume: Yes but worse

Headshot: How could it be worse?

I hate Hatsume: Tell them Nedzu

God: I actually haven't checked on that lab today

Sleeping: Lier

God: I haven't

Child corrupter: What's going on Majima?

I hate Hatsume: There are Mei, a villain and three of your problem children here Aizawa

Vampire: A villain??

Granpa: ^

Sleeping: I really don't want to ask but

Sleeping: Which villain?

I hate Hatsume: Toga

Sleeping: And which problem child aside from Sadako and Ashido?

Vampire: You know exactly which ones?

I hate Hatsume: Midoriya

Sleeping: I'm not dealing with this

I hate Hatsume: Your students, your villains

Sleeping: How are they my villains??

Speaker: Well one of them is your Todoroki's brother and another is dating Ashido. And the rest have seem to befriend your class

Sleeping: Not MY problem

Sleeping: Nedzu deal with this

God: Actually, Seto and Mei did get permission to use the lab after school from me

I hate Hatsume:

I hate Hatsume: And you didn't tell me?

God: I forgot

I hate Hatsume: If a single explosion happens, I'll quit

Headshot: Now now

I hate Hatsume: Don't now now me Snipe

I am here: Is this really okay Nedzu?

God: Of course

Child corrupter: What are they doing Majima?

I hate Hatsume: Give me a second

I hate Hatsume: Okay I'm slightly, I repeat Slightly, proud of them

I am here: So it's a good thing?

I hate Hatsume: They are making a mask based on Toga's quirk

Speaker: Nice

I hate Hatsume: Yeah it's nice but there is still a villain and four problem children here unsupervised

Sleeping: Supervise them

I hate Hatsume: Never

Sleeping: It's your job

I hate Hatsume: Nedzu signed the after hour permission, not me

Sleeping: someone goes and watches them

Child corrupter: They are not children Shota, they'll be fine

I hate Hatsume: They won't

Sleeping: They won't

Chicken: They won't

God: Ah the curse of three

I am here: You are still here Hawks?

Chicken: I never left

Headshot: Okay I'm here

I am here: Same

Granpa: Not the time Toshinori

I am here: Sorry

Headshot: Anyway they're fine

Headshot: Hatsume and Midoriya are working on the blueprint and some weird clay already. They say they'll make a prototype in a week

Vampire: What are the others doing?

Headshot: Blondy is telling them about how her quirk works, it's like they are copying this clay-like thing that covers her when she uses her quirk

Sleeping: And the other two?

Headshot: Sadako's helping me with supervising them and Ashido is just there? I don't know

Child corrupter: Let them be

Child corrupter: Also ask him why half of their class, including Iida and Yaoyarozo of all people, were half sleep today

Headshot: Okay


{Seto tells him the whole story, with photos}



Headshot: It doesn't matter

Sleeping: It sounds like it does

Headshot: Nedzu knows too

God: I think I do

Sleeping: Why don't I feel any better then?

Vampire: Kendo was also not in a good shape today. Is this related?

God: Yes

Headshot: Apparently

I hate Hatsume: Did anything blow up yet?

Headshot: I don't think it's going to blow up, they look so peaceful

Headshot: Wait it blow up

I hate Hatsume: Told you

Headshot: Why the hell they are laughing?

I hate Hatsume: Gremlins, all of them

Headshot: Is this normal?

Sleeping: Which one?

Headshot: This

[Headshot had sent a photo]

[It's a picture of the 3-H lab in which Hatsume is laying down on the ground laughing and covered in mud and ash, Midoriya is hiding behind an armchair who is equally covered in mud, Toga is eating a sandwich in the corner with Ashido who is also filming the situation. Near the camera, Sadako could be seen staring at Snipe with a wide grin. The desk on which they were building the mask is slightly on fire]

I hate Hatsume: Yeah it's normal

Sleeping: Agree

God: I don't see anything strange either

Headshot: The desk is on fire

I hate Hatsume: Everything there is fireproof so don't worry

Headshot: They also weren't carrying those sandwiches when I came in. Where did they get it?

Sleeping: Sadako's portal

Headshot: Nevermind I asked him

Child corrupter: And?

Headshot: What's going on Nedzu?

God: Nothing much

Vampire: Why are you so focused on a sandwich when the table is on fire?

Headshot: Well don't know. Maybe because Mrs. Todoroki (Who happened to be Endeavor's wife, on paper at least) made a villain a sandwich

Headshot: Why?

Chicken: You don't want to touch that topic

Headshot: I really do, Nedzu?

Sleeping: Bad idea

God: Well she has shared custody with the villain Kurogiri over the members of the league so it's not that unusual

Chicken: Yeah that's the topic

Child corrupter:

I am here:




Reasons why:



Headshot: 🍶

Sleeping: I'm expelling the 3-A class as a whole and quitting today

Sleeping: Do the paperwork Nedzu

God: Request denied. Have some water 🍶

Sleeping: Just let me go

God: Only a few more months and you're free


Sleeping: I hope so



Headshot: Majima the lab is on fire

I hate Hatsume: It's fireproof

Headshot: IT'S ON FIRE

I hate Hatsume: Dam it, I'm coming

I hate Hatsume: And Erasure, I'm quitting with you after this

Sleeping: Sure


Sleeping: Σ(ಠ_ಠ)

I hate Hatsume: Behind my desk

Headshot: THANK YOU

Chapter Text



Neutralzilla: Shall we address the elephant in the room?

Pica: There is an elephant in your room?

Neutralzilla: Kaminari

Pica: Yes?

Rozo: It's a metaphor

Neutralzilla: Why should there be an actual elephant?

Pica: Cause you are villains

Neutralzilla: Ok let me rephrase it, why would we steal an elephant? And how?

Pica: You have Kurogiri and Seto to wrap it to your room


Rozo: That's possible

Neutralzilla: Not the time, Yaoyarozo

Neutralzilla: Again, Why?

Pica: 🤷♂️

Pinky: Well that's something Dabi and Himi would do


Neutralzilla: Okay fine

Neutralzilla: That's definitely something that those two would try

Pica: See

Neutralzilla: But still that doesn't mean that there is one actually here, I meant it metaphorically

Pica: Could have fooled me

Pinky: It actually did Denki

Pica: No matter, what's the elephant?

Neutralzilla: Something is suspicious

Pinky: 👁️🗨️👁️👁️🗨️

Neutralzilla: Good night

Pinky: Nooo

Pinky: Don't go

Pinky: I love suspicious

Neutralzilla: Hmmmm

Rozo: Just tell her or she would bug all of us until she gets it

Neutralzilla: Right

Neutralzilla: Sooooo

Neutralzilla: I've been thinking

Hot teacher: That's new

Neutralzilla: Shut up Dabi

Hot teacher: Shut it yourself. And Kaminari

Pica: What's up?

Hot teacher: My blood pressure but that's not what I meant

Rozo: That is concerning

Hot teacher: Thanks, you are the last sane and good one here

Hot teacher: @Pica, Why the actual hell do you think I would steal an elephant?

Pica: Because you would

Hot teacher: I would never

Pinky: @Chicken

Hot teacher: Don't you dare Mina

Rozo: Re-read that sentence, please

Hot teacher: Right it's her

Hot teacher: I hate you all

Chicken: Even meee?

Hot teacher: Even you because you are going to help that menace

Chicken: I would never

Pinky: Quoting each other, are you?

Chicken: Shhhh

Chicken: And Touya

Hot teacher: No

Chicken: You have stolen much worse things than an elephant

Cowboy: Then shouldn't you stop him as a hero?

Chicken: No?

Cowboy: K

Grapes: What did he steal?

Neutralzilla: The right verb is what didn't

Rozo: The word What isn't a verb though

Neutralzilla: Can we focus on Dabi's crimes instead of mine?

Sho: No

Sonic: Can we not focus on crimes in general?

Bird: You expect too much from them, Iida

Sonic: I know

Bird: Revelry in the dark

Sonic: I'll consider it, Tokoyami

Queen: Nice

Chicken: Ehem

Bird: Go on

Chicken: So in the list of Top ten stupidest things that Dabi stole we haveeeee:

Neutralzilla: A flamethrower

Pica: Isn't that your quirk?

Hot teacher: Have you seen my skin?

Pica: Sorry

Hot teacher: Meh

Chicken: Don't meh it

Hot teacher: Or what, birdy?

Sho: Or we tell mom

Hot teacher: Go to hell

RedRiot: Is that actually threatening?

Retired Satan: It is



Rozo: Oh definitely, what else?

Chicken: You kids guess

Chicken: Fast boy first

Sonic: A car?

Neutralzilla: Please, a car is at least understandable

Sonic: Stealing isn't understandable, no matter small or big

Retired Satan: It's dependable

Sonic: Is it?

Retired Satan: Of course. Let me give you a scenario, to see your viewpoints

Retired Satan: Let's say Allmight has a sandwich

Retired Satan: Someone comes and steals it because they haven't eaten anything in days, should Allmight Detroit Smash them to the next street or let go of his food?


Sonic: You make some sense

NO: As much as I enjoy messing with your morals , Iida

NO: But don't listen to that guy

Retired Satan: Am I wrong

NO: Nope but you ArE second to none when it comes to twisting the viewpoint

Retired Satan: What should be done in that scenario then?

Brain: Simple, buy them another sandwich and find the root of the problem

Rose: Place your bets people; is it a hero, the government or their own stupidity?

NO: I go with the government but the third is also good

Brain: Ehem

NO: The floor is yours

Brain: You see kids, finding the root of the problem is what you heroes should do, not Detroit Smashing people and arguing over morality, maybe things get better just by removing the source

Rozo: And if not?

Brain: Then try to help the sandwich stealer, it's situational but I'm sure the answer won't be hard for you to find








Mic: He is right kidos

Brain: Of course I am

Pinky: It got dark

Pinky: Can we get back to Dabi's idiocy instead?

NO: I second that

Neutralzilla: Fine, gravity girl your turn

Ocha: It's Uraraka

Ocha: And I vote for a car

Hot teacher: Didn't we already establish that me stealing cars isn't on the list

Ocha: Let me finish

Ocha: A police car to be exact

Hot teacher:

Hot teacher: I didn't

2: You did

Hot teacher: No I didn't

2: We literally did it together

2: No we didn't

Neutralzilla: I don't even want to know why

Hot teacher: Good

Neutralzilla: Bakubrat

KEMGD: I'm not playing your stupid game

Neutralzilla: You don't want to torment Dabi more?


KEMGD: A pole

Hot teacher: ?

KEMGD: You know, the ones that you dance around?

Hot teacher: You really think highly of me, don't you?

KEMGD: Did you?

Chicken: He did


Hot teacher: Don't do that


Hot teacher: It's scary

KEMGD: (θ‿θ)

Hot teacher: Go away demon

Hot teacher: Spinner get to the next one

Neutralzilla: Fine, Asui was it?

Frop: Hmmm

Frop: You stole Bakugo so that counts


Hot teacher: Yeah that was stupid

NO: *He

KEMGD: Sleep with an open eye

NO: Shame on you to think I sleep

Queen: 😑😑

Queen: Seto

NO: Joking

Queen: Are you?

NO: Yeap

Bird: Not really

Rose: Seto

NO: A hospital bed

Rose: ?

Queen: You k?

Hot teacher: Fuck you

NO: You are not my type

Pinky: Wait you mean

Pinky: No way

Bestgirl: Yes way

Maid: That was the number one spot with Bakugo coming second easily

KEMGD: first of all


KEMGD: Second, Why?

Sho: Why not?


Maid: I want to be disappointed in your education but I also had seen the stupidity of Todorokis first hand, so

Sho: 😔😔

Maid: Dabi's and Endeavor's stupidity of course, not yours

Hot teacher: I hate you Sako

Maid: No you don't

NO: Come on Atsuhiro, you are disappointed in UA's education system now?

NO: Have you ever seen Mina and Baku?


Maid: No no no

Maid: I can't blame UA for those ones, they simply can't not be gremlins

Pinky: How DARE you

KEMGD: I'll beat your ass the next time we meet

Maid: Big words

Papagiri: You might want to consider running Mister

Maid: ?

Papagiri: I just saw Himiko taking a rather big knife from the kitchen and coming your way

Maid: Which knife?

Papagiri: The cleaver

Maid: Well time to run

Pinky: ♥️

Bestgirl: ♥️



Sleeping: I am soo disappointed

Maid: What's new here, Erasure

Sleeping: Still alive?

Maid: Barely, she hasn't found me yet

Sleeping: Why did Dabi steal a hospital bed anyway?

Maid: I'm seeing it

Sleeping: ?

NO: The war flashbacks

Papagiri: Of that damned day

Sleeping: ?

NO: You don't want to know, sir. You don't want to know

Sleeping: Alright,

Sleeping: Also, go to Nedzu's office Seto. He wants to talk to you

NO: Why?

Sleeping: I'm not sure

NO: Well if I die, give my stuff to Kyouka and Will and donate my kidney to Dabi

Sleeping: You survived Mei, you'll live

Sleeping: And what type of will is that?

NO: Never can be so sure

NO: Speaking of surviving

NO: @Bestgirl

Maid: Seto No

Bestgirl: Yes my dear friend

NO: Atsuhiro is in Tomura's closet

Maid: Why!

Bestgirl: Thanks


Sleeping: Just go to his office already

NO: On it

Maid: I hate you

NO: Less talking, more running



Nothing good ever came from visiting the principal of UA, absolutely nothing. That's what Seto thought when he stood behind the half-open door of the said mouse-bear-principal hybrid. The hero was inviting him in but something told him to wait and listen; hopefully, Nedzu wasn't paying attention to the security camera above his head. Wishful thoughts. Nedzu was always watching.

He faced the reality when the door swung open and something sharp pushed him. A knife? No there wasn't anyone behind him to hold it. A crazy robot? Unlikely when Mei was still busy with the final adjustments of the Himiko-mask. Well then, it was his boss.

Seto took a deep breath and walked through the door, becoming face to face with Aizawa and surprisingly, Hawks who were drinking tea on the couches. "Thank you for coming, Mr Sadako." Nedzu said unfazed by the sudden arrival and poured one more cup of tea. "Borage tea?" Seto nodded.

He then bowed lightly and took the small cup. "Thank you, sir." Next, he found his seat on the couch next to his homeroom teacher. No better companion than the ol' Erasure Head; everybody in hero course knew that. He didn't talk, he didn't judge, he would simply question his life choices and take a nap.

--- So," After a minute of silent staring between the four, Aizawa glared at Nedzu and said, "Why are we here all of a sudden and for what reason do we have the pleasure of meeting you, Hawks?" Even snake-base quirks didn't possess such level of toxicity that the last word had. He was done with whatever mess the No. Two hero made alongside his students and the league of villains. Were they even villains these days? More like vigilantes with extra steps and crimes.

--- Now now, Erasure," Hawks answered while lowering his mostly empty cup and smiling nervously, "No need to be that harsh. I am here bringing good AND classified information as one of Japan's top three heroes." He knew better than that to chit chat with Erasure Head, he didn't want to go even higher than he already was on his black list. It wasn't HIS problem that his interns were creative.

--- Classified?" Seto asked while turning his eyes toward the mammal and back to the bird. "Is it related to Endeavor?" "No, it isn't. Well, he will be there but it's not about him."

--- Then what is it?" Okay, Hawks didn't have the best record when it came to the teacher but he was being extra cranky there. What did he do recently?

--- The IHA." "You joking." "Of course not, Aizawa. We are dead serious on it." Nedzu reassured the pro hero while hidding his smile behind the empty cup. Both other pro heroes in the room had no doubt that his sadism was starting again.

--- Em. What is IAH?" Seto titled his head, question marks hovering above his head. That was new; both the name and his teacher's confused reaction. He needed to know how classified it was before sharing it. Not with Mina or Shigaraki, but maybe Rose.

Hawks smiled widely and stretched his hands, as if getting ready for a hug (And with pre-skeleton Allmight or Fatgum by the size of that) and said: "Well little bird, first of all, it's IHA not IAH. As in International Hero Association and not the Internet Ant Hunting." Was that a thing?

--- The International Hero Association? Never heard of it." "It's only natural, of course." Nedzu took the lead of the conversation from a pouting Hawks, "The last meeting of it was held roughly twenty years ago." Oh? What happened then? Seto put a mental bet with himself that it was All for one's fault.

--- WELl the IHA is, was, an annual meeting that happened every five years..." Hawks said but was once more shut down. "Doesn't annual mean once a year?" "It's what they say, not me. Anywayyyy, it's a meeting between the top heroes of many countries across the globe. To gather and share information about the possible problems."

A what now? Was that even possible? As if reading his mind, Nedzu continued: "Of course, it wasn't as easy as it sounds like. I went there one year alongside Allmight myself and I tell, Mr Sadako, it can be a real mess. People simply can't trust each other and there was always a fight going on. The job usually got done but not the way we liked it."

--- And what stopped it?"

--- Wars. You couldn't take the top fighters of countries that were in war in the same meeting now, could you? It was a bad area back then. Though it was the main reason, I highly suspect that All for one had a huge hand on its cancellation." Called it.

--- And now it's coming nack?" "Yes, many governments had decided that it was a good time to re-use the old methods and well, it got a good reaction everywhere. In a matter of four months of silent meetings, all countries previously participating and even a few new ones decided to sign the documents. It even impressed me."

Silent was an underestimation. Not even his contacts had told him anything about it and it was something big. Maybe William knew though and just didn't tell him since he didn't ask. And probably Mori, he had men in government. And Rose. No need to even mention All for one, of course... Okay, his bigger contacts were a bunch of shits. He already knew. More importantly...

--- When is it? Where do you all go? Why are you telling me about this super-secret alliance?"

--- 18th of December, and this time in Istanbul, Turkey." "In ten days?" Impressive. "Precisely. And for what reasons you are being informed, Hawks, if you may." The winged hero was more than happy to talk. "Well, I am going there!" "And?" "AND?"

--- Yeah, you're number two, you definitely have to go, right? It's top heroes not hero." "Damn you and your common sense, let me have my fun." Hawks shook his head but continued nonetheless. "The thing is," he paused for a second as if finding out the secret of the multiverse and said with a Dabi grin: "Why don't you criminal mastermind it yourself, my young padawan?"

Criminal mastermind it, ha? Okay okay, he couldn't back away from that smirk. What did they say already? A big thing, international, heroes, Allmight, Nedzu, All for one, wars, Turkey... Hold up, Nedzu?

--- You can bring people with you ¿" He wasn't sure if he was asking or stating. This explained a lot but still, what would he... Oh. Bastard.

--- Just saying Keigo, I hate you." It made him and Nedzu laugh. "So for clarification, you are taking me there with you?" "Yeap, I am." "Why?" Hawks shrugged. "Why not? I can take three people with me. Obviously I'm taking my two favourite interns with me." "You have only two interns who are in the field."

--- Shhh. Unrelevent. You and Fumikage are invited, though we are going to have this same talk with him in an hour." "Why didn't you just call us together?" "To be more dramatic and more specific of course." Nedzu said as if explaining the water cycle. With that out of the line...

