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A (Slightly Exaggerated) Tale Of Princess Kaguya

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Keine had existed for years, chronicling the history of Gensokyo and its inhabitants.

Dealing with an eccentric immortal moon princess and nonchalant phoenix should come with hazard pay she had decided, feeling the cluster of pain rising in the side of her head.

"Can I mention how I had Eirin make me the Hourai Elixir?".

"Probably not".

"How about when they attempted to execute me after I drank an immortality elixir?".

"Absolutely not".

"Perhaps I can divulge how Eirin killed the moon emissaries whom arrived with her to earth?".

"They're children, Kaguya".

"Ah, but they are the children of Gensokyo, a land filled with creatures of the dark. Does that not make them inured to such details?".

Their hushed conversation was being spectated on by the kids and Mokou whom was seated on the roof of the school despite Keine's scolding.

She had mentioned something about wanting a full view of watching Kaguya mess up.

Keine stifled a sigh, a thin lipped smile present at the princess, "No, that is not the case. Keeping it simple is best, Kaguya. Aligning it with the original tale that is known might be applicable for the children. So, no violence or death or-".

"Duels with a bird brain?".

Kaguya shot Mokou a saccharine smile.

"We can go right here if you wanna!".

Mokou hadn't heard what Kaguya had called her but she was well adjusted to the woman to know what that impish look meant.

The teacher frowned at her in warning before doing the same to the instigator, "Kaguya".

Kaguya chuckled, deciding to tone it down before Keine fulminated into the air.

She couldn't help it around the no nonsense woman, finding her annoyance endearing.

"Very well" she started and faced the children, "Good morning, small humans of Gensokyo".

"Are you not a human of Gensokyo?" a boy asked, peering at the princess.

"Hm.." Kaguya hummed and placed a finger on her chin, "Who can say" she replied with all the enigma she was composed up of, "It could be that none of us are humans, merely stardust".

A chorus of fascinated murmurs ran through the small group as another unimpressed voice interrupted the sound.

"You don't look dusty to me" the girl enquired, "What kind of teacher are you? You will never steal our teacher's job, you know. She's the best!".

"Steal her job? Oh, you sweet child, I am aiming to steal much more than that from her".

Kaguya raised a challenging brow, smirking as Mokou snickered.

"Kaguya's gonna throw hands today".

Keine, on the other said hand, counted to three and once again, questioned her life choices, taste in women and selection of friends.

Before a skirmish broke out, Keine introduced Kaguya to the children as well as the story she was going to peruse to them.

Given that it was a pleasant day, Keine had opted to hold this class outside the school so the kids were seated on a blanket.

Though she might be regretting that decision too.

"Alright, now please pay attention" she told the kids and motioned to Kaguya, "They are all yours" she smiled in encouragement. 

Kaguya was as fixated on the woman's inviting existence, becoming reeled in by Keine's brown eyes before an dramatised clearing of Mokou's throat shattered her zoning.

She gave her a pointed glare as she continued, "Before I commence, I believe this may aid in ensuring that the children listen".

Kaguya stepped towards Keine and lifted the woman's hat up gently before placing it on her own head, grinning slightly at the way Keine's breath hitched.

"How do I look, Keine?" she enquired, batting her eyelashes up at the woman.

Keine faced the other way momentarily, blinking away the irradiant aura around the princess, the dark hair enhanced by the colours of her hat.

Kaguya was going to be the death of her.

"It suits you" she managed to say, keeping her tone even, though it was plain to see how she was struggling to keep her composure.

All the reaction did was make Kaguya's mischievous side take the lead.

"Oh, perhaps I will wear it more often"

"That won't be necessary".

"Maybe with nothing else on".

"Kaguya, please..".

"Would you prefer the outfit that Eirin made for me during the gift giving festivities, hm? You could hardly refrain from keeping your gaze away at the headband in particular".


"You're gonna kill her" Mokou added with a laugh, unhelpful to Keine, "Look, her ears are red".

"Mokou" she chided, ushering for Kaguya to continue but not before the lunarian winked at her.

She exhaled quietly whilst taking a step back and sitting on the chair, hoping that the rest of the hour would go smoothly.

Unfortunately, her hopes were dashed not even 10 minutes into the story.

"But why didn't the princess just hide if she didn't want to go back to the moon?".

"Yeah, she seems kind of dumb".

Keine faced the boy, frowning, "What have I said about talking about people like that?"

"No, wait. He is onto something" Kaguya stated, a hand up, "That particular princess was not sharp at all. If I was her, I would have convinced one of the emissaries to stay with her".

"I don't think the emissary had a choice" Mokou quipped, "Apparently, certain moon princesses were stubborn and annoying as f-".


"I was gonna say fairies, annoying as fairies".

One of the kids looked back at Mokou, curiosity in her eyes, "Why would princess Kaguya be like a fairy? Are there fairies on the moon, anyway? I wonder if they like to fly too".

Mokou grinned, containing her laughter, "I dunno, might have to ask Kaguya".

"That one? But she isn't even a princess. She also thinks humans are made of stardust!".

Kaguya's new arch nemesis stuck her tongue out at her.

"How about I send you on a one way trip to the moon?" she lambasted as calmly as possible, "No, turning you into dust may be more effective".

"Please do not threaten the children, Kaguya" Keine smiled wryly, brown eyes meeting Kaguya's.

The lunarian settled backed down, as did the girl when Keine looked away.

Kaguya could smell a crush a mile away and wanted to use that to her advantage, the urge to state that she was seeing Keine accumulating.

But she would save said method of retaliation if the girl came for her again.

