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How To Escape Your Harem

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Ren was facing a conundrum of sorts. No matter what he seemed to do, this problem of his managed to grow and mutate into scenarios he couldn’t have predicted. It all seemed to have one result, though.

Every woman he interacted with, he’d eventually have sex with.

It had felt like an incredible coincidence at first. He would grow close to someone, whether it was one of his classmates, his doctor, or a random girl he met in a church playing shogi. It was never his intention starting out, but the longer he stuck around, the more his emotions seemed to get the better of him.

For better or worse, Ren was a romantic. Perhaps that was just one facet of the wild card, but he experienced his feelings too strong to deny them. In his own mind, his affection for one girl didn’t cancel out the others, though he knew they wouldn’t see it that way. It was just that every time he got his head clear and decided to pick one girl and stay with her, a new one fell into his orbit and the whole cycle began again.

Now the problem was reaching a critical mass. One girlfriend was enough to keep most high schoolers busy, as well as juggling his responsibility as a Phantom Thief. Ten girlfriends, though, just wasn’t feasible. The number of near-misses keeping this web of relationships afloat was exceedingly high, and he couldn’t hope that his luck would continue forever.

So he had to break up with them. Surely one person couldn’t fall for ten women with the same level of emotion; he had to like one of them more than the others. It sounded reasonable, but he knew full well he wasn’t a good judge of that. So it was simple, all he needed to do was to find an objective measure to determine which relationship had the deepest connection.

So all he had to do was sleep with them all one last time to find out which one to stay with. Easy, right?

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To solve his problems, Ren decided to go back to the root of his romantic issues; his first relationship. When he’d arrived at Shujin Academy, he’d been entirely unaware of what was waiting for him. He knew now that if he didn’t dump nine of these girls soon, he’d be on the receiving end of a whip, the fist of justice, and whatever concoctions a back-alley doctor could cook up. The pressure was on.

So he invited Ann over under the pretense of hanging out and watching a movie. Simple enough, though their plans were usually derailed by an abrupt call from her modeling agency. He couldn’t say that having a girlfriend gorgeous enough to be a model was a downside, but to make it through this ordeal, he’d have to cut through the superficial, no matter how attractive this gorgeous woman draped over him was.

The summer sun was low in the sky, cutting through the windows of Leblanc’s attic. The golden light had a way of perfectly framing her features, as though the world around them acknowledged that she was objectively beautiful. Despite being late in the day, it was still searingly hot in the poorly ventilated attic.

Ren couldn’t focus on the movie he’d snagged from the rental store as it flickered precariously on the old CRT TV. He was distracted by the bead of sweat that ran down the side of Ann’s slender neck, past her collarbone, and disappeared in her cleavage. He was acutely aware of their position on the bed; her long legs tangled up in his, and her ass pressing directly against an unfortunate area.

Simply put; this wouldn’t be without its challenges.

The thought of waiting another 45 minutes for this dreadfully dull movie to finish almost made him despair. Between the tension in his pants and the pressure of the operation resting on this, he had to act. He took a deep breath, shifting in his seat.

The way they were positioned now, Ren’s left arm was snaked around her waist, resting closely on her stomach. He reached for her with his right hand, tilting her chin to meet his kiss. Ann only uttered the quietest sound of surprise, though that was far from an objection. If anything, she pushed it further, sliding her tongue alongside his.

Ren clearly remembered their first time. In short, it had been clumsy, and not befitting the sex life of two Phantom Thieves. Now, though, he’d been working on his proficiency, and managed to unsnap the button of her shorts with only two fingers. His hand tucked underneath her shorts and underwear, making their way down.

Ann gasped against his mouth at the first touch, a long, probing stroke through her folds, until he found that little nub inside. Considering how sexually inexperienced he was before Ann, he’d been dumbfounded to find out that it was as easy as finding one spot and gently rubbing to completion. Despite sounding too good to be true, Ann quickly came undone at his soft but persistent touch.

She kissed him harder, swirling their tongues together. He bit her lip, savoring the squeal that rose up to her throat in response. He wasn’t quite finished with their current task, though, as he plunged two fingers inside her. Ann’s eyelids fluttered and she arched her back against the bed. Ren smiled cockily to himself as he untangled from her.

Pulling her shorts and underwear down her legs and past her ankles while not removing his fingers was the kind of technical talent Ren acquired thanks to the wealth of experience at his disposal. She was absolutely soaked, he noted as he pulled her tank top up to reveal the lacy red bra underneath. So she’d been planning for this as well.

Prepared as she was, Ren didn’t begin something he wasn’t prepared to finish with his own hands. Literally, as the case was. Ducking between her legs, he didn’t hesitate to dive in. Ann was already putty in his hands once he finished with his fingers, but rocking them back and forth while eating her out was on another level.

He could alternate between pressing his tongue flat against the folds of her labia or targeting the clitoris more precisely with the tip of his tongue. Sometimes for the hell of it, he spelled words or entire sentences out. He couldn’t explain why, but that seemed to have more of an effect than any purposeful or strategic use of his tongue.

“Fuck, Ren,” Ann ran one hand through his hair, using the other to squeeze her breast. She was still wearing half her clothes, even if her shirt was pulled up. He’d have to change that as soon as he wrapped up down here.

“Do you like that?” He asked at the moment he raised his mouth to breathe. With the way that Ann’s legs tended to writhe and wrap around his head, he was liable to suffocate if he didn’t take precautions. The hot air of his breath against her sex sent a ripple through Ann.

“Please,” her voice was weak, breaking as she spoke. “I need you to-ah!” He headed back down before she could finish her thought. He attacked the clitoris with a renewed focus and subtly turned his fingers to make a sort of come hither gesture. Curling his fingers inside her, he rubbed the different textured patch that constituted the G-spot.

She bucked her hip against his face, pressing her thighs down on either side of his neck. It wouldn’t be half bad to die this way, he thought as air became a little bit harder to come by. With his free hand, he ran his fingers along the soft skin on her thighs, relishing the feeling. He pressed his fingertips more roughly into the toned limb, causing Ann to yelp.

Eventually, though, she settled down. She looked as though she was about half to fall asleep, but he wasn’t about to let her be done when he still had all his clothes on. He preferred there to be nothing between him or his sexual partner, though that was often decided by circumstances outside of his control, like if it was in public.

One of his fondest memories of Ann was bending her over the railing in front of the staircase leading to Leblanc. No customers saw her, even if Ren believed Sojiro had to have overheard them. He didn’t believe he had many fetishes; Ren actually thought he was pretty vanilla. Even so, pulling her close so he could peer over her shoulders and watch her tits bounce as he took her from behind, conscious that they could be discovered at any moment, gave him an undeniable thrill.

He rose for a moment, admiring her lean form even as she sprawled across his bed, still quivering. He looked at his fingers, slick from her, and decided something needed to be done to clean them. Ann growled deep in her throat as she sucked her own juices off his finger, and Ren decided he liked the look of that a lot. Ann actually looked best with those pink lips of hers wrapped around something.

He tossed his button-up and the shirt underneath it to the side, kicking off his jeans. Ann had begun to stir, eyeing him hungrily. She crawled across the bed to where he stood in front of it, her ass gently swaying to either side. She raised her arms, prompting Ren to pull her tank top up and off. He bent to kiss her again, as her hands explored his body.

Fingernails dragged across the muscles of his back, light as a whisper, sending chills down his spine. His mouth migrated from hers, first kissing her jaw, then the underside, and peppering a white-hot trail down her neck and collarbone. Reaching the generous swell of her breast, he bit down and sucked hard enough to leave a pronounced bruise. Ann ran her hand down his head and neck, squeezing his shoulder and sighing dreamily.

Gripping her waist, he pulled Ann close against his body for easier access to the bra separating perhaps her best feature. Fingers working quickly, he unhooked the latch and kissed along her collarbone again as he pulled the straps down from either shoulder. As much as he appreciated the lacy fabrication, it had served its purpose, and he discarded it alongside the rest of their clothes on the floor.

Despite frequently attending a church for shogi practice, Ren was not actively religious. Even so, the sight of her breasts as the bra fell away was more than enough to convince him of intelligent design. He gripped her ass with one hand, bracing the small of her back with the other, and wrapping his lips around one nipple and sucking.

He almost chuckled against her skin as he watched the one hand that wasn’t groping his body to wander down south again. As much as their sexual relationship was a give-and-take, Ann was just a bit greedy when it came to her satisfaction. While Ren serviced her top half, she’d usually pleasure herself.

“Enough,” she giggled, pushing him back a couple of inches, “my turn.” On her knees, still touching herself, she grabbed the waistband of his underwear and pulled his cock free. Ren didn’t try to exaggerate for his own benefit, but Ann was giving the sort of look she reserved for a buffet.

And a good thing she didn’t believe in warming up or starting slow, because Ren felt like he was just about to burst. Watching Ann’s pretty little mouth slide down his length was pushing him to a dangerous place, though. On the last inch or so, she gagged and Ren tried to pull back to no avail. She grabbed him by the hips and pushed down further, her lips kissing the base of skin around his cock.

Ren’s breathing became shallow and fast-paced, irregular. He took both of Ann’s twin tails in his hands, sighing as her mouth slid up and down. Her fingers gripped the base of his cock, rubbing the prodigious saliva in and jerking slowly as her tongue and mouth serviced the first half.

“Do you like it when I suck you off?” Ann’s voice was deadly quiet, drawling and falling from her lips even as she returned to suck the tip. She wrapped both of her hands around the shaft, tugging as her tongue swirled in and around her fingers. “Pull harder.”

Ren had no issue obliging, dragging her mouth along his member, feeling the saliva pool up and drip down her chin. She abandoned jerking him off, just taking him inside her mouth as deeply as she could. He groaned; he was close, and she was merciless when it came to pushing him over the edge.

“Fuck, Ann, I-” his grip on her hair loosened and suddenly tightened, pulling her mouth back to the base and holding it there as he spasmed. Ann sat patiently as Ren filled her mouth, swallowing it slowly until the last disappeared down her throat. Ann pulled away from him, her tongue running along her bottom lip, catching the excess. She clapped her hands together and beamed at him.

“Thank you for the food!”

“Bend over,” he growled, and she complied. She bent at a sixty-degree angle, almost laying facedown even as she raised her ass to meet him. Ren pulled his underwear down and kicked them aside, grabbing the beautiful little place where her hips met her waist and formed the perfect handle for this sort of thing.

Still, wet with Ann’s saliva, he had no problem pressing the head inside her and he was quickly sheathed up to the hilt. He remained still for a moment, feeling the warmth and wetness as she took him in. Ann groaned already, her fist bunching up in the bedsheet. She drew away from him a couple of inches before slamming back into his pelvis.

The result was a satisfying clapping noise as their skin met, and Ren didn’t need any further encouragement. Standing next to the bed while she was on all-fours was actually one of his preferred positions…with Ann, at least. It gave him a magnificent view of her heart-shaped ass, and she could brace herself decently by taking hold of the window sill.

“Shit, Ren!” She moaned, face half-buried in the mattress, as he pumped inside her. She writhed and bucked against him wildly, throwing her body against him to match each thrust. Ren hiked one leg up on the bed to slam into her deeper. “Harder!”

Honestly, it would be a miracle if Sojiro never commented on how vocal Ann could be. Luckily he had plenty of other places to take girls, but he always ran the risk of his guardian running out of patience. At least Ren had the good sense to never take Futaba back here, or the police would never find his body.

He grabbed Ann by her shoulders, ramming into her as the yelps and cries developed into screams. If Sojiro had any sense, he’d have ushered out the regulars long before this, but Ren was too lost in the moment to consider they should quiet it down. Ann was making a hell of a racket, but that had to be better than being silent, right?

“Ren, I’m gonna cum, oh, fuck!” With that exclamation, Ann’s head lolled to the side and her body grew increasingly limp. Ren slowed down for half a second, thinking it was about time to wrap this up. Hissing as he slid back in again, he pulled Ann up to her knees, holding her by the tits as he felt the pressure rising in him again.

He pulled out suddenly, guiding Ann down in front of him, and it took her no time at all to get back in the rhythm. She took him by the shaft, jerking him off and opening her mouth, tongue out and eyes closed. It was a sight too much for Ren to keep his composure.

“Shit, Ann, I-” he couldn’t finish his sentence before spilling his load on her face. A long thick rope of cum fell across her cheeks and open mouth, a second shorter spurt on her chin and collarbone. The third and fourth shots decorated her bust, dripping down the cleft of her breasts.

Ren sighed; it was enough to make him want to grab her and fuck her silly again, but between his body and particularly his dick, he was out of juice at the moment. He collapsed on the bed beside Ann, kissing her again.

“Ah, fuck.” He breathed, thinking to himself. He had thought that this decision would be easy, but Ann was going to be tough to beat. Still, running from his problems wasn’t going to do him any good now. The only thing left to do was clean up, get dressed, and walk Ann to the station.

Oh, and he had to place a call to a certain student council president.

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While Ann was Ren’s first romantic partner since arriving in Shibuya, he couldn’t honestly say she was the first that caught his eye. They didn’t get around to consummating their relationship until they finished conquering Madarame’s Palace, by which point he’d already taken a liking to the persistent student council president playing pawn to the principal.

Irritating, particularly to their goals as the Phantom Thieves, but what he saw was a girl clinging to the pretense of authority. That pretense was thin, but he sensed a deeper frustration lying underneath that, and he was just dying to peel back the layer, as well as her clothes. Makoto Niijima might talk a big game, but had a strong suspicion she’d be eager to give up control.

For once, Ren was hopelessly mistaken, and he couldn’t have been more pleased about it. Before long, he had the chance to grow closer with Makoto, not as classmates, but in their capacity as the Phantom Thieves. Her propensity for taking her anger out on Shadows was impressive, but her potential outside the Metaverse was just a bit more exciting. Oh, and he couldn’t forget about the skintight leather suit, either.

One unforeseen element to their romance was Makoto’s sister, Sae. It might have been too dangerous for a couple of Phantom Thieves to conduct an affair in the same apartment as the prosecutor seeking to put them away, but what was life, particularly romance, without a hint of danger? If anything, he was more worried how she’d crackdown on him as Ren Amamiya, the student she caught in bed with her sister, than as Joker, the leader of the Phantom Thieves.

Even so, Sae Niijima was a public prosecutor working long hours and sleeping in her office when duty called. In fact, the Niijima residence was one of the safest places for Ren to conduct his business. Ann’s parents employed help, while there was always the risk that Sojiro would close up shop early and return home. Though, if Sae ever came home, Ren was concerned he’d have to use his grappling hook to rappel down the side of the apartment building in his boxers.

But he hadn’t gotten this far by worrying himself to death, and ‘this far’ was currently about second base, tangled up in Makoto, her blanket and sheets, and the clothes he was trying to remove from both of them. He was only partially successful; she was stripped down to her underwear, while he’d only pulled off his shirt.

“You’re making me feel underdressed,” she said with an air of self-consciousness. With her typically humble and sincere demeanor, it would have worked on someone less familiar with how she operated.

“You’re more than welcome to take care of that problem yourself,” he commented lazily, but reluctantly withdrew his hand from the inside of her bra. Makoto gave him a satisfied sideways smile, reaching for his belt and unbuckling it.

“Did you bring protection?” Ren opened his mouth to respond, but a second passed and she rolled her eyes. “You’re so reckless, you know that?”

“It’s someone I know that’s always begging for me to finish inside… hmm, what’s the phrase you use again? Br-” She silenced him with a kiss, only a hint of tongue, though that was Makoto’s way. She had to get worked up properly, and before she reached that point, she had a tendency to be overly chaste.

That being said, he liked the white bra and panties on her. A student council president ought to be mature and composed, and while white was a virginal choice for someone who was far removed from her virginity, it suited her. Besides, she had flatly refused to try anything in the Metaverse, so the biker outfit wasn’t an option, and this would suffice.

She broke off the kiss suddenly to pull his pants down around his ankles, hanging off the bed. She ran a finger along the side of his erection as it sprang free from his underwear, biting her lips in her habitual way of planning out how next to proceed. Ren already knew the shortcut to get her to let that mask drop, and he was about tired of her holding out on him.

Before she could play her game of toying with him for the better part of the next half-hour, he took matters into his own hands. He didn’t look it, but Ren was actually quite strong, thanks to a combination of strength training in his room, learning how to move like a gymnast thanks to Yoshizawa, and hours of dashing around in the Metaverse. He was more than strong enough to grab Makoto and pull her into his lap.

She squealed at him suddenly picking her up by the waist, but she settled down, rubbing her ass against his groin in a way that made goosebumps raise up on his arms. She leaned back in his arms, trying to figure out what he was up to as he kissed her shoulder blade. A little higher, up to the crook of her neck, and then the side of her throat. A little higher, and his lips brushed the outer tip of her ear.

“Ren!” Makoto’s voice hit an unnaturally high pitch, half-protest, and half-moan as he kissed one of her most sensitive areas. As if that wasn’t enough, his tongue flicked out, briefly caressing her ear, and she just about melted in his hands.

His hands slid past the smooth skin of her hips and her stomach until he grasped her chest. Not perhaps as well-endowed as some others, but perky, and she more than made up for it in the way her full round ass pressed against him. Makoto squealed as he returned his mouth to her ear again, playing all sorts of little games that managed to drive her wild. He knew her well enough to know it was only so long she could take this.

“Dammit, Ren,” her voice sunk low as she whimpered. He could almost see the tears forming in her eyes as a want became a need and the flip in her head suddenly flicked on. “Fuck.”

Ren imagined there was somewhere specially reserved in hell for a guy like him who managed to make a good, sweet girl like Makoto get vulgar. He was also certain that his spot in hell was only half as hot as the pretty little thing squirming in his lap, grabbing his cock, and grinding it against her mound. Still covered by her underwear, but that wasn’t much of an obstacle as she pulled the white cotton fabric to the side and slid him inside.

The lovers gasped in unison at the rough sort of heat that came from barging in without doing the necessary prep work. Ren dragged his hands up and down her body, wriggling in the sort of pleasure that was so powerful it bordered on pain. A long, throaty moan escaped from Makoto’s mouth, raising her hips to bring it back down with incredible force.

He took her by the waist and the shoulder, easing her along as she slid back and forth, working the shaft with impressive dexterity. She planted her hands firmly in front of her, squeezing her eyes shut and riding the wave of pleasure shaking her to her core. Drunk off of the feeling, Ren was only able to watch the incredibly enjoyable sight of Makoto’s figure as she bounced on his cock.

He reached forward, ostensibly to unclasp her bra, but partially because it was a decent way to get a grip on a rodeo that was threatening to leave him in the dust. He unhooked the damn thing, watching it fall from her shoulders just from the force of her riding him. He slapped her ass, perhaps a little harder than he intended, watching the blood rush to the pale skin in a nice little mark.

“You’re evil,” contrary to what she said, though, the smack almost seemed to encourage her. She moaned louder, threw her body back harder, laying parallel with the mattress propped up on her elbows. Ren spanked her again, finding that a pattern to the process made it easier to not have much to do on his end.

“I like watching you work, but I was getting bored. Needed something to do with my hands.” He grabbed her ass with both hands, getting a nice feel for them. Who could just stand to watch when a masterpiece like that was going on in front of them?

“I’ve had just about enough of you.” Placing both hands on his knees, Makoto rocked back in the kind of way that made Ren feel like he was going to have a heart attack. That’s if her constant needling didn’t send him over the edge before they were ready to wrap up.

Makoto sat up, sliding off of him and climbing to her feet. Facing away from him, she made a show off taking the hem of her underwear and pulling it down nice and slowly. She bent over, presenting a perfect picture as she stepped out of them. Ren didn’t wait for her to turn back around.

He grabbed her by the thighs, burying his face in her. Makoto struggled to keep standing with the way he took a long draught of her. She gasped and panted at his ministrations, pushing herself back as his tongue and fingers worked deeper into her. He preferred oral sex when he could more easily pin her down and savor her legs tightening around his head. Still, it wasn’t a bad deal.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Makoto yelped as his mouth strayed further north. The ass was a sensitive spot, literally speaking, and not for everyone, though Ren reasoned it didn’t hurt to test boundaries. This was, at its heart, a competition of sorts, and a partner had to be willing to experiment.

Even so, her moans didn’t stop as his tongue flicked in and around her ass, while his fingers did their best work, coaxing a powerful orgasm out of her. She panted and groaned as it wracked her body, as her knees buckled and she gave out. Ren had known for a certainty that she couldn’t keep standing through that, so he was sure to gently guide her back into the bed.

“I’m showing you a good time, that’s what I think I’m doing,” he smiled in the sort of self-confident way that would drive Makoto up the wall if she wasn’t still weak in the knees. At this point, her only thought was climbing back up on the horse and riding it to a lather. When she got that gleam in her eyes, Ren felt a trickle of nervousness, but his cock ached from the space that she’d been occupying only a few minutes before.

“I don’t know about that being a good time. I mean, that’s not what it’s for!”

“What happened to expanding our horizons?” He took her by the wrist, pulling her up and on top of him. With the way she landed, he just had to shift his hips a centimeter to the left and she sat down, taking him back in again. He exhaled while she splayed her hands across his chest, using him for leverage to bob up and down.

Watching this beautiful woman come undone was certainly a sight, who he thought was the picture of demure and graceful maturity. The way her hands pinned him down by the forearm so she could hold herself up and kiss him. The way Makoto kissed him was strange, compared to the dry peck she thought passed for a kiss only a few months ago.

She preferred to act as though that was still the case. Ren was under the impression that was all she was capable of for the first few sessions. Ren still considered himself plain and appreciative of the little things, sexually, but there were only so many times a man could do missionary before beginning to think there were bigger better possibilities.

He’d stumbled onto his current methods by accident, actually, but once he found what make Makoto tick, he couldn’t turn it off. Not that he wanted to. She got that look and before he knew it, he was flat on his back. It was refreshing to take a step back and let her take control, even if he knew for a fact he could take it back in a pinch.

But he allowed himself to close his eyes. Makoto was a Queen, after all, and it didn’t hurt to let royalty know she was in charge. The full consequences of his actions didn’t become apparent until he felt cold metal on his wrists and the click of something snapping shut. He opened his eyes to see Makoto’s tits hanging in his face.

While that was particularly hard to draw his gaze away from, he looked up to see her leaning over him. She still made shallow little hops, but the only sign that she wasn’t fully in control of herself were the sharp little breaths she took as she got closer. He went to grab her, pull her closer when that didn’t work anymore.

She’d handcuffed him to the bedpost. The chain of the cuffs was thrown behind the corner of the frame, and it wouldn’t be an issue getting out them if he wasn’t pinned down by sex-crazed demon intent on milking him dry. He couldn’t say he wanted to get out of them, either.

“Oh, I thought we were expanding our horizons.” The end of Makoto’s mouth quirked up in a little smirk. She raised her hips to the tip of his length, before coming back down.“I can be open-minded, Ren, but that’s a two-way street.”

“I just have to question your motives,” he said, voice hitching as she ground against him insistently.

“My motives are to experience new things.” She said sweetly. “You’re always so confident and in control. I wondered what it would look like if you were at my mercy.”

“I swear you are vicious.”

She rode him with renewed vigor, bearing down on him with force to make him feel truly out of control. He didn’t push too hard against the cuffs, because he knew Makoto, and that these were police-grade that would do some damage if he pushed back. His only option was to relax and just take the beating coming his way.

“I’m curious, Ren, are you enjoying this?” Her voice was soft, unusually carefree for Makoto. “I took you for the dominant type. You’re always pinning me down, pulling my hair, even smacking me. Not that I mind, but you seem pleased to be on the receiving end.”

“It’s a nice change of pace.” She rolled her hips in a peculiar sort of way that made him tense up. His wrists stung where he dug into the cuffs, but he was distracted by the pleasure too much to notice a little discomfort.

“You’re always marking me up, too,” her face was close enough to his that he could see his reflection in those deep red eyes. “My chest would be fine, but you’re always leaving them where they’re visible. I don’t think that’s fair.”

He could see where this was going, and he wasn’t sure this was going to be an innocent prank like she thought. There were still a lot of girls he had to see this week, and he wasn’t sure how he could cover those up. Even so, he wasn’t thinking clearly with the way she was bouncing up and down on him, and the way that the rest of her bounced with her.

She pushed his chin up, exposing his throat, and sucked on the pale skin there. It was an odd, not immediately uncomfortable feeling. Though, as the seconds ticked on, a powerful feeling rushed over him; the combination of the soft mouth suckling on his neck, her hands groping and dragging over his skin, and the mounting pressure in his pelvis as she mercilessly came down on him again and again.

“Makoto,” his voice quavered, “I’m going to cum.”

“Good, good,” he admired the way her breasts pressed together as she brought her hands over each other on his chest. Pressing on his sternum, he felt himself a little short of breath. He couldn’t say he didn’t like it. “I want you to cum in me, Ren.”

“Is that right?” His voice was hazy, not in opposition.

“Cum in me, please, put it in me.” Her voice grew strained, almost panicked, tinged with a desperate sort of desire. “Fuck, Ren, breed me. I want to feel it throbbing inside me. Please please please, Ren, fuck me, oh fuck. I’m going to-”

She stopped speaking in comprehensible sentences, her voice trailing into a string of moans and gasps and curses. Ren pulled against the handcuffs so hard he thought the bedpost would snap, feeling the heat rising in him and knowing he wouldn’t be able to hold himself back another second.

He thrust his hips up helplessly, reaching as deep as he could, emptying himself inside her. Makoto’s fingers twitched as she grabbed his face and kissed him, saliva running down his chin. She was riding him until he bottomed out, and even a little after that. It wasn’t until a few seconds later that he realized she wasn’t actively bouncing on him anymore.

She had settled against his chest, but her body was still shaking from the aftereffects of her orgasm. He was almost sure she had fallen asleep until she raised her head, pupils so wide they nearly eclipsed the red iris. She kissed him again.

“Stay here just a little bit longer,” she whispered, intertwining her fingers with his. He decided he could wait a little bit longer.

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Ren realized that he would have a few difficulties in breaking off many of his established relationships. Namely, he had connections with many of them outside of their romantic entanglement, and that would complicate his life as a Phantom Thief, or even as a student. Starting a physical relationship with his teacher was one thing, but dumping her might have calamitous effects on his academic career.

And he couldn’t deny that Sadayo’s assistance was indispensable to the Phantom Thieves. It usually felt like there wasn’t enough time in the day, so her work cleaning the armor he found in the Metaverse or making the coffee that kept the team going would be sorely missed. The more he thought about it, he had to wonder if it wouldn’t be possible to keep a few of his most essential relationships going.

As soon as he thought about that, though, the dangerous gleam in Makoto’s eyes and how quickly she had snapped those handcuffs on made him reconsider. He didn’t think she or any of the others would be as petty as to jeopardize the Phantom Thieves over a lovers’ spat, but he couldn’t rule out grave bodily harm.

Thus, he approached Ms. Kawakami with caution. Perhaps if he had to, he could wait until the end of the school year before cutting things off. Though he wasn’t sure he wanted to cut things off at all, considering the unusual physical response his body produced towards the maid outfit. Maybe he wasn’t so sure his tastes were straightforward.

“I have to wonder about your intentions when you specifically request the outfit,” Sadayo said, straightening her skirt as he ushered her through Leblanc. One of the advantages of their relationship is that few others were available at night, so she always could come when Sojiro had closed up shop. A few girlfriends were one thing, Ren didn’t think his guardian would turn a blind eye to his teacher dressed as a maid.

“It suits you,” he stated, hopping up the steps to the attic and glancing back over his shoulder. There was a magnificent view under her collar as she walked up the stairs. “And if you came dressed normally, I might mix things up at school. You wouldn’t want me trying anything there, would you?”

“You wouldn’t dare,” having arrived at the top of the stairs, she poked him in the chest. “Bad enough I’m showing up here at all.”

“Oh, don’t say that,” his hand looped around her waist, pulling her close against him. He planted a kiss on her neck. She shuddered at the hot breath against the sensitive skin. “Who knows? Maybe you’ll sit down at your desk one day and I’ll be waiting underneath it.”

“You’re…ah, incorrigible,” his hands made their way down her body, skimming her breasts, pulling on her hips to stick her ass out. Ren cracked a grin as she grabbed the end of the table and bent over. Pulling her skirt up, he nearly laughed.

“Scold me all you want, but you’d be a lot more convincing if you were wearing anything underneath this. Or if you weren’t already this wet.”

“Shut it,” that time he did laugh. He used two fingers to spread her apart, getting a good look at his target. The third finger stroked it lightly, producing all sorts of moans and shudders. She might give him a hard time, but if her missing panties weren’t a good indication already, she’d been thinking about him the whole way over here.