--- Who is the last one? Moonlight? Red riding hood? Dabi?" "I wish I could take the last one but no, all wrong." "You have no friends though. If not coworker, then who?" Seto said with an innocent look on his face. "Ouch, it hurts. Well when I was thinking about the last one, I imagined you asking the exact same question and came to this brilliant plan."

Brilliant plan, he says. It will be stupid, others say. "And? What's your magnificent plan?" Seto asked cautiously. The man was too close to the league to be safe from making international level messing ups.

--- I owed you more than one for the extra shifts in the last few months..." "No need, it was my job..." "Nope, it was MY job that YOU helped, you are just an intern. Take the Shei Hasaki raid, it wasn't even your workday. Or Grave Keeper's case. Sooo, for a reward, since I am such a good boss, I had already invited young Jirou." Yeah he did help with Chisaki and Keigo was a good boss, a bit dumb but cosy, but...



--- Excuse me? Who?" Hawks only grinned at him. It was going to be a fun trip.



[Private messages between Seto and Kurogiri, half an hour later]

Mini portal: Kuroooo

Misty portal: Yes?

Mini portal: Fuck your boss

Misty portal: Ok?

Mini portal: And I need a distraction before I kill Hawks

Misty portal: Should I ask?

Mini portal: No

Mini portal: He is just being a good boss

Mini portal: I hate him

Misty portal: Ok, what should we do?

Mini portal: Is that a question?

Mini portal: Chaos

Misty portal: Stop hanging out with Ashido

Mini portal: You know I can't

Misty portal: Yes

Misty portal: Chaos is, addictive

Misty portal: In fact, I do have a plan

Mini portal: 👁️🗨️👁️👀👁️👁️🗨️

Misty portal: Put away the biblical angel and listen

Misty portal: I need a certain hero to help





[NO had added Reasons why to the chat]

Ocha: 13, Hi

Sleeping: What are you doing here?

Child corrupter: Can't she be here?

Sleeping: No

[NO had added Rabid Dog and She has a knife to the chat]

Mic: She has a knife?

She has a knife: I do

RedRiot: And Rabid Dog?

She has a knife: The idiot that is beknown as my kin

Octo: ?

Rose: Siblings, what are you planning here?

She has a knife: Don't know

Retired Satan: And you are?

She has a knife: And YOU are?

Retired Satan: All for one

She has a knife:

Rabid Dog: Rip Gin

Pinky: Gin?

She has a knife: Hey girl, come to my funeral

Pinky: Shame on you I'm already on his hit list

Sleeping: Ex

Sleeping: Fucking

Sleeping: Cuse me?

Retired Satan: Neither of them is, it's a pretty empty list

I am here: Only me?

Retired Satan: Don't overestimate yourself, Yagi, you aren't that big of a deal

Broccoli: 🔪

Retired Satan: Was that supposed to be threatening?

Broccoli: We'll see

Crispyraki: Fear

Hot teacher: Only if you are allergic to bush tho

Broccoli: Seto has dirt on you, correct?

Hot teacher: ?

Broccoli: @NO

NO: 👍

Crispyraki: Why you traitor?

NO: 🥗

She has a knife: Make sense

Rose: Totally

Papagiri: We are getting out of the subject

Pica: There is a subject here?

Frop: ^


Papagiri: Shadows fall over my heart

Papagiri: I blackout the moon

I am here: ?

Pinky: Gru is that you?


Crispyraki: Where is the acid again?

Hot teacher: Beneath the sink

Crispyraki: Thanks

Cowboy: I don't get it?

Pinky: He is stealing the MOON

Retired Satan: Argument has no point, just accept it

Sleeping: I never thought I would agree to someone like you to this degree

Papagiri: I wait for you to come around

Ocha: Who?

Pinky: 👁️👁️

Neutralzilla: No

Papagiri: You got me dancing in the dark

Maid: Are you drunk Giri? Dancing?

Bestgirl: I want to dance too 😔

Pinky: I'm in

Bird: Dancing in the dark

Hawks: You know how to dance too, Fumi?

Papagiri: I've closed my eyes

Papagiri: But I won't sleep tonight

Rose: Now if that's not relatable

Rozo: You good?

NO: *Hypocrite*

Rose: 🖕

Sonic: Sleep is really important, villain or not. And I've seen that you do not have the slightest sense of sleep schedule. Please go to sleep at night

Pinky: Now how would you know that, Sonic boy?

Child corrupter: Didn't expect Iida to pull an 'I know the villains' card

NO: 🃏

Child corrupter: Yeah that card

Sonic: I

Sonic: I am ashamed to say but yes

Sonic: I was dragged but nonetheless went to a meeting consisting of villains

Sonic: I apologize for my misbehaviour Mr Aizawa

Sleeping: Whatever

Sonic: ?

Sleeping: Seto told me about the Todoroki meeting beforehand

Sonic: Oh

Hot teacher: Well he didn't inform US beforehand

Pinky: It went fine

Crispyraki: You don't have a say in this

Pinky: Dam it

Child corrupter: What did she do?

Reasons why: ⌚

Crispyraki: Peak of idiocy

Chicken: What's new to that?

Pinky: I hate you Hawks

Sleeping: What did you do?

Pinky: Fine, I committed not alive

She has a knife: Who are you? Dazai? What is a 'not alive'?

Rabid Dog: Dead

She has a knife: Well thank you, dear brother of mine

Sleeping: Who did you kill?

Ocha: Our beloved

Child corrupter: 👁️

Frop: The purest soul that walked this damned planet

Mic: ?

John Cena: Tragedy after Tragedy

Rozo: Romeo of the modern-day

Rose: So much emotion for a single guy

Broccoli: The true hero of this rotten world

I am here: ?

2: The one promised in the ancient prophecies

Cowboy: You killed one hell of a chosen one, didn't you?

Bestgirl: The myth

She has a knife: The legend

Neutralzilla: The one an only:::

Pinky: Towy

RedRiot: Who?

Crispyraki: Kurogiri's card tower


Cowboy: I don't know what I expected but

Mic: But this wasn't that, right?

Sleeping: Weaklings

Crispyraki: How the hell do you even know about that?

She has a knife: We had a minute to minute reports on the whole game


Crispyraki: Dam it you Seto

She has a knife: It you?

Crispyraki: Everything?

Rozo: Unfortunately, yes

Crispyraki: Even Master's breakdown?

I am here: Ha??

Rozo: Especially that

RedRiot: 😔

Pinky: Sorry Kiri, it was in the other chat

I am here: What?

Retired Satan: Let's just say your students are far better than you could ever be

Pinky: #supportiveAllForOne

Retired Satan:

Retired Satan: That doesn't mean I like them though

2: All hail Towy

Reasons why: ⌚

Crispyraki: Can we get back to Kurogiri being drunk?

Sleeping: Yes

Reasons why: Baby, you

Pinky: 👁️👀👁️

Maid: Please stop

Reasons why: Should come with me, I'll take you to the dark side

Hot teacher: Doesn't that work the opposite way?

Reasons why: Me and you

Reasons why: You and me

Reasons why: Do bad things in the night time

Sleeping: Nemuri

Child corrupter: Why me?

Sleeping: Read your username

Child corrupter: It says child, not 13

Bestgirl: 13 years old?

Child corrupter:

Child corrupter: I

Child corrupter: Wow

She has a knife: I sense Dazai-vibes from you all

Frop: You mean Mina-vibes?

She has a knife: They're the same but Dazai's has more self-hatred

Rose: I second that

Frop: Noted


She has a knife: Because that's your quirk?

KEMGD: Which extra are you?

She has a knife: You from future

She has a knife: Spoiler alert, you are still a bitch


She has a knife: That's not the way you talk to your future self

NO: Baby you, should come with me

Queen: Where?

NO: And we can kill the lights, hit the lights with a blackout

Brid: Blackout

Queen: Sounds like a plan to me

Child corrupter: Not even a bit startled?

Queen: Nope

Child corrupter: Relationship goals

Cowboy: Let them be, Nemuri

Reasons why: Hit the lights with a blackout,

Papagiri: Blackout

Hot teacher: Woo

Chicken: Woo?

Bird: Black bird, black moon

NO: Black sky, black light

Reasons why: Black, everything black

Hot teacher: Black heart

Rabid Dog: Black Keys, black diamonds

Octo: Black out, black, everything black

I am here: Is this a cult?

Sleeping: Yes

Crispyraki: Yes

She has a knife: When did you join them, Ryu?

Rabid Dog: In a nocturnal state of mind

Octo: Children of the night

Reasons why: But it's the only way of life

Reasons why: This black hole's pulling me inside

Reasons why: Of this black heart, the black soul

Reasons why: Underneath this black, black sky

She has a knife: You aren't questioning these?

Sleeping: We are used to this

I am here: Let's just let them talk

2: Boring

NO: Baby you, should come with me

Queen: Send the address

NO: I'll take you to the dark side

Queen: Not there though

Sleeping: Don't get corrupted

NO: Me and you

NO: You and me

NO: Do bad things in the night time

Sleeping: Nemuri I swear to god

God: What do you do?

Crispyraki: Crime?

Queen: Arson

Pinky: Shhh

Sleeping: Excuse me?

Pinky: Wasn't us

Hot teacher: 🏌️

Sleeping: Nedzu

God: It was legal

I am here: Was it?

God: Yes

She has a knife: Since when is arson legal?

Pinky: Problem?

She has a knife: Nope, I'm all in. Just making sure

Neutralzilla: Another one

Bird: Black bird, black moon

Papagiri: Black sky, black light

Reasons why: Black, everything black

Rabid Dog: Black heart

NO: Black Keys, black diamonds

Hot teacher: Black out, black, everything black

Chicken: Emo

Hot teacher: No you

Papagiri: Baby you, should come with me

Pinky: Hmmmmm

Papagiri: Me and you

Papagiri: You and me

Pinky: Tomura

Crispyraki: Don't know

Rabid Dog: Baby you, should come with me

She has a knife: Weretiger isn't here though

Rabid Dog: Die

Rabid Dog: And we can kill the lights, hit the lights

Rose: So the weretiger is your light, ha? Good to know

Rabid Dog: With a blackout, blackout

Rabid Dog: Hit the lights with a blackout

Rabid Dog:

Rabid Dog: Lady Rose, with all respects, but No

Bird: Blackout

Papagiri: Woo

Pinky: Woo

Bird: Black bird, black moon

NO: Black sky, black light

Queen: Black, everything black

Rabid Dog: Black heart

Crispyraki: Black Keys, black diamonds?

Octo: Black out, black, everything black

Reasons why: Black, everything, everything

Papagiri: Black, everything, everything black

NO: Wõ

Queen: 🤦♀️

Pinky: Oh Kurogiriiiii~

Papagiri: No

Pinky: Come on, there is something here

Papagiri: There isn't

Pinky: Is it what Spinner was talking about earlier?

Neutralzilla: No but maybe

Crispyraki: Let him go Ashido

Pinky: Meany

Sleeping: What the hell were you doing all these for?

NO: ?

Sleeping: Why?

NO: No reason?

NO: What is a reason except for justification

She has a knife: Ryuuu

Rabid Dog: What?

She has a knife: Who is "baby"

Rabid Dog: No one

She has a knife: Is it?

Rabid Dog: Yes

Se has a knife: 👁️🗨️👁️👁️🗨️

Rabid Dog: I'm killing you heroes

Pinky: Big deal

Rabid Dog: I'm threatening you

Pinky: Sure thing, Ryu

Rabid Dog:

Retired Satan: Don't put too much pressure on it, she is just like that

Rabid Dog: Sure sir

Pinky: Sir ^_^

Retired Satan: Unlike popular belief in this chat, I am terrifying

Pinky: Of course sir

Retired Satan:

Child corrupter: Wellll, 13?

Reasons why: No meaning, I was bored. Seto's idea

NO: Kurogiri's actually


Papagiri: #Never

Queen: I don't think it's by choice

Papagiri: Damnit

Sleeping: Do teacher stuff?

Reasons why: You do?

Sleeping: No comment

Pinky: 👁️🗨️👁️🗨️

Pinky: Putting that aside, what did Nedzu want Seto?

NO: Nothing much

Queen: Totally

Chicken: NoThInG mUcH

NO: Silence

Chicken: I'm your boss

NO: And?


Chicken: I hate you

NO: *pat pat* Sorry

Queen: Pat pat?

NO: *Nodes*

Pinky: *Nodes*

Queen: How does it work?

NO: *Hugs* ?

Queen: Come in person

Sleeping: Get out of the chat for these things

Pinky: He he he

Sleeping: You too Ashido

Pinky: I would never

Sleeping: Don't bring villains to the campus


Pinky: Ok sorry

Bestgirl: Wanna hang out? I still want to dance

Pinky: @Sleeping ?

Sleeping: Whatever but be back before curfew

Pinky: Ay ay

Chicken: Touyaaa

Hot teacher: I'm busy and you have work

Chicken: 😔

Hot teacher: Later

Chicken: K

John Cena: Way to call us single

She has a knife: *Nods*

Rabid Dog: I'm disowning you

Rose: Good that I have your legal custody

She has a knife: ?

Rabid Dog: ?

Queen: ?

Rose: What? Did you expect Dazai or Mori to be in papers?

Rabid Dog: Make sense, even though it's a bit weird

Rose: Don't think too much about it

She has a knife: *Nodes more in agreement with the adoption*

Rabid Dog: Still disowning you

She has a knife: @Sleeping

Sleeping: Sure, you are already one of the problem children already

She has a knife: ♥️


Neutralzilla: #Dadzawa

Chapter Text

The day Dabi stole a hospital bed. Now it might sound like an insignificant accident; I give you all rights. It should be something minor for the leader of the league of villains' Vanguard action squad.

Spoiler, it wasn't.

For all his might, even Allmight couldn't stop their idiocy. Their, as the league shares only four brain cells; two dedicated to Kurogiri and Seto individually, one for Tomura since he needed it for his games and some evil plans and the final one shared between the others. It's usually with Atsuhiro, but not always.

Like the day that was that day. Yes, that day.

Okay, enough cryptic, let's see what they had actually done when Himiko and Dabi decided to share the cell and don't let Atsuhiro near it.



I don't know where to start. Probably by the morning of last year's Halloween. That was the trigger. Literally. Guns were shots, fireworks were triggered and trigger drugs were used. It was a mess. Let's get into it.



It started just like any other day for the criminal organisation known as the League of Villains. They all woke up, Kurogiri made breakfast and they had the usual morning meeting about the following day's business. Problem? It was Halloween, meaning two things; A) Himiko wanted them to raise hell in the city like last year's flaming banana incident (which happened when they invaded Endeavor's agency, painted any wall they could, broke anything they did or didn't saw and fought a bunch of heroes. One having a flaming banana. It's a whole other story for another day)

And B) Seto was visiting them, having a day off from campus due to 'family' business, and they couldn't exactly plan their next battle with UA with him around. He was their friend, but he would also kick their ass on the battlefield with no shame.

And thus, they were out shopping in the new mall in Mustafa, half an hour away from UA. What's the big deal?

"YOU. ARE. LUNATICS!" Dabi shouted under his breath, word by word. How the duo managed to bring the whole league, even the shut-in handguy and Sako, was beyond his understanding. There were heroes everywhere

Once they arrive at the mall at 11 am in masterfully crafted disguises, most of them scattered like ants running from raindrops; the first of them being Atsuhiro Sako in his (what could be interpreted as) casual clothes. Meaning ripped jeans, sandals and sunglasses plus a T-shirt that looked like it came out of Midoriya's closet with the word 'clown lord' written on it. He disappeared to be later found in a cafe on the fifth floor drinking tea and enjoying the rare peace. For ten minutes at most. And he wasn't found by the league.

Next was Jin who was wearing his usual white T-shirt and thankfully acting more subtle. He dragged Iguchi by the collar of his leather jacket and took him to the kitchen stuff area to look at the knives. Typical civilian moves, if you asked Seto.

And then Tomura showed them a peace sign and went to the first video game shop he saw, not wanting to have anything with them AND wanting to check out the new games that were out. He wasn't hard to spot by his grey hoodie but heroes wouldn't recognize him; courtesy of their idiocy and lack of attention.

It left Dabi, the necessary sacrifice in their eyes, alone with Himiko and Seto, both of them being extra enthusiastic. The pyromancer was also wearing a large hoodie, a red hero killer one, and had a surgical mask and sunglasses on his face, he was one of the easiest ones to spot on after all. Probably after Spinner.

Himiko and Seto had it easy; the first simply changed shape to a random teenage girl she met on the street the other day, a short girl with pink hair and blue eyes and the second was literally a hero wannabe. Pink!Himiko was wearing a red skirt with a yellow crop top that had a kitten on it. Seto, to Dabi's disgust, was wearing a Hawks hoodie and drinking a cup of hot chocolate that no-one didn't care to ask about. He had that tendency to get drinks at unexpected hours. Mostly from Kurogiri.

It wasn't as bad as their normal activities overall if Seto would be the only UA student that was there. He wasn't. There were several of them who came without giving him any notice beforehand.

--- Em, Seto?" Dabi whispered to him as he pointed at the very familiar angry Pomeranian who was standing next to the ice-cream stall. "Why are they here?" "How would I know, they should be at school." They should have been. Wasn't it a school day?

--- Hey, Seto. What are you doing here?" The sound of the tall Picachu stopped Dabi from starting an argument about leaving immediately. It was too late then.

Seto shook his head as he patted Himiko on the head and turned away to face Denki. "I should ask the same thing from you. It is a school day, isn't it? Shouldn't you be, I don't know, getting beaten by Kacchan in gym Delta or something?"

--- Nope," Denki shook his head in disapproval, "Midnight brought us here to shop for some UA special event." "UA special event?" "I don't know either. We have to either buy some fireworks or get materials to make some ourselves. Now you tell me, who are your friends?"

--- That damned rat. Oh, these guys? Pinky here is my cousin Akiko." He pointed at Akiko!Himiko who waved at the hero in training with no care in the world. "And the ugly one," he gestured at Dabi who pulled his middle finger at him, "Is her fiance Rodrigo." The judgemental glare that Rodrigo!Dabi had behind his sunglasses could kill a man. Himiko in return only chuckled and held his hands tightly.

Seto continued: "They come to Japan yesterday and I took the day off to show them around Mustafa." The perfect cover story, one worthy of being called criminal mastermind level. After all, he was there because of a family business. Truly the greatest lie wrapped in layer after layer to be never discovered.

He hoped Nedzu wouldn't hear this cover story. He'd definitely save it for later use.

Outside of Seto's mind, Denki looked at Rodrigo and then Akiko before turning back to his classmate. Now, unlike popular belief, Seto was aware that Denki was smart. Too smart for his own good in some degrees. But when it came to distinguishing truth from lie, he was lacking a few departments. It didn't help that he fully trusted the portal boy and his cousin's family.

--- Oh, hey then. I'm Denki Kaminari, Seto's classmate. A pleasure to be meeting you." "Oh the pleasure is all mine to see Sechan's friends." Now it was Seto's turn to shoot judgemental glares. Akiko didn't pay any mind and shook hands with the oblivious blonde who also had a rough time not laughing in his face.

--- Sechan??" He asked her while lowkey giggling. Oh he so was going to tell others about it. Himiko, that traitorous bat, only nodded wisely and put more gasoline on fire. "Yeah, let me tell you a really good story about when we were kids. Back then, Sechan was..." "Los estoy matando a ambos" Dabi growled in perfect Spanish that only Seto had an idea about.

