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A magical therapy session.

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Hello everyone, welcome to the first of many meetings. My name is Fate Testarossa and like all of you, I’ve gone through a lot in my life; I’ve had my fair share of personal issues, I fought my beloved one, an experience most of you are familiar with, but after many hardships I’m finally in the place I always wanted to be. I’m happily married to the beautiful woman who saved me when I was young and we adopted a lovely daughter.


My mission is to help you girls reach that ideal life, however, rather than doing it individually, I think sharing our stories with others who have lived similar situations might be more productive and could help broaden our perspective even further. 


That is the reason for this group, I’m very pleased to see you here. I’m familiar with your backgrounds since I interviewed each of you a few days ago, so why don’t we begin the introductions for you to start knowing each other. Who would like to begin?


Aside from counselor Testarossa, there were 6 girls in the room, they all examined around waiting for someone to break the silence. While some looked more eager to share than others, none seemed to want the initial spotlight, perhaps out of selflessness or shame. After a few minutes, one of them finally spoke.


Homura: My name is Akemi Homura, I’m a magical girl and I’ve come to seek advice, as I will soon have my fight against the one I love most. Testarossa-san mentioned most of you already faced such an event, so it seems I came to the right place. 


Togo: We are happy to help. Would you mind telling us what is the source of the confrontation? 


Homura: That won’t be necessary, I just need your advice, there is no reason to dive deep into my story.


Yuyu: If we don’t have a basic understanding of your situation, how can we help you prevent it?


Homura Prevent it? You got it wrong, I’m looking for advice on how to win.


Miku: Oh… Is that really how you want to approach the conflict?


Homura: Absolutely. Now, I’m open to suggestions and any sort of tactics, it doesn't matter what I have to do as long as I win.


Miku:  I’m not sure I can offer any good advice, I usually lose those fights.


Togo: Same here.


Hikari: I lost but I also won? It’s a little complicated.


Yuyu: I actually haven’t had a fight like that, sorry.


Homura: I knew coming here was going to be a waste of time.


Mei: Worry not, I will help you achieve victory.


Yuyu: I don’t think you should be encouraging her.


Fate: We’ll get there in due time. For now, let’s continue with the introductions.


Togo: Allow me to. My name is Togo Mimori, I’m a semi-retired magical girl. My relationship is going great for the most part, but I’ve been emotionally dependent on her for most of my life and I want to start changing.


Yuyu: How bad would you say your dependence is?


Togo: Nothing out of the ordinary, just a very prevalent “I'd rather destroy the world and everyone living in it than be without her” sentiment. We’ve all been there right?


Miku: Of course 


Hikari: Certainly


Homura: Undoubtedly


Mei: Absolutely


Yuyu: You mean metaphorically?


Togo: No I really do mean it, I tried to do it once.


Yuyu: And when you all agreed without hesitation, you knew she meant it literally?


Hikari: Naturally


Homura: How else were we supposed to take it?


Miku: It’s a very relatable feeling after all.


Mei: You have never felt that way?


Yuyu: No no, I have, but it’s a new sensation for me so I wanted to make sure I was on the same page as everyone.


Fate: (this group might be harder to work with than I thought…) Anyways, who would like to go next?


Miku: My name is Kohinata Miku, I’m also a magical girl, sometimes… I guess I’m sort of an honorary one.


Mei: (There’s a lot of these “magical girls” here)


Togo: What do you mean by “honorary” Miku-san?


Miku: I can only wield the power of the relics we use in our world under certain circumstances, and my problems come from there. My girlfriend is always fighting and I can’t help but feel frustrated because I want to be out there by her side, not just wait until she comes home.


Togo: That’s a very noble sentiment, if I were in a similar position I would certainly feel the same way, however..


Homura: I think your partner is very lucky, Kohinata-san.


Miku: How so?


Hikari: If all of us were given the opportunity to prevent our loved ones from getting involved in any sort of trouble, I have no doubt we would take it.


Mei: There’s nothing I want more than that. At the same time, the thought of not being able to fight in order to protect her is almost unbearable, so I can understand both sides.


Fate: A very interesting juxtaposition and we will undoubtedly discuss it at length later. Proceed please.


Yuyu: I’m Shirai Yuyu, I’m a magical girl, although in the academy I’m enrolled at we are called “lilies”.


Mei: (another magical girl, seriously am I in the wrong place?)


Miku: An academy? Sounds interesting, how does it work?


Yuyu: First we have to pass the entrance exams in order to enter one of the many military academies in the country, also called “gardens”, that trains us “lilies'' to protect the world. Once accepted, we are assigned a senior who is in charge of our care; eventually we take that role as well.


Mei: A place where you all train and live together...


Togo: I’m almost jealous, it must be an honor to fight for your country under such a perfectly organized system.


Yuyu: I wouldn’t call it perfect, but thanks to the hard work of all the students it feels like a home. As for the reason why I came, it’s a bit of a sensitive topic so I would rather not mention it right now.