Ren usually didn’t need ego boosts, but he couldn’t say that he disliked them, either. While using one hand to stimulate her clit, he licked the index finger of his left hand and slid it inside her with ease. He was up to the knuckle in no time; being this worked up must have been painful. He’d have to take care of her quickly.

If he could describe Sadayo in a word, it would be eager . Eager to please, eager to take her pleasure, it was a central sort of sexual philosophy of hers. That meant at the slightest provocation, she was raring to go. While this kind of fingering would usually be warm-up work for some other women he knew, she was raising her ass to meet him and gently rocking on his fingers as if this was the main event.

That, along with the maid ensemble, made her a unique experience. After all, the roleplay was kind of built into the encounter when she was already dressed for the part. It didn’t hurt that she played the dual roles of maid and teacher.

“Will this be on the test, Ms. Kawakami?” He asked in the most innocent tone he could muster, peppering his mouth along her thighs as his fingers worked inside her.

“You’re the worst,” she groaned, her grip tightening on the edge of the table as he stoked the fire a little further. The tension mounting in her was tremendous, exacerbated by Ren’s own teasing nature. He could gauge how close she was, or when she needed a lighter touch. Even so, his own patience wasn’t limitless.

Once he grew tired of toying with her, he drew his fingers away to her audible whimpering. That was cruel of him, he knew, but he tried to make it up to her by plunging his tongue into the thick of things. Fuck, she was positively dripping, wasn’t she? Just dragging his tongue along all those sensitive spots of hers was like taking a long refreshing drink.

Her moans grew louder and more intense, grinding against his face as the orgasm overtook her. Even after her quivering had ceased, he didn’t stop licking until he was sure he had gotten every last drop. When he was done, he laid a final kiss on one cheek and smacked the other, enjoying the little moan she made when he did.

Back when Sadayo was actually cleaning his room and doing legitimate maid work, she had a nasty little habit of collapsing onto Ren’s bed. He didn’t begrudge her the rest, but he didn’t let her forget it so easily. He dropped her in a sprawling heap on the bed and began undressing.

“Get over here,” he instructed, “you’ve been mouthing off quite a bit. Did you forget who the master and the maid are?”

Kawakami shot him a dirty look but said nothing as she drew her head close and took his length in her mouth. She wasn’t able to take him as deeply as Ann, but she more than made up for it with her talented hands. Just a side effect of working as a maid, he supposed, but she had an incredible gift for playing this particular instrument until it sang.

Her lips were only able to work the first half of his cock, but her dexterous fingers managed to coax and draw him to a fever pitch in an impressively short time. He didn’t have any grand ideas about his own stamina, but he liked to think keeping so many women satisfied at the same time was producing results.

He got to thinking as he watched her do her best work that maybe he should be a little riskier at school. What was the point in fucking his teacher if the whole affair was going to take place outside of school hours? He could just imagine the kind of things they’d get up to in her free periods, whether that meant sessions in the locker room, or maybe on the roof. Between those thoughts and the hot mouth dragging along his shaft, he wasn’t able to contain himself.

“I’m about to cum,” he gasped, and she took him from her mouth, using her hand to aim even as she stroked him to completion. He was shaking in her grip as he exploded across her face. Streams of semen coated her face, adorning her lovely features. It was more than he expected, though perhaps that was the result of getting a little more worked up than usual.

“Ugh, you got some on my uniform,” she looked down at herself, with a few splotches marring the black fabric, “not that I need it for work anymore, but you always make such a mess!”

“What did I call a maid for?” He demanded. “You’re a cleaner, so clean it.”

“As you wish, Master!” She said in a palpably false pantomime of obedient servitude. She dragged a finger along her chin, catching a generous serving and sucking it clean in her mouth. “Better?”

“Much,” he said, pushing her down onto her back. “There’s something not quite right with this picture, do you know what it is?”

“No, Master.”

“As much as I enjoy the whole ensemble, something is missing,” he took the white-frilled neckline of her dress and pulled it down. He was surprised the whole thing didn’t rip, but it accomplished his intended purpose. Her breasts pulled free of the terrible confines of the dress, and the whole picture of her spread open on his bed was complete.

“You know you’re paying to replace this if it rips,” she said in an accusatory tone, “though I don’t know where you get half the money you ha-oh!”

Ren enjoyed her smart mouth just about as much as was possible, but there were times he grew tired of it and thought she’d sound so much nicer when she was getting fucked. Seizing her by the legs, he rested her ankles on his shoulders and slid inside her. About time.

“Do you know how frustrating it is watching you in class?” He hissed, pushing her legs further and farther up, pumping deeper as he reached the desired angle. “You might fool everyone else with the way you dress, but I know how you look drenched in cum, sliding on my cock.”

“That’s just for you, Master,” her voice was quiet, half-broken by moans and panting, “only you get to see me any way you want.”

“I want to see you fucked silly, leaking cum, legs shaking too hard to walk,” there was a powerful smacking sound as he slammed into her, drew back a few inches, and came back down. Each thrust was punctuated by a curse or moan tearing from Kawakami’s mouth. Just like the rest of her, marked by him. Ren could have successfully argued she would look better if she always wore his cum like that.

Adjusting himself so both of her legs were braced against his collarbone on one side, he had a free hand to grab her breast. He pinched a nipple between two fingers, savoring the heated look in her eyes. He leaned forward harder, almost folding her in half, pounding her as hard and fast as his body would allow.

“You feel so good, M-master!” She cried out, trembling. He idly wondered how many times she’d been in this exact position, pinned down and fucked mercilessly. He wondered how many times, and by how many other men. Maybe the thought of what she’d done as a maid should have upset him or made him jealous, but he didn’t seem to think so.

But Ren had never been a selfish lover, and he would have hated to deny anyone else the pleasure of splitting her in two or drenching her face after a job well done. Hell, it would have been pretty hypocritical for a guy with ten girlfriends to get upset that one of them had sex for money. She only owned up as far as giving massages , but Ren wasn’t an idiot.

After all, their first sexual encounter had been the result of one of those massages. Perhaps he’d been a bit naive, thinking he was sore from an afternoon spent in Mementos, and could simply use a bit of relief. That relief had come in a different form than he expected when she started unbuckling his pants.

The time after that, he had simply grown impatient, feeling her straddle in from behind. The way that he would grind against him or press her breasts on his back. He quickly had enough of that, and flipped her over and did what they were both thinking about. After that, massages became more of a give-and-take, which they both preferred.

After all, the pleasure was best shared, and there were few things half as exciting to watch as a beautiful maid, tits bouncing, face strewn in his cum, taking his cock with an impressive level of enthusiasm. He felt the pressure mounting inside him again, just a tiny bit thrilled at the way she writhed and gripped the hand that was busy fondling her breast.

“Master, I need to…oh fuck, please, let me cum.” That was the result of a little game they played. After all, a maid was supposed to listen to her orders, and it seemed only natural he was in charge of when she was allowed to orgasm.

“Beg me for it.”

“Please, shit, I have to. Fuck me, Master, I need it!”

“Are you going to take my load like a good maid?”

“Yes, please, anything! I’ll clean up every drop, I’ll lick it clean!”

“Cum for me,” it was hard to say that he actually gave her permission to orgasm, considering she was already part of the way into it. Still, denying her the freedom to immediately proceed gave her this intense pleading look that drove him wild every time she did it.

It was enough to push him over the edge, even before she grabbed his shoulders and pulled him tightly against her. He hadn’t managed to hold onto her legs, so they wrapped around his waist and intertwined her ankles to lock him in. Not like he had anywhere else to be.

Sliding in and out, he grunted loud enough to be called a shout as he slammed inside her one last time, filling her to the brim. Sadayo was still shivering from her orgasm, gasping at the throbbing cock inside her. Running a hand through his hair, she pressed his face against her breast, where he was busy leaving a large dark bruise with his mouth.

“Ms. Kawakami?” He raised his gaze to look at her. His eyes were huge and dark and unreadable. An odd thing, considering he was usually so confident, and he never called her that outside of school, except to be an ass.


“I think you’re the best teacher I’ve ever had.”

“Shut up.”

Chapter Text

One of Ren’s stranger relationships was with his doctor. There were a few upsides to sleeping with his primary care physician, namely the inherently confidential nature of their transactions. Another was that all business could be conducted in Dr. Takemi’s office, which helped keep suspicion off of Ren back at Leblanc.

Another advantage was that Tae wasn’t just supplying him with bandages and ointments for traversing the Metaverse, but another kind of medicine. It wasn’t the type that Ren had expected to take, much less at his age, but the effect was unmistakable.

However, their quid pro quo was not without its drawbacks. For every time he was given the sexual experience of his life, there were at least three appointments where he was stripped and examined in a decidedly unsexy way. Still, the good times were good enough that he kept coming back because when Tae got that peculiar smirk of hers, he remembered what drew him here in the first place.

“You never told me what it is you do to keep in shape,” she commented, poking him in the stomach with a sharp dark nail. He was currently stripped down to his boxers, laying on the examination table. Her latest concoction had racked him with severe nausea, so he was forced to rest until the symptoms abated.

“You know, the usual stuff. Jogging, strength training, a little gymnastics on the side,” he answered nervously. He hoped she’d attribute his antsy behavior to the drug.

“At least you’re well-rounded,” Dr. Takemi checked her clipboard, scratching a few boxes off with her pen, “how’s the nausea?”

“I’m feeling a little bit better,” Ren gingerly sat up, swinging his legs over the side of the examination table. Tae crossed her legs, forcing the hem of her dress to ride up and reveal a distracting amount of thigh.

“That’s good because the second wave of side effects should begin shortly.”


“Well, I’ve been refining the drug, thanks to your hard work, my guinea pig. Development has gotten to the point where I can predict the side effects with surprising accuracy.”

“So what are the side effects going to be?” Tae’s lips formed a pout, sucking on the end of her pen. Ren had to wonder if she was doing this on purpose. He was feeling an unusually powerful presence in the usual place, but shudders were racking his body. His hand was shaking, come to think of it, but it wasn’t chills. It was something akin to feeling energized.

It was like he’d downed a pot of Sojiro’s best coffee. The energy surge was palpable; while a moment prior, he’d felt uncomfortably ill, but this was a different sensation entirely. He was about to jump out of his skin; he had to do something , right now.

Or someone, rather.

“Side effects include feeling flushed, shaking, extreme virility, and dizziness. Would you say you’re experiencing one or any of those?” Tae had an interesting way of asking questions she already knew the answer to. The way her eyes were drawn to the raging bulge threatening to snap the elastic of his underwear was proof enough of that.

“Yeah, I’d say so.”

“Tell Dr. Takemi where it hurts,” she pursed her lips, scooting her chair dangerously close to him. Ren made no secret of peering down the neckline of her dress, though the way she pressed her chest against him as she examined his erection made it a collaborative effort. “Pull your shorts down, please.”

“Sure thing, Dr. Takemi,” the moment the fabric slid down, she pulled his cock free, gripping it by the base with one hand and studying it. Her expression was one of academic curiosity and a deeper kind of hunger that made Ren feel like a juicy specimen.

Her nails grazed the skin of his shaft, causing him to jump out of his skin in response. Tae got a good look around the organ, as well as committing the feel of it to memory. She pressed the pad of her thumb on the underside of the head, stroking it in a way that made Ren dizzy. Or maybe that was the drug at work.

“Well, you certainly look like a healthy study sample,” her hand effortlessly slid up and down the shaft; her voice remained steady and even as she worked his cock with surgical precision. He tried to say something, but words weren’t coming easily to him; the stimulation was enough to drive him out of his skin. “But I’ll have to subject you to a variety of stimuli to know for sure.”

She bent forward, taking his cock in her mouth. True to her nature as a doctor, she worked her way down patiently, methodically, and with a persistent push to reach a conclusion. She splayed her hands across his thighs, getting a good handle on him before pushing further. His hips bucked involuntarily, but Takemi merely took that as one more piece of data.

Her tongue swirled around him as her head bobbed up and down, a rivulet of saliva running down the side. He refrained from touching her while she worked; she was gathering information, and she didn’t appreciate interference. The first and last time he’d tried, she’d taken it out of him in the middle of sex. He’d had a difficult time explaining away the many long scratch marks on his back.

The thing Ren appreciated about Tae was her clinical approach to lovemaking. Their relationship was obviously founded in sexual and romantic attraction, but sex was just as much for her research as their mutual pleasure. It wasn’t that she was dispassionate, but her strategic and practical methodology was refreshing.

And perhaps also that she was a bit more willing to experiment than some of his other partners. It wasn’t that he thought Makoto or Hifumi would refuse if he asked them to suck his balls, but he also enjoyed a woman that didn’t need to be asked. Initiative was a virtue, and Tae was thorough in poking and prodding everywhere that might be relevant to her research. In fact, Ren probably wouldn’t have thought to ask until she did it first.

And while he had to acclimate to the feelings of a hot tongue and lips working over the sensitive area, it paired nicely with the hand jacking him off at the same time. Ren leaned back on his hands behind him, struggling to catch his breath as Tae’s mouth returned to his shaft, taking long licks on the underside, and plunging it down her throat soon after.

“Dr. Takemi, I’m going to cum,” that statement was important for a number of reasons. The first was that Tae preferred to be referred to by her title, even in the middle of an orgasm. He wasn’t sure if it was her academic attitude or a power trip, but he thought it was kind of hot anyway. The second was that preparation was vital to her research, and she needed advanced warning. She usually didn’t hold onto the semen for research purposes, but take notice of how the word was usually and not never .

Ren took another thrust up, throbbing as he shot his load inside her mouth. Tae’s cheeks swelled a hair from the volume of fluid flowing down her throat, but she pressed her mouth to the base of his cock and swallowed it all diligently. She was always a hard worker. Once she was content, she pried her mouth free and wiped it clean with a look of disappointment.

“I wasn’t able to save any of the samples,” her tongue ran along her bottom lip in a way that made Ren hard again before he even had the chance to get soft. Despite her tender ministrations, he was far from done. “So how are you feeling? Up to any more trials?”

His mouth crushed down on hers, tongue sliding past hers in the sloppiest kiss he could manage. She barely had time to stand as they pushed back against the wall, her lab coat sliding off her shoulders and pooling at their feet. His hands groped every square inch of her body he could reach, grabbing her dress by the hem and hiking it up to her hips.

Her black underwear was a constant, but Ren didn’t care much for them now. Whether through her efforts or his, they were down around her ankles and kicked off, giving Ren the easy access he craved. His fingers pressed into her thighs, lifting her up and bracing her back against the wall.

Her arms looped around his neck even as her ankles locked behind his back. A little cursing and adjusting, and he slid inside her. After what felt like an eternity of her toying with him, the instant relief of plunging straight into her core was what he had needed. Ren was nearly about to cry from the weight taken off his back.

And while Tae was often cold in approaching sex, that wasn’t to say she was dispassionate. Ren rocked back and forth, driving his cock into her with as much force as he could muster. There was a risk of denting the drywall, but he didn’t much care for caution at this point. Her nails raked his arms and shoulders, sharp enough to draw blood.

She could, for all he cared, he didn’t give a fuck about anything or anyone except fucking her until no one could tell where he ended or where she began. She ran her tongue along the sharp curve of his collarbone, loosing a flurry of curses and moans each time he slid out and crashed back in.

The strap of her dress slid off her shoulders, exposing the swell of her breast. Ren dived face-first into them, biting and sucking wherever he could find an inch of skin. His mouth found her nipple and latched on, sucking like a man dying of thirst on his last drop of water.

There was a sense of urgency to their couplings that couldn’t be found anywhere else. That was just the result of performance-enhancing drugs, but it wasn’t the kind of feeling he could find anywhere else. He felt like he was about to explode; the heat in their loins was overwhelming, electric, and he couldn’t handle it.

“That’s a good guinea pig,” her fingers ran through his air, cooly egging him on even as he was about to burn up.

“Fuck, you’re hot.” Maybe it was the medication addling his brain, but Ren felt compelled to state the obvious. It was kind of apparent that the punk-inspired sex demon writhing in his arms and on his cock was gorgeous.

Perhaps he couldn’t separate Tae from what the drugs did. Maybe he’d find it just as erotic no matter who he had pinned against this wall. But there was a part of him that stubbornly clung to the thought that he couldn’t find this anywhere else. The exquisite salty taste of the sweat on her skin, the heat emanating from both of them, was the kind of sensation he could get lost in and never remember to find his way out.

“I want you to cum, guinea pig, you think you can do that for me?” Ren hadn’t realized he was as close to bursting as he was. Time was no longer a concern. As the words fell so gracefully from her lips, his body obeyed in a way that his own mind could never make it.

“Fuck, doctor, I-” it didn’t take any more of that before sliding in her for the last time. He’d have thought the blowjob would have impacted his output here, and he’d have been mistaken. He spilled himself as deeply as he could, past the point he should have run out. The whole thing made parts of his body ache he didn’t know were capable of it.

The pair collapsed on the floor in a heap of their clothes and fluid, panting and dripping with sweat. Tae only allowed a few seconds to catch their breath before raising her head from his chest and saying,

“Ready to go again?”


Ren lost track of the next few hours, but he could recall different rounds and positions in the same way a slide show is presented. One moment he had her bent over the examination table, spraying her back and ass. The next he was flat on his back on the floor while she rode him with a vengeance, her hand wrapped around his throat. That might have something to do with blacking out at one point.

The hour after that, she was draped across him with her ass in his face, and he was trying to cram his tongue as deep inside her as it would fit, while she played a similar game with his cock. Maybe after that, or possibly before, she was holding her ankles close to her head as he fucked her until his heart was about to give out.

Time became linear again when he came to with her sitting on his face again. He didn’t let that interrupt him until he realized that she had fallen asleep. Exhaustion had gotten the better of both of them, and he was so weary he felt five times his age. He shook her awake because while it would be nice to add to his resume, he didn’t want to have actually fucked her to death. She nearly did it to him, though.

The two of them sat there, staring emptily and sipping sports drinks to replenish the electrolytes that were lost in a five-hour drug-fueled sex binge. Ren was beginning to wonder whether or not this relationship was healthy or sustainable for either of them. He’d begun this secret competition because it was best for everyone involved, but he couldn’t say that continuing this in any capacity.

His body was worn, he felt close to death’s door, and he wasn’t sure if it was the drugs, the sex, or her. If he wasn’t careful, the next time she called him, he might just answer and never get to stop. He’d have stood up and walked out if he had the muscle control to do so.

“Dr. Takemi…” his voice was hoarse, his throat dry beyond belief.

“You don’t need to say it,” she usually maintained her monotone, but this was an exceptionally dry tone for her. “Same time next week?”

“Of course.”

Chapter Text

    Hifumi Togo was a strange girl. That didn’t say much on its own; Ren didn’t believe he knew a single normal person ever since coming to Shibuya. Everyone had complex problems far beyond what he had ever thought possible in his small hometown. They also had a tendency towards promiscuity, but he wasn’t about to start complaining.

    Hifumi, though, was unusual for one particular reason. Despite spending so much of her time practicing shogi in a church, she wasn’t religious, which might have explained the one ground rule she had laid out at the beginning of their relationship. Hifumi’s only hangup was that she wouldn’t partake in vaginal intercourse.

    The reason for this was surprisingly simple, albeit in its own convoluted way. Hifumi’s mother marketed her shogi career similarly to an idol; it was more about being on the covers of magazines and meeting with fans than it was actually playing shogi. That idol mentality meant her mother had impressed a simple philosophy in dealing with men.

    Ren was shocked to hear it and briefly considered trying to debunk the logic that forbade just one kind of sex, before deciding it wasn’t necessarily in his best interest. As long as he gave one hole a wide berth, she had written him something of a blank check in regards to everything else he could think of.

    He couldn’t exactly complain, considering there was a lot more out there in the world than one orifice, and other girls his age didn’t exactly encourage anything similar. He’d briefly suggested the idea to Makoto, once, and the murderous look he received was more than enough to discourage him from asking again. So being offered Hifumi’s ass was a little bit better than a consolation prize.

    So that was where they found themselves, after a riveting night of shogi. Truthfully, Ren thought he had learned just about all he needed to know of shogi; there was only so much he could translate from a board game to his work with the Phantom Thieves. Admittedly more than he thought, but that particular well had run dry. Now, he spent evenings at the church to watch Hifumi at work.

    Despite his incompetence at the game, Hifumi always put her utmost effort into their matches. He enjoyed witnessing her mind at work, the almost visible gears in her head-turning. He couldn’t deny there was something attractive about the way she bit her lip while thinking, or the way she flushed as if shogi somehow turned the temperature up.

    But the time for shogi had passed, and he had more pressing concerns. Namely, putting his head under her skirt and satisfying the nagging thought that had been wriggling in his mind all night; mostly that she’d look sweeter with her legs wrapped around his neck. Once he had her on her back, tangled amidst his sheets, he could confirm his suspicions were correct.

    Those fingers that so dexterously manipulated wedges on the board were now clumsily grabbing his face, neck, hair, and shoulders; anything she could get her hands on, really. She was an enthusiastic recipient and came undone so quickly and beautifully. It was a shame he had to navigate around that rule; more for her sake than anything, she was missing out on half of what he had to offer.

    Well, if he counted his hands and mouth separately, then she was missing out on precisely a third of what he had to offer.

    Her blazer had long since been discarded on the floor, while her blouse had popped open at least half of the buttons, baring her chest. Not wearing a bra, he noticed, not that she particularly needed one. Nothing lost; every chest had its charms, after all, and he could easily appreciate the sweat glistening on her collarbone or the way her nipples perked at his touch.

    “Ah, Ren, please, give me more!” Her voice was quiet and composed, even with his head buried between her legs, but there was a note of strain that was not typical of her. The shudder running through her body and the edge of a desperate need to her tone was all he needed to know she was close.

    He considered the notion that if an idol couldn’t get fucked like any other woman, there also had to be some sort of rule against getting eaten out. Like so many inconsistencies in her logic, he chose not to speak up against them. He merely continued running his tongue and lips against her folds, pushing her past her breaking point and leaving her a shivering mess.

There were so many reasons he wound up in this atrocious adulterous affair, but chief among them was an intense, primal desire to see them like that. It didn’t hurt that he had the talent to make it happen, either. It was just his poor luck that he had fuck-all self-control and more beautiful women around than he knew what to do with.

Hifumi gazed up at him through hazy half-lidded eyes, the lustful look only accentuated by the giddy smile playing at her lips. Her fingers flew to her open blouse, unsnapping the rest of her shirt, and quickly sliding her disheveled skirt down from her hips. She raised her legs, baring her ass to him, while he readied the lubricant.

Takemi hadn’t questioned his reasons for buying it, though she did smile knowingly and tell him there was plenty more where that came from.

He applied a generous dose to his fingers first, warming it with his body heat before sliding a finger in her ass. Hifumi gasped softly; the stimulation here wasn’t very pleasurable, but the idea of it was more than enough to make her wetter than she was already. Her hand slid down between her legs.

Ren generally didn’t appreciate his partners masturbating while he was in a position to do the work himself, but he couldn’t deny that it was an awfully pleasant sight. He decided to leave her be, and continue his work sliding his finger in and out, preparing for something considerably thicker. He added a second finger after a minute or so of this.

“I’m going to cum again,” she breathed. That composure she’d clung to before was a cracked facade at this point, but he admired her dedication to her demure image. What would the fans of the Venus of shogi think if they could see her pleasuring herself while stretching her ass out on his fingers? “Oh, please, Ren, I need you inside me.”

“I think I can oblige,” he’d been slowly working at casting his clothes aside through this whole process, so it was really just a matter of pulling his cock out and smearing another dollop across his length. He made sure he was coated before wiping his hand clean of the lube and lining the head with her ass.

First, there was resistance, but that could only last so long before she began to open up and accept him. He felt her ass stretch to accommodate him, followed by the beautiful song of a moan rising from deep in her chest. Her fingers dipped further into the slickness of her sex, producing a sweet wet noise as Ren slowly slid up to the hilt.

It wasn’t similar to sex as he knew it, but it wasn’t so dissimilar that he’d call it something else entirely. There was heat, true, but it was more intense than if he had slid home only an inch or two higher. Tighter, as well, so much that it felt like a fight every time he pulled a few inches out to plunge back in.

It wasn’t as wet, either, though that didn’t make a difference unless he had failed to apply enough lube. Just as he did in the Metaverse, he was prepared to a fault, though, so that wasn’t an issue he ran into. He fucked Hifumi just as easily up the ass as if she had been open to a more traditional approach.

“Heavens, Ren, you’re just…” her voice trailed off, weak except for the occasional yelp as he rocked back or forth, or the hand spreading her lips stroked a particularly sensitive bundle of nerves. “Fuck me, it’s big.”

“Glad to hear it,” he smiled cockily, grabbing her by the ankles to get a better angle as he plowed her. The first time they had done this, he’d been incredibly nervous about it, thinking that Hifumi looked far too delicate to do anything like this. He could admit he was mistaken, treating her like a fragile piece of fine china. Even so, there was something downright sacrilegious about throwing down a girl as finely put-together as herself and violating her like this.

“Fuck my ass, Ren, goodness, you’re too much,” the hand that wasn’t busy rubbing that hot bundle of pleasure in her core snaked around his neck to pull him close to her, locking him into a kiss. His tongue swirled past hers as his cock slid in and out of her ass. The pressure clawed at him, working on his cock like a vacuum.

“Shit, Hifumi, I’m about to, I’m going to cum.”

Her grip on the back of his neck tightened, pulling his head close to her breast as he finished one long stroke, and then another, emptying his balls into her guts. He gasped in a noise akin to choking, barely able to keep himself from collapsing as her ass milked him for all he was worth. They kissed again, starving as much for another’s touch as their lungs were for air.

“Fuck,” was all he could manage, sliding out and falling beside her. “That makes the second game you’ve bested me in tonight.”

Chapter Text

When Ren thought about girls who would be difficult to break up with, perhaps closest to the top of that list was Futaba. He hadn’t made his mind up, one way or another, but he couldn’t help but imagine all the terrible ways she could make his life so much harder than it already was. If he had to consider the benefits of each girlfriend, he also had to think of the detriments of letting them go as well.

The first issue was her work with the rest of the Phantom Thieves; her position as their navigator was essential. Ann and Makoto both served a role suited for offensive versatility as well as healing, while Haru’s position was offensive and statistical support. Their help was valuable, yes, but they were not the only ones capable of fulfilling those duties.

If Futaba left their group due to a nasty breakup, they’d be left to fend for themselves in the depths of Palaces or Mementos. She had a handy talent for turning the tide of a battle in an instant or arranging the playing board so that the tide never needed to be turned in the first place. If he dumped the other Phantom Thieves, there might be some hard feelings, but he didn’t believe they’d abandon their mutual cause.

Futaba’s motives for discovering the truth behind her mother’s killers were strong, but she was by far the most immature of the group. If she acted out, or worse, retreated back into her shell, that would not only complicate the dealings of the Phantom Thieves, it could put Ren at odds with his guardian.

Sojiro didn’t know of their relationship until Ren could find a way to inform him in a sensitive manner. If he broke up with Futaba, and it came back to Sojiro that Ren hadn’t just deflowered his daughter, but broken her heart as well, he didn’t want to think about what could happen. Was Sojiro so protective of Futaba that he’d jeopardize Ren’s parole? He liked to think the best of his guardian, but he wouldn’t put it past the old man.

So he entered the Sakura residence relatively early on a Saturday morning. No school today; he would be able to get in and come to a conclusion. With any luck, they’d be finished long before Sojiro closed up shop. The advantage of Futaba’s reclusive nature was that Sojiro wouldn’t blink at a locked door, but it would mean Ren would have to crawl out her window or wait in her closet until nightfall. Not a pleasant way to spend his evening.

He didn’t bother to announce himself; she had his phone tracked to the precise spot where he was standing with the unwilling help of multiple satellites. In fact, keeping Futaba off his scent with every other girl had required a convoluted game of leaving his phone in strategic locations, with the camera facing down, preferably within earshot of a TV, radio, or anything else to let her believe he wasn’t out somewhere in Shibuya on top of someone else.

“Reeeeen, I’m in the middle of a boss battle right now!” Her voice wailed out from behind her door as he slipped his shoes off and opened the door. “I don’t have time for this!”

He tried not to take that personally, merely quietly closing the door behind him and taking a seat beside her on the bed. She was laying on her stomach, facing the TV, controller in hand with an incredible amount of concentration screwing up her features.

She was dressed as she usually was in the middle of the day, at least since Ren had picked up the habit of dropping in: a comfortable pair of black underwear that highlighted the prominent curve of her perky ass, and a similarly colored tank top. No bra, as comfort was a priority here, but it was one less layer to peel off her.

“This is a turn-based RPG,” he observed, “so while you’re in the middle of a boss battle, there’s not a lot stopping you from turning it off and crawling over here, is there?” Futaba hit pause, looking back at him with an expression of frustration.