--- Ha?" "Sorry, Rodrigo doesn't know that much Japanese. He said we should go finish the tour before launch." Seto damaged controlled. He definitely didn't say that.

--- Oh sorry, Mr Rodrigo." Denki tried in English. Rodrigo didn't answer. "Yeah, my fiance is a bit dumb when it comes to learning foreign languages. He knows only Spanish." Himiko told him. She was sad that she couldn't make up childhood stories with Sechan but whatever. It was fun already.

--- Say hi to others for me," Seto told his classmate, "I'll be back for the special event. What time is that?" "Eleven at night." They had twelve hours. He could help All for one conquer Japan in half a day so they were good. Not that he ever would, just for measuring purposes.

--- Adiós." Rodrigo said as he pulled his fiance and her cousin with himself toward the elevator. The two simply waved goodbye to Denki and let him drag them. They could walk, but why should they?

Denki, being the very good friend that he was, obviously found Mina on the first possible occasion (Ten minutes after Rodrigo left him and in the candy shop) and told her about the nice encounter he just had.

And like the mature heroes that they were, they treated the conversation (read nickname) with utmost professionality. Meaning bursting into laughter on the from the thought of the word that could out weight Kacchan.

Kyouka finally had to pick them up and stab them with her earjacks before they would stop. And of course, neither of them dared to tell her about the reasoning behind their behaviour. If she wanted to know about Sechan, she had to first confess about it. If only...

Mina sighed at the thought of that as she returned to examining the bars of chocolate. "If only these two weren't so dumb." She whispered which did reach Kyouka's ears. Not that she would know what Mina was talking about, thankfully she never heard the first part of their conversation.

Back to Rodrigo and his gang, they took the elevator and went to the third floor, the one place that absolutely had nothing to do with fireworks or chemicals (According to the table of locations next to the stare case) so they didn't need to be worried about meeting another UA student. Once sat at a table in the little Persian restaurant and ordered food, Dabi let out a long sigh and said: "What the fuck, Seto."

--- I had to say something. Ask Akiko here." He said as the waiter brought their drinks and pointed at a giggling Akiko. "Oh come on, Sechan. It wasn't that bad."

--- Sechan?" A voice came from the next table that they didn't care to check before sitting down.

From a bird sitting next to a rabbit.

From a bird that was a pro hero.

From a bird that was also his sort of boss.

--- Didn't know you had such a cute name, Seto." He hated Hawks. He really did. He should have interned at Might tower or Knuckle Buster's Vigilante alliance, he knew it. "What are you doing here?" He asked with a vein popping up on his forehead. He hated nicknames. "What? Can't two Pro heroes eat at a restaurant?" "Ninguno." Dabi!Rodrigo said as he looked over the bird's shoulder and the silent rabbit.

--- Sorry?" Hawks knew many things, according to himself, but foreign languages weren't his thing. "This is Rodrigo, my cousin's fiance. He doesn't know Japanese." Seto explained the short story once again and Akiko waved when he told her name. "I am Hawks, a pleasure to meet you." It wasn't, two-third of the villains thought. "And I'm Miruko. Come on Birdy, we have a job to do." She said as she stood up and dragged him away.

--- But I wanna know about Sechan." He whined as he tried to resist the far more muscular hero. "Take him away." Seto told her and received an understanding node.

--- Sechaaaan." He shouted as they jumped out of a window. An already open one but from the third floor nonetheless. "Himiko." Seto whispered under his breath as the waiter brought their lunch. "Yes, Seto?" She answered innocently and took a spoon of rice. "Run." He said as he jump over the shaking table and after her. Himiko, being the trained assassin she was, had enough flexibility to dodge the first and run away. Seto went after him and left Rodrigo alone.

All alone.

Finally, inner peace.

As if.

--- So Rodrigo," Kurogiri said through the com that he definitely had forgotten about, "how is the situation?" He was going to eat, that was the situation. But first...

--- If someone calls me that freaking name one more time, I will cremate this whole mall. But we are fine in total. Even pros didn't question us." He didn't get why. He definitely looked suspicious AND had a suspicious cover story. "Of course they didn't. They have better things to do than suspecting far relatives of one of their own." He was right on that one. But still, it was irresponsible.

--- So, Kurogiri," Dabi asked with a bad feeling inside his stomach, which wasn't from the food he was eating, "How are things on your side?" A pause on the line only made him feel worse.

--- Putting aside Himiko and Seto, and the UA brats that are trying to stop them, most of you are clear." Kurogiri needed a drink. "Most of us?" Oh dear, it wasn't a good sign.

--- Unfortunately," The portal villain said, "Mister is having a problem right now."



A problem they said, nothing too major they said, you can handle this alone Dabi they said, what's the worst thing that can happen they said. Go get the thief they said.

Dabi was so going to burn them alive in their sleep. And then kill himself.

It was 6 pm, the sun was starting to set and Dabi wanted to die. Good thing that he was next to a hospital. He didn't know how but Sako was also hospitalised in the said building. 6 hours ago, Kurogiri told him that Compress was being chased by Erasure and he needed to step in.

6 hours full of running, fighting and more running later, Dabi needed to get the clown out of the hospital. He had a good guess how he got there. His room was on the third floor, south wing and the bed near the window.

He had few options for the job. Two to be exact. Dabi couldn't just walk in there as Rodrigo so he chose the spider path and climbed the wall.

Well he COULD use Rodrigo but decided that climbing three levels was easier than that.

It wasn't.

It wasn't a fair comparison.

He fell to the ground two times; once from the first floor and the next from halfway on the second. It didn't seem to be broken anywhere, courtesy of breaking his bone in the league so many times before, but it was going to leave a bruise.

He went up for the third time. It was strange that no-one noticed the lunatic that was going up the wall of the hospital in broad daylight and reported to the cops or pros but he managed to succeed nonetheless. Seven minutes of slow rock climbing and he was hanging by the window of the anticipated room.

He hoped it was the right one.

He hoped it wasn't the right one. As once he raised his head and looked inside, he became face to face with Hawks. The pro one. The number two hero one.

He stared at the bird.

The bird stared at him.

Atsuhiro stares at both of them from behind the book he was reading like nothing had happened.

Miraculously, he was back in his Rodrigo costume so he gathered all his hatred for his co-workers in one place in his heart and requested in the best Spanish accent he could fake: "Abierto." Hawks didn't know Spanish but the message was clear; Open the damned window.

Hawks did as Rodrigo asked and helped him come in. It was a bit hard with the pro's left hand in bandages but they managed. Now he was sitting on the bird's bed, sending death glares toward the clown who was having the time of his day.

--- What are you doing here, Rodrigo?" Oh Atsuhiro was having a hard time suppressing his laughter when Hawks called him that with a straight face. Suddenly, a brilliant idea came to his mind. He was a showman at the end of the end so why not go with the flow?

--- Do you perhaps know Mr Rodrigo, Hawks?" If he burnt to crisp, it would be worth it. "Oh not really. We met once this morning in the mall. The cousin of his fiance is my intern." How naive of him, so trusting of the said intern. "Right, young Sechan is a hero now. Just how fast time flies." He had a sense of nostalgia in his voice that for the love of God, Rodrigo didn't know where it came from.

Now Dabi had no doubts, Atsuhiro had a death wish. No other explanation could be made at the moment. Was he actually going with Rodrigo AND Sechan at the same time? What's next? Handychan? Sending a love letter to Erasure Head?

--- Yes, it really does. Are you a far relative of him, Sako?" Was Hawks that dumb? He sure didn't look like it but seeing the evidence,


--- Oh not really," Atsuhiro was having the time of his life, he already had made a full story for his two audiences, "You see, Hawks. My late wife, Himito, and young Akiko's mother grew up closer than siblings. The word sister can't express what they had between them and after our marriage, she and her husband, late Kuro Sadako who may rest in peace, accepted me with open arms as one of their own. It was far more than I ever deserved, to be honest." He was actually fake crying at that point, tears slowly going down his cheeks. And where the hell those names came from?

--- As such, I helped them and Kuro's sister's family to raise their children since Himito and I were incapable of having a child of our own." Now Hawks had tears in his eyes too. Dabi was so disgusted and amused. "Though the difference in their age was not so little and Sechan looks so independent on the outside, you must not be fooled. Those two were inseparable until Akiko went to Brazil four years ago to continue her study. It was the same year that my wife had passed..." His voice faded as he mentioned the last part.

--- I'm sorry to hear that." "No need, Hawks. We all have moved on. That's what Himito wanted. She was always so cheerful, in love with life more than me or her sister. It was her wish to remember her in our happiest moments. I'm sure Seto is still loyal to her even if he never admits it. I myself spend the past few years in Australia and only came back here last month to see the young couple." He wasn't a clown, Dabi and Kurogiri who still was listening through the pyromancer's com decided. He was the whole circus and the audience on his own.

--- Well you sure are fluent in Japanese after only a month of coming back." Was he being suspicious, just playing with their game or actually invested in the story? "Yes, it's only natural. Unlike Rodrigo here, I am a talented person." Rodrigo didn't know Japanese. Rodrigo didn't understand their conversation and the last insult. But damned, Dabi was pissed.

--- I'm sure Himito is happy that you are supportive of Akiko and her choices. Many wouldn't accept it if they were in your place that easily." There is no place or choice, just a lonely theatre boy who definitely never married and didn't raise two maniacs.

--- Well to be honest with you, Sechan and I still have our doubts, that's why we are here. But now that I am trapped in this building, I don't think I ever get the chance to bond with my children again. The distance was already great due to my foolish mistakes and this is the last nail to my coffin." Now he was actually talking business, the villain duo hopped. "Oh, Himito, how can I face you in heaven after this? After failing to be with your daughter, our child, when she needed me? Perhaps burning in hell would be a better punishment for me. Yes, that is what I always deserved." Now, he was sobbing with his hands hiding his face.

Dabi took it back, his clown-syndrome was at its peak with no plan but wreaking havoc. But Hawks, the somehow still naive hero after the mass assassinations, was starting to panic by Sako's very fake breakdown. Or maybe it was just Dabi that thought his acts were ridiculous and Sako was actually a good actor...

Nah, Hawks was just stupid.

--- Don't jump the guns, Sako. That's not what Himito would want." He stood next to him and put his hands on his shoulders. "There is still time to make up for it, RIGHT RODRIGO?" he shouted the last part at the Brazilian, Spanish speaker. Rodrigo!Dabi looked at them for a few seconds and decided that it was enough acting for one day.

And it was his turn to be the maniac.

So he pushed Hawks on Sako's bed, earning very pained groans from the broken bones, and pulled the moving bed on its wheels so it would face the door. He stood behind it. "Em, Rodrigo?" Compress asked nervously. "What are you planning?" Rodrigo didn't know Japanese. Sako remembered it a bit too late.

Instead, he pushed the bed like a shopping cart and started racing in the hospital halls at a speed that wasn't normally possible for the vehicle. Well it was if one would use their fire power secretly to speed it up. It was a miracle that they haven't killed anyone in their way. But even with his masterful driving abilities, there was one big problem.

Rodrigo wasn't going down.

He was going up and the hospitalised duo only realised that when it was too late; once they started shouting in disapproval they were already on the roof of the four levelled building. Running towards the edge for a group suicide. Cold wind taking their breath away. "RODRI..." Neither of them could finish the word before Dabi drove them off the road.

As they hovered in the air, Rodrigo shouted a single word with an insane grin, proving that he was the king of bad mistakes.


And then, they were going down, to visit Himito and Kuro in hell.

They never met the far relatives of the damned bird.

They survived.

Thanks to Hawks and his feathers that levitated the bed long enough for it to touch the ground without pulling a Midoriya on them and sending them back to the hospital. Only if they would stop there.

Only if Dabi was merciful.

Instead, Dabi started the racing once again the moment they touched the ground and ran to the main street. How they didn't crash into any cars or civilians this time was yet another mystery. By the power of whatever divinity that was protecting them, they finally stopped at an abandoned parking lot after ten minutes.

Uninjured. Well, with no new injuries but the mere thought of that restored Atsuhiro's belief in God. Nothing else explained their survival after being chased by cars and trucks on a highway.

Dabi had to waste yet another fifteen minutes before Sako and Hawks could regain the ability to walk again without letting go of their digestive systems like Allmight. Once the duo stood up and didn't die, he pointed at his imaginary watch and whistled at the other villain.

--- Right, thank you Hawks for accompanying us," more like getting kidnapped, "but we have to go now. Akiko needs us." And ran after Dabi toward the exit but the next line stopped them both.

--- Nope, it's my pleasure. Thank you for getting me out of there, Dabi." Hawks said as he waved at the two villains who were now looking at him with shocked, betrayed faces.

--- What?" Keigo was seriously offended. "Did you think I actually bought your story and didn't recognize such an infamous villain? Villains, you must be Compress, Sako." The look on their face told him that they actually thought he believed them. The audacity of the league.

He was even more offended now. "Excuse me but I am not dumb." "Could have fooled me." Dabi shrugged as he took off the mask and sunglasses. No need for them anymore. Goodbye, Rodrigo. And see you in hell.

--- Then why haven't you stopped us?" Compress asked suspiciously. It was weird, really weird. A fight without prepared backup was the last thing he wanted.

--- Well back at the mall you were with Seto so I thought you wouldn't be much of a trouble and let you off." He reasoned. The reasons were deemed stupid by the three villains. "More like dragged off." Dabi clearly remembered Miruko. "That too. And now, I'm really not in a condition to fight two villains. Especially one who is too hot for my wings to capture." Was that, Kurogiri asked himself, flirting? That sounded like it. It shouldn't have. He was probably hearing things due to lack of rest...

The hell?

Dabi must have had the same idea as he smirked and said: "Well good, because the only chicken that I want near myself is the one on my plate." Now Atsuhiro joined Kurogiri's confusion. Was Dabi flirting or threatening? It sounded like both. Again it shouldn't.

Well Hawks never got the chance to answer as Dabi winked at him with his tongue out and entered the portal that Kurogiri had just made, leaving a shocked clown and slightly blushing bird alone. Blushing?

Next, Atsuhiro bowed lightly and said: "Until the next time, Akiko." And left through the closing portal. Leaving the bird completely alone to decipher the last lines.

He didn't like it when he actually did.

Did the villain actually flirt back? That was the question in his mind till Rumi showed up and brought him back to the hospital against his will and human rights. As if Rumi cared.

No freedom for the bird, it looked like.

He had to get Dabi's number in the next fight. (He did.)



As for how Atsuhiro ended up in the hospital in a matter of 6 hours was a long story.

First, he was having a nice cup of tea and enjoying the peace of the mall when he noticed one of the UA brats, the grape looking one, bothering another of Seto's classmates, the froggy. Asui if Atsuhiro wasn't mistaken. Naturally, he went there, picked the brat off, used his quirk on him before a word could be said and then threw the marble down to the ground level. It earned him a respectful node and a happy frog.

The marble but broke at reaching the first level and Mineta fell the last part on his own which earned him a couple of broken bones. Nothing like Midoriya's, but still painful.

This ended in Aizawa going after the man who attacked one of his students, no matter how much he didn't like him, that consisted of an hour-long game of tag in the long hallways of the mall until Atsuhiro shake him off in a turn and went away through Kurogiri's portal.

Unbeknown to him at the moment and later revealed by an equally amused Seto, Tsu refused to tell the heroes about him; only Mineta and how the guy helped her. Shota didn't continue the investigation after that. He had a good guess but kept it to himself.

But Kurogiri's portal accidentally had sent him to a park nearby that just happened to be where Shei Hasaki was making a deal with the hero killer. Making a deal as in Overhaul and Stain monologuing about their ideals one after the other in a never-ending circle. Neither of them looked like backing down.

Naturally, the cycle broke after forty minutes of bickering as a member of the league, their mutual enemy, showed up in front of them. It turned into a three-way battle after that between the Overhaul and his two minions on drug, Stain and Compress who was later accompanied by Dabi.

The fight got interrupted ten minutes after Dabi's arrival as Miruko and Hawks showed up. So that's where they went after they jumped down the window, Rodrigo!Dabi thought as he hide his civilian disguises.

Dabi took the cue once Stained pulled a gun on Hawks and dragged Atsuhiro away before an all-out war began. Well, it already had begun but they left before the climax. The climax that consisted of Hawks being shot, beaten by a triggered strength quirk and getting stabbed by an overhauled stone spike.

It couldn't be helped, he was curious about the duo that changed place with them.

They should have stayed to fight.

The villains met Allmight a few meters away from the park.

That wasn't their day as now they had to run away from a half bulky Allmight since they had yet again changed to a more villainous outfit and got recognized by the broccoli boy that was next to the former symbol of peace. Dabi suspected a family connection but had no time for that.

They separated as they didn't plan on fighting that guy on Halloween and went in opposite ways. Dabi had Bush on its tail and Atsuhiro Allmight. Not a fair deal.

After the one-hour Fighting/Running, some civilian found Atsuhiro unconscious and bruised in an alley in his casual clothes and took him to the hospital. As to where the injuries came from, he said they were Allmight's but it was anything except for the truth.

He fell down from the roof of the nearby building after shaking off the symbol of peace and putting on the sandals. No-one needed to know that much.

He ended up in a hospital with pain in several parts of his body. The same hospital that Miruko took Hawks to after their fight with Chisaki and Stain. And they somehow ended up in the same room. Truly the work of fate.

It took Dabi and Kurogiri until 6 to finally find the clown in the hospital and go for his rescue.

The rest, was history.

Atsuhiro still called it a peaceful day as he didn't need to babysit Himiko and Twice. And he had a nice performance.



Most members of the league did their shopping and went back straight to their rooms, only wondering where Dabi and Mr were. It didn't include Seto as he had bought some firework materials and was going to make one in the bar and Tomura who came back after midnight.

Seto really didn't know what he was going to do while he stared at the mess of chemical substances that he randomly mixed, the trick he learned from Mei, until Spinner and Twice sat with him with a giant box that Kurogiri had given them and started making bombs fireworks with him.

Adding their knowledge to Mei Hatsume's bits of advice and Seto's lack of respect for authority, they cracked the codes of building nuclear weapons halfway through the night.

At 10, the empty box was filled again with their handwork and Seto was on his way to UA. Both Shuuichi and Jin were super proud of their job. So would be Mei if he ever saw the babies.

Seto opened his first portal to the headmaster's office, having to report to him due to their previous contract. Thankfully, Nedzu was sipping tea alone. Unfortunately, Nedzu was sipping tea alone.

--- Well well, welcome back, Mr Sadako. How was your family business?" Nedzu smiled as he poured a cup of tea for the second-year student.

--- I want to say it was better than last year but it seems that Rodrigo added hospital bed theft to his list of crimes." He didn't believe what Compress had told him at first. Not a single part of it. One of these days, he swore, he was going to have a talk with Mineta. "How unfortunate Indeed. I heard that you met your classmates in the mall. Do you want to participate in tonight's event?"

--- I have some fireworks but would you mind telling me what exactly the event is?" Nedzu looked at him for a few moments, a few different types of smiles passing on his mouth until it stopped on the sadistic one. They were doomed, Seto guessed.

