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not where the storyline ends.

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“Your Highness.” Junmyeon doesn’t hear any response from the young Prince, and he shakes him even more violently. “Soo!”

The 26-year-old groans, and pulls the blanket over his eyes. Junmyeon starts stating out the day’s schedule anyway.

“So many…” Kyungsoo mumbles.

“Yes and the Kingdom’s birthday is in 3 days,” Junmyeon sarcastically replies. “Now get up. The Queen expects you to be down for breakfast in… 12 minutes.”


“Good morning, honey.”

“Morning…” Kyungsoo yawns and stretches before the maids come to his side to ask what he wanted for breakfast.

“Sweetie, Dad says that he will meet us at Rosewood. He had an emergency to attend to this morning.”

“Okay.” He remembers vaguely that he needed to go to that town with his father for an introductory tour. Kyungsoo would soon be the future King, since his father is already starting to scale back on his duties and responsibilities. 

“Don’t be nervous, sweetheart.”

“I’m not… just tired.”

“From studying the whole night,” his mother points out. She’s right; he wanted everything to be perfect, and couldn’t help how anxious he’d get the nights before all these tours.


“Also… You need to keep a lookout for a potential -”

“Spouse, yes I know.”

“Good.” The Queen seemed satisfied, and she stood up. “I’m going to get ready. I already chose what you’re going to wear today. You’ll be the most handsome man out there, well, after your Dad of course~”

Kyungsoo really loved his parents dearly, but some things are just… being said too early in the day.


Since Kyungsoo’s their only son, naturally he’d become the Heir to the throne. However, this meant that he needed to find himself a wife, someone he needed to spend his life with. 

Correction: He needed to find a wife first, before his parents stepped in and shoves a stranger in his arms.

He really wants to find someone he would genuinely love and care for, but with all his duties, and a dire lack of outside interaction, it proves difficult. None of the noble women he sees at events caught his eyes, knowing full well they just throw themselves, not at him, but at a chance to become Exodus’ next Queen. It wouldn’t be a genuine relationship then, even if they don’t love each other. 

The Queen and her Prince finally left the Palace an hour later, and slowly made their way to Rosewood.

Kyungsoo adores this little lively, bustling village; they greet them so merrily each time they visit and he always feels happier by the end of the day. He feels a little at home too, and that’s always a nice feeling to have for a life so boring and stringent.


As usual, the people greeted them with yet another amazing performance before they were invited to the Mayor’s house for some refreshments. They begin their tour after that, and Kyungsoo breaks off from his parents to go on his own (with his Guards of course).


People come out to greet the Prince, offer him some snacks or little handmade items and the former accepts them all graciously. It was getting a little crowded for Kyungsoo’s taste, that at one point he lost track of where he was going, and momentarily lost Junmyeon too.



Someone managed to bump right into the Prince’s legs, and then he felt another lighter bump against them.


Kyungsoo looked down to see two kids as tall as his knees, and the three of them looked at each other confusingly.

“Children, if we can take a couple steps away from the Prince that-” Kyungsoo raises his right hand and stops Junmyeon’s words and gets to his knees.

“What are your names?”

“Miyoungie~” The girl answers, and she points to the boy beside her, “He’s my little brother, Taetae~”

“Kim Taeyang! That’s my real name!”

“Miyoung and Taeyang? You’re both very adorable. What were you playing?”

“Catching! Sir, what are you wearing?” Taeyang starts touching the sash Kyungsoo had on, looking closely at all the badges on it.

“Sir! Who are all these people?” Miyoung looks at all the well-dressed guards and people surrounding him, “Who are you?”

“MIYOUNG!” A loud gasp was heard and in came a woman rushing in, and grabbing the two kids in front of the Prince. She hugs them close and immediately bows towards Kyungsoo.

“Good morning, Your Highness.” She whispers something to the two kids and they bow as well. The lady looks forward and Kyungsoo could finally take a proper look at her.

Needless to say, he was blown away.


Quite literally.


Chaos ensues around him, but Kyungsoo was so distracted by him almost falling all over the trio that he didn’t care about what’s going on behind him.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to bump into you…” He balances himself before pulling away from the woman. 

“It’s alright, Your Hig-” 

A gunshot was heard and the world came to a standstill. Kyungsoo makes sure the lady and the two kids are fine before he looks behind him.