“No, but…” she grumbled, “I wanted to finish first. Is that too much to ask, onii-chan?”

That was all the confirmation he needed from her. Now, Ren was all too open about the fact that his tastes were straightforward. He liked big breasts, flat chests, small asses, big asses, full-figured and petite women, and many things in between. As for the rest, he was open to many fetishes, kinks, and yes, roleplaying.

It wasn’t that he didn’t care for any of those things; in fact, he liked or could find the erotic side to just about anything. It was just that he struggled to think of one fetish that he liked more than the others, enough to consider one his. That being said, there were some things he at least had to raise his eyebrows at.

The first time he encountered that was laying on Futaba’s bed, while she was straddling him, explaining her preferred flavors. Futaba was an average Japanese youth in many ways, namely that she had been poisoned by games and anime. She was also an only child and raised isolated from her peers, so Ren didn’t blame her for not having that gut reaction to sibling roleplay, so he let her have her fantasy, and played into it as best he could.

“Get over here before Dad gets home,” he pulled her into his lap, letting her take care of working on unbuckling his belt. He raised his hips to let her tug his jeans down to his knees, and she took his length in her hands. One of Futaba’s strongest features was her hands were so small that she could wrap both her hands around his cock with room to spare.

“Am I doing this right, onii-chan?” Her voice quavered in a facsimile of uncertainty; she knew what she was doing, and could manipulate him almost as easily as she could a computer. Her fingers played on his shaft like fingers rapping on a keyboard, and she hesitantly placed her mouth over the head. She sucked diligently while looking up at him with innocent doe eyes that looked like a stranger on her.

Honestly, if he didn’t know better, her acting would have been good enough to convince him she was a shy imouto. Rather than judge her choices, he decided to lean into it and enjoy watching her regardless of what honorifics she used to address him. It wasn’t every day he had a half-naked girl sucking him off. Okay, maybe it was every other day, but it was just as magical as the first time.

As she blew him, he reached around to slide his hand under her panties and squeeze her ass. He rested his other hand on her head as she bobbed on his cock, while he dipped two fingers inside her. She moaned, sending vibrations through his body.

He finger-fucked her with his index and middle fingers, while his ring finger prodded through her folds to find her clit. He rubbed in a soft circular motion, forcing a powerful reaction out of Futaba. He could gauge how close she was to orgasm by the added enthusiasm with which she fucked her face on his crotch.

When the orgasm threatened to overwhelm her entirely, her eyes fluttered and she failed to keep propping herself up. Her mouth slid further down his length than she intended, sending a wave of pleasure through him. He swore gently, his hand gently pushing her head up as she rode out her orgasm.

“Onii-chan, am I doing a good job?” She asked, pumping his cock with a precision that betrayed the naivete of her question. “Are you going to cum for me?”

“Fuck yes,” was all he said, putting a hand on the back of her head and guiding it back down on his shaft. Futaba might have preferred to work with her hands, but despite her slight build, nothing was stopping her from going further than that. He pumped in and out of her mouth, throbbing.

As he came, Futaba withdrew to the tip, sucking it all as it rushed into her mouth. When it looked like he was finally finished, she pulled back with a sly smile on her face. She opened her mouth, revealing she’d caught most of it on her tongue. She swallowed and ran a finger across her lips, sucking the leftovers.

“Are you going to fuck me, onii-chan?” She pressed her hands together, looking down at his still erect cock. “Would you at least wear a condom?”

“I wouldn’t fucking dream of it,” he grabbed her by the waist and turned her around. He tried setting Futaba on her hands and knees, but true to her energy-efficient nature, she rested on her stomach, waving her ass as if he needed the temptation. He started to shed his clothes, helping Futaba out by pulling her panties down to her ankles.

Straddling her hips, he lined himself up and slid inside her with ease. He sighed with sweet relief, smacking her ass just to watch it jiggle. He started slowly; he knew in theory that Futaba could take worse, but she was so small he was always conscious of how much pressure he put on her. He didn’t know why he bothered.

“Harder, onii-chan! I need more!” She threw her ass back to meet his every thrust. Even like this, committing to the bit, Futaba was demanding and up-front about what she wanted. What she wanted now was every inch of him, and he was starting to feel like he wasn’t the one calling the shots anymore.

He lined his body against hers, pinning her wrists down with one hand and using the other to brush the hair away from her ear. He pushed the strap of her tank top away, pressing his mouth down on the junction of her shoulder and neck, leaving a ripe purple hickey in his wake. 

“Hell, it’s a good thing Dad isn’t home, you’d wake the dead,” he growled in her ear. Futaba wasn’t just loud; she was out of control. Maybe that was to be expected of her, but he was still surprised by her lack of restraint. He’d be lying if it didn’t turn him on, but he wasn’t short on anything that turned him on as she writhed beneath him, moaning onii-chan louder with every thrust.

“How close are you?” Her voice was strained, trembling. She was so close to orgasm that she was about to hard reset. She couldn’t even raise her ass to meet him anymore; her fingers just clawed at the sheet to keep a grip on her sanity. It was all she could do to keep on this ride; being an active participant was out of the question.

“As close as you need me,” he pulled back to the tip, before slamming back in and savoring the squeal that tore from her lips. “Where do you want my cum?”

“Flip me over,” she panted, tongue hanging out the side of her mouth, “I want you to paint me in your cum, onii-chain!”

The orgasm tore through her like a bullet, her body seizing and wracking as she gave herself over to it. She found energy he didn’t know she had any more to throw her ass back again, moaning and shouting as loud as she could.

He felt the heat coursing in his cock as his orgasm approached. Once Futaba had finished riding out hers, he pulled out, quickly grabbing her by the ankles and flipping her onto her back. She grabbed her tank top by the hem and pulled it up to reveal her perky tits. She smiled wide, opening her mouth to catch any extra as he shot hot thick ropes of cum across her body.

The first two fell on her stomach and breasts, creeping up on the black fabric, while the next spanned her face diagonally, leaving a stream across one lens of her glasses, nose, and open mouth. Ren sighed, jerking the last of it out before rubbing the head against her labia.

“Fuck, Futaba,” he exhaled, sitting back and wiping the hair matted to his forehead with sweat. “I think Dad’s gonna kill us if he finds out.”

“That’s why it’ll be our little secret, onii-chan ♡.” She sat up, wavering as if dizzy, before leaning in to kiss him. “You’re such a good older brother, taking care of me like this.”

“Keep quiet, before I feel like taking care of you again.” The kiss deepened, and they fell back into it.

Chapter Text

Ren had a deep appreciation for a woman with a sense of class. There was something visceral about taking someone as composed as Makoto or Hifumi and driving them to the edge. In all fairness, Ren enjoyed unraveling just about any woman, but he relished the challenge of a girl who seemed wound up too tightly for her own good.

However, not all of his partners were like that. Some were straight-up towards their desires and how to achieve them. More than that, there was an inelegance to the proceedings that, while it was outside of his usual tastes, wasn’t unpleasant.

He was of course referring to Ichiko Ohya. It might have seemed strange for a teenage boy to meet with a perpetually tipsy journalist, but they each had something the other wanted. He was a valuable source of intel on the Phantom Thieves for her. He had pretended that he was interested in procuring some good press for the Thieves, though he doubted enough people still read the news to make a difference.

No, he was after sex. Not the noblest of motives, and he did initially have reservations about sleeping with a drunk woman, but Ichiko had made the nature of their relationship clear. If drinking helped her smooth over the unsavory parts of that relationship, so much the better. Besides, he reasoned that a woman in her twenties sleeping with a high school student had to cancel out the fact that she got liquored up in preparation.

And if he was being perfectly honest with himself, there was an element of boredom. The nights were where he had the fewest people to hang out with, so Ohya always presented herself as a reliable fallback. It was either that or playing Famicom games with Morgana again, and this had its own perks.

So in short, that was how Ren ended up in the bathroom stall at the Crossroads, half-naked and sweating while Ohya’s tongue, tasting strongly of tequila, rammed down his throat. His shirt was off, thrown over the side of the stall, while his pants were at his ankles and she was ardently working on pulling his cock out. All while sitting on the toilet.

Not the most sanitary of conditions, but oh well. He wasn’t going to be overly picky about where he got sucked off; he was still trying to convince Ann or Makoto to try something in the Metaverse. Besides, there was no way in hell that he’d ever be able to bring Ohya back to Leblanc.

Forget Sojiro asking questions about the drunk adult woman on his arm, he didn’t think he could deal with the sideways stares on the train. Maintaining an illicit relationship probably wouldn’t have helped with the whole parole issue, either.

So he decided to cast aside the inhibitions, the nagging parts of him that were less than thrilled about a woman reeking of liquor sliding down from his lap to her knees and taking him inside her mouth. Whatever negative things he could say about Ohya, he couldn’t deny the reckless abandon with which she threw herself at the given task.

Her mouth slid down his shaft, one hand working the base of his cock and the other cupping his balls. Considering she was a sharp-tongued journalist, her mouth had a tendency to get her in trouble, so Ren considered this to be an appropriate use of her talents.

Ohya also had a knack for multi-tasking. She could alternate relying on her mouth, bobbing down until she kissed the base, just so she could use her hands to unbutton her jeans and pull them down to her knees. She could wrap a hand around his cock, grinding her fingers so she could pull her shirt up. Well, she only managed to pull it up past her tits and off one arm before calling it a day.

If you were going to have sex in public, it helped not to be completely undressed anyway, so Ren let that go uncorrected. He was also a little distracted; writhing and giving shallow little thrusts into her mouth as it came down to slurp on his cock again. Was it just him, or was the bathroom boiling hot?

A bead of sweat ran down his chest as an orgasm overtook him. His hand bunched up in her short hair, keeping a firm grip as he throbbed and exploded inside her mouth. He sighed loudly, releasing his hold on the back of her head as she sucked him dry. Ohya bobbed up and down a few more times, making sure she swallowed every drop.

She kissed the side of his cock, grinning and lifting her head to kiss him. Before their lips touched, she got a wicked look in her eye and dragged her tongue along his chest, licking the rivulet of sweat that made its way down. If he was in his right mind, he might have been grossed out, but the only thought going through his mind right now was to do the foulest things imaginable to each other.

He stood, pushing her up and around, forcing Ohya to brace her hands against the locked stall door. She giggled, waving her lower half in a way that was probably intended to be seductive, though her inebriated state mostly just rendered it clumsy. He didn’t care much; he was as drunk on her now as she was drunk on the liquor.

He grabbed her hips roughly, yanking her underwear down and immediately setting in on her. Every woman had her own preferences, though Ohya’s were relatively unique among his partners. She enjoyed being fingered while having her ass eaten. Occasionally the other way around.

Considering she otherwise didn’t broach the topic of assplay, it was a little unusual, but Ren didn’t ask because she didn’t see fit to explain. He merely ran his tongue around the ring of her ass, dipping into her tight core as needed, while his fingers danced against her clit and ran amok inside her.

“Fuck me, Ren, you’re just the besht,” her voice slurred, fingers tight on the top of the stall door, hanging on for dear life. “Your tongue ish really good.”

Ever the poet. Ren had thought before meeting her that there was no such thing as a woman being too loud during sex. Admittedly, that was because he’d mostly been having sex in the privacy of his or his girlfriend’s bed, in an empty house or a coffee shop after hours. Despite the fact that he was going to town on her in the middle of a public bathroom of the bar she frequented, Ohya felt no need to keep the volume down.

“Oh my…” her voice ran deep with lust, panting and crying out each time his tongue swirled or his fingers broached an especially sensitive spot. “Shit! Deeper!”

“My fingers or tongue?” He asked cheekily, twisting his digits in such a way to send shivers down her spine.

“Both!” She practically shouted. He obliged, sliding two fingers in her cunt; one stroked her G-spot while the other tried to broach her as deeply as possible. With the other hand, he sucked her juices off and probed her ass with his index finger. Thanks to the tender ministrations of his tongue, her ass was almost dripping with saliva, and it slid in quite easily.

Huh, did I bring lube? He thought while Ohya wailed at the top of her lungs as she was claimed by orgasm. The shudders didn’t stop, by which point he took the liberty of adding a second finger to her ass, making sure to stretch her out nicely. The little gasps she was making were all the encouragement he needed.

“Are you going to fuck me or what?” She said, unusually irritated and shrill. He hid his smile by burying his face in her again for a moment. She was a belligerent drunk and demanding besides.

“By all means,” he grabbed her by the waist again, sitting back down on the toilet and aiming her right over his cock, still glistening with her saliva. She slid up to the hilt easily, moaning, almost as loud as the wet slapping sound of her ass hitting his stomach.

He used this as an opportunity to confirm a suspicion of his. Ohya always wore a fanny pack, which he assumed carried camera parts and other necessary tools of the trade, but he wondered. While still guiding her up and down his cock with one hand, he grasped at the pack’s stubborn little zipper, finally freeing it. He almost immediately found the little clear bottle he was looking for.

“Fuck me, Ren, fuck me harder!” Ohya bounced on him with an unrivaled fury, dipping her fingers in her folds as his cock slid in and out of her. She was begging for him to go harder, deeper, though he wasn’t sure how much he could do when she was doing all of the work. He busied himself by squirting lube on his fingers and slathering across her ass.

She was close, based on the tremor in her hips and the throaty moans bursting from her lips. He rocked two fingers in and out of her ass. She slammed down on him one final time, bouncing up only an inch or two a few more times as she rode out her orgasm. That was good; time for a little mix-up.

Ohya sighed with relief before her sigh turned to a yelp as Ren lifted her up and adjusted the head of his cock against her ass. She laughed, breathing softly as she pushed against him, allowing his cock to slowly push inside her tight hole. Thanks to his studious prep work, he slid in with little effort. Fuck, she gripped him like a vacuum.

He pulled her back, almost falling into his lap and allowing him to grip her by the back of her thighs. All that strength training with Kasumi must have been paying off because he lifted her up and down with ease. Hell, he didn’t think that there was anything to gain from working up a sweat with a girl while their clothes were on, but the results were there.

While Ren lifted her up and down to fuck her ass for him, Ichiko fucked herself on her fingers. Two fingers rocked back and forth inside her, while her fingers bore down on her clitoris with a vengeance. Her voice rang with the strain of stretching to accommodate his cock in her ass and the joy of having her ass filled as she pleasured herself.

Ohya grabbed desperately for her tits, yanking her bra up to rub her breast and pinch her nipple. Ren couldn’t do much with his hands as he was using both of them to move her body, but he enjoyed watching her work. He gripped her thighs tightly enough to leave bruises where his fingertips pressed into the skin, but she only moaned louder the tighter he held her.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum again,” she moved her ass in a circle, grinding against him in a strange and unquestionably pleasurable way. He gasped and swore as the pressure shot through him in white-hot spikes; the orgasm was as sudden as it was powerful. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he drove her down once more and spilled himself in her ass, biting down on the bare skin of her shoulder where her shirt had been haphazardly pulled off.

A loud brazen rap on the stall door startled the lovers, out of breath and coated in a thin layer of sweat. Lala’s irritated voice broke up the post-orgasm euphoria.

“You’ve finished, have you? Unless you can pay for all the customers you’ve driven away, get out!”

Chapter Text

Ren liked being in charge. He wasn’t a control freak by any means, but he employed the attitude that if he wanted something done right, he’d do it himself. The Phantom Thieves deferred to him in most scenarios, so maybe he’d just gotten used to saying his opinion and everyone listening.

The closest he had come to losing control was that time Makoto handcuffed him. Despite the powerlessness of being bound, it hadn’t upset his sensibilities for a few reasons. The first was that it had been sprung on him spontaneously, so he hadn’t had the time to think about the implications of the move. The second was that he was an accomplished lock picker. The third was his fundamental trust in Makoto’s judgment; when it didn’t come to a breeding fetish, she was almost universally cool-headed.

And they really didn’t play around with that sort of thing often, so Ren had stopped thinking about it after a while. At least, he managed until a crisp November afternoon, where ignoring those feelings was no longer viable.

Haru was ladylike in every sense of the word. The heiress was refined, soft-spoken, and kind to a fault. At the start of their relationship, Ren could have been forgiven for assuming she was the same in bed. He expected some foreplay, fifteen minutes of thrusting, and maybe brushing over a kink that she’s never had the courage to explore by herself.

Whatever else he had expected, this was not it.

The first surprise had been the particular environment. Haru wasn’t prone to frequent displays of wealth, so heading back to her apartment after chatting on the school rooftop was often a little unsettling. More unsettling was that Haru’s apartment included the entire building, and her living quarters only spanned the penthouse.

A year prior, he might have been unnerved to be alone with a girl in her bedroom. By this point, he didn’t blink twice at the most profane requests a girl might have of him. However, he had to acclimate to her bedroom being several times the size of Leblanc, and dominated by a bed that could have fit every Phantom Thief comfortably. Add on top the fact that the walls of Haru’s room were almost entirely glass.

Ren could see more of the city skyline than if he had been standing at the top of the Tokyo Tower, but there were more important views to be paying attention to. That brought him to the second surprise; Haru had a proclivity for domination and bondage in a way that Makoto could not have prepared him for.

He often wondered how he ended up in situations like this. A combination of hormones and his inability to say no to a woman, perhaps. Even so, it felt like he’d been out of his own body. He remembered agreeing to hang out with Haru, almost as if controlled by a third party, and coming to his senses as he was laying on her bed, stark naked, competently bound at the wrists to the headboard.

True to her codename, Haru opted for black lingerie that likely cost a small fortune. First, his eyes were drawn to a lacy bra that emphasized her generous bust, with fabric just sheer enough to tease without revealing the contents underneath. His gaze drifted lower to her bare midriff, slender waist, and gently sloping hips. He gritted his teeth.

Oh, I’m done for.

The underwear followed a similar pattern as the bra, though as Haru stood beside the foot of the bed, studying him with a dark lustful look in her eye, biting her lower lip, he could see the slit in the underwear for easy access. Tempting as that was, he had bigger concerns

Fishnet tights wrapped around her shapely legs, doing all sorts of confusing things to his brain.

He couldn’t remember where his fascination with fishnets had been born. Perhaps he had always held onto it, deep in his heart, and simply never knew. Maybe it came from the first time Takemi had given him a pill that made him feel like he could fuck all night, and he’d gripped those tights hard enough to rip. He couldn’t pinpoint its origin, but even if he did, that wouldn’t help him now.

“You’re going to make me nervous, staring like that,” Haru giggled sweetly, placing a hand over her mouth politely. The way she moved to do that meant her arm pressed against her breast in a delightfully distracting way. Ren felt dizzy.

“You’re gorgeous,” he said. That was about all he could manage in his current state, but he felt reasonably certain it would be sufficient. Haru was easy to please, after all.

“Are you ready to begin?” Her full pink lips moved in a way that put a spell on him. He could feel himself sinking deeper into this daze; he was agreeing before he could even comprehend what she had said. “Okay, repeat after me: the safe word is macaron.”

“The safe word is macaron,” he repeated. What did they need a safe word for? He could fuzzily recall their conversation on the train, but if he was being honest, he was too busy thinking about everything he’d do to her once he could get those damn clothes off.

Ironic, considering it now seemed like it wouldn’t be him doing anything to her .

“Let’s start with this, then,” she said cheerfully, holding up what appeared to be a black rubber ring. “There shouldn’t be any discomfort; the ring will keep you hard for longer, and enhance the sensations.”

A cock ring sounded simple enough. He didn’t use toys often; all his packages came to Sojiro’s front door, and he couldn’t get into an adult store at his age, so his experience was limited to Tae or Sadayo’s experimentations. This would be a first.

It slid on easily enough, and fit snugly at the base of his genitals. There was a noticeable tightness, though it wasn’t uncomfortable. Ren squirmed, though that was only because Haru grabbed his shaft with one hand and placed it with the others. Being tied down was infuriating, though the dangerous gleam in Haru’s eyes gave him chills. He couldn’t figure out if it was fear or arousal, or a mixture of both.

Whatever it was, he didn’t want it to stop.

“Legs up,” Haru’s smile was oddly predatorial, as though he was a piece of meat at a buffet. His legs? Oh, that meant just about one thing.

Was Ren a hypocrite? Maybe a tiny bit. He enjoyed ass play plenty, though that was obviously not as the recipient. He didn’t necessarily hate the idea of anything going up his ass, but he’d never thought it was a question he’d have to answer. However, his questions and doubts dissolved the moment a busty girl in fishnets told him to lift his legs.

Haru pulled a blue latex glove on with careful consideration, snapping it as if to confirm a tight fit. Ren warily raised his legs, imitating the same position he’d had nearly a dozen girls in at this point. The role reversal was strange, though he felt confident enough in Haru’s sweet disposition to continue.

She squirted a gob of lube onto her fingers, kneeling on the bed in front of him and slathering his ass. She slipped a finger inside, forcing a gasp from him. Fuck, all he could think was that there was nothing quite like this feeling.

It slid back and forth inside him easily, strangely warm and pleasant, stimulating a sensitive area he’d never quite gotten around to stimulating himself. Perhaps he was enjoying the experience, or that it was enhanced by Haru giving him a sultry smile, planting a kiss on the junction where his cock met his balls.

“You’re doing so well,” from anyone else, that might have sounded condescending. In Haru’s gentle tone, though it was as sincere as could be. “Do you like this, Ren?”

“I-I think so,” he gulped hard, struggling to keep his breath. It became damn near impossible when her finger curled and found something that's never been touched before. He knew what the prostate was in theory, but that wasn’t the same as in practice. “H-haru-”

“That’s right, say my name,” her voice was unusually harsh, adding another finger to his ass and rocking into him harder. Her other hand found his cock, gently jerking him off in a coy sort of way that made him want to fucking scream.

It was too much. She was too much. And she was just toying with him, playing with his cock at a snail’s pace while shudders racked his body and he felt his veins run with fire. He panted, face flushed, feeling as though he would come apart at the seams.

“You’re going to cum for me, aren’t you, Ren?” How had he never noticed that erotic quality to Haru’s tone before? He briefly thought, isn’t that my line ? “That’s a good boy.”

Ren’s stamina was nothing to scoff at. He’d had marathon sex, his refractory period was irrelevant when there was a gorgeous girl underneath him. And in maybe a minute, perhaps two, Haru had reduced him to a shuddering mess as her fingers worked his prostate and shaft. He exploded, squirting his fluids over his abs, chest, and a droplet even splashing him in the chin.

“You look so cute like that,” Haru’s voice was poisonously sweet. He gasped as she withdrew her fingers from him, feeling a terrible aching emptiness she had left behind. She pulled the glove off, tossing it in the wastebasket beside the massive bed. “All smeared up; my perfect little slut.”

Ren usually had the kind of pride and backbone to resist that sort of name-calling, but he wasn’t up to it right now. His chest was heaving as he came down from the high of orgasm, his mind fuzzier than ever. It didn’t help when she bent her head to suck the dribble still leaking out, moving her mouth up his body to lick him clean.

Was she always this strong? I don’t think I can move , he thought blurrily as he felt her grip on his thigh. His breath caught in his throat as her tongue flicked to tease his nipple, but she didn’t linger. She licked the cum off his chin before pressing her lips to his. Her tongue snagged his, turning a dance into a battle he quickly lost.

“Good boy,” she smacked him lightly across the face. Her hands flew behind her back, working at the latch of her bra. “You were so pretty when you came. Don’t you think you deserve a reward?”

He nodded, quickly, with only a hint of panic. His mouth felt dry, but as the straps slid off her shoulders and her breasts came free, he felt himself salivating. Her ample bust was more than enough to suffocate in, though he felt his input on the issue wouldn’t be welcome. In any other scenario, he’d have pinned her down to the mattress, sucking on her tits and finger fucking her until she was a puddle of a girl. Not today, though.

She took one breast in each hand, idly playing with a pink nipple between her fingers while she licked her lips. She rested her elbows on his thighs, opening her mouth to allow a long string of saliva to coat his cock. Wrapping her tits around his shaft, she slid up and down him, quickly wetting his cock.

“You’re always grabbing at my chest,” she admonished her tone that of a school teacher who found a student caught in a lie. “Do you like them that much?”

“I do.” Ren didn’t know where he found the strength to utter those two words, but the only thought in his head concerned the fact that he was in love with those tits. Pawing at them, feeling them dangle and skim his face as she rode his cock, sucking on them. He’d never actually gotten his dick between them before, though. That was clearly an egregious oversight on his part.

The skin between her breasts was soft as silk, gliding past his shaft in a way that was gentler than a handjob, gentler than a cunt. The problem was that it was too much. His cock was extremely sensitive after the powerful orgasm she’d put him through, and his nerves were overloaded at this point.

“Haru, it’s too much,” he pleaded, “fuck, fuck, fuck, I can’t take it. I can’t think straight like this.”

“That’s good,” her giggle wasn’t so sweet this time, “I don’t want my slut thinking; it will ruin your pretty little face. Just sit back and take it, like a good boy. You don’t want me to get angry, do you?”

He shook his head. Shit, he didn’t like her when she was rewarding him. He really didn’t want to consider the possibility of what she might consider punishment.

“I’m going to cum again,” his voice was weak, barely a whimper. He tried to say something else, but the sounds falling from his lips were incomprehensible, guttural.

“Good whore,” Haru praised, and for whatever reason, he actually felt good to have been complimented, even in such a backhanded way. “I don’t want you making a mess again, though. I’ll take care of it.”

Haru pulled her chest back. Ren nearly screamed in frustration, but only for a split second before her mouth locked on the head of his cock and swallowed him up to the base. That was the push he didn’t know he needed. He thrust helplessly against her throat, but his weak efforts were nothing compared to Haru’s hands on his hips keeping him down.

The orgasm was perhaps not as powerful as the first, but there was a terrible raw sensation of being forced to orgasm so quickly in succession, with not a moment of rest in between. She drained him yet again, patiently swallowing his seed even as his shallow thrusts emptied his balls in her mouth.

She didn’t give him a second of reprieve. Haru raised her mouth, and he almost sighed with relief, but she grabbed his cock, giving him soft little tugs. The sound he tried to make was too feeble to even register, but his pain was immeasurable.

“You’re getting me too excited, Ren,” she shook her head in disappointment, “I’m going to have to take care of this early. You’re lucky; I was going to keep this up for another hour or two.”

Ren could not contemplate the horrors of that many consecutive orgasms, especially if she was determined to give him less time to recover after each bout. He almost considered it a blessing when she crawled into his lap. He’d almost forgotten the exposed crotch in her lingerie, until she positioned his cock perfectly underneath her, slamming her ass down onto him with the same force she used swinging an ax.

“Haru!” He cried, desperate, somehow feeling as though he was on the precipice of orgasm even though she had just begun. “I can’t take it!”

“You’re so pathetic it’s almost cute,” her once reassuring smile twisted into a sadistic sneer that made lightning bolts run through his groin. Pain flashed in his cheek; it took a second after the resounding crack faded for him to realize that she had slapped him. Hard. “You’ll take what I tell you to take, slut. Do you understand?”

He nodded almost imperceptibly as she rode him mercilessly. His cock throbbed with pleasure that blended seamlessly with pain. He didn’t know which of them was more turned on at this point. Although Haru hadn’t stimulated herself vaginally this entire time, she’d gotten off on humiliating and pleasuring him in equal measure.

She was unbelievably wet; each time she landed in his lap, moaning as she took his cock deeper. It got to the point that there was a puddle of fluid forming between them. Maybe he had orgasmed again, he couldn’t be quite sure, she might have already drained him dry. His body was exhausted and there was white-hot pleasure bleeding down to his fingertips.

“I love your big fucking cock inside me, Ren,” she groaned, rocking back and forth on him, grinding on him. He realized with a dull shock that it was the first time she had addressed him by name since his first orgasm. She laid her body across his, pressing her chest against his, whispering coyly in his ear. “Ever since I saw you in those tight little leather pants, I knew I needed to fuck you silly. I’d touch myself for hours, thinking how badly I wanted to fingerfuck you, to milk your cock, while you begged for more.”

“Fuck, Haru,” he would later think back to her demeaning his Phantom Thief outfit, his ideal of what a rebel was, as those tight little leather pants , but not now. Now she was soft and hot to the touch and he needed her. “I’m going to cum again.”

“Me too,” she kissed him sloppily, tongues running alongside each other, their mouths, as she kissed his jaw, his neck, his collarbone. “Could you do me a favor, baby?”


“I want you to cum in me,” she gyrated her hips in a delightfully torturous way, “I want you to fill me up until it drips down my thighs. I know you’ve got more left in you, so give. It. To. Me!”

As if to punctuate each word, she slapped her ass down on his cock again, until cumming inside her was no longer a request and was a simple fact. There was no separating them any more than gravity could be reversed. The greatest force in the universe at that moment was the animal magnetism that kept her cunt grinding against him as she orgasmed and he spilled himself inside her womb.