As Nedzu told him about the exact parts of the event, Seto realised just how wrong he was. They weren't doomed by Nedzu's plan.

They were already dead by Midnight's plan. And if the two courage tests in summer camps had told him one thing, it was going to be evil. Well the two previous ones that were attacked by villains, very specific ones, weren't a good source. But still, he could feel the impending doom in his bones.

Well, Seto liked evil and impending dooms so why not? He said goodbye to the principal and walked through another portal of his; this time to the empty field behind the second year's dorms and was greeted by a large number of students from, well, all four courses. It was bigger than Nedzu said.

He tried his best to keep up the fake smile as he walked toward Fumikage and Kyouka while thinking just how many of them were going to be puppets of Midnight's game. It turned to a frown as he realised he and his dark-haired friends were going to be a part of the puppet show as well.

It went back to a livelier smile as Kyouka waved at him to come and sit next to her on the floor. Well whatever, all's well that's well for me. He really didn't get the meaning but sat behind the girl and looked at the *moon*.

That was just another Halloween for the league of villains, he guessed. Another reason why he loved the guys.




To be continued on; The night of a thousand stars




An extra extra part

[3-A, present timeline, a few days before Halloween]


Pica: By the way Seto

NO: Yes?

Pica: It's been a while but how is Rodrigo?

Hot teacher: Fuck you

Pica: ?

Hot teacher: I carbonise you into a coal

Pinky: What do you have against Rodrigo, besty??

Hot teacher:

NO: Mina

Pinky: Yes?

NO: Dabi IS Rodrigo

Pica: What?

Pinky: No way

Rozo: Rod? Rigo?

Sho: But you are Touya

Hot teacher: That's not

Hot teacher: That's not what he meant

Pinky: Care to explain, Seto?

NO: I just made up that name on blue when Denki saw us in the mall

Pinky: Isn't Dabi dating Hawks though? Who is Akiko

NO: Your girlfriend

Pinky: You dated crispy, Himi? I thought you had a better taste in men

NO: She doesn't

Crispyraki: She doesn't, and neither in women by the living proof in front of us

Bestgirl: First of all, I would never date that overcooked chicken lover

Bestgirl: That was only a part of Seto's cover story

Bestgirl: And second, go to hell. My taste is perfect and so is Mina 🔪

Pinky: Ohhhh. I love you too Himi

Pica: But why did you need a cover story in the first place?

NO: Because I didn't want to be seen with criminals in public?

Pica: ?

Pica: Oh they are villains

Maid: Did you forget that we are villains?

Pica: Kinda

Maid: I really can't blame you

NO: In its time Atsu

Maid: I hope so

Pica: Wait wait wait

Crispyraki: We are waiting

Pica: What about the nickname?

NO: I'll portal you to outer space if you dare say that word

NO: Either of you

Pinky: >.<>.<

Pinky: Don't be mean, Sechan

NO: Count your minutes

NO: It started with your girlfriend and it will end with you

Frop: Sounds poetic

Papagiri: He picked up the cleaver, you might want to run

Pinky: Welp

Pinky: Time to hide

Queen: Sechan?


NO: @Retired_Satan give me an explosion quirk. The biggest one if possible

Retired Satan: Why?

NO: I'm committing plural no alive

Sleeping: Put away the portals, cleavers and quirks. No murder

Pinky: ^_^

NO: Sleep with an open eye

Queen: What is Sechan?

Bestgirl: Seto


Queen: Cute

NO: No more Halloweens, please

Crispyraki: Amen

Maid: Amen

Papagiri: Amen

Bestgirl: <( ̄︶ ̄)↗


Sleeping: I seriously don't get paid enough

Papagiri: At least you get paid

Papagiri: I'm doing this for free

Chapter Text

[Four days before the departure date]

--- So," Seto said as he lay on the bed, "Packing up already?"

--- Yes. And you should too. Don't put something like that on the last minute, Seto." Kyouka scolded him as she tried to choose a dress to wear for the main ceremony. It was one of the biggest gatherings of heroes, of course she had to be precise. Seto on the other hand, wasn't that impressed. Or rather didn't want to get impressed.

--- No-one wouldn't pay any attention to us, they would be too busy flexing their muscles and bickering. That's what Nedzu and All for one say." But he stood up anyway to help the purple-haired girl. He pointed at the long blue one. It would sure look good on her, he thought.

--- When did- no wait why does someone like All for one know about this?" Kyouka was used to Seto's antic of randomly mentioning villains but All for one? That was one scary guy no matter what Mina said. And IHA was for heroes only. Not demons.

--- He didn't mention any source but he probably went to a few, if not all of them, by disguising himself or pretending to be a host. Not this year tho. He has better things to do." "Like planning the downfall of the Commission with our principal?" Seto tried to hold back his chuckle to at least look professional as he folded yet another set of formal clothes in the baggage.

Tried to look professional so others wouldn't notice the truth of the fight; that he was just a monkey with a stick working with some other monkeys and a few gorillas to overthrow the orangutan's rein over the banana trees.

Changing the subject, he went back to the bed and asked: "Don't go too hard on yourself, out of the seven days, we will have two days' worth of actual meeting at best." Another useful piece of information, this one from Allmight. "Don't you have better things than complaining?" They both knew he didn't. Mic's and Ectoplasm's assignments were done in the first half an hour that he came to visit. Besides...

--- Well I don't have anything better to do than watching you right now. Complaining is just a sub-quest." It was already established long before that night on the roof that Seto was not talented in flirting so Kyouka's expectations were low, but that wasn't as bad as his usuals.

Folding the last shirt she needed, Kyouka dropped herself on the bed next to Seto and asked: "How about this, you play some music for me until I finish and then we can close your baggage. Then it's your turn to decide what to do."

--- You have a deal with your personal demon, Ma'am." He said as he picked up the guitar in the corner of the room and went back to bed. "We could watch a movie in my room. Fumi will be busy doing Midnight's new essay with Tsu." Kyouka nodded, sounded like a plan.

She pulled herself up once more and got back to filling luggage as Seto started to play a song. He wasn't as good as she but not as bad as the rest of their class.

--- You know," Kyouka turned back to face a curious Seto, "Midnight is giving us too many weird group assignments lately. What is she up to?"

She shrugged and went back to toning the music. "Remember last year's Halloween event? It's probably another way to match make."



[Two days before the departure date]


--- SETO! Fill that damn baggage already." Kyouka stabbed Seto with her earjack to deliver her point. In the past two days, every attempt to make him take this journey seriously had either ended up in them doing some homework, training in gym Sigma or, in most of the scenarios, cuddling on his bed watching a movie.

She came to the realisation that her boyfriend was a bigger sly bastard than she expected. The level of criminal masterminding he used to get away from his one task was astronomical.

--- But Kyouka..." "No but Kyoukas. If you don't start picking this and consider this trip as a height of our hero profession, then you should expect to spend the next week on your own without me or Fumikage." She hated jumping to the gun but knowing Seto, he was going to put the work on tomorrow's midnight, that was their last chance, AND somehow ended up on the bad nerves of some hero.

She loved him, she trusted him, but the love of everything holy he could be a sadist sometimes.

Seto, seeing Kyo's now obvious misery, actually felt bad and decided to pick some of the necessarities that day, breaking his own rules. Well, it wouldn't be that bad.

Who he was to reject his lover when she was so determined on his behalf? Even if he didn't plan on sharing his reasoning with her.




[The day before departure, 20:15]

She. Hated. That. Man.

Not completely as she playing chess with him on the floor. But the nerve of that human. She wanted to scream so dam much.

Yesterday, after her temporary win, he pulled out an old brown suitcase from a portal and put his necessities in it; meaning his two sets of suits, the grey and red ones, a few less formal clothes for outing and some for indoors.

Doing that, he declared a break that lasted until midnight, reading a new series of books together which the portal bastard was well aware that was really long.

He was being wholesome and it made her even madder. What's worse, he actually did what she asked him to an extent. She so wanted to kiss AND stab him at the same time.

... That was too much like something Toga would say for her liking but she was sure the league would understand her pain.

She took everything back. After putting some books and a bottle of perfume in his luggage and calling for another break, Kyouka did stab and kiss him.

He saw that coming.

That was cute.




[The day of departure, 00:30, seven hours before Hawks' arrival at UA]

--- Dam it, give me a second." He told Fumikage and Kyouka as he put the rest of his belongings in the baggage and weighted it with the scale that he got from Kurogiri half an hour ago. Still good.

Kyouka wanted to be so mad but she couldn't as he looked so distressed all of a sudden. She wanted to laugh but again was too concerned to do that.

Fumikage and her were doing their best to pick up the black-haired annoyance from the bed to gather his stuff that suddenly, right at midnight, his whole expression shifted from 'You all are playing right in my palm, surrender your love' to 'Ohshitohshit I'm dead' without any warning.

Kyouka did neither as she sat beside him and played with his hair while refolding the infamous Hawks PJs near his charges. She put a kiss on his shoulder to calm him down and pointed at the bird boy to bring something to drink.

It couldn't be helped, they both liked the ball of self-confidence and emotional mess; one more than the other.

Fumikage wished that that night would be different but apparently not, he had to deal with a long night. Time to get the coffee.




[Seven hours later]

Hawks looked at the trio of students that were coming with him while holding back his laughter; they looked like they came back from hades. "Did you perhaps, sleep badly?" He tried to be a mature adult but the guilty look in his villainous intern and his girlfriend playing with his hair slowly was too cute for him.

His smirk earned him a portal to the league's hideout, Shiggy's bedroom to be exact...

Once Seto pulled him back after ten seconds, Hawks looked like a man who had seen a ghost, joining the trio with death in his eyes. Seto didn't know what he did, but was proud of it.

Ten minutes later, Aizawa, Nedzu and their class came to say their farewells around the same time that Endeavor came to pick Shoto as his plus. The twenty and so people all decided to say goodbye in hushed tones to not startle the four and Endeavor guided them to the limousine with his son's help.

Aizawa hit his head with the palm of his hand a bit too much for subtlety. He didn't want to have anything with his kids. Nothing. With a pained sigh, he brought back his class to gym Betta. Four of the problem children may have been gone, but there were still sixteen of them left to annoy him.

And Mina took her jobs seriously.




The car ride was silent. Too silent. Out of the four students of UA, three of them were working on caffeine (Kyouka and Fumikage were drinking their third cup of coffee, Seto was on his second hot chocolate after four shots of espresso; all courtesy of Kurogiri's cooking and Seto's portal) and the last one was as inactive as always; another reason to hate the flaming hero.

Speaking of flaming heroes, Burnin, as Endeavor's other plus, was the only one in the group who showed at least a bit of enthusiasm. Endeavor was as nonchalant as his son, only questioning why Hawks brought a hero student who wasn't related to his job AND was seen with villains (scratch that last part, he had brought Sadako, she wasn't near his level), and Hawks was still in a trance. Just what the hell did he see?

--- Hey come on kids!" Burnin shouted as she judged the next wave of coffee coming. "We are going to IHA itself! Put down the coffee and show some energy." "We are drinking coffee so we can have energy." Fumikage said as he leaned back in his seat. Even Dark Shadow didn't want to come out.

--- Just what were you three doing last night?" The flashbacks of Seto walking to his baggage to check everything for the seventeenth time in the hour were not something that his two friends wanted to remember. Kyouka knew she had gone overboard with telling him to pack but that level of anxiety was not what she was aiming for.

The two couldn't get any sleep as Seto would walk to the door, count everything in the bed and come back to bed in two minutes. They could technically leave the room, it wasn't even Kyouka's room, but they didn't have the heart to leave him alone in the dark, knowing he wouldn't sleep at all in that way.

Just as Seto felt guilty for keeping them awake until 5 , Kyouka was feeling guilty about giving Seto the half baked half-cooked anxiety attack by bothering him for days. (Unbeknown to her, he would have the checking syndrome anyway even without her, that was the main reason he would leave the packing at the last minute. If he would pack it a week before, then he would spend a week wondering if he had got everything. Kyouka didn't know that at this point. Once she did, she took him to see a counsellor. It was ineffective as it was possible but Seto really appreciated the gesture. It was enough for him.)

Their solution to the guilt? Kurogiri's coffee and Kyouka playing with his hair with her earjacks. And more coffee apparently. Between the three, Fumikage was in the best condition and the only one fully awake to make small conversation, yet again thanks to his experience with Seto's anxiety attacks before the summer camps and such events.

--- Why is Hawks like that?" Burnin asked as she waved her hand in front of the said hero and received nothing. "Seto sent him away with his portal, he's been like this ever since." She didn't chase that one and let it go.

Good or bad, the car ride to the international airport outside Tokyo became a thirty-five minutes long patience test for Burnin and a brain reboot for the trio. There was no hope for Hawks or the father-son duo.

They arrived at the airport at 8:15, a bit more alive than before. "Okaay," Seto said as he helped Kyouka with her luggage, "let's go people. What are you waiting for?" And for an extra motivation, he took out glasses of orange juice from his portal for all but the two pros, one being on his hit list and the other still out.

--- Is he always like this?" Endeavor asked Tokoyami who was drinking his share of cold drinks. "Nope," he answered honestly, "This is his good day since he actually slept two hours last night. You can thank Kyouka for that one." After several experiments, they came to the conclusion that holding him tightly actually decreased his heartbeat and shaking.

--- And where do these drinks come from?" Burnin sipped her share. It was really good. "Villains." Tokoyami said as he followed Seto to turn in his luggage. "Villains?" Endeavor asked but wasn't surprised "Yes. Apparently, Kurogiri always makes drinks on days like this for him." He paused for a moment and shrugged. "We didn't know the source until recently though." And left him alone with a confused Burnin.

--- Is he serious?" She was not aware of the number one hero's encounter with villains. Encounters that were held with Sadako as a close ally of the league, if not a member. She didn't need to know those parts, including the impending fall of Commission, so he just shrugged as well and followed the younglings.

Kyouka, who was starting to sobber up, finally thought that they were good to go and were emotionally stable. Of course, it was before seeing the timetable for the flights. That was when Seto, who was very oblivious to time-consuming travels due to his quirk, realised that it wasn't going to be as easy of a ride as he previously thought. He did his best not to have a breakdown in the waiting area.

A normal flight would be near twelve hours long but luckily for them (due to legal reasons and Endeavor), the Commission's private jet (the irony of that made a weak smile slip on Seto's lips) took about almost half of that in seven hours. It was still a lot. A lot. A lot.

--- You kidding, right?" He whispered under his breath. Hawks would relate to him if he was in his right mind. The two of them were too fast for these things. Kyouka patted him on the back. "Seven hours isn't that. It will be fun." The pained and betrayed look that he gave her wasn't supposed to be cute but here they were.

--- Look at the bright side, it's a private jet. No-one will bother us." She failed to reason with him as it was destined to be doomed anyway. "Except for me of course, kiddo." A voice called the two of us. A loud, familiar and nerve-wracking voice, belonging to the rabbit hero herself.

--- You are late, Miruko." Endeavor called her. "Sorry sorry, the business called. You know how it is." She sure didn't look like someone who came from work. And their line of work, of all the works there was.

Miruko was wearing a loose white T-shirt with a baby rabbit on it and brown shorts, plus a cap that did a poor job of hiding her ears and identity, but looked good on her. Unlike the other two heroes, she was all alone. Free and with no attachment, that was Miruko for you.

--- What's the long face, birdie?" "Which one?" Shoto asked while joining them on the seats. Miruko wanted to answer but then looked at Hawks, Seto and Fumikage in that order and realised his meaning. He had a good point. "All three. What's wrong?"

--- No sleep..."

--- Shigaraki..."

--- Seven hours..."

They said in unison. "Ooookay, okay. You can sleep in the plane to catch up on it, you can also sleep to pass time and you," she pointed at Hawks, "We don't care about your villain boyfriend. Especially in public."

--- It's not about Dabi, it's..." "Time to ride up." Burnin stopped his argument before he could even start. Well, time for torture, Seto thought.




It was, tolerable. Only because Kyouka was sitting next to him though. They slept the first half of the trip to Miruko's advice and the second half listening to music; well, Kyouka listened to music and argued about its quality while Seto listened to both. More to the latter but it was expected, her voice was far better than the old singer.

Shoto and Tokoyami too both spend some quantity time sleeping; the former for the lack of better things to do. Once awakened, Dark Shadow used the opportunity to hear Shoto's new evidence about Izuku being Allmight's secret love child. They all knew even he himself didn't take those theories seriously, they hoped so, but it was still good to kill time with.

Endeavor and Burnin used the time to do some paperwork for the agency that had been getting covered by dust by the lack of attention the whole year around. One would think that paperwork would be stopped once you are on a plane to an international meeting but nope, paperwork is closer to you than the vein of your neck.

Miruko had chosen the seat next to Keigo and started talking to him in a hushed voice as soon as he fully came out of his trance. No-one knew what they talked about but it took off Hawks' mind off whatever was in Tomura's mind. Well, not exactly but effective enough. You'll see.

That was also a mystery that the young couple tried to solve but weren't so successful so far. Apparently Kurogiri was the only other member of the league that was aware of the said secret but others seemed to be on it. At least Spinner and Atsuhiro did.

Was it the same suspicious as Spinner's though or something different? Just what could have been in the room? Hero figures? Some world domination plans? Pokémon? A telescope? Kyouka put her money on a lover but Seto dismissed it with caution. It made sense in the frame but Tomura and love? Seto couldn't imagine it.

Hopefully not, no-one didn't have that bad of a taste, right?

Suddenly, he had a bad feeling about it...

A bad feeling as if he was jinxing it.




Seven hours after, they were in Atatürk airport, meeting with the Turkish governmental officials as scheduled. They were a group of three, led by a middle-aged woman with many eyes, seven on her face and some on her hands. Was that the quirk All for one talking about? "Welcome, heroes of Japan. We are here to guide you to the hotel you will be staying in the following week." She said in English.

--- I am Emre Namli of the Turkish Ministry of Defense's international department and these are my assistants Sefer and Bahri." She pointed at the two men who were behind her. Kyouka raised an eyebrow and looked at Seto. Ministry of Defence? Seto wasn't familiar with the Turkish government or heroes either.

Sefer, the silver-haired with metallic arms whispered not so quietly to his co-worker in Turkish: "Now even kids come here? These Allmight fans sure take no-one seriously. You asked them and it's All for one's fault, right?" Unfortunately for him, not all heroes were the same. Like Seto for one was rather fluent in Turkish.

--- And who would you be?" He said in their own language. "If we are Allmight fans then at least we have someone to be proud of (not that Seto was proud of him, he hated the guy). You? You don't even have a separate department for heroes, corrupted or not. And besides, we ARE active heroes, UA's internships tend to be actual hero jobs. Not that you would know though, you are just her assistant, correct? Now please do your job, Sefer, and assist her in guiding us." He finished with a smile. One that he learnt from All for one himself for such occasions.

The other UA students didn't know Turkish, the heroes except for Endeavor didn't know Turkish either. But they all knew that he was washing the man over and drying him. Endeavor on the other hand knew exactly where he was pressuring. Words weren't That bad but add them to the surprise and the evil grin and here, you had it.

