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Your broken heart (let me mend)

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Steve yawned as he stepped into the office, coffee in hand. Lately he felt so rested, like the world had stopped spinning and everything had settled: the cases had been easier, the Governor wasn’t sending him three files a day that he needed to read and sign, Danny had started to cook for him, things he loved and things he didn’t care as much for like big leafy salads, but Danno had made it for him so of course he was going to eat it, even if he pulled a face at it.

The only thing he didn’t like as much was that suddenly Danno seemed to have a thousand more things to do than spend time with him, and he always looked tired. He had tried to breach the subject, figure out if it was an insomnia bout or if he was still freaking about his health and not sleeping, but Danny brushed him off every time.

He jumped nearly a foot in the air when something crashed against the floor. He turned around, weapon at the ready, but everything was where it should be. There were no screams or running steps coming from the main entrance. He put his gun back and went to see if it was something that fell from one of the guys’ office tables, lord knew Danny and Tani had a rather… unique organization system.

He headed to Danny’s office, freezing on the spot.

Good news was that he had found the source of the crashing noise, Danny’s stack of files. Bad news was that Danny was there, sleeping on the table, wearing yesterday’s clothes.

What the fuck? Danny had told him he had Charlie for the night after Rachel had scored a date or something. 

He left the coffee on the table, and crouched next to his partner, gently shaking him out of his sleep. “Danny, buddy. Wake up.” He called out.

Danny frowned before opening his eyes. “‘Teve? Wha’s goin’ on?” He slurred, eyelid drooping down again.

Steve pulled up again and pushed Danny back and off the table. “That’s what I wanna know, Danno. Why are you here? You told me you had Charlie.”

Danny only blinked at him, obviously still coming up online. He yawned, rubbing his eyes and reaching for the cup of coffee on the table, taking a long sip, pulling a face when he realised it was unsweetened and with no milk, but that meant it would wake him up faster.

Resigning himself to no more coffee, Steve started to pick up the files that had fallen onto the floor. Jesus, he had no idea how the hell Danny could figure out anything when they were seemingly stuck with no apparent system. 

He frowned when he saw his name scribbled on a post-it note on top of a few folders.

He stood up, sitting on the table. “Danno? What are these?” He asked him. 

And he knew Danny was fully awake again when his shoulders went rigid and looked away. Steve pursed his lips: whatever it was, it was clear it was not something he was supposed to find out about.

He flipped through one of them, frowning when he realised it was the monthly report. The report he was supposed to go through and never did because it had never hit his desk. 

He had just assumed the governor had finally decided to not bother him with such nonsensical paperwork. Apparently, it had simply been hijacked on the way.


His partner sighed, shoulders dropping. “She said you shouldn’t get stressed, so I told the Governor to send me the files instead of you. That-That way you could go home earlier and spend time with Eddie and Junes and go swim and do everything you like and makes you happy.” He explained, fingers flexing and relaxing against the warm cup of coffee.

Steve stared at him, mind reeling with the information that Danny had overworked himself, lied to him for his sake. He grabbed his face, aware of his frown deepening at how dark and pronounced Danny’s dark circles were and forced him to have eye contact with him.

“Yeah, those things make me happy. But so does spending time with you outside of work. And I haven’t been able to do that for nearly a month.” He replied, brushing Danny's cheekbone. 

Danny snorted, looking away once more. “I thought I made your life miserable and that you wanted me to be quiet. It’s what you’ve been saying for years.” He snarked.

Steve stared at him, eyes blown wide. “Danny, what…? I was kidding!” He exclaimed, grabbing his face again. “Danno, not once have I ever thought you made my life miserable. I’m alive because of you! How could you believe that?” He exclaimed, trying to keep the panic at a low, otherwise he would just throw all of Danno’s efforts down the drain. Bud Danno, his Danno , shrugged. He lowered himself until they were eye to eye. “Danno. I love you. You know I don’t say that lightly. You don’t make my life miserable, if anything you make my life so much better by just being in it.”

Danny’s lower lip wobbled, and it was just a sign of how utterly exhausted Danny was that he was letting Steve see how much his words had affected him. Steve cursed himself and his big mouth and for not realising that Danny would take it seriously.

He wrapped him in a hug and pulled him to his feet, kissing his head. “I’m so sorry, Danno. I truly am. Let’s go get you laying down properly, yeah?” He mumbled, rubbing his shoulders.

“What? But… Work…” He replied, frowning and pulling away. “I-I have to finish the budget report and the overtime one, and-and…”

“And nothing.” Steve interrupted him, gently guiding him to his office. “You are going to take a nap here for a couple of hours, and when the team comes and I’ve told them what to do for the day, I’m taking you home so you can properly rest, shower and eat.”