The lovers collapsed in a heap of sweat, bodily fluids, and feverishly hot skin. Ren wasn’t aware of how sore his wrists were from being tied up this long until Haru kissed him again and undid the knot. His hands fell uselessly at his sides until he regained some feeling, and he wrapped his arms around her, making sure their union was as snugly fit as possible.

Haru smiled prettily, once again that sweet girl that couldn’t harm a fly. He didn’t know if he could ever truly separate her from the sadistic streak. He didn’t know if he wanted to.

“You did so well,” she brushed his hair, matted with sweat, away from his eyes, “I’m impressed you didn’t use the safe word.”

“Oh, fuck.”

“What’s the matter?”

“I forgot we had a safe word.”

Chapter Text

Ren wasn’t a superstitious man. He didn’t subscribe to the ideas of fate, or that the future was a static path. Perhaps that was his nature, as Igor and the twin wardens referred to him as a Trickster. He didn’t put much stock in fortune tellers, no matter what the reason for his skepticism, so his relationship with Chihaya Mifune was interesting, to say the least.

She would tell a customer that their fate was sealed, that their marriage was doomed, their boss was going to fire them, or any number of dreadful outcomes, and he merely put in his two cents. As long as he gave it a bit of thought and considered the customer’s situation, their situation would resolve itself pleasantly without fail. It was a testament to the power of positive thinking, but it drove Chihaya up the wall.

“You’re supposed to be the assistant, and here you are, overturning fate itself!” She ranted one night, after a customer’s whole life had been turned around in just a few sentences. “I don’t know if you’re an angel or a demon, here to tell me my life’s work is a sham.”

“Just an optimist,” he did his best to smile without seeming overly smug. He tried not to anger the women he slept with, particularly in the minutes before they had sex. He didn’t have to pick up that tidbit of wisdom from a psychic, though.

“Well, if you’re so good at this, why am I even in charge?” She grumbled, perhaps not thinking about the full implications of what she said. Ren’s smile grew nastier, though she wasn’t looking at him. In fact, nothing clued her in to what he was thinking, though perhaps his overly innocent tone might have.

“Then how about I take charge for a night?”

“What? You want to read the fortunes yourself?”

“Oh, no. Wouldn’t dream of it,” he tucked a finger under Chihaya’s chin, tilting her head to look him in the eye. There was a bit of confusion in her expression, though once the reality of his suggestion began to dawn on her, there was a hint of arousal. “I’m just saying it might be nice letting someone take the wheel for once.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Something incredibly pleasant, but if you knew what it was when you agreed to it, it wouldn’t be me taking charge, would it? Yes or no, please.”

“Hm…fine. Don’t make me regret this.”



They sat out at the table that served as Chihaya’s place of business the next night as though nothing was different. Ren watched the pedestrians of Shinjuku’s redlight district with feigned interest. In truth, he was just avoiding talking to Chihayainto or acknowledging the sexual frustration building up in her.

Chihaya always wore a long dress; her wardrobe was exquisitely modest. Ren admired that reserved appearance, but it meant her front-facing persona was always so chaste. If he hadn’t made it clear by this point, he considered one of life’s greatest joys to be finding the most composed and elegant women possible and watching that facade crumble in the blissful heat of orgasm. So, what to do with Chihaya?

It was quite simple. The dress was long, and no one would ever think a plainly-dressed fortune teller would be some kind of sexual deviant, which is why he enjoyed making her into one so much. So, he had found a hot pink vibrator that could be controlled remotely through his phone.

After his last night with Haru, he’d been left sore with his pride thoroughly wounded, but he had realized the crucial mistake he’d been making. Approaching sex without toys was like heading into the Metaverse without a thief’s tools. Sure, he could get by, but why the hell wouldn’t he make things easier on himself?

So he’d gone out of his way to pick up a few toys that would come in handy. Ren hadn’t experimented much with public sex acts, mostly because of his parole, but there were no laws against making a woman orgasm remotely in public. To be a crime, a person had to indecently expose themselves, or commit a sex act. Could anyone construe pushing a button on his phone to be a sex act? He chose to believe that they couldn’t.

The toy was designed to both fit inside the woman while also pressing against the clitoris, and the variation in vibration was wide. He could drag this out for hours, or bring her to orgasm in under a minute, but he’d find a happy medium somewhere between those extremes. For now, he left the device off.

The toy had been inserted ten minutes prior, generously lubricated, though he knew it wouldn’t take long for Chihaya to take care of that herself. She’d been aghast at his proposal but agreed a little too readily to say she was truly reluctant. No, the irritation she was experiencing now was impatience.

“Look, a regular,” Ren pointed out as a middle-aged woman made her way through the crowded Shinjuku streets. “Ready, boss? Whoops, I forgot that I’m in charge tonight.”

“Shut it,” Chihaya mumbled under her breath, before addressing the woman as she came to take a seat. “Sayori, so nice to see you again. Aoi and the kids are doing well, I trust?”

“You should know that already, shouldn’t you, Chihaya?” Mrs. Honda joked, sitting down across from them. “That’s actually what I came to talk about.”

“Answers are what we’re here for,” Chihaya smiled warmly, though it didn’t reach her eyes. Those eyes were busy darting at Ren’s phone laying on his lap, where he lazily opened the homepage of the app controlling the vibrator.

“Does he need to be here?” Mrs. Honda glanced at Ren. “I’m sorry, but this is a private matter.”

“He’s actually quite the talented fortune-teller himself,” Chihaya reassured her, “it never hurts to have a second opinion, Sayori. The same price, of course.” The older woman seemed to accept that. Ren was impressed; he hadn’t told her to ensure he stayed at the table, but she took the initiative. Maybe she was afraid of what he’d do if he wasn’t there to see the consequences in person.

“Aoi’s been working so late the past couple months,” Mrs. Honda frowned, “I wouldn’t have suspected him of anything, but he came home smelling of perfume, and I know he has a new secretary, and I…well, I don’t want to accuse him without any proof.”

So you went to a fortune teller for that proof? Ren’s naturally neutral expression came in handy because he had to bite his tongue to stop himself from laughing. Forget private investigators or checking his phone, the best way to determine your husband’s fidelity was contacting the spirit world.

He knew that if Mrs. Honda’s husband was cheating on her, he could search for the man’s Shadow in Mementos, though he wasn’t sure if it was a problem for the Phantom Thieves. Ugh, here he was trying to get laid, and it might turn his next free afternoon into a slog down the public unconscious. No rest for the wicked.

He also knew, though he didn’t highlight it to himself, that he didn’t have much of a right to cure anyone of adultery. It had been a few months, and he still hadn’t managed to dump a single girl. He’d get around to it eventually, but working his way through so many complicated schedules wasn’t easy.

The setting dial of the vibrator ran from 1 to 100. The first was a vibration so gentle it could be mistaken for a tickle, while the last was powerful enough to rattle her bones. He wouldn’t be that extreme, of course; he was going to be the one rattling her bones. He settled for 10 and set the phone down.

“I’ll check the cards, and tell you if I seeee anything,” the catch in her voice was close to imperceptible but easy enough to decipher as the one holding the controller. Her face was flushed, and a nervous smile spread across her face as if hoping to smother the concern. The vibrating was muffled by layers of clothing, and even listening for it, Ren couldn’t hear it.

Chihaya spread the cards across the table face down, allowing her hand to drift over them with the confidence of an experienced reader. She took a few seconds longer than usual, though Ren could attribute that to the vibration that was becoming hard to ignore. He was getting bored watching her cope so well, though, so he cranked it to 25.

“I see…” Chihaya laid the card across the table, biting her lip, the look of nervousness clear on her face. In fact, Ren guessed that the card was actually somewhat positive, but Chihaya’s anxious behavior was in turn worrying Mrs. Honda.

“What does it mean?” The woman cried, leaning forward on the table. Chihaya looked up, startled as if she’d been snapped out of a daydream. Ren had been studying her carefully and knew she had only slipped back in the grip of pleasure for half a second. The nearly inaudible buzzing was working double-time to rob her of her senses.

“Has, um, ah, oh, has Aoi said the reason why he’s wooorking so late?” As Ren dialed the vibrator up to 40, Chihaya was stumbling over her words like she was drunk. She was visibly sweating, which he imagined was part pleasure and part clamping down on the feeling trying to make itself known. She was pressing her legs tightly together as if to get a handle on things, but that of course just made the vibrator bear down harder on her sex.

“He just says that they’re proposing a new plan to a client soon, so he has to work on the presentation,” Mrs. Honda said, sounding uncertain. “There have been times like this before, but never for so long. He won’t even tell me who the client is.”

“T-that could be many different things,” he could almost hear her teeth chattering as he set it to 50. She wasn’t going to last like this.

“Are you feeling well, Chihaya?” The older woman’s voice was traced with concern, “you look as though you’re feverish.”

“I’m j-just hooot, Sayori, don’t worry about me!” Her voice caught again, strangling her reassurance into a yelp. It didn’t help her case that it was the middle of November, and the streets of Shinjuku were on the receiving end of a cold front. Her lie was not convincing. “Now, back to the reeeeading…”

Ren turned the dial up to 70, thinking he’d leave it there until Chihaya wrapped up, or broke down in a hysterical orgasm either way. The look she shot him was downright murderous, but he was feeling pretty good about himself.

“You know, the cards are saying Aoi’s completely faithful,” she spoke so fast her words were nearly incomprehensible, “yep, you never had any reason to doubt him at all. None!”

“Oh, thank goodness,” the relief on Mrs. Honda’s face was apparent. She reached for her purse to pull out her wallet when Chihaya stopped her.

“Actually, Sayori, this one’s on the house. We’ve got to close up shop for the night, so I’ll see you next time. Take care!”

Chihaya stood and grabbed Ren by the collar, dragging him to his feet and away before Mrs. Honda had any time to process the bizarre series of events unfolding before her. Chihaya abandoned the table and chairs that were, in effect, her livelihood, and didn’t let go of his shirt until reaching the slim building she must have lived in. He knew she lived close, though a thirty-second commute must have been pretty nice.

One locked door opened with shaking hands and two flights of stairs later, and Chihaya pushed him into her apartment. He hadn’t expected anything grand from a street fortune teller, especially one living close to Shinjuku, but this was small. An attic-dweller really had no right to judge, though.

She slammed the door behind them, pulling the straps of her dress off her shoulders and untying the string under the breast. She tore the long-sleeved shirt she wore underneath the dress off, while the dress itself sagged and fell to her waist, baring her modest chest. Ren wasted no time undressing, either.

“You are the most insufferable-” she paused, shuddering as the audible vibration worked against her, “fuck.”

Her clothes stood no chance after that, and she triumphantly removed the vibrator that had caused her no small amount of trouble. Even so, she had gotten her enjoyment out of the toy; it was slick to the point of dripping by the time she dropped it on the floor. Both of them now naked, she crawled onto the mattress in the corner of the small room, sliding down over his cock with a sigh of sweet relief.

“Reckless, rude, bratty,” each admonishment was accompanied by Chihaya raising her hips and lowering them, but she didn’t hide the pleasure anymore. Her scolding was loud, openly lustful, and just as much a way for her to work out her frustration as riding him furiously.

“You looked like you were enjoying yourself,” he got out in between gasps as her wet heat rocked on his shaft again and again. “You came; I could tell just by looking at you.”

“... three times .”

“What was that?”

“Three times, okay?” Chihaya planted her open hands on his bare chest, using him for leverage as she ground their groins together. Ren didn’t hide his laughter or the sadistic little smile that accompanied it.

“You loved it,” he gripped her trim waist with one hand roughly, guiding her up and down, while the other hand lazily slapped her ass.

“Shut up,” she kissed him, her body twitching as yet another orgasm took hold, and her nails dug into the skin just beneath his collarbone. He hoped it didn’t leave a mark, but he also didn’t care at this point. She was desperate and she wanted him more than words could say. Well, mostly his cock, but the two of them were a package deal.

“You should wear it more often,” he grinned. She sat back up, shaking off the orgasm, and picking up the pace again. “I’d love to see how you look after a whole night.”

“I’ll kill you,” he somehow didn’t doubt it. He folded one arm behind his head to better watch her work, tweaking a nipple with two fingers of the other hand. Her murderous proclamation wasn’t half as passionate as the way she tried to ride him like a prized stallion, and the whimper she made when he pinched the sensitive skin was all he needed in return.

But still, maybe this wasn’t quite enough. Wasn’t he supposed to be taking charge? And here she was, doing all the work. He grabbed her by the waist, lifting her up off his cock and setting her on her back. Taking her by the thighs, he dragged her close enough to line up his cock and slam into her.

“That’s a good girl,” he crooned, involuntarily remembering the way Haru had praised him the same way. His groin still ached when he thought about that night. “You’re going to cum again? Already?”

Ren liked to think he had a good grasp of female anatomy, particularly in sexual applications. It seemed to him that the more orgasms a woman had in a row, the easier they were to achieve. Funny, because that seemed to be the opposite for men, but life was just unfair that way. For now, he would just savor the little gifts, like how fucking hot Chihaya looked right now.

Her skin glistened with sweat, her chest heaved from the physical strain of holding back the force of her orgasms and riding him so roughly. Her typically neat hair was matted, messy, and spread around her head on the mattress like a halo. Her eyes, heavy-lidded, barely acknowledged him as he plowed into her. Her fingers bawled up in the bedsheet, her knuckles white as they tightly gripped for anything to hold onto.

She was well and truly undone. Good. It wasn’t often he got a reaction like this, particularly the tongue lolling out the side of her mouth. He must have been doing something right. He sighed, knowing all good things had to come to an end, and gave proper context to the phrase “cumming buckets”.

He grabbed her by the hips, pressing them together where they intersected. He groaned, pumping once or twice more before bottoming out. He fell beside her on the bed, out of breath, and particularly satisfied.

“So, you want to try this again sometime?” He asked, looking over, and laughing at what he saw.

She was already asleep.

Chapter Text

Ren was a pretty athletic guy. He worked out, by himself and with Ryuji, as often as he could. He spent hours at a time running and fighting in the Metaverse. He was no stranger to exercise, so Yoshizawa’s initial proposal didn’t frighten him initially. After all, he battled it out with monsters far scarier than a tiny gymnast. How bad could it be?

He was a fool, simply put. Kasumi’s athleticism outpaced his in everything except raw strength, and she came too close in that category for him to be comfortable with the only win under his belt. The other categories, speed, flexibility, reflexes, were things he could let slide by, but she had a fixation on one aspect of fitness in particular.

Kasumi Yoshizawa wasn’t just a fitness nut, she was obsessed with endurance.

That meant their unique relationship was defined by her ability and desire to stretch things out for as long as possible. She was constantly pushing the boundaries of what should have been possible for a person to go through. That was great in theory, but it had one fatal drawback.

They’ve been doing foreplay for about an hour now, there was no sign of her wanting to stop, and above all, his dick hurt. Blue balls were nothing to laugh at, and there was only so much pressure he could take before he exploded. The redeeming feature of this problem was that Kasumi took the brunt of the waiting game, and she looked unbelievably sexy while doing it.

The attic of Leblanc was eerily quiet after closing time, exacerbated by the snow falling outside. The thick silence was only broken by Kasumi’s panting breaths and moans, of which there were many. She was putting herself through the wringer right now, and Ren was getting more than a little worried.

Kasumi preferred edging, naturally. She was stripped down, sprawled naked across his mattress. In fact, the only thing she wore was the silk ribbons tying her to each corner of the bed, spread eagle. She strained and whimpered, pulling against the restraints as his tongue worked wonders between her thighs, but she hadn’t given the code word to indicate she was properly ready to finish.

And that was fine by him or would be if the ache in his groin wasn’t so tremendously painful. He tried stroking himself as his tongue glided over her folds and his free hand pumped fingers inside her, but that was no good. What he needed was to orgasm, and he wasn’t about to masturbate when there was a beautiful girl tied to his bed, begging for him.

“Please, senpai,” her voice quavered with tension and doubt, “I can’t take much more of this. Can I cum?”

“Absolutely not,” he raised his mouth from her sex, reaching forward and squeezing a perky breast. Her dark red hair was tied up neatly behind her head, leaving nothing to catch the prodigious sweat dripping down as she coped with being denied release. He idly wondered if he would get the chance to pull that ponytail later.

“But senpai-”

“Did I say you could ask again?” He gently rotated a finger inside her, dragging the pad of the digit across her G-spot. Kasumi’s legs were visibly shaking as she tried to clamp down on the orgasm that was mounting inside despite those efforts. Her mouth twisted and contorted in a silent cry, her hips softly gyrating as they begged for what she was not allowed.

“You’ve been leaving me hanging this whole time, and you think you deserve to finish first?” His fingers rocked back and forth, applying extra pressure where needed. Part of it was the dominant persona Kasumi preferred in their couplings, but there was a fair amount of frustration he could draw upon.

He pressed his lips to her labia again, his tongue weaving a pattern across her clitoris which he believed would push her closer to the edge than he had previously dared. It was a careful balance to maintain; there was no point if he didn’t get her close, but if she finished before he was ready to allow it, then it was equally pointless.

“Ooh, senpai, please let me…ah, ah, I’m going to-”

He pulled away again, cutting all physical contact and looking up at her writhing figure with the sort of sadistic glee he knew would drive her crazy in every sense of the phrase. Her eyes widened in betrayal, expression tightening as she sagged against the mattress. She was not taking the denial well, even if it was what she wanted.

That was another part of the game. If it ever came down to it, she’d tell him if she needed to. That’s what a code word was for. It’s just that she wanted him to have the good judgment to determine exactly when she needed an orgasm, and inflicting the pain of denial was just one weapon in his arsenal.

“Agh, senpai! Fuck!” It was odd hearing Kasumi swear, as she so rarely did it. Even in the heat of the moment, she kept a clean mouth. It was more about begging and pleading and “senpai!” than actual cursing. The one exception was when she was well and truly sexually frustrated. All par for the course.

“What am I going to get for letting you cum?” He asked, brushing his fingertips lightly over her heated core. “Don’t expect something for nothing, Kasumi. If you want more, you have to give as good as you get.”

“Senpai, I…” her voice drifted hazily, mind clouded by pleasure and tension, “I’ll sit on your face the way you like, and suck your cock.”

“Good, there’s hope for you yet,” he slid a finger back inside her, allowing a subtle thrusting motion as his other fingers danced lightly across her clit. “And?”


“And what else? You can’t expect me to be satisfied with so little,” he pressed a little more firmly on her clitoris, relishing the dragging throaty moan pouring from her lips. “And what else?”

“I’ll…ugh, senpai, please …I’ll ride you reverse, so you get a good view of my ass.” Kasumi wasn’t particularly good at dirty talk, thanks to her inexperience before meeting Ren, but that just meant she picked up on what he liked to say, and turned it into what he wanted to hear. It was delicious.

“Perfect. Kasumi, I want you to cum, do you think you can do that?” He didn’t wait for an answer, his tongue working between her legs again, drinking thirstily from her. Kasumi thrashed against the ribbons holding her down, desperately trying to grab at him, to wrap her legs around his neck, but she was helpless to do anything but ride the flow of pleasure emanating from the junction of his tongue and her sex.

“Yes, yes, please, senpai! Oh, ah, I’m going to-” she didn’t finish her sentence as orgasm overtook her, producing a profound trembling as it wracked her body and limbs. He couldn’t be quite sure, as his eyes were drawn lower, but he believed her eyes rolled back into her head. He was by no means an expert, but he thought that meant he was doing well.

In school and sports, Kasumi was soft-spoken and gentle-mannered to a fault. She experienced many setbacks and frustrations, but she didn’t share those with others. Well, except in the bedroom, where she held nothing back. Thus, she was exceptionally loud and vocal about her own pleasure.

Her moans and screams were so loud he thought Takemi might hear them down the street, but they fell like notes in a beautiful composition on his ears. He didn’t stop until her trembling ceased, and he felt up to starting the second round.

Good. The ache in his cock was just about unbearable. As much as he liked watching Kasumi melt into a puddle, there were some other things he had to consider.

He stood up, deftly untying the ribbons around her wrists and ankles and letting them fall aside. As soon as she was freed, she sprang up and caught him in a fierce kiss, lips, and tongues tangling as she raked her fingers across his shoulders and arms.

Ren simply took her place where she had been laying, allowing Kasumi to drape her leg across his neck and straddle his face. She leaned forward, grabbing his cock by the base and placing her mouth over the tip. Her mouth could barely take a third of his length without gagging, but her hands were small enough to both comfortably wrap around the rest.

He had a fine appreciation for a woman sitting on his face, particularly at this angle. He could squeeze and smack her ass all while doing the same essential work with his mouth between her legs. Sometimes his tongue darted up to poke and prod at her ass, but that was mostly just because he enjoyed hearing the surprised squeal she produced whenever he did.

Now, this was what he had been missing. A hot, tight mouth on his cock, dripping saliva down that her talented fingers could work on his shaft. It did wonders on the aching pain that had settled in his groin, and it didn’t hurt that he got to eat her out to his heart’s content, either.

And the view was just spectacular. A man with ten girlfriends obviously appreciated a wide variety of body types, but Kasumi was by far the most athletic. There was a lot to be said for anyone who could be picked up and fucked silly, but center stage was taken up by her round, toned ass, currently grinding against his face as though her life depended on it.

He groaned as she managed to take him especially deep in her mouth, sending vibrations through her as he continued taking a long draught between her thighs. He splayed both hands across either cheek, squeezing and kneading the tight flesh as he felt the pressure building up in his cock. No wonder he wasn’t going to last very long, after what she put him through.

“You’re going to swallow it all, aren’t you?” His voice was soft, considerate. Kasumi enjoyed a firm hand, particularly in edging, but not a cruel one. She liked requests, with the implication of punishment, should she refuse. Better the carrot than the stick, he supposed.

Kasumi’s affirmation was muffled by the cock in her mouth but was undeniably enthusiastic as her hands wrought his orgasm onto her tongue and down her throat. She sucked tightly against the head of his cock, drinking deeply from him, and finally swallowing.

“Ah,” she said, refreshed, wiping her mouth clean with the back of her hand. “You taste so good, senpai.”

“Enough with the flattery,” he lightly smacked the ass still dangling temptingly in front of his face, “get on my cock.”

“Yes, please!” She crawled forward, presenting a phenomenal view of her heart-shaped ass, and lowering it to join their hips. She grabbed his cock, still sensitive from orgasm, sending chills down his spine. Just a centimeter of adjustment, and she slid him past her lips.

“Fuck,” he slapped her ass again, a little harder this time. “Won’t you get moving?”

“Of course, senpai,” Kasumi’s voice was low and sultry, unusually aware of her own sexiness as she began to bob on his cock. He placed one hand firmly on her waist, keeping her posture upright and appreciating the artful curve of her back. The other hand spread across an ass cheek, helping push and guide her as she rode him.

He wasn’t sure quite how long they laid there, but if he hadn’t made it clear, Kasumi’s stamina was considerable. Besides, he’d gotten his release from the pain of holding off for so long, so he was ready to give her the delayed orgasm she craved. If that took all night, well, at this point, he was more than willing.

He finally got around to grabbing her ponytail like he wanted to before, tilting her head back as his hand aided her ascent and descent on his shaft. Her legs tightened in how they straddled his, and her breathing became quicker. She wasn’t asking him yet though, because she wanted to savor the early stages before being denied.

“May I cum, senpai?” Her voice was strained and lustful. She must be closer than he thought if she was already asking and if she sounded that desperate. He pitied her, but he had a reputation to keep up. If she knew he’d sympathize with her, then where did that leave his authority?

“Don’t even think about it,” he punctuated the order with another spank. “You cum when I say. Are we clear?”

“Yes, senpai,” the disappointment in her tone was palpable, though she sounded resigned, as if she had expected it. Even she knew the request was unreasonable. The night was young, and Ren was tired of her always outpacing him. He wanted her well and truly exhausted before he allowed her any quarter.

They kept at that for another half hour, perhaps longer. He was too busy watching her at work, mesmerized by the way her ass rhythmically moved, taking him wholly and producing all sorts of lovely little sounds. Kasumi’s anguish was apparent, but she hadn’t voiced her desires again in the meantime. He almost admired it, though he supposed he did say that he would give the final word on the matter. No point in asking.

The endeavor was taking its toll on both of them, but Kasumi especially, doing most of the work. They were slick with sweat and other bodily fluids, but her efforts were growing sloppier by the second. Her thighs trembled as she raised her hips yet again. She had placed both hands on his calves for leverage, but she nearly lost her grip twice. She could barely get a coherent word out.

“How badly do you want to cum?” His voice was dangerously quiet. Her previously loud moans had died down to gasps and murmurs as she fought her hardest to keep the orgasm from taking her forcibly. It took an inhuman level of effort.

“More than anything, senpai,” the pauses between thrusts and hip gyrations were growing more pronounced as Kasumi struggled to keep going. The only thing pushing her to this desperate state was the promise of relief, an orgasm that would reward her for all this trouble. “But I want you more, senpai. I want your cum so bad, I just can’t take it. Can you finish inside me, please?”

“Well, you asked so nicely,” he rubbed her ass in appreciation, lifting his hips to thrust a little deeper. The yelp she gave was just fucking exquisite. “Cum for me, Kasumi.”

She didn’t wait for him to finish his sentence before diving into the last reserves of energy available to her and slamming down on his cock with renewed force. He’d been struggling to push off his release, though not nearly as hard as her, and he had to admit it was impossible with her like this.

He wondered what had to be wrong with him, seeing as how much gratification he got from this.

“Senpai! Oh, please, ah, I’m going to cum!” Rather than up and down, Kasumi ground against him in an almost circular motion, only raising a few centimeters as she worked him at a 360-degree angle. The peak of their cries coincided, as Ren filled her to the brim with his seed, and Kasumi finally got the relief she’d been craving.

They were slumped over on opposite sides of the bed, throats hoarse from hours of lovemaking and pushed past the point of total exhaustion. Ren didn’t think he’d be able to move ever again. At least he had gotten the satisfaction of truly tiring her out for once.

“You want to go another round, senpai?”


Chapter Text

“Thanks for meeting me here, doc,” Ren rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “Even if you’re not working for the school anymore, I was feeling a little lost. Needed someone to talk to. Hope that’s not a problem.”

“Not at all, Ren,” Dr. Maruki replied cheerfully on the other side of the diner booth. “My research has hit a major milestone this month, so I’ve actually had a bit of free time on my hands until things pick up after the new year. So, what did you want to talk about?”

“Yeah, about that…” his gaze fell down at his hands in his lap, “since you’re not my school counselor anymore, does that mean that patient confidentiality no longer applies?”

“Not at all. I treasure your trust, even if I didn’t have a legal obligation to guard it. Whatever you say stays between us.”

“Okay. So the problem is I’ve been having girl troubles. A lot of them.”

“I can’t say that’s my area of expertise, but I’ll help where I can.”

“This year, I’ve met a lot of girls, and, well, they’ve all asked me out. I got a little bit ahead of myself, and wound up in ten exclusive relationships.” Maruki’s jaw touched down on the table at the confession. His embarrassed tone told the doctor that Ren wasn’t boasting, but it sounded a little far-fetched.

“Er, and what do you need my advice for?”

“I’m an idiot, doctor, but I know this is not sustainable. I’ve gotten this far by wearing myself ragged, pure luck, and making poor decisions. I know I have to dump nine girls, I just don’t know how to go about that. I can’t tell them I’ve been cheating on them because…well, it would make parts of my life very difficult. School especially.”

“These girls are your classmates?”

“Er, about half. One goes to another school, one isn’t attending currently, another is a street fortune-teller in Shinjuku, one’s my teacher, and another is my doctor. That about covers it.”

“I’m sorry, you just said you’re dating your teacher?!”

“Yes, doctor, so I think you understand that if she finds out I was ten-timing her, my performance in school will suffer accordingly. Discretion is key, Dr. Maruki.”

“You know, this is the sort of situation that’s better to avoid in the first place.”

“It’s a little late for regrets. I’m risking my grades, home life, and physical wellbeing every second I don’t dump any of them. Please, doctor, anything.” Maruki, staring at him with the kind of exhaustion that one feels in their very bones, sighed and pushed his glasses up before speaking.

“Then let me be as clear as possible, Ren. You cannot date your teachers, your doctors, or strange women predicting the future in a red-light district. Any of your girlfriends who are adult women should be broken up with immediately.”

“I kind of figured, but that doesn’t help me actually break up with them.”

“I’m sure that these women will understand that it’s unethical to be romantically involved with a minor. If they’re not already, inform them of the negative impact this will have on their careers.”

“Okay, so it sounds like I’m acting only in their best interest,” Ren scratched his chin, “that’s good. Shame, though. Dr. Takemi-”

“Stop right there,” Maruki ordered firmly, “I don’t want to know anything specific about this breach of ethics. Just end it.”