Sefer nodded slowly which earned Bahri's smile. The older man apologized and said: "Forgive Sefer, he has a sharp tongue but doesn't mean it." "We don't even know what he said." Miruko said as she duplicated Seto's smile. She was always up for a fight and that looked like one. "It, it was nothing worth it really..." Sefer tried to change the subject but Seto was one to hold grudges, especially this type.

--- I wouldn't call that nothing," his smile turned to a frown, "Especially when it's an insult towards my friends and colleagues." And they knew how fucked Sefer was now. Call him a villain, call his villain friends a villain, pull a gun at him, attack him with a sword, he didn't care but dared to insult his two dark haired friends here and the two pros to see how he would portal All for one right in your face. He had done that once, only Hawks knew tho.

--- Well let's call it even and just go, I'm too tired for this and so are you." Kyouka said as she put her hand on Seto's shoulder. It really wasn't worth it and she knew he was too tired to actually mean much, but it wasn't going to end so easily. "No no no." A new voice came from the crowd around them with a deep accent.

A thin tall man with dark short hair and a worned jacket walked to the small group. "Please, I apologize for Sefer's insult to you, heroes. It was uncalled for as you are our dear guests. I hope we can walk out of here with good feelings instead of lasting grudges, if you know what I mean." The man smiled at Seto and then the three Japanese pros.

It startled Emre. "Sir you can't just..." "Emre." He said and silent the woman. Seto looked at him for a few seconds and nodded, he got Emre's worry. "Well I guess there is no need to be so hellbent over this. I'm sorry too, Mr. Alchemy."

--- Oh please, call me Poyraz. No need to be formal, Mr?" The number three hero of Turkey asked. "Blood Raven but call me Seto." He smiled back. He seemed like a good guy, from what he had heard and was seeing.

--- Well now that we are good," Poyraz clapped his hands and turned back to English, "It's a pleasure to meet you all. I am Alchemy, the No. three hero of this country" "Sure thing pal, I'm Miruko, Japan's number three. Don't take Seto the wrong, he is just a sensitive kid." Seto glared at him but others laughed it off. She didn't need to mention it even if it was the truth.

--- I am Hawks, the number two of us and this kids' caretaker." "I am Endeavor, a pleasure." Well that sure was a lot. Who would know Endeavor could greet people? Not them obviously. Even Emre and Poyraz were surprised by the lack of hostility. Was that really Endeavor?

--- Well then," Poyraz sure liked clapping, "I need to visit the Americans who are getting off, now if you excuse me." That was a low blow for Seto, some noticed the change in his face's color. "Okay then, let's get going Emre. We are all tired just as Kyouka said. I need a bed for emergency medical conditions."

They tried to ignore his sudden alarm and Emre nodded; it was her duty so sure. "Then follow me. Your baggage will be delivered by our people so don't worry." And guided them to the outside and a limousine that was waiting for them.

They were just fast enough to miss Star and Stripes's entrance along with her two coworkers. Poyraz was curious but welcomed the trio and their sidekicks with a wide small. It was going to be interesting.




Their hotel was big. Like, big. Kyouka had lived three years at UA and the hotel was in the same degree. She wasn't sure if Seto could open a portal to its roof that easily due to the height and distance. Their rooms were on the 21st floor and one was dedicated to each one of them. Each at the size of around two UA third-year dorms or a bit more. Her room had a king-size bed, bathroom with a little mini-spa in it and a very good view of the city.

The previous paragraph as a whole indicated that a certain clingy boyfriend of hers was hugging down the bed so badly that she couldn't find an empty space on the king-size that could fit three people easily.

--- You have a room you know." She wanted to say but kept quiet. Even though he was taking the whole bed, Seto looked so small right there. It was a stressful day, she guessed. Especially for him. Well, maybe only for him. The morning's stressing out, the seven hours trip and the mention of those American heroes all must have been tiresome.

She changed into more comfortable clothes as Seto's head was buried in a pillow and laid on the bed in an equally weird position; spooning him from behind as her hand slowly and genteelly wrapped around his waist. Seto raised his head from the sudden touch but relaxed just as fast from knowing the touch and went back to sleep. Kyouka kissed his nape and soon joined him in the land of dreams. It was around 10 am there so they had time for eating, whatever occasion it counted as.




Many meters away, down in the lobby, Hawks wasn't as lucky as his interns as he was being confronted by a certain bulky hero. He was completely innocent this one time as he approached him first. Any death was on the other one's hands.

--- Well well well," Thomas Andre, South Korea's former and America's current number three hero smirked at the winged man, "If it isn't little Hawks." No matter how much he hated the Commission and its head, Hawks always had a special place in his heart for hating the man.

Oh great, Hawks growled. Just what he needed.

He wanted cuddles too, damnit.


He should have brought Dabi.

Chapter Text

Day 1

Just as the title suggests, Kyouka knew her boyfriend was right. But she so wished he wasn't. Not that Seto himself was happy being right.

They were sitting on their chairs behind the three Japanese pro heroes alongside Burnin and their two classmates in an enormous Hall made for this exact event in the shape of a modern and far more comfortable Colosseum; the event known as the opening ceremony of the International Hero Association.

Or it would be the opening ceremony if not for the fact that half of those heroes were shouting at each other and giving her a migraine. They weren't even trying to be subtle and if it wasn't for the recent events, she had doubts that Endeavor was going to join them. But he didn't as he silently listened and tried to stop Miruko from giving Andre and maybe Beast or flutist a piece of her mind.

Seto looked at Kyouka as if telling her that he had warned her beforehand but opened a portal nonetheless and gave her his headsets. They could muffle the sound to a certain degree. A bonus of stress packaging was that he was always ready for such trivial matters.

She took it with a thankful node and put it on her ears. It would have worked better if one of the Russians weren't so hellbent on using her voice quirk that resembled Present Mic's greatly. But better than nothing, she thought as she rested her head on Seto's shoulder. It was nine am and she wanted nothing more than to crawl back to her bed.

Was that how Aizawa felt every day in their class? She hoped not but it looked like it. Poor guy.

--- They won't shut up, will they?" Hawks said as he tried his best not to burn his own feathers or kill someone with them. Both offers were tempting as even though their seats were at higher altitudes, they still heard every little sound clearly. And there was no sound to be called little. Even Mic was subtle in front of these people.

After fifteen minutes of nonstop screaming and arguments, it became a game to the ones who weren't a part of the shouting. A game of patience to see who would break first and beat the hell out of someone, probably Andre or Siren. And god, Seto was so near summoning All for one on them. Or his sister. Both were good. Or maybe Malcolm? Tomura? The more he thought, the more ways he found that his villain contacts could reclaim his sanity.

Poyraz was not so better than the portal hero; in fact if he had the ability that Seto possessed, he would have summoned All for one five minutes ago. He hated his job. Since the number one and two heroes of his country had to be on security duty, considering the high number of powerful people gathering around, they gave HIM the title of the host. Now, he was standing on the stage listening to the mindless words that he couldn't even fit into sentences. They really hated him, didn't they? Five more minutes and he would blow something up, the higher-ups knew what they were doing when they called him.

Star and Stripes was having it even harder than the other two as she was technically the coworker of one of the mess's main culprits. More than once she had tried to put a rule on the man to shut him up but was stopped by their other companion, convincing her to give him some time. She got what he meant, shutting him down would only result in Andre raising his fists. She could give him both two rules, and she would if he wouldn't stop by her next wave of headache.

Surprisingly, it was neither of the three to finally break and end the game; earning them the title of Seto's favourite person after his two dark haired and really suffering friends.

Sung Jin-woo raised his hand and called upon his army of shadows, filling the room with his dark soldiers in a matter of seconds and silencing even the most obnoxious of people (read Thomas Andre). He might have looked like a level headed man unlike the other three, but he had the shortest patience between them and it showed. Oh it showed. The last soldier to come out of his shadow was a tall knight in a black and red armour who wielded a sword at the height of All for one.

Seto, as the maniac that I already established he is, cracked a smile as he looked back at the gigantic black wolf with blue eyes that was the size of a second-generation nomu (around the same size as puffy Allmight if I'm not mistaken), towering behind him. The wolf stared him in the eyes. Seto stared back without letting anything be seen on his face.

The wolf was cute, like a giant puppy.

He so wanted one of them now.

Unfortunately, his other companions didn't share the same opinion as him about the cute and harmless beast. Instead, just like 90 percent of the people there, they jumped from their seats and took a defence stand ready to fight Korea's number one, the man known as the Shadow Monarch. The second to be more exact, All for one had told him lots of stories about Jin-woo and even more about Ashborn.

With another flick of his hand, Jin-woo brought back his army to his shadow and turned off his quirk; erasing any presence of his violation of the rule except for the final Knight who was standing behind him. Then, he sat back in his seat as if nothing happened. The two sidekicks behind him were having a hard time being right in the eye of the storm but it had zero effects on the black-haired young adult.

Now Seto called that an entrance and not whatever Aizawa liked to do.

Poyraz seemed to be in the same mindset as him as he finally brought the mic near his mouth and started doing his job there, talking. "Now that it's finally settled, Hello everyone and welcome to IHA. I am Alchemy and your host for the week. I hope you had a nice trip until now."

--- No we didn't." Seto pouted under his breath that didn't escape Kyouka or the pros' ears. Unfortunately they had no time enjoying the boy's sulking as some people were back to their bullshit the moment shadows disappeared. Andre being the leader of them all and out speeding Gap.

--- WHAT KIND OF WELCOMING PARTY IS THIS IF YOU DON'T LISTEN TO OUR REQUESTS?" Oh Star never wanted to strangle a man this much before. There were times but right there, she didn't care about the past. Only the screaming machine in front of her. It seemed that Poyraz and Jin-woo were on the same frequency as her but the former kept up a smiling face while the latter put a chain on his quirk.

--- Well I would listen to all of your requests if you would be kind enough to ask them one by one. What is your request, Mr. Andre?" From his place in the center, he could read the room better than anyone so he knew he had more than a few allies if it came to a fistfight; something that Andre was famous for even in Europe. Well for that, and the incident three years ago.

Andre smirked which earned him some death glares from the Italians on their left and said: "Well for one why are there people who can use their quirks while others can't? It doesn't look like to me that you are going to punish Mr. Sung." Oh they actually weren't. Poyraz had full control over the legal judgment for the crimes of their guests to a degree.

--- And what's your reasoning for that, Thomas?" Jin-woo asked nonchalantly, leaning back in his chair and drinking a cup of steaming coffee. As far as Seto was concerned, he was worse than Mina; at least she didn't have an army to back her up, only a bunch of idiots like him and the lov. He tapped on Hawks's back and whispered: "Back the shadow boy, I wanna sent that blondy to our own blondy." He didn't need to emphasize which blondy. Or emphasize anything as Hawks was already on it. He always hated Andre. Yesterday was only the tip of the iceberg.

--- Yeah Thomas," Miruko said before Hawks could open his mouth, "Why should he?" A few chatters of approval could be heard across the Hall, all from the people who had participated in the patience game. They came here to talk about villains, not listen to people brag about their muscles or quirks.

--- YOU WANNA FIGHT, RABBIT?" The handle of his chair was crushed under his grip. He was picking the wrong fight. "Oh please, you are not even worth my time," now she was the one smirking from above, "Our interns here could beat you with one hand and eyes closed." She was going for the kill, but they didn't know whose kill. Next to talk was Rostam who was sitting two rows below Hawks.

The number one of Iran shook his head and said: "Just take your fight somewhere else, many of us are here to talk." He wasn't sure about the many part though. And even with that, it wasn't the rightest thing to say to those two. It simply wasn't. A moment later, both were going out of the building, an annoyed Seto snatched from Kyouka and bouncing in the Rabbit Hero's hand.

And another moment later, they were at the center of the Hall next to Poyraz thanks to Seto's portal. He jumped down from Miruko's hand, using the confusion made by the sudden change of scenery, and walked back to his seat through one last portal. "Fix your problems yourselves, why should I fight that weakling?" He said as he sat next to Kyouka.

Miruko shrugged and started walking back to her place but from the sounds coming from her back, it looked like Andre wasn't finished yet. Only looked like since he was now bounded by the shadow knight that travelled the distance faster than a single blink of his eyes and had its hand on Thomas's shoulder, white sticky webs coming from his so-called co-worker that fixed his footing on the floor and flaming chains from England's number two sealing his hands, all the moment he took a stand to jump.

--- Nope," Peter. B. Parker said as he jumped down to the small group on the stage, "I'm not dealing with this Thomas. What's gotten into you today? You aren't that idiot usually." He said that as he admitted he was a moron, but not that much of a moron. "Catnip?" Seto suggested not so quietly but regretted it immediately. It drew Peter's attention up to their area.

Through beneath his red mask, the brunette spider stared at the eyes of the jet black hero.

All chatters across the Hall had stopped, the void of their looks devouring the heat of the room and leaving people shivering in its wake.

They thought it would last a moment but no, it didn't. They didn't. Not a single muscle was moved since they had gazed at each other. They were simply fixed on their spots with no sign of being awake, or even alive if not for shallow breathing. People were starting to get worried.

Finally, Peter broke the silence and life flew back to the room, least temporarily. "You." It was the sole thing that left the spider's mouth.

--- Me." Seto threw the words like spears of ice at the man. Kyouka and Fumikage were actually starting to get worried about the situation, remembering Seto's problem with the American heroes and...

Shoto suddenly was struck by the remembrance of a distant memory and didn't shy away from reminding it to others. Rather loudly in fact. Too loud that it even reached Miruko who was still near the stage.

--- Seto?" "Hm?" He mumbled but didn't take his eyes off the stage. "Didn't you mention something about being banned from putting a foot on America's ground?" It was one of the few times he had played that game so he remembered more than a few facts about his classmates. It helped with his analysis. "Yes," was the only thing Seto said, still not being in the garden.

--- That wasn't a joke, was it?" Heterochromia eyes now also joining the staring contest.

--- Nope!" Seto popped the last p as he jumped down into the portal that he made under their feet; the blankness of his face was replaced by malicious ideas. Their, as the wrap gate was wide enough to drag the other three UA students within itself, and they had a variety of emotions, mainly amusement and disappointment, on their faces.

--- YOU LITTLE," Peter shouted as he threw a web and swung out of the room after them. Not that he had any idea where they were going, but he still had something to do.

Silk growled as she watched her boss/lover/coworker/soulmate?/spidermate run out of the Hall after who she believed to be Blood Raven. Just what he needed, first Thomas and now Spidy. She really hoped Star wasn't planning on joining their drunk game of picking on random people as she tapped the taller woman on the shoulder and swung after her idiot. Someone had to pick him up.


A few moments of silence and Poyraz picked up his mic that he somehow dropped on the floor in the middle of whatever was going on. What better time to get things started than now?

--- Okay people," his voice took back the attention of pro heroes and their sidekicks, "Now that we have no more problems let us continue the ceremony. Shall we?" He asked the last part with a glare toward a now free of chains Thomas. The bulky man nodded and went back to his seat silently, the knight watching him carefully before joining its master. He was going to get that fight with Miruko later, but right now he was too confused by Peter's sudden act of chaos.

Well technically, he and Star both knew that it was actually Peter being subtle for once but still they didn't want to continue the problem; one knowing exactly where it was going and the other wondering why they had the feeling that they were related to the matter.

Both were right.

And Hawks wished they had continued the fight since compared to the last half an hour of madness and chewing each other's throats, the ceremony was boring. Way too boring. And he couldn't even sulk to his interns as they had already left.

In fact the show was so boring that no-one didn't notice a handful of heroes leaving the Hall one after another without looking back. Each had better things to do.



He had dropped the group of four in his hotel room, himself on the bed while Kyouka on a chair and others on the floor to be exact. Todoroki, being the calmest and most unshaken of the group sat next to the portal master and asked: "Are you in trouble?"

--- I'm always in trouble." "We are serious Seto." Kyouka said as she joined the duo. Seto was tempted to say that there was no joke in his words but resorted to patting the girl on the head instead. He smiled and said: "I'm fine Kyo, don't worry about it. But instead you should thank me for saving you from the rest of the meeting." He tried to mimic one of Allmight's poses. The one that Midoriya used to do back then.

He couldn't.

He failed.



He then tried to drown himself in the pillows.

He failed again as Kyouka pulled him into a hug, letting him rest his head on her lap.

It was warm and cosy, having her hands play through his hair, so he surrendered to his fate.

--- Well Mr saviour of us all," Dark Shadow called him with a ninety degrees bow, "what should we do now?" He didn't like the meeting that much either. "Welllll," Seto did his best not to smirk and show his malicious intentions from before, "How about sightseeing? And we can get something for the kids back at home."

It wasn't the most horrible plan. Kyouka just knew that Seto was hiding something in his sleeves, call that her instincts or experience, but agreed nonetheless. What's the worst thing that could happen?

She shivered at the thought of that.

--- Then let's meet up in fifteen minutes in the lobby." No-one protested to the raven boy as he and Todoroki left the room to change into something more comfortable and suited for their new plan. Neither of them was a fan of suits or formal wear, especially the Fumikage.

--- Is it really a good plan to cross the meeting and just explore the city?" Kyouka asked him when they finally became alone. Seto put a small kiss on her hand as he wasn't planning on leaving her hug anytime soon and reassure her.

--- It's just the opening ceremony and it was already ruined by Andre, no-one wouldn't mind us. Just maybe for Hawks since he definitely would want to join us. Besides we are here to take a break, remember? Finals and All for one's plan for the Commission are both round the corner."

She knew what he was saying but it didn't mean she like it. That just meant more trouble for the boy to deal with. Perhaps she could talk to the principal about this? Nedzu would help him in the finals at the very least. He couldn't just get passed through criminal masterminding. He couldn't. Could he?

--- You know, you win this time." Kyouka said as she caressed his forehead. If she didn't know any better, she would have thought he was purring. Maybe Shoto's theory about him being half cat wasn't as farfetched as they thought. He had already checked the clinginess and evil.

Before letting go of him and leaving to change her clothes, Kyouka whispered: "Just don't do anything to push yourself too hard, okay? You have us to help you deal with this. Just don't do anything stupid." And left after receiving a small node.

He nodded but felt strange inside. Since when was he feeling guilty about lying to people? He didn't want to think about that, he had bigger problems to deal with; like the spiderhuman who was definitely after him and the mad scientist who was blowing up his phone. Plus those few heroes.

He would choose going after Kyouka any moment but instead unlocked his phone anyway and opened the messaging app. He had five minutes left.

He could give sooo many ideas to Mei in five minutes~




[3-A, later that day]


Pica: Soo how is the trip?

NO: I'm dying

Pica: In a good way?

Hound Dog: How could you die in a good way?

She has a knife: Every day, I see more traces of Dazai in this chat

Pinky: Have I been summoned?

Hot teacher: No

Crispyraki: No

Neutralzill: Don't say the third time but same

Maid: She sure has learnt a few tricks from our dying man

NO: Thanks

Pinky: ಠ︵ಠ

Pinky: I'll stab you when you are sleeping Spinner


Maid: Himiko stop teaching her these things, one is bad enough

Bestgirl: Don't wanna

Bird: Seto's dead now

Sleeping: ?

Bird: He is dead

Cowboy: You good there?

Sho: No, Seto is dead

Rozo: Should I even ask?