“No buts, Danno.” He said as he opened the sofa-bed. He had been against it at first when the team told him to get rid of the uncomfortable, stick-to-your-skin leather one and to get a top-brand sofa bed so that he could rest if needed. 

He had never been more glad to have listened to them.

He retrieved the pillow and blanket from his closet and then went back to Danny’s office to get the sweats and t-shirt he knew he kept in there in case he had really fucked his knee up or had a claustrophobic incident.

“Get changed, and take a nap.” He told him, giving his shirt a light tug.

Danny looked like was going to argue some more, but Steve supposed the sofa was far more enticing that arguing with him, because next second Danny was undressing in the middle of the room and now, he was not a prude, he had grown up in close quarters with other men, and Danny had grown up sharing locker rooms day in and day out, be it sports or police work, but seeing Danny get naked in front of him without an ounce of shame… He felt his cheeks heat up and he debated between staring and looking away.

He lowered his eyes, but they kept wondering towards his partner. He had had more dreams about those broad muscular shoulders, furry chest and bubble butt than he cared to admit.

It seemed like an eternity later that Danny had finished changing and essentially face planting on the bed. Steve jumped on the chance to tuck him in, running a hand through the blond, unkempt hair.

"Sleep, alright. And I'll go through the files you've marked for me." He told him. "And then, when I've gotten you home and you have properly rested, we'll talk about you overworking yourself for me and how much I love you and don't hate you."

Danny only blinked at him, already halfway there and nodded. And it just said how exhausted he was that the coffee was having absolutely no effect on him.

"Hey boss!" Tani said, opening the door. “Have you seen Danny? He said he would…” She trailed off, when Steve put a finger on his lips, universal sign to keep quiet. “Wha?” She whispered.

“He’s sleeping.” Steve whispered back, pointing at the sofa. Danny was curled and completely under the blanket, just the top of his head peeking out.

Tani's eyes lit up and she looked like she wanted to squeal, so Steve stood up and led her outside of the office and into the main area. As soon as she was out she did, in fact, let out a small squeal. “Okay, okay, I know he’s my boss, yeah? But he looked adorable. How did you manage to make him sleep? Is he sick? Did he spend another night here?”

Another night? You knew?” He questioned her. How long had this been going for? 

She shifted on her feet, scratching her cheek. “We all know, Steve.” She admitted.

“What?” He exploded, immediately turning to his office to make sure he hadn’t woken Danny up. “Then why didn’t any of you tell me?”

“Because he didn’t allow us to. He made us promise we wouldn’t tell you. He didn’t want to worry you, he wanted you to be as little stressed as possible.” She explained. “We’ve all tried to talk to him, and I know Adam has come a few times after hours to get him home, but you know how stubborn he is.” 

Yeah. He knew. 

Of course he knew. 

He pinched the bridge of his nose. Danny, Danny, Danny. When will you learn to rely on others, huh? He thought.

"Also, boss. Your doctor has started calling us." She said sourly, giving him a look that was startlingly similar to Danny's disapproving stare. "She says you are not picking up the phone."

He sighed, running a hand through his hair. "Look. I'll call her back next week, alright? Let me focus on Danno first, and then I'll deal with the bad news. Can you even imagine what he'd do if he found out I've gotten worse, after he's been trying to help me not get worse?" He asked her, shaking his head.

She sighed, nodding. It would absolutely destroy Danny. Both mentally and physically, because he would start taking on even more work to lessen Steve's, and it was obvious he couldn't keep going like that. 

He would get sick himself.

Steve patted her on the shoulder “We'll be fine, yeah?" He said, trying to sound as confident as possible. She nodded. "Good. Everyone, come here please.” He called out and, ten seconds later he had everyone else around the smart table. “Firstly, I won’t chew you off for hiding Danny sleeping in his office because I know how he is, but if this ever happens again with him or anyone else, I expect to be told ASAP.” They all nodded, knowing when he was being serious and when not, when he would accept an argument. “Secondly, I’m taking Danny home. You guys will work on your reports, clean the weapons and the usual routine. If the governor calls, be it me or Danny’s office I want everything to be re-routed to my phone. And thirdly, I’m going to take Danny to Maui for the whole of next week, we already had it off but we were on standby, so short of a nuclear bomb or someone dying slash being dead, we don’t exist, alright?”

They all stared at him, as if trying to make sense of his words.

“You are taking Danny to… Maui?” Lou questioned, tilting his head to the side. “Why?”

Steve shrugged. “Because he needs to rest. Properly. And he won’t do this if we stay on the island.” And he deserved to be pampered for all seven days, and that was going to be a lot easier if they could get food in bed without having to cook it themselves.