“Got it. Okay, we’re down to six girlfriends. I suppose it will be easiest to break up with Hifumi, since she goes to another school. She needs to focus on her studies anyway since Kosei’s such a strict school.”

“And the others?”

Ren thought about it long and hard, but no one was coming to mind as easy to dump. Every time he half-convinced himself to dump any of the five remaining girls, there was something in his head that stopped him from saying so. He was fond of his relationships with Sadayo, Oyha, Takemi, and Chihaya, but he had to be realistic; those relationships would cause a lot of hassle for everyone involved.

Hifumi would have a hard time, but she was strong, she’d do fine. Besides, if the breakup was nasty, then the Phantom Thieves would suffer the least from her lack of involvement. Now he just had to figure out who left the strongest impression on him.

He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, while vivid memories flooded his senses. Ann’s silky hair tangled between his fingers as her mouth worked his shaft. Makoto’s writhing under him as his tongue danced on the outer edge of her ear. Futaba’s begging and pleading, crying for onii-chan in a way he hadn’t expected to enjoy. Haru’s surprising way of taking charge. Kasumi’s tight body convulsed in an orgasm that was hours in the making.

“Uh, I’m not quite sure who else to break up with.”

“I don’t think these girls will appreciate being strung along, Ren,” Maruki frowned, “you’re going to have to make a decision before one is made for you.”

“I know, I know,” he raked a hand through his hair, upset at his indecisiveness. “I just need a bit more time, okay? What say I give things another shot with each of them, really figure out who would be my best long-term partner?”

“Haven’t you had months to do that already?”

“One week,” he declared. It was Christmas Day, and he was about to head into Leblanc to hang out with his friends. He’d get past this holiday, and then make up his mind by January 2nd. “One week, and I’ll narrow it down to one girl. I promise.”

“I can’t advise that, but,” Maruki’s sigh was palpably tired, “I can’t force you to make the right decisions yet.”

In hindsight, that yet would be one of the most important words he’d ever heard, but it didn’t occur to him until much later that it had slipped by unnoticed.

Chapter Text

After his conversation with Maruki, Ren deliberated on what he wanted in a partner for a considerable amount of time. He could put personality and character aside for a moment; he was already in love with the five girls he was still dating, so there wasn’t much use comparing girls he liked to begin with. No, he had to consider other criteria.

Speaking of only five girls, he had been worried about dumping the other five, though he had little to fear. Sadayo agreed with his concerns about the school finding out, Takemi had assumed that the drugs had been taking a toll on his well-being (true enough). Chihaya had seen it coming, funnily enough, and Ohya was already in her cups by the time he got around to telling her. The meeting with Hifumi involved a lot of tears, but he’d been expecting worse.

That had taken a load off his mind, though he was far from through. His odds of surviving had improved drastically, although the highest risk still lay with the Phantom Thieves. All it took was one conversation to turn the wrong way, and they’d toss him in the bottom of Mementos before he knew what had happened. So, he referred to those aforementioned criteria.

The first thing that came to mind was flexibility, though not physically. Otherwise, Kasumi probably would have swept the competition easily. He liked women who were open-minded and willing to try new things. Considering his wide-ranging sexual experience at his age, he would want a partner who wouldn’t get stuck in a rut.

So he decided to push the boundaries he’d previously set on himself. He was going to try asking something new of each of them and gauging their reaction. If they refused outright, that was that, but he was more interested in how willing they were to hear him out. Infidelity aside, he wasn’t so terrible a guy as to dump them just for refusing one sex act.

And, well, his brief foray into the unknown with Haru had awakened a curiosity in him that hadn’t existed previously. He wasn’t sure how far he was willing to take this newfound curiosity, but life was too short to get stuck in a box. So, one night, after a passionate session of lovemaking, he popped the question to Ann.

“A threesome? Where is this coming from?”

“I’ve just been thinking lately that we’ve been dating a while now, and I don’t want you getting bored just because I’ve fallen into a routine,” he explained, resting his head on an arm folded behind his head. “Sorry, it was too sudden.”

“But with who, though? Don’t tell me you had a girl in mind.” Oh, she thought he meant with a girl. That wasn’t a half-bad idea, but it was certainly not his intention.

“Er, no. I meant with another guy.” Ann turned on her side, propping her head up with a hand. Ren tried not to get distracted by the way the blanket they were tangled up in rode down and bared more skin than before. Fuck, his hormones were the reason he was in this mess, and now he couldn’t even focus. Her eyes widened at the suggestion.

“Oh…huh, really? Never pegged you for the type.” Taking note of the word pegged , he filed it away in his mind for another day. Haru might be a little too brutal for that, though, he’d have to run it by Makoto.

“I didn’t think I was, but you never know unless you try, right?”

“Okay, then. That being said, did you have a guy in mind?”

That was tricky. Of every guy he knew, he had to consider not just their response to the question, but how it would affect their relationship going forward. Frankly, he didn’t know how Yusuke would act, and he didn’t want to find out. Akechi would open a strange sort of Pandora’s box that Ren wasn’t sure would be healthy for either of them.

Mishima would be way too interested, and Ren would never hear the end of it. Besides, he could expect to find his exact measurements on the Phan-site by the end of the night. Yoshida was a little too old for both of them, and his campaign really didn’t need that kind of scandal. Really, there was only one choice.


Convincing Ryuji was about as easy as Ren expected. He was confused by the proposition at first, and Ren was worried about his friend’s ability to keep his mouth shut, but Ryuji assured him that he would keep quiet. Maybe because he knew what Ann was capable of if he blabbed about anything that happened.

The first problem they ran into was breaking the ice. The three of them were hanging out in the attic of Leblanc after closing time, occasionally exchanging glances quietly. Ren sat on the bed, Ann on the couch, and Ryuji just kind of stood there in between them. The three veteran Phantom Thieves were all awkwardly wondering who would break the tension first.

“Alright, let’s just get into it,” Ren declared. “We all agreed to this, and it’s not going to happen if we just wait for it to.”

“Yeah, but how do you start?” Ann inquired.

“She’s right,” Ryuji agreed, “they kind of just skip past the beginning in the videos.”

“How about you two start?” He asked. “That’s probably the most awkward part, so move past that as quickly as possible.”

“You sure, man?” Ryuji’s voice was doubtful. Ren nodded.

“Don’t worry about it.” Ren wasn’t much for voyeurism, and certainly not for being cuckolded, but he couldn’t very well say he wanted his girlfriend to be open-minded if he was going to make a fuss. He could cut in when he felt like being an active participant, but if they didn’t do something quick, this whole experiment would go south in the worst way.

Ryuji gingerly approached Ann, hands in his pockets. He looked like he was still trying to figure out what to do when she reached forward and seized him by the belt, undoing it and pulling his pants down to his knees. Ryuji tried to muffle his sound of surprise as Ann pulled his cock out and placed her mouth on the tip.

This was the other unknown variable of having a threesome with another guy. Ren had been with enough women to know he had nothing to be self-conscious about, but there were so many ways that a threesome could go wrong. He observed that Ryuji was shorter than him, but thicker around.

No matter who it was on, Ann’s dick-sucking skill was a sight to behold. Her fingers danced lightly on Ryuji’s balls, playing between gentle and rough. Ren almost pitied his friend; he had no way of being prepared for Ann’s uncanny talent.

She grabbed Ryuji by the thighs, pushing him further down her throat and prompting him to buck uncontrollably. Using her new leverage, she spun them both around, sitting Ryuji down on the couch and kneeling before him. He was already getting the hang of things, gripping a twintail in either hand as Ann loudly slurped.

As enjoyable as it was watching them, Ren could only hang around so long on the sidelines. He stood up, unbuttoning his shirt and kicking his pants down and off to the side. If Ryuji was going to be so occupied with one side, it didn’t seem fair to leave the rest of Ann unattended to.

He knelt behind her, helping Ann shrug off her school blazer and then the hoodie underneath it. She pulled away from Ryuji’s cock only long enough to pull her shirt over her head, leaving her topless except for a bright red bra. Ren hiked up her skirt, revealing matching underwear, and pulled them down to her knees. He had to stop himself from laughing.

He hadn’t said a word to her about this, but it seems she had taken the initiative all on her own. I swear, first Haru, now Ann? Are they buying sex toys from the same place? The neon green handle of a butt plug protruded from her ass.

He was impressed; he and Ann hadn’t ever experimented with ass play, so he hadn’t expected her to assume they’d be trying double penetration tonight. He wondered if she’d been wearing this all day at school, stretching herself out in preparation for two cocks. The ache in his groin was immense, and he had just about run out of patience.

Gripping her by the waist with one hand, he held his cock by the shaft and rubbed the head against her glistening sex. Ann moaned as her head rhythmically bobbed on Ryuji’s cock, sending vibrations through Ryuji. Ren lined himself up and slid inside her, hissing at the heat. Ann moaned louder as Ryuji began tensing up, his handle on her hair forcing her head to move faster, hips bucking until he was plainly fucking her face.

“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m gonna cum,” Ryuji was more vocal than Ren, loudly grunting as Ann’s mouth diligently sucked his thick cock to completion. He emptied his balls down her throat as Ren picked up the pace, producing a wonderful slapping sound as he ruthlessly plowed her from behind.

Ann did her best to swallow Ryuji’s load, though she was dizzy from pleasure. His cock fell from her mouth with a satisfying popping sound, and her head lolled in his lap. A thin line of jizz and drool trailed down the side of her mouth.

“Ooh, fuck me harder!” Ann cried, throwing her ass against him with the full force of her body. Her tongue flicked along the side of Ryuji’s shaft, absentmindedly tending to his cock and balls with her mouth as the orgasm began to wrack her body. “Please, baby, give it to me!”

Her legs trembled, knees pressing together as he hitched his leg up around her, getting a better angle to fuck her. Ryuji’s eyes had glazed over in the kind of post-orgasm bliss that Ren would envy, barely paying attention to anything except Ann’s tongue sliding around his member. He didn’t protest as climax rolled over Ann and her nails dug into his legs, holding on for dear life as she rode it out.

“Ann, what were you thinking when you did this?” He asked after her tremors had faded, flicking the butt plug hanging tantalizingly in front of him. “What did you have in mind?”

“I wanted you to fuck me in the ass while I rode Ryuji,” she said proudly, with the kind of confidence that comes from having one of the best orgasms of your life while getting spit-roasted. “Can you do that for me, Daddy?”

Oh, that was a new but not necessarily unwelcome development. Ren aided her in climbing up on the couch with Ryuji, straddling his hips and sliding down on his cock. Ann sighed with relief at having her cunt filled again, running her hands through Ryuji’s hair and pressing his face against her chest. She giggled, drunk with pleasure at his biting and sucking on her breasts.

Ren grabbed his bottle of lube from the desk, glad that Ann was too concerned with milking Ryuji dry to ask why he had that on hand. He rubbed a generous amount on his cock, wiping his hand clean and tenderly pulling the butt plug out of her ass. Ann gasped at the sudden emptiness, but it didn’t last long as he pressed the head against her hole and pushed in.

He’d been doing prep work with his fingers this whole time, but a toy had just done all the heavy lifting for him. He slid in and out with tremendous ease, using her large shapely ass as a convenient handle to fuck her on his cock.

Filled from both ends, Ann gave up on any semblance of doing the work. She collapsed between two of them in a sea of half-naked writhing limbs, pinned between two cocks and not wanting to go anywhere. If she’d been asked after the fact, she couldn’t quite pinpoint where one orgasm ended and another began. She simply rode the waves of pleasure originating from the two boys railing her.

“Shit, fuck, I…fuck my ass. No, no, Ryuji, keep fucking my pussy. Shit! I’m going to, fuck, that angle’s good. Harder. Both of you!”

They happily obliged.

Ren couldn’t make eye contact with Ryuji, as his friend had pulled the cups of Ann’s bra down and lost himself in a sea of sucking and rubbing on tits and nipples. Even so, he had to believe that they were somehow telepathically communicating, based on the fact that they came in Ann at the precise same time.

They rested there for a moment, catching their collective breaths and perhaps coming to their senses. Ren realized that he had just fucked his girlfriend with his best friend, while Ann and Ryuji came to terms with the fact that they just had sex with someone they considered to be a childhood friend. Neither Ren nor Ryuji had even pulled out of Ann before saying simultaneously,

“We’re never going to speak of this again.”

Chapter Text

This moment was pivotal. If he succeeded, this would represent the pinnacle of Ren’s smooth-talking, womanizing ways. If he failed, it would also signal the end of his life shortly after. What was life without taking a few risks?

At separate points, both Makoto and Haru had taught him there were pleasures to be had in letting go of control. Of all his girlfriends, they were also the closest to each other. They were both kind and generally not suspicious of their friends. If he was going to pull off a threesome with anyone, it would be them.

Of course, Haru and Makoto were probably the most physically intimidating of his girlfriends, so the threat of violence was never far from his mind as he maneuvered the situation. Even so, he generally didn’t create a plan while thinking of how it could go wrong. The higher the risk, the greater the reward.

The first step had been to convince the two of them individually, in a way that would appeal to them, and make them believe that they had been the ones to pick the other girl. That sounded simple on paper, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“With another girl?” Makoto’s eyes went wide, and her expression betrayed her inner conflict as she thought. “I’m not sure…”

“It was just a thought,” he waved his hand as if brushing the idea to the side, “you’ve always said you wanted to broaden our horizons.”

“That’s true,” her voice trailed off, “but I wouldn’t even know with who.”

“Of course, it would have to be someone we trust,” he affirmed, placing his hand over hers reassuringly, “I’ve been doing research, and they all say the most important thing is that you clearly communicate and choose someone who wouldn’t threaten the existing relationship.”

“Yes, that sounds like it makes sense,” Makoto was a sucker for appeals to authority. Convincing her was as simple as making a plain argument and providing a source, or at least claiming he had one.

“Of course, you can choose the other girl. It should be someone who can be reliably discreet, and you have a strong relationship with.”

“In that case, why not…”


“No, I’d rather not say,” Makoto’s fair skin was practically glowing red in embarrassment, “I don’t even think she’d, ah…”

“If you thought to say it, I want to hear it,” he declared. “I trust your judgment.” She averted her gaze but continued.

“I was going to say Haru.”


“You’ve been such a good boy today,” Haru cooed, lightly running her fingers along his chest. He was being given the barest of breaks in between sessions and knew that now would be his only chance. Haru was in an unusually good mood, and she might not allow him to offer his two cents at another time.

“Haru, would it be alright if I made a request?”

“Anything for you, pet.”

“I was wondering whether or not you’d be interested in a threesome.” Haru didn’t answer immediately, though that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. She was a deliberate person and would think her words through.

“Hm, that doesn’t sound unpleasant,” she decided, “though I have a few questions. With who? Boy or girl? What made you think of it?”

“The who depends on your preference. I’m not going to tell you I had anyone in mind.” Ren Amamiya lied as naturally as he breathed. “But I was thinking of it because of you, actually. You introduced me to a different kind of sexual dynamic than I thought I would be interested in, so I’d like to experiment within the bounds of what you’re comfortable with.”

“What I’m comfortable with…” Haru’s voice was soft as sin, trickling like a river. “It would have to be someone pliable, then, but a backbone is necessary. I wouldn’t want anyone who couldn’t keep you in place, pet.” Ren chuckled at that thought.

“You sound like you have someone in mind more than I do.”

“It’s just that what I said describes Mako-chan perfectly.”


And that has brought us to the fateful day in the middle of winter break, where Ren and Makoto were ushered into Haru’s luxurious apartment by a butler who could not have possibly known what they were here for. Or maybe he did; Okumura Foods had the kind of money that bought discretion.

As Haru led them into her room, he remembered that he had often thought her bed could fit more than two people, but this was the first chance they had to put it to the test. However, there was one last obstacle in place before going in.

He had gotten a hold of both girls separately, and laid down on small ground rule. To each girl, he explained that the other was shy about her lack of sexual inexperience, so they shouldn’t reference their relationship to the outsider. Makoto and Haru were so considerate that they would never dream of making their close friend self-conscious.

Two short conversations meant that the odds of them discovering they were both dating Ren were significantly lowered. Not without risk, but he was close to broaching a new frontier, and fortune favors the bold.

“That takes care of that,” Haru said emphatically as the bindings on his wrists tightened to either bedpost. She had discarded the baggy sweater she wore at school, leaving her in a thin camisole that revealed the shape of her ample bust.

“It seems like you prepared thoroughly for this,” Makoto said nervously. She was still completely dressed, sitting on the bed beside them. Even though she was no stranger to tying him up, it seemed she hadn’t expected Haru to pull it out here.

“You know him as well as I do,” Haru smiled knowingly, “he’s full of tricks. It’s why we’re both here, right?”

“I suppose you’d like to take the lead, then.”

“Of course. He can direct the Phantom Thieves, but I would prefer to take charge here. Any objections, Mako-chan?”


“Same,” Ren commented, unprepared for Haru to grab him by the chin, forcing his gaze to meet hers. Despite the swift action, her expression and tone were as level and tender as before.

“I didn’t ask you. Refrain from such interruptions in the future.” He gulped. “Mako-chan, would you mind undoing his pants?”

Makoto complied, unbuckling his belt and pulling his pants and boxers to his knees while Haru set about pulling his shirt off. His already-erect cock pulled free from the fabric, and both girls gave him a hungry, oddly appraising look.

Makoto scooched closer to his lap, where it looked as though she was about to touch him. Before she got the chance, Haru reached over and grabbed the other girl, pressing their lips together. She made the tiniest sound of surprise, eyes wide, but Haru’s kiss was insistent, hands running over Makoto’s body and holding her firmly. If Ren was hard before, now he was positively throbbing.

Haru’s fingers began working on both of their clothes, planting kisses on Makoto’s cheeks and neck. Her talented fingers managed to strip the both of them down to their underwear in no time flat. Makoto was still expressing some reluctance towards the intimacy with another girl, but Ren knew how Haru was in the bedroom, and she generally got her way.

And that’s how Ren wound up half-naked, sprawled, and tied to the bed, hard as a diamond and watching two gorgeous girls make out. Makoto had opted for a modest beige ensemble, understated even for her, while Haru’s bra and underwear were lacy and pink. He felt too much of his blood was heading south; lightheadedness was a real risk.

Haru finally pulled away, casting a sly glance Ren’s way. She shook her head, clicking her tongue as though sympathizing with his plight.

“He looks like he’s about to burst. I think we need to take care of him.” The two of them lowered their heads until they were eye level with his cock. Haru grabbed him by the shaft but offered him up to Makoto, who began by placing long firm strokes of her tongue on the underside.

His hips bucked uncontrollably, even as he knew he was making a mistake. Haru shot him a murderous look, planting her free hand firmly on his lower abdomen. The implication of what would happen if he got out of control was clear. His breathing grew ragged.

Haru began sucking the tip as Makoto’s mouth slid up and down the shaft. The tension wracking his muscles was enough to break his spirit, and that was just the pleasure flowing from the white-hot marks their mouths left on his flesh. More than that, he couldn’t handle watching both of them work.

“I’ll let you take care of him up here,” Haru slid her hands in Makoto’s dark hair, pushing her head down on his cock. “I’ll set my focus elsewhere.”

Makoto began diligently sucking his cock on her own, while Haru pulled his trousers past his ankles and tossed them aside. He was naked.

Then, Haru grabbed both of his legs and raised them in the air. Oh, dear. It was one thing for Haru to try stuff like this when they were alone, but he wasn’t sure he wanted Makoto to see him like that. Even so, the brunette blowing him paid little attention as Haru ducked her head and tentatively licked his ass.

Ren’s breath caught as she did so. He fully comprehended the sensitivity of the ass but knowing and experiencing it was not in the same ballpark. Haru’s tongue flicking in and around his ass and Makoto’s mouth working his cock was more than he could handle. His arms strained against the fabric tying him down, but he was helpless against the both of them.

“He’s getting quite worked up,” Makoto observed, lifting her lips just barely from his member, while her fingers still pumped him. “Your approach is…unorthodox, but it’s having a remarkable effect. I-”

She didn’t continue the thought, taken aback by the orgasm that surprised Ren almost as much. Their persistent work and the overstimulation of two girls at the same time was overwhelming, and he suddenly sprayed Makoto’s face, neck, and chest in cum. As startled as she was, she giggled a little bit at the shock.

“Even more worked up than I thought,” she licked her lips, “but I’ll need a wet rag. Haru, do you mind showing me the bathroom? Oh!”

Rather than take the sensible route Makoto proposed, Haru merely leaned forward and kissed Makoto again, tongues swirling a mixture of saliva and semen. Her tongue ran along the droplets of cum on Makoto’s face and collarbone, collecting every drop with relish.

“Exquisite,” she announced with a dangerous sort of look, “Mako-chan, now that you’re cleaned up, step right up.” Makoto’s face was quizzical at the prompt, but Haru began pulling on her underwear. Makoto relented and, now undressed except for her bra, threw her leg over his hip, resting in his lap. Haru took his still quivering shaft in her hand and guided him against Makoto’s slit and inside.

Makoto began to bounce slowly, almost unsure of whether or not she should act without Haru’s say-so, but the commanding look she held made it appear as though that was the natural next move. As she rode him, Haru shimmied her panties off and unclasped her bra, forcing Ren into a desperate competition between the sexy girl milking his cock and the sexy girl whose large breasts were swinging in front of his face.

He sucked on one of her nipples and then alternated to the other as she offered him a different one. Now fully naked, she began straddling his neck, facing Makoto, grinding her lower lips against his mouth. She was practically dripping onto his tongue.

“Oh, this angle is just wonderful ,” Makoto’s eyes closed, rotating slightly as she took his cock in a particularly effective spot. “Hm?”

Haru grabbed Makoto by both wrists, setting both hands on her chest and squeezing her breasts. Ren’s tongue slid between her folds, drinking deeply out of her as Makoto kneaded Haru’s chest. The two girls moaned in unison, rubbing on the receiving ends of his cock and mouth, respectively.

“He’s so well-behaved,” Haru crooned, tweaking Makoto’s nipple to produce a yelp, “smart, and he takes directions well.”

“Ah, oh, yes, yes he is,” Makoto’s moan pierced the air as her humping became more pronounced. She rose up to the tip before rocking down to take all of him in again. Ren couldn’t see past the sopping cunt in front of his face, so he was forced to pay close attention to those beautiful little moans as he worked on Haru.

“She’s going to cum on your cock, Ren. It’s impolite to leave a lady waiting; you’re going to cum again, aren’t you?” Haru had a way of making the impossible possible with a simple word. Ren would have said he had quite a while before he was ready to orgasm again, but a simple request from her and he could feel the heat rising in him again.

“Please, Haru, can I?” He pulled his lips back for just a moment to beg for release before diving back into the thick of it.

“That’s a good boy, cum inside her.” Haru’s typically even tone was wobbling; she wasn’t too far from orgasm herself.

“Please, Ren, breed me,” Makoto’s voice was unusually high, strained. “I want to feel your hot cum inside me. I want your cum so bad, please, just put it in me!”

He didn’t need the encouragement. He exploded inside Makoto as she hit her peak, and his tongue savored every drop of the sweet nectar of Haru’s sex. She grabbed Makoto, kissing her firmly as she came on her own orgasm. Her thighs pressed tightly against Ren’s neck, shivers running down her spine.

“Lovely,” Haru managed to say shakily as the tremors faded, “he’s been such a good pet today. I think he deserves a treat.”

She gasped lightly as she crawled off of him, undoing the bindings. Makoto fell off of his lap onto the bed beside him, a quivering mess, leaking cum on the sheets. Once he was freed, Haru went to her hands and knees, presenting her ass to him.

Haru lowered her head and grabbed Makoto’s legs. She pressed kisses and licks all along Makoto’s inner thighs before diving in between, lapping up the mixture of her and Ren’s juices. He was stupefied by the sight, not moving until Haru looked back at him expectantly.

“Get over here and fuck me, won’t you?” Refractory periods be damned, he shot up and took her by the hips, sliding up to the hilt inside Haru. He trembled a little; his cock was sensitive from multiple orgasms, and plunging headlong into a third round was a lot to take. Even so, this was not the kind of chance he could afford to squander. “Oh, good boy-ah!”

He began at a rapid pace, producing sharp clapping sounds as their skin slapped together. Makoto had been hesitant initially to even kiss another girl, but she was sex drunk and more than happy to accept Haru treating her like a feast. She moaned and bucked at Haru’s ministrations, fingers pulling and running through her sandy curls.

Ren gripped and squeezed at Haru, grabbing her by the hips as he thrust into her, rubbing her ass as the force of his strokes sent ripples through the flesh. He leaned forward, his body pressing against hers, feeling the heat rushing off her skin. His hands groped and kneaded the softness of her breasts, wringing a feverish moan from the girl as he plowed her.

The air was thick with the scent of sex and the loud moans vibrating throughout the spacious room. The sheets were stained with bodily fluids and tangled up between the three bodies heaving and gasping in pleasure. Ren hiked a leg up for better positioning as he fucked Haru, relishing the wet slapping noise of their union, and enjoying a better view of Haru diving between Makoto’s legs.

Makoto wrapped her slim legs around Haru’s neck, egging her on and gently pushing the other girl’s mouth against her mound. Sweat shone across her chest, a bead running down her elegant neck. Her wine-red eyes were heavy-lidded and dark with lust, studying the other two with a sharp sensual fascination.

Makoto’s noises became louder, untamed, and her hips ground against Haru’s mouth mercilessly. Her body was visibly trembling. Haru’s moans were muffled by Makoto’s cunt, but reverberated throughout the room regardless. Ren’s gasps and grunts came in time with pulling out of Haru a few inches and plunging back in.

“Cum for me, Mako-chan,” Haru’s voice wavered as she rocked two fingers in and out of Makoto. The brunette whimpered, her shaking becoming more emphatic as the orgasm overtook her. “Harder, Ren! Fuck me harder!”

For the third time, Ren could feel his vein alight with that fiery pleasure. Her cunt was just so wet and warm and inviting, her soft skin under his fingers exquisite, and he could feel himself coming undone. Haru’s raucous moans became uncontrollable as her pleasure peaked, and Ren knew it was curtains.

“Can I cum inside you, Haru?” His voice sounded almost pathetic asking like that, but that was better than not asking at all. He needed this, he needed her, just as he needed to keep watching the sight worthy of a Renaissance painting before him, Haru drinking from Makoto like the other girl was an oasis after she’d been wandering the desert.

“I want to feel that big fucking cock throbbing inside me, Ren, I want you to cum.” He felt his soul leave his body with this orgasm, collapsing in a heap tangled with Haru’s body and Makoto’s legs mid-ejaculation. He was mumbling words he didn’t know the meaning of, senseless and incomprehensible.

Haru rode out the remainder of her orgasm, reaching behind her to grab him by the air and push her ass back against his groin. She sighed with sweet relief, planting gentle kisses along Makoto’s thighs. She pushed Ren off and to the side, and he fell with no resistance. He wasn’t sure he was ever going to stand up again.

Sweating, soaked in three different people’s fluids, Haru looked as beautiful as any woman could. First, she swayed over to Ren, where she took the bindings to the bedpost and secured them to his wrists again.

She then crawled over to where Makoto lay in a daze and sat down on her face, straddling her neck. Without skipping a beat, the previously bi-reluctant Makoto began lapping up the remains of Ren and Haru’s coupling. Haru looked back over her shoulder at Ren, half-dead, but with a renewed interest.

“You seemed so tired, so I didn’t want to tempt you into going another round,” her voice was saccharine sweet, “I’ll untie you when I’m done here, love.”

Ren wasn’t sure he was ever going to stand up again, but there was one part of him that was already back on its feet.

Chapter Text

Ren had cut a deal with Futaba to help her acclimate to crowds and public places; in a sense, it was the foundation of their relationship, other than her enjoyment of Oreimo. Usually, it felt like they had to choose between working on that deal and the physical side of their relationship, but not today.

A few days before the New Year, he decided it would be a good time to take her to Shujin and see how she would handle hanging around people. They’d been once before, but that was as an outsider, and with Makoto watching. No, for this occasion, Futaba would be masquerading as a Shujin student.

The hard part would be convincing anyone that she belonged, but Ren figured he could get away by saying that she was a new transfer student. Considering he was relatively new to the school, maybe people wouldn’t suspect that he was showing her around in the middle of their break. Besides, the fewer people there meant Futaba could work on communicating one-on-one, which might prove more valuable than crowd control in the long run.

Snagging a uniform was easy enough; there wasn’t a lock that could hold him at this point in his Phantom Thief career, and having conducted affairs with both a teacher and the student council president meant he was biblically familiar with the school layout. A few extra uniforms could always be found lying around.

“The library again?” Futaba inquired, hands clasped in front of her nervously. She was glancing around, though the halls were empty. It was the middle of the afternoon, so without classes, the only people here were for clubs.

