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Crosshair had a headache.

He had a headache for the past few months.

But this was different.

It was a groggy feeling. Not the usually splitting pain he got on the side of his head when he was given an order. That was gone and replaced by this aching feeling in his head.

Though still hurt, it was better than the other option.

Crosshair let out a groan, not even meaning to as he sat up and heard muffled voices from the other room and a shuffle from next to him.

“He’s awake!”

Footsteps immediately bolted in. “Omega, I told you to keep your distance.”

There was a huff as Crosshair’s eyes quickly focused to their normal vision. “I wanted to make sure he was okay.” The higher pitched voice said.

Crosshair’s gaze first met Wrecker’s, who looked a mixture of nervous and concerned as he stood at the foot of the table he was on. “H-how you feelin’, bud?” He asked and Crosshair could see from the corner of his eyes the tenseness from his other brothers.

He grumbled, swinging his legs over the table. “Not like I want to kill you guys, if that’s the answer you’re looking for.” He hissed as his hand went to the spot on his head that was aching.

“I would advise you to stay where you are.” Tech appeared in Crosshair’s direct line of sight, pulling out his scanner. The sniper shot him a look. “And since when have I listened to your advice?” He growled and Tech looked unamused.

“The means to get you on the ship we’re unethical. Do not think for a second I would hesitate to do something of those means again if you refuse to cooperate so I can inspect your health.” The engineer threatened. Crosshair glared at him but didn’t stop him as he scanned him over.

There was a silence for a brief moment before Hunter quietly told Omega to go to the cockpit. She opened her mouth to protest but the look that Echo shot her made her shut up and quietly slip out.

Hunter appeared next to Wrecker, his arms crossing. “What do you remember?” He asked his brother. Crosshair’s eyes flickered to meet his eldest brothers.

“Everything. Sorry to disappoint.” He seethed. Hunter’s eyes looked away for a moment with a guilt in them before he breathed in. “Tech could tell you were lying in the training facility. That’s why when you refused to come with us on the platform, he told Wrecked to knock you out.”

“Sorry.” Wrecker rubbed the back of his neck with the quiet apology. Crosshair didn’t care. That wasn’t what they should apologize for. His eyes still remained hard, angry stare at Hunter’s.

“Your chip has been removed, if you did not connect the dots.” Tech told him bluntly as he set his scanner off to the side and crossed his arms. Crosshair’s eyes scanned all four of them.

“What do you want me to do? Sink to my knees and progress my gratitude to my saviors?” Crosshair said bluntly and Hunter sighed. “No. We just wanna make sure you’re okay.”

“No, you just wanna make sure I’m not a murderous manic anymore.” The sniper snarled as he stood up. Tech out a hand on his shoulder. “Did I clear you?”

“Did I fucking ask you to?”

“Let him go, Tech.” Hunter ordered and the engineer hesitated before taking his hand of the sniper’s shoulder.

“Not so hard following orders.” Crosshair snarled, making all them tense up as he stalked toward the familiar bunkroom with a scowl.

“Lighten up, will you?”

Hunter sighed as he heard the door shut, rubbing his eyes. “That could have gone worse.” Tech said simply, but you could tell he was annoyed as he picked up his scanner.

“He’ll be on defense. Just let him cool down and heal first and maybe we’ll be able to talk.” Hunter said, scratching his beard out of nervous habit. Echo raised his eyebrows.

“And if he doesn’t?”

The other three looked in confusion. “I’m not saying he’ll go back to the empire, but on that platform, with him talking about not joining us again…you guys have to prepare that that might’ve been the real Crosshair talking.” Echo told them.

There was no response before the silence became too much and Hunter stalked off to the cockpit and was met with an Omega leaning against the door.

She jumped, eyes wide. “Is Crosshair okay?” She asked quietly. Hunter sighed, hand rubbing down his face.

“He’s fine, kiddo.”

“He didn’t sound fine.”

“Cross is just…upset. And he had a right to be. So just let him be for now, okay? I don’t want you bothering him.” Omega nodded as he picked her up.

“Cmon, let’s get you to bed.”

And through the door of the quiet bunkroom was the sniper laying in his bunk, listening to the others finally lighten up again and he could finally see just how they were without him there.

They’re completely normal routine that he once knew was easily recognizable.

Meaning there was no need for him in this group of misfits any longer.