Fate: Don’t worry, feel free to talk about it when you are ready. Next one please.


Hikari: My name is Kagura Hikari, I’m a stage girl and I perform at Seisho Music Academy.


Miku: A stage girl, that means you dance and sing too? Awesome!


Mei: (at least this one is not a magi…)


Hikari: Yes, I’m also a magical girl.


Mei: (Of course)


Homura: Are you sure? your outfit doesn’t strike me as one of a magical girl, very pretty though.


Hikari: Well, some of the things happening on stage can only be explained by magic. For instance, there was this time I was performing against one of my classmates and this huge sea wave appeared out of nowhere. Or when Karen crashed my stage by literally summoning Tokyo Tower, there’s no way the stage production department prepared all of that.


Togo: It’s hard to argue against it.


Homura: I’m not convinced yet.


Hikari: There’s also this talking giraffe that makes us fight against each other for its own purposes.


Homura: Okay I believe you.


Hikari: I’m here because graduation is coming soon and my communication skills are not very good.


Yuyu: Graduation, which means you’ll have to part ways.


Togo: And you are afraid to hurt her.


Miku: So you want to express your feelings in a way that doesn’t cause a misunderstanding.


Hikari: Yes exactly! I’m starting to think this might be helpful.


Fate: Excellent! I am very happy you girls are starting to develop a connection with each other. Now then, let’s finish with the introductions, would you do us the honors please?


Mei: My name is Raiden Mei, I have a question though.


Fate: What is it?


Mei: Is it alright for me to be here? Because I’m not like the rest of you.


Miku: But you have relationship issues too, right?


Togo: And silky smooth black hair like all of us


Homura: That look in your eyes reminds me of my own, it’s like I’m seeing myself in a mirror… except for those horns in your head.


Yuyu: You can’t be so different from us.


Mei: I’m not a magical girl okay?! There, I said it.


Hikari: Really? What about the horns and the small sparks of lighting surrounding you then?


Mei: I’m more of a science wrong kind of girl. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go find the right group.


Togo: Wait, that doesn’t mean you have to leave.


Mei: But everyone else here is a magical girl except me, I bet even our counselor is one as well.


Fate: Correct.


Mei: See!


Fate: However, you are wrong about something: this is not an exclusive group of any sort, you deserve to be here as much as the rest.


Mei: …Really?


Fate: Think of it as an unfortunate coincidence, being a magical girl isn’t easy.


Homura: Tell me about it.


Mei: ...So I can stay?


Miku: Absolutely! I understand feeling like you don’t belong, but you are one of us now.


Homura: You still need to tell me how to win.


Yuyu: If it helps, there’s also science involved in what I do so I’m not 100% a magical girl.


Hikari: I don’t even have a flashy transformation, I simply change my clothes like any regular person.


Togo: We already have a lot more in common, wouldn’t you agree?


Mei: ...Yeah, you are right. Thanks, everyone.


Yuyu: Why don’t you tell us what is troubling you? 


Mei: Of course. Not too long ago I had a fight with someone because…


Togo: She tried to take the whole weight of the world on her shoulders without any regard for her own well being?


Mei: Correct. After that I had to part ways with her, but…


Hikari: She won’t stop until she sees you again, so a reunion is inevitable.


Mei: Precisely, and…


Miku: You are nervous because you are not sure what to say once you meet.


Mei: You girls are making me feel like we have known each other for years, it's been a while since I felt this comfortable around other people.


Homura: Let me ask something. Do you ever regret it?


Mei: Not at all, I will always enter the darkness to return her to bliss.


Hikari: Wow, how deep.


Miku: Mei-san you are so cool!


Homura: I’m stealing that line.


Yuyu: You don’t have to write it down… wait you too Fate-san?!


Fata: W-What? No, of course not! I’m writing something else… Anyways, our time today is up, but thank you for coming. It was quite an eventful first reunion and we made a lot of progress. I have no doubts that this will be a very enlightening experience for all of us. Take care, I will see you all next week.



Log Entry #1


The first reunion of the group went much better than I anticipated, and I already had high expectations based on their individual experiences. Despite having some concerns about how their personalities would mesh with each other, all of them were cooperative and supportive. Perhaps the most surprising development was the misunderstanding with Raiden Mei. I certainly never foresaw such a situation, in retrospect however, I did notice during her interview a strong sense of loneliness, a natural development after the events she went through, so it’s not surprising that she reacted the way she did. Nevertheless, it turned out to be a great morale boost for her and everyone else, so it was a welcomed development.


For the second reunion next week, we will start the individual focus sessions with Akemi Homura, in my mind the most troubled of the group, and the one that would benefit the most from going first, not only for her sake, but helping her ease her mind now will ensure a positive participation in future sessions. It won’t be easy, nevertheless, I have faith the girls and I will be able to achieve good results.


By Fate Testarossa.