“I spent a lot of time studying here, even when everyone was whispering about me,” he said quietly, opening the door and ushering her in. “It helped toughen me up. Not that people will be gossiping about your criminal record, but transfer students usually are the subject of rumors.”

“But no one’s in here.” Futaba took a few furtive steps, looking behind bookshelves to confirm that they were indeed alone. The librarian left a note hanging saying she’d be back for lunch. Ren smiled.

“Well, Makoto mentioned last time there’s some manga and light novels here. Want to check those out?” The plaid skirt swayed as she walked, and Ren took a moment to admire the curve of her backside, visibly defined even in the uniform. It suited her.

“Ugh, this is nothing,” she wrinkled her nose at the meager selection. Admittedly, a school library was not the place a hardcore otaku would probably look, but Ren’s reading habits veered towards the utilitarian; if he couldn’t apply it elsewhere in his life, he wasn’t interested. “It’s all Shonen Jump and baby’s first isekai.”

“Don’t disparage Jump where Ryuji might hear you,” he remarked. He pointed to a brightly colored volume low down on the shelf. “Why not take a look at that one?”

“I’ve read this already,” she bent over to get a closer look at the title, complaining. He sidled behind her, finger hooking the fabric of her skirt and lifting it an inch to confirm his suspicions. She wasn’t wearing underwear. “I should have figured you were up to something.”

“Me? Never,” he fervently denied, putting one hand firmly on her waist and steering her behind a bookshelf. In the corner of this room, it wouldn’t keep them away from prying eyes, but they’d have two seconds to separate before becoming visible.

Futaba made a surprised little noise as her back hit the wall and his finger under her chin tilted her head up to meet his hungry mouth. His kiss was ferocious but soft as his lips pried her mouth open to slip his tongue inside. Futaba leaned into the kiss further, one hand reaching to the back of his neck and running her fingers where the hair curled at the nape, the other grasping the muscles in his shoulder to get a better angle.

“Senpai, I don’t think we should be doing this,” her protest came out in a whimper as his hand snaked under her skirt. Putting one foot between hers like a wedge, her legs opened involuntarily to provide him access. “Someone might see!”

“Let them,” he bent down to kiss her again as his fingers dipped inside her folds. It didn’t take him more than a moment to find her clit, gently rubbing the top of the hood. Futaba moaned against his mouth, back arching as he worked her most sensitive region. “No underwear? Don’t tell me you were expecting this.”

“More like hoping,” she grinned in the kind of way she must have known drove him wild. Her eyes twinkled with an impish delight as she reached to caress the bulge straining the fabric of his pants.

It was just too much. He growled low in his throat, pulling his fingers away from her and prompting groans of disappointment. He grabbed her by the hips and spun her around, forcing her to press her hands against the wall, bracing for him as he knelt and hiked her skirt up. He liked to lead with big opening moves, so he laid his tongue flat against her labia and proceeded to take long, arduously slow licks, catching as much surface area as possible.

“Ooh, ah, I think someone’s goooing to hear us!” Futaba yelped, squirming as his tongue worked through her folds, flicking lightly over her clitoris. With the amount of pressure she was exerting, she was going to put holes in the drywall, but it was all she could do to get something to push back against.

He pushed her legs to spread further apart, giving him better access for his fingers and tongue to stimulate every millimeter of her. Her moans grew louder, she shamelessly ground her ass against his mouth and nose. He desperately wanted to push this further, but they were going to need a little more privacy for that.

“Librarian’s going to be back any second now,” he breathed, voice as soft as sin, one finger curled inside her to tenderly rock her G-spot while two fingers, on the other hand, spread her lips for one digit in the middle to coax the orgasm out from her clit. “Hurry, or we’ll be late for class.”

“Fuck, you’re right, senpai,” rather than pushing back against the wall now to keep her footing, Futaba was simply melting into it, crumpling and beginning to slide down as the waves of pleasure took her far away. “I…agh!”

He gave her one moment to catch her breath, then two, before slapping her ass and dropping her skirt as if to add a sense of finality to it. He wiped his mouth with his sleeve, putting his mind to work on where the nearest empty classroom was.

“Come on,” he stood, brushing off his legs, and grabbing her by the hand. Still dizzy from orgasm, Futaba practically stumbled into his arms, forcing him to guide her through the door and down the hall. He looked around, ensuring no one was there to see, and stepped into a classroom close to the end of the hall. The bathroom was a viable option, but he hadn’t touched one since breaking up with Ohya. It just felt wrong.

Closing the door behind them, he escorted Futaba to a desk in the front of the class, allowing her to sit and gather her bearings. She smiled goofily as he retreated to the teacher’s desk, sitting on top of it with an expectant look.

“So, Sakura-san, as I understand it, your grades are in poor shape,” he removed his glasses and rubbed the bridge of his nose as though exasperated. “You’re always facing me in class, so I don’t understand why that’s not translating to your scores.”

“I just like looking at you, sensei,” Futaba picked the bit up quickly, speaking softly and pressing her index fingers together. With the way she looked shyly away, she played the role of the failing student flawlessly.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that. What did you say?”

“I…like looking at you, sensei.”

“I see,” Ren leaned back against the desk, folding his arms. “In that case…perhaps we could come to an arrangement. You’re a nice girl, Futaba-chan, I don’t see why you should fail, but I can’t just change your grades. You need to show me you’re willing to work harder in the future.”

“I’ll do anything , sensei!” Futaba practically jumped out of the desk. She strode forward, grabbing his hand and kneeling in front of him. “What kind of extra credit work is it?”

“Oh, use your imagination,” he smiled devilishly, “you’re a bright one, really, I’m sure you’ll think of something.”

It was almost enough to make him laugh, roleplaying as though Futaba was a bad student. While she wasn’t a student at all, she was many times smarter than the next smartest person he knew. Certainly, she’d do better on her exams than he would with a month of studying.

Futaba raised her gaze to meet his, and then slowly, as though deliberating, her eyes lowered. When they were level with his belt, she began to undo his belt. Her motions were halted, uncertain; for whatever reason, her dedication to every role was impressive.

She finally pulled his zipper down and managed to slip his cock out of his boxers. She stared at it with wide-eyed awe as though it was the first time, but her method acting aside, he was getting impatient. He slid his hands through her long orange hair, pressing insistently on the back of her head as if to egg her on.

She opened her mouth wide, taking him in her mouth cautiously. She glided down his shaft at a snail’s pace, until her lips pressed against the base. She quivered for a moment, struggling to keep him down for as long as she did. She finally pulled off, breathing heavily, a long strand of saliva connecting her lips to the gleaming head of his cock.

“That’s a good girl,” his voice was velvety soft, encouraging, “don’t stop now.”

Her hand wrapped around his cock just beneath the head, lifting it up to expose the underside and dragging her tongue up and down. Her fingers pumped him slowly while her mouth migrated south, tongue and lips swirling one of his balls. He bucked gently, his grip on the desk tightening.

“I hope I’m doing a good job, sensei,” her voice trembled, as though she was unaware of the fact that she was wringing an orgasm out of him like a master pianist wrung triumphant notes from his instrument. “Are you sure this will help my grades?”

“Abso-fucking-lutely,” he gasped as she put her mouth back over the head, sucking him till he was weak in the knees. “Just keep going, ah, shit , just like that.”

He gathered up her hair in his hands until it was bunched up in one hand and he had a proper grip. Using his newfound leverage, he bobbed her head back and forth, forcibly fucking her throat. He closed his eyes, enjoying the blissful gurgling and the slick saliva pooling up in her mouth and on his groin.

His orgasm was as sudden and quick as lightning. His handle on the back of her head stiffened and he pushed her mouth a little further down his shaft as he erupted. Rope after thick rope of semen shot deep down her throat, but Futaba drank it all like the diligent little student she played so well. Even after the last drop disappeared from her tongue, he thrust shallowly twice more as the remainder of his orgasm abated.

“You did a great job,” he chuckled, “I think I’ll have to get around to changing your grades.”

“Oh, I couldn’t possibly accept that for so little,” she gushed, hand still wrapped around his length, delivering gentle little tugs that left him feeling electric shocks in the tips of her toes. “Why don’t I show you what I can really do, sensei?”

“By all means.” Futaba’s hips swayed from one side to another as she walked away. She slipped the blazer off her shoulders and tossed it to the adjacent desk. She unbuttoned the shirt and threw it over her shoulder, forcing him to catch it. The neon green bra was next to join the blazer, and she was apparently finished undressing.

She was still wearing her stockings and skirt, but that was plenty. She hopped up on the desk, opening her legs and revealing his path forward. He grabbed her by the knees, pulling her close enough to line himself up, pushing inside her with a hiss.

Futaba looped her arms around his neck, holding on and the angle to push back and forth on his cock as he began to thrust. He cupped her modest breast in one hand, holding her waist with the other. His mouth pressed kisses on her jaw like a firebrand, coaxing moans from deep in her chest as he picked up the pace.

“Sensei, your cock is so big,” her voice was a shrill whine, trembling with pleasure, “it’s so fucking big, it’s going to split me in half!”

“That’s the goal,” he laughed, grabbing her by the throat and silencing her with a wet kiss. He pressed his lips against her ear, his hot breath tickling the sensitive skin. “You’re going to be a slobbering mess when I’m done, spilling over with my cum.”

“Oh no , sensei!” She protested weakly. “Don’t cum inside me, please!”

“Do you want to pass my class or not?” He growled, forcing her to meet his gaze. Her lip wavered, stifling the moan rising up her throat.

“I do!”

“Then you’re going to take my cum like a good girl and ask for more. Are we clear?”

She practically leaped into his arms, up off of the desk and now sliding up and down on him. He grunted at the unexpected strain of having to keep her upright, but adjusted quickly and begin to pound her at a greater speed. Her heat was too much; it was infectious, driving him into a corner of his brain that was just a little crazier than the rest.

He raised her up to the tip, so high that he nearly fell out entirely, and then back down to the base. Once more, and then twice, and then he filled her to the brim. Her orgasm was loud, body-shaking, but she muffled it by biting down hard on his collarbone, sucking until she left a deep purple bruise.

“Ah, fuck,” he sighed, pulling out with a wince. “The good news is that you passed sex ed with flying colors.”

“Thank you, sensei.”

Chapter Text

“I’m sorry, senpai, did I wake you?”

“Don’t worry about it, Kasumi. I always have time for you,” Ren closed his eyes; it was late on New Year’s Eve, and the clock had struck midnight some time ago. He had been trying to get some sleep for a while now, though it eluded him. Truthfully, he was still thinking of how to escape his predicament, and that usually meant he wouldn’t sleep a wink.

“I was just wondering if you’d like to go on a date tomorrow to the shrine. It is New Year’s, after all,” Kasumi paused, suddenly sounding doubtful, “oh, but I’m sure you’ve already made plans. I’m sorry for being so inconsiderate, I’ll-”

“Actually, I don’t have any plans,” he interrupted. Kasumi would continue into this spiral if he didn’t break up the self-conscious train of thought that birthed it. “I’d love to go to the shrine tomorrow.”

“I’m glad to hear it,” she sounded relieved. “Let’s go early; I’d like to avoid the crowds if possible. Does nine work for you?”

“Yeah, that’s fine,” he considered for a moment, “does this mean I’ll get to see you in a kimono?”

“Would you like me to wear one?” Her voice took a scandalous note, the kind that made him shift in between his sheets.

“Naturally, though I’m not promising to keep my hands to myself.”

“Senpai,” her tone was reproachful, though the undertone of excitement was undeniable, “if you go to the shrine with impure intentions, it will reflect in your fortune.”

“My fortunes are already looking up if it involves you. The kimono is just a bonus.”

“In that case, I think I have something in mind,” he couldn’t pin down what she had in mind, but he was getting hot and bothered regardless. “Well, good night, senpai. Just…don’t fall asleep quite yet.”

“You’ve piqued my curiosity. Alright, then. See you tomorrow.” His brain began whirring at the possibilities, but he came up blank. He was growing impatient when his phone buzzed again.

I’m sorry this took so long, senpai! I just couldn’t get the angle right, and I wanted it to be perfect.

Beneath the text was a photo of Kasumi, draped across her bed in a yellow kimono adorned with a floral pattern. The fabric was arranged in such a way as to reveal a dizzying amount of leg, until revealing her exposed hip. Her hand rested lightly on the skin, the other hand toying with the neckline, pulling it down to bare her chest.

She’s too much, Ren thought as he pulled his sweatpants down and took his stiffening cock in his hand. Before continuing, he made sure to send a reply.

You know I’m not getting a wink of sleep tonight now, all because of you.

Then, he flicked the brightness up on his phone, zoomed into certain parts of the picture, and did just about the only cure for insomnia he knew.


He met Kasumi at the station at nine o’clock on the dot. She was wearing the kimono from the picture; Ren wasn’t sure if he was getting ahead of himself, or if she had managed to produce a Pavlovian response from him, but he was already hard. Not much fun, considering they were packed to the gills in the train.

Not surprising, since it was New Year’s Day, but a pain regardless. Ren had to keep one hand firmly on Kasumi’s waist to ensure she didn’t get dragged away by the churning crowd every time the doors opened. Well, maybe he didn’t have to, but he wasn’t going to take the risk. Yeah, that was his only motivation in holding her this close.

“Senpai, you seem to be taking liberties to keep me close,” Kasumi wasn’t exactly reprimanding; it was a little too pleased for that. Even so, she glanced at him reproachfully from the side of her gaze.

“I’m interested in keeping you safe,” the train was filled with a soft sort of chatter, neither loud nor soft, but enough that their conversation was safely lost in the noise. He bent to put his mouth against her ear. “Besides, after the stunt you pulled last night, I need to keep an eye on you.”

“I don’t know what you mean,” Kasumi’s fair skin betrayed her blush easily, “you’ll have to let me know what I did wrong later, when we’re alone. I’ll be sure to make it up to you.”

“You’re going to pay, with interest,” he smiled, voice barely a whisper, “though I don’t know if I’ll wait until we’re alone before I collect.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” she tried to sidle away as if disapproving, but his grip was tight. He wasn’t letting her go anywhere; he was addicted to the feeling of her body curving against his, he drank the heat coming off of her skin. “Really, senpai?”

“You have to take responsibility for your actions,” he countered, hand drifting to squeeze her ass. She didn’t say anything, or even shrug away from his hand. It seemed to him that she was enjoying this even more than he was. “So, is it true that women don’t wear underwear with their kimono?”

“That, ah, is the case traditionally, though many choose to do so nowadays,” Kasumi’s voice caught as she deliberated. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other, as if uncomfortable…or embarrassed.

“Caught you,” Ren chuckled quietly, “I’m going to have to take advantage of that. I mean, it’s downright cruel to send a photo like that when you know I can’t do anything about it.”

“Um, senpai, what are you going to do?” She was trying to clamp down on the excitement she was feeling. She was unsuccessful.

“We’re going to have to find some way to sneak away from the crowd,” he murmured in her ear, “maybe find a nice spot where I can bend you over. The kimono ought to conceal everything dripping down your legs.” Her eyes were dark but undoubtedly heated. The overhead announcement began.

“Senpai, I want-”

“Oh, this is our stop,” he interrupted cheerfully, taking her by the arm and guiding her to the opening doors, “let’s have some fun.”


Okay, this was just getting weird. Nobody was here. The shrine was almost completely empty on New Year’s Day. That just didn’t happen, and certainly not in Shibuya. After the train was so crowded, Ren would have expected the whole shrine to be overrun. Instead, it felt like he and Kasumi were the only two there.

They had briefly met with the other Phantom Thieves, but that didn’t assuage the feeling of something being wrong. One of the biggest shrines in the biggest city on the planet, on the holiday where everyone and their mother goes to the shrine, and they only ran into a handful of people that they knew intimately.

Besides, there was something even stranger going on. Ren hadn’t discussed making plans for the holiday with any of his girlfriends but Kasumi. He didn’t think that it was weird in itself, but that four of them had grouped together and gone without him was unnerving. He tried to be present for as many of their interactions as possible, to avoid any disasters, but they had coordinated this completely without his knowledge.

So he had expected there to at least be a question or a pointed comment thrown his way. He didn’t consider any of the girls especially jealous, but they had to wonder why he was out with another girl when he hadn’t tried to make plans with them. But nope; they had moved on without another thought.

Really, he shouldn’t be pushing his luck at this point. He had gotten away with all five of his girlfriends casually chatting while he was on a date with one of them, and no suspicions had been raised. He shouldn’t be getting a fortune with Kasumi right now, because he used up all of his good luck for the year.

Even so, he couldn’t deny the bold streak in him that liked a challenge. He checked his fortune and read it aloud.

“Great blessing,” he held it up for Kasumi to read, “you know? I’m feeling pretty lucky. How about you?”

“That’s great, senpai!” She clapped her hands together but looked down at her own fortune with mild disappointment. “Half-blessing again. Just my luck, right?”

“I think I have some luck to share,” he took her by the arm, escorting her across the shrine. As mind-boggling as it was, there was no one here. Once he felt reasonably secure, hidden behind the main shrine building and the large gate that separated the grounds from the outside world.

“You can’t be serious,” Kasumi couldn’t even hide the incredulity in her voice, but Ren tried to ignore the naysaying as he bent down to kiss her, pushing her back against the wall. Her mouth tasted sweet, like cherries, and her tongue tasted sweeter. Despite her protests, she ran her fingers through his hair with fervor, gasping against his lips.

He pulled insistently at the belt of the kimono, though he relied on her expertise to loosen it enough that the fabric could be pulled apart for his access. She wasn’t joking about the lack of underwear, he thought as he slid his hand in between the folds of the kimono, and then inside Kasumi’s folds. She was already wet to the touch, but considering how he felt like she’d been leading him on since last night, it made sense.

“Oh, senpai, please ,” her back arched against the wall, hips lifting and pushing forward at the gentle stroke of his fingers inside her. The pads of his digits swirled through her most sensitive spots, knowing where to skim and where to linger in order to draw out a moan. Ah, music to his ears.

She grabbed his shoulders, feeling where the muscles and tendons flexed and contracted as he rocked back and forth inside her. Her legs were trembling, and despite the cold of January, a bead of sweat ran down her temple. She was practically puddling in his hand.

“I know you like to take your time, but considering where we are, I think you can finish whenever you’re ready,” his voice was low but firm. If she wasn’t wobbling on the edge already, this might do it. “Kasumi, cum for me, now .”

Noises fell from her lips, each one a syllable trying to form a larger word, but none actually created anything comprehensible. He rotated his thumb flat against her clit while his ring finger slid in and out of her. The sounds he wrung from her were just exquisite.

He lightly put his hand against her mouth, muffling the sound of her orgasm as she fell apart under his tender ministrations. She panted, knees shaking gently and almost sliding to the ground. Through some miracle, she managed to keep her footing.

He looked around, ensuring that they were alone one more time before he began unbuckling. He grabbed Kasumi and lifted her up and against the wall, allowing her legs to wrap around his waist. She grabbed his cock by the base and lined him up, sliding up to the hilt with a sigh of relief.

“Does it turn you on to get fucked in a shrine?” He asked, maintaining a shaky smile as he thrust. “This is downright sacrilegious,”

“I, oh, you know, agh, senpai, darn it! This is your fault!” Kasumi was working herself so much, Ren felt like he barely had to do a thing but hold her upright and keep pumping. She grabbed and pawed at his arms, neck and hair. Her eyelids fluttered, her lips mouthing words that didn’t make it out.

“You’re gorgeous when you’re flustered,” he planted kisses along her collarbone and chest, pushing the fabric of her kimono further open with his mouth until he could take a nipple in his mouth. She closed her eyes, breathing slowly as her hand on the back of his head urged him on.

“Senpai,” she whimpered, her voice so low as to be inaudible. If his head wasn’t pressed so tightly to her chest, he might not have heard it. “I’m going to cum again.”

“That’s a good girl,” he wasn’t going to last much longer at this rate anyway. Probably for the best; there was only so long they could go before getting discovered. “I’m gonna cum too. How badly do you want it?”

“I want your cum so bad, senpai,” she wrapped her arms around his neck, holding on for dear life as he thrust twice more. His pace stuttered drastically on the third stroke, then the fourth, emptying inside her.

He pumped a few more times, maybe a half-thrust or two, and sighed raggedly. He slipped out as he caught his breath. He allowed Kasumi to slide down the wall, making sure she was steady on her feet before he let go of her. She hurriedly fixed her kimono and the belt before looking up at him and huffing.

“You…made a mess,” she said, frustrated, looking away.

“Let’s hurry and catch the train, then,” he gestured for them to go, “you can clean up at Leblanc. Or we can get dirtier.”

“I’ll say this, senpai,” she still didn’t meet his eye as they began walking, “you how to celebrate.”

Chapter Text

Intermission II

Ren would have been content to have saved the world only once before his eighteenth birthday. It would have been a full life, you know? Ten girlfriends, mastermind of a psychic crime-fighting team, and saved the world from a megalomaniacal control freak. Sure, he didn’t have any extracurriculars, but a college might accept the Phantom Thieves as a club on his application.

But it wasn’t meant to be. Shortly after his shrine trip with Kasumi, he discovered she wasn’t Kasumi at all. Sumire, as he came to know her, joined the team, alongside the recently not-deceased Akechi. It was simply a matter of stealing yet another heart, right? Well, Ren was having issues with hearts.

He didn’t have a lot of people he could talk to about this. Most of his confidants were women he was either actively sleeping with or had only recently broken up with. Hell, he couldn’t even tell Ryuji, because now Ryuji knew that he was dating Ann. He was running out of options, and that led to some desperate decisions.

Morgana would crucify him for cheating on Ann, while Yusuke didn’t understand the appeal of women when there was art to be made. Yoshida was always busy after the elections, and he didn’t think he could approach Iwai with girl problems. The only time Mishima spoke to women was when he was getting catfished on the Phan-site, and Sojiro would also crucify him.

Akechi was open to discussion, but a serial killer wasn’t exactly the best source of relationship advice, was he? That left Ren with one option; go back to where he began.

“I have to say, I didn’t expect you to call me again,” Maruki looked like a man who had been through hell, which was only fair. The last time they’d spoken, they’d tried their best to kill each other. Their counselor-patient relationship ought to have frayed beyond repair at that point.

Still, he had answered Ren’s call, and if a casual fight to the death between friends wasn’t enough to get Maruki to turn him away, Ren wouldn’t hold a grudge. Besides, the magnitude of this situation called for putting aside differences.

“Desperate times,” Ren replied moodily, “my situation hasn’t improved much. In fact, it’s only gotten harder to pick. I asked more of them, thinking it’d be easier if I knew who was or wasn’t willing to branch out. Instead, they were more than accommodating.”

“You know, most people are lucky to find one great partner in their life,” the doctor pointed out, “teachers and physicians aside, you seem to have found a good many people you’d be lucky to spend your life with.”

“I’m more than aware,” Ren took his glasses off to pinch the bridge of his nose, hoping to stave off the stress migraine. “I’d be overwhelmed at my tremendous luck if I didn’t go to sleep every night imagining what will happen if they find out.”

“Since you’re still asking my advice, would you care to lay out the pros and cons? Maybe having an outside opinion will help you evaluate your partners objectively.”

“Easy enough,” Ren lowered his gaze from Maruki’s, thinking. “Ann was my first girlfriend, and one of the first Phantom Thieves. She’s sweet, beautiful, albeit not a great student.”

“Would you say there’s a flaw in your relationship with her, if you felt the need to date other girls?”

“No,” Ren shook his head, “it’s just how I am. I meet a new girl and fall for her, but it’s not like my feelings for the others get erased. I wish it was that easy.”

“I see. Continue.”

“Makoto’s one of the smartest people I know, and kickass, too. She’s naive, but she’s aware of her shortcomings and works hard to overcome them. Futaba’s my guardian’s daughter, and a serious homebody; I guess it’s frustrating that I like to go out every night, and she’s never in the mood. She’s like my cat; won’t ever let me leave the house.

“Haru is…difficult to explain. Let’s just say she’s opened my eyes to a lot of new and interesting things I never considered before. I definitely feel like I was missing out on certain things before she turned me onto them. And I don’t think I need to explain Yoshizawa to you. She’s hardworking and earnest, and pushes me to be better.”

“I must say that her involvement does call my impartiality into question,” Maruki intoned. “Even so, I believe I know the two of you well enough to say whether or not you’re a good match.”

“Okay, doc, give it to me straight; who should I dump?”

“If I had to tell you explicitly, I would first suggest Ann. You had little to say about her, compared to the others, and part of it was just her looks. After her, the next that comes to mind is Futaba. Her relationship with your guardian sounds like it puts you at risk, and you otherwise have irreconcilable differences.”

“That makes sense,” Ren sighed. He’d known going into this that he’d have to dump four of the girls, but that didn’t make it any easier.

“I’d like more information about the others; it sounds like you admire a great deal about them, so it’d be wise to give me more to work with.”

“You’re saying we should do another round?” Ren visibly perked up. He stood up from the table suddenly. “You’re a genius, doc! I’ll start right away. Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away, so I’ll have to hurry. I don’t want to be the ass who dumped a girl on or before Valentine’s Day.”

“But you’re comfortable cheating on them for the better part of a year?” Maruki mumbled under his breath, so quiet Ren didn’t even hear. “I wasn’t suggesting you prolong this, I just meant if you could talk about them some-”

“If I’m still feeling indecisive, that must mean my work isn’t finished, you’re right,” Ren declared, agreeing with a person who did not exist. He tossed a few large bills on the table, far more than should be required for the two drinks they had ordered. He pulled out his phone and started texting.

“That’s not what I…” Maruki’s eyes widened, “how did a high school student get this much cash?”

“I work a lot of part-time jobs,” Ren called, already walking away and out of the diner, “I’ll get back to you when I’m done! You’re a miracle worker!”

Maruki watched him go, open-mouthed and slack-jawed. The man who had saved the world from the God of Control, who had purged the country of some of the most corrupt and dangerous people alive, was also an idiotic hormonal teenager. This sack of testosterone on legs was also responsible for defeating him and leaving his life’s work in tatters.

“Excuse me, miss,” Maruki sighed, getting the waitress’ attention, noting it wasn’t even noon yet, “I’m going to need the strongest drink you have.”

Chapter Text

Ren believed that he had seen the last of the Metaverse in December, after Yaldaboath’s defeat. He also believed he had seen the last of the Metaverse a few weeks prior as Maruki’s Palace collapsed under the weight of his own ambitions. He had been wrong in both cases; mostly.

The Nav had disappeared from the Phantom Thieves’ phones, true, but the wild card wasn’t so easily dismissed. Ren quickly discovered that the Metaverse lingered in places where it had previously been dominant; the remnants of Palaces were still accessible to anyone willing to look. Ren learned that the safe rooms of former Palaces could be opened.

That was almost entirely useless unless Ren was willing to get creative. What was the point in jumping into the Metaverse when he could only stay in one room? The owner of the destroyed Palace was already reformed; nothing could be accomplished by going there. Heck, there weren’t even any Shadows to fight.

Ren would have ignored this obscure ability, if not for a wriggling idea at the back of his mind. He’d been wanting to do this forever, but between his girlfriends balking at the idea and the business of running the Phantom Thieves, he’d never gotten the chance. Now, his opportunity was nigh.

He could have sex in the Phantom Thieves’ outfits.

For whatever reason, the Metaverse had bestowed each female infiltrator with an outfit that just begged to be peeled off tantalizingly slowly. Ren wasn’t sure he needed to have sex in the Metaverse; he could always try making the costumes himself. It was just that this was way more convenient, and he wasn’t sure he could consider his bucket list complete otherwise.

So, it was just a matter of what girl. He had already broken up with Ann and Futaba, which had gone about as terribly as one could expect. Ann had clammed up and there was not a whole lot he could say to help with that. For Futaba, he had to be incredibly careful monitoring his phone and internet use, in case she tapped into those to figure out why he dumped her.

Luckily, Ann had sought Shizu’s assistance in the aftermath of their breakup, which helped Ren keep that information from getting back to Makoto or Haru. He was too close to finishing this, he couldn’t let it all fall apart now.

That left him with Haru, Makoto, and Sumire. They were all in different years than him, which would make coordinating the tryst difficult, but not impossible. In the end, he decided on Makoto, primarily because she often had free periods between classes where she worked in the student council room. Maybe he could persuade her to skip third period.

He caught her only a moment before she headed into the student council room, taking her by the wrist. He felt her muscles stiffen, and her body whirled around. If he was a second slower, she’d have taken his head off with a quick strike. Aikido girls were scary. Upon seeing him, she visibly relaxed.

“You startled me,” she said scoldingly, “what’s the matter?”

“I needed your help doing something,” he replied enigmatically, “it might take a minute. Is that okay?”