“What happened?”

“This man tried to attack you from the back. Has a dagger and everything,” Junmyeon explains. “We shot his leg, and the other Guards are bringing him into custody.”

“Oh, okay.” He turns around again, and looks at the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, smiling at him. “Are you sure the 3 of you are alright?”

“Yes, Your High-”

“Kyungsoo.” He extends his hand and the woman shakes it back.

“My name is Jeondae… and these are my children. I apologise for their behaviour, they’re just very playful.”

“Like all kids are. No problem. They’re very adorable. And curious.”

“Yeah,” Jeondae giggles, “They are.”


At this point, everyone else that is still there is just looking at the Prince and the trio awkwardly, before Junmyeon clears his throat, “We need to move on.”

“Oh, yes, okay…” Kyungsoo looks at Jeondae again, “It was very nice to meet you and your beautiful children.”

“The feeling is mutual, Prince Kyungsoo. And again, I apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

“No apology needed. Have a good day.” He bows and Jeondae instantaneously bows again, and Kyungsoo was on his way.


He ends the day with the same feeling he always gets, but ten folds now. He also never felt his heart this complete in his entire life.


“Are you alright, sweetheart?”

“I’m fine, Mom.” She checks over her son, whether or not he had visible injuries, before she pats his head.

“How was your tour otherwise?”

“Great,” Kyungsoo smiles, “I met a few cute kids and elderly people.” 

His mother smiles back, a little mischievously, “You met someone.”

“What?” His smile falls, and he straightens up.

“You smiled. A big wide one. Almost like… you’re in love~” She teases, pinching his cheeks.

“Wh.. What? N-no…” 

“Who is she…?” His mother gasps, “You’re getting red. Your ears!” She continues teasing.

“No… She’s no one…”

She gasps again, albeit dramatically, “So there was someone that you saw and liked!” She jumps like an excited teen, “Who is she~”

“She’s…” Kyungsoo groans, “She has kids… So she’s probably married, Mom.”

“Aw,” his mother pouts, “The one time someone catches your eyes…” She shakes her head, “Oh well. You will find someone like her again, I hope.”



Thankfully for him, the conversation ended there and then, and he went to sleep dreaming about running around the garden with two kids who looked eerily similar to the ones he’d seen earlier today and Jeondae coming up beside him and placing a kiss on his cheek.

Kyungsoo couldn’t stop thinking about Jeondae.

And it’s been two weeks since the tour. 

‘Shit! She’s married with children for goodness sake!’ He scolds himself. He has to think about what is best for the Kingdom, not some fantasy he wishes to have instead.

What he’d do to live a different life, huh?

“Son, you have to go into Rosewood today.”

“Why, what happened?”

“I can’t make it today to give my speech, so you’re going to have to do it for me.”

“What speech?”

“They just opened the new garden today, you know? The one that-”

“That they built in memory of the late Duchess.”

“Yes.” His father looks at him proudly, “Now, you have 2 hours to memorise this, then you’ll make your way there. Take a walk around the gardens… Junmyeon would brief you.”


“On behalf of the King and Queen, I would like to express our utmost gratitude and appreciation for this beautiful garden. It’s a great honour to Duchess Leslie and to celebrate everything she has done for Rosewood and our Kingdom.”

Kyungsoo ended his speech and was escorted to start his tour. To his surprise…

“Good afternoon, Your Highness.”

“Jeondae-ssi, hello.”

“Ah, you remember my name,” she bows, “Allow me to introduce myself formally. I’m Kim Jeondae; I was in-charge in overseeing the entire project for the Fuslie Gardens. I’ll be giving Your Highness the tour today.”


‘Is this fate?’ The Prince thinks to himself.

Kyungsoo doesn’t believe in that but still... fantasies, you know?


“Hello…” He starts off unsure, “I’m Kyungsoo.”

Jeondae laughs, elegantly if that’s even possible, “Well hello, Prince Kyungsoo. I hope you had a safe trip on your way here. The Palace is quite a distance away.”

“Yes… we did… Thank you for asking.” He shifts awkwardly, which in turn makes the other lady a little awkward as well, before Junmyeon breaks the silence.

“Shall we begin?”