Frop: Yes

Pinky: Yes

Ocha: Please don't

KEMGD: @Queen

Queen: You heard them, he dead

RadRiot: Rip him

Octo: He was a good guy

2: A moment of silence for him

Pinky: 👁️👁️👁️

Sho: Jirou committed no alive

Child corrupter: That's not a good thing to do

Sleeping: Nemuri

Child corrupter: Yes dear?

Sleeping: I'll come after you after I take this nap

Child corrupter: I have time then

Papagiri: Why did you kill him, young Jirou?

Queen: I hate him

Rozo: Evidence shows otherwise

KEMGD: What she said

She has a knife: Another relationship turned to dust by the modernity of the society

She has a knife: Oh what a shame, what a disaster

Sho: Don't let her fool you, they are cuddling on the sidewalk of the street

Cowboy: We are getting double signs now. Are they fighting or hugging?

Bird: Both

Frop: What did he do?

NO: Why would you assume that I had done something?

Frop: Have you?

NO: No

NO: Not recently at least, it was their own fault

Chicken: Not gonna lie Seto, you even had me there

NO: 🃏

Child corrupter: I know the villains card?

NO: Yesn't

Sho: Allow me to clarify

Rozo: Please don't

Bird: Too late



[The same day, one hour before chatting]

The experience was nice. They had walked down the crowded streets all day long, watching what nature and ancient people had for them. (They might have abused Seto's portals to travel faster and broke some international laws but hey, it wasn't a big thing or anything. Just a thing.) Their only break was for lunch at their hotel while the rest of the heroes were still at the meeting; neither of them could imagine what Hawks and Miruko were going through. Poor Poyraz.

Overall it wasn't the type of date Kyouka had in mind, so she was still going for some private walks with Seto, but she didn't mind it really; the two boys were good companions. (Not counting that half an hour that Shoto tried to convince them Thomas Andre was in fact a clone of Allmight with some of Endeavor's genes made in an underground lab to kill that hero.)

The problem started at 4 pm. They were sitting at a table outside of a small restaurant and waiting for their teas to get ready, Seto showing Kyouka the pictures he had taken that day and Fumikage listening to Shoto talk about the Shadow Monarch and his shadow army quirk. Dark Shadow was always a big fan of the guy since his debut a few years ago.

Both conversations died as a certain man in a red and black tuxedo descended in front of them. Literally as the Spider Hero jumped down from a building few meters away down to them (though the buildings in that part of the city weren't tall enough for his web-swinging.); he was soon followed by a woman in a silver web-like costume with black hair and a red face mask. Silk, if Seto remembered correctly.

--- Got you, Cowboy." Peter said as he raised his head and looked the boy in the eyes. Well, mask's eyes as spidy wasn't planning on revealing his secret identity to the world over this. Even Doc Oc and Goblin couldn't do that, and they would mock him if he would face reveal there. Fortunately, no-one couldn't see his internal dilemma, only his silence.

Which was suspicious.

Since when Spidy of all people could close his mouth outside a death-death situation?

--- Listen sir," Kyouka stood up to be between the two, "I don't know what's going on between the two of you but if you cause a problem here, WE will also cause a problem. Are we clear, sir?" Who knew she could be that cute threatening? Not Seto obviously. The portal hero should probably teach her some real threats one of these days, not that hers were bad. Just adding more creativity.

But Peter, true to his reputation, titled his head and looked at her with confusion. "Okayyy?" He sang as he put up his hands in defence. Why so aggressive?

--- I think there is a misunderstanding, isn't there Raven? Or should I say Mr. Web-Shooter Thief?" "That bird sure looks cute." Seto answered innocently as he pointed at a nonexistent bird in the sky. He wasn't fooling anyone.

--- Seto?" Kyouka raised an eyebrow as he sat back in her seat. "Wanna explain something?"

--- Actually, you tell me why you think there was a bad blood between us." Seto counter attacked as he sipped his tea, an unintentional mimic of their principal. It was good, better than the conversation which he knew would result in revealing his young ages' idiocy. And his sister's. Oh well, not that Kyouka or Fumi would judge him.

--- Well you were killing us all with your death glares this morning and you are banned from his country for reasons AND wanted to avoid them yesterday at the airport. Can you tell us why?" She listed her top three reasons, they were enough.

That, looked like to be a long talk so Seto pointed at the two spiders to take a seat before starting to talk. Peter couldn't wait to see how HE would tell the story from HIS perspective. Silk just wanted to go home and rest, away from birds and any other animals. Like an octopus. Or a rhino. Or a vulture. Or a kingpin. Or a damned vampire. Okay, their home was also filled with annoying animals.

--- Okay okay so the so-called death glares were because," he paused to stare at Peter's mask and showed him a Cheshire smile, "Apparently I haven't given him back his Web-Shooter. Did I?" "No you didn't." "Sorry then." He said with a shrug.

--- That much ill intents," Fumikage looked at the duo with amusement, "over a Web-Shooter?"

--- We were pissed okay?" "Thomas was just not shutting up and Star was planning a murderer. I really wasn't in the mood for this guy." "Same, I definitely didn't want to hear another one of his stupid puns." "Take that one back, Birdy. My puns are top tire." "In your dream, Spidy." Yeap, they weren't going to stop anytime soon from the look of it.

--- Okay what about the banning?" "That was also because of the Web-Shooter. Don't ask why but it is also related to Andre even if he doesn't know." He ended that part of the story there; they both promised to take the chains of events to the grave.

Well, Seto did tell Kyouka the whole story later in the night. It went like this; Rose was starting a small side business in Los Angeles about three years ago. She took Seto with her who had been reunited with her for about a few months. They started a small business but it all went into the trash as Andre revealed her villainy. That much fuss over some weak triggers was stupid.

Anyway Rose wanted to get back to Japan defeated but not before leaving the hero a gift. That was where Seto criminal masterminded a golden plan. He stole a Web-Shooter from Spider-Man (in a fan meeting event the number two hero was forced to participate) and then invaded Andre's house at 2 am.

The next morning, Thomas Andre was found naked to his underwear, webbed and hanging upside down from the tallest building on that side of the town with no memory of any attackers or how he got up there. The government of course found out about Seto and banned him due to the danger he possessed before they could get back home with Rose's portal but didn't inform Andre about it. (They also found it just a little funny.)

And that's how the number three hero of the USA doesn't know about the true meaning behind that incident to this very day and Seto got his first official criminal profile (outside of Japan.)

Nedzu didn't say a word about the incident but he was proud. (And two weeks after that, he had to deal with a sulking Tomura at USJ.)

So was Kyouka but didn't show it so she wouldn't accidentally encourage him to pull that again. He thought about that before but never found a way to top his previous masterpiece without degrading it. He just needed an inspiration.

Back to the present, she still had one more question to ask.

--- Then if you aren't afraid of Spider-Man, the American government and Andre by the look of it, then who is it?"

--- Welll," Seto rubbed the back of his head, "You could say Star and Stripes might, and I say might, be after my blood for a certain stun I did in my foolish young ages." It was last year. It sounded like a good idea back then but...

They kinda almost killed the hero.

It was a long story...

One that he wasn't sure if they wanted to know about. Even Spidy didn't know the whole thing, only the scraps.

Scratch that, Kyouka looked like Midoriya when he sees a new quirk. No hiding then.

--- Okay, it was last year when..." And started talking about his worst ever criminal masterminding. Or the best, depending on the viewpoints.



Far away from the group and a few hours before midnight, a certain gateway had been opened on the other side of the city in an abandoned underground train station. Through the purple gate a small group of unidentified people had walked out, some in civilian clothes and others rather suspiciously.

In the front of the squad was a man with crimson eyes of blood and hair like the silver of moonlight reflecting from a lake. Wearing an ironed suit as black as his soul and a wooden cane in his hand with a red ruby on its head.

Hisashi Shigaraki massaged his stiff neck and said: "I hope we aren't too late for the party." He sure hoped not, he had brought lots of guests and gifts with him. The faded smile on his lips proving his sincerity.

If only he had any.

Chapter Text

[Port Mafia; the Mafia of the Port]


Ms. Worldwide: I

Ms. Worldwide: Am

Ms. Worldwide: Bored

She has a knife: Same

Childless: Do your paperwork then, Rose

Ms. Worldwide: But Koyoooo

Boss man: I need the reports of the last raid by tomorrow Miss Sadako

Ms. Worldwide: Osamu do my paperwork

Mummified: Shame on you, I gave mine to Akutagawa

Ms. Worldwide: Which one?

Rabid Dog: Which one do you think?

Ms. Worldwide: Poor you but still

Ms. Worldwide: Tachihara where are you?

Bang Bang: Busy

Ms. Worldwide: You and busy?

She has a knife: Where are you?

Bang Bang: On a mission

Ms. Worldwide: ? You aren't?

Elderr: Yes we are

She has a knife: Without me?

She has a knife: .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

Elderr: I will happily change my place with you

She has a knife: Where are you?

Elderr: Wearhouse 17

Elderr: Well whatever remains of it at least

She has a knife:

Ms. Worldwide:

Rabid Dog:


Mummified: Kaiji?

Lemonade: Yes?

Bang Bang: Yes

Boss man: Damn it Kaiji, stop destroying our properties

Lemonade: But science

Boss man: No science

Boss man: And please fix the damage Hirotsu

Elderr: Of course sir


Ms. Worldwide: I am no longer bored

Mummified: ^

Childless: Oh no

Elderr: Time to get out of the city then

Boss man:

Boss man: What did you two do?

Ms. Worldwide: Why would you assume we did anything? Where is your trust?

Boss man: You sent it to outer space with a portal

Mummified: Heheh

Boss man: You aren't clear either, Dazai

Mummified: Dammmn

Mummified: Chibi come save me

Chibi: Change back my username and we'll talk

Senpai: Am I the only one who wants to know what is going on with our superiors?

Bang Bang: Nope

Archeology: Please don't ask

Nightmare: What did you do?

Mummified: Absolutely nothing

Chibi: Osamu

Mummified: Absolutely NoThInG

Elderr: Kaiji?

Lemonade: Yes Hirotsu

Elderr: What did you do?

Lemonade: Shocked! Me?

Nightmare: Yes you

Lemonade: I found a friend, that's all

Bang Bang: Betrayal

Lemonade: I need friends with higher IQs, sorry Tachi

Bang Bang: Just kill me already

She has a knife: I'll stab you if you want

Bang Bang: No thanks, I'm good

She has a knife: Your loss

Boss man: Who is your friend?

Lemonade: Let me add her here

Archeology: Is this wise?

Ms. Worldwide: Let them be, she's good

Archeology: If you say so

Ms. Worldwide: So

[Lemonade had added Ms. Explosions to the chat]

Ms. Explosions: Hio

Bang Bang: Hio?

Ms. Explosions: Hi and hello

Senpai: Totally makes sense

Elderr: The username alone scares me

Boss man: Come on grandpa, she could be fun

Elderr: If you say so, Elis

Boss man: Wait

Elderr: Yes?

Boss man: It's me, Mori

Ms. Explosions: It's a me, Morio!

Archeology: Is she your child or something, Dazai?

Mummified: Unfortunately not

Boss man: Anyway that username is actually giving me Deja vu

She has a knife: Aren't you Hatsume from UA?

Ms. Explosions: That's me!

Bang Bang: Should I ask why there is a hero here?

Ms. Explosions: I'm in support

Bang Bang: Not better

Nightmare: You know her, Gin?

She has a knife: She gave Shigaraki some Allmight gloves that won't decay with his quirk

She has a knife: She is my favorite support hero

Bang Bang: Okay that is good

Senpai: It's fake

Ms. Worldwide: It isn't, Seto showed me the pictures

Childless: Tomura Shigaraki, son of All for one and the leader of the League of Villains, wore Allmight gloves?

Ms. Explosions: They were pink!

Childless: You are a demon

Ms. Explosions: Thanks

Boss man: Now I see why All for one wants you in his ranks

Ms. Explosions: Shame on you it's for my inventions


Nightmare: And how exactly it stopped Rose and Dazai's boredom??

Mummified: You wanna know, don't you?

Ms. Worldwide: Don't bother my child you demon

Ms. Worldwide: And Yumeno, come to Kaiji's lab. You'll see

Nightmare: On my way

Boss man: Kaiji I swear to anything holy and unholy and in between if you blow up our building I will throw you out of my office's window

Ms. Explosions: Why so serious?

Lemonade: Yeah we are good

Elderr: Are they?

Nightmare: Nope

Boss man: Kaiji, Osamu, Rose

Ms. Worldwide: Oopsie, time to disappear

Boss man: At least tell me was it useful?

Ms. Explosions: Hell yeah

Lemonade: It was awesome

Ms. Worldwide: It definitely was something

Childless: I'm curious now, tell us

Bang Bang: Or don't

Boss man: Say it you cowards

Chibi: Dazai stop corrupting the child

Mummified: She is older than me?

Chibi: Don't corrupt the child

Mummified; Finne

Nightmare: Corrupt the child

Ms. Worldwide: I see you try, Osamu

Ms. Explosions: Ehem

Boss man: Go on

Lemonade: May we present to you

Ms. Explosions: The newest invention of Hatsume Industry

Mummified: Ft. Lemonade Mafia

Lemonade: The lemon-inator

Boss man: Ha?

Elderr: The what?

Chibi: Lemon what?

Childless: I

Rabid Dog: Care to explain?

Ms. Explosions: NO

Lemonade: Maybe

She has a knife: Come on Mei, Kaiji tell us

Lemonade: Okay then. It is a laser gun capable of turning any non-living object into lemons

Senpai: Ooookay?

Lemonade: Lemons

Bang Bang: We get it

Mummified: You don't

Boss man: Wait wait wait

Boss man: That's actually useful

Elderr: Are you okay, boss?

Boss man: Think about it

Elderr: I rather don't

Boss man: Me neither but do it

Boss man: With Kaiji's power, we could easily subdue any situation

Boss man: It will only change the shape, right?

Ms. Explosions: Yeah it would be the same thing

Lemonade: Knives, swords, bullets, bombs, and rockets are all useless against me now!!!

Bang Bang: That's too much power for him

Lemonade: I'M IMMORTAL

Ms. Explosions: You aren't but it's nice

Childless: Where did you get the idea from?

Ms. Worldwide: My damned brother apparently

Elderr: Of course it's him. Who else is this crazy?

Ms. Explosions: Me?

Ms. Explosions: The lemon-inator was my idea. He just told me I can expand my business by making support for our shady allies. He also pointed me to you guys

Senpai: Shady allies

Ms. Explosions: And then I met Kaiji and BOOM

Mummified: Literally

Ms. Explosions: It was awesome

Lemonade: It definitely was. I can't wait to work with the Hatsume Industry again

Ms. Explosions: ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

Lemonade: Hell yeah

Boss man: I am proud and terrified right now

Childless: Same

Senpai: Can you make gears for others too?

Ms. Explosions: It depends

Boss man: Go on

Ms. Explosions: How will you treat my babies

Childless: Babies?

Lemonade: Her inventions

Childless: Right right

Boss man: We shall use them for keeping the likes of Endeavor out of Yokohama?

Ms. Explosions: Hmmm

Boss man: And to destroy the Commission?

Ms. Explosions: Sounds really sketchy but sure, I'll come by again

Lemonade: We do need a lab though

Boss man:

Boss man: You destroyed the lab as a whole?

Ms. Explosions: Sacrifice is needed for science

Boss man:

Boss man: Does the lemon thing work at least?

Ms. Explosions: That's my baby you are talking about!

Boss man: Sorry. Does lemon-inator work?

Nightmare: It does

Elderr: How well?

Nightmare: It turned my doll into a lemon


Ms. Worldwide: See? It works

Nightmare: But my doll...

Ms. Worldwide: I'll buy you a new one, don't worry

Nightmare: Thx

Boss man: Okay keep the child

Mummified: Hatsume or lemon jr?

Boss man: I have a meeting with Fukuzawa so bye

Mummified: Get back here coward

Elderr: I don't think he will answer you

Ms. Explosions: You guys are fun

Lemonade: Told you

Bang Bang:

Bang Bang: There are two of them, ha?

She has a knife: Yeap, two of them now

Ms. Explosions: WE WILL EXPAND!

lemonade: WE WILL RISE



Archeology: I'm leaving this organization

Elderr: No you won't

Archeology: Hirotsu

Elderr: If I have to suffer, then so do you


Archeology: She can't be worse than Dazai at least

Ms. Explosions: 😁

Archeology: I

Archeology: Give me your paperwork Rose, I'll do it

Ms. Worldwide: Finally!

Boss man: 🤦

Boss man: Don't forget about next week's mission, be ready for it

Worldwide: Ay ay boss

Chibi: ^

Ms. Explosions: What's that?

Lemonade: You'll see it in the news

Mummified: It will be 🎇 glorified🎇

Ms. Explosions: We'll see about that




Papagiri: I

Papagiri: Am in need of your assistance

KEMGD: Why should we help you?

Papagiri: Because you are heroes

KEMGD: What do you want?

Papagiri: To stop this children

KEMGD: Children?

Papagiri: The league, stop them, you have to

Cowboy: Sounds bad, what are they doing

Papagiri: Will you help me?

Sleeping: Sure, what is it?

Papagiri: Thank you

Papagiri: It's Unopoly

Sleeping: Unopoly?

Papagiri: Yes

Pinky: Sounds fun!

Papagiri: NO! NOT YOU!

Pinky: ?

Papagiri: They are already insufferable right now

Papagiri: If you join them

Papagiri: Should I say the rest?

Broccoli: Nope, we can picture it

Pinky: How could you???

RedRiot: Accept it Mina, you aren't exactly the best person to defuse them

Pinky: 😲😲😲

Pinky: I see how it is

Rozo: Did he lie?

Pinky: No but still

Sho: What is Unopoly?

Papagiri: I don't know

Papagiri: I don't understand

Retired Satan: It doesn't sound that bad, Kurogiri

Papagiri: Sir, we all respect and fear that I have for you, that is pure nonsense

Papagiri: They are killing me

Frop: You have our curiosity now

Papagiri: I don't want that, I want help

Papagiri: Ashido, Todoroki come and take those two fools at least

Pinky: First answer us

Papagiri: I would if I knew

Pinky: @Bestgirl

Bestgirl: Yes?

Pinky: What is Unopoly?

Bestgirl: 😁😁😁

Papagiri: Oh no

Maid: Oh yes

2: Oh maybe?

Bestgirl: It's a combination of Uno and monopoly!

Papagiri: It's not a combination, it's an abomination

Papagiri: It's worse than a freaking Nomu

Retired Satan: You are a Nomu

Papagiri: Yes exactly

Pica: Sounds fun tho

Pica: I wanna play

Pinky: Same

Hot teacher: Come fast enough before the next round

Papagiri: There are rounds?

Maid: I am telling you, it is nice if you just listen

Papagiri: No Sako, it's not

Pinky: Tell us Mr

Maid: Well in this beautiful game of us, we play monopoly and Uno at the same time but in reverse

Rozo: ?

Maid: The one with the best hat starts the game

Pinky: Sounds biased

Maid: It's better than the best knife

Sonic: It is

Maid: Any way you have to play an Uno card and roll a dice to move your piece on the board

Papagiri: Board?