“Anything for you,” she shifted her bag on her shoulder, “what is it?”

“I’ll explain inside,” he brushed her concerns aside, heading into the student council room. She was probably annoyed by his reticence but followed regardless.

She stepped in after him, and he closed the door. She turned around to look at him expectantly, but before she could ask, he swooped down and kissed her. His arm snaked around her waist, pulling to neatly fold her body into his. She gasped in surprise but didn’t pull back. Her hand went to the back of his neck, tugging on the tufts of hair that curled at the nape.

“Not that I mind the attention, but you’re going to have to tell me you brought me here for more than this,” she teased, face flushed and eyes wide. Her pupils were huge, black threatening to swallow the red. He could see the cocky smile he cracked in the reflection of those eyes.

“I could say I had an ulterior motive, and I do, but I’m afraid you’ll think I’m wasting your time.”

“You’re already wasting my time, you may as well just spit it out,” she said, balling her fist in the fabric of his shirt. He chuckled.

“I discovered a little something about this place,” he glanced at their surroundings, “you wouldn’t know it, but this was a safe room in Kamoshida’s Palace.”

“I see,” Makoto’s eyebrows bunched up in confusion. She was too polite to say it, but the energy of and so what? hung in the air.

“Watch this,” he snapped his fingers. The gesture wasn’t necessary to do the trick, but it was a nice visual aid. Before they could blink, the cognition of the room around them shifted. It took on a red hue, though the structure of the room itself wasn’t changed. A table in the center of the room, flanked by chairs. For all intents and purposes, it was the student council room, but something had changed.

As the remnants of the Palace were preserved as they had been when it collapsed, Ren and his affiliates were still flagged as enemies. As such, he was now wearing a long leather coat, a snazzy waistcoat, and a white domino mask with black accents. For a brief moment, he felt like Joker again.

“Looking cool, Joker,” Makoto remarked, “how did you manage that? The Metaverse is defunct.”

“Partially,” he grinned, raking his eyes over her. The blue and black leather clung to her curves in the most fascinating of ways. “You wouldn’t know it, but this was a safe room in Kamoshida’s Palace. If you know how the Metaverse works, you can conjure up a relic of what it used to be.”

“That’s interesting, though that would probably be of more use to someone studying cognitive psience than to me. Why bring me of all people here?” Ren ducked down to kiss her again, running his hand lazily along the gentle slope of her hip as he did so.

“I just missed seeing you like this,” he said in her ear, keenly aware of the way the sensation made her squirm. “And the longer I thought about it, the more it drove me wild . I wasn’t able to focus in class anyway, so I figured I’d try the only cure for my ailment.”

“I had a real chance of getting some work done, you jerk,” she precisely plucked the masks off their faces and tossed them aside, “although I won’t say I’d be able to go back without having…certain things on my mind.”

“I knew you’d see my way,” he grabbed her by the waist, picking her up and setting her on the table. “So, you know that the Metaverse is affected by cognition, and I’ve always thought your outfit looked like it should have zippers.”

“What are you getting at-Oh!” Being the wild card had its perks. Ren’s probing fingers closed around a zipper that hadn’t existed only a moment prior. The front flap of her suit came undone, revealing her sex.

“No underwear?” That seemed to be a recurring theme in his sex life lately. “I didn’t realize that’s what you thought a rebel looked like.”

“No, of course not!” Makoto, blushing furiously, looked away as he knelt between her open legs, smirking up at her. “It’s just that the costume is designed with the underwear lined in!”

“Sure, I believe you,” he gently pushed her down to lay on the table. He pressed his tongue against her folds and took long agonizingly slow strokes. Makoto raised her voice to protest his doubt, but the only sound that came was a pronounced moan. “How was I supposed to focus in all those Palaces, watching your ass in this suit?”

“You’re terrible,” Makoto sighed, lightly pulling at his hair as he dove back in again, tongue swirling. “But, ah, shit , I can’t stay mad at you.”

“That’s good,” he sucked on his index finger before sliding it in her to the knuckle, relishing the gasp as he did so, “it always struck me as strange that someone as prim and proper as you wore a skintight leather suit. Awfully scandalous, don’tcha think?”

“N-no,” Makoto’s hips thrust erratically. His tongue flicked from sensitive spot to spot, drinking from her like a fount. His finger rocked inside her, curling to stroke her G-spot. Her moans grew louder, less measured as she lost any semblance of composure. Her skin was slick with sweat, her limbs trembling as the pleasure wracked her body.

“That’s a good girl,” he added a second finger inside her to complement the first, while his other hand worked on stimulating her clitoris. His tongue darted between his diligent fingers, covering the area his digits couldn’t.

“Oh, fuck, Ren,” Makoto writhed under his touch, one hand clinging to his hair while the other urgently massaged her breast. “I’m go-gon-gonna cum! Please, Ren, I need it, I need you -” Her body seized uncontrollably, her moans practically growing to screams. Ren would have been worried about being overheard if they weren’t safely tucked away in the Metaverse.

The orgasm was as intense as it was prolonged. If Ren didn’t observe her carefully, he might have mistaken it for two separate orgasms. No, just one dragged out over what felt like an exquisite eternity. Her body thrashed, her words begged for him, and she finally sagged against the table as the orgasm faded. She still shivered infrequently, recovering from the ordeal.

“You’re too much sometimes,” she sighed, voice ragged, but somehow hopeful. “Get over here and fuck me already.”

“Only because you asked so nicely,” he wiped his mouth with the backside of his gloved hand, standing up and making sure their hips lined up. He’d never really tried to undress in the Metaverse, but it seemed that his outfit had all the same functions of normal pants. One button, one zipper, and he pulled his cock out, pressing it against her slit.

Her hand reached for the base of his shaft, allowing him to push up to the head, but he stopped. He reached forward and undid the latch holding her leather breastplate together. Even as he slid up to the hilt, his fingers worked at unraveling the thread of her corset. One more piece of fabric out of the way and he bared her chest.

“Enough playing around,” Makoto’s voice cracked from desperation. She seemed less frustrated that he was stripping her and more that he wasn’t actively fucking her as he did so. Ren smiled slyly; well, he could accommodate her wishes.

He grabbed her by the hips and used the leverage to pump into her. He pulled back to the tip before slamming back down with the full force of his lower body. He took the opportunity to watch her tits bounce with each thrust.

“Fuck me harder!” Makoto demanded, laying her hands over his. He wasn’t sure he could go much faster, but he sure could try. He grabbed a breast in one hand, squeezing, then pinching her nipple in between two fingers. Her mouth opened, but only a pitiful whine escaped.

She looked absolutely divine. Hair tangled, face red from one and soon two orgasms, tongue hanging out and her eyes just about to roll back into her head. He’d been a bit too rough with the lace on her corset, getting impatient and tearing them. He didn’t think he’d ever seen anything quite as beautiful as this pleasure-mad mess of a girl.

No sooner had her second orgasm abated before she sat up, grabbing him by the collar, and somehow managed to flip their positions. His back hit the table with a thump, and she was sprawled in his lap, sunk down on his cock before he knew what hit him. Not that he minded, but it was quite like getting hit by a tornado.

She rode him with the kind of fury she typically reserved for Shadows. She grabbed him firmly by the shoulders, using the resistance of his body to push hers up, before crashing down on his shaft again. He was about to throw out some kind of snarky remark when he realized he couldn’t quite speak. The air wasn’t getting to his lungs for him to talk.

Oh, she was choking him.

That was new and rather unexpected. At first, he thought that she wasn’t doing it on purpose, maybe her hand had slipped looking for a hold. That was disproven as her fingers squeezed at his throat rhythmically, watching him with a mixture of heated pleasure and condescension.

“You drag me away from my work,” she slapped his cheek lightly, and then a bit harder, punctuating each sentence with a soft strike. “You push me down, make me look like a fool, and I’ve, agh, just about had enough.”

“You look like a gorgeous fool, though,” grabbing her wrist, he managed to get enough of a breath to get a sentence out. He thought the compliment might fluster her, though it looked as though she just grew more irate, based on the force of her bouncing on his cock.

“Enough talk out of you,” she slapped him again, “Haru had once thing, shit , right. You need a firm hand, or you’ll run rampant.” He wasn’t able to protest; even if he could speak, he wasn’t in the right mind to. He grasped at Makoto’s chest, massaging as his mind went blank. He could only see Makoto, could only feel her. He tried every sense he could think of, but all he could taste, smell, or hear, was Makoto.

There was one other thing he could feel, and that was the heat and pressure of an orgasm climbing in his body. It built inside his cock, shot lightning bolts through his limbs, and put every hair on his body standing up. He drifted into a state of bare-consciousness where she was the only thing in existence. If he had the sentience to remember they were alone in the Metaverse, the irony of that statement might have struck him.

“I’m about to-” his voice caught, half-mindless pleasure, half-suffocation, “Makoto, I’m going to cum.”

“That’s good, me too,” her bouncing no longer prioritized speed, but reaching a maximum height and then sinking to the maximum depth. Fuck, she was methodically milking him, and he had a fraction of a second before he exploded. “You’re going to cum inside me, Ren, until it fucking gushes out. Do it, now!”

Her thumb squeezed on the side of his throat in the most peculiar way, depriving his brain of oxygen and providing one of the most intense orgasms of his life. He felt his toes curling and fire in his blood, shaking him to his core. His cock throbbed inside her, pumping her full of cum. He lost count of how many times he shot off after the fifth rope. The mixture of the fluids ran down and pooled at the intersection of their pelvises.

Makoto collapsed on his chest, finally releasing his throat and allowing him to catch his breath. Their mutual orgasm had left both incapable of intelligent thought. The lovers were a shivering, gasping mess. He wrapped his arms around her, as though somehow afraid she’d disappear if he let go.

“Well, we can cross that one off the bucket list,” he said dreamily, before looking down at their sweating, tangled bodies. “Probably not one we should try again. Leather and sweat, ugh, what a combination.”

“You know, we already skipped third period,” Makoto smiled in such a way that managed to be as sexy as it was devious, “I think we’d just get weird looks if we went back now. Let’s say we stay here until lunch.”

“You’ll have to tell me what you had in mind? Just the two of us, in here alone? I don’t know how we’ll pass the time.”

“You can start by taking off the rest of your clothes.”

Chapter Text

Ren realized somewhere along the line that he had made a mistake. He couldn’t say quite where, but he was confident that he had made at least one. Probably more than one, but his brain wasn’t clear enough to determine how many.

The only number that he was sure of was eighteen hours. That was how long he’d been in Haru’s bedroom; tied to the bedpost for most of that time, but the rare reprieves from bondage he’d been given were when he was too exhausted to get up from the bed. He didn’t see where his clothes had gone, but he had bigger things on his mind.

First things first, Haru was naked, straddling his hips, and spoon-feeding him some kind of soup. He couldn’t focus on the flavor, either, but he was grateful for the nourishment regardless. He’d been put through the wringer and might have forgotten to eat if not for her insistence on aftercare. Or precare. When on a sex binge, the difference between pre and post-coital was a thin line at best.

“Last bite, pet,” she cooed, putting the spoon in his mouth in a manner that felt distinctly phallic. “Good boy.”

She leaned over to set the empty bowl on the nightstand before turning back to him, lightly stroking his chest with an inscrutable look in her eye. She slunk away, toying with her breast as she did so, and a crafty smile playing at her lips.

“I’ve got big plans for you tonight, but preparations are necessary,” there was once a point in his life where he’d question the hot pink butt plug she seemed to pluck from thin air, but he was long past it. It was coated in lube, and she’d already stretched him with her fingers, so he offered no resistance as the toy slid inside him. He breathed raggedly.

Next, she set about untying his wrists, breasts hanging in his face as she leaned forward. He caught a nipple in his mouth and sucked absentmindedly, prompting Haru to run her hand through his hair. She murmured words so soft as to be inaudible, pressing his face into the flesh.

“That’s a good slut,” she pulled back, patting him lightly on the cheek, “you’re untied, so come over here and take your reward.”

He caught her in a kiss first, hand sliding through her curls and the other taking her by the waist. His kiss was desperate, demanding, though she didn’t begrudge that neediness. Ren hadn’t questioned where her desire to dominate came from, that need for control. Perhaps it was born from a life where she’d been denied the simplest of choices, and now that she made the decisions, she would do so gently.

“You’re gorgeous,” his voice was like a stranger’s, unreadable even to himself.

“Why thank you,” Haru giggled, raising her hand to her mouth modestly. He often forgot that she presented herself as chaste and unassuming to the world. In the confines of these four walls, she was still Haru, but also someone else. She didn’t encourage the use of titles, though “mistress” might not have been inaccurate.

She settled flat on her back, holding a breast in each hand, waiting for him. He sat up sloppily, unsure after so long laying down, but threw one leg over her torso, and positioned his cock between her tits. Before he began, she laid a hand on his stomach to stop him, and he froze.

It took a little maneuvering, but she managed to grab the half-empty bottle of lubricant tangled up in the sheets. Ren dimly recalled it being full when they started. Haru squirted a generous amount into her hand; first she rubbed it on his cock, sending shivers down his spine, and then smeared the rest in the valley between her breasts.

She held her tits together, allowing him to slide between them easily. He laid his hands over hers, lacing their fingers together as he began to thrust. A moan rose from low in his throat. He couldn’t say for certain, but he’d say the skin here was softer than anywhere else. That silky texture, slick with lube, was an experience unlike anything else.

He gasped, kneading her breasts between his fingers, while her own strayed. They grabbed his hips, guiding him as he thrust. Her gaze met his, dark and intense, practically enough to undo him on their own. She bit her lip, and he had to forcibly restrain himself from busting right then and there.

He was enraptured by her; the feel of her skin, the power her eyes held over him, the wet heat of lubricated tits wrapped around his cock. He pumped mindlessly, but if he had thought of anything, it only would have been the next stroke. He didn’t even notice her hand reach around to take the butt plug by the handle. He groaned as the pressure of the plug pulled back, and plunged back in.

“Fuck, Haru,” the words escaped from his lips, urgently outrunning the trembling in his legs and the death of coherent thought in his brain. She pumped the plug inside him, stretching him out. Ren could only grab her tits rougher, sliding between them faster, before his cock began to throb and shoot thick ropes of cum on her chest and face.

The first few strands ran across her breasts, while the next splashed across her chin and mouth. Her tongue darted out, running along her bottom lip before she grabbed him by the head and pulled him down to kiss her. Their tongues slid past one another, swirling saliva with the salty flavor of semen. He pulled away, gasping for air.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” She asked sweetly, fingers dancing on his stomach, sending chills down his spine.

“With you? Always.”

“Good, because I’m going to need you to do something.” He opened his mouth to give his affirmation before her hand took root in his hair, forcibly pushing him down into her chest. “Lick it up, darling.”

There was usually a few moments of pure clarity after he orgasmed, where Ren might have protested that. The rational thinking he usually possessed at this time was lost in skin and sweat and Haru, and before he knew it, his tongue ran along the mound of her breast, lapping up his own cum. Was this humiliating? Probably. Would he do just about anything if Haru grabbed him by the hair and made him? Obviously.

When he had cleaned her with his tongue, she pulled him back to kiss him again. Her tongue dominated his, swapping the fluids he had just worked to gather. Haru pulled back again before glancing down at his cock.

“Well, that won’t do,” he hadn’t realized that his erection was gone. Not surprising; Ren had considerable stamina, but he’d been given minimal time to recuperate after too many orgasms. He was a little disappointed, even if he knew there was no getting around biology.

Haru pushed him off, and he sat beside her a little confused. Was she angry at him? It wasn’t as though he was suffering performance issues; this latest round was one of many, and there was only so long you could push a person. Then again, she was ruthless in the bedroom, and he wouldn’t put it past her to punish him for biological failings.

“Don’t worry, love, I’ve got just the thing,” Haru swung her legs over the side of the bed, standing up and rifling through the drawers of her nightstand. She rattled a small pill bottle, revealing a blue pill between her fingers and offering it to him. After months of being conditioned by Takemi to take any medicine that was offered, he swallowed it before he realized what it was for.

“It could take a little while to start working, so I’ll break out the next toy while we wait,” back to the drawers, Haru pulled out a series of straps and one of the largest dildos that Ren had ever seen.

“I appreciate all the attention, Haru, but I don’t know how I feel about doing anything focused on me,” Ren scratched his chin, studying the strapon, “Giving is half the pleasure, but I’d like to be doing something for you as well.”

“So sweet of you to worry, love,” she held the dildo so that the tip was pointing towards her, and he could see the harness properly. A little divot with a pocket had been molded into the part where the dildo connected. Inside the pocket was a familiar blue device; Haru’s vibrator. “Don’t you worry about a thing; I’ll be getting plenty out of this.”

With that, Ren ran out of decent excuses. He couldn’t say he didn’t do ass play; she’d been inserting fingers, her tongue, and toys into him for months! He wasn’t opposed to pegging in theory, but that thing was huge. It looked as though it might tear him half. It looked downright barbaric compared to the butt plug inside him right now.

With that, she threw him on his hands and knees, ass in the air. He could hear the rustling of fabric as she secured the strapon to her hips. He glanced over his shoulder, watching her carefully. Her breasts still gleamed from his saliva, but now a ten-inch cock hovered dangerously close to him. Haru pulled the butt plug out with a shlick sound and began smearing more lube on him and her dildo. He shivered but was unable to stop the gasp that came as her fingers probed him.

“I’ll take this nice and slow, darling, so don’t be afraid,” she crooned in his ear, spreading his ankles further apart with her legs as she took her position behind him. “Push back against it, but don’t tense up.”

He tried to remember that advice as the head made contact with his ass. The first few seconds, it didn’t even feel as though it was going in. Probably the difficulty of getting a piece of silicon to work down a tight hole without bending. Then the first inch made its way inside, and a nonsensical string of words came from his mouth uncontrollably.

“Does that hurt?” Haru stopped, resting her hand on his ass lightly as if to stop herself from sliding in further.

“No,” his voice was strained more from fear than pain, “it’ll just take a little getting used to, that’s all.”

“Okay. Just let me know if you need to take a break.” She pushed in up to three inches, and Ren involuntarily squirmed. This wasn’t pain; he’d been prepped well, and the butt plug had stretched him out well, but this was thicker around, and longer. It was just the feeling of being stretched that he had to acclimate to. “Good to see our friend has rejoined us.”

She was right; his cock was hard again, almost painfully so. The feeling of the dildo inside him was strange, but not unpleasant. The region was sensitive, and it was stimulating him to the extreme. Perhaps it was better to say it drove him insane. Going this slow was necessary, but it was giving him so much at a snail’s pace. He felt like he was about to faint from the tension.

Then the dildo was halfway in, five inches. The stress was about to kill him; his hands knotted in the sheets, his face buried in the mattress, moaning pathetically. He couldn’t see Haru’s smiling face as she slapped his ass, leaving a bright red mark on the pale cheek. The vibration from the center of the strapon was exquisite, and perfectly complemented the view of Ren unraveling before her.

He lost count of how deep the dildo was at that point. The only matters he concerned himself were the feelings of being stretched further than he knew he could go, and immense pressure. Maybe pressure was the wrong word; it was akin to a fullness that he had never experienced before. The weakness in his knees said it wasn’t too bad, though.

“H-haru, I…” his voice was weak, almost distant. It sounded like he was hearing a phone call with poor reception.

“You look so cute like that. I should have done this ages ago.” She sounded worked up. He had barely paid attention amidst the madness of his current situation, but she was visibly excited. Heat emanated from her core, in rhythm with those sweet vibrations pulsing through her, and he just looked so adorable like this. Well, until he tried to grab his cock, that is.

Ren just couldn’t take it anymore. The feeling was too much, and he needed release before he exploded. He went to touch himself almost subconsciously, before feeling Haru’s fingers in his hair tighten and pull his head back. The sudden pain snapped him to his senses.

“No, no, pet, that won’t do at all,” her voice was velvety soft, but there was steel under there he wasn’t willing to challenge. “You’re going to cum for me without touching yourself, do you understand me?”

“Yes, Haru,” he whimpered pathetically as she picked up her pace. She was properly fucking him now, and the pressure against his prostate was enough to send him into shock. His cock throbbed so badly he couldn’t divorce the pain from the pleasure. “Fuck, fuck, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna-”

He vaguely recalled hearing of a prostate orgasm, knew that it was possible to cum without ever touching his cock, but it was still a shock to experience it firsthand. The pleasure was different from a regular orgasm; rather than emanating from his pelvis and staying there, it seemed to flow throughout his entire body. It spread more evenly, while somehow managing to be more intense.

“That’s a good slut,” Haru’s hips shook violently as her own orgasm took her, and she thrust into him at a quicker rate. He couldn’t get a word out, though he felt a dribble of drool on his chin. Fuck.

There was a certain lack of dignity to ejaculate on a bed on your hands and knees, but if he was overly concerned with dignity, he wouldn’t be in this position. Well, this position specifically, but also this general time and place.

“You still look so excited,” she murmured, a finger running over his ass before straying down to pump his cock. Ren moaned into the sheets, barely able to keep his ass upright. “How’d you like it?”

“More,” was the first comprehensible word that came to mind. Haru laughed, clapping her hands together in delight. She pulled out, and the feeling of emptiness he felt was shocking. His breathing quickened, but he wasn’t given long to contemplate that hollowness before she flipped him over on his back.

“Such an eager little bitch, aren’t you?” Haru’s words ought to have betrayed her sweet tone, though Ren didn’t think so, oddly enough. “Hungry for more cock?”

“Y-yes,” she kissed him, hands on his chest, and tweaked his nipple. The stimulation made him jump a little, though it shouldn’t have been too surprising at this point. “Good boy.”

She applied more lube to the strapon, pausing for a moment to close her eyes and savor the vibrations rocking her body, before readying him. His legs rested on her shoulders while she lined the head of the dildo up against his hole again and pushed inside.

“I’ve got such nice access now, it’d be a shame to waste it,” she commented, stroking his cock as she thrust inside him. He panted and moaned, but he couldn’t manage a reply. He could only buck his hips and take as much as she’d give him.

She leaned forward, pressing his legs further back, stretching him in more than one way. He groaned at the strain of it, but would never have dreamed of telling her to stop. Her mouth found one of his nipples and latched on, sucking hungrily. Ren ran his fingers through her hair, holding her head as she sucked and continued pumping him.

Then Haru’s mouth began to migrate. She planted kisses that burned like fire on his chest and collarbone, before biting and sucking the pale skin. Fuck, these are going to be hard to explain to Makoto and Sumire, he thought to himself, but he couldn’t stop her if he wanted to. She was like a force of nature, a hurricane on and through and in him.

Then she would hit him. What had once been gentle pats were now rough smacks, hard enough to bruise. He could taste coppery blood in his mouth from where she had busted his lip, and that only turned him on more. He thrashed against her body, grabbing her tits, even fighting back. It seemed to give her a sick thrill whenever he tried to resist, only for her to pin him back down and fuck him harder.

The dildo had previously stretched him until he felt like he was going to be torn in two, but he’d moved on. Now, he wasn’t sure he’d be able to adjust to a life where it wasn’t filling him. There was a sort of hunger here he had never known he was capable of.

“Haru, I need to cum again,” his lip trembled, the words fell from his lips fast and desperate, “please, please.”

“Anything for you, pet,” she replied lovingly, caressing the face she had, only a moment prior, slapped the shit out of. She raised her hips to pump him from a higher angle, wrapping her hand around the base of his cock and jerking him faster. He was so fucking close.

His cock spurted again, only a little short of the last orgasm he had a few minutes ago. They fell on his stomach and chest, hot to the touch, watery in texture. Haru shivered at the sight of him, impaled on a cock, and smeared in his own cum. She just needed one little push .

She craned her head to lick the streams of cum off his skin, savoring the salty taste, before pressing her lips to his as the orgasm claimed her once again. She moaned against his mouth, biting lips and tongues swirling. She might have blacked out for a second; when she regained her senses, Ren was lying next to her on the bed, breathing fast and still shaking ever so slightly.

“You owe me big time,” he said under his breath, forcing her to giggle. She was so out of breath that the act of laughing was almost painful.

“Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy it,” her mouth curved in a sly smile.

“I’m just saying that one of these days I’m going to dominate you ,” he shifted to his side to look at her, dark eyes sparkling. “I wonder what you’ll do.”

“You’ll just have to try,” she kissed him, then reconsidered, “you’ll fail though. And your punishment will be magnificent.”

Chapter Text

Ren was sweating bullets in the dead of winter. His talk with Maruki had been on  Wednesday the 4th, his tryst with Makoto was Thursday the 5th, and his weekend with Haru meant it was Monday the 9th. He had five days until Valentine’s, where he wouldn’t be able to continue this sham any longer, and he still needed to meet up with Sumire and break up with two girls by then.

Forget not being the asshole who broke up with girls right before Valentine’s Day, Ren needed to finish this now or he’d be facing the combined wrath of three of the scariest women he knew. He made it this far; while he had spared himself the vengeance of the other seven, he’d still prefer to avoid that kind of retribution, if possible.

But Sumire was hard to get a hold of these days. Even after banishing that alternative identity and reclaiming her old life, she wasn’t much for carrying on torrid affairs at the moment, and he couldn’t blame her. She’d been repressing the grief and trauma of losing her sister for nearly a year, and now had to contend with those buried feelings. Thus, he made a questionable decision.

He asked Akechi for help.

He couldn’t explain why, but the two of them were a few kindred spirits. Maybe it was the shared experience in hiding their identity, their proclivity for black leather skinsuits, or something else entirely, but Ren felt no one was better able to reach out to her, even him. Maybe he couldn’t approach her as a boyfriend, and someone a little less invested in her immediate happiness could cut to the heart of the matter.

Or he could, in typical Akechi fashion, make the situation far worse than Ren had ever dreamed. Only one way to find out.

“I suppose it wouldn’t be an issue,” Akechi’s voice came politely over the phone, “Yoshizawa-san and I are probably more familiar with one another than any of the Phantom Thieves, so I can see why you’d call upon me. Bear in mind, though, that I’m not in the habit of coddling, as you’re well aware.”

“I am,” Ren took off his glasses to pinch the bridge of his nose, fighting off a headache. “I’m at the end of my rope here, so I appreciate whatever help you’re willing to offer.”

“I’ll let you know about the results.” Ren spent the better part of the afternoon anxiously pacing the attic of Leblanc, waiting for Akechi’s call. Morgana couldn’t have known what was on his mind, though he asked often. He was nearly crawling out of his own skin when his phone finally buzzed after the sun had set.

“The good news is that she’s willing to meet with the both of us,” Akechi was traditionally difficult to read, though now there was a strange quality to his voice.

“That’s great, Akechi. Anywhere in particular? I can head out now.”

“We’re close to Yongen-Jaya anyway, so…will the bathhouse work for you?”

“The bathhouse? Uh, sure, why not?” He and Akechi had gone there once or twice before, but…well, it was sort of a guy thing. There wasn’t a whole lot of unisex onsen, and the one in Yongen certainly wasn’t one of them. With Sumire there, they’d be hanging out by the washing machines, which he supposed worked just as well, not counting the frigid February chill.

He quickly donned his coat and shoes, informed Morgana that he was going out as vaguely as he could, and locked the cafe up behind him. The bathhouse was no more than a five-minute walk, but he had the whole time to contemplate what he was heading into as he walked. The topic of discussion was unclear, and neither was standing out waiting for him. He shrugged, muttered to himself about how weird this was, and went in.

No sign of them, at least, until he headed into the changing room. Both Akechi and Sumire were standing there, chatting aimlessly, and watching him enter. Neither were wearing much more than a towel, and Ren was beginning to wonder how wrong he’d been about the nature of this meet-up.

Sumire looked good in just about anything, particularly naked, though he couldn’t deny the appeal of a towel clinging to her by a thread. Typically reserved Sumire was unusually open around a boy similarly undressed…they weren’t a thing, were they?

He couldn’t judge, being a ten-timer, but he was surprised simply because it had seemed so unlikely. The two were acquaintances, even friends after working in Maruki’s Palace, but lovers? He didn’t think Akechi had the charm to get a girl in bed, or the interest in sex to do so. Akechi played a charming detective prince on TV, but since letting his mask slip last year, he hadn’t assumed that role. He just seemed above that sort of thing.

“Good, Amamiya, you’re here,” Akechi’s voice didn’t belie the absurdity of this situation, even as he thumbed the hem of the towel wrapped around his hips. “Let’s just get right into it, then.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t quite follow,” Ren tried to swallow the dry lump in his throat. Get right into it? What the hell were they getting into?

“Oh, senpai, I thought Akechi-san explained this to you on the phone,” Sumire glanced away nervously. She wasn’t wearing her glasses, and her hair was wet. Akechi’s too; they had already cleaned themselves, so they were about to head into the onsen. Waiting for him must have been a courtesy.