“Makes sense.” Adam said, nodding, giving him a look that was a shovel talk on its own. 

Message loud and clear. 

Not that he would ever hurt Danny intentionally.

Once everyone had gone back to their offices he went back to Danny, gently shaking his shoulder, waking him up again.

“I’m sleepin’. G’way.” He said, burrowing into the blanket even more.

Steve laughed, pulling him into a seated position. “C’mon, put your shoes on, Danno. I’m taking you home and you can sleep some more, then we’ll have lunch and I’m going to tell you what we’ll do next week.”

“Next week?” Danny questioned, slowly, pushing the blanket away.

“Yeah. We have it off, remember? I’m going to talk to the governor so she gives us some well deserved vacations, and I’m going to spoil you rotten. How’s that sound?”

Danny cocked his head to the side, awake, but confused. "Why?"

"Because you have been doing way too much for way too long for me. Because taking care of each other is what we do. And because I'm the one who's sick, but somehow you are the one who looks like death warmed over." He replied, standing up again and stretching. "C'mon, shoes."

Danny grumbled but he put his shoes on. 

Three hours later Danny was on the hammock, completely passed out again, while Steve worked on the living room table. He had already convinced the governor and had gotten their flights and hotel and a reservation to the island's best Italian restaurant.

He sighed, rubbing his eyes. The letters were starting to blur. Clearly it was time for a lunch break. He got their favourite Thai, including, of course, Danny’s favourite and went to wake him up again, stretching.

Danny was sprawled on the hammock, one arm and one leg hanging out and he had shed the shirt and the pants. Steve bit his lip: even soft Danny was packing . It would be so easy to just lay on top of him and kiss him, turn him into jelly by blowing him and then confess that he was so head over heels in love with him that it hurt.

But something told him Danny would rather talk first.

“I can feel you staring, Steven.” Danny said, turning to look at him with an arched eyebrow.

Steve simply grinned, as if he hadn’t been caught. “C’mon, food is here.”

Danny stretched, his toes curling and arching his back, arms thrown over his head and fuck, was that how he’d look when he came?

Steve relished in Danny’s warmth pressed next to him. He had missed him so fucking much and he would yell at himself for letting Danny slip from his fingers like that. Well, that was not happening ever again.

Danny stretched again before slumping against him and, by all intents and purposes, cuddling into him. It gave him hope that Danny had missed him just as much.

“So are you gonna tell me what it is that we are gonna do next week or do I have to guess?” Danny questioned.

He smiled at him again. “I’m taking you to Maui for the whole week. Just you and I. No partners’ therapy, no girls… Nothing. I promise. Just us, the hotel room and whatever you want to do.”

Danny stared at him with a confused and disbelieving look. “Uh-huh… Where’s the catch?”

He sputtered, pulling away to frown at him. “Catch? What catch? I’m just trying to do something nice for us. For you .” Did he treat Danny really that horrible that he couldn’t even believe that he wanted to do something for him? Or maybe he just didn’t want to go? “Fuck. I’m sorry. I did it again and planned everything without asking you. I’ll cancel it and we can… we can stay here.”

Danny shook his head, reaching over and squeezing his hand. “No, babe. That’s not… I would love to go with you. But I’m not used to you letting me decide. That’s… That’s all.” He added at the end, a guarded expression on his face.

Steve nodded, pulling him into a hug. “I’m sorry. I’ll try and do better. But,” he ignored Danny’s mumbled ‘ of course there’s a but ’, that he knew had been accompanied by an eyeroll. “ But you have to talk to me, Danno. And I told you: I don’t want you changing yourself for me. I love you the way you are, man. And I’ve missed you so fucking much.”

Danny cocked his head to the side. "But we've seen each other everyday?"

"Sure. At work. We haven't spent any time together, and watching a game or a movie with you it's one of my favourite things to do." He replied. Danny nodded against his shoulder. He had missed the big oaf too. "Okay. We are leaving tomorrow at 1300. Now go shower, go see the kids and pick me up tomorrow morning, yeah?"

“Yeah, yeah.” Danny mumbled, letting him go.

Steve wrapped an arm around his shoulders while they waited for their turns at the reception desk. There was a woman eyeing Danno and he was not letting that happen. Not now that they were so near to taking that step.

Danny only smiled at him, wrapping an arm around his waist and pulling him in.

“So what are we doing today?” He asked his partner.

Fuck. He was still so tired. But he didn’t want to sleep away the week, or his time with Steve. It was often that they could be off at the same time, and he didn’t even want to imagine the kind of promises he had to have made to the Governor for her to let them not only have a week, but to come to Maui.

“I was thinking we could go have lunch and then we could go to the pool? Soak up the sun for a while or swim around?” He suggested. “Or we could just stay in the room and rest. Whichever you prefer, Danno.”