Papagiri: You call that a board?

Hot teacher: Yeah

Papagiri: Dabi

Child corrupter: Humm?

2: It's a masterpiece

2: It's a piece of trash

Crispyraki: It's basically a snakes and ladders board cut in pieces and put around a large chessboard to make it bigger

Papagiri: What are the Pokémons then?

Pica: There are Pokémons too?

2: They are houses for extra money

Papagiri: Money?

Sonic: Why are you questioning everything?

[Papagiri had sent a picture]

Sonic: Okay continue questioning this

Bestgirl: I am offended

Reasons why: Can we play this?

Mic: Yeah

Sleeping: Absolutely not

Crispyraki: Where were we?

Pica: Money

Crispyraki: Right we have a bank system. The one in charge of it doesn't get a piece but still plays the Uno part

Sonic: I'm confused, what's its point

Crispyraki: The banker wins if they bankrupt all other players

Hot teacher: If you want to draw a card in the Uno part, you have to pay the banker, if you want to start over you have to pay the banker

Pinky: Genius

Rozo: Continue

Maid: As I was saying, after the first one finishes, there is a time limit and you have to pay a fee if you stay too much, the person on your right will continue the Uno while the one on your left will continue the monopoly

Maid: The Uno continues on the right while the monopoly continues on left. They don't need to be in sinch but if you miss your turn on either one you have to pay another fee

Sho: Nice

Sonic: I understand your misery now

Papagiri: Help me

Sonic: I don't think I can

Mic: It's not that bad

Bestgirl: The monopoly board is actually working in 3D

Ocha: How?

Maid: Not really 3D, you move in your general direction unless you stumble across a ladder, snake, bomb, tank, prison, curse, etc,

Reasons why: Fascinating

Maid: Isn't it?

I am here: No

Crispyraki: It's not over yet


Bestgirl: NEVER

Hot teacher: So you know the turns, you know the board, you know the monopoly, you know the bank, let's get down to Uno

Sonic: Actually, we don't get any of those except for turns

Soni: And turns don't make sense either, it's literally two games

Bestgirl: Exactly!

Crispyraki: Listen up

Crispyraki: The board is a chess/SaL with ladders that move you forward, snakes that move you backward, bombs that send you to the starting point, tanks that send someone else to the starting point, prisons, curses that make you draw a curse card and do what it says

Crispyraki: You move forward in the chess/SaL board up and then come down to the starting point when you reach the end and get a bonus point. You also buy Pokémon houses like normal monopoly and get paid for them

Crispyraki: Do you get these parts brats?

Broccoli: Go on

Crispyraki: The monopoly part is mostly normal if not for the twisted road. You buy houses and people pay you if they land on them. If you have no money, you either sell something, bargain with the banker or loose

Crispyraki: Also if you land on another player's piece, they have to go back to the starting point, kinda like chess

Retired Satan: Interesting

Crispyraki: The bank is a bit complicated

Pinky: Just a bit?

Crispyraki: Seto made that part

Sonic: Fantastic

Explosions: I can smell the sadism

Papagiri: Same

Crispyraki: As I was saying, the banker is a whole other role. They are in charge of bank, they can lend money or put taxes, they can make deals or change the prices on the board based on the stock market

Rose: Yeap, Seto's work

Crispyraki: Banker wins if others go bankrupt but lose if no-one doesn't work with them in five Uno cycles

Sleeping: It's more balanced than it sounds like

Hot teacher: It is

Crispyraki: Now Uno

Papagiri: Oh dear

Pinky: Uno Uno Uno Uno

Crispyraki: You play it like normal

Pica: Boooo

Crispyraki: Drawing cards is not free and you have to pay money

Pica: Less Booo

Crispyraki: Some numbers have punishments or actions

Hot teacher: 2 makes another player draw a card, 5 makes another player pay you and 9 will give you an extra dice on your next monopoly turn

Maid: It's negotiable though

Crispyraki: Yeah and you can stack +2 on +4 or vice versa or pay the banker and the starter of the chain with enough money instead of drawing

RedRiot: It's a heavily money based game

Hot teacher: It is

Child corrupter: You can cheat so easy on it

Crispyraki: Nope, the banker looks for cheating

Bestgirl: You can pay banker to let you cheat but if anyone else caught you, you'll lose and they'll get your Pokémons

Retired Satan: Corrupted as our own society

I am here: And whose fault is it?

Retired Satan: Yours

God: Shhh, I wanna know more

Sleeping: Of course you do

Crispyraki: I think I summarised it up pretty good

God: What are the winning conditions?

Crispyraki: Yeah you don't wanna know

God: ?

Hot teacher: It's complicated

God: I already love this

Maid: Allow me

Maid: The banker has its own conditions that we explained and will explain. The game is over when Uno is over. The monopoly side has no time limit of its own unless all players except one go bankrupt. Then the last one wins

Pinky: What about the Banker then?

Maid: That's why I said it's complicated

Maid: It's about the Uno turn. The game will stop after the bankrupt ending when the current Uno turn is over. Even if all but one player go bankrupt in the last round, they are still in the game till the Uno turn is over. If Banker can make the last player bankrupt until then, they will win and if not, the last player wins

Crispyraki: The banker has its own special houses on the field and plays Uno, if you wonder. He can make them pay in many ways

Maid: Yes yes this is called the bankrupt ending

Maid: The other ending is Uno ending in which your points are counted after the last Uno card is played. It's more likely to happen in friendly games

I am here: Points?

Maid: You get positive points based on your remained money, your houses, bonuses, how much you moved, and this stuff

Maid: You get negative points from going back to starting point without finishing the road (like by tank, bomb or getting hit), by bankruptcy, by your owned money to people, by deals with the banker, by swearing, by curse cards and this stuff

Maid: The winner is the one with the highest point

Pinky: Is that it?

Neutralzill: That's enough for now I believe

Hot teacher: And here is our corrupted banker

Neutralzill: Silence, but there is another ending too

God: Which is?

Neutralzill: Person X throwing/burning/cutting/destroying/compressing the game and then starting a fight

God: Who will be the winner there?

Neutralzill: The one who gets thrown out of the bar by Kurogiri first

Papagiri: I despise you all

Mic: Let's play Shota

Sleeping: Do it yourself, I'm busy

Pinky: I'm coming over

Sho: Me too

God: Me three

I am here: Principal?

God: Shhh, I am bored


She has a knife: I am so teaching this to Mafia

Rose: Let's do it, I wanna play it with Osamu

Rabid Dog: Please don't

Rose: Toooo late

Rozo: It's truly in the blood


NO: One day I go out of the country and you mixed TaxUno and Villainpoly??

Hot teacher: Yes

NO: Nice

Queen: 🤦♀️

NO: I'll teach you the full version when we are back

Queen: Okay, sounds interesting

Sonic: There is a FULL VERSION?

Papagiri: ????

God: I have already made some improvements, you're welcome


Papagiri: I really need a vacation

Retired Satan: You'll get one sooon enough

Papagiri: I do hope so

Chapter Text

Day 1: Midnight

Just how exactly did they get themselves into that mess? No-one didn't know. One moment, they were walking toward the conference room for the midnight session and the next moment, they were walking to their demise.

Let's walk back ten minutes in time. That should be enough.

Hawks and Miruko were leading the small group of 8 to their destination. "Does this look like a normal time for meetings?" The flame hero asked from no-one in particular, just questioning Poyraz's clock.

--- Why shouldn't it be?" Seto (who had never had a decent sleep schedule since he learned to speak) asked back with a shrug, earning silent nodes from Fumikage and Shoto. Kyouka and Rumi weren't the sleeping type either, they just shrugged it off as Endeavor being too old. Now Hawks and Burnin were wondering if they were too old to be in the same category as Todoroki.

The conversations died as their group arrived at the doorstep of the hall, not late enough to miss anything important but not early enough to miss Star and Stripes plus her two coworkers either.

Star stared at Seto.

Seto stared at Star.

The three students of UA knew what was coming next, and as terrifying as it sounded, they were ready to stab someone.

Keigo stared at Andre

Thomas stared at Hawks.

No-one knew what was going on between these two, but there was really bad blood running there.

Peter stared at Shoto.

Shoto stared at the Spider.

Neither of them had anything better to do so they kept staring, a bit hard considering Peter's mask but the dual-colored boy didn't mind much. It was less awkward than the other two.

No-one didn't stop the group; not one from them and neither from others who were slowly gathering around. Some with disappointment and some with anticipation. Others, well, were simply curious. But not one wanted to break the silence; as if it was a glass box containing poisonous gas. They needed a sacrifice.

Dabi became the sacrifice.


It took the Japanese a little too much to register the fact that Dabi, a well-known member of the League of Villains and a very active villain, came flying from a hole in the ceiling with an aura of fire surrounding him and now was looking at his father from the floor.

--- Sup." He said casually.

As casually as possible for someone who came from the sky and was laying on the floor with smoke rising from their skin.

Naked skin.

It took them another minute to realize Dabi was in fact not wearing any shirt.

--- What?" Star asked, hoping someone would explain what was going on. They were pro heroes. They were at the top of their game. Observation, analysis, and fast reaction, these were their food and water. But no-one answered as no other hero except Seto, Hawks and strangely Spidey had dealt with something like this.

--- It's an FFO." Peter said with a hand under his chin, trying to act as wise as he could. It was a bit hard considering the conditions but he'd seen worse.

Oh he'd seen far worse.

--- A what now?" The question left Silk's mouth before she could stop herself. Knowing the man, she had no doubts that she would regret ever asking it.

She did. Just five seconds after that.

--- A flaming flying object." If looks could kill, Peter would have died years ago and one time more here. It DID the trick though as the ridiculosity of his pun brought the heroes back to their senses. Not asking how or what, they simply needed to know WHY there was a villain on the floor.

--- Dabi," Seto called and took the amused man's attention, "Why are you here in Turkey?" He hoped it wasn't what he thought it was. He really hoped it wasn't.

It was exactly that.

Well, not exactly a perfect copy of his idea, no. It was fat worse.

To answer his question and somehow be even more dramatic, which he wasn't in the first place, Dabi pointed at the hole in the ceiling with his middle finger where a gigantic eye was looking down at them.

They did what any other sane person would do in that scenario and started blasting what they believed to be an eldritch abomination; waves of water, pillars of fire, blasts of lightning, they didn't shy away to show the big eye who they were.

After Seto and Miruko threw Dabi at the eye in a desperate attempt, and not in revenge for his entrance, they realized that the enormous ball did not belong to Cthulhu but a really offended Gigantamachia.

Not exactly better but still, no eldritch being.

The giant just wanted to say hi before murdering them all! How rude could they get?

Knowing that they were now under a villain attack, and All for one's nonetheless, Andre broke the wall in front of the door with a single punch and opened a shortcut to the street for them. On a normal day Poyraz would have chewed the blonde out but as he stared at the scene they were all seeing, he let this one wall aside.

There was going to be far more destruction as on the other side of the street, barely a hundred meters away from the new hole and behind a towering Gigantamachia, there was the staff of all nightmares.

All for one, hovering a few meters in the air, was looking at heroes with an army of villains under him; a small smile was planted on his face that sent shivers down all heroes' bodies.

--- Sorry I'm late," All for one said, "Traffic was hell."



Traffic. Was. Hell? Seto reallly wanted to throw something at the ancient villain. And even more things at the villains behind him; the members of the league, port mafia, and old servants of the demon. Plus his own sister.


He changed his plan, he was going to throw Mina at the white-haired man. Or maybe throw him at Mina. Either way he was going to throw someone at someone.

He summoned Dabi, who was sitting on top of Machia's head, with a portal and threw him at his sister who wasn't paying much attention to them with another gate. The shoutings of the two villains, plus the people around them as they collapsed on the floor calmed the portal hero to a point.

Just a bit but enough.

--- You know what's going on?" Kyouka whispered in his ear and received a shrug. He was just as clueless as she. Maybe even more because some of those people really weren't supposed to be there on the battlefield. Like, they really shouldn't be there...

And it clicked in Seto's mind. The click was so loud that people around him heard the sound of it but he didn't care. The black-haired teenager knew exactly what they were doing. What All for one was doing. He had spent enough time with the league for that.

It wasn't a cheap trick, it wasn't a message, it wasn't about the Commission. Well, maybe it was related to the last part. But what it was, was a war and All for one had brought his whole army. It clicked even harder as the shouting of people and roars of monsters on the other side of the building showed the arrival of the man's cavalry. His vanguard.

He could feel the presence of Nomu's in his bones and by the sound of it, there were too many of them.

--- This," Seto swallowed as much air as he could and informed loud and clear, "Is war. And we are already losing."


What happened next was a mess. Through the shoutings and panic, the heroes split into two groups; half went back to fend off the Nomus and the others stayed to fight the villains' main army. Even in those conditions and panic, they still did their job fast and got ready for battle before All for one made a move.

The fact that All for one just let them reorganize was strange but no-one had time to think about it enough.

They were the top heroes of their own countries and they were eager to show the monster just how accurate that description was; time and numbers were meaningless against them.

With 72 countries being a part of the IHA and each sending an average of four people, there were around 290 heroes in the meeting. Considering around a hundred of them were either asleep or out of range, the present heroes were split into two teams of one hundred. It was a far enough number at the first glance, considering the likes of Endeavor, Star, and Monarch being around them.

But at the second look, they were still at a disadvantage.

The hundred that went to the backstage to fight off the Nomus thought they were the lucky ones, not having to beat the boogyman of all nightmares. They changed their minds as they saw the number of monsters that were ravaging the land.

And the number of them that were still coming from dark blue liquids; portals of the house Sadako/Masters if they knew any better. Having the portal master who could travel inner continental distances, All for one didn't play Scrooge and let her and Garaki go all out. And God, they were showing off to the world.

The number of Nomu's in the Vanguard Squad was one thousand new generation, twenty-five third generation that remained from his last human experiments, and one hundred Beast Nomus.

The Nomu's in the backup of All for one and his legion were one hundred new generation, three handpicked third generation, and twenty Beasts alongside twenty-five villains, all capable of gaining old Shigaraki's attention to a certain degree for one reason or another.

In total, the frontier line had a far better chance of survival (but not victory). The pained screams of heroes from behind them proved that fact quite clearly.


Now, you probably want to know about the Nomus before the villains. No? Well I have to introduce the Vanguard Squad before our beloved Vanguard Action Squad. Hear me a moment. All for one had brought three types of Nomu's with himself; Third generation, new generation, and Beast type.


Garaki and All for one are in possession of 31 third-generation Nomu, the last ones that were created from humans before All for one decided that using bodies of dead animals was far more efficient with no heroes running after him. More materials, less residence.

Out of those ranks, Garaki had kept three close to himself while Shigaraki chose another three for his personal security. The remaining twenty-five had created the leading party of his Vanguard Squad. The ones with Garaki were named Zeus, Eye, and Inferno while All for one took a more, AFO, way for it and named them 5, 7, and 8; by the number of quirks they possessed.

Oh well, Tomura calls them beak, claw, and wing so at least numbers had dignity.

On the other hand, there was the one thousand and a hundred new generation Nomu's; made from corpses of bears, tigers, leopards, and the likes of them. They each possessed three quirks; mostly copies of the same ten quirks that the old supervillain gave the doctor such as regeneration, shock nullification, and hellfire. Though Garaki's methods would weaken the copied quirks, they still had the superiority and an overwhelming advantage in numbers.

Besides unlike the three first generations of Nomus, new generation ones had a normal build; slightly bigger than a normal animal of their kind and no exposed brain. You wouldn't even look at them twice in a zoo if it wasn't for their bloodred eyes and occasional mutation quirks.

And the beasts? They numbered in two hundred, sixty percent being ready for combat, and were more successful subjects of the new gen monsters. They had 4 or 5 quirks from a more suitable and handpicked pile of quirks given by the same villain; Energy field, magma, tremor, infection, and so on.

(Plus Panda. Let it be known on all lands of this mortal realm, the name of the penguin with six copies of the same black whip quirk that he once stole from that annoying holder of One for All before he killed the so-called hero.)

Now with that clarified, let us continue...


--- Do you actually think you can just storm us and do what you want, All for one?!" Poyraz growled as he walked in front of their group. He needed no introduction as there was only one villain dumb and capable enough to attack that number of heroes; the so-called symbol of evil from Japan. The quirk thief of legends.

--- Why shouldn't I, Mr. Alchemy?" The supervillain asked calmly, the small smile on his face now turned into his usual grin. Compared to the first few years after his fight with Allmight, most of his injuries were healed but left more than a few scars everywhere.

Well, he had eyes now so he wasn't complaining.

Before Poyraz could answer, a pair of siblings made eye contact.

And then their lovers made eye contact.

And then another pair of siblings.

And then two old friends.

And then a bastard and a traitor.

And next a penguin and a platypus.

And then a father and son.

And a father and daughter.

And in a few seconds, shoutings of "YOU? (surprised)" and "YOU! (angry)" and "YOU. (degenerative)" killed the peaceful air of midnight.

And hell broke on the streets as many jumped on their opponents. Their rivals. Their nemesis. Their siblings. Their... Mushrooms? Don't ask questions about them and don't let them get anywhere near Dazai.

And of course All for one was merciful. Those others with no-one to fight got the chance to busy themselves with the one hundred and twenty animals of his. The last three stayed far behind him, ready for action.

And they say Shigaraki never thought about weak heroes. How could he do that when all heroes were weak? Seriously, some people don't think twice before accusing him just because he had a few bad phases.



Artorious the Abyss Walker; a title given to him for his actions a few decades ago in stopping a certain type of trigger drug. It wasn't a secret that All for one was behind that criminal ring, the man himself never deny that. For this, people believed that Artorious should have hated the villain.

But it was a bit more complicated than that, him standing next to the ancient villain and pointing his sword at Constantine was a way to put it. Though his face was hidden beneath his mask, it wasn't hard to guess that he wasn't feeling uncomfortable with his current position.

It made the pyromancer even more furious.

--- What are you doing, Artorious?" John asked while summoning fireballs in his hands, ready to burn the swordmaster to ashes if needed.

--- No need for hard feelings, Hellblazer." Oh he couldn't describe how much the smug look on AFO's face disgusted him. John may have been a smug bastard himself, but not to this degree."You can't blame our friend for not telling you about being a servant of mine, you know he isn't a man of many words."

--- Bullshit! He blew up your slime trigger gang, didn't he? Why would he work for you after ALL that?" He wasn't joking; it took Artorious seven years to destroy the whole drug empire of Tempest and ten more years to erase any sign of the drug from the underground. If it was an act, then it was one hell of a one.

--- Ah that one little nuisance, though I did create the drug (technically it was Garaki) but I never gave anything to Tempest. She was another thief thinking they can get away. Artorious simply made sure no-one would they mistake ever again," he paused for a moment to think and said, "And it was quite effective if you ask me."

Yeah that made sense. Totally. John had to admit...

--- WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT YOU BASTARD?! Fine, if you are actually a villain then I'll take care of you myself, Abyss Faker." No-one ever said Hellblazer was creative, but he has a good sense of morality, one that Artorious was more than familiar with.