“I thought it better to tell him personally,” Akechi stated plainly, “simply put, Yoshizawa-san is interested in a threesome.”

“Really?” Ren wasn’t taken aback so much as he was perplexed. “Huh, she hadn’t mentioned anything like that. Since when?”

“Er, some time since we worked together in Maruki’s Palace,” she said sheepishly, “it’s just…not the sort of thing I knew how to go about bringing up.”

“Alright, I don’t see why not,” Ren was well past the point of blinking at a threesome with another man, especially after the incident with Ann and He Who Shall Not Be Named. It would be a little different with Akechi, but Sumire had felt strongly enough about this to ask one of the most intimidating people they knew.

Besides, it made him feel a little better about the whole situation. If Sumire expressed interest in other men, he could at least break up with her knowing she wouldn’t be alone going forward. Focus, Ren, he told himself, you haven’t even done anything. Start from step one and go from there.

“Okay, senpai, strip down!” Sumire declared before her nature got the better of her and she blushed. “Sorry, that sounded better in my head.”

Ren quickly stashed his clothes in a locker, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around his waist. Sumire took both him and Akechi by the hand, leading them into the bathhouse proper. She and Akechi were able to immediately drop in the water, while he quickly set about scrubbing and washing himself.

“I’ve got one question, though,” he looked around at the empty onsen, dumping hot water on his head to clear out the soap on his skin. “Why is there nobody here? The place is usually packed with old guys going hard on the hot water.”

“Oh, I can be incredibly persuasive,” Akechi called, placing a wet towel on his head. “For most people, I’m still a credible public figure. I just told the proprietor that this place would be essential in apprehending a dangerous criminal.”

“I can’t believe that worked,” now clean, he joined the two of them in the water. It was strange; the onsen was usually a place where one put aside that sort of attitude towards nudity, so going to one to have sex felt…wrong, somehow.

“Well, it did, so stop worrying,” Sumire scowled, standing up and making her way towards him. The water was up to her navel, so he took the chance to admire her bare chest as she did so. She gestured for him to get up, though he wasn’t quite sure what she meant until she pushed him to sit by the edge, legs in the water.

He would have gotten a little sheepish, considering his erection was now plain to see, and Akechi was eyeing him in a way that made Ren feel as though he were under a microscope. Sumire spun around, presenting her ass to him. He shut Akechi out of his mind briefly to focus on the cunt in front of him. Leaning forward, he kissed in the center of her folds, working his tongue through them.

Ren heard some water splashing, only to look up from his task to see Akechi ruthlessly fucking her face. Well, he certainly didn’t hold any reservations about the whole affair. He had taken her loose hair hanging around her shoulders and bunched it up in his fist, while he mercilessly thrust down her throat. The sight sent tingles running down his spine.

Well, if they’re just going to dive right into things, I won’t hold back either. He wiped his mouth with his hand, standing up properly to line himself up with her hole. Water didn’t pair well with the lubricants that sex necessitated, but he had no issue pushing inside her. The sound of her moan on Akechi’s cock was just delightful.

There was this sort of rhythm to spit-roasting. It was one thing to keep a consistent pace with just two people, but Ren had to be aware of how his movements affected Sumire, who in turn affected Akechi. Ren latched his hands to her waist, almost using the push and pull of his thrusts to slide her mouth back and forth on Akechi’s cock.

He slapped her ass, savoring the way the water on her skin produced a louder clap. There was an interesting effect that the heat and moisture of the room enhanced the sensations. It enhanced his sensitivity, set him on fire, so much so it almost matched the flames from where their hips met.

The sounds coming from Sumire were incomprehensible to the untrained ear, but Ren could clearly decipher the herald of her mounting orgasm. He gripped her by the junction of her ass and hip, plowing her roughly as her moans were barely contained by Akechi’s cock ramming down her throat. Her knees wobbled and if not for her grip on Akechi’s hips and Ren’s handle on hers, she might have fallen in the water.

“That was…rougher than I expected,” she pried her mouth off of Akechi’s shaft, casting an accusing glance towards him. She turned around, bending over and grabbing Ren’s cock. “Now for a change of pace.”

She began sucking his cock, though at a slower pace than Akechi took her. Not to worry, he took his position behind her and began fucking her with the same reckless abandon he had used with her mouth. Ren’s back arched, running his hands through her wet hair. Was it just his imagination, or was her mouth hotter than usual? He had been seriously neglecting the onsen as a legitimate avenue for sexual escapades.

He closed his eyes, relishing the feeling as he felt Sumire’s fingers reach between his legs. They rubbed his balls for a second before straying south to probe his ass. At this point, there was little to fear poking around in that region, though he was a little surprised Sumire had thought to try it. He heard a bottle open and something squelch; lube, based on the cold sensation rubbing against him.

Her finger slipped inside, and he gasped, thrusting further down his throat then he intended, and creating a lovely little choking noise. Her finger rocked inside him, probing and stretching him out. Not that he needed it; he was fresh off a weekend of Haru’s exquisite abuse, and there wasn’t anything he worried about that Sumire could offer.

And then her finger withdrew. He jerked his hips a little, feeling the beginnings of an orgasm form deep inside. He heard the bottle squirt again, thinking little of it before something new brushed against his ass. He opened his eyes long enough to realize his expectations had been subverted again as Akechi slid inside him.

His hand on Sumire’s head tightened, pelvis shaking as Akechi’s hands grabbed him by the shoulders, pushing further until there wasn’t a centimeter separating them. Oh…this was something else he was going to have to contend with, wasn’t it? A threesome with a guy, getting pegged by a woman, felt like reasonable things to do while maintaining a healthy sense of heterosexuality. The same could not be said of having sex with a man.

“I was surprised you were so prepared, senpai,” Sumire giggled, hand jerking him off from the base of his cock, “I thought this would take a lot longer.”

Ren tried to say something, but his mouth wasn’t working as she put her mouth back on him. Akechi slid back and forth, and Ren only had a brief moment of clarity to contemplate the difference between a dildo and the real thing. It was much hotter, for one thing; like a wildfire deep in his gut. It moved differently, more fluidly, but also more rigidly than a piece of silicon.

“I’m gonna, I’ve gotta,” Ren babbled incoherently, feeling weak in the knees as Akechi bore down on him, fucking him senselessly as Sumire slurped on his shaft, cupping his balls as his cock began to throb. “Fuck!”

Sumire pressed down until her mouth kissed the base around his cock, diligently sucking down every drop of cum he poured in her throat. He thrust repeatedly, feeling an unexpectedly powerful orgasm wrack his body. It was similar to the intensity of when Haru had pegged him, but he hadn’t had someone else blowing him at the time.

The heat must have been doing something to him, because it felt like he blinked and he was on his back, laid out on the tile floor. Despite the warmth of the onsen, he still shivered at contact with the tiles.

Was he gay? No, the attraction to women was still plenty there, as evidenced by Sumire climbing up in his lap and grabbing his still hard cock. Bisexual? He’d never really thought about it; he’d been attracted to women and left it at that. If he was straight, a straight guy probably would have objected more. He’d never even really thought about men sexually, so he couldn’t say for certain.

What he did know was that Sumire was on his cock again, and Akechi was spreading Ren’s legs to go back in from a sort-of missionary angle. It didn’t seem practical, but she was flexible enough to lean forward, having enough room to ride him even as his knees made contact with her shoulder blades. He would have to leave the debate over his sexuality for another day; he didn’t care much for labels right now.

“Senpai,” Sumire laid her hands on his chest, firmly digging her fingers into the skin, “you look so fucking hot right now.”

She didn’t usually swear; she must be really worked up right now, grinding her hips furiously against his, eking out every drop of pleasure she could. Between her and Haru, he was convinced that every woman just wanted to see him get fucked in the ass. He wasn’t sure what to make of this revelation, but he wasn’t good at questioning things right now. He was in Sumire, Akechi was in him, and that made thinking impossible.


“Yeah?” She didn’t slow her pace on his shaft for even a moment. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head down until their eyes were millimeters away from each other. First he kissed her, tongues battling, but when he got a firm enough grip on his senses, he pulled back.

“We’re going to have a serious talk about how we introduce kinks into the bedroom,” he said quietly, though it didn’t sound like Akechi cared much. He fucked Ren with the same vigor as before, but now grabbed Sumire by the hair and pulled her back upright, reaching around to grope her chest.

“Oh, senpai,” she whimpered. Ugh, he should have known better than to scold a girl with a fetish for being told what to do. She already had everything she wanted, so that was just giving her the push she needed to cum again. She pressed her hands over Akechi’s, almost manipulating his fingers like a puppet as he rubbed at her chest and pinched her nipples. “Let me cum!”

“I feel the same, though I’m not asking for permission,” Akechi agreed. It was quite frustrating how he managed to not lose his cool even in the middle of an orgasm. Ren was determined to wipe that smug expression off his face, even if it killed him.

“Cum for me, Sumire,” he grabbed her by the ass, raising her up and dropping her down with a sense of force and finality. Shaking and gasping, she rode out her orgasm through short, shallow hops where she barely lifted half an inch on him.

Ren was surprised when Akechi grabbed his hips, thrusting hard enough that the slap of his balls against Ren’s skin was loud enough to damage eardrums. Something hot and viscous filled him, and he fought off a shiver. So that’s what that feels like.

Sumire slunk off him, a contented smile gracing her lips, while Akechi pulled out and Ren felt the trickle of cum roll down his skin. He laid there for a moment, thinking of how he was getting tired of being dominated. Haru was one thing, but Akechi? Something was going to have to be done about that.

He was faster than Akechi, he knew that, fast enough to grab the other boy and flip their positions before he knew what was up. Akechi’s eyes widened in shock, ankles in the air, as Ren’s fingers slathered in lube smeared Akechi’s ass, breaking him in nice and properly.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Akechi demanded.

“Sumire, darling, do me a favor and shut him up,” he requested, voice soft as silk, and she happily obliged. Straddling his neck, she sat down on Akechi’s face before he got another word out. With that troublesome mouth out of the way, Ren devoted his whole attention to prepping Akechi, while coating his own cock in lube.

“You feel stretched out already,” Ren taunted, “were you waiting for me to try something like this? Oh, I forgot, your mouth is preoccupied.”

True enough, Sumire rotated her hips against his face, and Akechi seemed to have accepted that role, based on the wet slurping sounds. Ren smirked, finished lubing himself up, and pushed into Akechi’s ass.

The difference between a man’s ass and a woman’s wasn’t pronounced, at least internally. There was the prostate to consider, but he’d tried his best to stimulate women vaginally during anal. A man, though, that wasn’t required for their enjoyment. The biggest difference was merely in the size and shape of the ass.

He gave Akechi a good few minutes of solid strokes, allowing him to accommodate Ren’s girth. Sweat beaded and ran down his temple at the exertion of not exerting himself. Sumire watched his thrusts hungrily, cheeks flushed, looking downright euphoric.

“Ah, I stand corrected, hm, senpai,” her voice was strained. Her orgasm was coming up again, clearly. “You look even hotter now.”

“Oh, I think you’re not giving him enough credit,” Ren crooned, almost mimicking the way Haru spoke to him, “he’s taking this like a champ.”

“Ah, can I cum again, senpai?”

“Don’t be selfish, help Akechi along,” he coaxed, taking her by the wrist and placing it on Akechi’s throbbing cock. Her hand worked on his shaft, and the way his ass tightened and convulsed on Ren’s cock, he could tell it was working.

Sumire’s eyes fluttered, though as her body shook and lost itself in pleasure, she didn’t lose her pace jacking Akechi off. His body, pinned between the two of them, bucked and thrashed as an orgasm completely out of his control took him. Ren could feel the pressure mounting again, though he wasn’t ready to wrap up just yet.

“Sumire, let him breathe,” her breathing was ragged, but she was coming down from her high, and she raised her hips to allow Akechi to catch his breath. Well, Ren’s motives weren’t so noble; he just wanted to hear the smug little shit come unraveled clearly.

“Fuck you,” Akechi said, voice strained and dry, barely keeping it together. Ren pushed his legs back further, taking an angle that let him go deeper as Sumire wrapped both hands around his shaft to pick up the pace. “I, gah, shit, you-”

Akechi jerked up, shooting rope after rope of thick cum across his own body as well as Sumire’s. Perfect, Ren though, pulling his cock out to the last inch, plunging back in, and repeating as the orgasm came unimpeded. Even after cumming once already, Ren came like a tidal wave. He wouldn’t be surprised if Akechi coughed some up.

Sumire grabbed him and pulled him close, kissing him deeply. Akechi’s head lolled to the side, too lost to find his own sanity. Fucking someone’s brains out isn’t just about being rough, it’s doing everything in your power to fuck them stupid. That takes little touches.

Ren pulled out with a shaky gasp, and Sumire crawled off of Akechi, taking a seat beside him and all three catching their collective breaths. Ren actually began laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Akechi growled, a sneer forming on his lips.

“You two,” he said in a daze, “who invites someone to a bathhouse just to get them filthy?”

Chapter Text

He did it. He managed to dump the last two girls, with only three days to Valentine’s to spare. He hoped that was enough of a buffer, though he knew in his heart that it wasn’t. It was a little too late to spare feelings, though, and the tough call had to be made with seconds left on the clock.

Truthfully, Ren was too burnt out from months of stressing over his girlfriends debacle to even enjoy the romantic night out as a monogamous man. He tried to not let it show, though he didn’t think he was successful. In the end, he proposed a weekend trip to a hot spring and ryokan where the happy couple could get some alone time. He found onsen relaxing, though he usually wouldn’t head out of town to do so.

It was just that he no longer found onsen in the city relaxing anymore, thanks to certain detectives he wouldn’t name. At least he didn’t have to break up with Akechi; Ren simply didn’t have the heart.

They’d left the city behind an hour or two ago. Now the window of the bullet train was nothing but the idyllic countryside, green pastures, and lives that seemed a lot less complicated than his. They’d be passing by Inaba soon, and their destination wouldn’t be long after that. Ren tried to clear his mind by letting his eyes lazily track the blurring colors and scenery as the train raced past.

He felt slim fingers lace through his, and almost felt a bit of the tension vacate his body. Maybe all the headaches and heartbreaks would be worth it, if he got that terrible weight off his shoulders. He glanced over at the girl sitting beside him, and smiled absentmindedly.

“You look worried,” Makoto studied him, “what’s the point in going out of town if you’re not going to leave your problems back in Shibuya?”

“That’s rich, coming from you,” he chuckled, “I don’t think you stop worrying; not that I’ve given you any shortage of reasons to worry.”

“All my problems seem smaller now that I have experience in…other things,” her voice trailed off. She was correct, though; it was difficult to worry about exams when he had killed a god over winter break.

“Tell you what,” the end of his mouth quirked up in a wily smile, “I’ll settle down once I get to see you in a yukata.”

“Have I ever told you that you’re incorrigible?”

“Many times, yes.”


Ren was well and truly stuffed. They’d arrived at the ryokan some time ago, though they’d had no chance to settle in. By the time they arrived, it felt like dinner was practically the next second.

The room was decently sized, though it looked standard. Everyone had their idea of what a room at a hot spring looked like from movies and television, and this was actually quite close to that mental image.

A low table sat in the middle of the room, though the room itself was largely bare of decoration. The floor was traditional tatami, while the far wall was almost entirely taken up by glass. On the other side sat the private tub, fenced off from the rest of the building, and Ren had to keep the anticipation from showing on his face.

If he didn’t have ulterior motivations, he’d have no motivation at all.

It didn’t help that Makoto was just so distracting. They hadn’t changed yet, so she was wearing her standard winter apparel, but that didn’t put an end to his imagination. He was shifting uncomfortably, pretending to glance through his phone while choreographing his next thirty moves in his head. He didn’t know why, but Makoto had this way of making him nervous like no one else.

Maybe that was why he stayed with her. He couldn’t say that any other girl he’d been with was any better than the others, but Ren was honest with himself, if nothing else. He felt so flighty and uncertain, but when he was around Makoto, she gave him that feeling of being solid, decisive. It was just that he liked the person she made him want to be.

He’d hurt a lot of people, and he wasn’t so shallow as to ignore that, but he didn’t have to continue doing it either. He’d made mistakes, and he had begun this endeavor to avoid the consequences of those mistakes. He wasn’t sure he could face those mistakes, but maybe it was enough for now that he set things right.

“You look worried again,” Makoto observed, “take a load off, would you?”

“Deal,” he smiled, standing up and offering her his hand, pulling her to her feet. “I think it’s about time we hit the bath.”

“I think you have something in mind,” she tilted her head up to kiss him, “not that I mind. I’ve got my ulterior motives too.”

Chuckling against her mouth, he wrapped his arms around her, gathering her up until they were close enough they might just fold into one another. One hand held her by the hip, while the other rested gently on the back of her neck, pulling her in for another kiss. And then another. And then…

“If we stay like this, we’re never going to get to the bath,” she said in an accusatory tone, “take your clothes off.”

She didn’t have to tell him twice. He started ditching clothes immediately, tossing his shirt onto the floor and heading through the door that led outside. He shivered at the cold night air on his bare skin, but turning the water on to fill the bath would help with that. Once the water began running, he unbuckled his belt and kicked his jeans off. He was about to take off his boxers when Makoto followed him outside, and he kind of forgot where he was.

An understated yet elegant set of bra and underwear that complemented her skin tone, though he was more interested in the way it complemented the generous curve of her figure. The chill was affecting her too, based on the prickles raised on her skin. Dammit, even her goosebumps were sexy. He didn’t stand a chance.

He grabbed her again, kissing her deeply. His fingers toyed at the waistband of her underwear, feeling at every square inch of soft skin available. Her tongue lightly danced off of his, and he nibbled at her lip. The way she gasped against his lips were just fucking magnificent.

“I suppose we’ll need to clean off first,” he said in a low voice, but she just rolled her eyes, to his confusion.

“We need to get undressed for that first.” No problem at all. His mouth began wandering on her, peppering kisses on her jaw and cheek, biting and sucking at her earlobe, and running down the side of her throat. As he hit her collarbone, he worked on unlatching her bra, before biting down and sucking on the swell of her breast. Then he rocked her underwear back and forth, trying to shimmy them down without taking his mouth away. It didn’t work.

“Ugh, fine,” he knelt down, mouth and tongue sliding along her stomach, and pulled the underwear down to her ankles. He didn’t quite have a good angle from here, so he pulled back and dragged her to the small corner equipped with a faucet, a removable showerhead, and a few buckets.

Bathing wasn’t ever quite as enjoyable as when someone else was doing it for you. First, Ren set about wetting her entire body, savoring the heat coming off both the water and her skin. He almost forgot about removing his own underwear, but soon tossed those alongside hers. Next came the scrubbing, though he preferred to do that with a personal touch. Like he needed an excuse to run his hands over her covered in soap.

Makoto gave as good as she got, though, fingers playing lightly on his cock as her other hand worked the soap into his skin. He could have suffocated; he was simply unwilling to pull away from her mouth. If that meant he had to drown in her, then that didn’t sound unpleasant. He groaned at her touch.

“Easy there,” he felt her smile against his kiss, “oh, but you look so desperate. It makes me want to help in any way I can.”

Washing the suds off, she knelt in front of him, taking his cock in her mouth. One hand cupped the balls while the other wrapped around the base, forming an airtight seal as her mouth worked its way down. He gasped and stuttered as the head kissed the back of her throat, bucking uncontrollably. She’d barely begun, but he was so sensitive to the touch that he already felt like he was close.

Her hands slid over him like oil running down glass, each fingerprint burning her touch into his skin. His cock slid in her mouth, dripping more with saliva than with the water they’d been washing with. Her lips glided down the shaft so easily, sucking diligently as her hand worked him up to a froth.

His fingers ran through her damp hair, guiding her head back and forth as his hips jerked involuntarily until he was unabashedly fucking her face. In the back of his head, he probably was worried about choking her or a gag reflex, but the physical need to leave her a dripping blubbering mess consumed him.

“Shit,” he rasped, a low growl, “shit, baby, ah, fuck!”

With a final thrust, he spilled himself inside her mouth, holding her head close to halfway down his shaft as she swallowed his seed. Her mouth came off of his cock with a plop! Cum and spit dribbled down her chin.

“Give me more,” he didn’t know if that was an order of a plea, but he’d have given up his last earthly possession to make it happen. He took her by the hands, hauling her up to her feet and spinning her around so fast to make her yelp. He was on his knees and burying his face in her cunt fast enough to make them both dizzy.

He gripped her firm ass with both hands, allowing her to grind her sex against his mouth. His tongue swirled through her folds and dipped inside her core. The pad of his index finger stroked her clitoris gently, but not lacking in fervor. He wrung increasingly loud moans from her throat, his finger pushing inside her while the tip of his tongue gently circled her clit.

“Oh, Ren, fuck,” Makoto whimpered, her voice unusually high and tinged with a want so desperate it became a need. “That’s it, right there, shit , please!”

His hand rested a few inches in the air above her ass before coming down with a resounding smack! His hand left a red mark welling up on the pale skin, and forcing a louder moan from her lips. His tongue worked at her eagerly, probing at and writhing against her clit while he fucked her from behind with two fingers.

Despite the force he took her with, the orgasm built inside her slowly, mounting like the rising notes of a musical scale. Her knees wobbled and the shivers wracked her body like a fit. Her hips jolted and gyrated against his tongue furiously until her legs gave out from under her. He only narrowly caught her from spilling on the floor, instead seating her in his lap, kissing and biting at her neck and shoulder.

“We’re going to need to bathe eventually, you know,” she breathed raggedly, though she gasped when his hot breath tickled the back of her ear.

“If you think we’ll be able to focus on the bath, sure,” he whispered, and the two made their way to the now full bath. The water was incredibly hot, although it didn’t compare to the heat he felt right now. Half-submerged in the water, Makoto straddled his hips, kissing him sloppily, tilting his chin up to kiss and lick his throat.

It didn’t last long, as she crawled away to lean over the side of the bath, bent over and presenting her ass just above the water level. Ren scrambled to get behind her, holding his cock so as to press into her. He swore softly at the heat, both of the bath and of her.

He grabbed her by the waist, hissing as he slid in and out of her. She gripped the rim of the bath tightly, holding on for any purchase as the pleasure coursed through her. The slap of his hand against her ass cut through the quiet ambient sounds of the night.

He lost his sanity in the boiling hot sensation of her and the water, feeling as though his nerve endings were scorched and all the more sensitive for it. He gathered her up in his arms, pressing their bodies together as he fucked her, grabbing her by the chest and massaging her breasts. He growled and murmured curses and nonsense in her ear, lost in the wet grip she had on him, or rather, his cock.

“Who’s my dirty little slut?” He asked softly, tongue flicking around the curve of her ear. The moan that rattled out of her throat was just heavenly.

“I am, I am,” Makoto’s voice wavered, weak from her last orgam and growing weaker from her next. “Fuck me harder! Please, give me your big fucking cock!”

He placed one hand on the lip of the bath beside hers, desperate for some leverage to keep pumping her. She was too much, and her shouts and groans just pushed him closer and closer to his breaking point. Fuck, he wanted to last longer than this, but she managed to unwind his every defense like it was wet paper.

“Cum for me, Makoto,” he grabbed her by the air, pulling her ear close to his mouth, “ now .”

Makoto slumped over as the orgasm claimed her again, only being held up by Ren’s arms wrapped around her. This was even more explosive than the last one, and as she thrashed under his hands, he felt the pressure building again. He bit his lip, feeling lightheaded. Oh, maybe that was just the bath. Ugh, better wrap this up.

“Turn around for me,” he said coaxingly, pulling out and guiding her to a sitting position, his hand rubbing on his cock. With little to no prompting, he shot a rope of thick cum across her pretty delicate features, and then another on her open mouth. He painted a masterpiece on the canvas on her tits until he felt completely spent. He sat down on the side of the bath, feet still soaking in the water.

“You’re the worst,” Makoto scowled, smacking the water for emphasis. “Bad enough you don’t cum in me, but now I’m dirtier than before we went in the bath!”

“I just thought you could use an accessory,” he grinned, “it looks good on you.”

“Get inside while I wash off,” she dismissed him, “I know you’ll just drag me back in again if I let you stay. I’m getting dizzy, too.”

Fair enough. He caught himself peeking at her as he dried off, rubbing a towel in his wet hair and throwing on a yukata. He felt reasonably certain he could go another round if he had to, though she had told him to fuck off precisely for that reason. Oh well, they’d have plenty of chances later on.

While he was waiting for her to finish up, he cleared away the table and laid out the futon. Of course, there were two of them, though he got the feeling that they wouldn’t be needing so many. He settled in, turning the lights low and feeling the exhaustion begin to sweep over him.

“You worked too hard,” Makoto’s voice cut through the haze of sleepiness, curling up beside him. Her fingers played through his hair, rubbing lightly on his scalp. “Take your glasses off, or you’ll break them.”

He was already asleep.


When he woke, it was already morning, having slept peacefully through the night. He felt tired, but remarkably well-rested. The morning light was already shining through the window, and the blanket was tangled between his arms and legs. It was all tremendously cozy, although there was something missing…or someone.

Where was Makoto?

Oh, there she was, draped across his lap, pulling his yukata open and her hand pumping on his already-erect cock. There were a lot of unpleasant ways to wake up, though he didn’t think he could imagine a more pleasant one. Then she put her mouth over the tip and everything got to be a lot more pleasant.

She wasn’t blowing him to completion this time, though, it was just a matter of lubrication. Makoto crawled up to straddle his hips, her yukata falling open so that she could grab him by the base and aim the head against her cunt, already soaking. He wondered how long she’d been waiting there, awake, thinking about how she’d jump his bones the moment he woke up. She probably had gotten tired of waiting.

She sank down on his cock, eyes fluttering with pleasure. He grabbed and pulled at the fabric covering her thighs as she began to bob on his cock. She pulled his robe open wider, planting her hands firmly on his chest as she dragged her hips up and then plunged them down once again. Her fair skin was flushed, mouth contorting in the shape of a sound that didn’t come out.

“How long were you waiting for me to wake up?” He teased, prying open her yukata at the chest to bare her chest. He rubbed at them, pinching her nipples between his fingers and raising his hips to meets hers at the peak and crest of her rhythm.

“Too long,” she muttered, “we were all tangled up, and I was touching myself, thinking you had to wake up eventually, but no. And you snore.”

“Morgana’s said the same thing,” he rolled his eyes, pulling her down for a kiss. She grabbed his hands, intertwining their fingers as she rode him. Her tongue was cloyingly sweet on his, as tempting as sin.

His hands slid down her body, grazing her neck, cupping her breasts, using her waist and hips for leverage to fuck her harder, before resting on her ass for the perfect combination of practical handle and personal enjoyment to hold on to. Her breathing became shakier, her hold on him tighter and yet weaker. Her riding became bumpier and sloppier as the orgasm shook her.

“Makoto,” he choked out. His orgasm was sudden; he felt like he had all the time in the world until it was there and he was about to explode. “I’m going to cum.”

“That’s good,” she brushed his cheek with the back of her hand, her wine red eyes huge and dark in the early morning light. “I want you to cum inside me. Please, Ren, breed me, fuck me so hard I gush with your cum. Breed me, Ren, put a baby in me. Please!”

She kissed him again; softer this time, tender. Their hands laced together again, and he unraveled at her touch. He throbbed and came again, her hips gently milking him until he had nothing left to give. Makoto rested her head against his chest, breathing softly. He wrapped his arms around her, holding on tight.

“I love you,” he whispered, so quiet he wasn’t sure he could hear it, much less her, but that wouldn’t do right now. He’d spent so long running from his commitments, he couldn’t waste a second where she didn’t know. Louder, this time. “I love you so much, Makoto.”

“I love you too,” a sweet smile played at her lips as she raised her head to look him in the eye. She reached forward to touch his cheek, and then lightly kissed him on the nose.

He’d been immature for so long. He wasn’t sure if it was purely being indecisive or if there was something he was afraid of. Maybe he didn’t want to miss out, or he simply didn’t have the self-control to make the tough call. He was sick and tired of not doing right by the people he cared about, and if he couldn’t make them happy as a boyfriend, he could at least let them go out and find people who would.

He just had to find the one person who made him feel like he was enough, like himself. And he had. Now it was just a matter of making sure he never made another stupid decision, or ten.

“This is, uh, going to sound crazy,” he cleared his throat, “and I wish that I had come better prepared, but hell, I’m tired of not being honest with myself.”

“I don’t quite follow,” propping her head up on her hands by crooking her elbows on his chest, she looked at him curiously, “but it sounds important.”

“It is, more than anything. I just need to say, or ask, or do…shit, I’m really not sure how to go about this.”

“It’s alright, Ren, just take your time,” she said soothingly. He closed his eyes for a second, took a deep breath, then another, and mustered up the courage.

“Makoto Niijima, will you marry me?”