Danny blinked at him. “The pool? Why? You don’t like pools.”

"But you do." Steve replied. "I told you Danno, we are doing whatever you want."


Danny stared at him, mind swimming in a jumble of thoughts. He had no idea what on earth was going on. Okay, yes, he had definitely overdone it and Steve had found out, but Steve's reaction… 

It had been the complete opposite of what he had been expecting. He had expected a bit of yelling, some fussing and Steve being pissy at him for not telling him what he had been doing behind his back. But it had been the complete opposite. Except for the fussing.

He simply had no idea where all this caring and willingness to let him choose what to do came. Was Steve feeling guilty? Was that it?

“I don’t know what you are thinking about,” Steve mumbled. “but stop it before you spiral down. We are here to relax and have a good time together, ok?” He nodded, still slightly confused as to what was happening. Since when was Steve so… soft with anyone other than kids? Was this what a relaxed Steve was like? “Good. So, what do you want to do?”

Danny bit his lip. “Lunch, nap and pool?”

Steve grinned, and nodded.

Danny felt like his eyes were about to fall off their sockets when he saw the room. 

It. Was. Huge.

He had no idea how much it would have cost Steve, and he wasn’t sure he did want to know. He was sure Steve wouldn’t tell him anyways.

He cocked his head at the huge bed because that was the thing. It was huge, but there was only one. He glanced at Steve, who looked completely unfazed, and knowing his partner like he did, he knew Steve had known about the one bed.

Maybe some other day he would have yelled at him, but now… Fuck. He wanted it. He wanted Steve close to him and feel his warmth when sleeping. He wanted to be able to reach out and touch him in the middle of the night, make sure he was still there.

“Which side do you want, Danno?” Steve asked him, even though it was obvious he had already picked one side in his mind. 

“I don’t mind, babe. You pick.” He replied, squeezing his wrist.

“Okay.” He mumbled, going to the right side of the bed. The one that was directly into the door line of fire. 

Danny tilted his head to the side, confused. He knew better than most that Steve always chose the wall on his back. Always. Just like he did. It was why they usually sat by side, so why on earth was he giving it up now? 

“C’mon Danno, let’s unpack.” Steve said, waving at him. “Is that side not okay?” He questioned, frowning.

“No… No, it’s good, babe.” He replied, still confused but oh well, he was sure he’d find out why by the end of the week. He was a detective after all.

Lunch had been at the hotel they had stayed last time and the burgers were still as delicious as they had been last time. Maybe even more now that his ankle wasn’t sprained. And now that Steve was pressed flush against his side.

They walked back to the hotel, in companionable silence. He had truly missed this, being able to just be with Steve.

Once in their room, he kicked his shoes off and face planted on the bed with a sigh. Steve laughed at him before he lowered himself too, facing upwards, a small sound of contentment leaving him. Danny wiggled, trying to get comfortable but there was no such thing as laying comfortable in jeans and a button down, with a groan he flipped onto his back and quickly got rid of his clothes, throwing them onto the ground before reassuming his first position.

“Can we take the mattress back home?” He asked Steve, turning to look at him.

Steve rolled to his side and laughed again, more of a huff, deep and low. “We can try.” He replied, bringing one hand up to brush the dark circles under his eyes. Danny felt his own breath hitch at the gesture. He had no idea what was going on, but fuck, he liked this Steve, soft around the edges. “Please don’t do something this stupid ever again.” Steve whispered, eyes shining with emotion in a way they rarely did. He could remember seeing it when the sarin hit him, or when he was shot in quarantine. “I was sick with worry.”

Danny pulled away from him as if burnt, feeling his blood freeze in his veins. That was… He only wanted… “I was making you sick?” He whispered. He had only wanted to help. He wanted Steve to relax and live longer. Stay with him longer. With the kids. 

Why couldn’t even do this right? Fuck. Was he so much of a fuck up that even when he tried to help his best friend, the man he was in love with, he just fucked it up even more?

Steve sat up and pulled him into a hug, holding him as close as physically possible. “No, Danny, of course not. I thought I did something wrong and made you mad at me, Danno.”

“I was just trying to help.” Danny mumbled.

“I know you were, Danno. And you did, but next time talk to me. I was expecting you to tell me you were leaving Five-0, or something.” Danny trembled in his arms. “I love you, Danno. You are the most important person in my life, bar none, of course I would worry if you suddenly pulled away from me.” He continued, in an uncharacteristic display of a lot of talking. “And that’s mainly my fault because I made you believe I didn’t want you in my life when the truth is I would not know what to do if you ever disappeared from it. I’m so sorry for those tasteless jokes. I never meant them.” He said, rubbing Danny’s shoulders.