The knight nodded and took a battle stance, holding his greatsword with his right hand and a small dagger in his left. His shield was nowhere to be seen as he had no need for protecting anymore. Maybe he did one day but now...

Now there was a sword almost cutting him in half. A black sword as enormous as his own wielded by a tall man in black armor; black mist emitting from his whole metallic body.

Artorious jumped back at the last moment, almost crushing the ginger mafia who was behind him, but he did get away from his new opponent.

--- Sorry to bother but," the Shadow Monarch stood beside Constantine, "I have some quarrels with the man myself. Igris and I will handle this, you should help with others Blazer." John glared at him for a few moments, he wanted to show Artorious how much he hated him but walked back before the shadow soldier would clash with the traitor.

If Jin-woo wanted to fight the devil, then so be it. He had other problems to take care of too; like a certain villain who challenged him to eat a tock before; this was revenge time now. It wasn't like Artorious was going anywhere or something.



Dabi hated Seto.

Like, he despised him with his whole existence. He had lost count of the number of times he was almost killed by his hand, directly or indirectly. And then, after he thought there was nothing to top Rodrigo and whatever Mina had been doing, the bird brain and his sister had the audacity to through him like golf balls not once, not twice but THREE times.

He was livid, he could feel his quirk burning his skin. Blue flames dancing on his scarred skin would have been beautiful if not for the pain. And the smell. The smell of cooked flesh did help to bring him out of his murderous zoning and back to the battlefield.

It had become hell in the few minutes he wasn't paying attention and now...

Now there was a blue platypus in front of him, standing on his two feet.

Now, Dabi was not one to judge people for their quirks, not having one or being part animal never bothered him, but no matter how hard he was trying to think this through the one in front of him wasn't some kid with platypus quirk, it was a straight-up platypus.

--- Are you a platypus?" When he told Giran that he wanted to join the league of villains, he never expected his life to be like this. Really, where did he go wrong? Was this all the retribution for his crimes in his past life? Because he was sure he didn't commit enough crime in this lifetime to deserve this.

The platypus, being the polite creature that he was, put a brown fedora hat on his head and let out a sound that would resemble one of a platypus if Dabi was a bit more familiar with the animal. He wasn't. He was even more confused.

--- A platypus with a hat?" The pyromaniac tilted his head and stared at his opponent.

The hat-wearing platypus hit his own face a bit too strong and took out what could be described as a business card from it. He handed the white card to Dabi and let out another sound.

Dabi took the card with caution and brought it up near his eyes, his sight wasn't as good as it was before, and read it out loud with a layer of shock on his face and finger pointed at the hero: "Perry the Platypus?"

A moment of silence.

--- Nope," Dabi shrugged, "It doesn't ring a bell. Are you..." He never finished as Perry jumped up and kicked the man in the face with enough force to send him back flying and make Miruko proud.

Perry let out another sound and attacked the scarred villain once more with a flying kick.

Villains were sure dumber these days. Perry missed his own nemesis.



Kurogiri was a valued member of the league. As their transporter and the only one with common sense, he always maintained a calm and collected stance. He had to; especially since he was Tomura's caretaker to top all other things and titles.

He was famous for keeping a cool head in fighting, not letting any heroes get into his head. (Not that they were capable of that. He lived with Toga and Twice for God's sake.) And that's exactly why heroes always expected him to be the rational one.

And THAT's why when he let loose of it, when he didn't need to worry about his comrades destroying everything in his absence, you didn't want to be near him.

That fight was another one of those rare days and the hero who was unlikely enough to fight him was her.

--- This is where the league will be finished." Star and Stripes said, trying to take the wrapper out before going for the boss.

--- Oh I don't know," Kurogiri answered nonchalantly, "it's my day off from caretaking them in a good seventeen years so be it. Let's forget about Tomura and Sensei for a while, shall we?"

He didn't wait for an answer as he disappeared in a mist and kicked her in the back, sending the hero a few meters away before she could regain her steps. "Okay that's not what I..." Her ranting was cut short as Kurogiri disappeared once again, this time punching her face through a portal while staying back at a safe distance.

--- Well you want this yourself." Star wiped the blood from her lips and jumped forward before Kurogiri could vanish again with a speed to rival Allmight's.

The quirked power punch was first directed at his abdomen but after Kurogiri opened a portal to redirect it, she lowered her body and punched the ground beneath. The earth crumbled upon receiving that amount of power and the shockwaves send the shadow villain alongside some other fights back.

Between the mist and dust, Star took a piece of debris from the ground and activated her quirk on it.

--- If you want a fight, then so be it. Show me what you got Oboro."



Toxic Chainsaw was a villain to be feared, a terror among the Japanese villains. Not even Allmight was strong enough to dismiss him and had to go all out during their last few fights. And the current number one, Endeavor? He wasn't even a threat to the poisonous villain and his variety of weapons.

Now you may ask who is Toxic Chainsaw? Well he is a brunette skinny man in the second half of his forties who was famous for three things among the people of his nation. A) his bad sense of fashion. He wore a brown trenchcoat, white loose pants, and an oversized gasmask. B) his bronze chainsaw that worked on his quirk; Toxic waste. The weapon itself was pretty normal but people tend to talk about this stuff especially if they were fueled on murderous chemical compounds AND would inflict those said compounds by a single scratch.

The third and last (in)famous thing about the S-rank villain was his history of battles; he had fought many many pro heroes in his prime and a day after. But he was rather well-known among his fans for his fight with Allmight himself around eight years ago. It was a draw since Chainsaw ran away and Allmight was too battered to go after him.

In conclusion, Toxic Chainsaw wasn't the type of guy that you wanted to spend your weekend with on the roof of a skyscraper. Just a warning.

And thus when a kid who couldn't be more than twenty years old at best decided to stop him from attacking Hawks and stared him in the eyes with the expression of a dead fish, he had all rights to be angry. Who did she think she was?

--- Get out of my way, brat. I'm not gonna waste my time for small fries." He wanted to leave her be and get to the real business but his crusade was put to stop as the white hair girl grabbed his right hand, judo flipped him over herself, and pounded him on the ground on his back. He wasn't going to lie, he was feeling like an exploded watermelon.

Taking off her red jacket, Ihwa put her right foot on Chainsaw's throat and said: "The name's Hero Killer, a pleasure to meet." Chainsaw was really questioning her sanity about her hero name, or he would if he wasn't busy getting some air in his lounges.

Trying to be as secretive as possible in his situation, Chainsaw drew a small scythe from behind his trenchcoat and cut her shin off in a single strike.

Or rather he tried but before his metallic weapon could contact her skin, the so-called Hero Killer disappeared from his sight. He wasted no time and got on his feet; she wasn't messing around apparently.

--- You are slow." He heard her voice from behind but once he turned back, there was no sign of her. Only a bunch of sidekicks fighting All for one's Nomus. He drew out his other scythe as well and let his quirk cover both of them with its greenish mist. No matter how fast she was, even All for one couldn't go unscratched after being touched by his Toxic waste.

Ihwa wasn't slightly impressed by him. The bored expression wasn't a facade, she was actually and sincerely bored. She thought the Toxic guy would be something but nope, he was weak. Should she even fight him?


She called Engen's quirk and created a gigantic shadow hand, a dark shade of blue but lighter than Jin-woo's soldiers. Not caring about the amusement and horror of the people around them, Ihwa smacked Chainsaw before he could get out of her reach and spread him on the ground like a pancake this time.

Now she wanted pancakes, would the hotel's restaurant serve breakfast after the fight?

Ihwa nodded to herself, they would definitely do if she would defeat the villains fast enough. Right then, time to get serious.

She pulled out two small scythes from their on the back of her belt and called back Engen's shadow, he wasn't worth wasting such a good ability; her scythes were good. She could take his scythes after that too!

Sounded like a solid plan.



Enji wasn't a fan of the league of villains, he really wasn't. And All for one was on top of the list of the people he hated. This, was another reason. Of-fucking-course they couldn't trust that two-centuries-old bastard, no matter what Nedzu said.

He was more than ready to go and join Shadow Monarch in fighting the demon but after burning some bear Nomus, he was stopped halfway through the battlefield by a man dressed in a torn black robe who was carrying a long black scythe with a silver blade. Quiet a familiar face for the flame hero.

--- Reaper." Endeavor roared the man's name as he summoned his flames.

Malcolm Grey, known as the Reaper to the public, was just as infamous as Chainsaw and Tomura Shigaraki. Mercenary, assassin, psychotic mass murderer, an international villain to the last bone of his body. Endeavor had lost count of the number of people who had lost their lives on his blade; villain and hero alike.

--- Yoo, Endeavor." Reaper called back cheerfully. "Heard that you survived Mori and the gang." Endeavor bit his tongue. How was he aware of that? Seeing the disturbed look on the hero, Malcolm giggled and continued: "Why so surprised? My brother-in-law, well the future one since we aren't really ready for marriage yet, (not that you would know) did help save your ass back there. Didn't he, Enji?" And to make his point even more clear, he pointed at his back.

Following the direction he was showing, Endeavor's eyes catch the glimpse of a certain woman with who he was also quite familiar. A tall girl in her twenties with long black hair tied up in a ponytail, a grey formal suit, a bloodred shirt, and a white wooden mask with the face of an owl.

Rosaline Masters, the Saintess of death, was sitting on the back of a jaguar Nomu and looking at people who were fighting around her. Seeing Endeavor's eyes on her, Rose even waved at the pro hero with no care in the world. Why should she care?

--- Right, why am I not surprised? You and Saintess, ha?" "Yeap. Now what do you want, old man?" "What do I want? What do YOU want?" Malcolm only snickered. "You wanna know what the big boss is thinking, don't you?" Endeavor only nodded.

--- Well I'm not gonna tell you anything. But just so you wouldn't take the wrong POV in this chapter grandpa, we aren't breaking any deals. Nedzu's plans are still on the road." Great, even more trouble then. Taking down the Commission was one thing but Saintess? Reaper? All for One??

Whatever, right now there was only one thing they could do and they both know it. The younger man smirked under the hood of his robe and swung his weapon in his hand while activating his quirk; making a layer of ice cover his silver blade before he jumped forward for Endeavor's head.

And the very earth broke as Hell Fire met Avalanch and the battle of elements began.

Oh, Rose was definitely recording that fight even if the smoke and vaporized ice would reduce the field of view. It was time to see what the number one hero of Japan was made of.



Thomas Andre was itching to have a good fight since he set foot in Turkey. Hawks, Endeavor, Alchemy, Miruko, Monarch, hell even Hellblazer was a good opponent but no! No-one wanted to fight him. That one fight that he was going to have with that rabbit was also interrupted by that Raven brat.

Now? Oh he was having the time of his life as he having a fistfight with a giant.

Gigantamachia was big, he gave him that. And he was strong. Plus he had seven quirks (only All for one knew the exact number), courtesy of the mastermind behind this attack. Overall, he was a half-decent punching bag for the blonde.

Andre leaped to the sky, thirty meters above the ground and high enough to stare at the giant's eyes before punching his face and breaking his balance. Not that Machia cared.

Even without a balance, he was still capable of fusing the pest with the sidewalk. He raised his right fist while activating a strength boost quirk and threw his own punch while Andre was still midair with no way to block.

Good thing that American wasn't the only one who came for the beast.

With Machia standing on his two feet, Rostam pulled the string of his bow and shot a quirk enchanted arrow at his right foot and then a next one at his raised fist without a delay.

It hurt.

Machia barely hurt.

If the weapon guy could hurt Machia, then he could also hurt lord!

He couldn't allow that. Lord couldn't get harmed.

With that in his mind, Machia forgot about the pain or the falling hero and stormed the second one with full speed.

The distance was walked in two seconds with the street completely broken in Machia's path.

He smiled as he thought the threat to his lord was destroyed but another painful arrow at the back of his head took his attention.

A couple of hundred meters away from him, the bow guy was pointing an arrow at him.

He was still alive.

Machia still had to kill, he couldn't fail lord.

Unfortunately for the Kaiju, the hero was faster than him. Rostam threw another arrow at Machia's leg before moving out of his way and regaining his position and readying his bow. It was a game of speed and endurance, one that both of them were quite good at.

And God, Andre so wanted to kill someone.



Mr. Compress, the descendent of the Peerless Thief, was a showman at heart and it was hidden to no-one. That's why Shoto, Fumikage, and Kyouka didn't bat an eye and continued fighting the new gen Nomus with Burnin after Atsuhiro went and greeted them.

Unluckily, it seemed that destiny wasn't planning on letting him join the hero students and his new apprentice as a certain man stood between them, probably thinking that Mr was planning on attacking them. How foolish and yet, he couldn't blame the hero.

--- Shall we get past the greetings and get down to fighting?" Poyraz asked him while taking out a thick-bladed sword from its leather sheath.

--- Oh my, quite in a hurry I see. What's the rush for, dear Alchemy? The night is still young."

--- What do you want with the kids behind me?" Poyraz wasn't impressed it seemed.

Atsuhiro was ready to answer, he really was but then...

He had a brilliant idea. Or rather, he remembered one. A tale as old as the league and their Halloween parties.

--- You see Alchemy, this is a really long story. I don't think you wanna hear it out." "Try me but you'll probably lie." "Me? Lying? Oh please, I am in no need of lying, the truth stings far more painful than a lie, don't you think?" Poyraz didn't say anything but he took it as a yes.

--- You see my dear friend," Poyraz shivered by that word but Atsuhiro pretended that he saw nothing, "Years ago when I was still a young and naive man, I fell in love with a young girl, a nobility of sort. Far out of my league. Her name was Himito Sadako."

--- Any connection to our Blood Raven?" Ohhhhh seriously? Atsuhiro didn't believe that it was working a third time and it wasn't even Halloween. Poor heroes, so trusting of Seto and Nedzu. That would be their end.

--- I was going to that part too but yes. Himito was the adopted sister of Shira Sadako, Seto's mother. As I said, quite a royalty." "How so?" Poyraz was having trouble believing the clown but yet, he seemed to be telling the truth. It was confusing.

--- Ah you know how it is, the Sadako house is heavily favored by All for one and for us villains, it means the peak of royalty. But anyhow and anyway, in my foolish days I actually managed to get to know her better. A few years after that, we got married with the help of Ms. Shira since the rest of the Sadakos didn't like me. From what I heard they were planning to marry her to a certain hero with quirk erasing quirk, never knew who.

--- But OH it was a mistake, I knew it all along but my love had blinded me. Oh Himito I am sorry..." "What happened?" The distress and agony in Compress' voice were too real to be fake.

--- There was a fire, it burnt down our whole street. I was at work back then and when I finally came home, it was too late. She was gone, Alchemy, she was gone. I couldn't even see her corpse..." He felt silent at that part, tears running down from under his mask.

--- But it was a fire, it's not like... Oh..." "Yes, it wasn't just a fire, it was human-made. A twisted plan of revenge by the elders of the Sadako family and that eraser hero (Atsuhiro had to apologize to Aizawa later but he was in need of materials) made a plan to bring Endeavor to a fight near our house and... You know how our number one hero is, don't you? A burnt house is nothing new to him, nor is a ruined family."

What? Oh Poyraz Karayel was so going to talk to that hero. He heard those rumors before, many many times so he believed the clown. It wasn't that hard to imagine. "I'm sorry for your loss but where do those heroes come from?"

Here goes nothing, Seto would one hundred percent kill him for this, no question asked.

--- Are you sure you want to know this?" "Yes." "Well you see sir, we actually had a child, Himito and me, her name was Sairo. Not even a year old when her mother passed away." Poyraz didn't realize he wasn't breathing until Atsuhiro stopped. She couldn't...

--- What happened to her?" "For years, I believed that she had burnt with her mother, there was no corpse so I could never know. Do you have a family, Alchemy?" It was stupid to answer to that question which was asked by a villain. "Yes." And Poyraz was stupid.

--- Then you can imagine the agony. I couldn't get back on my feet for years and when I did, I wanted revenge. So I went back to villainy, which I stopped doing for Himito, and a few years ago I joined the league of villains for the will of the hero killer and it was around that time that I met her."

Poyraz was all ears and so was every single villain and hero around them. Though only Dabi and Hawks knew the amount of bullshit that he was making. Others, they believed him.

--- The UA sports festival. In there, I met her. The moment that I saw her face on the screen, I knew it was her, my little Sairo. She was just like her mother Alchemy. The same face and eyes. Even the same quirk as my late mother. Oh Alchemy you don't know the joy that I felt at that moment. Oh my little Sairo." Even more tears and not just from the clown. Though Kyouka and Fumikage were having bad feelings about this. They knew it was fake, they just didn't know what was his point. Wait for a second...

--- But in the end, I was nothing but a coward. I never approached her, only watched from the sideline. She had a new family, a loving one, and I couldn't take it away from her. Compare to them, WHAT THE HELL AM I, ALCHEMY? TELL ME, WHAT THE HELL DO I HAVE? ONLY A BOUNTY ON MY HEAD." His screams surprised them but they understood. Poyraz couldn't comprehend how it must have felt. So close and yet...

--- So I stepped back and watched and I kept watching but I can't anymore. I just can't. Am I a bad father for this, Alchemy?"

--- No, I don't think so." Poyraz answered with a low voice. He really didn't know what else to say.

--- Well then," Compress opened his hands, "It is time for the truth for I can not live in the shadows. I REFUSE TO live in the shadows anymore."

--- Sairo Sadako, our beloved daughter, you know her by another name. By your name, Kyouka." The gasps coming from everyone else were heavenly music to his ear.

Kyouka raised an eyebrow, silently asking if he was serious. He certainly was.

--- Wait, seriously?" Burnin was the first to question it out loud. So she and Seto were actually cousins?

--- Nope, just the normal show of your one and only, Mr. Compress." He said as he turned around himself and trapped the shocked and betrayed heroes in his marbles one by one in a swift move. He left Alchemy as the last one to see the betrayal in his eyes a few more moments before he too was turned into a blue gem.

--- Heroes are sure dumb, aren't they?" Compress asked with no-one in mind as he sat and started picking up the marbles.

He did receive a painful smack from Kyouka but dammmn, it sure was worth it. Truly, it was their Halloween. And it wouldn't be the league's Halloween without some confession, would it?

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Retired Satan: Is it now?

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Fake number one: (ಠ_ಠ)>⌐■-■


(Somewhere, in a far far galaxy)

Pinky: I feel a disturbance in the force

Rozo: You are overthinking things, Mina

Pinky: NO

Pinky: Disturbance

Pinky: In the force

Pinky: Something is happening

Pica: Can someone criminal mastermind this?

KEMGD: I will criminal mastermind your ass to the sun if you don't get off your phone and get your head down to your book

Brain: I believe it would be due to Shigaraki smiling

Pinky: You think so?

Brain *Who is watching a platypus mopping the street with Dabi as a broom*: Definitely, no doubts


(Back with the villains)


Suicide *Not five seconds later*: CHIBIIII, GET THIS RAT OFF MEEEE


(Across the street)

Reaper: Imma go say hi to Seto

Rose: Don't do it

Reaper: Why not?

Rose *Points at Seto who is beating a certain villain with a wooden chair*: That


Reaper: Imma go say hi to your sister-in-law


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Bang Bang: Let's get this party started!!!

Bang Bang *Vanishes in to the void with Kaiji*