"Anyway, as I was saying before being rudely interrupted.." she peered at her, "The princess did end up returning to the moon, resulting in the tale to be a tragic take on separation and to be careful of your actions".

"Hypocrite" Mokou smirked, one foot on the tiles, the another swinging down

"You wish to say that to my face, Mokou?" she grinned before smiling at the kids, "Now, does anyone have any questions?".

"I do".

They all looked to the side to view Kotohime walking up, offering Keine a warm greeting and wave, "Oh, Kotohime. I didn’t realise you would be out today" Keine replied.

"I had to visit Suzunaan for a few things" the redhead answered before turning her gaze to Kaguya.

The lunarian did not approve of how friendly this woman was with Keine already, the vicissitudes of the pleasant atmosphere altering.

"And whom might you be?".

"Ah, you both have not met each other yet" Keine realised, standing between the two, "Kaguya, this is Kotohime" she introduced, "And this is Kaguya. She lives in Eientei with the doctor"

"Interesting. For someone bearing the same name as the princess of the story, you did a dreadful job of narrating it".

"Oh, damn" Mokou muttered, red eyes widening.

"Excuse me?" Kaguya laughed softly, her posture indicating something far more hostile behind her outward alacrity, "And what would you be insinuating with such a ludicrous statement?".

Thus, the confrontation lead to an all out elegant slander match between the two princesses.

Kotohime's expression darkened, hands linked near her lower abdomen "I do not know where you learned of such a ridiculous rendition of this tale".

Kaguya folded her arms across her chest, chin raised, "What would you know?".

"Much more than some facetious storyteller" Kotohime replied, looking Kaguya up and down.

"Oh? I am facetious? Bold words coming from some unknown princess".

"Unknown? You are parading around as royalty, even going as far as to twist a legendary tale. Kaguya fleeing into a forest with her mentor? Mindless killings? I would prefer that you stop tainting the minds of these young ones and tarnishing Keine's teaching".

Kaguya chuckled, "It is far plausible than you would believe. As for tarnishing anything regarding Keine, I do the opposite for her".

Kaguya was about a second away from either revealing the truth about her identity or hitting Kotohime over the head and honestly, Keine wasn't ready for either to occur so she gave Mokou a pleading look whilst holding Kaguya's arm.

The phoenix jumped down, laughing while the kids watched on this interesting altercation with as much attention as kids could muster.

They had rarely seen their beloved yet strict teacher appear at such a loss.

Kotohime greeted the woman as Kaguya rolled her eyes when Mokou attempted to put on her charm, tucking her hands into her pockets and flashing a grin.

"How about you and I go for a walk? I think I'm gonna like your version of the tale so if you're okay with it, I really wanna hear it".

Kotohime relaxed her stance as Mokou moved in close to her side, offering her hand. She acquiesced to Mokou's charisma, her slight side grin enhancing it.

"Oh, well. If that is the case, I would be happy to share the true origin of the story free from the outlandish theatrics".

"Sounds good to me" Mokou grinned, thrilled that the princess took her hand, "I'm sure you and I are gonna get on like a house on fire".

Mokou could hear Kaguya's brain depart and see Keine's exasperation yet amusement.

Kotohime chuckled, lifting her dainty fingers over her mouth, "Well, I can hardly reject such a declaration. Let us leave, Mokou".

With that, the situation had been deescalated and the remaining 5 minutes of Kaguya's stint at the  school went off without a hitch.

Keine had felt like she had aged a century once the final class of the day ended and the kids went home.

Kaguya had returned to Eientei after her hour, or so she had presumed when a knock to her door halted her from scanning through some parchments.

"I hear someone had to stay behind for behaving uncouthly".

The teacher laughed and motioned for Kaguya to come in, "You did? My punishment is all the wonderful versions of your journey that I get to read, as written by my students".

Kaguya's eyes glistened as she walked in and took a seat on Keine's lap, curling one arm behind the teacher's neck whilst reading what was on Keine's desk.

There were various recounts which could rival Kaguya's actual journey, such was the imagination of children.

Some involving visiting other planets. 

Some remaking Kaguya as a villain.

Some having the tale end on a positive note.

Keine could tell that Kaguya was impressed as she wrapped her arms around Kaguya's waist and rested her chin on the woman's shoulder after brushing her hair to the side.

After a riotous day, it felt serene to just be like this.

The half youkai knew this wouldn't be the last time she invited Kaguya given how she was a hit with the students. Her sagacity blended with whimsy had amused and educated the children, igniting their developing minds.

Their thirst to learn only amplified as the discussion of the past continued on.

"Wow, these are amazing. It seems that not only did I land in Gensokyo but I took out all the youkai, making the land safe again" Kaguya beamed with a sly smile, "Reimu isn't going to like that I took her job".

Keine smiled, "As I said earlier, they liked you".

"Apart from the little girl whom would be a future heckler".

The arms around her tightened, knowing that Keine could see her slight pout, "You handled it well enough".


"No" Keine educed with a grin as she was met with betrayed eyes when Kaguya shifted so that she was resting against Keine’s cheek, "Mokou is going to laugh about today for another millennia".

"Don’t remind me" Kaguya smirked as she placed a hand on Keine’s cheeks, brushing her thumb over her skin, "I do have a profound respect for those that teach after today".

"Is that so?"

Kaguya nodded before placing her head on Keine’s shoulder, "Teaching is strenuous"

"So is being a princess, apparently".

"We should switch one day for a while".

Keine could see herself getting roped into something like that as she held Keine's cheek.

"One day".

The Kaguya of the tale may have had to relinquish her curiosity and happiness but this one?

She was here to stay.