He nodded, wrapping his arm around his midsection. “Thank you.” He whispered.

“No. Thank you .” Steve whispered back before he slid back down to a lying position, dragging Danny down with him, effectively tucking his partner under his chin “This okay?” He questioned, rearranging them so he could wrap an arm around Danny’s back and hold him as close as possible.

“Yeah.” Danny mumbled, closing his eyes. “Are… Are we really doing this?”

Steve peered at him. “What? Cuddling?” Danny pinched his eyes, opening his eyes to glare at him for two second before closing them again. “Hey! Not nice.”

“Then don’t ask dumbass questions.” Danny groused. “So?”

Steve grinned: Danny had zero patience and while sometimes that got on his nerves, especially when they were at work, right now, with Danny (soft, pliant, warm) next to him he found it endearing.

“Yeah, Danno. If you still want me.” He mumbled back.

“Wouldn’t be here if I didn’t, babe.” Danny replied, squeezing his side this time. “Let’s talk about it later tonight. Now nap.”

“Okay, Danno.” Danny pressed a kiss on his jaw, smiling contentedly when Steve kissed his head in return.

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“Okay, Danno.” Danny pressed a kiss on his jaw, smiling contentedly when Steve kissed his head in return.


When they woke up again, it was 1600, the sun was shining above them and the pool was, surprisingly, nearly deserted. But then again, not many people chose the pool over the ocean. Danny grinned and tugged Steve to one of the private tents, since it was included with their room.

Danny left all of their stuff in it and without a word he headed to the water.


He had been expecting a lot more of a struggle to get him in there. 

Steve removed his slippahs and jumped into the pool, immediately crowding into Danny.

“You know, I was expecting a fight and two or three arguments about getting into the water.” He said, wrapping an arm around Danny’s waist to anchor his itty-bitty sized partner. “What happened to ‘I swim for survival’, huh?”

Danny laughed, shrugging as he wrapped both arms around Steve’s neck, playing with the short hairs at the base of his nape. “Well, this is not the ocean, is it? There’s no sand, no sharks, hopefully no bodies that will come afloat...”

Steve laughed again. “If something happens this time, sunshine, it’s going to be your fault for jinxing us.”

“Sunshine?” Danny arched an eyebrow at him and in a very pleasing, surprising turn of events, Steve blushed and looked away. 

“Is it no good?” He questioned, his voice low, with a shy edge.

He couldn't resist the urge to kiss his nose. Because now he could. Sure, they hadn't talked yet, but they were on the same page, and that was enough for him. "It is. Just surprised, didn’t peg you for a pet name guy, that’s all."

Steve simply shrugged and returned the kiss, on his forehead. 

“So… Is it okay?” he asked. “To call you that?”

Danny grinned. “Sure, babe.”

They swam for a little bit at a lazy pace, floating and splashing at each other and Steve would have gone for a little while more, but Danny had already yawned twice, so he pulled him into a hug.

“Let’s go to the cabin.” He muttered, nosing his neck.

“You can stay and swim a bit more, babe.” Danny replied, wrapping his arms around his back.

“Cuddling with you sounds a lot better, though.” He said with a grin. “C’mon.”

Danny followed him with a smile, intertwining their fingers together. They quickly dried themselves off and Steve laid down first, patting the spot next to him. Danny rolled his eyes, but still crawled over to him, settling not only next to him, but on top of him, sighing when Steve started running a hand through his hair. He brought a hand up, resting it right on Steve’s scar, tracing it lightly.

“Tickles.” Steve whispered. Danny hummed, adding a bit more pressure, grinning when Steve squirmed under him. Would he move like that when he teased him? Because that was a very pretty image.

Danny let the sounds from the other people in the pool and Steve’s heartbeat lull him to a near-sleep state. Steve's soft fingers weren’t helping matters, either. He slid an arm around Steve’s waist and slotted a leg in between Steve’s.

“And this is why I say you are like a cat.” Steve chuckled.

“Shut up.” Danny huffed, kissing his neck before settling down again.

Steve stared down at his chest, where Danny, more asleep than awake, was drawing arabesques, soft sighs and near-purrs escaping him. 

This had to be heaven. 

It had to be.

Where else would he get an extremely cuddly, soft Danno without the risk of their phones ringing with a new case? He ran a hand down his spine, smiling when Danny hummed and wiggled on top of him, trying to get even closer.

Danny was all he ever wanted. Not only in a man, but in a partner. Danny was everything Catherine hadn’t been.


Would never be.

“What are we doing tonight?” Danny asked, looking up at him with clear blue eyes and they looked… peaceful. Settled.

All of Danny did, and that was exactly what he had been hoping to achieve by coming here. Danny deserved a break, a real one, and if with just a few hours he looked like this, he would be glowing when they got back home.

“I told you, baby. Whatever you want.” He replied, stretching under him.

“Can we go to the grill place Chin always raved about?” He asked, tilting his head to the side when Steve rubbed his ear.

“Hell yeah.”

Dinner had been good, and Steve had been the definition of charming. He had even dressed up for him and gave Danny some fancy clothes he had also packed for him. 

And oh boy, didn’t that do things to him. Had it been anyone else he would have been absolutely furious, but hadn’t Steve always been the exception to the rule?

He looked at him when Steve got into bed with him. 

“Shameless.” He said, poking at Steve’s naked thigh. The man was just wearing his underwear and looked as comfortable as ever.

“So you’ve been saying since year one.” He chuckled, rolling over to his side. "Besides, you aren't that much better." He said, threading his fingers through Danny's chest hair. “How the hell is it this soft?” He mumbled, inching closer.

“Good products, babe.” Danny replied, smirking at him, before he pushed himself up a bit to give him a gentle, tentative kiss on the mouth. 

Contrary to what he had imagined, there weren’t any fireworks and his stomach didn’t drop, there weren’t butterflies or anything. Instead it felt like the most natural thing to do, as if they had done it a thousand times before. 

When he pulled away Steve had the brightest smile he had ever seen on his face, and that , knowing that it had been him who put it there, did make his heart flip. 

“We said we’d talk.” He mumbled, closing his eyes when Steve nosed his cheek.

“That we did.” Steve replied, settling on his side against Danny, still petting his chest. “I… I’m just going to say it, alright?” Danny tilted his head to the side, and nodded. “I love you. I’ve been in love with you since you came to save me in Korea, but it wasn’t until Afghanistan that I knew for sure. And… And when you were… When you were shot I…” He looked away, feeling his eyes tear up.

Danny grabbed his hand, squeezing tightly. “I’m fine, babe. I’m here.” He said.

Steve nodded and gave him a watery smile. “Yeah. You are. I have no idea what I would have done if you didn’t make it, Danny. The whole time you were in the OR I kept praying to anyone willing to listen to not take you away from me. That the doc would be able to save you. I love you. You and the kids are my everything.”

“You are my everything too, babe.” He told him, kissing his bare shoulder. “When… when we were in the place I… All I could think about was getting you to safety. Find the guys who almost took you from me. If-If you had died then…” He let out a shuddering breath. “I would have quit the team. I would have accepted Rachel’s offer to go back to the East coast.” He confessed, his eyes filling up with tears. “And-and when you told me about the radiation poisoning I… I just want you to be okay.”

Steve nodded, settling down with his head on Danny’s chest. “I-I know I don’t seem worried but I am, Danno. I’m so afraid. I don’t want to go. I want to grow old with you, see the kids grow up.” He whispered. “I just want a life with you.”

Danny let out a shuddering breath, hugging him close. “And you got it, babe. And I promise I’ll take care of you, no matter what happens next, you’ve got me.”

Steve nodded, holding him as close as he could. “Thank you. Thank you. I… I love you.”

“I love you too, babe.” He whispered, kissing his head. “Let’s just go to sleep, yeah? And tomorrow we can talk some more if you want.”

“Okay.” Steve moved until he was spooning Danny, kissing his back as sleep claimed them.

Danny yawned when he woke, smiling when Steve pressed a kiss on the back of his neck, nuzzling afterwards. “Morning, baby.”

“Morning.” He slurred, turning around to burrow into Steve’s warmth, hiding his face on his chest. “Hm, you went to the pool?”

Steve made a surprised noise. “How do you know? I showered so I would smell of chlorine.”

“I can smell your body wash.” Danny replied back. “And you never shower before swimming.”

He laughed, cuddling him close. “Slightly creepy that you know that about me, Danno.” He mumbled, even as warmth spread all through him at the notion that Danny paid so much attention to him that he knew his routine as well as he did.

“I’m just a very good detective.” Danny replied, wrapping an arm around his midsection and slotting a leg between Steve’s. “Can we stay in bed today? Cuddle and rest?”

Steve smiled. He had an inkling that Danny would want to spend the day in their room, so he was glad he had gone to the gym and the pool to get his daily routine done, this way he would not feel too restless and could focus on showering Danny with love.

He deserved it. 

And, more importantly, he deserved to rest as much as he wanted. 

“Yeah, baby, we can do that.” He replied, rubbing his back.

After a few minutes of slow kissing and caresses, Danny settled down again, resting his head on Steve’s chest, dozing off once more. He always had trouble getting back to sleep once he woke up, but between how terribly exhausted he still was, their combined warmth in the cool room and Steve’s presence surrounding him, there was no way sleep would resist him again.

Steve smiled, wrapping his arm around Danny’s shoulders to keep him close. Just as he had been saying since a few days ago, Danny deserved all the rest he could get, and everything he asked for, and if his boyfriend , as childish as the words sounded, wanted to cuddle all day long, he would not be the one to object.

He turned the TV on, choosing a documentary about Alaskan Wildlife. 

Danny didn’t even twitch at the sound, but then again, the man slept with TV on every single day and had grown up in a very noisy family.

He pressed a kiss on top of his head and settled down more firmly, focusing on the TV.

“Hm… This is nice.” Danny mumbled as he woke up. Steve was running his hand up and down his back and holding him close. 

When was the last time he slept this good? He couldn’t even remember, but he knew he was ruined now, he would never be able to sleep without Steve next to him, under him.

Steve hummed, but otherwise didn’t say anything else, too focused on the TV, so Danny flopped on his back to see what it was that Steve was watching.

He refrained from groaning: The Bridge on the River Kwai. Of course it was.

“It’s a classic, Daniel.” Steve said, reaching over to tug him back onto his chest, grinning when Danny followed.

With a huff, yes, but still followed and gave him a kiss, humming when Steve wrapped an arm around his neck and pushed him onto his back again, hovering over him. Danny wrapped both his arms around him, keeping there, close and within kissing reach.


He had wanted this for so damn long and he would be damned if he let Steve stop kissing him. 

“Now this is nice.” He mumbled, lips trailing over Steve’s jawline, his heart swelling when he heard Steve’s laughter. Fuck, at the risk of sounding cliche and like one of his Ma’s Saturday afternoon romance, low-budget movies, he fucking loved that sound.

“I sure hope so, sunshine. Haven’t had any complaints yet.” Steve said with that tantalising that irked him to no end and made his knees buckle at the same time, firmly in place and directed solely on him.

Danny laughed, wrapping his legs around Steve’s midsection to switch their positions, leaving him seated on Steve’s abdomen. “Neither have I, babe. On either end.” He waggled his eyebrows before running his hands from Steve’s side to his chest, leaning down to kiss him. “So, how do you want me, babe?”

Steve slumped to the side, rolling onto his back, panting. He glanced at Danny, who was more or less in the same state as he was.

“Fuck, Danny.” He gasped. He squinted at the ceiling, trying to get his eyes to focus and to bring his breathing back to normal pace. 

“Told you I never had any complaints.” Danny mumbled, kissing his arm. He was laying face down next to Steve, cum dripping out of his hole and feeling as relaxed as one could be. “Feeling good?”

“Good? Sunshine, if this is good, great will kill me.” Steve breathed out, moving to give him a kiss. “And you? Any complaints?”

Danny made a show of thinking about it, laughing when Steve bit his shoulder. “Hm… Not today, no.” He finally replied.

“Well, I’ve finally found a way to stop your complaining. Amazing.” Steve snickered before he rolled onto his side to press a chain of kisses on the middle of his back, smiling when Danny sighed. “Are you up for a bath?”

“That depends, babe. Is it with you?”

Steve kept kissing his back until he reached his shoulders. “If you think I’m letting you out of my arms right now, you’ve got another thing coming, Danno.”

Danny looked behind him, smiling. “Good. Now carry me there.” He demanded, turning onto his back and wrapping his arms around Steve’s neck. Steve wanted to make him feel good, and he wanted to do the same in return, and he knew that one of the things Steve struggled the most with, was the fact that the radiation poisoning would make him weak, frail.

Steve rolled his eyes, acting put-upon, but still making heart eyes at him. “Only because I promised we’d do whatever you wanted.”

“And because you love me.” Danny added, grinning when Steve slid off the bed and picked him up, bridal style.

Danny made a surprised sound, a recurrent thought coming to his mind: for someone who was as sick as Steve was, he was still fucking strong. 

He kissed his cheek. Steve was strong now , taking care of him, but when he inevitably got too sick to fight, perhaps to even stand up, he would be there to take care of him.

“That I do.” Steve said, setting him down on the bathroom rug. “And you love me, too.”

Danny rolled his eyes. “Of course I do. You think I let anyone carry me around?”

“You better not.” Steve groused, turning the water on. 

They climbed into the bathtub, and Danny settled against Steve’s chest, closing his eyes when Steve draped his arms over his chest.

They were back to cuddling, this time on the sofa outside, making full use of it and only half dressed and discussing if they should order in or go to a restaurant so they would have fresh sheets when they came back when Steve’s phone went off in the room.

They both frowned, because Steve had made it very clear that they were not to be contacted unless someone had died or was dying. Steve lounged himself towards it, hitting the accept button without even checking the number.

“What’s wrong? Who’s hurt?” He frantically asked. Danny knelt behind him to hold him close and so that he could listen in.

“Commander McGarrett, I’m Luke, from Tripler.”

“Right. Is someone from Five-0 injured? We are not in town right now and we won’t be able to make it until at least another couple of hours.” He said, resting his head in the crook of Danny’s elbow.

“Not that I’m aware, sir. No, I’m calling regarding your diagnosis with radiation poisoning since you have not been picking up your doctor’s calls.” Luke said.

Steve grabbed one of Danny’s hands, needing him as close as he could, at the same time that Danny tightened his hold on him.

“Y-Yes? Did it… Is it worse?” He stammered, fear and desperation gripping his heart.

Please, not now. Not now that I finally have Danny.

Why couldn’t he have nice things? Why was it that every time he had a shot at real happiness, he got it taken away? Why? Why couldn’t he be happy, grow old with Danny, see the kids graduate, fall in love, maybe get married, succeed in life?

“No, that’s the thing, Commander. Those were not your test results. They got mixed up with another patient's.” 


No radiation?

He wasn’t going to die in less than 5 years?

He was... He was fine?

The room was spinning, and he couldn’t breathe properly. He felt Danny take his phone from him and talk to Luke before he hung up. Danny helped him lay down on the bed, gently.

“Steve, babe. Focus on me.” He whispered, cupping his partner’s face with his hand. “You are alright, yeah? Deep breaths, c’mon.” Danny rubbed his chest, grounding him, as he got his breathing under control. “Yeah, that’s it, love. You are doing good.” He whispered.

They stayed like that for a little while, Steve laying on the bed, trying to wrap his mind around the fact that he did not have radiation poisoning, that for once he would be able to be happy and see his dreams come true and Danny sitting next to him, rubbing his chest as he mumbled sweet nothing to help him focus.

“I… I don’t have radiation poisoning.” He finally said, reality settling in. He turned his head to look at Danny, who gave him a watery smile. “I…”

“You are going to live until we are old and grey.” Danny mumbled, stroking his cheek, and it was then that Steve realised he had been crying. “You are fine, babe. You are fine.”

Steve sat up and hugged Danny, hiding his face on his shoulder, and let Danny hold him. When was the last time he had openly looked for physical affection and support and got it without so much of a blink?

He shivered in Danno’s hold, and pressed closer. “I need to call Mary. And the kids.” he whispered.

“And we will, babe, but after you’re back to being yourself. You call Mary with a voice like this, and she is going to flip out before you even have a chance to explain. Right now I need you to listen to me, okay?” Steve rolled his eyes, but nodded anyway. “Good. We are going to call your doctor and make an appointment for as soon as we can after we get back so they can check that the meds won’t be giving you side-effects and so that they can check the liver. And then, we are going to throw a party so we can tell everyone.”

“Yeah. Sometimes you have good ideas.” Steve breathed out, holding onto Danny as tightly as he could without causing him pain. “I’m not sick, Danno.” He mumbled again because fuck, he had terrified for months and to suddenly have it vanish into thin air… He still had a hard time believing it was true.

"Yeah, babe.” Danny kissed him, slow and warm. “That explains why the fuck you were able to carry me around as if I weighed nothing." He chuckled, trying to lighten up the mood.

It worked, making Steve laugh. "Or how I made you cum like that." He said, grinning at him when Danny huffed, but Steve took it as a win. "So now what?"

"Now, we get dressed, go to the fancy restaurant downstairs, have a nice lunch, preferably steaks, and then we commandeer one of the tents by the pool."

Steve pulled himself away from Danny’s arms, a small frown on his face. “What happened to cuddling and resting?”

Danny grinned. “We can do that in the tent, too. C’mon.”

Steve hummed, stretching long and wide on the bed in the tent, and rested his head on Danny’s chest. As much as he loved holding Danny, there was something about being held by him that made him relax, and just want to let Danny take charge. 

Danny brought a hand up and scratched his scalp. “Feeling good?" Danny mumbled.

"Yeah. I… I get to grow old. With you, and the kids and… That's all I ever wanted, Danny. To love someone, for them to love me up, to have a family." He said, kissing Danny's chest, grinning when he shivered before settling down.

"And you have it, babe. You have it." Danny whispered, kissing his head. "Me, the kids, Hele. Eddie. We can put a white picket fence around your place."

Steve laughed, gently pinching his side but the thing was… he'd like that. 

He'd like that a lot. Especially when he managed to convince Danno to move in with him, redo the place to both their liking, and give each kid their own room.

Danny yawned under him. 

But that was for later, now it was time for cuddling and letting reality sink in.

He was in no hurry. He had all the time in the world, now.